World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Intercontinental Title

ChampionDate WonTitle ReignNotes
Johnny Maverick06-17-20142179 daysOver Anna Mathews & Jacob Figgins
Anna Mathews12-30-2013169 daysOver Teddy Alexander
Teddy Alexander11-27-201333 days
Duff Côte d`Ivoire [2]06-02-2013178 daysWon the Dorkgasm Battle Royal
Vacant05-21-2012377 daysMerged with the Grizzly Beer championship at Who's the Man
Matt Stone [4]05-20-20121 dayDefeated Nightstryker
Nightstryker [6]02-19-201291 daysDefeated Matt Stone
Matt Stone [3]10-16-2011126 daysDefeated Marxx, Mark McNasty, and Riona Langly in a Ladder Match to be declared sole IC Champion
Matt Stone [2] / Mark McNasty [2]08-14-201163 daysCo-Champions due to corruption and a general clusterfuck in the IC title scene
Mark McNasty [2]08-14-20110 daysAwarded the title retroactively by President Rob Robinson on 09/11/2011.
Matt Stone [2]05-22-201184 daysOver Simon Kalis
Simon Kalis04-17-201135 daysOver David Blazenwing
David Blazenwing03-27-201121 daysOver Duff Côte d`Ivoire
Duff Côte d`Ivoire02-22-201133 daysOver Matt Stone
Matt Stone10-19-2010126 daysOver Cody Bogard
"The Crisis Ace" Cody Bogard [2]09-13-201036 daysOver Spykeman, Phoenix and Bronx Williams in a Gauntlet Match
Spykeman!08-16-201028 daysOver Cody Bogard
"The Crisis Ace" Cody Bogard07-12-201035 daysOver Riona Langly
Riona Langly [3]04-24-201079 daysOver Marxx on Night One of RPM 2
"The Midnight Role Model" Marxx [2]12-20-2009125 daysOver Emperor Ian & Trent Bradley (Triple Threat Santa's Surprise Match)
Emperor Ian11-28-200922 daysOver Marxx
"The Midnight Role Model" Marxx10-03-200956 daysOver Matthew Engel in the Finals of the IC Tournament
Matthew "Virus" Engel [2]10-03-20090 daysOver Jethro Hayes in Round 1 of the IC Tournament
Jethro Hayes08-16-200948 daysOver Hunter Sullivan
"The Viper" Hunter Sullivan06-27-200950 daysOver Riona Langly
Riona Langly [2]05-17-200941 daysOver Shadow Starr & Project X in an Elimination Match.
Shadow Starr04-18-200929 daysOver Viktor Stone in a Triple Threat also involving Raizzor
Raizzor [2]04-12-20096 daysOver Viktor Stone
Viktor "The Beast" Stone03-21-200922 daysOver Corey Lazarus
Corey Lazarus02-15-200934 daysOver Riona Langly
Riona Langly09-19-2008149 daysOver Jamie Flynn
Jamie Flynn07-11-200870 daysOver Virus
Matthew "Virus" Engel06-13-200828 daysOver Nightmare
"Nightmare" Jonothan Wehali04-18-200856 daysOver Mark McNasty
Mark McNasty01-25-200884 daysWon Key #6 in Keys to Glory Event
VACANT09-30-2006482 daysPWA Closes Down
Cody Galle07-30-200662 daysOver 'Hotshot'
VACANT03-28-20031220 daysTitle re-suspended due to no backing from ADC
Thunderwolf [4]03-28-20030 daysOver Project-X (Although vacant, the title was brought back during Genesis 5.)
VACANT07-12-2002259 daysTitle is Suspended
Nightstryker [5]06-30-200212 daysOver Thunderwolf, Fallen Angel, & MVP (Elimination Match)
Thunderwolf [3]06-19-200211 daysOver Nightstryker
Nightstryker [4]06-05-200214 daysOver The Spider
The Spider [3]05-26-200210 daysOver PaNZaDiSe
PaNZaDiSe03-31-200256 daysOver Fallen Angel for Vacant title (Defeated Showtime for chance at the title earlier in night)
VACANT03-31-20020 daysSirus Moran gives up title to be fought over later that night
Sirus Moran [2]03-02-200229 daysOver Slush
Slush02-20-200210 daysOver Showtime
Showtime [2]02-09-200211 daysOver Chase Wilson for Vacant title
VACANT01-17-200223 daysQuicksilver leaves PWA
Quicksilver01-06-200211 daysOver Jay
Jay12-30-20017 daysOver Thunderwolf
Thunderwolf [2]11-25-200135 daysOver Raizzor (Best of 5 Series)
Raizzor11-14-200111 daysOver Thunderwolf
"Thunderwolf" Dustin Kelser11-04-200110 daysOver Collins
Collins09-30-200135 daysOver Nightstyker in a Gauntlet Match also featuring Spider, & Tidwell
Nightstryker [3]07-18-200174 daysOver The Spider
The Spider [2]06-30-200118 daysOver Bloodlust, Prophet, & Corey Lazarus (Elimination Match for Vacant title)
VACANT06-30-20010 daysMetalhead leaves PWA
Metalhead05-02-200159 daysOver Gabrielle
Gabrielle03-03-200160 daysOver Showtime
"Showtime" Marcus Ambrose01-28-200134 daysOver Nightstryker
Nightstryker [2]12-13-200046 daysOver MVP
MVP11-25-200018 daysOver Sirus Moran
Sirus Moran10-18-200038 daysOver Ashram & MVP (3 Man, 3 Belt Match)
Ashram10-08-200010 daysOver Erik Draven
Erik Draven08-03-200066 daysOver The Spider
The Spider07-15-200019 daysOver Brymstone (Special Referee - Monkey McDee)
Brymstone05-20-200056 daysEnds Big Daddy's career and declares himself Intercontinental Champion
Ashe (Big Daddy)04-30-200020 daysOver Nightstryker & Troy Martin (Triple Threat)
Nightstryker03-22-200039 daysOver Tundra
Tundra02-13-200038 daysOver Ironheart
Ironheart02-09-20004 daysOver Cinergy
Cinergy [3]01-05-200035 daysOver Project-X
Project-X12-12-199924 daysOver Russell & The Great One (Triple Threat - Pins Both At Same Time)
Russell10-31-199942 daysOver The Man & Reese (Triple Threat)
The Man10-06-199925 daysOver Rage
Rage09-25-199911 daysOver Chamelion
Chamelion08-29-199927 daysOver The Great One
The Great One08-11-199918 daysOver The Corpse
The Corpse07-07-199935 daysOver Cinergy
Cinergy [2]06-27-199910 daysOver Gareth Evans
Gareth Evans06-22-19995 daysOver Cinergy
Mr. T06-12-199910 daysOver The Canadian Crippler (Boxing Match)
The Canadian Crippler05-30-199913 daysOver Dr. Steven Remo
Dr. Steven Remo05-01-199929 daysWon title in a match where the title could change hands on DQ. Remo has Mikey P. committed to an mental asylum and cannot show
Mikey P.04-19-199912 daysDefeated Dr. E. Pain twice in the finals of a double elimination tournament.
Anna Mathews00-00-0000730260 daysOver Teddy Alexander