World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick


Brymstone vs. Scottie Snow

(The PWA logo appears on the screen followed by the words the hottest action on the net. The words Saturday Night Rampage then burst through those and the camera opens up looking down upon a live crowd who are holding up signs like. "Jojo for president!" and "Welcome back Shocker!". A huge fireworks display then explodes on the ramp signalling the start of Rampage and the crowd goes wild.The camera then cuts to the announce table as the fireworks die and your announcers as usual are Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro.)

Jon McDaniel: Welcome everyone to yet another explosive edition of Saturday Night Rampage!

Brian Rentfro: We have got a loaded card for you here tonight!

Jon McDaniel: We sure do Brian. Tonight we will see the return of The Shocker, see the # 1 contender for the World title Brymstone take on Scottie Snow. We will also see Internet, tag and World title matches. So without further adue lets get you down to ringside.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to tonights rampage! The following contest is schedualed for one fall. Introducing first, a member of the Dark Forces, Brymstone!!!!

("Sad But True" plays on the PA system and the entire arena goes dark. A dark threatening voice is heard saying "Who dares stand before the might of Hell falls beneath it's sword...Beware the coming of the Destroyer." Across the ADC-Tron flashes some of Brymstone's earlier matches along with visions of his dogs Cerberus and Lucifer. A dark blue light shines on the stage and Nina Daemon clad in a dark black robe with a silver ankh on the hood walks out and throws her silver ankh onto the stage. Flames burst out as Brymstone rises to the stage. Brymstone stoops to pick up the ankh and hands it back to Nina. Once he starts down the ramp an eerie howling is heard and pyros go off forming the Celtic dragon. Brymstone wears a black bodysuit with forest green flames running up it to the middle of his chest. A face mask likewise decorated covers his face. He holds the rope for Nina and then climbs over the top rope. Nina throws her ankh into the air and it explodes into a green flash of light as Brymstone stands in the center of the ring, raising his arms above his head and slamming them down causing red flames to erupt at the ringposts.)

Announcer: And his opponent, Scottie Snow!!!!

("Hi, My Name is..." by Eminem hits the PA as the lights start to flash on and off. Blue flares shoot up in the air as Scottie Snow appears to a tremendous pop. He plays to the corwd as he walks smoothly down to the ring. He circles the ring slapping the fans' hands and when he gets to the announce table he stands on it and points out to the crowd. He gets down, climbs onto the apron and hops over the ropes as he walks to the middle of the ring. He does a taunt as a blue pyro goes off behind him.)

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone will go to Summer Sizzler to meet the World champion

(Both men lock up in the middle of the ring and Brymstone over powers Scottie Snow and sends him into the corner. Brymstone then charges towards Scottie Snow but Scottie Snow lifts his boot and catches Brymstone in the face. Brymstone then stumbles back and Scottie Snow runs out and catches him with a clothesline. Scottie Snow then whips Brymstone to the ropes and nails him with a powerslam followed by a cover.)

Brian Rentfro: It looks like Brymstone is off to a bad start!

(Scottie Snow then picks Brymstone up and whips him into the corner where he climbs on top of him and starts punching him in the head as the crowd counts along. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9, 10. Scottie Snow then climbs down and hip tosses Brymstone out of the corner. Scottie Snow then goes to pick up Brymstone but Brymstone powers up and lifts Scottie Snow high in the air and sends him crashing to the mat with a spine buster.)

Jon McDaniel: that came out of nowhere!

(Brymstone then stomps away at Scottie Snow, not letting him up. Brymstone then picks Scottie Snow up and tosses him to the outside and follows. The ref trys to stop Brymstone but Brymstone ignores him and whips Scottie Snow into the steel steps. Brymstone then picks Scottie Snow back up and drops him chest first against the security railing. The ref then warns him that if he does anything like that again he will stop the match.)

Jon McDaniel: The ref is not taking any of this!

(Brymstone then rolls Scottie Snow into the ring and continues his assault. Scottie Snow manages to get to his feet but Brymstone sends him reeling into the corner with a series of right hands. Brymstone then sits Scottie Snow on the top rope and climbs up with him. Brymstone then gives Scottie Snow a devastating superplex down to the mat and covers.)

Jon McDaniel: Scottie Snow is not willing to quit yet!

(Brymstone then works Scottie Snow over with lefts and rights and attempts a clothesline but Scottie Snow ducks and nails Brymstone with a superkick. Scottie Snow then takes advantage. Scottie Snow then whips Brymstone to the ropes and nails him with a flying shoulder block. Scottie Snow then picks him back up again and nails him with numerous drop kicks.)

Jon McDaniel: Scottie Snow has taken control!

(Scottie Snow then whips Brymstone to the ropes again but Brymstone bounces off only to catch Scottie Snow with a cross body into a cover.)

Jon McDaniel: Brymstone got a pin out of nowhere!

Announcer: The winner of this match, Brymstone!!!!

(Brymstone gets his hand raised.)

Brian Rentfro: That was a good match!

Jon McDaniel: It sure was but we have to move on now because our next match is a hardcore match between Fletcher and Carey Salensky. The action should be good so lets get you to ringside!

Fletcher vs. Carey Salensky

Hardcore Match

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a hardcore rules match. Introducing first Carey Salensky!!!

("American Bad Ass" by Kid Rock plays as he enters the ring)

Announcer: And his opponent, Fletcher!!!!

(Lust For Life' plays. He runs and jumps up and down the aisle. He brings 'Al' along with him to the ring, waving him in the air.)

Brian Rentfro: Hardcore action is always good!

(The two men start in the middle of the ring exchanging lefts and rights. Fletcher whips Carey to the ropes and catches him with a clothesline. Fletcher then picks Carey up and drop kicks him through the middle rope and to the outside of the ring. Fletcher then climbs up to the top rope and dives to the outside on top of Carey!.)

Brian Rentfro: Fletcher is suicidal!

(Fletcher then picks Carey up and whips him into the security rail. Fletcher then sets up a chair in front of Carey and takes a run up to it. Fletcher then jumps on top of the chair and launches himself at Carey but Carey moves out of the way and Fletcher crashes into the guard rail.. Carey then looks under the ring and pulls out a singapore cane and cracks it over the head of Fletcher. Fletcher then stumbles back against the announce table a Carey drop kicks him on top of it.)

Jon McDaniel: Why do hardcore matches always end up on our table?

(Carey then gets back in the ring and climbs up to the top rope. Carey then launches himself towards the table with a flying elbow and connects, driving Fletcher through the announce table.)

Brian Rentfro: They are both suicidal!

(Carey then covers Fletcher.)

Jon McDaniel: How in the Hell did he kick out of that!?

(Carey then picks Fletcher up and whips him into the guard rail. He then charges towards Fletcher but Fletcher bends over and back body drops Carey over the railing and into the crowd. Fletcher then climbs over the railing and him and Carey start brawling through the crowd. Fletcher gets the advantage and starts beating Carey up the arena steps.)

Jon McDaniel: They are in the crowd!

(Fletcher then beats Carey under a balcony and through an exit and they find themselves inside a lobby where a popcorn stand is before them. Fletcher then slams Carey on top of the pop corn stand and shoves the stand owner out of the way. Fletcher then grabs the a handful of popcorn and stuffs it down Careys mouth and he spits it out. Fletcher then picks Carey up and beats him through another door and they find themselves out in the parking lot. Fletcher then rams Careys head through a car window and he gets busted wide open.)

Jon McDaniel: Salendky is busted!

(Fletcher then beats Carey out of the parking lot and onto a highway with cars zooming past them and swerving to miss them. Fletcher then goes to pick Salensky up only to receive a low blow folowed by a dtt on the road. Carey then stands up but a car suddenly comes zooming in and hits Carey. Carey fllys up into the air and lands on the car windshield making it shatter.)

Jon McDaniel: That car just hit Salensky!

(Fletcher then gets up and pulls Carey out of the windshield and covers him on top of the car as the ref counts.)

Jon McDaniel: I think Carey Salensky needs medical attention!

Announcer: The winner of this match, Fletcher Moran!!!

Jon McDaniel: Lets hope Carey Salensky gets he help he needs but now it is time for our next match!

James Salensky vs. Too Panz

This match was back and forth from the get go. Mid way through the match, Too Panz took control and started to really take it out on Salensky. Too Panz then showed his technical expertise with some nice mat work and eventually Salensky put himself out of misery by tapping out to a painful boston crab from Too Panz.

Winner: Too Panz

Trace Grey vs. Hessian vs. The Shocker

Internet Title Match

Trace Gray dominated for most of the match while The Shocker tryed to shake off a bit of ring rust. The Shocker took a heavy beating at the start from some double teaming by Hessian and Trace Gray. The Shocker than made a come back late in the match and managed to knock out Hessian long enough to nail Trace Gray with a superplex from the top rope and pin him to become the new PWA Internet champion and make a very good return to the ring.

Winner: New Internet champion, The Shocker

The Spider vs. Big Daddy

IC Title Match

This match was very even with Big Daddy dominating a good portion of it but The Spider had the last laugh in the end when he hit an impressive moonsault on Big Daddy to pin him and retain his title while upsetting Big Daddys momentum going into Summer Sizzler.

Winner: Still PWA Intercontinental champion, The Spider

Panzadise vs. Project X

World Title Match

The match got off to a fast start as Project-X took it to the outside of the ring and busted Panzadise wide open with a chair shot. Back in the ring, Panzadise took control by working on Project-Xs leg. But late in the match Project-X mounted a comeback and nailed Panzadise with The Probe to retain his title.

Winner: Still PWA World champion, Project-X

The Brothers Grimm vs. Dark Forces

Tag Title Match

Jon McDaniel: This next match should be interesting, if The Spider or Panzadise interfere the Dark Forces win the titles so lets get you to ringside and see what happens.

(Both teams are already in the ring and start a brawl in the middle of the ring. Sirus takes Chamelion to the outside while the two mutes are left in the ring. Grifter strikes Nightmare across the chest but it has no affect. Grifter then goes to the ropes and bounces off but Nightmare catches him with a big boot.)

Jon McDaniel: Grifter is finding it hard to get Nightmare down!

(On the outside Sirus knocks out Chamelion with a chair shot and enters the ring behind Nightmare. Sirus then signals something to Grifter and the two of them run towards Nightmare at the same time and jump up for a drop kick at the same time. Grifters drop kick hits Nightmare in the face, at the same time Sirus' drop kick hits Nightmare in the back of the head. Nightmares head gets squashed and he falls down to the mat. Grifter then covers Nightmare.)
Chamelion runs in and breaks up the cover.

Brian Rentfro: I got the feeling that it would have been it right there if Chamelion had not stopped the cover!

(A masked man then starts making his way down the ramp with a baseball bat.)

Jon McDaniel: Who is that masked man?

Brian Rentfro: Is it not obvious, it is The Spider, he is wearing The Spides ring attire, The Spider is going to have to do better than that to get away with interference!

(The masked Spider then runs into the ring and nails Chamelion with the baseball bat and the ref calls for the bell as the masked Spider leaves and heads for the back.)

Announcer: The winners by DQ, Chamelion and Nightmare! and seeing how The Spider interfered in this match, your new PWA Tag team champions are Chamelion and Nightmare!

(Chamelion and Nightmare are then presented with the tag title belts and celebrate in the ring. The masked Spider is then nearly into the back when suddenly The Spider appears on the ramp in front of the masked Spider.)

Brian Rentfro: What the Hell!? Are there two Spiders?

(Then behind The Spider come Steve Morley, Scottie Snow, Spartan, Cro, Eclipse and Salai.)

Jon McDaniel: My God, it is the Pieces of Eight, or 7 or 6 or whatever number they are now!

(Then suddenly the Commisioner appears on the ADC tron with his face in shadows.)

Commishioner: I demand that the masked Spider unmask himself or else Chamelion and Nightmare will be stripped of the tag titles!

Jon McDaniel: The masked Spider is cornered!

(The masked Spider throws a fit and removes the mask to reveal Raizzor.)

Jon McDaniel: It was Raizzor! It was Raizzor!

Commisioner: Seeing as how The Spider did not interfere in this match I am going to make a decision. This match must continue!

(Raizzor throws another fit as the fans explode into cheers. Chamelion throws a fit in the ring also as the bell rings. Grifter and Sirus then sneak up behind both Chamelion and Nightmare and roll them both up for a cover)
kickout by both of them

(The ref then forces Grifter into his corner and does so with Nightmare also. Sirus then works over Chamelion in the ring and whips him to the ropes. Sirus then goes to back body drop Chamelion but Chamelion holds on and turns it into a sunset flip.)

(Chamelion then takes control and starts working on Sirus with lefts and rights when sudenly Dutch burst through the Pieces of Eight on the ramp and rushes into the ring. Dutch then boots Chamelion in the mid section and ddt's him down to the mat. The ref then calls for the bell.)

Announcer: The winners of this match by DQ, Chamelion and Nightmare!!! However, neither Panzadise or The Spider caused the DQ so still PWA Tag team champions, The Brothers Grimm!!!!

(Chamelion throws a fit as Dutch makes his way back to the locker room. The Brothers Grimm then walk out with the Tag titles and then Chamelion and Nightmare start to make their way back but find that The Pieces of Eight are blocking their way. The Spider then orders The Pieces of Eight on Nightmare and suddenly they all dive on top of him. Nightmare manages to take out a couple of them but he is out numbered and takes a severe beating. The Pieces of Eight then leave after making Nightmare a bloody mess.)

Jon McDaniel: I have never seen Nightmare take a beating like that! It looks as though The Spider is more powerful than we thought. We're only one week away from Summer Sizzler and things are really heating up! See you all at Chaos!