"A Night of Fireworks!" 
July 4th, 2008
Live on from the Verizon Center - Washington  D.C

We open in Washington D.C. with fireworks going off in the distance all over as people celebrate the Fourth of July in fashion!  But, those are not the only fireworks that will be set off tonight, as at the Verizon Center, the PWA Invades with Rampage!  Inside, pyros replace fireworks and the fans are going nuts waiting for the start of tonight's program!  Even the earlier dark matches featuring many PWA superstars like the O'Connor Boys and Scotty Snow can't get them cooled down!  As we pan to ringside, McDaniel and Rentfro are at their booth, about as anxious as the fans to begin the program!

McDaniel: Welcome everyone to Friday Night Rampage!!! What a show we have for you tonight!

Rentfro: Oh yeah!  TWO huge tag team matches, a retirement match, and some strong show openers, it's a main event card from top to bottom!

McDaniel: And it's the Fourth of July! Happy Independance Day, America! And to all our foreign viewers, we wish you well too!  But here, tonight is where the real action is!  We have our own invasion of the M.o.A., as they take on the strong team of Nightmare, Flynn and Corey Lazarus!!  That's going to be a hell of a match!

Rentfro: Oh yeah it is! And there's the Grim Reaper, putting his career on the line against the man he's been chasing for weeks, The Phoenix!  Just think, in a week's time, both these men COULD be gone from the PWA!

McDaniel: I shudder to think at such a loss!  Then our new Grizzly Beer Champion faces off against one half of the current PWA Tag-Team Champions, Deacon Frost in non title action!

Rentfro:Sabine will head into her second match, maybe this time with a win, over the venerable Scar!

McDaniel: And a match, with just about as much riding on it as our main event, will see Chamelion and Pyscho Sandra, teaming for the first time in two years, take on the two who are out for blood, Fire, and her protege, Alex Wilkie! I expect we'll see blood in that one!

Rentfro: I hope so, if it's Chamelion's!  Let's get to the ring for our first of five main event matches!


Scar vs. Sabine

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is for one fall.

Gonna pulp you to a mess of bruises
'Cos that's what you're looking for
There's a hole where your nose used to be
Gonna kick you out of my door

Eric Emerson: Introducing first,

(The lights go out. All we can see are flashes of light coming from cameras)

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Gotta get into a fight

(A picture of a man flashes on the screen falling down through three scaffolds)

Gonna blow you to a million pieces
Blow you sky high, I don't care
Splatter matter on the bloody ceiling
Blow the building right into the air

(More pictures of this man wrestling in matches)

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Gotta get into a fight
Gonna put the boot right in
Gotta get into a fight
Yeah watch me now

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 175!

What I want is power, more power
What I need is an innocent life
Wanna do it in the broad daylight
I'm the truck, I'm the suicide

Eric Emerson: He reigns from the city that never sleeps!!

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it
Gotta get into a fight
Watch me, watch me now

Eric Emerson: He is the one known as Scar!!!!

Yeah gotta get into a fight
Wanna caught the bullet
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it

(A spotlight hits the entrance as a man with dark shoulder length hair, a black tank top, black shorts and shoes comes walking out of the entrance. He
pauses at the top of the ramp.)

It's all for the greater glory
It's all for a Saturday night
There's a hole where your face used to be
I got you in my telescope sight

(He looks at the crowd and takes in his surroundings then proceeds down to the ring.)

Gotta get into a fight
Gonna shoot the bullet
Can't get out of it
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it

(He climbs in the ring and as he does the lights come back on)

McDaniel: The numbers are in favor for Scar. He took last week off, but has a win over Fire to gloat about from the week before.

Rentfro: Guys a woman beater. He also beat down Circa around a month ago.

McDaniel: Don’t tell McNasty, he might kill Scar. But none the less; Scar seems to hold up well against the girls,

Rentfro: Well, he ain’t exactly fighting a girly girl tonight. Sabine got herself DQed last week against Alex Wilkie.

McDaniel: Can Scar fair any better than Wilkie? Or will Sabine manage to win this one.

The entrance gate is black as the ominous riff echoes through the stadium.

Eric Emerson: And hailing all the way from Augsburg , Germany ...”

There is a sudden, yet brief rumble of snare drums.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 190lbs...”

Another rumble of snares.

Eric Emerson: The Dame from Deutchland...”

“The Brat from Bavaria ...”

Eric Emerson: Sabine... Eiiiiiinaouuuuugeeehhh!!”

The music swells, and to accompany it, there is a sudden burst of white flame, flickering and raining in a flurry of pyrotechnics. An Amazon clad in white storms from the doors, through the white fireworks, and down the walkway to the ring. She moves like a Gestapo officer with purpose.

The music swells again, and she uses it as the cue to slide under the ropes and into the ring. She climbs onto the second rope and screams as she raises her arms in the air, and the crowd rises at her beck and call.

Scar is in his corner leaning back against the turnbuckle, looking out at the crowd. In the other corner, Sabine is starring straight at Scar.

McDaniel: The match hasn’t even started yet and Sabine seems to already be analyzing Scar.


Scar looks over at Sabine and he begins walking towards her. He is caught off guard though when Sabine rushes him. Scar throws a punch, but Sabine ducks under his arm. Sabine squats down, and kicks Scar in the back of the knees. Scar falls forward onto his knees, as Sabine quickly jumps back to her feet. She almost latches onto Scar, grabbing him in a reverse chin lock; while wrapping her legs around his mid section. Sabine then falls backwards.

McDaniel: Holy crap.

Rentfro: What just happened? I blinked and Sabine had him down.

Scar looks flustered as Sabine holds him down on the ground. We see his eyes shift towards the ropes; but he can’t seem to get any momentum to move. The ref is in Scar’s face, asking if he wants to quit, and Scar won’t even answer. Scar finally grits his teeth, and reaches up towards Sabine’s face. He puts his hand on her face, before jamming a good finger in her eye.

McDaniel: And that got her to let go.

Rentfro: Well she can’t afford to lose that one too, she already lost her spare.

Scar is quick to try and take control. As soon as he is on the ground, he gets on Sabine so he knees are holding down her arms while he sits on her stomach.

McDaniel: Scar trying to get some sense of control as he throws a few quick punches.

But, Sabine lifts her legs in the air, and manages to get them around Scar’s head. She then uses her legs to push him backwards onto the mat, and off her. She uses her legs to slam Scar’s head into the mat hard. We pan over to McDaniel and Rentfro. Both are speechless as they stare into the ring with wide eyed stares.


Rentfro: Wow….I mean…wow. How did she…

McDaniel: Well Brian, she has a whole lotta leg to use.

Rentfro: No, I wanted to know how she got that flexible, and if she’d give me some private lessons.

In the ring, Sabine sat up. She puts her legs over Scar’s arms, and holds him down for the pin. Scar looks dazed as the ref gets down next to him.




McDaniel: Sabine looks focused.

Rentfro: I’d say its more like she’s bored and wants to end this.

Sabine rolls Scar over onto his stomach. Sabine puts a foot firmly on Scar’s lower back, before she grabs Scar’s hair. And, despite the ref’s objections, she pulls back. Scar lets out a groan of discomfort as Sabine holds him stretched out. The ref is in her face telling her to let go, but she swings two violent forearms into the side of Scar’s head anyway; before dropping him. Sabine doesn’t stop though, as she quickly gets Scar into a Mexican surfboard.

McDaniel: Scar is in a bad way now.

The ref is asking if Scar gives, but all he does is groan. The camera shows Sabine’s Face, and she grits her teeth as she holds Scar up as high as she can, extending his arms and lets. Scar lets out an extremely loud grunt, before telling the ref he gives. Sabine manages to use force to propel Scar up in the air a few inches while she rolls out of the way. Scar is pulled back to earth, and hit’s the mat with a thud. Sabine however simply stands, and tells the ref to raise her arm.


Eric Emerson: Your winner, SABINE!

After the ref raises her arm, she simply turns, and walks past the downed Scar out of the ring. Sabine then heads straight to the back.

McDaniel: Wasting no time.

Rentfro: She just did her business and left. I might’ve been onto something when I said she was no girly girl.

Deacon Frost vs. The Kumquat Kid

McDaniel: Next up… Deacon Frost versus The Kumquat Kid! It’s like a sledgehammer against a scalpel! Which one will prove superior in battle?

Rentfro: Neither. They’re inanimate object. They’d just lie there.

McDaniel: It was an analogy. Trying to paint a picture with words.

Rentfro: Well golly! I didn’t know I was sitting next to Bill Shakespeare!

McDaniel: Forget it. Let’s just send it to Emerson for the intros.

The fans quiet down in the arena as the lights go purple. Smoke slowly rises from the entrance. A rain like mist floats through the arena as the opening guitar riff of Saliva’s “I Walk Alone” blares through the speakers.

“I walk alone
I walk for miles inside this of pit of danger
A place where no one follows me
I walk alone”

I'm sick of all these people talkin' out their heads
I've never understood a damn thing that they said
From words to actions
Never knowing what they're about
I guess I'll have to chew them up and spit them out
And I'll say yeah”

Eric Emerson: This next bout is scheduled for one fall! First… from The Bowery…. weighing in at 350 pounds… “THE MONSTER”… DEACON FROST!!!!!

Pyros explodes and out walks Deacon Frost. He is wearing a black leather duster. He has on black baggy jeans and black boots. Frost’s fist and forearms are covered in white tape. Frost stands in the middle of the pyros going off around him. He slowly makes his way down to the ring. Frost steps up onto the ring apron and over the top rope.

“I walked for miles inside this pit of danger
I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger
The weight of the world has fallen on me
I walk alone”

The fans go wild as the big man paces around the ring. Frost settles into the corner and waits for the match to get started as the music dies down.

McDaniel: Frost is a massive piece of humanity.

Rentfro: Are you talking about his penis?

McDaniel: What!?!

Rentfro: You were talking about Frost being massive. I just thought you were talking about his package.

McDaniel: I have no idea what the hell you’re rambling about.

Rentfro: It’s OK. Doesn’t mean you’re gay. Unless you were thinking "I’d really love to have that up the ol’ pooper." Then you’re gay. Well, guess if Riona was giving you a handjob at the same time then you’d just be bi. But if you were pretending Riona was say…our boss Razzior while she was giving you a handjob at the same time Frost was pounding your prostate, then you’re back to being gay. In fact, that would be super-gay.

McDaniel: You’ve put far too much thought into this.

Rentfro: I know. I’m so lonely.

McDaniel: Save me, Eric .

On the video screen, a floating kumquat is seen on a lime green backdrop. Suddenly the eyes and the mouth of one Ryan Lewis emerges as he yells in a shrill voice, mouth wide open.


Eric Emerson: And his opponent… from Dade City , FL … weighing in at 200 pounds… He is the reigning PWA Grizzly Beer Champion… THE KUMQUAT KID… RYAN LEWIS!!!

McDaniel: A total contrast in styles here. You got Frost, the power and Kumquat Kid, the speed.

Orange pyros explode as "Look At Me, I'm A Winner" by The Aquabats blares, Ryan emerging from the back, looking side to side with wide eyes and a cheesy smile. Dunk is behind him and as Ryan slaps hands with fans, he tosses kumquats into the crowd. Ryan leaps over the ropes into the ring and scales a turnbuckle, yelling "VIVA LA KUMQUAT" before doing a moonsault and landing on his feet, ripping off his green windpants, revealing his shimmering lime green trunks. He bounces in his corner as his music dies down. While waiting for the bell The Kumquat Kid turns and raises a fist to acknowledge the fans. And to acknowledge Kumquat Kid, Frost raises his foot… and kicks KK in the back with it from behind! The crowd jeers this overt foul play!

McDaniel: That no good son of a… the bell hasn’t even rung yet!


McDaniel: Well… OK… now it has…

The forearms of Frost club Kumquat Kid like he was a baby seal. He grabs hold of his opponent and throws him out of the ring and onto the unforgiving concrete. Frost follows him out and picks KK up to help him back into the ring. But instead Frost rams Kumquat right into the ring steps. The single sick note of bone meeting steel rumbles throughout the arena. Now Frost is ready to toss KK back in the ring. Frost slides under the bottom rope, then stands to give KK some big stomps. He drops an elbow, then makes a rather sloppy cover…



Rentfro: Frost was just playing with him there.

Frost pulls Kumquat Kid up by his arm, than yanks him towards him for a clothesline. But The Kumquat One ducks! KK gets behind Frost and hammerlock his arm behind him! Frost counter with elbows using his free arm! KK looks staggered and he releases the hammerlock. But as soon as Frost moves in, KK executes a double leg takedown that sends the big man crashing to the canvas!

McDaniel: The Kumquat One played possum!

Kumquat Kid immediately goes for a leg submission, but Frost kicks him off with so much force that KK falls back against the ropes. KK charges right back and nails the rising Frost with a powerful knee to the head! Frost falls back to the canvas and KK is right there to cover…




Kumquat Kid is undeterred. He mounts Frost and delivers a series of rights and lefts. The ref warns him about the closed fists, but KK ignores him. Finally, the referee actually grabs his arm. KK gets up and protests to the ref, who insists on sticking by the book. KK turns back to Frost... who punches him in the gut. Frost gets up and grabs KK by the neck to deliver a big headbutt to KK. And then another one and a series of 3 more to the head of the Grizzly Beer Champion. Frost's head has KK staggered. Then Frost lifts him up and grips his arms around Ryan’s ribs. Frost has KK in the middle of the ring with a vicious looking bear hug. As his victim cries out in pain, an evil smile appears on the face of Frost.

McDaniel: I think Frost is getting off on this!

Focusing past the pain, KK opens his arms. After focusing himself for a moment, slams his closed fist onto the side of Deacon’s head. Frost lets KK go and Kumquat lands on his feet. Kumquat nails a few quick kick to the massive legs of Deacon Frost, dropping the big man to his knees. As soon as Frost’s knees hit the mat, Ryan runs towards the ropes. Kumquat comes flying off the ropes and put Frost on his back with a picture perfect spinning heel kick!

McDaniel: What move by KK!

Frost rolls over onto all fours as Ryan runs towards the turnbuckle and hops on. Kumquat quickly moonsaults off the turnbuckle landing on the back of Frost’s neck smashing him face first into the mat. While Frost is flat on his face, Ryan runs towards the ropes again. KK comes off the ropes and baseball slides right in between Frost’s legs. The big man screams out in pain and rolls out of the ring. Frost has placed himself on the guard railing in order to give himself some breathing space. Suddenly Lewis gets that look in his eyes.


Ryan runs towards the ropes but this time flips over, nailing a running senton splash over the top ropes onto Frost. The fans go nuts as Ryan pulls himself up as Frost lays on the arena floor. Kumquat grabs Frost and drapes him neck first onto the guard railing

McDaniel: Kumquat is on the roll and he knows that to keep Frost down he is going to have to pull out all the stops. And it looks like he is about to do that!

Rentfro: Hey, if he was smart he’d go get the count out win and call it a day.

Kumquat climbs back on the ring apron and points towards Frost. He jumps off the ring apron and nails an elbow drop smashing Frost’s throat to the guard railing. Frost bounces off the railing holding his neck as Ryan rolls back into the ring. The ref is looking down at the ring floor at Frost and starts to count.

Rentfro: Come Frost…get your ass in gear.

Frost slowly is pulling himself up on the ring apron. Kumquat measures Frost up and starts to run towards the ropes. As KK reaches the ropes, Frost quickly pulls the ropes down and lets them go, causing the ropes to snap back up into Ryan’s face! Ryan staggers back as Frost rolls under the bottom rope! Kumquat tries to rush in to keep frost down, but Deacon swipes with his free arm at Lewis’ leg, tripping him. Frost hops up and staggers back into the corner, still coughing a little bit.

McDaniel: Frost trying to get his second wind!

Kumquat comes rushing in and Frost catches him in a brutal looking bearhug spinebuster. Frost pops back up and lets out a animal like scream!


Frost slaps the mat… he is waving for Kumquat to get up. Kumquat gets up and staggers a bit and Frost nearly takes Ryan’s head off with a vicious clothesline from behind. Frost lifts Ryan up gain and flings him into the corner. Frost rushes in with a head full of steam, but Kumquat is able to get his feet up right into the shoulder of Frost. Frost staggers back and Kumquat hops on the turnbuckle and nails a missle dropkick right into the shoulder. Frost drops to the mat and Kumquat drops down and locks frost into an armbar. KK leans back putting more pressure on the hold. Frost screams as KK looks to break the arm if Frost doesn’t tap. Frost rolls towards KK and gets to his knees. Frost’s face twist as he gets to his feet.

McDaniel: Frost is showing some amazing pain tolerance right now

Frost looks to bet taking a deep breath as he grabs his wrist with his free hand. Frost bends his knees and begins to lift KK up. The crowd is in shock as Frost get Ryan up off the mat, before dropping his full weight down on KK.


Frost drops down hold his arm in pain as Kumquat rolls around gasping for air. KK pulls himself up, seeing Frost still trying to get his energy back, nails the big man with a punt kick to the ribs. The big man drops down to one knee as Kumquat nails a few kicks to that wounded shoulder. Frost is holding his shoulder as Kumquat comes out the ropes and nearly takes off Frost’s head with a brutal yakuza kick to the face. Frost is now down on both knees as heads to the ropes. Kumquat comes flying off the ropes and out of nowhere Frost leaps up can catches Kumquat, but as he is driving Kumquat down, Ryan hooks his head and nails a vicious DDT!!!!

McDaniel: Big time DDT!!!!

Kumquat is breathing a little hard but is staying on top of Frost. KK hops off and steps back from Frost as the big man starts to move. As Frost gets to one knee, KK hops off the ropes and nails and beautiful springboard flipping neckbreaker.

Rentfro: All Ryan is doing is pissing Frost off…

Frost rolls around holding his neck. KK goes to pick Frost up, but Frost pushes him away. KK nails a brutal elbow to the back of Frost’s neck, allowing him to get Frost to his feet. Ryan goes for an irish whip, but Frost counters and sends Kumquat right into the corner with force. Kumquat goes limp as Frost starts to rush in. Frost goes for the yakuza kick in the corner, but Kumquat ducks, causing Frost to get his leg caught up in the top turnbuckle. Kumquat kicks Frost’s standing leg and braces himself under Frost’s side. Ryan takes a deep breath before pushing up and getting Frost on his shoulders. Kumquat quickly shifts his weight and position, while the turnbuckle helps support Frost’s weight, bring Deacon down with a hard neckbreaker





Rentfro: And The Kumquat Kid comes through yet again!

McDaniel:  He's on a hell of a roll, and this momentum will carry him through to defend his title in a huge rematch against Riona Langly at A Farewell to Arms!

Rentfro: Frost is out of the ring, heading quickly upstage!  He knows tonight wasn't his night and I bet he's eager to get things fixed in time to defend against The Morans!

McDaniel: No shame in tonight's match, as it was so very close!  But The Kumquat Kid's our victor, and it's time to move on!

You snap away from your previous scene, wandering along backstage hallways. You spot several PWA stars as you go. Lean Bean is chatting with Toshi Yang by catering. Toshi smiles and nods, politely pretending to listen but desperately searching for an escape. "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali walks past, speaking on his blackberry.

Nightmare: Yes, everything's in place. Everyone will be here. Your tickets will be at the call office. Glad you and the gang can make it, man.

Toshi hurries over, hoping to make a scoop or at least get away from the Lean Bean Narcolepsy Tour.

Toshi: Jon! Jonathon! Nightmare!!

Jonathon raises an eyebrow, glancing over at Toshi as she approaches, admiring the view.

Nightmare: I'll talk to you later. The press is here.

Jon hangs up and slips the phone inside his pocket as Toshi gets a slight pout on her face.

Toshi: Press? That's not what you called me last night at the party.

Nightmare: Sshh what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Now, what can I do for the loveliest woman on the PWA staff?

Toshi smiles, assuaged for now.

Toshi: Who was that you were talking to?

Nightmare: Eavesdropping, Toshi?

Toshi: No no, I just overheard you... besides it's my job to know what's going on.

She winks, and he chuckles, but he shakes his head.

Nightmare: That... was personal. Let's just say that some old friends are in town for the weekend, and they wanted to take in the show.

Toshi: Anyone who'll get involved with the match? You heard everything that was said this week.

Jonathon smirks.

Nightmare: Actually, no, I didn't. I just find it gets too boring, what with some people's tiring unoriginality. There's only so much droning a person can stand. Rob Robinson was very accurate in what he said regarding Matthew and his crew of ring rats.

As for your question, Toshi. I'll gladly explain everything to you later, but for now the time for talking is finished. The time for action is at hand, and it's time I remind people just why I am a very dangerous man to cross.

Now, if you'll excuse me, beautiful, I have a match to prepare for.

Jonathon gently strokes Toshi's cheek, causing her to lean forward and close her eyes. Jon simply walks away and is gone by the time she opens her eyes, looking after him with a sigh.

The Phoenix vs. The Grim Reaper

Eric Emerson: The following match is to a single pinfall or submission. Introducing first...

Deep, booming thunder rumbles through the speakers in the arena, seeming to vibrate every inch of the building. Fog begins to flow from under the ring, lightening cracckles flashing through the building. The soft sounds of chanting are now heard along with the rumbling thunder and occasional flashes of lightning. Each ring post holds an ancient lit torch, the flames doing little to disperse the thickening fog.the fog rolls off into the arena, enveloping the crowd. The dense fog lightens slowly to reveal the silhouette of a man standing in the middle of the ring. The thunder still rumbles and lightning occasionally flashes, suddenly a streak of lightning races down to the ring, barely missing the standing figure. The fog is dispersed and Grim Reaper is standing in the middle of the ring wearing his hooded black robe and carrying his signature sickle.

Eric Emerson: From the Depths of Hell, standing at 6 feet 5 inches, weighing in at 245 pounds... THE GRIM REAPER!!

Grim Reaper removes his robe and places his sickle in the hands of a ringside technician, the fog has nearly lifted completely.

Eric Emerson: And now, his opponent, standing 6' even and weighing in at 240 pounds, Rob Robinson... THE PHOENIX!!

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Rentfro: Reaper's been wanting a one-on-one fight with the Phoenix for some time now. Tonight his wish comes true.

McDaniel:  But has he bitten off more than he can chew? Remember to always beware of what you wish for, it just might come true.

As the bell rings to commence the match, the Grim Reaper charges Rob Robinson with a huge western lariat. The Phoenix uses his speed and agility to duck under the attack, spinning around with a springboard enzuigiri to the back of his opponent's head that send the Reaper into the ropes. GR turns around to face his foe and is struck with a leaping back elbow shot to the jaw. Robinson presses his assault as he lays into his adversary with open-hand chops before whipping the Grim Reaper into the ropes across the ring. The Phoenix goes for a cross-body block, but the Reaper catches him and plants him into the canvas with a body slam. GR pulls Rob to his feet, locking in a bear hug and working over his lower back. The Reaper shakes his opponent like a rag doll, driving the air out of his lungs. The Phoenix drives a head butt into his adversary's face. He does this a second time, temporarily dazing him, then rings his bells with an ear clapper that causes GR to release the hold.

Rob Robinson brings the Grim Reaper up for a vertical suplex, but his lower back is still too injured to keep him aloft. The Reaper reverses and delivers an atomic drop before hitting a big boot to his opponent's face that propels him into the corner. GR runs in with a high knee to the Phoenix's mid-section, followed by a couple more high knee shots. Robinson bulldozes his way forward then lifts his foe off his feet before dropping backwards to bounce the Grim Reaper's chin off the turnbuckles with a turnbuckle smash. Rob rolls to his feet and slides behind his adversary before dropping him on his head with a German suplex. Referee Cole Tate makes the count.



Rentfro: The Reaper just manages to pop his shoulder off the mat.

McDaniel:  This is a tougher, more driven Grim Reaper than we've seen in the past. He may just give Rob Robinson a run for his money.

Rentfro: Greater upsets have happened in the past, so who knows?

The two men get to their feet and begin exchanging blows. The Grim Reaper grabs hold of Rob Robinson by the trapezius muscles and applies a nerve hold. This is quickly broken up by a low kick from the Phoenix. The referee reprimands Rob, but Robinson ignores him as he runs back into the ropes and comes off with a missile dropkick to GR. The Reaper merely swats his opponent aside, however, and fires another big boot into Robinson's face as he rolls to his feet. GR follows up with a leg drop off the second rope then applies a seated full-Nelson.

The Phoenix attempts to escape the hold, but there simply is nowhere for Rob to go from this position. The Grim Reaper gets to his feet, dragging Robinson up with him, and swings him off his feet. Rob Robinson manages to kick off the ropes, sending GR off balance and causing him to fall backwards to the canvas. Referee Tate drops to check the Reaper's shoulders and begins counting.


Rentfro: A smart move by Rob Robinson there, forcing the Grim Reaper to release the submission in order to avoid pinning himself.

McDaniel:  There are few veterans as ring savvy as the Phoenix, that's for certain.

The Reaper is the first man to get to his feet and steps onto the bottom rope, stalking his opponent. As soon as the Phoenix stands he is taken down by a flying clothesline from the GR. The Grim Reaper slings Rob Robinson across his shoulders into the Rack of Souls, striding around the ring as he punishes his foe's spine once again. Suddenly GR releases his adversary's legs and swings him around while he drops to the mat to execute an Argentine neckbreaker. The Reaper wraps up Rob in a gogoplata, wrenching viciously on his adversary's head as he tries to choke him out. Realizing the desperate position he's in, the Phoenix frantically reaches for the ropes. Unfortunately this only serves to drive him towards unconsciousness even faster. Referee Cole Tate checks on Robinson and is about to call for the bell when he sees Rob's foot in the ropes. The Grim Reaper looms over the referee as he is forced to release the hold.

Rentfro: The Phoenix with a surprise small package!




McDaniel:  Just when you thought Rob Robinson was out of the fight he just keeps coming back!

The two wrestlers toss down, landing punches and chops, when suddenly the Reaper's hand shoots forward to grab Rob by the throat. Before he can lift his adversary into the air for the Soul Squeeze, however, the Phoenix takes him down into a crippler crossface. Robinson torques back on GR's head. The Grim Reaper's hand hovers above the mat then curls into a fist as he slowly drags himself towards the ropes. Rob Robinson rolls his opponent over and away from the ropes, maintaining the submission hold.

Phoenix: Ask him!!

Referee Cole Tate asks GR if he wishes to submit, but all he gets in reply is silence. Once again the Reaper makes the tortuous trek towards the ropes. He manages to grab hold of them as Robinson's rollover attempt is thwarted this time. Rob Robinson kips up to his feet and shoots a scissor kick into his rising foe, dropping him. The Phoenix sets the Grim Reaper up for the Flame and plants him into the canvas. The rollup and the pin!




Rentfro: I can't believe the Reaper managed to kick out!

McDaniel:  I'm starting to wonder just what will keep him down.

Rentfro: Rob Robinson must be thinking the same thing.

The Phoenix climbs up to the top turnbuckle and calls for the Ashes. Suddenly Mark McNasty bursts out of the audience, hopping onto the apron to throw Robinson off the top and crash down across the ring barricade. McNasty nails a couple stomps to Rob then exits back through the crowd as security runs down to the ring. Referee Cole Tate looks at the two fallen wrestlers and begins the ten count.



The Grim Reaper sits up.


The Phoenix attempts to get up but falls back down.


The Reaper rolls out of the ring in pursuit of his adversary. The Grim Reaper drills Rob Robinson into the floor with a snap suplex. GR forces his opponent to his feet and delivers the Soul Stopper! The Reaper walks up the ring steps and re-enters the ring. GR tosses Rob Robinson across his shoulders for a Death Valley driver. Rob slips free, however, and lands on his feet behind his foe to execute an inverted ddt. The Phoenix plants his foe with the Flame!

Rentfro: This could be it!

McDaniel:  There's the count...





Referee Cole Tate tells the timekeeper to not ring the bell as the Grim Reaper managed to get his shoulder up just before Tate's hand hit the mat. Rob Robinson looks angry and frustrated by this. Robinson drags his opponent to his feet and goes for the Flame a second time. And a third! The Phoenix goes to the corner and springs to the top turnbuckle, flying off to nail the Ashes and grapevines both legs for the cover.

Phoenix: Kick out now, ass hole!





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match... THE PHOENIX!!!

Rentfro: Rob Robinson had to go to desperate measures to get the win tonight, but win he did. Look out, McNasty!

McDaniel:  With the definitive win tonight and a victory over the MoA leader Matthew Engel last week, the Phoenix just may walk out of A Farewell to Arms as the new PWA World Champion!

As Phoenix goes behind the curtain, lightning blasts and the thunder rumbles. Over the sound system comes a high pitched nasally voice.

"Oh Reaper, have you forgotten about me? The one that was supposedly too weak to control you? Well... I'm back!"

Grim Reaper sits up, a look of utter shock on his face. The look seems to be turning into true fear, he is shaking his head from side to side in denile. From behind the curtains walks Necro Mancer, the former controler of Grim Reaper. Mancer is carrying his human skull and both it and himself have a grin on their face. Reaper begins backing away from the man and quickly finds himself backed into a corner, he is still shaking his head. Mancer walks up the steps and into the ring, still grinning.

Mancer: "Reaper, it is time to return, you have failed, you have let many people down, you will no longer inhabit this Earth. You will return to Hell from whence you came!"

"NO! I will not!"

Mancer mutters some words that are not picked up intelligibly, and waving his hand in an intricate pattern. The ring posts erupt in flames and smoke boils from under the ring and flames. The lights in the arena go out, and inky blackness envelope the entire arena, all that remains is the fires burning on the ring posts. The fires are burning so hot and the smoke is so thick, nothing is seen inside the ring. A loud peel of thunder sounds followed by a loud inhuman scream of pain from the position of the ring. Abruptly, the smoke dissapates, the flames are extinguished, and the lights return to full brightness; to show an empty ring.

McDaniel: "What in the hell?"

Rentfro: "Don't ask me?"

[footage taken earlier this week]

Seamus is driving down the road and Sean flips up his phone; answering the ringing.

Sean: "Yeah?! Sean here."

Over the rush of the air, a voice can barely be herd, but we are unable to distinguish the words of the other side of the conversation. Seamus glances over at his brother, before turning his attention back to the road, he leans down and turns down the sound of Kid Rock playing on the radio.

Sean: "Yeah, I think we are going to take off this week, got a few prior commitments and all. Well, we have a wedding of a friend to go to back in Ireland and we want to visit our mom and pop. Because originally we were told that PWA was taking time off this week for the 4th of July. Yeah, ok thanks."

Sean hangs up the phone and turns to Seamus.

Seamus: "So you gonna tell me, or do I have to drag it out of you?"

Sean: "Well, after I kicked your ass in the battle royal..."

Seamus: Kicked my ars hell..."

Sean: "Oh ok, nevermind. That was Sara at Headquarters asking if we were wrestling this week."

Seamus: "I heard you tell her nah, what else did she say?"

Sean: "Not too much really, she asked if we were ok, because we didn't seem to give our best at the battle royal."

Seamus: "Of course we faught hard, but we had both been thrown off the ramp by that asshole Jonothan Cage."

Sean: "I know, but anyways, she said that there was some mishaps with the booking and we just didn't get booked."

Seamus: "We had thought.."

Sean: "I know, they sent out a mass e-mail to anyone who wanted to compete for this week, we didn't get it so we didn't get booked."

Seamus: "And that is why we made plans to head back to Ireland to see mom and pop."

Sean: "Exactly what I told her, was you listening in on my call?"

Seamus: "kinda, anyways."

Sean: "Well, she said that we will be booked at A Fairwell To Arms against somebody in a tag match of course."

Seamus: "Great can't wait."

Sean: "Now (he points ahead dramatically) to the airport and to Ireland !"

Seamus: "Who are we facing?"

Sean: " America 's Most Wanted or something like that?"

Seamus: "You mean... not... America 's Most Hated... Oh NO!"

Sean: "Yeah, that is them, why, you heard of them before?"

Seamus: "Yeah... they were the guys... no wait, that was American's Masterbate Heavily. No got it, they are the team of Guns and knives, right?"

Sean: "Nope, wrong again."

Seamus: "Wait, I got it, they are that group Dixie Chicks or something like that right?"

Sean: "I think so, we know that they are America 's most hated anyways. Can you pick up the speed, I'm ready to get there, I gotta go."

Seamus places his foot heavier on the pedal and the car picks up speed, the airport coming into sight over the horizon.

[end footage]

Tag Match
Chamelion & Psycho Sandra vs. Alex Wilkie & Fire

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall….Introducing first, she hails from Hollywood , California : FIRE!!!  

The arena goes black and as red skull and crossbones appears all over the arena. Then the sound of This Fire by Franz Ferdinand hits the PA. Fire comes out wearing a black tank top with a red skull and cross bones on the middle, tight fitting black spandex pants, pigtails pulled back with red and black ribbon, and a devilish smile to boot. Wasting no time with the fans she runs quickly down to the ring and slides in under the ropes. She jumps on the farthest left turnbuckle and flips off the crowd.  

Eric Emerson: And now, introducing her tag-team partner…  

The crowd goes silent for a moment... around the arena everyone is buzzing... then over the speakers comes the voice of Zack De La Rocha from Rage against the Machine (lead singer)...

Zack: Mic check!...1... 1...2...Come wit it now!!!

Bulls on parade explodes onto the speaker, with Tom Morrello wailling on his guitar!

Zack: COME WIT IT NOW!! Bulls on parade!

The Song jumps to Tom Morrello's Scatch solo where he plays his Guitar like a DJ Scratch board... for a moment, the song stops... then Zack comes back on!


The microphone explodes, shattering the molds
Either drop tha hits like de la O or get tha fuck off tha commode
Wit tha sure shot, sure ta make tha bodies drop
Drop an don't copy yo, don't call this a co-op

The song bursts into full Chorus, Zack laying down some mad anti-political/War rhymes

Terror rains drenchin', quenchin' tha thirst of tha power dons
That five sided fist-a-gon
Tha rotten sore on tha face of mother earth gets bigger
Tha triggers cold empty ya purse

Then from behind the Curtain comes Alex wilkie, decked out in a red leather vest. With A+ plus written across the back, he pulls off his Shades and tosses them out into the crowd as he walks down the ramp. For a moment, he stops in the middle,

Eric Emerson: Ladies And gentlemen, hailing from Seattle Washington ... Weighing in at 250lbs... He is...GRADE A..ALEX! WIIIIIIILKIEEEEEEE!!!!

he turns his back around and lets the vest fall down to the ground, he brings his Arms up and flexes them, White pyro explodes from the stage, Alex turns back around, then rolls under the bottom rope, he hops up, and just grins to his opponent he turns around and hops up to the nearest turnbuckle, he brings his hands up in the Devil horn salute, then hops down, doing a quick neck stretch as his music fades away.  

Eric Emerson: And their opponents, first, hailing from Washington , D.C. ; PSYCHO SANDRA!  

As the ring clears and all is made ready for the next contest, the stadium lights go out for a moment, allowing the crowd to talk amongst themselves. After a while, a few sparks erupt near the top of the ramp. The continue to grow in size until it looks like an accidental electrical fire has gone off, and finally...


An explosion sounds off throughout the entire stadium! A heavy guitar intro plays through the speakers, and the televisions begin to display motorcycles, beer, cigars, and finally...

Buried deep inside; and fighting to survive!
My own dying breath is anticipating death!! 

Sandra runs down the ramp. She's wearing a pair of black leather shorts, a leather halter top, knee-high boots covered in thick buckles, and fishnet pantyhose. Her hair is done up into two curly pigtails, and there is a heavy looking crowbar in her hands.

Decompose! A corpse; to feed the crows!
Out of sight and mind! They buried me.. they buried me alive!! 

Sandra is stopped by the referee, who makes her put whatever foreign object she's brought (crowbar, crutch, baseball bat) on the announcer's table. She finally agrees and runs back into the ring, rotating her shoulders and neck in between waving to the crowd as her song dies down.  

Eric Emerson: And her tag team partner, weighing in at 245lbs and hailing from Las Vegas , Nevada , he is the current PWA Television Champion; CHAMELION!  

The lights dim… and the music of Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me” hits the Big Screen. Strobe lights begin flickering through out the arena… and from the backstage steps Chamelion. He stands in profile to us, head low and his hair covering his face…. As the music picks up… the lyrics begin…

Hear my cries - Hear my calls
Lend me your ears - See my falls
See my error - Know my faults
Time halts - See my loss

Chamelion turns to face us and walks purposely down the ramp as the song continues.

Know I'm lacking - Back tracking
Where I met you - Pistol packing
Itchy finger - Trigger-happy
Try to trap me - Bad rap

He stops at the bottom and looks up into the ring, giving Fire and Wilkie a calm, but slightly negative look.  Chamelion turns and walks to the steel steps and climbs them.

Wire tap me - Back stab me
Break the faith - Fall from grace
Tell me lies - Time flies
Close your eyes - Come with me.

He then stands there, outside the ring and raises his fists to the sky. Pyros explode in the rafters as Chamelion walks the apron to the middle and steps through the ropes. He heads straight to the other side and climbs the turnbuckles and again raises his fists and the crowd responds loudly. Jumping down, Chamelion shoots straight kitty corner and repeats his playing to the crowd. Back on the canvas, Chamelion turns, faces Fire and Wilkie and smiles wickedly… his music fading and the roar of the crowd taking over.  

McDaniel: All four are glaring at each other pretty intently here.  I wonder who’s going to start!?  

Rentfro: Fire isn’t backing down in the least, she’s telling Wilkie she wants to begin and is pointing at Chamelion.  

McDaniel: He doesn’t seem to be all that interested in getting in there, and it’s certainly not because of cowardice, he feels truly regretful for the events that have transpired.  

Rentfro: Whatever dude, he hurt her, and he’s refusing to let her get her hands on him! You can call that whatever you want, but I DO call it cowardly!  

McDaniel: None the less, Chamelion is opting for his wife to start, as he knows she can handle herself in the ring with Fire.  Fire’s giving Chamelion the middle finger, but he shrugs, and grabs the corner rope as the match begins.  


Rentfro: And without pause, the two ladies lash out and connect in the center of the ring, tied up in a classic Greco-Roman lock, which I didn’t expect as it’s a classic style of Wrestling, used a lot in Olympics.  

McDaniel: Both ladies are using their upper body strength to try to throw the other, likely wanting to show off their power!  Fire gets her arm around Sandra’s head and wrenches, angrily tugging her hair in the process.  

Rentfro: The ref’s warning her, and with the distraction, Sandra has shoved her to the ropes!  Ouch! Fire lands with a hip toss right on her pretty ass! Damn it!  

McDaniel: Sandra’s grinning, a wide almost vicious grin and Fire’s non too pleased.  She’s up, comes in and hits a knee to Sandra’s ribs and bends her over into an abdominal stretch! Wilkie’s cheering Fire on and Chamelion seems rather calm, even with his wife’s body being stretched more then it should.  

Rentfro: Fire needs to affirm her position, cause Sandra just got her foot out and Whoah, sends Fire again to the canvas hard and Sandra follows up with an elbow!  Come on ref, get her off Fire!  

McDaniel: She’s performing legal moves here!  Sandra grabs Fire’s legs and starts kicking the inside of her thigh, likely trying to Charlie horse her or something!  

Rentfro: Fire twists, yes and pushes Sandra away.  She’s up, ducks Sandra’s clothesline attempt and comes back with her own!  Sandra’s down on her back!  

McDaniel: Now Fire’s urging Sandra to tag out, but Sandra flips her off and Fire’s pissed, coming in for a stomp!  Sandra caught her foot!! She twists and Fire’s down there beside her!  

Rentfro: Cat fight on the canvas! Hot!  But Fire escapes and gets up, hits the ropes for momentum and drop kicks Sandra into her corner! Fire is again yelling for a tag, but Sandra isn’t doing it!  

McDaniel: That has to be frustrating Fire a lot!  She grabs Sandra and whips her into the corner where Wilkie is and now what??  

Rentfro: Fire’s in Chamelion’s face!! The ref is trying to get her away and meanwhile Wilkie’s holding Sandra by the hair and choking her with his free hand! SMART!!  

McDaniel: Now Chamelion’s ticked, he’s trying to get in and that only allows Wilkie more time!! Now Fire runs and hits a drop kick on Sandra and Chamelion’s actions only further keep the referee from seeing it!  

Rentfro: He’s getting the point, and gets out quickly, but the damage is done!  Fire tags in Wilkie, giving him the go-ahead to further injure Psycho Sandra!  Wilkie picks her up and NICE, a vertical suplex into a pin!  

McDaniel: Only a two count, Sandra got her shoulder up in time!  Wilkie smiles at Chamelion, who now has his hand out wanting the tag.  Wilkie pulls Sandra up by her hair, and the ref warns him.  He lets go and…  

Rentfro: Sandra rolls him up for a pin!!  YES, he kicks out!  

McDaniel: Now Sandra’s pissed even more, and she gets to her feet and hits a roundhouse kick to Wilkie’s head!  She turns, and flips off Fire who tries to get into the ring, and this gets the ref’s attention!  

Rentfro: No fair! Sandra has Wilkie over to Chamelion and he’s in the ring and their double teaming him!  What is this?  

McDaniel: Just a fair turn around, I say!  They whip Wilkie to the ropes and a double back body drop sends him to the canvas with a thud! Sandra’s out of the ring and Chamelion claps his hands together!!  

Rentfro: Fire’s out, the ref’s turned and he sees Chamelion who says they tagged!  He didn’t see it, get him out of the ring!   

McDaniel: I guess he heard Chamelion clap and thought it was a tag!  Chamelion has Wilkie up and hits a power bomb and covers!  

Rentfro: HA! Wilkie kicks out! Way to go!  Chamelion however seems to think he’s entitled to dish out more punishment and lifts Wilkie up for another power bomb!  But Wilkie’s tough, he clobbers Chamelion in the head and the paper champion falls on his ass!  Now Wilkie’s on top punching away, drawing blood, this is great!  

McDaniel: Wilkie seems out of control! He’s up, kicks Chamelion and pulls him to his feet!  He whips Chamelion to the ropes and knocks him down with a back elbow to the jaw!!  Again, he has Chamelion up and flips him over by the head and then snap mares him, giving Chamelion a nice dose of whip lash!  

Rentfro: I like it! Pure dominance by Wilkie!  Fire’s begging for the tag and there it is!! Fire, in the ring with Chamelion!!!  

McDaniel: She’s eyeing him, watching him try to stand while he shakes his head to clear his vision.  What’s Wilkie doing!?  

Rentfro: He won’t get out of the ring! The ref runs to him to give him the five count!  And now Chamelion’s up! He turns towards Fire but before he can respond, she kicks him .. IN THE CROTCH!! AWESOME!!  

McDaniel: Chamelion turns green.. er, never mind and bends over in tremendous pain!  Sandra’s rushing in and Fire yells, getting the referee’s attention! Now the ref is going for Sandra, and Fire takes the distraction to heart!  

Rentfro: This is pure genius! With Chamelion bent over and unable to move, Fire grabs him around the face and rakes his eyes!  Now she’s dragging Chamelion to the ropes and running his face against the long line of rope!!  

McDaniel: She know has him against the ropes by his neck and has her knee to the back of his head, pushing against it!  The ref, having gotten Sandra out, turns and sees this and goes over to administer a five count!  

Rentfro: Wilkie yells for Fire to break, which she reluctantly does, but the damage is done. Chamelion looks to be in horrible pain, and rightly so!  

McDaniel: Fire pulls Chamelion to her corner and tells Wilkie something! What is he doing now!?  

Rentfro: He’s down on the floor, pulling Chamelion’s legs out on each side of the metal post and OUCH! Rams him crotch first into the metal post!!  

McDaniel: The ref is out of the ring, yelling at Wilkie while Fire stomps on Chamelion’s face!! This is too much, the ref can’t keep up!  

Rentfro: HEY, Sandra’s in the ring!  No fair, she grabs Fire by the hair and just hit her with a reverse DDT!!! Ref, do something!  

McDaniel: Fire’s down, hurt and the ref is back in again working to get Sandra out of the ring!  Now Wilkie has the advantage and flies over the top rope with a vicious leg drop against Chamelion’s throat!  He goes for a cover, but the ref is busy getting Sandra out of the ring!  

Rentfro: Damn her!  Finally she’s out and the ref turns and dives to count!  

McDaniel: Just a one!  Chamelion springs his shoulder up in time!  Wilkie takes a moment to drag Fire to the corner and then tags himself in to make it legal, and picks up Chamelion and hits two elbows to his chin, knocking him backwards!  Wilkie then throws Chamelion into the ropes!   

Rentfro: Wilkie mounts the second set of ropes and begins pounding away on Chamelion! Nice tactic! Ten solid punches and the blood from Chamelion’s forehead masks him well.  WAIT , LOOK OUT!  

McDaniel: Wilkie took a moment too long to pose and gloat and Chamelion grabs him by the tights and hits a Modified Last Ride Power bomb!  A cover!!! One.. Twoo , OH SO CLOSE!!  

Rentfro: Wilkie’s better then that, but now both men are down, nearly out in the middle of the ring!   

McDaniel: The ref’s doing his job, issuing the ten count!!  Wilkie’s moving!   

Rentfro: He’s crawling to his corner, yes yes!!!  

McDaniel: But now Chamelion’s moving, he’s getting to his corner!!!!  


McDaniel: TAG! Fire’s in… here she comes…. CHAMELION WITH THE TAG!  

Rentfro: NO DAMMIT NO!  

McDaniel: Sandra hops the ropes!  They clash in the middle.  Fire and Sandra heatedly punch each other! These two are going at it like the biggest men in the sport, knocking each other silly!  Sandra with a right hand and Fire spits out as her head is flung sideways!  Fire comes back, and a crack sends Sandra reeling!  

Rentfro: Fire’s rage for what they did to her is winning out! She pushes Sandra to the ropes! A whip, but then a reversal!  Fire is sent to the ropes, bounces off and ducks Sandra!!!  

McDaniel: Sandra turns, and Fire comes back with a cross body!! Sandra catches her!! A flip over and Fire crashes to the canvas from a Fall away Slam by Sandra! Nice reversal!  

Rentfro: I admit it, good move, but it’s not going to be enough! Fire’s up holding her back, and Sandra comes in, but Fire ducks and back body drops Sandra to the outside!! HA!  

McDaniel: Sandra lands hard, and this prompts Wilkie to jump down and go for her!!  Here comes Chamelion!!  

Rentfro: Get him back to his corner!!! He just jumped over Sandra and crashed into Wilkie!! They’re bashing away at each other with no regard to the ref or the rules!!  

McDaniel: Wilkie throws Chamelion into the barricade!! He runs in, and Chamelion mimics Fire’s move from a moment ago and back body drops Wilkie over the barricade into the lap of our loyal fans!!  

Rentfro: You don’t get the fans involved idiot!  Now Chamelion’s over the barricade and he’s beating down Wilkie, ignoring that the ref is trying to get them separated and back in the ring!  

McDaniel: It doesn’t matter, they’re so angry and enraged they’ve forgotten the match!  Chamelion and Wilkie are giving the fans a front row view of their battle as they move deeper into the sea of fans!  

Rentfro: Look! Fire’s out of the ring and has a steel chair!  With the ref turned away, she is going to bash Sandra’s skull in!!!  

McDaniel: No, Sandra jumps up and drop kicks the chair right into Fire’s face!!  Ouch!  Now Sandra’s quickly pushing Fire into the ring and she’s climbing the corner turnbuckle!!  

Rentfro: MOVE FIRE MOVE!  

McDaniel: Sandra perches herself, she flies, for a frog splash!! OUCH NO! Fire got her legs up!  

Rentfro: HAH PERFECT! Here comes the ref, giving up on those losers who are too self involved! Fire’s rolling over and hooking Sandra’s leg… One! Two! SHE got her!!!  

McDaniel: No, just a two, ref’s waving it off!  Fire’s angry, she’s yelling at the ref for what she calls a slow count!  

Rentfro: Hey, it is the same ref that called the Phoenix , Lazarus match!!!  He really needs to learn control of his hand!  Fire should deck him!  

McDaniel: If she does, she’s disqualified!  And it’s giving Sandra time to recuperate!  

Rentfro: She realizes this, good! She pulls Sandra up, flings her to the ropes! She goes for the Scorching Soles!  No, Sandra ducked!! Turn Fire, Turn! Oh No!  

McDaniel: Sandra with a swift kick to Fire’s stomach!  Fire bends, Sandra has her hooked! It’s the Lobotomy!! One! Two! Thre, NO! Fire kicked out!  

Rentfro: WOW! Awesome girl!  I love it!!!  And look at Sandra, she can’t believe it at all!  

McDaniel: Fire’s crawling out of the ring, holding her head.  Sandra’s after her, and she’s not going to give Fire time to clear her head!   

Rentfro: That’s not nice!  Sandra has Fire by the hair!  No, she’s going to ram her against the steel steps!   

McDaniel: Fire blocks it and drives her elbow into Sandra’s gut!  Now she rams Sandra’s head into the steel!  Oh man, now Sandra has a bit of red on her forehead!   

Rentfro: Sandra crawls into the ring, but wait, Fire’s fishing under the ring!  She’s going for something!!!  She has a Kendo Stick!!! We keep those under there!?  

McDaniel: I guess, but it’s not legal, she can’t hit Sandra or it’s over!!  

Rentfro: I don’t think she cares anymore!  She’s in the ring with it, Sandra turns, and OH WOW! WHAT A HIT!!! She just cracked Sandra’s skull!!  


McDaniel: And that’s that! You know what the calls going to be on this one for sure!!  Fire pushes the referee away, intending to get another crack on Sandra!  She’s using this to get back at Chamelion, you know it!  

Rentfro: And look what you did! It’s Chamelion, he’s back!!!  He slides in the ring and it makes Fire turn!  

McDaniel: She glares at him, and raises the Kendo Stick, she doesn’t care and goes to strike!!  

Rentfro: Damn that Sommers, he just Super kicked the kendo stick out of her hands!! What a jerk!   

McDaniel: Fire isn’t having anything of it, she’s in his face, screaming at him!  Chamelion is backing away, trying to defuse the situation, but she’ll have none of it!  

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, as a result of a disqualification; Psycho Sandra and Chamelion!!!  

Rentfro: Fire, LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!   

McDaniel: And that’s what she gets, I guess! Sandra just Lobotomized Fire!  

Rentfro: Backstabbing bitch!!!  YES, it’s Wilkie finally!!  

McDaniel: Wilkie drives Chamelion and Sandra out of the ring, standing over Fire, looking very very angry.  

Rentfro: As well he should!  And look at Sandra, she seems way too pleased with herself.  She’s holding onto Chamelion and grinning like a spoiled brat!  

McDaniel: But not Chamelion.  He looks concerned for his wife, and maybe even for Fire.   

Rentfro: It’s too late to show concern, he’s due to pay the piper and Wilkie’s going to collect at the PPV!  

McDaniel: He may very well do so! But Fire’s actions cost them the match tonight, but they indeed got a few strong shots in… both Chamelion and Sandra are bleeding, and while Sandra seems to be relishing in the moment, Chamelion just wants to get her out of there.  

Rentfro: Yeah, coward!  Next week he cant run!  Street Fight, and Wilkie’s going to own his ass!!  

McDaniel: You’re very sure of that, aren’t you!? But Sandra and Chamelion do pick up a win, even if not the way they most want it!  Fire is up, she’s holding her head and glaring and Wilkie’s consoling her!  Fire can go for her own brand of revenge next week when she teams with Sabine to take on Sandra and Circa!  

Rentfro: Yeah, she’ll get a second chance to put Sandra in traction!  

McDaniel: Dude, you’re really one sided here!  I think we’d better move on before you get on your knees and ask Fire to marry you!  

Rentfro: Oh, not a bad idea!  

McDaniel: LETS move on, shall we!? It's time for our main event of the evening!

Main Event
The Masters of Armageddon vs. Corey Lazarus, Nightmare and Jamie Flynn


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen -- this match is scheduled for one pin fall or submission and it is a STREET FIGHT! Introducing first..

A live version of "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden hits the PA system in the Verizon Center. Matthew Engel, Graham Cain, Impulse, Dead End, and Gregory Price begin to make their way down to the ring. A very important match-up for the Masters. Matt is dressed in his usual dark green tuxedo. Cain is in gym shorts and boots, showing off his ridiculously muscular upper-body. Impulse is in a tight-fitted black shirt and army green cargo shorts. Dead End and Gregory both have suits on, they're not wrestling tonight.

Eric Emerson: They have a combined weight of six hundred and ninety four pounds...

They begin to make their way down to the ring. They reach about halfway, Gregory and Dead End slipping up in front of them to clear their part of ringside. The fans are going crazy, they can't wait. 

Rentfro: A monumental match, one to remember for sure, Jon.

McDaniel: This is going to be awesome! The best superstars in the PWA are going to show the MoA that they're nothing but scum!

Rentfro: I don't know, Jon. Cain looks in a lot better shape since we saw him last... and this new guy, Impulse, looks like he can knock a few people out.

McDaniel: Still! Wait, Nightmare, Corey, and Jamie are flying down the rampway!

Rentfro: Corey and Jamie both carry two-by-fours! They collide with the MoA and begin to swing away! Corey connects with a hard shot to Matt's chest, and Jamie slams his two-by-four into Impulse's back!

McDaniel: Holy crap! Nightmare leveled Cain with a huge lariat!

The six men begin to battle as the referee just shrugs his shoulders and calls for the bell.


The match has officially begun. Corey hits Matt again and again with his two-by-four, and eventually breaks it over Matt's head! Matt falls to the ground. Impulse is able to block a shot from Flynn and kick him low. Impulse is about to DDT Flynn to the rampway, but Nightmare walks over and grabs Impulse by the throat. Chokeslam onto the rampway!

Rentfro: GOOD GOD! Impulse was nearly broken in half from that chokeslam! 

McDaniel: Corey slides Matt into the ring and goes underneath for a moment... he grabs a couple chairs, a ladder, and... is that barbed wire?

Rentfro: Yes it is, Jon. Corey wants blood!

McDaniel: Corey eyes Gregory before going into the ring... and he mouths the words "You're next" to him. Oh man I feel bad for Gregory!

Cain gets to his feet and begins to battle with Nightmare. They exchange lefts and rights, and Cain manages to get the upperhand. He slams Nightmare into the ringpost. Cain uses his incredible strength to pick up the steel steps and slams it over Nightmare's back. Nightmare falls to one knee, and then gets mowed over by a running Cain. Flynn gets Impulse up to his feet and slides him into the ring. Meanwhile, Corey has got Matt in the middle of the ring, with weapons all around them. Corey picks up a chair and tries to slam it down on Matt, but he rolls out of the way. Corey tries again, but Matt dodges it.

Rentfro: And Matt's doing a good job avoiding those huge chair shots!

McDaniel: If Corey catches Matt with one, though --

Rentfro: And he does! Corey slams the chair down on Matt's chest!

McDaniel: This is crazy! These men are gonna need EMTs before anyone attempts a pinfall!

Cain gets into the ring and behind Corey. Cain grabs Corey from behind into a full-nelson position, and connects the slam onto the ladder. Corey's back is in a huge amount of pain, as Cain is leveled with a dropkick from Flynn. Impulse is on the outside still, recovering from that chokeslam. He slides into the ring. Him and Flynn exchange punches, but Impulse gets the advantage. He sends Flynn into the ropes and connects with a twisting elbow. Impulse picks up the chair used on Matthew and lunges it into Flynn's stomach. He does it again, and again. Cain gets to his feet, but he's immediately tripped by Nightmare from the outside. Nightmare gets into the ring and lays down a few stomps to Cain. Nightmare is into the ropes and comes back with a huge flying elbow drop and connects. Impulse and Nightmare are the only men standing now.

Rentfro: He looks like a giant compared to him!

McDaniel: We'll see just how good of a fighter this guy really is!

Impulse dodges an attempted right hook from Nightmare and connects with a sharp kick to Nightmare's leg. He follows that up with some uppercuts into Nightmare's stomach and hits a big jawbreaker on Nightmare. Nightmare staggers back, but is barely phased. Impulse runs at him, but slides between Nightmare's legs. Impulse tries for a reverse DDT, but he's met with a huge elbow from Nightmare. Impulse staggers back, and Nightmare nails a roundhouse on Impulse, sending him to the floor.

Rentfro: And now Corey is back up to his feet... and Matt is still on the ground! GET UP MATT!

McDaniel: Cain is up to his feet now... and Dead End on the outside is pissed! He wants in on the action.

Rentfro: Dead End is slamming the mat, trying to get the ref's attention. And --

McDaniel: WHOA! Somebody pulled Dead End under the ring! HOLY CRAP! 

Rentfro: There's a camera crew trying to follow what's going on... is that... that's Kindred!

McDaniel: Son of a! He's getting revenge on what the MoA did to him!

Matt saw Dead End go underneath the ring. He tries to get to his feet, but he's met with a running kick to the stomach from Corey. Matt coughs up some blood, and Corey picks him up by the hair. Corey nails a snap suplex, with Matt's body crashing over the ladder.  

Rentfro: And what the HELL? That camera man just laid out Gregory Price! He needs to be fired Jon!

McDaniel: That's no camera man, Brian! That's Akira!  Nightmare's manager!

Price is knocked out with a shot from the camera man, aka Akira. It seems the MoA's outside forces have been taken care of, and inside the ring Corey and Matt are battling it out, with Matt barely surviving. Matt blocks a punch from Corey, but Corey comes in fast with another and connects with Matt's ribs. He lands another, and another. Corey hits a northern lights suplex on Matt, and then picks up a chair. He slams it over Matt's chest, and he connects again. Matt is bleeding more out of his mouth. Corey tries another shot, but Cain spears Corey from behind, which sends Corey into the turnbuckle face-first. Nightmare comes in and lands a huge double-axe handle on Cain, and follows that up with a big german suplex on the big man. Impulse is up to his feet and grabs hold of the ladder. He runs in Corey's direction, and aligns the ladder vertically. He jumps and smashes the ladder and himself into Corey. Impulse staggers back, as Corey drops to the mat.

McDaniel: BIG MOVE from the little guy!

Rentfro: He's not THAT little!

McDaniel: Compared to Nightmare or Cain he is!

Rentfro: Well, if you're gonna use that logic, than anyone is little compared to those guys. They're huge!

Impulse tries to help Matt get to his feet. Matt is up to his feet, finally, and looks at Jamie Flynn. Flynn gets up to his feet about the same time, and the two go at it. Flynn gets the advantage and hits a quick DDT on Matt. Impulse goes after Corey as Nightmare and Cain are battling it out in the opposite corner. Flynn puts a chair over Matt's stomach and climbs the top rope. Flynn launches off with a perfect four-fifty shooting star press, and connects. Flynn rolls off, covering his stomach, but gets to a knee. Matt turns over on his side and spits out more blood. 

McDaniel: Matt is looking in horrible shape... but I can't help it, I like it! He deserves this!

Rentfro: He deserves to win, Jon!

Impulse lands a few kidney punches on Corey, and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Impulse puts Corey on the top turnbuckle as Nightmare is stomping down Cain in the opposite corner. Cain manages to grab Nightmare's leg on the would-be final stomp, and flips Nightmare off his feet. Impulse places Corey up on the top rope in a seated position, facing inside the ring, and then backs to the other corner. Impulse then sprints towards Corey, springboards off of the middle rope, and then stands on the top rope in front of Corey. He pauses for a moment, and then delivers a massive top rope hurricanrana.

McDaniel: That... looked familiar. What does he call that?

Rentfro: FEAR OF THE DARK! Somebody pin Corey! It's over with!

McDaniel: Unfortunately Impulse landed on that ladder when he came down... he's not really moving!

Rentfro: Cain takes the advantage and tries to make a cover on Corey...



Kick out!

McDaniel: Near fall there... and about the only attempt we've seen all night for someone to win this match!

Rentfro: It's absolute madness, Jon, and the crowd is loving it! They're going crazy!

McDaniel: Cain yells at the referee to try to get the three count...but the ref doesn't budge. Cain gets wrapped up from behind and Nightmare hits a tiger suplex on him! OUCH!

Impulse manges to get to one knee, as Corey finally begins to move. Matt and Flynn are still battling. Flynn lands a few muay-thai kicks on Matt, and connects with a huge clothesline. Matt gets to one knee, and Flynn hits a soccer kick right in the middle of Matt's back, which sends him to the ground. Impulse is up to his feet and grabs Corey by the hair. He connects a few punches, and sends Corey into the ropes. Corey wakes up and connects with a big shoulder block on Impulse. Corey goes into the ropes, and comes back. He leaps over Impulse who turned on his stomach and goes into the other side. Impulse is to his feet now but gets nailed with a flying cross-body from Corey. Corey mounts Impulse and begins to unchamber lefts and rights.

Rentfro: Oh man! Corey is going crazy on Impulse! I'm surprised he doesn't have --

McDaniel: Oh he DOES! Corey pulls out those infamous brass knuckles and puts them on!

Rentfro: COME ON COREY! What did that guy ever do to you!?

McDaniel: Maybe... uh... joining forces with the man Corey hates the most?

Matt gets to his feet as Flynn tries to take him down again, but Matt blocks another kick and slams his fist into Flynn's stomach. Matt hits a vicious uppercut on Flynn and then quickly sends him to the mat with a jumping roundhouse. Matt looks over at Corey, who's about to lay into Impulse with those brass knuckles. Matt springs towards Corey and connects with a huge dropkick that sends Corey flying off Impulse. Matt gets to his feet, but Flynn is right behind him and connects with a reverse DDT. Flynn covers.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Close fall there! Flynn certainly got the jump on Matt, but it didn't pay off.

Rentfro: So far we've seen one pin attempt from both sides... and maybe we'll see more, maybe we won't.

McDaniel: You're about as vague as those random other MoA promos.

Rentfro: Those are scary...

Nightmare and Cain are duking it out again. Cain gets the upperhand and sends Nightmare into the turnbuckle with one punch. Cain grabs the two-by-four used by Corey. He swings at Nightmare, but Nightmare ducks and swings behind Cain. Cain twists, swinging that two-by-four again, and Nightmare just barely dodges it. Nightmare slams his fist into Cain's stomach, and executes a perfect knee smash with Cain's face. Nightmare stomps on Cain a few times, and then picks him up. He's able to pick up Cain in scoop-slam fashion... and run to the middle of the ring. He jumps and slams Cain down with a huge running powerslam!

McDaniel: I think the ring almost collapsed on that one!

Rentfro: If it had, they would've smashed Kindred and Dead End below them!

McDaniel: I doubt they're still under there, Brian.

Nightmare gets Cain to his feet and lands a brutal punch to Cain's stomach. He lifts Cain up in suplex fashion and drops him down with a big brainbuster. He covers.



Kick out!

Rentfro: Close fall there. Cain's got some life left in him. Anyway, how would you know? Are YOU under there with them?

McDaniel: Well, no, but...!

Rentfro: But nothing! Shut up!

Nightmare hooks Cain's leg. 




McDaniel: And it looks as if Impulse was busted wide open from those devastating rights and lefts from Corey just a minute ago.

Impulse grabs Nightmare by the hair, driving a pair of knees into his face, and then brings him to his feet, doubling him over with a kick to the groin.

Fans: OOOOOOH!!!

Impulse hits the ropes, and then dives forward with a huge right hook to Nightmare's jaw. Wehali drops to his knees, his eyes clearly dazed, but doesn't fall entirely to the mat. In the corner, Flynn stomps away on Matt Engel, and Cain rolls to the outside to catch a quick breather and clear his head. Impulse hits the ropes again, but this time is met with a brutal spingboard spinning wheel kick to the side of his head by Lazarus!

Rentfro: What a cheating ass!

McDaniel: What are you TALKING about?!

The impact sends Impulse directly into Flynn, inadvertantly shoving him into the corner, and Cain reaches under the ring, producing a table.

McDaniel: And as if business wasn't already picked up, it's about to get even hotter in here!

Rentfro: Clichés abound with you.

Lazarus gets to his feet and spies the barbed wire he brought out earlier, and then helps Nightmare back to his feet. Cain steps into the ring, and then immediately levels Nightmare with a vicious lariat that nearly sends him flipping over backwards. Flynn chokes both Impulse and Matt, and Cain turns, seeing his teammates in peril.

McDaniel: And Cain looks PISSED!

Graham reaches and grabs Flynn by the head, dragging him off of Matt and Impulse. He grabs him in a chokehold, wags a finger in front of his face while shaking his head "no," and then scoops him up, cradling a leg as he drops down, driving Jamie head-first into the mat.

Rentfro: Obelisk! It's gotta be over!




McDaniel: Team PWA is still in this thing!

Nightmare and Corey rain down rights and lefts to Cain's skull as he tries to pull himself away, but the onslaught is too much for him. They bring the monster to his feet, but Impulse comes from out of nowhere and tackles Nightmare through the ropes and to the outside. Lazarus hits a few forearms to Cain's face, but Graham grabs Corey around the waist and nails an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that sends him into the corner lower-back first. Corey bounces off of the top turnbuckle and crashes to the mat, and Cain looks around the ring. Impulse and Nightmare brawl on the outside, with the smaller man firing off shot after shot and giving Wehali little time to cover.

McDaniel: And the MoA has re-taken control!

Rentfro: Allow me to correct you, as usual, Jon - GRAHAM CAIN has taken control!

Engel pulls himself up in the corner, wiping blood from his mouth, and tries to ease his coughing by holding his chest. Flynn struggles to pull himself to his feet using the top rope, and Cain turns around, dragging his thumb across his throat.

Rentfro: Another Obelisk for Flynn is in the works!

Cain slowly stalks towards Flynn as Jamie tries to maintain a stance, and then just stands in front of him, a sadistic smile creeping across his face. Flynn fires off with a desperation right that catches Cain somewhat off-guard, but the big man shrugs it off and nails a big knee to Jamie's midsection. He drags Jamie into the center of the ring, and then scoops him up again for the Obelisk. Jamie fires off with a series of downward elbows to Cain's sternum, causing him to be dropped to the mat on his knees. Outside, Impulse hops onto the apron, and then goes for a somersault plancha, but Nightmare catches him and then powerbombs him onto the floor, resulting in a sick smack of human flesh and concrete.

McDaniel: And Nightmare's getting back into the ring...AND COREY'S GOT A CHAIR!

Cain looks up just in time to be met with a vicious chairshot by Lazarus, denting the chair in half. Graham staggers back, blood beginning to pour from a fresh cut in the middle of his forehead, and drops down to a knee. He forces himself back to his feet, dazed, and is knocked back to a knee with another brutal chairshot by Corey. Cain doesn't fall, though, and so Nightmare taps Laz on the shoulder, the two looking at each other and nodding. Corey holds the chair in front of Cain's face, and Wehali hits the ropes, delivering a brutal Yakuza Kick to the chair that sends Cain down on his back. Flynn turns around to see Matt Engel to his feet, and then lunges at him, but Virus ducks a clothesline and then knocks both Corey and Nightmare down with a double dropkick. He kips back up to his feet, still holding his chest, and then turns.

Rentfro: And Matt Engel may still be alive in this one...!

Virus runs in with rights and lefts on Flynn, beating him down to the bottom turnbuckle, and then drags him to his feet before picking him up on his back. He backs into the middle of the ring, spying the chair that knocked Cain out, and then whips Jamie around from his back to his side, driving him face-first into the chair.

McDaniel: Sons of Plunder!




Rentfro: And Nightmare brings Virus up...LOOK AT HIS EYES!!

Nightmare, fuming, stares piercingly into Engel, and then doubles him over, placing his head between his thighs. He whips Engel up onto his shoulder, and then turns, dropping to a seated position and driving Engel right down on the back of his head.

McDaniel: Requiem for the Fallen!

Impulse quickly slides back into the ring as Nightmare goes to cover Virus, and nails a diving right hook to his jaw.

Rentfro: LAW!!

Nightmare stumbles back into the corner from the impact, and Impulse scrambles up to his feet. He rushes over to Wehali, lifting him up onto the top rope, and then locks on a front facelock. He steps back, and then underhooks both of Nightmare's arms before dropping down, driving Nightmare face-first into the bundle of barbed wire that Lazarus brought out earlier.

Rentfro: Follow it up with some Revelations!

Impulse rolls Nightmare over, and Lazarus runs in with a basement dropkick to his face. Impulse falls into the ropes, and Corey then locks him in a front facelock, cradling his closer leg before lifting him vertically. He walks back to the ropes, and then sends him over the top and through the table at ringside.

McDaniel: Box Office Bomb over the top and through a table!! Holy crap!!

Corey checks quick on Nightmare, and then turns around to be met with a big right hand by Cain.

Rentfro: Cain scoops him up...OBELISK!!!

Cain gets up to a knee as Corey lies lifeless in the center of the ring. Meanwhile, Flynn has come to, and is perched on the top rope. Cain forces himself to his feet, and turns around as Corey shows glimmers of being awake still by rolling to the ropes.

McDaniel: Flynn up top...SUICIDE DEVIL'S PLANCHA!!!

Cain and Flynn go crashing to the mat, and the impact sends Jamie rolling off of Cain and out of the ring to the floor. The ref looks around, seeing that nobody is moving, and starts the count.

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

McDaniel: No! It can't end like this!

Ref: 4! 5!

Nobody moves, save for their chests rising and lowering with each breath.

Ref: 6! 7! 8!

Rentfro: Engel's starting to move!

Ref: 9!

Matthew gets to his knees, but then drops back down, coughing up more blood.

Ref: 10!

The ref signals for the bell.


McDaniel: How disappointing! These fans witnessed one of the most brutal Rampage matches to date... and it doesn't even get a proper finish!'

Rentfro: Wait, Jon. The action's not over yet! Nightmare's got Cain by the throat! And Corey's got Impulse in a devastating boston crab!

McDaniel: Jamie Flynn is stalking Matthew Engel, who rolled to the outside... and nails him over the head! The action's not over! Team PWA is bent on eliminating the MoA right here tonight!

Jamie and Matt are fighting on the outside while Nightmare begins to stomp away on Cain. Corey tries to get the boston crab going, but Impulse is able to kick out of it due to Corey's exhaustion. Nightmare gets Cain to his feet and grabs a chair, he leans back and swings, but Cain dodges it at the last second. Cain slams his shoulder into Nightmare's stomach and drives him into the turnbuckle. Cain unchambers lefts and rights onto Nightmare, but that is quickly ended when Nightmare slams his hands over Cain's back. Flynn hits a few kicks on Matthew and then slams Matthew into the barricade. 

Rentfro: This is f(beep)ing AWESOME! This is what the fans wanted to see! They couldn't care who wins, they just wanted to see war!

McDaniel: I can't believe you're enjoying this. If security doesn't get out here soon, these men are liable to kill each other, Brian.

Rentfro: And Nightmare throws Cain to the outside! 

McDaniel: Corey tosses Impulse to the outside!

Rentfro: Both Corey and Nightmare slide out of the ring and start to beat down their respective enemies!

Nightmare irish whips Cain into the barricade. Nightmare charges and hits a huge clothesline on Cain, sending him over into the crowd. Impulse gets suplexed by Corey over the barricade and into the crowd. Flynn has Matthew in his grips, and isn't letting him go that easy. He begins to choke the life out of him. Suddenly, there's a savior on the stage.


McDaniel: Thank God the Commish finally showed up to put an end to this chaos!

Rentfro: Oh come on!

Nightmare and Corey turn toward Joe BoXeR, and Flynn even looks up.

Joe BoXeR: I hate the Masters of Armageddon more than you punks will ever know, but for God's sake... STOP! 

A massive security army is behind Joe BoXeR now. About ten guys. Flynn doesn't care, he looks back over to Matthew... who isn't there.

McDaniel: Matthew has escaped! Where's Cain and Impulse?

Rentfro: They're gone too! The Commish pulled a fast one on Team PWA!

McDaniel: Oh come on... the Commish was just helping his brother out.

Rentfro: Nightmare and Corey are in a frenzy now. They rush up the rampway, but they're stopped by Joe BoXeR's security.

McDaniel: Flynn's going through the crowd! He wants to finish off Matthew Engel!

The security cuts Nightmare and Corey off, as the camera cuts to the parking lot. We see Matthew Engel, Graham Cain, and Impulse enter a stretch limo. All three are bloodied, all three have their own injuries from the match. Another door opens. Dead End and Gregory Price have escaped their would-be enemies and have entered the limo. The MoA managed to escape.

Just when you think it's time to fade to black, somebody's cell phone rings. It's Matt's. The limo takes off.

Matthew Engel: "Darren. Good news I hope."

There's a faint voice on the other line. Matt can barely hear him.

Matthew Engel: "I.. I can't hear you. Let me put you on speaker. Don't worry, it's just us."

Matt hits a button on his phone and positions his phone a few feet in front of him.

Darren Ridel: "We've located him for you. He has a wedding tomorrow afternoon. I'll email you the details."

Matthew Engel: "Perfect. We'll fly out first thing in the morning."

Click. That's all that needed to be said, but it speaks volumes. 


(C) PWA 2008