World Heavyweight Title: The Phoenix
Intercontinental Title: Johnny Maverick

Johnny Maverick

Handler: Allen
Height: 6'2
Weight: 200
Classification: Face
Classification: Cruiserweight
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Entrance Music: 'Gotta Go' by Agnostic Front
Entrance Description: The arena goes dark.

'From the east coast to the west coast
Gotta gotta gotta go
Two sounds of a revolution
Gotta gotta gotta go
In our hearts in our souls
Gotta gotta gotta go
United we stand, divided we fall
Gotta gotta go'

The audience starts chanting 'Oi' along with the song as Johnny emerges from the back. He responds to their energy with equal energy, pounding his chest and releasing his signature feral roar.

'Can’t keep touch with you or me
Gotta gotta go
Need sense of security
Gotta gotta go
Want to live my life for me
Gotta gotta go
Why can’t they just let me be
Gotta gotta go'

Johnny casually makes his way to the ring, stopping to occasionally high five or touch hands with the members of the 'Maverick Militia' in the audience.

'Say I’m crazy
Just brain dead
Planting thoughts
Within my head
Can’t believe
What I’ve said
What has become of me
What has become of me'

Johnny hops up on the apron, and takes a moment to look out into the crowd, smirking. He climbs into the ring through the second rope and goes to a corner to bounce on his heels a bit, awaiting/staring down his opponent.
Moves: Johnny is well-trained in Muay Boran, Krav Maga, Savate, MCMAP, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has a very ground and pound style, liking to soften his opponent up with strikes before going for a submission. This would be a very simple strategy if it wasn't for Johnnys love of showing off. Johnny will but out something insane if he feels the spotlight slipping off of himself for even a second. Recently Johnny has thrown a lot more acrobatics into his style.

(Along with these, Johnny uses a very amateur/shoot style in the ring)

Roundhouse kick
Lots of knee and elbow strikes
Several variations of armbreaker
Boston Crab
Crossface Chickenwing
Rear Naked Choke
Bow and Arrow lock
Northern Lights Suplex
Double Underhook suplex
German Suplex
Dragon Suplex
Lou Thesz Press (plus strikes)
Backhand chop
Cactus Clothesline
Suicide Splash
Shining Wizard


OF,MF! (Oh F***, My Face!)- Running palm strike to the face.
This move is the string to Johnnys bow. When the odds are stacked against Johnny, this always turns things in his favor. It's a perfect set up to The ABM or the MBT

Drain Bramage- This was Johnnys original finisher. A Jumping Brainbuster.

The Tony Jaa- Springboard knee strike to the opponents throat OR a simple Muay Thai jumping knee strike.

Prelude to Perfection- Johnny locks his opponent in an arm wringer, yanks downward to do some damage, then sidesteps nails a double knee armbreaker. This is specifically to set up for his Armbar finish.


Perfecter Armbar: A double under hook suplex into a flawless armbar.

Another Body Murdered (The ABM): Lifting Leg Hook Reverse DDT.
Johnny has accepted that, though submissions are awesome, a pin is just as effective at putting someone away. This move will put his opponent down for a three count in no time. (See Derek Fraziers 'Pure Impact')

Magic Bullet Theory: Johnny nails his opponent with a spinning backfist and as they fall to the ground he lunges and hits them with a superman punch. Instant knockout.

The Sentencing of The Darned- A vertebreaker off of the first rope.
Quote: *Big Bugs Bunny Kiss to his opponent, Male or Female*
History: Johnny Maverick is a 26 year old with anrchist/revolutionary tendencies who was trained by GWA Alumni Danny Daemon (his father), Cody Bogard, Hated, and Hunter Sullivan. He achieved mild success in the NLS but is setting his sights higher. Johnnys technical style and crass, sarcastic attitude led to several NLS wrestlers nicknaming him 'The Smartass Submission Machine' a title which he accepts wholeheartedly. Outside of wrestling, he is the frontman of D.C. Hardcore band 'SPSPS' (Split Post-Sex Pee Stream). When asked why he hasnt used any of his bands music for his entrance, he proclaimed that they 'totally suck'. Johnnys recent betrayal at the hands of Danny Daemon and Hunter Sullivan has left him a World-weary mess. Wrestling has become the only thing that makes sense to a man who is slowly losing his sanity. Johnny has allied himself with the 'Apostles of Ares', hoping their help can allow him to destroy Hunter Sullivan and his cohorts. Johnny has been revealed to be the Crimson Ghost. Towards the end of the events involving the Pantheon, Johnny established a group known as 'The Brotherhood of Failure'. He has become something of a cult leader, spreading his teachings to his army of followers known as the 'Hoodie Ninjas'. This and his Anarcho-Communist background have put him on several government watchlists. He was engaged to Jackie o'Riley who was put into a coma by Hunter Sullivan. She eventually came out and said that Johnny had 'turned into a monster'. Johnny has accepted his role as a monster and is looking to unleash his fury on the PWA. After a loss to Riona Langly for the WHC, he was fired for assaulting a fan who called him a 'faggot'. Johnny used his time off wisely and has been doing a tremendous amount of training in gymnastics and MCMAP. Johnny has found a loophole allowing for him to make his return. His target? The Order of Chaos.

Johnny was forced to step out of the ring due to injuries he had been hiding from his friends, family, and doctors and in this time he developed a relationship with Emily Corlen. He made his in-ring return at BWF Mavok and intends to steal David Blazenwings company from him and destroy the new threat of 'The Alliance'.

Johnny and his team won and Johnny quickly sold the BWF to Gabe Shelley for a dollar. After these events Johnny joined Victory Wrestling and went on quite a winning streak, eventually winning the Victory World Title, AOWF World Title, and REBEL Pro Aggression title. Despite hius success, Johnny appeared to be growing disinterested with wrestling as a whole and announced he'd be retiring. After his 'Final' match he came out to manage his student Allen against his brother Spyke being managed by his father. After the match Johnny brutally assaulted all three of them to reveal he was returning to the PWA under his original name 'Johnny Chaos'. Johnny Chaos is a nihilist who believes his physical and mental superiority to all of those around him means that none of the rules apply to him anymore. He takes the phrase 'survival of the fittest' to some very violent extremes.

Despite his new attitude, he is still overwhelmingly devoted to his wife, Emily.

That overwhelming devotion clearly meant very little as Johnny was cheated on and Emily eventually left him for Matt Stone. Due to this and a myriad of other issues, Johnny had a drug overdose that claimed his life....for a moment or two. Johnny was revived and was offered a chance by his father to fake his death and heal his broken heart and a myriad of minor injuries. Johnny is back and seemingly back to his old ways, a man who seemingly takes very little seriously, loves to have fun, and is very very violent in the ring. He's a fan favorite in the AOWF. He has returned under the name 'Johnny Kennedy'. That didn't last long and now Johnny Maverick is back in action.
Other Info: Other Info: In-Ring gear (solo). Johnny wears Gym shorts, kickpads, kneepads, an elbowpad on his left elbow, black and red wrestling boots he inherited from his dad, and wears black and red MMA grappling and striking gloves.

Tattoos: Johnny has Captain America's shield tattooed on his right bicep and the words 'Pin Me and Pay Me' on his left bicep (part of a bet he lost). He has the word 'Ground' tattooed on the back of his right hand and 'Pound' on the back of his left. On the inside of both of his forearms he has 'MUST NOT SLEEP' on one forearm and 'MUST WARN OTHERS' on the other. Right below his neck on his back he has two spears and a shield with the roman numeral for 3 in the middle, signifying his loyalty to the Apostles of Ares.

Title History-
1X PWA Television Title
2X PWA Tag Team Champion (w/Jacob Figgins as Chaos Theory)
1X PWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Gary Maverick as The Maverick Initiative)
3x Grizzly Beer Champion
1x REBEL Pro Number One Contendrs Trophy
1x REBEL Pro Carolinas Champion
2x REBEL Pro Aggression Champion
2x REBEL Pro Tag Team Champion (w/ Jacob Venar as 'The Juggernauts')
1x REBEL Pro World Champion
1x PWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Ollie Maverick as The Glorious Bastards)
1x Victory Wrestling World Champion
Former and only 'I'm Johnny Maverick' World Heavyweight Champion.
Former AOWF Television Champion
Former AOWF Tag Team Champion w/Anna Mathews (Kontroversy Kreates Kake)
Former BWF Sovereign Champion