World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Let The Show Begin

Fire it Up’ begins to play heavily through the load speakers. The Chaos-Tron comes to life with a lifeline. It starts to move at the thirty five second mark. The Arena lights flash and at the fifty five second mark the arena starts to thump from the heavy bass riff.

Fire it up (The Phoenix holds the Global title high in the air)
Let The Engines Roll (The Order of Chaos stands proudly in the ring)
Its Time to burn it down (Aeolus Wrath calling out the Co-Gm of Chaos)
Keep On Bleeding till the day you die (Pohatu knocked out on the canvas draped in his TV title)
Forever love it loud (Wheeler and Tamika staring each other down)
Yeah (A shot of the Grizzly Beer Champion, Matt Stone)

As it heads back into the instrumental, images roll across the screen of the staff of Chaos.

Hellfire, Doom (Johnny Maverick tying up Hunter Sullivan)
Watch the hatred spin (Viktor Stone training with his posse)
Beyond the speed of sound (Shadow Starr facing off against Pohatu)
Fire it up (Chaos logo appears)
Let the engines roll (Chaos logo starts to catch fire)
It’s Time to burn it down (The Chaos logo erupts into flames as we begin to pan the audience)

After the opening Chaos theme plays, the camera cuts backstage where the roar of the crowd is still heard. Fantastic Brian is walking towards the buffet table when Bubba J exits Jack Wheeler's office, shutting the door behind him; he is carrying a case of Amberbock beer in his left hand.

Phantastic Brian: Chaos fans, we are here with a surprise meeting with The Ragin' Redneck Bubba J, coming out of Chaos co-GM Jack Wheeler's office.

Phantastic Brian shoves the microphone under the nose of Bubba J.

Phantastic Brian: Bubba J, do you mind telling us what you were doing in Mr. Wheeler's office?

Bubba J sets his case of beer down, grabs a handful of Phantastic Brian's shirt in his left fist and gives Brian the finger with his right hand. The back of Bubba J's right hand pressing firmly into Phantastic Brian's nose and shoving him backwards into the wall. Bubba J stares into Brian's eyes before turning to pick up his case of beer, flick the camera off, and walk past the cameraman. The camera follows Bubba J's retreating back before turning back at the sound of Brian clearing his throat. Brian is flushed and the camera pans down to reveal a wet spot on the front of his pants.

Jester Jay(laughing): Brian just pissed himself!

The Army of One

Jester Jay: Chaos is quickly becoming the top show in the PWA. Did you see how weak the others were last week?

Tear Gutter: Others? What? You mean Ram-

Jester Jay: We don't say that name anymore, Tear.

Tear Gutter: Well I must say if this isn't entertainment, I don't know what is!

Suddenly the arena lights get blackened and the crowd comes to a hush, wondering what is happening.

Jester Jay: Here we go...

Suddenly "Put On(Order of Chaos Remix)" by Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West blares over the sound systems as Simon Kalis appears at the entrance ramp alone, wearing his trademark Armani white suit with gold threading, matching dress pants and white leather shoes. His white bandana covers his entire bald skull, tied and knotted in the back.

I put on!
I put on!
I put on!
I put on for my CHAOS, on on for my CHAOS
I put on for our CHAOS, on on for our CHAOS
I put on for my CHAOS, on on for my CHAOS
I put on for our CHAOS, on on for our CHAOS

when they see me up in CHAOS,
they say Kalis on some other SHIT
send them N***AS runnin' straight back to that Rampage shit
me I'm in The Order Of,
that's right I work for CHAOS bitch!

Kalis unbuttons the bottom of his suit jacket to reveal the faux Championship around his waist, still marked as "The Order of Chaos". He recieves a thunderous applause as he makes his way down to the ring, swaggering with an authentic confidence only he can display. He slaps hands with fans and steps up onto the apron, throwing up his usual hand signals to the crowd as he enters the ring, circling a moment as he recieves a microphone from an official at ringside.

Tear Gutter: Mmmm, he looks good.

Jester Jay: Who does he think he is bringing in a title not worth a dollar in the PWA!? How diva like!

Tear Gutter: I think he's just trying to prove a point maybe?

He smirks and the crowd cheers, chanting "ORDER ORDER ORDER ORDER" and then "CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS". Kalis waits for them to calm down before he speaks.

Simon Kalis: My people!

The crowd cheers!

Simon Kalis: MY PEOPLE!

The crowd roars in cheers now.

Simon Kalis: This... is.... CHAOS!!!!!

The crowd jumps to their feet as Simon Kalis raises up his clenched fist, nodding his head as he looks around the crowded arena.

Simon Kalis: You'll be happy to know Masakazu is recovering from the minor ankle injury he recieved at the hands of one Jack Wheeler, our Co-GM on Chaos.

The crowd boos the mere mention of Jack Wheeler and begins a chant of "MASA MASA MASA" in homage to Kalis' eldest son.

Simon Kalis: Yes, I know. Do not worry about Masakazu! He will be ready, I will be ready for Manitoba Mayhem when The Order of Chaos shall bring the PWA Tag Team Titles to their rightful place HERE, for all of YOU!

The crowd erupts into cheers once more as Kalis obviously knows how to work them well, they're now chanting "KALIS! KALIS! KALIS!" as well.

Simon Kalis: This!?

Kalis grabs ahold of the title belt around his waist.

Simon Kalis: This is nothing here! But I use it as a symbol! It is symbolism to the greatest truism in professional wrestling folks. I AM ETERNALLY THE CHAMPION OF THIS SPORT!

The crowd cheers loudly now, almost defeaning.

Jester Jay: I can't hear myself think!

Tear Gutter: What?

Jester Jay: WHAT?!

Tear Gutter: WHAT!?!?!?!?

Simon Kalis: Riona and Private Ian have no idea what they're facing! They think the Pantheon-

The crowd boos loudly, and Kalis laughs nodding his head.

Simon Kalis: They think The Pantheon is special. So dedicated to their destruction they simply cannot look up to see the hurricane approaching them at Category Five strength. You can't see it now, because you lack the technology to detect such things. You're stuck in the 1800's my friends and that sucks for you. It'll be a hard pill to swallow... Won't it Riona?

The crowd goes "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" at the obviously sexist remark as Kalis winks into the camera, licking his lips at the same time.

Simon Kalis: And how can someone be an Emperor when they're nothing more than a failing Resistance against the true rulers of this fair and bright land we know as PWA? If you were an Emperor you'd be somebody people care about Ian, but all you are is a failed gimmick in a failed tag team coupled into a failed resistance. All these things leading to a failed reign as Tag Team Champions, just like before. The only reason you still have them is because you didn't even defend them yet. You are nothing more than a Private, Ian. Not a Corporal, not even a General. Let alone an Emperor. What you fail to realize is by focusing so much on The Pantheon you failed to look after yourself, and before you know it those title belts are going to be around the waists of true superstars... Right here, on CHAOS!

Tear Gutter: Do you hear these fans here tonight? They are going nuts, and they are loving Kalis!

Jester Jay: Didn't they see his most recent promo's!? He was sounding a little dark to me...

Tear Gutter: He's under a lot of stress you know!

Simon Kalis: The Order of Chaos shall defeat Riona & Private Ian in Winnipeg, it is our destiny. From then forth we shall move on, continue to ravage the rampager scum and complete our seizing of control of this program. I am not a follower. I am The General. I am The Lord. I am THE ORDER!

They cheer now loudly.

Simon Kalis: I say this now, to all my fellow Chaos roster. You may not be able to join The Order, but by virtue of being on Chaos I got your back come Manitoba Mayhem! No matter who you are! I've got your back come Hardcore Harvest! No matter what happens! We must stick together even as we do battle to win this war! We are an Army of One! Each and every single one of us a soldier in a war we didn't ask for, but one we must win! We must all do our part! From Scottie Snow to Matt Stone! From Danyel to Simon Kalis! We must all realize we are in the Chaos army. We are the smaller show. They say we can't hang with the people on Rampage. They say we're the B talent of the PWA!

The crowd boos loudly at the thought of such BS!

Simon Kalis: They ask me why I'm here on Chaos if I'm so good? Well precisely because Chaos needs a headliner! Chaos needs a bonifide Superstar, right?!

The crowd yells back "YEAH!"

Simon Kalis: Chaos needs a proven Champion, right!?

The crowd yells back "YEAH!"

Simon Kalis: Well ain't I that person!?

The yells back "HELL YEAH!!!!!"

Simon Kalis: And so follow me! I will lead us here to a brighter future! How long do you think it'll be before I'm holding the Tag title on one shoulder and the GWA Global title on my other one!?

Kalis laughs and the crowd cheers at the thought.

Simon Kalis: *CENSORED* a Hunter Sullivan! *CENSORED* a Phoenix! *CENSORED* a Pantheon and a Rampage too! *CENSORED* you too if you down with them too! *CENSORED* all the people mad at me for running this show with skill, charisma and talent simply because you lack these qualities! *CENSORED* YOU! AND *CENSORED* a Riona, I know I'd like to!

The crowd laughs and Kalis winks into the camera again while grabbing his crotch, forever the "elegant thug" he's been known to be.

Simon Kalis: And *CENSORED* a Private Ian! You know what time it is, welcome to the newest Legend in Pioneer Wrestling. So tell'em all with me, people!

Simon Kalis extends the microphone outward as the crowd yells along with him.

Simon Kalis & the Crowd: ALL HAIL THE ORDER OF CHAOS!

Kalis chucks the microphone as "Put On(Order of Chaos Remix)" by Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West blares once more. Simon Kalis moves his body to the music as he gets out of the ring now and heads for the front row to hug and shake hands with the fans, still bobbing his head to the hip hop theme song of his choice. He signs autographs, including photographs and breasts as he smiles for new photos with his fans.

Tear Gutter: I think Kalis continues to point out he is here for the run of his career. He plans to take PWA by storm!

Jester Jay: Yeah and if his son and he can pull out another upset at Manitoba Mayhem, we just may be looking at one of the future halves of the PWA Tag Team Champions.

Tear Gutter: I think they'd bring respect back to the title! And they'd be claiming it in the name of Chaos!

Jester Jay: What I'm wondering is you know, he never mentioned Aeolus Wrath or his match tonight... I wonder why?

Tear Gutter: Well Aeolus is a stablemate you know, he's crew as Kalis would say!

Jester Jay: I don't think he'd say that. What? Have you slept with him?

Tear Gutter: No not ye.. No.

Jester Jay: Not yet!?!?

Tear Gutter: NO! Just no!

Bubba J vs Gary Maverick

GB Qualifier

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The next match is for one fall…Introducing first…

The smashing guitar riffs of "Alcohol" hit the speakers and from the back walks The Ragin' Redneck Bubba. In his right hand he holds a bottle of liquor and he looks out at the crowd.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: "From Durham North Carolina, he stands at six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and fifty pounds... The Ragin' Redneck... Bubba!"

Bubba nods at the announcement of his name before walking slowly down to the entrance ramp. He gets some cheers, some boos, but all in all it is a mixed reaction. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring where he climbs the turnbuckle and chugs a gulp of the liquor in the bottle before putting the lid back on and setting it in his corner.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And his opponent… hailing from Washington DC, he stands at six feet and weighs in at two hundred four pounds…. The Nerd… Gary Maverick!

Shredisode IV edit by Anchorhead begins to play as Maverick makes his way down to the ring.

The referee checks both men over and then signals for the bell.

Tear Gutter: This should be a great match! Bubba J has had some strong showings here in PWA.

Jester Jay: Bubba J is gonna rip Gary a new asshole!

Gary goes to tie up with Bubba J who double forearm blocks and then leg sweeps Maverick. Maverick gets up quickly and smirks as Bubba J waits for him to get back up, turning his head to each side to pop his neck. They go to tie up and Gary counters this time with a knee to Bubba J’s gut and a sharp elbow to the back of the head. Bubba J drops to one knee but grabs Bronx’ left foot and pulls him down to the mat. They exchange a few punches as they both battle back to their feet.

Jester Jay: Knockdown drag out so far!

Tear Gutter: Both men resorting to basic moves to try and gain the upper hand.

Bubba J gets up first and locks in an armbar, wrenching Bronx’ socket and using his free hand to pull his other arm back. Gary strains to get free and eventually gets his foot on the rope, forcing Bubba J to break the hold. Bubba J waits for Gary to get back to his feet, and strikes with a quick kick to the Nerd’s back, followed by two more. Gary manages to fend off the third and pull Bubba J down. He goes for an elbow drop but Bubba J rolls to the side. He gets up but Gary is all over him, connecting with a side suplex.

Jester Jay: The Nerd is doing not to bad!

Tear Gutter: Bubba J has got this one Jay.

Irish whip sends Bubba J to the far corner; Gary charges in and gets a kick to the face for his trouble. Bubba J charges back, right into a powerslam. Gary lifts him up and locks in a bearhug, but flows into a spinebuster before Bubba J can break the hug. Bubba J goes to get up but Gary locks in a leg lock, twisting Bubba J’s knee against the grain. Bubba J screams in pain, but quickly reacts, and uses his pure strength to flip over onto his back, and kicks Gary off of him. Gary hits the ropes and comes back with a falling elbow, but Bubba J rolls out of the way, Gary landing hard on the mat. Slow to get up, Bubba J then clotheslines Gary to the canvas. Gary gets up, and is again dropped. A third time, and again he's dropped. Gary gets up and swings at Bubba J, but Bubba J ducks, grabs Gaty, and hits an atomic drop -- and then hits the mat as his knee is in pain.

Jester Jay: Stupid ass...he should know when his knee hurts, not to use it...

Tear Gutter: I thought that was a great series of comeback moves!

Gary gets to his feet first, holding the small of his back, as Bubba J slowly gets up, favoring his leg. Gary goes to hit a big kick to the back of Bubba J's leg, but Bubba J moves, and uses Gary' own momentum to sweep his leg clean out from under him, Gary hitting the mat hard. The crowd now getting behind Bubba J, he lifts Gary high off the mat and nails a choke hold suplex!

Jester Jay: Wow...that was great. Oops...I farted.

Tear Gutter: SICK!

Jester Jay: What? I kid, I kid! Relax, Brittany Spears sex double.

Tear Gutter: Well, I never!

Jester Jay: Don't kid us, baby. With lips like that? We all know you have before.

Bubba J, feeling the momentum shift his way, watches Gary get to his feet. He does a hook kick to the back of Gary's leg, roaring elbow to the small of Maverick's backNut Sack Whack to Maverick’s face. Trailer Park Trash! Bubba J makes the cover




Jillian Jones - And Your winner by pinfal.... BUBBA J!!!!!!!!!

RJ Banks vs Ronald Gay

Debut Match; GB Qualifier

The lights dim as "Available" from Flo-Rida and Akon starts playing as we see RJ coming out of the curtain, wearing his signature black sweater with the letters "RJ" embroidered in the back with a shiny fabric, the same color as his pants, and his sunglasses. He turns back, pointing at the shiny letters on his back with his thumbs before turning back by the crowd and get to one knee. He extends his arms from each sides, confident smile on his face as the crowd was sending him a negative reaction, but he didn't seem to bother about that.

Eric Emerson: “Making his way to the ring, from Beverly Hills, California, weighting in at 205 pounds: R... J... BANKS!”

RJ makes his way to the ring, not even looking at the crowd. He climbs on the apron and gets to the middle of it. He takes off his sweater and fakes to throw it to the crowd. Instead, he just drops it to his feet for someone to grab it. He gets inside the ring, where he climbs on the first and second rope, bouncing while he raises his fist in the air. He gets off the ropes and goes in his corner.

Eric Emerson: “Now coming to the ring, he is RONALD GAY!!”

"Onward, Christian Soldiers" plays as Gay walks down the ramp handing out pamphlets to fans in the front rows. He enters the ring and kneels down to pray.

Jester Jay: “Wasn’t that just the strangest thing you’ve ever seen.”

Tear Gutter: “Yeah this is kinda weird eh?”

The two competitors in the ring start to circle Ronald Gay makes the first move a he moves into the center of the ring, RJ Banks follows suit and locked up with the Jesus behemoth. RJ the faster of the two men gets the upper hand first grabbing Gay’s arm and twisting it behind his back in a hammer lock. Ronald grabs out and yells in pain. But just as quick as the hammer lock RJ moved to the side and delivered a snap arm drag dragging Ronald flew to the mat. RJ still holding his arm rolls over him in a stretching bridging arm bar. The preacher yells out in pain and stomps the mat, his face contorted in pain as RJ wrenches down hard on his arm. Gay wiggles his large body slowly moving across the mat until finally he reaches the ropes.

Tear Gutter: “RJ Banks showing some ring savvy with those chain of moves working on the big guys arms will sure as hell lower his power.”

RJ releases the hold after a four count, and gets into Joe Irving’s face telling him he knows the rules. Ronald gets to his feet while this is going on. With a swift movement for the big guy he drives a hard forearm into the smaller competitors back, dropping him to a knee and arching his back. Ronald keeps the upper hand by smashing RJ’s chest with a clubbing arm strike. RJ grips his chest in pain as he falls backwards to the mat. Ronald makes quick movements lifting his boot and delivering hard boots to the open chest of RJ. He stops only to raise his hands in the air and yell “PRAISE THE LORD” and with that stuck RJ with a falling elbow drop. RJ covers his chest and rolls over onto his stomach but only for a moment Ronald rolls him back over and lays don for the cover.

Joe Irving: “1..2..”

The count breaks as RJ thrust his arm into the air, breaking the count. Ronald looks up the rafters and nods his head as if he got a message from god. Gay lifted his opponent off the mat and wrapped his arm around his head lifting him up for what appears to be a suplex. But instead of falling back he falls forward slamming RJ face first into the mat, the fans pop a little. Ronald wastes no time in continuing the attack.

Back suplex on Gay. Back suplex on GAY. Big dropkick by RJ Banks, who got good elevation. GAY gets caught with a short powerbomb from Banks. RJ walks into a trip. RJ takes a vertical suplex. Hard slam by Gay. Pin : The match continues. RJ BANKS blocks a right hand and fires back. Brainbuster suplex by RJ. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up. Short powerbomb by RJ. Pin : 1....2....kick out! A split-second away from a three. Ronald ducks a clothesline attempt. RJ receives some unexciting punishment. RJ powers out of a GAY headlock. Gut buster, Gay hits hard. Ronald gets knocked to the ground by Banks. Bankruptcy!!! Gay taps out!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And your winner by submission... RJ BANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Mystery Rock vs Danyel

GB Qualifier

The Chaos-Tron lights up in and we can see the office of Tamika Nash Strader. Mr. Hardcore stands at the side of her desk, filing some paperwork the co-general manager was working on. She looks up from behind her desk as Mr. Hardcore informs her of the camera. She smiles and the crowd starts cheering frantically. She puts down the pen that’s in her hand, and begins to address the Chaos roster and fans.

TNS: Alright, this past week was pathetic. As of right now I’m looking at five Chaos stars who didn’t bother to hit the airwaves this week, in preparation of this week’s show. This is just unacceptable, especially when one of these wrestlers is a champion on Chaos.

Jester Jay: Man, people need to stop pissing off the bosses.

Tear Gutter: I’m kind of curious what her punishment will be…

Mr. Hardcore hands Tamika a piece of paper, and she smiles.

TNS: Earlier this evening, The Raging Redneck Bubba J has signed a special contract with Wednesday Night Chaos. It seems ridiculous to him that people no show, so he’s offered his services. So next week, after Manitoba Mayhem, it will be Bubba J, facing all the competitors that no-show this week in a NO HOLDS BARRED GAUNTLET MATCH!

The fans in the arena go crazy.

TNS: But let me just make something clear. It’s only No Holds Barred for Bubba. The rest of you have to follow a standard matches rules. Oh and did I mention that those who no showed will be getting no pay. Oh and Matt Stone, enjoy the night off.

The chaos-tron fades to black.

Jester Jay: Man, she is certainly mean.

Tear Gutter: Iron fist, Jay, iron fist.

A message from The Celestial Trigger

As Simon Kalis finishes lacing up his boots for his match against Aeolus, he stops and listens as footsteps quickly run by his door and slip in an envelope underneath it into the room. Kalis jumps up and heads for the door, opening it to see only that the halls are empty. He picks up the letter, and it is addressed as "To Kalis". He smirks, understanding the irony in it all. He rips open the top and pulls out a single piece of paper, and begins to read it aloud...

Simon Kalis: Dear Simon Kalis...

He stops however, his eyes squinting with a tinge of anger as the wrinkles form in creases around his eye sockets. He crumples the piece of paper and chucks it into the trash. He shakes his head as he opens the door to his locker room, turning back to stare at the trash can.

Simon Kalis: I'm comin' for you too Riona... I'm either gonna tap that ass up...

Kalis stops and smirks.

Simon Kalis: Or bat that ass up. You make your choice.

Kalis spits on the floor and slams the door shut as he heads for the ring....

Simon Kalis vs Aeolus Wrath

Basic Match

Jester Jay: I wonder how you'd quantify the next match?

Tear Gutter: This is Simon Kalis versus Aeolus Wrath, the man he just recruited into The Order of Chaos last week!

Jester Jay: It was a sudden addition to Chaos this week, not originally schedueled but a controversy errupted when Aeolus publicly slammed the PWA for this apparent snub, as he felt, of himself.

Tear Gutter: And then suddenly we found ourselves with a new match, the one you're about to see!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing first, he weighs in at 180 pounds...

Suddenly "Put On(Order of Chaos Remix)" by Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West blares over the sound systems as Simon Kalis appears at the entrance ramp, wearing his trademark Phat Farm jean shorts and a bandana knotted in the front of his head. He throws his hands up to the cheers of the crowd.

I put on!
I put on!
I put on!
I put on for my CHAOS, on on for my CHAOS
I put on for our CHAOS, on on for our CHAOS
I put on for my CHAOS, on on for my CHAOS
I put on for our CHAOS, on on for our CHAOS

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He stands at an even 6 feet tall and hails from Montréal, Québec Canada!!

when they see me up in CHAOS,
they say Kalis on some other SHIT
send them N***AS runnin' straight back to that Rampage shit
me I'm in The Order Of,
that's right I work for CHAOS bitch!

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He is the founding father of The Order of Chaos.... SIMON KALIS!!!!!!!!!

Kalis walks towards the ring with the title he marked as "Order of Chaos" but suddenly chucks it into the crowd to a nearby youngster, much to the joy of the child as he slides into the ring and jumps up onto the top rope swaying his body to the theme music, his hands up in the air. He jumps down and points to the crowd and raises his hand in the center of the ring as the opening riffs of "Code Of Energy" by Papa Roach blare over the PA system.
Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing his opponent! He weighs in at 206 pounds and stands 6 foot and two inches tall...

A single spotlight seen at the top of the ramp. It continues and from the back emerges Aeolus Wrath in his black and purple windbreaker hood and matching windbreaker pants, his hands and wrists taped up for combat.
Tamara Christopher-Onassi: He hails from Somerset, Bermuda and is the a member of The Order of Chaos... He is.... THE CODE OF ENERGY.... AEOLUS WRATH!!!!!!!!
He walks solemnly down the ramp to the ring, stopping once to look side to side at the crowd, as they boo him, a sly grin forming on his face. He climbs onto the apron of the ring and scales a turnbuckle, tossing back his hood to reveal his jet black hair almost combed down over his eyes. He bumps his fists together and does a moonsault. When he lands, white pyros scream and explode from all four posts in the ring. His music dies down, as he removes his windbreaker and kicks it to the side, throwing some shadow punches and kicks in his corner. Yet before the music has even cut Kalis rushes towards him with a leaping clothesline into the corner catching Aeolus off guard. Kalis then pushes him down and jumps up to the middle rope, bouncing off and flying toward Aeolus with a spinning heel kick. Aeolus seems caught off guard but he spits onto the ground as he puts up his fist, and Kalis stares at him nodding.
Jester Jay: Kalis is wasting no time here!
Tear Gutter: Now they can rip each other apart, I'm sure you'd like that!
As Jester Jay shouts from the commentators table, Aeolus and Kalis lock horns. Kalis whips Aeolus into the corner and rushes towards him and begins to throw heavy chops into his chest. Aeolus fights back now, raising his knee into Kalis' gut sending him back for a moment before he takes him down a peg with a sickening crescent kick. Kalis falls back onto the mat and coughs, but Aeolus is already heading to the top rope. Kalis lays down and out but as Aeolus jumps off Kalis raises his feet both up and Aeolus' face smashes against the heels of his boots, sending Aeolus backed up into the corner. Kalis jumps up now and heads to the opposite corner, jumping up and then running along the top rope until he bounces up and back down, this time onto Aeolus and he pulls off a hurricanrana off the turnbuckle in unorthodox fashion to the cheers of the fans.

Jester Jay: Wow Kalis is sharp tonight!

Tear Gutter: I wonder why, I thought he'd go easy!

Jester Jay: We can't all be easy like-

Tear Gutter: Don't finish that sentence.

Kalis heads to the top rope now, standing up tall as he raises his hands and flies off, flipping into a shooting star press but Aeolus rolls out of the way and Kalis lands hard on the mat. Suddenly Aeolus lands a tornado DDT, dazing Kalis completely as he heads to the top rope and jumps off quickly with a leg drop. Kalis bounces on the mat, holding his throat from the devastating move. Aeolus rushes for the count.




Kalis kicks out from the pin, snapping back up but being swept back down by Aeolus. Aeolus grabs ahold of the ropes and starts using them as leverage as he stomps down on Simon Kalis. Kalis low blows Aeolus to the shock of the crowd, and considering Aeolus' body was blocking the referee from seeing the referee isn't sure what happened. Aeolus stumbles back, holding that area, and Kalis uses the ropes to get to his feet before deking him and hitting him with an elbow charge into the ribs. As Aeolus kneels forward from the blow, Kalis raises his knee into Aeolus' face before slamming him back with a forward thrust kick in the muay thai tradition. Aeolus stumbles back as Kalis hits him with a thunderous chop to the chest before grabbing him and sending him towards the ropes. As Aeolus runs back however, he catches Kalis off guard with a sudden but powerful drop kick, taking both him and Kalis down. Aeolus gets up first and waits for Kalis to get up, and suddenly both men go for thunderous roundhouse kicks, taking each other down and out to the cheers of the crowd.

Jester Jay: Damn! These guys are taking it to each other!

Tear Gutter: But watch as Kalis wins this yet again!

Kalis rolls out of the ring now and climbs underneath the ring. Aeolus looks around, wondering what he's doing as Kalis rolls out from beneath the ring and climbs back into the ring. As he does Aeolus looks at him suspiciously but heads directly towards him. Kalis doesn't seem to move out of the way as he gets knocked into the top rope. Suddenly, Aeolus hits him down and out with the AeoShocker! The fans boo and he taunts them now as Kalis seems laid out and finished, before he goes for the pin.

Jester Jay: One!!!!!

Tear Gutter: Two!!!!!

Jester Jay: THRE- Oh wait! Kalis has his foot on the ropes!

Aeolus gets up, laying in one more good kick to Kalis' head as he moves away toward the referee and starts arguing the call. Kalis however, gets up slowly and reaches into the front of his pants where he pulls out a Desert Eagle. The fans all gasp in unison as Kalis cocks the firing pin and walks toward Aeolus. He spins him around and lays him out with the gun, pistol whipping him to the ground. The referee shakes his head and calls for the bell.


Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Your winner by disqualification.... AEOLUS WRATH!!!!!

Yet Kalis now pistol whips the referee, and throws the gun down as he picks Aeolus up and takes him to the corner. They seem to be exchanging words, both nodding, until Kalis head butts Aeolus and begins taking him up to the top rope.

Tear Gutter: Oh my god!! What is he doing!?!?

Jester Jay: You know what he's doing...

Kalis flies off the top rope with Aeolus on his back, hitting hard with the Sentencing of the Damned to the outside of the ring. Aeolus lays motionless as Kalis calls for a microphone.

Simon Kalis: Do not ever embarass The Order again, Aeolus. This is the only warning you'll get.

Kalis drops the microphone as "Code of Energy" by Papa Roach hits over the PAs. Kalis helps Aeolus up now, and hugs him, patting him on the back. Then he lets him go and Aeolus stands there, shaking his head, favoring his neck from the move he just endured as Kalis leaves the ringside area, leaving the fans in shock.

Tear Gutter: I can't believe he just did what he did... He had a damn gun beneath the ring this whole time!?

Jester Jay: I think Aeolus is a little shocked himself! I am too! I mean, I can't believe Kalis still had the balls to do something like that! Where's your honor now Simon!?

Tear Gutter: The night is not done yet, Jay!

Hunter Sullivan vs Johnny Maverick

Tribunal Match

The audience waits in anticipation of the next match until finally 'Judith' by A Perfect Circle begins to play.

Tamara: The following match-up is the Tribunal! Entering first from Corner brook Newfoundland Canada, he is the Viper, HUNTERRR SULLIVVAAAAN"

The lights begin to fade, dimming to a calming light. Green and purple start to glow and flash, the arena looking to the stage as A Perfect Circle starts to play and blare. Sullivan is waiting in the gorilla position for the lyrics to hit before bursting out onto the stage. Fans are already responding in
a harsh chorus of Jeers.

'You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you '

*With the signal of the beginning lyrics Hunter storms out of his position, of course to a series of discriminating chants and boos. Hunter’s artier showed off as he started moving his way across the stage. The green and purple lights reflected and caused glimmer on his body. A cool, calculating smirk seemed steady and planted on his face, an unnerving confidence, a form of malevolence shines through. The ramp was laid out before him, en route to his goal.*

'Fuck your God
Your Lord and your Christ
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why'

Jester Jay: Here's my pick, the Viper himself, Hunter Sullivan. I can't wait to see him teach this little bastard a thing or two.

*Sullivan walked calmly and professionally down the ramp. The steel ramp under Hunter's feet reacted with a clank, none of which could be heard over the music and jeers in unison. Soon Sullivan found himself on the matting surrounding the ring. He reacted quickly, rolling into the ring and heading towards the turnbuckle that was closest. Soon climbing up it he merely looked around and reacted with a combined smirk-scoff.*

'It's not like you killed someone
It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you
Broken down and paralyzed
He did it all for you
He did it all for you '

*The music died off and Sullivan dropped back to the mat, looking around the ring, making a few last mental notes. His new music finally cutting off and settling*

There is a long pause when finally an unfamiliar song begins playing.

Tamara: And his opponent, from Washington D.C., He is the Anarchistic Apostle.... JOHNNY MAVERICK!

'We're not the first, I hope we're not the last
'Cause I know we're all heading for that adult crash
The time is so little, the time belongs to us
Why is everybody in such a fucking rush?'

Johnny still hasn't come out, and a spotlight with the anarchist symbol is searching around the arena.

'Make do with what you have
Take what you can get
Pay no mind to us
We're just a minor threat'

As soon as the music speeds up, Johnny comes sprinting from the back, pure aggression on his face.

Tear Gutter: And here's Johnny Maverick! Shooting from behind the curtain like a bat out of hell! You know Jay, you can't discount Johnny's abilities as a technical and submission wrestler going into this match.

Jester Jay: Yeah, all things he learned from Hunter Sullivan.


Johnny slides under the bottom rope, stands, and quickly tackles Hunter to the ground and starts pummeling him with his fists.


Jester Jay: Now what was that about technical wrestling?

Tear Gutter: It looks like the bad blood between these two is too thick. This is gonna be an all out brawl.

A timer pops up on the big screen, counting down by the second from a half hour as Johnny continues the MMA-style ground and pound assault on Hunter. He finally stops for a moment and looks down at Hunter, shouting out “I'LL KILL YOU!” but this gives Hunter just enough time to poke Johnny in the eyes. Johnny stands and holds his face long enough for Hunter to get to his feet.

Johnny runs at Hunter but Hunter sidestep/Irish whips Johnny into the ropes and Johnny bounces back to duck under a clothesline attempt by Hunter, he bounces again and comes back with a running palm strike to Hunters face.

Tear Gutter: OH! Johnny nails Hunter with the OF, MF!

Jester Jay: What does that stand for again, Tear?

Tear Gutter: Oh Fuck, My face!

Jester Jay: Jeez Tear, all you had to do was a-

Tear Gutter: Shut UP, Jay

Johnny grabs Hunter by the arm, an expression on his face like a shark that just got it's first whiff of blood in the water. He wrenches Hunters arm and steps over it, it looks like he's going for the Perfect Armba- NO! In his precarious position, Hunter grabs a hold of Johnny's ankle with his free arm and pushes all of his weight into Johnny, knocking Johnny over, but keeping a hold on his ankle! Before he has a chance to cinch in a tight ankle lock, Johnny rolls over and manages to kick Hunter away.

Hunter grabs Johnny's arm to get him to his feet. Hunter tries an Irish whip, but Johnny reverses it, and he uses the momentum to get Hunter wrapped up in a front sleeper.

Tear Gutter: “Amazing control there.”

Jester Jay: “Hunter isn't going anywhere in a hold like that.”

Johnny quickly jumps up, wrapping his legs around hunter.

Jester Jay: “It looks like he's getting more leverage. Could it be?”

Johnny falls back to the mat, maintaining the hold.

Jester Jay: “It is – the Banned in DC!”

Hunter squirms on the mat trying to escape the hold, but Johnny hangs on, his face turning red as he squeezes with all his might. Hunter's arms flail through the air, until finally the sound of his hand slamming against the mat seems to echo through the stadium.

Jester Jay: “What?!”

The crowd erupts with applause. Hunter is left writhing on the mat. Johnny jumps up and starts bouncing around, completely invigorated, pounding his chest and screaming. He hoists his arms into the air, and every time, the audience booms with disbelief and awe. Hunter is slowly pushing himself off the mat.

Jester Jay: “I can't believe it! I can't believe it!”

Tear Gutter: “Johnny nailed that move for an embarassingly quick submission.”

Johnny jumps up on the turn buckle and again lifts his hands in the air, pumping up the crowd. He glances over to the large digital clock displayed on the entrance screen and his face contorts into a simpering grin.

Hunter finally pushes himself up to his feet. Johnny turns with a face rivaling the Cheshire cat, taps his wrist a few times, like a watch, and holds up five fingers. Hunter looks past Johnny to the clock, which reveals that the Smart-ass Submission Machine has landed his first submission in under 5 minutes – there's still just over 25 minutes on the clock. Hunter brings his hands to his head, and recoils in disgrace, screaming.

Tear Gutter: “5 minutes! He got him to tap under 5 minutes!”

Hunter, fuming mad, begins pacing, walking in circles, pointing at Johnny and screaming, while Johnny sits atop the turnbuckle smiling, childishly.

Hunter charges at the turnbuckle and leaps into the air at Johnny, a fist outstretched, striking him across the face. Hunter straddles the turnbuckle, balanced on the ropes, flailing at Johnny mercilessly. Johnny takes a couple of body shots before he leans forward and headbutts Hunter, staggering him, causing him to step back off the ropes. Johnny stands and leaps off the turnbuckle toward Hunter's side. The crook of his elbow connects with Hunter's face and they both drop to the mat.

Jester Jay: “A diving lariat!”

Tear Gutter: “Hunter's gonna have to turn this match around soon, he's taking a lot of damage.”

Johnny stands up quickly, bouncing around and swiping the air playfully, like a boxer. Hunter slams his fists into the mat, and staying low tries to surprise his opponent with an explosive shoulder charge. Hunter bull-rushes Johnny, lifting him into the air in a sort of low, improvised football carry. Hunter sets Johnny's feet back on the ground for a moment, only to wrap them up in a double-leg takedown.

Jester Jay: “Oh sh--”

Hunter wriggles atop Johnny and begins furiously throwing an unrelenting slew of mind-shattering punches into Johnny's head. He covers his face and squirms, trying to roll out, but to no avail. Hunter grabs Johnny's hair and starts to pull him to his feet. He reaches out and grabs Johnny's arm and yanks him back in a devastating Irish whip. Johnny crashes into the ropes and is sprung forward toward Hunter.


Johnny and Hunter both go tumbling over the ropes and crashing into the ground below. They both lay fairly motionless for a while.
Hunter pushes himself to his feet, with an unexplainable sense of urgency. Johnny is still sprawled on the ground, he takes a few moments to catch his breath. Hunter jogs with a limp over to a microphone stand near the commentator's table. He places his boot upon the base of the mic stand and begins to unscrew it. Johnny glances over at Hunter confusedly. He sits up but just stares at Hunter, curious as to what his opponent is up to. Hunter finishes unscrewing the metal pole from its base and he wields it like a sword. Johnny jumps up, wearing a worried face for the first time in the match. He plunges his hand under the ring to pull out one of the weapons from the arsenal that's typically stored under the ring. The audience watches as Johnny moves his shoulder rapidly searching for a weapon to defend himself with. He pulls up the curtain and looks under. He shoots an even more frightened look to Hunter, who slowly shakes his head.

Tear Gutter: “What's the matter with Johnny? Why isn't he getting a weapon?”

Jester Jay: “I think-- I think Hunter may have moved them!”

Johnny jumps to his feet and starts frantically looking around as Hunter ominously approaches. Hunter inches closer, until Johnny drops to his knees and scoots himself backwards under the ring. The audience explodes in laughter and cheers.

Hunter runs to the edge of the ring and starts screaming. He hits the edge of the ring with the metal pole, waiting for Johnny to come out.

Jester Jay: “I can't believe Johnny's just cowering under the mat like that; dropping to his knees...”

Tear Gutter: “That's what I'd do.”

Jester Jay: “You'd drop to your knees?”

Tear Gutter: “Oh, come on. Dammit, really?”

Hunter bends over and starts swinging the pole under the mat in an attempt to hit Johnny. The audience cheers. Hunter is oblivious as Johnny climbs out the other side of the mat. He stands up and shrugs, frustrated. He begins looking around the audience, and gesturing for them to give him anything. They toss some drinks and jackets down to him, but nothing useful. Johnny runs down the entranceway, and disappears. Hunter stays at the side of the ring, screaming. After a few moments, Johnny comes running back wielding a mop. He triumphantly returns, jogging as if he's holding the Olympic torch. He climbs into the audience, and makes his way through them as Hunter stands, dumbfounded at the edge of the ring. Johnny starts to climb over the safety fence, so that he can sneak up behind Hunter. Hunter, meanwhile has bent down, warily, to lift the curtain and look under the mat. Johnny tiptoes forward as Hunter stands up with a puzzled look, and his eyes dart around to find Johnny. He finally turns around as Johnny swings the mop through the air, clocking Hunter painfully in the side of the head with the disgusting cloth tendrils.

Johnny flips the mop around and smells it, recoiling. He holds the handle forward like a sword, and Hunter turns around with the mic stand outstretched.

Jester Jay: “We may have a sword fight on our hands!”

Johnny lunges forward, mocking a traditional French fencing style. Hunter easily dodges the attack and with a flip of the wrist, tags Johnny in the stomach with his “sword.”

Tear Gutter: “Wow. That...”

Jester Jay: “That looked real.”

Tear Gutter: “He doesn't know sword-fighting, does he?”

Jester Jay: “I don't know. I don't think so.”

Tear Gutter: “He couldn't.”

Hunter whips Johnny into the ring and climbs in after him. Johnny lunges forward again with a slow slash. Hunter parries, drops into a fencing stance and hits Johnny three times in rapid succession: twice on the right arm, and once in the abdomen.

Jester Jay: “You know, on second thought...”

This time Hunter steps forward, he manipulates the pole like a professional fencer. He strikes Johnny easily several times, poking him in the shoulder and the abdomen, slamming the pole hard against his hands, and he cracks Johnny once on the knee, painfully.

Johnny backs up, limping and grimacing.

Tear Gutter: “I think he might actually know how to fence.”

Hunter steps forward again, swiping across Johnny's abdomen, which doubles him over. He takes a breath, gaining his composure, and Johnny slowly stands back up. He tries another strong slash. Hunter breaks the mop handle in half with the metal pole, sending splinters exploding out of Johnny's hand. He drops the broken mop and grabs his wrist as if his hand were in intense pain. Hunter takes a lunging step forward and slams the mic stand into Johnny's head. He drops to the mat. Hunter uses the pole to support his weight as he leans over Johnny, grabs him by the ear and lifts him to his feet. Johnny is swaying.

With an impressive display of swordsmanship, Hunter jabs Johnny in the collar bone, spins, swipes at his arm, jabs at his abdomen, swings at the side of Johnny's neck, and finally cracks the Smartass Submission Machine on the top of the head again.

Johnny staggers and sways but remains standing. Hunter twists his mouth into an evil, calculating smirk and spinning in place, gathers momentum for a side swipe of the metal pole across Johnny's jaw. Johnny spun from the strike before collapsing to the ground in what one could only presume to be an unconscious heap.

Hunter kneels behind Johnny and straightens him out so he's face down on the mat. Hunter threads the pole through Johnny's arms, straddles him, and grabs Johnny's wrists and yanks back. Johnny's eyes snap open and flinch in agony, his face contorts painfully.

Tear Gutter: “Break this up! Break this up!”

Jester Jay: “Ha ha ha... Hunter Sullivan has Johnny Maverick in a painful submission move , but with a hold of his wrists, the Smartass Submission Machine won't be able to tap out.”

Tear Gutter: “With Johnny's arm injury, I can't even imagine how painful this is.”

Johnny starts screaming, in intense pain. Hunter lets go, and Johnny flops back down against the mat, panting. Hunter pulls the pole out from Johnny's arms, and rests it off-balance against his ribs, so it lies at almost a 30 degree angle over Johnny's back.

Hunter stands up and places his foot on the end of the pole that rests on the mat. He lifts his other leg and slowly starts putting pressure down on the high end of the pole, until he's balancing on the pole as it digs into Johnny's spine.

Tear Gutter: “Dear God, that could paralyze him.”

The pole begins to buckle and bend under Hunter's weight, and Johnny taps out, overwhelmed with pain.

Jester Jay: “That's a tap out! It's all tied up!”

Hunter stays on top of the pole after Johnny taps out. Johnny's chest is pulsing as if he's sobbing from the pain. He tries pushing himself up, but can't manage to move.

The referee sprints over to Hunter and reaches out to pull him off, but Hunter bats his arm away. The ref tries again, this time successfully pulling the wrestler off of his practically incapacitated opponent, before cowering back to the corner of the ring as Hunter shoots a death-glare at him.

Hunter bends down and lifts the pole, showing it to the audience. It is curved from the abuse it wrought upon Johnny's back. The crowd responds with boos and cries of disbelief, though a small part, cheers out, awed by the audacity of the Viper's calculating tactics.

Johnny rolls, slowly, until he falls out of the ring. Hunter walks to the ropes and looks at Johnny collapsed on the ground outside the ring. Johnny army crawls across the ground slowly, until he reaches the commentator's table, which he uses to slowly pull himself to his feet.

Jester Jay: “Whoa! The Smartass Submission Machine is paying a visit to us here at the media table.”

Tear Gutter: “Jay – he doesn't look so good.”

Hunter slides off the mat, out of the ring and slowly walks up behind Johnny.

Jester Jay: “No, no, my darling, look I'm sure he's f--”

Johnny yanks the mic away from Jester Jay and pulls a length of cord out from the table.

Jester Jay holds his hands out in a shrug and screams, but no one can hear him without the mic. The audience cheers loudly.

Johnny spins around just in time to see Hunter lunging forward for him. He gets Hunter into a headlock, taking his opponent by surprise, and he starts to wrap the mic cord around Hunter's neck.

Tear Gutter: “Oh my God...”

Jester Jay grabs the mic from his co-host.

Jester Jay: “This is insane! Johnny's got Hunter's neck wrapped tight in my mic cord!”

Tear Gutter grabs the mic back.

Hunter starts punching Johnny in the ribs until he lets go of the cord. Johnny staggers back while Hunter unwraps his neck and lunges forward at Johnny with the cord. He pushes Johnny down onto the table, holding him down with his right hand, and wrapping his neck with the left. Jester Jay and Tear Gutter stand up and back away as Johnny starts to flail on top of their table.

Johnny turns toward Jester Jay and reaches out to him.

Jester Jay grabs the mic from the table where Tear Gutter left it.

Jester Jay: “Johnny is now being choked with my mic cord. He's reaching out to me. He looks like he might be ready to tap!”

Jester Jay bends down to look Johnny in the eye, and Johnny grabs a hold of his lapel. Jay drops the mic, and Tear Gutter picks it up.

Tear Gutter: “Amazing! Johnny is being choked into submission, and he's grabbed Jester Jay by the collar!”

Johnny reaches up and pulls Jay's tie off his head.

Tear Gutter: “Oh, and the one day Jay wears a tie...”

Johnny reaches up and slides the tie over Hunter's head, and placing a leg against his opponents chest, he pulls with all his might. Hunter drops the cord and reaches up to the strangling piece of cloth. Johnny shakes his head to loose the cord from his neck and holding the tie in one hand, he punches Hunter in the face with the other. Hunter staggered backward long enough for Johnny to stand up and rip the cord from his neck.

Johnny leaps forward in a powerful dropkick, dropping Hunter to the floor to land on his stomach. Johnny quickly rolls to Hunter's side and climbs atop him.

Jester Jay and Tear Gutter retake their seats. Jester Jay tests his mic with his finger, to no avail. He scoots his chair close to Tear Gutter so they can share the one good microphone.

Johnny locks Hunter's head in his legs and reaches back for one of Hunter's legs.

Jester Jay: “Oh my God! What is this? It can't be!”

Johnny wrenches Hunter's leg back, stretching his opponent's entire body.

Jester Jay: “That's a--”

Tear Gutter: “DEMON BENDER!”

Hunter shudders, his arms tremor violently, until he slams his hand on the ground outside the ring, signaling a second tap-out.

Tear Gutter: “Tap out!”

Jester Jay: “That's two to one! Johnny takes the lead back from Hunter with one of Danny Daemon's finishers.”

Tear Gutter: “It was perfectly executed. His father would be proud.”

Johnny rolls off of Hunter and climbs back into the ring, laying on the mat, his limbs sprawled out to his sides. Hunter lies motionless on the ground outside the ring.

Tear Gutter: “Hold on! We may have a problem down here! Hunter isn't moving. He may be out of this match...”

Jester Jay: “No... No. He'll be fine. He just needs to catch his breath.”

Tear Gutter: “He's not moving, Jay. The medics are on their way over.”

The medics run to Hunter's side with a stretcher. They stoop to his side to check him out. Johnny sits up in the ring and looks down at his opponent, quizzically.

A small group of medics swarm around the fallen wrestler. After a few gut-wrenching moments, several of the medics fly back, landing on their asses. Hunter stands up and tears the cushion off from the top of the stretcher. Underneath the cushion lies a long length of heavy metal chain.

Tear Gutter and Jester Jay (simultaneously): “Dear God!”

Hunter wields the chain as Johnny scoots back on the mat giving his opponent plenty of room to climb up onto the mat. Hunter starts spinning the end of the chain ominously.

Jester Jay: “Hunter must have hidden that chain in the stretcher before the match.”

Tear Gutter: “And when he pretended to be hurt--”

Jester Jay: “He had the weapon brought to him by the unsuspecting medics.”

Tear Gutter: “Amazing.”

Hunter whips the chain in a circle a few times before loosing an end of it toward Johnny. The metal links slam into Johnny's ribs with tremendous force. Johnny grabs his side. Hunter yanks the chain back and begins spinning it again. He releases another swing at Johnny, and the chain wraps around his neck. Johnny reaches his hands up to keep Hunter from choking him. With a hard yank, the chain slides through Johnny's fingers, and spins him as it unravels around his neck. He staggers. Hunter pulls the chain back and spins it again as Johnny tries to find his footing. Hunter swings again, but the chain wraps around Johnny's arm as he lifts his hand to block. Hunter smiles as he realizes the obvious mistake Johnny just made. Hunter lifts his foot to the chain, and slams it to the ground with tremendous force, pulling Johnny's arm down with it. Hunter draws the chain back to him as Johnny is collapsed on all fours, holding his arm to his chest.

Tear Gutter: “That was a bad move. With his arm injury, he needs to be more careful; he can't be using his arm to block or he'll get put in predicaments like that.”

Jester Jay: “I'm sure it's pretty demoralizing.”

Tear Gutter: “To say the least...”

Johnny tries standing, but can't find the energy or the will. Several times his entire body flexes as he attempts to stand up, but he shudders and relaxes back into the mat. Hunter swings the chain above his head and swipes it across Johnny's back, who flexes against the pain. Johnny inches toward the ropes, and Hunter repeats his attack, striking Johnny across the back. He falls to the mat. Johnny inches closer to the ropes, so that he's almost under them. Hunter swings again, but this time the chain gets caught on the ropes. He pulls a few times, but the chain has wrapped around itself and is stuck. Johnny musters his energy and pushes himself up. He yanks the chain from Hunter's hands, untangles it from the rope and throws it into the audience.

Jester Jay: “Whoa! He almost took out a whole clump of fans...”

Johnny staggers forward in a forced jog. Hunter steps forward, punching Johnny in the face. Johnny swings and misses. Hunter punches Johnny in the head again. Johnny swipes the air pitifully. Hunter grabs one of Johnny's half-assed punches from mid-air, spins around him, holding his had, and wraps him into a half-nelson.

Jester Jay: “This could be one of Hunter's signature moves...”

Hunter lurches back, flipping Johnny above him. They both fall to the mat, Johnny much harder than Hunter.

Tear Gutter: “Half-nelson suplex!”

Jester Jay: “It wouldn't be a Hunter Sullivan match without a Half-nelson suplex...”

Hunter stands and walks to Johnny, flipping him onto his back. He wraps Johnny's legs up and flips him back over.

Jester Jay: “And a Texas Cloverleaf!”

Hunter pulls Johnny's legs back forcefully. Johnny slams his fists into the mat angrily, wriggling in pain. Hunter adjusts his stance and pulls again harder. Johnny slams his fist into the mat one last time before tapping out.

Hunter drops Johnny's legs, and walks toward the ropes. He leans against them, panting. Johnny rolls around on the mat, holding his leg.

Tear Gutter: “What an amazing match!”

Jester Jay: “We're all tied up again, 2 submissions apiece!”

Tear Gutter: “There's less than 5 minutes left on the clock.”

Hunter walks back over to Johnny and grabs his head, lifting him to his feet.

Tear Gutter: “Johnny explodes with a second wind!”

Johnny lurches forward with a swarm of merciless punches wailing on Hunter's face. Johnny pushes Hunter back with his punches; Hunter slowly steps backward with each devastating blow. Johnny eventually backs Hunter into the turnbuckle.

Johnny reaches forward, pulling Hunter into a headlock. Johnny switches places with his opponent, while maintaining the hold. Johnny lifts a foot, slowly.

Tear Gutter: “He's working his way up the turnbuckle, and he's bringing Hunter with him!”

Johnny pulls Hunter up onto the ropes, and standing at the highest point on the turnbuckle, Johnny grabs a hold of Hunter's tights.

Jester Jay: “No way...”

Johnny hoists Hunter up above his head so they stand in almost a perfect line. He slowly begins to fall backwards out of the ring.


Both wrestlers lie completely motionlessly for several long moments. The audience noise has died to a dull murmur.

Jester Jay: “This may be it! It may be over for these competitors.”

Johnny twitches and begins to move. He slowly pushes himself to his feet. Hunter is taking shallow breaths. Johnny grabs Hunter under the armpit and lifts him to his feet. The two hobble to the side of the ring. Johnny slides Hunter back onto the mat, and climbs in after him.

Tear Gutter: “They're moving so slowly. Both of these guys have taken a lot of damage over the last twenty-some minutes, and the clock is beginning to wind down.”

Jester Jay: “Just under two minutes remain in this competition. The score is currently tied at 2-2.”

Hunter pushes himself to his feet. Johnny s barely standing, his hands rest on his knees. With a brief burst of energy, Hunter pushes himself forward and tackles Johnny with a clothesline.

Johnny and Hunter are both struggling to their feet as the clock counts down the last minute.

Tear Gutter: “It's looking like we could have a draw on our hands.”

Hunter struggles up to his feet and Johnny grabs the ropes and starts pulling himself up.

Jester Jay: “Hunter punches him hard in the face, and again, and aga- NO!!! Johnny grabs Hunters arm and in a flash steps under and to the side of him so he has him locked in a standing arm wrench.”

He elbows Hunter hard in the shoulder twice, bringing him down to his knees before stepping over his arm so it's between his legs.

Jester Jay: “There's no way...”

Johnny mule kicks Hunter and lands in a PERFECT Juji Gatame armbar and the audience erupts in cheer.


Johnny cranks Hunters arm hard and Hunter is desperately reaching his free arm for the opposite rope, when all of a sudden, DANNY DAEMON IS RUSHING TO THE RING!!!

Tear Gutter: “What the.... isn't Danny JOHNNYS manager?”

Jester Jay: “And his dad, maybe he's coming to make sure Hunter can't reach the ropes.”

We have twenty seconds on the clock, and just as Hunter reaches his hand up to tap out, DANNY GRABS HIS HAND TO KEEP HIM FROM TAPPING OUT!

Tear Gutter: “WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!”

The clock reaches zero, and Tamara speaks up.

Tamara: “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a Draw!”

Johnny lets go of the hold and looks at his father with a shocked expression on his face. Danny gives him a reassuring look as he goes to the announce table and grabs a microphone.

“Son, son now calm down. It's alright. This isn't about anything you did, this isn't about anything with the family. This is absolutely nothing personal” says Danny, sounding like a reassuring father.

“It's just business” says Danny in a far more demonic tone. Johnny is on his knees, having a hard time standing when all of a sudden HUNTER HITS JOHNNY WITH THE S.A.F.!

Johnny slams down on the mat hard as Danny takes off his suit jacket and undoes his tie. Johnny, going on pure adrenaline now, manages to stand back up only for his father to spit blood in his face! With Johnny in a daze, Danny hooks his head, brings him up for and inverted suplex, and spins him out for a TWIST OF CAIN!!!

Tear Gutter: “THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!”

Jester Jay: “Oh sit down and stop yelling.”

Tear Gutter: “NO! This is wrong! This mans father and his old father figure are gonna destroy him!”

It looks like Johnny is out COLD for a moment, but he tries to sit up, only to be quickly knocked back down by Hunter Sullivan, sporting a folding chair. Hunter leans down to the broken form of Johnny Maverick, taking Danny's microphone.

“What do you have to say for yourself now? I want you to tell everyone here how it feels to know that I am better than you!” says Hunter, putting the microphone to Johnny's lips.

“Y....Yo....Yooooou couldn't beeeeeat meeee” says Johnny in a taunting 'Na na na boo boo' fashion before pitiful laughter emerges from his throat, almost like he doesn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Hunter looks angry for a bit before finally dropping the microphone and locking Johnny in the TEXAS CLOVER LEAF!

Hunter is putting a lot of force into the move when all of a sudden, The Phoenix storms the ring with a folding chair! Hunter and Danny are quick to scramble out of the ring.

'The Final Countdown' plays as Hunter backs up the ramp-way, Danny raising his arm in 'victory' as he grabs the microphone.

Danny Daemon: Ladies and gentlemen, the record books may show this as being a draw, but here is your winner and my new client, Hunter Sullivan!

Hunter and Danny head to the back, and the Phoenix chases after them.

The bloodied Johnny Maverick lay unconscious in the center of the ring for some time before finally starting to stir, and rolling out of the ring, his brother Gary comes out to aid him and Johnny tries to push him away, but he has so little energy it doesn't do much. Gary puts his brothers arm around his shoulder and helps him to the back as the fans remain silent, watching the broken man hobble his way to the back, his life all but destroyed by Hunter Sullivan. The scene fades to the PWA logo.

Tune in this Sunday for Manitoba Mayhem!!!!!!