World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Remorse vs. Nightmare

Nightmare dominated the bulk of the match with his power with Remorse finding it hard to get him down. Remorse then pulled some powder out of his tights and threw it into the eyes of Nightmare. With Nightmare blinded Remorse took control by working on Nightmares ribs and legs. Remorse then eventually won after a flying cross body on Nightmare that turned into a pin.

Winner: Remorse

Brymstone vs. Sword

Jon McDaniel: Well The Sword is in the ring but we still await the arrival of Brymstone.

(Brymstone's music then plays and he makes his way to the ring. He stares down The Sword as the bell rings. Brymstone then pulls a very sharp dagger out of his tights and lunges at The Sword with it in an attempt to stab him. The Sword is taken by surprise but manages to dodge the assassination attempt. Some German police men then run out and tackle Brymstone to the ground and wrestle the dagger away from him. Brymstone is then cuffed and taken to the back by about four police men.)

Jon McDaniel: What the Hell got into Brymstone?!!!? He just tried to assinate The Sword!!!!

Brian Rentfro: I think there must be a few screws loose in Brymstones head, as now he is going to be charged with attempted murder.

Jon McDaniel: Well despite this shocking event, the show must go on.

Eric 'Valek' Draven vs. Too Panz

This was a very even match that went back and forth. Draven and Too Panz hit all their signature moves on each other but neither could put the other away but eventually Draven did after a superplex from the top rope.

Winner: Eric "Valek" Draven

Gangster vs. Viper vs. Death vs. Cash Money (Battle Royal)

Jon McDaniel: All four men are in the ring so lets get you to the action!

(The bell rings as Viper pairs off with Death and Gangster with Cash Money. Viper and Death exchange lefts and rights in the centre of the ring. Viper sends Death reeling with a series of rights and Death is left leaning against the ropes. Viper then goes to the ropes and charges towards Death but Death then ducks and back body drops Viper over the top rope and to the outside of the ring.)

Brian Rentfro: Viper is the first man eliminated in this newcomer battle royal!

(Death then walks over and helps Gangster double team Cash Money. Death and Gangster lay a major beatdown on Cash Money. They both then pick him up and try to toss him out but he hooks onto the ropes. Cash Money then manages to pull himself back in after a bit of a struggle. Gangster and Death then whip Cash Money to the ropesand go for a double clothesline but Cash Money ducks and rebounds off of the ropes to catch them both with clotheslines of his own. Cash Money then picks the two of them up and throws them over the top rope and to the outside.)

Announcer: The winner of this battle royal, Cash Money!!!!

Brian Rentfro: This may turn out to be a good night for Cash Money, he has won his first PWA match and if Al loses his bet on tonights main event Cash Money will be a millionare!

Jon McDaniel: Onto the next match

MVP vs. Shocking Shawn Jones

Internet Title Match

MVP dominated most of this match but towards the end Jones mad a dramatic comeback. Jones then nailed MVP with a hurracurrana for the win.

Winner: Shocking Shawn Jones

Marc Bagwell vs. Dutch

A very fast paced match with a lot of high risk offense by Bagwell and some nice technical paced action from Dutch, Dutch then nails Bagwell with a German superplex from the top rope but Dutch does not notice that his shoulders are touching the ground and Bagwell manages to get one shoulder up and the ref counts down Dutch who does not believe the result afterwards.

Winner: Marc Bagwell

KWB vs. Porter

Hardcore Title Match

This match goes all over the arena including The Panzys locker room where Porter breaks the Nintendo over KWBs head. They then fight back to the ring where a lot of weapons are used but KWB gets the win and the title after powerbombing Porter onto some thumbtacks.

Winner: Krazy Whyte Boy (New PWA Hardcore Champion)

Sirus Moran vs. Project X

Jon McDaniel: This should be an exciting contest. Both men are in the ring so lets get you to the action!

(The bell rings and both Sirus and Project-X lock up in the middle of the ring. Project-X over powers Sirus and lifts him up for a double handed chokeslam. Project-X then picks Sirus up above his head and tosses him to the outside and onto the concrete floor.)

Brian Rentfro: Sirus is not getting off to the best of starts!

(Sirus gathers his senses and climbs back into the ring. Project-X then lunges towards Sirus but Sirus ducks and locks Project-X in a cross face chicken wing but before he can wear Project-X down, Project-X runs backwards and rams Sirus into the corner and Sirus breaks the hold. But as Project-X trys to recover from the move Sirus comes in from behind and clips his knee and Projeect-X falls to the mat holding his knee.)

Brian Rentfro: Smart move by Sirus, everyone is the same size on the mat.

(Sirus then delivers a series of elbow drops to the knee of Project-X and then locks him into the figure four. Project-X screams in agony but beeing seven foot tall he easily makes his way to a rope and grabs hold of it. Sirus holds onto the move for a four count and then lets go. Sirus then goes to pick Project-X up but Project-X gives him a European upper cut and sends him reeling back. Project-X then helps himself up using the ropes and limps towards Sirus. Project-X then pounds away on Sirus with lefts and rights and whips him to the ropes where he catches him with a big boot but as he lifts his good leg to boot the leg from under him buckles and he falls to the mat. Sirus then quickly gets back up and climbs to the top rope where he moonsaults himself onto Project-X and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: Project-X is not giving in just yet!

(Sirus then goes to pick Project-X up but soon finds himself in a chokehold. Project-X then lifts Sirus up and Probes him down to the mat and covers.)

Brian Rentfro: Project-X beat Sirus!

Announcer: The winner of this match, Project-X!!!!

Jon McDaniel: That was a good match but now it is time to move on!

Monkey McDee vs. Chamelion

Television Title Match

Monkey McDee dominates most of this match and it looks like he is going to win the match and the title when Chamelion uses a knuckle buster which he pulled out of his tights behind the refs back. Chamelion then pins Monkey McDee to retain his title.

Winner: Chamelion

The Spider vs. Prima Donna

IC Title Match

Jon McDaniel: Both men are already in the ring, so lets get you to the action.

(The bell rings and Prima Donna spears the Spider down from the get go. Prima Donna then delivers a series of punches to The Spiders head and picks him back up . Prima Donna then whips The Spider into the corner and follows it up with an avalanche. Prima Donna then snap mares The Spider out of the corner and climbs to the top rope. Prima then dives off the top rope for a Samoan splash but The Spider lifts up his knees and Prima crashes his ribs into them.)

Jon McDaniel: Good counter by The Spider!

(The Spider then quickly gets the advantage and whips Prima Donna to the ropes where he nails him with a drop kick to the chin. The Spider then delivers a few forearms to the head of Prima and hip tosses him down to the mat. The Spider then quickly runs and jumps to the top rope and moonsaults himself down on top of Prima and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: Prima Donna kicked out!

(The Spider then goes to pick Prima Donna up, only to recieve a low blow followed by a "Hot Stuff" Prima Donna then covers The Spider.)
2 3/4
Foot on the rope

Jon McDaniel: That would have been it for The Spider if Prima Donna nailed his move in the middle of the ring!

Brian Rentfro: We might have seen a new Intercontinental champion there if it was in the middle of the ring.

(Prima Donna then shouts at the ref and as he does The Spider recovers and sneaks up behind him. The Spider then hooks Prima Donna up and gives him a pump handle slam down to the mat. The Spider jumps onto the second rope and nails Prima Donna with an asai moonsault and covers.)

Announcer: The winner of this match and still PWA Intercontinental champion, The Spider!!!!

Jon McDaniel: The Spider racks up yet another succesful defense!

Brian Rentfro: Lets move on!

Moke Doshky vs. Panzadise

World Title Match

Jon McDaniel: The pressure must be really be on Moke Doshky here as he is competing in front of his home crowd for the the PWA World title!

("Ve vant Doshky" chants start.)

Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger, Moke Doshky!!!!

(The crowd goes ape shit as Moke Doshky makes his way to the ring. Doshky then gets in the ring looking a bit nervous.)

Announcer: And his opponent, Panzadise!!!!!

(The unfamiliar sound of boo's for Panzadise is heard as he comes out with the World title on his shoudler.)

Brian Rentfro: I wonder if the nerves are getting to Doshky.

(The bell rings and Panzadise clotheslines Doshky to the mat with a big boo from the crowd. Panzadise looks a bit startled by the boo's towards him as he picks Doshky up and whips him into the corner. Panzadise then climbs up on top of Doshky and punches him in the head ten times but the crowd do not count along but instead hiss boo's at Panzadise. Panzadise then climbs back down and drop kicks Doshky. Panzadise then snap mares Doshky and covers as the crowd screams in unison "Kick out Doshky!".)

Brian Rentfro: Doshky kicked out!

(The crowd in Bonn explode as if Doshky won the title. Panzadise then goes to pick up Doshky only to recieve a low blow followed by a ddt. The crowd explodes at Doshkys first offensive moves. Doshky then waits for Panzadise to get back up and attempt a super kick but at the same time Panzadise connects with a Panzonic kick on Doshky and they both fall to the mat.)

Jon McDaniel: A double kick from both men!

(Panzadise recovers first and crawls over and puts his arm on top of Doshky as the ref counts as the crowd screams "Kick out Doshky!")
2 3/4

(The crowd explodes into cheers as suddenly The Spider appears on the ramp. Spider then makes his way down to the ring and calls Panzadise out. Panzadise sighs and hops to the outside where The Spider talks to him about something that is inaudible. The ref then counts to ten and counts Panzadise out.)

Announcer: The winner of this match as a result of a count out, Moke Doshky!!!!! However the title can only change hands on a pin or submission so still PWA World champion, Panzadise!!!!

Jon McDaniel: What the Hell did Panzadise let Moke Doshky win for?

Brian Rentfro: Is it not obvious?

Jon McDaniel: What?

Brian Rentfro: That he did this for Al. Had he won, Al would be a million dollars in debt now.

Jon McDaniel: If you say so, this is Jon McDaniel for Brian Rentfro saying good night and see you in Berlin!