World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Welcome to Chaos!

Tear Gutter: Welcome to Chaos everybody!

Jester Jay: Calm down, Gutter. The GM is on his way out.

"The Empire Strikes First" by Bad Religion hits the sound system as Joe BoXeR appears from backstage. He is wearing a fine Italian suit and makes his way into the ring. He grabs a microphone and the music dies down.

Joe BoXeR: Hello Cleveland!

The crowd goes crazy.

Joe BoXeR: Tonight you are all going to be in for a special treat. We've got some of the best PWA talent competing in some classic matches here tonight. But I want to talk to you about next week. With Revolution 909's victory over The Alliance last week on Rampage...

Crowd: BOOOO!!!!!

Joe BoXeR: I know, I know. Rev 909 has earned a shot at the tag team titles. Now..

Suddenly, the camera pans on Eli Storm and some Rampage talent in the front row.

Joe BoXeR: Eli, just what are you doing here?

Eli tries to get over the barricade, but security stops him. Joe allows him to pass through. Eli gets over and gets a mic, and climbs into the ring.

Eli Storm: Well, I'm here just to see what the buzz is about... I mean, is this really how you do things Joe?

Joe BoXeR: You got that right. And people out there love it.

The crowd goes crazy.

Eli Storm: Well, that right there in the front row is the number one contender to the Tag Titles... Revolution 909!

Rev 909 waves to the crowd.

Eli Storm: And they will be taking their title shot sooner than later, Joe.

Crowd: WHAT!

Joe BoXeR: You know what, Eli? Finally we agree on something, because I am planning on giving those Rampage rookies a shot at one of the most dominate tag teams in recent history, The Order of Chaos. And guess when it's gonna happen?

Eli Storm: Good versus Evil?


Eli Storm: So be it.

Eli drops the mic and climbs out of the ring, heading back over to his boys Jack and Dom.

Joe BoXeR: I hope you guys have a great night and let's get this show started! Oh, and before I go, I think we're all going to have a better idea of what the main event of Good vs Evil will be tonight!

Tear Gutter: Really?

Jester Jay: Seems like our GM has a trick or two up his sleeve!

LJ Xero vs. Harvey the Hardcore Hippo

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. And there are NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! Introducing first, from The “BETTER” Hollywood…

Never Enough plays and LJ Xero leaves backstage and comes out with an unhappy white clown mask worn during plays during the pre-1900s and a black leather coat looking down to the floor throughout his entrance walk to the ring, he rolls into the ring and camps down into the corner.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6’7” and weighs 265 pounds… he is ‘The Anti-Hero’.. LJ XERO!!!!

The arena lights are nothing but strobe lights flicking on and off... During his walk to the ring, the screen changes to his titantron which has "The Harvester of Sorrow" flashing, which changes to people being executed via the guillotine, images of torture devices used during the Spanish Inquistion, the Holocaust, images of Nagasaki and Hiroshima after the A-Bomb was dropped... Then "The Anti-Hero" flashes and it’s greeted with images of Stalin speaking, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Pol Pot and finally, Barack Obama... It returns to LJ Xero entering the ring to crash into the corner.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: And his opponent, from Poughkeepsie, New York…

The lights fade and red and white spotlights cris cross the arena as the frenetic sound of violins and horns burst from the house speakers. "Come to the Circus" by Circus Contraption hits the first chorus and on the big screen clips from freak shows and circus side shows flash by. As the spotlights converge on the entrance out steps a Hippo smoking an oversized cigar and waving at the crowd. From behind him a little clown riding a unicycle emerges from the curtains.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6’1 and weighs 205 pounds… Harvey the Hardcore Hippo!

Harvey heads toward the ring with the clown following behind throwing confetti at the crowd. On reaching the ring, Harvey slides under the roops, stands up then proceeds to remove his costume head and gloves, set them down in the corner and wait for the match to start.

Tear Gutter: The exciting debut of Harvey the Hardcore Hippo.

Jester Jay: Maybe you think Chaos has stooped to a new low, but this guy is awesome.


Harvey and Xero circle each other in the ring. Xero moves in and locks up with Harvey, overpowering him. Harvey drops to a knee, and Xero lets go of the hold and then kicks Harvey right in the gutter. Xero grabs Harvey by the head and flips him on his back in the middle of the ring. Xero drops down on Harvey with an elbow drop. He does it again, and again. Harvey tries to get to his feet, but Xero kicks him in the ribs. Xero picks Harvey up to his feet and nails him with a brainbuster in the middle of the ring.

Tear Gutter: An impressive start from the Anti-Hero.

Jester Jay: I thought this was supposed to be a hardcore match!

Xero slips out of the ring and grabs something from underneath it. Xero has a baseball bat and climbs back into the ring. Harvey has gotten back up to his feet and Xero charges, wielding the baseball bat. Harvey steps out of the way and then hits a dropkick to Xero’s back. Xero goes into the ropes and then Harvey grabs Xero in a reverse facelock and drives him to the mat with a reverse DDT. Harvey grabs the baseball bat and gets to his feet. He slams the bat into Xero’s chest. He does it again, and again. Then he proceeds to choke Xero with the bat. Xero tries to fight out of it and manages to rake Harvey in the eyes. Harvey stumbles back, letting go of the bat. Xero gets to his feet and nails Harvey with a right, then a left. He clotheslines Harvey over the top rope. Xero climbs out of the ring and kicks Harvey a few times in the stomach and chest. He gets Harvey to his feet and slams him into the barricade. Harvey falls to a knee, and Xero grabs him by the head. Harvey counters with a low blow, and Xero falls to his knees. Harvey headbutts Xero and Xero falls to the mat. Harvey grabs a table from underneath the ring. He sets it up parallel with the ring. He lays Xero across it, nailing Xero with a few punches.

Jester Jay: See Gutter? How could you not love a Hardcore Hippo?

Tear Gutter: He’s quite mad.

Harvey climbs on to the apron and runs to the far corner. He runs back and jumps off the apron, smashing Xero with an elbow drop through the table!

Jester Jay: Oh yeah!

Both men are hurt from the move, but Harvey manages to make it up to his feet. He gets Xero up to his feet and slides him in the ring. Harvey goes for a cover.



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Close one there, Jay. Xero has got more toughness that that.

Jester Jay: Maybe.

Harvey gets Xero up to his feet. Harvey nails Xero with an European uppercut and then sends him into the ropes. Xero comes back and nails Harvey with a huge shoulder tackle. Xero stomps on Harvey some more and then picks Harvey up. He throws him into the turnbuckles. Xero smashes his knee repeatedly into Harvey’s midsection. Xero puts Harvey on the top turnbuckle and then climbs up to the middle rope. Xero superplexes Harvey to the mat, and then attempts a cover.



Kick out!

Jester Jay: Phew, that was close.

Tear Gutter: And in just a matter of seconds Xero is back on top.

Jester Jay: I bet that’s where you like it too, Gutter.

Xero gets Harvey up to his face. Harvey nails Xero in the gut with an elbow and then uppercuts him. Harvey goes into the ropes, but Xero tries to counter with a clothesline. Harvey ducks underneath and bounces off the other ropes. Harvey hits a running dropkick to Xero’s left knee and Xero falls to his knees. Harvey grabs the baseball bat and tries to use it on Xero, but Xero grabs Harvey’s arm before the bat can reach him. Xero picks Harvey up in a guerilla press and slams him down to the mat!

Tear Gutter: What strength from Xero!

Xero goes for a cover.



Kick out!

Jester Jay: Not quite! The Hippo just won’t give up!

Xero slams the mat in frustration. He picks Harvey up to his feet. Xero nails Harvey with a right hook, and Harvey is still standing. Xero takes the bat and nails Harvey in the gut with top end, and then Xero slams the bat over Harvey’s back. Harvey falls to a knee. Xero goes to hit Harvey with the bat again, but Harvey hits the Hippo Charge on Xero!

Tear Gutter: Whoa! A desperate counter from Harvey and it paid off.

Jester Jay: Cover him Hippo!

Harvey covers Xero.



Kick out!

Harvey slowly gets to his feet. Xero is trying to get to his, Harvey tries to kick Xero but Xero grabs Harvey’s legs and trips Harvey to the mat. However, Harvey fights back and kills Xero viciously in the gut several times. Harvey buys some time and gets to his feet.

Jester Jay: Harvey applies the Hungry, Hungry Hippo!

Tear Gutter: I miss that guy.

Harvey applies his variation of the crossface chickenwing, and Xero tries to fight it. But with the biting and the pain, Xero is forced to tap.


Tamara Christopher Onassi: And the winner of this match by submission… HARVEY THE HARDCORE HIPPO!!!

Tear Gutter: And a big debut win from the Hardcore Hippo. He sure had to earn it as Xero put up a good fight.

Jester Jay: It was the Hardcore Hippo all the way. He had this match in the bag from the beginning.

Tear Gutter: Suuuure.

The War Drums

Tear Gutter: Well... that was a match alright?

Jester Jay: I don't get it. I mean, how does he wrestle in that hippo suit?

Tear Gutter: I don't know man. What next, you're gonna ask how he types with boxing gloves on?

Jester Jay: That's silly woman... he doesn't wear boxing gloves!

Tear Gutter's attempted homicide of her broadcast partner is stopped rather suddenly by a voice coming over the loudspeakers...

Voice: Well... well... welllll...

The spotlights search around the arena a bit before settling on Rampage wrestler Riona Langly, standing in the crowd and wearing her black Apostles hoodie.

Tear Gutter: What the fuck is she doing here?

Jester Jay: Well, I guess she's here to talk, right?

Riona: For once in my miserable life, I'm going to be brief. Not because of anything I've got going on tonight, because my schedule is as always, clear and free. Nor is the show going to suffer because I'm talking... Hell, the suits are probably in the back watching the ratings go up because I'm on screen.

Riona grins as she starts to move down the steps. Notable by her abscence is Lacey Gloria.

Riona: No, I'm not here out of boredom or ratings... I'm here for business. I'm here for a simple reason... I'm here to challenge Hunter fucking Sullivan to a match for Good vs. Evil. So, while I slowly make my way down to the ring... After all, you never know when Kalis or that Iron Man ripoff he walks around with is going to show up, I'd like for Hunter to hobble his way out here. And if he doesn't show up, well, I guess Tear and Jay are going to get a broadcast partner until he does.

Jester Jay: For the love of God, Hunter please save us!

Tear Gutter: Very funny Riona...

Riona: Hunter, I know you're here... so, why don't you just come on out already.

Riona hops the ringside barrier as the lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in
a harsh chorus of Jeers.

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you

With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through.

The music cuts off as Hunter walks the stage looking down into the ring. The wrestler staggers as he is clearly hurt, added to the fact that he was held up by crutches. The wounded, ex champion glares down at the ring and at Riona, not to interested in her or her ways.

Hunter: And what in the name of god do you want now? I’ve had enough of you people.

Riona: Hunter, I'm hurt... I figured you'd WANT to face me again. You're hunting that perfect match after all, and the match that I have in mind, it's like nothing that has been seen in the PWA.

Hunter shares a half interested glance down the ramp.

Hunter: Well forgive me and my confusion. But I think if you wanted a rematch you should have cashed it in way back when. Then again.. you aren’t exactly as smart as say, myself. So please continue with whatever it is you want.

Riona: That IC Title match, oh so long ago? Feeling the sting of defeat to you still burns, and I need to get it out of my system... The future that lies before me cannot be beset with regrets from the past. You got me last time as I was on the brink of insanity... Now, I've fallen into the abyss, and I see you sweet bloody escape.

Hunter: No, see, what you reallllly mean is “Oh look, Hunter the best technical wrestler in PWA, is hurt and wounded. Time to take advantage of him.” Well listen close missy moo, I’m not an idiot, and I know very well my body is not up to the task of facing you again just yet. So why don’t you go off and let yourself be a target in the Apostles circle jerk.

Riona: I don't mean NOW now... I've got Shadow's ass to kick on Saturday night after all. Anyway, what I have in mind is for Good vs. Evil. Appropriate if you ask me... Then again, most people wouldn't call what I'm doing good per say, so really, it's like Evil vs. Angry...

Hunter: Segway time. Stop beating around the bush.

Riona: Oh fine, you're no fun Hunter... You get 4 of your Pantheon friends, I get 4 Apostles, and we have ourselves a little match... But not just any match. This is a match that will never be forgotten... A match that is spoken of in hushed tones, in whispers, for invoking it's name is invoking the carnage that comes in it's wake. Those that step into this hell are remembered for all times... They become the myths and legends of this sport, because they have survived the ultimate endurance of the human soul. You want to be legendary Hunter? Then just tell me yes.

Hunter mulls things over for a bit...

Hunter: This little match of yours Riona... if I go along with this, I never want to see you again. Your war, it's over, and the Apostles of Ares just fade away. You leave you fuck off some place. I don’t want to hear blabbering of your psychotic mind, don’t want to see Stone being useless in my way, no Maverick getting it up the rear by an imaginary ghost. I want you all gone, no exceptions.

Riona: Done.

Hunter: Then you have a deal.

Riona smirks... and begins to laugh... It's a little maniacal and Hunter seems a bit unnerved.

Hunter: What the hell are you laughing about?

Riona: Hunter Sullivan... you're too easy. You know what you've agreed to? You've agreed to send the Pantheon into the future that I've seen through crimson dreams. You've just agreed to Ragnarok... 2 rings, one giant cage to keep us all in... For the first time in PWA history, we are going to witness at Good vs. Evil... From the sick mind of Dusty Rhodes himself... WARGAMES!

The crowd pops as Hunter tries to backpeddle.

Hunter: WarGames? You're fucking joking Riona, right? You really want to do this in WARGAMES!?

Riona: No joke... And you can't escape this now that you've agreed to it. I've already gotten approval from Eli Storm, Joe BoXer, and the Board of Directors... So, your friend Chamelion, even with all his horses and men, is verily HELPLESS to stop this. The future is here Hunter. The future of my dreams and nightmares... And here's a little spoiler... You're not going to be in it for much longer.

Jester Jay: That's it, she's nuts!

Tear Gutter: She's toast, that's what she is. She thinks she and her group can beat the PANTHEON? No amount of 5 star matches or chops can bring them down!

Riona snaps off a crux pose as Hunter looks a little worried on the stage... and we cut to commericial.

RJ Banks vs Raw Mike

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following match is set for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.

"Available" from Flo-Rida and Akon starts playing as we see RJ coming out of the curtain, wearing his signature black sweater with
the letters "RJ" embroidered in the back with a shiny fabric, the same color as his pants, and his sunglasses. He turns back, pointing at the shiny letters on his back with his thumbs before turning back by the crowd and get to one knee. He extends his arms from each sides, confident smile on his face as the crowd was sending him a negative reaction, but he didn't seem to bother about that.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Making his way to the ring, from Beverly Hills, California, weighting in at 205 pounds: R... J... BANKS!

RJ makes his way to the ring, not even looking at the crowd. He climbs on the apron and gets to the middle of it. He takes off his sweater and fakes to throw it to the crowd. Instead, he just drops it to his feet for someone to grab it. He gets inside the ring, where he climbs on the first and second rope, bouncing while he raises his fist in the air. He gets off the ropes and goes in his corner.

Ruff Ryder’s Anthem hit’s the PA system and red and blue lights begin to flash alternatively on either side of the arena, emulating the effects of police lights. Mike walks out from behind the curtain in saggy jeans and hazard yellow lugz. He is shirtless, and the flashing lights reflect off his bald ebony skull. Upon hitting the entrance ramp, he is immediately met by a fit of jeers from the crowd.

With a furrowed brow and a shake of his head, Mike scoffs at the fans, and even goes as far as to falsely swing a backhand at one of the booing kids, sending the child jumping back to hide behind their parents. There is an achieved smile after this as the giant of a man continues on toward the ring.

When he reaches the apron, Mike places a knee on it, using the top rope to pull himself up, and then steps over the top rope. He cracks his knuckles once in the ring, preparing his fists to give a beating to his opponent.


MIKE stands in the middle of the ring looking down at RJ Banks, both men not paying any attention to the crowd in the building. They go for a collar and elbow tie up, RJ ducking under the attempt to behind MIKE delivering a stomp to the back of the big man's knee taking him down to one knee quickly in this match. RJ hits the ropes bouncing back with a forearm shot to the face of MIKE, it causes him to lean backwards a bit. RJ hits the ropes again delivering another stiff shot that rocks MIKE back from the force of the blow. RJ is working hard here because he definitely has his work cut out for himself against the much bigger Raw Mike. RJ wants to take MIKE down to the mat so he bounces off the ropes once again but is caught by the throat by a big hand from MIKE. Referee Dwayne Cross is there he makes a move to stop the blatent choke that MIKE is enforcing, but he glares down at the zebra. RJ kicks out connecting with the elbow of the arm holding him, but MIKE is still rising up to his full height. RJ kicks out once again, but to no effect as MIKE lifts him up over head tossing him to the other side of the ring violently.

Tear Gutter: Mike showing off his power.

Jester Jay: Banks can pull out a victory, but he is going to have to work harder.

MIKE gingerly tests out his leg before beginning his stalk of RJ on the other side of the ring. RJ has his back to MIKE and is trying to get up to his feet using the ropes there. RJ is up and shaking his head to clear the cobwebs when a hand grasps the back of his neck from behind and his eyes go wide in surprise. MIKE delivers a big right hand to the back of RJ’s head, a second, and a third that rocks Banks's head back and forth like a pendulum in a grandfather clock. MIKE whips RJ into the ropes bouncing off of them himself taking RJ down with a huge cross body to the mat. Dwayne is there with the nonchalant cover pinfall attempt.



Thr--NO! RJ rolls a shoulder up because this fight isn't over yet and MIKE must continue as he figured he would have to.

Jester Jay: Twooooooo….

Tear Gutter: You follow every whim don’t you?

He pulls RJ up to his feet, but a thigh punch from RJ halts whatever he was fixing to do. RJ with a right hand to the face of MIKE and another. Raw Mike is reeling from the stiff shots and RJ delivers a standing dropkick that sends MIKE stumbling backwards into the corner. RJ charges in with a high knee lift connecting with the chest of Raw Mike. RJ with a shoulder block to the cornered Raw Mike that causes the largest man in PWA to bend over gasping for air. RJ climbs through the ropes to the top turnbuckle and dives with a leg drop sending MIKE's face into the canvas. RJ isn't finished as he begins to stomp on Raw Mike's leg with verocity. RJ hits the ropes coming back with a baseball slide dropkick into the side of MIKE's face that rolls the big man under the rope and to the outside.

Tear Gutter: Both men going outside now.

Jester Jay: Anything is legal on the outside, just watch the zebra’s count.

Tear Gutter: I love it when they get sweaty.

RJ climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks down at the rising Raw Mike, measuring him for some move from up there. MIKE begins to turn around when RJ flies from the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick that sends MIKE flayling into the guardrailing at ringside. RJ is up quickly grabbing a steel chair from under the ring. RJ aims and delivers a massive shot to the stunned face before lining up and connecting with another shot. RJ tosses the dented chair away, as Dwayne Cross starts the mandatory ten count for a countout. RJ walks over to the downed MIKE and pulls his head away from the railing delivering a punch to his temple; MIKE with a thumb to the eyes breaks the momentum of Banks. Banks is forced back holding at his streaming eyes as Raw Mike gets up to his feet slowly, a clothesline sends RJ down to the concrete. MIKE pulls RJ up and hoists him on his shoulders before shoving him skyward in a gorilla press slam before dropping him down onto the concrete below. RJ rolls around from the pain of the drop and MIKE pulls him back up to his feet, Irish whipping him into the railing. RJ reverses the whip, somehow, and MIKE is sent hurtling head first into the unforgiving railing. RJ picks up the tossed away chair and walks over to Raw Mike, intending to finish this with a weapon, a count of six from Dwayne Cross. RJ slams the chair down onto MIKE's head, a second shot, and a third when the chair breaks from the impact of the blows. RJ looks at the broken remnants of the chair before tossing it away and looking for something else. He begins to look under the ring and pulls out a fire extinguisher, microphone cords, and another steel chair. He grabs the cords and slowly wraps them around MIKE's throat. RJ places his feet on the chest of MIKE, and while holding onto the cords, falls back adding leverage and torque to the cords around MIKE's throat. Up in the ring, Dwayne Cross looks on before counting "Eight!"

Tear Gutter: They had better get in the ring quickly and break the sweaty count.

Jester Jay: These men are putting on heck of a battle.

Tear Gutter: RJ rolls into the ring and back out again.

Jester Jay: And he immediately wraps that cord around Mike’s throat.

RJ releases the cord and MIKE falls back up against the railing clutching at his own throat as RJ looks for something else to use. As RJ is picking up the fire extinguisher, MIKE begins to move, all be it slowly, but the rapper is moving. RJ decides on the fire extinguisher and prepares it to work as he walks back over to MIKE. RJ aims the hose and sprays it into the face of MIKE, but NO! Wait! MIKE kicks the hand holding the nozzle at the last second and RJ sprays about five seconds worth of the spray into his own face before he is able to release the trigger. RJ is gasping for breath as he wipes his eyes and face clear of the spray. MIKE pulls himself up to his feet, he’s Using the railing, MIKE pulls himself up to a vertical base and shakes his head. RJ is still wiping the foam out of his face as MIKE pulls the padding up from ringside and folds it back exposing the concrete below. Up in the ring, Dwayne Cross counts "Two!". Satisfied with his handy work, MIKE hooks RJ’ head under his arm and lifts him vertically for a stalling vertical suplex; RJ is slammed onto the concrete with violent force from that height. MIKE rolls over and lifts RJ back up to his feet, this time wrapping his hand around the throat of RJ and lifting him high up into the air, driving him down with a chokeslam on the concrete; but MIKE isn't finished yet. Raw Mike looks around for something to use as Dwayne Cross counts a "Three!" inside the ring. MIKE spots the chair and sets it up as if someone was going to sit down. Raw Mike grabs the lifeless form of RJ Banks tucking his head between his legs before hoisting him up on his shoulders in a powerbomb position. MIKE slams RJ down with a powerbomb on the steel chair which folds the opposite way from the impact of skull and steel. Raw Mike rolls RJ inside the ring, the dead weight form of Banks, flopping around like a wet noodle. MIKE shoves him in far enough and he climbs to the top turnbuckle aiming for a leg drop. The massive height and weight of MIKE leaps from the top rope and Mike hits the leg drop from the top turnbuckle, but he isn’t finished. Mike pulls RJ up to his feet, setting him up in the torture rack position.

Tear Gutter: Make ‘em Say uh!

Jester Jay: Bet you like saying that and more…




Tear Gutter: You’ll never find out.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Winner of the match… Raw Mike!

Ruff Ryder’s Anthem picks back up in the speakers as from the inside of the ring we see Raw Mike hold his large hand high in the air.

My Nightmare

"They say that change is good for people. It's supposed to help them grow and become better."

The camera pulls back and it is none other then Viktor Stone standing infront of the camera, wearing a classic "HiC" Fleece. A crooked grin on his face as he begins to speak.

"I beg to differ, you see, depending on the change, a person can become...bitter...angry...violent. Change can start the bloodbath or make it that much more worse."

Stone walks over to the camera and stares into it for a moment.

"Not all apostles are here to bring good to the earth. Some apostles are here to shepard in a age of pain and darkness. Some worry about Figgins...some worry about Riona. Heh, don't worry about me. Because worrying won't change the outcome. You see me, your fate has been decided and nothing can change that. Welcome once my chaos...MY...NIGHTMARE!!!"

Stone pushes the camera out of the way and disappears into the shadows of a nearby hallway.

Joshua Danielson vs Ronald Gay vs Bubba J

Tear Gutter: Viktor Stone is back...

Jester Jay: And he is one angry SOB...

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following match is set for one fall with a thirty minute time limit…

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" plays as Gay walks down the ramp handing out pamphlets to fans in the front rows. He enters the ring and kneels down to pray.

The smashing guitar riffs of "Alcohol" hit the speakers and from the back walks The Ragin' Redneck Bubba. In his right hand he holds a bottle of liquor and he looks out at the crowd.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: "From Durham North Carolina, he stands at six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds... The Ragin' Redneck... Bubba!"

Bubba nods at the announcement of his name before walking slowly down to the entrance ramp. He gets some cheers, some boos, but all in all it is a mixed reaction. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring where he climbs the turnbuckle and chugs a gulp of the liquor in the bottle before putting the lid back on and setting it in his corner.

The pounding drums to 'Trust' by Megadeth hits the speakers, and the crowd is on their feet! Joshua Danielson pushed through the curtains and stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, throwing his arms out in an open handed crucifix.

Joshua then went down the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and jumping up to the second turnbuckle. He did the open handed crucifix pose again, before hopping down and waiting for the match to begin.

Ding Ding

Tear Gutter: Here we go ladies and gentlemen! One fall to a finish. Any pinfall wins, which means Gay doesn't need to be pinned to lose.

Danielson is on offense, kicking at Bubba's mid section until Gay grabs Danielson and stuns him with a right, then a left. He locks Danielson's head going for a DDT right away... OUCH! Bubba is up and dropkicks Gay in the chops before any offense is mounted. Gay stumbles into the ropes with Bubba giving chase. Bubba makes a run, Gay ducks and flips BUBBA J over the ropes, landing hard on the outside!

Tear Gutter: Bubba J had better watch it, he can lose the match and never be involved with the pin.

Jester Jay: Bubba J knows what he is doing.

In the ring, Gay turns around only to find Joshua Danielson jumping up, locking his legs... FRANKENSTEINER!

Jester Jay: These boys aren't worried about running out of gas! They are going at it, full tilt, all nitro a-go!

Gay rolls to the mat, Danielson jumps back to his feet and positions himself over him. He tries for a standing moonsault but only finds canvas with Gay rolling out of the way. Both men get back to their feet, Gay slugs him, Joshua hammers back. Danielson kicks, Gay catches the foot. Danielson enziguris, Gay ducks it, Clotheslines him to the mat and locks in an STF! Gay pulls back on Joshua's head, showing his technical dominance. BUBBA J is back in the ring, Gay doesn't see him. BUBBA J drops an elbow into the back of Gay's head who releases the hold quickly. Bubba goes to work on Gay with another flurry of stiff kicks to the head. He isn't just trying to win, he's trying to cause brain damage. BUBBA J picks up Gay and piledrives him straight to hell. Gay is laid out. Joshua gets back to his feet and shakes off the muscle strain. BUBBA J turns his attention to Danielson, and runs at him for a jumping knee smash. Danielson goes with it but hooks the knee, slaps BUBBA J in the face, turns him around backdrop driver!

Tear Gutter: Gay there to stop the pin attempt.

Gay is back to his feet now, and he grabs Danielson in the center of the ring. The two are struggling for upper hand. Gay lays a knee into the chest of Danielson, bending him over and drives him into the canvas with a legdrop bulldog. Gay turns Danielson over for the quick cover,



kick out! Danielson isn't giving in that easy. Gay gets back to his feet, Danielson meets him. They exchange fists. Gay catches a punch, twists the arm and slams his elbow down on the back of the arm of Joshua. He holds onto it, pulling him into the ropes and sending him for the ride. Danielson bounces back, Gay ducks and Joshua leaps over him. He bounces back, DROP KICK. Gay gets back up quickly, ANOTHER DROPKICK. Gay rolls away and gets back to his feet. DOUBLE JUMPING KNEES TO THE FACE!

Gay falls to the ground, as Danielson stumbles to a solid standing. From behind, BUBBA J is on his knees and he lunges into the back of the leg of Danielson, taking him down holding his legs. BUBBA J is up on his feet now, looking at both Gay and Danielson who are on the ground, trying to get back up. BUBBA J steps back, and baseball slides his feet into Gay' face. Gay rolls to the outside momentarily. BUBBA J looks over at Danielson and runs off the ropes, he gives the crowd the finger and drops an elbow down on The Show. BUBBA J has all the momentum now. He picks up Danielson, and knocks the wind out of him with a standing spinebuster to the mat.

Jester Jay: Bubba J is on a roll, why did he shoot you a bird though?

Tear Gutter: Um…. Ronald Gay back into the ring.

Gay rolls back into the ring,. BUBBA J chuckles to himself with a sickening satisfaction and drops a knee onto the back of the neck of Gay. He tells Gay he's going to make him squeal and he gets on Gay's back and straps on a camel clutch.

Tear Gutter: One of the dirtiest and grittiest players in the game, puts on a Camel Clutch? Now I've seen everything.

Gay is struggling, and trying to use his brute force to break out of it, but BUBBA J leans back further. Gay grunts, trying to deny the pain from taking over... JUMPING KICK TO THE FACE! Joshua Danielson out of nowhere with a huge shot to force BUBBA J to release the hold. The crowd goes nuts and Danielson doesn't waste any time, and he goes through the ropes to the ring apron.

Springboard front flip!

Tear Gutter: Beautiful springboard front flip there by Danielson.



GAY breaks up the count by dropping a double axe handle on Joshua. Danielson is ticked. He swings at Gay, but Gay catches
his arm once and and brings him to the ground with an arm bar. Gay pulls back on the arm, twisting the wrist for extra pressure. Danielson is in a lot of pain from the perfectly applied arm bar. The Ref looks over at the announce table as BUBBA J gets back to his feet. DING! BUBBA J punts Gay where the sun doesn't shine and the crowd groans in agony. Gay releases the hold and rolls
over in pain. BUBBA J picks him up and puts him into the tree of woe position. Stomp to the face, Butt Crack Attack! Gay is in a world of hurt now, as the Ref gets back to the match and makes a four count before BUBBA J is forced to release the hold. BUBBA J raises his arms in the air, and the crowd damn near takes his head off with curse words, but there are a lot of cheers as well.

Jester Jay: Half for him, half against him.

Tear Gutter: A bit confusing, but that is the way he likes it, half and half.

Jester Jay: Oh… really?

Danielson is back to his feet now, with BUBBA J jawing at the crowd. Gay falls off the turnbuckles as Danielson jumps to the top rope. Moonsault to the outside! OH MY GOD! BUBBA J is flattened by Danielson' Moonsault (not quite the Best Moonsault Ever) as both men lay flat out on the concrete outside the ring.


Gay has enough time to recover. He shakes off the cobwebs, and jolts his arms to regain himself. He sees both the men on the outside of the ring. Danielson is getting back up and bringing BUBBA J in. Danielson rolls BUBBA J back into the ring. Gay picks him up and hits a cobra clutch suplex. DROP! BUBBA J is a rag doll. Gay goes for the cover



DANIELSON interrupts the count. Danielson and Gay are going at it now. Danielson gets the upper hand, and wraps his arm around Gay's neck. BUBBA J had some time to recover, he gets to his feet. Danielson jumps up, holding Gay, he dropkicks BUBBA J with the momentum and then stunners the hell out of Gay.

Jester Jay: What a move! Joshua Danielson dropkicks BUBBA J and stunners Gay in the same motion!

Tear Gutter: He has learned a lot here since signing a PWA contract.

Danielson is back up to a huge applause from the crowd. BUBBA J is back up too but behind Danielson. He turns Danielson around and slugs him with a heavy dose of Nut Sack Whack! Bubba J follows up with a closed right fist! The ref warns BUBBA J to open the hand, but BUBBA J pays no attention to him. He fires again, Joshua ducks behind! TOEKICK ---

The Punishment!






Tear Gutter: None of these men are able to get anymore then one or two moves off before they are taken out by another huge move! This is incredible!

Each man is laying on the ground now from taking several huge moves from one another in a row. The crowd is going bananas. Gay to one knee. Danielson to one knee. BUBBA J grabs the bottom rope to try to get himself up. They all make it back to their feet, damn near limp from the punishment. Gay throws a punch at Danielson. Danielson punches BUBBA J. BUBBA J socks Gay. All three men are hitting the holy hell out of one another in the center of the ring. Gay sends out both a left and a right, hitting both men. He grabs their heads and bangs them together. Danielson and BUBBA J fall to the ground and the Preacher is the only man left standing. Gay calls for the Chin lock surfboard and applies it to Joshua Danielson. Danielson is writhing in pain as he slams his fist on the mat, and tries to push himself up, forcing Gay to let go of the hold. Gay doesn't budge, and Danielson is showing all his teeth trying to fight out of the hold. Danielson reaches for the ropes, he's so close but not close enough. BIG. BOOT. BUBBA J takes Gay out this time, and Gay is forced to let go of the hold.

Jester Jay: How is anyone supposed to get a pinfall or submission, when at least one of these bastards is able to break it up!

Tear Gutter: That's why these Triple-Threats are so brutal, Jay. You have to incapacitate one opponent, just to pin another!

BUBBA J capitalizes on the situation and gets on top of Gay and starts to unload a fury of lobbing punches. Gay tries to block some of them with his arms, but BUBBA J is hell bent on smashing his way to victory. Danielson is getting back up now. BUBBA J spots him and jumps off of Gay. He runs over and cracks Danielson with a knee to the skull. Danielson falls to the ground now, as BUBBA J jumps on him and starts unloading with a Lou Thesz press. Gay pulls himself up with the ropes, and sees what's going on. The Ref is trying to pry BUBBA J off of Danielson for using the closed fists again. Gay grabs Bubba by the nape of his neck and hoofs him in the stomach for his troubles. GUT BUSTER on BUBBA J. Great offense by the Preacher. BUBBA J rolls out of the ring again. Joshua is still on the ground, he took a lot of hard shots to the face by BUBBA J. Gay runs off the ropes and drops a leg, and Joshua grabs his throat... he signals...

Tear Gutter: Is he going for the Final Judgement?

That he is! Gay sets him up in position. Joshua is flailing his arms, desperately trying to get a hold of the ropes but they are a good two feet away. The crowd is chanting RONALD! Joshua! Bubba! in disarray as Gay screams out, tightening his grip on joshua so that he doesn’t drop him before he is ready. HE'S FIGHTING! CAN HE MAKE Ronald accidently loosen his grip? BUBBA J WITH A KICK RIGHT TO genitals OF GAY!

Jester Jay: Right in the mommie daddy button.

Tear Gutter: Ronald Gay falls to the canvas, in the fetal the temple! He should be disqualified!

Jester Jay: I don't think the ref saw the impact. He was busy with Danielson.

Gay is down. Danielson is down. BUBBA J is somehow still standing. All of these men are putting on a clinic in the ring. BUBBA J picks up Gay, who has his eyes open now... Trailer Park Trash!

Tear Gutter: TPT! TPT! TPT! Bubba J just nailed the TPT!


BUBBA J throws his arm over Gay....



Thr... NO! Danielson out of nowhere with a corkscrew leg drop onto Bubba!


Tear Gutter: I never saw him get up.

Jester Jay: BUBBA J and Gay were tied up with one another, and it gave Danielson time to get back into game shape!

Danielson gets to his feet and the crowd joins him in a standing ovation. What an unbelievable save. BUBBA J is getting back to his feet and he's swinging for the fences. Joshua Danielson and BUBBA J are somehow going at it full tilt. Neither man is backing down, with Danielson playing BUBBA J's game right now. Danielson has BUBBA J covered!



Tear Gutter: Ronald Gay with a boot to Danielson’s face breaks up the count.

Jester Jay: Where did he come from?

Danielson hits the Punishment on Bubba J before baseball sliding Ronald Gay out of the ring.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Winner of the match… Joshua Danielson!

“Trust” hits back up as Joshua Danielson has his hand raised high into the air.

Jacob Figgins vs The Phoenix

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Our next match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, hailing from Orlando, Florida…

The Final Countdown by Europe begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6 feet even and weighs 230 pounds… he is the reigning Global Champion…

The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: THE PHOENIX!!!!

Tear Gutter: Always a stellar entrance from the Global Champ.

Jester Jay: You LOVE sucking up to him.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: And his opponent, from Kansas City, Missouri…

Slow ominous guitar notes hit the pa as the lights throughout the venue dim. It isn't until the first vocals of the song that a figure in a red hooded jacket appears. The hood is up and hiding facial features.

"Welcome to the abandoned land
Come on in child, take my hand
Here there's no work or play
Only one bill to pay
There's just five words to say
As you go down, down, down"

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Making his way to the ring...

Upon the sound of a laugh the figure begins to walk down the ramp ,turning his head left and right and throws the hood off his head. To Reveal Jacob Figgins.

"You're Gonna Burn in Hell!!
Oh Burn Hell"

Figgins jumps onto the Barricade to slap hands with a few of the fans before jumping up on the next one

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He weighs in tonight at 245 pounds…

"You can't believe all the things i've done wrong in my life
Without even trying i've lived on the edge of a knife
Well, i've played with fire, but i don't want to get myself burned
To thine own self be true, so i think that it's time for a turn"

Jacob finaly makes it down to the ring, jogging up the stairs into the ring and slides in between the ropes.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He is the "Next Conspiracy" JACOB FIIIGINNNNS

Jacob drops to his knees, extending his arms outward, staring to the ceiling. He hops back to his feet, awaiting the bout to start.


Phoenix, still banged up from Bad Blood, goes on the defensive immediately as Figgins moves in. Figgins puts Phoenix in a hammerlock, but Phoenix takes his good arm and elbows Figgins in the face repeatedly. Figgins finally breaks the hold and the Phoenix suplexes Figgins to the mat. Phoenix goes into the ropes and comes down with a leg drop across Figgins’ throat. Phoenix stomps Figgins a few times and then gets him to his feet. Phoenix tries for a DDT, but Figgins shoves Phoenix off of him. Figgins tries a high kick but Phoenix ducks. Phoenix moves behind and nails Figgins with a Russian legsweep.

Tear Gutter: What a move from the champ there.

Jester Jay: Figgins tries to get back to his feet, but Phoenix drops both fists down on Figgins’ back.

Phoenix yells at Figgins to stay down and then gives Figgins a boot to the head. Phoenix turns Figgins over on his back and covers.



Kick out!

Jester Jay: Figgins kicks out with authority.

Tear Gutter: But Figgins has no authority over the Phoenix.

Phoenix gets Figgins to his feet and smashes his head with his elbow. Phoenix whips Figgins into the ropes and tries for a spinebuster, but Figgins slips out of it and lands on Phoenix’s side. Figgins nails Phoenix in the gut with his knee, doubling Rob over. Figgins hooks both of Phoenix’s arms and plants him in the mat with a double arm DDT. Figgins covers.



Kick out!

Jester Jay: Almost a three count!

Tear Gutter: But not even.

Figgins gets Phoenix up to his feet but Phoenix kicks Figgins in the knee. Phoenix into the ropes and tries for a clothesline but Figgins ducks underneath. Phoenix goes into the ropes on the other side and bounces back. However, Figgins charges and connects with a double knee strike to the Phoenix’s head! Rob collapses to the mat and Figgins rolls him over on his back.

Jester Jay: Holy *beep*! Figgins just hit the Tony Jaa on Phoenix out of no where!

Tear Gutter: Figgins goes for a cover…





Tamara Christopher Onassi: And the winner of this match… JACOB… FIGGINS!!!!

Tear Gutter: And Jacob pulls out an upset here with that double knee strike of his.

Jester Jay: Upset?! Figgins is the man!

Tear Gutter: And The Phoenix is still very injured from his match with Hunter Sullivan at Bad Blood…

Jester Jay: That’s no excuse.

Tear Gutter: Oh come on, The Phoenix would have beaten Figgins if he was 100%, we all know this.

Simon Kalis vs Mark Zout

Main Event #1 - Ladder Match

Tear Gutter: Do you know what we're about to see?

Jester Jay: Judging from the two briefcases hanging over the ring and the ladders which lay on the ground outside the ring, I've got one guess.


Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following match will be a LADDERS MATCH!

The fans errupt into cheers as we see a split screen over the ADCTron showing both Simon Kalis and Mark Zout in their respective locker rooms, stretching and preparing for the battle at hand.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: There are two briefcases hanging, side by side above the ring. They are marked "Kalis", and "Zout". The competitor who grabs the briefcase with his name on it will be victorious and be granted the pre-determined stipulations.

Tear Gutter: This is somewhat confusing.

Jester Jay: Well did you see how long it took them to decide on this? Jeez.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: In the briefcase marked "Zout" is a contract to gauruntee two members of The Royal Court a shot at the PWA Tag Team titles, at the time, place and match stipulations of the Champion's chosing.

The fans cheer as the arena darkens and strobe lights scan the ringside area and focus their attention on the briefcases.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Inside the briefcase marked "Kalis" is a contract to gauruntee Simon Kalis the right to face his regal Majesty, Mark Zout, for the crown and the right to be ordained King of the World permenantly at Good versus Evil, with stipulations to be determined by his Majesty Zout himself.

The strobe lights stop, and the arena lights turn back on.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Representing Seattle, Washington; he stands at five feet, ten inches, and weighs in tonight at two hundred five pounds…

My pain filled drama queen
Is always creeping at your bed,
Getting ready to buy you out.
'Cause we all know what goes around comes around. You should have known what I was all about.
Do not test me.

At the end of these words emerges the nephew of The Powerhouse, sporting a new platinum blonde look.

'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world
Get on your knees
I'm the fucking king of the world
Do as I please
So get up or get out and I'll show you
What it means to control you
'Cause I'm the fucking king of the world.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The ‘King of the World,’ Mark Zout!

Zout passes by several Markz on his way down to the ring looking to slap his hand, jeering and sneering at them instead, resulting in tremendous boos to reign down on him.

When he reaches the ring he ascends the steel steps nearest himself and wipes his white DC Courts on the apron before stepping between the top and middle ropes. His silver shorts glimmer under the lights as he moves atop the second turnbuckle. He raises his index finger, pointing to the crowd, and is met with a sea of disapproval. In retaliation, he crosses one arm in front of his torso and and raises the other violently so the inside of his elbow slaps his forearm and curves upward in a fist. He then spits toward the crowd before hopping down.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And his opponent!

The opening rifts to "Reise, Reise!" by Rammstein begin to blare of the PA system as the skull and bones insignia of The Order of Chaos appears over the ADCTron.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He weighs in at 210 pounds and stands in at exactly 6 feet tall...

Suddenly, Simon Kalis somberly steps out from behind the curtains and is met with a deafening chorus of cheers, which catches him off guard. He is decked out in black and gray military urban warfare camoflauge for his pants, tucked into his black military style boots. He has a black wifebeater underneath the similar black and gray military urban warfare camoflauge which has the Order of Chaos insignia over the back with the words "The Order of Chaos" in an arch above the insignia, and his name, "Simon Kalis" in an arch underneath it. His PWA Tag team title is strapped to his waist and he now looks out into the crowd with a dead look in his face, absolutely no emotion before lowering his head with nothing but a spark in his eye from the surprise of the cheering crowd.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He hails from Los Angeles, California by way of Montréal, Québec Canada...

He unstraps his title and holds it by the strap in his hand.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He is one half of your PWA Tag Team Champions!

Kalis now raises the title into the air, keeping his head lowered.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He is... The Cult Hero! SIMON KALIS!

The fans continue to cheer as Kalis slings the title over his shoulder and makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans as he passes by. He smirks at Zout from outside the ring as he hops the railing and gets himself immersed into the crowd, who for the first time since he became Pantheon show him love. Kalis lifts a young fan onto his shoulders and hands him his tag title, the child raising it over his head and smiling as his parents take photos. Zout shakes his head inside the ring, unimpressed as Kalis stops to sign autographs for a number of fans. Zout hops over the top rope and jumps up onto the barricade seperating the fans and the wrestlers from each other. Zout leaps off the barricade and tackles Kalis down onto the cement floor of the arena, in the midst of dozens of fans.



Jester Jay: What a dick, and what the hell is with the cheering for Kalis? People forget he's a member of the Pantheon now or what?

Kalis is helped by some fans and ducks a clothesline attempt by Zout. Zout ends up knocking down a fan and Kalis grabs his tag title and as Zout turns around, Kalis nails him across the face with his half of the PWA tag titles. Kalis chucks the title over the barricade to the referee and then grabs Zout by his hair and takes him back over the barricade, flipping him to ringside. Kalis hops onto the barricade himself now, rhymetically swaying his body, mocking Zout. As Zout gets up Kalis sends a chilling thrust kick into Zout's face before jumping off the barricade and going for a hurricanrana! Yet Zout, while still dizzy catches Kalis and turns around and delivers a thunderous powerbomb onto one of the ladders on the ground. Kalis winces in pain and holds his back as Zout stumbles back, leaning against the apron while holding his head. Zout shakes it off and quickly turns the tables on Kalis, taking him down with an arm drag. Zout now jumps up onto the apron now, laying in wait as Kalis gets back to his feet. As Kalis does, Zout flies off with a supreme dropkick into Kalis' chin, knocking Kalis back down onto the ladders, but this time Kalis stops moving.

Tear Gutter: What... a... DROPKICK! Did you think that could be as amazing as that just was!?

Jester Jay: I think we're going to see a crazy affair here tonight, Tear. This is already getting nuts!

Zout hurt himself however, hitting his head hard on the outside as he came down. Kalis uses this to his advantadge and gets up first, still favoring his back however. Kalis runs and jumps up onto the barricade and then jumps up into the air, twisting his body in the air as he lands a suicidal shooting star plancha on Zout to the outside! The fans go NUTS, as both Zout and Kalis roll away from each other. Zout crawls underneath the ring and Kalis looks out into the crowd. We see a man in a hood stand up, holding a large kendo stick! It's Masakazu! Masakazu throws the kendo stick to his father, who smiles and nods as he turns around only to find Zout already on his feet with a baseball bat of his own. Both men start backing up from each other, before both men rush each other! They each swing their weapons, as if they were swords they bang against each other. While Kalis holds his kendo stick to Zout's baseball bat, both men try to push down on the other with their weapons in a grapple of ancient proportions. Zout kicks Kalis in the gut, sending him back, but when Zout swings the bat Kalis twirls around him to get behind him and cracks the kendo stick over Zout's back. The kendo stick snaps in half and Kalis chucks it aside as he grabs Zout by the hair and starts running with him, before jumping up while holding Zout's hair and faceplanting Zout directly onto one of the ladders. Kalis hurts his ass as he lands on it on top of the same ladder, again effecting his back as he winces in pain. Zout rolls away from Kalis for a moment to catch his breath.

Jester Jay: This is why Chaos is the best damn show in sports entertainment, Tear!

Tear Gutter: That looked like it hurt both of them pretty badly. I think it's obvious Zout is focusing on Kalis' body like I am, and Kalis is focusing on Zout's head and neck area.

Jester Jay: Focusing on Kalis' body, "like I am"???

Tear Gutter: What?

Jester Jay: I'm pretty sure Zout isn't sexually assaulting Kalis in his mind right now, Tear.

Tear Gutter: Obviously.

Jay rolls his eyes as we see Kalis slide into the ring now, stomping his feet and daring Zout to enter. Zout smirks as he heads to the announcers and grabs the PWA Tag title from them. Kalis doesn't look pleased as Zout quickly rolls into the ring. Zout goes to knock Kalis out with the belt but Kalis ducks, yet Zout predicted this and quickly spins around and knocks Kalis over the back of his head with his own title. The crowd boos but Zout smiles as he raises the title, spitting at the crowd and taunting them. However Kalis is quick to get up and bounces himself off the ropes and charges towards Zout. Zout is intelligent as he turns around and lunges with the title toward Kalis' face. But Kalis goes for a falling dropkick, and while Zout nails Kalis in the face Zout himself is nailed right in the knees with the dropkick, sending both men to the canvas. Kalis looks dazed and Zout holds his knees as he grimaces, both men staring at each other with malicious intent in their eyes as the fans go nuts, cheering for Kalis oddly enough. Kalis gets to his feet first and harshly kicks Zout in the chest several times until Zout grabs his leg and punches Kalis right in the gonads. Kalis turns around and his knees buckle as he falls to his knees holding his groin area, with Tear Gutter freaking out at ringside!


Jester Jay: Hahahaha that's hilarious. He PUNCHES the guy in the balls, ouch. No homo.

Tear Gutter: What if he can't have kids now, Jay?

Jester Jay: But he has two...

Tear Gutter: You're missing the point.

Gutter fumes at ringside much to Jays amusement, as Zout gets to his feet and heads to the top rope. He waits for Kalis to get up and as Kalis does he jumps up onto Kalis and flips him over with his full strength, slamming him to the canvas with an electrifying hurricanrana. Kalis favors his lower body once more from the impact as Zout is tactical in his execution. Zout goes to pick up Kalis by his head but Kalis throws a stiff right into Zout's gut, before head butting him in the gut and getting to his own feet. Zout throws a left hook and Kalis' head snaps back, but Kalis throws a stiff right jab to Zout spinning Zout. Suddenly both men go for a grapple and lock horns, and a power struggle ensues with Kalis pushing back on Zout and Zout pushing back on Kalis. Finally Kalis gets the advantadge and whips Zout into the ropes and follows behind him. As Zout hits the opposite ropes Kalis moves forward with a devastating clothesline sending Zout over the top rope and onto the apron. Kalis turns around and raises his arms to the cheers of the fans but Zout is quickly up and as he turns around Zout positions himself and nails an electrifying shooting star leg lariat from the apron!

Tear Gutter: What is this? Are we still in Bad Blood mode or what?

Jester Jay: These two are treating this like it's a damn world heavyweight title match! This is only good for us, Tear. But surely not for them.

Kalis gets to his feet and and Zout slides a ladder into the ring. Kalis points to Zout, yelling at him to enter the ring but Zout goes towards the crowd where suddenly we see Raw Mike amongst the fans with a black bag in his hand. He chucks it to Zout who opens the bag, spilling thumbtacks all over the ground outside the ring. Masakazu who's also in the crowd sees Raw Mike and begins heading towards him as Zout slides into the ring. Raw Mike gets out of there by hopping over the barricade and heading towards the backstage area with Masakazu on his trail! As Zout gets in the ring, Kalis starts curbside stomping him to keep him down. Kalis lays back and leans forward as he waits for Zout to get up. As Zout does, Kalis rakes him in the eyes and then kicks him in the gut before grabbing ahold of his neck and dropping forward, Zout's neck snapping against the pressure as Kalis hits the ground!




Kalis begins to set up the ladder in the center of the ring and makes sure it's steady before he begins to slowly climb it. Zout starts to get to his feet finally and sees Kalis heading for the top of the ladder. The King of the World makes haste as he grabs onto the bottom rungs of the ladder and starts climbing up after The Cult Hero. Kalis gets to the top first and starts to get his briefcase but Zout makes it up with him. Kalis tries to punch Zout, but Zout dekes it and throws a fist of his own into Kalis hitting him in the gut. Kalis keels forward for a moment but that's all that's needed as Zout carefully stands up and grabs Kalis, lifting him up in a firemans carry but Zout begins to quickly lose his balance as Kalis attempts to fight out of it. The fans in the arena are all standing on their feet and the camera flashes are blinding as Zout jumps off and hits the MarkOut on Kalis, right over the thumbtacks on the outside of the ring! The arena ERRUPTS into a chant of "HOLY SHIT" from the fans as both men are punctured severely and both men lay motionless on the outside of the ring now.


Jester Jay: Uhm wow. I was not expecting a move like that. Maybe Zout does have balls afterall?

Tear Gutter: Oh my god they're not moving, Jay. They're not moving.

Zout looks over at Kalis, and Kalis looks over at Zout as the first signs of movement from the two men. Zout extends a hand to Kalis and both men shake hands to the surprise of the fans, but Kalis quickly uses his other hand and grabs a handful of tacks from the floor and slaps Zout in the face with them, puncturing one side of his cheek. Kalis rolls away from Zout and rolls himself underneath the ring to recover. Zout winces as he starts plucking the tacks out of his face first as Kalis comes back out and sets up a table on the same side as the tacks. Zout hops up onto the apron, but shakily, and as Kalis turns around after setting up the table Zout flies off and lands a harsh super hurricanrana on Kalis, right onto the tacks once more! The fans go nuts as both men squint their eyes and wince in pain. Kalis yells at Zout and pulls himself up using the apron as leverage. Kalis grabs Zout and picks him up, throwing a groggy left hook into Zout's jaw before kicking him in the gut and turning him backwards, hooking his arms with his and lifting him up only to drop Zout down hard on the tacks with the Sentencing of the Damned, except for the fact it wasn't done off the top rope!

Tear Gutter: THAT WAS NUTS!!!!

Jester Jay: It would've been a lot worse had Kalis had it in him to do it off the top rope like he usually does.

Both men are completely flushed and winded, battered and bruised as they lay helpless on the canvas outside the ring. The fans are all on their feet cheering for both men as Kalis is the first to get up. Kalis staggers to his feet and holds onto the bottom rope from the outside to maintain his balance. Zout still isn't moving as Kalis slides into the ring and begins to set up the ladder once more.

Tear Gutter: Kalis knows the end game. He doesn't want a drawn out battle with Mark Zout, not when he can win it right now.

Jester Jay: Ever the tactical General of Chaos! That's if he can keep his balance! I think the MarkOut really messed Kalis up!

Kalis sets up the ladder in the center of the ring but staggers around, shaking his head before collapsing into the turnbuckle, obviously spent. Mark Zout is getting to his feet now and Kalis sees this. Kalis makes his way to the ladder and very carefully and slowly begins to climb it. Zout grabs a chair from under the ring and slides into the ring with it, blood all over both mens bodies at this point. Kalis grabs onto his briefcase once more but is having trouble maintaining balance until Zout swings the chair into the ladder with all his strength, causing Kalis to fall into the ring with the ladder landing on top of him. Zout climbs up to the top rope in front of Kalis and balances himself carefully but also seems to have problems doing that. He finally flies off with a shooting star press, landing onto the ladder with Kalis trapped beneath it. He crushes Kalis underneath the ladder but also hurts himself as he rolls onto the canvas in the ring wincing in pain as the fans errupt into cheers from the high flying daredevil tactics!


Jester Jay: This match... is... INSANE!

Tear Gutter: Seriously! Joe BoXeR! Do you see what's going on!? STOP THE MATCH! STOP THE MATCH!

Zout holds his chest in pain as Kalis pushes the ladder off of himself and stands to his feet, leaning back against the ropes and lighting a cigarette. He raises his arm up to the cheers of the fans as Zout slowly gets to his feet himself, both men staring each other down in the middle of the ring with the ladder and a chair inbetween them.

Jester Jay: This is like a pay per view match, Jesus. Everyone in the arena can feel the hatred, the animosity and intense passion both of these men have for this sport. Just look at what they're doing to each other!

Tear Gutter: It's hard to hear you, Jay! These fans are going nuts!

Mark Zout raises his arms and smiles, as the fans errupt into boos. Zout shakes his head giving dirty looks to the fans at ringside, especially as Kalis raises his hands and the arena errupts into cheers. Finally, after catching their breath both men begin to circle each other in the ring. Now they lunge towards each other and lock horns, grappling and battling for the momentum and balance. Kalis gets the upperhand by blowing smoke into Zout's eyes causing them to burn, and so Kalis whips Zout into the ropes and as Zout comes back towards him Kalis raises a swift thrust kick into Zout's knee causing him to collapse forward. Kalis with another swift thrust kick into Zout's back, before delivering another blow into the back of his head, showcasing his Muay Thai skill. Kalis picks up the chair and starts slamming it on the ring waiting for Zout to get up. As Zout gets up and turns around Kalis swings the chair, again into his knee. Zout stumbles back in pain as Kalis chucks the chair to him and heads for the ropes. Zout catches the chair and as Kalis comes bouncing back Zout turns the tables and sets up Kalis nicely for a devastating double knee to Kalis' face with the aid of the steel chair. Kalis' face busts open and blood squirts out from the stitches he needed after Bad Blood and he hits the mat, out cold. Zout falls to his knees and begins to catch his breath.

Tear Gutter: Kalis bleeding pretty badly now, Jay.

Jester Jay: He always ends up bleeding. He should never, EVER agree to a first blood match! Haha!

Tear Gutter: No time for jokes! It looks like Zout is going for the victory!

Zout sets up the ladder in the center of the ring, right over Simon Kalis. He quickly ascends the rungs and latches himself onto the briefcase he needs to win. Kalis awakens in a rush of adrenaline and kicks the ladder out from beneath Mark Zout. The ladder falls, but Zout remains hanging onto the briefcase! He struggles to get it free, so close to victory! Kalis quickly gets himself to the top rope and points at Zout who almost has the briefcase free. Kalis pushes himself off and forward, leaping towards Zout like a panther on her prey! Kalis spears Zout right onto the outside, but Kalis himself doesn't make it all the way and snaps his neck against the top rope, causing him to sling back and down and out in the ring as Zout lands on the outside, hitting the barricade with his face causing him to bleed now too. The camera flashes are blinding, the screams are deafening as the fans stand to their feet. Both men now, down and out once more.


Jester Jay: These guys won't have a career after tonight. Now they're both bleeding and they'll be lucky to be cleared to compete next week. That briefcase is barely hanging Tear, Mark Zout almost won.

Zout is actually the first man to stand up, wiping his face clear of the blood as best he can. Kalis is up and jumps over the top rope and flies off with a frog splash onto Zout. Zout however catches Kalis and bodyslams him into the steel steps, causing Kalis to yell in pain. Zout climbs the steps and as Kalis gets up, he jumps off with a flying forearm smash knocking Kalis back down. But Kalis is quick to recover and he trips Zout to the ground, and while both men are on the ground Kalis rolls onto his stomach and begins swimming-kicking Zout in the chest and face. Zout covers himself to protect himself but Kalis lays the shots in good until he finally stops and rolls away. Kalis begins removing the padding from the outside of the ring now to the cheers of the fans. As he completes removing one section Zout is already up and comes flying towards Kalis with a dropkick! Kalis leans back far enough to avoid the dropkick and Zout hits the hard concrete. The "General of Chaos" salutes the "King of the World" as he lays in a few curbside stomps into Zout before picking him up by his hair. Both men start exchanging lefts and rights, and then chops on each others chests. Kalis finally ducks one of Zout's punches and gets behind him, grabbing him into a dragonsleeper hold and lifting him up while in the hold and slamming him down onto the concrete. Zout winces and Kalis maintains his dragonsleeper on the ground, nodding his head and yelling for Zout to "DIE" as the camera apparently pick up at ringside. Finally Zout uses his leg to spin himself breaking free of Kalis' hold. Zout goes in for the kill but Kalis dodges him once more sending Zout into the steel steps again. Zout stumbles back and Kalis crushes him with a backwards DDT onto the concrete.

Tear Gutter: Killer DDT! KILLER!

Jester Jay: I doubt that'll end Zout now, not after all these men have done to each other.

Kalis slides into the ring now as Zout remains on the ground. Kalis begins to set up the ladder again but he changes his mind and slides back out of the ring, and waits for Zout to get to his feet. Kalis gouges Zout's eyes but Zout kicks Kalis in the guts. Kalis keels forward and Zout quickly moves into gear, FLATTENING KALIS WITH THE SPACE NEEDLE RIGHT ON THE CONCRETE! The fans EXPLODE in cheers as Kalis shakes somewhat before his movement ceases. Zout sits up, his back against the apron now as he looks at the bloodied Kalis. Zout wipes the blood off of his face as well now and after a few moments slowly slides himself into the ring. The fans at ringside yell to Kalis to get up as Zout begins climbing the ladder once more. Kalis sees this and grabs onto the apron, blood trickling down his face as he forces himself into the ring. Zout is slow to make it to the top of the ladder as Kalis joins him on the opposite side and begins climbing himself. Zout tries unhooking his briefcase once more until Kalis throws a stiff right into Zout's gut on his way up. Now both men are staring each other down atop the ladder, throwing lefts and rights at each other. Kalis and Zout both spit blood into each other's faces at the very same moment. Both men seem wobbly on the ladder as they both go for their briefcases. Zout climbs all the way onto the very top of the ladder and kicks Kalis in the face as Zout himself loses balance and falls off the ladder! Both men go flying off the ladder but the camera flashes from the fans blind the television cameras momentarily. Both men land hard onto the canvas below as we finally see the briefcases...


Tamara Christopher-Onassi looks to the referee who comes over to whisper into her ear, as we see the result.


Jester Jay: NO! NOOOOOO WAY!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The winners of this match... BOTH MARK ZOUT AND SIMON KALIS!

Tamara pauses for a moment as the bells DING DING DING again.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: As a result of both men obtaining their respective briefcases, this match is a TIE!

The fans start booing loudly now as both Mark Zout and Simon Kalis remain motionless in the ring. Certain members of the Royal Court begin making their way down to ringside now, RJ Banks and Raw Mike as Masakazu and The Desert Eagle come in from the audience. Masakazu grabs Kalis' tag title and slides into the ring as he drapes it over his father. Raw Mike and RJ Banks are in the ring and everyone is staring each other down until the behemoth that is The Desert Eagle picks up Kalis easily in his arms. Masakazu drapes the tag titles over Kalis and picks up Kalis' briefcase as Zout is helped up by RJ Banks and Raw Mike. Finally both Kalis and Zout are on their feet as Kalis hops the barricade with Masakazu and Eagle into the audience, raising the titles and the briefcase as Zout smirks and points to Kalis, holding his briefcase as well.

Tear Gutter: Things just got a whole lot interesting, Jay.

Jester Jay: Simon Kalis the General. Mark Zout the King. This is a civil war on Chaos, Tear. The military coup d'etat against the Royal Family! Ohhh the DRAMA!

Tear Gutter: Stop being sarcastic, this is serious. This was one battle, but this war has only just begun...

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Tear Gutter: “We see one of our fine competitor’s in the main event Ryan Ross making his way through the backstage, to the ring to win his first singles title."

Ryan walked with his head down towards the entrance to the stage, with out looking up Ryan bumps into some one and with a look of horror he looks up to see Bubba J.

Bubba J: “Hey Ross, watch where you’re going, you piss ant.”

Ryan looked into Bubba’s eyes a grin growing on his face.

Ryan: “Hmmm Bubba, always a pleasure bumping into you, but how about we have our anger for another time? Tonight I have something I need to do. But if you can’t hold it in then lets get this over with I don’t really want to deal with trash but I’ll take you out and put you were you belong.”

Bubba gave a hardy chuckle, he put his hand on Ryan’s shoulder, and with a quick jerk it, Ryan pulled his arm out of Bubba’s grasp.

Bubba J: “Take it easy sport, I’m not going to do anything to you, that’s coming in another few weeks, but tonight I just wanted to say…good luck out there.”

Ryan raised an eyebrow, in confusion and almost started to laugh, but gained control of himself before sputtering out a chuckle. Ryan shook his head and pushed by Bubba. A smirk grew on his face.

Ryan: “Thanks.”

Bubba burst into a grin as he started walking away.

Jester Jay: “What the hell was that about? Aren’t these two supposed to be mortal enemies?

Tear Gutter: “Well Jay sometimes you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Matt Stone (C) vs Johnny Maverick vs Ryan Ross

Main Event #2 - GB Title Match

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Our final match of the evening is a Grizzly Beer Elimination by Submission match! Meaning, the only way you can eliminate someone is by submission!

Tear Gutter: Duh.

Jester Jay: Hey some people aren't as intellectually gifted as I am so they might need it spelled out for them.

Tear Gutter: You're dumb.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Introducing first, from Seattle, Washington...

Freedom Fighter Hits the PA system and plays it's rock and roll intro, and as soon as the lyrics hit the sound Ryan Ross Steps out from behind the curtain. The fans give him a mixed reaction the Smarks cheer and the Marks boo. Ryan doesn't care for any of it and just relishes in his own glorious wonder, as he steps down to the ramp and slowly walks down to the ring side area.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6'2" and weighs 220 pounds... he is "THE FALLEN PRINCE" Ryan Ross!!!!

At this point he walks over to the stairs and point to the crowd giving them the thumbs don in disapproval. Ryan then goes to the closest turnbuckle and mounted it throwing his arms out to his side as his music slowly fades out.

Tear Gutter: Ross certainly looks pumped for this match.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: And one of his opponents, hailing from our nation's capital...

"I'll never give in, I'll never, ever give up" X2

Johnny steps from behind the curtain and pounds on his chest, intensity etched on his face.

"You come around here you forget how to act
Slinging your fiction off of the rack
You put up a front to hide what you lack
I just laugh at your pathetic attack
I'll never give in, I'll never, ever give up X4"

Johnny lets out a roar before sprinting to the ring as fast as he can.

"Your role models, they sold you lies
They told you it's cool to drink and get high
It doesn't pay to be someone who buys
Into the hype, open your eyes
I see you, I hear you, I watch your parade
And I see right through the choices you've made
You have no self respect but you're getting paid
There's some things in life I'll never trade"

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 6'2" and weighs 225 pounds... the God of Failure and the leader of the Brotherhood of Failures... JOHNNY MAVERICK!!!!

Johnny slides under the bottom rope and stands, running to a turnbuckle and letting out another roar.

"I'll never be bought, I'll never be sold
I'm glad to walk out here in the cold
I don't have time to watch the drama unfold
I've seen enough and it's getting old."

Johnny jumps down and waits for the Grizzly Beer champ.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: Introducing last, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada...

God Damn I love Me

The opening of "I don't care" by Fallout Boy can be heard as from the back Matt Stone walks out with a smirk of arrogance. He had the Grizzly Beer Championship over his shoulder and walking about five feet behind him was Zach Hazard. Stone was easily the more animated of the two, walking down the aisle with his arms held over his head to ensure he wouldn't touch anyone in the audience.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: He stands 5'9" and weighs 190 pounds... he is the current Grizzly Beer Champion... MATT STONE!!!!

He was wearing a Chex Mix t-shirt over his wrestling attire and Zach had n a Chex Mix hat. Stone walked up the steps and got in the ring, Zach just stood in a corner watching on, ignoring the booing fans in the PWA arena.Stone handed over the title to the referee and stood proud in the ring ready for the match.

Jester Jay: This is gonna be a slobberknocker.

Tear Gutter: Oh God...I hope that phrase isn't patented.

Jester Jay: By who!?

Tear Gutter: You know!


The three men circle each other in the ring... Maverick immediately goes after Stone, and Ross just waits back for a moment. Mav slams his knee into Stone's gut and DDTs him to the mat. Mav kicks him viciously, dropping to the mat and yelling in Stone's ears. Then Mav gets up and goes into the ropes and hits a kneedrop on the back of Stone's head. Ross is stalking both men, looking for a moment to strike. He nails Mav with a clothesline. Then he picks up the GB champ and throws him into the corner. Ross rushes in and crushes Stone in the corner with a splash. Ross nails Stone with rights and lefts, and then hip tosses Stone out of the corner. Mav is back up and nails Ross with a dropkick. Ross is reeling back and slouches in the corner. Mav hits Ross with a european uppercut and then catapaults Ross from the corner on top of Stone!

Tear Gutter: Good move by the God of Failure!

Jester Jay: Don't call him that... it makes us all look bad.

Tear Gutter: He's got a good point, Jay. You can't enjoy success if you've never tasted failure.

Jester Jay: Go read a book or something.

Ross gets to his feet and tries to recuperate. Mav ignores Ross and goes after Stone, but Stone trips Mav to his feet and immediately picks him in an anklelock. Mav is dead center in the middle of the ring, and has no where to go. Stone has the anklelock perfected and Ross is just sitting there, soaking it up.

Jester Jay: Good thinking by Ross. Just let someone get eliminated and make it one on one.

Tear Gutter: Kinda cowardly.

Jester Jay: It's smart!

But, Ross refuses to be thought of that way and instead puts Stone in a dragon sleeper!

Jester Jay: What an idiot!

Tear Gutter: Now THAT'S smart!

Stone is caught in Ross' dragon sleeper, and tries to fight out of it. Mav recuperates in the corner, trying to get his ankle back to working condition. However, Stone escapes the dragon sleeper by flipping his legs up and connecting his knee with Ross' forehead. Stone gets to his feet, grasping for air and nails Ross with a right hand, then a left. Stone whips Ross into the opposite set of ropes and tries to telegraph a body drop, but Ross nails Stone with a swinging neckbreaker. Ross is slow to get to his feet, but Mav catches him from behind with a full-nelson slam. Ross is aiding his back and then Mav tries to go after Stone, but Stone kicks Mav in the knee. Stone rises with an uppercut that sends Mav back. Stone goes into the ropes and comes back with a flying forearm, taking Mav down. Stone puts Mav in a figure four leglock!

Jester Jay: Yes! Stone has got that figure four locked in well, you better give up Maverick!

Tear Gutter: It's gonna take more than that!

Maverick gets to the ropes, despite the pain he was put in. Stone breaks the hold and gets to his feet, but not letting Mav breathe as he puts his boots to him. Stone gets Mav up to his feet and Stone nails Mav with a chop across the chest.

Crowd: WHOO!!!

Stone shoves Mav into the corner and then springboards off the middle rope toward Mav, connecting with a knee uppercut! Mav falls to the mat, and Ross taps Stone's shoulders. Stone, sensing Ross' presence, turns and ducks a right hand from Ross. Stone nails Ross in the gut and then takes him down with a double underhook suplex. Stone immediately climbs around to the legs of Ross and puts him in a Boston Crab!

Jester Jay: Give it up, Rossy!

Tear Gutter: Wait, Maverick broke it up!

Mav kicks Stone in the head, and Stone rolls away from the impact. Stone grabs his head and then shouts at Maverick. Maverick gives Stone a sickening smile and then hits him with a running lariat! Maverick goes to the top rope. With his back to the ring he leaps off with a moonsault and connects, and the impact sends Maverick up to his knees. With the momentum Maverick lays back and throws his legs forward, wrapping Stone's right arm in a ground armbar. Mav is yelling and using all his strength to put Stone in as much pain as possible. Ross is finally to his feet, and regroups in the corner.

Tear Gutter: Stone just might be the first one eliminated here!

Jester Jay: Oh come on, Gutter! Even though that was a okay move by Maverick, Stone is gonna get out of this!

Stone tries to fight and get to the bottom rope, and he's almost there. Mav tightens his grip as best he can, but Stone manages to slip away just enough to grab the bottom rope.

Jester Jay: There! See!

Tear Gutter: Johnny's not letting go...

The ref gives him a count.

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Johnny finally breaks the hold. Stone is clutching his arm and rolls out of the ring. A madman named Johnny Maverick gets to his feet and gives a warrior's roar. Stone grabs a microphone.

Matt Stone: *beep* you, Johnny. There aren't any rope breaks!

Stone drops the mic and slides back into the ring. Mav and Ross are furious and try to argue with the ref about that, but the ref says that it's Stone's match and he can make the rules however he pleases. Matt Stone is behind Ryan Ross, and Johnny Maverick has the referee by the shirt and completely distracted. Stone taps Ross on the shoulder and nails him in the face with the brass knucks! Stone quickly puts his brass knucks back in his pants as Ross collapses to the mat.

Tear Gutter: Aw come on ref! Do your job!

Jester Jay: You can blame Johnny for that one!

Mav looks at a seemingly unconscious Ross and then charges at Stone. Mav drops his shoulder and spears Stone, knocking the brass knucks off his hand. Mav mounts Stone and hits him with lefts and rights, and then gets Stone up to his feet. He picks Stone up vertically for a suplex, but drops him down for a facebuster!

Tear Gutter: That will ruin his weekend!

Mav gets up to his feet and finally Ross is stirring. Mav picks Stone up and throws him into the turnbuckle. Mav runs in, but Stone moves out of the corner just in time! Mav crashes chest-first into the turnbuckles and Stone using the momentum nails Mav with a german suplex. Stone picks Mav up to his feet and suplexs him forward onto the top rope. Mav's stomach is crushed along the rope but he manages to land on the apron. Stone nails Mav with a dropkick and Mav flies to the outside. Ross finally gets up from that vicious brass knuck shot and kicks Stone in the gut. Ross goes into the ropes and tries for something, but Stone rushes toward Ross and clotheslines him, nearly taking his head off and flipping him all around in the process. Stone puts on a Sharpshooter right away and Ross is caught in the middle of the ring and in serious pain.

Jester Jay: Just give in Ross! You can't beat Chex-Mix!

Tear Gutter: Did you just use a shameless plug?

Jester Jay: No, I just called Stone Chex-Mix. A delicious snack found anywhere at your local grocery store or gas station.

Tear Gutter: Pathetic.

Ross is trying to fight back and Mav is still on the floor on the outside. Ross can't overpower Stone's sharpshooter, and finally gives in.


Tamara Christopher Onassi: Ryan Ross has been eliminated!

Mav gets to his feet, and Ross slides out of the ring. Ross holds his legs as he angrily makes his way to the back. Stone taunts Mav to get into the ring. Now a month ago Mav might have hesitated, but not anymore. Mav slides in and Stone goes for a kick, but Mav catches Stone's leg and flips him off his feet. Mav lands a few kicks to Stone's back and head and then goes into the ropes. Mav bounces back and tries for an elbow drop, but Stone moves out of the way.

Jester Jay: Great awareness from the GB champ.

Tear Gutter: Suck up!

Stone gets to his feet and drops an elbow on Mav's head. Stone kicks Mav in the gut.

Jester Jay: Wait, what the hell is Ryan Ross doing back here?

Tear Gutter: And he brought a friend... Mr. Sledgehammer.

Ross walks down to the ring in a very pissed off manner. Zach Hazard, Stone's lackey, tries to intervene, but takes a shot to the head from the sledgehammer!

Tear Gutter: Good God! He just knocked out Hazard!

Jester Jay: That can't be good.

The ref tries to wave Ross off and not let him into the ring, but Ross enters. Stone turns to Ross and gets in his face.

Tear Gutter: Stone is trying to tell Ross to leave.

Jester Jay: Yeah Ross, you've already gotten beat!

Mav tries to get behind Stone for a move, but Ross swings at Stone with the sledgehammer. However, he doesn't hit Stone, he hits JOHNNY MAVERICK!

Jester Jay: Holy *beep*!

Stone looks around at Mav, and Ross looks stunned. Stone quickly applies the Anaconda Vice, and demands the ref call him out. Maverick is knocked out, and the ref picks up his arm.

Ref: 1!

Johnny shows no movement.

Ref: 2!

The ref picks his arm up one more time, and it drops.

Ref: 3!!!!


Tamara Christopher Onassi: And the winner of this match... MATT STONE!!!!!

Tear Gutter: Come on... the only reason Stone won was because Ross accidentally hit Maverick! Johnny was robbed!

Jester Jay: You'd HAVE to be a woman to see it that way.

Tear Gutter: You mother*beep*.

Both their headsets go offline as we fade to black.

(C) PWA 2009