World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


KWB vs. C. Murder

Hardcore Match

Jon McDaniel: Welcome to this exciting edition of Rampage from beautiful Winnipeg somewhere in Canada.

Brian Rentfro: You know where my favorite part of Canada is, Jon?

Jon McDaniel: Where?

Brian Rentfro: The border! hahahaha

(C. Murder is in the ring as KWB rushes down with a pushbroom. C. Murder ducks a swing of the broom, but KWB kicks him in the stomach and breaks the broom handle over his back.)

Brian Rentfro: Blood! Blood! Blood! Blood!

(KWB pedigrees Murder, but rolls out of the ring rather than make a cover. He slides back into the ring with a folding chair. C. Murder gets pulled to his feet, but KWB is stopped short by a low blow. Murder tries a suplex, but can't get KWB up. KWB reverses it and hits a slingshot suplex on C. Murder. KWB partially unfolds the chair and sticks Murder's head inside it, then climbs up top. He comes down hard with a legdrop and covers. 1...2...3.)

Jon McDaniel: That's only the beginning of his revenge, I'll bet!

'The Ripper' Jake Williams vs. Magnus Gamova

Jon McDaniel: Gamova is still in his prison attire! Looks like he didn't even have time to change before the match!

(Williams and Gamova lock up, and Gamova gets whipped into the ropes, then taken down by a clothesline. He's back up quickly, but Williams dropkicks him and applies a rear chinlock. Gamova powers up and elbowsmashes his way out of the hold. He goes into the ropes and shoulderblocks Williams down. Gamova pulls Williams up and whips him into the ropes and catches him in a powerslam. 1...2.kickout.)

Brian Rentfro: He almost had him right there.

(Williams holds on to the ropes to block a Russian legsweep and locks on a Boston crab, but Gamova powers out of it. The two men are trading blows now and Gamova hits a belly to belly suplex with a pin. 1...2...3)

Jon McDaniel: Looks like Robinson's lackey pulled out a victory.

Project X vs. Ironheart

(President Robinson enters the ring)

Robinson: I've got some bad news for you all tonight, and I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone right now. You won't be seeing this match tonight because Project X is being held by the Winnipeg police for questioning. You see, it looks like he brutally attacked a man earlier today, and that man had to be hospitalized. Let's roll the tape of the attack.


*The camera is positioned just outside of Nightstryker's locker room door. The door opens after a few moments and a leg steps out.

The door is then slammed right onto the leg by a masked man running by.

The last thing that can be seen is the face of Nightstryker cringing in pain.*


Robinson: As you can tell, the injured man was none other than our very own World Champion, Nightstryker. As such, the main event for the evening won't be Ashram vs. Nightstryker as was promised, instead the tag team title match will be the main event. You can all thank Project X for that. Now, I'm legally required to say that at this point in time we have no concrete proof that P-X was the attacker, nor has he been convicted of any crime. However, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. In fact, it was a plan so simple that even the Fab 5 could come up with it. They want to ruin the PWA. They could do that without any special plans, because they suck that much. But they want to speed up the process and decided to injure my champion so ticket sales would be down. In response to this, at Chaos, Cash Money will take part in a Pinata Match against KWB. The rule is, Money is suspended 6 feet above the ring and KWB gets a baseball bat with which to beat the living snot out of Money until he falls. Sounds like a fun evening to me. And again, I'm sorry for the lack of two scheduled matches. Next time you see P-X, you can thank him for it.

The Shock vs. The Coffinfeeder

Jon McDaniel: That was unexpected!

(Campbell and Shock lock up and Shock works for a facelock. Campbell pushes him off the ropes to break the hold, Shock ducks a clothesline and comes back with a flying forearm. Both men up quickly. Shock comes off the ropes and tries for a clothesline, but Campbell catches the arm and hits a single arm DDT. 1...2.kickout. Shock gets a double leg takedown and then slingshots Campbell into the corner. 1..kickout.)

Brian Rentfro: These guys are really going back and forth.

(Campbell blocks a punch and whips Shock into the corner. As Shock stumbles out, Campbell goes into the ropes and comes back with a bulldog. 1...2...3)

Brian Rentfro: That pin came from out of nowhere!

Psycho Sandra vs. Jay

Internet Title Match

Jon McDaniel: If you remember at Phoenix Rising, Sandra had the Internet Title won until Showtime attacked her from behind!

(Jay starts off by laying into Sandra with punches, but she manages to block one and hits a standing dropkick. Jay gets up quickly and leans into the ropes, coming at Sandra with a clothesline, but she hits him with an armdrag. He gets up, but gets another armdrag. Jay rolls out of the ring to collect himself, but Sandra performs a suicide dive over the top onto him.)

Brian Rentfro: Sandra is showing just how badly she wants that belt!

(Sandra pulls Jay up and rolls him inside the ring. She climbs up to the top and nails a moonsault and pin. 1...2...3!)

Jon McDaniel: Psycho Sandra just won the PWA Internet Title!

Gangster Revolution vs. The Brothers Grimm

Tag Team Title Match

Jon McDaniel: This is the shot the Gangster Revolution have been waiting for! Let's see if they can make the most of it!

Brian Rentfro: I know Al's ready! Look at that suit of armor he's wearing!

(Sirus and Mitchell lock up, with Mitchell getting sent to the ropes. Sirus hiptosses him. Mitchell gets up quickly and spears Sirus to the mat, then kneels over him and punches him repeatedly in the head. The referee pulls Mitchell off. Sirus gets up and Mitchell swings so hard at Sirus that he spins around. Sirus hits a full nelson slam and covers 1...2.Halston breaks the pin. Sirus turns his attention back to Mitchell but gets a legsweep, ending with both men on the mat. They both get up quickly, but Sirus is caught off guard by a crescent kick and goes down hard. Mitchell tags in Halston.)

Jon McDaniel: That was a savage kick by Mitchell!

(Halston goes to work on the back of Sirus, kicking him and applying a bow and arrow hold. Sirus doesn't submit, so Halston releases the hold. He pulls Sirus up and whips him into the ropes, then ducks down for a back body drop, but Sirus sees it coming and stops short, then hits a facebuster on Halston. Sirus tags in Grifter who scoops up Halston and hits a running powerslam. 1...2..kickout. Halston and Grifter go toe to toe, trading punches and Grifter falls first. Grifter gets pulled up, and Halston holds him in a vertical suplex, but Grifter flips back out of it and grabs a waistlock, which Halston reverses and turns it into a German Suplex. 1...2..kickout.)

Brian Rentfro: The Gangsters nearly had it right there!

(Halston tags in Mitchell, who climbs up top. Halston holds Grifter in front of him, Mitchell comes down with a missile dropkick, but Grifter moves and Halston goes down. Grifter clotheslines the stunned Mitchell and tags in Sirus. Sirus comes off the ropes as Grifter picks up Mitchell around the waist and Sirus clotheslines him down, then covers. 1...2...3!)

Jon McDaniel: The Brothers Grimm have successfully retained their tag team titles! We're out of time, but come back on Wednesday when we'll have Cash Money vs. KWB in a Pinata Match! See you then!