"Strange Bedfellows"
Live on from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay, Florida on 
July 25th, 2008

We find ourselves backstage, the camera pans in on the ever-glowing Intercontinental Champion, Jamie Flynn. He's wearing a pair of jeans, black shirt, and of course his trademark Aviators. He leans against the wall, closing his eyes for a moment. He's absolutely focused. A young man begins to walk his way. He has dark brown hair, shaggy, that covers his eyes a little bit. He looks like a regular kid, with cargo shorts and navy blue shirt. Flynn can't put a finger on who he is immediately, but he does resemble a few people he's not entirely happy with at the moment.

Then it clicks. It's Matthew Engel's younger brother, Warren. Back from the dead, it would seem. Jamie can relate.

Warren Engel: "Jamie... how've you been?"

Flynn cocks an eye brow.

Jamie Flynn: "The world is my oyster. And I was kind of enjoying it until a minute ago."

Warren cracks a smile. Apparently, he's listened to Frankie Goes to Hollywood as well.

Warren Engel: "So was I, until I got dragged back here. Matt wants to reintroduce me to the lovely people of Pioneer Wrestling, and I almost have the nerve to tell him to piss off."

Flynn rubs his temple a little bit, and removes his Aviators.

Jamie Flynn: "It's a shame that you don't. You know, have the nerve to stand up to your big brother. He makes the air around here a hell of a lot more... murky."

Warren Engel: "So I've heard. It's hard for me, though. He thinks he knows what's best for me and doesn't like it when I think and do things for myself. It's quite irritating... and with this whole MoA bit, he's really hurting our family. Joe and him never talk anymore, and I get calls from my sister-in-law about how distant and quick-tempered he is recently."

Warren lets out a sigh. Flynn is tapping the side of his face - seemingly half-engaged in what he's hearing.

Jamie Flynn: "It must be a very difficult situation. Although as I sit here, I have to wonder what exactly you think any of this has to do with me?"

Warren pauses a moment. A sign of hesitation. He knows it's a long shot.

Warren Engel: "When you're laid up in a hospital bed, all you can do is watch. I don't need to tell you that, though. So, I've been watching. I've been watching Matt destroy my family's reputation week by week. I've been watching him turn on those who he could have trusted and those who trusted him. And I'm sick of it."

Warren pauses again. Jamie isn't phased.

Warren Engel: "It seems... one of the few people he could possibly listen to, one of the few people he might respect and trust, besides that ghost you people call Darren Ridel, is you. I was wondering if you could help me persuade Matt to drop the Master act and come back to reality. I don't think he knows he's destroying his family and his reputation. He thinks he's doing it for them, when he's actually a wrecking ball."

Jamie lets out a chuckle with a smile as he shakes his head.

Jamie Flynn: "Listen? To me? Dude, last time I tried to reason with that guy I got my head beat in. I'm pretty content right now. I've got a lot going for me. You want me to risk that to try and talk your brother out of playing 'evil dictator' like he so enjoys? Sorry, but he's dug his own grave. It doesn't matter who reaches their hand in to pull him out - because he's not grabbing on."

Jamie starts to walk away.

Warren Engel: "I thought you were different. Here I am putting my pride on the line with you, and you're going to turn your back on me? I have every right to break your jaw. You don't realize what he puts me through. He tells me all the time, 'Why can't you be more like Jamie?' 'Why couldn't you win like Jamie?' This and that. It's almost as if he'd rather have you as his younger brother, not me.

And you have the audacity to turn your back on me. He has this... obsession with you, as if you're the only true great competition for him left. And I'm fucking tired of it. I'm fucking tired of him trying to play God.

Not only do I have to live in his shadow, but apparently because I'm not like you, I'm not good enough for him. Fuck you, Jamie."

Jamie turns toward Warren, a look of sympathy on his face. He puts his Aviators on.

Jamie Flynn: "I really am sorry for your family. Take care."

And with that he continues on down the hall. Warren looks on with anger, but makes his way down the opposite end of the hall. Just before he disappears and we cut back to the ring, there's a struggle. Warren is suddenly ducktaped at the mouth and blackbagged. Two massive figures are carrying him away, both wearing masks. Warren tries to scream for Jamie, who's still at the other end of the hall. But, it's hopeless.

And then just like that - he's gone.

We cut backstage, in her locker room, to see Riona Langly warming up for her UFT match, teaming with Malcom West against Nightstryker & Seamus O'Connor.  Sitting on a chair on the ot her side of the locker room, looking bored with the proceedings, is recent PWA Radio guest and former multiple-time World Heavyweight Champion, 'The Sayvior' Brian Blade. 

Riona: "Brian, I really don't get why you even bothered to come out here this week.  I mean, don't you have other things to be doing, like... I don't know... PLANNING YOUR WEDDING?"

Brian:  "Meh.  Dana wanted a week off from me, so I went to DisneyWorld."

Riona: "I really... really don't see how the two of you are ever going to stand being married to each other."

Brian:  "Hey, we've managed to practically be married for a couple of years now, I think we can handle the real thing y'know?  Anyway, Raizzor gave me a free ticket after suffering with that idiot over the air..."

Riona: "I still never paid you back for being a moron on the show.  I mean, did you expect to crack jokes on me and get away with it?"

Brian:  "You should be grateful that I even bothered to come replace you at the last second.  I mean, I COULD have sent Jack."

Riona: "Oh GOD no... I remember his HiC Radio appearance.  That was more God awful than anything... most... some... a few... one thing than Rob's done on the radio since it started."

Brian:  "You know it's not nice to kick the man while he's down, right?  I mean, he's retired..." 

Riona just sort of glares at her mentor... He may be a friend and confidant... but it doesn't mean that she thinks he's very smart from time to time.  

Brian: " Alright, fine, you win.  Give him a couple of your soccer kicks if you must.  So... How you feeling about tonight?"

Riona: "Well... I'd be feeling better if I wasn't so concerned that it'll turn into a 3-on-1 against me.  I was doing small cracks at Malcom, I know, but I'm just hoping he's professional enough to put that aside.  Or, if failing that, at least mans up enough to prove me wrong."

Blade shakes his head.  Riona really was so naive at times...

Brian: "Riona, you really can't hold everyone in the business to your own code of conduct.  Fact is, yeah, you're better than most when it comes to keeping your two lives seperate.  But, that's just it, you're better than most.  Wrestling is a nasty business, and people play dirty.  Staying clean is ideal, but yeah, you can't do it all the time, and there's gonna be a time when you're going to have to learn that lesson."  

Riona: "Dropping to their level just makes me worse than them...  That's part of who I am, just like I demand perfection out myself.  I blame you for that by the way."

Brian: "Go ahead and blame me, but it still doesn't change the fact that you do so.  Nightstryker was right though... You put WAY too much into wins and losses.  It's not just about that... The business also involves momentum.  It involves drive, focus, and more importantly, coming out just as good from a loss as as win.  That's a hard thing to do, but it CAN be done.  You lose a match?  Make sure that you improve yourself and go harder the next."

Riona: "That's just it... My reputation is my everything, for better or worse.  If I keep losing, I start to look like the O'Conner Boys...  Respect is only kept with consistant victory."

Brian: "And you think losing a couple of matches is going to do that?  Really?  Seriously Rio, it's not how many times you win, it's how you present yourself.  And until you learn that, your biggest fear isn't going to be anything that man can do... It's going to be yourself."   

That changes the mood quite a bit... Riona slumps onto the nearby bench and looks down in contemplation of Brian's words.  To his credit, he sees the impact that they had on Riona and quickly goes into damage recovery mode.   

Brian: "Cheer up, or do I have to slap you again?"  

Riona: "Har har Brian... Still, I guess you've got a point."

Blade jumps up and stands on top of his chair, posing triuphantly...

Brian: "OF COURSE I DO!  I'm the great and magnificent Brian Blade... Slayer of Fleas, Strike-Buster of Union Ninjas, Censor of XXX, Sledgehammer to the Saxist, The Earth-Shattering Kaboom, Excitement Suppliment in the time of Boring, Defender of the Tall and Red-Headed, Checkmater of the the King RDTF, Heartbreaker to the Heartbreaker, Exorcist to the Dead, a Light in the Shadows, a White Knight amongst Dark Angels..."

Riona has the decency to facepalm in the face of all this... Blade's long list of instantly made up nicknames has broken the gloom and doom mood that she had been close to getting into...  Brian hops off the chair and takes a seat next to Riona.

Riona: "Tell me that you haven't been hanging around with Alex again..."

Brian: "Nah, he's too busy with his pals in the Arctic.  He is coming to the wedding though."

Riona: "Oh joy... between me, you, him, and Tyler... there's not going to be enough room for the guests and our egos."

Brian: "I know, that's why I rented an outdoor pavillion for it."

Riona: "I repeat my statement Brian."

Both get a laugh out of that one...  Riona smiling, laughing, enjoying herself... This is a change from the normal Riona Langly that we see as we head back to ringside...

Malcolm West & Riona Langly vs. Seamus O'Connor & Nightstryker

Eric Emerson: The following contest is a first round match in the United Forces Tournament, and has an Initial Tag Period of 5 minutes, with a 20-minute time limit!
))You say it's because we're boisterous((
))You hate us 'cause we got our dignity((

The Irish Republican flag waves on the ADC-Tron, and Seamus O'Connor steps out from the curtain, his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. Immediately, though, Malcolm West charges out behind him with a baseball bat, nailing him in the back of the head with a vicious shot. "Never Alone" is cut and the houselights remain normal, and West just wails away on Seamus' head and back with the bat, not once even taking a breather.

McDaniel: And this...this is completely uncalled for!

Rentfro: I don't think West took too kindly to Seamus' thinly veiled racial comments, Jon.

West tosses the bat away as security rushes up the ramp, and West then lifts Seamus up and powerbombs him right onto the top of the ramp.

McDaniel: Let's...let's take a quick break while security tries to get some order restored here...

The camera fades as Malcolm bludgeons Seamus with rights to the forehead...


I was told to insert a commercial here, but no one offered any lube.

...and opens back up with a bloodied Seamus being rolled into the ring by West, as Riona and Nightstryker take their corners, eyes focused on what's going on. Malcolm rolls in after Seamus and backs into his corner as the ref calls for the bell.



Malcolm immediately rushes into Seamus, destroying him with rights and lefts. O'Connor drops to his knees, trying to block the barrage against him, but West never relents. Malcolm grabs Seamus by his dreadlocks and brings him to his feet, whipping him into the ropes.

McDaniel: And...BIG BOOT!

West grabs Seamus by the dreadlocks again, and then brings him to his feet. He scoops him up, and then drops to his knees, planting O'Connor head-first in the center of the ring.

Rentfro: XANA-TONIC!!!

West gets back to his feet, but doesn't even feign a pinfall attempt. He slides out of the ring, and reaches underneath, pulling out a table.

McDaniel: What...WHAT'S THIS?!

West slides the table into the ring, despite the referee's attempt to prevent him from doing so, and then rolls in after himself. Seamus lies motionless on the center of the mat while Stryker and Riona look on, almost shocked, and Malcolm sets the table up at an angle in the corner, the smaller sides positioned with one end on the mat and the other against the top turnbuckle.

Rentfro: I'd say this is going too far, but West...West has never been unjustified in his actions.

McDaniel: So somebody makes a bad joke and that gives him the right to go this far?!

West walks over to O'Connor and brings him to his feet, doubling him over with a boot to the gut. West whips him up onto his back, like a Canadian Backbreaker, and then rushes forward towards the table. Malcolm throws Seamus into it, releasing him, and drops to his knees, the table breaking and Seamus folding up like an accordion from the impact.

Rentfro: Westside Story through the table!!

Ref: That's it, you're gone!!!

The ref calls for the bell, and then rushes to the side of the ring, calling Emerson over. He says something to the famous ring announcer, and Eric nods as the ref calls for the bell again.



Eric Emerson: The referee has just informed me that due to the usage of the table, Malcolm West has been disqualified, and eliminated!!

McDaniel: I see no issue with that call whatsoever.

Rentfro: What?! Are you KIDDING ME?! West was getting some revenge for Seamus running his mouth all week, and THIS is what happens?!

McDaniel: There are rules in the matches, Brian. Malcolm chose to ignore them entirely.

West shoves the ref, but otherwise leaves the ring without a fight. He slides out of the ring, and then backs up the ramp, laughing as he heads towards the curtain. Riona jumps into the ring and grabs O'Connor by the leg, dragging him out of the table wreckage. She covers him, and the referee turns his attention back to the ring, and drops down for the count.




Riona gets to her knees, her eyes wide and jaw dropped in shock. O'Connor rolls to his left side, the recovery position, and Langly immediately brings him up to his feet. Riona doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, and then lifts him up for a powerbomb, but letting him drop down a little. She steps over his arms, using her legs to hold them back, and then drops to her knees, leaning back a little, driving Seamus to the canvas on the back of his head and neck. Langly then leans forward, putting her weight down on Seamus' shoulders.







EMTs rush down to the ring and pull Seamus out, lying him down on a stretcher and fitting him with a neckbrace. Nightstryker steps into the ring, focusing on his makeshift partner, and then turns his attention to Riona, focusing on her as the ref tries to clear the ring of the rest of the table wreckage.

Eric Emerson: Seamus O'Connor has been eliminated! Due to one member of either team remaining before the end of the Initial Tag Period, the Initial Tag Period is over!!

Stryker and Riona stare at each other, standing toe-to-toe, and then lock up. Stryker gets her in a side headlock, wrenching it in, but Riona fires off a pair of forearms to his back before sending him into the ropes. Stryker returns with a lariat attempt, but Langly ducks it, and Stryker hits the opposite ropes. On the outside, the EMTs put the stretcher carrying Seamus O'Connor onto the gurney, and then begin rolling him by the side of the ramp to the back.

McDaniel: And the EMTs...I believe they'll be rushing Seamus to the nearest hospital...

Rentfro: Hey Jon, focus! Riona and Nightstryker are putting on a technical clinic in that ring, and all you can talk about is a man who talked the talk, but couldn't walk the walk!

Stryker gets Riona in a rear waistlock and goes for a German suplex, but Langly flips to her feet. Stryker gets up, and Riona rushes in with a dropkick. She connects, and Stryker goes back into the corner. Langly charges, looking for a corner avalanche, but Stryker catches her, and then drops her down with a spinebuster.

Rentfro: And it wouldn't surprise me if Riona received some internal injuries on that one!

Stryker slides his thumb across his throat, and then brings Riona to her feet. He doubles her over with a boot to the midsection, and then whips her up onto his shoulder, like for a Canadian Backbreaker.

McDaniel: Nightstryker's got her positioned...

Riona kicks her legs, and then drops down behind Stryker. He turns around, and Riona catches him with in a front facelock, bringing him down with an inside cradle.






Riona breaks the inside cradle and immediately slides out of the ring, holding an arm up. The ref bails out of the ring as well, holding her arm up in victory, and Nightwish's "Planet Hell" fills the PA system.

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match...MALCOLM WEST AND RIONA LANGLY!!!

Nightstryker slides to the corner, blinking in surprise as the referee raises Riona and West's arms in victory. Sighing, Stryker slips out of the ring and walks over to McDaniel, holding out his hand.  McDaniel moves some paperwork and hands Stryker an envelope.  Nodding, Nightstryker hops the barrier and disappears amongst the fans.

Rentfro: What was that all about?

McDaniel: His paycheck.  Let's move on!

Project X & Psycho Sandra vs. Sabine & Kyle Stevenson

McDaniel: And we are close to the end of the second week of UFT matches.

Rentfro: This next match has to be one of the craziest pairings we’ve seen.

McDaniel: No kidding Brian. Last week, they had a match, but this week Kyle Stevenson and Sabine have to rely on each other. Wonder if they can do it.

Rentfro: I’m more interested in Project X doing Sand

McDaniel: BRIAN!

Eric Emerson: The following match is the fifth match in the United Forces Tournament.

The entrance gate is black as the ominous riff echoes through the stadium.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, hailing all the way from Augsburg , Germany ...”

There is a sudden, yet brief rumble of snare drums.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 190lbs...”

Another rumble of snares.

Eric Emerson: The Dame from Deutchland...”

“The Brat from Bavaria ...”

Eric Emerson: Sabine... Eiiiiiinaouuuuugeeehhh!!”

The music swells, and to accompany it, there is a sudden burst of white flame, flickering and raining in a flurry of pyrotechnics. An Amazon clad in white storms from the doors, through the white fireworks, and down the walkway to the ring. She moves like a Gestapo officer with purpose.

The music swells again, and she uses it as the cue to slide under the ropes and into the ring. She climbs onto the second rope and screams as she raises her arms in the air, and the crowd rises at her beck and call.

McDaniel: Sabine is quite the firecracker. It would be interesting to see her and PX go at it.

The familiar bass riff to “Schism” by Tool begins to play over the PA system. Then all of a sudden it stops and we hear a needle scratch as if taken abruptly off the record.

The lights dim as the opening riff to "Suffocate" by Motograter hits the PA System.

Eric Emerson: “And her parner, hailing fromHuntington Beach , California ...weighing in at two hundred twenty-five pounds..."

The first verse plays as Kyle Stevenson walks out from behind the curtain. He stands there for a moment as the song hits the chorus. He then makes his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: "He is The Iceman...Kyle STEVENSON!!!"

Kyle slides in and throws his arms up as a salute to the crowd. He then stands facing the ramp staring a hole into the curtain as he stretches. "Suffocate" fading away. Sabine stares at Stevenson, not looking pleased.

Rentfro: I don’t know if it was that good an idea to put Sabine and the guy who beat her last week on the same team. She hits me as the type to hold a grudge.

The stadium lights go out for a moment, allowing the crowd to talk amongst themselves. After a while, a few sparks erupt near the top of the ramp. The continue to grow in size until it looks like an accidental electrical fire has gone off, and finally...


An explosion sounds off throughout the entire stadium! A heavy guitar intro plays through the speakers, and the televisions begin to display motorcycles, beer, cigars, and finally...

Buried deep inside; and fighting to survive!
My own dying breath is anticipating death!!

Sandra runs down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: And, introducing next, she is Psycho Sandra!

She's wearing a pair of black leather shorts, a leather halter top, knee-high boots covered in thick buckles, and fishnet pantyhose. Her hair is done up into two curly pigtails, and there is a heavy looking crowbar in her hands.

Decompose! A corpse; to feed the crows!
Out of sight and mind! They buried me.. they buried me alive!!

Sandra is stopped by the referee, who makes her put her crowbar on the announcer's table. She finally agrees and runs back into the ring, rotating her shoulders and neck in between waving to the crowd as her song dies down.

McDaniel: The crowd is waiting eagerly.

Rentfro: Well, they know who is coming out next.

The house lights drop and are taken over by the illumination of red strobe lights that dance about the PWA ramp. "Hysteria" by Muse hits the PA system as a bright white light blasts out from the back, against this light the outline of Project X can be made as he jogs on the spot, preparing himself for the task ahead.

Eric Emerson: And, he comes to us from your girlfriend’s bed, PROJECT X!

The fans give a loud reaction, half cheer half boo. When the music reaches it's peak, he bursts forth in a rush of energy and launches his choke slamming arm up into the air as a jet of pyro launches up behind him. He then makes his way to the ring with a purposeful walk. When he reaches the ring, he steps onto the apron.


McDaniel: And the ref with the bell. Stevenson is already in the ring, but PX and Sandra are debating who will start.

Rentfro: I think Sandra is about to.

PX sits on the second rope and holds it open so Sandra can get in. She looks taken back, but steps through the ropes. As she does, PX quickly slaps her one on the rear. She turns on a dime, and he just points at her as “encouragement.”

McDaniel: Ugh, does he really need to give Chamelion any more reason to come out here.

Sandra turns back just in time to catch Stevenson trying to rush her. Sandra side steps Stevenson, causing him to run right up to PX. PX smacks Stevenson in the jaw, causing him to stumble backwards. Sandra catches him from behind with a german suplex. She turns it into a bridge, and the ref counts.



McDaniel: Too early for that to work.

Rentfro: But Kyle could be a little shaken up. And hey, here indeed comes Chamelion.

Chamelion comes to the corner of PX and Sandra and PX smiles down at him.  Chamelion just crosses his arms, waiting patiently for some reasons.  Meanwhile, Stevenson jumps back to his feet, eager to fight. He runs at Sandra, and ducks under a hard clothesline. When Sandra turns, Stevenson nails a hard sidekick/mule kick to her jaw. The crowd “OOOHHHs” as Sandra holds her face and stumbles back. This allows Kyle a second to run to the ropes. He jumps onto the second rope, and comes flying back at Sandra with an elbow to the face.

McDaniel: Damn.

Rentfro: Kyle Stevenson actually showing some ability.

Sandra still stands, stunned. Stevenson seems proud of himself as he throws an arm up, getting a good pop from the crowd. Stevenson turns to look at Sandra, and he sees a very pissed off Sandra. She quickly leans back, and then lunges with a punch. Stevenson’s head snaps back. Sandra dives at Stevenson, and hit’s a Lou Thez press. Sandra grabs the sides of Stevenson’s head and begins slamming it to the mat.

McDaniel: Oh man, he pissed off Sandra.

Rentfro: Bad move.

Sandra lets go of Stevenson as she pulls her arm back again. She goes to punch, but stops with her fist by Stevenson’s face. The camera zooms in, and we see Stevenson is biting into a few of Sandra’s fingers. Sandra lets out a loud scream as she uses her other hand to start digging her nails into Kyle’s face.

Rentfro: Well, looking at things positively, at least Kyle will have a good reason for plastic surgery this time.

Stevenson grunts, still holding Sandra’s hand with his teeth. Sandra just looks angry as she begins twisting her nails. Suddenly, PX is in the ring. The ref tells him to get out, but PX just holds up a finger in the ref’s face as if saying “give me a minute.” PX walks over to Sandra and Stevenson, and puts his hands in their hair. He grabs hold, and lifts the two of them up. Both look at him confused.

PX: Are you two going to play nice or do I have to separate you?

Sandra’s mouth is hanging open as Stevenson can’t believe what’s going on. He quickly tries a roundhouse kick, but PX dodges it. He big boots Stevenson, and shakes his head.

PX: Guess we have to do it the hard way.

McDaniel: Why the hell is Sabine not helping her partner.

Rentfro: I don’t think I could tell you what’s going through that woman’s mind.

The ref is finally asserting himself. PX walks to the corner, then whistles for Sandra. He holds out his hand and she walks over and tags him.  PX gets in the ring quickly and bends over Stevenson. He grabs him around the neck with both hands and lifts up, dragging Stevenson up onto his feet; then into the air.

Rentfro: PX may have been gone from the PWA for a little bit of time. But he is showing that he is still a machine.

Stevenson struggles as you can only imagine the man under the mask smiles. Stevenson doesn’t go down easily though. He swings back, and brings both feet forward into the chest of PX as hard as he can. PX stumbles and drops Kyle. Kyle braces himself before delivering a huge jumping spin kick to the gut of PX.

McDaniel: Stevenson is on fire!

As PX bends over, Stevenson runs up to him, and pulls him in for a piledriver. He goes to lift, but PX stands and flips Stevenson over.

Rentfro: He may have been, but I think he got a little too excited.

PX looks back, and comes down with an elbow drop. Stevenson cringes as PX lays on him and hooks a leg.




McDaniel: And Sabine still not moving from the corner.

PX bends to get Kyle, but Stevenson slams his boot into PX’s mask. Kyle then swings his legs into the back of PX’s knees. PX’s eyes get wide under the mask, as he falls to all fours. The ref is suddenly over by Stevenson.

Ref: Kyle, you have to make a tag in the next minute.

Rentfro: And apparently the five minute mark is almost upon us.

Kyle turns towards his corner and pushes up to his feet. He takes two steps before stumbling. We see PX has his huge mits on Stevenson’s boot and leg respectively. Kyle tries to pull, but PX yanks backwards, causing Kyle to fall to the mat. Kyle reaches out for his corner, holding his hand out. But, Sabine just looks down at him. Stevenson rolls onto his back and kicks at PX, but the big man keeps his hand on Stevenson’s leg. Stevenson finally nails a hard kick that gets PX off him. He lunges for the corner, hand out. But, Sabine gets off the apron.

McDaniel: What the hell.

The ref counts down from 3, 2, 1, as Kyle lays on the mat, looking at Sabine as she walks up the ramp to the back.


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, as one of the fundimental rules of the United Force Tournament is each team must tag at least once with in the first five minutes, Kyle Stevenson and Sabine have been Disqualified for failing to meet this requirement.

McDaniel: You can just see the disappointment on Stevenson’s face.

Rentfro: He tried his best in what was essentially a handicap match.

Eric Emerson: Therefore, as a result, your winners, Project X and Psycho Sandra.

Project X goes to high five Sandra, but she's already jumped down to the floor to join Chamelion.  Stepping through, he smiles at them.

PX: We make quite the team, hot stuff.

Shaking his head, Chamelion rolls his eyes at Project X and whispers something to Sandra, who smiles, nods and the two walk off, leaving Project X scratching his head.  

McDaniel: Project X needs to watch his step when it comes to that couple.

Rentfro: I really don't think he cares.  Chamelion is escorting his wife up the ramp, but he's due back down here to defend his television title in just a few minutes.

Look! Another pretend commercial break!

PWA Television Championship Match
Chamelion (C) vs. Moke Doshky


Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the PWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. MOKE DOSHKY!  

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, he is the PWA TV Champion; CHAMELION!!  

As the ref takes the title away to hand to the ring tech, Chamelion takes note it’s the same referee from his match with Nightmare last week.  He raises an eyebrow at the coincidence but shrugs it off and turns towards Moke Doshky.  

McDaniel: I notice Chamelion eyeing the referee there.  

Rentfro: Guys way too suspicious of the world around him!  The referee is just doing his job.  


As the bell rings, Moke lumbers forward cracking his knuckles as he grins towards Chamelion. Whom in turn sticks out his tongue and goads the monster of a man to attack.  Moke tries to grab Chamelion who ducks under.  Moke tries again and again Chamelion ducks and avoids Moke’s grasp.  This goes on for a couple of minutes before Moke finally gets frustrated and charges half cocked at Chamelion.  

McDaniel: Chamelion being an ass as always, getting under Moke’s skin!  

Rentfro: Gotta watch out for him doing that, but Moke’s going for it!  

Chamelion, waiting for this, slides between Moke’s legs, comes up from behind and drop kicks the larger man into the turnbuckle.  Chamelion then runs in, jumps and moutns his feet on the ropes on either side of Moke’s bulky form and begins slamming his head repeatedly into the turnbuckle!  He does this with the roar of the crowd chanting along till he reaches ten.   

McDaniel: Chamelion brings the fans into the action, having a bit of fun at Moke’s expense.  

Rentfro: Show off!  

Dropping to the canvas, the champion turns Moke around and starts to whip him to the other corner. However, Moke reverses it and as Chamelion hits the turnbuckle, Moke comes in with a giant splash! The arena lets out a collective gasp as Chamelion is pancaked between the corner and Moke.  Moke backs off as Chamelion stumbles backwards and Moke swoops him up and hits a samoan slam!  

McDaniel: Oh hell, that could spell the end for Chamelion!  He just got planted hard!  

Rentfro: Serves him right!  

Seemingly with a single purpose, Moke doesn’t waste time and goes for a Warrior like splash on Chamelion, who rolls away just barely! Moke crashes to the canvas and Chamelion pulls himself up in the corner, eyes glazed from the impact he received.  

McDaniel: If Moke had hit that splash it would have been all over for Chamelion!  

Rentfro: Look at Chamelion’s expression, he’s not all with it anymore!  

As Moke pushes himself up, Chamelion lashes out with the Sweet Sound of Success and clips Moke’s large chin.  Moke spins and lands on his hands and knees, and Chamelion runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes to try to finish Moke off, but Moke launches his bulky weight forward, spears Chamelion and lands on top of him.  The ref is there with a sharp count.  


McDaniel: WHOAH! That count seemed fast!  

Rentfro: I didn’t notice!! What I did see was Moke’s incredible counter into the pin! We have a new champion!  

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and NEW PWA Television Champion! MOKE DOSHKY!  

The ref hands Moke his new shiny title and Moke holds it up, grinning as the fans share with him their sentiments with boos, hisses and a smattering of cheers.  As Moke leaves, the ADC-Tron replays the ending of the match and the ref turns around and finds himself sent flying with a superkick from the revived and very unhappy Chamelion.  Chamelion then re-watches the ending yet again as it plays, and glares down at the referee.  Sighing, he exits the ring to head backstage.  

McDaniel: Do you see now, how fast that count was, Brian?  

Rentfro: Fine, I won’t feign ignorance.  The referee is a little quick on the draw.  Makes up for a few other counts that have happened that were not so correct.  In any case, Moke’s our new TV Champion, and Chamelion has to move on with his life.  

McDaniel: We may hear more about this later… now it’s time for our main event of the evening!

Just before the match begins, "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden hits the sound system. Graham Cain, Dead End, Impulse, Gregory Price, and Matthew Engel all step out from backstage. Cain, Dead, and Impulse have tailored suits on. Price has the same, minus a jacket. Matthew Engel is more distinguished, dressed in a dark green tuxedo. They begin to make their way down to the ring, the crowd booing them.

They reach the ring and Matthew Engel steps in first. His crew surrounds him in the ring, and Matt is handed a microphone.

Matthew Engel: "Did you honestly think because I wasn't booked this week, I wouldn't be here?"

Matt cracks a smile, but the crowd isn't pleased.

Matthew Engel: "First of all, I'd like to thank the fans for voting me the most hated wrestler of the quarter. I could have done everything without you."

Matt chuckles a bit as the crowd boos louder. A "asshole" chant begins to surface.

"The crowd certainly showing their distaste with the MoA leader. I couldn't agree more."

Rentfro: "I could agree... less."

McDaniel: "Intriguing."

Matthew Engel: "Down to business. There are a few reasons as to why I'm out here, a few issues I'd like to address. Yes, you're all aware of the on-going.. grudge between Duff and me. The man is trying to fight a battle he has no chance in winning. But, I'm no fool. I understand if you keep pushing a man into a corner, he'll start to push back."

McDaniel: "He needs to heed that advice."

Rentfro: "Nah, Duff won't do anything. Even with Scott Nash Strader on his side, they're severely outnumbered."

Matthew Engel: "Speaking of pushing back, I'd like to officially welcome Scott back into the PWA. I can't seem to recall, though, the last time you even won a match. What makes you think you warrant a retaliation from us? Because you blindsided me with a chair? Please. There's a long list of people who are dying to do that, and just because you skipped everyone and got your shot in, doesn't mean we're sending an army after you. I'll deal with you when and if I please, Scott.

Besides, your act was more out of revenge anyway."

McDaniel: "Revenge?"

Rentfro: "No idea, Jon."

The crowd silences a bit. They're just as confused as we are.

Matthew Engel: "I can't really fault you for attacking me and helping your 'buddy' out. I mean, after all, I'm the reason why you have one brother that doesn't remember anything and another brother that's six feet under."

The crowd falls dead silent. You can hear a pin drop.

McDaniel: "Umm.. what?"

Rentfro: "Apparently Matthew Engel was the man behind the eighteen wheeler incident at Who's the Man... but... but why?"

McDaniel: "No.. no... he wasn't even part of the MoA yet. There's.. he's lying. He has to be. He's not that crazy."

Matthew Engel: "I can see the disbelief in all your faces. But, I pose this question: why on Earth would Nathan Kelser randomly drive a massive semi-truck into the Strader brothers? Do you honestly think he'd do it out of spite? Hatred? No. He was bankrolled by yours truly. It was the very beginning of my rise to power. I knew the moment that plan was in motion that I couldn't turn back. And now I stand before you, a fearless leader, blood on my hands... and dying for more."

The crowd begins to boo again, but it's a solemn boo. There's no pride in it; they're just depressed.

Rentfro: "I believe him."

McDaniel: "Of course you do. You're probably drooling over this."

Rentfro: "Not at all, but I believe him."

Matthew Engel: "Nobody thought we could be the masters of old. Nobody thought we were dangerous. Nobody. Now look at you. I'm above the law, I'm above all of you. I have transcended, and there's nothing you can do about it."

McDaniel: "I half expect Scott to come out here and try to work one over on Matt. I can't believe what I'm hearing."

Rentfro: "Scott isn't that stupid..."

Matthew Engel: "On a BRIGHTER note, I have some better news for you all. I'd like to introduce to you someone whom I think you're all just going to love... someone who was once a bright up and coming star, but someone had to interrupt that. No matter...

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back my younger brother... WARREN ENGEL!"

The lights go out. It's pitch black. There's a commotion in the ring and then suddenly.. a video on the big screen begins to play.

Rentfro: "Oh my God... that's... that's Warren Engel!"

In the video, we can see Warren Engel tied to a chair. His lifeless body just sits there as his bloodied bangs hang over his eyes. His head is down, and there's a blood-soaked baseball bat at his feet. Somebody had fun.

McDaniel: "Good God..."

Rentfro: "Ladies and gentlemen... what you are seeing is just terrible."

A figure appears in front of the camera. It's a large man, and he takes off his ski mask to reveal Duff Cote d'iVoire. Duff has a menacing smile on his face. The lights are still off in the arena, but the eerie reflection from the video allows us to make out who's still in the ring. Everyone is, with their jaws dropped.

McDaniel: "No... no. Duff is just turning into an animal like Matthew Engel.. that isn't the way to handle it. What.. what's he doing?"

Rentfro: "That's gasoline, Jon."

Duff grabs a gallon of gasoline and begins to soak Warren in it. We see movement from Warren, and thank God he's still alive. Warren is trying to break free from the chair, but Duff just laughs. Duff pulls out a book of matches.

Duff: "Don't play... with... me, 'cause you're playing with fire."

Duff lights the match, and the video ends. The lights come back on, and the MoA is in the ring still -- dumbfounded. Matt climbs through the ropes and sprints up the rampway. He disappears backstage, the MoA follow him.

McDaniel: "I.. I can't believe what I just saw. Matt is making his family pay for his actions."

Rentfro: "How can you blame Matt for Duff being a cold bastard?"

McDaniel: "Because Matt -- wait, Brian. We're getting something backstage."

We cut backstage and Matthew Engel is still running. He finally reaches his trademark MoA limo. He hops in. The limo immediately takes off, leaving his MoA members behind.

Rentfro: "I can't even imagine what Matt must be going through right now..."

McDaniel: "And our Commissioner, let's not forget that's his brother too."

Rentfro: "We're going to take a short break and we'll be right back with the main event."

 If you like piña colada... gettin' caught in the rain.

Mark McNasty & Jamie Flynn vs. Raizzor & Thunderwolf

Eric Emerson: The following contest is a first round match in the United Forces Tournament! It has an Initial Tag Period of 5 minutes, and a 20-minute time limit!

The lights die save for the glow emitted from the ADC-Tron, and footsteps are heard. A tower bell chimes...


...dead man walking...

Jim Johnston's "You're Gonna Pay" begins playing, the blues-y riff crunching over the PA system. Raizzor steps out from behind the curtain, walking through thick fog, and immediately marches down the ramp, eyes focused on the ring.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, he weighs in tonight at 285 pounds, and stands at 6 feet, 8 inches tall...

Raizzor reaches the bottom of the ramp, and grabs the top rope, pulling himself on the apron. The lights return to normal as Raizzor raises a fist, and then lowers the top rope to step over it, entering the ring.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada...

Raizzor backs into his corner, adjusting his gloves, and "You're Gonna Pay" is cut off.

Eric Emerson: ...RAIZZOR!!!  

Eric Emerson: and now, his partner.....THUNDERWOLF!

(The sound of the mighty Atlantic crashing into one of the many shores of Bermuda purges through the sound system, and with that comes the sound of a single seagull... The lights begin melding into a beautiful aqua blue, and as most of the fans divert their attention to the screen above the scaffold to see what's going on, a simple drum tap and bassline begin to kick into gear - a number of fans from this promotion, or at least some of them, and especially those of the now defunct AOWF community, should all ready know what to expect....)

("Now or Never". Dope. The fans that get it are automatically launching out fanfare, and while it's meshed inbetween a number of cheer's, but mostly boo's for tonight's match up, it comes across loud and clear in what could be described as at least somewhat of a massive cult roar, especially from those faithfuls....)

### What'd you go and do that for? ###
I see the way you're Looking at me... ###
...And I don't know why ###

### I don't know and I'm not sure... ###
...Have you lost your way? ###
### ...Did You Lose Your Mind? ###
...Are You Out of Time? ###

(The last note of the aforementioned song seems to catch, right on the 30 second mark as aqua-toned fountains of sulfur pour down from the scaffold - which in turn cues a dimly lit spot light on the entry way as former AOWF alumni, Dustin "Thunderwolf" Kelser, and his lovely companion for the evening in the way of Enika Engel, stroll out from the back, hand in hand, with ironically no out-dated, retired gold lining the former's waist. He finally got the memo. Nonetheless the screen above the couple begins ticking off various moments from Wolf's career as the camera gets a close up on the video, but doesn't last for long as the camera tilts back down to catch the two passing under the sulfuric storm from the scaffold.)

### You say goodbye... ###
Like everything's all right. ###

### You say goodbye.... ###
### Like everything's all right... ###

(Thunderwolf's attire consists of camel colored cargos, an open, short sleeve, button down cotton shirt(cadet blue in color), black and blue K-Swiss classics (laced up in blue), and a pair of super thin, black, finger tip gloves. He adjusts his color before leading Enika to the center of the entry way. His newly found flame and of course escort for the evening has on a diagonally-cut, faded denim skirt and a tucked in, shoulderless, blue tee bearing little more than a Rolling Stones Lips & Tongue logo. A pair of orange and white candies (with ankle socks jutting up out of each) cover each foot so delicately, and it can be duelly noted that her legs are oiled to the nines. Her hair is flipped outwards at the ends, cut since the last time she was on camera to just above shoulder-length now. A dangling emerald adorns each ear and her ocean blue eyes sparkle under the house lights. That crimson smile speaks volumes...)

(And while the unfamiliar technicians didn't quite fully grasp the concept yet, the couple embraces at the end of the aforementioned entrance ramp to trigger off the 'artificial rain' kissing portion of Thunderwolf's entrance (which is basically just very small openings from the pipes over head in the rafters being opened to give off this watery illusion), The two lock lips for what seems like an eternity, but only results in nothing more than couple of seconds for everyone else, there's a certain ex-wife fuming right now...)

### If we go on it's now or never ###
### If we go on... ###

(Thunderwolf swipes a loose strand of hair that dangles in front of Enika's eyes, behind her ear, and whispers something into her ear that gets at least a giggle, before he sets her back down and they head for the ring.)

### If we go on it's now or never ###
### If we go on... ###

(Upon reaching the main floor, and instead of diving in immediately, he instead decides to circle the ring, and finally hop up onto the apron after grabbing the bottom on the opposite side from where he started. Dustin then leapfrogs the ropes and does a couple of hops from toe to toe to keep the blood flowing. He backs up into his neutral corner and awaits the opening bell...)

The house lights dim, as the image of a red ouroboros flashes on the monitor.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, weighing in tonight at 205 pounds...

Amidst the cheering, "The Pot" subtly begins to play over the arena. As the sounds of Tool kick up and the bass begins to resonate, Jamie Flynn appears at the top of the ramp to the ovation of his fans. Wearing his trademark Aviators and a black hoodie, he raises his arm to them and begins his walk to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He stands at 6 feet and a quarter inch tall, and hails from Seattle Washington...

He slides under the bottom rope and rolls into the ring, and motions to the crowd once again. Removing his shades and sweater, he hands them off to an official outside the ring and moves to his corner, where he stretches out a few last-minute kinks and waits for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: He is the PWA Intercontinental champion...JAMIE FLYNN!!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, and weighting in at 255 pounds, he stands at 6 foot 3 inches...

Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back.

Eric Emerson: He is the PWA World champion...

After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience.

Eric Emerson: ...MARK MCNASTY!

He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.

McDaniel: And if there was ever a more evenly matched encounter thus far in the United Forces Tournament, then I can't think of it.



Wolf and Raizzor shake hands, and Raizzor steps out onto the apron. McNasty and Flynn chat for a few moments as the ref asks them to hurry up. They continue talking, both in the ring, and the ref starts the count.

Ref: C'mon, one of you get on the apron! 1! 2!

Both men hurry onto the apron as Thunderwolf stretches out in he and Raizzor's corner, and then Mark looks to Flynn, laughing. Jamie steps into the ring, and the ref signals for both men to start wrestling as McNasty watches Wolf, focusing on the AOWF icon's ring movements.

Rentfro: And the World champion is studying a man he's never even seen wrestle before, looking for any hints of a strategy.

Flynn and Wolf circle each other, and then tie up right in the center of the ring. Flynn goes to force Wolf into a neutral corner, but Kelser, not once breaking the tie-up, slides under Flynn via between his legs, flipping him forward and onto his back. Kelser rolls over, the tie-up still locked on, and then breaks it, twisting Flynn down to the canvas with a Fujiwara armbar.

McDaniel: Amazing chain-wrestling from the PWA icon!

Flynn rolls forward, alleviating the pressure, and then gets Wolf into front facelock, dropping to a knee and wrenching it in. Wolf grabs Jamie's wrist, pinching a pressure point to force him to loosen his grip, and then breaks free, spinning out into a rear waistlock. Flynn leans back, making Dustin reposition his weight to stay on his feet, and then fires off with a back elbow. Thunderwolf ducks it and Flynn turns around, a front waistlock applied, and Wolf lifts him for a belly-to-belly, but Jamie fires off a downward elbow to his shoulder, breaking it. Wolf backs up, shaking out his arm, and Flynn dives in immediately, sweeping out Wolf's leg and locking on a side leglock.

McDaniel: And the Intercontinental champion sees a chance to gain an advantage, and he takes it!

Rentfro: Well, there IS a reason why he's the Intercontinental champion, Jon.

Flynn gets to his feet, still holding Wolf by the leg, and Dustin forces himself up, his back to Flynn. Wolf turns around, facing the Intercontinental champion, and then goes for an enziguri, but Flynn ducks it. Wolf then goes for a leaping back kick, but Flynn ducks that too. Wolf then lands on his feet again and shoves his foot forward into Flynn's chest, breaking his hold of Dustin's leg and shoving him into his corner. McNasty lifts up his hand for a tag, and Flynn nods, slapping five with the World champ.

Ref: Alright, McNasty's in!

Rentfro: And now the World champion wants a piece of Thunderwolf! Or...does he...?

Flynn steps out at the count of 1, and McNasty steps in, pointing over at Raizzor. Wolf points to his partner, and McNasty nods.

McDaniel: And the PWA World champion wants to take on the PWA Franchise!

Wolf nods, and then goes to tag in Raizzor, but immediately fires off a backflip roundhouse kick to McNasty's head, sending him down. Wolf drops a knee across the World champion's forehead, and then goes for a Triangle Choke, but McNasty turns it over into a pinning attempt.



Thunderwolf kicks out, breaking the Triangle Choke, and McNasty fires off with a huge soccer kick to his right knee, the sound of the leather of Mark's boot hitting the metal of Wolf's kneebrace echoing throughout the arena.

Rentfro: And that's the way to do it! You need to find a weakness, and then exploit it!

McDaniel: Everybody knows that Thunderwolf's right knee has never been the same since that Final Notice match against Cliff Young, but years of wrestling on it has only made it worse.

Mark lifts up Wolf's right ankle, raising his entire leg, and then drives a pair of knees right into the back of Wolf's right knee. Dustin screams in pain, throwing random rights and lefts at Mark, but McNasty hits a big stomp into his midsection, and then locks on a spinning toehold, wrenching the knee around Mark's own leg.

McDaniel: Spinning Toehold being wrenched in...

Rentfro: McNasty bringing the Texan funk to the match!

McDaniel: Texan funk?

Rentfro: 4th wall?

McNasty breaks the hold, and then locks on another spinning toehold. Rather than keep it wrenched in again, he breaks it and goes for another one, this time dropping to a knee for added hyper-extension. Dustin screams in pain again, gritting his teeth, and props himself up on an elbow to keep his shoulders from touching the mat. He loses focus, dropping down so his shoulders are down again.

Ref: 1! 2!!

Wolf props himself back up with an elbow, breaking the possible pinfall attempt. McNasty wrenches the hold in a little bit tighter, and then breaks it, stomping away on Dustin's right knee before grabbing him by the ankle and dragging him into his corner.

Eric Emerson: 1 minute remains of the Initial Tag Period!

Mark tags Flynn in, holding Dustin's right leg out. Flynn climbs up top, and then dives off with a senton splash across Wolf's right knee. Mark steps out onto the apron at the ref's count of 2, and Flynn goes for a cover, driving his forearm into Wolf's face for added insult.



Raizzor, not seen entering the ring, runs in and hits a boot to the back of Flynn's head, breaking up the pin. The ref yells at him to get back to his corner, giving him the count.

Ref: 1! 2! C'mon, get back outside! 3!

Raizzor steps over the top rope onto the apron in his corner, and Flynn brings Wolf to his feet, shoving him into his (Flynn's) corner. He licks his palm and then winds up, delivering a vicious knife-edge across Dustin's chest.

Fans: WHOOO!!!

Flynn tags McNasty in, and Mark nails a forearm to the back of Wolf's head before stepping into the ring. Jamie nails a European uppercut to Wolf's jaw just before stepping onto the apron at the count of 2, and then McNasty drags him into the center of the ring. He boots him in the midsection and hits the ropes. He leaps forward, going for a rising knee, but Wolf drops down under it. Mark lands on his feet and turns around, only to get a faceful of blue mist via Wolf's mouth.

McDaniel: Wolf's Bane! It's been a long time since we've all seen that in an official PWA match!

McNasty swings rights and lefts blindly in between rubbing the mist from his eyes, and Wolf crawls over to his corner. He tags Raizzor in, who practically leaps over the top rope, his eyes filled with fire. McNasty stumbles into a neutral corner to look for a tag as Flynn yells for him to come to him, but it's too late. Raizzor grabs McNasty by the hair, turning him around, and then unloads with rights, lefts, and forearms, pummeling the World champ into a heap in the neutral corner.

McDaniel: And Raizzor is just a complete force to be reckoned with tonight!

Rentfro: To be fair, I don't think McNasty has much in his favor, considering he can barely see.

Raizzor hits a few boots to McNasty's head before lifting him back to his feet, where he nails a pair of back elbows before whipping him hard into the opposite neutral corner. McNasty hits hard, chest-first, into the top turnbuckle, and rebounds out, dead on his feet. Raizzor hits the ropes beside Mark, and then levels him with a devastating Yakuza Kick, sending the World champion backflipping over himself.

Eric Emerson: 10!

Flynn bounces on the bottom rope, itching to get into the ring as Wolf pulls himself to his feet on the apron, bending his right leg to get some blood flowing back into his right knee.

Eric Emerson: 8!

Raizzor readies himself as McNasty pushes back up to his feet, his arm raised with an open hand. McNasty turns, still blinded, and gets a hard grab of the throat by Raizzor, who then lifts McNasty up high before slamming him right down to the mat.

Rentfro: Chokeslam!

McDaniel: He's going up top!

Eric Emerson: 6!

Raizzor flies off of the top rope with a Guillotine Leg Drop across McNasty's throat, and then hooks both legs with his eyes focused on Flynn. Jamie steps between the ropes as Thunderwolf does the same from his corner, and the ref drops for the count.

Eric Emerson: 2!

Ref: 1!

Flynn dives forward with a forearm to Raizzor's face, breaking up the pinfall. Wolf rushes over with a huge flying clothesline that takes both he and Flynn to the outside, with Dustin landing on his feet but then his knee buckling under the sudden impact.

Eric Emerson: The Initial Tag Period is over, and all men are legal!

Raizzor lifts McNasty up to his feet, but gets surprised when Mark picks him up with a Fallaway Slam attempt, backflipping and landing across him from out of nowhere.

McDaniel: Desperation Sault Slam!

Rentfro: But it doesn't look like McNasty can make the cover!

Mark crawls away from Raizzor, who lies practically lifeless towards the corner where he and McNasty were earlier. Mark crawls over to his corner, looking for a tag, but Flynn and Wolf brawl on the outside, with Flynn whipping Dustin into the guardrail, the impact sending Wolf flipping over into the front row.

McDaniel: And Flynn is showing Wolf just why he's been brought back to prominence!

Rentfro: Did he ever fall OUT of prominence to begin with?!

The fans in the front row help Dustin to his feet and shove him back over the guardrail, but Flynn is already in the ring, pulling Raizzor towards the center of the ring. He climbs up top, facing the ring, and then moves his arms in a circle.

McDaniel: And Flynn has been rumored to debut a new move here tonight...could this be it?!

Flynn steadies himself on the top, and then goes to jump, but Wolf picks up a chair on the outside at the last moment and tosses it, nailing Jamie in the back. Flynn flies forward, landing in a pile just beyond Raizzor.

McDaniel: Just to remind the viewers at home, once the Initial Tag Period is over, the match falls under no-disqualification, double-elimination Texas Tornado rules.

Rentfro: Not all of our viewers are stupid, Jon.

McNasty is handed a bottle of water by a ringside attendant, and flushes his eyes out just enough, the remnants of the blue mist streaking down his face and dripping to the mat. Mark gets up and turns to see Flynn down, a steel chair, and Raizzor still knocked down from the Sault Slam. Mark sets the chair up as he sees Raizzor begin to stir, and backs into the opposite corner. Raizzor, disoriented, uses the ropes to pull himself all the way to his feet, holding his midsection and still gasping to get air back into his lungs.

Rentfro: And McNasty is readying himself here for the final blow!

McNasty takes off, using the chair as a springboard to jump for a flying forearm attempt, but Raizzor ducks down a little, and McNasty overshoots, nailing his forehead on the corner post. Raizzor, sandwiched between McNasty and the corner, scoops McNasty upside down in a Tombstone position, and then steps out of the corner, dropping Mark shoulder-first across the backrest of the steel chair, bending it in half the opposite way it was meant to be.


Raizzor immediately throws the wrecked chair away, and covers McNasty, hooking both legs.





Flynn rises to his feet in a neutral corner as Wolf rolls into the ring, still holding his knee, and Raizzor gets to his feet. Both Wolf and Raizzor point to Flynn as he pulls himself to his feet with the top rope, staring back at both men. He nods, waving for them to bring it on.

Eric Emerson: Mark McNasty has been eliminated!!

McDaniel: And things are not looking good for the Intercontinental champion!

Raizzor and Wolf creep towards Flynn, who gets ready, his fists up. Wolf limps and stops for a moment to shake out his leg as Raizzor stalks in, and Flynn surprises the PWA legend with a barrage of rights and lefts. He knees the big man in the midsection, doubling him over, and then pounds away on him with downward elbow thrusts to the back of his head. Raizzor drops to a knee, and Flynn hits the ropes, using the middle rope as a springboard to moonsault back, connecting with a backflipping Thai knee to the top of Raizzor's head. Raizzor drops to a heap on the mat, his face flat against the canvas, and Flynn turns to wave Wolf in.  However, Wolf smiles, shrugs and slips out of the ring.

McDaniel: Wait, what is Thunderwolf doing?

Rentfro: Looks to me like he’s taking a break outside the ring….up the ramp…. Into the back!?

McDaniel: He just abandoned Raizzor!

Flynn cocks his head to one side, considering this and turns towards Raizzor.  He moves in and pulls Raizzor up.  Flynn’s eyes go wide as Raizzor lashes out, snatches the IC Champion by the throat and executes a tremendous chokeslam, sending Flynn hard into the canvas.

McDaniel: He turned his back a bit too long!

Raizzor glares down at Flynn and then up at the stage, empty now and cusses under his breath.  Moving to the corner, Raizzor climbs and steadies himself.  With a leap, Raizzor comes soaring down with the Guillotine Leg Drop, but Flynn moves at the last possible second and Raizzor crashes hard.  Flynn then scurries fast to the ropes steps onto the apron, climbing up to the top turnbuckle.

Rentfro: Flynn up top...!

Flynn steadies himself, and then stands up straight. He takes a deep breath, and then launches forward, somersaulting forward with a 630-degree rotation, coming down across Raizzor with his back over his midsections.






Flynn rolls off of Raizzor as McNasty begins to stir across the ring, rolling over and clutching at his shoulder. The referee goes to raise Flynn's hand and help him up, but Jamie shoves him away and slides out of the ring, holding an arm up in victory as a ringside attendant rushes over to hand him his Intercontinental title.

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match...JAMIE FLYNN AND MARK McNASTY!!!

Tool's "The Pot" cues up, and Flynn drops to his knees as McNasty rolls out of the ring and other side, a ringside attendant handing him his World title.

Rentfro: Flynn with an amazing win to catapult himself and McNasty ahead in this tournament!

McDaniel: I still want to know why Thunderwolf went and abandoned his own tag team partner! They may have been able to advance had he stuck it through!

Rentfro: We'll never know!  But as it stands, McNasty and Flynn are one step closer to being double champions!!!

McDaniel: I think it's safe to say that the United Forces Tournament has been bringing out the best in all of the PWA talents involved thus far, so it's going to be interesting to see where the second round takes all of the first round's winners!

Rentfro: I wholeheartedly agree. But that's it for Rampage tonight!  For once, I get to bid you all a fond fare well and goodnight!  Not that I really care, ya know! But see ya!


(C) PWA 2008