World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Order of Chaos is Here...

Jester Jay: Oh this should be good.

Tear Gutter: You already know it!

With the night about to begin, The Order of Chaos had arrived earlier in the evening to prepare for their main event match with the duo of Pohatu and Adrian Adidas, aka Nature. Simon Kalis pats Masakazu on the back as they can be seen in their dressing room getting dressed for the show. Simon Kalis is still wearing his black Armani suit with crimson red threading going vertically down the entire suit in style, with matching dress pants to go with it. His white dress shirt contrasts alongside his crimson red tie, not to mention the crimson red bandana he's wearing so no one forgets where he really came from. Kalis looks at his son who is already tying up his hands and wrists with the white cloth he uses to pad them slightly for his opponents protection, smirking.

Simon Kalis: Listen Mas, I've got a few things to do before I throw my jean shorts on. Can you handle everything over here?

Masakazu: I'm just getting ready. Going to do some meditation soon. You should be joining me for that father.

Simon Kalis: I will.

Kalis reaches into the back of his pants and pulls out his Desert Eagle Mark VII, checking to see if it's loaded and then cocking it in preparation to fire. He places down the front of his pants this time, untucking his dress shirt a bit to cover it up.

Masakazu: Uhm... Should I ask?

Simon Kalis: Probably not kiddo. I'll be back soon.

Masakazu: You're not gonna screw this up by getting arrested are you?

Simon Kalis: Far from it. I'm just going to go show my favorite shoe brand some sunshine, if you catch my drift.

Simon Kalis winks and walks out of the room as Masakazu takes off his shoes to begin wrapping his feet in proper Muay Thai kickboxing fashion. He shakes his head, sighing considering he is all too familiar with what his father is doing.

Masakazu: Just don't kill him please...

The cameraman runs out after Kalis trying to follow him as Kalis walks down a few corridors until he reaches a locker room marked with the name "The Sunshine Warrior". Simon Kalis reaches into his pocket and pulls out a red permenant marker, and crosses out Adrian Adidas' name and writes "Rampage Scum" underneath it instead. He chucks the marker aside and looks at the cameraman, raising his index finger over his mouth to shush him.

Jester Jay: Oh boy... Kalis is about to kick some sunny ass!

Tear Gutter: No, Kalis has honor and all that! I know him! He's one of the good guys!

Jester Jay: Ohhhhh yeah?!?

Kalis pulls out his Desert Eagle and kicks the door in. Adrian Adidas turns around, caught off guard as Kalis walks calmly into his locker room with the gun aimed directly at Adidas.

Simon Kalis: Shhh Adrian. Don't say a word.

Tear Gutter: ....oh my god.


As the cameraman gets into the room with them, Kalis motions him to shut the door behind them and he complies quite promptly considering the circumstances.

Simon Kalis: This isn't a threat Adrian. This is an offer to you, truly. I'm offering you the chance to do something worthy of a warrior. I want you to understand this has nothing to do with you being my opponent tonight. You see, even Phoenix has declared himself a member of the Chaos brand Adrian... But you? You're here and enlisted as Rampager scum. So let me tell you how it is going to be.

Kalis approaches closer now, lowering the gun.

Simon Kalis: Understand we are at war with... your kind. So understand there is no way in hell you'll be walking out tonight as one half the number one contenders for the tag team titles.

Kalis approaches closer, now he is right in Adrian's face.

Simon Kalis: This isn't personal, so you know. I do respect a man of your integrity.

Simon Kalis backs up a step, and raises the gun to Adrian's face. He smirks and pulls the trigger.

Tear Gutter: NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?

Jester Jay: YES YES YES Wha... What?

The gun only clicks empty as Kalis puts it away.

Simon Kalis: Rampager scum isn't welcome on my territory, no matter the breed.

Simon Kalis walks out of the room now and heads back to his dressing room.

Tear Gutter: Well I don't even know what to say... I'm sort of speechless.

Jester Jay: So am I... I thought he was gonna kill that rampager scum! What an asshole to get my hopes up and then just dash them like that.

Tear Gutter: Well I told you Kalis is a good guy!

Jester Jay: Do good guys fake shoot other good guys?

Tear Gutter: Uhm... I'll get back to you on that.

Simon Kalis gets back to his dressing room and throws the gun aside, causing Masakazu to jump up startled.

Masakazu: Whoa! Be careful! What if it went off?

Kalis throws off his suit jacket and begins unbottoning his dress shirt.

Simon Kalis: It wouldn't have, it's not even loaded.

Simon Kalis throws his dress shirt aside and heads toward his stall and sits down to untie his dress shoes.

Masakazu: What're you gonna do now?

Simon Kalis puts his dress shoes aside with more care than he did the rest of his stuff and stands back up to take off his dress pants.

Masakazu: With the camera here?

Kalis shrugs and throws them off, then reaches for his Phat Farm jean shorts and does them up before grabbing his boots.

Simon Kalis: I've still got more things to do, but this may require my fighting gear moreso than a simple suit.

Masakazu: Let me guess...

Simon Kalis: Someone with a bad temper and horribly pasty skin tone needs to become reaquainted with a bit of modesty. I sense... too much "wrath" within him, if you will.

Kalis winks as he begins lacing his boots up.

Masakazu: What should I do?

Simon Kalis: You remember what we spoke of on the way here? That!

Kalis jumps up and heads out the door quickly.

Tear Gutter: I wonder what all that was about...

Jester Jay: Obviously not bringing his gun with him, unless he's got a revolver tucked underneath his sack.

Tear Gutter: Excuse me!?

Jester Jay: Just saying you know. He is bla-

Tear Gutter: ...

Jester Jay: ...he is blast happy!

Tear Gutter: Right. That's what you were going to say.

Jester Jay: Right!

Let the show begin...

‘Fire it Up’ begins to play heavily through the load speakers. The Chaos-Tron comes to life with a lifeline. It starts to move at the thirty five second mark. The Arena lights flash and at the fifty five second mark the arena starts to thump from the heavy bass riff.

Fire it up (The Phoenix holds the Global title high in the air)
Let The Engines Roll (The Order of Chaos stands proudly in the ring)
Its Time to burn it down (Aeolus Wrath calling out the Co-Gm of Chaos)
Keep On Bleeding till the day you die (Pohatu knocked out on the canvas draped in his TV title)
Forever love it loud (Wheeler and Tamika staring each other down)
Yeah (A shot of the Grizzly Beer Champion, Matt Stone)

As it heads back into the instrumental, images roll across the screen of the staff of Chaos.

Hellfire, Doom (Johnny Maverick tying up Hunter Sullivan)
Watch the hatred spin (Viktor Stone training with his posse)
Beyond the speed of sound (Shadow Starr facing off against Pohatu)
Fire it up (Chaos logo appears)
Let the engines roll (Chaos logo starts to catch fire)
It’s Time to burn it down (The Chaos logo erupts into flames as we begin to pan the audience)

Jester Jay: Welcome to th second addition of the revived Chaos!

Tear Gutter: Yes and we have one heck of a card for you tonight. Two PWA legends The Phoenix and Joe BoXeR meet in a non title match.

Jester Jay: Nevermind that, we get to see Aeolous Wrath kick some Boston ass tonight!

Tear Gutter: We also have the debut of LJ Xero and Danyel tonight. But most importantly, tonight we find who will be representing Chaos at Maintoba Mayhem for the PWA World Tag Team Championships.

Jester Jay: I think both choices are poor. The Crimson Ghost and Ronald Gay FTW!!!

Tear Gutter: You are a complete moron. Anyways, Tamara is about to announce the first match of the evening.

Danyel vs Matt Rodriguez


Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall... Introducing first...

"Womanizer" by Britney Spears hits over the PA. The lights starts to flash as a person walks out. Lights then go purple. The girl stand on the stage. She is wearing a black suit and a hat. She looks around and rips off her jacket. She starts to belly dance.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: DANYEL!!!!!!!!!!!

She stops and walks down the ramp. She walks over to a male fan and takes off her hat and puts it on his head. She shakes out her hair and gose to kiss him on the cheek but turns away before she dose. She walks to the steps and walks up them. She walks to the middle of the ring. She takes off her pants and vest showing her purple ring gear. She swings her right leg over the 2 rope. She bends over and slides her body in. She then brings her left leg in the ring. She walks over to the ropes and just chills before her match.

Suddenly Matt Rodriguez doesn't even wait as he comes running from the back and slides into the ring. He comes flying towards Danyel with a clothesline but she ducks it and runs towards the ropes, bouncing back and landing a sickening drop kick into Matt's face.


Jester Jay: Wasting no time as we can see!

Tear Gutter: This is what we like to see!

Danyel is back up quickly and she grabs Matt by the face and starts lifting her knee up into his face this time, each blow getting a reaction from the crowd. She then grabs Matt a little closer, slamming him down with a DDT hard. The crowd is going nuts, but Matt Rodriguez gets up and grabs onto Danyel, taking a feel of her assets in the process. He lifts her up and snaps back with a suplex, but he's still got his grip and lifts her back up for a second successive suplex in a row. As he goes for the third one, Danyel uses all her strength to reverse it and hits a snap suplex of her own on Matt Rodriguez sending the crowd into a frenzy. She climbs up quickly to the top rope and dives off with a leap frog splash, landing perfectly on top of Matt Rodriguez.

Jester Jay: I swear he's smiling!




Tear Gutter: Matt isn't finished here yet!

Danyel recovers quickly now, getting back to her feet and lands a Bulldog on Matt Rodriguez laying him down and out. She starts pulling his hair harshly, trying to rip it out of its roots and Matt Rodriguez screams in pain until she lifts herself up crotch-to-face and drops him down hard with a hurricanrana. The crowd goes nuts anticipating her next move as she decides to lock in a figure four leg lock. Matt Rodriguez writhes in pain, moving and twisting his body to break the lock. The referee checks on him to see if he's willing to quit but he seems like he won't give in, and he uses all his strength to break the figure four leg lock from Danyel. She jumps back up to her feet and using the ropes to ricochet herself she comes down hard with an elbow drop into Matt Rodriguez's throat. He has no time to recover now as she taunts him in front of the fans, recieving a chorus of cheers as she does so. Matt Rodriguez is up now however and comes towards her with full force but stops right in front of her before raking her eyes with his fingers. He slaps her across the face before whipping her into the ropes. As Danyel comes flying back towards him Matt Rodriguez lifts his knee sending her flipping and down onto the mat. He starts laying in some heavy kicks into her gut and chest, using the ropes as leverage beating her down as if they were in a street fight. Then he heads up to the top rope and attempts a shooting star press, but at the last second Danyel raises her knees up and he lands horribly wrong into her knees with his face, snapping his neck back and laying him out flat. Danyel uses the ropes to lift herself up, wiping her face. She then leans forward waiting for him to get up, before she gives him a hard kick into the gut and then-

Tear Gutter: BOOZER! Wow that was awesome!

Jester Jay: This is it!





Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Your winner by pinfall... DANYEL!

Busy schedule...

We open in the office of Tamika Nash Strader. Tamika is sitting at the desk, looking through some papers on her desk. There is a knock on the door.

TNS: Come in!

The door opens, and in walks Mr. Hardcore. He strolls in, wearing his blue trunks and knee high black boots, walks over to a chair in front of Tamika's desk, spins it around and plops down; arms resting on the edge. Tamika has a look of unpleasantness for MH.

TNS: What do you want Jones?

Hardcore smirks.

MH: Wha'da ya think I want? I want a match sweetie.

Tamika looks like MH calling her sweetie sends a chill up her spin.

TNS: Don't call me that again...Period. As for a match, I don't know if you're blind, but I'm a little too busy running chaos to worry about booking you in a match.

The phone rings. TNS grabs the phone and spins in her chair, away from MH. As she begins talking on the phone, Hardcore jumps up, and puts the chair back like it was. He walks over to the desk, looks down at the papers, and begins picking them up, putting them in an order in his arms. In a flash the desk is clear, and Hardcore is standing by a filling cabinet. He puts the papers in, and closes it. He looks next to the cabinet and sees a broom. In a minuet, he's swept the floor of the office. At this point, two more phones on Tamika's desk ring. She turns around, but MH has picked both up.

MH: You've reached the office of Miss Stray'duh. Please hold a moment.

Hardcore pushes the hold button on one, and puts the phone down. Tamika is staring at Hardcore, baffled.

MH: How can I direct yer call? Oh please, Miss Stray'duh can't talk to just anyone. Hang on a moment an' I'll get her assistant.

MH puts the phone receiver into his hand for a moment. He closes his eyes, and when he reopens them, speaks into the phone again.

Jones: This is Brandon Jones, how can I assist you? I'm afraid Miss Strader's unavailable. But if you'd like to leave a message...

Jones grabs a pen and pad off the desk.

Jones: Un-huh. Un-huh. Okie Dokey.

Jones hangs up the phone. TNS has hung her's up and she is looking at the man before her in disbelief. Jones again closes his eyes. When he opens them, his voice changes back.

MH: So, you still got too much work ta worry about sweet thing?

TNS:...Hardcore, I think maybe I have a different idea for you in mind. Wait right here. I have something I need to do.

We fade back to ringside.

LJ Xero vs James Strike


'Cat Scratch Fever' hits the P.A. system once again, and Tamika Nash Strader steps out on stage with microphone in hand. She raises it up to her lips.

TNS: Well, since neither of the men tonight showed up on PWA airwaves, I hereby cancel the match.

The fans boo at Xero and Strike.

TNS: This time its just a one show suspension boys, decide to do it again and it will cost you money. Your entire weeks paycheck infact.

The fans cheer wildy.

TNS: And if it happens a third time... well then guess what?

The crowd yells "You're fired". Tamika just nods and smiles as her music comes back on. She heads into the back as our attention is taken to the Chaos-tron.

The Crimson Ghost vs Ryan Ross


Tamara Christopher-Onassis: This match is a Standard Match. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 220 from Seattle, Washington, Ryan Ross!!!

Freedom Fighter Hits the PA system and plays its rock and roll intro, and as soon as the lyrics hit the sound Ryan Ross Steps out from behind the curtain. The fans give him a mixed reaction the Smarks cheer and the Marks boo. Ryan doesn't Care for any of it and just relishes in his own glorious wonder, as he steps down to the ramp and slowly walks down to the ring side area. At this point he walks over to the stairs and point to the crowd giving them the thumbs don in disapproval. Ryan then goes to the closest turnbuckle and mounted it throwing his arms out to his side as his music slowly fades out.

The lights go dark and the arena remains dark for several moments, leaving the audience wondering what's in store for them until finally the odd opening of 'Spider Baby' fills the room, an evil-sounding laugh filling the arena. The arena is blanketted in red light when we see the unsettling visage of the Crimson Ghost has appeared in the entranceway.

'Screams and moans and bats and bones
Teenage monsters in haunted homes
The ghosts on the stair
The vampires bite
Better beware, there's a full moon tonight'

The Ghost stalks his way down to the ring, the almost bemused grin etched on his skeletal mask making his cold, emotionless gaze all the more creepy.

Tamara Christopher-Onassis: Making his way to the ring, from Parts Unknown....THE CRIMSON GHOST!

'Cannibal spiders creep and crawl
Boys and ghouls having a ball
Frankenstein, Dracula and even the Mummy
Are sure to end up in someone's tummy'

The Ghost crawls under the bottom rope and stands quickly. He takes off his robe and hands it to the ref, who takes it from him apprehensively and sets it aside.

'Take a fresh rodent, some toadstools and weeds
And an old owl and the young one she breeds
Mix in seven legs of an eight-legged beast
Then you are all set for a cannibal feast'

The Crimson Ghost sits in the corner of the ring.

Ryan Ross grabs Crimson Ghost's arm and strkes his Midsection. Ryan Ross sends another shot to the midsection as the referee calls for the bell to start the match. Ryan Ross shoulder tackles Crimson Ghost. Ryan Ross is up again. Ryan Ross covers Crimson Ghost hooking the leg. Joe Irving counts the pin. ...1 Crimson Ghost escapes.

Tear Gutter: Very much a rookie move there.

Jester Jay: Your absolutely right you sweet peice of ---

Tear slaps Jester.

Crimson Ghost gets up. Ryan Ross connects with a flying knee. Crimson Ghost goes down. Crimson Ghost is up again. Crimson Ghost delivers a low blow to Ryan Ross. Crimson Ghost rolls onto Ryan Ross connecting with a knee. Ryan Ross stands up. Ryan Ross drives a forearm into Crimson Ghost. Crimson Ghost grabs his hand and flips him to the mat. Ryan Ross slowly gets back to his feet. Crimson Ghost goes for a Back Breaker but Ryan Ross dodges the attack. Crimson Ghost drives a forearm into the head of Ryan Ross. Crimson Ghost picks up Ross like a javelin, and rams him into the turnbuckle post.

Tear Gutter: OH MY!

Crimson Ghost uses a belly-to-belly suplex after he picks Ryan Ross up. Ryan Ross hits down hard. Crimson Ghost fist drops Ryan Ross on the mat. Crimson Ghost is up again. Ryan Ross gets up in some degree of pain. Ryan Ross runs and tackles Crimson Ghost. Ryan Ross punches him in the head. Ryan Ross short-arm clotheslines Crimson Ghost to the mat. Crimson Ghost is back on his feet. Crimson Ghost superkicks Ryan Ross . Ryan Ross falls to the mat ala Ric Flair style. Ryan Ross slowly reaches up the ropes to pull himself up. Crimson Ghost grabs Ross's arm, and delivers a close range Clothesline From Hell.


Jester Jay: Settle the hell down!

Crimson Ghost stands up as Ryan Ross lays on the mat. Crimson Ghost goes to pick up Ryan Ross, but Ross surprise him with a schoolboy. He hooks Crimson Ghost's tights. Irving drops for the count not catching the illegal move.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: and the winner of this match by pinfall...... RYAN ROSS!

Jester Jay: Wrestling royalty always shines baby.

Tear Gutter: Whatever, he grabbed his tights.

Jester Jay: So? He was probably just curious about the material.

The Wheels Are Turning

Masakazu is alone walking down the hallway, and can be seen to be a little bit on edge as he approaches the office of one Mr. Jack Wheeler. He taps on the door before opening it and letting himself in. This takes Mr. Wheeler by surprise as he looks up while on the phone with someone else at his desk.

Mr. Wheeler: Listen, I'll call you back.

Jack Wheeler hangs up the phone and stands up starting to smile.

Mr. Wheeler: Hello Masa... Masa...

Masakazu: It's Masakazu sir.

Mr. Wheeler: Ah yes, Masakazu! Simon Kalis' boy I've read... Pleasure to meet you, sit sit.

Masakazu scoffs at the offer and doesn't shake Mr. Wheelers' hand as he extends an olive branch.

Mr. Wheeler: Are you as stubborn as your father as well?

Masakazu: I'm afraid I'm more than that.

Mr. Wheeler: What'd you mean by that?

Masakazu: Oh I don't know...

Masakazu turns around, before quickly snapping his leg forward. Mr. Wheeler's eyebrow raises slightly and he backs up just a little bit before Masakazu, who is now standing on the toes of his other foot spins in a 180 degree turn right back around to Mr. Wheeler and does a perfect kick into his face, sending him backwards and toppling over his desk.

Mr. Wheeler: Argh what the hell!?! Do you realize who I am?!

Masakazu walks over to the other side and looks down at Mr. Jack Wheeler, who now holds his face in striking pain.

Masakazu: Of course I do. You have the same stench as Pantheon scum. You may not be one of them, but you'd certainly make a prime member. And The Order simply cannot risk the possibility of you being a secret agent for Chamelion.

Mr. Wheeler: Pantheon!? SECRET AGENT!?! What the hell is wrong with you, boy!?

Masakazu shakes his head before using one leg to lift himself onto the desk and rising up, before dropping down with his other foot straight across Jack Wheeler's neck. Wheeler begins to choke as Masakazu pulls out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs Mr. Wheeler to his desk, before launching another volley of kicks into his ribs causing him to cough repeatedley in agony.

Mr. Wheeler: You won't... get away with this! You're supposed to be fighting the war, not me!

Masakazu: There are six million ways to die Mr. Wheeler...

Masakazu leans down now looking him right in the face.

Masakazu: Choose one.

Masakazu spits in his face, kicking him once more like he's doing an 80 yard field goal, rendering Mr. Wheeler unconscience and thus Masakazu walks out of the office, locking the door behind him and walking back down the hall like nothing happened.

Jester Jay: HEY! He cannot do that to the boss!

Tear Gutter: Half boss, Jay. Half.

Jester Jay: Then he should be half fired!

Tear Gutter: How would that work?

Jester Jay: Someone help Mr. Wheeler!!!

Viktor Stone vs Hunter Sullivan


Both Hunter and Viktor settle themselves in the ring. The fans were rather excited about this match seeing the war between the Pantheon and the Apostles rage on in Chaos. Viktor is the first to action by nailing Hunter in the ribs with a series of jabs. That winded the Viper long enough for Vik to hook him in for a release belly to belly suplex. Hunter rolled to his feet and saw the approaching Viktor, in which he decided to ward off with a quick European uppercut. While Vik staggered back Hunter hit a snap suplex.

Hunter seemed to have Viktor reeling after unloading his technical arsenal. But he soon experienced a rude awakening as he felt a right hook collide with his Face. Viktor took over from there using his superior striking arsenal.

Getting a full head of steam, Vik throws hunter into the ropes but Hunter comes to life with a VIPAH SNAAAAP!!!~

Winner: (Hunter Sullivan) 10:12

Shadow Star vs Matt Stone


The crowd is ecstatic, the mood is set, as Chaos carries on. The second epic show since its comeback has been ablaze thus far, with great matches and surprise showings. As the crowd roars on, our announcers share their opinions on our next match.

Tear Gutter: Well, it's been exciting so far, to say the least. What do we have up next, Jay?

Jester Jay: Looks like... oh. Grizzly Beer Champion Matt Stone, in a non-title match against... HIM.

Tear Gutter: Hey. I don't care what he did, that tone is uneccessary. I mean, okay, perhaps he took it too far, addressing a few of his opponents and concerns in such a manner, but this is Shadow we're talking about. I'm sure he had a good reason...

Jester Jay: I don't care what his reasoning, I think he went too far, and I'm not the only one. I've had plenty of folks say that Shadow went WAY over the line, and it's my understanding that some fans are even protesting his presence on the card tonight.

Tear Gutter: Well, with any luck, we may be able to get some explanation here tonight...

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall!!

DJ Krylon Blue's Second to None remix hits, and for the first time in his PWA career Shadow Starr is met with jeers from the crowd. He slowly paces down the ramp, looking for any signs of forgiveness, but to no avail.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Entering first, from Akron, Ohio, he is the Original Legend of Shadows, Shadow Starr!!

Shadow continues to the ring, no sign of change from the angered crowd. He decides to wait in a corner rather than playing to the fans; they don't seem to care for it at the moment. His music fades as Tamara continues.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And his opponent...

The crowd awaits the Grizzly Beer Champion, but no music hits and noone bothers to appear. Tamara looks to the officials, who shrug and point to the ramp. Tamara announces again.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And Shadow's opponent for tonight...

The Trooper bye Iron Maiden rings out as Jack Wheeler appears on the entrance ramp, enfuriated. He holds a mic to his mouth, glaring at Shadow Starr.

Jack Wheeler: I hope you're fucking happy, Shadow. Your derogatory comments and uncouth comparisons have caused the Grizzly Beer Champion enough grief that he has carried out his boycott of this week's Chaos. In fact, he only recorded this to show the fans only after I pleaded with him to make SOME kind of appearance.

Matt Stone Clip wrote:
Matt Stone: Fans, fellow wrestlers, Chaos staff. I regret to inform you that while I would love to bless you all with my presence, I found Shadow's promo to be quite hurtful in many ways. I refuse to face someone who would make such cruel and evil statements as he did, and therefore I have decided, regardless of Mr. Jack Wheeler's requests and threats, not to show tonight against Shadow Starr. I apologize to the fans who are missing out, but you can all thank Shadow for that.

Jack Wheeler: Are you happy now, Shadow? Your opponent refuses to show because you just HAD to make those statements. What kind of anti-patriot are you??

Shadow calls for a mic, raising it to speak. He starts to say something, but is immediately cut off.

Jack Wheeler: SHUT OFF HIS MIC!! You don't deserve to talk right now, Starr, and being MY show, I run things. So YOU can get your ass out of MY ring and g...

Jack is cut short by Pantera's Cat Scratch Fever as Tamika Nash Strader makes her way in. She seems a bit at ends herself, speaking first to Wheeler.

TNS: First of all, Jack, this is OUR show. Second, while I don't approve of what he said, I believe that Shadow has the right to at least explain himself. I tried to convince Matt to show as well, but it's his loss if he wants to duck out of a match. So Shadow, before we make a final decision about your match, and possibly your career with Chaos, I'm giving you five minutes to explain yourself.

Shadow Starr: Thank you, Tamika. I suppose I owe the fans... and Matt... that much.

Shadow takes a deep breath, gathering his thoughts before beginning his speech.

Shadow Starr: At the time I did my promo, some of the things I said made sense. That happens sometimes to us, we get into what we're saying and don't fully analyze the meaning of what we say. I didn't even stop to think about it until after some negative reactions from our PWA fans, who gave me a reason to check my alliterations. And I understand that a few of them were off, some were derogatory, and some were... misunderstood at best.

I apologize to Matt Stone for any mental or emotional stress I may have caused him in my promo. I understand that comparing him to the towers was WAY beyond the boundary lines, and I accept whatever may come to me as a result. It was harsh, it was uncalled for, and it was against the better thinkings of my usual mindset. I sincerely regret my words and comparisons, and hope that we may face each other in the future.

To my good friend Pohatu. I know we spoke earlier, and that you understood what I meant, but I apologize anyhow. I look at what some of the fans said, and I can honestly say that to a point, I was a bit rude in comparing myself and you to the planes that collapsed the towers... it was perhaps a good alliteration, but not in the best taste. Again, I am sorry to both of you.

Shadow drops the mic to his side, facing the Chaos Co-GMs. Tamika seems alright to the apology, but Wheeler isn't so happy.

Jack Wheeler: And as far as the Panthen are concerned?

Shadow Starr: What about them?

Jack Wheeler: You referred to them as terrorists!!

Shadow Starr: And the problem is??

Jack Wheeler: There is NO way you're going to compare the Pantheon to a heinous, ruthless, evil group like Al- Queda!!

Shadow Starr: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, that's a misunderstanding. Allow me to explain what I meant by that.

While I will openly deny any link between Al Queda and the Pantheon, the fact remains that their actions as of late are similar to those of terrorism. The sneak attacks, the unfair power trips, the attempts to destroy fellow wrestlers' careers.... those are all heinous and vile acts that call for a reaction. And while management has obviously decided to look over them, I have decided to put it at the forefront. Perhaps referring to them as terrorists got the Management to react, but it's LONG overdue. These men need to be stopped, and if the management refuses to take action, then dammit I will. These men are cheaters, cowards and villains who will bend and break the rules to get things to go their way. I refuse, I REFUSE to apologize for my comments on them, regardless of the consequences. The ONLY apology I make is that if it was misunderstood in such a way to link them to a major terrorist group. Are they anti-American? No. Are they killing innocent people to strike fear into the rest of the nation? No. Are they doing whatever it takes to make sure their competition is eliminated? YES. So therefore, I will NOT withdraw my statements about the Pantheon, and if anyone has a problem with it they can shove it up their...

TNS: OKAY!! That's plenty, Shadow. Well, I suppose we can accept the apologies toward Pohatu and Stone, evidently Pohatu understood your vision and has forgiven you already, as for Stone...

Jack Wheeler: Actually, from what I just heard through my headset, Stone has sent a message.

Matt Stone: Well, Shadow, what can I say? I suppose that based on what Tamika told me, I can forgive you for an uncharacteristic promo. And I suppose that since you were ready to offer that apology regardless of the circumsances, I can forgive and forget. But I would recommend one thing, Mr. Starr.

Jester Jay: What the...?

Tear Gutter: Somebody just jumped through the crowd...

Jester Jay: IT'S MATT STONE!!!

Matt Stone: I would suggest that you watch what you say next time. The next time you screw up might be against someone who isn't as... kind hearted as I am. So three words to live by: WATCH YOUR BACK.

Shadow wonders what Matt means, turning around... MATT STONE NAILS SHADOW WITH THE GRIZZLY BEER CHAMPIONSHIP!! Starr goes down, not knowing what the hell hit him.

Jester Jay: Matt Stone just served up his own justice in the form of a sneak attack to Shadow Starr!!

Tear Gutter: Oh, come on!! He apologized... the least Matt could have done was give him a real fight!!

Matt calls for the ref to ring the bell, the referee in haste to follow. Wheeler calls down, grinning.

Jack Wheeler: Shadow said he accepted the consequences, so RING THE DAMN BELL!!!

The referee looks regretful as he signals for the bell, Matt Stone stalking the dizzied Shadow.

Tear Gutter: Shadow doesn't even know what the hell just happened, and Stone just made the match official!!

Jester Jay: Shadow's record against the Grizzly Beer Champion is now one nothing... haha...

Shadow climbs to his feet, trying to regain his composure as he surveys the ring... C-c-c-c-combo Breaker!!! Stone covers the now deadweight Shadow, an almost evil grin on his face.



Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And the winner of this match, your Grizzly Beer Champion, Matt Stone!!

Matt's music hits the PA, but Stone grabs a mic and quickly cuts it off.

Matt Stone: Well, Shadow, you're lucky Tamika called. Jack threatened my paycheck, my title reign, my PWA contract... but I refused to show up regardless of the consequences. But then Tamika called me. Said she was going to make you apologize and explain your actions. So I decided that whether or not I would actually face you, I would at least hear you out. And after that deep, sympathetic apology that I would accept it... although I had to give you a taste of the pain you made me feel. So, Shadow, HOW DOES IT FEEL??

Matt drops the mic, laughing. I Love Me hits the arena as Matt grabs up his title, meeting Jack Wheeler at the entrance ramp. The two men shake hands, heading backstage. But before they can Tamika halts both men with her voice as EMT's rush the ring as Shadow grabs the air, trying to figure out what the hell happened.

TNS: Matt, I'm glad you accepted his apology. What I saw in the ring however, was uncalled for. So next week Matt, you get Pohatu and a partner of his choice in a handicap match!

The fans erupt into a frenzy.

TNS: Figure I would give Pohatu the chance to work you down a bit before taking you on at Maintoba Mayhem. That's right everyone, at Manitoba Mayhem there will be a Grizzly Beer and TV title unification match between you Matt Stone, and Pohatu!

Jester Jay: Thats insane! Whats with Strader and handicap matches?

Tear Gutter: Maybe she thinks its a fitting punishment for Stone's actions. Plus what a great match up to represent our brand on Pay Per View!

Jester Jay:Still a bunch crap. But on to the next match...

Aeolus Wrath vs The O'Connors

Handicap Tag Team

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following match is a handicap match scheduled for one fall…
The guitar riff hits the PWA sound system, cranked to its highest level; the song(Blood and Whiskey) plays for 15 seconds, after a small drum roll, Seamus and Sean O'Connor come from behind the curtain.

~Urban legend and American folklore,
~Tells of a man who was one of a kind
~A sure gent with a flair for fashion, prone to violence at any time
~A legendary hooligan with a thirst for blood and a taste for booze
~This brave and daring brutal soul, he lived and fought by his own rules

Immediately after Seamus and Sean walk through the curtain a green shamrock light show flows over the crowd the light display goes from one side of the arena to the other. Seamus stands at the ramp looking out on the crowd, a tornado like grin playing at the corners of his mouth.

~Shake the hand that shook the world

~Shoe-shine boy to champion, he'd fought and beaten many foes
~His calling card was a kick to the groin, and a broken bottle to the bridge of the nose
~He aimed to kill when he took to the ring, this Boston strong boy loved to fight
~On more than one occasion, a bout was stopped to save an opponent’s life

Seamus and Sean begin to walk down to the ring, which has a giant 4 leaf clover in the middle of it. As They are walking down fans are snapping pictures, women and children are screaming at them and the men in the crowd are cheering them on. Seamus and Sean reach the ring quickly, upon reaching the ring, they slide in under the bottom rope to stand in the middle of the 4 leaf clover.

~Shake the hand that shook the world
~For Blood and Whiskey with a bare knuckled fist

When the last word("fist") is sung, the song is cut off and Seamus raises his hand to a loud cheer and even louder pyros from the ring post. The colors of the ring post pyros are an alternating green, white, and gold. They shoot up into the air much like a gun being fired to disperse into the crowd. Seamus and Sean lower their fists.

Tamara Christopher Onassi: "Weighing in at a combined weight a total of 370 pounds... They hail from Boston Massachusetts… they are... Seamus and Sean... O'Connnnnerrrrr!!!" And their opponent, hailing from Somerset Bermuda….

The opening riffs of "Code Of Energy" by Papa Roach blare over the PA system, a single spotlight seen at the top of the ramp. It continues and from the back emerges Aeolus Wrath in his black and purple windbreaker hood and matching windbreaker pants, his hands and wrists taped up for combat. He walks solemnly down the ramp to the ring, stopping once to look side to side at the crowd, as they boo him, a sly grin forming on his face. He climbs onto the apron of the ring and scales a turnbuckle, tossing back his hood to reveal his jet black hair almost combed down over his eyes. He bumps his fists together and does a moonsault. When he lands, white pyros scream and explode from all four posts in the ring. His music dies down, as he removes his windbreaker and kicks it to the side, throwing some shadow punches and kicks in his corner.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: AEOLUS WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tear Gutter: This should be interesting. Looks like the twins are doing this tag team style. Sean is first in the ring with Aeolus Wrath.

Jester Jay: Come on Aeolus Wrath.

Sean mutters at Aeolus Wrath as he has fire in his eyes. The two lock up, and Aeolus Wrath takes control, and smacks Sean hard. Sean grumbles, and strikes Aeolus Wrath with a hard right hand. Aeolus Wrath returns the favor to Kaleb. Sean gets enraged, and tackles Aeolus Wrath to the ground, he begins wailing on him with left and rights. Sean stands up, and tags in Seamus.

Tear Gutter: Sean tagging into Seamus now.

Seamus goes to grab Aeolus Wrath, but Kelser lowblows Seamus, and fortunately for him, the referee doesn't see it. Seamus buckles in pain, and gets his legs kicked out from underneath him. Sean jumps in the ring, and clothesline Aeolus Wrath. Seamus and Sean throw the rules to the wind, and begin to double team the fallen Kelser. Sean holds Aeolus Wrath in a full nelson, while Seamus does a mixture of punches to Aeolus Wrath's abdomen.

Jester Jay: Damn those twins! Come on Wrath!

Tear Gutter: Seamus is smart, he wants to wear down Aeolus .

[ Aeolus Wrath gets a surge of power, and flips Sean over his back onto Seamus. He grabs Sean by his long hair and pulls him up. He rears back and gives Sean a closed right hand. The referee tries to get him to his corner as Aeolus Wrath comes out of nowhere with a roundhouse kick to Sean knocking him out cold.

Jester Jay: Wrath is the man.

Tear Gutter: I’m sure that’s only your opinion.

He rolls him out of the ring, and locks eyes with Seamus. Seamus goes to jab Aeolus, but Wrath dodges it and hits a three buzzsaw kicks to his lower body and finishes with an elbow smash to the face of the O’Connor brother. He takes a dazed Seamus and quickly executes -----

Tear Gutter: SON OF SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jester Jay: Wow… you really need to settle the f*&^ down man.

Aeolus drops, and makes the cover. Dwayne Cross drops and makes the count.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And your winner by pinfall, AEOLUS WRATH!!!!!!!!!

The Wrath of Chaos

Jester Jay: Wow this was something else I tell ya, Aeolus is a little bit crazy if you ask me.

Tear Gutter: And there you have it folks, Aeolus Wrath has just-

But before Tear can finish, "Talk" by Coldplay blasts throughout the arena all of a sudden and Aeolus' eyes shoot up towards the entrance ramp where Simon Kalis appears from behind the curtain to the loud chorus of cheers he recieves.

Tear Gutter: Kalis! Kalis is here!!!

Jester Jay: Oh boy, Aeolus was asking for this!

Simon Kalis begins to swagger down to the ringside, smirking at The O'Conners as they walk up past him. Aeolus Wrath stands his ground, preparing for a fight as Kalis jumps up onto the ring and enters through the middle and top ropes. Kalis raises his hands up to show he isn't here for a physical confrontation, and asks for a microphone from Tamara Christopher-Onassi who throws it to him and then quickly gets out of the ring. The two men are staring each other down while the music continues, and the fans begin chanting "CHAOS! CHAOS! CHAOS!" although we can never be truly sure if they mean the show or the Order of Chaos. Yet Kalis now motions for the music to be cut.

Simon Kalis: I always knew you were a tough son of a bitch, from the moment I saw you Aeolus. I respect that, and I respect you for your fighting ability.

Jester Jay: He what?! Respects him?

Tear Gutter: Kalis is up to something I'd wager...

Simon Kalis: I understand you are much more of a lone wolf than a pack wolf, I understand Aeolus. There is a rich history of this sport in your blood, perhaps you're trying to set yourself apart and above the rest of your family. That's cool man. I'm not out here to ask you to be my friend. I'm not saying we'll be buddies and go grab a beer and a burger after the show. I'm saying I know a star when I see one Aeolus. I'm much older than you and have lived through many wars waged, and I can always spot potential when it comes knocking. I also known in the realms of PWA's Chaos, you and I will do battle one day for supremacy of this show. It is our destiny Aeolus to wage war upon each other in the future, I'm sure you've seen it. And we will certainly see who the top dog is between us eventually, but right now? Right now we are at war Aeolus!

Kalis stops a moment to look around at the crowd, smiling pearly whites for them as he waves to them. Aeolus looks around as well, shaking his head at Kalis and still in a fighting stance to attack at any moment.

Simon Kalis: There is a war going on whether you chose to recognize it or not Aeolus. This is our opportunity...

Kalis approaches him and whispers something to him away from the microphone, a little smirk appears over Aeolus' face.

Tear Gutter: What'd he say!?! He actually made Aeolus smile!!!

Jester Jay: Kalis is a magic man, either that or he is a good manipulator.

Aeolus Wrath's stance changes, and he no longer appears ready to lay Kalis out and both men nod toward each other.

Simon Kalis: You see what I'm saying? You understand that it'll become dangerous for the lone wolf, a soon extinct breed in these times of hardship and tribulation. The Order of Chaos is not The Pantheon. It is not the Apostles. We are not like them, because they are traditional stables. We are an army Aeolus. We are an army here to wage war upon Rampage in defense of this brand itself, this brand of which you and I are certified champions in spirit and skill. I cannot however, be the only General in this war Aeolus...

The crowd errupts into a chorus of cheers, anticipating what could very well be...

Jester Jay: Oh my god is he doing what I think he's doing?!? I thought he was out here to put Aeolus in his place! This doesn't make sense.

Simon Kalis: This is why I am offering you a spot amongst us, amongst The Order. The elite tier of the Chaos brand. I don't care for your fashions into playing yourself off as some tough bad guy. In fact, I despise you Aeolus and that is the honest to God truth. But I'm not here asking you to roll around with Masakazu and I like we're a happy family, we are not. You could never be my family Aeolus, but you can be a General alongside to wage this war for what we both believe in. You don't have to roll with us but what I'm hoping is you'll watch our back... And we'll watch yours. We will truly crack heads down the road, but I say to you Aeolus Wrath. The Code of Energy. Join us... Join The Order of Chaos, and I promise you the power and stardom you seek.

Simon Kalis drops the microphone now and extends his hand, the crowd holding baited breath. They still seem to be booing Aeolus but cheering Kalis, which creates clashing contrasts in the arena. Aeolus Wrath looks around at all the fans in the arena, looking on at them as if they were beneath him whilst Kalis shakes his head and winks at them. Kalis nods and lowers his hand and turns around to leave but Aeolus grabs him by the shoulder so Kalis spins around. Kalis tilts his head curiously as Aeolus extends his hand this time, and they both shake hands, smiling at each other understanding the consequences of this unity.


Jester Jay: I can't believe it.... Kalis is even directing the fans to boo Aeolus still and he's laughing. He's raising Aeolus' arm up, holy shit. This is just nuts, you're actually right.

Tear Gutter: The plot just thickened....

"Code of Energy" by Papa Roach hits as Simon Kalis and Aeolus Wrath head backstage... together? Possibly discussing their war plans, maybe the match Aeolus just had...

Jester Jay: So these guys are going to win the war for us against Rampage, Chamelion & The Pantheon? Jesus Christ we're boned.

Tear Gutter: Oh I wouldn't talk too quick just yet!

The Phoenix vs Joe BoXeR


Tamara Christopher-Onassis: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first… hailing from Oxford Ohio… he is JOE BOXER!

‘The Empire BoXeRs First’ and Joe heads down to the ring slapping hands with fans on the way down.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: And his opponent, hailing from Orlando, FL by way of St. Louis, MO… he is the Global Champion…. THE THE PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!

The Final Countdown by Europe begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

The match begins with the bell.

Jester Jay: I hope BoXer kicks the champs ass!

Tear Gutter: The former Pantheon leader doesn’t do it for ya anymore?!

The two men lock up at the bell, and Joe BoXeR quickly grabs THE PHOENIX by the hair and whips him into a headlock. THE PHOENIX pounds at the midsection of Joe. He finally breaks the hold and shoots him to the ropes. Joe leans in for a shoulder tackle, but Robinson anticipates this and sidesteps, Joe crashing through the ropes to the floor below.

He spins around to go after Joe, but didn’t see him jump back into the ring, and Joe charges him and clotheslines him down to the mat. Joe steps in with quick stomps to THE PHOENIX , and the referee pulls Joe back.

Jester Jay: He’s trying to stomp him into a stool sample!

Joe picks up THE PHOENIX and shoots him off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, when THE PHOENIX leaps and leg scissors his arm. THE PHOENIX wraps his body to the backside of Joe’s shoulders and wraps his arms around Joe’s other arm, and then falls backwards into a Crucifixion pin! The referee in position…




Tear Gutter: Wow, the THE PHOENIX almost got a win!

Jester Jay: That was a great move by THE PHOENIX !

THE PHOENIX leaps to his feet, as Joe charges him. THE PHOENIX once again sidesteps him and takes him down with a drop toe hold, instantly leaping on top of Joe’s back pounding the back of his head. Joe gets to his feet as THE PHOENIX is sitting on his shoulders. THE PHOENIX lifts him back up and drops him into a sitting powerbomb, hooking Joe shoulders with his feet…




Jester Jay: Look at The Pheonix acting like a little crybaby, yelling at the poor little ref. I think he should kick him in the balls.

Tear Gutter: How could you say that, Jester Jay?

Jester Jay: Easy, first I use my vocal chords, and then my mouth…you should know about using your m—


Joe BoXeR lifts THE PHOENIX off the mat and pounds on his back, THE PHOENIX going back to one knee. Joe then shows off to the crowd, and they cheer him. He leaps to the second rope. He comes down with a double axe handle, but THE PHOENIX stands up and catches him by the throat! He goes to lift Joe, but changes his mind hits a DDT with Joe’s face implanting on the mat!

Tear Gutter: Um…wow. That move really was impressive.

THE PHOENIX slowly gets to his feet, as Joe rolls over to get up. As he gets to all fours, THE PHOENIX drops an elbow into the small of his back, taking him back down. THE PHOENIX quickly leaps to the second rope and lands a double stomp into his lower back, keeping Joe down on the ground. He lifts Joe to his feet and clotheslines him over the top rope, both men toppling to the floor. THE PHOENIX slowly climbs the top rope. He waits for Joe to get up, and leaps to the outside with a spinning corkscrew, connecting with Joe, both men sprawling to the floor and laying there.

Jester Jay: Holy poop, they’re dead!

Tear Gutter: No they’re not, THE PHOENIX is trying to get to his feet!

Jester Jay: Oh, crap.

THE PHOENIX slowly gets to his feet and picks up Joe by his long hair. He whips him back into the ring. Robinson follows him in, and pulls him up again. He hits the lunch bell. As soon as Joe hits the mat from the inziguiri kick, THE PHOENIX jumps up to the top rope and hits The Ashes. He hooks BoXeR’s legs.




Tamara Christopher-Onassis : And your winner by pinfall.... THE PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jester Jay: BOOOOOO!

Tear Gutter: Fickle prick…

Simon Kalis and Masakazu are walking down the hall backstage together now, looking at each other with proud grins at the carnage they've laid out over the course of the night.

Jester Jay: Boy these two have been all over the place. First Adrian Adidas... Then Aeolus Wrath...

Tear Gutter: Don't forget Jack Wheeler!

Jester Jay: Ugh... How could I? Despicable, and people actually cheer them on Chaos.

Tear Gutter: That's what he gets for calling Ms. Strader a bitch last week!

Jester Jay: Oh wait a minute... Hahaha... Do you see where they are?

Simon Kalis and Masakazu now stop in front of the office of Ms. Tamika Nash Strader. Kalis knocks the door politely, awaiting an answer as a secretary answers the door for them. Considering what happened earlier in the night, the secretaries eyes widen as she turns around nervously and simply walks away from the door. We cannot hear the inaudible exchange she has with Ms. Strader but the two get waved in. They're both smiles as they nod upon greeting TNS.

TNS: Pleasure to meet you formally, gentlemen. Please, do have a seat.

Simon Kalis and Masakazu both nod and shake her hand as well as take their seats opposite her.

Jester Jay: Well they haven't assaulted her yet...

Tear Gutter: Uhm I don't think they will.

Simon Kalis: We appreciate you seeing us on such short notice.

Masakazu: It truly is an honor to meet the daughter of Scott Nash Strader.

Masakazu also seems to be checking out Tamika given the closeness in their ages, yet we can see Simon Kalis looks upon her with the utmost respect and regard, and he even kicks Masakazu out of sight to get him to focus.

Simon Kalis: There is a reason we have come to see you before the match, mam.

TNS: Oh please I'm not old, don't call me mam.

Masakazu: Well you would be the most beautiful mam in the world, Ms. Strader.

Tamika laughs at the obvious play by the younger Kalis, and Simon just smiles and nods trying to ignore the comment.

TNS: I know all about you two. Been training together on your private property in Osaka, Japan for nearly four years. You, Mr. Kalis, were a great Champion wherever you went. Isn't that so? And you Masakazu, you're still quite young. I'm surprised you were able to compete at the age of fourteen in a professional wrestling ring.

They both nod, anxious it seems with this meeting.

Simon Kalis: He could always hold his own.

Masakazu: And I'm old enough now for the PWA.

TNS: That's true... And so it seems gentlemen, you've declared yourselves the leaders of this war? The Order of Chaos has a nice ring to it I must say. And I've also noticed you both call me Queen... Quite flattering, but really now.

Simon Kalis: I tend to get carried away with my metaphors Ms. Strader. What I mean is we're here to defend not only Chaos as a brand, but you as her sole boss and General Manager.

TNS: Excuse me? I mean I did see what Masakazu did to Mr. Wheeler earlier but, that doesn't mean he's simply going to quit.

Masakazu: No, of course not but...

Simon Kalis: But what we're saying is, we do not believe this Co-GM thing will last Ms. Strader. And we know who we'd rather see running the show is you, thus.

Both men rise to their feet, and Tamika Nash Strader stands up as well giving them a peculiar look. Kalis salutes, Masakazu salutes. Both men salute her.

Simon Kalis: We pledge our allegiance to you, Ms. Strader. Consider us your personal guard, from Wheeler, from Chamelion and all the dark influences who seek to undermine you and your power over this brand. The Order of Chaos is yours to command should any problems arise, we will come.

Masakazu: We will defend the honor of Chaos. We will defend the integrity of Chaos.

Simon Kalis: And most importantly, we will win this war.

TNS smiles proudly at the two men, nodding her head in confidence.

TNS: Alright then. You know what you need to do tonight, don't you?

They both nod.

Simon Kalis: We're fully aware.

Masakazu: We're ready.

TNS: Then go for it. You've got my blessing.

Simon Kalis & Masakazu: All Hail The Order of Chaos!

Tamika Nash Strader smiles and nods as they both exit her office and start heading to the ring...

Nature vs Order of Chaos

Main Event Tag Team

Jester Jay: Are you ready for this Tear? It seems Jason Sharownski will be officiating the next match...

Tear Gutter: Yep. This is the main event people have been talking about all week. Nature! The Sunshine Warrior Adrian Adidas has been on fire lately, recently defeating our PWA Intercontinental Champion although by some not so clean manners...

Jester Jay: Just the way I like it. Not to mention, Pohatu is the PWA Television Champion! This is a team with a proven track record Tear.

Tear Gutter: But you cannot deny the skill and determination of their opponents, The Order of Chaos. The self proclaimed knights of our great show. All for the right to face the PWA Tag Team Champions at Manitoba Mayhem!

Jester Jay: Please. Kalis beat Scottie Snow last week, big whoop. And his son? An 18 year old kid from Japan? We don't even know what he's capable of.

Tear Gutter: Precisely.

Jester Jay: Oh here we go...

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: The following match will be to determine the Chaos Number One contenders for the Pioneer Wrestling Association's Tag Team Championships at Manitoba Mayhem. Introducing at a combined weight of 442 pounds. The Sunshine Warrior Adrian Adidas and your PWA Television Champion Pohatu.... NATUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the sound of symbals being thoroughly pounded echoed through the arena, the lights around the arena flashed between shades of yellow and green, with the crowd instantly popping up to their feet as the banner of Nature appeared on the big screen.


Pohatu and Adrian Adidas ran out onto the stage as the song slowed down a bit, playing up the crowd as the audience started to cheer on the charismatic tag team. Grinning, the two turned to each other, exchanging a double high five. As the song sped up again, the two sprinted down the ramp.


They reached the ring at the same time, Adrian sliding in underneath the bottom rope as Pohatu actually took a leap and did a somersault as he dove in over the bottom rope. Popping up to their feet at the same time anyway, the Electric Enigma ran to the furthest set of ropes and threw his arms out to either side as the Sunshine Warrior went to the nearest turnbuckle, raising a single arm high up into the air.
Jester Jay: So the obvious favorites are already in here, of course those foreigners are taking their damn time.

Tear Gutter: Excuse me?

Jester Jay: A black American-Canadian with a Japanese son, give me a break.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Introducing now....

"Last Ones Left(Order of Chaos Remix)" by 2Pac and The Outlawz starts to blare over the speakers.


The screen blacks out before skull and bones appear over it, above and below them the words being carved in blood...


The music continues to blare, as the fans jump to their feet in a chorus of cheers. Pohatu and The Sunshine Warrior look on with confidence from the ring as...

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: With a combined weight of 370 pounds...

...The Army of Honor...

The music has picked up and so have the fans, as Masakazu first steps out.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Masakazu... and...

...Simon Kalis...

The strobe lights scan the fired up crowd, until all spotlights hit Masakazu and...

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Simon Kalis.... THE ORDER OF CHAOSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Simon Kalis steps out, bandana tied in the front over his forehead and one covering his face. He holds up two pistols, dancing and vibing to the theme music as he makes his way down to the ring, moving his head back and forth cussing inaudibly and with excessive attitude as he hands the guns to two different fans before Masakazu and he both arrive at the ring, staring up at Nature. Inside, Pohatu and Adidas start to back up, putting their fists up and ready to go. Kalis removes the bandana from his face and both of them slide into the ring and immedietely head to the corners to play to the crowd. Kalis throws his bandana into the crowd, throwing up the westside hand sign as he does so while Masakazu raises his arms up and tilts his head back, slightly bobbing his head to the heavy rap music they're using as their theme song this week. They both jump down and now stare across the ring at their respected opponents. Kalis looks towards Tamara, winking as he reaches out for her to hand him the microphone. The crowd quiets down as Kalis now focuses on the two opponents in front of him.

Simon Kalis: Let me say this... Pohatu, Adrian... Nature...

Kalis nods to them respectively as he says their names, whilst Masakazu stands facing the turnbuckle with his hands touching together and fingers pointing up, his eyes closed in deep prayer.

Simon Kalis: We believe the best team will win tonight. Now we personally believe that shall be us, of course... But... In the event Nature is victorious, it will be my duty as General to support you in all ways that I honorably can. And so I wish you both the best of luck, and a promise we shall fight you here tonight with the honor and respect two bands of warriors deserve. I apologize about earlier Adrian, but I needed to give you a wake up call to make a decision. Because I would expect you to switch sides if you do win.

Masakazu turns around and extends his hand as does Simon Kalis, and all the men exchange hand shakes.

Simon Kalis: Then may the best team win.

Simon Kalis drops the microphone and gets into a fighting posture as does Masakazu. Pohatu and Adrian Adidas follow suit as all four men remain in the ring, trading glares.

Jester Jay: Oh boy... You ready?!

Tear Gutter: This is gonna be-


As the bell sounds a brawl breaks out immedietely inside the ring as all four men begin to exchange blows with each other. Lefts and rights between Kalis and Pohatu, lefts and rights between Masakazu and Adrian Adidas until the referee manages to get Masakazu and Adidas to get into their respective corners. Now, Kalis and Pohatu circle each other inside the ring. Kalis stomps his feet and smirks at Pohatu, while Pohatu raises his hand telling him to come forth. They both jump in towards each other and lock horns, struggling to gain an advantadge over one another until Kalis uses his quick feet to trip Pohatu backwards. But Pohatu's grip is strong and he takes Kalis with him, using his knees to swing him up and over and into the corner with Adrian who raises his knee as Kalis comes flying towards him, knocking him back down and away. Masakazu looks on helplessly as Kalis clutches his face in agony, Pohatu taking no chances and heading towards him to pick him up. Pohatu whips him into the ropes, but as Kalis heads back to him he throws himself back and leaps forward with both feet knocking Pohatu in the face.

Jester Jay: Oh yeah, right in the face!

Tear Gutter: Are you actually rooting for someone?

Jester Jay: No I'd be glad if both of these teams destroyed each other right here actually. Violence is good for ratings!

Kalis is now up and he takes Pohatu quickly now and locks him into a chicken hold submission. Pohatu writhes in pain as Kalis pushes back with his weight, the referee Jason Sharownski checks on Pohatu to see if he's going to tap out but Pohatu is a strong willed fighter, shaking his head as best he can refusing to quit. The fans cheer on both men, as Pohatu uses his free elbow to give one into Kalis' gut forcing him to let go of the hold. Pohatu rolls away from Kalis and tags in the fresher man, Adrian Adidas. Adidas wastes no time and heads straight for Kalis, picking him up quickly and suddenly...


Kalis looks completely dazed now, as Adrian Adidas goes for the pin with the entire crowd on its feet electrified with anticipation!




Suddenly Masakazu leaps over the top rope and does a leg drop as he drops on top of Adidas to break up the count. Jason Sharownski pushes Masakazu back into his corner, while Kalis remains motionless on the ring. Adrian Adidas shakes off the leg drop and throws his glimpse back up towards Kalis. He runs towards him now but Kalis raises his feet up sending Adidas back clutching his ribs. Kalis flips onto his feet and delivers a sickening forward thrust kick into Adidas' face stunning him on his feet. Kalis jumps up on the taller man, grabbing him by the head as he spins him around before dropping him to the mat with a DDT.

Jester Jay: Whoa! Masakazu just saved the match from a quick ending right there!

Tear Gutter: Kalis looks really out of it tonight.

Kalis stumbles over and tags in Masakazu now while Adidas is recovering. Masakazu jumps up onto the top rope and waits for Adidas to get up. As he does Pohatu is trying to warn him by pointing behind him, but as Adidas turns around he is met with Masakazu's crotch in his face as Masakazu delivers a sudden hurricanrana to The Sunshine Warrior. Masakazu isn't done now as watches Adidas slowly get up, Masakazu now runs towards the ropes, jumping off of the top rope and spinning back, landing two reverse thrust kicks in a row to Adidas sending him falling backwards towards Pohatu who tags himself in. He gets in quickly now and he and Masakazu lock horns this time. They struggle to lift each other up, a battle of wills until Pohatu gets Masakazu up high before snapping back with a thundering suplex onto the mat. Pohatu gets himself up quickly, and lifts Masakazu up with him. Yet Masakazu grabs ahold of Pohatu's sides and while using Pohatu as a standing foundation he flips his whole body forward, with his feet coming up from behind and as his body bends he lands two strong kicks straight to Pohatu's face. The crowd errupts into cheers!

Tear Gutter: Whoa! Whoa! Did you see how he bent his body like that!?!?!

Jester Jay: Yeah... That was uhm, kind of disgusting if you ask me.

Tear Gutter: Kinda sexy actually.

Jester Jay: ....

Masakazu lands flat on his face though, and Pohatu falls to his knees shaking his head. Masakazu spins himself around and throws himself toward Kalis and tags him in. Kalis jumps over the top rope and immedietely drop kicks Pohatu down to the mat. They




Pohatu kicks out and throws Kalis off of him. Kalis stands back, tilting his head either which way and stomping his feet once more until Pohatu gets up.

Tear Gutter: Both men now stare each other down hard, catching their breath. This match is very intense thus far.

Jester Jay: And the Order of Chaos looks like a The Order of Whimps right now! Ha ha!

Suddenly Kalis leaps forward with a flying kick, nailing Pohatu in the chest who is caught off guard by the sudden movement. Kalis falls onto his ass because of it but Pohatu does not, giving Pohatu a chance to grab Kalis by the legs and lock him into a sharpshooter. Kalis bangs his head on the mat in pain as Pohatu applies as much pressure as he possibly can. The ref leans down to watch if Kalis will tap out, but Kalis tries moving himself and Pohatu towards the corner where Masakazu is leaning over the ropes waiting to be tagged back in. But Pohatu lets go but quickly lifts Kalis up before taking him back toward him and hitting him with The Radio Tower! The crowd goes nuts as Masakazu grabs his hair in distress, Pohatu goes for the pin!




Kalis puts his foot up onto the ropes breaking the count and Pohatu cannot believe it, and begins to argue with the referee.

Tear Gutter: I wonder how much of this he can take Jay.

Jester Jay: I guess this is why he eats all that poutine.

While Pohatu is still arguing with the referee Kalis uses the ropes to help himself get back to his feet, but instead of tagging in Masakazu he connects with a standing dropkick to the back of Pohatu's head. Kalis is up again now and lifts up Pohatu before dropping him down with a thunderous sitdown powerbomb. But Kalis doesn't choose to remain in the pin position and he gets up, waiting for Pohatu to get up himself. As Pohatu gets up Kalis connects with Remembrance! The whole crowd goes nuts as Pohatu hits the mat from the strike to the back of his head. Kalis collapses down to the mat with him, and slowly moves to make the pin before finally draping his arm over Pohatu.




Pohatu kicks out, but remains dazed from Remembrance. Kalis leans himself back up into the corner turnbuckle, and pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lights one up in the middle of the match.

Tear Gutter: These guys are busting out all the big guns tonight against each other!

Jester Jay: Yeah but look at Kalis now, he's taking a smoke break and the crowd is eating it up. They think it's funny.

Kalis seems out of it as does Pohatu, but Kalis walks over and helps Pohatu back up to his feet. Pohatu looks at him strangely, and Kalis raises the cigarette inaudibly saying something to Pohatu. Pohatu laughs and backs up heading toward Adrian. At the same time they tag in Masakazu and Adrian Adidas respectively, and both men head into the ring to meet. Adidas lands DDT right off the bat, but both men are back on their feet quickly. Masakazu and Adidas lock horns but this is the perfect position for a muay thai kickboxer like Masakazu, who begins thrusting his knees quickly into Adidas' ribs, rotating between left and right. Masakazu doesn't let go of his grip but Adidas hits a snap suplex, but holds on to hit a second one in a row. Adrian Adidas now bounces off the ropes and lands a heavy drop kick to Masakazu. The crowd begins to boo suddenly though, as Jack Wheeler comes out from backstage with a steel chair in his hand.

Tear Gutter: Uh oh, he doesn't look too happy right now.

Jester Jay: Pssht, and you thought he'd interfere?

Tear Gutter: Still, why is he out here aside for vengeaful purposes? Kalis is gonna ash on his face!

Wheeler sets up the chair atop the ramp and sits down to observe the match more closely and Kalis looks back at him curiously. Masakazu gets to his feet and lands a thunderous super kick to Adrian Adidas nearly ripping his mask off, but Adidas adjusts it. Masakazu uses this time to go to the top rope and he begins walking gingerly across the top rope circling Adrian Adidas. Masakazu goes for another hurricanrana but Adrian Adidas converts it into a powerbomb and goes for the cover.




Masakazu breaks out of it, favoring his back. The young man gets to one knee and Adidas awaits for him to get to his face but as he does Masakazu connects with an elbow uppercut, knocking Adidas back. Masakazu musters all the strength he has and holds Adidas in position and bangs him down with a powerful piledriver. Masakazu heads to the corner and tags in Kalis. Kalis waits for Adidas to get to his feet while finishing his cigarette before landing one thrust kick. While still standing on one foot, he quickly snaps with that one into Adidas again for a second thrust kick, and then another until Adidas falls to his knees. Kalis now throws himself back and uses both his feet to bounce off of Adidas' chest as Pohatu looks on in despair at what is occurring. As Kalis lands on his hands he jumps back forward to deliver a thunderous round of kicks to Adidas' face, laying him out and rendered motionless. Kalis stands up now and looks down at Adidas, but turns his attention towards Wheeler. He throws the middle finger up and then drops down, lifting up Adidas' leg for the pin, but the referee is still staring at Wheeler who is yelling at him from atop the ramp for another few moments. Kalis screams at him to pay attention and Jason Sharownski quickly drops down to do the count.





Tear Gutter: Are you kidding me!?!? I counted to TEN with Kalis over Adidas!!! Wheeler is laughing right now because he knows he just may have cost the Order of Chaos the match! Kalis is LIVID! He has the referee by the shirt right now and is cussing him out hard!

Jester Jay: And Ref Sharownski is telling Kalis if he doesn't let go he'll get his team disqualified from the match.

Kalis lets go and backs away, nodding his head. Adidas makes it to Pohatu and tags him in. Kalis slaps Masakazu's hand and tags him in, but slides out of the bottom of the ring and heads up the ramp toward Jack Wheeler. Masakazu and Pohatu look on as Kalis runs towards Wheeler now, clotheselining him to the steel ramp off of his chair. Pohatu uses this opportunity to do spear Masakazu from behind into the turnbuckle while Kalis remains talking trash to the knocked out Jack Wheeler. Pohatu now falls to the mat with Masakazu and locks on with the De-Feater Ankle Lock. Masakazu's eyes widen and his veins bulge as he writhes in pain screaming for his father to return to the ring. Kalis looks back now and begins running towards the ring but the referee who is checking on Masakazu jumps up to his feet to begin another arguement with Simon Kalis. Yet Masakazu begins tapping out but Kalis starts to hug the referee, fake crying to apologize for his actions but basically keeping him from seeing Masakazu tap out.

Jester Jay: So much for honor Simon! Ha ha ha! Still got those felonious tricks up his sleeves he does!

Tear Gutter: And now Nature has been screwed out of victory!! This is nuts!

Pohatu lets go and grabs the referee away from Kalis and the two begin to exchange words in each others faces. Masakazu is slowly recovering as Adrian Adidas enters the ring now to confront Simon Kalis with Pohatu. The referee gets shoved aside as Pohatu and Adrian Adidas both begin throwing fists at Kalis who reels back with each one, Masakazu still down and out on the mat. They set him up now and-


Adrian Adidas quickly returns to his corner as Pohatu drops down to cover Simon Kalis! Yet the referee is refusing to drop down and do the count, pointing out that Masakazu is the legal fighter in the ring right now as Kalis was never tagged back in. Pohatu gets up and turns around just as Masakazu gets to his feet, while Simon Kalis rolls out of the ring. Masakazu kicks Pohatu in the gut and then grabs his arms, reversing him and lifting him up to drop him with an invertaebreaker onto the mat! The MasaDriver! Masakazu is still weak in his ankle and hurt himself lifting both his and Pohatu's weight, and right now Adrian Adidas is the only healthy fighter in the match. Adidas yells at Pohatu to get up as Kalis climbs his way back into his corner. Masakazu tags in his father now who gets into the ring and goes right for the top rope, diving off with a crashing frog splash onto Pohatu. Jason Sharowski goes down for the count.





Tear Gutter: Whoa! This is INTENSE!

Jester Jay: This is CHAOS baby!

Pohatu grabs the ropes with the last bit of strength he has forcing the count to end, and Kalis rolls over onto his back in disbelief. Yet Kalis doesn't relent as he pulls Pohatu to the middle of the ring then he locks in a painful figure four leg lock onto Pohatu who winces in pain, looking over at Kalis with anger as Kalis laughs, rocking himself back and forth to release and then reapply pressure over and over again on Pohatu. Jason Sharowski is asking if Pohatu would like to give up but Pohatu shakes his head vigorously to say he'll keep going. Suddenly Kalis releases the hold, and rolls himself away from Pohatu. He takes a moment to catch his breath before getting up as Pohatu climbs himself up using the ropes. At that moment both men run toward each there and both go for a drop kick, each connecting to the other at the right moment into their guts and falling back down to the mat in agony. The fans are on their feet cheering them on right now as the referee begins the ten count. Both Masakazu and Adrian Adidas are begging to get into the ring. Pohatu is the first to get up but he's still a bit wobbly, and then Kalis gets up. Both men look at each and laugh, Kalis even extending his hand and smiling. Pohatu shakes Kalis' hand, but then both men throw solid lefts at each other knocking each other back down and out.

Tear Gutter: This is Chaos everyone! The premier show on PWA! And this match is why! I just can't believe they shook hands, and then BOTH knocked each other out!

Jester Jay: For once I agree with you, hah! Fools! But wait, look! Jack Wheeler is up off his chair and he doesn't look happy AT ALL Tear!

The referee has his back turned to the ramp as Jack Wheeler begins coming down with his steel chair in hand. The referee has begun a 10 count on both Pohatu and Kalis and doesn't see as Wheeler smashes the chair into Masakazu's weak ankle, causing him to wince in pain and fall onto the floor outside. Jack Wheeler continues to savagely attack the weaker ankle of Masakazu, before bashing the chair in several times into his face as the referee reaches count 3. Both Kalis and Pohatu begin to get to their feet, Adrian Adidas jumps down and walks over to the other side to confront Jack Wheeler in the mean time. Kalis and Pohatu slowly get to their feet now, still trying to catch their breath as Wheeler flattens Adrian Adidas with the steel chair this time. Now both Adrian Adidas and Masakazu lay motionless on the outside of the ring, the referee finally noticing Wheeler with the damaged chair in hand and the two motionless wrestlers on the outside. Pohatu instinctively goes to tag in Adidas but slaps rope and hits the mat as Kalis stumbles around looking for Masakazu. He can't find him and as he turns around Pohatu jumps up onto the rope and bounces off delivering a powerful clothesline taking Kalis down to the mat.

Tear Gutter: I can't believe this is happening!!! Masakazu must be finished! I don't even see Adrian's eyes open! Those two are knocked out cold right now!

Jester Jay: And Kalis better pay attention!

Simon Kalis can't even turn around as Pohatu hits him with a belly to back suplex, crashing his neck hard. Pohatu now sees Adrian on the outside and goes to check on him. While Jason Sharowski is paying attention to Masakazu, Adidas and Pohatu on the outside, Jack Wheeler enters the ring and begins smashing the chair over Kalis' face repeatedley until he's bleeding everywhere much to the dismay of the fans. They boo loudly as Wheeler now gets back outside the ring and chucks the chair aside, smiling at the carnage he has done. He makes a move towards the backstage area as Pohatu helps Adrian up and then returns into the ring as EMT's come down to the ring for Masakazu. As Pohatu gets into the ring he sees Kalis laying flattened and bleeding everywhere, and looks around for Wheeler. Pohatu circles Kalis before heading to the top rope himself. He raises his arms before flying down with a Shooting Star Press.

Jester Jay: This is over!


Tear Gutter: Oh my God!



Simon Kalis kicks out to the cheers of the crowd and Pohatu can't help but smile, knowing it isn't over. Pohatu lifts Kalis up who now appears to be completely out of it.Adrian Adidas is now back in his corner as Masakazu is being helped up onto a stretcher, unable to walk at this point but he refuses to go and holds onto the ropes now to keep him standing. Pohatu lands an enziguri now and Kalis hits the mat motionless. Pohatu helps him up and leaves him there as he heads to the ropes and ends up doing The Final Kill. Masakazu struggles to hang onto the ropes from his corner, as Pohatu drops down for the pin. Yet Masakazu has the referee distracted with his moaning from the pain his ankle in, and Pohatu can't believe this is happening. He gets up and as he moves toward Masakazu the referee Jason Sharowski moves aside, only for Masakazu to grab Pohatu and bring him down with his neck over the ropes, snapping him back and down onto the mat as Kalis starts to come to. Masakazu falls back to the outside, and Kalis gets himself up but he's still quite dazed. Kalis ducks a jab from Pohatu and connects with a kick to his gut, before he drops Pohatu down with a spear into the corner turnbuckle where The Sunshine Warrior is. Kalis falls back down, and Pohatu tags in Adrian Adidas and Kalis gets to his feet, wiping the blood off of his face. Kalis runs over past Adrian Adidas and delivers Remembrance one more time to Pohatu sending him flying to the outside. Adrian goes to check on Pohatu but gets his face smashed into the turnbuckle by Kalis who then moves quickly to grab him up, locking his arms together with his before hanging him by the neck over the top rope while Wheeler begins to turn around and come back toward the ring.

Tear Gutter: Eternal Endurance!!! Eternal Endurance!!!

Jester Jay: Yeah obviously Adrian doesn't realize he's surrounded by ropes! Move your leg fool!

Tear Gutter: He's being choked out, you can't think in that position!

Wheeler makes it back to ringside and lays another heavy boot into the fallen Masakazu before he enters the ring.He pushes referee Jason Sharowski down to the mat, keeping him knocked out momentarily. Jack Wheeler reaches into his pocket and puts on a pair of brass knuckles. Kalis lets go of Adidas and walks over to Wheeler and they start a verbal arguement in the middle of the ring. Adrian Adidas saunters over just as Wheeler attempts to knock Kalis out. Kalis ducks and Adrian Adidas is hit in the face by Jack Wheeler with the brass knuckles, sending him down and out to the mat. The referee is coming to so Wheeler throws another fist and this time connects with Kalis, and now Wheeler slides out of the ring quickly to avoid detection. However Kalis falls over right on top of Adrian Adidas, and as the referee Jason Sharowski looks over he begins the three count.





Jack Wheeler's jaw drops on the outside, and he's livid now as "Last Ones Left" begins to blare over the sound systems in the arena. Pohatu is up now and looks around in disbelief as Adrian Adidas gets up now himself, shaking everything off. Masakazu crawls into the ring and toward his father Simon Kalis who's now only starting to come to himself. Kalis gets up and holds his sons' arm up, staring at Nature in disbelief himself, the blood still tricking down all over his face and chest.

Tamara Christopher-Onassi: Your winners... And Chaos' number one contenders for the PWA Tag Team titles at Manitoba Mayhem!!!! Masakazu and Simon Kalis.... THE ORDER OF CHAOS!!!!!!!

Tear Gutter: YES!!!!!!!

Jester Jay: Well, as long as heekps pointing guns at people...

Tear Gutter: That's all the time we have folks! For myself and Jester Nutbag, goodnight!