World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Television Title

ChampionDate WonTitle ReignNotes
"The Chosen One" Justin Case02-20-20132661 days
"The Chosen One" Justin Case02-20-20130 days
Vacant04-10-2011682 daysTV title declared defunct, President Robinson auctions it
Ash Nukem03-27-201114 daysOver Phoenix
The Phoenix02-22-201133 daysOver Enika Engel
Enika Engel01-25-201128 daysOver Ash Nukem
Ash Nukem12-21-201035 daysTitle brought out of retirement when Ash Nukem won it as a prize in a Christmas Parcel match featuring El Gringo Tonto and Ahrid Arrafat
VACANT07-06-2010168 daysTV Title declared defunct after Matt Stone's third defense.
Matt Stone [2]06-14-201022 daysOver Joshua Danielson
Joshua Danielson05-09-201036 daysOver Blake Witcroft after Jacob Collins interfered
Blake Witcroft05-02-20107 daysOver Jacob Collins
"The Roster Killer" Jacob Collins04-24-20108 daysOver Deacon Frost on Night One of RPM 2
"The Apex Predator" Deacon Frost04-18-20106 daysOver Cody Bogard
Cody Bogard04-11-20107 daysOver Simon Yip
Simon Yip03-28-201014 daysThe TV Title was brought back for Who's The Man? 2010. Simon Yip defeated Dos Cara to become champion.
Title Retired09-20-2009189 daysImmediately following Manitoba Mayhem, the TV title was declared 'Retired'
Matt Stone09-20-20090 daysOver Pohatu in a GB-TV title unification match
Pohatu [2]08-16-200935 daysOver Chamelion & "The Sunshine Warrior" Adrian Adidas (Triple Threat Match)
Chamelion [4]08-01-200915 daysOver Jethro Hayes and Alex Wlkie when Chamelion added himself to their match.
Alex Wilkie07-04-200928 daysOver Duff
Duff Côte d`Ivoire06-14-200920 daysOver Marxx
Marxx04-25-200950 daysOver Johnny Maverick
"The Smartass Submission Machine" Johnny Maverick04-18-20097 daysOver Johnathan Riker
Johnathan Riker03-15-200934 daysOver Jethro Hayes
Jethro Hayes02-15-200928 daysOver Malicious
Malicious (Mark McNasty)12-12-200865 daysOver Pohatu
Pohatu11-16-200826 daysOver Kyle Stevenson, Gezza, & Rex Cassidy (Fatal Four Way)
Kyle Stevenson [2]11-07-20089 daysOver Scottie Snow
Scottie "The Panther" Snow10-17-200821 daysOver Showtime & Nuke Fusion (Triple Threat)
"Showtime" Marcus Ambrose09-26-200821 daysOver Viktor Stone
Viktor Stone08-22-200835 daysOver Kyle Malone
Kyle Malone08-15-20087 daysOver Moke Doshky
Moke Doshky07-25-200821 daysOver Chamelion
Chamelion [3]06-27-200828 daysOver Psycho Sandra
Psycho Sandra06-13-200814 daysOver Fire
Fire [2]05-30-200814 daysOver Scott Nash Strader
Scott Nash Strader05-23-20087 daysOver Kindred
Kindred05-16-20087 daysOver Circa
Circa04-25-200821 daysOver Kyle Stevenson
Kyle Stevenson04-18-20087 daysOver Fire
Fire03-28-200821 daysOver Helix
Helix03-21-20087 daysOver Warren Engel
Warren Engel03-07-200814 daysOver Peyton Strader
Peyton Strader02-29-20087 daysOver Jamie Flynn
Jamie Flynn02-15-200814 daysOver Chris Cambell
Chris Cambell02-08-20087 daysOver Gabe Shelley
Gabe Shelly01-25-200814 daysWon Key #3 in Keys to Glory event
VACANT01-28-20012553 daysTelevision & Internet Championships merged to form Grizzly Beer Championship.
"Truth" Todd Taylor01-20-20018 daysOver Gabrielle
Gabrielle [2]12-20-200031 daysOver Chase Wilson and Psycho Sandra (Triple Threat Match)
Chase Wilson [2] & Gabrielle12-16-20004 daysDeclared co-winners due to a simultaneous pin
Chase Wilson11-08-200038 daysOver MVP
MVP (3)09-16-200053 daysOver Spartan who was unmasked to be Troy Martin
Spartan (Troy Martin) [2]09-09-20007 daysOver Chamelion