World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


The Authority vs. Prisoner & Fletch

Both teams went in a pier 6 brawl in a match that had been made no dq and a match that almost ended early with the appearence of C-Murder attacking Fletcher & Prisoner. In the end Sirus came down and began helping his teammates, this brought out Jason Vance who came to the ring with a chair. As he stayed in the ring with Sirus and Halston got up, Vance blasted Halston over the head with a chair. The ref then counted Halston down as Fletcher covered him and Vance left with the clan of Moran.

Winner: Prisoner & Fletch

Panzadise vs. Project X

These two PWA mainstays had one of the best matches of their careers. Back and forth the match went until Lou Nattik made his way down to ringside distracting Project X. X turned around and got nailed with the Panzadise bomb and got pinned after the match Nattik walked to the back as if nothing had happened.

Winner: Project X

C-Murder/Lil Killa vs. Sirus/Samantha

Each mixed team fought to the brink and Sirus was accompanied by Vance. At one point C-Murder went for a flying forearm but Vance tripped him up. This brought out The Authority who then nailed The Attitude Adjustment on Jason Vance. They got in the ring and started beating on Samantha which angered Sirus and got Murder & Killa dq'ed. After the match the three men and Killa beat down on Sirus until the rest of the Moran Clan came down with chairs. The Authority then left and said that the Establishment was over and the Street Thugs were now born.

Winner: Sirus & Samantha Moran

Evan Styles vs. Showtime

A lot of people had said that Evan Styles had yet to see his full potential. Well this was the showstopper match of the night. And it was great for the career of Styles who proved he could take a 2 on 1 assault from Jay and Showtime. Showtime scored the win with End Product but great showing from the Ravishing one.

Winner: Showtime

Shock vs. Sword

Another great match Shock took everything Sword had and more. At one point in the match Sword KO'ed the ref and asked the Spider to get in and nail Shock with the tag belt. Spider refused at first but did it anyway, except he inadvertantly hit Sword. Spider crawled out of the ring as the ref came to and counted the pinfall for Shock.

Winner: The Shock

Draven vs. KWB

IC Title Match

This match was the only title match on the card but it was great nonetheless. KWB proved he was main event matierial, but tonight was not the night as it belonged to Valek, who won the match with the Impaler and retained the belt.

Winner: Eric "Valek" Draven