World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Welcome to Chaos!

We are backstage at the Palace of Auburn Hills and we see Joe BoXeR walking down a hallway. The crowd goes crazy for their GM, and Joe BoXeR knocks on a lockerroom down. The camera pans on the door and it says "ORDER OF CHAOS". The crowd is anxious about what's going to happen, and Simon Kalis answers the door.

Simon Kalis: I don't have time for this, J-- Mr. BoXeR, I need to concentrate on the main event tonight.

Simon is about to close the door, but Joe insists.

Joe BoXeR: Simon -- hold on a second.

Simon sighs and opens the door back up again.

Simon Kalis: Yeah?

Joe BoXeR: We've had our differences, and you and I don't see eye to eye. But I know how important it is going to be for us to set aside our differences and concentrate on our goal tonight. We must keep the Tag Titles on Chaos. Your match tonight is not only important for you and your son, but also for me and the rest of the Chaos roster. All the fans out there are hanging on your every word and move, and you need to pull through tonight.

Simon Kalis: I know, but --

Joe BoXeR: Just.. Get it done tonight. I've got your back.

Simon Kalis: Fair enough.

Joe nods and turns around, heading back down the hallway. Simon looks a little confused, but shakes it off and heads back into his lockerroom, closing the door behind him. We cut back to the announcer's table.

Tear Gutter: Welcome to Chaos everyone!

Jester Jay: A little pep talk never hurt anybody.

Tear Gutter: Indeed Jay. Simon and Masa need to focus tonight and keep the tag titles on Chaos!

Jester Jay: Against a couple of rookie robots? Shouldn't be a problem.

Harvey the Hardcore Hippo vs Ronald Gay

Bibles Only Match

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Ladies and Gentlemen, our first match of the evening is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and is a Bibles Only match!

Tear Gutter: This is going to cause so many problems with our Christian viewers.

Jester Jay: We have Christian viewers?

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Introducing first, from Poughkeepsie, New York...

The lights fade and red and white spotlights cris cross the arena as the frenetic sound of violins and horns burst from the house speakers. "Come to the Circus" by Circus Contraption hits the first chorus and on the big screen clips from freak shows and circus side shows flash by. As the spotlights converge on the entrance out steps a Hippo smoking an oversized cigar and waving at the crowd. From behind him a little clown riding a unicycle emerges from the curtains.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6'1" and weighs 205 pounds... he is Harvey the Hardcore Hippo!

Harvey heads toward the ring with the clown following behind throwing confetti at the crowd. On reaching the ring, Harvey slides under the roops, stands up then proceeds to remove his costume head and gloves, set them down in the corner and wait for the match to start.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: His opponent, hailing from Waco, Texas...

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" plays as Gay walks down the ramp handing out pamphlets to fans in the front rows.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6'3" and weighs 242 pounds.. he is RONALD GAY!!!!

He enters the ring and kneels down to pray.

Jester Jay: Now for this match, there is a King James Bible on each side of the ring, both are on a podium. It's kind of creepy if you ask me.

Tear Gutter: I feel like I'm back at Sunday Mass. Kneel, stand, kneel, stand! Peace be with you!

Jester Jay: And also with me.


Harvey and Ron both slip out of their sides of the ring and grab their Bibles. They both climb back in and circle each other in the ring. Both men are studying each other, trying to anticipate the other's move. Ron charges in and rolls underneath a swing from Harvey and smashes his Bible against Harvey's back. Ron smashes the Bible into the back of Harvey's head, who falls to a knee. Ron continues to bash Harvey with the King James bible, and then gives Harvey a kick to the face to send him down to the mat.


Jester Jay: Oh God.

Tear Gutter: What is he gonna do, perform an exorcism?

Gay lays the Bible on the mat in a very courteous manner and then walks over to Harvey. Harvey counters with an elbow to the stomach, another, and another. Harvey uppercuts Gay and then nails him with a dropkick. Gay is reeling back into a corner and Harvey connects with a corner splash. Gay stumbles out of the corner and Harvey takes him down with a running bulldog!

Tear Gutter: Good string of offense by the Hippo!

Jester Jay: And now he's got a Bible!

Harvey grabs his Bible again and nails Gay in the head with it. Gay falls to a knee and then Harvey hits a homerun with the Bible on Gay, sending him to the mat. Harvey stomps on Gay a few times and then goes into the ropes. Harvey nails Gay with a kneedrop across the forehead. Harvey gets Gay up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Gay counters with a running lariat, taking Harvey off his feet. Gay grabs his Bible again and pushes it against Harvey's face with one hand and then punches the Bible into Gay's face with his other hand!

Tear Gutter: That's gotta hurt.

Jester Jay: Faith is pain, Gutter.

Harvey falls to the mat and Gay lays his Bible back on the mat. Gay gets Harvey to his feet and slams him face-first on the nearest turnbuckle. Gay nails Harvey with lefts and rights in the stomach and then puts Harvey on the top rope. Gay climbs to the second rope and launches Harvey off the turnbuckle with a belly-to-belly suplex! Gay covers.



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Close call there.

Jester Jay: Who do you think wins in a wrestling match, Jesus Christ or Superman?

Tear Gutter: What?

Jester Jay: Who wins?

Tear Gutter: Wonder Woman.

Jester Jay: Typical. Ron's got Harvey in a chokehold, but Harvey reverses out of it with a jawbreaker!

Ron reels back from the jawbreaker and Harvey tries to kick him in the gut, but Gay grabs his leg. Harvey goes for the enziguri but Gay sensed it and ducked underneath. Gay clubs Harvey in the back and then whips him into the turnbuckles. Ron sets Harvey up on the top turnbuckle and then hits the Final Judgement on him. Gay covers.





Tamara Christopher Onassi: And the winner of this match... RONALD... GAAAAYYYY!!!!!!

Tear Gutter: And Ronald wins a very controversial match.

Jester Jay: We had a decisive ending.

Tear Gutter: Oh I know, but.. we're all going to Hell now.

Jester Jay: Meh.

Raw Mike vs The Sunshine Warrior

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following match is set for one fall with a twenty minute time limit.

Ruff Ryder’s Anthem hit’s the PA system and red and blue lights begin to flash alternatively on either side of the arena, emulating the effects of police lights. Mike walks out from behind the curtain in saggy jeans and hazard yellow lugz. He is shirtless, and the flashing lights reflect off his bald ebony skull. Upon hitting the entrance ramp, he is immediately met by a fit of jeers from the crowd.

With a furrowed brow and a shake of his head, Mike scoffs at the fans, and even goes as far as to falsely swing a backhand at one of the booing kids, sending the child jumping back to hide behind their parents. There is an achieved smile after this as the giant of a man continues on toward the ring.

When he reaches the apron, Mike places a knee on it, using the top rope to pull himself up, and then steps over the top rope. He cracks his knuckles once in the ring, preparing his fists to give a beating to his opponent.

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

**With the opening lyrics of the beautiful Natasha ringing in over the sound system, it's only right that a horizon be shown across the Jumbo-tron. The lights dim and the stage lights up with reds, oranges and yellows. **

Do what you want, but you're never gonna break me.
Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.

**With that Adrian and be seen bursting through the curtain and bouncing around with his natural cheery aroma. **

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

Do what you want, but you're never gonna break me.
Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.
I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

Wish that you could, but you ain't gonna own me.
Do anything you can to control me.
Oh, no.

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

There's a place that I go,
But nobody knows.
Where the rivers flow,
And I call it home.

And there's no more lies.
In the darkness, there's light.
And nobody cries.
There's only butterflies.

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

Take me away: A secret place.
A sweet escape: Take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

Take me away: A secret place.
To better days take me away.

Take me away to better days.
Take me away: A higher place.

The sun is on my side.
Take me for a ride.
I smile up to the sky.
I know I'll be all right.

The sun is on my side.
Take me for a ride.
I smile up to the sky.
I know I'll be all right.

Ding Ding

Raw Mike revels in the adoration sent his way by the capacity crowd. He plans on putting a little darkness into this particular bit of sunshine.

TEAR GUTTER: Things don't look good for Sunshine Warriorr here, but he's not backing down from this huge man.

JESTER JAY: Maybe he should! There's no reason to end your career tonight. Just walk away!

Raw Mike steps over the top rope, taking off his Oakley shades and staring down Sunshine Warriorr. To his credit, Sunshine Warriorr isn't showing any outward signs of fear. That doesn't make it any easier for referee Joe Irving to keep Raw Mike from advancing on Mr. Sunshine before the start of the match. Raw Mike shouts out across the ring – “Let’s go Sunshine! Raw Mike finally backs off to his corner and Irving calls for the bell. Raw Mike slowly makes his way to the center of the ring, stalking Sunshine Warriorr. Sunshine Warriorr moves in and ducks to the side of Raw Mike, chopping him in the back and scurrying back to the ropes! The crowd applauds Sunshine Warriorr's daring while Raw Mike just laughs to himself, taunting Sunshine Warriorr to 'come on over, boy!' Raw Mike stalks into the center of the ring again and Sunshine Warriorr once again ducks under and around Raw Mike's advance, delivering another solid chop to Raw Mike's back, trying to tighten those grizzled muscles up. Raw Mike remains unfazed, however, and turns back around to face Sunshine Warriorr once again.

TEAR GUTTER: Sunshine Warriorr keeping it smart here, hitting and moving.

JESTER JAY: Yeah, but all he's doing is making Raw Mike mad! If Raw Mike gets a hold of him, we could see little bits of Sunshine Warriorr sparkling their way across the

Raw Mike is getting sick of this cat and mouse game and invites Sunshine Warriorr to meet him face to face again, this time standing a little further back of center. Sunshine Warriorr goes to duck under again, but this time there's no room for him to back off, and Raw Mike has his fly trapped in the ropes. A series of soupbone rights and lefts batter Sunshine Warriorr as he leans back on the ropes for support and sanctuary. The referee comes in to break it up and Raw Mike stares him down, sending the ref scurrying! Sunshine Warriorr takes the moment of pause and gets off the ropes, rethinking his strategy while straightening his jaw.

JESTER JAY: One false step and Raw Mike just destroys you!

TEAR GUTTER: For all the size and power Raw Mike displays in the ring, you forget that he's a dangerous combination of craftiness and intelligence.

JESTER JAY: Dangerous for Adrian Adidas!

Raw Mike snarls at Sunshine Warriorr from across the ring and cuts the ring off a little faster, moving in on his prey. Sunshine Warriorr ducks under one more time and hits the opposite ropes, only to be LEVELED by a meaty clothesline from the Big Raw Mike! Raw Mike is stomping away on Sunshine Warriorr now, and an elbow drop across the sternum takes away Sunshine Warriorr's wind! Raw Mike covers!



Sunshine Warriorr gets the shoulder up in the nick of time! Raw Mike gets up and picks up Sunshine Warriorr.. big time overhead scoop slam! Raw Mike's power is on display with that slam from almost eight feet up with the extension! Raw Mike backs into the ropes... legdrop across Sunshine Warriorr's throat! That could do it! A cover from Raw Mike!



Sunshine Warriorr kicks out! Raw Mike not happy with that turn of events at all and he puts his hands around Sunshine Warriorr's throat, choking the life out of him! Joe Irving gets in there ordering a break! One, two, three, four, and Raw Mike gets his hands off of Sunshine Warriorr. Raw Mike and the ref argue as Sunshine Warriorr rolls to the outside to catch his breath!

TEAR GUTTER: This is an absolute mauling by the big man.

JESTER JAY: Yeah, I know! Isn't this great?

Raw Mike follows Sunshine Warriorr to the outside, where Sunshine Warriorr's resting against the ringpost. Raw Mike charges in... Sunshine Warriorr moves! Raw Mike catches the ringpost with his shoulder! Sunshine Warriorr musters his strength.. dropkick to the shoulder! Raw Mike is down on the floor! Sunshine Warriorr has his hands in the air and he's climbing up on the apron! Moonsault off the apron onto the downed Raw Mike! This crowd is on their feet! Sunshine Warriorr trying to pull Raw Mike up off the ground and get him in the ring.. it's slow going, but finally both men are in the ring! Raw Mike is up to his knees as Sunshine Warriorr bounds off the ropes, Rocker Drop-NO! Raw Mike catches the leg and stands up! You can see the fear in Sunshine Warriorr's eyes! Sunshine Warriorr tries an enzuigiri, but it's ducked! Raw Mike steps over the body and delivers a roughhouse stomp to the back of the head! Good NIGHT. Raw Mike rolls him over, here's the cover...



Thr-SHOULDER UP! Sunshine Warriorr got the shoulder up, but he's definitely the worse for wear!

JESTER JAY: That stomp has my head hurting, Tear baby!

TEAR GUTTER: Never… ever… ever call me baby again or you will have something more than the head on your shoulders hurting.

Jester Jay gulps audibly in the headset. Raw Mike has a sick smile on his face as he picks Sunshine Warriorr up by the arm. He drops Sunshine Warriorr back down with a short clothesline, holding onto the arm! Raw Mike picks Sunshine Warriorr up again, another clothesline! A third time up and this time Sunshine Warriorr half collapses and half ducks the short-arm clothesline! The momentum of having his arm pulled across his body doubles Raw Mike over... dropkick to the side of the head staggers Raw Mike! Sunshine Warriorr pulling himself up and to the top rope! Raw Mike up to his feet, Sunshine Warriorr off the top... Whisper in the Wind connects! The crowd's going crazy! Sunshine Warriorr drapes his arm over Raw Mike!



Raw Mike SHOVES Sunshine Warriorr off of him! The monster's been awakened! Sunshine Warriorr charges in, but eats shoe leather! Devastating big boot from Raw Mike! That could be it! Mike moving in for the kill now, he's got Sunshine Warriorr up... CHOKESLAM! Middle of the ring! Raw Mike covers!



RAW MIKE PULLS SUNSHINE WARRIORR UP! Raw Mike is shaking his head... 'Not yet, boy! I ain't done with you yet!'

TEAR GUTTER: Raw Mike could have won the match right there, but it looks like he's trying to send a message to the management.

JESTER JAY: He wants to show why he is deserving of a title shot.

Raw Mike picks up Sunshine Warriorr and chucks him non-chalantly into the corner. Soupbone rights at the prone Sunshine Warriorr, Raw Mike is having fun with the kid now, boxing his ears, beating him across the head and chest with those vicious short punches! Sunshine Warriorr can barely stand! Thumb across the throat, the crowd's sensing his finisher, and Raw Mike is more than happy to oblige! He's got Sunshine Warriorr up, but the kid has some fight left in him! He's struggling and wriggling...

Sunshine Warriorr slips off behind Raw Mike! Dropkick to the back! Raw Mike crashes sternum first into the turnbuckles! SUNSHINE WARRIORR WITH A ROLLUP!



THRE-RAW MIKE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! So close to a major upset there, but Sunshine Warriorr's not done! Sunshine Warriorr backs off Raw Mike waiting for him to get up....



Raw Mike throws Sunshine Warriorr's leg down and nearly takes his head off with a vicious lariat, deflating the crowd.

JESTER JAY: That was way too close for comfort!

TEAR GUTTER: I don't think there's going to be any comfort for Adrian Adidasr here shortly...

Raw Mike pulls the now deadweight Sunshine Warriorr to his feet and hoists him up in the center of the ring for a piledriver.

Jester Jay: Holy shit, he counters with a reverse hurricanrana.

Tear Gutter: Never doubt the well endowed.

Sunshine crawls for the ropes, he uses them to pull himself up to a vertical base, looking at Raw Mike getting to his hands then on one bended knee. Shining wizard from Adrian, he makes a cover.



Thr-- Mike able to reach out and place a foot on the ropes.

Jester Jay: Ring awareness is key in any match.

Tear Gutter: Oh yes, I've been aware of Adrian's lack of a ring for many weeks now.

Adrian pulls the big man up, forearm to the face, springboard DDT, Mike is down on the canvas. Adrian climbs to the top turnbuckle, five star frogsplash, he makes a second cover.



Thr-- Mike able to reach out with his right foot and touch the ropes for a second time, Joe Irving stopping the count.

Jester Jay: If Adrian is to win, he has got to hit a big move and keep Mike from the ropes.

Tear Gutter: Uh huh.

Adrian looks disgusted at his luck before pulling Mike back up, another forearm shot following it up with a knife edge chop.


Another chop to the chest.


Mike in the corner. Chop.




Adrian is getting into the choppity chop of Mike's chest, Irish whip. Mike reverses it mid-ring, Adrian scales the corner, spinning back with a toe kick right to the temple of Raw Mike. Mike hits a knee, but refuses to go down, although it is clearly evident on his face he wants to fall down. Adrian in the ropes, springboard back fist, he hits the ropes again. Mike is still refusing to go down and Adrian is going to ride this momentum as long as he can. Springboard bulldog takes Mike down, Adrian scales the turnbuckles one more time. He points to the crowd, moonsault, he rolls Mike over, hooks the big leg.




Jester Jay: Mike able to roll a shoulder up on that pin attempt.

Tear Gutter: Adrian is so... bright.

Adrian slaps the mat in frustration as he pulls himself back up to a vertical base, he eyes the turnbuckle one more time. Stepping through the ropes, he climbs to the top turnbuckle, slapping his elbow pad before diving out with the elbow extended ala Macho Man.

Tear Gutter: He connects with a shining elbow from the top rope.

Jester Jay: I think someone is... um for lack of a better analagy, blinded by the sun.

Adrian gets up, looking for his submission finisher.

He hits the ropes, springing back with a cannonball senton onto Mike before he locks in the Sun Burn. Referee Joe Irving slides into position, Mike's eyes are closed.

Jester Jay: Mike may be out cold.

Tear Gutter: Adrian's overlylarge

Jester Jay: I don't want to hear it.

Tear Gutter: Hit Mike right in the head.

Joe looks over to the timekeeper's table before he lifts Mike's arm.

Once it falls, Joe holds up one finger.

Twice it falls, Joe holds up a second finger.

Thrice it falls, Joe calls for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Winner of the match... Sunshine Warrior... Adrian Adidas!

"Pocket Full of Sunshine hits the speakers as Adrian holds his hand up in victory.

Tear Gutter: And Sunshine's debut on Chaos is a good one as he slips past the powerful Raw Mike.

Jester Jay: This was Sunshine's first match in quite some time and he's definitely looking to make an impression on the Chaos roster.

Jacob Figgins vs Joshua Danielson

Tamara Christopher Onassi: This match is scheduled for one fall, with a fifteen minute time limit.

Slow ominous guitar notes hit the pa as the lights throughout the venue dim. It isn't until the first vocals of the song that a figure in a red hooded jacket appears. The hood is up and hiding facial features.

"Welcome to the abandoned land
Come on in child, take my hand
Here there's no work or play
Only one bill to pay
There's just five words to say
As you go down, down, down"

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Making his way to the ring...

Upon the sound of a laugh the figure begins to walk down the ramp ,turning his head left and right and throws the hood off his head. To Reveal Jacob Figgins.

"You're Gonna Burn in Hell!!
Oh Burn Hell"

Figgins jumps onto the Barricade to slap hands with a few of the fans before jumping up on the next one

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He weighs in tonight at 245 pounds and hails from Kansas City, Missouri.

"You can't believe all the things i've done wrong in my life
Without even trying i've lived on the edge of a knife
Well, i've played with fire, but i don't want to get myself burned
To thine own self be true, so i think that it's time for a turn"

Jacob finaly makes it down to the ring, jogging up the stairs into the ring and slides in between the ropes.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He is the "Next Conspiracy" JACOB FIIIGINNNNS

Jacob drops to his knees, extending his arms outward, staring to the cieling. He hops back to his feet, awaiting the entrance of his opponent.

The pounding drum beat in the beginning of ‘Trust’ by Megadeth plays, before fading out, then the anthem ‘Fight Till You Die’ by Pennywise hits the speakers and the crowd cheers as the lights dim and Joshua Danielson comes through the curtain, bouncing down the ramp!

He slaps the hands of the fans at ringside before he sprints towards the ring and slides in under the bottom rope!

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Introducing next, weighing in at 198 pounds, from Des Moines, Iowa. ‘The Punisher’ Joshuaaaaaaa Danielsonnnnn!

Joshua bounces up to his feet, ready for the match as the music fades out.

Tear Gutter: Wait, before we go to this match I am getting word that our camera crew is going backstage with Joe BoXeR for an important announcement.

We cut backstage and Joe BoXeR is at his GM desk. He is signing something, and then looks up.

Joe BoXeR: Ah, hello there fans. You know, I am a man who rewards those who put forth great effort. Josh, you have been doing well here in the PWA and Figgins, your win against Rob last week was a big one. So you know what? This match is going to determine the number one contender for the Grizzly Beer title!

The crowd goes crazy, and the feed is cut from backstage and restored in the ring.

Tear Gutter: Well, alright!

Jester Jay: Joe can just do anything he wants, can't he?

Once both competitors are ready, the referee rings the bell to start the bout.

Tear Gutter: Number one contendership for the Grizzly Beer title is on the line!

Both men move in and lock it up, before Figgins gets the upper hand. He goes out to an arm wringer, and smashes Joshua in the side of the head with an elbow, sending him down to his knees while Jacob keeps the arm wringer intact. Joshua holds the side of his head with his other arm, before diving into a roll and kicking Jacob’s arm off of his, and gets to his feet as the crowd cheers the manuver!

Tear Gutter: Danielson sure has learned a lot since his start here!

Joshua and Jacob go at it again, locking up before this time, Joshua kicks Figgins in the gut, before going off the far ropes. However, when they meet in the middle, Jacob tosses him to the mat with an arm drag! Danielson slides out of the ring, as Figgins gets to his feet and began clapping in a rhythmic beat and some of the fans begin clapping with him!

Jester Jay: Jacob’s gonna fly!

Tear Gutter: Joshua had better get out of the way!

Jacob bounces off the far ropes, but as he’s about to reach the far side, Joshua slides into the ring and stops him with a shoulder block to the stomach.

Tear Gutter: That was a good stop by Joshua.

Jester Jay: He’s gonna need more than that to put down Figgins.

Jacob is bent over and Joshua gets back to his feet. He goes off the ropes beside them, before taking Figgins down to the mat HARD with a clubbing lariat to the back of his neck! Jacob is rolled onto his back by the impact as Joshua went for the first cover!


Jester Jay: Jacob kicks out at two after the heavy attack by Danielson!

Tear Gutter: Neither man is gonna go easy tonight. Both have promised victory, and it’ll take a lot for either of them to get it.

Joshua starts getting to his feet, pulling Jacob up by his head, before getting stopped by a straight jab to his midsection! He stops before getting hit with another one, sending him down to one knee, putting the momentum right back into Jacob’s corner. He picks Joshua up by his hair, before smashing him in the face with a hard palm strike! He then smacks Joshua in the stomach, doubling him over with a roundhouse sole butt! Finally, ending the striking, he sends Joshua down to the mat with a leaping elbow strike to the back of his head!

Tear Gutter: My god! If Joshua gets up from this, he’s THE man!

Jester Jay: That is a heavy combination of strikes, but it should be expected from ‘The Next Conspiracy’!

This time, it’s Jacob covering Joshua and hooking the leg!


But Joshua gets his shoulder up before the three and everyone in the arena is surprised and on their feet! Even Figgins himself is surprised! Joshua starts to get to his feet and Jacob grabs him in a front facelock, before trying to turn it into a snap suplex. However, Joshua holds his ground, and ends up countering. He picks Jacob up by his trunks, and sets his feet on the top rope, before snapping him down with a rope-assisted siakolypse! The crowd is on their feet as Joshua begins to get up. He yelled out, before making a cut-throat taunt as the crowd roared!

Tear Gutter: I think he’s calling for The Punishment!

Jester Jay: If he hits this, it could mean goodnight for Figgins!

Joshua picks up Jacob by his head, before smacking him with a few open handed slaps. He turns him around, before bending over and placing his head between Jacob’s legs. Joshua goes to lift him up on his shoulders, but Figgins slips out behind him. As Joshua tries to turn back around to Jacob, Figgins loads up before going for a discus elbow with the possibly loaded, deadly, Hello Kitty elbow pad! However, Joshua ducked the elbow and caught him, pulling Figgins down with a suprise crucifix pin!


Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Close one there, Danielson almost got Figgins by surprise.

Jester Jay: Is that Raw Mike coming to the ring?

Raw Mike rushes down and slides into the ring. Danielson is getting to his feet, only to be clobbered by a big right hand from Raw Mike!


Tamara Christopher Onassi: And the winner of this match by disqualification, Joshua Danielson!

Raw Mike slides out of the ring, yelling at a knocked out Joshua Danielson. He disappears backstage, his action possibly because of Raw Mike and Josh's on-going rivalry. Figgins gets to his feet, but Joe BoXeR comes to life on the PWAtron.

Joe BoXeR: Wow, just when I thought I could get a high caliber match out of two great Chaos superstars, somebody has to ruin it. Listen guys, I am sorry, and to make it up to you, I am going to issue a rematch for next week to add to our MEGA Chaos show leading into Good versus Evil. Josh Danielson, Jacob Figgins, next week with the number one contendership for the Grizzly Beer Title on the line!

Figgins claps in the ring, and Danielson is still out from that huge punch from Raw Mike.

Joe BoXeR: Jacob, tell Josh the news when he wakes up. I need to handle something.

The PWAtron switches off and Figgins tries to awaken Danielson.

Tear Gutter: That'll be some good news once he wakes up.

Jester Jay: But he'll have one hell of a headache.

The Ragin' Redneck... Ryan Ross?

Viktor Stone is walking down the hall, trying to get ready for his match tonight. He walks past Ryan Ross, who is calmly reading the latest edition of Time magazine.

Ryan Ross: Hey Vik, ready for the match tonight?

Viktor Stone: I'm ready to inflict pain on you and that stupid king of yours.

Ross looks up from the magazine, with a confused look.

Ryan Ross: Whoa, whoa. What's with the animosity?

Viktor Stone: Don't play dumb with me, I know what you said about me on the PWA airwaves.

Ryan Ross: We just call it how we see it.

Vik scoffs, and continues his walk. Ross walks up behind him.

Ryan Ross: Viktor --

Vik turns around and Ross nails him with a right hand and a left. Ross continues to beat Viktor Stone down and then Ross tosses Vik head-first into a wall. Vik is busted up and Ross picks up a steel pipe and nails Vik in the back with it.


Ross drops the pipe and disappears around a corner.

Tear Gutter: Jesus... Ross is an angry violent man these days.

Jester Jay: I guess going head to head with Bubba J is rubbing off on him.

RJ Banks vs LJ Xero

The match starts rather slow. Banks and Xero start off with a few chains, testing each others abilities. Xero with his technical abilities starts with the upper hand quickly managing to keep Banks grounded with a headlock. Banks toughs it out and counters out with an Irish whip, calf kick combo. Xero regains himself after the shot however, Banks keeps a slight upperhand. After cornering Xero a chop battle goes astray. Xero turns the situation and gets himself on the upperhand with a randomized flurry of strikes. After falling to the lower ropes Xero plants in a face wash. Getting cocky Xero poses to the crowd. Banks is given time to get back to his feet and capitalizes with a quick slide through Xeros feet and shooting up a throat thrust.

Banks runs the ropes and connects a swinging neck breaker getting a 2 count after. Not missing a beat Banks heads for the ropes and rebounds missing a knee drop. Having hit the canvas hard with the knee, Banks is unable to follow up and finds himself on the losing end of a kick. Grounded, Xero takes advantage of Banks and works over the leg. Banks finds it hard to defend the leg but manages to get a rope break. The ref calls off the assault and Banks is given room to get back to his feet.

Xero quickly gets back to his attack going after the leg, but Banks tries to fend him off with a quick reverse enzuguri. Xero does fall but staggers back dazed from the kick. Attempting to get the upper hand in the match Banks heads off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Xero stays standing. Another two attempts with nothing. Xero is requested to head to the ropes this time and complies. On the return Xero falls victim to a drop toe hold trick, rolling up to a side headlock. Fighting in the hold Xero verticals it and nails a belly to back suplex. 2 count.

Banks is slow back to his feet and once there is locked in a deadly sleeper. Banks struggles but Xero seems to have it in tight. Knowing to get out of the choke fast Banks garbs Vik by the head and drops with a jaw breaker. The move is cut off and Xero staggers back into the ropes. Banks knocks him out with a clothesline following out after with a crossbody. Both men are out on the outside. They both get back to their feet around the four count and fight with punches and chops. The count narrows down till it hits nine. Banks attempts to hit a super kick, it’s caught. The nine count is heard, the leg is dropped and both men make it back to the ring JUST in time.

Xero being the first in the ring takes advantage rushing the ropes and making a return. Upon returning to Banks he attempts a harsh lariat. The move is dodged and Banks ducks under, turning Xero around and lifting him up for the eradication. Xero slides off the back however and spins Banks around dropping him with the Climax.

One two three!

Winner: "The Anti-Hero" LJ Xero

All Tied Up

"The Empire Strikes First" by Bad Religion hits the sound system as Joe BoXeR comes out. He walks down to the ring, high-fiving some fans, and then gets in. The music dies down as he is handed a microphone.

Joe BoXeR: What's up Detroit!

The crowd goes crazy.

Joe BoXeR: Now, first things first. What you saw earlier with Ross and Viktor.. well, that wasn't very nice now was it? Unfortunately all of my talent is tied up and I don't have a partner to replace Viktor. So, Team Stone will not be happening tonight.

A few "aw's" from the crowd.

Joe BoXeR: I know... and Ross will be punished, don't worry. I can't have this going on in my show. Ross will be fined heavily for his unnecessary attack on Viktor, but unfortunately Matt Stone will not have a partner tonight. So, this will be a handicap match, and if Matt Stone is as good as he says he is, he needn't worry.

The crowd cheers for the handicap match.

Joe BoXeR: Now, I know last weekend on Rampage, Chamelion announced the Good versus Evil card in its entirety. We have the main event, WarGames, and then we have seven Rampage versus Chaos matches. Now, whichever show has the most wins that night, is declared the SUPERIOR SHOW. Of course, we all know that's Chaos already.


Joe BoXeR: Yup, but we're going to have to prove that on November 22nd. You all know who is fighting who, and there's no reason why the Chaos brand cannot win the majority of the matches. I want all you guys here tonight, watching at home, and all of my talent in the back to get ready for a night you will never forget when Chaos finally steps out of the shadows of Rampage and becomes the PWA's premiere show!

The crowd goes nuts again, and Joe drops the mic. He climbs out of the ring and heads backstage.

Tear Gutter: Some positive words from our General Manager, who's very determined to beat Rampage at G vs E.

Jester Jay: We're going to demolish them, Gutter!

The Renegade Souljahs vs Team Stone

I’m a Souljah hits the P.A. System as Ryan Ross and Mark Zout step out from behind the curtain. “Hailing from SEATTLE WASHINGTON, weighing in at four hundred and twenty five pounds they are the former two time PWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS they are “The” RENEGADE SOULJAHZ” Ryan Ross start the ascent first taking slow long strides of the stage and on to the ramp, followed by a taunting Mark Zout who instantly gets into a word exchange with a heated mark. Ryan pauses to let his partner finish his banter and to Check out any fine looking women in the aisle way. Zout walks past his partner while slowly sneaking up and scaring a youngster in the audience causing him to jump into his mother’s arms. Ryan chuckles every time and shortly follows his partner’s path down to ring side. Both men step close to the ring Mark waltzes to the steps as Ryan smoothly slides into the ring under the bottom rope with a loud chorus of boos haunting them as they enter the PWA’s battlefield. Ryan takes the corner nearest to him and thrust his arms out to his side signaling at his waist. Mark hopes over the top rope and bounds up the corner nearest him throwing his arms out telling the crowd to get on there knees and bow to the king of the world. Both men hope off the turn buckles and go to their corner waiting for their match to start. .

God Damn I love Me

The opening of "I don't care" can be heard as from the back Matt Stone walks out with a smirk of arrogance. He had the Grizzly Beer Championship over his shoulder and walking about five feet behind him was Zach Hazard. Stone was easily the more animated of the two, walking down the aisle with his arms held over his head to ensure he wouldn't touch anyone in the audience. He was wearing a Chex Mix t-shirt over his wrestling attire and Zach had n a Chex Mix hat. Stone walked up the steps and got in the ring, Zach just stood in a corner watching on, ignoring the booing fans in the PWA arena. Stone handed over the title to the referee and stood proud in the ring ready for the match.

Jester Jay: Looks like Matt will be going at it alone tonight.

Ding Ding

The Renegade Souljahz Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who goes first. Ross wins this one, Matt takes another look at the curtains, shakes his head and finally moves to center ring. They lock up, classic fashion. Matt being the stronger one, shoves Ross across the ring, Ross resembles a tumbleweed. On his knees, Ross looks around thinking wow, he gets to his feet and rushes at Matt...flying leg lariat! Matt is down, but gets up just as fast as Ross does. They lock back up, Matt hits a mean Suplex, slamming the poor Ross back first onto the canvas.

Tear Gutter: I heard emptiness.

Jester Jay: It was my wallet screaming, I’m doing my shopping on Ebay this year.

Ross sits back up, feeling on his back in pain, mouth open, eyes open. Matt sends Ross into the ropes as a set up for his Massive Hip Toss, adding more salt to Ross's back. Ross still on the floor, Matt gets to his feet and squashes Ross with a Senton onto his back. A second Senton, a third, fourth, fifth.

Tear Gutter: Matt Stone not known for using many sentons, just released a fury of them.

Jester Jay: You do what you have to do to win.

Ross isn't going anywhere, Matt takes his sweet ass time to regain his breath, back turned to Ross. Mark Zout runs into the ring, he grabs hold of Ross's leg and drags him home. Mark Zout behind the ropes now, makes the blind tag. Matt moves over to the ropes to take another look at the curtains, still waiting. Mark Zout grabs a hold of his head and sends Matt to the ropes, then a Lou Thesz Press to a pin.


A kick out with force. Mark Zout gets to his feet and goes in for the Mark Out. He can't though, Matt puts up a fight before pushing Mark Zout. Mark Zout goes in for the second tag of this match. The Renegade Souljahz are in the ring, they Irish Whip Matt into the turnbuckles. Mark Zout gets Irish Whipped towards Matt, coming in heavy for the body splash, then he sends Matt towards Ross, who hops up in the air for a Hurricanrana that connects big time. Ross rushes over to the top turnbuckle, he points at Mark Zout who's in the corner. They yell out. Double elbow drop... no body home. Matt crawls his way to Ross for the pin.




Matt takes a hold of Ross's head and brings him to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Ross returns to his sender, Matt sends another message, Super Drop Toe-Hold. Matt takes another look at the curtains. Something hits him, something hard. He screams out "(BLEEP) THAT loser anyways!" A huge pop.

Tear Gutter: About time.

Jester Jay: Viktor would just bring down the Chex Mix greatness anyways.

Tear Gutter: Oh brother.

Matt goes back to work on Ross, he sends him into the turnbuckle, then demolishes the man with a mega clothesline. Matt begins to hit Ross with an array of shoulder thrusts. Each of them powerful, Ross loses his breath each time. Matt backs up, Ross falls down on his ass. Matt closes in, grabs Ross's legs, tosses his legs up, Ross is in the air horizontally, Matt catches him and slams him down for a beautiful spinebuster. Matt drags Ross to the center of the ring, he brings him up to his feet. Matt DDT's Ross's skull to the ring viciously.




Jester Jay: HOW?

Matt is baffled. Mark Zout is baffled as well. Matt shakes his head and goes back to work, he picks up Ross and places him on his shoulder. Matt rushes towards the turnbuckle, Ross slides out and drop kicks him to the corner. Matt bounces off and stumbles backwards into a schoolboy.




Jester Jay: Matt’s struggling for all he’s worth here, been left on his own by his tag team partner.

Tear Gutter: Ross and Zout can tag in and out all they want, staying fresh. Stone has no such .. Wait, LOOK!

Dashing from the back comes Chamelion! The fans rise up, not sure what to expect. Chamelion jumps up on the apron in Stone’s corner! He yells at Stone…. To make the tag!?

Jester Jay: Chamelion!? Matt Stone’s partner!?

Tear Gutter: Maybe even he thinks that Stone got shafted by Viktor, and is here to even things up!?

Stone turns, exhausted and crawls towards his corner. At the same time, Ross makes a mad dash for Mark Zout. Stone reaches towards Chamelion, hand out to make the tag, when Chamelion drops down off the apron, shaking his head and smirking his devious grin. Mark Zout breaks through the ropes with a dive. He makes his way to the corner, springs his way to the top rope. He looks over at Ross "What we think of Canada!" Ross knows the drill. Matt moves slowly to his feet, glaring at Chamelion and cursing him. He doesn't know he's about to be...ridden down!

Mark Zout with the pin.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Winners of the match, the team of Mark Zout and Ryan Ross… the Renegade Souljahz!

“I’m a Souljah” hits up as Ross and Zout make their way to the back, their hands held high in the air. Chamelion offers a sweeping bow to the laid out Matt Stone and then heads to the back via the side entrance next to the stage.

Tear Gutter: I want to say I can’t believe what Chamelion just did… but, that would be a lie.

Jester Jay: Everyone thought he was out here to help Stone, but we really should have known better.

Tear Gutter: Never the less, The Souljah’s earn a somewhat lopsided victory here. This should put them in line for a future tag title shot.

Jester Jay: Souljahs against the Order of Chaos? An amazing match!

Tear Gutter: IF the Order of Chaos can make it past Rampage's Revolution 909 tonight.

Mark Zout and Ryan Ross walk back through the curtain to a horrorful sight, lying on the floor covered in barb wire and blood are Ray Zout, RJ Banks, Chris Rage, and Gary Maverick. As they look at the damage inflicted, they notice that Lit is missing from the pile, they turn their heads from side to side before Ryan notices him tied to a chair with barbed wire and a note stapled to his chest. Yes a note literally stapled to his chest. Ryan rushes over to pull the note off of Lit, he looks down at the writing, obviously Bubba J’s scrawl.

“Ross, twas so much fun to pay these assholes back for their interference in our match. I give you this gift of pain and torture to show you what I am capable of. I suggest that you prepare your mind and body for our encounter next week. You sir, are going to need every thing you can grasp. Oh and Ryan, one last thing, please do bring weapons to the match, I plan on bringing an aresenol to my playground. Welcome to my environment son, its play time.

Sincerely Yours,

Bubba J”

Tear Gutter: Oh my God... Ross looks horrified.

Jester Jay: Bubba is a mean SOB!

Johnny Maverick vs The Phoenix

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Our next match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission... introducing first, from our nation's capital...

"I'll never give in, I'll never, ever give up" X2

Johnny steps from behind the curtain and pounds on his chest, intensity etched on his face.

"You come around here you forget how to act
Slinging your fiction off of the rack
You put up a front to hide what you lack
I just laugh at your pathetic attack
I'll never give in, I'll never, ever give up X4"

Johnny lets out a roar before sprinting to the ring as fast as he can.

"Your role models, they sold you lies
They told you it's cool to drink and get high
It doesn't pay to be someone who buys
Into the hype, open your eyes
I see you, I hear you, I watch your parade
And I see right through the choices you've made
You have no self respect but you're getting paid
There's some things in life I'll never trade"

Johnny slides under the bottom rope and stands, running to a turnbuckle and letting out another roar.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6'2" and weighs 225 pounds... the God of Failure.. JOHNNY MAVERICK!!!

"I'll never be bought, I'll never be sold
I'm glad to walk out here in the cold
I don't have time to watch the drama unfold
I've seen enough and it's getting old."

Johnny jumps down and waits for his opponent.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: And his opponent, hailing from Orlando, Florida...

The Final Countdown by Europe begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6 feet even and weighs 230 pounds... he is the GLOBAL CHAMPION... The... PHOENIX!!!!!

The Phoenix, with the Global Title around his waist, comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Tear Gutter: This should be a good match.

Jester Jay: Maverick loses. There.

Tear Gutter: Don't ruin it! He could win!


Mav charges the Global Champion and nails him with a few knee strikes and some punches. Mav hip tosses Phoenix to the mat, but Phoenix bounces back up and ducks a punch from Mav. Phoenix gets behind Mav and nails him with a side Russian legsweep. Phoenix goes into the ropes and comes down with a leg drop over Mav's throat. Phoenix stops the God of Failure a few times and then gets him to his feet. Phoenix clobbers Mav with forearm shots and then shoves him into the turnbuckles. Phoenix spears Mav in the corner!

Tear Gutter: OUCH! That's gotta hurt!

Jester Jay: And Phoenix is reeling from that spear, still feeling the injuries from Bad Blood.

Phoenix stumbles back, but is relentless and tries it again. Johnny moves out of the way and Phoenix connects with the ringpost. Johnny pulls Phoenix out of the turnbuckles and clubs Phoenix in the back a few times. Johnny picks Phoenix up in the air with a suplex, but drops Phoenix down with a facebuster! Johnny covers.



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: The Global Champ kicks out right after two.

Jester Jay: No way Johnny can knock off Phoenix tonight. Jacob got LUCKY last week!

Mav gets up to his feet and stomps The Phoenix, then getting him up to his feet. Mav whips Phoenix into the ropes and Phoenix bounces back, Mav picks up Phoenix up into the air trying for something, but Phoenix reverses out of it and nails Mav with a dropkick on his way down. Phoenix gets to his feet and clotheslines Mav. Mav bounces back up but only to get clotheslined again. Mav is back up and ducks a third attempt from the Phoenix and tries a side kick, but Phoenix grabs Mav by the leg and sweeps Mav off his feet. Phoenix drives his boot right into Mav's stomach and then nails Mav with a elbow drop to the groin!

Tear Gutter: Ouch...


Tear Gutter: Shut up Jay!

Mav gets picked up to his feet and sent into the ropes by Phoenix. He comes back and tries for a cross body press, but Phoenix catches him. He smiles at the crowd, and leans back while throwing Mav over his head for a huge release fallaway slam. Mav hits the ground hard and rolls up into the ropes. Phoenix grabs him by his feet and drags him into the middle of the ring. The Phoenix goes into the ropes and comes down with a huge elbow drop. He tries for a second one, but Mav moves out of the way just in time. He goes to his feet and connects with a roundhouse kick!

Tear Gutter: Quite a wake-up call for Phoenix there!

Jester Jay: That only pissed him off!

Tear Gutter: Phoenix runs at Mav, but Mav counters by rolling Phoenix up in a small package!

Mav holds Phoenix together and the ref hits the mat.



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Phoenix barely escaped that rollup, but he's back on his feet.

Jester Jay: He takes a swing at Mav, but he ducks. He nails a dropkick to his back!

Tear Gutter: Phoenix goes over the top rope and lands on the outside!

Mav slides out of the ring and grabs Phoenix by his hair. He slams his face into the barricade. The referee starts to count.

Fans: 1!

Mav slams Phoenix's face into the barricade once more, and then unchambers lefts and rights into his side.

Fans: 2!

Mav gets Phoenix upright and tries to throw him into the ringpost, but Phoenix denies him and pulls Mav back at him. He lifts up his right arm, horizontally, and catches Mav hard with a vicious clothesline.

Fans: 3!

Mav gets up to his feet, but Phoenix is on the attack and clubs him in the back with a huge forearm smash. He does it again, and again. He picks him up and drops him throat first on the barricade.

Fans: 4!

Mav grabs his throat in pain.

Fans: 5!

Phoenix picks Mav up and rolls him into the ring. He manages to get to a knee.

Fans: 6!

Phoenix follows suit, and grabs Mav by the hair. He slams Mav's face into the turnbuckle. Again, and again. He turns Mav towards him, and picks him up in scoop slam fashion, and turns toward the middle of the ring. Phoenix takes off running and leaps forward, twisting his body along with Mav's downward toward the ground, and slams him.

Tear Gutter: What a slam from the Global Champ!

Jester Jay: The ring shook a lot from that impact!

Phoenix covers.



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Johnny isn't giving up yet.

Jester Jay: YET, keyword there.

Phoenix slams the mat in frustration and gets to his feet. He has a word with the ref, but the ref doesn't budge. Phoenix turns his attention to Mav, who kicks Phoenix right in the gut. Johnny rises to his feet and nails Phoenix with the ABM!!! Johnny covers.



The lights go out.

Tear Gutter: WHAT THE HELL!?

Jester Jay: Gutter, I can't see your perfect rack anymore!

We can hear Jay being slapped, and then some commotion in the ring. The referee is yelling, and trying to call for the bell. The lights come back on.

Tear Gutter: Holy *beep*! Engel is in the ring and he's pummeling the Global Champion!

Jester Jay: YES! Now it's a party! Team Pantheon has come here to send a message!

Tear Gutter: Simon Kalis has Johnny Maverick in a devastating anklelock! This is madness!


Tamara Christopher Onassi: As a result of a double disqualification, this match has ended in a DRAW!!!

Engel gets Phoenix up to his feet and nails him with the Sons of Plunder. Phoenix rolls out of the ring from the impact and lands on the floor below. He looks out of it, and suddenly Jacob Figgins comes racing down the rampway. He slides in unnoticed and hits the Tony Jaa on Simon Kalis! Kalis is forced to release the anklelock and Engel nails Figgins with a punch in the back, but Figgins doesn't give in easy as he shoots an elbow to Engel's face and then turns around as fast as can, lifting his knee and slamming it into Engel's stomach. Figgins DDTs Engel to the mat.

Tear Gutter: YES! GO FIGGINS! Team Apostle is NOT laying down!

Jester Jay: They will at Good versus Evil!

Engel and Kalis clear the ring, sharing their distaste for Figgins. They begin to head backstage...

::Today... my name... is pain...::

The two Pantheon members stop in their tracks as from out of the entrance way walks Riona Langly, idly twirling her railroad spike... Kalis looks to blow through Riona, but Engel holds him back as Riona wags her finger and points behind them... as Lacey Gloria jumps the guardrail. In the ring, Figgins helps Maverick to his feet and Robinson is getting to his on the outside.


Tear Gutter: 5 on 2 odds... sounds like it's out of the Pantheon's playbook.

Riona grins and pulls a mic out of the pocket of her Apostles of Ares hoodie.

Riona: Well, well, well... Don't worry, I'm not here to fight. Unless, you wanna be startin' something, because I think that my group here has the numbers advantage right now, and I really REALLY want to save the bloodshed for Good vs. Evil. I just wish Hunter was out here to know how right he was... See, I said, I'd reveal my 5th team member tonight on Chaos, and well... you two just tried to kick the crap out of him. Yeah, HOLY ANTI-CLIMAXES BATMAN, temporarily joining the Apostles of Ares for Ragnarok will be the 5 time PWA World's Champion... the 2 time PWA Global Champion... and total asshole host of PWA Radio himself... THE PHOENIX... ROB ROBINSON!

The crowd gives a big cheer as Rob sighs, looking down...

Riona: Now. I've said what I had to say...

Riona steps aside and allows Engel and Kalis to walk backstage as she walks towards the ring to meet with her team...

Jester Jay: The Phoenix? Like that'll give the Apostles the edge.

Tear Gutter: Veteran experience? That counts for SOMETHING!

Riona helps Rob up as she and the rest of the Apostles walk backstage.

The Order of Chaos vs Revolution 909

Main Event - PWA Tag Title Match

Jester Jay: Mmm, do you smell that Tear?

Tear Gutter: No... what?

Jester Jay: I smell ratings, I smell war!

Tear Gutter: That's right Jay! We're about to get geared up for the main event, Chaos versus Rampage. Tag titles on the line! The Order of Chaos versus-

Jester Jay: Rampager scum! That's who!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following is schedueled for one-pinfall and is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association Tag Team Championship!

The crowd cheers before it dies down for a moment as the arena goes completely dark...

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing first, the challengers! With a combined weight of 500 pounds and repersenting PWA's Rampage, they are J@CK 1 and D0M 2.. It is... REVOLUTION 909!!!!

The tone from "Close Encounters of a Third Kind" plays over the speaker twice, before "Robot Rock" Hits the the tron, Green and Red lights cover the arena, rising up from under the stage basked in a white light, J@CK 1 accompanied by D0M 2, they both give each other a then walk down to the ring, they both walk up the steps, D0M 2 looks out to the crowd as he points out one the fans signs then walks into the ring, they both go to turnbuckles opposite of each other and look out into the crowd, the visor on J@CK 1's helmet flashing between "Human" and "Robot" and The Visor on D0M 2's helmet flashing a heart, they down and await their opponents.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing next, their opponents!


"Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos Remix)" by 2Pac & The Outlawz begins to blare over the arena and the fans are quick to jump to their feet. The strobe lights search the crowd, flashing colors of blue and white.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: With a combined weight of 370 pounds!

...The Army of Honor...

The anticipation is building now as the famed skull and bones logo of the Order begins to appear faintly over the tron.


The fans cheer loudly for his name as the skull and bones over the tron becomes clearer and clearer.

...Simon Kalis...

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: They are the repersentatives of PWA's Chaos and your PWA Tag Team Champions!

The fans erupt into an even louder chorus of cheers as the Order's logo finally appears clearly and fireworks are set off in the center of the stage as both Simon Kalis and his son Masakazu now appear from behind the curtains.


Tamara Christopher-Onassi: They are Simon Kalis and Masakazu... THE ORDER OF CHAOS!

Both men now make their way down to the ring, slapping the hands of fans as they pass by and playing to the crowd until they get into the ring and unstrap their tag titles. They stare hard and dirty towards Revolution 909 as they hand their titles to Jason Sharownski, the official of this match. The referee hoists both titles in the air before handing them off to ringside as Masakazu gets into his corner and J@CK1 into his corner. Simon Kalis and D0M2 remain in the ring.


Kalis wastes no time by springboarding himself off of the ropes and landing onto D0M2, taking him down quickly with a sudden hurricanrana. Kalis is up to his feet quickly and throws himself onto the ropes, landing on them with his stomach and flipping backwards to hit a body splash on the downed D0M2 of Revolution 909. J@CK1 yells at D0M2 to get up and fight and he does as he quickly grabs Kalis by the legs as he tries to get up and rolls up Kalis for a pin!



Kalis kicks out quickly and rolls out of the way, shaking his head. Kalis runs forward and attempts a sitdown dropkick into the downed D0M2, but D0M2 moves himself out of the way and avoids the hit. Now D0M2 is up and he starts kicking Kalis hard in the ribs before picking him up by his bald head and whipping him into the ropes. Kalis bounces off and back towards D0M2 and D0M2 leaps forward spearing Kalis hard into the mat. D0M2, now on top of Kalis starts laying in some heavy duty punches which hit Kalis hard given D0M2's robotic form. Kalis uses his knees to lift D0M2 off of him and it works but barely, as Kalis rolls away for a moment and tags in Masakazu. Kalis rolls out onto the apron and Masakazu jumps up onto the top rope as D0M2 is getting up. D0M2 turns around to see Masakazu come flying off the top rope with a superkick but D0M2 grabs Masakazu by the one leg, spins him around and drops him hard to the canvas with a very unorthodox powerbomb. D0M2 now gets up and heads for the ropes, bouncing off them and coming back suddenly with a springboard moonsault right onto Masakazu. D0M2 quickly hooks the leg!



Tear Gutter: The boys from Rampage trying to put away the Order quickly!

Jester Jay: They have no chance against the greatest tag team in the Pantheon today!

Tear Gutter: Wait, but the Pantheon only has one-

Jester Jay: Shut up Tear, and cheer our boys.

D0M2 stands up frustrated and tags in J@CK1 and J@CK1 heads into the ring now. Masakazu gets on one knee and punches J@CK1 in the gut. Masakazu grabs ahold of J@CK1 and springboards him into the turnbuckle, J@CK1 landing upside down. Masakazu gets up and backs up and then charges towards J@CK1, coming in sliding like he's going for homeplate in a baseball game, his feet thrashing J@CK1 in the face. J@CK1's legs are tied up on the turnbuckle and Kalis comes over and starts kicking J@CK1 in the back of the head from the apron as Masakazu kicks him in the face from inside the ring. D0M2 doesn't look pleased as he yells at Sharownski to call the illegal maneuvering from the champions. The referee tells them to stop but Kalis tags himself in and continues as does Masakazu. Then Masakazu tags himself back in and then Kalis tags himself back in, both men still kicking J@CK1 in the head until D0M2 finally leaps over the top rope and charges towards them. Masakazu jumps out of the way and D0M2 ends up tackling referee Jason Sharowski to the canvas. It's at this point Kalis springs into action and leaps onto the top rope, trying to keep his balance as Masakazu gets behind D0M2 and crouches. But D0M2 is no fool as Kalis attempts a move off the top rope, D0M2 rushes forward and headbutts Kalis in the gut sending him flying to the outside. Kalis lands hard on the outside and Masakazu attempts to attack but D0M2 snaps back grabbing onto Masakazu and flipping him before laying him out with a piledriver. J@CK1 is up now and proper as D0M2 picks Masakazu up and whips him to the ropes. J@CK1 gets into position as the Revolution 909 hits Da Funk on Masakazu! Kalis is still outside knocked out cold as J@CK1 quickly covers while Sharowski is up!







Kalis looks up and can't believe it, sliding into the ring and grabbing Sharowski by the throat. J@CK1 and D0M2 roll out of the ring and head over to the bellkeepers table to grab the PWA tag team titles. The crowd BOOS with intensity as Kalis starts pummeling Jason Sharowski before throwing him to the canvas and falling to his knees, his hands on his head in disbelief

Tear Gutter: Oh my God.... The Order of Chaos was just defeated...

Jester Jay: Are we in Montréal!? IS THIS 1997!? WHAT THE HELL!?

Revolution 909 starts heading up the entrance ramp holding the tag titles as Masakazu comes too, he himself in complete shock. The fans are throwing garbage into the ring at this point and garbage at Revolution 909 until "The Empire Strikes First" by Bad Religion hits the sound system as Joe BoXeR appears from backstage, with a microphone in his hand and security guards behind him.

Joe BoXeR: Whoa, whoa! Hold on! Everyone watching saw Kalis was the last man tagged in.

The crowd cheers as Mr. BoXeR nods towards them.

Joe BoXeR: There's no way I'm going to sit back there and allow such an injustice to occur on my show!

Kalis looks up at BoXeR now nodding and yelling at him, as Masakazu stands up now. Revolution 909 start shaking their heads and place the titles over their shoulders as Joe BoXeR shakes his head.

Joe BoXeR: No, you did not win those! Roll the replay!

Everyone turns to the ADCTron now.

REPLAY: The referee tells them to stop but Kalis tags himself in and continues as does Masakazu. Then Masakazu tags himself back in and then Kalis tags himself back in, both men still kicking J@CK1 in the head until D0M2 finally leaps over the top rope and charges towards them.

Joe BoXeR: As you can all clearly see, the last tag-in made had Kalis becoming the legal man in the ring. The pinfall Masakazu suffered was illegal, therefore The Order of Chaos remains the Tag Team Champions! So... Restart the match!

Revolution 909 doesn't look happy as they turn around to head back to the ring, but Kalis and Masakazu are already on the move towards them! Kalis and Masakazu both spear J@CK1 and D0M2 to the ramp, grabbing their titles and raising them in the air as they rush back to the ring.


Jason Sharowski seems apologetic as Masakazu gets to the corner and Kalis stands in the center of the ring. J@CK1, being the last legal man in slides into the ring and gets to his feet as Kalis stares him down coldly, both men circling each other in the ring.

Jester Jay: I never thought I'd say this, but thank God for Joe BoXeR!

Kalis and J@CK1 start to grapple each other, each pushing back on the other for the momentum until J@CK1 headbutts Kalis sending him back a bit. J@CK1 then moves forward and lifts Kalis up, holding him high in the air before dropping him back with a devastating suplex. J@CK1 is up now and bounces off the ropes, dropping hard on Kalis with a sudden leg drop. Kalis holds his throat as J@CK1 picks him up by the head and whips him into the ropes. Kalis comes back to J@CK1 and J@CK1 grabs onto him, lifting him up and spinning him around before laying him out with a heavy backbreaker. Kalis winces in pain and holds his back as J@CK1 heads over to his corner and tags in D0M2. Now Kalis is back up and as D0M2 comes over to grab him Kalis throws up an arm, blocking the attempt. Kalis then grabs onto D0M2 and grapples him, quickly now Kalis starts using his knees raising them up into D0M2's gut trying to take him down. D0M2 finally falls out of the grip and onto his knees when Kalis steps back and spins with a sideways thrust kick into D0M2's head. Kalis now climbs up to the top rope as D0M2 remains motionless on the canvas. Kalis comes flying off with an incredible twisting shooting star press, landing squarely on D0M2. Kalis gets up and tags in Masakazu who slingshots himself off the top ropes and lands an elbow drop on the downed D0M2.

Tear Gutter: I was worried for a second but the Champs seem to be serious now.

Jester Jay: Of course they are!

D0M2 rolls out of the way and as Masakazu rushes towards him, D0M2 raises his foot up and nails Masakazu right in the knee. Masakazu stumbles back and D0M2 gets himself up and charges Masakazu, clotheslining him to the canvas. D0M2 now pulls Masakazu into the center of the ring and starts applying pressure with a Boston Crab, trying to snap Masakazu in half. Masakazu struggles and cries out in pain as D0M2 uses his body weight over Masakazu to continue adding pressure. Kalis jumps into the ring but J@CK1 does as well and J@CK1 stops Kalis from interferring by dropkicking him to the outside of the ring. Jason Sharowski is checking to see if Masakazu wants to quit but Masakazu frantically shakes his head no. J@CK1 gets behind D0M2 and over Masakazu, and J@CK1 grabs D0M2's shoulders and starts pulling him back adding even more pressure on Masakazu's back. The referee starts yelling at J@CK1 to stop and he does, instead going down to Masakazu's level. J@CK1 grabs Masakazu's hand and starts tapping Masakazu's hand on the canvas as if he were really tapping out. Sharowski doesn't buy it for a second as Kalis comes sliding into the ring and quickly gets to J@CK1, taking him out with a stunning brainbuster. J@CK1 rolls out of the ring and D0M2 still has Masakazu locked in the boston crab, where Masakazu is now sweating bullets from the pain. Kalis stands in front of D0M2 and starts standing on one leg, before swinging with his whole body weight into the marvelous move known as Remembrance!


Jester Jay: Yeah, maybe he's trying to help D0M2 remember not to mess with a Pantheon member.

Kalis checks on Masakazu now, and pulls him towards the apron. Kalis then hops over back to the apron and reaches out to Masakazu, and Masakazu pushes himself forward that last inch and tags in his father. Kalis hops back onto the top rope, carefully balancing himself as he runs across it to get near D0M2. Kalis jumps off and lands on D0M2 once more, trying for another hurricanrana but D0M2 reverses it and drops Kalis hard on his head with a sitdown powerbomb. Kalis head itself bashing against one of the turnbuckles! D0M2 goes for the pin!




Kalis easily grabs onto the ropes and smiles at D0M2 who then brings a powerful closed fist down right into Kalis' bad knee. D0M2 is up and starts stomping on Kalis' knee as J@CK1 grabs ahold of Kalis' neck from the outside and uses the bottom rope as leverage while he chokes him. Referee Jason Sharowski is trying valiantly to break this illegal attack but D0M2 throws an elbow and accidentally knocks Sharowski out again!

Jester Jay: Oh God here we go again!

Tear Gutter: LOOK! Masakazu just grabbed a chair from ringside!


Masakazu slides into the ring with a steelchair in hand. J@CK1 is still choking Kalis but D0M2 turns around and stands back, waiting for Masakazu to make his move. Masakazu hesitates and then goes to swing, D0M2 ducking but- Masakazu never fully went through with it, instead faking the swing and then chucking the chair to the outside! D0M2 doesn't notice this until Masakazu kicks him in the gut and then grapples him. Masakazu starts lifting his knees into D0M2's knees, then into D0M2's gut and then into D0M2's face with both his knees in the move known as From Japan With Love! D0M2 stumbles back and then back to Masakazu. Masakazu whips D0M2 into the turnbuckle as Kalis wildly punches J@CK1 in the face. Kalis gets himself free and baseball slide kicks J@CK1 down and out on the outside. Now Kalis and Masakazu work quickly, Kalis heading to D0M2 and lifting him up on his back as he hooks his arms and takes him to the top rope. Kalis has him in position for Sentencing of the Damned, but Masakazu is himself in position for a different move. Kalis jumps off and then as both Kalis and D0M2 come crashing down, Masakazu grabs onto D0M2's neck and combines the top rope invertabreaker with a reverse 3/4 neckbreaker!


Jester Jay: That is the most DEVASTATING tag team finisher I've ever seen! Jason Sharowski is up and Kalis goes for the pin!





Kalis and Masakazu embrace as they both quickly slide out of the ring and grab the PWA Tag titles from ringside.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The winners of this match, and STILL PWA Tag Team Champions... Simon Kalis and Masakazu... THE ORDER OF CHAOS!

The fans go nuts as "Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos REMIX)" hits over the sound systems. Kalis and Masakazu laugh at Revolution 909, who seem pissed off in the ring as Kalis and Masakazu raise the titles high at the top of the entrance ramp!