World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Tamika Nash Strader

Handler: andre
Height: 5'9
Weight: 135
Classification: Face
Classification: Cruiserweight
Hometown: London, Ontario Canada
Entrance Music: Uprising by Muse
Entrance Description:
Moves: Basic Moves
# 1 Arm twist ropewalk chop
# 2 Axe handle
# 3 Crossbody
# 4 Springboard Bulldog
# 5 Plancha
# 6 Asai Moonsault
# 7 Double Arm DDT
# 8 Hurricanrana
# 9 Piledriver
# 10 Russian Leg Sweep

Signature Double Team Moves
# 1 Thick Headed - Battering Ram
# 2 Bitch on the Run - Double Clothesline
# 3 Cemetery Gates - Doomsday Device

# 1 Jacque-Hammer - Much like a Senton bomb, but Tamika comes down on her feet instead of her shoulders and head onto the stomach of her opponent.

# 2 Suicide and Redemption - Crisscross stranglehold cut throat, with her sitting on her opponents back. She will also lock her opponents ankle up with her legs.

# 3 Backseat Vasectomy - Desperation move. With the opponent on their back, Tamika lifts there legs and splits them apart as far as she can. Then with all her might snaps the legs outwards and falls elbow first on the groin of her opponent.
Quote: Shhhh.. do you hear that?

Who doesn't love some Joe BoXeR cock?
History: Tamika was born to Scott Nash Strader and Lisa Hayes on March 20 1990, and her twin brother arrived four hours later on March 21 1990. She was raised in Japan by her mother, and did not develop a relationship with her father until 2006. That was not her or his fault however, because he did not know of their existence.

Now that her father is retired, her and her older half sister Meghan are hitting the tag team circuit, in hopes of gaining the tag team glory Strader's hold near and dear to their hearts.

Things didn’t exactly go the way the Cowgirls had hoped when the AOWF returned as Tamika had to enter the witness protection program with her father and older sister. Thankfully, Tamika’s twin John was able to track the three down and help them make the transition back into the living.

A lot has changed in the life of the Cowgirl we know as Tamika. She is married to The Last Superstar Simon Kalis, and is a mother to their child Aaron Scott Kalis. Now that she and Meghan have returned they want only one thing... to reclaim their tag team glory.
Other Info: Handedness: Southpaw
Build: She has a slender build but is extremely well toned and strong due to her ballet and Mauy Thai training.
Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde.
Hair Style: Long and wavy.
Eye Colour: Green.
Skin Tone: Paler complexion like her late mother, Lisa Hayes (no relation to Jethro).
Fashion Sense: Tamika is modest in fashion. She is very simple. In the summer she is a fan of sun dresses for instance. She is not high maintenance, so jeans and simple tank tops or jackets are just fine by her.


Tattoos: Her sons name, Aaron, on the inside of her right wrist.
Piercings: Her ears are pierced. Rumor has it she has other piercings but only Simon would know about them and apparently Brian Rentfro.
Scars: None.


Personality Overview: Tamika is overall a sweetheart and has a heart of gold. She loves those she cares for very deeply and her loyalty is incredible. She is a bit of a silly heart not letting things bother her like most Straders but that can change if she feels her loved ones are in danger. She is a independent woman who is consistently reliable.
Religious Beliefs: Christian (Catholic) but not active within the Church.
Habitual Hobbies: When she is not training with her sister, or being a lover to her husband she is a mother. Being a mother is something that she always dreamed about, and the day to day activities are all the hobbies she feels she needs.

Ring Attire
Upper Body: A red tanktop with the cFh logo in black on the front and horse skull and cross bones on the back.
Lower Body: Black wrestling tights.
Footwear: White black laced boots.
Other: Black Taped fists.
Accessories: None.


Lover: Simon Kalis (husband)
Close Friends: Strader Clan
Tag Team Partner(s): Meghan Strader
Known Allies: Strader Clan, Kalis Family
Known Enemies: Kelsers, Engels and Lucious Starr
Known Family: SNS (father), Lisa Hayes-Strader (mother; deceased), tDR (uncle), tCR (uncle, deceased), Vicca Li (aunt, deceased) Black Angel (uncle), Vanessa (aunt), William Strader (grandfather, deceased), and Hannah Strader (grandmother)

Stables: Vulgar Display of Power (defunct)
Debut Event: Saturday Night Rampage 09-12-2009
Current Federation: PWA
Previous Federations: VW, BWF, RPW
Title/Award History: PWA Tag Team Champion (/w Meghan Nash Strader as the Cowgirls From Hell)
BWF Tag Tag Team Champion (/w Meghan Nash Strader as the Cowgirls from Hell)