World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Grizzly Beer Title

ChampionDate WonTitle ReignNotes
Johnny Maverick[4]06-17-20142179 daysOver Anna Mathews & Jacob Figgins
Anna Mathews04-17-201461 days
Lucious Starr03-31-201417 daysOver trey Willet
"The Willenium" Trey Willett02-03-201456 daysOver Cody Bogard
Cody Bogard12-30-201335 daysOver Johnny Maverick
Johnny Maverick[3]11-27-201333 daysOver Jacob Figgins
"The Genuine Pulse" Jacob Figgins08-04-2013115 daysOver May Havoc
May Havoc03-24-2013133 daysOver Cody Bogard
VACANT03-17-20137 daysDagger unable to compete due to broken ankle.
Dagger01-20-201356 daysDefeated Mr. hardcore
Mr. Hardcore12-23-201228 daysOpened the GB title in the Santa Surprise Match
Benjamin Dyce11-25-201228 daysDyce defeated Elena at London's Burning
Elena Simonova07-29-2012119 daysDefeated Jethro Hayes in a match that included Emily Corlen
Emily Corlen [2]07-08-201221 daysDefetaed Matt Stone in a Ladder Match
Matt Stone (3)04-15-201284 daysDefeated Leonard Luv
Leonard Luv02-22-201253 daysOver Dallas Hoover
Dallas Hoover12-18-201166 daysOver Vic Wagner, Justin Case, and Thomas Manchester Black (Fatal Fourway Santa's Surprise Match)
Vicious Vic Wagner [2]11-13-201135 daysOver Cody Bogard
Cody Bogard08-21-201184 daysOver Thomas Manchester Black
Thomas Manchester Black08-07-201114 daysOver Vic Wagner in a 7th Circle Match
Vicious Vic Wagner07-10-201128 daysOver Ash Nukem and Nadare in a Church of the Glowing Taco Match
Ash Nukem04-24-201177 daysOver Marxx
Marxx04-03-201121 daysOver Hunter Sullivan
"The Viper" Hunter Sullivan [2]03-27-20117 daysOver Nightmare
Vacant03-13-201114 daysXan drops the title as he quits PWA due to personal tragedy.
Xan Vaxman02-22-201119 daysOver Ash Nukem and El Gringo Tonto
El Gringo Tonto10-19-2010126 daysOver Emily Corlen & Blake Witcroft in a Triple Threat Street Fight
"The Emerald Phoenix" Emily Corlen09-13-201036 daysOver Marco Dante in a 2 out of 3 falls match.
"The Jersey Devil" Marco Dante07-12-201063 daysOver Joshua Danielson & Tai Nitro Tolium in a Flat Bed Battle Royale for the Vacant title
VACANT06-24-201018 daysBlake Witcroft injured while at home in England, forced to relinquish the GB title.
Blake Witcroft06-06-201018 daysOver Johnny Maverick & Jacob Collins in a "Cass by Cass Pennet Football Factories Match" (Steet Fight)
Johnny Maverick [2]01-09-2010148 daysOver Matt Stone in a Submission Match
Matt Stone [2]10-25-200976 daysOver Johnny Maverick, Chamelion, & Aeolus Wrath in Bring Your Own Weapon Match
Johnny Maverick10-14-200911 daysOver Matt Stone & RJ Banks in a Ladder Match
Matt Stone06-14-2009122 daysOver Emperor Ian in a IC-GB Double Championship match also involving Riona Langly.
Emperor Ian05-17-200928 daysOver Chamelion and Kumquat Kid when Ian burned KK's Flag
Chamelion [6]03-15-200963 daysOver Mr. Hardcore in a Hall Brawl Match
Mr. Hardcore03-07-20098 daysOver Chamelion in a Four-Corners Match
Chamelion [5]02-15-200920 daysOver Hunter Sullivan
"The Viper" Hunter Sullivan01-30-200916 daysOver El Rey
El Rey de Corazones12-12-200849 daysOver Emporer Ian & Mike Anigma (Triple Threat Santa's Surprise Match)
VACANT12-08-20084 daysJacob Figgins is stripped of title due to failure to defend in 30 days.
"The Celtic Fury" Jacob Figgins10-17-200852 daysOver Duff Cote d'Ivoire
Duff Cote dIvoire09-19-200828 daysOver Jethro Hayes
Jethro Hayes08-15-200835 daysDefeated Duff Cote d'iVoire for the Vacant title
VACANT08-15-20080 daysRiona failed to show for her match and was stripped of title
Riona Langly [2]07-11-200835 daysOver The Kumquat Kid
The Kumquat Kid06-27-200814 daysOver Riona Langly
Riona Langly04-04-200884 daysOver Vicious
Vicious03-21-200814 daysDefeated Phoenix for Vacant title
VACANT03-21-20080 daysKarasu leaves PWA
Karasu03-14-20087 daysOver Alex Wilkie
Alex Wilkie01-25-200849 daysWon Key #4 in Keys to Glory event
VACANT09-30-2006482 daysPWA Closes Again
Greg Littlebear07-30-200662 daysOver Psycho Sandra
Psycho Sandra06-09-200651 daysOver XTC
Chamelion [4]12-29-20021258 daysPWA closes, and Chamelion retains the title uncontested until awarding it to Psycho Sandra during it's first official defense in the new incarnation of the PWA
Chamelion [3]11-14-200245 daysOver Morgan Reah (Chamelion drops the title to Morgan Reah in the W4F to run the company. When the W4F folds, Chamelion regains the title to go on to defend at Final Showdown.)
Morgan Reah10-28-200217 daysOver Grey Wolf & Chamelion (Triple Threat Match)
Grey Wolf10-10-200218 daysOver Darren Ridel
Darren Ridel09-07-200233 daysOver Ethan Von Eisen
Ethan Von Eisen08-03-200235 daysOver Silverback
Silverback07-17-200217 daysOver Chamelion
Chamelion [2]05-15-200263 daysOver Dr. Demise
Dr. Demise04-13-200232 daysOver Erik Draven
Erik Draven04-06-20027 daysOver Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson04-04-20022 daysAwarded Title when tag team partner Marcus Collins is deemed unable to defend it.
Marcus Collins [3]03-02-200233 daysOver Chamelion
Chamelion02-13-200217 daysOver Showtime in a Pillow Fight.
"Showtime" Marcus Ambrose02-04-20029 daysOver Destroyer X and Ty Copas (Triple Threat Match)
Destroyer X01-06-200229 daysOver Sphinx & Diablo in a Three Way Dance.
VACANT12-30-20017 daysJay wins the IC Title, vacates Grizzly Beer Title.
Jay12-22-20018 daysOver Corey Lazarus
Corey Lazarus [2]11-04-200148 daysOver Jimmy Ultros in a Title for Title match also including the PWA Hardcore Title.
Jimmy Ultros10-10-200125 daysOver Convict & Tidwell (Triple Threat for Vacant title)
VACANT10-10-20010 daysMarcus Collins wins IC Title, vacates Grizzly Beer Title.
Marcus Collins [2]09-08-200132 daysOver Tidwell
Tidwell09-02-20016 daysOver Ty Copas
Ty Copas [2]08-25-20018 daysOver Convict for Vacant title
VACANT08-25-20010 daysThunderwolf leaves PWA.
"Thunderwolf" Dustin Kelser08-15-200110 daysOver Copas and Sirus Moran (Sirus did not fight in this event but decided to referee it instead.)
Sirus Moran [3]07-25-200121 daysOver Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins06-23-200132 daysOver Corey Lazarus (Wrestled disguised as Styx)
Corey Lazarus05-10-200144 daysAwarded Championship by Sirus Moran for victory in a FFW match at High Stakes.
Sirus Moran [2]05-02-20018 daysOver Nightstyker in a Title vs. Title match.
Nightstryker03-21-200142 daysOver Sirus Moran
Sirus Moran03-17-20014 daysOver 'Al'
"Al"03-10-20017 daysOver Ty Copas and Sirus Moran (President Robinson cheated, knocking out Sirus and putting 'Al' on top of him for the pin.)
Ty Copas02-17-200121 daysOver "Truth" Todd Taylor
"Truth" Todd Taylor01-28-200120 daysOver Psycho Sandra. Unification match of the TV and Internet Championships.