World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Chase Wilson vs. Damion Caine vs. Luponatrix

This match was energetic from the start. Both Chase Wilson and El Tiger were at peak performance. The match started with a hammerlock, a set of counters, some acrobatics by El Tiger, but ended by a missed moonsault by El Tiger. Chase Wilson picked him up and tried to set him up for the J-Plex. El Tiger threw him off the turnbuckle, picked up him and tried to throw him through the ropes, but Chase Wilson held on, shoulder blocked him in the stomach and finished the match with a sunset flip over the top. Luponatrix enters the ring after the first fall.

Chase Wilson stays in the ring and watches the entry ramp for Luponatrix. But Luponatrix has some surprises of his own in store and sneaks in through the crowd. He rolls in the ring behind Chase Wilson and smashes him in the back with a chair. Luponatrix throws the chair down in the ring, whips Wilson into the ropes and drop toe holds him on the chair. Luponatrix covers, but Wilson kicks out at 2. Chase Wilson rolls out of the ring to collect himself and Luponatrix follows. Luponatrix runs at Chase Wilson, but Chase Wilson back body drops him onto the guardrail. They brawl around the ring and Wilson slams Luponatrix onto the announce table. Wilson jumps onto the ring apron, up the turnbuckles and comes off the top with a legdrop on Luponatrix! The table shatters and Wilson rolls into the ring just in time to beat the count.

Winner: Chase Wilson

MVP vs. Jake the Ripper

TV Title Match

The Ripper starts off with a series of suplexes, catching MVP off guard. MVP fights back, and gets the advantage when he is able to counter a body slam with a small package for a two count. MVP gets to his feet first, a nearly takes off the Ripper's head with a clothesline. A power bomb gets a two count for MVP. A second powerbomb attempt gets reversed into a back body drop by the Ripper. The Ripper gets behind MVP and locks on a sleeper hold. MVP starts to fade, but starts to fight back, and the Ripper picks him up by his head in the sleeper and turns it into an atomic drop. MVP staggers and the Ripper goes up top for a flying cross body. MVP catches him, pivots the Ripper's body and hits a powerslam for 3.\

Winner: MVP

Ironheart vs. Magnus Gamova

Right off, Gamova hits Ironheart with some chops, but they don't faze him. Ironheart sends Gamova into the ropes and takes him down him a boot to the face. Ironheart goes to the corner and starts to remove the cover. He finally gets it off just as Gamova gets behind him. German suplex by Gamova gets 1. Ironheart kicks Gamova in the stomach, then sends him down with a double axehandle to his back. Ironheart grabs his opponent's legs and slingshots him into the corner, with Gamova hitting the exposed turnbuckle face first. He gets up and Ironehart whips him into the ropes and nails the Revelation. Ironheart covers for 3.

Winner: Ironheart (Gets an IC Title shot)

Psycho Sandra vs. Coffinfeeder

Internet Title Match

They lock up and Coffinfeeder tries to whip Sandra into the ropes, but it gets reversed. Sidewalk slam brings TP crashing down hard. Coffinfeeder to his feet, attempts to punch Sandra who ducks it. Sandra behind TP and he applies a full nelson. Face first leg sweep by Sandra. He rolls Coffinfeeder over and hooks the leg. One...two...kickout. Low blow by Coffinfeeder allows him to get to his feet and send Sandra into the ropes. Coffinfeeder ducks his head down for a back body drop, Sandra leaps over him for a sunset flip. One...two...kickout. Sandra scoop slams Coffinfeeder, then climbs up top and hits the moonsault and covers for 3.

Winner: Psycho Sandra

Panzadise & Sirus vs. Chamelion & Jay

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, Panzadise and Sirus!

(Panzadise and Sirus enter the ring)

Ring Announcer: And their first opponent...Chamelion!

(Chamelion's music plays, but he doesn't appear. After a minute of waiting and two restarts of his music, the announcer begins to speak, the ref talks to the announcer.)

Ring Announcer: Since Chamelion is MIA, the referee has decided this match is a no contest!

(Panzadise shrugs and heads up the ramp while Sirus walks around ringside signing autographs. Suddenly, Jay comes out at the top of the ramp.)

Jay: Sirus, you definetely had something to do with this tag team match being cancelled. I understand, you are afraid to step into the ring with
the Chamber Crippler, hell...who would'nt? On top of being technical excellence I am the most ruthless son of a bitch in the PWA today. So
Sirus, to show everyone that I am a man, to show everyone that I take on any challenge, why don't you get you're ass in the ring and bring you're
little cuddy buddy so I can shove it up you're ass and show you why I brag so much about being FROM NEW YORK THE CITY OF HELL AND BEING TRAINED IN CALGARY ALBERTA CANADA!

(Jay rushes to the ring and starts brawling with Sirus.)

Sirus starts off with a series of suplexes, catching Jay off guard. Jay fights back, and gets the advantage when he is able to counter a body slam with a small package for a two count. Jay gets to his feet first, a nearly takes off Sirus's head with a clothesline. A power bomb gets a two count for Jay. A second powerbomb attempt gets reversed into a back body drop by Sirus. Sirus gets behind Jay and locks on a sleeper hold. Jay starts to fade, but starts to fight back, and Sirus picks him up by his head in the sleeper and turns it into an atomic drop. Jay staggers and Sirus goes up top for a flying cross body. Jay runs into the rope, causing Sirus to fall and crotch himself. Jay climbs up and nails the J-Plex for the win.

Winner: Jay

The Spider vs. Nightstryker

World Title Match

They enter the ring and charge at each other. When they collide, Spider hits the mat. Nightstryker goes to stomp him but he rolls out of the way. Spider jumps up to his feet and hits the ropes. He runs back at Nightstryker, but Nightstryker lifts him up into a chokehold. Spider kicks both feet into face, knocking him back and causing Spider to fall to the mat. Spider is up fast. Spider rushes Nightstryker while he's recovering and spears him. Nightstryker barely sells, buckling over and only hopping back a bit. Spider tries to back body drop him, but can't get him over. Spider ends up on his back with Nightstryker on top of him. 1...; Kick. Spider is out fast. Nightstryker gets onto his hands and knees. Spider hits the ropes, comes back and sit-out drop kicks him square in the face. Nightstryker backs up onto his knee, then he falls onto his back. Spider hits the ropes and does a spring board moonsault onto Nightstryker and goes for the pin. 1...2; kick. Spider gets up and picks Nightstryker up. He whips Nightstryker into the corner. Spider runs up and monkey flips him out of the corner. Spider climbs up top and tries for a guillotine legdrop but Nightstryker rolls out of the way. Spider lands hard. Nightstryker picks Spider up and tries to whip him into the corner but Spider reverses it and drop toe holds him face-first onto the turnbuckle. Nightstryker lays there motionless then slumps into a heap on the mat. Spider starts stomping him in the corner but the ref warns him and he backs off. Nightstryker runs at Spider, but Spider jumps up and goes for a hurricanrana. He tries to flip Nightstryker over but he catches him when he is hanging down. Spider waves his arms around trying to pull himself up. Nightstryker scoops up Spider and nails the Mindbender. 1...2...3.

Winner: Nightstryker

Michael Sommers vs. Cole

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, Cole!

(No music comes on as Cole walks to the ring while the crowd throws trash and boos.)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent...he is a former PWA World Champion...Michael Sommers!

(Sommers begins to walk to the ring, looking determined when the ADC-Tron comes to life. President Robinson is on, and he looks very unhappy.)

Robinson: What the hell do you think you're doing? Sommers, you're retired and in violation of your current PWA contract.'re just trespassing. (As Robinson says this a small army of security guards come out of the entrance way.) This match will NOT take place on PWA television. I know the Commish thinks he can go around making matches and whatever, but he crossed the line this time. (Sommers has hit the ring and begins brawling with Cole) Security stop them! Get them out of my arena! Cut the video! Cut the damn video!

(cut to static)