World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Showtime & Jay vs. Mark Bagwell & 'Maple Leaf' Mark Marino

(The bell rings and all 4 men start brawling in the ring. Marino then whips Jay to the ropes and nails him with a drop kick as Showtime clotheslines Bagwell to the outside.)

Jon McDaniel: This match is off to a fast start.

(Marino then stomps away at Jay on the mat and then picks him back up. Marino then whips Jay into the corner full force and Jay bounces back out from the force and Marino goes to back body drop Jay but Jay turns it into a sunset flip on Marino as the ref covers.)

Brian Rentfro: That took Mark Marino by surprise!

(Both men then bounce back up but Marino beats Jay to the punch and clotheslines him down to the mat. Marino then forces Jay into his corner and Marino tags in Bagwell. Marino and Bagwell then whip Jay to the ropes to nail him with a double spinning heel kick. The ref then forces Marino back to his corner as Bagwell takes over.)

Jon McDaniel: Jay needs a tag badly.

( Bagwell then pounds away at Jay with lefts and rights and whips him to the ropes. Bagwell then goes to give Jay a back body drop but Jay flips over Bagwell and gets a tag to Showtime. Showtime then rushes in and cleans house on Bagwell. Marino then runs in but also gets taken down by Showtime.)

Brian Rentfro: Showtime is cleaning house!

( Showtime then goes to pick Bagwell up but gets low blowed and DDTed. Bagwell then stomps away at Showtime. Showtime then starts rolling around the ring to avoid the stomps and then grabs Bagwells legs and trips him up. Bagwell then sits up and Showtime dropkicks him in the face. Showtime then tosses Bagwell into his corner and tags in Jay. Jay then runs over and knocks Marino off fo the apron with a drop kick. Marino is then furious and trys to run in but the ref stops him and while the ref is distracted Showtime and Jay to a major double beatdown on Bagwell in their corner.)

Brian Rentfro: Showtime and Jay using old school tactics.

(The ref then turns back around as Showtime leaves the ring and Jay takes over. Jay then slams Bagwell down in front of the corner and climbs to the top rope. Jay then moonsaults himself down on top of Bagwell and covers.)
2 3/4
Shoulder up

Jon McDaniel: My God! how did he kick out?!?!!?

(Jay then looks furious that Bagwell kicked out. Jay then picks Bagwell up and powerbombs him down to the mat. Showtime then suddenly hops down off of the apron as Jay covers. Jay then puts his feet on the middle ropes as Showtime comes around and holds down Bagwells leg to make sure he does not kick out. The ref does not see any of this as he counts.)

(Marino runs across the ring to break up the count but he is too late.)

Announcer: The winners of this match, Showtime and Jay!!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: What a match!

Jon McDaniel: Showtime and Jay just stole a victory from Mark Marino and Mark Bagwell!

Brian Rentfro: By any means neccesary is what I say.

Jon McDaniel: It is time to move on to our next match.

Krazy Whyte Boy vs. Sirus

Hardcore Title Match

(The bell rings and both men meet in the middle of the ring. Sirus sends KWB reeling with a couple of rights. Sirus then drop kicks KWB through the middle rope and to the outside. Sirus then goes to the ropes and does a suicide plancha over the top rope on top of KWB.)

Brian Rentfro: Sirus is a maniac!

( Sirus then gets up and whips KWB into the steel steps. Sirus then then peels away the padding on the floor exposing concrete and grabs KWB and sticks him in between his legs. Sirus then attempts a piledriver on the concrete but KWB blocks and counters with a back body drop on the concrete. Sirus holds his back in pain but KWB does not let Sirus tke a breather and drop kicks him in the back of the head.)

Jon McDaniel: Krazy White Boy has taken control of this match!

(KWB then picks Sirus up and slams him onto the announce table.)

Brian Rentfro: No! not here!

(KWB then gets into the ring and climbs up to the top rope. KWB then attempts a senton bomb from the top rope on Sirus through the announce table but Sirus moves out of the way at the last second and KWB is sent crashing through the announce table.)

Jon McDaniel: Well that is KWB done for!

Brian Rentfro: That is our announce table done for as well!

( Sirus then picks KWB out of the wreckage and rolls him into the ring. Sirus then looks underneath the ring and pulls out a ladder to the fans delight. Sirus then slides the ladder into the ring and follows. Sirus then stands the ladder up against the corner and picks KWB up. He then whips KWB into the steel ladder as the thunk of metal is heard through out the arena.)

Jon McDaniel: I fear for KWBs safety here.

(Sirus then sets the ladder up properly and climbs to the top of it. He teases the crowd for a bit before launching himself through the air to hit a moonsault on KWB from on top of the ladder and covers.)

Announcer: Your winner and new PWA Hardcore champion, Sirus!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Sirus has won the Hardcore title!

Jon McDaniel: Lets move on!

MVP vs. the Prisoner

(The bell rings and The Prisoner clotheslines MVP to the mat. MVP then gets back up and The Prisoner clotheslines him to the mat again.)

Jon McDaniel: The Prisoner does not seem to want to let MVP up.

( MVP then gets up a third time and The Prisoner charges towards him but this time MVP low blows The Prisoner with his boot.)

Brian Rentfro: That will stop any man.

( MVP then goes tot he ropes and comes off of them to nail The Prisoner with a bulldog. He then runs and jumps to the second rope and nails The Prisoner with a lion sault and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: MVP wrapped that up quickly!

Announcer: The winner of this match, MVP!!!!

Jon McDaniel: Lets move on!

The Spider vs. Purple Haze

(The bell rings and Purple Haze drop kicks the Spider down to the mat. Haze then picks The Spider up and rams his head into the turnbuckle. Haze then hip tosses the Spider out of the corner and follows it up with a knee drop to the head. Haze then covers The Spider.)

Jon McDaniel: It has been all Purple Haze so far!

(Haze then picks The Spider up and whips him to the ropes. The Spider then ducks a clothesline from Haze and goes to the ropes himself to nail Haze with a clothesline of his own.)

Jon McDaniel: The Spider has taken control!

(The Spider tries to lock on a sharpshooter, but Haze blocks it into a small package.1...2...3.)

Announcer: The winner of this match, Purple Haze!

Jon McDaniel: Lets move on!

Chamelion vs. Spartan

Television Title Match

(The bell rings and both men meet in the middle of the ring. Chameleon gets the better of Spartan and clotheslines him down to the mat. Chameleon then stomps away at Spartan before picking him back up and snap suplexing him down to the mat.)

Jon McDaniel: Chameleon is getting early control.

( Chameleonn then waits for Spartan to get to his feet and attempts a drop kick but Spartan knocks Chameleons legs apart and counters with a spine buster and covers.)

(Spartan then gets up and picks up Chameleon. He then whips Chameleon into the corner and climbs up on top of him. He gives Chameleon ten punches to the head and then climbs back down. He then goes to whip Chameleon into the opposite corner but Chameleon reverses and sends Spartan into the corner.)

Jon McDaniel: Chameleon turns the tide.

(Chameleon then gives Spartan a few knife edge chops to the chest as the crowd screams "Whoooo!". Chameleon then sits Spartan up on the top rope and climbs up with him. Chameleon then goes to give Spartan a superplex but Spartan blocks and shoves Chameleon out to nail him with a ddt from the top rope. Spartan then quickly covers Chameleon and hooks the leg.)

Announcer: The winner of this match and new TV champion, Spartan!!!!

Brian Rentfro: Out of two title matches tonight we have two new champions, we have a World title match tonight and will that see a new champion also?

Mcdaniel: It is time to move on to the main event

Nightstryker vs. Monkey McDee

World Title Match

(The bell rings and Nightstryker takes McDee down right away with a spear. Nightstryker then starts pounding away at the head of McDee with lefts and rights.)

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker is poised to win the World title!

(Nightstryker then picks McDee up and powerbombs him to the mat. Nightstryker then climbs up to the top rope and moonsaults himself down on top of McDee and covers.)

Brian Rentfro: Nightstryker seems desperate to get this one over with!

( Nightstryker then whips McDee to the ropes and goes to the ropes himself to meet McDee in the middle witha running super kick. Nightstryker then covers McDee again.)

Jon McDaniel: Nightstryker wants that title badly!

(Nightstryker then appears to be getting frustrated as he starts to choke McDee but is forced to release the hold when the ref counts up to 4.)

Brian Rentfro: I thought these guys were supposed to be friends.

(Nightstryker then shouts at the ref for forcing him to break the hold as McDee recovers. Nightstryker then turns around to nearly get his head taken off from a clothesline by McDee.)

Jon McDaniel: McDee just came out of nowhere!

(McDee then starts getting as vicious as Nightstryker as he starts to kick and stomp at Nightstryker. McDee then grabs Nightstrykers legs and drags him out to the centre of the ring where he locks on the Spunky Monkey. Nightstryker then taps out within seconds giving McDee the win and his first succesful defense.)

Announcer: The winner of this match and still PWA World champion, Monkey McDee!!!

Mcdaniel: That is all the time we have for you tonight. This is Jon McDaniel for Brian Rentfro saying good night and see you at Chaos!