World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


We Are... Chaos!

We fade backstage now where it becomes quickly apparent that Simon Kalis and Masakazu are in search of something... or someone.

Simon Kalis: We must do this to reaffirm our mission statement, Mas.

Masakazu: I know but you're hurt, father. You shouldn't be running around the building. You need to be resting as much as possible.

Simon Kalis: Sometimes, somethings are more important than oneself, Mas.

Finally the two men come to an office door, marked for "General Manager Joe BoXeR.". Kalis nods and knocks on the door before opening it and letting himself in. He walks past the secretary who stands up surprised, dropping the telephone.

Secretary: Oh uhm, sirs you cannot just... enter...

Kalis ignores her completely but Masakazu nods and gives her an awkward smile, registering the fact he knows this isn't a good idea. Kalis bursts through the second door where Joe BoXeR stands up to greet him, albeit unexpectadely.

Joe BoXeR: Yeah... listen, I'll call you back.

BoXeR flips close his cell phone and puts it on his desk.

Joe BoXeR: Simon... do we have an appointment?

Simon Kalis: Not at all, sir. We've come to explain some things to you.

Joe BoXeR: Really now? What's that?

Masakazu: We never meant to cause you problems.

Simon Kalis: Nor hardships and physical pain either. We had to live a lie in order to complete the first phase of our war against Rampage.

BoXeR now sits down, and seems intrigued.

Joe BoXeR: So what you're saying is... You were never truly apart of the Pantheon?

Masakazu: On paper and by our deceptive actions, we were. But not in our hearts, sir.

Simon Kalis: When we came to the PWA we understood what the Pantheon was. I've had dealings with similar... Institutions, you could call them. So layered into the fabric of the company, they seem to be unstoppable. But we believe we did what we needed to, even given the amount of hate we recieved from the fans who once adored us. We needed to play our integral role in the death of the Pantheon.

Masakazu: Happily, sir, we succeeded.

BoXeR nods and carefully contemplates what The Order of Chaos has just said.

Joe BoXeR: So where are you taking this from here? You see I know, you two have a zest for this ratings war. Especially now that we are head to head Saturday nights with Rampage. I also know... Your zest for this war, to win this war, will help me in the long run. I always suspected you two weren't truly who you acted to be. Not after I carefully studied your tenets of the Order. You made it subtle, yet still obvious you sought to destroy the Pantheon.

Simon Kalis: That would be the case, Mr. BoXeR.

Joe BoXeR: So what now?

Masakazu: As we did when we originally came here, we are here to pledge allegiance to the Chaos brand sir.

Simon Kalis: By virtue of this, to you. We pledge to not only destroy our opponents week in and week out on Chaos, but we pledge to wage a war against the Rampager scum the like that has never been seen before.

Masakazu: We will lay waste to our common enemies of Chaos.

Simon Kalis: And those who would question The Order's inalianable right to lead the Chaos brand in this endevour.

Both men of the Order of Chaos salute Joe BoXeR.

Masakazu: We will follow your command when you need something taken care of for the betterment of Chaos and her people.

Simon Kalis: Just don't think we're your lap dogs, either Mr. BoXeR.

Kalis smirks as BoXeR rises from his chair and extends a hand.

Joe BoXeR: Call me Joe.

Kalis and Masakazu take a seat now as BoXeR himself takes his seat back.

Simon Kalis: So... wanna know how we plan to win you this war... Joe?

Joe BoXeR: I'm all ears.

Suddenly security comes, but instead of removing Kalis or Masakazu the security guards remove the cameras and the camera men...

Ronald Gay vs LJ Xero

Things start out in a testing period as Ronald tries to think out the attack plan against the larger man, LJ. Both men decide to lock up and LJ quickly thrusts Ronald to the canvas. JL smirks and doesn’t capitalize letting Ronald get to his feet and dust off. Both men move in for another lock up and Ronald fakes and gets the go behind. LJ struggles for a moment before elbowing back and pulling Gay’s arms off of his waist and butt bops him to the canvas. LJ holds the advantage again swaggering away.

This type of attack continues forward as LJ has fun shoving Ronald around like a toy. Gay grows annoyed and holds a position in the corner thinking out an attack plan. His advantage comes running at him as LJ charges and Ronald dodges to the side of a massive body splash attempt. Not wanting to give away this fine opportunity Ronald drop kicks LJ in the back of the calf. LJ drops in front of the turnbuckle where he is quiet easily smashed into the turnbuckle a few times over. Gay enjoys his advantage for a little bit, getting in a few good strikes around the ring and working the leg, LJ regains an advantage when Gay attempts a DDT and gets back body dropped with minimum effort.

LJ just powerhouses through the match for about 2 minutes, shoving around Gay with little technical skill but a smash mouth style that leaves Gay roughed up and hurting. LJ plants Gay on the top rope and tries to climb up for some sort of high impact move when Gay kicks the knee from out under him. LJ hits the mat and gets a sloppy cross-body for his efforts. 1, 2 kick out.

LJ tosses him off but Ron looks to maintain an advantage pounding on the larger man. LJ pushes him off and gets to his feet. Persistent Ronald moves back in stomping away at the knee. Xero manages to his feet but the knee attack continues, only for one good right hand to stagger the smaller man back. LJ bounces off the ropes and hits a solid clothesline knocking down Ronald. LJ takes control but Ronald avoids extensive injury continuing as much as he could focusing on the knee.

LJ runs the ropes and returns into a dropkick, knocking the leg out from under him. Swiftly Ronald locks in a muta lock. LJ struggles with his knee locked up but manages to power out. LJ seems to be taking a slower approach with his leg hurting and Gay takes full advantage. Running the ropes gay nails a shoulder block but LJ stays standing, attempt two and he still stands, attempt three and a big boot knocks Ronald to the ground. LJ lines up for the penalty kick and runs in, Gay catches it and delivers a swift dragon screw, LJ looks K.Oed.

Gay stomps out the leg as LJ has trouble getting to his feet. Gay finally gains a solid advantage and looks for a match ender. Knowing his finisher would be useless he tries to find an escape in submission. Gay quickly goes for a figure four leg lock but is kicked off on the turn. Ronald merely runs the ropes returning to LJ who toughed it to his feet and launches him overhead and tumbling awkwardly into the ropes with a belly to belly.

LJ drops to his knee but forces himself back up, grabbing Gay who is dazed and pulling him center ring. The large man worried about his leg tries to lift Ronald into the air. Gay fights off with a few shots but finds himself receiving a few knee shots.

Squashing the fight in Gay, LJ lifts the religious man into the air and drops him with the climax!!!



Winner: 'The Anti-Hero' LJ Xero

Joshua Danielson vs RJ Banks

The match starts out with Banks and Josh slugging it out. Banks gets the upperhand and sends Danielson into the ropes. Banks lifts Danielson up and over and Josh lands on his back on the mat. Banks goes to the top rope and comes down with a flying elbow drop. He tries to make a cover, but Josh kicks out after 1. Banks gets Josh to his feet, but Josh reverses with an arm drag. Banks gets up and gets clotheslined back down to the mat. Josh nails a dropkick on the rising Banks who goes through the ropes and down to the outside. Josh springboards off the top rope and connects with a cross body on Banks!

Josh gets up to his feet and grabs Banks by the head as the ref begins the count out. Josh tries to slam Banks into the barricade but Banks stops it and nails Josh in the gut with an elbow. Banks nails Josh with merciless knee and forearm strikes as the ref reaches to 4. Banks whips Josh into the ringpost and he connects head-first! Banks slides into the ring and tries to await the countout.

Referee: 6!

Josh begins to stir on the outside and gets up to a knee.

Ref: 8!

Josh gets up to his feet as the ref shouts for 9 and then gets into the ring. Banks is frustrated and charges after Josh, but Josh sidesteps and lets Banks crash into the corner. Josh rolls Banks up from behind.



Kick out!

Banks kicks out at the last second and Josh pulls him up to his feet. Josh clubs Banks with forearm shots and then nails him with an atomic drop! The impact sends Banks through the ropes and Josh goes into the opposite set of ropes, coming back and nailing Banks with a dropkick that sends him to the outside. Josh rolls out of the ring and the two begin to brawl on the outside, neither one wanting to give up the advantage. The referee begins to count and the two wrestlers battle farther and farther away from the ring. Referee Joe Irving finally reaches 10 and Banks and Danielson are battling into the crowd!

Winner: DRAW by double count-out!


Ryan Ross opens the scene walking backstage, his ring attire on ready to go for his match later in the evening. He turns a corner revealing none other than the PWA Global Champion himself, Rob Robinson.

Ryan: “Well, well, if it isn’t a decorated member of the Royal Court, Phoenix my man you have a hard match up tonight.”

Ryan chuckled and laced his hand on Rob’s shoulder giving him a pat on the back.

Phoenix: “Well if it isn’t the co-host of the year, yeah I have a match tonight but it should go by pretty easily I deal with Rebel Pro trash daily, but it looks like tonight you have a tag team title match, right? Against that goon Simon Kalis he’s no slouch so I hope you’re on top of your game. It would be a pity if to have the Royal Court miss another title opportunity.”

Ryan’s nose flared in agitation, his palm clasped Rob’s shoulder a bit tighter.

Ryan: “HA, yes and I’ve faced Bubba J in some of the goriest physics, defying matches, he isn’t a slouch either, it would be unfortunate to see you get hurt, dear friend, well at least it would be unfortunate to see you hurt before our big title match coming up right, PAL?”

Ryan smirked and patted his cohort on the back.

Ryan: “Good luck out there.”

Phoenix: “Same to you.”

The Phoenix vs Bubba J

Aubrey Jones: The following match is set for one fall and is a non-title match, introducing first...

The smashing guitar riffs of "Alcohol" hit the speakers and from the back walks The Ragin' Redneck Bubba. In his right hand he holds
a bottle of liquor and he looks out at the crowd.

Aubrey Jones: "From Durham North Carolina, he stands at six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds... The Ragin' Redneck... Bubba!"

Bubba nods at the announcement of his name before walking slowly down to the entrance ramp. He gets some cheers, some boos, but all in all it is a mixed reaction. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring where he climbs the turnbuckle and chugs a gulp of the liquor in the bottle before putting the lid back on and setting it in his corner.

The Final Countdown by Europe begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming
bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Ding Ding

Collar and elbow, Rob with a thumb to Bubba J's eyes causes him to flinch. Rob with a chop to Bubba J's chest backs him up, a second has him in the corner. Rob with a forearm to Bubba J's throat before whipping him into the ropes. Bubba J with a reversal right into his knee which he slams right into Rob's midsection. DDT to the canvas.

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J looking impressive early on here.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J with an impressive DDT there taking down the Global Champion.

Bubba J rolls Phoenix over, lifting him bodily up to his feet, right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand, and Phoenix is in the corner. Bubba J with a shoulder tackle stuffing Phoenix into the corner, he lifts him to the top turnbuckle.

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J going for a top rope move here.

Linzi Martin: He sets him up for a belly to belly superplex...

Bubba J lifts him, but Rob with a headbutt halts him, a second stops him. Bubba J aims for a right fist to stunn Phoenix, throat thrust, Bubba J stumbles. Right palm strike to the jaw of Bubba J sends him down on his back, but he rolls up quickly. Phoenix flies from the top rope with a missile dropkick taking down Bubba J.

Jeff Augustee: Phoenix isn't going to let Bubba J just walk all over him.

Linzi Martin: Picture perfect missile dropkick there from Phoenix.

Phoenix rolls Bubba J up to a seated position, forearm right into his mouth, Rob continues pulling Bubba J up, Irish whip into the ropes. Bubba J rebounds, hip toss takedown as Phoenix turns, dropkick to the rising Bubba J and Phoenix is dominating here in this match for now. Bubba J rolls over, anger brewing on his face, he attempts a clothesline, Phoenix leap frogs over the charging bull that is Bubba J. The Ragin Redneck turns around, dropkick sends him down and Bubba J rolls back up to his feet. Deep arm drag takes Bubba J down to the canvas. Phoenix quickly locks on a crossface, going to try and destroy the shoulder that Bubba J uses for the Trailer Park Trash.

Jeff Augustee: Phoenix wearing Bubba J out here.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J gave away his game plan and Phoenix is making him pay for it.

Bubba J in the ropes and gets the break after a count of four, he pulls himself up, used to fighting through pain. Phoenix taunts him in the center of the ring, using Bubba J's anger to his advantage. Bubba J charges in, but stops short as Phoenix prepares for a back body, Bubba J kicks him right in the face. Phoenix back up to a vertical base, Bubba J with a swinging neckbreaker takes him down to the canvas. He pulls Phoenix up to another vertical base, whip into the ropes. Phoenix rebounds, one hundred and eighty degree spinebuster onto the canvas and now Bubba J is in control of this match.

Jeff Augustee: Huge spinebuster there from Bubba J.

Linzi Martin: That can't feel good to Phoenix after last week's pay per view.

Bubba J drops an elbow, Rob rolls out of the way and Bubba's elbow slams into the canvas. Phoenix is up, delivering his shin right into Bubba J's face before hitting the ropes with a dropkick that takes Bubba J back to a prone position on the mat. Phoenix hits the ropes, lionsault onto Bubba J and a hook and a cover.



Bubba J kicks out with authority but Phoenix is already pulling him back up. Forearm to the chest, chop to the chest, and an elbow to the side of his face. Bubba J is reeling from this quick succession of offensive moves from Phoenix. Irish whip, Bubba J with a reversal sends Phoenix into the ropes. Bubba wipes his face, charging in with a tackle that would make any linebacker proud. Bubba J mounts him with pounding right and left fists. The referee gets in and warns Bubba J that closed fists are not allowed here in the PWA. Bubba J flicks him the bird, aiming for another punch. Bubba J's hands go down to his crotch as his eyes bulge out from the sudden sharp pain.

Linzi Martin: That has got to hurt.

Jeff Augustee: You do what you have to do, Phoenix showing why he is a brilliant strategist.

Phoenix with an elbow from his position on the mat rolls Bubba J off of him, pointing to his temple then down to Bubba J. Phoenix lifts the redneck to his feet, he sets up for The Flame, but Bubba J counters sending Rob over his back and Bubba J stumbles into the ropes. Bubba J rebounds as Rob does the same, double clothesline.


Jeff Augustee: Both men down.


Linzi Martin: Phoenix went for the Flame a bit too early.




Phoenix rolls up against the ropes, he pulls himself up as Bubba J is doing the same. The count stops and both men charge back in at each other. Phoenix with a running knee lift to Bubba J stops him in the center of the ring, swinging neckbreaker takes him down on the canvas. Phoenix climbs to the top turnbuckle, holding his elbow out as he dives.

Linzi Martine: The Ashes, but no one home!

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J rolling out of the way just in the nick of time.

Bubba J up against the ropes, running knee into Phoenix's head, but the Global Champion avoids by laying down to roll over and trip the charging redneck. Bubba's throat goes across the top rope and he spins around holding at his throat, a dropkick sends him out of the ring.

Jeff Augustee: I don't know if this is smart by Phoenix here, but who am I to doubt a Global Champion?

Linzi Martin: The outside is Bubba J's playground, he loves the hardcore style.

Bubba J up to a knee on the outside as Phoenix comes flying through the top and middle rope with a dive that takes Bubba J down on his back. Phoenix lands quickly pulling Bubba J up to a vertical base. He pounds a fist into Bubba J's temple before whipping him into the announce table.


Phoenix with a clothesline lays Bubba J on the announce table.

Linzi Martin: Up close and personal here tonight.

Jeff Augustee: Phoenix with a chair.

Phoenix slams the chair down on Bubba J's chest then his face twice. Bubba J is hurting and is probably finding new respect for The Phoenix's hardcore ability first hand. Phoenix climbs onto the apron, the length of the match now catching up with him, especially after the hellacious match last week. Phoenix dives off the top turnbuckle with The Ashes!

Linzi Martin: The Ashes!

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J moves!

Phoenix goes crashing through the table, his elbow slamming through the announce table, sending debri flying back into the second row.

Jeff Augustee: I think The Phoenix is busted open.

Linzi Martin: Bubba J is busted open from the earlier chair shots.

Bubba J is on his forearms and knees, shaking his head as the blood slowly drips from the cut above his right eye. He gets hiimself up to his feet, shoving the pieces of the table out of the way and pulling the now bloody Phoenix out of the pile of table. Bubba J shakes his head at The Phoenix before he rolls him back into the ring just before the count of ten and follows him in. Bubba J lifts Phoenix up, forearm to the mouth, right palm strike to his jaw and Phoenix seems to be out on his feet. Bubba J sends Rob over with an over the shoulder belly to belly suplex. Bubba J hits teh ropes, leg drop across Rob's throat, Bubba J covers.



Rob kicks out and Bubba J's eyes widen in surprise before he nods his respect. Whip into the ropes, Somoan drop and another cover.



Rob kicks out again, Bubba J is impressed. Another whip into the ropes, Bubba J hits the opposite ropes, running Lou Thesz press and he mounts him with vicious punches, the rage going through his hands. The referee is quickly there to admonish Bubba J again for the use of closed fists.

Jeff Augustee: Bubba J using a great tactic there, closed fists.

Linzi Martin: Why is that a good tactic?

Jeff Augustee: He got in quite a few closed fists before the referee came over.

Bubba J rolls off of Rob and is in the referee's face. Joe Irving backs up a bit until he is in the corner and Bubba J has him cornered like a wounded animal. Phoenix with a low blow to Bubba J causes his eyes to go wide and his hands to cup himself for the second time in this match. Joe Irving didn't see it because he was watching Bubba J's face too closely. Phoenix with a roll up, Joe Irving right in position.



Kick out!

Bubba kicks out at the very last second and he's still reeling from that cheap shot from Rob.

Linzi Martin: There's some motion in the crowd behind us, what the hell is going on back there?

Jeff Augustee: Matthew Engel just hopped the barricade!

Ref Joe Irving is attending to Bubba who's on the mat. The Phoenix is yelling at Irving to let him fight, but gets a tap on the shoulder. Phoenix turns around and it's Matthew Engel right behind him! Rob is nailed with a right hand to the jaw and then Engel lifts him up for the Sons of Plunder and connects!

Linzi Martin: Oh come on! That was a cheap move on Engel's part. How can you like their family?

Jeff Augustee: To be fair, Rob low-blowed Bubba twice this match. What comes around goes around.

Linzi Martin: That doesn't justify what Matt did.

Ref Joe Irving turns around to see Phoenix laid out and then we can see him mouth "WHAT THE *BEEP*!?"

Linzi Martin: I hope our audio didn't catch that.

Bubba gets up to his feet finally and sees Rob laid out in the middle of the ring. He makes the cover, and Joe Irving is forced to count.





Aubrey Jones: The winner of this match by pinfall, BUBBA J!

Linzi Martin: With Engel's interference, we won't ever know who was truly better tonight.

Jeff Augustee: I guess we'll have to wait for Ground Zero for the answer to that, Linzi.

Matt Stone vs Chamelion

Non-Title Match

The lights dim, and strobe lights begin to flash around the entrance stage when the following lyrics explode over the arena speakers.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me!

Aubrey Jones: This match is scheduled for one fall. First, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 245 pounds…CHAMELION!

Walking confidently out onto the stage, Chamelion, attired in dark green wrestling tights and a black fishnet shirt, looks around the arena, aware of everything.

You got your rules and your religion
All designed to keep you safe
But when rules start getting broken
You start questioning your faith

He stands there, silently for a few moments as the music swells around him. His eyes lowered to the ring.

I have a voice that is my savior
Hates to love and loves to hate
I have a voice that has the knowledge
And the power to rule your fate

At that point, Chamelion whips his head up, his hair flying back and he has the look of a hunter about him, as he moves towards the ring with focused determination.

I hear voices crying
I see heroes dying
I taste blood that's drying
I feel tension rising

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They Talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the chorus fades into the second verse, Chamelion arrives at the ring apron, a slow smile creeps across his features. Sliding into the ring on his belly, his hands propping his chest and head up, he stares intently at **Insert either ‘Emerson’ or his opponent**

All the lawyers are defenseless
All the doctors are disease
And the preachers all are sinners
And the police just take the grease
All you judges you are guilty
All the bosses I will fire
All you bankers will have losses
Politicians are all liars

Jumping to his feet, he offers a wink and turns and moves towards the corner turnbuckle.

I see darkness falling
I hear voices calling
I feel justice crawling
I see faith has fallen

Launching himself onto the second turnbuckle, Chamelion stretches his arms out, his fingers wiggling in a come get me motion as his head lowers and his Cheshire smile appears.

I hear voices in my head,
They council me,
They understand,
They talk to me! They talk to me!
They tell me things that I will do
They show me things I'll do to you
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)
They talk to me! (talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!)

As the music fades, Chamelion drops down and turns, but his smile doesn’t leave his face, and his head remains lowered as he sways a little from left to right, as if in a trance, ready to face the obstacle in front of him.

Jeff Augustee: Our benevolent overlord looks especially confident tonight.

Linzi Martin: Chamelion, glory be his name, has next to no respect for Matt Stone.

Fall Out Boy's "I Don't Care" begins to play over the loud speakers.

Say my name, and his in the same breath,
I dare you to say they taste the same,
Let the leaves fall off in the summer
And let December glow feel flames

Aubrey Jones: And his opponent... from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada... weighing in tonight at 190 pounds, he is the PWA Grizzley Beer Champion... this is MATT STONE!!!

Brace myself and let go,
Start it over again in Mexico
These friends, they don’t love you
They just love the hotel suites, now

I don’t care what you think
As long as it’s about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery

Matt Stone emerges from the curtain and walks down the ramp towards the ring. He has the Grizzly Beer title belt over his shoulder as he peers into the ring at Chamelion. After stepping into the ring, he demands a microphone from ringside.

Matt Stone: "All your little political games are about to come to an end. All I hear about is how great of a Grizzly Beer champ Chamelion was. When I first won this title, it was huge for me. Now it's nothing but an albatross holding back the biggest potential superstar in pro wrestling. I'll tell you what... I'm going to prove here tonight that I'm the greatest Grizzly Beer champion of all time. Ref, I want this belt on the line!"

The referee checks with Chamelion who agrees to make this a title match.

Linzi Martin: There it is, we're going to have a title match here tonight. Matt Stone is risking quite a bit here.

Jeff Augustee: Not really. It's actually a win-win scenario for Matt Stone. If he wins, he shuts Chamelion up and backs up what he's been saying. If he loses, it's one less loophole they can use to hold him back from a title shot at Phoenix.

The two men circle each other before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up in the center of the ring. Matt Stone locks in a hammerlock, driving Chamelion to the mat. He grinds the hold in with all of his weight.

Linzi Martin: Chamelion has the size and strength advantage in this match, but Matt Stone may be the more technical wrestler as well as the quicker of the two.

Stone stomps away at the left arm of Chamelion before re-applying the hammerlock.

Jeff Augustee: Stone is going after that arm of Chamelion hard and heavy. Going to be hard to execute The Rupture with an injured arm.

Matt Stone pulls Chamelion's arm out and drops a leg on it. Chamelion rolls to the outside. After a few seconds, he climbs back into the ring. Stone charges at him, but Chamelion nearly connects with the Sweet Sound of Success, his superkick finisher. Stone ducks at the last second.

Linzi Martin: THAT FAST it can be over. Stone barely made it out of the way.

Jeff Augustee: He saved his title by the skin of his teeth.

Chamelion punches Stone in the mid section twice and whips him into the ropes. Chamelion tosses him into the air with an attempted backdrop, but Stone comes down and takes Chamelion over with a hurricanrana. He bounces off the ropes and hits a rolling legdrop on Chamelion. Stone covers.

1... 2... KICKOUT!

Stone pulls Chamelion to his feet and locks in a side headlock. Cham elbows him twice and takes him over in a side suplex. Chamelion taunts Stone and then drops a pair of elbows. He pulls the Grizzly Beer champion up by his hair and drops with with a DDT. Chamelion runs into the ropes and rebounds with a rolling thunder leg drop. Cham rolls on top for a cover.

1... 2... KICKOUT!

Chamelion argues with the referee, allowing Stone to recover. Cham turns around to a boot in the gut, followed by a series of three snap suplexes. He mounts Chamelion and punches away. Stone pulls Cham up and chops him.

Crowd: WHOOOO!!!!

Chamelion throws a wild haymaker, but Stone ducks and grabs him by the neck. He drops down with the Stone Cutter. He hooks Chamelion's leg and goes for a pin.

1... 2... KICKOUT!

Stone looks frustrated, wondering what it'll take to put Cham away. He stands behind Chamelion as Cham struggles to his feet. On spaghetti legs, Cham turns around right into an attempted Combo Breaker, but blocks it and instead hits one of his own.

Jeff Augustee: Chamelion's signature, stealing his opponent's finisher!

Cham covers.

1... 2... KICKOUT!

Jeff Augustee: We almost had a new Grizzly Beer Champ!

Linzi Martin: Indeed Jeff. Cham gets Matt up to his feet and nails him with a hard chop to the chest!

Crowd: WHOO!

Stone stumbles back into the ropes and tries to regain his focus. Chamelion gives Stone his trademark grin and taunts him. Stone obliges and charges.

Jeff Augustee: And Cham goes for the Sweet Sound of Success!

Linzi Martin: Stone dodges, as if he was expecting it!

Stone waits for Chamelion to whip around. Chamelion faces the GB Champ and Stone finally capitalizes on a Chamelion error with success and nails Cham with the C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

Jeff Augustee: And Stone has got Cham beat if he can make the cover!

Stone covers Cham as quickly as he can.





Aubrey Jones: And the winner, still your PWA Grizzly Beer Champion... MATT... STONE!!!!

Linzi Martin: After a lot of back and forth, Matt Stone retains his Grizzly Beer Championship by defeating Mark Sommers here tonight on Chaos.

Jeff Augustee: It really could have gone either way, Linzi. Both these men are tremendous athletes and there's no way Mark is gonna let Stone keep his glory for too long.

Linzi Martin: Agreed.

Cham rolls out of the ring and shrugs his shoulders. He heads backstage with approval from the crowd. Matt Stone raises his GB Title as we head into the main event.

Order of Chaos (C) vs Renegade Souljahs vs Chaos Theory

Triple Threat Tag-Team Title Match

Jeff Augustee: Well Linzi, it looks like we're finally here.

Linzi Martin: Indeed it would, Jeff. The main event, and tonight we have the Renegade Souljahz comprisong of Mark Zout and Ryan Ross taking on Chaos Theory, comprising of Jacob Figgins and Johnny Maverick. Both teams here to overthrow the Order of Chaos' grip over the Tag Team titles.

Jeff Augustee: Yeah, maybe Kalis should just pop a cap in their asses and be done with it.

Suddenly the opening rifts to "Light Grenades" by Incubus begins to play and the crowd rises to their feet. Some of them boo, some of them cheer but they all recognize "The Next Conspiracy" Jacob Figgins and "The God of Failure" Johnny Maverick as they come from behind of the curtains. Both men move quickly now heading towards the ring.

Aubrey Jones: The following match is schedueled for one pinfall, and is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, is the team of "The Next Conspiracy" Jacob Figgins and "The God of Failure" Johnny Maverick... They are... CHAOS THEORY!!!

Both men slide into the ring and stretch using the ropes, cracking their necks and knuckles as they turn their head towards the entrance ramp. Suddenly I’m a Souljah hits the P.A. System as Ryan Ross and Mark Zout step out from behind the curtain.

Aubrey Jones: Introducing next. Hailing from SEATTLE WASHINGTON, weighing in at four hundred and twenty five pounds they are the former two time PWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! They are... “The” RENEGADE SOULJAHZ”

Ryan Ross start the ascent first taking slow long strides of the stage and on to the ramp, followed by a taunting Mark Zout who instantly gets into a word exchange with a heated mark. Ryan pauses to let his partner finish his banter and to check out any fine looking women in the aisle way. Zout walks past his partner while slowly sneaking up and scaring a youngster in the audience causing him to jump into his mother’s arms. Ryan chuckles every time and shortly follows his partner’s path down to ring side. Both men step close to the ring Mark waltzes to the steps as Ryan smoothly slides into the ring under the bottom rope with a loud chorus of boos haunting them as they enter the PWA’s battlefield. Ryan takes the corner nearest to him and thrust his arms out to his side signaling at his waist. Mark hopes over the top rope and bounds up the corner nearest him throwing his arms out telling the crowd to get on there knees and bow to the king of the world. Both men hope off the turn buckles and go to their corner waiting for their match to start, staring down the two men of Chaos Theory hard. It's at this point that Figgins heads into one corner and Mark Zout heads into his, leaving Ryan Ross and Johnny Maverick in the ring.

Linzi Martin: Ohhh, can you feel the tension Jeff? This is going to be an intense match I do believe.

Jeff Augustee: Of course it will be, there is the matter of gold to be settled.

Suddenly, the arena lights go out and only the skull and bones insignia of the Order of Chaos can be seen over the ADCTron. The fans errupt into cheers and applause as "Vagabonds" by Greenskeepers begins to play over the sound systems.

) I wanna shoot you down not for the things you did. (
) From far away I came, got away from seeing red. (

There are now white and blue strobe lights scanning the arena until both focus on the entrance ramp, where we now see Simon Kalis and Masakazu decked out in their military uniform, urban warfare camoflauge with stars across their shoulders.

) I came a long way to see you, (
( Such a long way to see you. )
( I came a long way to see you, )
) Now I wish you were dead, wish you were dead. (

There are now white and blue strobe lights scanning the arena until both focus on the entrance ramp, where we now see Simon Kalis and Masakazu decked out in their military uniform, urban warfare camoflauge with stars across their shoulders.

Aubrey Jones: Introducing now, they weigh in at a combined total of three hundred and seventy pounds... Hailing from New York City, New York!

) Got me on the run, loaded up my gun, (
) Blowing up the spot, hiding cuz I'm hot. (

Kalis and Masakazu unstrap the PWA Tag team titles and raise them over their heads, smiling as the four men at the ring look at them with disgust and anger.

) Fire is my friend, marking where I've been, (
) Committing every sin, I'd do it all again. (

Aubrey Jones: They are your PWA Tag Team Champions!!!! Simon Kalis and Masakazu... THE ORDER OF CHAOS!!!

Kalis and Masakazu slap hands with the fans on their way to the ring, vibing and swaggering to the rhythem of the music as they get to ringside and slide into the ring. They each take a turnbuckle and climb up top, throwing their arms in the air with the titles in tow. They jump down and stare harshly at their opponents. It's when Kalis removes his military top we see his entire lower body is bandaged up from WarGames, putting a smile on Mark Zout's face. Referee Jason Sharowski quickly finishes off his "water" and raises the PWA tag team titles in the center of the ring as Kalis heads over to the corner and relaxes at the apron with Masakazu remaining in the ring.

Linzi Martin: It looks like Kalis is still somewhat hurt from WarGames.

Jeff Augustee: That's what happens when you're an old fart like him. Get'em your Majesties!


As the bell sounds, Maverick, Ross and Masakazu all rush towards each other. However at the last moment Masakazu stops and steps back as Ryan Ross and Johnny Maverick collide. Maverick and Ross begin trading lefts and rights, while Masakazu paces a little bit away from them waiting for his moment to strike. It's as Mav grabs ahold of Ross for a grapple that Masakazu bounces off the ropes and comes flying towards them both, lifting both legs and throwing one sideways thrust kick into the back of Ross' head and the other into the back of Maverick's head. Now both men turn to face Masakazu who dodges a double clothesline attempt, dekes out a flying arm smash from Ross but doesn't avoid the sudden dropkick from Johnny Maverick. Masakazu hits the canvas and Maverick goes for the cover but before Sharowski can get down for a count Ross is already grabbing Maverick by his hair and throwing him into the turnbuckle. Ross rushes and lands a harsh elbow smash into the back of Maverick's head as Masakazu charges towards both men. Masakazu, using his agility jumps up and puts one foot on the middle rope as he spins himself towards Ross and Maverick. Ross ducks out of the way and Masakazu lands a rising knee into the face of Maverick who quickly grabs ahold of Masakazu, countering him with a lethal powerbomb right onto Ryan Ross. Now Masakazu and Ryan Ross lay on top of one another as Maverick goes for the quick pin over both men!




Masakazu and Ross both push Maverick off of themselves easily. It's at this point that Ross grabs ahold of Masakazu and attempts to whip him into the corner but Masakazu reverses and whips Ross into his own corner. Maverick steps back, catching his breath as Masakazu slowly saunters to his corner. Kalis and Zout stare at each other with animosity until at the very same moment Ross tags in Zout and Masa tags in Kalis. Both men leap over the top rope and hurdle towards each other, double clothesling each other and taking each other down and out to the canvas. Maverick sees his chance to capitalize and as Zout and Kalis get to their feet he rushes towards them. But Kalis lifts his foot sideways and forwards, knocking Maverick in the chin with a thrust kick. Kalis quickly spins turning the thrust kick into an angle kick but Zout ducks and avoids it, instead tripping Kalis down and suddenly jumping to the top rope. Mark Zout flies off with a twisting frog splash right onto Kalis as Maverick quietly tags in Jacob Figgins. Figgins gets into the ring and immediately super kicks Mark Zout out hard, Zout now hitting the canvas! Figgins covers quickly, hooking the leg.




Linzi Martin: Wow Kalis with a gut instinct save there. It seems Chaos Theory is trying to take this one early from the Order and the Renegades.

Jeff Augustee: The champs nearly lost without being pinned.

Kalis picks Figgins up off of Mark Zout and jumps up, hitting a rising knee shot straight into Figgins' chest before lowering an elbow chop at the same time over his head. Figgins stumbles back but ducks a punch from Simon Kalis and spins himself around knocking Kalis back with a spinning mule kick. Zout doesn't want to be left out of this and low blows Figgins without the referee seeing. Kalis sees this and pats Figgins on the back, pushing him aside and front thrust kicking Zout in the face. Zout stumbles into the bottom turnbuckle, laid out as Kalis grabs onto the ropes and uses them as leverage to stomp down hard on Mark Zout's chest. It's at this point that Johnny Maverick heads to the top rope as Jacob Figgins comes up behind Kalis and grabs him, throwing him down with a reverse neckbreaker. The moment they hit the canvas Maverick flies off with a senton splash and quickly hooks the leg, but Masakazu is already in the ring and stomps down Maverick to break the cover. Ryan Ross jumps into the fray and starts going toe to toe with Jacob Figgins as Masakazu and Johnny Maverick get themselves into an all out brawl as well. It's at this point Sharowski has no idea what to do as it is mayhem in the ring.

Linzi Martin: Lefts and rights between Figgins and Ross! Masakazu and Maverick! This is NUTS!

Jeff Augustee: No Linzi... This... is... CHAOS!

Linzi Martin: Oh my god... That was lame.

Kalis and Zout now look at each other as they rise to their feet. As the others continue to battle it out, Kalis and Zout circle the ring and then lock horns. Zout whips Kalis into the ropes and does a spinning kick into Kalis' injured midsection. Kalis stumbles back but hits an arm drag as Zout rushes towards him. However now Maverick comes up from behind and latches onto Kalis, full nelson suplex from Maverick to Kalis snaps Kalis to the canvas in pain. Sharowski attempts to gain control of the match by forcefully booting Maverick, Masakazu and Ryan Ross back to their corners. Jacob Figgins now out of no where with an asai moonsault over the downed Simon Kalis, he goes for the cover! But before Sharowski can get down to make even a single count Zout is quick to elbow drop right on top of Figgins' head. Zout and Figgins now go at each other whole Kalis rolls himself over to the only unmanned corner to rest.


Jeff Augustee: Holy shit that scared me! Don't scream, please!

Linzi Martin: Well how often do you see a blizzard suplex?!

Jeff Augustee: Uhm right. Just now?

Figgins continues his assault over Mark Zout as Ross stomps his foot reaching out for the tag. However as Figgins goes in for a standing drop kick, Zout's incredible agility pays off as Zout quickly slides beneath the jumping Figgins and grabs onto the back of his neck, bringing him down with a reverse neckbreaker causing the fans to go nuts at such an athletic counter! Kalis remains in the corner, watching and waiting with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth now lit. Zout and Figgins are up quickly now and Zout hits a drop toe hold on Figgins, but as Figgins comes crashing down he reaches out and tags in Johnny Maverick! Maverick immediately stomps on the neck of Mark Zout before Zout has a chance to even get up. Kalis calmly continues to smoke his cigarette and heads to the top rope and just as Maverick turns to see him Kalis jumps off, latching himself to Maverick by the neck with his arm and flattening him with a flying DDT! Kalis quickly blows smoke into Zout's face and chucks the cigarette, quickly applying a figure four leg lock onto Mark Zout! Zout's eyes widen and he can't believe it as he tries to get himself free of the hold. Maverick gets to his feet and shakes his head off and drops down onto Kalis, applying a front face lock over Simon Kalis now.

Linzi Martin: Wow! Kalis maintains his figure four leg lock on Zout and Maverick has Kalis in a front face lock! What the!?

Jeff Augustee: Triple threat, indeed!

Kalis lets go of his figure four leg lock on Zout and forces his body upwards and rolls himself over right on top of Maverick, hooking both legs!




Zout quickly stomps onto Kalis' lower back and grabs him up by his hair. Zout rips off Kalis' bandana and spins himself around Kalis, wrapping the bandana around his neck and starts choking Simon Kalis with it. Zout kicks Kalis in the back of his knee, causing him to crumple to the canvas now and Kalis starts flailing his arms, throwing punches behind him trying to get Zout off of him as Maverick stands up and looks at whats going on. Jason Sharowski starts a count for Zout to break the illegal hold and by 4 Zout lets go. Kalis hits the canvas choking and coughing and Maverick bounces off the ropes and goes for a flying shoulder block to Zout and connects. Zout hits the canvas and Kalis quickly crawls over Masakazu and tags in his son. Masakazu throws himself onto the top rope, using it to launch him forward and out of no where he connects with a sideways thrust kick into the temple of Maverick's head. Maverick crumples to one knee and Masakazu with a shining wizard takes him down quickly. Zout gets up and catches Masakazu off guard and applies a Greco-Roman arm lock to the younger Kalis. Masakazu winces and struggles in this hold until he flips himself upwards and hits Zout in the face with both his knees and freeing himself of the lock. Masakazu lands on his hands and remains standing using both his hands and starts wildly throwing kicks back and forth into Maverick and Zout while spinning himself using his hands to do so to the amazement of the crowd, but it doesn't last long as Zout stumbles into Ross and tags him in. Ross gets into the ring from behind Masakazu, who has no idea and Ross sweeps Masakazu off of his hands, causing Masakazu to land awkwardly on his neck and head. Maverick backs up and circles Ryan Ross while Masakazu slams his feet against the canvas holding his neck in pain.

Jeff Augustee: Monkey man Masakazu just got himself screwed up, he could be seriously injured. Serves him right.

Linzi Martin: I thought that was pretty cool!

Jeff Augustee: Nah, Ryan Ross sweeping him off his hands like a stupid monkey focused on a banana was funny. Zout choking Kalis with his own bandana, now that was funny!

Linzi Martin: What about Chaos Theory? They are showing phenomonal wrestling skills here tonight, folks. What an arsenal! What a match!

Jeff Augustee: I'll give them credit for that, sure. That blizzard suplex was electrifying.

Ross and Maverick tango, Ross getting himself in good by throwing a sudden kick into Maverick's gut and lifting him up into a fishermans suplex. Ross starts stomping down hard on Maverick and then backs away as Masakazu gets to his feet, Masakazu rushes towards Ross but Ross slides out of the ring. Ross smirks as Masakazu yells at him to get back into the ring but Maverick tags in Jacob Figgins who gets himself onto the top rope and jumps off landing onto Masakazu and dropping him down with a hurricanrana. Masakazu slow to get up as Figgins waits and as Masakazu gets to one knee he throws a straight elbow into Figgins' gut. Masakazu grabs onto Figgins body and uses it to pull himself up as Ryan Ross coyly makes his way onto the apron and the top rope. Masakazu starts a flurry of elbow chops into Figgins' face, and Figgins stumbles back with each strike. Figgins with an eye gouge catches Masakazu off guard but before Figgins can continue, Ross leaps off flying lariat and hits both Masakazu and Figgins, covering both men!




Ross can't believe it and quickly grabs Masakazu by his hair, smashing his elbow hard into his neck. Figgins gets himself towards the far right corner and rests as Ross lifts Masakazu up and over his head now, and starts running before jumping forward with a powerbomb which sees Masakazu's head and neck crack against the top turnbuckle on the far left corner on the way down.


Jeff Augustee: Three time! Three time! Three time!

Ross knows it's futile to pin with Figgins waiting in the corner, so he lifts Masakazu up by his hair once more and tries to keep Masa on his feet as he wobbles. Ross whips Masakazu straight towards Figgins who moves out of the way. Masa is down and out in the corner as Figgins heads for Ross and grabs him quickly for a grapple. Ross attempts a counter but fails as Figgins takes Ross for a ride with a snap suplex. Figgins gets to his feet and smiles as he reaches into his left boot and pulls out a Hello Kitty elbow pad. He gets ready and waits for Ross to get up and lays him out cold with a HELLO KITTY DOOM DOOM TRAIN elbow to the head. While this is going on Kalis sneaks over to the far corner and tags himself in, flipping Masakazu over and onto the outside of the ring. Kalis quickly comes into the ring and stomps his foot to get Figgins' attention. Figgins turns around and rushes forward toward Kalis in an attempt to hit the Hello Kitty elbow to him but Kalis dekes out of the way and snaps his left leg forward into Figgins' ribs. Figgins blocks the next shot with his left leg crossing it over his lower abdomen as Kalis shoots with the right leg in another snap thrust kick. Figgins now attempts his own but fakes Kalis out, going for an elbow uppercut and knocking Kalis back. Kalis blocks a thrust kick from Figgins as Ross is coming to. Kalis gouges Jacob Figgins in the eyes and then kicks him in the gut, twisting as he grabs ahold of Figgins' neck and drops forward with 3/4 neckbreaker!


Jeff Augustee: Oh what the hell! Stop this travesty!

Kalis quickly hooks the leg as Ross stumbles forward!


Ross tags in Mark Zout.


Zout gets himself into the ring by jumping over the top rope!

THRE- Zout dives forward and tackles Kalis off of Figgins. Maverick meanwhile is reaching out to Figgins as Ross recovers on the outside, yet Masakazu comes from the other side and sweeps Maverick off his feet and off the apron to the outside. Ross remains down as does Figgins as Kalis and Zout grapple in the middle of the ring. Kalis goes for a rising knee bash to Zout's head which connects only partly, as Zout moves himself back to avoid it. Kalis off balance from the move gets mowed down with a snap clothesline from Zout. Kalis is quick to get up but he runs right into a snap suplex from Zout as Zout takes advantadge! Yet Kalis lifts his knees over his chest and as Zout goes for to grab Kalis by the neck, Kalis rolls back onto his shoulders and grabs Zout by the neck with his legs, twisting him and pushing him forward and over slamming his head against the canvas while grinding his knees into Zout's neck. Kalis grabs ahold of Zout's feet as he hits the canvas and has him rolled up for the cover!


Figgins quickly snaps into action!

TW-Figgins kicks Kalis off of Zout now and starts curb side stomping Kalis in his ribs causing Simon a great amount of pain.

Linzi Martin: S.D.S from Kalis didn't work out as well as he'd have hoped!

Jeff Augustee: S.D.S?

Linzi Martin: Sudden Defeat Syndrome! D'uh!

Jeff Augustee: Jesus Christ...

Kalis gets in a few words with Figgins before whipping him into the ropes. Figgins however leaps back with a flying arm smash which Kalis avoids, instead nailing Figgins in the head several times with Sincerely! Figgins rolls out of the ring and lands viciously on the outside. Maverick continues to exchange blows with Ryan Ross on the outside as Masakazu quietly slips himself into the ring. Zout gets to his feet and Kalis is quick to whip him into the turnbuckle. Kalis lifts him up and sets him up for the SOTD, but Masakazu joins in and latches onto Zout's neck as Kalis comes flying off the top rope with him, landing a simoltaneous reverse neckbreaker on Zout! ULTIMA!

Jeff Augustee: Wow, what a move. And Ryan Ross is back the ring!

Ross escapes Maverick's clutches after laying Maverick out with a Bubba-like headbutt.

Linzi Martin: And Ross hits the Den-o Tornado on Masa!

Kalis covers Zout... Ross covers Masa. Jason Sharowski is forced to count for both pinfalls.





Linzi Martin: Neither Zout or Masa kicked out... a.. a double pinfall?

Jeff Augustee: Ah crap... that means the Order of Chaos is --

Aubrey Jones: Uh... well, due to the fact that there was a double pinfall, this match has been scored a DRAW! Therefore, still your PWA Tag Team Champions... the ORDER OF CHAOS!

Linzi Martin: Yes! I knew they'd pull through in the end!

Jeff Augustee: It was a DRAW, Linzi! I don't think Zout or Ross are too happy right now!

Maverick and Ross look up as Jason Sharowski hands Kalis and Masakazu the tag team titles. Figgins gets to his feet on the outside and can't believe it, heading for Maverick as both men immediately make their leave up the entrance ramp. Ross grabs two chairs from the outside now and slides into the ring. He takes one, swinging wildly! He knocks down Kalis! He knocks down Masakazu! Zout is helped up and Zout grabs the second chair, waiting for one of them to get up. Kalis is up first and they each thrust the ends of their chairs into his injured ribbs and then both step back, swinging the chairs for a double chair shot to Kalis' head, busting him open. Masakazu attempts to intervene but Ross swings the chair uphand and nails Masakazu in the head. Masakazu stumbles back and Ross thrusts the edge of the chair into his throat before taking another swing and nearly taking Masakazu's head off. Johnny Maverick makes motions to indicate he is going back to the ring to intervene but Figgins grabs him and shakes his head as they disappear behind the curtain.

Linzi Martin: What the hell? Are you going to leave the Order of Chaos to this fate!?

Jeff Augustee: Yes! Yes they are! Destroy them your Majesties! It is thy decree!!

Linzi Martin: Shut the *BEEP* UP!

The bells ding a couple of times in quick succession as Zout and Ross pummel Kalis in the ribs with chair shot after chair shot, the crowd booing loudly now.

Linzi Martin: Will no one save them from this!?

Linzi Martin shrieks at ringside as Zout sets up the chair near the turnbuckle and Ross climbs up to the middle ropes. Zout readies himself as Masakazu is the first one up and it looks like The Renegade Souljahz are setting him up for Banned in Japan, but suddenly "Alcohol" hits over the sound system and out comes Bubba J rushing with a chair. Ross hops off the middle ropes and both he and Zout make a quick exit through the crowd as Bubba J slides in the ring cussing and pointing towards Ryan Ross with a smirk on his face. Ross cusses him back from the front row and spits towards him, but Zout grabs him and pulls him away and further into the crowd.

Linzi Martin: Bubba just saved The Order!

Jeff Augustee: I think he was out here to get Ryan Ross, nothing to do with saving these two assholes.

Linzi Martin: Bubba is still cussing towards Ross who's disappearing into the crowd with Zout! Kalis and Masakazu are still the tag team champions, but they are down, out and bleeding and not moving!

Jeff Augustee: And we're out of time! Goodnight folks!

(C) PWA 2009