World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Enter the Redneck...

A red 2009 Chevrolet Z71 pulls up in the parking lot of the PWA Dome, the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme 3 Steps" blaring through the speakers. Bubba J steps out as the crowd in the arena give a mixed reaction; they like him for what he does for his friend Jethro, but boo him because he is secretive about his involvement with Jack Wheeler.

Bubba J: "Gimme 3 steps..."

Fantastic Brian comes running up, microphone in his hand. Bubba J leans back inside the truck to bring out his custom made baseball bat he calls "Ripper." This bat is a wooden Louisville Slugger wrapped tightly in barbed wire, thumbtacks glued to its surface, and the top is the broken bottom of a beer bottle Fantastic Brian stops short, his eyes focused on the baseball bat in Bubba J's hand.

Bubba J: "Did ya mommie was them drawers yet Brian?

He chuckles as Brian blushes fantastically.

Bubba J: "Never thought I'd see the day when a grown man would piss himself."

Bubba J walks over to where Brian is beginning to slowly back away.

Bubba J: "But then again, you are a six foot p*bleep*y aren't ya?"

Bubba J laughs as he walks into the PWA Dome.

The scene fades into the Chaos entrance.

Let The Show Begin...

Fire it Up’ begins to play heavily through the load speakers. The Chaos-Tron comes to life with a lifeline. It starts to move at the thirty five second mark. The Arena lights flash and at the fifty five second mark the arena starts to thump from the heavy bass riff.

Fire it up (The Phoenix holds the Global title high in the air)
Let The Engines Roll (The Order of Chaos stands proudly in the ring)
Its Time to burn it down (Aeolus Wrath calling out the Co-Gm of Chaos)
Keep On Bleeding till the day you die (Pohatu knocked out on the canvas draped in his TV title)
Forever love it loud (Wheeler and Tamika staring each other down)
Yeah (A shot of the Grizzly Beer Champion, Matt Stone)

As it heads back into the instrumental, images roll across the screen of the staff of Chaos.

Hellfire, Doom (Johnny Maverick tying up Hunter Sullivan)
Watch the hatred spin (Viktor Stone training with his posse)
Beyond the speed of sound (Shadow Starr facing off against Pohatu)
Fire it up (Chaos logo appears)
Let the engines roll (Chaos logo starts to catch fire)
It’s Time to burn it down (The Chaos logo erupts into flames as we begin to pan the audience)

Brought to you by Chex Mex...

The chaos theme is then promptly cut away as we pan to the center of the ring as we see Zach Hazard standing in the middle, mic in hand. In the ring is a podium as Zach looks out to the booing crowd. He promptly shouts into his mic

Zach: “Shut up and show some respect!”

This just gets the crowd more pumped up, booing louder. Hazard seems to be ignoring it now though as he continues on with his pre-prepared introduction.

Zach: “Ingrates and Nay-sayers, it is with great pride that I introduce to you, he is the reigning Grizzly Beer and Television Champion, the longest reigning Grizzly Beer Champion is PWA history, and an all around great guy. He is the pride of Canada, Maaaaaaaaatt Stoooooooooone!”

“God Damn I Love Me” is heard and the crowd booed more as Matt Stone burst through the curtain with a grin on his face. He had the GB title over his right shoulder and the TV title over his left. He strolled down to the ring in no real hurry, he was going to take his time and bask in the moment. He walked past the people who were shouting at him and making various rude gestures, all of which he deserved, none of which he paid attention to. He past them all like they were chanting his name and walked up the steps. Getting in the ring, Stone walked over to the podium and smiled. Audibly clearing his throat, he spoke out.

Matt: “I toooooooooooold you”

The crowd booed even more now upon hearing Matt’s sophomoric remark. But the champ wasn’t done.

Matt: “You all sat there in your chairs just three nights ago and witnessed history made, history that saw myself, in my very own country of Canada, not only retain my title and extend by already record breaking title reign, but capture the television title and be the first man in PWA history to hold not just one title, but two. Sure, PWA management have elected to deem the television title inactive, but that won’t stop me. From carrying it around, as a symbol to everything I am, and everything you people aren’t.”

The crowd reacted with more boos, but Stone didn’t care.

Matt: “But Phatu’s greatest loss is old news, so tonight we look to the future, and just who’s future is that you might ask. To be honest, I don’t really care. The winner of this tournament going on is to determine who’ll be my next challenger. A lot of hype for nothing I say, but who knows…maybe a Pheonix will rise out of the ashes of my fallen opponents and pose a real challenge…or maybe the Hunter will become the hunted. Only time will tell, but until this tournament is over, I’ve been granted some time off to ensure I have the proper preparation time. So be it next week, the upcoming Indy event or at some house show on Tuesday, you all better get used to the fact that I’m the Grizzly Beer champion, and that’s not going to change. Thank you, and goodnight.”

The croiwd boo’ed more as the screen fased away to commercials, but before the feed is lost, we hear the voiceover guy comment. “The proceeding announcement has been brought to you by Chex Mix”

Ronald Gay vs Chris Rage

Standard Match

Tamara Christopher Onassi: The Follwing match is scheduled for one fall… introducing first…. CHRIS RAGEEEEE!
'Scream' by Avenged Sevenfold hits the P.A. System as blue and black lights flash in beams alternating from the ceiling and the floor, shooting at odd angles against the entrance ramp and lighting the ring. In the center of the blue-lit ring is a white emblem of a fist with R A G E written on the four protruding knuckles.

Chris Rage steps on to the the entrance ramp from behind the curtain wearing his wrestling attire, which consists of black and blue trunks with white trim and white three ounce gloves. His feet are taped with white athletic tape.

Rage raises one fist into the air as he walks down to the ring, his entrance video playing behind him. The video says RAGE, showing the emblem of the fist on the screen, then a moving picture of Chris folding his arms and smiling in his ring gear is shown. This loops.

As Rage approaches the ring, he takes the stairs and jumps from the apron over the top rope. Once in the ring, he uses the ropes to aid him in stretching his limbs as he waits for his entrance music and lights to be cut.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: and his opponent…. RONALD GAY!!!!!!!!

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" plays as Gay walks down the ramp handing out pamphlets to fans in the front rows. He enters the ring and kneels down to pray..

Jason Skaronski is once again the referee for this contest. Chris Rage grabs Ronald Gay's arm and begins an arm wrench, wrenching hard. Ronald grabs Chris Rage's arm and brings him down with a standing armdrag. Chris Rage delivers a low blow to Ronald Gay, the referee not noticing.Now Ronald Gay standing, favoring his groin slightly. Ronald tackles Chris Rage to the mat. Chris Rage receives a forearm to the face courtesy of Ronald Gay. Chris Rage kicks Gay in the back of the leg as he gets up. Chris Rage knees Ronald in the gut as he goes down and rolls back to his feet. Ronald is back on his feet as well now. Chris Rage tackles Ronald Gay and pummels his head with lefts and rights.

Jester Jay: Kick his ass seabass!

Tear Gutter: You’re truly a moron.

Chris Rage covers Ronald hooking the leg. The ref starts the count.



Ronald kicks out. Ronald gets back to his feet. Ronald takes a slap to the face from Chris Rage. Ronald furiously delivers a spine buster to Rage. As Rage gets back to his feet Ronald Gay executes a neck-breaker on him. Gay sucks chants start in the crowd.

Jester Jay: That’s kind of a oxymoron isn’t it?

Tear Gutter: I’m surprised you’ve even heard that word before.

Ronald drags Chris Rage out to the floor. Skaronski starts the count.



Ronald stomps Chris Rage's head after bashing it into the turnbuckle. Chris Rage moves back to his feet.


Chris Rage tries to kick Ronald, but he catches his foot and flips him onto his back.


Chris Rage gets stomps to the head from Ronald Gay. Ronald Gay side slams Chris Rage after picking him back up. Now Ronald standing.


Jester Jay: They'll be counted out if they don't return to the ring.

Tear Gutter: This isn’t how wrestling should be!

Ronald piledrives Chris Rage into the floor. Ronald picks Chris Rage up and moves him back into the ring. Ronald Gay lifts up Chris Rage and puts him on the top rope. Ronald climbs up with him.

Tear Gutter: THE FINAL JUDGEMENT!!!!!!!!!

Ronald covers Chris Rage hooking the leg. Jason Skaronski counts the pin.




Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The winner of this match, Ronald Gay!!!

The Champions Arrive...

Tear Gutter: Oh boy, look up at the PWATron, Jay!

Jester Jay: Haha, look who's here...

We see that the PWATron has a live feed from outside the arena at this moment. We can see a black Cadillac Escalade pulling up with the Québec license plate on front reading "Cha0t1c". Loud rap music eminates strongly from the vehicle, the heavy bass shaking the earth around it as it pulls right up in front of the arena's main entrance. Suddenly the driver's door opens and reveals the man known as Agent Olen, largely seen confronting Kalis in his promotional videos. He walks over to the back door as Simon Kalis exits from the left, and Masakazu exits from the right. Agent Olen greets them, and both men of The Order of Chaos are all smiles as they rest their PWA Tag Team championships on their shoulders.

Agent Olen: Tonight gentleman, you are halfway done your service to this great nation.

Kalis smirks, pulling out the cigarette he had behind his ear and lighting it.

Simon Kalis: As you and everyone watching can clearly see, Phase 3 is complete. We're ahead of schedule here Olen. You should take that into consideration given the circumstances.

Masakazu: It was close.

Simon Kalis: Maybe, but we're the one with the proverbial cigar now ain't we?

Agent Olen: I always knew you were quick to rise, but don't talk too quickly.

Simon Kalis: I'm sure you'd think that. Then you more than any of the people here tonight know what's happening next.

Agent Olen: Of course Aaron, it's my business to know everything you're doing. Then I take it there is no arguement? Now is the time?

Masakazu: No one is going to believe tonight ever happened, it'll all be like a dream.

Agent Olen: I'm sure...

Simon Kalis: And a nightmare for some.

Kalis smirks, looking down into his reflection in his half of the PWA Tag Team titles.

Agent Olen: Then let Phase Four of Operation Edge commence. This is the night you make history, gentlemen.

Masakazu: You're wrong, we've already made history.

Both Simon Kalis and Masakazu laugh, basking in their hard fought victory against Riona & Emperor Ian last Sunday as they make their way into the building.

Agent Olen: Aren't you forgetting something, gentlemen?

They both turn around and raise their tag team titles.

Simon Kalis & Masakazu: ALL HAIL THE ORDER OF THE CHAOS!

Kalis and Masakazu laugh, as Kalis chucks his smoke aside and they enter the building. Agent Olen hops back into the Cadillac and begins to leave the area.

Jester Jay: Oh boy, these two are up to something. I can smell it.

Tear Gutter: They're heroes! They did precisely what they'd said they'd do, Jay! They won the PWA Tag Team titles and brought them here, to Chaos!

Jester Jay: Maybe, but hold off on the hero talk until the end of the evening. My suspicion is something is afoot.

Tear Gutter: Yeah! A Chaotic celebration!

Jo and J Bow Chicka Bow Bow

Bubba J walks out of Jack Wheeler's office, for the second week in a row, but this time he is met by the hot reporter JoLee Livingston. Bubba J eyes her up and down before smiling, Jo just looks back at him, asmile creeping across her face.

Jo: "Bubba J...."

Bubba J: "What you want honey?"

Jo: "Ryan Ross..."

Bubba J: "First off, Ryan thinks I am some beer slugging hillbilly."

Bubba J laughs his barking laugh.

Bubba J: "Ryan Ross thinks what happened before PWA doesn't matter?"

Bubba J turns to the camera, fury in his eyes.

Bubba J: "Ryan, you pathetic waste of sperm. So many people don't think what has happened before PWA matters, but how it does matter. See, it shows what a man has done, can do, and will do."

Bubba J looks back to Jack's office door.

Bubba J: "The past will lead you straight to the future. The past so often repeats itsself. See, look at your record... loss after loss... see how this is working so far?"

Bubba J: "I am not fighting the Pantheon, I was simply fighting Matthew Engel because of what he did to Jethro. See, for all of my faults Ryan, I am loyal to those few people I call friends. I look after those who I am friends with. Pantheon? I don't give a f*bleep*k. Granted, I'd love to join Riona's little group to fight the Pantheon, but not because they are the Pantheon, but because of the fighting. Like I've told you before, I love to fight."

JoLee has put her arm around Bubba's waist, he looks down a smile creeping across his face.

Bubba J: "You asked what kind of Rebel worries about the authority figures booking a match?"

Bubba J looks back at the door.

Bubba J: "The kind with secrets that no one needs know just yet. I don't need your help to beat their asses, they are child's play. But Ryan, you on the other hand... I want in a f*bleep*king match. PPV, doesn't matter. Next Chaos... doesn't matter. Rampage... doesn't matter. So come on down son and in the words of Judge Mills Lane... Let's get it on."

JoLee: "He says that you are the #1 Contender to the GWA title."

Bubba J: "Now, that is news to me, I mean, when did I ever care enough to go after that title."

JoLee: "But he said that you have a win over Matthew Engel, former World Champion."

Bubba J: "Nah, I did fight him, send him literally over the edge, but a win? Nah Ryan, it was a double count-out. See, if you want to be better in this business, you do have to beat the big dogs as you put it. But son, you have to get your facts straight too bud. See, you go off running your mouth is a good start. You get the attention of those that matter, but if you are going to speak to people, get the facts right so that you don't make yourself look like an idiot."

JoLee: "What if they won't sanction the match?"

Bubba J: "I don't give a damn, I want to shut his mouth up. It can be an unsanctioned match, it can be a sanctioned match, but a match it will be. I do have something that doesn't need to be revealed just yet, but I do want a match with this f*bleep*ker. I do have a little pull around these parts."

JoLee: "But Ryan asked if you had a problem killing a man with no future."

Bubba J: "I don't even have a problem kicking a crippled man's ass, let alone a man that has no future. If he wants to commit careericide, his problem."

JoLee: "But what about your match tonight?"

Bubba J: "If he has the balls to step through the curtain after the match.... his death warrant will have been signed."

He turns his head down to JoLee.

Bubba J: "How about us... getting it on?"

She laughs as the two walk away to Bubba J's locke rroom.

Joshua Danielson vs RJ Banks

Standard Match

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: This match is a scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring at this time, RJ Banks!!!

"Available" from Flo-Rida and Akon starts playing as we see RJ coming out of the curtain, wearing his signature black sweater with the letters "RJ" embroidered in the back with a shiny fabric, the same color as his pants, and his sunglasses. He turns back, pointing at the shiny letters on his back with his thumbs before turning back by the crowd and get to one knee. He extends his arms from each sides, confident smile on his face as the crowd was sending him a negative reaction, but he didn't seem to bother about that.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: and his opponent, Joshua Danielson!!!

Trust by Megadeth plays as he walks down to the ring with cheers.

Jason Skaronski is the referee for this contest... man where are all the other refs? RJ Banks strikes Joshua Danielson in the chest with knife hand chop. Joshua Danielson grabs RJ Banks' hair, and pokes him in the eyes. RJ Banks delivers a short-arm clothesline to an unsuspecting Danielson.

Tear Gutter: Nice short arm clothesline.

Jester Jay: I’d like to give you a mushroom slap.
Joshua stands up. Danielson kicks RJ Banks in the stomach. RJ Banks keels but gets up and runs at and tackles Joshua Danielson. RJ Banks punches him in the head viciously. Joshua is up again once Banks gets up to re-energize. Joshua Danielson kicks RJ Banks in the back of the leg. RJ Banks recovers quickly, lifts and hits a Back Breaker on Danielson. RJ Banks kicks Joshua Danielson in the side of the head.

Jester Jay: I love it when they are vicious.

Tear Gutter: That’s just uncalled for!

Jester Jay: And it looks like Danielson just went Bankrupt.

Tear Gutter: Oh my God, that looks like it hurts!
RJ Banks hooks Joshua’s leg and makes the count.




Jester Jay: Rj Banks has won the match!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The winner of this match via pinfall, THE JET SET ICON…. RJ BANKS!!!

All Hail...

Tear Gutter: We've had a pretty hectic evening here thus far, Jay.

Jester Jay: You're right. But hectic isn't the word I'd use to describe tonight...

Tear Gutter: Let me guess? Chao-

Before Tear can finish her sentence, "Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos Remix)" by 2Pac & The Outlawz blasts through the arena's speakers and the fans all jump to their feet!

Jester Jay: Chaotic! Yep! It's going to a whole nother level now!

As the blue and white strobe lights pan the audience, the song picks up and Simon Kalis and Masakazu appear at the entrance ramp. The crowd begins a chant of "ORDER ORDER ORDER" as both men stand atop the ramp in Armani suits, black from toe to toe down to the leather shoes, as they raise their PWA Tag Team titles high.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing from Montréal, Québec Canada and Osaka, Japan... They are the NEW Pioneer Wrestling Association Tag Team champions! Simon Kalis and Masakazu... THE ORDER OF CHAOS!

The fans cheer loudly as Tamara winks at them and Kalis and Masakazu make their way to the ring.

Tear Gutter: Well they aren't wrestling tonight, I'm guessing they're having a little celebration of their own?

Jester Jay: Well no duh.

Kalis and Masakazu get into the ring now, each slinging their title belts over their shoulders as Kalis gets the microphone from Tamara, blowing a kiss her way.

Simon Kalis: HELLO CHAOS!!!!

The fans burst into cheers, the arena shaking with their excitement.

Simon Kalis: *expletive* RAMPAGE!

The crowd yells "YEAAAH" as Kalis and Masakazu throw the tag team titles up in the air, tightly grasped in their hands to the cheers of the fans. Both men having grand smiles over their faces, placing the belts back over their shoulders.

Simon Kalis: Who amongst you doubted us? Who amongst you believed that The Order was fighting a useless battle? That there was no way we could ever hope to defeat Riona & Emperor Ian!?

The crowd boos at such a ridiculous thought.

Simon Kalis: See maybe you guys didn't, but a lot of people did. A lot of people believed we weren't the elite tier of the Chaos brand, that perhaps this whole time we were blowing smoke out of our ass. But it didn't even take the Sentencing to complete the sudden execution of the Rampager scum known as Riona and Ian. A shame that their defeat was so sudden, so unexpected all things considered. Even they, up until the very end believed that they'd be able to put us away. Now they are in shambles, yet again failing to secure their.... Excuse me, our, tag team titles.

The crowd cheers as Kalis throws the microphone to Masakazu.

Masakazu: You see the thing is folks, we put the team in Tag Team. Whereas two individuals from Rampage went into Manitoba Mayhem the PWA Tag Champs, a unified team came out victorious!

The crowd continues its cheers, nearly drowning out Masakazu's voice.

Masakazu: What can only begin to settle in is our superiority, our supremacy over the Chaos brand and the PWA itself. We have done what most assuredley Pohatu and Adidas could never have done, brought all of you the Tag Team gold to Chaos!

The crowd whistles, hoots and woots loudly chanting Masakazu's name as he smirks, throwing the microphone to Simon Kalis.

Simon Kalis: Let it be known then. Let all of our soldiers here on Chaos know and understand that our reign begins and does not end with these titles. We will return to the prestige and honor that once came with this gold. How it has been shamefully treated by squabbling wannabe interview hypemen and self loathing, angry bitches.

The crowd goes "ohhhhhh" as Kalis laughs, nodding his head to the camera.

Simon Kalis: So *expletive* them all to hell. Let'em be buried in a hurry from the flurry we unleash on these cold hard streets. Feel the steel, understand it's real, and when you bleed dude it's just cause you need to!

Kalis laughs at himself, enjoying the moment.

Tear Gutter: I'm worried what'll happen now. Kalis usually gets corrupted when he gets ahold of gold.

Jester Jay: Ahold of gold? Maybe you two should become the new Beastie Boys.

Simon Kalis: You see, it's all a matter of perspective. What you may view as a thuggish *expletive* and a young Blackanese kid from Osaka are infact the greatest thing to happen to the PWA since the very birth of Pantheon itself. Maybe you should read between the lines, and understand what I mean when I say there is a new era here.

Kalis pauses for a moment inbetween the cheers.

Simon Kalis: This royalty bullshit I've been hearing about needs to stop. I am the General. And I will unleash a coup d'etat on anyone who would dare to usurp our combined power. Our Chaos. Our Order. Be forewarned before you too are staring down the barrel of my Eagle wondering how you managed to get yourself in this shit, and I don't mean the skid marks in your undies. Realize the only royalty of this brand is Ms. Strader and we are still her soldiers. Even this half-roster gang who doesn't even need to be mentioned in the same breath. Respect us or expect us. Make your choice. This is a military dictatorship now.

Simon Kalis and Masakazu raise their titles high now.

Simon Kalis: And we're the dictators.

Kalis looks around at the somewhat confused crowd, who for the most part decide to still cheer them.

Simon Kalis: All hail...

Masakazu: The Order of...

Crowd: CHAOS!

"Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos Remix)" blares once more as the two men make their exit and head back up the entrance ramp, forgoing their usual autograph signing and photo taking escapades with the fans at front row.

Tear Gutter: I can almost feel it already...

Jester Jay: I knew you wanted him.

Tear Gutter: Oh not this again.

Sparco vs Ryan Ross vs Johnny Maverick

Triple Threat

Jester Jay: Welcome back fans, all three men are in the ring and we are ready to go!

Tear Gutter: This should be a great match up!

Jason Skaronski is the referee for this contest. Sparco grabs Johnny Maverick's arm and strkes with his elbow, but Johnny reverses with a European uppercut. Johnny Maverick drops Ryan Ross with a Gorilla Press Slam onto the mat showing early domination. Maverick grabs Sparco's arm and pulls him in for short arm clothesline. Ross kicks Sparco on the mat.

Tear Gutter: Sparco getting kicked while he’s down.

Ryan Ross rolls onto Sparco connecting with a knee. Maverick grabs Ryan Ross and applies an arm wrench and release after kicking him in the ribs. Ryan Ross catches and lifts Sparco into the air and throws him untop of a taunting Maverick. Ryan Ross puts Sparco in chicken wing!! Jason Skaronski is checking for a tap out.
Sparco is fighting the hold with all his might. Johnny Maverick attacks Ryan Ross breaking the hold. Flying lariat by Johnny Maverick takes Ryan Ross down. Now Johnny Maverick is back standing calling Ross on. Ryan Ross moves back to his feet. Johnny Maverick sends Ryan Ross to ringside with a back body drop. Jason Skaronski starts the count.


Sparco tackles Johnny Maverick and pummels his head. Ryan Ross is standing again.


Ryan executes a hiptoss on Sparco.

Tear Gutter: Ross with a oldschool hiptoss.


Johnny Maverick rolls onto Sparco connecting with a knee. Sparco moves back to his feet. Sparco executes a neck-breaker on Johnny Maverick.


Sparco takes Johnny Maverick into the ring. Maverick takes a slap to the face from Sparco, and Maverick retaliates with a vicious DDT. Johnny Maverick jumps up to the top turnbuckle and from the top he jumps and nails Sparco with a flying axhandle smash. Johnny Maverick stomps Sparco's head once he gets back up. Johnny Maverick hits Sparco with an elbowdrop. Maverick back up. Sparco climbs to his feet. Ryan Ross hits a reverse DDT on Sparco, head first into the mat. Johnny Maverick then does his own reverse DDT to Ryan. Johnny Maverick locks Ryan Ross in the boston crab. Skaronski is checking for a tap out.



Johnny Maverick tightens the hold.

Ryan Ross trys to escape. Maverick breaks the hold. Johnny Maverick sends Ryan Ross back out to ringside. Jason Skaronski starts the count



Maverick with a knifehand chop on Ryan Ross.


Ryan Ross kicks Johnny in the back of the leg.

Tear Gutter: What a cheap kick!

Jester Jay: I love it! Fight dirty bitches!

Johnny Maverick is up again.


Johnny Maverick monkey flips Ryan Ross onto the floor. Johnny Maverick moves back to his feet.


They head back into the ring. Ryan Ross punches Johnny Maverick in the head. Ryan Ross takes Johnny Maverick down with a knee. Ross jumps up to the top rope and hits the Royal Splash. Sparco connects with a flying knee to a rising Ross. Ryan Ross goes down with a loud thud. Now Ryan Ross standing. Sparco drives a forearm into Ryan Ross. Sparco uses a closed fist on Ryan’s face. Sparco kicks Ryan Ross in the back of the leg as he tries to get up. Sparco measures Ryan Ross up and drops a closed fist. Sparco knees Ryan Ross and rolls back to his feet. Ryan does a standing dropkick on Sparco. Sparco holds his head on the mat. Ryan Ross sucks chants start in the crowd. Ross out of nowhere hits the Twisty Rockets on Sparco laying him out cold. Ross hooks the leg for the pin Referee Jason Skaronski makes the count.




Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The winner of this match by pinfall, Ryan Ross!!!

Jester Jay: Another one for the good guy.

Tear Gutter: Ross is not a good guy you idiot.

Unholy Union

We're shown the backstage area now, as Simon Kalis and Masakazu seem to be patrolling the area with a mission in mind.

Simon Kalis: We have to find him.

Masakazu: I know, I know.

Suddenly as they make another corner, they're face to face with The Phoenix himself. The Phoenix doesn't seem sure how to react, yet neither do The Order of Chaos.

Simon Kalis: Listen, I know who you are. Obviously. I'm sure you've at least heard of us. But I've been looking for you.

Masakazu: We both have.

The Phoenix nods, yet does not let his guard down.

Simon Kalis: We're here to offer you our support. We know you still deserve the Global title, and while you were Pantheon scum you're now here. Stuck and with many enemies. Hunter Sullivan is just one. But we know, in his heart, he is Rampager scum like all the rest of Pantheon.

Masakazu: You may not trust us, but you must know the old adage... My enemies enemy is my friend.

Simon Kalis and Masakazu both extend their hands now.

Simon Kalis: We're not even asking you to join The Order. We're simply saying, there is an understanding. We'll watch your back from them, you watch ours. What'd ya say?

Phoenix pauses for a moment, before shaking both of their hands.

The Phoenix: Just watch yourselves.

Both men from The Order of Chaos nod.

Simon Kalis: You too, buddy.

All three men nod and go their seperate ways. As Kalis and Masakazu make it a safe distance from Phoenix, Kalis turns to his son and smirks.

Simon Kalis: And let the chaos begin.

Both men laugh as we return to ringside.

She is the boss...

Cat Scratch Fever hits the sound system and out walks the stunning Tamika Nash Strader. Microphone in hand, she waits for the audience to quiet down.

Jester Jay: What does she want?

Tear Gutter: To give us important information.

TNS: First off, the no shows this week again were ridiculous. So as of this moment… Danyel, Pohatu, Mystery Rock, and Gary Maverick are all hereby suspended! You four can appeal to the BoD, but I stand strongly on this decision.

Tear Gutter: I like her, she doesn’t put up with any shit.

Jester Jay: Watch your mouth…

TNS: Secondly, the Grizzly Beer tournament countinues next week with two matches! First match will be Bubba J versus the one and only Shadow Starr!

The fans erupt in cheers for Bubba J and Starr.

TNS: And then we will have RJ Banks up against the returning Aeolus Wrath!

The fans boo at the mentioned names.

Jester Jay: Sweet, I was wondering what was happening with that.

TNS: And finally…. Ross… You get your request granted. You will face Bubba J one on one…. TONIGHT IN THE MAIN EVENT!

The fans erupt in thunderous cheers.

Jester Jay: Oh sweet Jesus!

Tear Gutter: I love Ms. Strader!

Cat Scratch Fever starts back up as Tamika heads backstage.

Viktor Stone vs Tyson

Standard Match

Before the match begins, we cut backstage to find Chamelion standing in front of one of the PWA Monitors, watching the action at ringside. He has a 20oz of soda and is watching with a somewhat ‘dazed’ look on his face. As we watch, the camera pans in to focus on the monitor, and it becomes the actual match, starting at the ring of the bell.


Much to people’s surprise, Tyson got control early, keeping Viktor off his momentum. Tyson kept a solid ground attack going, pressing the advantage everytime Stone tried to right himself. Finally, Stone had enough and hit a vicious clothesline, followed up by a knee drop to Tyson’s head. As Tyson stood, Stone mounted the second turnbuckle and came down with a clubbing axe handle. Tyson shook it off, poking Stone in the eye. Stone turned away, blinded and Tyson with a neck breaker. A cover gained Tyson a count of two. Stone pushed up and hit a knee lift. Tyson tried for a spear, but Stone twisted out of the way, and then hooked Tyson up for the BBB! However, to the shock of the crowd, Tyson escaped, hit the ropes and on the bounce back, speared Stone with tremendous force and covered for the 1-2-3!

As Tyson got up and celebrated, the scene then pushed back so that it appeared on the same Monitor, with Chamelion standing there, still out of it, apparently day dreaming. Coming up next to him, Raizzor nudges his brother.

“You okay?” Raizzor asks quietly.

Chamelion blinks, coming out of his daydream and looks at the monitor. On the screen, we watch as Stone and Tyson are still going at it, with Tyson missing the spear and Stone hooking him up and connecting with the BBB! Stone covers for the 1-2-3! As Viktor Stone celebrates, Chamelion snaps his lips together as if tasting something bad and looks at his brother.

“Thanks for ruining a perfectly good day dream!”

He walks off, disgusted, leaving Raizzor standing there confused.

Winner: Viktor Stone in 4:34

A Celebration Worth Remembering...

Chaos comes back on air to the greeting of none other than to the voices of it’s own personal announce team.

Tear Gutter: “As rumours have speculated, Hunter Sullivan has indeed paid for, and hosted his very own celebration of, well, himself.”

Jester Jay: “Yes-me-dear! ‘e sure has gots ‘imself one purdy getout ‘ere tonight. Went the miles he did, gots some tables with fancy pancy ice scupled swans and ballons up the ying-yang.”

Tear turns her head towards Jester with a raised eyebrow, confused and rightfully so. Jester sends her back a toothy grin and raises up his Newfoundland screech, twitching his head to the right a bit.

Tear: “I don’t even want to ask.”

Regardless, Jester is right as the mat of the ring has been covered over in red carpet, and there is even a small podium in the ring. Up and down the isle are very breakable tables that are littered with food and wine. One is positioned right in front of the ring which has the mentioned ice sculpted swan. In front of the podium is a glass case holding the Global championship belt, and in the corners of the ring stand Danny Daemon and Alec Wilcox.

“Fuck your god.”

Tamara stands center ring, watching around waiting for her signal to start. With thumbs up from a stage hand listening through a headset, Tamara begins her announcement.

Tamara: “Please welcome to the ring, Chaos’ Global champion, He is the Viper, HUNTEEERRR SULLLIVAN!!”

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in
a harsh chorus of Jeers.*

“You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the saviour has abandoned you “

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, as he glances around at the decorations and grand set up, all for him.*

“Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why”

*Sullivan walks calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacts with a clank, none of which can be heard over the music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan finds himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacts quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that is closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looks around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

“It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you”

The music dies off and Sullivan drops back to the mat, looking around the ring, greeting both Danny and Alec who are excited for Hunter who seems to be beside himself here tonight, and rightfully so as the man takes a gander at his global belt placed in its shine.

Tear: “Wonderful, seems Hunter is looking to talk here tonight... not exactly what I’d call a party.”

Jester: “Oh, simmah down na maid. I for one enjoy when dis ‘ere fellah speaks. We’s both be from the Rock, so naturally ye knows I gotta back up one of da b’ys.”

Hunter smiles as he moves around the back of the podium and steps up on a little mount that places him higher than anyone else. The Champion clears his throat a little as he steadies the microphone, tapping it he prepares to speak.

Hunter: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the celebration of ME!”

Fans boo down on the ring as Hunter bows, Danny and Alec join him as they mock the fan’s jeering.

Hunter: “Yes yes, I know, I AM great aren’t I? As is evident in my Global championship that is right there in front of me.”

Hunter: “Now, let’s get started, as many of you know, last week, during Manitoba mayhem, I took Robinson to the limit, and took away the only remaining crutch to his ego, his Global Championship. See, everyone heard me after the match, I am dedicated to destroying Robinson, removing him from this company. And you all know I am very capable of doing that. That’s because like everyone knows, I am more physically talented then him, as well as SMARTER than him. Isn’t that right Alec?”

Hunter looks to Wilcox who nods and smiles.

Hunter: “Exactly. See, we all know it’s true. But really, what I did was an obvious step, Rob has been using Wilcox to win him matches that were truly and utterly not his to win. Matches against Shadow, and Viktor, and well, ME. We all know the saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, and we certainly can’t have that. So what I thought I’d do, is make sure that it didn’t happen again. It wasn’t too hard, just like it was easy to convince the Pantheon members you were worthless and that you needed to go, I simply explained why continuing to back Rob was bad for any business, and that I was a natural successor.”

Hunter: “Now, normally I’d feel bad for tainting my match like that, but it was well needed to teach Rob a lesson, it goes without saying that I will not be using Alec in the same way Rob has, but still it was needed, just like having Danny help me out a few weeks back. It was something that I normally wouldn’t do but I seen that is was necessary and now that it’s all said and done, I can move on in my life defending my title and showing you why I am the best at what I do. Now let’s get down to the festilit-“

“It’s the Final countdown!!”

Tear: “Oh my, it looks like things are about to get interesting.”

Hunter grows a smirk and looks towards the entranceway, as expected Robinson and OoC have joined him at ringside. The ragtag group of men start walking down the ramp, Kalis kicking over tables as he goes, a clear interruption of the celebration.

Robinson: “I hope you don’t mind, but I figured I’d join in on all the fun and games, after all, I’m just a slave for games.”
Hunter: “Oh no, please, make yourself at home. Former... champ.”

Rob merely laughs as he climbs himself up onto the apron, OoC coming along with him. Danny and Alec back off and exit the ring. Hunter shares a glance at them and scoffs, losing his smirk. OoC steps through the ropes and start to walk around the ring watching the champion. Hunter returns the glances realizing he has no way out.

Robinson: “Well, well, well. It looks like Hunter here has convinced himself that he is smarter than me, and more skilled than me. Which is odd considering he never beat me cleanly. And as for the “smart” part, well maybe, but I’m not the one standing in the ring surrounded by three people who don’t like him very much.”

Hunter grunts.

Robinson: “See, as much as you like to flaunt that I was kicked out of the Pantheon by your regard, it has occurred to me that you are quite alone here on Chaos, no Chamelion, no Matthew, no.... Pantheon. You are very... alone here.”
Jester: “Lord tunder’n Jesus! ‘Unter is about to get his shit baked!”

Tear: “And I can’t say I won’t enjoy every minute of it.”

Robinson goes to step into the ring when Hunter launches forward and connects with a cheap shot, trying to get an advantage. It doesn’t last long as the tag team champions move in and do their job, holding Hunter back and mugging him with left and right hands. Kalis gives Hunter a rough elbow and the champion falls to the canvas where both members of the OoC take turns laying the boots to the champion. Fans all around the arena are cheering loudly as Rob holds his chin finally getting into the ring.

Jester: “’Unter doesn’t stand a bloody chance ‘ere against three men! This shit is atrocious.”

Tear: “What was atrocious is when Hunter stole the world title, what was atrocious is when Hunter beat down Rob on rampage. This is not atrocious, this is payback, and it’s a bitch.”

Kalis lifts Hunter up off the canvas and quickly tosses him into the glass casing holding the global belt, cracking it open. More cheers as the beat down continues inside of the ring, Rob merely looks on with a devilish smirk. He walks casually over to the casing and grabs the belt, lifting it up he hoists it up on his shoulder. Looking towards the Chaos in the ring, Rob tells his newest friends to hold the ‘Champion” to his knees.

Robinson: “Well well Cunter, this belt really is a beauty isn’t it, and I must say, you really do look natural on your knees. But what I should ask you is how does it feel. How does it feel to have your crowning moment ripped away from you? This Cunter, is your just deserts.”

Rob lifts the belt off his shoulders and holds it in his hands and makes it clear that he is about to rip the head off his rival in one foul swoop of the belt.

Robinson: “So, any last words, kiddo?”

Hunter looks up with a smirk coughing a reddish substance to the side.

Hunter: “Yeah......... You’re so damn predictable...”

Robinson looks a bit confused as he looks at the global champion and grunts.. WHEN SUDDENLY OoC ATTACKS ROBINSON!
Hunter starts laughing to himself as OoC lets go of his wrists and lets the man stand, assaulting Rob on the spot with left and right hands, pummelling the wrestler to the mat. The belt is dropped in the flurry of the situation as fans look on with a mixture of shock and disappointment.

Jester: “exactly what you’d expect from one of da b’ys. A cunningness of a flatfish.

Tear: “God damn, this was a set up?!? Why are the order helping Hunter?!”

Hunter gets to his feet and staggers a bit around the ring. He bends over grabbing the microphone and standing straight, trying to shake off the assault.

Hunter: “Not so rough next time guys.”

Kalis and Masakazu continue the beat down as they lift Robinson up dropping him in a double DDT. The rough kicks and stomps squat the former champion as the fans watch on in horror, and while Hunter watches on in guilty glee. Hunter bends over and takes his title off the canvas sweeping the gold with his hand as if cleaning the dust off it. He hoists it up onto his shoulder and lifts the microphone up as the beat down continues.

Hunter: “So like I was saying, I’m smarter than you.”

Hunter laughs

Hunter: “See, Rob, you should be flattered, this all was for you, all that money I spent on this, just for you. Having OoC contact you backstage, filling you with the false illusion that someone here on chaos has your back, all part of your lesson. Cause Rob, you said it best earlier. I can’t help but notice you are alone here on Chaos, no Cham, or Matt, or Raizzor, no Pantheon. See I’m not alone at all here on Chaos, unlike yourself, I have my new friend Kalis here, and his son. I have the tag team champions.”

Hunter: “ Actually, i take it back, tonights celebration wasn’t ALL for you, because this night is also great in another manner, you see, as of tonight Chaos has it’s own very own brand of Pantheon. Me, the Global champion, and the tag champions of the order. So I guess what I’m saying is, Welcome to the Pantheon boys.”

Kalis smirks and nods towards Hunter before bringing Rob into the position Hunter was in a mere moment ago. Hunter with microphone in hand pats Kalis and Masakazu respectfully on the shoulders. Suddenly Hunter hits the ropes bursting back Viper Snapping the Global belt into Robinson’s face. The Pheonix drops down limp and Hunter merely laughs, picking up his belt again kissing it better.

Hunter: “Well Rob, let this be a lesson to you. Just give up, retire, go to Reble pro and defend your glorious Rebel pro tag titles or something. Just know that if you continue to show up on Chaos, continue to be a thorn in my side, well I’m just going to have to keep breaking you and breaking you until all the kings men can’t even fix you. On second though, that sounds fun.”

Hunter: “See you next week. Lets go boys.”

Bubba J vs Ryan Ross

No Holds Barred Match

Jester Jay: Welcome back fans to the main event!

Tear Gutter: Looks like they are about to lock up.

They lock up. Bubba J nails him with a knee to the back. He then nails Ryan Ross with a high cross body. The ref counts the pin. 1


Shoulder up! Bubba J throws Ryan Ross out of the ring. The ref counts.




He reenters the ring. Bubba J takes him down with a backspin ddt. He then executes a spinebuster slam. The ref counts.



kickout! Bubba J whips Ryan Ross into the ropes. Bubba J goes for a short lariat, but Ross blocks it. Ross takes him down with a backbreaker. Ross goes a double arm DDT and goes for the pin. The ref counts.



Leg in the ropes. Ross nails him with a swinging punch. He then nails him with a body slam. Ross executes a neck scissors.

Tear Gutter: Looks like Ross is trying to prove something here.

Jester Jay: Maybe that's because he's showing why he’s wrestling’s royalty baby.

Ryan Ross executes a choke against the ropes. The ref counts.





The ref counts again.





Ross executes a lariat. He follows that up with a chokehold. The ref counts.




He then catches Bubba J in a belly to belly suplex. The ref counts.



in the ropes. Ross runs to the ropes. Ross hits Bubba J with a clothesline. Bubba J falls out of the ring. Ross goes through the ropes. They're brawling on the floor. Ross goes for a falling headbut, but Bubba J counters it with a roll away. Bubba J throws Ross back inside the ring. Bubba J goes for a slingshot, but Ross counters it with a sidestep.

Jester Jay: Yeah Ross! Two wins. Count it.

Tear Gutter: I expect Ross to lose. He pissed off Bubba.

Ross executes a full nelson. Bubba J reaches the ropes after being trapped for 29 seconds. Bubba J runs to the ropes. Bubba J goes for a chokeslam, but Ross blocks it. Ross executes a full nelson. Bubba J reaches the ropes after being trapped for 11 seconds. Ross nails him with a fist to the midsection. He whips Bubba J to the ropes, but Bubba J reverses it. Ross catches him in a belly to belly suplex. The ref counts.



kick out! Rossnails him with a flying headbutt. The ref counts.



shoulder up! Ross runs to the ropes. Bubba J hits Ross with a clothesline. Bubba J whips Ross to the ropes. Ross and Bubba J get hit with a double clothesline. Ross nails him with a choke against the ropes. The ref counts.





Jester Jay: Well Ross better be careful, he might just give Bubba J the win by getting himself disqualified.

Tear Gutter: Well he would deserve it that’s for sure.

Ross takes him down with an earringer. He follows that up with a knee to the back. Ross throws Bubba J out of the ring. Ross goes through the ropes. He then nails Bubba J with a snap mare. Ross reenters the ring. Bubba J follows him back in. Ross whips Bubba J into the ropes. Ross then takes him down with a knee to the back. Ross runs into the ropes. Ross hits Bubba J with a clothesline. Bubba J falls out of the ring. Ross goes through the ropes. Bubba J reenters the ring. Ross follows him back in. Bubba J goes for a bridging back suplex, but Ross blocks it. Ross takes him down with a lariat.

Jester Jay: Bubba J just can't get any offense going here.

Tear Gutter: Untypical of Bubba. He’s probably just holdingback to piss off Ross when he wins.

Ross goes for a facebite but Bubba J counters it with a knee lift. In turn Ross counters it with a sides step. Ross goes for a neck snap but Bubba J blocks it. Bubba J takes him down with a back suplex. Bubba J then takes him down with a knee to the back. He then goes for a fist drop, but Ross counters it with a roll away. Ross goes for a powerslam, but Bubba J counters it with a lariat. Bubba J goes for a falling splash, but ROSS counters it with a knee pull-up. Ross executes a powerslam. The ref counts.




No! Shoulder up! Ross nails him with a body slam. He throws Bubba J out of the ring. Ross goes through the ropes. He executes another powerslam. He then takes him down with an earringer. Ross knocks Bubba J into the ringpost.

Jester Jay: Ross is going all out here, risking getting himself disqualified.

Tear Gutter: That's what hate about the bad guys, they are cheap.

Bubba J takes him down with a kick to the head. They're brawling on the floor. Ross whips Bubba J into the gaurdrail. He whips him into it again. He then knocks Bubba J into the ringpost. He then knocks him into the ringsteps. Ross goes for a kick to the midsection, but Bubba J blocks it. Bubba J reenters the ring. ROSS follows him back in. Bubba J executes a european uppercut. Bubba J goes for the Nut Sack Whack and connects. A angry Ross hits him with a backdrop. Ross whips Bubba J into the turnbuckle. Bubba J comes back but is met by a kick to the midsection. Ross catches him in a belly to belly suplex. The ref counts.




No! Shoulder up! Ross nails him with a choke against the ropes. The ref counts.





5! The ref warns Ross.

Jester Jay: The ref actually thinks Ross is going to listen to him?

Tear Gutter: I wouldn’t think so.

Ross goes for a choke hold again but Bubba J blocks it. Bubba J goes berserk and starts hitting Ryan with lefts, rights, sucker punches, and kicks his feet out from under him. Bubba J begins to stomp Ryan in the face, and he starts to bleed. Bubba J spits in his face while giving him the finger. He lifts him and proceeds to finish off Ryan with the Trailer Park Trash. Skaronski down for the count.





Tear Gutter: YAY! BUBBA DID IT!!!!!!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The winner of this match via pinfall… BUBBA J!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jester Jay: For Tear Gutter and myself, see you all next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!