World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Luponatrix vs. Blake Byrd

The match opens fast, Blake going full force, trying to pummel Lupnatrix. After a few punches, Luponatrix catches a punch and drops him into Fujiwara Armbar type move. Blake gets to the ropes, but before he can get up, Lupnatrix is on his feet, and wrenches him arm up. Blake gets pulled, but meets Luponatrix with a fist to the midsection. He lifts Luponatrix up for a Death Valley Driver, but he kicks and lands behind him and grabs his arm again, wrenching him into a hammer lock. Blake spins around and tries a wild swing at him. Luponatrix ducks and grabs his waste. He heaves the big man over into a sloppy Norther Lights suplex. Blake smacks his head on the mat on the way down, and is knocked unconcious. 1...2...3... DING DING DING!

Winner: Luponatrix

'Science' James Salensky vs. Chase Wilson

The bell rings and they lock up. Salensky tries to get technical early on, trying for a Frankensteiner, but Wilson shoves him back as soon as his feet
leave the ground. He rolls back into the ropes. Salensky runs at Wilson with a spear, but Wilson lifts his foot, and Salensky goes face first into it and
drops. Wilson picks him up and lifts him into a suplex. Wilson lifts him up again and sets him up for a spine buster. Instead of slamming him, he puts
Salensky up top and sets up for a superplex, but Salensky recovers and does a top rope sunset flip. 1... 2... kick! Salensky has the upper hand as he picks Wilson up and moves into the corner. He executes a Tornado DDT, but midway through Wilson shoves him off, and Salensky flies literally across the ring. Salensky rolls back and hits the ropes. He runs at Wilson, and hits a drop kick, which Wilson no-sells. Salensky hits the ropes again and does a spinning heel kick, which Wilson also no sells. This time Wilson picks up Salensky and whips him into the ropes. Salensky jumps up and springsboards off the ropes into a flying side kick into Wilson's face, knocking him over. Salensky is up, he jumps up top and hits a monsault. 1... 2... thKICK! Wilson is slowly recovering, up to his hands and knees, but Salensky hits the ropes and slide dropkicks into his face. Wilson falls back into a sitting position. Salensky charges him and hits a front rolling neck breaker. Wilson sits up again, and when Salensky goes for a reverse rolling neck breaker, Wilson ducks and Salensky slams into the mat. Wilson gets up, picks up Salensky and whips him into the ropes. Salensky comes back and hops onto Wilson for the Hurrican rana, but gets powerbombed instead. Wilson places his hand on Salensky's chest. 1... 2... KICK! Salensky doesn't just kick, but he grabs Wilson's arm for an armbar, and brings Wilson down to his knees. Wilson struggles for a second before he stands up and lifts his arm with Salensky hanging off of it still holding the armbar. He counters the armbar with a massive chokeslam. He goes for the pin and gets and easy 1...2...3! DING! DING! DING!

Winner: Chase Wilson

Sudden Impact vs. Gangster Revolution

The match opens with Showtime and Mitchell in a grapple. Showtime turns it into an armbar and tags Jay, who steps in and kicks Mitchell in the stomach. Jay grabs him and whips him into the ropes and he and Showtime double clothesline him. Showtime leaves the ring. Jay lifts him up and whips him into the ropes again. As he comes back Jay tries to left him up, but Mitchell counters by lifting Jay up and reverse atomic dropping him. Jay staggers back, holding his groin and Mitchell grabs his hair, and tags Halston, who enters the ring. Mitchell grabs Jay in a full nelson and Halston starts hammering on his face. Showtime runs in and starts punching Mitchell's ribs. He releases Jay and they start brawling. Halston grabs Jay and whips him into the corner and starts kicking him. Jay catches one of the kicks and, and returns with a kick to Halston's groin. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Showtime are still brawling. Showtime whips Mitchell into the ropes, and charges him with a clothesline and the two flip out of the ring and continue to brawl. Showtime grabbing a chair and smacking Mitchell with, then suplexing him on the floor. In the ring Jay whips Halston into the ropes and hits and armdrag take down into and armbar when his comes back. He holds the armbar for as long as he can before Halston reaches the ropes. Mitchell rolls back into the ring and blindsides Jay with a chair as he's standing up. While the ref yells at Mitchell, Halston grabs the chair hits Jay with it a few times before throwing it into the corner. He lifts Jay up and brainbuster's him jsut as the ref turns around. He tags Mitchell, who slimbs up top and drops a massive elbow on Jay. He goes fo the pin. 1...2... out of no where Showtime stomps Mitchell before the ref gets him out of the ring again. As the ref turns Mitchell grabs the chair and hits Jay once before the ref turns back again. He throws the chair out of the ring and picks up Jay, scoop slamming him. He goes for the pin again 1...2...thre-KICK! Jay barely kicks out, and as Mitchell goes to pick him up, Jay jabs him in the throat, the ref doesn't see and Mitchell falls back. Both men begin trying to tag out. Jay makes it first and Showtime rushes in and starts stomping Mitchell. He pulls Mitchell up and suplexes him. He holds on and lifts him up, suplexing him again. He holds on and on the third suplex Mitchell kicks, and stops the suplex. Again Showtime tries for the suplex, but Mitchell counters again. Showtime goes for the suplex, but instead of a suplex, he spins around, taking Mitchell with him, and does more of a falling neck breaker. He picks up Mitchell and whips him into the ropes. Mitchell comes back with his elbow forward, hitting Showtime in the face. Mitchell falls into the corner and makes the tag. Halston rushes
Showtime, kicking him the midsection, and then setting him up for a powerbomb. Showtime, instead, back body drops him. Showtime runs at Mitchell, who is on the apron now, and knocks him onto the floor. He goes back and sets up Halston for the End Product. Mitchell runs into the ring with the chair, but Jay jumps off the top and dropkicks the chair into his face, Mitchell drops. Halston tries to back body drop Showtime, but showtime heaves him. He can't get him up for the End Product, so he piledrives him. Jay whispers somtheing to Showtime. Showtime lifts Halston up and whips him intot he ropes. When he comes back Showtime heaves him up and Jay grabs his neck and the 3-D Halston on top of the chair. Showtime rolls Halston over for an easy pin. 1..2..3! DING! DING! DING!

Winner: Sudden Impace

Ashram vs. Metalhead

Hardcore Title Match

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger. From Bivalve, Delaware...Metalhead!

("Gods of Rapture" by Meshuggah comes on the PA. The song opens with 4 seconds of solid riffing the metal guitar. Then
there's a sudden stop. Smoke starts to flow out of the entrance way as the bass plays through another 6 seconds of intro. The lights die as the music stops again. After about half a second the music picks up again with bass and metal guitars playing, and the red pyros flair, with Metalhead in front of them, holding up his arms up in the air. The pyros die and Metalhead walks to the ring as the lights come back on. He slides into the ring and goes to 2 opposite turnbuckles and riles the crowd, then he takes his corner and lets the match continue.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, the PWA Hardcore Champion...Ashram!

("For Whom the Bell Tolls" comes on the PA as the arena goes dark. Pyros explode on the entrance ramp, but Ashram doesn't appear. The music starts over and the pyros explode again. Ashram still doesn't come out.)

Ring Announcer: The referee's decision is that this match is a no contest!

Psycho Sandra vs. Damion Caine

Internet Title Match

The match starts out with Sandra rushing Damion and him clotheslining her down. He tries to pick her up by her hair, but she low blows him not once, not twice, not even thrice, but 4 times, and the poor guy buckles over and falls flat on his face. The ref warns Sandra. She brushes him off. She grabs his hair and lifts him up. She whips him into the ropes. As he bouces back she kicks him in the stomach and hits the opposite ropes, comes back and a sunset flips him. 1..2.. kick. He slowly recovers and Sandra runs up and clotheslines him out of the ring. He falls back, but recovers and quickly slides back into the ring. She starts stomping him immediatley. He grabs one of her feet and pulls her down. He stands up and stomps her a few times. He stomps and lets her get to her hands and knees. He sets her up for a powerbomb. He cirlces first, and all the guys in the audience are cheering for obviouc reasons. He heaves her up for the powerbomb, but she has one of her jalapenos in her hand, which she smashes against on of his eyes. He screams in pain and falls back slamming onto the mat. The ref at this point is yelling at Sandra's manager. Sandra, pissed, gets up and walks up behind the ref and starts yelling at him. Damion gets up and grabs the jalapeno. He runs up behind Sandra and, just as the ref turns around, he grabs her hair and starts mashing the jalapeno all over her face. The ref yells at him to stop. When he doesn't the ref calls a DQ and security hits the ring and pulls the two apart. Medics go over to Sandra and she is declared the winner.

Winner: Psycho Sandra

Chamelion vs. the Minister

Chamelion dominates the match, not giving Minister much time to get a move in. Minister gets whipped into the ropes and eats a powerslam. Chamelion pulls him up and hits the Rupture for the win.

Winner: Chamelion

After the match, as Chamelion is leaving the ramp, the arena lights flicker for several seconds before coming back on steadily.

Sirus vs. Ironheart

IC Title Match

Sirus and Ironheart lock up and Sirus goes into the ropes. Ironheart clotheslines him down. Ironheart drops an elbow, but Sirus rolls out of the way. They brawl and trade punches. Sirus nails a Russian legsweep for 2. Both men are up and Sirus hits a release belly to belly suplex and covers for 2. Both men are up now. Sirus blocks one punch and hooks Ironheart's arm. Sirus blocks the other punch and delivers a series of headbutts. He tries to whip Ironheart into the ropes, but somehow Ironheart reverses it and nails the Revelation out of nowhere. Ironheart covers and the arena lights go out. They lights stay off for about 2 minutes and when they come back on, Sirus is laying dazed in the ring and Ironheart is missing.

Winner: No Contest

Panzadise vs. Project X vs. The Spider

#1 Contender Match

Panzadise and Project X start off with punches while Spider climbs to the top and nails P-X with a missile dropkick. Both Dise and Spider work the big man over with kicks. Spider goes to pull P-X up, but Dise nails Spider with an elbowsmash. Spider gets whipped into the ropes and goes down to a big boot. Dise drops an elbow and covers, but P-X breaks the count at 1. P-X pounds on Dise and batters him into the corner. P-X hits a couple shoulderblocks into Dise's midsection, then goes back to rapid punches. Spider rolls up P-X from behind, but it is only good for a 2 count.

Spider uses his speed to dodge P-X and manages to get behind him and lock on a cobra clutch. P-X smashes Spider repeatedly into the corner until Campbell releases the hold. Project X then whips Spider into the ropes and runs at him, spearing him out of the ring between the second and third ropes and sending both men crashing through the announcer's table!

Dise pulls up P-X and rolls him into the ring, leaving the Spider to lay in the wreckage. Dise carefully measures his blows on the dazed P-X. Dise rolls out of the ring and sorts through the remains of the announcer's table, where Campbell is no longer lying. Dise picks up a large piece of wood and heads back to the ring with it. He swings it at the now standing P-X, but P-X catches it and steals it away. P-X swings it and knocks Dise down. Project X pulls Panzadise up and whips him into the ropes, then catches him by the throat. Dise kicks P-X in the stomach, causing the big man to double over and he hits the Panzadise Bomb. 1...2...3

Winner: Panzadise

The ADCtron suddenly flickers to life to show the dark and musty confines of the arenas boiler room. It’s many pipes running along the walls and over head make for a very hostile environment, but as the camera slowly pans back we are treated to a new, more sinister and hostile site.

Cole sits in an old wooden chair with a huge grin on his face. His dark eyes peering straight into the camera…Stationed around him in a loose half circle are seven other individuals. Each wearing a black leather mask.

We are now shown that Cole has not been working alone, and that perhaps is sinister enough, but as the camera pulls further back we lay witness to something else…Something behind these 8 in another kind of loose circle…

Off in a corner stands a man upon a short wooden stool. His arms tied behind him, his ankles bound, and a noose around his neck he is very much awake as we watch his chest rise and fall in deep breaths. Though a black hood covers his face we do see that he wears Chamelions ring gear…

Then towards the center, along the wall, his arms bound with chains and tied above him to some piping, his ankles also bound with chain and tied around a hook sticking out of the concrete… swings the giant Ashram. His eyes closed, and his head bowed over we find him in unconsciousness, and to his right also along the wall…

We see Ironheart…hanging upside down from some piping, his body wrapped in chain. He too doesn’t appear to be conscious as the camera finally returns it’s view to Cole and those huddled around him…

Raizzor: “Well I guess I’m really paying for my deeds now huh fellas? Yep, you sure showed me what kinda bad asses we have here in the PWA…I mean your President showed me…TF showed me, and well most of all…Nina showed me…"

"Yeah you all showed me that your morons. That you actually believed you could hang with true greatness. That you could destroy His master plan. That you could end His, excuse me for over using the term, revolution…"

"You can’t stop him…you can’t even outthink him…Hell, you didn’t even know who he was, but still you thought you were bright enough to stop it before it even started…isn’t that right? Nightstryker?”

Suddenly the man stationed right behind Cole rips off his mask to reveal himself as none other then Nightstryker. An evil glint in his eye and malicious grin across his face he moves back to those TF members along the wall. He looks first to Ironheart and then finally to Ashram…still unconscious.

Nightstryker: “Got that right Cole. For despite all the big fuss they made…they still targeted the wrong man. HA! So what? You didn't think that I could possibly be involved in this brutal beating? Whatever.”

With that he delivers a quick jab to Ashrams ribs. A small grunt escapes from Ashrams lips.

Nightstryker: “I came to the PWA to get respect and to rise to the top. But, it seems that respect just didn't come my way and even though I've gotten to the top, it doesn't matter in anyone eyes. I still mean nothing to the PWA. Guess what? That's gonna change NOW!”

In a rage Nightstryker shoves Cole out of his chair and grabs it up in both hands…

Raizzor: “Hey!!”

With a loud crash Nightstryker splinters the chair across Ashrams torso gaining him an even louder grunt of pain which suddenly shocks Ashram awake.

Awake now Ashram looks around the room at first in confusion and then rage. He opens his mouth to speak when Nightstryker quickly shoves a jock strap in his mouth.

Nightstryker: “You…shut up. See, the guy that made all this happen, no not Cole, and myself have made a step in the right direction, and the direction is the only direction that anyone should go. This group right here is the best thing going today, and there ain't a damn thing anyone here in the PWA can do about it. Isn’t that what you’ve been saying Coffinfeeder?”

And again another masked individual rips off the leather mask to reveal himself as Jordan Campbell…The Coffinfeeder. He looks over those gathered around him, and those they’ve taken prisoner with dark eyes. Malice etched onto his face he steps away from the circle, and moves off away from everyone.

He looks ill to be going through with all the theatrics, but nevertheless looking just away from the camera he begins to speak, and play his role…

Coffinfeeder: "Well, well...I told you it was coming. Armageddon has come. The beginning. The end.

The Coffinfeeder smiles...a wicked, evil smile.

Coffinfeeder: “To hell with all of your ignorant asses. I told you things would change, but you wouldn't wake up...and now you've all been enlightened. And I wish…I wish I could take credit for all of this, but I’m afraid it wasn’t my doing either. No in fact it wasn’t theirs either."

The Coffinfeeder gives the camera a sick grin, and watches as first a young white female pulls a leather mask from her face. Her eyes down cast she doesn’t dare look up to the camera, but instead takes a step back to sink into the shadows. She goes nameless for now.

But another pulls a mask from his face, and his appearance on the scene is even that much more interesting.

Purple Haze: “Ridicule. From day one ridicule. So I reshaped myself, reformed myself, and became what none of you…none of you are. I became a wrestler. I went into that ring and did my job, and still ridicule, and now it’s my turn.”

He turns quickly to the man in the noose and pulls off the black hood to indeed reveal Chamelion. Chamelion his eyes wide at being in the dark for so long, and a gag in his mouth looks around wildly. Purple Haze, puts a foot up onto the stool, and gives it a push.

Time seems to slow down as Chamelion falls, but then the rope snaps, and he drops to the floor. Those gathered chuckle at Chamelions plight. Purple Haze looks down to Chamelion.

Purple Haze: “How does it feel Chamelion?”

He then quickly turns to the camera with a look of pure rage.

Purple Haze: “How about any of you? How does it feel to be ridiculed by all those in this room? We beat you…we humiliated you. We didn’t even give you a chance…just like you also did to my friends here.”

It is then that of the last three masked men, two more pull off their masks, and reveal to the world the faces of the Unknown Demons, Grendle and Death’s Angyl. Wicked smiles on their faces, Angyl holding a baseball bat they shake their heads knowingly at Purple Haze, and then move over to Ironheart.

As Grendle begins to speak…Death Angyl begins to pound Ironheart with his bat.

Grendle: “True Haze…very true. I’ve felt that on many occasions I have…”

He is interrupted by a loud groan from Ironheart as Angyl continues to assault him with the bat.

Grendle: “…ahem…I have driven myself to the very brink of insanity just to appease the president, or the commissioner, or the wrestling community in general. Regardless of how far I was pushed away. Regardless of how little I was thought of…I strived to give all of you everything I could be, and yet still I was laughed off.”

Ironheart very much awake, but with a gag in his mouth, struggles helplessly at his bonds as Ironheart continues to pound away.

Grendle: “I honestly prayed for all your souls that this day would never come, but now it has, and so…we have this man to thank for it.”

It is then that Angyl halts his assault on Ironheart and turns to watch as the last masked man in the ring pulls his mask from his face…Charming, aristocratic, and very upper class…You look into the face of hate. You look into the face of Dalton Campbell…The Spider.

Spider Spider: “Hmm…”

He slowly turns on his heel and those gathered around him part as he moves toward the downed and bewildered Chamelion. Spider stops just feet from Chamelion, and then suddenly delivers a fierce blow to Chamelions face. Bound and gagged Chamelion can do little more then roll with the kick...the end result places Chamelion by the back wall...his nose starting to bleed. It is then Spider turns back to the camera with a smile.

Spider: “And you thought we couldn't get to you Mike...tsk, tsk...Well, well, well. I guess some things never do change around here. It seems that Mike is once again wanting to become an active wrestler on the roster, President Robinson still hates every thing I do, Dalton Campbell is still one of the smartest, most devious, bastards that this federation has ever seen. Oh yeah and Al still rules. Now since I know that the IQ's of a lot of the people within my earshot right now is pretty close to their shoe size I will spell out to you exactly what fate has befallen you.”

He slowly leans down toward Chamelion, and then leans up against him. Close, closer, to his ear…

Spider: “You see...your brother tried to oppose me. Because of that your brother just handed you a load of trouble, and might I add...A decent beating here tonight? But if your pain is not enough to keep him away...then perhaps the pain of your sister-in-law will do?"

Rage shoots through Chamelions eyes as he lunges at Spider witha head butt, but Spider chuckling pulls back at the last second, and delivers an elbow to the back of Chamelions head. Chamelions face drops to the ground.

Spider brushing his hands off turns and faces the camera once again.

Spider: "Many years ago, before the PWA was even thought of, I was contacted by the head of a very powerful organization, he saw some talent in me that he had never seen before in an individual. He said I had this certain thing…In any matter to make things simple, he made me an offer I simply couldn't refuse. In secret I was trained for this day, trained by him, trained by the creator of the Masters of Armageddon.”

He pauses for a moment...shoots a glance over to Ironheart and Ashram, but then continues.

Spider: “You see Mike...Nina…Unlike what each of you have attempted...he did with this Masters of Armageddon. It's survived three long years. It’s seen well over 50-members, and double that in titles. It’s had as many as 5-branches at a time in 5-federations. It’s not like any thing you’ve ever seen.”

He takes a step towards the camera until he becomes the only thing we see. His eyes looking deep into the lense.

Spider: “So I was trained…Trained to take over a federation and rule it with an iron first. You see I set you up from the get-go. I was the one who had Cole, excuse me...the new and improved Raizzor, come in and abduct Nina. You all didn’t honestly think that Raizzor could have orchestrated this himself did you? Come on he’s a California beach bum for crying out loud.”

All those gathered laugh at Cole's expense. Cole tries to smile, and laugh with them, but hurt plays on his brows.

Raizzor: “Ha…that’s a good one Dal…”

Spider: “Shut up Raizzor.”

Again they laugh and Cole slinks away.

Spider: “See it’s so simple…I’ve been playing your emotions like the simple instruments they are, and look at the results of what we did. Beautiful. I couldn't have done it better myself. No, wait…I did do it myself! So you all wanted to more or less kill Raizzor, when the whole time you were looking in the wrong direction. Deception is so easy sometimes.”

”But wait, you say what about the other 6 people we saw today? How the hell did they get involved? Well the plan came into play long before you even realized it. Remember the Pieces of Eight? No these aren't them. Pieces of Eight was simply a code word, as soon as that stable formed, that is when all of the sleeper MoA members that you see around me today suddenly began to work towards what you see here tonight. Nightstryker began his rise to become PWA champion, Purple Haze and Coffinfeeder came to the PWA, and Grendle and Death’s Angyl…have been waiting a very long time indeed for this moment.”

”Pieces of Eight, Eight members of the Masters of Armageddon? Get it? Or is the math to tough for you. You haven't seen the last of us yet. Oh no, not even close. M.o.A Supreme.”

Slowly the scene on the ADCtron fades out to black and a new image is emblazoned across it…