World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

World Heavyweight Title

ChampionDate WonTitle ReignNotes
The Phoenix[7]06-17-20142179 daysOver Simon Kalis & Matthew Engel
Simon Kalis [2]02-24-2014113 daysDefeated Bubba J and Anna Mathews in an Asylum match
Bubba J11-27-201389 daysOver Anna Mathews
Anna Mathews08-04-2013115 daysOver Cody Bogard
Cody Bogard07-08-201327 daysOver Jethro Hayes
Jethro Hayes [4]06-02-201336 daysDefeated Anna Mathews, Cody Bogard and Viktor Stone
Anna Mathews04-07-201356 daysDefeated Matt Stone
Matt Stone [2]12-23-2012105 daysWon the Dome of Destruction that also featured Emily Corlen
Emily Corlen07-29-2012147 daysDefeated Elena Simonova in a match that included Jethro Hayes
Jethro Hayes [3]07-08-201221 daysDefeated TMB and Marvin Wood
Thomas Manchester Black06-24-201214 daysDefeated The Phoenix
The Phoenix [6]12-18-2011189 daysOver Matt Stone, Marvin Wood, Emily Corlen, Lucious Starr, and Mark McNasty in the Dome of Destruction Match
"Straight Shooter" Matt Stone11-13-201135 daysOver Marvin Wood in a London's Burning cage match.
Marvin Wood10-16-201128 daysOver Panzadise
Panzadise [5]08-21-201156 daysOver Matthew Engel
Matthew "Virus" Engel [4]03-27-2011147 daysDefeated Marxx, Jethro Hayes, & Lucious Starr in a Fatal Fourway Elimination Match to be crowned World Champion and WTM 2011 Winner
Vacant03-01-201126 daysTeresa vacates the title to move to Victory Wrestling. Title remains void till Who's The Man!?
Teresa Quaranta02-22-20117 daysOver Simon Kalis
Simon Kalis12-21-201063 daysOver Riona in a very large glass box
Riona Langly [3]11-23-201028 daysOver Lucious Starr
"The Fury of Hades" Lucious Starr09-13-201071 daysAfter taking control of the company, Starr ordered Riona into a match. As she was not present, he declared himself champion due to a count out.
Riona Langly [2]07-12-201063 daysOver Johnny Maverick for the Vacant Championship
VACANT06-13-201029 daysLisa Seldon strips Laura Estella of the Undisputed World Title over medical concerns.
Laura Estella03-28-201077 daysOver Riona Langly, Ryan Ross, Matt Stone, Bubba J, and Kyle Stevenson in a six-match gauntlet to crown the first PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.
Riona Langly02-28-201028 daysOver Raizzor
Raizzor [5]12-20-200970 daysOver Matthew Engel
Matthew "Virus" Engel [3]10-25-200956 daysOver Jethro Hayes in a Texas Death Match
Jethro Hayes [2]09-20-200935 daysOver Matthew Engel
Matthew "Virus" Engel [2]08-16-200935 daysOver Marxx & Scott Nash Strader in a Gauntlet Match
Marxx06-27-200950 daysOver Jethro Hayes
Jethro Hayes04-12-200976 daysDefeated The Phoenix, Riona Langly, Jacob Figgins, Mark McNasty, & Hunter Sullivan inside the Elimination Chamber.
The Phoenix [5]02-15-200956 daysOver Scottie Snow (Won a rematch later that night.)
Scottie "The Panther" Snow02-15-20090 daysOver The Phoenix
The Phoenix [4]12-12-200865 daysDefeated Riona Langly, Corey Lazarus, Project-X, Viktor Stone, & Matthew Engel inside Dr. Steven Remo's Dome of Destruction.
VACANT11-16-200826 daysTitle stripped from SNS due to double disqualification at Good vs Evil
Scott Nash Strader10-17-200830 daysOver Virus
Matthew "Virus" Engel10-03-200814 daysOver Chamelion
Chamelion [4]09-19-200814 daysAwarded Title when the ref stopped the match due to McNastys injury
Mark McNasty06-13-200898 daysOver Corey Lazarus
Corey Lazarus05-16-200828 daysOver Lex Demise
Lex Demise05-02-200814 daysOver Raizzor
Raizzor [4]03-14-200849 daysOver Project-X
Project-X [2]01-25-200849 daysWon Key #1 in Keys to Glory event
VACANT09-30-2006482 daysPWA Closes Down Again
Psycho Sandra [2]08-05-200656 daysWon Champions vs Challengers Match with all titles on the line
Alex Wilkie07-30-20066 daysOver KWB in Who's The Man Final to win title
Chamelion [3]12-29-20021309 daysOver Fallen Angel
Aura11-14-200245 daysOver Jamie Havoc
Jamie Havoc10-28-200217 daysOver Showtime
Showtime [5]10-21-20027 daysOver Sirus Moran & Grey Wolf (Triple Threat)
Sirus Moran [5]08-28-200254 daysOver Nightstryker
Nightstryker [2]08-10-200218 daysOver Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel [2]07-28-200213 daysOver Dr. Demise to unify the title
Dr. Demise & "Fallen Angel" Nathan Kelser07-17-200211 daysFallen Angel defeats The Phoenix for his half of the belt
Dr. Demise & The Phoenix [3]07-10-20027 daysDr. Demise defeated Erik Draven for his half of the belt
Erik Draven & The Phoenix [3]06-30-200210 daysDeclared co-winners due to a simultaneous pin
Erik Draven05-11-200250 daysOver The Phoenix
The Phoenix [2]04-10-200231 daysOver Psycho Sandra
Psycho Sandra03-09-200232 daysOver Showtime
Showtime [4]03-02-20027 daysOver Thunderwolf
"Thunderwolf" Dustin Kelser02-04-200226 daysOver Kevin Cool
Kevin Cool01-10-200225 daysOver Chamelion
Chamelion [2]11-25-200146 daysOver Showtime
Showtime [3]11-14-200111 daysOver Jay
Jay11-04-200110 daysOver Showtime
Showtime [2]09-30-200135 daysOver PaNZaDiSe
PaNZaDiSe [4]09-02-200128 daysOver Silverback
Silverback (Monkey McDee) [3]06-30-200164 daysOver Sirus Moran & Showtime (BattleDome Match)
Sirus Moran [4]04-08-200183 daysOver Showtime
The Krymson Dragons (Raizzor [2] & Chamelion)03-15-200124 daysOver The Brothers Grimm when Showtime came to the ring dressed as 'Al' and attacked Sirus Moran.
"Showtime" Marcus Ambrose03-10-20015 daysOver The Spider
The Spider [3]02-25-200113 daysOver Ironheart
Ironheart [2]01-28-200128 daysOver The Spider
The Spider [2]12-24-200035 daysOver Chamelion (Returning President Robinson grants immediate rematch)
Chamelion12-24-20000 daysOver The Spider
The Spider11-18-200036 daysOver Project-X for Vacant title
VACANT11-16-20002 daysAshram leaves PWA
Ashram11-08-20008 daysOver Nightstryker
Nightstryker10-08-200031 daysOver Monkey McDee & Chamelion (Triple Threat - PaNZiDiSe as Guest Ref)
Monkey McDee [2]09-03-200035 daysOver PaNZaDiSe
PaNZaDiSe [3]08-06-200028 daysOver Sirus Moran, Brymstone, Ron Porter, Big Daddy, & Project-X (Elimination Match)
Project-X07-12-200025 daysOver PaNZaDiSe
PaNZaDiSe [2]06-14-200028 daysOver Rage II
Rage II (The Dragon)06-10-20004 daysOver PaNZaDiSe
PaNZaDiSe06-04-20006 daysOver Sirus Moran for Vacant title in BattleDome. (PaNZaDiSe defeated Brymstone & Sirus defeated Metalhead to qualify)
VACANT05-13-200022 daysSirus drops World title after winning Internet title
Sirus Moran [3]05-05-20008 daysOver The Corpse
The Corpse [3]04-30-20005 daysOver PaNZaDiSe & Project-X for Vacant title (Three Way Dance)
VACANT04-30-20000 daysSirus Vacates title after losing Loser Leaves Town match
Sirus Moran [2]04-01-200029 daysOver Ironheart in Gauntlet Match also featuring Mack Moran, Fletcher, & Grifter
Ironheart03-22-200010 daysOver Raizzor. Ironheart & Raizzor defeated Prima Donna & Project-X to determine participants in match
Raizzor [3]02-13-200038 daysOver Prima Donna, Cinergy, & The Corpse
Prima Donna01-26-200018 daysOver The Monkey and Sirus Moran (Triple Threat)
Stephen "Monkey McDee" McDonald12-12-199945 daysOver Crippler, Rage, & Nightstryker (Fatal Four Way)
Crippler11-24-199918 daysOver The Corpse
The Corpse [2]10-31-199924 daysPinned Stephen "Monkey McDee" McDonald at the end of a Survivor Series Match to become win Vacant championship
Nightmare08-29-199920 daysPinned Dr. Steven Remo in an 11-man Dr. Steven Remo's Dome of Destruction Match
Dr. Steven Remo [2]08-11-199918 daysOver Sirus Moran
Sirus Moran07-31-199911 daysOver Dr. Steven Remo
Dr. Steven Remo07-18-199913 daysOver Raizzor
Raizzor [2]07-14-19994 daysOver The Corpse
The Corpse07-10-19994 daysOver Raizzor
Raizzor06-27-199913 daysOver Dr. Steven Remo in the finals of a tournament to crown a new champion
Cinergy06-15-199912 daysOver Mr. T
Rage [2]06-12-19990 daysOver Mikey P, who then drops the title
Mikey P05-30-199913 daysOver The Phoenix
"The Phoenix" Rob Robinson05-30-19990 daysOver Rage & Fear
Fear05-08-199922 daysOver King Agony
King Agony05-01-19997 daysOver Rage
Rage04-18-199913 daysOver EMT (Tundra)
Tundra03-30-199919 daysWon the title by pinning B. Dubbs in the finals of a tournament