World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

War Games

Before Good vs Evil begins, a video package is played showcasing all the events leading up to the War Games match. And then pyros explode and we go to ring side as the bell chimes the opening match!

Chad Kurtis vs Bubba

Rampage 0 - Chaos 0

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall and is between Rampage and Chaos... introducing first...

The smashing guitar riffs of "Alcohol" hit the speakers and from the back walks The Ragin' Redneck Bubba. In his right hand he holds
a bottle of liquor and he looks out at the crowd.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: "From Durham North Carolina, he stands at six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds... The Ragin' Redneck... Bubba!"

Bubba nods at the announcement of his name before walking slowly down to the entrance ramp. He gets some cheers, some boos, but all in all it is a mixed
reaction. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring where he climbs the turnbuckle and chugs a gulp of the liquor in the bottle before putting the lid
back on and setting it in his corner.

The lights go out and you hear the soundbyte, 'Ali said I'm the greatest' then on the 'titantron' a old style movie house clip advertising
the snack bar comes on then 'Cocky' hit the speakers and pryos go off as 'The Show' makes his way to the ring.

Ding Ding

Bubba J and Chad circle each other, Bubba J dives in going for a MMA takedown. Chad steps out of the way, coming down with his left foot to the side of Bubba J's head. Bubba J hits the mat, rolling out of the way of Chad's elbow drop. Bubba J gets back up to his feet, charging at Chad with his fists pinwheeling in the air. Bubba J connects, Chad is reeling, Bubba J connects with another, another, Chad in the ropes. Bubba J with an Irish whip sends the American high flyer across the ring. Bubba J doesn't charge in after him though, he avoids the springboard backfist from Kurtis.

Jester Jay: Bubba J, even though he is a damn redneck, is going to show that Rampage scum what Chaos is about.

Jon McDaniel: Rampage is not scum and Chad Kurtis is a top notch athlete.

Tear Gutter: Oh really?

Brian Rentfro: Yeah... really.

Bubba J sends Chad over with an over the head belly to back suplex. Chad lands on his feet, kicking out with a front foot thrust to Bubba J catching him in the face. Bubba J rolls outside, to catch his breath, but here comes Chad flying over the top rope with a suicide plancha. Both Chad and Bubba J crash to the floor, but the Ragin' Redneck definitely takes most of that punishment. Chad rolls on over to his feet, coming down with a leg drop across Bubba's throat. The Show lifts Bubba J up to his feet, right hand, right forearm, Chad whips Bubba J into the post.

Tear Gutter: These two have bad blood between them since Rebel Pro days.

Jon McDaniel: Both determined to leave it in the ring here.

Brian Rentfro: Who gives a damn about Rebel Pro?

Jester Jay: Who gives a damn about Rampage?

Bubba J's forehead is red from the impact of flesh on steel, but he turns around. Chad with a flying body press, Bubba J catches him, turning around to slam the side of Chad's head into the steel post. The referee's count is up to seven now as Bubba J rolls Chad into the ring to follow quickly in after him. Bubba J with a stomp on the head of Chad, arm of Chad, well... Chad's entire body is getting stompified. Bubba J picks Chad up, right hand to the face, Chad fights back with a right hand of his own. Bubba J fires right back with a right of his own, Chad drops down sweeping Bubba's feet out from under him. Bubba's throat comes across the top rope before he bounces back holding at his Adam's apple. Chad quickly to the top rope, diving off with a moonsault right across Bubba's chest, he stays for the cover.



Bubba J kicks out with stubborn authority as Chad is quickly back to the offense here, Irish whip into the ropes. Bubba J comes back, Chad with a hurricanrana sends Bubba J sliding across the ring. Chad hits the ropes, flipping back with a knee drop onto Bubba J's forehead and he pulls the Ragin' Redneck up to his feet. Chad with a boot to the midsection.

Jester J: A horrible looking piledriver.

Jon McDaniel: An expertly given piledriver.

Tear Gutter: Bubba J is a ground and pound, while Chad likes to fly high.

Brian Rentfro: At least you can rhyme, is that why they pay you a house show salary?

Chad rolls Bubba J over onto his back, hooking the leg for a pin.



Thr--Bubba J kicks out with authority as Chad helps him back up to his feet.

Jester Jay: there is no quit in the Chaos roster, unlike you Rampage idiots.

Jon McDaniel: I beg to differ.

Tear Gutter: You can beg all you want to, but the fact remains.

Brian Rentfro: Rampage is the best!

Chad whips Bubba into the corner, he stops himself, dropping down to the canvas as Chad flies in with a leg kick, he traps himself on the top rope. Bubba J gets up laughing as he makes the rope move up and down to further fill Chad's crotch with major amounts of pain. Bubba J with a clothesline that sends Chad out of the ring and onto the apron. Bubba J with a stomp rolls Chad on off onto the floor, Bubba J climbs out of the ring, jumping down with a double foot stomp on Chad's midsection. Bubba J picks him up as the referee's count reaches one. Whip into the railing, clothesline sends Chad over and into the crowd.


Bubba J steps over the railing to grab a beer from a fan and chug it down, the fan loves it.


Bubba J grabs the fan's steel chair, slamming it down across the rising Chad's back. Bubba J lines up, golf shot right into Kurtis' face rolls him back over onto his back.


Bubba J lifts Chad up, spinebuster onto the now quickly emptying ringside steel chairs.


Chad is hurt and...

Tear Guter: Chad Kurtis is bleeding, Bubba J draws first blood.

Brian Rentfro: Damn redneck.


Jester Jay: He is not a redneck,... oh yeah he is, but he is still better than The No Show!

Jon McDaniel: Can't we all just get along?

All three: No!


Bubba J tosses Chad over the railing with a scoop slam before stepping over the railing himself.


Bubba J rolls inside the ring to break the count before immediately rolling back outside. Bubba J picks Chad up, by the hair, Chad with a fist into Bubba J's knee, he falls. The Show with a spinning right sends Bubba J to the right, but Chad changes direction, catching Bubba J in the temple with a spinning toe kick.


Chad takes a breath as he looks inside the ring. Bubba J goes for a low blow, but Chad manages to avoid the illegal move, kneeing Bubba J in the face.


Chad rolls Bubba J out from the ring apron, he springs to the apron, front flipping into a knee drop. Chad rolls on through after the knee drop, springing to the railing and back flipping with a splash.


Brian Rentfro: Impressive.

Jester Jay: Chaos could do it better.

Jon McDaniel: Since we aren't all going to get along, screw you and screw Chaos! Rampage is the superior brand!

Brian Rentfro: You tell 'em Jon!

Tear Gutter: Really?


Chad rolls into the ring and the referee is getting extremely frustrated, shrugging his shoulders, he isn't going to count anymore.

Tear Gutter: Typical Rampage referee, can't count.

Chad hits the ropes, diving through with a clothesline taking... no! Bubba J counters with a steel chair to Chad's oncoming forehead!

Jester Jay: Man what a shot, the brilliant Chaos star uses Chad, the Rampage star's, own momentum against him there.

Brian Rentfro: Just shut up, can you do that for all of us?

Bubba J rolls The Show up onto the apron, elbow shot, forearm to the throat. Bubba J slams the steel chair on top of Chad's face before the Ragin' Redneck climbs to the top turnbuckle, he isn't known for anything but brawling... Bubba J dives, connecting with a knee drop into the steel chair, a crunching noise is heard. Bubba J slides the chair off of Chad's face as he puts little weight on his injured leg.

Jester Jay: Bubba J broke Chad's nose and hurt his already injured leg in the process.

Tear Gutter: Yeah, Chaos talent is so good, we had a tie in the main event Wednesday night.

Brian Rentfro: Who cares, no one probably even saw it.

Jon McDaniel: I did, it was a bloody spectacle.

Brian Rentfro: Even if you do watch it Jon, you aren't supposed to let them know.

Chad rolls off the ring apron, Bubba J again stomps him, although not as hard as he did earlier in the match. Bubba J lifts him up, piledriver onto the steel chair before he rolls him into the ring. Bubba J follows into the ring, whipping Chad into the ropes.

Jester Jay: Running Nut Sack Whack!

Jon McDaniel: That move is just sick, not very painful... but disgusting.

Bubba J laughs as Chad begins to gag, then Bubba J sends him down with a single arm DDT, Bubba J reaches back...

Brian Rentfro: A second very disgusting move.

Tear Gutter: But a decent ass though...

Bubba J slaps the Butt Crack Attack on Chad, who immediately begins to gag on the blood from his nose and the taste of Bubba J's ass crack in his mouth.

Brian Rentfro: This guy is laughing?

Jester Jay: He is a sick saddistic bastard.

Tear Gutter: But what a rebel...

Jon McDaniel: I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Bubba J lifts Chad up, booting him in the midsection...

Tear Gutter: Trailer Park Trash!

Bubba J Makes the cover.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Jester Jay: Chaos proves its superiority here in this match!

Brian Rentfro: Who cares, you lose battles, but the end of the war is what's important.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Winner of the match and representing Wednesday Night Chaos... Bubba J... The Ragin' Redneck!

"Alcohol" hits back up as Bubba J rolls out of the ring, giving Chad Kurtis a double bird as he backs his way up the ramp.

The Andalusian vs. The Anti-Hero LJ Xero

Rampage 0 - Chaos 1

Eric Emerson: The following match is set for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.

The audience listens as a trumpet fanfare echoes through the stadium, lauding the beginning of "Return of the Tres" as it starts to play through the loudspeakers.

The lights dim, slightly.

Intermittently, the music is accompanied by the sound of lightning bolts as the strobes flash in unison. A horse's whinny can be heard echoing from far away, presumably the halls behind the entranceway.

In a scarlet vest, a brown suede duster and brown leather-hide chaps, a barefoot man hides his face under the silhouette of a wide-brimmed sombrero cordobés a la Zorro. He cracks a long black leather whip, and tilts his head up, allowing the lights from the room to illuminate his tan face.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, from Barcelona, Spain, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and sixty pounds... he is THE ANDALUSIAN!!!

He slowly walks to the ring, his gait is altered slightly - he appears to limp like John Wayne, as if his legs were sore from riding a horse. As he walks, he slowly removes his jacket, which makes him look a bit like Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat universe. He neatly folds his jacket, and sets it on a table at the side of the ring, carefully placing his hat atop it.

With a few well placed hops, The Andalusian finds himself springing into the ring, using the ropes to propel himself upward. He drops in a low, wide stance, and slowly runs his fingers through his hair.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

Five Finger Death Punch's "Never Enough" blares over the loud speakers. The crowd falls silent until exploding in boos as LJ Xero emerges on the stage with a 19th century style clown mask on. He slowly walks to the ring, focused. The house lights strobe white and black while images of dictators from Adolf Hitler to Josef Stalin to Rob Robinson play on the ChameliTron. Xero slides into the ring and slouches into the corner.

Eric Emerson: ...from the "better" Hollywood, weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds... this is L...J...XERO!!!

The crowd jeers louder as Xero picks himself up on the ring ropes.

Jon McDaniel: This should be a good bout between two similarly styled wrestlers. Both men have a bit of the Japanese style in them just waiting to burst out.

Brian Rentfro: That'll teach them to suck down the saki.

The two men lock up in the center of the ring. The Andalusian locks in a side headlock, but is met with two elbows to the sternum. LJ Xero sends The Andalusian to the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a knee to the face. The Andalusian crashes to the mat clutching his nose.

Jon McDaniel: That's gonna leave a mark!

Brian Rentfro: Do I make you horny, baby?!

Jon McDaniel: What?

Brian Rentfro: Oh, I thought we were playing the "Overused '90s Catchphrases Game."

Xero stomps away on The Andalusian before taunting the crowd. When The Andalusian gets to his feet, he is met with a running lariat. LJ Xero picks The Andalusian back up and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. LJ follows in with a tornado elbow, sending The Andalusian slumping down in the corner. Xero kicks him in the face twice, then bounces off the far ropes and delivers a face wash.

Jon McDaniel: The Andalusian is bleeding from the nose! I wonder if it's broken.

Brian Rentfro: No, it's perfectly normal to have blood gushing out of your nose. That reminds me of this party I was at once with Charlie Sheen...

The Andalusian again pulls himself to his feet as LJ Xero bounces off the ropes once again. He goes for another lariat but The Andalusian ducks. LJ is locked into a sleeper hold, but The Andalusian can't grasp the hold tight. Xero drops him backward on his head with a side suplex variation. He goes for the cover.

1... 2... KICKOUT!

LJ locks in a front waistlock and sends The Andalusian flying with an overhead release belly to belly suplex. He points to the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle.

Jon McDaniel: LJ Xero... going to fly? He's dominating this match, but wants to put it away now. High risk move.

LJ flies off the top with a frog splash but hits nothing but canvas when The Andalusian rolls away at the last second. The crowd cheers as The Andalusian finds new life. He hits LJ Xero with a series of kicks and punches, flooring him. The Andalusian kicks LJ in the gut and delivers a butterfly suplex. He makes the cover.

1... 2... KICKOUT!

The Andalusian signals to the crowd. He hits a right jab, a left hook, and finally a hard right uppercut, dazing LJ Xero. The Andalusian places his left arm on the opponent's right shoulder, and his right hand pushes the opponent into the air from his waist into a somersault across the opponent's torso.

Jon McDaniel: The Conquistador!

Brian Rentfro: El hijo los dirty sanchezzzz!

Multiple body shots stagger LJ, until the Andalusian Irish whips the opponent into the ropes. On the return, Xero is met with a shoulder charge, with which the Andalusian hoists his opponent, and runs him into the turnbuckle. Fingers outstretched, he digs both hands into the abdomen of his opponent, lifting them to sit atop the turnbuckle. A couple more body shots, and he lifts Xero's legs until they fall onto their back outside the ring. The Andalusian drops a series of elbows before making the cover.

1... 2... KICKOUT!

The Andalusian slaps LJ Xero in the face and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, he picks Xero up and drapes him across the top rope throat first. He then signals to the crowd once more.

Jon McDaniel: He's setting up his finisher to end this match.

The Andalusian hits a crescent kick with his right leg followed by a crescent kick with his left leg. LJ is dazed and gets hit with a spinning kick to the face. The Andalusian uses LJ's own bodyweight as leverage for a trip and choke. The Andalusian pins him while maintaining the choke.

1... 2... 3!

Jon McDaniel: The Andalusian has pulled it off!

Eric Emerson: Your winner, The Andalusian!

The crowd cheers wildly for the man from Spain. The Andalusian stands on the ropes playing to the fans as "Return of the Tres" by Delinquent Habits plays.

Jon McDaniel: The Andalusian pulls off a big win here on pay-per-view, both for himself and for Rampage.

The Age of Chaos Begins

We fade into the backstage area and come to see Simon Kalis and Masakazu, our PWA Tag Team Champions. They've set up an elaborate scenery, allowing only candlelight to illuminate their locker room. The set up seems almost satanic as blood red colored markings tattoo the floor. All the furniture has been pushed back and there in the center of the room is the Order of Chaos skull and bones insignia drawn in what looks like blood on the floor. Candles are methodically placed in predetermined positions to give a certain eerie feeling to the ritual both men seem to be participating in. Simon Kalis lowers his head and clasps his hands together humming deeply. Masakazu does the same now, although he looks a little weird by facial expression at the whole situation.

Simon Kalis: Ordo...

Masakazu: Ab...

Simon Kalis: Chao....

Masakazu: Ordo...

Simon Kalis: Ab...

Masakazu: Chao.... So why the hell are we doing this anyways?

Masakazu looks up and squints his eyes as to the peculiar nature of this ritual. Kalis rolls his eyes and sighs as their bodyguard, Desert Eagle turns on the lights in the room.

Simon Kalis: Uhm... Theatrics? Last time I checked we were also paid to entertain as well as fight.

Masakazu shakes his head and slaps his father on the back.

Masakazu: And why the hell would this cliché demonic ritual be so entertaining?

Simon Kalis: I don't know... I figured white folks were into this shit.

Kalis kicks over a candle and then steps on the wax ember and shrugs.

Simon Kalis: You know, rock and roll right?

Kalis looks to Desert Eagle and smiles.

Simon Kalis: I've snuck it in tonight, Eagle.

The Desert Eagle: Yes, sir?

Kalis reaches into his front groin area and reveals the Desert Eagle, handgun version, and smiles. Masakazu rolls his eyes and The Desert Eagle, bodyguard version, salutes.

The Desert Eagle: Threat level red, sir! Enemy forces gather and await their destruction! Sir!

Eagle snaps his foot down and salutes, fascist style.

Simon Kalis: You'll be returning to the normal salute after tonight Eagle, no more facism imagery bullshit. No more games, no more talk. Just war. You ready, son?

Masakazu nods.

Simon Kalis: Tonight my son, we DESTROY our enemies in one fatal swoop.... We shall establish not only the Chaos brand as the most superior product in the PWA fold, but we shall destroy the warring factions of Rampager scum. It will put them into complete disarry and create CHAOS on RAMPAGE! Hah!

Masakazu: If the Apostles of Ares wins... There will be no Pantheon. And if the only reason the Apostles exist is to fight Pantheon, they will die out with them.

Simon Kalis: Precisely.

Masakazu: But what if we win tonight? I mean, Pantheon...

Kalis puts his hand out and winks as Masakazu reaches out and they both smile.

Simon Kalis: Death to the Apostles of Ares.

Masakazu: Death to the Pan-

Kalis fires off a shot as Masakazu says the next word, concealing what he said.

Simon Kalis: ALL HAIL CHAOS!

Kalis spins around and shoots off his gun at the cameraman, hitting the camera and we see the connection static out but the audio remains.

Masakazu: And all Hail The Order Of...

Simon Kalis: Let the Age of Chaos commence, tonight...

Now all we hear is static following another two shots fired by Simon Kalis at the camera.

Brian Rentfro: Oh my god is that cameraman DEAD!!? We need to get some help back there now! We've got a madman on the loose!

Tear Gutter: Oh relax Brian, Kalis never shoots people! Just cameras and robots and whatnot!

Brian Rentfro: Well then I'm wondering just what the hell they mean by death to the Pan!? Was he trying to say Pantheon!? As in death to the Pantheon!? But they ARE Pantheon!

Tear Gutter: Jesus Christ! Am I the only one who's ever understand what they meant by the "art of war" when they got here!? Deception, infiltration and destruction from within and all that MADNESS!

Brian Rentfro: ...I guess?

Joshua Danielson vs. The Alliance

Rampage 1 - Chaos 1

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a handicap tag-team match! Introducing first, weighing in at 198lbs and hailing from Des Moines, Iowa! He represents Chaos: Joshua Danielson!!

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushes through the curtains and stops at the top of the entrance ramp, throwing his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Joshua then heads down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and jumping up to the second turnbuckle. He does the open handed crucifix pose again, before hopping down and waiting for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: And his opponents, together they weigh in at 340lbs, and representing Rampage… Tyson, Bomber: The Alliance!

The Alliance music plays over the arena. And the Alliance walks out. The fans cheer and boo but The Alliance don't care. The Bomber is carrying a microphone and he says behold fans The Magnificents of Magnificent, The Alliance. And Tyson says Who's Betta than the Alliance.

Jester Jay: I do not like the odds here for Chaos on this one.

Brian Rentfro: Normally I would be in agreement with you, Jester… but the Alliance is… an odd team in of themselves. They don’t give up, but they really need to shake loose and get with the program!

Jester Jay: Even so, Danielson has a mountain to climb, to score a victory for Chaos.

Brian Rentfro: Save yourself the worry, Rampage is going to walk away champions tonight, I promise you that!


Tyson and Danielson start the match with Danielson charging forward, causing Tyson to duck and letting Danielson sail by. Danielson however, is quick to turn and gives Tyson a hard kick to the back of his knee. Tyson stumbles and Danielson runs, grabs his head and hits a bulldog on Tyson face first!

Jester Jay: Danielson is holding his own here early against the combined might of The Alliance!

Danielson then grabs Tyson’s legs, and sets down on his back, locking in a Boston Crab. Tyson struggles, pushing his arms up.. and with intense strength, knocks Danielson off of him. Danielson rights himself, turning to attack, but Tyson has reached his corner and tags in Bomber. Danielson and Bomber lock up, And Danielson sends Bomber into the ropes. Bomber bounces back, ducking a clothesline attempt, comes back from the other side and hits a strong shoulder block, knocking Danielson off his feet!

Brian Rentfro: The momentum seems to have shifted into The Alliance’s favor; their close friendship makes them a solid team, and Danielson will be hard pressed to keep them off balance!

Danielson and Bomber circle each other then Bomber moves in. Danielson goes to lock up but at the last second, rakes Bomber’s eyes! Bomber backs up, blinded and in pain, and Danielson delivers a devastating drop kick! Back on his feet, Danielson tries for an elbow drop, but Bomber rolls. Danielson tries another, but Bomber rolls again! On the third attempt, Bomber rolls into his corner and as Danielson stands, Tyson reaches over and punches Danielson hard. Bomber then gets up and tags in Tyson.

Jester Jay: Come on, Danielson! You’re representing the better brand in there! Get moving!

Brian Rentfro: Now, hold on! If any brand is better, it’s Rampage!

Tyson steps through the ropes but gets caught with a knee to his gut. Danielson then pulls Tyson the rest of the way in and connects with a leg drop to the back of the head. Tyson falls hard. As Danielson goes to attack Tyson, Tyson rolls to his knees and flips Danielson over his back, Tyson falls backwards to make a cover.



Kick out

Brian Rentfro: CLOSE! The Alliance almost had it there!

Danielson and Tyson get back to their feet and exchange some punches. Danielson with closed fists, and Tyson keeps his hands open.

Jester Jay: Danielson is doing whatever it takes to even the playing field here.

Brian Rentfro: You mean he’s cheating.

Jester Jay: Look who’s talking!?

Because of the harder stings of the closed punches, Danielson starts to get the advantage. But then, Tyson ducks one attack, and puts his shoulder into Danielson’s stomach, lifts up and flips Danielson over him in a sort of back body drop. Tyson then falls to his knees, stunned from the hard punches. Bomber tries to come in to check on Tyson, but the ref is there, ordering Bomber out. During this, Danielson begins choking Tyson to garner a larger advantage.

Brian Rentfro: And still, Danielson is taking the low road here.

Jester Jay: I know he’s being aggressive, but so much is at stake here!

Bomber sees this and tries to get around the ref, but the ref holds his ground and Bomber, angrily, gets back out of the ring. By this time, the damage has been done as Tyson lies nearly unconscious on the mat. Danielson rolls up Tyson for the count.



2 ½

Kick out!

Brian Rentfro: Tyson barely had any strength in him for that!

Danielson pulls Tyson to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. Danielson lines up for a clothesline, but Tyson manages to duck, stop dead in his tracks.. he grabs Danielson by the back of the head and hits a neck breaker on Danielson.

Jester Jay: Don’t count Tyson out just yet!!

Tyson then groggily stumbles over and tags in Bomber. Bomber comes running in and hits a strong elbow drop on Danielson. Bomber makes the cover.



Danielson kicks out, and Bomber pulls him back up. Bomber tries to whip Danielson into the ropes, but Danielson reverses and as Bomber bounces off, Danielson tries for another clothesline. Bomber ducks, bounces yet again off the other side, and uses the momentum to go for a spear, but Danielson lifts his knee and flips Bomber over, clutching his gut!

Danielson picks up Bomber and hits a hard power bomb, then goes to cover Bomber. Tyson though, has seen this, climbs to the top rope and jumps, hitting Danielson in the back of the head with a leg drop! Tyson then pushes Bomber on top of Danielson and rolls out of the ring. The ref makes the count.



Kick out!

Bomber can’t believe it, and rolls over to tag in Tyson! Tyson runs in, as Danielson stands, and hits a clothesline! Danielson staggers up, and Tyson hits another clothesline! Even slower, Danielson stumbles up and Tyson goes for a third clothesline, but Danielson sidesteps him and as Tyson turns, Danielson catches him and lifts him up in an Electric Chair position and hits the Punishment! As Danielson goes for the cover, Bomber rushes in and dives, but Danielson moves and Bomber hits his own partner, Tyson! Danielson then throws Bomber out of the ring and covers Tyson, hooking the leg!





Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, Joshua Danielson!!!

Brian Rentfro: I don’t believe it!

Jester Jay: YES! YES!

Brian Rentfro: Excited, aren’t you?

Danielson is surprised, but cheerful to have survived the match. He makes a hasty retreat however, as Bomber and Tyson regroup, and they do not look happy.

Brian Rentfro: I can’t blame them; a two on one advantage and they didn’t come through for Rampage.

Jester Jay: But they have improved a lot, recently. I won’t be surprised to see them challenging for titles in the near future.

Brian Rentfro: Screw titles; they didn’t score the point for Rampage!

Tyson and Bomber shake hands, however, and know their time will come.

Trent Bradley vs Harvey The Hardcore Hippo

Rampage 1 - Chaos 2

The first chords of "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei plays over the loud speakers as the crowd rises to their feet. When the drum beat hits, "The Scranton Shooter" Trent Bradley bursts through the curtain. Wearing a white towel over his head, his intense eyes glare towards the ring as he quickly makes his way down the aisle.

Eric Emerson: "Making his way to the ring at this time... from Scranton, Pennsylvania, weighing in tonight at 241 pounds... he is... TRENT BRADLEY!"

Bradley climbs the stairs, wipes his boots on the apron, and enters the ring between top and middle ropes. He quickly jumps on the second turnbuckle and stares out to the crowd before taking the towel off his head and tossing it to the fans.

Bradley watches as the lights fade and red and white spotlights crisscross the arena and the frenetic sound of violins and horns burst from the house speakers. "Come to the Circus" by Circus Contraption hits the first chorus and on the big screen clips from freak shows and circus side shows flash by.

No one seems to come out of the entranceway.

The first chords of "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei plays over the loud speakers as the crowd scratches their heads confusedly.

When the drum beat hits, "The Scranton Shooter" Trent Bradley bursts through the curtain. Wearing a white towel over his head, his intense eyes glare towards the ring as he quickly makes his way down the aisle.

Eric Emerson: "…What?"

Bradley climbs the stairs, wipes his boots on the apron, and enters the ring between top and middle ropes. He quickly jumps on the second turnbuckle and stares out to the crowd before taking the towel off his head and tossing it to the fans.

The first Bradley seems to stare at the impostor, wearing a laughably confused face. It’s only when he’s in the ring that Bradley can recognize his opponent as Morty Goldberg dressed as Bradley.
Eric Emerson: “Umm… Harvey the Hardcore Hippo?”

Jon McDaniel: “That’s Morty Goldberg – out of costume, I see.”

Brian Rentfro: “Interesting decision…”

The ref signals for the men to start, and they slowly circle one another, Morty perfectly mimicking Trent.

Brian Rentfro: “I hope they don’t do that too much, now – we won’t be able to tell them apart…”

Morty rushes forward catching Trent off guard, landing a belly-to-belly suplex. Bradley quickly rolls and gets back on his feet. Morty charges again, Trent sidesteps, sending Morty into the ropes, Morty springs off the ropes, grabs the back of Bradley’s head and sends it crashing into the mat.

Jon McDaniel: “Ouch.”

Bradley pushes himself up and shakes his head, swiveling back up to his feet after a few brief moments of disorientation. Morty charges again, ducking out of the way just in time as Bradley swings a fist through the air. Morty wraps up in a half-nelson.

Brian Rentfro: “Ooh! Half-nelson suplex!”

Bradley rubs his shoulder and with grit pushes himself back to his feet. Morty starts to charge, and Bradley sidesteps just as Morty skids to a halt. The pair look at each other for a moment and Morty pokes Bradley in the eye, sending him doubling over in pain. Clutching his face, Bradley begins to back up, almost tripping over his own feet.

Morty lifts his hands in the air to pump the crowd, but they are unresponsive – probably confused at what they’re watching.

Bradley, still huddled over sees Morty dropping his guard and runs toward him, pushing him into the ropes. Bradley rears back for a haymaker, but Morty uses his opponent’s momentum to swap places, pressing Bradley against the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: “Tomoe Nage!”

Brian Rentfro: “Excellent Judo reversal!”

Morty rolls backwards, sending the disoriented Bradley over his body, landing sorely on the mat at the other side of the ring. Trent uses the ropes in front of him to help himself to his feet as Morty nimbly rolls back up.

Bradley and Morty begin to circle one another again, feinting at one another. Bradley tries to lift his leg for a kick, and Morty sees an opportunity, lunging forward, punching Bradley in the face, sending him off-balance down to the mat.

As Bradley tries to recompose himself Morty climbs the turnbuckle. Without hesitating, he sails through the air into a devastating knee drop.

Bradley flexes in pain as Morty’s knees drop squarely in the center of Bradley’s abdomen. Bradley rolls onto his stomach, writhing in agony. He starts to crawl for the ropes.

Morty helps Bradley to his feet, only to execute a reverse DDT into a stunner.

Jon McDaniel: “Oh! Bradley Buster!”

Brian Rentfro: “I think that’s Morty, though… so what is that?”

Jon McDaniel: “Morty Exploder?”

Brian Rentfro: “Hungry Hippo?”

They look at each other and shrug.

Bradley cacthes a second wind and jumps to his feet. Morty reaches out and executes an Irish whip, Bradley reverses it. Morty is sent into the ropes. He rebounds, pushes Bradley, who runs into the ropes. Morty follows after him. Bradley rolls, and Morty bounces off of the ropes. Bradley grabs him for an Irish Whip – Morty reverses! Double reversal!

Jon McDaniel: “Okay – now I’ve totally lost track, it’s like a shell game up there.”

Morty is sent into the ropes, and flies back at Bradley, who is expecting another whip, but decides to use his face to block…

Brian Rentfro: “SICK! DROPKICK!”

Bradley spins through the air, landing on his stomach. Trent pushes himself to his hands and knees, and Morty kicks him in the head. Trent collapses to the mat. He looks like he’s out cold.

Morty stands, goes over to him, grabs his head, and starts dragging him across the mat.

Bradley plants his feet and pushes off of the mat, which knocks Morty back into the the turnbuckle.

His head whips back and cracks into the top of the turnbuckle, painfully. Morty crumples like a ragdoll, folding on top of himself until he lies in a heap on the mat.

Bradley helps himself up and walks to the obviously unconscious Morty Goldberg. He reaches down to lift up his opponents head and jerks his hands away, staring into them as he recoils – they are dripping with blood.

The ref is standing aside, somewhat in shock. One of the medics climbs into the ring, but Bradley throws a hand across his chest, holding him back. He gestures to the ref, who snaps into action, kneels down and confirms that Morty Goldberg is unconscious. Bradley lets the medic go to do his job, and others join him in the ring. Bradley walks out of the ring, somewhat disappointed with the outcome of the match, despite his winning.

Eric Emerson: “Your winner…”

He turns over his shoulder to the announcers, who shrug. He looks to the medics. One of them confirms the unconscious is Morty Goldberg.

Eric Emerson: “Trent Bradley.”

The audience is too shocked to applaud, they respond mostly with gasps and subtle murmurs.

Jon McDaniel: “Well that’s another win under Bradley’s belt…”

Brian Rentfro: “And his second knockout in a row…”

Jon McDaniel: “He didn’t look too happy about that victory, though.”

Revolution 909 vs The Renegade Souljahs

Rampage 2- Chaos 2

I’m a Souljah hits the P.A. System as Ryan Ross and Mark Zout step out from behind the curtain.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Hailing from SEATTLE WASHINGTON, weighing in at four hundred and twenty five pounds they are former two time PWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.. Repersenting PWA's CHAOS! Ryan Ross and Mark Zout... They are “The” RENEGADE SOULJAHZ”!

Ryan Ross start the ascent first taking slow long strides of the stage and on to the ramp, followed by a taunting Mark Zout who instantly gets into a word exchange with a heated mark. Ryan pauses to let his partner finish his banter and to Check out any fine looking women in the aisle way. Zout walks past his partner while slowly sneaking up and scaring a youngster in the audience causing him to jump into his mother’s arms. Ryan chuckles every time and shortly follows his partner’s path down to ring side. Both men step close to the ring Mark waltzes to the steps as Ryan smoothly slides into the ring under the bottom rope with a loud chorus of boos haunting them as they enter the PWA’s battlefield. Ryan takes the corner nearest to him and thrust his arms out to his side signaling at his waist. Mark hopes over the top rope and bounds up the corner nearest him throwing his arms out telling the crowd to get on there knees and bow to the king of the world. Both men hope off the turn buckles and go to their corner waiting for their match to start. .

Brian Rentfro: Pffft, shmucks from Chaos. Obviously unaware of the magnificence embodied within the Revolution 909 of Rampage.

Tear Gutter: I've never heard of losers described as magnificent, Brian. I'm impressed.
The crowd dies down for a moment as the arena goes completely dark... then the tone from "Close Encounters of a Third Kind" plays over the speaker twice, before "Robot Rock" Hits the the tron, Green and Red lights cover the arena, rising up from under the stage basked in a white light, J@CK 1 accompanied by D0M 2.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, they weigh in at a total of 500 pounds and repersent PWA's RAMPAGE! They are J@CK 1 and D0M 2... They are REVOLUTION 909!

they both give each other a then walk down to the ring, they both walk up the steps, D0M 2 looks out to the crowd as he points out one the fans signs then walks into the ring, they both go to turnbuckles opposite of each other and look out into the crowd, the visor on J@CK 1's helmet flashing between "Human" and "Robot" and The Visor on D0M 2's helmet flashing a heart, they enter the ring cautiously however as J@CK1 and Mark Zout remain in the ring while Ross and D0M2 get onto the aprons, "Reise, Reise!" by Rammstein hits over the sound systems and all four men turn their eyes towards the entrance ramp. Zout specifically with a look of disgust on his face.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing the special guest commentator for tonights tag team match! He is one half of your PWA Tag Team Champions... SIMON KALIS!

The crowd partly boos and cheers as Kalis quickly makes his way down to the ring smiling, raising his title in front of the ring and the four competitors inside it. Kalis walks by referee Daniel Davis who will be officiating this match and hands him a large stack of money, wrapped in a rubberband while pointing to Revolution 909, to which Davis smiles to and nods as he places it in his pocket. Now taking his seat inbetween Tear Gutter of Chaos and Brian Rentfro of Rampage, Kalis bows before an angry Mark Zout and Ryan Ross at ringside.

Brian Rentfro: Well what the hell is this? Did he just BRIBE Daniel Davis live on television?

Tear Gutter: Oh my... It's good to finally be up, close and personal Mr. Kalis!

Simon Kalis: Call me Simon, Tear. I don't think the Renegades are too happy with this, but you know. I'm here to cheer them on, really. This is war and as much as I hate these two pompous assholes, I hate Rampager scum even more. So you know, *BEEP* you Brian Assfro. I don't bribe anyone! I was just giving him some money I owed, that's all.

Brian Rentfro: Assfro? ASSFRO!? You can't all me that! And you cannot cuss while you're here, you high school dropout punk! And you can't be bribing referee's, what the hell is this? Such horrid behaviour!

Tear Gutter: Let's go Renegades! Right Kalis?

Mark Zout looks outward from within the ring and yells at Kalis to "get the 'something' out" and is caught off guard by a sudden hammerlock from behind by J@CK1, who locks in the hold tightly now and pulls Zout to the center of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: Yeah! Rev 909 proving why we're the best!

Simon Kalis: Don't look at me you idiots, look at them!

Zout struggles as he's overpowered by J@CK1 in the hammerlock but suddenly he flips it around and reverses the hammerlock on J@CK1. Yet Zout is quick to capitalize as he lifts J@CK1 up and slams him down in a vicious reversal of the hammerlock. Zout stomps on J@CK1's robotic face, using the ropes to his leverage by holding onto the top ropes as he does so. D0M2 complains but his complaints fall on deaf ears as Daniel Davis turns around to face D0M2 and starts to bobble his head like a bobblehead action figure. Meanwhile J@CK1 is being curb-side stomped by Mark Zout who is joined by Ryan Ross. Ryan Ross holds up some sort of contraption in his hand and pushes a big red button on it. Nothing seems to happen as he discusses the issue with Zout inside the ring, as it's now we see the device marked "EMP".

Brian Rentfro: They're trying to KILL Revolution 909 with an electro-magnetic pulse blast! That'll fry all the electronics in the area though! What cheap bastards!

Tear Gutter: Since when are you good two shoes, Brian? I've always believed you to be a right jackass, innit.

Brian Rentfro: Not when the peoples entertainment is at stake! Right.. Oh wait nevermind.

Simon Kalis: These shmucks, it doesn't even work.

D0M2 can't take the referee's taunting anymore and hops over the top rope and immedietely strikes the distracted Ryan Ross with a superkick! The fans go nuts as D0M2 goes for the same move against Zout but Zout ducks and dodges the kick and sweeps D0M2's legs out from underneath him. J@CK1 is back up however and hits a running clothesline on Zout sending him down onto the canvas. Zout however rolls out of the way of a double leg drop from D0M2 who is then immediately taken down with a devastating spear from Ryan Ross. Ross whips D0M2 to the ropes and follows him, clothesling D0M2 to the outside via a one way ticket over the top rope. Ryan Ross flips himself over the top rope as well landing a sudden suicidal plancha on D0M2 while Zout and J@CK1 are now up and circling each other in the ring. Zout and J@CK1 grapple horns and there's an ensuing struggle until J@CK1 whips Zout into the ropes. Zout comes towards J@CK1 who lifts his boot but Zout ducks it and grabs onto J@CK1's leg. J@CK1 lifts his free leg and goes for a spinning heel kick but Zout ducks that, maintaining his hold over J@CK1's right leg. As J@CK1 falls down now Zout immedietely locks him up in a boston crab in the middle of the ring. Zout nods and yells for J@CK1 to tap out and suddenly D0M2 slides in and distracts the referee Daniel Davis just in time as J@CK1 begins to tap out.

Brian Rentfro: Look at J@CK1, what a fighter! Not giving up under the pressure!

Tear Gutter: Are you BLIND!? He's TAPPING! Look! Look!

Simon Kalis: This is bullshit, god damn Rampager scum! Come on Zout, break his legs!

Tear Gutter: That's right! Chaos baby!

Brian Rentfro: Pffft.

Zout turns around to see the ref distracted and lets go of the hold as J@CK1 holds his thighs in pain. Ryan Ross slaps his chest and extends his hand and Zout tags him in. D0M2 however rushes towards Zout and tries to spear him through the ropes successfully, however Zout grabs onto D0M2 holding his neck and head in his arm and DDT's D0M2 onto the outside as they both hit the mats outside of the ring. Ross rushes towards J@CK1 who gets up and throws a stiff right fist into Ross' gut. Ross however grabs J@CK1 by his helmet and lifts his knee right into J@CK1's face. Ross whips him to the ropes and then jumps up onto the middle rope, then onto the opposite top rope before jumping off and landing a reverse spinning hurricanrana on J@CK1 that electrifies the crowd! Ross is up to his feet and slaps his chest and smiles as he bounces off the ropes and hits a killer baseball slide sweep to take J@CK1 off of his feet. J@CK1 quickly rolls away and tags in D0M2 who's quick to get into the ring.

Simon Kalis: Obviously the Renegade Souljahz are schooling these rookies. Some nice offensive tactics being shown by the King of the World and the Fallen Prince right here, it makes me sad to have to destroy them after Good versus Evil.

Tear Gutter: What an astute observation, Simon! I'm guessing you're scouting your next challengers?

Simon Kalis: Why thank you, Tear. I am in fact scouting, you've got your own astute observations as well my lovely.

Brian Rentfro: Serenity now.... Serenity now.... Serenity now...

Ross rushes towards D0M2 like he's on fire as he takes D0M2 down with a hip toss. D0M2 is up quickly and grabs ahold of Ryan Ross and uses a Russian leg sweep to bring him down. D0M2 starts pummeling Ross while both men remain down on the canvas but Ross puts up his forearms to block the sickening fists from D0M2. Ross lifts his knee into D0M2's gut causing him to fall off of Ross and Ross rolls away and gets to his feet. D0M2 is up now and Ross goes for a standing dropkick but D0M2 grabs ahold of his legs and counter attacks it with a reversal into a sitdown powerbomb. D0M2 now wraps his leg into Ross' and turns him over for a sharpshooter! Ross is in sharp pain as it shoots up through his legs and back as D0M2 continues to apply serious pressure with the move. Zout is stomping his feet on the apron, reaching over for Ross to tag him back in. Ross pushes himself forward along with D0M2 who still maintains the hold. D0M2 falls forward as Ross pushes back with all his strength and snaps himself out of the sharpshooter. Ross winces now as D0M2 is quickly back up on his feet. D0M2 goes to attempt to apply the hold once more but Zout climbs up onto the top rope and leaps off with a corkscrew plancha hitting D0M2 right on knocking both men to the canvas. J@CK1 enters the ring to counter Zout and picks him up by his hair. J@CK1 whips Zout into the ropes and chases after him but Zout flips himself over the top rope, raising both his feet and cracking J@CK1 straight in the face as he flips and lands on the outside on his feet. J@CK1 stumbles back and Zout grabs him by the legs and pushes him forward causing him to hit the canvas and then drags him to the outside. Mark Zout and J@CK1 start brawling on the outside as Ryan Ross takes advantage of a distracted D0M2 who is paying attention to the battle ensuing outside. Ross gets right up behind him and grabs ahold of D0M2 by wrapping his arms around his waist. Ross quickly snaps back, taking D0M2 up and then slamming him right on the back of his head and neck and holding in the arched position for a pin!




D0M2 pushes himself up and manages to kick out but some damage has been done and Ross sees this and starts focusing on the neck of D0M2 as on the outside J@CK1 smashes Zout's face against the barricade seperating fans and the wrestlers.

Tear Gutter: Come on guys! You can end this now and defeat these Rampager scum!

Brian Rentfro: You know I find it very offensive for a beautiful woman like you to be so horribly manipulated by the wrong side.

Simon Kalis: Lay off my kool aid, bro.

Tear Gutter: Hehehe.

Brian Rentfro: ....Zout counters with a sudden hammerlock! Now J@CK1 reverses it and has Zout in a hammerlock! Whoa! Another reversal from Zout and Zout has the hammerlock on 1 now!

Simon Kalis: Nice change of subject but I think it's obvious the loser of the world Mark Zout is going to *beep* this guy up.

Zout throws J@CK1 into the crowd now as Ross and D0M2 start brawling in the middle of the ring now. Ross with a left hook and D0M2 with a right jab before Ross grabs onto D0M2's arm as he throws a right hook of his own. Ross improvises a maneuver as he gets his shoulder underneath D0M2's left arm and sweeps him down to the canvas! BUT! D0M2 with a reversal grabs ahold of Ross' head as they go down and hits a massive DDT. D0M2 doesn't let go either now and flips himself over and applies a dragonhold sleeper on Ryan Ross to the malaise of Mark Zout who returns to the ring now as some fans try ripping off J@CK1's helmet/face. Zout gets onto the apron and starts distracting the referee as Ross seems to be getting slowly sleepier. J@CK1 is back at ringside and grabs Zout off his feet causing him to smash his face against the side of the ring, busting open his lip. It's at this point ref Daniel Davis sees Kalis getting to his feet from ringside and taking off the headset.

Brian Rentfro: Hey where the hell are you going?

Tear Gutter: Go get'em tiger!

Kalis slides into the ring and suddenly referee Daniel Davis "collapses" out of no where for no apparent reason. D0M2 lets go of Ross and stands up confused as J@CK1 slides into the ring as well. J@CK1 goes to clothesline Kalis from behind but he sees it in the reflection off of D0M2 and ducks causing J@CK1 to knock down D0M2. Ryan Ross is helped up by Kalis as Zout comes to outside, and Ross seems surprised as Kalis jumps back and hits Sincerely on J@CK1 who falls so far back he stumbles into the ropes where Ross clotheslines him over to the outside right to Mark Zout's feet. It's at this point D0M2 goes for a spear on Kalis but Kalis moves out of the way and he hits Ross awkwardly with the move causing Ross' head to hit the metal pillar of the turnbuckle inbetween the ropes and the padding. Daniel Davis, the referee for this match looks up to see what is happening and then winces in pain as he "passes back out" from his unknown injury. Kalis grabs D0M2 and whips him into the ropes and takes him down with Remembrance! Zout climbs into the ring and seems to ask Kalis something but Kalis simply yells at Davis and slides out of the ring and goes right back to ringside with Tear Gutter and Brian Rentfro as Zout places Ross over D0M2!




Tear Gutter: YESSSSS!!!!



Eric Emerson: The winners of this match... Ryan Ross and Mark Zout... THE RENEGADE SOULJAHS!!!

Simon Kalis: What talent shown here tonight by both of these teams guys. I really think we should be pleased with the level of talent and skill shown here tonight.

Brian Rentfro: You... JACKASS!

It's at this point where Kalis throws the headset off again and is joined by Masakazu and The Order of Chaos slide into the ring where Ross and Zout are standing with their hands raised. Kalis and Masakazu use their tag titles and attack Zout and Ross knocking them to the canvas. Ross and Zout however get back up quickly and a brawl breaks out between all four men. Ross and Zout double clothesline the tag team champions right back out of the ring and Kalis and Masakazu decide to make their exit up the entrance ramp as Zout and Ross make motions around their waist to signify championship belts.

Brian Rentfro: Jesus! What is wrong with you Chaos people!? You're all so stupid you don't make sense!

Tear Gutter: Or we're so smart we look stupid to you.

Brian Rentfro: That doesn't even make any sense, god damn it!

Emperor Ian vs Shadow Starr

Rampage 2 - Chaos 3

Eric Emerson: Lades and Gentlemen... the next match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, representing Saturday Night Rampage...

"Manic Depression" by Carnivore plays as Emperor Ian walks to the ring as fast as he can, ignoring the fans.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Imperial County, California... he stands 6'1" and weighs 202 pounds...

Ian slides underneath the bottom rope and starts to get ready for his match, ignoring any boos or cheers for him.

Eric Emerson: He is.. EMPEROR IAN!!!!

Tear Gutter: Ian wasting no time here as he awats his opponent.

Brian Rentfro: Ian isn't a time-waster. That's why he's on Rampage.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, representing Wednesday Night Chaos...

The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. A few seconds pass before the first line of [u]Second to None[/u] plays, purple and red spotlights joining the first beam.

It's the real authentic
Leave ya'll dented
Forget what ya heard
If I said it, I meant it
Did it for real
While ya'll pretended
Back for more
Startin' the war to end it

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio... he stands 6'3" and weighs 253 pounds...

The ramp explodes as cascades of fireworks rain upon the backstage entrance, Shadow Starr stepping out to ecstatic fans. He looks to his right, pauses, then looks to his left, taking in the adulation. He then focuses his sights on the ring, making his way down the entrance ramp.

Rippin' like I'm working a chainsaw
New York to Cali
New Jersey to Crenshaw
Speak the gift while you plead the fifth
My team is sick
We eat, sleep, and breathe this shit
Rough and rugged
Kill 'em soft

Shadow takes his time heading to the ring, shaking hands and giving high fives to the fans coming down. He slowly walks from one side of the ramp to the other, trying not to miss too many people on his way down. He gets to the bottom of the ramp, turning back towards the top of the ramp.

Eric Emerson: He is Mr. PWA... SHADOW... STARR!!!!!

We don't leave one standin' when we breakin' 'em off
Takin' a loss?
Not a chance in your life
If being fresh is wrong, I don't wanna be right
Stop, drop, and roll
We got soul
Safe to pop off when we lock and load

Shadow takes off his hat, throwing it into the crowd. He smiles as the cheers continue, making his way into the ring.

So this how we get this done
You can check on the rep, yep,
Second to None

Shadow climbs the northeast turnbuckle, raising his arms skyward as he raises his index and middle fingers on each hand. He climbs down, ready for the match to start.

Brian Rentfro: Talk about the most tedius entrance ever.

Tear Gutter: The only thing that's tedious is your ridiculous tie.

Brian Rentfro: Hey my MOTHER got me this tie.


Tear Gutter: And finally a much anticipated rematch from a little over a month ago. Tell me, Brian, has Ian ever beaten Starr?

Brian Rentfro: Is Starr even a member of the Chaos roster? I thought he swung both ways.

Tear Gutter: Well for this event he had to back one show and he backed Chaos. Duh.

Shadow Starr and Emperor Ian start off this match with the traditional collar and elbow tieup that is so common to wrestling matches. Shadow Starr is gaining the advantage when Ian tries to put a thumb into Shadow Starr's eyes, but he manages to avoid the prying thumb and force Ian back into a corner. Shadow with a right hand, following with a stiff forearm shot and a knee into the midsection of Emperor Ian puts the Emperor firmly into the corner. Shadow lifts Ian up onto the top turnbuckle and slams him down to the canvas with a front layout superplex that causes Ian to bounce on impact and Shadow Starr is in firm control of this match. Shadow walks over to his former unwilling tag team partner, and bends down to pick Ian up to a vertical base. Ian with a face rake sends Shadow Starr holding at his face and slows his momentum down quite a bit.

Tear Gutter: Cheap shot to the eye by Ian.

Brian Rentfro: You would know all about cheap shots to the eye, huh Gutter?

Ian gets up to his feet and stalks Shadow, who is still holding at his face, Ian jerks on the hair of Shadow starr before Irish whipping him into the ropes. Starr rebounds into a arm drag takedown into a crossface submission hold, but before it can ge locked in tight, Shadow Starr rolls over. Shadow is up, but Ian is right there with a boot to the midsection and a even flow DDT. NO! Shadow Starr pushes Ian backwards keeping him from planting him to the canvas with a DDt and Star charges at the Emperor. Ian leaps up with a standing dropkick that connects with the top of Shadow's head and that sends him down to the mat. Ian pulls Shadow up to his feet and Irish whips him violently into the corner where he follows with a running clothesline that nearly sends Shadow over the turnbuckle to the floor below. As Shadow falls back down into the ring, Ian connects with a chop that sends the crowds into a flurry of "Wooos". Ian seems to pay little attention as he chops Shadow Star again, leaving a red welp on his chest from the most recent blow. Ian whips Shadow Star across the ring, No reversal by Shadow Starr, but another reversal sends Shadow Starr into the corner anyways. Ian follows up with another massive clothesline that nearly decapitates Shadow Starr. Ian climbs up the turnbuckle and begins to pound away at Shadow Star's temple. One... Two... Three... Four... Fi-- Shadow Starr throws Ian off of him. The Emperor lands on his feet and charges back at Shadow Starr, but Shadow lifts his feet just in time to catch Emperor Ian in the face, the force driving Ian backwards.

Brian Rentfro: Desperation move from Shadow Star there.

Tear Gutter: But for the moment, it gives him the advantage.

Shadow bursts out from the corner with a flurry of right and left handed blows that each find their mark on Ian's head. The referee warns Shadow Starr about the closed fists and SHadow acknowledges him with a lifted knee into Ian's face. Shadow bounces off the ropes with a front kick into Ian's bent over face, Ian is forced to stand vertically from the blow. Shadow Starr hits the ropes and comes back with a running bulldog that sends them both down to the mat. The crowd is getting behind Shadow Starr here and he is feeding off their energy. Shadow Starr with a cover.



Kick out! Ian manages to roll up his left shoulder just in time. Shadow seems to be a bit frustrated as he pulls Ian back up to his feet.

Brian Rentfro: Emperor Ian is to good to be pinned after a weak offense like that.

Tear Gutter: Weak? Starr is rolling right now.

Starr gets Ian up to his feet and nails him with a right punch, then sends him into the ropes again. Ian comes back and slides underneath Starr. Ian nails Starr with a reverse DDT. Ian stomps Starr a few times and then gets him to his feet. Ian nails Starr with a chop to the chest.

Crowd: WHOOO!

Ian hits another chop.

Crowd: WHOOO!!!

Ian punches and kicks Starr and then tries to send him into the turnbuckle, Starr reverses and Ian slams into the turnbuckles. Starr charges into the corner but Ian gets his boot up just in time and catches Starr right on the chin! Starr stumbles back and Ian connects with a running knee to Starr's face. Starr is reeling back even more and Ian takes him down with a dropkick. Ian goes to the top rope and leaps off with a double footstomp and connects!

Tear Gutter: OUCH!

Brian Rentfro: That's how you do it on Rampage!

Tear Gutter: Oh God...

Ian has had enough and drags Starr to the middle of the ring. He slaps on the Imperial Conquest and Starr is in riveting pain.

Tear Gutter: Come on Starr! Get the ropes!

Brian Rentfro: Give it up!

Starr tries to struggle out of it, but it's no use. Ian has it locked in perfectly, and Starr submits.


Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... representing SATURDAY NIGHT RAMPAGE.... Emperor.. IAN!!!!!

Ian gets to his feet and raises his arms in the air. Starr slides out of the ring and disappears backstage.

Tear Gutter: Well, Ian was the better man tonight, but that's the first time he's beaten Shadow Starr in singles competition I believe.

Brian Rentfro: This is when it mattered, Gutter, and Starr couldn't do it tonight. That's why Rampage is numero uno!

Tear Gutter: Your english is bad enough most of the time, don't get bilingual on me Brian.

Dissention in the ranks!?

We cut backstage to the Pantheon locker room, where the five members of Team Pantheon and Chamelion are all currently residing. Everyone is dressed and ready for action, including Chamelion in his referee shirt. Hunter is pacing the floor, a look of irritation on his face.

Hunter: How can you tell me you don’t know if there’s a fifth member of Riona’s team or not!? Huh, Mark?

Chamelion shrugs.

Chamelion: Simple, I tell you with my words. Sorry kiddo, I don’t know if Riona found a replacement, but the contract signed clearly states she can.

Hunter: Lacey’s out! We should have the advantage here!

Chamelion: Yeah… speaking of that; I would appreciate you approve with me any of these excessive actions. Figgins was one thing, but Lacey!?

Hunter: I do not have to approve everything with you, Mark! I am the leader of Pantheon here.

Chamelion raises an eyebrow.

Chamelion: Leader, eh? A fine job you’ve done with it, eh? Since you took over, all we’ve managed to do is get ourselves into position to be disbanded. I’d call that excellent leadership skills.

Hunter moves in on Chamelion, but the Devious One doesn’t back down.

Hunter: Like you’ve been any help. For the past few weeks, what exactly have you done? Shit! That’s what!

Chamelion: I’ve done exactly what I needed to do. No more, no less. And it’s still been more then you’ve managed to do. Hell, most of the work is being done by Engel, proving himself to be a fine World Champion.

Matthew Engel smirks at Hunter, who growls and paces some more.

Hunter: That’s nothing compared to the efforts of Kalis and Masakazu! Chaos Pantheon has been dominating for weeks!

Engel stands, title on his shoulder.

Engel: Gentlemen, we do not need to be arguing amongst ourselves. We have the advantage over the Apostles. Riona is falling to pieces as we speak. We’ve taken out Lacey… sorry, Mark, it had to be done.. they have a recently injured Figgins… who will be easy to re-break, and we know Maverick won’t ever amount to anything. There’s no reason to doubt our success tonight.

Engel nods to Chamelion.

Engel: Plus, our referee is Pantheon… and we have Raizzor. There’s no hope for Riona!

Chamelion shakes his head.

Chamelion: Sorry. I said I’d call this one down the middle, and I plan on it. You five are just going to actually have to earn this one.

Engel Nods.

Engel: I didn’t mean it like that. I just know you’re not going to favor Apostles, which is all the advantage we need.

Chamelion nods reflectively. Hunter, however, is not convinced.

Hunter: I don’t want them just beaten, I wanna break Riona. Just like I did Figgins, just like what happened to Lacey, I want her a broken mess in the middle of the ring when we’re…

Raizzor: No.

Hunter stops, shocked at Raizzor.

Hunter: What!?

Raizzor: We will win, this is for certain, but we will not do anything to risk permanent injury to anyone on Riona’s team.

Hunter looks disbelieving towards Chamelion.

Hunter: Is he serious!? Who the fuck’s side is he on!?

Raizzor steps forward, his size over shadowing Hunter and Hunter is forced to back away a step.

Raizzor: Do you question me, Sullivan!?

Hunter glares up at Raizzor for a moment, then lowers his eyes.

Hunter: I just want to know we’re all on the same side here!

Raizzor: We are, so long as you do not take matters into your own hands. Defeating Apostles in the goal, no more, no less.

Engel: I know you’re soft hearted, Sommers, but don’t lose your backbone on us now!

Raizzor turns to Engel.

Raizzor: You of all people know that there is no issue with my ‘backbone’. Even you, I had to prevent damaging Jethro Hayes more than necessary.

Engel: yeah.. don’t remind me.

Engel glares at Raizzor and Chamelion finally chips in his two cents.

Chamelion: Guys, guys! Come on… The Apostles are our enemies, not each other. We need cooler heads, if Pantheon is to prevail.

Hunter: Oh, we will, so long as you all follow my lead!

The others; Engel, Kalis, Masakazu, Raizzor.. give Hunter a disproving look, but say nothing. Chamelion, however, grins his Cheshire Smile, as we go back to ringside.

Marxx vs Matt Stone

Rampage 3 - Chaos 3

Brian Rentfro: It all comes down to this match!

Jester Jay: That’s right, Brian. The score is tied three each, and I have to admit, it’s been a great night of matches so far.

Brian Rentfro: Indeed it has, but this is the make or break deal, and I know Rampage is going to come out on top! We are, after all, the superior brand!

Jester Jay: You just wait! Chaos has Matt Stone representing, and he’s held the Grizzly Beer title the longest ever of this PWA era! Marxx couldn’t even beat a lousy mid-card ‘emperor’.

Brian Rentfro: Speak loud now, Jester, for soon it will be all over but the bragging! For Rampage!

Jester Jay: No! For Chaos!

The arena is under a dimmed light. Only the tron is flashing as "Shackler's Revenge" from Guns 'N Roses plays through the arena. All of a sudden, four bright spotlights starts turning around like on a red carpet and stops all of a sudden, doing a "X" form with their rays of light. Red and blue spotlights turns in circles over the crowd as Marxx appears from the entrance ramp, wearing his signature black leather coat.

He walks to a side of the ramp, raising his arm, then walks to the other side, where he does the same thing. While walking to a side to another, we could notice he was dancing a little bit. After, he comes back to the middle of the entrance ramp as he motions the crowd to cheer louder with his hands each sides of him. From there, he puts his arms in front of his face in his usual X, and then drops them quickly at each sides of him, a huge smile on his face. He let go a "Woo!" before starting his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: “Introducing first, from New Brunswick, Canada, by the way of Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Marxx!

He starts walking on the ramp, clapping in the nearest fans hands. He stops in front of the ring, then turns back by the fans as he takes off his leather coat to the crowd's excitement. Then, he rolls inside the ring and jumps on a corner, where he does an X with his arms in front of his face before dropping them to each side. He jumps off the turnbuckle and does the same thing on the opposite side before going back to his corner, where he starts stretching.

“I don’t care” by Fallout Boy started to play as Matt Stone came out from the back with the Grizzly Beer title over his shoulder. The crowd booed him, but he didn’t care. He walked down the aisle holding the television title high above his head, apparently thinking h was defending it tonight.

Eric Emerson: “Introducing next, from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, weighing in at two-hundred and nine pounds, he is the reigning Grizzly Beer champion…Maaaaaatt Stoooone!”

Stone got in the ring and handed the tv title to the ref like he would any title defense, but the ref just handed it back to him. Looking annoyed, Matt just handed both his titles out to the valet at ringside and turned to face Marxx, ready for the match to begin

The bell sounds and the two men step to the center of the ring, staring each other down. “Are you ready?” Matt asked with a smirk on his face, but it wasn’t there long as Marxx knocked him on his ass from the stiff clothesline. Matt goes down but is quick to get back to his feet but he’s lifted quickly by Marxx and dropped on his back from a scoop slam. The crowd cheers as Marxx looks to be in control of the bout, seeing that he was the stronger of the two competitors. Marxx would pick Matt off the ground and send him at the ropes, which was a successful attempt and Matt bounced off the ropes, and came back into a big arm drag by Marxx. Matt flipped in the air and landed hard on his back again, sitting up and clutching at his spine. “Oh, son of a…” Unfortunately for the crowd, Matt didn’t get a chance to finish that thought as Marxx drove his knee into Matt’s back and grabbed his chin, pulling him back in a chin lock.

Jester Jay: “Marxx seems to be controlling the temp, trying to get Matt to tap pout here early”

Brian Rentro: “You don’t think Matt will give up to this move, do you?”

As if to answer Brian’s question, Matt started squirming and reached out with his right foot, getting it under the rope and forcing the referee to call for the break.

Brian Rentfro: “Brilliant counter by the Grizzly Beer champ.”

Jester Jay: “Matt manages to escape, but it wasn’t through the technical means my partner would have you believe.”

Marxx released the hold and Matt rolled out of the ring, putting his hands up in a “t” symbol, trying to get a time out.

Jester Jay: “There’s no Time outs in wrestling!”

Brian Rentfro: “When you’re the Grizzly Beer champ, you make the rules”

Jester Jay: “This isn’t a title match though.”

Brian Rentfro: “So? He’s still the champ.”

Marxx got out of the ring to chase Matt, who made a dash around the ring away from the Intercontinental champion. Marxx took chase and Matt rolled in the ring. When Marxx went in to follow, Stone met him with a boot to the back of the head, slowing Marxx down considerably. Matt continued to bring the pain as he dropped his knee on the back of Marxx’ head twice more before the ref came in to break it up, since Matt did have his hands on the ropes. Stone looked annoyed at the ref and got in his face. “Get away from me, use your count and don’t you ever touch me!” Matt shouted. He turned back to face Marxx who was now getting to his feet. Stone would kick him in the shin and then grab his head in a front chancery, dropping backwards delivering a ddt on marxx. Matt went for the first cover of the match.



Marxx kicked out before the ref’s hand was even back in the air after the two count. The ref held up two fingers and Stone shouted at him again. “I know it was a damn two count, I can hear!” Matt said as he got to his feet again, looking down at the prone Marxx who was starting to get up. Matt sent an arrogant kick to the side of Marxx’ head, but that only seemed to piss of the Frenchman more. Matt took a few steps back and dashed at Marxx, going for something was wasn’t even close to connecting as Marxx sprung foreword and lifted Stone in the air with the Jaggerbomb. The ref got down and started counting.



Matt kicked out this time, but it was a longer two count than Marxx had given up earlier. The crowd started cheering again as Marxx appeared to be back in control. Marxx went to lift Stone and whip him hard into the corner, aggravating Matt’s back more so. Marxx charged in and hit a shoulder thrust on Stone, the crowd cheering. Marxx then set Matt up on the turnbuckle and started to climb, going to lock Matt in a front chancery and he lifted him high in the air, staying there for a few seconds, the crowd ‘oooh”ing and “awe”ing as Marxx then fell backwards, hitting Stone with the delayed Superplex. Stone bounced off the mat and clutched at his back in pain as Marxx rolled over and made the cover on the Grizzly Beer champion again.



Matt barely rolled the right shoulder off the canvas in time to avoid getting beat right there. Marxx was a little shocked that Matt was able to kick out, and he started to get a little annoyed. He picked up Stone and sent him off at the ropes, and when matt came back, Marxx just threw himself at Matt and hit a devastating shoulder block. Marxx pinned Stone again, this time hooking Matt’s outside leg.



Matt kicked out again and the crowd boo’ed, wanting to see Matt get beat once and for all. Marxx didn’t give up though and he grabbed Matt’s arm, looking to apply an arm bar, but Stone quickly reversed into a small package, the ref getting down a little late on the cover.



Marxx just powered out and Stone got to his feet quicker than anyone thought possible and got right in the ref’s face. “What the hell was that? That was three damn it!” The ref just held up the two fingers.

Brian Rentfro: “Stone was robbed! That had to be at least a five count.”

Jester Jay: “The ref said two and this match will continue.”

Brian Rentfro: “yeah, right after a word from Chex Mix”

Jester Jay: “This is a pay-per-view, we have no commercials.”

Brian Rentfro: “And we’re back…”

Matt turned back around and caught Marxx charging with a drop toe hold. After a nice float over, Matt grabbed Marxx’ head and squeezed it in a headlock. Marxx was more annoyed than in pain and started to get to his feet. As he did, Matt realized the headlock was going nowhere fast and grabbed Marxx’ right arm, trying to force him down looking to get in the Canadian Cross face. Marxx kept his ground however and hit Matt in the rubs with a hard elbow, followed by a second one. Marxx then pulled back and sent a hard fist at matt’s face, then a back elbow. Matt was out on his feet and Marxx picked him up and ran a few steps before hitting him with the Bottle Buster! The crowd cheered as Marxx went for another cover, this time the ref was right there to make the count.



Matt got the shoulder up just before the three count.

Brian Rentfro: “The Grizzly Beer champion just won’t be denied tonight! What a clinic these two are putting on”

Jester Jay: “But Marxx is moving on with a cool head.”

Marxx stood up and ran his right hand through his hair, looking at Matt struggling to get to his feet. Marxx looked around and called out “Party time!” The crowd started to cheer as they knew was coming next. Marxx hit the far ropes and came back at Stone who quickly made the adjustment and jumped in the air, wrapping his arms around Marxx;’ head and bringing up his knee right in Marxx face as he fell backwards as Brian shouted out;

Brian Rentfro: “C-c-c-c-combo Breaker!”

Jester Jay: “Jeez, do you have to be so loud?”

The crowd was silenced as Matt and Marxx just layed on the mat for a few seconds.

Jester Jay: “Both men are down, this can go either way.”

Brian Rentfro: “But Matt is making his way over to a cover, this could be it.”

As Brian was saying it, Matt got an outstretched hand over Marxx for the cover.




Marxx kicked out. The crowd cheered as their hero kicked out of Matt’s finisher. Both men were slow to their feet getting up, the ref’s count made it to eight before Marxx made it to his feet, soon followed by Matt. Marxx threw a punch at Stone, Matt threw one back, Marxx threw another one and Stone stumbled back, clearly not the better striker. Matt tried to regain his position, but as he approached Marxx threw another haymaker. Stone was caught right on the chin and took another step back before falling backwards, though he was propt up by the ropes. Marxx grabbed his right arm and pulling him to the center of the ring before hoisting him up on his shoulder and locking in, then delivering the Leaving Marxx. Stone was laying on the mat and Marxx went for the cover, the ref getting down.




The bell sounded and Marxx got to his feet, being handed his Intercontinental championship.

Eric Emerson: “The winner of the match, Maaaaaarxx!”

Jester Jay: “Dang it!”

Brian Rentfro: “I guess Stone’s losing streak continues. And Rampage wins the war!”

Jester Jay: “So.. so it does! But Chaos is just gonna come back stronger then ever! We have the better roster, the bigger stars and you know we’re gonna win the ratings! You won this battle, Rentfro… but the war has just begun.”

Brian Rentfro: “Sooo cliché!”

The Pantheon vs The Apostles of Ares

War Games Match

Jon McDaniel: This is it!

Jester Jay: One war ended tonight, with Rampage squeaking by Chaos 4-3, but this war.. has so much more at stake.

Brian Rentfro: One group will end… be dismantled, and the other…

Tear Gutter: Will reign supreme. I sooo can’t wait! Let’s get to it!

The fans in the arena are buzzing waiting on the main event as Eric Emerson walks up to the ring steps.
Slowly the cage is lowered as Eric steps into the ring, he brings the live microphone up to his mouth as the fans in attendance hush.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall and will determine the livelihood of either The Pantheon or The Apostles of Aries.

The cage is now half-way down as the majority of the fans listen to Eric, but actually have their heads uplifted to watch the cage lower.

Eric Emerson: Without further adieu…

The cage settles into position, the chains releasing themselves to be pulled back up into the ceiling of the arena.

Eric Emerson: For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world…. Are… you… ready?

Jester Jay: Not a bad imitation.

Brian Rentfro: A very good imitation.

Eric Emerson: Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmble!

The crowd explodes in cheers.

The Final Countdown by Europe begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Eric Emerson: From Orlando Florida, he stands at six feet even and weighs in at two hundred and thirty pounds, he is your GWA Global Champion… The Phoenix!

Rob begins to loosen up in the ring as he awaits to see who he will be facing…

Brian Rentfro: I wonder…

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in

Jester Jay: Its Hunter Sullivan!

a harsh chorus of Jeers.*

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

*Sullivan walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you

*The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes. His new music finally cutting off and settling.

Eric steps out of the ring as referee Lance Weston locks the Apostles cage door, on the other side of the cage, Jason Sharownski locking the door that The Pantheon will be using. Most people are noticing about now that Chamelion, the ref for this match, is at ring side announcing.

Jon McDaniel: Here we go fans.

Chamelion: These two have gone at it before, this is nothing new.

Rob looks across the ring at his foe, The Viper. Fans are on edge to see these men go at it once more. Hunter calls for a collar and elbow lock up in the center, Rob with a swift kick to Hunter’s thighs takes him to one knee. Following up Rob swiftly locks in a side headlock, wrenching the neck tight. Sullivan sends Rob into the ropes countering. Rob makes the rebound, finding himself toppled with a clothesline. Hunter swiftly grabs the leg, not getting anywhere before Rob pulls him in and connects with a quick thumb to the eyes causing Hunter to drop the leg and stagger back. Rob is quick to his feet, taking the technical out of the match in a hurry he swiftly punts him for a low blow. Hunter in blindness doesn’t fall and staggers back. Rob looks a bit confused as Hunter stays to his feet. Hunter in anger spurts forward with a huge left hand. Rob ducks the half blinded wounded opponent, but falls victim to a side
headlock from Hunter when he attempts to capitalize. Rob sends him into the ropes for a déjà vu, but Hunter holds on, putting the brakes on with expertise. Rob looking for another route lifts Hunter, but the Viper drops back down in a seated position holding on the side headlock.

Chamelion: The side headlock is a basic move, but very effective in wearing down an opponent. Hunter’s learned a lot since the days we battled.

Tear Gutter: By cutting off the air supply, one can black out quickly.

Rob begins to struggle back up to a vertical base, but Hunter tightens the hold, twirling in a small side headlock takedown. Rob is back down to the mat. The phoenix struggles in the hold until he leans back and nips up and out of the hold! Hunter spurts to his feet, but is caught off guard being sent into the ropes. Hunter bounces off with a clothesline that Rob avoids nimbly. Hunter rebounds again, Rob lowering his head for a back body, but Hunter telegraphs with a front kick right to the face of Robinson. Rob falls down to one knee, Hunter speeds to the ropes slams a knee into his temple rolling Rob over onto the canvas. S.A.F! Hunter stands over his former mentor, who is holding his head in pain. Hunter stomps over the man’s arm before Rob shoots out a fist
right into Hunter’s left knee!

Brian Rentfro: Rob going after a body part this early?

Jester Jay: If he doesn’t, Hunter will dominate him easily.

Hunter backs off, allowing Rob to get back to a vertical base. Rob charges at Hunter with a clothesline. Sullivan counters quickly hooking the arm and floating threw into a front facelock, DDT!!

Jon McDaniel: Did you see how hard Rob’s head slammed into the canvas?

Chamelion however is munching on some pop corn he got from a vendor at ringside.

Chamelion: What I miss?

Hunter rolls over to his feet, once again standing over his mentor, a smirk plastered on his face. Hunter stomps on the left arm of Robinson, once, twice, and a third time. Hunter drapes the arm of Phoenix over the ropes, stomping down on it with ferocity. Hunter wraps Rob’s arm around his leg falling against the ropes to try and hyperextend the shoulder and elbow of Rob. Hunter feeling content with the damage pulls Phoenix up to his feet, wailing back his arm into to the chest of Phoenix, Stinging chop! Hunter with a second chop, chop, chop, RAPID CHOPS! Hunter ends the combo whipping Rob across the ring, only for the Champion to reverse, sending Hunter into the corner instead. Hunter slams into the corner chest first, bouncing back into a dropkick from Phoenix that causes the Viper to bounce back into the corner. Hunter holds his chest and staggers back away from the corner. Phoenix give him room before running with a kneeclip taking Hunter down to one knee. Rob swiftly back to his feet moves to Hunter’s front, slapping him swiftly and combining with a thumb to the eye. Rob tries to humiliate Sullivan here early in the match. Rob with a back fist into Hunter’s face before he pulls him back to a vertical base. Rob with a whip into the ropes, charging shoulder block nearly flips Hunter over and onto his back. Hunter falls back into the ropes and Rob sends him over the top with a clothesline! Hunter slams hard on his left knee and Phoenix dives over the top rope with a suicide plancha onto his adversary!!

Brian Rentfro: Phoenix taking out all the stops here in this match.

Chamelion: Too much on the line, not to.

Rob pulls Hunter back up, slamming him face first into the steel before dragging his face across its surface. Hunter isn’t busted open, but the skin is extremely reddened from the force of the face scrape. Hunter with an elbow into Rob’s midsection stops him from getting his face scraped again, another breaks Rob’s grip on his hair. Sullivan with a forearm takes Rob up against the ring apron. Rob rolls in quickly as Hunter charges with a high knee lift, Phoenix laughing at Hunter. Sullivan goes to enter, but Rob stomps down where Hunter’s hand was just at, Sullivan furious.


Hunter taps his wrist where a watch would be.

Jester Jay: Who won the coin toss?

Chamelion: Not telling.


Rob steps through the ropes, but Hunter quickly tries to kick him in the face.


Phoenix was ready for that, a punch to the nads of Hunter, but still no effect on the former GWA Champion, he mouths the words “Cup” to Rob who looks up at him. Hunter with another kick.


Rob avoids it and falls into the ring where Hunter picks him up by the throat.


Jon McDaniel: Whomever won the coin toss, will get a slight advantage until all ten men are in the cage.

Chamelion: Glad I pay you the big bucks to be so obvious.


Rob with a thumb to the eyes gets the advantage back for him.


Rob sends Hunter into the ropes, dropkick sends Hunter down to the canvas.


Rob climbs to the top turnbuckle, diving off with The Ashes.


Sullivan rolls out of the way and is up to his knees, staring at Rob who rolls back to his knees across from Hunter.



“Last One’s Left” hits the speakers as the crowd boos, but Hunter smirks at Phoenix before pointing to Phoenix and slicing his thumb across his throat. Jason Sharownski sticks the key into the padlock, unlocking the door and allowing Simon Kalis into the cage; he is carrying two nightsticks.

Tear Gutter: This doesn’t look for the Global Champion.

Jester Jay: This match is all Chaos, every man in so far is from Chaos.

Chamelion: I should fine you for such a lousy pun.

Rob strikes out with a right hand to Hunter, who avoids it by falling back and catching a nightstick. Simon quickly sprints around to the back of Rob who is trying to watch both men. Hunter gives a nod, Simon and himself go in at Phoenix with the sticks swinging at full speed. The sticks slam into his skull and he drops like a rag doll to the canvas as Hunter pulls Phoenix over to the corner. Hunter and Simon take turns alternating swings with the nightsticks at Phoenix’s skull in rapid fire succession. Hunter gets Simon to pull Rob up to his feet in a full nelson position; Simon complies.

Brian Rentfro: This can’t be good.

Jon McDaniel: Hunter charging in with the nightstick and it connects.

Chamelion: I think I heard an echo?

Rob slumps down, he appears to be dead weight in Simon’s arms, Kalis telling Hunter to do it again. Hunter charges in, Rob falls out of Simon’s arms, but Kalis is quick enough to drop back and avoid the swinging weapon. Rob swings around on the mat taking Hunter’s legs out from under him, but Hunter jumps avoiding the sweep. Rob slams a double foot type stomp into the left knee and Hunter crumbles. Simon pulls Rob up, Phoenix with a thumb to the eyes gets him the advantage. Rob whips him into the ropes, Simon with a running forearm takes Rob down to the canvas. Kalis slides out of the ring, digging under the ring for a few goodies. Rob rolls over, shaking his head as Hunter pulls himself up against the ropes. Both men are covered in sweat and gasping from the exertion so far in this match.

Jester Jay: Phoenix and Hunter seem to be exhausted.

Chamelion: Seem to be!? What kind of announcers did I hire!? Of course they’re exhausted, they’ve just been beating each other to the ground for six minutes!

Simon pulls out a wooden table, before patting it on its surface and nodding; both Hunter and Phoenix look at the item. Hunter and Phoenix lock up in the center of the ring as the table is slid under the bottom rope. Rob with a forearm into Hunter’s face. As Hunter is falling back, he manages to arm drag Phoenix down to the canvas where he locks on a crippler crossface with the quickness of a viper. Hunter is torquing back on the hold as Rob rolls over to put Hunter in an awkward position. Sullivan releases the hold, allowing Phoenix to roll over to the ropes and begin pulling himself up to a vertical base. Both he and Hunter are up, Simon behind The Phoenix. Collar and elbow with Phoenix backing Sullivan up into the ropes. Simon with a nightstick to Phoenix’s knee sends him down to the canvas.


Simon pulls Phoenix up as he laughs at his predicament, he sends him into the ropes.

Jon McDaniel: Here we go, another entrant, this time for the Apostles.


Simon and Hunter catch the Phoenix, sending him through the table with a double spinebuster.


Hunter rolls up, leaning in the corner as Simon picks through the table to retrieve the Phoenix.


Hunter prepares himself at the Apostles entrance door, nightstick in hand.

Chamelion: This kid is a smart one, he just lacks a bit of experience.

Jester Jay: Which he will get here.


“Never Give Up” hits as from the back comes a running Johnny Maverick with a steel chain as a weapon. Hunter laughs as Johnny stands at the door, Lance Weston unlocking it. Hunter swings the stick, Johnny falls down to one knee avoiding the blow. Hunter adjusts his swing in a downward arch, Johnny swings a loop of chain catching Hunter in the left knee. Hunter falls into the cage, holding at his knee as the nightstick falls down on the floor. Johnny swings the chain again catching Hunter in the temple before he turns to see Simon flying off a platform.

Tear Gutter: Simon Kalis using that platform to his advantage.

Johnny swings the chain in a looping arch, catching Simon in the midsection. Simon lands hard on his knees, Maverick nails him in the head with a loop of the steel chain. Hunter is getting up, blood trickling from his temple, he dives in at Johnny. Johnny with a right hand, here comes Kalis, a bit slowly, but here he comes. Johnny with a right to Kalis, a left to Hunter. Right to Kalis, left to Hunter.

Chamelion: Before The Pantheon, Johnny would not have been able to hold off two men of this caliber.

Jester Jay: I think The Pantheon is a wonderful thing.

Tear Gutter: You disgust me Jay.

Hunter sneaks in for a rib shot, Johnny parries the shot with his left forearm. Simon rushes in with a front foot thrust, but Johnny side steps catching Simon’s foot leg whipping him down to the floor. Here comes Hunter again with the nightstick, Johnny ducks under the swing, catching Hunter’s wrist hammerlock on Hunter. Johnny slams Sullivan face first into the steel cutting open his forehead just a little.

Brian Rentfro: Here comes that Simon guy.

Johnny falls down to his back and Simon barely avoids running into Hunter as Johnny tries to sweep Simon’s legs out from under him. Kalis leaps back as Johnny kips up to his feet. Johnny drops down, but Kalis avoids the sweep for a second time as both he and Hunter turn to face Johnny.

Jon McDaniel: Johnny has dropped the chain and Hunter picks it up.

Hunter smiles at Johnny as he hands one end of the chain to Simon, who has no expression on his face. Both men charge at Johnny, attempting to use the chain for a clothesline. Johnny ducks under, springing to the apron, flying around with a roundhouse kick taking out Simon. Johnny falls down to one knee, shoving upwards with a uppercut to Hunter’s jaw. Hunter seems to go limp as he just crumples up against the cage.


Brian Rentfro: Wonder who is coming out for Pantheon next?


Chamelion: Don’t look at me, I have no idea.


Simon charges back at Johnny, lifted knee into Simon’s midsection.


Tornado DDT onto the floor has Johnny standing tall.


“Last Ones Left” hits the speakers as from the back comes a stalking Masakazu. Johnny laughs at this as he pulls Simon up to his feet. Johnny with a vicious hand into Simon’s face gets Masakazu to moving a bit quicker. Johnny wraps the chain around Simon’s chest before pounding a loop of it into his face. Masakazu is at the cage door and it opens up.

Jester Jay: This doesn’t look good for Johnny at all.

Tear Gutter: It appears to me that Masakazu has nothing but focus right now.

Masakazu calmly walks over to where Johnny is torturing his father, Masakazu with a front foot thrust to Johnny who blocks it expertly. Masakazu spins around quickly reverse foot thrust to Johnny’s shins catches Maverick off guard and sends him to one knee. Masakazu with a shining wizard takes Johnny down onto the floor. Here comes Phoenix though to the rescue, he dives over the top rope. Masakazu catches him, catapulting him on into the cage where Hunter is getting back up to his feet. Johnny shoves back up, holding at his right shin, Masakazu with a straight foot thrust, following quickly with a sideways foot thrust, before quickly sending a rising kick into Johnny’s face. Maverick up against the apron as Simon charges with a clothesline bending him over backwards. Now Rob Robinson and Hunter Sullivan both stand at opposing ends of each other as Kalis hooks Maverick by taking one of Maverick's arms and hooking it under Maverick's legs before bringing him up and slamming him down hard over the broken bits and pieces of the table. Masakazu joins in and both father and son start stomping into the ribs and chest area of Johnny Maverick as Phoenix and Sullivan begin an all out brawl, yet Sullivan quickly applies his technical know-how by ducking to one side of Robinson and spinning him around, viciously and suddenly striking with a cobra clutch onto Robinson.

Chamelion: Johnny Maverick is in serious trouble here. Most people cannot take on The Order of Chaos with a partner, let alone by themselves.

Jester Jay: That's cause this is the night Pantheon finally destroys the Apostles!

Jon McDaniel: I fear for the PWA should that be the case.

Chamelion: Why so!? We’ve done so much good for the PWA.


Robinson tries to fight the cobra clutch, thrashing back and forth, but to no avail. Sullivan lifts and plants the Global champion with a Cobra clutch back breaker!

Johnny is feeling the pain on the outside as both Simon and Masa thrust him into the Apostle cage door.


Johnny is rammed again


Simon and masa toss the man to the side, the apron to be precise. Needing to be ready for the Next entrant.


Jester Jay: And here we go, who’s next?

RIONA'S OUT! The new ministry plays and blares but is swiftly cut off as Riona rampages down to ring side to lead her team to victory. But like the people before her, she carries with her a friend. A barbed wire baseball bat! The dubbed ‘barbie’ by men before her looks ready for carnage as the door is opened and O.o.C is introduced to her planet hell.

Chamelion: I don’t like playing sides here, but I must say, things definitely just got evened up.

Masa moves forward first getting himself a smack in the face by the base of the bat! Masa stumbles back and staggers into the apron using it to him himself up. His nose is flowing from the shot. Kalis not taking to kind to the situation finds himself going for an attack, only for his stomach to be ripped into with the barbed wire. Kalis holds his wound and drops to his knees only for the bat to be brought up solid in his back.

Jon McDaniel: And Riona cleans house, OoC both bloodied by the bat.

Riona helps Maverick to his feet and looks into the ring where Hunter stands over a fallen Robinson. Having heard the noise Sullivan is to attention watching both members outside the ring. He doesn’t feel to confident but taunts them to bring it. Maverick needing to get his hands on the Viper slides in first only for Hunter to pounce. Just as planned as Riona is in cleanly taking aim with the bat. SWOO- Dodge! Hunter ducks and rolls away, Riona nearly hitting her partner. Hunter backs into the ropes and looks in front of him. Riona with a bat and Maverick with an enraged look on his face. Things are not well for the Team Pantheon leader.

Tear Gutter: Well, he’s just screwed.

And that he is as he turns and tries to escape to the outside, it doesn’t work as maverick dives in securing him as Riona hits him in the back of the leg with the barbed wire bat. The man does down and is dragged back into the ring where Maverick is given time for revenge, stomping and pounding into the wounded leg. Riona helps Rob to his feet, taking the two nightsticks with them. Hunter lays on the mat holding his leg as Rob hands one nightstick to Maverick. Each man, and woman, look to each other and grow a profound and sinister look of glee. Hunter holds his wounded leg, one from battle dome and earlier in the match and tries to get back to his feet. All three cock their weapons back. Hunter raises a little more before a THREE MAN WEAPON ATTACK. OUCH!

Brian Rentfro: SWEET JESUS! Hunter’s face was just obliterated!

Hunter drops back down to the canvas where he came from. Maverick looks to his team mates and smirk about gaining his own much locked measure of revenge. Hunter’s face is buster open wider from the previous cuts. Rob liking this gets maverick to help him pick the dead weight off the canvas, pushing him and wrapping him into the ropes. With his arms tied the former global champion has no escape.

Jester Jay: Oh No! Someone please stop this, Kalis, Masa, get up.

Almost as an answer to his prayer the clock starts to count down. This doesn’t stop the assault as Hunter is pummeled in turns by the apostles.


Hunter is struck in the stomach by the bat, ripping at his skin.


Maverick smashes the knee with his night stick.


Rob takes his turn smashing the surely concussed wrestler with another head shot.


Riona leans in choking the Viper with the bat.



“You’re gonna pay” plays as the remaining Apostle members look to the Ramp way, as none other than the Pantheon’s bounty hunter of souls comes marching down the ramp. With focus in his eyes the former champion makes his way into the cage and into the ring.

Chamelion: And here we go, things are truly going to pick up now!

Brian Rentfro: RAIIIIIZOOOOR!!

Rob foolishly runs in with weapon in hand, only for his neck to be suddenly compressed, Riona tries to help but gets a big boot for her efforts! CHOKESLAM!!!! Raizzor enters with an impact as Rob rolls away from the carnage feeling the pain of the slam. Maverick is in to try his hand and doesn’t fare well either as he gets a few brutal fists in knocking the wrestler into the corner. Again, trying to defend her friend Riona attacks from behind with the bat! Raizzor staggers forward and turns around, a lil bit of blood on the tyrants back. Rage in his eyes Raizzor grabs the bat and pulls Riona forward into his grasp, lifting her up and slamming her down with a BRUTAL SPINEBUSTER! The ring shakes as the fans actually cheer the wrestler. Maverick doesn’t look to be beaten like the previous two men and climbs the ropes, flipping back for a moonsault! No! Raizzor catches him and spins around with a POWERSLAM! Raizzor stands

Chamelion: What did I tell you, pure dominance!

Jon McDaniel: Did you say you don’t like playing sides?

Chamelion: Not playing sides, I’m stating a fact.

Masa and Kalis move back into the ring and look to be ready for more action. Raizzor lets Hunter out of the ropes as the champion walks dazed, maybe concussed. Picking up Robinson, the Order start to work him over, pushing the champion into the corner delivering solid chops in unison. Hunter staggers around lost as Raizzor picks up Riona, throwing her against the ring ropes. Maverick starts to get up but Hunter takes him, with a stagger, and drives him shoulder first into the turnbuckle poll. Pantheon go back to dominating the match, Rob grounded with a double suplex, Riona worked over with Raizzor’s powerful strikes. Hunter follows up on his attack moving to the outside and grabbing Mavericks arms, pulling his shoulder into the turnbuckle.


Riona starts to fight back, knocking Raizzor with some swift elbows to the chin.


Raizzor staggers back shoving Riona away when she gets closer.


It seems to be a ploy as Masa, who separated from Rob jumps the rope and spring board wheel kicks the woman.


Kalis watches for the entrant..



Burn in hell’s opening rifts haunt the airways as none other than Jacob Figgins starts his way down the ramp to even things up for the Apostles! And what weapon is he spawning may you ask? WEIGHTED HELLO KITTY ELBOW PADS!

Jester jay: Shits going down now!

Chamelion: are those....

Jon McDaniel: I’m afraid so.

Figgins slides into the ring and comes face to face with Kalis who feels the wrath of hello kitty, Elbow, Elbow, Elbow, ROLLING ELBOW! Kalis drops to the canvas and holds his face in pain from the devastating shot! Masa tries to get the one up on Figgins and springs across the ropes again for a SPRING BOA-NO! HELLO KITTY ELBOW! Masa comes face first with the image of death as he crumples on the mat! Hunter leaves Maverick and climbs up onto the apron only to get an elbow to the forehead, bouncing back into the cage! Hunter topples to the redundant and ironic, protective padding.

Jester Jay: Cham, why is there protective padding in the War Games match?

Chamelion: You didn't happen to notice all the weapons in that ring, did you?

Raizzor steps through the ropes and comes up on Figgins who is on a roll. Jacob makes the turn and elbows Raizzor’s chest. The big man looks down and scoffs, grabbing him by the throat! Lifting the man above his head Raizzor walks over to the apron, and throws Jacob Figgins who FLIES into the cage wall like a ragdoll from Raizzor's pure brute strength and might. However as Raizzor turns around his face is met with a barbed wire baseball bat from Riona who lunges forward and puts all her weight into the strikes. Barbs literally tear through Raizzor's flesh and he falls to one knee. Now it's the SHINING WIZ-wait! Hunter Sullivan strikes quickly and rapid with the VIPER SNAP on Riona Langly!


Kalis helps his son Masakazu get to his feet.


Raizzor wipes the blood from his face and rips out pieces of barb stuck in his face.


Chamelion: This is absolutely a brutal show right now.


Brian Rentfro: Yeah even I'm nearly amazed that no one has died yet.


Jon McDaniel: What a spirit shown by all these individuals.


Tear Gutter: Remember there's still TWO more people who have yet to compete tonight!


Jester Jay: But who's next?


Tear Gutter: It's Engel obviously, dumbass!


Jon McDaniel: Which begs the ultimate question, doesn't it? I mean, considering the state of Lacey Gloria...


Chamelion: Indeed... Who will be the fifth Apostle?


"Moon Baby" by Godsmack hits as the fans begin to boo immediately as Matthew Engel shows up from behind the curtains and comes running towards the battle ahead. Hunter now has Riona locked into an excellently executed sharpshooter hold as Engel is allowed to enter the cage. Engel immediately charges towards Riona, literally throwing Hunter off of her much to Hunter's surprise as Engel starts laying in some quick shots to Riona's ribs and back with his boots. Hunter backs up and nods as he slides out of the ring to join The Order of Chaos in dismantling Chaos Theory outside of the ring. Engel waits for Riona to get up now and as she does they both lock eyes before an all out brawl ensues between the two! Engel with a left! Riona with a right of her own and as Engel goes for his second left Riona ducks it, spinning herself and jumps up catching Engel across the face with a spinning heel kick. On the outside
we see Kalis and Masakazu taking turns laying in thrust kicks muay thai style to Figgins, who stumbles back and forth between the two men in a daze as Maverick goes to intercede he's caught off guard by a sudden dragonsleeper placed upon him by the ever venomous Hunter Sullivan.

Tear Gutter: This match is INSANE! It's so hard to keep track of everything that's going on, my God!

Brian Rentfro: I'm sure for a pretty little lady like yourself it would be hard to maintain focus, what especially with me next to you.

Jon McDaniel: Is the sexism really necessary at this point right now, Brian?

Chamelion: I have an idea, why don't you all shut up and pay attention to the best wrestlers of the PWA all in one ring right now?

Jester Jay: I'd have to agree with that statement, sir.

Engel is back up and catches another oncoming strike from Riona's feet, throwing her down to the canvas as Raizzor and Phoenix brawl it out on the other side. Raizzor attempts to grab Phoenix by the neck and does so, but Phoenix kicks Raizzor in his shins but Raizzor does not seem fazed at all by the attack. Phoenix again with a snap kick to the shins of Raizzor but Raizzor remains unaffected and takes Phoenix to the ropes by the neck. Raizzor lifts Phoenix onto the top rope by his neck and plants him there as he does something incredible and begins climbing the turnbuckle. Raizzor now balancing on the top rope with Phoenix still in his clutches and he jumps off, holding Phoenix by the neck with a MASSIVE chokeslam from the top of the ring to the outside with Phoenix in tow. Phoenix winces painfully as he barely moves after it. Raizzor simply stands up and looks down at his old partner in disgust as on the inside Riona whips Engel to the ropes. She bends forward planning to take him up and over but Engel stops himself short and kicks Riona right into the chest, hooking her arms and laying her down HARD with a double-underhook piledriver in the center of the ring. On the outside now Figgins seems to be fighting back from the Order's attack, giving a devastating lowblow to Simon Kalis who collapses to his knees. Masakazu hits a harsh angle kick to the head of Figgins who drops and in a momentary slip Maverick gets himself free from the cobra clutch by Hunter by running backwards and smashing Hunter against the walls of the cage. Riona is up but Engel hits her with a jumping dropkick sending her into the ropes, all tied up now.


Engel rushes towards the tied up Riona Langly who manages to get free and monkey flips Engel over the top rope and right into Raizzor!


Raizzor of course catches Engel in his arms but Riona is quick to capitalize and comes over with Angelic Euphoria to the outside taking both Raizzor and Engel down and out!


Kalis is back to his feet now and looks to Maverick who is trying to catch his breath and rushes towards him. Kalis goes for a spear but Maverick moves out of the way as if Kalis were a charging bull and Kalis slams his head into the turnbuckle post, his head dinging off the metal.


Masakazu is still caught up with Jacob Figgins who attempts a hip toss on Masakazu, but Masakazu reverses it and hip tosses Figgins right into the steel


Everyone right now seems to be in a moment of non-violence as everyone stays where they are catching their breath.


Hunter goes to attack Maverick and catches Maverick off guard with a Russian legsweep followed up by an STF on the outside of the ring!


Figgins is helped to his feet by Masakazu who whips him towards Simon Kalis who jumps up onto Figgins and flattens him with a twisting hurricanrana.


Phoenix adjusts his mask and cracks his neck as Raizzor returns to his feet, and Phoenix quickly grabs one of the nightsticks and cracks it over Raizzor's
head to no avail as Raizzor just turns around seemingly unaffected once more!


Riona is up now and begins to attack Engel who is on the ground outside. She is on top of him and pummels his face before grabbing him and yelling at him as she smashes his skull against the ground!


Kalis and Masakazu head to the entrance of the cage door now, waiting to see who is coming.


Chamelion: Looks like it's time for me to get in there now.

Brian Rentfro: But... no one is coming?

Everyone turns to the entrance to see no one has come, causing all the Pantheon members within to smile as they turn to their respective Apostle enemies. Kalis is launched by Masakazu right into The Phoenix now, who he tackles down. Kalis is on top of Phoenix now and holds onto Phoenix's shoulders as he lifts his whole body upward and then immediately brings both his knees crashing down over Phoenix's rib cage as Chamelion is let into the morass that is War Games, now taking over as the official referee of this match. Kalis now RIPS THE PHOENIX'S MASK OFF and the crowd goes nuts! Kalis wraps the mask around Robinson's throat and face and starts choking him with it as Raizzor is now at Maverick who is helpless as Raizzor grates his face against the cage as
if he were a brick of cheese. Riona is off of Engel and goes for a weapon underneath the ring, but Engel is quick to get himself up and grabs the closest thing to him, a chair! As Riona turns around Engel swings putting all his weight into it and BANG he nails Riona straight across the face, busting her open so badly an almost immediate pool of blood from her forehead puddles near her fallen body. Hunter heads over there and lambasts Engel for the attack, stopping him from doing anything else much to the malaise and disgust of Engel as suddenly all of the lights go out in the arena!


Jester Jay: Calm down woman!

Brian Rentfro: I don't know how you do it week in and week out, Jay.

Jon McDaniel: Hey, shhh! Shut up! DO YOU SEE THAT!?

Everything quiets down as a film countdown begins over the ADCTron, and as the lights turn on we see someone at one of the cage entrances, standing on a platform.


Tear Gutter: OH.... MY.... GOD!!!!!!! LAZARUS IS THE FIFTH APOSTLE!!!!

Everyone inside the match cannot believe it as some Pantheon members begin gathering where Lazarus is. Kalis has let go of Phoenix and jumps over the fallen Maverick to get right in front to begin cussing out Corey Lazarus, motioning chopping his head with his thumb as the door swings open and Lazarus throws in a garbage can full of weapons into the ring before leaping off the platform with a cross-body splash on Kalis, Masakazu, Hunter and Raizzor! All five men hit the canvas and Lazarus is up now first and begins tossing weapons to the Apostles of Ares as the Pantheon recovers. Masakazu and Kalis get up first, Kalis lighting a smoke and slowly walking away from the melee. Riona catches a staplegun, wipes the blood off of her face and begins firing off shots at Matthew Engel like she was Simon Kalis, which totally catches Engel offguard and sends him to the floor quickly trying to block the shots with his forearms over his face. Chamelion meanwhile watches on as an independent and impartial official for this match, refusing to help when Hunter yells at him to join the Pantheon. Yet it's at this precise moment of distraction that allows Jacob Figgins, now armed with brass knuckles to knock Hunter Sullivan the hell out and Figgins continues to pummel Sullivan on the ground with those brass knuckles, making Sullivan bleed and bleed badly. Maverick with the barbed wire bat Riona was using now and he swings at Raizzor hitting him in the knees. The first shot has no effect! Maverick swings again to the other knee and it has no effect and Raizzor merely shakes his head until Maverick goes all out, first hitting Raizzor in the face, then the chest, then into both knees once more bringing the big man down on his knees before Maverick sizes him up and swings hard cracking Raizzor in the side of the head. Kalis watches calmly while smoking a cigarette, his back against the cage wall as he sees Lazarus hand out these weapons with the Apostles wrecking havoc on the Pantheon. Lazarus gets a Singapore cane to Phoenix who now confronts the younger Kalis, Masakazu. Kalis now points to Corey Lazarus and smiles, and Lazarus turns and nods and both men fall into a Muay Thai fighting stance and the fans go NUTS!

Tear Gutter: I can't believe Corey Lazarus is here!

Brian Rentfro: I'm sure Kalis cannot either since the last time he saw Lazarus was over four years ago!

Jon McDaniel: The Apostles are manhandling the Pantheon right now folks and it's looking bad for them.

Jester Jay: Never give up hope!

Phoenix swings the Singapore cane at Masakazu who ducks and attempts a spinning heel kick on the unmasked Phoenix. Phoenix leans back and then swings the cane right into the inner thigh of Masakazu's leg, sending the youngest fighter in this match to his knees before he's cracked over the face with the cane. Simon Kalis and Corey Lazarus begin going at each other. Kalis with a thrust kick connects with Lazarus' right knee. Lazarus steps back and then jumps forward, bringing a rising knee crashing into Kalis' face. Kalis stumbles back but then grabs onto Lazarus and both men go into an all out kickboxing mode, raising their legs and knees and attacking with thrust kicks and knee rises but also blocking each other at the same time. Kalis blows smoke into Lazarus' face and chucks the cigarette aside. Lazarus isn't amused as he hits Kalis in the face with an angle kick, sending Kalis down to the ground. Lazarus heads away from Kalis and Maverick joins him and the two men begin setting up a pyramid of chairs! Raizzor grabs Kalis by the neck and helps him to his feet. Kalis shakes his head and now both men rush Phoenix and get him off of the downed Masakazu. Suddenly Rob Robinson is being decimated by the kicks and stomps of Kalis, Raizzor and Masakazu as Engel grabs the staplegun away from Riona and puts it point blank to her forehead and fires a shot. The gun is now empty and he bashes it over her head and she stumbles back against the ring apron. Raizzor slides into the ring now leaving Robinson to his fate and gets Figgins off of Hunter, literally chucking him over the top rope now.

Jester Jay: I told you all! Ye, of little faith! Pantheon RULES!

Tear Gutter: This is madness! These people are ruining their bodies! Stop it! Stop it!


Jon McDaniel: Contraption of doom... you think of that yourself?

Kalis starts climbing the cage wall and Riona catches Engel off guard with a chairshot to the face. Kalis is near the top of the cage ceiling and lets go, falling sideways with an electrifying elbow drop right onto Rob Robinson from the top of the cage wall! Riona slides into the ring and gets up with the dented chair and swings as hard as she can at Raizzor, TO NO EFFECT! Raizzor doesn't seem hurt AT ALL! Maverick now there with a chair of his own, swinging to Raizzor! He connects! NO EFFECT ON RAIZZOR! Lazarus joins the two and swings his own chair to Raizzor to absolutely no effect! The fans go wild as Raizzor shakes his head, but this time all three of them swing their chairs at Raizzor's head at the same time! BANG! Raizzor wobbles and then crumples down to the canvas and the three seem exhausted. Suddenly Hunter Sullivan out of NOWHERE with the Viper Snap on Riona Langly! Kalis comes in now
and nails Corey Lazarus with a running knee dropping him to the canvas! Masakazu is in the melee and hits a flying forearm smash onto Johnny Maverick nearly knocking down the whole pyramid. Masakazu lifts Maverick up, and kicks him in the gut before hooking his arms and bringing him upside down on his back, Masakazu drops Maverick HARD with the MasaDriver! Masakazu looks to end the War Games by covering!!!




Brian Rentfro: Shit that was close!

Jon McDaniel: Too close!

Corey Lazarus delivers a solid kick to Masakazu's femoral artery on the inside of his thigh then connects with a roundhouse kick into Masakazu's ribs sending him holding his sides in pain. Lazarus continues, hitting hard three times with roundhouse kicks to Masakazu's chest sending him stumbling back. Corey finishes the Combo #5 and quickly follows up with the BOX OFFICE BOMB! Masakazu is DONE as Lazarus makes the cover.





Kalis now picks up Lazarus quite angrily, and whips him into the corner looking to finish him off with the Sentencing of the Damned! But as Kalis goes for it here comes Jacob Figgins!

Jon McDaniel: Figgins with a chair shot to Simon Kalis!

Jester Jay: He stops the Sentencing!

Raizzor pulls himself up to a vertical base, limping heavily on his knee as Virus tosses the ring steps into the ring, following them in quickly. Virus picks the steps back up, looking for someone to attack, step shot to Figgins sends him down, he swings them to connect with Lazarus to take him down as well. Here comes Riona, chokeslam on the chair that was chucked by Figgins, Raizzor turns to notice Virus standing there staring down at the prone and extremely bloody Riona. The fans are going wild here for this extremely violent and extremely bloody main event to end one of these here factions in the PWA. Here comes Johnny Maverick, but Raizzor counters his dive with a Tombstone Shoulderbreaker onto the canvas, Johnny is incapacitated. Raizzor stands back up, but Matthew is still staring down at the prone Riona, he seems to be in another land. Raizzor begins to walk over to Matthew when he suddenly stops, turning his head to find Phoenix sneaking up on him with a steel chair. Phoenix halts, acting as though he isn't holding a baseball bat, he begins to back away while Raizzor stalks after him, Matthew still staring down at Riona. Lazarus with a knee clip sends Virus down to one knee, but he swings the steps around, Lazarus nimbly avoids the awkward weapon. Dropkick to Virus' face lays him down on the canvas, Johnny Maverick with a flipping body splash and a cover.



Masakazu rips Johnny off the pin, they begin trading Mui Tai style punches and kicks near the ropes. Johnny with a swinging top of the foot kick rolls Masakazu over the top, he springs to the top rope. Holding onto the top rope, he balances there, diving out, while flipping back on Masakazu on the outside. Johnny holds at his knee as he pulls out yet another chair from under the ring, then a second, he sets them up on the outside before he pulls out a table to place on the seats of the steel chairs.

Phoenix is still backing away from Raizzor, chair shot from Hunter busts him open while ripping a chunk of hair out of his scalp, Phoenix falls right into the waiting hand of Raizzor.


Brian Rentfro: Holy shit!

Jester Jay: What a f*bleep*king chokeslam!

Jon McDaniel/Tear Gutter: Gentlemen!

Hunter tells Raizzor to lift Phoenix for a powerbomb, but Raizzor turns to head back into the fray, Hunter standing there with a look of disbelief on his face. Hunter pulls Phoenix up to a vertical base, double finger poke to Hunter's eyes stops him and a clothesline sends him over the top rope to the outside. Rob turns to find Maverick laying a ton of barbed wire on the table along with about a dozen light tubes, he turns and spots Phoenix dashing over to help. Maverick scoop slams Masakazu on the table, the tubes busting and the wire digging into his flesh from the impact. Maverick climbs to the top turnbuckle, Rob springs up, both men dive with double leg drops.


Pieces of glass and table fly up into the air and all three men are entangled in the mess, being hooked together by the wire that is completely encompassing Masakazu at the moment.

Jon McDaniel: What a move, look at the carnage.

Jester Jay: Blood is everywhere, awesome!

Hunter climbs to his feet on the outside, looking over at the wreck that is Phoenix, Maverick, and Masakazu, he shrugs as he steps back through the ropes. He mounts the top turnbuckle, shouting orders to Raizzor to take out Figgins, Virus to take out Lazarus, and Kalis to work on Riona. Raizzor heads after Figgins as Virus motions for Lazarus to bring it, Simon pulls the bloody and beaten Riona up to her feet. Forearm shot to Riona sends her into the waiting full nelson of Hunter Sullivan who turns to slam her on her own baseball bat. Both Hunter and Simon begin to stomp the body of Riona, the blood flying up from her wounds as they stomp down with fierceness. Raizzor wraps his hand around Jacob's throat, but Figgins with a boot to the midsection; it does not phase Raizzor in the slightest. Right hand from Raizzor.

Figgins backs up from the blow, he is in the ropes, Raizzor bends Jacob over backwards as he pounds away at his face with precision and ferocity. Jacob flips on out of the ring, pulling Raizzor's ankles as he lands on his feet. Raizzor slides out of the ring, right hand to the Soul-taker. Another right hand, Raizzor fires back with one of his own. Jacob with an old fashioned head butt to the Soul-taker backs the dead man up against the ringpost, shoulder tackle but Raizzor moves out of the way. Jacob catches himself, swinging around the post but Raizzor stalks immediately after him. Jacob turns, throat thrust from Raizzor, another, and a third momentarily halts Jacob's breathing. In the ring Lazarus and Matthew are locked up in a collar and elbow, Lazarus with a thigh kick, but Matthew with a forearm stops most of the force behind the kick. Matthew with a clothesline takes Lazarus down to the canvas, Virus with a leg drop across the throat gets him some more offensive time. Matthew yells out to Raizzor who delivers one more throat thrust, Virus dives from the top turnbuckle onto Figgins with the Euthanasia!

Brian Rentfro: Holy hell!

Tear Gutter: Wow... just... wow.

Matthew hobbles back up to his feet, pulling himself up with the assistance of the steel cage that surrounds both rings. Hunter whips Riona into the ropes, Simon swings out a steel chair, chair assisted Viper Snap! Riona folds up like an accordion! Hunter falls on her, hooking the leg for a cover and Chamelion falls into position.



Jon McDaniel: Riona kicks out!

Jester Jay: How in the hell did she do that?

Tear Gutter: She has taken some punishment here in this match.

Brian Rentfro: My Riona is tough as nails.

Hunter can't believe it, he is irate at the count, but checks himself very well. He leans over the top rope, yelling at Raizzor to get in here and finish off Riona once and for all. Raizzor looks up at Hunter, contempt burning in his dark eyes before stepping up on the apron. Hunter backs up, pointing to first Raizzor then to Riona and making a hurry up motion and that he had better do it. Raizzor snaps his head to the side, the hair on his head flying around to encompass his head, he stares a hole through Hunter who doesn't back down.

Brian Rentfro: Hunter may want to watch himself here.

Jon McDaniel: I wouldn't mess with this man, not for anything.

Raizzor lifts Riona up for a tombstone shoulder breaker, Lazarus with a stop sign to Hunter sends him down. Lazarus turns sending Kalis down to the canvas with the sign as well. Matthew is around trying to release Masakazu from the wreckage as Lazarus nails Raizzor with the stop sign as well. Raizzor drops Riona back down, turning his head, low blow from Riona causes his head to turn back to her, she looks up at him and smiles. Raizzor is bent over in pain, Riona and Lazarus get in position for a double suplex, they have him up.

Jester Jay: Raizzor with a counter!

Tear Gutter: He suplexes both Riona and Lazarus!

Engel removes Masakazu from the wreckage and he is ready to go again, but all members of the Apostles are down, Pantheon standing tall here in the match. Phoenix with a low blow sends Engel stumbling forward, but Masakazu with a straight foot thrust takes Phoenix in the temple, he is back in the mess of barbed wire. Maverick with a set of brass knuckles takes Masakazu down, lifting him towards the set of chairs that form a pyramid. Jacob is moving up to his feet, getting his bearings as he helps Johnny place Masakazu on the top of the pyramid bundle. Masakazu sent through the pyramid as the chairs scatter in the ring, Johnny and Jacob make the cover, not that they could not make the cover.



Simon breaks up the pin before the count of three and the match continues on into the history books.

Brian Rentfro: Damn, all the closeness of the calls here tonight.

Simon nails Jacob with the chain Maverick brought into the match, he turns nailing Maverick with the chain as well and turns to nail the other person, but fortunately stops in time because it is Chamelion just getting up from the pin count. Chamelion holds his hands up in surrender as he backs up, Simon chuckles as he heads into the fray. Simon leaps over the top rope with a suicide dive nailing the rising Phoenix with a steel chain wrapped forearm, both land in the wreckage earlier. Simon extracts himself easily as he rolls back inside the ring.

Tear Gutter: Simon Kalis is on a rampage.

Brian Rentfro: No he isn't.

Jester Jay: He is chaosing.

Jon McDaniel: Didn’t Chamelion mention something about bad puns!?

Simon with a shot to Lazarus takes him down as well, he aims and locks on to Riona who is standing there begging him to bring it. Simon swings, but Hunter orders him to stop, his eyes are on Riona and he tells Simon that he wants her for himself. Riona turns to Hunter, flips him the bird, and gets in position. Matthew and Raizzor both watch on as Hunter and Riona circle each other in the ring. Hunter dives in with a collar and elbow lockup, he sweeps her down to the canvas.

Tear Gutter: Texas Cloverleaf piledriver from Hunter Sullivan.

Brian Rentfro: This has to be it, even for the sexy Riona.

Hunter makes the cover as Chamelion finds a good position.



Jon McDaniel: Riona kicks out!

Brian Rentfro: And Hunter is livid, in Chamelion's face.

Hunter is yelling at Chamelion, spit flying in all directions as the words that he is saying seem to be getting more and more vulgar. Chamelion calmly shrugs his shoulders and goes to see if anyone is making a pin attempt.


Jester Jay: Oh My God!

Tear Gutter: Hunter with the Sweet Sound of Success on Chamelion.

Raizzor turns to watch his brother hit the canvas before snapping his head up to stare at the left profile of Hunter. Matthew looks up, disbelief on his face as Hunter continues to stare down at Chamelion, words pouring out of Hunter's mouth. Simon looks up from the kneeling position where he just dropped a knee on Lazarus' face to watch the back of Hunter before he looks at both Raizzor and Matthew, he doesn't believe it either.

Jester Jay: It has gotten awfully quiet in here after that mistake.

Jon McDaniel: It didn't look like a mistake to me.

Raizzor with a big right hand to the side of Hunter's head staggers the former GWA Global Champion. Raizzor with another big right hand, throat thrust, high knee lift has Hunter on the ropes. Here comes Masakazu and Simon to aid Hunter as Matthew slides out of the ring. Matthew lifts up the bloody Riona, dragging her face across the cage leaving a bloody trail where he drags it across. He lifts her over his head, lawn dart into the steel cage, she bounces back, body slam from Engel. Matthew begins to work over the wound on Riona's head, digging his nails into the wound to tear it further and cause as much pain to her as possible, he pounds away at her head and body with vicious Virus shots. He whips her head first into the ringpost, he head connects solidly and she falls back, appearing to be unconscious. Inside the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Virus is relentless here against Riona.

Brian Rentfro: He sees that Pantheon is falling apart! He’s trying to finish Riona off as fast as he can!

Masakazu and Simon rush over to pull Raizzor off of the dazed and bloody Hunter Sullivan. Masakazu with a shin kick to Raizzor, Simon follows up with a thigh kick, the Order of Chaos begin to double team the big man with a flurry of Mui Tai kicks to his knees and legs that try to take the big man down. He tries to fight back but the match and the numbers quickly take the toll on the big man and he hits his knees in the very center of the ring, still eyeing Hunter from the kneeling position. Hunter orders Masakazu to grab three steel chairs, he does so and hands one to his father, to Hunter, and keeps one for himself. Hunter gets in Raizzor's face, yelling at him that his time has passed, it is Hunter's time to shine and that old men need to stay down. He swings the chair, but Kalis and Masakazu swing at Hunter, Simon going high and Masakazu going down low, Hunter is taken completely off guard from this attack.

Tear Gutter: What a turn of events here!

Jon McDaniel: I never saw this coming either!

All participants turn to watch as Simon and Masakazu beat the holy hell out of Hunter in the center of the ring. Kalis tosses his chair to the side as Masakazu does the same, whip into the corner.

Jester Jay: Ultima!

Brian Rentfro: Huh?

Simon and Masakazu turn and pull Raizzor up to his feet, holding their hands up in a show of apology, as they had to lure Hunter in more. Raizzor nods, and the three turn towards Sullivan. Meanwhile, Matthew slides out of the ring and grabs a pair of bolt cutters. Snapping the lock, he exits the cage and heads up the entrance ramp, angry and not wanting any part of this. The crowd explodes as Lacey Gloria attacks Engel from behind.

Tear Gutter: It’s Lacey Gloria!

Brian Rentfro: Yeah, where did she come from?

Lacey stares down at Engel and then makes her way into the cage, slamming the door behind her and sliding into the ring. Phoenix picks up Hunter, he nails the Flame. Lacey takes her turn, nailing the Dysfunction, Johnny with the ABM!

Tear Gutter: Hunter is being destroyed, manhandled, obliterated!

Jester Jay: It isn't fair!

Figgins picks up his former partner, he nails the Crisis Averted, leaving him down on the canvas bloodied and beaten.

Brian Rentfro: No one in the cage likes Hunter Sullivan, no one.

Jon McDaniel: He has no allies, none whatsoever.

Tear Gutter: His ego got the best of him! He pissed of Chamelion, Raizzor… the Order of Chaos… and even Matthew Engel wanted no more to do with him.

Jester Jay: I have never known anyone to make so many enemies, so hard and so fast!

Chamelion is back up to his feet, pissed off and looking for Sullivan. He spots the downed superstar, pushing everyone out of the way. He helps Hunter up to his feet and gives Hunter Sullivan a resounding Bitch Slap! Hunter stumbles back and then… WHAM... Sweet Sound of Success and Hunter falls back to the ropes, bounces off unconsciously and Riona dives in with spike in hand.




Jester Jay: That is one crazy bitch!

Brian Rentfro: My kind of lady.

Riona wants to hit another, but Raizzor steps in front of Riona, blocking her and scoops Hunter Sullivan up. He turns him over and plants him with the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker!

Jon McDaniel: They have to stop this!!

Jester Jay: They can’t! Chamelion is the official referee, only he can stop this madness, and he’s IN ON IT!

Hunter lays on his back, bloodied, beaten, and definitely broken. Riona, with the craziest look on her face yet, drags the carcass of Hunter over to the ring steps. Riona places him on the steps...

Brian Rentfro: Devolution on the steps!

Jon McDaniel: There’s nothing left to Hunter Sullivan!

Riona rolls off of Hunter, her middle finger raised high into the air, facing Hunter's unconscious body. Phoenix drops and hooks the leg for the cover and Chamelion falls into position with the rest of the Apostles and former Pantheon Members standing in a half moon circle around them.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Eric Emerson: The Winners of the match, the team of Riona Langly, Johnny Maverick, Jacob Figgins, Corey Lazarus, and The Phoenix... The Apostles of Aries!

Jon McDaniel: Thank God it’s finally over!

Brian Rentfro: Hunter’s a mangled mess in the center of the ring, nothing left of him, nothing!

Jester Jay: And the fans are eating it up! The Pantheon comes to a devastating end, but even so….

Tear Gutter: Raizzor, The Order of Chaos, Chamelion… in a way, they still were dominate here tonight… they withstood the Apostles until Hunter’s mistake.. and then they all obliterated him.

In the ring, Riona stares down at Hunter, her features suddenly turning very calm, very collected. She looks around to her allies and her former? Enemies and nods. Simon and Masakazu exit the ring first, followed by Figgins and Maverick. The Phoenix and Riona tersely shake hands, before he too leaves. Lacey and Riona embrace quickly, and then Lacey exits. Chamelion raises Riona’s hand once, to signify the victory and then he too exits. This leaves Riona and Raizzor standing over Hunter’s prone carcass.

Brian Rentfro: Now what?

Riona looks a little displeased that Raizzor got in her way during the spiking, but acknowledges his assistance and she extends her hand. Raizzor stands there solemnly for a moment, before grasping it once with a quick shake. Turning, Raizzor bends down and pulls Hunter Sullivan up. Flopping him over the big man’s shoulders, Raizzor exits the ring.

Jon McDaniel: Where do you suppose he’s taking Hunter?

Jester Jay: For a proper burial, perhaps!?

Indeed, it would seem to be exactly what the Soul-Taker has in mind, leaving Riona to bask in the warmth of the cheering fans for her success here tonight. As Riona slips from the ring, there’s a gasp from the crowd as a man in a AoA hooded sweatshirt jumps the barricade and slams a crowbar against the back of Riona’s leg. As Riona crumples, the man which looks a lot like Viktor Stone’s form, rips back his hood..


Jester Jay: It was Engel all along!?

Brian Rentfro: But… but we all thought Hunter Sullivan orchestrated the attacks!

Tear Gutter: Hunter was innocent?

Jon McDaniel: Oh, what a twist!

Stalking Riona as she barely is able to crawl towards the ring, Virus grabs a handful of Riona's hair and yanks her back into the ring, the cage fully up at this point. Shoving her into the ringpost, Virus reaches under the ring and pulls out what usually is RIONA'S trash can full of goodies, before pulling out a florescent light tube. He measures Riona up... CRASH, RIGHT INTO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! He grabs one of the steel chairs from the pyramid and sets it up on the outside...

Brian Rentfro: Someone’s got to stop him!

And someone does! Before Engel can finish, pyros explode and Engel stops and looks towards the ramp. Suddenly Raizzor sprints down to the ring and slides in, coming to his feet quickly and pushing Engel away from Riona Langly.

Tear Gutter: Raizzor’s saving Riona!

Engel’s body is tense, the veins in his arms flaring as he glares menacingly at Raizzor. He looks to attack, but then gives Raizzor the finger and turns to exit the ring. Raizzor shakes his head and begins to turn to check on Riona when Engel turns and dives at Raizzor!

Jon McDaniel: Sneak attack!

Engel blindsides Raizzor and sends him to the ropes and starts to pummel the big man. Raizzor, takes the blows and then blocks a right hand and answers with his own! Engel stumbles back and Raizzor retaliates with concussion staggering lefts and rights. Raizzor then whips Engel to the ropes and goes for the big boot, but Engel ducks under and slides out of the ring!

Jester Jay: Engel’s escaping!

Outside the ring, Engel flips off Raizzor but Raizzor answers with his thumb across his throat and then, to Engel’s shock and dismay, Raizzor motions around his waist!

Tear Gutter: Is… is Raizzor challenging Engel!!?

Brian Rentfro: I think he is!

The crowd explodes loudly at this and Engel beats a retreat up the ramp, wanting nothing to do with Raizzor. Raizzor drops down next to Riona who is recovering, and the crowd drowns out the arena with cheers.

Jon McDaniel: How is Engel going to answer this challenge!? He wanted Riona!

Brian Rentfro: And I’m sure Riona is going to want Engel… this could be a very interesting… triangle.

Jester Jay: I’ll say! What a night it’s been!

Tear Gutter: Yeah! Rampage wins the battle, the Apostles win the war… yet the survivors… the survivors have yet to clash…

Brian Rentfro: I can’t wait for next week!

Jon McDaniel: It’s going to be exciting, as Chaos moves to Saturday to begin a new battle with Rampage, as they go back to back on the same night.. which show will have the better matches? The best feuds!?

Tear Gutter: And the best announces!?

Jester Jay: Stay tuned to find out! Good night everyone!

© PWA 2009