World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


(The camera opens up looking down upon a jam packed crowd all waiting for an over dose of PWA action. They are holding up signs like "The election is a Dusty finish!" and "L7". The pyro then explodes on the ramp as we kick off another red hot edition of Rampage. The fireworks then die and we cut to the announce table where your announcers are as usual, Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel.)

Jon McDaniel: Welcome everyone to this sold out PWA event and if you were not able to get a ticket lets hope you are watching us at home for what should be a night to remember as tonight we will crown a new World champion as The Spider takes on Project-X of whom we have not heard of in a while, I wonder why.

Brian Rentfro: If he wants to keep to himself I say leave him alone but I have been hearing a lot of rumours about him lately. Like one where he is suffering from multiple personality syndrome, I am not sure if there is any truth in that or not.

Jon McDaniel: On top of that title match we will also see the TV, Internet, Hardcore and Intercontinental titles be decided as well as see Ironheart and Jay fight it out for an Intercontinental title shot. Without any further delay, let us get you to the action

Tony Uhm vs. Chase Wilson

TV Title Match

Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger, Tony Uhm!!!!

("Tokyo Vigilante #1" by Powerman 5000 plays as red and white spotlights swirl
throughout the arena, and over the rampway, various Japanese symbols of light
swirl on the ground.)

Announcer: And his opponent, he is the PWA TV champion, he is Chase Wilson!!!!!!

(The lights dim as Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls on Parade" blares over the P.A System. Chase walks out calmly.He is wearing his wrestling outfit. Which is loose leather pants with a blue flame going up the right leg of the pants. And then over that he is wearing black leather trench coat.He gets in the ring and takes off his trench coat. And then he goes
and sits on one of the top turnbuckles waiting for his opponent.)

Jon McDaniel: Will we see a new TV champion crowned tonight?

(The bell rings and both men lock up in the middle of the ring. Chase over powers Uhm and sends him into the ropes. Uhm then comes off of the ropes but ducks a clothesline from Chase. Uhm then rebounds off of the ropes and takes Chase off guard with a spinning heel kick.)

Jon McDaniel: The advantage is in Uhm's corner.

(Uhm stomps away at Chase before picking him back up. Uhm then nails Chase with a couple of right hands to the face but Chase blocks a third attempt and nails Uhm with a European upper cut. Uhm stumbles back and Chase takes him down with a clothesline.)

Jon McDaniel: Chase Wilson has gained control in this match.

(Chase picks Uhm up and whips him into the corner. Chase then sits Uhm up on the top rope and climbs up with him. Chase then nails Uhm with a superplex off of the top rope.)

Brian Rentfro: Big superplex by Chase Wilson!

(Wilson then gets up and turns Uhm over and locks him in the Awakening and Uhm soon taps out.)

Announcer: The winner of this match and still PWA TV champion, Chase Wilson!!!!!

(Chase Wilson raises the belt into the air and then leaves as we cut backstage and see a long stretched black limo pull into the parking lot but no one gets out. We then cut back to the announce table.)

Jon McDaniel: Who do you suppose is in that limo Brian?

Brian Rentfro: I don't know, but we may find out tonight.

President Robinson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Pioneer Wrestling Association has just signed a spectacular new deal. Although the talent
exchange with Regal Japan Wrestling failed, we in the PWA Front Office have decided to sign to a similar deal with the new High Intensity Wrestling. This deal will allow for talent to be changed back and forth between companies on the wrestlers' requests. Here to officially sign the deal with me tonight, from HIW, their President, Matt Williams.

The HIW theme music starts playing as purple spotlights circle the arena. Prez Matt steps from behind the curtain and continues down the ramp to a standing ovation. He climbs the steps and goes through the ropes. The two Presidents shake hands and President Robinson hands President Williams a pen and the contract on a clipboard. As Prez Matt starts to sign it the Fab Five Music starts playing. MVP, Cash Money, and Project-X start strolling down the ramp and MVP has a mic in hand. As they walk to a chorus of boos MVP speaks.]

MVP: Well, well, well, now it appears the Fab 5 will have to companies worth of talent-less chumps to take over. The PWA Job-Squad, and
the HIW Wannabes. So you two carry on and make it official that 2 companies are Fab 5 property.

[The Fab 5 circles the ring as the two Presidents roll up their sleeves and take off their jackets. MVP hops up on the apron and Robinson runs at him, but MVP jumps down. At the same time Cash Money slides a chair into the ring and Prez Matt picks it up. As President Robinson turns around he is nailed in the head by the HIW President!]

Prez Matt: You're a true comedion Robbie, you really expected HIW to trade wrestlers with you! The only talent you got in this pathetic little
organization is the Fab 5, which I am the newest member of. So Robinson, just chalk up another enemy, Fab 5's runnin' all over ya ass.

Jon McDaniel: Well it is time to decide who will be the next Hardcore champion.

Metalhead vs. Grendle vs. Chase Wilson vs. Tim Salensky

Metalhead vs. Grendle vs. Chase Wilson vs. Tim Salensky

Announcer: The following match is for the vacant Hardcore championship, introducing first, Metalhead!!!!!

("Gods of Rapture" by Meshuggah.
The song opens with 4 seconds of solid riffing the metal guitar. Then
there's a sudden stop. Smoke starts to flow out of the entrance way as the
bass plays through another 6 seconds of intro. The lights die as the music
stops again. After about half a second the music picks up again with bass and
metal guitars playing, and the red pyros flair, with Metalhead in front of
them, holding up his arms up in the air. The pyros die and Metalhead walks to
the ring as the lights come back on. He slides into the ring and goes to 2
opposite turnbuckles and riles the crowd, then he takes his corner and lets
the match continue. )

Announcer: And the second participant in this match, Grendle!!!!!

[The Titon Tron lights up in flames, as the arena dims somewhat, just enough to give a dark tint to the stage and the ring. The beggining of "High Schoolin" by Outkast f/Slimm Cutta-Calhoun is heard, and the arena begins to pulse red and green. On the ADCTron, pictures of Grendle nailing the "Inane; Not Insanse, DDT" on Fred Durst through a table. At this, he appears in the enterance way, his eyes wide and livid and he raises his hand and bat into the air, drawing red pyros and a large pop from the crowd. Slowly, he walks to the ring, wearing black and red wrestling tights with black and red, sting like makeup. The ADCTron goes on to show images of him nailing "Grendle's Edge" on his various opponets, and winning the Hardcore Championship Belt.)

Announcer: And the third participant in this match, Chase Wilson!!!!

(The lights dim as Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls on Parade" blares over the P.A System. Chase walks out calmly.He is wearing his wrestling outfit. Which is loose leather pants with a blue flame going up the right leg of the pants. And then over that he is wearing black leather trench coat.He gets in the ring and takes off his trench coat. And then he goes
and sits on one of the top turnbuckles waiting for his opponent. )

Announcer: And the fourth and final participant in this match, Tim Salensky!!!!!

(**The lights go out. Green Lasers and lights appear in the entrence area. (A
RAP SONG TO BE NAMED LATER) kicks the speakers as "The Ghost" Tim
Salensky walks out wearing his "Fuck The Police" shirt, jeens, and old sneakers.
He flips off a couple of fans and walks into the ring.**)

Jon McDaniel: Chase Wilson just competed in the match previous, is he in any condition to now compete in a Hardcore match?

(The bell rings and all four men meet with a flurry of punches. Tim Salensky then takes off his "Fuck The Police" shirt off and starts to strangle Grendle with it as Chase takes Metalhead down with a clothesline. Chase then picks Metalhead up and tosses him to the outside and follows.)

Brian Rentfro: They are right out in front of us here!

(Chase then nails Metalhead with a couple of right hands and whips him into the steel steps as a second ref runs out to assist the first ref in keeping control of the action. Chase then grabs a steel chair and swings it at Metalhead but misses and hits the steel steps. Chase then turns around for Metalhead to nail a spin kick and connect with a Van Damdinator on on Chase. Chase Wilson is then busted wide open.)

Jon McDaniel: Chase Wilson is busted!

(Meanwhile inside the ring Tim Salensky is going to town on Grendle. He now has a full trash can full of weapons in the ring and is using them as only he can. He takes a fork out of the trash can and starts to carve away at Grendles face and blood starts to rickle down from the fork cuts. Salensky then drops the bloody fork and pulls a cookie sheet out of the trash can but Grendle gets a hold of the fork and as soon as Salensky turns around Grendle nails him with a fork shot to the balls as the crowd groans at the sight.)

Jon McDaniel: I think everyone in the arena and watching at home felt that one!

(Meanwhile Metalhead and Chase Wilson are brawling through the crowd with the second ref following them. Metalhead beats the bloody Chase Wilson up the steps and reaches into his tights and pulls out a chain, Metalhead then whips Chase across the back a couple of times with the chain.)

Brian Rentfro: That is going to leave some whelps!

(Metalhead then goes to strangle Chase with the chain but Chase nails Metalhead with a low blow and pulls the chain away from him. Chase then wraps the chain around his fist and nails Metalhead with a series of right hands busting him wide open.)

Jon McDaniel: The brawling is getting intense out in the crowd.

(Meanwhile in the ring Grendle has set up the trash can in front of the corner and sits Salensky up on the top rope. Grendle then climbs up with him and gives him a piledriver from the top rope onto the trash can and covers.)
2 3/4

Jon McDaniel: How did Salensky manage to kick out of that!?!?!?!

(Back out in the crowd Chase and Metalhead are brawling like crazy. Chase then swings a right at Metalhead but Metalhead blocks it and locks Chase in a crucifix and nails Chase with the Iron Cross on the concrete.)

Jon McDaniel: Thats it its over!

(Metalhead then covers Chase Wilson.)

Announcer: The winner and new PWA Hardcore champion, Metalhead!!!!!

(Metalhead then heads back to ringside and collects the Hardcore title as we cut backstage and get another shot of the stretched black limo.)

Jon McDaniel: I want to know who is in that limo!

(Suddenly the driver steps out of the limo and takes the long walk to the back of the stretched limo and opens the door. Michael McGovern then steps out of the limo in an expensive Armani suit.)

Jon McDaniel: That is multi-millionare Michael McGovern, former owner of NGW, owner of the Interfederation News magazine and large share holder in the W4F!

Brian Rentfro: I heard he makes millions in revnue of thew Undisputed matches he organises.

Jon McDaniel: The question is why is he here?

(Michael McGovern then walks down the aisle to no music and steps into the ring and requests a microphone.)

McGovern: I suppose you are all wondering why I am here. Well I have taken interest in the PWA as it is the highest rated wrestling show on cable. As most of you know, I am a business man and I am here to buy the PWA at all costs.

I tried to talk to Rob Robinson about this in private but he has ignored my calls so it has resulted in me having to come out on one of his own shows and do this in public.

Mr. Robinson, me and my associates are willing to offer you 60 million for your shares in the PWA which would make me the majority share holder in the PWA thus making me the owner. I know you are hesitant about this as it is a big business decision so I am giving you until Wednesday by the end of Chaos for you to give me your answer. But know this Mr. Robinson, I will not give up until the PWA is mine.

(Michael McGovern then leaves to no music with the offer of 60 million on the table for President Robinson.)

Jon McDaniel: That is huge news, Michael McGovern is looking to buy the PWA for 60 million. Will President Robinson accept?

Brian Rentfro: I am uncertain, it is an unusually high offer which shows how desperate Mr. McGovern is to buy it.

Jon McDaniel: Well I guess we will find out at Chaos, it is time to move on though as the next match is to determine the next PWA World champion.

The Spider vs. Project X

World Title Match

Announcer: The following match is to determine the next PWA World champion, introducing first, "The Spider" Dalton Campbell!!!!!

(The Final Countdown by
"Europe" begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron
lights up with a picture of a giant spider. The picture of the spider
fades out and white pyros flare of the ring. The Spider the comes down
from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.)

Announcer: And his opponent, Project-X!!!!!!

(The lights go out and everybody is
left in the dark .The phantom of the opera starts playing and then suddenly
a blinding white light covers the ramp and Project-X appears wearing all
black and a black mask with a phantom of the opera mask over it.As he walks
down the aisle the light turns white to green and then back again.)

Jon McDaniel: This will be a historic match as it will crown a new PWA World champion!

(The bell rings and the two men lock up. Project-X over powers The Spider and sends him to the ropes. The Spider then ducks a clothesline from Project-X and rebounds off of the ropes to nail Project-X with a cross body. The Spider then picks Project-X up and whips him to the ropes and nails him with a drop kick to the jaw. The SPider then picks Project-X up again and takes him down with a hip toss into an arm bar)

Jon McDaniel: The Spider is dominant early on here.

(Project-X then powers his way out of the arm bar and gets back to his feet where he and The Spider exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Project-X then gets the better of The Spider and sends him reeling into the ropes with a big right hand. Project-X then clotheslines the Spider over the top rope and to the outside and follows.)

Jon McDaniel: They are right out in front of us here!

(The Spider swings a right at Project-X but Project-X blocks it and grabs The Spider by the throat. The Spider trys to resist but Project-X gives him a low blow with his boot which makes him go limp with pain. Project-X then lifts The Spider up high and gives him The Probe through the announce table.)

Brian Rentfro: The table and The Spider are broken in half and my coffee is spilt God damn it!

(Project-X then rolls The Spider into the ring where he picks him up and gives Him another Probe dead centre in the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: That is it, Project-X will soon be the new PWA World champion.

(Project-X then covers the man as the ref counts.)
2 999/1000ths
Shoulder up

Jon McDaniel: My God how did he get his shoulder up!?!?!?!?

(Project-X then holds his head in shock and gets up to shout at the ref for a slow count, meanwhile The Spider slowly recovers and getsto his feet.)

Brian Rentfro: Project-X should keep his eye on the match and not the ref

(The Spider then drop kicks Project-X from behind into the turnbuckle. The Spider then grips Project-X by the waist and gives him a German suplex right on his head.)

Brian Rentfro: Project-X is out cold!

(The Spider then climbs to the top rope and nails the Heroes Victory on Project-X and covers.)
2 3/4
Shoulder up

Jon McDaniel: My God! both men have kicked out of each others finishers!

Brian Rentfro: What will it take to end this match?

(The Spider then quickly gets overthe disbelief of Project-X getting a shoulder up and picks Project-X up and whips him into the ropes. The Spider then boots Project-X in the mid section and DDTs him to the mat. The Spider then quickly flips Project-X over and locks him in The Spiders Grasp.)

Brian Rentfro: Thats it, Project-X will tap out to this!

(The ref keeps asking but Project-X does not give in. Project-X trys to inch towards the ropes but the Spider just applys more pressure and weight to the hold. The Spider then has Project-X in the hold for a full minute and he is on the verge of passing out. The ref then picks up Project-Xs limp arm and drops it once..........twice.............thr......No, Project-X keeps his arm from dropping and gets a rush of andreneline and surges to his feet but is still locked in The Spiders grasp. Project-X then elbows The Spider in the rib cage a couple of times forcing him to break the hold. Project-X is then on a house of fire as he whips The Spider into the ropes and nails him with a big boot. Project-X then picks the Spider up and whips him to the ropes again and grabs him by the throat but the Spider struggles free and retreats to the outside of the ring.)

Jon McDaniel: Why is the Spider resting?

Brian Rentfro: He is not resting, he is being smart and letting Project-Xs andreneline run down.

(The ref begins a 10 count on The Spider. 1.....2.....3......4.......5......6..7.....8.......9.....Spider rolls into the ring to break up the count and back out again. Project-X then gets frustrated with this and goes to the outside after The Spider. The Spider has his back turned and Project-X takes him from behind and whips him into the steel steps. Project-X then takes a few steps back and charges towards The Spider but the Spider moves out of the way and Project-X crashes into the steel steps knocking himself dizzy. The Spider then climbs back into the ring and prevents the ref from making a 10 count.)

Brian Rentfro: Why is The Spider stopping the ref from counting, he can win the title on a count out.

Jon McDaniel: I guess he wants to win it honourably, by pin or submission.

(What The Spider does not notice is Nightstryker running down the aisle with a baseball bat in hand. Project-X is then just getting back to his fett when Nightstryker comes from behind and levels Project-Xs right knee with a vicious swing from the ball bat. The crowd boo Nightstryker as he pounds away on the knee of Project-X with the ball bat and Project-X screams in pain.)

Jon McDaniel: I am afraid for Project-X here, I think I heard something shatter when Nightstryker hit him with that Baseball bat.

(Nightstryker gets in a few more shouts on the right knee of Project-X before rolling him into the ring and leaving to a chorus of boo's. The Spider then stops distracting and turns around to only then see Nightstryker and is confused by his presence. The Spider then see's Project-X on the mat screaming in agony and holding his knee. The Spider then takes advantage of the situation and positions Project-X in front of the corner and climbs to the top rope. The Spider then nails a second Heroes Victory on Project-X and covers.)

Announcer: The winner and new PWA World champion, "The Spider" Dalton Campbell!!!!!

(The Spider is then presented with the PWA World title and triumphantly hoists it up above his head and leaves to go celebrate but Project-X is still left in the ring holding his knee in agony on the verge of tears. Some medics rush to the ring ands tend to Project-X.)

Jon McDaniel: Why did Nightstryker attack Project-X?!?!?!!?

Brian Rentfro: Doe she really need a reason, he just took out a competitor for HIS World title.

(Project-X is then carefully loaded onto a stretcher and wheeled away as the fans applaud his effort but Project-X is too busy dealing with the pain to hear them. Members of the Fab 5 appear on the ramp looking concerned for Project-X as he is wheeled away.)

Jon McDaniel: Well this does not look too good for Project-X, but we wish him the best of luck and hope that his injury is not too serious but unfortunately the show must go on. Congratulations to the new World champion, "The Spider" Dalton Campbell!

Brian Rentfro: Our next match is Jay Vs Ironheart

Jay vs. Ironheart

Announcer: The following match is for a title shot at the Intercontinental title at a later date, introducing first, Jay!!!!!!

(Jay's entrance theme is "Break me shake me" by Savage Garden. As his music hits the lights go out but no pyros explode. The lights just shade into a blue and black color as he walks down the isle with a serious face, sometimes exposing an evil smirk. He wears long black tights that are Black and Silver with his name, "Jay", on one side and on the other it reads The Chamber Crippler. He wears black and silver elbow/knee pads and no shirt.)

Announcer: And his opponent, Ironheart!!!!!

(A soft white light envelopes the entire arena, a soft renaissance tune fills the arena eerily, three figures step onto the ramp way, all wearing white robes, the middle one being taller and carrying a longsword at his side, they make their way to the ring, the middle man making his way into the ring, he tosses off his cloak and uncovers a well built man dressed in a metal breastplate and black pants, a white shirt is visible under the breastplate, and a gold cross above it. He removes his sword from it^Òs sheathe and swings it around in a show off of his sword skill, he sheathes his sword and begins to remove his armor, sword and gold cross.)

Jon McDaniel: It will be interesting to see who wins this one.

(The bell rings and both men exchange lefts and rights. Ironheart gets the better of Jay and sends him to the ropes. Jay then comes off of the ropes to be nailed with a super kick from Ironheart. Ironheart then picks Jay up and plants him with a DDT.)

Jon McDaniel: Ironheart is in firm control from the get go.

(Ironheart then picks Jay back up and whips him into the corner. He then charges towards Jay but Jay lifts his boot up and Ironheart runs right into it. Ironheart then stumbles back and Jay climbs to the top rope and nails Ironheart with a sun set flip and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: Ironheart kicks out!

(Jay then picks Ironheart up and whips him into the corner. He then sits Ironheart up on the top rope and climbs up with him. Jay then nails Ironheart with the J-Plex and covers.)

Announcer: The winner of this match and number one contender for the Intercontinental championship, Jay!!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Jay will get his Intercontinental title shot at a later date.

(We then cut backstage and see Project-X being loaded onto an ambulance screaming and we cut back for the next match.)

Showtime vs. Psycho Sandra

Internet Title Match

Announcer: The following match is for the Internet title, introducing first, the challenger, Showtime!!!!!

(The lights go off, and a series of fireworks go off. For like ten = seconds or so fireworks go off from the entrance way. Then = "Californication" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers hits and a spot light is shown at the entrance way. Showitme comes out from the entrance way with a lot of boos. The spot light follows him all the way to the ring.)

Announcer: And his opponent, the PWA Internet champion, Psycho Sandra!!!!!

(Her theme music "Sikamikaniko" by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers plays, and she walks out wearing a red
plastic swimsuit-type outfit. She does round offs down the ramp and jumps energetically into the ring, tossing out jalepeños to the audience)

Brian Rentfro: This should be good.

(The bell rings and Showtime and Psycho Sandra stare each other down. Gabrielle then suddenly wanders down the ramp and Psycho Sandra notices her and turns around. Psycho Sandra and Gabrielle exchange words as Showtime quickly rushes outside trhe ring and grabs the Internet title. Showtime then runs up behind Psycho Sandra while she is distracted and levels her with the belt on the back of the head. Showtime then tosses the belt away before the ref see's it and Psycho Sandra falls to the mat knocked out as Gabrielle returns to the back. Showtime then covers Psycho Sandra.)

Jon McDaniel: Come on, Showtime just robbed the Internet title!

Announcer: The winner of this match and new PWA Internet champion, Showtime!!!!!

(Showtime then raises the belt up in the belt up in the air and leaves with a smile on his face.)

Jon McDaniel: Psycho Sandra was robbed but it is time to move on to the main event.

Chamelion vs. Sirus

IC Title Match

Announcer: The following match is for the PWA Intercontinental championship, introducing first, the challenger, Chamelion!!!!!

("You Think You Know Me" - Edge's Music from the WWF. Chamelion comes out in green and black trunks, and a scaled textured top. He walks casually down the ramp, rubbing his hands and giggling madly.)

Announcer: And his opponent, he is the PWA Intercontinental champion, Sirus!!!!!

('More Human Than Human' plays. He runs and jumps up and down the aisle. He brings 'Al' along with him to the ring, waving him in the air.)

Jon McDaniel: We may see a new Intercontinental champion crowned here.

(The bell rings and both men lock up. Sirus then powers Chamelion into a headlock. Chamelion then pushes out of the headlock an sends Sirus to the ropes. Sirus then comes of of the ropes and nails Chamelion with a shoulder block.)

Jon McDaniel: Basic moves to start us off here.

(Chamelion then gets back to his feet and takes Sirus down with a drop oe hold and then locks Srus in a chin lock. Suddenly Sudden Impact and double team Chamelion. The ref calls for the bell and DQs Sirus.)

Announcer: The winner of this match by disqualification, Chamelion, however the title can only change hands on a pin or submission!

(Jay then puts Chamelion up on the top rope and nails him with the J-Plex. Then Showtime picks up the pieces and nals him with the End Product. Sudden Impact are then about to do more damage when The Three run out and run Sudden Impact off)

Jon McDaniel: Folks we are out of time, join us Wednesday for Chaos, see you there!

(Rampage comes to a close.)