World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Welcome to Chaos!

As we come to see the outside view of the arena for tonights Wednesday Night Chaos, we see a number of metal detectors set up with an incredible amount of security guards posted outside the front.

Joe BoXeR: No one gets in here with weapons tonight. Got it, guys? This is my show, and we're all going to play by the rules.

Head of Security: Yes sir.

BoXeR's phone goes off as he steps aside to answer it. Then, President Chamelion arrives on the scene dressed in a nice suit and holding a duffle bag. He tries to go right through, but security stops him.

Security Guard: Sir - please step through the metal detectors. Remove any metal objects, weapons, and change.

Chamelion sighs.

Chamelion: Really, Joe?

Joe BoXeR: Yeah, Mark. It goes for everybody.

Joe returns to talking on his phone and Cham reaches into his pocket and brings out a fistful of pennies. He begins to slowly drop the coins, one by one, into the small bucket. Joe pauses his phone conversation and looks at Chamelion, who's whistling.

Chamelion: (singing) "I hear voices in my head, they counsel me they understand..."

Chamelion continues to drop his handful of coins one by one into the small container.

Joe BoXeR: Alright, Mark. Let's go.

Cham shrugs and walks through, setting off the detector. The guards look a bit angry. Chamelion walks up near BoXeR.

Joe BoXeR: Hey I gotta go. Ok, talk to you later. (Hangs up phone.) Let me walk with you, Mark. I've got a few ideas concerning Bad Blood.

BoXeR and Chamelion walk down the hallway together in conversation. Suddenly we see a motorcade of black Cadillac Escalades come into view, blue and red siren lights flashing yet no sound eminating from them as the motorcade comes to a complete and utter stop at the entrance. From the center of the motorcade, Simon Kalis and Masakazu exit the vehicles both dressed in black Armani suits. Their PWA Tag Team titles snug around their waists as they approach the metal detectors. It is at this point Masakazu walks through, with nothing sounding off. Kalis follows suit, but a bell rings and a red light flashes over the metal detector at which point one of the security guards stops right in front of Kalis.

Simon Kalis: Excuse me? I work here.

Kalis looks a little pissed off at this point, and tries to push the guard aside with no luck.

Security Guard: Do you have any weapons on your, sir? Specifically any firearms we should know about?

Kalis laughs at the question.

Simon Kalis: Uhm... no?

Kalis seems a bit sarcastic as the security guard pushes him back through the metal detector. Kalis is starting to lose his patience, but he decides to undo his title, opting to sling it over his shoulder and reveal the Desert Eagle Mark VII tucked into his belt. He then reaches for his wallet and pulls out identification marking him as an agent for the CIA.

Simon Kalis: I've got privilages. Understand, asshole?

The security guard shakes his head and grabs the weapon right out of Kalis' belt. It's at this point Agent Olen steps out from one of the vehicles to assess the situation.

Agent Olen: Excuse me. This man is under my direct command, and has the complete right to conceal a firearm on his person at all times as an employee of the United States government.

Security Guard: Yeah well he ain't in the United States anymore. He's entering Mr. BoXeR's Chaos, and according to Mr. BoXeR, he ain't allowed any more guns on this show anymore.

Kalis starts shaking his head, but he turns to Agent Olen and smiles.

Simon Kalis: I guess the wiretaps don't lie.

Agent Olen: No they do not.

Olen walks away from the situation as Kalis starts pulling out an assortment of weapons. He unstraps a sawed off shotgun from his back, a .38 snub nosed on his ankle and a 9mm his sides. He walks through the metal detector once more and it remains silent, giving the all clear.

Security Guard: Mr. BoXeR sends his regards, Simon.

Kalis smirks as another figure emerges from the motorcade. This man seems to stand over 6 feet and 7 inches tall, and is in a complete suit of armor. He steps up to the metal detector which he cannot even fit under. He bends down to walk under it and it goes off, of course. The security guard stops him.

Simon Kalis: It's the suit, ya *beep*ing moron. This here is my bodyguard, straight from Project Freedom Soldier. Tell them who you are.

Man: Designation, Desert Eagle Mark X. Mission statement: The advancement and protection of The Order of Chaos. Secondary objectives include the complete elimination of The Apostles of Ares and the Resistance.

Security Guard: Desert Eagle?

The man in the iron suit, who seems to be named Desert Eagle, headbutts the annoying security guard causing a huge gash in his head. The other security guards back off as Kalis, Masakazu and Desert Eagle head into the arena. Kalis looks into the camera.

Simon Kalis: You'll never take my Eagle away. So *beep* you Joe BoXeR.

Desert Eagle: All Hail The Pantheon. All Hail The Order of Chaos!

The lumbering giant smashes open the arena door for Kalis and Masakazu, kicking aside the broken glass before standing at attention and saluting both men as they enter the arena. We cut back to the ring.

Tear Gutter: Welcome to Chaos everyone! We've got an explosive show for you tonight. We've got PWA Tag Champions, The Order of Chaos, taking on Rebel-Pro Tag Champions The Phoenix and Scottie Snow in a non-title match.

Jester Jay: I guess that one's just for bragging rights. Also, we've got the finals of the Grizzly Beer Tournament as Wrath takes on Shadow Starr. The winner will face the Grizzly Beer Champion at Bad Blood!

Tear Gutter: And speaking of the champion, he is defending his title here tonight against Johnny Maverick and RJ Banks. What kind of match is it? We'll have to wait and find out!

Jester Jay: We'll be right back with our first match of the night after this short break.

Bad Blood

October 25th

jethro hayes... matthew engel

hunter sullivan... the phoenix

the end is near, glory will be bestowed upon the better

but on october 25th, everybody bleeds

Joshua Danielson & Orion vs Ray Zout & Raw Mike

Raw Mike is already standing in the ring after a quick advertisement for the upcoming PWA pay per view, "Bad Blood."

"I'm Tearing Away...."
Drowning Pool's 'Tear Away' rips across the PA system. The athlete descends the ramp with a smug smirk, acknowledging fans -- whether or not they favor him. If they don't it only seems to add to his enjoyment. He approaches the ring and takes to the steel steps, slowly going up only one at a time. Powerhouse, though a very quick individual, takes his time walking to the center of the apron and spinning, stretching against the top rope much like a certain Chris Jericho, as he is convinced the rest of the world runs according to his time.

The man enters the ring between the middle and top ropes, then stalks to the front of the ring, mounting the bottom rope and staring toward the backstage area lying in wait for his foe.

We come back from commercial and Joshua Danielson is already in the ring waiting on his tag team partner to make his way down to the squared circle.

"Stargazer" by Dream Theater hits the sound system as Orion appears from backstage. Orion is dressed in black cargo pants, a tight
black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. His midnight blue hair falls just above his eyes, which are focused on the ring. He makes his way down to the rampway.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing now, hailing from Denver, Colorado...

Orion makes it to the ring and slides in. The voice of Dream Theater, James LaBrie, hits the powerful notes of Rainbow's "Stargazer" perfectly. Orion removes his jacket.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He stands five feet ten inches and weighs one hundred and eighty five pounds... he is ORION!!!

Orion sits in the corner and stretches a bit, waiting for the match to begin.

Ding Ding

Joshua and Ray lock up in the center of the ring, Josh drops down flipping Ray Zout over him and into the corner. Ray comes charging back with a clothesline that Joshua is able to duck under to avoid; Ray Zout turns around delivering a swinging kick, but Josh able to catch the foot flipping Ray on around where Josh is able to end it with a diving bulldog. Josh locks in a side headlock on Ray, who begins to power up immediately, he doesn't want to stay on the mat under any circumstances. Ray pushes Josh into the ropes, Josh slams on the brakes preventing the easy break of the side headlock. Ray slams an elbow into Josh's ribs, then slings him into the ropes again, this time the hold is broken. Ray slaps his chest as he lowers his head flipping Josh back over his body. Josh lands on the apron, spinning around quickly catching Ray with a kick to the ribs.

Jester Jay: What agility from Orion's partner.

Tear Gutter: His name is Joshua Danielson.

Jester Jay: Who is his partner?

Tear Gutter: Orion.

Jester Jay: That is all that matters then.

Josh springs to the top rope, diving in a seated position slamming Ray's face into the canvas. Josh quickly tags in Orion, who comes in with precision. Orion with a knee drop on the back of Ray's neck, before he drops an elbow on the exact same spot. Orion picks him up, slamming a forearm into his throat before hip tossing him over onto the canvas. Orion drops another knee on the neck and seems to be concentrating his entire effort on the neck area of Ray Zout.

Jester Jay: Orion looks marvelous in this match.

Tear Gutter: yeah....

Jester Jay: Course, they all look good to you don't they?

Tear Gutter: Shut up Jay.

Orion pounds his forearm into the neck of Zout before reaching to pull him up with a wristlock, he tags in Joshua who dives from the top with a double axe handle smash. Zout hits the canvas on one knee as Orion climbs through the ropes. Josh sets Ray Zout up wfor a piledriver, but Ray manages to lift his opponent up and flip him backwards onto the canvas. Ray dives forward slamming an elbow into Orion's face sending him down to the canvas. Orion falls on the floor, looking up at Ray Zout with hatred and surprise filling his eyes. Joshua is getting back up charging at Ray Zout, who catches him in a desperation belly to belly suplex position, he turns around, overhead belly to belly suplex. Ray is down, but the Powerhouse is pushing himself to get back up to a vertical base. Ray gets up, dragging Josh over to where he finally is able to tag in Raw Mike.

Tear Gutter: here comes the biggest man in this match.

Jester Jay: It doesn't look good for Orion's partner.

As Ray grabs Josh's wrist in a wristlock, Mike plants a boot into his face. Josh stumbles back, but Ray manages to keep him on his feet, Mike with a big boot into Josh's midsection, he hits a knee. Mike with a huge European uppercut nearly knocks Josh's head off his neck. Ray steps through the ropes to the apron. Mike tosses Josh into the corner like a rag doll before slamming a running knee into his midsection. Mike with a second running knee, Mike with a third and Josh looks like he has had enough as he falls to a seated position. Mike laughs as he pulls Josh up to a vertical base again, he slams a meaty fist into his gut before wrapping a hand around his throat, the referee quickly rushes over to count to five. Orion comes into the ring since the ref's back is turned to him. Knee clip from Orion and the referee pushes him back to his corner. Ray Zout takes the oppurtunity to slam repeated forearms into Josh's temple before the referee returns to see the blatent double team; he is furious and begins yelling at the two. Mike stares down at the referee, who for his part, doesn't back down at all instead he stands his ground. Mike turns back to Joshua lifting him to a seated position on the top turnbuckle, he follows up after him.

Tear Gutter: Superplex?

Jester Jay: It really doesn't look good for Orion's partner.

Mike has him up, but Josh twists and whips his body around, he counters into a top rope inverted DDT!

Jester Jay: Orion's partner has potential, but can he capitalize?

Tear Gutter: His name is Joshua Danielson. Josh-ua Dan-iel-son.

Jester Jay: Geeze, don't get your panties in a wad.

Josh isn't moving, but fortunately for him, Mike isn't moving either. Orion is making no expression, but Ray Zout is pounding away on the top turnbuckle trying to motivate the big man to get up and tag him in. Josh begins to crawl towards Orion, his head lifted and he crawls, Orion stretches his hand out. Ray Zout has his hand lowered, trying to reach Mike who is now moving, but is disoriented. Joshua leaps forward, the tag to Orion is made as Mike dazedly reaches out towards Ray's voice. Ray looks at the charging Orion, but manages to miss Mike by mere centimeters as Orion pulls the big man out of the corner, a smirk on his face. Orion grabs the right ankle of Mike, he stomps on the inner knee as he looks over at Ray, then down at the pain etching its way on Mike's face. Orion with another stomp, and a third as Mike is hurting here big time now, his knee isn't going to be very good. Orion locks in a kneebar, putting Mike's knee through all kinds of torture to prevent him from being able to use his power to his advantage. Orion locks Mike into a figure four leglock, but Ray rushes him delivering a boot to Orion's temple to break the hold. Joshua comes in him and Ray exchange blows in the center of the ring, Ray getting the advantage since he is a bit fresher. Ray twists, sending Josh down to the mat curtosey of a swinging neckbreaker. Orion has gotten up as Ray looks down at Josh, he taps Ray on the shoulder. Zout turns around, punch to the face backs Ray up against the ropes. He whips him into the ropes and charges after him. Ray rebounds, Orion side steps to slam a well timed boot into Ray's left knee. Orion walks over to Mike, who is pushing himself up to a kneeling position, he kicks at his head. Mike catches the foot, but Orion kicks with the other. Mike ducks under the kick to shove up to his feet and catch Orion is a belly to back position. He launches Orion back.

Tear Gutter: Look at the power of Mike here.

Jester Jay: Roids.

Orion lands on his head, but has the presence of mind to slide out of the ring. Mike stands over him, looking down into his upturned face as Orion rubs at the back of his neck. Joshua is laying on the apron as Ray limps back over to his corner, he glances over at Orion, who has eyes for no other than Mike. Raw Mike goes to step through the ropes, Orion quickly lunges forward, Mike pulls his foot back showing that he has some sense in that cranium. The referee's count is up to four now and Mike knows that the count is on his side; Orion knows this as well. Using his speed to his advantage, Orion rushes around the corner of the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope before springing up to his feet. Mike comes charging over, as fast as his hurt leg will allow him, Orion dives forward going after that right knee.

Orion spins driving a toe kick into the side of the knee before slapping on a quick three quarter facelock.

Tear Gutter: The Overture!

Jester Jay: It is over!

Josh rushes in as Ray is stepping through the ropes, he nails a running knee into Zout's face.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Winners of the match, the team of Joshua Danielson and Orion!

Jester Jay: I'm so happy.

Tear Gutter: Why?

Jester Jay: Cause I get paid tonight, I won the bet.

Chamelion vs Sparco

The matches opens with the grapple. Chamelion gets a hammerlock, which Sparco counters, and Chamelion recounters, and Sparco recounters, and kicks him in the stomach, then in the face when he buckles over. Sparco whips him into the ropes, then runs himself. Chamelion jumps over him and he continues running. On the way back, with his back still to Sparco, Chamelion tries to jump over him again, but Sparco comes up underneath him, landing Chamelion on his shoulders. Sparco stands and quickly tilts back, hitting a backdrop on him. Sparco climbs up top and goes for an elbowdrop. Chamelion rolls and Sparco lands hard. Chamelion picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Sparco holds the ropes and stops and Chamelion misses the S.O.S. he was going for. Sparco, with Chamelion spun by the kick and his back facing Sparco, grabs him and goes another backdrop type move. Chamelion flips back off his shoulder, grabs the ropes and lands on the apron. Sparco isn't sure what happened and looks around, confused, but with his back toward Chamelion on the apron. Chamelion springs off the top rope just as Sparco turns and catches him a massive flipping neckbreaker. He makes the cover... 1... 2... kick. Chamelion picks him up and whips him into the ropes and catches him in a spinebuster slam and goes for the pin again...1...2...thr-KICKOUT! Chamelion picks him up and whips him into the corner, and follows up with a bodysplash. He chops Sparco once. The audience "WOOO!"s.Another chop-- another "WOOO!". Sparco suddenly grabs him and throws him into the corner. Sparco shoulder blocks him in the corner a few times, then backs up and lets him drop the mat. Sparco climbs up top and balances himself to attack. As Chamelion gets up, he runs into the ropes, causing Sparco to fall and crotch himself. This allows Chamelion to climb up and execute a perfect superplex on Sparco, and then follows up with a S.O.S. and a quick cover. 1-2-3!

Winner: Chamelion

After the match, Chamelion offers a mock bow to the arena and exits to the massive boos and jeers that follow him all the way up the ramp.

I Now Pronounce You John and Andy

The Andalusian, an unfamiliar sight for Chaos, knocks on the door of Johnny Mavericks 'dressing room'.

Johnny: I don't have anymore Doritos hats!

Andalusian: It is I, my friend. May we speak?

Johnny pops his head out of the door.

Andalusian: I just dropped by to... You smell like Swanson Freezer Enchilada.

Johnny: Oh, that's just DORITO'S TACO FLAVOR! They took it off of the shelves for a while, but they brought it ba- You don't care. Anyway, what's up?

Andalusian: it's not that i don't care, it's just...You're right, I don't care. And Johnny, you should know... Doritos? You can just put an 'O' on the end of a word to make it spanish. Anyway I just came by to wish you luck.

Johnny: Oh well... thanks.

There is an awkward pause.

Johnny: Do we....hug now?

The Andalusian gestures him in and gives him a big bearhug. Johnny squirms after the first ten seconds. The Andalusian takes a deep relaxing breath.

Andalusian: You know, not many people opened up to me, my friend.

Johnny squirms uncomfortably, as there is no end in sight for this hug.

Johnny: That's....yeah... it's cool... You know we're being filmed right now.

The Andalusian pats his back a few times, Johnny relaxes, thinking this may signal the end of the hug. But to no avail.

Andalusian: Yes, I know. But you became more than a friend.

Johnny turns to the camera, mouthing the words 'help me'

Andalusian: You became my BEST friend. You taught me the art of the promo, you watched my back, you let me into your home... You visitied me in the hospital... I have a present for you.

Johnny: And what would that be?

The Andalusian finally releases the hug and Johnny attempts to take the manliest stance possible to compensate for the last 45 seconds.

Andalusian: I thought you might like this, before your next match.

The Andalusian hands over a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey with a red bow tied around the neck to Johnny. Johnny looks deeply moved.

Johnny: Andy!

Andalusian: It's Diego.

Johnny: Whatever. This is great! Now I can get hammered after I lose!

Andalusian: That's not what I... Okay, sure.

Johnny: I got you a present too... I understand you've been having a bit of ghost trouble, so I got you a documentary that should help hammer out a few of the details.

Johnny hands him a copy of the film 'Ghost' starring Patrick Swayze. It isn't wrapped, almost as if it was his own copy and Johnny felt obligated to give him something.

The Andalusian forces a smile.

Andalusian: And Patrick Swayze's dead

Johnny: Hey, I live for those jokes. Don't ruin it.

Andalusian: Well thanks, and good luck.

Johnny: Thanks... You're gonn hug me again arent yo-

Before Johnny can finish, the Andalusian grapples him into a man-hug.

Johnny: Oh boy... are you.....are you smelling me?

Andalusian: ....smells like Downy.

Johnny: I've got this cool new thing we can try out... it's called a 'high five'... We'll talk about it later, I really really have to go.

Before we can see the Andalusian walk off, the cameraman gets uncomfortable and leaves.

Johnny: No, don't leave me here!

Andalusian: I'm not going anywhere.

Ronald Gay vs Ryan Ross

Jester Jay: That... was disturbing.

Tear Gutter: Indeed it was. Our next match is a singles match with Ronald Gay taking on Ryan Ross. Who do you like in this match up, Jay?

Jester Jay: Ryan Ross hands down. I mean, he ain't the classiest individual, but he tells it how it is... plus, I'm not down with the whole Jesus thing.

Tear Gutter: Is it because of your alcoholism?

Jester Jay: Huh?

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Our next match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission. Introducing first, hailing from Waco, Texas.

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" plays as Gay walks down the ramp handing out pamphlets to fans in the front rows.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He stands 6'3" and weighs in tonight at 242 pounds... He is.. RONALD GAY!!!!

He enters the ring and kneels down to pray. Some of the fans in the front row taunt him about his beliefs and praying, but Gay pays them no attention as "Onward, Christian Soldiers" dies down.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And his opponent, hailing from Seattle, Washington...

Freedom Fighter Hits the PA system and plays it's rock and roll intro, and as soon as the lyrics hit the sound Ryan Ross Steps out from behind the curtain.

The fans give him a mixed reaction the Smarks cheer and the Marks boo. Ryan doesn't care for any of it and just relishes in his own glorious wonder, as he steps down to the ramp and slowly walks down to the ring side area.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He stands 6'2" and weighs in tonight at 220 pounds.. He is the Fallen Prince... RYAN ROSS!!!

At this point he walks over to the stairs and point to the crowd giving them the thumbs don in disapproval. Ryan then goes to the closest turnbuckle and mounted it throwing his arms out to his side as his music slowly fades out.


The match starts off with a bing as Ross goes right in for a right punch. Ross connects with forearm shots to Gay's head and then sends him into the ropes. Gay comes back and nails Ross with a shoulder tackle sending Ross to the mat! Gay grabs Ross by the hair and gets him to his feet, and then hip tosses him to the mat. Gay goes into the ropes and comes back with a snap legdrop across Ross' throat. Gay covers.



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Ronald came down with that big leg across Ross' throat... that's gotta hurt.

Jester Jay: The Fallen Prince feels no pain Gutter!

Gay gets Ross to his feet and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Gay charges in but Ross moves out of the way just in time. Ross hits Gay with a right! And then a left! Ross kicks Gay in the gut and wraps him up on a front headlock, and then DDT!

Ross covers.



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Ronald kicks out with authority.

Jester Jay: Whose authority?

Tear Gutter: Well according to Ron, God's authority.

Jester Jay: Bah.

Ross gets Gay to his feet and slams him face-first into the turnbuckle. Ross ascends to the top rope and flies off with a cross body, connecting with Gay. But Gay rolls backwards on the impact and ends up covering Ross!



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Surprise move from Ron there!

Jester Jay: Come on, Prince!

Ross gets to his feet and Gay tries for a double arm axe handle but Ross kicks Gay in the stomach again. Ross goes into the ropes and tries for an ax kick on a doubled over Gay, but Gay backs away and Ross misses! Then Gay charges and hits a running lariat on Ross! Ross to his feet, and Gay hits him with another lariat! Ross to his feet again and Gay tries for another lariat, but Ross ducks. Gay goes into the ropes and leaps at Ross with a flying clothesline!

Tear Gutter: Ron's on a roll!

Jester Jay: Oh don't tell me he's got God on his side...

Tear Gutter: Seems like right now he does!

Ron gets Ross to his feet and hits him with an uppercut. Ron tries to send Ross into the ropes but Ross reverses. Ron tries for another flying clothesline but Ross rolls out of the way. Ron gets to his feet and Ross nails him with a right hook and then takes down Ron with a dropkick. Ross gets to his feet and climbs to the top rope. He comes off with a double foot stomp from the top rope! Ross covers.



Kick out!

Tear Gutter: Almost!

Ross gets Gay to his feet, but Gay counters with a jaw-breaker. Ross goes reeling back, and Gay charges. Ross kicks Gay in the gut as Gay was trying for a clothesline. Ross picks Gay up vertically and drops him with the Den-o Tornado!

Tear Gutter: What a move from Ross! The Den-o Tornado!

Ross covers...





Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The winner of this match... RYAN... ROSS!

Tear Gutter: It was a good effort from Ronald Gay, but Ross was the better man tonight.

Jester Jay: Gay will be looking to bounce back next week, that's for sure. I mean, God would want him to!

Tear Gutter: Oh stop it, Jay. I respect a man who takes pride in his beliefs.

Jester Jay: You will respect any man who will take pride in you.

To the Gallows

Tear Gutter: Talk about Chaos, it's always chaotic every Wednesday night in the PWA.

Jester Jay: After what I've seen tonight? I'd have to agree with you... For once!

Suddenly "Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos Remix)" by 2Pac and The Outlaws blasts through the PA system in the arena, and the fans jump up into a chorus of boos. They start throwing various things, such as drinks and popcorn at The Order of Chaos as they appear from backstage. Kalis and Masakazu raise their PWA tag team titles with one hand, and raise their middle fingers to the crowd with the other. The Desert Eagle, The Order's new bodyguard and emissary comes from the back with them, scanning the audience for any legitimate threats. All three men make their way towards ringside now.

Tear Gutter: So BoXeR took away Kalis' gun...

Jester Jay: And yet Kalis still has a Desert Eagle, so to speak?

Tear Gutter: That man, if he's even a man, is a damn monster.

They make their way up onto the apron as Desert Eagle holds down the top rope, allowing Kalis and Masakazu to climb over. He then climbs over the top rope with ease, given his size. Kalis recieves the microphone and waits for the crowds boos to calm down.

Simon Kalis: All haill the Pantheon!

Kalis yells this down the mic, another chorus of boos and heckles errupting because of it. Masakazu stands on one of the turnbuckles, waving his tag title in the air and even yelling back at the fans.

Simon Kalis: I've come out here tonight, to address a few things. First of all, *beep* Riona Langly!

The fans boo him but there are scattered cheers for Riona in the crowd as well.

Simon Kalis: In her greed and lust for vengeance, she has denied the Rampage brand the chance to obtain the PWA Tag Team titles. Masakazu and I should be defending these beautiful titles against a duo of chumps from that side, yet here we are. Mas isn't booked and I've got an angry *beep* on my ass.

Kalis flips the bird at the fans who continue to boo him. The Desert Eagle looks on, scanning the crowd with his arms crossed and his eyes glowing from the helmet he wears. We even now notice The Order of Chaos' insignia skull and bones on the back of his helmet as Kalis continues.

Simon Kalis: And you, Riona, speak of honor? Yet you rob others of their rights? I know you still haven't recieved a rematch. It's not my fault your partner has abandoned you. Maybe he gets the hint, and knows there is no hope against two talented and virulent individuals such as Masakazu and I. Maybe you'd do good if you got the same hint. Yet, I know, you're stronger than that. Ian was the weakest link afterall. I told you this before our match at Manitoba Mayhem, and I showed it in our victory. Yet you now rob your fellow Rampagers of a chance to bring the tag titles back to that show. How selfish Riona. I'm ashamed of you, because for all your talk and bravado about honor and doing whats right... You prove how selfish you are, just like the rest of us.

Kalis smirks now, winking at Masakazu who now leans against the ropes smiling.

Simon Kalis: Now there is one more thing that's on my mind... Xavier.

The crowd has a mixed reaction, unsure of the unknown entity yet.

Simon Kalis: You blatantly admit yourself to be the killer of my father. You've made it clear you're good with a pistol, but obviously you can't win a match to save your life. The sad thing is, you'll need to. Because although I have the option of taking next week off to prepare for Bad Blood, I forsake biding my time. Instead I say to you, Mr. Xavier. You and I shall fight... In what I call the Hangmans Match!

Tear Gutter: The Hangmans match!?

Jester Jay: Sounds dangerous, I like it!

Simon Kalis: The only way to win, is to hang your opponent for exactly ten seconds. No more, no less. I will end your short career for what you've done, and make a perfect example of you to the rest of the PWA.

Kalis blows a kiss towards the camera.

Simon Kalis: Don't worry, Riona. I look forward to tapping your ass again.

Kalis laughs as the crowd boos.

Simon Kalis: You're going to wish I meant sexually.

Kalis slams the microphone down as "Last Ones Left" hits once more, and all three men quickly make their exit.

Tear Gutter: Riona and Kalis. Bad Blood. And boy oh boy is there tension between those two!

Jester Jay: Yeah but what about the Hangmans match next week here on Chaos? That'll be a great segway into Bad Blood.

Tear Gutter: If Kalis makes it to Bad Blood...

Hunter Sullivan vs Bubba J

Tear Gutter: This next match is going to be intense.

Jester Jay: Two guys that hate each other's guts. I love it!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

The smashing guitar riffs of "Alcohol" hit the speakers and from the back walks The Ragin' Redneck Bubba. In his right hand he holds a bottle of liquor and he looks out at the crowd.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: "From Durham North Carolina, he stands at six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds... The Ragin' Redneck... Bubba!"

Bubba nods at the announcement of his name before walking slowly down to the entrance ramp. He gets some cheers, some boos, but all in all it is a mixed reaction. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring where he climbs the turnbuckle and chugs a gulp of the liquor in the bottle before putting the lid back on and setting it in his corner.

Tear Gutter: Bubba looks ready.

Jester Jay: He looks drunk if you ask me.

Tear Gutter: Eh, same difference.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And his opponent..

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in a harsh chorus of jeers.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: From Corner brook Newfoundland Canada, weighing in at 227lbs, he is the Viper, HUNTERRR SULLIVVAAAAN"

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, wearing the Global title around his waist, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

Sullivan walks calmly and professionally down the ramp, but before he can go any further is met with a furious right hand from Bubba, as Hunter's music abruptly cuts off. The two are now trading punches back and forth, neither getting an upper hand. They get closer to the ring, and Bubba grabs Hunter by the arm and whips him hard into the steel steps, groans from the crowd, as Hunter holds his ribs.

Tear Gutter: Bubba wasting no time here.

Jester Jay: What a thug, he needs to get things in the ring, this match hasn't officially started.

After Hunter takes off his belt, Bubba picks Hunter up and rolls him into the ring, rolling in after him as ref Dwayne Cross signals for the bell for this match. Hunter is grabbing for the ropes to get up to his feet, Bubba meeting him in the corner, delivering some chops to Hunter, each one more stinging than the last. A middle kick followed by some stomps gets the crowd riled as Bubba then gives Hunter the middle finger.

Jester Jay: Hey! That's no way to treat a champ like Sullivan.

Tear Gutter: Didn't you hear in Bubba's promos? I don't think he really cares.

Bubba goes in to pull Hunter out of the corner, when the Viper snatches Bubba and pulls him into the buckle, causing Bubba to back away. A clothesline from Hunter knocks Bubba down, followed by stomps to the midsection, Hunter still a bit peeved being trapped in the corner. He brings Bubba to his feet and hoists him into the air, holding him there for a moment, then dropping him down with a suplex. He then stands over Bubba giving him the middle finger, before stomping away at each limb on Bubba's body.

Jester Jay: That's the way Hunter! Take it to that dumb redneck!

Tear Gutter: Hunter is meticulous, making sure he administers punishment to all parts of Bubba's body.

Hunter sneers as the fans boo him. He picks Bubba up and whips him across the ropes, catching him on the rebound in a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Hunter quickly goes for the cover.

1..2..and Bubba kicks out.

Undeterred, Hunter brings Bubba to his feet and tries a Sambo suplex, but Bubba blocks it, turning it into a Russian leg sweep. Bubba struggles to his feet, Hunter not far behind. Bubba hits the ropes, surprising Sullivan with a Lou Thesz press, raining down rain hands as Hunter tries to cover up from the shots. Bubba hits the ropes and drops an elbow on Hunter, hooking the leg for a cover.

1..2..and Hunter kicks out.

Tear Gutter: Each man with a pinfall attempt early on.

Jester Jay: But Hunter's was more impressive.

Tear Gutter: If you say so.

Bubba gets up, bringing Hunter to his feet. He whips Hunter hard into the turnbuckle then hits him with a clubbing clothesline. Not hesitating, Bubba goes to the second rope and comes off with an elbow drop, landing it right across the neck of Hunter. He then goes for the cover.

1..2..and Hunter kicks out again.

Jester Jay: That idiot thinks an elbow drop is going to beat Hunter? Gimme a break!

Tear Gutter: Maybe not, but Bubba continues to be on the offense.

Bubba brings Hunter to his feet and backs him against the ropes with some chops. He then whips Hunter across the ropes and tries for a back body drop, but Hunter puts on the breaks and kicks Bubba square in the jaw, following it up with a kick to the midsection and a beautiful overhead belly to belly suplex, dropping Bubba by the edge of the ring.

Jester Jay: A beautiful move by The Viper.

Tear Gutter: I’ll agree with that.

Hunter has a smug look on his face as he goes over to Bubba. Bubba tries to hang onto the bottom rope to get leverage, but Hunter pulls him away by the leg, slapping on a single leg boston crab to Bubba’s right leg. Bubba crawls for the bottom rope, but Hunter, to a chorus of boos from the crowd, pulls Bubba back towards the center of the ring. Bubba closes his eyes, the pain seeping in, but he manages to turn to his side, knocking Hunter away from him a bit. Bubba gets to the corner, limping to his feet, but Hunter is right there on him, delivering some chops, then hoisting Bubba up to the top turnbuckle. Hunter climbs up and hooks Bubba, delivering a picture perfect superplex.

Tear Gutter: And now both men are down.

Jester Jay: Come on Hunter, get up and pin this idiot.

Hunter rolls over onto Bubba for the cover.

1..2..and Bubba kicks out.

Tear Gutter: Bubba still has some life left in him.

Jester Jay: Not much longer.

Hunter gets to his feet kicking Bubba in the face, getting more boos from the crowd. As Bubba struggles to his feet, Hunter runs the ropes, trying for a clothesline. Bubba goes down low and picks Hunter up over his shoulder, dropping him with a rattling spinebuster. Bubba hooks the leg for the cover.

1..2..and Hunter kicks out.

Tear Gutter: Bubba drilled his opponent with that move.

Jester Jay: Meh, whatever.

Bubba is up, bringing Hunter to his feet, some stiff rights and lefts, then Bubba does the unthinkable, at least to Jester Jay.

Jester Jay: That’s disgusting! Can there be a disqualification for something being gross?

Indeed, Bubba has reached into his pants, cupping his balls, then slapped Hunter right across the face with the same hand.

Tear Gutter: That sure is unorthodox, but effective.

Jester Jay: Ball sweat has no place in pro wrestling!

Hunter is furious and slaps Bubba right back, then drills him in the gut with some knee shots. Hunter then hoists Bubba up and drops him with a brainbuster. Hunter then sits down over Bubba’s face, grinding a forearm up against forehead.

Jester Jay: Yeah, put your crotch near Bubba’s face Hunter, let him get some of his own medicine.

Tear Gutter: Excuse me?

Jester Jay: Just saying.

Hunter mimics Bubba with the grab of the crotch, but instead then drops that hand into a falling fist to Bubba’s temple. Hunter then backs up, surveying and stalking Bubba.

Jester Jay: I know what’s coming next.
Tear Gutter: This doesn’t look too good for Bubba.

Hunter runs, delivering the Viper Snap to Bubba, a sick running kick to the face of a seated Bubba, busting his nose wide open. Hunter smirks, as the crowd cascades boos down in his general direction. Dwayne Cross checks on Bubba, who repeatedly shakes his head no about calling the match. Bubba is staggering as Hunter looks on a half nelson suplex, dropping Bubba down to the mat. He then goes for the cover.

1..2..and Bubba gets his right shoulder up.

Undeterred, Hunter waits for Bubba to get to his feet, hooking him up in a vertical suplex, but then dropping him with The Crumbler, a brainbuster DDT, the fans looking on at Bubba with concern, blood everywhere on the mat. Hunter hooks the leg for the cover.

1..2..and Bubba gets the right shoulder up again. Hunter is frustrated, and once again stalks Bubba as he uses the ropes to get back to his feet. Hunter hops onto the top rope and tries for a springboard shin kick, but Bubba, out of instinct if nothing else, ducks the move and begins firing off stiff right shots, followed by chops. He whips Hunter hard into the corner, and then hits a clothesline knocking Hunter to the mat. Wiping blood off his face, Bubba is becoming enraged.

Jester Jay: Oh no, this isn’t good. Get the hell out of there Hunter, live to fight another day.

Bubba grins and proceeds to once again gross out Jester Jay by scratching his own ass. Hunter is on his feet and walks right into a mandible claw, from the same dirty hand.

Jester Jay: What the hell is this redneck trying to do, give Hunter the swine flu?

Tear Gutter: Well maybe, and inflict some pain at the same time.

Hunter is down to one knee, but then delivers a low blow to Bubba, Dwayne Cross not seeing this event, which breaks the mandible claw. Hunter holds his throat, coughing, repulsed by the whole thing. Hunter, pissed off, grabs Bubba and tries for another Crumbler, but in midair Bubba squirms out, landing behind Hunter. He spins him around, gives him the middle finger, then following a kick to the midsection, hits Trailer Park Trash to the delight of the fans.

Tear Gutter: THE TPT! Whooo! Get'em Bubba!

Jester Jay: You just love that man don't you?

Tear Gutter: Wait, there's Ryan Ross!

Ross comes flying down to the ring and gets up onto the apron. Just as Bubba is about to cover Hunter and declare victory, Bubba sees Ross get on the apron. A crazed Bubba goes over to Ross as the ref tries to separate them, but the ref fails.


Ross just nods, infuriated by Bubba's words and actions from last week.


Ross doesn't hesitate and cracks Bubba in the head with the steel chair. Bubba fails to a knee, still bleeding. Ross tries to get into the ring, but the referee won't let him.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And the winner of this match by disqualification... BUBBA J!

Tear Gutter: Hunter is finally back with us, and not very pleased about what he just heard.

Jester Jay: Bubba needs a hospital!

Ross gets off the apron and tosses the chair. We can barely hear him yelling at Bubba.

Ryan Ross: 11 DAYS Bubba! You're FINISHED!

Ross disappears backstage, and Bubba climbs out of the ring. He cracks his neck, and goes backstage as well leaving Hunter to tend to his wounds.

Want some?! Get some!

After a long, hard fought match with Bubba, Hunter begins to make his trek back up the ramp. But comes to a halt when the sound of “Burn in Hell” by Twisted Sister hits the speakers. Hunter props the Global title upon his shoulder figuring it to be the music of some foolish new signing trying to make an impact. But after a minute of no one popping out to the music, Hunter finally loses his patience and snatches a microphone from a nearby tech.

Hunter: Listen, whoever the hell you are. You better quit wasting my time. I am the Global Champion and I don't have time to deal with some new guy afraid to show his face.

Tear Gutter: Whosoever entrance music this is better hurry up and reveal themselves. Or some one is going to be getting a Viper Snap.

Jester Jay: Well I didn't know what you just said, but you wasted time that could be spent getting me a beer.

The music finally just comes to a complete stop and still no one revealed. Hunter was raising the mic to his lips to speak once more, but was rudely interrupted by a camera breaking over the back of his head. Hunter collapsed on the mat as the cameras pan over to a camera man standing over Hunter. He pulled off his hat, and removed his shirt revealing his heavily tattooed arms. The camera man was none other than Jacob Figgins. With a smirk on his face he plucks the mic from Hunter's limp hand and raised it to his lips.

Jacob Figgins: I'm BAAAACK!

Tear Gutter: Wait, Figgy's on Chaos!?

Jacob Figgins: Hunter, Hunter, Hunter. The time has finally come, the moment that you have been waiting for since you took me out two months ago. You couldn't keep your glee contained about my return, so you could have your perfect match. But I'd hate to disappoint you, when the time comes you will not be getting a wrestling match. No, your perfect match will end a bloody massacre. Did you think I just sat around in my basement and drank beer crying over my injury? You see Hunter, when you dislocated my shoulder, you brought out something that from all your time of knowing me that you have not seen. Hunter, while you were having your little conquest over this Global title, I was training my ass off, learning new ways to destroy you. I've began to intensely train in Sambo, to learn new ways to take you to the mat and pummel your head until it is left in a bloody puddle. I began to intensely train in Aikido to learn new way to destroy every limb in your body. I began to intensely train in Muay Boran to make my knees and elbows more deadly than they already are.

Figgy kneels down, to make sure that Hunter was able to hear him if he was the slightest bit conscious.

Jacob Figgins: Go ahead, finish your little spat with Rob, I've waited for two months and I can continue to wait. But my vengeance will come, and when that match finally happens, Hunter. You're gonna get your fuckin' head kicked in.

Figgins drops the mic and heads up the ramp, disappearing behind the entrance curtain. Glance into the...POWER SAUCE BAR! Get a case of thirty for only $9.99

The Order of Chaos vs The Phoenix & Scottie Snow

All four men battle with Phoenix battling with Masakuza on the floor while Snow with a clothesline to Kalis. Kalis responds with a clothesline to Snow and then hits a suplex before tagging Masakuza in. Masakuza with an elbow drop and a short arm clothesline, dazing Scottie Snow even more. Kalis tags back in and he connects with a series of punches and kicks. With Snow down again, Masakuza tags back in and he drops a leg over Snow’s throat and hits a snap mare! Kalis tags in and Masakuza slams Snow and Kalis with a fist drop from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Kalis with a snap mare and then he hits a Ric Flair knee drop. Snow rolls to the apron and avoids Kalis and Masakuza. Kalis and Masakuza drag Snow back in and whip him to the ropes. Snow bounces off and hits a double clothesline! Exhausted, Snow tags in Phoenix and Phoenix takes the advantage and hits a forearm and spinning heel kick and clothesline to Kalis. Kalis with an elbow but Phoenix with a palm thrust followed by a pile driver for a near fall that is broken up by Masakuza. Phoenix chases Masakuza out of the ring and returns his focus to Kalis. Phoenix with a Boston Crab, and Kalis grabs the ropes, but Phoenix doesn’t break the hold till barely at the count of five. Kalis gets up, only for Phoenix to clip his knee! Kalis tries to stand, but is limping. Phoenix assaults the leg, dominating Kalis. Phoenix throws Kalis into the corner then goes for a Stinger Splash. Kalis avoids it and when Phoenix comes out of the corner, Kalis delivers a short arm clothesline and both men are down. The ref begins the count, as both men turn to their stomachs and roll to their corners. Kalis makes the tag first, and Masakuza runs in to stomp on Phoenix, but Phoenix makes the hot tag to Scottie Snow! Snow stops Masakuza’s swing and retaliates with his own. Snow gets pumped up with his advantage and goes for a haymaker, but Masakuza ducks him and comes back to hit the Masadriver for the quick 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring!

Winners: The Order of Chaos

After the bell rings, and Masakuza gets to his feet, The Phoenix grabs the ring bell out of the time keeper’s grip and wallops Kalis in the injured knee! As Masakuza tries to make the save, Phoenix catches him and hits the Flame! Kalis crawls in to save his partner, but gets met with another shot by the ring bell and Phoenix grabs Scottie Snow, tossing their Rebel Pro tag titles over their shoulders and leaving the Order of Chaos lying prone in the middle of the ring.

Aeolus Wrath vs Shadow Starr

Main Event #1 - GB Finals; Special Guest Ref: Matt Stone

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall and is the finals in the Grizzly Beer #1 Contender tournament, introducing first the special guest referee for this contest…

God Damn I love Me

The opening of "I don't care" can be heard as from the back Matt Stone walks out with a smirk of arrogance. He had the Grizzly Beer Championship over his shoulder and walking about five feet behind him was Zach Hazard. Stone was easily the more animated of the two, walking down the aisle with his arms held over his head to ensure he wouldn't touch anyone in the audience. He was wearing a Chex Mix t-shirt over his wrestling attire and Zach had n a Chex Mix hat. Stone walked up the steps and got in the ring, Zach just stood in a corner watching on, ignoring the booing fans in the PWA arena.Stone handed over the title to the referee and stood proud in the ring ready for the match.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And the finalists in the #1 Contender tournament for the PWA Grizzly Beer title…

The opening riffs of "Code Of Energy" by Papa Roach blare over the PA system, a single spotlight seen at the top of the ramp. It continues and from the back emerges Aeolus Wrath in his black and purple windbreaker hood and matching windbreaker pants, his hands and wrists taped up for combat. He walks solemnly down the ramp to the ring, stopping once to look side to side at the crowd, as they boo him, a sly grin forming on his face. He climbs onto the apron of the ring and scales a turnbuckle, tossing back his hood to reveal his jet black hair almost combed down over his eyes. He bumps his fists together and does a moonsault. When he lands, white pyros scream and explode from all four posts in the ring. His music dies down, as he removes his windbreaker and kicks it to the side, throwing some shadow punches and kicks in his corner.

Jester Jay: He is shadow boxing…(snicker)… get it?

Tear Gutter: I got it, but question is… do I want it.

The arena is dimmed until only a single beam of light shines on the center of the entrance ramp. A few seconds pass before
the first line of Second to None plays, purple and red spotlights joining the first beam.

It's the real authentic
Leave ya'll dented
Forget what ya heard
If I said it, I meant it
Did it for real
While ya'll pretended
Back for more
Startin' the war to end it

The ramp explodes as cascades of fireworks rain upon the backstage entrance, Shadow Starr stepping out to ecstatic fans. He looks to his right, pauses, then looks to his left, taking in the adulation. He then focuses his sights on the ring, making his way down the entrance ramp.

Rippin' like I'm working a chainsaw
New York to Cali
New Jersey to Crenshaw
Speak the gift while you plead the fifth
My team is sick
We eat, sleep, and breathe this shit
Rough and rugged
Kill 'em soft

Shadow takes his time heading to the ring, shaking hands and giving high fives to the fans coming down. He slowly walks from one side of the ramp to the other, trying not to miss too many people on his way down. He gets to the bottom of the ramp, turning back towards the top of the ramp.

We don't leave one standin' when we breakin' 'em off
Takin' a loss?
Not a chance in your life
If being fresh is wrong, I don't wanna be right
Stop, drop, and roll
We got soul
Safe to pop off when we lock and load

Shadow takes off his hat, throwing it into the crowd. He smiles as the cheers continue, making his way into the ring.

So this how we get this done
You can check on the rep, yep,
Second to None

Shadow climbs the northeast turnbuckle, raising his arms skyward as he raises his index and middle fingers on each hand. He climbs down,ready for the match to start.

Ding! Ding!

Aeolus Wrath looks into the face of Shadow Starr.

Tear Gutter: Only an inch difference in height.

Jester Jay: But size doesn't really matter.

Tear Gutter: Bet you've heard that before.

Shadow Starr swings a big right hand, but Aeolus uses his speed to duck under and deliver a toe kick to the back of Shadow Starr's knees. Shadow Starr falls down to one knee, but shoves himself up quickly catching Aeolus around the throat with his right hand. Shadow Starr tosses Aeolus Wrath into the corner like a rag doll. The fans let Aeolus Wrath know what they think of him with a loud chorus of "You Suck!" chants. Shadow Starr charges into the corner, Aeolus with a lifted boot to Shadow Starr's face sends him reeling backwards.

Jester Jay: Aeolus able to avoid that splash.

Tear gutter: For.... now.

Aeolus leaps from the tmiddle rope with a front kick to Shadow Starr's face that sends him stumbling backwards again. Aeolus lands on his feet, but is quick enough to spin around with a roundhouse kick to the side of Shadow Starr's kneecap sending the big man down to one knee; this time, Shadow Starr doesn't get up so quickly. Aeolus is using his speed to his advantage as he plants an elbow thrust to the side of Shadow Starr's face; the big man nearly tumbles over to the side. Aeolus backs up about a foot delivering a well placed front kick to Shadow Starr's jaw that finally takes the two hundred and fifty-three pounder down.

TEAR GUTTER: mae geri.

JESTER JAY: Huh? May Jerry do what?

TEAR GUTTER: That is Japanese for front kick, the move that Aeolus Wrath sent Shadow Starr to the canvas with.

It seems Shadow Starr has had enough of the martial arts moves as he resorts to brute power as he tosses Aeolus up on his shoulders slamming him down to the mat with a running powerslam. But Shadow Starr is not finished. Aeolus unleashes elbow strike after elbow strike into the forehead of Shadow Starr and the big man drops Aeolus down over his back. Aeolus lands on his hands and knees, but Shadow Starr spins around with a toe kick to Danny's ribs that rolls him over onto his back. Shadow Starr places his large foot onto Aeolus's throat and stands on his Adam's apple as he stares into the crowd, he uses the top rope for even more leverage. Matt Stone nonchalantly begins the mandatory five count, and just as he is fixing to throw up the five, Shadow Starr stops the blatent boot choke. Shadow Starr stares at Matt, who doesn't back down. Aeolus Wrath has rolled over to his hands and knees, gasping for oxygen to fill his lungs. Shadow Starr turns around, throwing a kick at Aeolus.

Jester Jay: Aeolus Wrath with a Heel Hook submission.

Tear Gutter: The ever talented Shadow Starr right into the ropes to break that submission maneuver.

Aeolus releases the heel hook but quickly drops a leg across Shadow Starr's neck sending his head into the canvas. Wrath pulls the big man to the senter of the ring and points out to the crowd, giving them another reason to hate him. Wrath flips Shadow Starr over onto his back before climbing to the top rope. Once again, he points out to the crowd before this time, pointing to Shadow Starr. Aeolus leaps landing a Shooting Star Press onto Shadow Starr and hooks a leg for the cover. Matt Stone is there but only counts two as Shadow Starr throws Aeolus through the middle and bottom rope with the force of his kickout. Shadow Starr begins to struggle up to his feet, turning around to face a flying Aeolus Wrath. Wrath leaps from the top rope with a flying head scissors takedown that sends Shadow Starr rolling across the ring. Aeolus begins to mockingly clap along with the crowd as Shadow Starr wastes no time in getting back to a seated position. Aeolus runs with a high knee lift right into Shadow Starr's face that sends the former PWA Intercontinental Champion down onto his back. Aeolus hits the ropes, springboards from the middle rope with a lionsault that catches canvas and catches it hard.

TEAR GUTTER: Aeolus misses the lionsault.

JESTER JAY: Glad they pay you the big bucks to mention the obvious.

Aeolus stands up holding at his midsection but is spun around by Shadow Starr with a meaty hand on his shoulder. Right hand into Aeolus's injured midsection, another, and a third as Shadow Starr is just causing more and more pain with the right hands into Aeolus’s midsection. Shadow Starr behind Wrath now and scoops him up on his right shoulder. Shadow Starr trots out into the middle of the ring and slams Aeolus front first on the canvas with a reverse running powerslam. Shadow Starr makes a cover, but pulls Aeolus's shoulder up while shaking his head. Shadow Starr knows Wrath will not go down that easily.
Shadow Starr pulls Aeolus to his feet and delivers a big boot into his midsection before hoisting him up in position for a powerbomb; Aeolus seems to be unconscious on Shadow Starr's shoulders.

TEAR GUTTER: Aeolus is unconscious up there.

JESTER JAY: Aeolus is never out.

TEAR GUTTER: Hurricanrana! OH MY GOD! Aeolus Wrath with a HURRICANRANA!

But that is all Aeolus could do as he simply lays on the mat breathing hard from the exersion it took to get Starr over, but Aeolus is starting to move now. Wrath is moving slowly, but he is determined to capitalize on his fortune. Aeolus in the ropes pulling himself up, Shadow Starr is stirring however though. Aeolus runs over to Shadow Starr, sidekick, but Aeolus's foot is caught. Inzeguri from Wrath sends Shadow Starr back down, Aeolus is on fire now with his second or third wind. Aeolus plants fists into Shadow Starr's face, a elbow thrust, and a forearm smash rocks Shadow Starr back into the corner. Aeolus looks up into the dazed face of Shadow Starr before dropkicking him in the midsection doubling him over. Aeolus jumps to the middle rope and comes down with a leg drop. Shadow Starr catches him and holds him by one leg, then his other leg. Aeolus is fighting because he knows he is once again in a powerbomb

Shadow goes for the End Game, but Aeolus counters with AeoShocker!




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Winner of the match, Aeolus Wrath!

Tear Gutter: I can’t believe it.

Jester Jay: I can, Aeolus is the besft.

Tear Gutter: Excuse me? Are you drinking?

Jester Jay: Jusft one celebratoryf drinky poo.

Tear Gutter: If anyone is listening in the back, can I please get a new announce partner?

Jester Jay: Why honeyf, do I stinkf or sumfin’?

Matt Stone (C) vs Johnny Maverick vs RJ Banks

Main Event #2 - GB Title Match

Tear Gutter: Alright Jay, if you can manage to be coherent through this match, I think you're not going to be disappointed.

Jester Jay: I'm here!!! I'm... here.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Main Event! This match is for the PWA Grizzly Beer Title and it is a... LADDER match!

Three members of the PWA backstage personnel bring out a ladder each. There are three 15 foot ladders, each being set up on each side of the ring, excluding the rampway side. There is a rope with a hook at the end dangling just a few feet above the ring, awaiting for Matt Stone's title to be hung 20 feet above the ring.

"Available" from Flo-Rida and Akon starts playing as we see RJ coming out of the curtain, wearing his signature black sweater with the letters "RJ" embroidered in the back with a shiny fabric, the same color as his pants, and his sunglasses. He turns back, pointing at the shiny letters on his back with his thumbs before turning back by the crowd and get to one knee. He extends his arms from each sides, confident smile on his face as the crowd was sending him a negative reaction, but he didn't seem to bother about that.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Making his way to the ring, from Beverly Hills, California, weighting in at 205 pounds: R... J... BANKS!

RJ makes his way to the ring, not even looking at the crowd. He glances at the ladders surrounding the ring. He climbs on the apron and gets to the middle of it. He takes off his sweater and fakes to throw it to the crowd. Instead, he just drops it to his feet for someone to grab it. He gets inside the ring, where he climbs on the first and second rope, bouncing while he raises his fist in the air. He gets off the ropes and goes in his corner.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing next.... hailing from Washington, D.C...

"I'll never give in, I'll never, ever give up"
"I'll never give in, I'll never, ever give up"

Johnny steps from behind the curtain and pounds on his chest, intensity etched on his face.

"You come around here you forget how to act
Slinging your fiction off of the rack
You put up a front to hide what you lack
I just laugh at your pathetic attack
I'll never give in, I'll never, ever give up X4"

Johnny lets out a roar before sprinting to the ring as fast as he can.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He stands 6'2" and weighs in tonight at 225 pounds... he is the World-Weary Warrior... JOHNNY MAVERICK!

"Your role models, they sold you lies
They told you it's cool to drink and get high
It doesn't pay to be someone who buys
Into the hype, open your eyes
I see you, I hear you, I watch your parade
And I see right through the choices you've made
You have no self respect but you're getting paid
There's some things in life I'll never trade"

Johnny slides under the bottom rope and stands, running to a turnbuckle and letting out another roar.

"I'll never be bought, I'll never be sold
I'm glad to walk out here in the cold
I don't have time to watch the drama unfold
I've seen enough and it's getting old."

Johnny jumps down, looking at the ladders, and then to one of his opponents, RJ Banks.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And introducing last... hailing from Ottawa, Ontario...

God Damn I love Me

The opening of "I don't care" can be heard as from the back Matt Stone walks out with a smirk of arrogance. He had the Grizzly Beer Championship over his shoulder and walking about five feet behind him was Zach Hazard, carrying Stone's retired Television Title.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Being accompanied to the ring by Zach Hazard... he stands 5'9" and weighs 190 pounds... he is the Grizzly Beer Champion... MATT STONE!!!!

Stone was easily the more animated of the two, walking down the aisle with his arms held over his head to ensure he wouldn't touch anyone in the audience. He was wearing a Chex Mix t-shirt over his wrestling attire and Zach had n a Chex Mix hat. Stone walked up the steps and got in the ring, Zach just stood in a corner watching on, ignoring the booing fans in the PWA arena. Stone handed over the title to the referee and stood proud in the ring ready for the match. Referee Jason Sharownski takes the title and raises it in the ring, and then clips it onto the hook. The belt is raised 20 feet in the ring, and Jason calls for the bell.


RJ Banks immediately slips out of the ring and grabs a ladder. He begins to fold it up, but Maverick doesn't take too kindly to that as he runs and dives through the top and middle ropes, smashing his body into the ladder which bounces off of RJ's face!

Tear Gutter: What a daring move from Johnny Maverick!

Jester Jay: That idiot could have seriously put himself out of the match.

Mav gets to a knee, a little dazed from that move. Banks is using the barricade to get up. Meanwhile, the Champ is in the ring laughing at Johnny. Johnny looks up with fury and gets into the ring. Stone swings and misses on Mav, and Mav charges forward and slams his knee into Stone's gut. Mav hip tosses Stone to the mat and then comes down on him with a high-impact elbow drop. Mav to his feet begins to stomp Stone a few times. Banks is finally to his feet on the outside and finishes folding up the ladder. He sees Mav go into the ropes by him and slams the ladder right into Mav's back!

Tear Gutter: Good God! Mav's spine just got crushed by that ladder!

Jester Jay: That'll teach him. This ain't no place for college dropouts.

Tear Gutter: Did you ever finish college?

Jester Jay: That don't apply to me because I never went to college!

Banks slides the ladder into the ring as Stone gets to his feet. Stone kicks Banks in the gut and hits a running bulldog on Banks, whose face hits the end of the ladder he just brought in. Mav gets to his feet and wraps up Stone from behind and tries to go for a sidewalk slam but Stone reverses with a flying headscissors takedown! Banks gets up to his feet and nails the champ in the back with a hard right punch. Banks plants Stone into the canvas with a reverse DDT. Banks tries to set up the ladder, but Maverick hits a dropkick on him and Banks goes flying into the turnbuckle. Maverick picks Banks up from behind and puts him on the top rope. Banks is facing the crowd and Maverick puts Banks in a crucifix.

Tear Gutter: Johnny looking to rob RJ's bank quickly...

Jester Jay: Crucifix Powerbomb by Johnny Maverick!

Tear Gutter: And Banks barely misses the ladder, I think Johnny was aiming for it!

Jester Jay: And missed terribly!

Stone gets to his feet and takes out Johnny from behind. Stone lays down some vicious stomps and punches to Maverick's head and chest.

Matt Stone: Come on, Johnny! GET UP!

Stone slaps Johnny around for a second, but Johnny counters with a low-blow! Stone falls to the mat.

Tear Gutter: Perfectly legal in a ladder match.

Jester Jay: It shouldn't be legal in any match!

Banks is up to his feet finally after that powerbomb. He holds his back and Maverick continues after Stone. Banks springboards off the middle rope, flying toward Maverick and catching him with a DDT into...

Tear Gutter: DDT into the ladder! Maverick looks knocked out!

Jester Jay: And Stone is still hurting from that cheap shot. Banks is setting up the ladder!

Banks pulls Johnny off the ladder, whose now bleeding at the forehead, and begins to set the ladder up. Stone gets to a knee. Banks has the ladder set up and directly underneath the Grizzly Beer championship, and Banks begins to climb. Stone finally gets to his feet, but he's still a bit dazed. He sees Maverick on the mat, and Banks about mid-way up the ladder. Stone races to the other side and climbs up as well. Banks reaches the top and reaches up, but Stone starts to shake the ladder to make his appearance known. Banks looks down as Stone climbs a few more rungs, and now they are face to face. Banks nails Stone with a right, but Stone fires back with a left. They both go back and forth, and the champion gets the advantage. Stone grabs Banks by the back of his head and slams him face-first into the top of the ladder! Banks flies off the ladder and crashes to the mat below. Stone smiles and climbs up one more rung to reach for the title, until...

Tear Gutter: TIMBER!!!

Jester Jay: Johnny Maverick tipped over the ladder and Stone goes flying over the top ropes and lands on the outside!

Tear Gutter: That will ruin his weekend!

The ladder ends up laying tilted across the top rope. Stone crashes to the mat and lands near the rampway. Johnny, noticing the room and Banks still down, folds up the ladder and lays it face-down over the top rope. Johnny sprints, running on top of the ladder, and leaps off with a senton bomb, crashing down on a rising Stone!

Jester Jay: Whoa.

Tear Gutter: Wow! Mav is taking this very seriously for a guy who doesn't think he can win.

Jester Jay: He can't win, Gutter!

Banks begins to stir inside the ring, and Maverick gets to his feet. He slams his foot into Stone's head. Mav gets Stone up to his feet and whips him into the barricade. Stone hits back-first and Mav rushes in to finish the job, but Stone rolls out of the way. Mav hits nothing but barricade and falls to the ground. Stone begins crawling fast over to the ring. Banks climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps off, going for Stone with a double-foot stomp across his back, but Stone barely dodges it! Banks does a land and roll, turning toward Stone. Stone charges at him, but Banks ducks a clothesline attempt and nails Stone with a roundhouse! Banks gets up close and personal and gives him a big chop across the chest.

Crowd: WHOO!

Banks hits another one!

Crowd: WHOO!

Banks takes Stone and slams him face-first into the ringpost! Stone falls to the mat. Banks picks Stone up to his feet and tries for a spinebuster on the outside, but Stone in mid-air slips out of it and crushes Banks' face across his knee!

Tear Gutter: What a counter by the Grizzly Beer champ!

Jester Jay: There's a reason he's been the longest reigning GB champ ever!

Hazard gives Stone some encouragement on the outside, still holding that TV title on his shoulder. Stone grabs Banks by the head and directs him over closer to the announcer's table. Stone clams Banks head-first into the announcer's table. Banks bounces off and falls to the mat. Stone looks at the ladder next to him, the only one that hasn't been used. He gets a pop from the crowd and then lays Banks across the announcer's table.

Tear Gutter: Oh come on, guys! Can't you do this somewhere else?


Tear Gutter: You're crazy, Jay!

Stone climbs up to the top of the ladder, and all the cameras go off as Stone leaps off and drives his arm elbow-first into Banks and the announcer's table. There is nothing but wreckage as both men are down. The camera pans to Maverick crawling inside the ring. The ladder he used to jump off and take Stone down still lays across the top rope, tilted. Johnny begins to set it up in the middle of the ring as we see no movement out of Stone or Banks. Zach Hazard is trying to awaken Matt Stone, but it's no use. Stone might have knocked himself out.

Jester Jay: Good God... both these men are down. Banks looks worse than Stone, but.. who knows?!

Tear Gutter: Meanwhile, Johnny is in the middle of the ring trying to win!

Jester Jay: Come on, Matt! Don't let that loser get your title!

Stone begins to stir, but it's nothing to write home about. Meanwhile, Maverick begins his climb up the ladder. Slowly, but surely, Maverick is making his way up and Stone is finally moving his arms and legs. Mav reaches near the top as the crowd is cheering him on.

Tear Gutter: Wait a second, there's a ruckus in the crowd...

Jester Jay: Someone hopped the barricade!

Tear Gutter: It's CHAMELION!

Chamelion slides into the ring and pulls out Mav's legs from underneath him. Mav hits face and chest first against the ladder and then lands back-first on the mat. Mav's cut begins to bleed even more, and the World-Weary Warrior is staring up into the lights with a crimson mask. Chamelion gives the crowd a devious smile, and then disappears backstage.

Tear Gutter: OH COME ON! Mav had it! It was within his grasp, and Stone and Banks are still not moving!

Jester Jay: I beg to differ. Stone is nearly to a knee.

Tear Gutter: Bah!

Stone finally gets up to his feet. He shakes off the wreckage, and gives the crowd a smile. Mav is clutching at his head inside the ring, blood covering his face. Stone gets into the ring and lays the boots to Mav. Banks finally gets up to a knee on the outside.

Tear Gutter: Thank God, I thought these two were dead. Mav should be Grizzly Beer Champion right now.

Jester Jay: It's a ladder match, Gutter! Anything goes! Mav shouldn't be picking fights with Pantheon, especially Chamelion!

Stone gets Mav to his feet and hooks both arms and takes him down with a double hook suplex. Stone goes into the ropes and comes down with a vicious kneedrop, opening that cut on Mav's forehead a little more. Banks finally gets to his feet. Banks slides into the ring and runs at Stone, but Stone gets out of the way and Banks collides with Maverick! Both men bounce off of each other, and Stone grabs them both by the head and slams them into each other!

Jester Jay: Haha! The Champ is on a roll now!

Mav falls to a knee and Banks falls into the ropes. Stone charges at Banks and clotheslines him out of the ring. Stone turns around to hear a roar from Johnny Maverick, who rises quickly to his feet and leaps into the air, connecting with Stone's nose on a vicious right punch. Mav lays into the champion, rights and lefts, and then puts him into a headlock. Mav starts running and hits a bulldog on Stone. Mav gets up quickly, his face nearly covered in his own blood and stomps on Stone some more. Mav gets Stone to his feet and hits Stone with a big-time brainbuster!

Tear Gutter: It's amazing that the ladder in the ring is still standing after that impact.

Jester Jay: Well, not for long!

Mav tips over the ladder and it lands across the Grizzly Beer champion. Mav shoves the ladder out of the way and gets Stone to his feet. Mav hits Stone with a european uppercut, and then runs to the other side of the ring and bounces off the ropes.

Jester Jay: Wait, Zach Hazard handed Matt Stone something!

Tear Gutter: The retired TV Title!


Stone connects on Maverick with the TV title and Mav collapses to the mat. Stone tosses Hazard the TV title back, and RJ Banks finally enters the ring again. Banks lands some punches on Stone, and another chop.

Crowd: WHOOO!

Banks kicks Stone low and slams him down to the mat with a gut-wrench powerbomb! Banks climbs the turnbuckles and leaps off with a moonsault that connects perfectly. Mav finally stirs and tries to use the ropes to get to his feet. Banks stomps on Mav a few times and tells him to stay down. Banks sets the ladder back up and begins to climb it. Stone gets to his feet, and so does Mav. Both men try to climb the opposite side, but that ain't happening. Stone nails Mav with an elbow, but Mav doesn't back down. Mav headbutts Stone with his bloodied forehead! Both men fall to the mat as Banks continues to climb.

Tear Gutter: We could have a new Grizzly Beer Champion!

Jester Jay: Well at least it's not Maverick!

Tear Gutter: Wait! In a last ditch effort, Stone tackles the ladder and sends Banks to the outside!

Banks lands on his feet but the momentum makes him crash into the barricade. Stone gets to his feet and tries to set the ladder back up. He does so, but Mav is behind up and takes him down with a full-nelson slam. Mav begins to climb the ladder, reaching the top in just a matter of seconds!

Tear Gutter: Now Stone is climbing the other side!

Jester Jay: Come on climb faster Stone!

Mav is at the top, reaching for the title. His fingertips quickly run across the belt. He's not quite there yet. Mav tries to take another step up, but Stone is there to intervene. Stone slams his fist into Mav's face. Mav just smiles back. He looks like he is trying to climb up again, but Mav leapfrogs OVER the top of the ladder and basically lands in Stone's lap. Stone tries to catch Mav and prevent the fall, but fails and both men fall to the mat, but Maverick lands on TOP of Stone!

Tear Gutter: HOLY *BEEP*!

Jester Jay: The Grizzly Beer Champ might be broken in half!

Tear Gutter: The crowd can't believe it! What a self-less move by Johnny Maverick!

Stone is clutching his chest, gasping for air. Banks climbs back into the ring again and looks at his fallen opponents. He picks on the bloodied Maverick and hits him with The Bankrupt!

Tear Gutter: Good God! RJ just bankrupted Maverick and Maverick is now lying in a pool of his own blood... this is madness!

Jester Jay: No, this is the P-W--


After that move, Stone is pretty much out. Banks is out. Maverick is out.

Jester Jay: They're all down...

Tear Gutter: Maverick is stirring. How is that guy still alive?

Jester Jay: I don't know, apparently he hasn't lost too much blood!

Tear Gutter: Our ring is covered in it!

Stone begins to stir as well. Maverick, with the help of the ropes, gets up to his feet. Banks is up to a knee, and then rises to his feet. Banks tries to go after Johnny.

Tear Gutter: Banks is trying to deliver another Bankrupt to Mav!

Jester Jay: Mav needs to file Chapter 11 right about now.

Tear Gutter: No! REVERSAL! THE ABM!

Johnny hits Banks with the ABM, and again all three men are down. Stone uses the ropes to get to his feet. Stone grabs the ladder, seeing that both of his opponents are down and nearly out. He sets it up. Stone starts to climb up to the tope. Johnny gets to his feet, and climbs up the opposite side. Banks is still down, but stirring. Stone gets near the top, and Mav isn't that far behind. Stone looks down to see Mav on the other side and climbs faster. Mav quickens his pace. Both men are at the top again, but Stone was waiting and nails Mav with a right hand. Mav nearly lets go from the impact, but hangs on. Stone nails him again! And Mav is still hanging on!

Tear Gutter: Mav is hanging tough!

Jester Jay: Quit that Stone and just get the belt!

As if Stone was listening to anything Jay said, Stone tries to reach up for the belt. Mav climbs up another rung and Stone looks down. Not going for the belt, he attempts to swing at Maverick once more in hopes of knocking him off. Maverick ducks underneath Stone's punch, and then rises with an uppercut that sends Stone reeling off the ladder and crashing to the mat below.

Jester Jay: HOLY *BEEP*!

Tear Gutter: COME ON JOHNNY!

Johnny, bloodied and battered, reaches up for gold.


Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Ladies and Gentlemen... your new PWA Grizzly Beer Champion... JOHNNY MAVERICK!

Johnny descends from the ladder with his new title. He holds it close to his face and smears it in blood. He smiles viciously into the camera. Stone rolls out of the ring, recuperating and quite astonished as to what he heard. Banks slides out of the ring and heads backstage.

Tear Gutter: What a freakin' match!

Jester Jay: I can't believe that moron is the new GB Champion!

Tear Gutter: And Matt Stone's long, prolific, and exciting title reign finally comes to an end. The end of an era, and the beginning of a new one, Jay?

Jester Jay: I hope not.

Johnny is still celebrating in the ring. He's on his knees, holding the bloodied GB title high in the air. The crowd is on their feet, applauding the efforts of these three men. Then, "The Empire Strikes First" hits the sound system as Joe BoXeR in a fine Italian suit comes out from backstage. Johnny gets to his feet and turns toward BoXeR. Stone is on the outside of the ring, staring BoXeR down.

Joe BoXeR: Bravo! Bravo! What an excellent match. Let's give these guys another hand!

The crowd goes crazy once again. BoXeR is slow-clapping. Classy.

Joe BoXeR: Now this is what I'm talking about. That was a hell of a match, gentlemen. But throughout watching your match, it give me an idea for the Grizzly Beer title match at Bad Blood.

Mav looks on, very concerned. Still no medical attention.

Joe BoXeR: Mav, congrats buddy. You did a hell of a thing and won the GB title, something nobody has been able to do since Matt Stone won it back at Retribution. And Matt, I'm not dogging you. You had one of, if not the most impressive title reigns in PWA history. I thank both of you, but now pleasantries are over. You see... I know Matt is entitled to a rematch, and he's going to get one at Bad Blood. There is going to be a Fatal Four-way for the Grizzly Beer Title. You have your two participants right here, Maverick and Stone. The third participant will be Aeolus Wrath, of course, who earned his shot by winning the Grizzly Beer tournament. And the fourth?

Well... since he felt the need to stick his nose in your business tonight, the fourth man is a guy whom you all don't like very much: CHAMELION!

Tear Gutter: Whoa!

Jester Jay: That's going to be a HUGE match! Two of arguably the best Grizzly Beer Champions in PWA history, Matt Stone and Chamelion, are going to fight in that match!

Tear Gutter: Don't forget Maverick and Wrath.

Jester Jay: Who?

Tear Gutter: Ugh... you're an idiot.

Joe BoXeR: Now we have two fatal four-way matches at Bad Blood. Eli Storm, and the rest of Rampage, eat your heart out. We'll see you next week!

(C) PWA 2009