World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Simon Kalis

Handler: Harry
Height: 6'5
Weight: 220lbs
Classification: Face
Classification: Heavyweight
Hometown: Montreal, QC Canada
Entrance Music: "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones
Entrance Description: update soon
Moves: Commonly Used-

Muay Thai Common Moves:

Reverse foot thrust(if opponent is behind him, he thrusts his foot back into their shins while beinding forward)
Straight foot thrust(Straight to the shins)
sideways foot thrust(side of the shins)
Rising Kick(raises his leg vertically quickly and straight up into opponents face)
Elbow thrust(ducks and dekes closer to opponents body and thrusts elbow into their ribs)
Elbow Uppercut(Uses elbow for uppercut instead of fist)
Elbow Chop(Using elbows as fists)
Block(he uses his legs to block the opponents jabs or kicks, and any attempt to grapple)
cobra clutch
german suplex
nothern lights suplex
arm drag
hip toss
top rope axehandle smash
frog splash
springboard leg drop
springboard moonsault
suicide plancha
DDT(and variations)
enziguri kick
missile dropkick
sleeper holds
dragon sleeper hold
argentine leg lock
figure four leglock
ankle lock

Special Moves-

Remembrance: A Muay Thai angle kick which involves using the fell strength of the body in rotation for the kick for extra power)

The Eyes of Eternity: Modified STF

Retribution: Corkscrew Shooting Star Press.

S.D.S(Sudden Defeat Syndrome): This move is performed with Kalis knocked to the canvas by his opponent. Kalis is on his back and his opponent is going to pick him up by the neck when Kalis rolls himself onto his shoulders and the back of his neck and lifts his legs up toward the opponent, latching onto their neck with his knees both pointed inward. He slams them forward to the canvas and at the same time grinds his knees into their neck while rolling them up for a quick 1, 2, 3. This move always results in a pin attempt.

The Boys of Sommer: In a mock towards PWA Owner Mark "Chamelion" Sommers, Kalis will use his opponents finisher on them like a "chamelion". However it does not have as strong effect hence it is only a special not amongst his other finishers.


Sentencing of the Damned: the invertabreaker off the top rope( **** ONLY USE IF VICTORY IS 100%. REALISTICALLY, NO ONE CAN GET UP FROM THIS MOVE**** )

Sincerely: a quick succession of muay thai kicks to the face, following the opponent as they stumble backwards. Kalis switches from both left and right feet as he kicks three times to drop the opponent to their knees, before Kalis himself falls back quickly and throws both of his feet up to bounce them off the opponents chest. As he lands on his hands and bounces off he uses his two feet once more to deliver a double blow to the opponents face, before jumping forward for a quick pin.)

Tears Of Redemption: Eye Gouge into Diamond cutter

The Sentencing of the Damned(Fatality Remix!): Called as such in memory of Johnny Maverick, Simon Kalis will maintain ground position when executing the SotD which is in and of itself a vertaebreaker. However when Simon hits the vertaebreaker, he maintains his lock on the opponent and gets back on his feet. He drops them a second time. Repeats for a third, and final time. Most likely only Raizzor could kick out of this shit.

Kalis-A-Gogo: Gogoplata

AK-47: Legendary combination move that strikes fear in the enemy, if done properly will lead to an ass whooping. Dubbed the "Aaron Kalis 47 special" it is a 47 hit combo of muay thai and brawling techniques ended with a superkick. It is the RAREST move he will use, only in the most personal and intense of situations.

HARA KIRI: Simon Kalis acts as if he has a sword by his side and pulls it out. Standing straight in the ring, he motions as if turning the blade to face himself and thrusts the "sword" into his chest, before falling to his knees and dramatically collapsing to the canvas. It's at this point he allows himself to be pinned and defeated.


Pistol Whip: It is what it is. Kalis will in desperate measures reveal he is packing a 9mm or a 38 snub nosed revolver, pulling it out from his crotch and pistol whipping his opponent in the face from 1 to 5 times(1 to daze, 5 to make bleed) and then chuck the gun into the crowd for a doting fan.

(not used when he is a heel)GLORIOUS: If all hope is lost, the crowd will begin a trance like chant of the word "GLORIOUS" to revive Kalis with a sudden burst of adrenaline and strength, causing Kalis to slowly get back up stomping his feet before saluting the crowd and continuing a fight thought to be lost to him.

Quote: "I don't fight, I just win."

"I'm not the devil. I'm just a nigga on a whole nother level."

History: Simon began his career in late 2001.

A lot of shit went down.
Other Info: Simon Kalis is a widower, and has four children. The eldest, twins Maya and Adrian, Brian and now Aaron Strader-Kalis, from his marriage with Tamika Nash Strader

He had a previous wife, Vanessa, who is deceased and was sister to Riona Langly. He also has several half-brothers, of which almost all have competed in professional wrestling. In no particular order: George Olen, Ace Olen, Peter Olen, Daniel Kalis. Only George never competed in professional wrestling.

The following are his title achievements:

AoWF Tag Team Champion x2 (CURRENT)
AoWF King O'Extreme Champion (CURRENT)
AoWF Television Champion (CURRENT)
PWA Intercontinental Champion
RPW Aggression Champion
RPW Tag Team Champion (w/Masakazu)
PWA Undisputed World Champion x2
PWA Tag Team Champion (x4)( w/ Masakazu x2, w/ Johnny Maverick, w/ Matthew Engel)
DRWF Eternal Champion(x2)
DRWF FTW Champion
DRWF Cutting Edge Champion
SWF National Champion (x2)(Longest Reigning)
EWF Intercontinental Champion
XWA World Champion
XWA All-Rounder Champion
FTW Wrestling World Champion(x2)
FTW Xtreme Champion
PSW North American Champion
PSW Tag Team Champion( w/Frank Roberts)
PSW Television Champion
PSW Extreme Violence
PSW World Champion( awarded Championship by new owner before final closing)
SCW World Champion( first)
IWF Gimmick Champion
IWF Tag Team Champion (w/Pete Ebdon)
IWF International Champion(All IWF titles held simultaneousl)
TRW FTW Champion(First)
CWF Unified Champion (Final)
CWF International Champion (first)
CWF Tag Team Champion(x2)
WWCXI Internet Champion

Other Achievements:

AoWF Tag Team of the Year 2011 as The Order of Chaos w/Adrian Kalis

Best Tag Team of the Year 2011 as The Order of Chaos w/Masakazu
Best Feud of the Year 2011 vs. Lucious Starr
Tag Team of the Quarter Q4 2011 as The Order of Chaos w/Masakazu
Feud of the Quarter Q3 2011 vs. Lucious Starr
Match of the Quarter Q2 2011 vs. Lisa Seldon, Teresa Quaranta & Alexander O'Ryan
Heel of the Quarter Q1 2011
Feud of the Quarter Q1 2011 vs. Teresa Quaranta

Heel of the Year 2010
Feud of the Year(as Leader of OoC) vs. The PWA
Match of the Year w/Matthew Engel vs. SNS & Jethro Hayes

Heel of the Quarter Q4 2010
Feud of the Quarter Q4 2010 vs. the PWA

Feud of the Quarter Q3 2010 vs. Scott Nash Strader
Match of the Quarter Q3 2010 w/Matthew Engel vs. Jethro Hayes & Scott Nash Strader
Heel of the Quarter Q3 2010

PWA Who's The Man?! Tournament Winner 2010
PWA Wrestler of the Month(March 2010)

PWA Tag Team of the Quarter Q3 2009
PWA Tag Team of the Quarter Q4 2009
PWA Tag Team of the Year 2009
(All as Order of Chaos w/ Masakazu)

DRWF Superstar of the Year 2006
PSW Hall of Fame