World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Show Introduction


The scene slowly opens to a skybox office int he arena. The camera focuses on the large desk and the chair behind it. As the chair spins around you see the man, myth and living embodiment of the Ratings Boost, Eli storm. Storm is dressed in a Armani suit and black shades with a very wide smile.

Storm: You knew it was going to be a matter of time, before I was back in control...

Before Storm can continue he is interrupted by his partner.

McNasty: Whoa...not full control...not as long as I'm around.

Storm unwillingly nods his head...respecting the fact that he has to share his regained power.

Storm: tonight, fans...I want you to forget about what you have come to known about Rampage. Starting tonight me and Mark here are going to start a change and shake up the foundation. You see while Chaos thinks that bringing in some of the old will help them...

McNasty: They are destined to get crushed by the future that will become SATURDAY NIGHT RAMPAGE!!!!

The scenes fades from the the office to the view of the Kumquat Kid dressed up like Heath Ledger's Joker. He is off in the corner painting the Joker's face and smile on what looks like a 100 Kumquats. Kumquat slowly turns his head and looks at the camera and whispers.

Kumquat Kid: And here we go...

Suddenly you can hear the dragging guitar riff of PUDDLE OF MUDD's "Famous".

'Hollywood Hills
Pocket Full Of Shells
Sunset Drag And I Havn't Even Slept All Day'

Rhyno is shown jogging in place getting ready for his next match up.

'Zone In, Somethings Gotta Give
Might As Well Live It Up Until The Fat Lady Sings'

Riona Langly is shown in the gym, working a punching bag, with each strike you can see her focused rage flow through her arm into the impact on the bag.

‘U Want, U Got It, Its Every Thing U Dream..'

Jethro Hayes is shown grabbing his IC Championship. As he turns around you can see Shadow Starr leaning against the wall cracking his knuckles.

'Cuz I Just Wanna Be Famous
Be So xxxxxxx Jaded, Cuz All The Playboy Bunnies Take My Money From Me'

The song picks up, the camera returns to normal, and a steady drumbeat plays. Letters slowly begin to display themselves on the black screen.


The words crumble away as you see Emperor Ian in the locker room, taping his fists. Getting ready for war. That switches to the picture of "The Virus" standing in the middle of the ring with the World Heavyweight Title, daring someone to step over the line and fight.

'Show Up At The Oscars
Smoke Out Dennis Hopper
The Money Is For Nothing
And The Chicks Are For Free
Yea I Wanna Be..'

The screen switches to the announce table and shoots all over the arena as the crowd goes nuts. Pyros shoot all over the arena as the cameras focus on the annouce table.

Jon McDaniel: Alright ladies and gentlemen, the B.o.D. has handed the keys over to two new GMs. Let's see if they have what it takes to keep Rampage the most talked about show in PWA.

Brian Rentfro: Eli Storm has always been known as innovator in this business and McNasty is a main stay in the company. With those two in charge you gotta know the things are going to be turned up a notch.

Jon McDaniel: That's right and if you don't believe us, just look at the card line up.Every match has a chance to be a show stealer.

Brian Rentfro: I don't know if I can say all that. but I know that Storm booked one Hell of a main event going into the PPV week.

Johnny Maverick vs Shadow Starr vs The Kumquat Kid

Triple Threat Match

Jon McDaniel: Well folks, its time for what could be a great triple threat.

Brian Rentfro: Damn skippy.

The fans wait to see who will come out, but are surprised when they hear "Whatever you Became" by Cold. The tron lights up, and we see the smiling face of Co-GM McNasty. The crowd gives the man a good pop, and he eats it up like soup. After the crowd calms down, McNasty speaks.

McNasty: Hello my people! Big Nasty here, and unfortunetly, it is business. Now don't take that the wrong way, I love spending time with y'all, really. No, I don't mind listening to your stories about your new kitten and how cute it was playing with yarn or some bs like that. Daddy just has to work, so give me a minuet here.

McNasty clears his throat.

McNasty: I have some people to address; namely, Johnny Maverick and Shadow...STARR STARR STARR...sorry Radio Rich. Pwease don't sue.

McNasty puts his hands up clasped.

McNasty-Heh, couldn't help myself. Now, what I was getting at, guys, I don't know why you've been ducking out of your appointments, and business meetings, etc. And honestly, I don't care. I don't care if you're stuck in traffic, or if you're sick, or if you're having a gerbil removed from your...Point is I don't care. This is the technological age. If you aren't going to be around, give us a damn phone call.

McNasty's look becomes much more serious.

McNasty: So boys, you're going to have to do something to make it up to me now. Two weeks, first rampage after the pay per view, expect...special treatment.

McNasty smirks.

McNasty: Now as for the one kid who brought an apple to class, KK, keep up the good work. And, maybe we'll be able to get the Rampage tree to bear a little golden fruit in the near future.

McNasty flashes his trademark smile as the tron goes black.

Jon McDaniel: I wouldn't want to be Shadow or Maverick right now.

Brian Rentfro: No joke. Mark McNasty may come off a little strange, but he has a sick mind. I don't want to know what he has in store for those two.

Sunshine Warrior vs Chas Kurtis

Singles Match

As the opening bell for this match up rings, you can tell that Kurtis is on his "A" game going into this match up. Kurtis starts the match staying a step ahead of Adidas with a few feel out moves which begin to piss off the "Sunshine Warrior". But Adidas, not one to be outdone, waits for the perfect moment and trips up Chad as he is coming off the ropes. Sunshine has Kurtis set up from a suplex and nails it, keeping the hold on. Adidas lifts Kurtis up again and drapes him across the ring ropes. Not wanting to leave him there too long, Sunshine nails a picture perfect dropkick, snapping Kurtis back and to the ringside floor. Rentfro points out that Sunshine maybe making a mistake taking it outside when he had a great run inside the ring. Those words prove to be true, as Sunshine dives outside at Kurtis, only to have The Show side step and watch Sunshine crash into the guardrailing. From there "The Show" begins to introduce sunshine to the various object along the ringside area, before rolling him back into the ring. Kurtis lifts Adidas up and fires him into the turnbuckle, before rushing in with a HUGE splash.

Sunshine stumbles out of the corner into the waiting hands of Chad Kurtis, who lifts him up and brings him down with a Reverse STO. McDaniel comments on how picture perfect the move looked on the replay as Rentfro says the only thing picture perfect is the rack on the chick in the front row.Paying no attention to Rentfro McDaniel goes back to calling the match, as Kurtis goes and wraps Adidas up in a Camel Clutch, leaning back to apply more pressure. With his face showing alot of pain, Adidas struggles for a moment, finally being able to reach the ropes. The ref forces Kurtis to let go, giving Sunshine a chance to get some wind in him and some space between him and "The Show". "The Show" seeing Adidas getting some rest, rushes over to him, but The Sunshine Warrior rolls out of the ring and quickly reaches up for the leg trip. Sunshine Warrior quickly rolls back into the ring and begins stomping the fallen Kurtis. Chad tries to cover up from the various boot shots, but still catches a few good hits. Sunshine is feeling the match starting to go his way and lifts Kurtis up. Adidas fires a few shots into the face and stomach of Kurtis and sets him up to get flung into the corner. But at the last minute Kurtis reverse the Irish whip into the CK Finale. both Announcers jump to their feet as they watch the impact of the move. The ref floats over and goes for the count...1.....2....3!!!!

Eric Emerson: And your winner...'The Show' Chad Kurtis

Marxx vs Giant Maxx

Singles Match

Giant Maxx came to the ring first, followed next by Marxx. The ref explained the rules to both men, and then turned to call for the bell.


Giant Maxx attacked Marxx at the bell with forearms, but Marxx returned fire with punches. Giant Maxx hit a scoop power slam for a two count, then cradled Marxx for another two. Giant Maxx threw punches and kicks in a corner, but Marxx reversed a whip into a corner. Giant Maxx went to throw Marxx in the buckles, but Marxx landed on the top rope and hit a moonsaulting on a standing Giant Maxx. Marxx avoided a charging Giant Maxx, and Giant Maxx fell to the floor. Marxx hit a rana off the apron on Giant Maxx on the Floor!

Marxx tossed Giant Maxx back in, but Giant Maxx attacked as Marxx was climbing the ropes. They fought on the ropes, but Marxx head butted Giant Maxx off. Marxx went for a rana, Giant Maxx dropped Marxx to the mat, and then lifted him and power bombed him into the turnbuckles for two. Giant Maxx mounted Marxx and hit some punches, then got a two count before moving to a chin lock. Marxx elbowed out of it, but Giant Maxx hit a side slam for a two count. Giant Maxx dropped an elbow for another two, then went back to the chin lock. Marxx fought out, but Giant Maxx hit a clothesline for another two, then lifted Marxx in a fireman's carry and hit a gut buster for two. Giant Maxx applied a body scissors and chin lock, but Marxx fought out of it. Giant Maxx hit a knee to the head, then whipped him into a corner. Giant Maxx missed a avalanche and Marxx hit a springboard senton. Giant Maxx came right back with a kick to the gut and a sunset flip, but Marxx rolled through it and hit a kick to the chest for a two count.

Marxx went for a springboard body press, but Giant Maxx dropkicked him as he came off the ropes for a two count. Giant Maxx stomped Marxx, then worked him over in a corner. Marxx leapfrogged Giant Maxx and went for a sunset flip, but Giant Maxx blocked it and hooked Marxx's legs for a two count. Giant Maxx hit a clothesline for another two. Giant Maxx threw Marxx into a corner, then went for a back Suplex, but Marxx flipped over and hit an enzugiri. However, Giant Maxx ducked and the kick landed to the side of the referee’s head. The ref dropped like a sack of potatoes and Marxx cursed his luck before cursing as Giant Maxx went for a huge back body drop! Marxx landed behind him, however and started to go for the Leaving Marxx when Chamelion returned yet again, coming down to the ring with the intent of causing yet another loss for the former World Champion.

However, as Chamelion jumped on the apron, Marxx spun and hit his own version of a super kick, causing Chamelion to fall off the apron onto his backside. Marxx then quickly hoisted Giant Maxx up and hit the Leaving Marxx. At this point, the referee recouped and was able to count the one-two-three!

Winner: Marxx

Post match, as Marxx celebrated, Chamelion got back to his feet, and Marxx turned towards Chamelion, who merely nodded with a small smile on his face and mouthed what we think was “Not bad, kiddo, not bad.” As if to say, all this time, Chamelion had been grooming Marxx to be his very best for Manitoba Mayhem. Chamelion left Marxx to celebrate, as we head into a commercial break for Hardcore Harvest.

Cowgirls From Hell vs Lacey Gloria & Xannon Alexander

Tag-Team Match

This match between the Cowgirls from Hell and the team of Lacey Gloria and Zannon Alexander was an intense match from the very opening bell. Zannon started off the match with Tamika and the two went back and forth with a series of forearms and open handed punches, that are better known as slaps. Tamika went with a low leg kick that caught Xannon off-guard and sent him down to one knee allowing Tamika to connect with a roundhouse kick to his temple to go for a quick pin. Lacey came in to break up the pin, but Meghan quickly in to get Lacey off of Tamika, the referee, Scott Swindell, got the two females to get back in their respective corners after some pleading and the two women were squishing them between themselves. Brian Rentfro commented that he bet Scott was enjoying this attention and was in no hurry to break these two women apart. After the seperation, Xannon was able to tag in Lacey, but Tamika was able to tag in Meghan and these two women were finally able to clash horns legally. Meghan was taken down with a leg sweep having it followed up with an elbow drop. Meghan was whipped into the ropes, telegraphing a back body with a kick to Lacey's face sending her backwards into the other side'sropes.

During this exchange, Brian Rentfro was unavailable for comment, forcing Jon McDaniel to do the entire commentary. Meghan nailed a beautiful vertical suplex following it up with a springboard dropkick as Lacey regained her feet.Meghan came at Lacey with everything she had, including a styrofoam kitchen sink, ok not really but it was a reference Jon McDaniel said about Meghan's tenacity. Meghan nailed a series of kicks all up and down Lacey's body, until Lacey was able to block a kick by grabbing her right ankle to block the foot. Meghan tried for an enzeguri, but Lacey was able to avoid the blow to spin around with Meghan in her grasp. Meghan reached to Tamika, who received the tag in mid-swing, flying from the top rope with a missile dropkick taking Lacey to the canvas. Lacey was able to tag in Xannon before too much more damae was done and he came in with a fury. Tamika avoided the majority of his offensive onslaught catching him in a wristlock and hitting a arm twist rope walk chop taking him down.Meghan and Xannon are the legal members for their respective teams. Meghan is taken down with a straight shot to the face. Tamika yells at the referee. While the referee is distracted a man slides out from under the ring. He’s wearing all black and a white vinyl mask. He pulls down Lacey Gloria DDT her onto the floor. He slides in the ring, and hits Xannon with a devastating piledriver. The referee turns around as she see’s Meghan going after the man, the referee calls for the bell as the man strikes back, but almost as if not to really hurt her.

Double Disqualification

Jon McDaniels: What a shame! Who is that guy?

Brian Rentfro: I don’t know, but I kind of like him.

Meghan and Tamika begin after the man, but he slides under the bottom ropes and disappears into the crowd and out an exit. Meghan and Tamika, stand there exhausted from the match, and annoyed at the outcome of their debut. ‘Cowboys From Hell’ starts up as the girls head backstage to cheers.

The Krymson Dragons vs The Alliance

Tag-Team Match

Tyson and Rhyno made their way to the ring first, with a mixture of boos and hisses and cheers and claps accompanying them. They conversed over strategy when Eric Emerson announced the arrival o the Krymson Dragons! Despite their Pantheon affiliation, the veteran team received a well deserved cheer from the jam packed arena, and the Dragons were good enough to acknowledge it.

However, once in the ring, Chamelion took the mic and properly dressed down the audience, citing his displeasure for being stuck in a place like North Carolina. He then quipped that at least South Caroline behaves like a woman should, and let the joke sink in or fly over people’s heads, depending on their accumulated intelligence. The Dragons then quickly mapped out what they’d do and the bell rang to begin the match.

Tyson and Chamelion started off the contest, with Chamelion grabbing Tyson in a headlock and hitting a shoulder block. Tyson leapfrogged Chamelion and hit a back elbow for a two count, then a blockbuster for another two count. This surprised Chamelion, who decided to get serious. Chamelion cradled Tyson, and went right into a Sharp Shooter attempt. Tyson grabbed the ropes quickly, and the ref ordered a break. Shrugging and opting for a new strategy, Chamelion threw Tyson into the corner with a catapult, but he landed on the middle rope and jumped off with a leg lariat on Chamelion for a two count. Angry now, Chamelion nailed Tyson with a right hand after getting a break on the ropes and tagged in Raizzor. Raizzor chopped Tyson and put him in a headlock. Raizzor then punched Tyson in the gut, then chopped him into the corner. Raizzor charged Tyson, running into a kick.

Tyson tagged in Rhyno and hit Raizzor with some clotheslines, but couldn't knock him down. Raizzor reversed a whip and went for an corner splash, but Rhyno dodged it. Chamelion ran in, and Rhyno gave him a press slam. Raizzor speared Rhyno, giving him a lesson in how it’s properly done. Raizzor then added another chop to Rhyno, and held him so Chamelion could hit a series of forearms. Chamelion bounced off the ropes, but Rhyno caught him with a boot. Scurrying back to his feet, Chamelion feigned another charge and instead turned and knocked Tyson off the apron! Chamelion pushed Rhyno into his corner while the referee kept Tyson out of the ring, who wanted vengeance on Chamelion. Raizzor tagged in and put Rhyno in a full nelson. Raizzor threw Rhyno to the mat, then tagged in Chamelion, who missed an elbow drop. Chamelion stopped Rhyno from making a tag and put him in a sleeper.

Rhyno got to his feet, and power slammed Chamelion. Rhyno made the tag, and Tyson hit Chamelion with shoulder blocks and a face buster. Tyson hit Chamelion with a Sling blade clothesline and went for the cover, but Raizzor broke it up. Rhyno ran in and clotheslines Raizzor over the top rope, taking them both to the floor. Tyson rolled up Chamelion for two, but the devious one kicked out! Meanwhile on the outside, Raizzor threw Rhyno into the announce table. With Rhyno sporting some serious welts on his back, Raizzor dragged him onto the table and to the roar of the crowd, turned Rhyno over and hit the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker, right through the announce table!

In the ring, Chamelion pressed the advantage, dominating the inexperienced Tyson with a Rolling Thunder Leg Drop! As Tyson struggled to stand, Chamelion positioned himself, calling for the Sweet Sound of Success! At this point, the referee was still trying to sort out the mess outside the ring and did not see Marxx come down to the ring with a steel chair in hand. Jumping onto the apron, Marxx lifted the chair as Chamelion turned to see what was going on, and found himself face to steel with the chair, and the resounding wallop sent Chamelion reeling back into Tyson, who had recuperated. Tyson planted Chamelion with a powerful Spear and hooked the legs! Marxx yelled at the ref, who saw the pin, slipped into the ring and counted One-Two-Three!

Winners: The Alliance

Post match, Raizzor broke free of the splintered table and chased Marxx part way up the ramp. With Marxx gone, Raizzor then proceeded to return to the ring and summarily devastate both Rhyno and Tyson with fury, before picking up his brother and moving to the backstage area.

Jethro Hayes, Riona Langly & Emperor Ian vs Matthew Engel, Orion & Alex Wilkie

Six Person Tag-Team Match

Jon McDaniel: We are back from commercial and this match has already started fans.

Brian Rentfro: Our apologies that you were unable to see your Pantheon enter the ring.

Ding Ding

Ian and Orion go for a lock up in the center of the ring, Orion with a haymaker, but Ian ducks under the blow to deliver a quick left jab to Orion's abdomen doubling him over. Ian with a knee into Orion's face and he is in control of this match early on. Orion with a take down from his bent over position and he mounts Ian with rights and lefts in the center of the ring. He grabs Ian in a wristlock and drags him back to his corner where he tags in Matthew Engel. Matthew with a quick series of karate kicks to Ian's exposed ribs before the referee can get a count of four which forces Orion onto the apron. Matthew with a right hand backs Ian in the corner, but a thigh kick gives him the advantage over Engel and a clothesline takes him down to the canvas. Ian with a quick leg drop takes the wind right out of Engel's sails and Ian is back in control of this match. Ian up quickly with a standing dropkick to send Wilkie onto the floor and a right forearm to send Orion following after him. Ian climbs to the middle turnbuckle to hit Engel with a double axehandle smash before he begins to drag Ian over to his corner.

Jon McDaniel: Ian looking sharp so far against the PWA champ.

Brian Rentfro: What about that total lack of offense earlier?

Jon McDaniel: Every superstar goes through that, even your precious Engel.

Brian Rentfro: Hold your hethon tongue.

Engel shoves Ian in the lower back sending him into the corner where his head connects accidently with Jethro and the crowd errupts in cheers as the "Southern Hero" hops over the top rope and into the ring. Engel just smiles as Jethro stalks forward waving for Engel to come on, but Engel is still backing up and he makes the tag into Wilkie who steps through the ropes quickly. Engel points to his head as Alexflies with a forearm to Jethro's face. Hayes ducks under the forearm but manages to catch Alex with a bear hug, huge belly to belly suplex sends Alex sliding nearly out of the ring. Jethro just stares at Matthew as he motions for him to come back in; Engel just shakes his head as he points at his temple. Alex with a shoulder block from behind takes Jethro down to one knee Wilkie hits the ropes again and catches Jethro with a running bulldog sending Hayes' face into the canvas with a resounding smash. Alex up with a leg drop onto the Southern Hero's neck, a knee drop to the same spot before he climbs to the middle turnbuckle and dives with an elbow drop to the same exact point as the other two drops connected. Engel and Orion are encouraging their fellow Pantheon member to destroy the weakened neck of Jethro and cripple him.

Jon McDaniel: They are encouraging him to cripple Jethro before Manitoba Mayhem.

Brian Rentfro: You heard Jethro, the doctor didn't want him wrestling yet, but was probably bullied into signing the paperwork.

Alex pulls the big man up and whips him into the ropes, Jethro manages a reversal as Wilkie returns, big time spinebuster from the Intercontinental Champion! Jethro backs up to the ropes and leans there for a moment massaging his neck, Orion with a swift kick to his ribs sends Jethro stumbling to the side and near a neutral corner. Here comes Orion into the ring, he pounds Jethro's head into the turnbuckle until Ian comes by and pulls Orion out of the ring and begins to pound away on his face on the outside. Jethro wipes his face and looks over at Riona who is dying to get into the ring as she stares a hole through Matthew Engel, here is Wilkie getting back up. Hayes grabs him in a wristlock and pulls him over to where he tags Riona in. She leaps from over the top rope with a front kick to Wilkie's ribs before taking over the wristlock. Riona delivers a series of stiff Mui Tai kicks to the exposed and unprotected ribs of Wilkie before turning the wristlock into a hammerlock and into astanding crossface submission hold. Riona jumps into the air, leans backwards, and slams Alex into the mat with her full body weight; his breath leaves him in a rush, but his foot is on the bottom rope and the referee counts to four and a half before Riona breaks the hold. Riona pulls Wilkie up to a vertical base and whips him into the ropes, Orion drops down while holding onto the top rope and Wilkie flips over and to the outside into the arms of Engel who catches him while smiling at Riona cooly. Riona takes a running start and launches herself at the two but manages to stop herself and fall down to the canvas as Emperor Ian launches himself over the top rope to dive on top of both men sending them crashing into the railing. The referee is forcing Riona back to her corner, but she delivers a quick snap kick towards Orion who ducks under and spears Ian down to the canvas. Lance Weston has Riona back in her corner, but she is furious at being made to exit the match. Orion with a leg lock on Ian and is using the ropes for added leverage and pain causing technique, but referee Lance Weston turns around just in time to see the underhanded tactic and is over quickly with the five count. Orion releases at four and a half and picks Ian up tossing him towards the corner. Orion mounts the co-tag team champion and places closed right fists into his temple.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seve... Ian shoves Orion off of him and to the canvas. Ian goes to charge the already rising Orion, but Engel grabs his hair and Ian effectively falls back to the corner. But here come Riona and Jethro to stop this cheating. Lance Weston there to cut the two of them off and Alex, Matthew, and Orion begin a huge triple team on Ian in the corner with each of them nailing rights and lefts to his head and body. But Riona and Jethro have had enough here as they charge past Lance and into the corner. Jethro nails nothing but air as Engel flips out of the ring, but Alex isn't that lucky as Riona catches him by the head and plants him with a single arm DDT to the canvas. Jethro grabs Orion with a belly to back suplex and nearly tosses him out of the ring as he throws him backwards. Jethro goes charging after him, but Lance Weston gets in the way and makes Jethro get on the apron, but not before Jethro and Riona hit a beautiful double vertical suplex on Alex and send him crashing to the canvas in the middle of the ring. Riona drags Ian over to their corner, but he shakes his head at tagging out to Jethro or Riona.

Jon McDaniel: Ian has something to prove here and why he belongs in the main event.

Brian Rentfro: Pah lease.

Ian with a forearm to Orion and sends him into the ropes, but Orion manages a reversal and comes back with a lifted knee taking Ian down, but no wait Ian ducks under taking him down with a spinebuster! Ian hooks the leg and makes the cover. But Lance Weston refuses to count pointing behind Ian's back at the charging Wilkie. Ian springs to his feet, drop toe hold and we go to commercial.

Jon McDaniel: Back from commercial here fans and Ian has Alex Wilkie in the Imperial Conquest in the center of the ring.

Brian Rentfro: The Pantheon are obviously worried for their partner but know he can handle himself, besides that cheating referee Lance Weston isn't allowing them to help.

Lance turns around in time to hear Wilkie submit and he calls for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: Winners of the match... Riona Langly, Jethro Hayes, and Emperor Ian!

Jethro back up and charging at Engel, Riona at Orion, and Ian is back up and heading for Wilkie.

Jon McDaniel: We are going to have a brawl right here after the match, but we are out of time.

Brian Rentfro: Can we stay on for five more

The PWA Rampage logo appears in the lower right hand corner and the show is off the air.