World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

RPW Aggression Title

ChampionDate WonTitle ReignNotes
Marvin Wood02-20-20142296 days
Vacant04-23-2013303 daysTitle declared defunct and vacant as REBEL Pro closes
Marvin Wood [2]04-07-201316 daysDefeated Justin Case
"The Chosen One" Justin Case12-17-2012111 daysOver Anna Mathews
Anna Mathews (2)10-22-201256 daysOver Marvin Wood
Marvin Wood08-27-201256 daysOver Mark McNasty
Mark McNasty06-04-201284 daysOver Chad Kurtis and Jacob Figgins for the vacant title
VACANT05-28-20127 daysAnna Mathews vacated the title by blasting it into space as she was already the RPW World champion
Anna Mathews02-20-201298 daysOver Johnny Maverick
Johnny Maverick(3)10-31-2011112 daysOver Virgil Keenan and Jaice Wilds in a triple threat match
Virgil Keenan09-26-201135 daysOver Violet Harper and Jaice Wilds in a triple threat match
Violet Harper07-04-201184 daysAwarded title after Hostile disappeared and was unable to defend
Hostile04-29-201166 daysOver Emily Corlen
Emily Corlen04-15-201114 daysOver Simon Kalis
Simon Kalis04-01-201114 daysEscaped with the title in a Kingdom of Death match
Lizatanna!02-11-201149 daysOver Jaice Wilds
Jaice Wilds02-11-20110 daysOver Marina Blue
Marina Blue(2)01-28-201114 daysWon in a Triple Threat over Derrick Figgins and Vintor Otis
Johnny Maverick(2)11-05-201084 daysOver Marina Blue
Marina Blue10-08-201028 daysOver "The Show" Chad Kurtis
"The Show" Chad Kurtis10-01-20107 daysOver Grandpa Gary
Grandpa Gary(2)09-17-201014 daysOver JT Whiplash
JT Whiplash (2)09-10-20107 daysOver Akuma The Malignant
Akuma The Malignant09-03-20107 daysOver Grandpa Gary
Grandpa Gary08-06-201028 daysWon vacant title in tourney finals
The Freak07-02-201035 daysOver Xandor Cross
Xandor Cross06-18-201014 daysOver Jacob Venar
Jacob Venar05-28-201021 daysOver Johnny Maverick
JT Whiplash04-09-201049 daysDefeated Johnny Maverick on the first Aggression show.
Johnny Maverick04-02-20107 daysWon title in tourney finals.