"Space is Limited" 
June 27th, 2008
Live on from the Energy Solutions Arena - Salt Lake City, Utah

Earlier Today

As we fade in from the Rampage logo, the cameras cut to the parking lot, where Matthew Engel, Dead End, Cain, and Gregory Price are exiting from their black limousine, MoA shirts on. Engel hoists the Intercontinental title over his shoulder, and Price pats his new client on the shoulder.

Price: See? I told you I'd help you on your way to getting some gold, Matt.

Engel barely acknowledges the MoA's new agent, and it's just as well, too: a trashcan is hurled in their direction. Cain takes the brunt of it, with the ricochet slightly grazing Dead End's shoulder, and the quartet look to their collective right, the direction the trashcan was thrown from. Corey Lazarus leaps onto the screen, wearing a three-piece Armani suit, and dives right for Price.

Lazarus: You backstabbing motherf{bleep}ker!!

Before a punch can even be landed, the three wrestlers of the group turn and attack Corey, preventing him from ever reaching his former agent. Lazarus tries to hold his own, firing off random rights, lefts, and roundhouse kicks, but the numbers aren't in his favor as Dead End grabs him in a full nelson from behind, allowing Cain and Engel to wail away on him.

Price: See, Corey? This is why I quit. You never put thought into what actions you actually take. These three? They're well paying, they respect my talent, and they're always calculated...!

Price is cut off as Nightmare and Jamie Flynn join the fun, tearing Engel and Cain away and brawling with them. Lazarus breaks free of Dead End's full nelson, and the two brawl over towards the limo that the MoA arrived in. Nightmare blocks a haymaker from Cain and knocks him down with a huge thrust kick to the chest, and Flynn has Engel on the ground in a guard position, driving fists and elbows directly into his ribcage. Price pulls a can of pepper spray from the inside pocket of his sportscoat, and then douses Nightmare in the eyes the moment he turns around. Wehali goes down, rubbing his eyes and screaming in pain, as Lazarus turns to meet the same fate. Price turns to Flynn, and Dead End and Cain rip him off of Virus, allowing Price to spray him in the eyes as well. Flynn drops to his knees as security runs onto the scene, and the MoA dust themselves off.

Price: See? Don't worry about it, guys. I've got everything covered!

A round of chuckles permeate from Dead End and Cain, but Engel looks on at the three temporarily-blinded attackers, checking his bottom lip for blood. He joins the other three as they make their way into the arena, and the scene cuts to a voice over of Jon McDaniel.

McDaniel: Welcome everyone to Rampage!  However, before we begin, here's a special treat; the un-aired Battle Royal that took place before Rampage came on the air!

 McDaniel: "Welcome to Chaos, we have only 1 match for you today, but inside that one match we have numerous potentials for matches."

Rayne: "Shut Up."

McDaniel: "Alright, let us go to ringside for the introductions with Eric Emerson."

Eric Emerson: "The following match is a battle royal and will continue until all but one combatant is eliminated. The winner of the match will receive a random title shot at the discretion of the owner. The match has no time limit, now introducing first."

Deep, booming thunder rumbles through the speakers in the arena, seeming to vibrate every inch of the building. Fog begins to flow from under the ring, lightening crackles flashing through the building. The soft sounds of chanting are now heard along with the rumbling thunder and occasional flashes of lightning. Each ring post holds an ancient lit torch, the flames doing little to disperse the thickening fog. the fog rolls off into the arena, enveloping the crowd. The dense fog lightens slowly to reveal the silhouette of a man standing in the middle of the ring. The thunder still rumbles and lightning occasionally flashes, suddenly a streak of lightning races down to the ring, barely missing the standing figure. The fog is dispersed and Grim Reaper is standing in the middle of the ring wearing his hooded black robe and carrying his signature sickle.

Eric Emerson: "From the Depths of Hell, standing at 6 feet 5 inches, weighing in at 245 pounds... Grim Reaper."

Grim Reaper removes his robe and places his sickle in the hands of a ringside technician, the fog has nearly lifted completely.

Rayne: "You know, this guy really gets on my nerves, ooooh dark and scary, NOT!"

McDaniel: "Well, to me he is and to many fans he is too."

Rayne: "Chicken shits."

Eric Emerson: "Next, standing at 6 foot and one quarter inch and weighing 205 pounds.. He is Jamie Flynn."

"Breathe" by Taproot sounds on the speakers and Jamie Flynn walks out, he slides into the ring, gives Reaper a look and awaits the beginning of the match.

McDaniel: "Flynn not caring if Grim Reaper is a dead guy or not."

Rayne: "As well he shouldn't."

A loud guitar riff hits the PWA P.A system and begins to pick up speed, until the voice of Dropkick Murphy’s begin singing
"You say its because we're boisterous
You hate us 'cause we got our dignity "

Eric Emerson:
Standing 5'7" and weighing in at 147 pounds, originally from Dublin, Ireland ; now making his home in Boston, Massachusetts, and supposed former member of the IRA, he claims to be the only true Irish tag-team, along with his brother, in the PWA.... one half of The O'Connor Boys Seamus O'Connor.

One half of the identical twin brother tag team duo walks down to the ring. Behind him the Irish National Flag waves in a breeze on the PWA Big Screen. He stares at the ring and seem to be prepared for any kind of fight.
Rayne: "Seamus and Sean are in this match here tonight, looking to make a name for their singles career."

Rayne: "They'd have to, because their tag career can't go any lower, they are already in the toilet with that."

Eric Emerson: "Introducing next, standing 6 foot 1 inch and weighing 160 pounds,,, Fire!"

The arena goes black and as red skull and crossbones appears all over the arena. Then the sound of This Fire by Franz Ferdinand hits the PA.
Fire comes out wearing a black tank top with a red skull and cross bones on the middle, tight fitting black spandex pants, pigtails pulled back with red
and black ribbon, and a devilish smile to boot. Wasting no time with the fans she runs quickly down to the ring and slides in under the ropes.

Rayne: "Now, that is one hot body... let me tell you, I'd love to.."

McDaniel: "Watch your mouth... that is just uncalled for."

A loud guitar riff hits the PWA P.A system and begins to pick up speed, until the voice of Dropkick Murphys begin singing
"You say its because we're boisterous
You hate us 'cause we got our dignity "

Eric Emerson:
Standing 5'7" and weighing in at 148 pounds, originally from Dublin, Ireland ; now making his home in Boston, Massachusetts, and supposed former member of the IRA, he claims to be the only true Irish tag-team, along with his brother, in the PWA.... one half of The O'Connor Boys Sean O'Connor.

One half of the identical twin brother tag team duo walks down to the ring. Behind him the Irish National Flag waves in a breeze on the PWA Big Screen. He stares at the ring and seem to be prepared for any kind of fight.

"We stand together so proud and strong
This is a place where we belong "
"We got loyal friends
We keep our heads held high,
We'll stick together you and I "

He Arrives at the ring and rolls under the bottom rope and calmly walks to his corner and await the match.

"But the blood that runs right down your wrist
Don't come from a knife, but the cuts on your fist "

Waiting on the entrance music of his opponents to hit the P.A system, the final words of the first verse finish and then the chorus plays:
Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam.
Never alone...
This is Boston it's our home.

Don't need no gang to watch my ass
Just loyal friendship and a pint of Bass
In the midst of the chaos and insanity
I'm a member of the working class society
We'll sweat in the ring and bleed in the streets
But our will and spirit can never be beat

You can shoot and you can kick but together we'll stick
Through thick and thin not stick or stone
Can break the bond that has here grown
Arm and Arm We Fight As One.

Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam."

McDaniel: "Now for our last combatant in this 6 person battle royal."

Rayne: "Can't be soon enough for me, damn this takes forever. I want to see some wrestling!"

The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now... standing at 6'9" and weighting in at 280 pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped
halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as
the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

~Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah~
~Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head~
~Step right up and feel the fire~
~Hardcore love of the never dead~

Eric Emerson: He hails from Los Angeles, California... he is Jonathon Wehali... he is...

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights
from Nightmare's previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after
another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended
in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.

~Call me the American nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Eric Emerson: NIGHTMARE!!!

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans.
Trailing behind Nightmare are his manager Akira and his bodyguard Dhamballa.

~Black boots stomp and penetrate, yeah~
~Lust and death gone in your head~
~Rat pack mind degenerated~
~Thirteen ghosts sing the body red~

Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with
the fans before turning to once again view the ring.

~Call me the dark intruder~
~Call me the haunted sea~
~Call me your Monster Zero~
~Call me anything you need~

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.

~Call me the American Nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red pyros as the
song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare takes his place in his corner to await the beginning of the match as Akira and Dhamballa take their stations outside the ring.

ding ding ding

*Reaper vs. Flynn*

Reaper and Jamie stand toe to toe beginning to throw punches with vigor. Flynn connects with a right hook that sends Reaper towards the rope, but Flynn is unable to eliminate the big man so early. Reaper turns Flynn up against the top rope but Flynn just rolls under Reaper's reach. Flynn aims a kick at the back of Reaper's skull, connecting the kick drives Reaper into the rope. Flynn takes the opportunity to try and lift the man up and over the rope, Reaper catches Flynn with a boot to the face; Flynn stumbles back. Reaper looking worried that he was nearly eliminated, goes after Flynn with renewed determination.

Rayne: "Both men nearly eliminated there, close call for both of them."

McDaniel: "We haven't seen Flynn in a while, but he doesn't seem to have lost anything in his hiatus."

In the ring Reaper and Flynn are trading blows again, Reaper getting the upper hand, due to his size. Reaper sets up for a haymaker punch, Flynn nails him with a huge roundhouse punch to his jaw. Reaper is stumbling back, Flynn nails him with a roundhouse kick to the jaw, another roundhouse kick to the ribcage, and a small standing drop kick to Reaper's groin area. Reaper is stumbled and overwhelmed with the quickness of his opponent and slides out of the ring; Flynn follows him.

Rayne: "Reaper and Flynn outside the ring."

McDaniel: "As long as they didn't go over the top rope, they are still in this match."

Outside the ring, Flynn has a chair in hand, swinging the chair, he connects with Reaper's skull, busting the man open. Flynn sets up the chair in a sitting position, taking a step back, he uses the chair as a launching pad and nails Reaper with his Suicide Devil's Plancha. Reaper goes down and lays there bloody and possibly unconscious.

Rayne: "Not as good as if he had done it from the top rope."

McDaniel: "But definitely effective, smart taking Reaper off his game plan and keeping the offense quick and unknown."

Flynn looks up into the ring, a grin spreads across his face, and he climbs back in.

*Fire vs. Sean*

Fire and Sean are in a collar and elbow tie up, Sean twists, but Fire keeps the hold on. Fire grabs Sean's wrist from the hold and quickly Sean is in a behind the back wristlock. Fire wrenches on the arm, climbing up the turnbuckle backwards adding even more pressure to the shoulder area.

Rayne: "Not smart by Sexy Fire here to climb up anything but..."

McDaniel: "That is it, the last straw. I'm calling Mr. Boxer."

Rayne: "No... No.. I didn't mean it, I swear I didn't. Damn tattle tell."

Fire uses her position and jumps over the head of Sean bringing her wristlock with her, Sean yells out in pain but flips along with her, driving his shoulder into the mat. Fire is on top again with boots to Sean's shoulder area. Fire springboards to the middle rope, with a double stomp to Sean's injured shoulder. Fire jumps up and lands with a leg drop across the throat of Sean.

Rayne: "Sean getting a taste of singles wrestling here. I bet he is wondering where his partner is; because partners always stick through thick and thin with their partners, right John?"

McDaniel: "Call the match, it is too little, too late."

Fire has Sean up in a headlock and wrenches on the neck area gritting her teeth with the effort of applying as much pressure as she can. Sean lifts Fire up into the air Placing her over the top rope on the ring apron. Fire releases the hold, due to her positioning, she is looking worried and Sean is grinning. Sean reaches over to push Fire off the ring apron. Fire slides under the bottom rope, using the top rope to sort of pull herself under. Sean sees this, but he is unable to stop Fire from grabbing his ankles and flipping him over the top rope and down to the floor; where both feet touch. Sean stands up, looking indignant, but he doesn't realize he has landed right next to Grim Reaper.

Eric Emerson: "Sean O'Connor has been eliminated."

Rayne: "Reaper isn't in this match anymore along with Sean."

McDaniel: "Yeah, Reaper is still hasn't been eliminated, he is just on the outside."

Reaper takes Sean up in a choke slam and plants him on the outside mat. He stands over Sean and grins, blood trickling down his face from the gash on his forehead. He turns to face Fire in the ring, with a mask of blood on his face, he grins up at the Fiery Vixen.

*Nightmare vs. Seamus *

Nightmare gets Seamus in a arm bar, adding extra force on the elbow. Seamus is sweating from the pain and the beads of perspiration are on his forehead and begin dripping down his face. Nightmare forces Seamus down to the mat, gets up quickly and drops an elbow on the elbow of Seamus.

Rayne: "With all this action going on, I don't know which action to call first."

McDaniel: "I agree with that. I don't know to call Reaper and Flynn, Fire and Sean, or Nightmare and Seamus."

Nightmare picks up Seamus, planting him with an impaler DDT to the mat. Nightmare bounces off the ropes, and with a handstand, double stomps on the elbow of Seamus.

Rayne: "What a risky move there, he could be eliminated with running."

McDaniel: "True, but he wants to inflict pain and win, the only way to win is to take risks like that."

Nightmare bends down to pick up Seamus again, but Seamus catches Nightmare with a low blow. Nightmare grabs his crotch and Seamus levels the man with a clothesline. Seamus hears that his brother has been eliminated, and he turns to the side where Sean is now getting the shit kicked out of him by Reaper. He runs to the corner and Fire lowers her head, stands up with Seamus on her back and drops him over the side of the ring.

Eric Emerson: "Seamus O'Connor has been eliminated."

Fire is pleased with her victory over the tag team.

Rayne: "I wouldn't be too happy about that, they really haven't beaten too many people, have they?"

McDaniel: "They are young and inexperienced, they are still growing."

Rayne: "What are you like their mom or something? (in a female voice) "They are just growing boys, still getting their chest hairs.""

McDaniel: "Hey, who is that on the top of the ramp? Is it a bird, a plane, a... nope, it is Commissioner Boxer!"

Rayne Gulps as Commissioner Boxer walks down the ramp and sits beside him.

Rayne: "Hey... Commissioner."

The Commissioner nods his acknowledgement to both Rayne and McDaniel.
*Fire vs. Reaper*

Fire is excited over her victory over the tag team. Nightmare stares at the back of Fire as Grim Reaper looks up at her. As he is going to eliminate her, since she is standing so near the ropes, he is speared by Jamie Flynn. Nightmare goes down with a thud and the two begin brawling in earnest.

Fire sensing that she was way too near the ropes, backs up, avoiding the two brawling men. Reaper taking the opportunity, grabs the top rope and hauls himself over the top. Fire not looking so confident now, backs up, but it is just a ploy as she dives at Reaper. Reaper uses Fire's momentum by picking her up and planting her with a sit down power bomb. Reaper then gets the much smaller wrestler in a full nelson, picking her up, he slams her back down to the mat. Fire seems to be hurt, but she has played that card before. Reaper senses a opossum again, is weary as he circles the head of Fire. Sure enough Fire grabs Reaper's ankles and drags him down tot he mat. Reaper's head connects with the mat hard enough to warrant groans from the crowd.

Rayne: "Fire is one of the best at playing opossum isn't she John?"

McDaniel: "Sure is, so why has your tone changed my friend?"

Rayne: "I have no idea what you mean, none at all."

McDaniel: "Sure... right...."

Fire is on top of Reaper delivering punch after punch to the bloody gash on his forehead. Blood is on her fists, clothes, and is pouring down from the gash on Reaper's head. Reaper has his eyes closed and Fire continues the onslaught of fists. Fire stands up and gets Reaper is a position and synchs an arm scissor, trying to take away the possibility of Reaper picking her up and tossing her over the top. Reaper grits his teeth in pain. Using the arm that is not in the move, he punches at Fire, but at each punch, she leans back causing more pressure on the arm of Reaper. She pulls him to his feet and backing him into the corner, she begins planting chops into the chest of Reaper. With every chop the crowd chants "Whooo". Reaper is backed into the corner, he is bloody, he is hurt, and he realizes he is getting his ass handed to him by a smaller person. He grunts and throws Fire off of him, spinning her into the corner with his own chops, he slaps the chest of Fire.

McDaniel: "Anything you want to say about that... partner?"

Rayne: "Nothing other than.. it is simply uncalled fore messing with her chest like that. Utter filthy."

McDaniel: "Right, what changed you my man, is the Commissioner being out here, beside you, got anything to do with it?"

Rayne: "Absolutely not."

Reaper picks up Fire and with her in the fireman's carry position, he delivers a Death Valley Driver, he lands on top of her body at the last instant, driving his full weight into her body. He picks her up and nearly has her over the top when from behind, Nightmare lifts both of their feet and eliminates first Fire, then Grim Reaper. Both land to the mat outside, Fire doesn't get up, and Reaper looks back up at Nightmare, he is pissed. Nightmare just stares down at Reaper and flicks the man off while grinning broadly

Eric Emerson: "Fire has been eliminated. The Grim Reaper has also been eliminated."

*Jamie Flynn vs. Nightmare*

Nightmare and Flynn go towards each other. They connect with a collar and elbow tie up, Nightmare getting the advantage quickly. As he is going for a wristlock, Flynn nails him in the gut with a knee. Flynn bounces from the ropes and drives Nightmare's face into the mat with the back of his knee. Flynn climbs to the top rope and with a high leap, he lands on the back of Nightmare with a 360 degree splash. He drags Nightmare to his feet and begins pushing him towards the corner. Flynn climbs up Nightmare's body and begins delivering punches to his opponent's head. Nightmare grabs Flynn by the waist and runs, delivering a running power bomb to the Irish man.

Rayne: "What a move there!"

McDaniel: "Impressive, Nightmare realized his position and situation and took action."

Night mare stands over his opponent while Fire and Reaper battle near the ropes. Nightmare catches the action near the ropes and quickly rushes over to eliminate both Fire and Reaper. After grinning and flicking off Reaper, he turns back to Jamie Flynn, the only thing that stands between him and a TV Title shot.

Rayne: "Nightmare eliminating 2 people with one shot, wow!"

McDaniel: "Smart move in this type of match. If you can eliminate someone, you had better take the opportunity."

While Nightmare had been eliminating Fire and Reaper, Flynn had gotten to his feet. Nightmare turns around and is caught by a scissor kick to his face, he stumbles back, back pressing over the rope and falls landing on the apron. Flynn begins kicking furiously at the body of Nightmare, but Nightmare is fighting for everything it is worth to stay in the match. One foot hits the floor, but is quickly brought back to the apron. Flynn tries a modified baseball slide, using the move Fire had used earlier with the top rope, and kicks Nightmare in the ribs. One foot hits the mat again, but is quickly brought back to the apron. Flynn backs off, allowing Nightmare to stare up at the man in disbelief.

McDaniel: "What choice does Nightmare have here?"

Rayne: "He is outside the ropes, he has gone over the top rope, and he has no choice but to trust Flynn here."

Nightmare begins to slowly get to his feet, Flynn stays back, Nightmare is up to his knees now. Quickly Nightmare tries to dive through the middle ropes headfirst, but is caught by a drop kick to the top of his head. Nightmare falls back, his back landing on the outside mat.

McDaniel: "His feet still have not touched the floor."

Nightmare tries to get up without his feet actually touching the mat, he puts one foot down, lays there thinking of what he should do. He uses the one foot to push towards the steps, he has gotten to a vertical base, using only one foot, he stares up at Jamie Flynn and grins shaking his head.

McDaniel: "I don't know how he did it, but Nightmare is back to a vertical base, using only 1 foot."

Rayne: "Never count out the determined."

Jamie looks at Nightmare and using the top rope as a holding point for his hands, he flips over the top rope and nails Nightmare with a flipping missile drop kick.

ding ding ding

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, winner of the Pot Luck Battle Royal.... Jamie Flynn!"

Rayne: "Great match huh Commissioner?"

Joe Boxer: "Just be warned, any more outbursts like the one about Ms. Fire and you will be the past tense."

Rayne: "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

Joe Boxer: "You'll be FIRED!"

Rayne gulps loudly while McDaniel laughs."

McDaniel: "Thanks for joining Chaos and stay tuned for Friday Night Rampage."

And with that, pyros go off to signal the beginning of Friday Night Rampage and with out any hesitation, the sound of the bell tells us our first match is getting underway!

Alex Wilkie vs. Sabine  

Eric Emerson: The following match is for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Calgary , Alberta Canada , Alex Wilkie!

The crowd goes silent for a moment... around the arena everyone is buzzing... then over the speakers comes the voice of Zack De La Rocha from Rage against the Machine (lead singer)...

Zack: Mic check!...1... 1...2...Come wit it now!!!

Bulls on parade explodes onto the speaker, with Tom Morrello wailing on his guitar!

COME WIT IT NOW!! Bulls on parade!

The Song jumps to Tom Morrello's Scatch solo where he plays his Guitar like a DJ Scratch board... for a moment, the song stops... then Zack comes back on!


The microphone explodes, shattering the molds
Either drop tha hits like de la O or get tha fuck off tha commode
Wit tha sure shot, sure ta make tha bodies drop
Drop an don't copy yo, don't call this a co-op

The song bursts into full Chorus, Zack laying down some mad anti-political/War rhymes

Terror rains drenchin', quenchin' tha thirst of tha power dons
That five sided fist-a-gon
Tha rotten sore on tha face of mother earth gets bigger
Tha triggers cold empty ya purse

Then from behind the Curtain comes Alex Wilkie, decked out in a red leather vest. With A+ plus written across the back, he pulls off his Shades and tosses them out into the crowd as he walks down the ramp. For a moment, he stops in the middle,

Eric Emerson: Ladies And gentlemen, hailing from Seattle Washington ... Weighing in at 250lbs... He is...GRADE A..ALEX! WIIIIIIILKIEEEEEEE!!!!

he turns his back around and lets the vest fall down to the ground, he brings his Arms up and flexes them, White pyro explodes from the stage, Alex turns back around, then rolls under the bottom rope, he hops up, and just grins to his opponent he turns around and hops up to the nearest turnbuckle, he brings his hands up in the Devil horn salute, then hops down, doing a quick neck stretch as his music fades away.

Rayne: Jesus, can you believe Alex Wilkie hasn’t had a win since May 2nd?

McDaniel: Brian, he won last week.

Rentfro: That was a win against the Grim Reaper. I’m talking about a real win.

The entrance gate is black as the ominous riff echoes through the stadium.

Eric Emerson: And hailing all the way from Augsburg , Germany ...”

There is a sudden, yet brief rumble of snare drums.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 190lbs...”

Another rumble of snares.

Eric Emerson: The Dame from Deutchland...”

“The Brat from Bavaria ...”

Eric Emerson: Sabine... Eiiiiiinaouuuuugeeehhh!!”

The music swells, and to accompany it, there is a sudden burst of white flame, flickering and raining in a flurry of pyrotechnics. An Amazon clad in white storms from the doors, through the white fireworks, and down the walkway to the ring. She moves like a Gestapo officer with purpose.

The music swells again, and she uses it as the cue to slide under the ropes and into the ring. She climbs onto the second rope and screams as she raises her arms in the air, and the crowd rises at her beck and call.

McDaniel: The new comer has quite the test before her.

Rentfro: And on a completely unrelated note…I’d hit that.


Wilkie looks confident as he stares across the ring at Sabine. While Wilkie shows a confident smile, Sabine looks at Wilkie as if she’s studying him. Sabine begins walking towards Wilkie, and Wilkie just keeps smiling. As she comes close enough to Wilkie, he throws a big boot. Sabine dodges it and takes out Wilkie’s feet. Wilkie looks surprised as Sabine wraps her legs around Wilkie’s head and arm, and gets him in a triangle lock. Wilkie freezes for a second, but only due to being taken by surprise. He regains composure and grabs the ropes. The ref gets to four, and finally gets in Sabine’s face and tells her to release the hold. She rolls backwards off Wilkie, and he rolls out of the ring.

Rentfro: Damn, the newbie just got the best of Wilkie.

McDaniel: Well, the former president Chamelion doesn’t call Wilkie the “Kyle Stevenson of the main event picture” for no reason.

Wilkie is walking around ring side. Sabine, still in the ring, stares out at Wilkie. Sabine stays in the same place, as Wilkie walks down to the end of the ring. He looks up at Sabine, who hasn’t moved, and rolls into the ring. Wilkie gets back to his feet quick, but Sabine is still just staring at him. Wilkie charges Sabine, and she drops to her stomach. Wilkie leaps over, and hits the ropes. When he comes back, Sabine goes for a huge punch. But, Wilkie slides down and between Sabine’s legs. He then pulls her legs out, and she falls, face first to the mat. An “OHHH” goes through out the crowd. Wilkie quickly stands, and walks along Sabine. He stops up by her head, and drops a hard elbow on her upper back. Sabine doesn’t even groan though. Wilkie continues laying on her back, as he digs his fingers into the sides of her faces, and pulls. Sabine grits her teeth, obviously frustrated. After a moment, Wilkie looks to have an idea. As Wilkie gets off Sabine, she looks to be trying to push herself up. Wilkie is quick though, as he runs to the ropes, and jumps off for the A+ssault. Sabine doesn’t see it coming as Wilkie lands right on her.

Rentfro: Ouch.

McDaniel: Sabine made a rookie mistake as she lost focus on Wilkie.

Wilkie doesn’t waste time though as he stands, and runs back to the ropes to do a repeat. He leaps off the ropes. But, when he comes down, Sabine rolls over quickly, and gets both feet up. Wilkie’s chest slams into her feet, and he rolls off her. Wilkie flails his feet around, holding his chest in pain.

McDaniel: Damn.

Rentfro: And Wilkie went back to the well, making a rookie mistake, but he isn’t one. That’s kinda sad.

Sabine strikes as quick as a snake, getting Wilkie back into the triangle lock. The ref is on Alex, asking if he gives. Wilkie shakes his head no and screams out of frustration. He slams his hand to the mat, and begins trying to drag himself to the ropes. Sabine is holding him down a good bit; considering Wilkie is trying to drag himself and 200 pounds towards the ropes.

Rentfro: He’s never gonna make it.

Wilkie is inches from the ropes. He is turning bright red, but looks like he refuses to give.

McDaniel: Wilkie has heart. He doesn’t want to lose this one.

Wilkie is almost at the ropes, his eyes are fluttering. Finally, his hand drops, inches from the ropes. The ref comes over and asks if he gives. Wilkie says nothing, and the ref raises his arm. The ref lets it drop.


Rentfro: Here we go.

McDaniel: This could be the end of Wilkie.

The ref raises Wilkie’s arm again. It falls.


The ref holds up the arm again.

McDaniel: If his arm goes down, this is it for Wilkie.

The ref lets Wilkie’s arm drop, but Wilkie manages to hold on.

McDaniel: And he’s still in it!

Rentfro: Damn…

Wilkie slams his hand down, and with one last effort, drags himself almost three inches closer to the ropes. He reaches out, and gets a firm hold on the ropes. The crowd cheers as the ref tells Sabine to let go. But her face shows that she’s nothing but pissed Wilkie manages to get the ropes.







The ref runs to the ropes and tells the time keeper to ring the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, as a result of a disqualification, ALEX WILKIE.

Wilkie looks to be losing it. His adrenaline is fading as Sabine continues to hold the triangle lock on him. Finally, two more refs come running from the back, and get in the ring. The three refs converge on Sabine, and manage to finally pull her off Wilkie. You can see Wilkie start taking deep breaths. Sabine rolls out of the ring, and heads straight up to the back. In the ring, the refs are making sure Wilkie is okay. They help him to his feet, but then he shoves them away. Wilkie rolls out of the ring, and staggers his way up the ramp.

McDaniel: Well, Wilkie got a win. But Sabine looks like she’s going to go places very quickly.

Wilkie reaches the top of the ramp, and pulls the curtain back. As he does, he’s met by the heel of Chamelion’s foot.

Rentfro: OOOOOOOH.


Wilkie hits the ground and actually flips over himself. Chamelion just smiles as he stares down at Wilkie’s out cold body. Chamelion looks up at the crowd as they cheer him.

We're in Matthew Engel's locker room. He has company, two men he likes to keep close at all times. We recognize them as Graham Cain and Dead End, security. Then there's management -- Gregory Price. He's on his cell phone, probably getting some extra media attention around Matthew's match at A Farewell to Arms - the big pay-per-view event coming up. Jamie Flynn has issued a challenge, and Matthew Engel has accepted.

Price slams his phone shut.

Matthew Engel: "What?"

Price: "It's Corey. No matter what, he never learns. His ignorance really pisses me off sometimes."

Matthew Engel: "You did good, Greg."

Dead End: "Yeah, Gregalicious! You were dynamite with that pepper spray! I bet they're still cryin'!"

Price: "I've told you numerous times not to call me 'Gregalicious'."

Cain and Dead share a laugh, but it doesn't amuse their leader. He sits there, focused. Probably the most focused he's ever been in his whole life. He realizes how important these next few months are, and his actions will determine if he stays on the path of greatness, or falters.

Cain: "What's the plan for tonight, Matt?"

Matthew Engel: "Make sure no one interferes with my match. I'm going to show Phoenix just what I mean when I tell him he's past his prime. He can't possibly expect to last against me."

Dead End: "Who can? Am I right, Gregarama?"

Price isn't amused, but Dead gives him a hard slap on the back. It's his way of getting to know somebody.

Price: "Just stick to the plan, guys. Matt, there's no reason you can't handle Phoenix. If Corey can beat him, I know you can."

Matt turns his attention finally to the people around him. He looks up at Price.

Matthew Engel: "I'm not concerned about dealing with Phoenix, Greg. I'm concerned that Corey's affinity for beating the hell out of you will cost me my match. Graham, Dead -- make sure it doesn't fucking happen. Got it?"

Dead End: "No prob, boss."

Cain: "We'll keep it clear."

Matthew Engel: "
Fuckin' Flynn, where does he get off? He needs to learn that I'll deal with him at the appropiate time, and now is not it. I've got to focus on tonight's match... I've got to win. I can't lose to a has-been. In fact, Greg? Tell that camera crew to come in and interview me."

Price signals for the camera crew to actually step inside the locker room, rather than film from outside. Matt looks up into the camera as Price steps off-camera.

Matthew Engel: "I'd like to welcome you all to tonight's event. The special for the evening will be bird -- a Phoenix, to be exact. It's time that he learned a lesson or two about the Masters. He may have dealt with them back in the old days, but this is the present. Here, he means nothing. He's simply a bump in the road, another PWA legend to fall at my hands.

You can't expect to win, but I know you will. You'll try, but you'll fall miserably short. Like I've told you, your apathy will be your demise. You can wrestle me carefree, and not worry about winning or losing, but you'll look back on this and think 'Man, I wish I would've tried, I might have stood a chance against him'. That will fill you with regret once you're finally retired.

And retired you will be, when Mark stomps you into the fucking ground.

Be sure to take notes tonight, Mark."

Dead End: "Yeah! School's in session, motherfuckers!"

Cain: "Shut up, Dead."

Matt looks off-camera, a smirk on his face.

Matthew Engel: "You'll have to forgive him, he's easily excited. Anyway -- we're closing in on our match and I hope you're getting ready. I hope you're preparing your lines for PWA Radio. Something like 'Man, if I had tried, I would've beaten the crap out of Matthew Engel, but I lost because I don't care anymore' or maybe something as ridiculous as 'That didn't matter, my career match is the only thing that matters'. Just because you're main-eventing a pay-per-view for a second time, it doesn't mean you're the hottest thing in the PWA.

Why don't you win a pay-per-view match, and then we'll talk.

In fact, just win a match period. I'm sick of having to tell people I'm facing the biggest has-been since Scott Nash Strader."

We can hear Dead and Cain laughing. Price has a smile, but manages to stay business.

Dead End: "Cold as ice. That's why he's leading this crew."

Cain: "It's gonna be fun watching Matt kick the crap out of this former, former World Champion."

Price: "Wrap it up, please. I need to talk to you about something."

Matt looks at Greg, and then quickly into the camera.

Matthew Engel: "MoA. Supreme."

Cut back to the ring.

Matthew Engel vs. The Phoenix


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen! The following match is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and has a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first, hailing from Orlando, Florida...

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. 

Eric Emerson: He stands an even six feet and weighs two hundred and forty pounds...

The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Eric Emerson: He is... THE PHOENIX!!!

Phoenix raises his hand in the air to get the fans riled up. He gets a fair amount of boos, but even more cheers. You either hate him or love him.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

A rain of cheers and boos comes down as everyone knows who's about to come out. The lights go out, and dark green pyros shoot off into the air. We can hear over the PA system a different crowd at a different time. There is cheering and chanting, like a cult. Suddenly, a voice comes over.

A light... in the black...

or just a fear... of the dark.

A live version of "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden plays over the PA system as more dark green and now teal pyros shoot off. There is chanting from the real crowd and the crowd playing over the sound system, because despite who comes out, there is a huge fanbase of Iron Maiden in the crowd. 

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet even...

I am the man who walks alone

When I'm walking down a dark road

At night or strolling through the park

Matthew "Virus" Engel appears from backstage. Graham Cain and Dead End are behind him, dressed in their usual black tailored suits. They have the matching sunglasses, and the evil intentions to go with. However, there is somebody dressed differently among them, who stands behind not trying to catch the spotlight. Gregory Price, dressed for business casual, stands behind the three men. Matthew is dressed in a darker colored tuxedo, however. It's almost black, with a hint of turqoise. It's hard to explain, but you get the picture. His Intercontinental Title shines in the light as Matt removes it from his waist, and hoists it up onto his right shoulder. They make their way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...and weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds...

Have you ever run your fingers down the wall

And have you felt your neck skin crawl

When you're searching for the light?

Matthew, Cain, and Dead End make it to the ring. Price hangs around the outside as Cain and Dead stand inside the ring with Matt. He proceeds to take off his jacket and dress shirt, as Cain and Dead keep a sharp lookout. Security.

Eric Emerson: He is the leader of the Masters of Armageddon...

your PWA Intercontinental Champion... 


Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

I have a constant fear that something's always near

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

I have a phobia that someone's always there

A louder pop from the crowd, but mixed with boos and cheers. Matt removes his restricting apparrel and is left with a wife-beater shirt, dress pants, and wrestling boots. It's always been that way, he's just representing a darker color, and a darker side. An unforgivable side. The music dies down and Matt gives his title to the referee. He awaits in the corner for the bell.

Rentfro: A confident Phoenix against a confident Master. This is certainly going to be main-event material, Jon!

McDaniel: Any time these two men step into the ring, it's main-event material. I may not agree with their principles, but they're talented individuals.


Matt and Phoenix meet each other in the middle of the ring and Phoenix takes the first swing. He barely misses as Matt extends his leg and catches Phoenix in the stomach. Phoenix doubles over and Matt takes him down with a snap DDT. Matt goes into the ropes and springboards off for a moonsault, but Phoenix rolls out of the way. Matt is too his feet, but Phoenix is quick to catch him with a dropkick. Phoenix gets Matt up to his feet and sends him into the corner. He tries for a corner splash, but Matt dodges at the last second. Matt hits Phoenix with a knife-edge chop.

Fans: WOOO!!!

Rentfro: Engel is trying to get the crowd riled up in his favor.

McDaniel: And Matt hits Phoenix with another chop. He hoists Phoenix up onto the top turnbuckle and climbs to the middle turnbuckle himself.

Rentfro: Matt's looking for the big move here in the early going, maybe trying to put away the former World Champion early!

Matt wraps Phoenix up in a front facelock, and then launchs him off the top turnbuckle and comes down with a huge superplex. The ring shakes violent as the crowd goes wild. Matt covers.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Phoenix isn't giving in that easy as he kicks out right after the two count.

Rentfro: Matt gets Phoenix up to his feet and unchambers lefts and rights. He staggers Phoenix back, and tries to finish him off with a clothesline.

McDaniel: Not this time! Phoenix ducks underneath and lifts Matt up and slams him to the mat with a huge back body drop!

Matt grabs his back for a moment, and then Phoenix lays down some boots to Matt's chest and head. Phoenix goes into the ropes, but Matt turns onto his stomach as Phoenix flies overhead. Phoenix goes into the other side, and Matt gets to his feet. Matt tries for a dropkick, but Phoenix sidesteps as Matt hits the ground. Phoenix comes down with a huge elbow drop. He does it again, and then finishes it off with a knee drop.

Rentfro: Phoenix is just not giving Matt any breathing room here.

McDaniel: And why should he? He talked all week about not even caring, but if he wants to win this match, he has to be on the offensive the whole time. He can't let Matt get any momentum.

Rentfro: Phoenix hits a huge brainbuster on Matt!

Phoenix covers.



Kick out!

Matt gets picked up to her feet and sent into the ropes by SNS. He comes back and tries for a cross body press, but Phoenix catches him. He smiles at the crowd, and leans back while throwing Matt over his head for a huge release fallaway slam. Matt hits the ground hard and rolls up into the ropes. Phoenix grabs him by his feet and drags him into the middle of the ring. The Phoenix goes into the ropes and comes down with a huge elbow drop. He tries for a second one, but Matt moves out of the way just in time. He goes to his feet and connects with a roundhouse kick!

McDaniel: Quite a wake-up call for Phoenix there!

Rentfro: That only pissed him off!

McDaniel: Phoenix runs at Matt, but Matt counters by rolling Phoenix up in a small package!

Matt holds Phoenix together and the ref hits the mat.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Phoenix barely escaped that rollup, but he's back on his feet.

Rentfro: He takes a swing at Matt, but he ducks. He nails a dropkick to his back!

McDaniel: Phoenix goes over the top rope and lands on the outside!

Matt slides out of the ring and grabs Scott by his hair. He slams his face into the barricade. The referee starts to count.

Fans: 1!

Matt slams Phoenix's face into the barricade once more, and then unchambers lefts and rights into his side.

Fans: 2!

Matt gets Phoenix upright and tries to throw him into the ringpost, but Phoenix denies him and pulls Matt back at him. He lifts up his right arm, horizontally, and catches Matt hard with a vicious clothesline.

Fans: 3!

Matt gets up to his feet, but Phoenix is on the attack and clubs him in the back with a huge forearm smash. He does it again, and again. He picks him up and drops him throat first on the barricade.

Fans: 4!

Matt grabs his throat in pain.

Fans: 5!

Phoenix picks Matt up and rolls him into the ring. He manages to get to a knee.

Fans: 6!

Phoenix follows suit, and grabs Matt by the hair. He slams Matt's face into the turnbuckle. Again, and again. He turns Matt towards him, and picks him up in scoop slam fashion, and turns toward the middle of the ring. Phoenix takes off running and leaps forward, twisting his body along with Matt's downward toward the ground, and slams him.

Rentfro: And a HUGE running powerslam from the PWA legend!

McDaniel: Matt might have bargained for more than he wanted! The Phoenix is showing up here tonight!

Rentfro: About time...

Phoenix gets up to his feet and delivers a bone-crushing soccer kick to Matt's face. Matt's head slams back, and blood begins to pour of his nose. Cain and Dead End are a bit worried on the outside, and a bit restless. Phoenix takes a look, and hits a baseball slide on both of them!

McDaniel: HOLY CRAP! The Phoenix took out Cain and Dead End with one slide!

Rentfro: I can't believe they didn't see that coming!

Phoenix gets to his feet, and 'wipes off his hands'. He turns around and is met by a sharp jumping side kick from Matthew Engel. He falls on his back, and almost looks knocked out.

McDaniel: GOOD GOD! Some warranted payback for that soccer kick, I'm sure!

Rentfro: The Phoenix looks knocked out! Matt is climbing the top rope. I think he can sense the kill!

McDaniel: Matt has his back to the ring and sure enough... you know what's next!

Matt leaps off the turnbuckle, but he ends up hitting nothing but canvas.

Rentfro: NO! HE MISSED!

McDaniel: And the Phoenix shows he's still got some life left after dodging that kill shot from Matthew Engel!

Rentfro: I don't think I've seen anyone survive the Euthanasia, Jon!

Matt is grabbing his stomach and knees, the pain surging through his body. It's a high risk move and missing it hurts a lot more than hitting it. Phoenix gets to his feet, some blood pouring out of his mouth. He wipes the blood away and then grabs Matt by the hair again. He gets him up to his feet and hits a big suplex on him. Phoenix climbs the turnbuckle and reaches the top.

McDaniel: Here it comes, Brian! He's going to show Matthew Engel how to fly!

Rentfro: Can he hit the Ashes!?

Phoenix wastes no time and leaps off the top turnbuckle, aiming his elbow for the heart of Matthew Engel. He connects, and slams hard into Matt. He lays there and puts an arm over him for the cover.



3 -- NO! KICK OUT!


Rentfro: I can't believe it! It wasn't exactly a strong cover from Phoenix, but he shouldn't have needed more!

Phoenix slams his hand on the canvas in frustration. He gets to his feet and gets Matt to his feet as well.

McDaniel: The Phoenix is trying to figure out just how to put Matthew Engel away.

Rentfro: I think he has, Jon! He's signaling for The Flame!

Phoenix kicks Matt low and doubles him over. He tucks Matt's head between his knees, and tries to lift him up for the cradle piledriver, the true nail in the coffin. Matt resists.

McDaniel: The Master isn't going down without a fight!

Rentfro: The Phoenix keeps trying to lift him up to finish it, but Matt isn't budging!


Rentfro: He escaped the FLAME! Unbelievable!

Phoenix gets to his feet immediately, working on pure adrenaline. Matt turns around and catches Phoenix with a clothesline. Phoenix is up to his feet once more, and Matt puts him back down with a dropkick. Phoenix is back up to his feet, and rushes Matt, but Matt sidesteps and trips Phoenix to the mat.

Rentfro: What... what's he doing?

With Phoenix down on the mat, facing the sky, Matt performs a number of flips around his body, and then hits the ropes to Phoenix's head. Matt passes his body once, rebounding off of the opposite set of ropes, and then delivers a somersault senton parallel to the way Phoenix's body is laid out, landing on his entire torso.

McDaniel: What the hell was that?

Rentfro: I... I... don't...

McDaniel: You're the expert on him, you should know!

Brian sifts through his papers as Matt makes a cover on Phoenix.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Whatever it was, it wasn't enough to put the Phoenix away.

Rentfro: Blood and Vengeance '77! Ha!

McDaniel: Took ya long enough.

Rentfro: You didn't even try to find out!

McDaniel: Well with you being obsessed with him, I didn't need to.

Phoenix manages to get to his feet, but Matt is on the assault. Matt tries a right hook, but Phoenix dodges it and knees Matt extremely hard in the gut. Matt doubles over, and Phoenix tries for the Flame once more. Phoenix doubles Matt over, placing his head between his thighs before bending over and locking his arms around his waist in a reverse rear waistlock. He then lifts Matt vertically, steadying himself as he releases the waistlock, and uses one arm to cradle the corresponding leg, locking his hands at the wrist. He then bends his back straight, arching Matt's in the process, and falls to a seated position, driving Matt head-first into the canvas.

Rentfro: OH COME ON!


Phoenix scurries over the top of Matt and hooks the leg.





Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... THE PHOENIX!!!

Phoenix gets to his feet and raises his hands in the air as the crowd erupts. The referee grabs one of Phoenix's hands in celebration, but Phoenix walks away and slides out of the ring. Cain, Dead End, and Price all enter the ring and attend to Matt, who's still a little woozy from the Flame.

McDaniel: It was a hell of a match, Brian, but the PWA legend came out victorious.

Rentfro: Unfortunately, Jon, and hopefully for Matt's sake Mark doesn't win at A Farewell to Arms because I'm sure that Matt wants a rematch!

McDaniel: And what the hell is going on now?!

Corey Lazarus, Nightmare, and Jamie Flynn all rush out from the back together, prompting the fans to go berzerk. Cain and Dead End meet them on the ramp as Engel slides out of the ring to join the fray, and the six brawl at the bottom of the ramp some more.

McDaniel: And for the third time today, these six men are going for each other's blood!

Lazarus and Engel trade rights and lefts, neither man backing down, and drawing each other's blood via busted open lips. Neither seem to care much as they continue trading shots until Engel tackles Corey over the guardrail and into the front row. Nightmare grabs Cain by the head and nails a big Thai knee to his face, but Dead End shoves Flynn aside and hits Nightmare with a big right hand. Cain drops to a knee, nursing his blood-gushing nose, and doesn't rest long as Flynn dives on top of him, wailing on the back of his head with right hook after right hook.

Rentfro: This is f{bleep}king pandemonium...AND I'M LOVING IT!!

PWA Security rushes down the ramp, separating the six from one another, with each man trying to escape security's clutches and get at the other. Price gets in between the two trio's, trying to calm the MoA members down, and more security filters down to the ringside area, with about four guards per wrestler.


McDaniel: I can't help but say that I disagree with these fans here tonight!

Rentfro: That's because you're an old phogey, Jon. These fans are, for once, absolutely right! LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT!

The familiar footsteps are heard just before the main riff of "You're Gonna Pay" cues up over the PA system, and President Raizzor appears from behind the curtain, his face stuck in a glare of disgust for all six men.

Raizzor: Hold it! HOLD IT! Tonight alone, this skirmish the six of you have with one another almost cost this company six valuable talents that are practically irreplaceable! You've done little more than attack from behind and drag PWA Security into these brawls, and you've even put these fans in danger! So if you all want each other's blood so badly? Then you're going to get it. Next week, in order to celebrate Independence Day, we will see, in THAT very ring, the Masters of Armageddon - Matthew Engel, Dead End, and Cain - will take on Corey Lazarus, Jamie Flynn, and Nightmare in a six-man STREETFIGHT!

All 7 men (including Price) look up the ramp as Raizzor steps back through the curtain, and then security drags Lazarus, Nightmare, and Flynn back to the ring as the MoA are escorted up the ramp.

McDaniel: And a monumental match has been scheduled for next week!

Rentfro: We've got to take a commercial break!


PWA Television Championship Match
Psycho Sandra © vs. Chamelion


Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the PWA Television Championship!  Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing in at 245lbs, he hails from Las Vegas , Nevada …. He is the former owner of the PWA and former three time World Champion; CHAMELION!!  

The lights dim… and the music of Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me” hits the Big Screen. Strobe lights begin flickering through out the arena… and from the backstage steps Chamelion. He stands in profile to us, head low and his hair covering his face…. As the music picks up… the lyrics begin…

Hear my cries - Hear my calls
Lend me your ears - See my falls
See my error - Know my faults
Time halts - See my loss

Chamelion turns to face us and walks purposely down the ramp as the song continues.

Know I'm lacking - Back tracking
Where I met you - Pistol packing
Itchy finger - Trigger-happy
Try to trap me - Bad rap

He stops at the bottom and looks up into the ring, smirking before he turns and walks to the steel steps and climbs them.

Wire tap me - Back stab me
Break the faith - Fall from grace
Tell me lies - Time flies
Close your eyes - Come with me.

He then stands there, outside the ring and raises his fists to the sky. Pyros explode in the rafters as Chamelion walks the apron to the middle and steps through the ropes. He heads straight to the other side and climbs the turnbuckles and again raises his fists and the crowd responds loudly. Jumping down, Chamelion shoots straight kitty corner and repeats his playing to the crowd. Back on the canvas, Chamelion turns, faces the ramp and smiles wickedly… his music fading and the roar of the crowd taking over.  

Eric Emerson: And his opponent; she hails from Washington , DC and is also a former two time PWA World Champion, and the current PWA Television Champion; PSYCHO SANDRA!!  

As the ring clears and all is made ready for the next contest, the stadium lights go out for a moment, allowing the crowd to talk amongst themselves. After a while, a few sparks erupt near the top of the ramp. They continue to grow in size until it looks like an accidental electrical fire has gone off, and finally...


An explosion sounds off throughout the entire stadium! A heavy guitar intro plays through the speakers, and the televisions begin to display motorcycles, beer, cigars, and finally...

Buried deep inside; and fighting to survive!
My own dying breath is anticipating death!!

Sandra runs down the ramp. She's wearing a pair of black leather shorts, a leather halter top, knee-high boots covered in thick buckles, and fishnet pantyhose. Her hair is done up into two curly pigtails, and there is a heavy looking crowbar in her hands.

Decompose! A corpse; to feed the crows!
Out of sight and mind! They buried me.. they buried me alive!!

Sandra is stopped by the referee, who makes her put whatever foreign object she's brought (crowbar, crutch, baseball bat) on the announcer's table. She finally agrees and runs back into the ring, rotating her shoulders and neck in between waving to the crowd as her song dies down.  She winks to Chamelion who nods back and the two steps forward to begin the match!  

McDaniel: This is going to be an interesting match to call.  

Rentfro: I’m sure this isn’t the first time, but it’s very rare to see a married couple fight each other in the squared circle, and with a title on the line to boot!  Here we go!  


As the bell rings, Sandra and Chamelion lock up and Chamelion quickly twists Sandra’s arm behind her back.  He smirks as he holds her in place, but Sandra twists, goes around Chamelion and reverses the move, now putting Chamelion on the defensive.  Twisting himself, Chamelion gets Sandra into an arm bar, backs her to the ropes and whips her across the ring!  Sandra bounces off as Chamelion drops to his stomach and she races over him to the other side.  Jumping up, Chamelion goes for a hip toss, but Sandra reverses it and before he knows it, Chamelion’s on the canvas!  Sandra backs away, blowing Chamelion a kiss.  

McDaniel: And Sandra quickly establishes she’s ready to throw down!  

Rentfro: Chamelion said he was not the best in facing women, and this is his wife, but still, he has to be a bit shocked she was able to quickly counter his moves!  

Shrugging, Chamelion hops up and they re-connect, and this time Sandra tosses Chamelion into the ropes, and as he comes back she goes for a hip toss, but Chamelion reverses it, and sends Sandra down to the mat.  As she looks up, he bows deeply, backing off with a Cheshire grin prominently displayed on his lips.  

McDaniel: They’re playing with each other, in a game of one up manship!  

Rentfro: Or one up womanaship. It won’t last, though!  

A third lock up and Sandra lifts her knee, catching Chamelion in the gut, she then jumps up and brings her left leg down over the back of his neck and crashes Chamelion to the canvas.  Quickly, with him down, she wraps her legs around his arm and head, into a scissors hold.  She wrenches on the arm, applying some intense pressure.  

McDaniel: A Fame-Asser leg drop into a scissor hold submission move!  

Rentfro: It seems Sandra’s brought her own bag of new tricks to this party!  

Getting the palm of his free hand on the mat, Chamelion pushes up and gets to his knees.  Twisting so he’s facing her, Chamelion’s expression is neutral as he lifts Sandra up with his powerful upper body and her eyes widen as he winks and then hits a modified sit down power bomb, breaking her hold on his arm and she gasps as the air in her lungs is forced out.  Chamelion rolls to his feet and backs away, waiting.  

McDaniel: And Chamelion answers with a devastating power bomb, taking this match to a new level!  

Rentfro: Maybe he is in this for keeps!  

Shaking her head, Sandra nods, accepting things are going to get a bit rougher, and the two lock up again.  This time, as Sandra goes for a knee check, Chamelion bats her leg away and hits a short arm clothesline.  Sandra hits the mat, and jumps right back up only to get another one right away.  She rolls to the side, scurries to her feet and sidesteps Chamelion’s third attempt, and Chamelion hits the corner.  As he turns, Sandra comes in with a perfect drop kick to his face, and with no where to go, Chamelion’s head snaps back sharply.   

McDaniel: OUCH!!!!  

Rentfro: Whiplash to the Lizard Boy!  Sandra’s getting Psycho!  

Sandra jumps up, planting both feet on the second ropes on each side of Chamelion and raises her fist in the air, ready to drive it down into his forehead.  However, she stops momentarily, contemplating if she wants to carry things that far, when Chamelion grabs her by her hips, blows her a kiss back and takes three fast steps out from the corner and plants Sandra down with another power bomb move!   

McDaniel: She hesitated!  

Rentfro: Her feelings got in the way, contradicting what she said she’d do!  

McDaniel: You can’t just put aside 8 years of love that easy, even in an official match!  

Sandra gasps, as she tries to regain her composure, but Chamelion quickly hits the ropes and tries for the Final Touch!  However, Sandra gets her knees up and he meets them with his gut and he rolls away in pain.  Sandra backs to a corner quickly, and waits for the ref to check on Chamelion to make sure she didn’t damage the goods.  Even in pain, Chamelion gives her a thumbs up and then the ‘Come Get Some’ motion.  She shrugs back at him and runs in, giving him a swift kick to the side of the head.  Chamelion twists in mid air and lands on his back and rolls out of the ring fast.  He looks up at his wife, perhaps a little surprised she’d do that, but she motions around her waist how much the title means to her and he nods.  

McDaniel: Now they’re communicating!  

Rentfro: And maybe now they’ll get down to business.  

Stepping back in, Chamelion quickly steps forward and ducks under Sandra and comes up behind her and locks on a headlock and runs forward with a bulldog into the canvas.  Chamelion rolls her over and hooks the leg.  


Kick Out!  

McDaniel: Chamelion scores the first near fall, but Sandra’s got a lot left in her!  

Rentfro: I’m not sure at what lengths these two will go to win this match!  

Standing, Chamelion pulls Sandra up, and scoops her over for a body slam, but she catches him and rolls him into a small package.  



Kick Out!  

McDaniel: NICE reversal!  

Rentfro: Chamelion didn’t even see that one coming!  

Quick as can be, both are back to their feet, and Sandra whips Chamelion into the corner.  She comes in with a splash and connects perfectly.  She back steps twice and hits two elbows to Chamelion’s cheek, and then goes for her own bulldog.  However, Chamelion breaks free and shoves Sandra out, and she lands flat on her ass.  She blinks, but has not time to think as Chamelion comes forward and hits her with a snap mare.  Falling back, Sandra doesn’t have time to contemplate as Chamelion again goes for the Final Touch, and this time hits it just right!  





Shoulder up!  

McDaniel: Close!! Chamelion’s beginning to let loose and really take it to Sandra!  

Rentfro: And not in the way she likes most, I’d wager!  

McDaniel: ……..  

Sensing it’s going to take even more of an effort to keep Sandra down, Chamelion hooks her up into a vertical suplex!  He begins to fall backwards but at the same time Sandra shifts her weight and comes down on top of Chamelion!  





Kick out!  

McDaniel: Quick wit on Sandra’s part, using the momentum to try to get a quick fall!  

Rentfro: Whatever you say about these two, they know how to wrestle!  

The crowd is lively as the two put on a classic battle, and Chamelion still manages a grin towards his wife, who returns it all the same.  They lock up and Chamelion whips Sandra into the ropes, she comes back and he attempts a go behind. Sandra drops her head forward between her knees, grabs Chamelion’s legs and flips him over into a package pin, with her sitting down and holding his legs over his own body with his head planted firmly between her thighs.   




McDaniel: Umm, no comment!  

Rentfro: I will! That’s a position I wanna be in!!!!  

Chamelion manages to break free. But Sandra quickly wraps her legs around his head into a modified scissors hold!  As he flings his arms, she catches them and pulls them backwards, into a very uncomfortable position, trapping him securely!  

McDaniel: Looks like a bow an arrow move to me!  

Rentfro: Ouch, THAT position I do not want to be in!  

Almost as if rowing a boat, she twists his arms in rotation as she squeezes tightly around his head.  Getting one arm free, Chamelion uses it to dislodge his other arm from her grip and turns his body over so he’s on his stomach, still encased between her clamped thighs.  Pushing hard, Chamelion flips so he’s on top of Sandra and she finds herself under his body weight and her shoulders down.




McDaniel: Nice trick pin attempt there!  

Rentfro: And it’s a reverse 69!!  

McDaniel: Could you please stop it!?  

As the count proceeds, she breaks her leg grip, scoots up and wraps her arms around his waist and bridges up.  She twists, with Chamelion below her and in that position with all her might lifts him up into position and hits The Lobotomy!  





3/shoulder up!  

McDaniel: HOW!!??  

Rentfro: That should have been it! Somehow Sandra reversed the bridge, hit her finisher and should have scored the pin!!!  

McDaniel: Well, it was half a Lobotomy, as she didn’t get her kick in to incapacitate Chamelion and that could have been the reason he got out!  

Sandra can’t believe it, and the crowd is screaming and cheering as she stands and looks down at her husband, whose eyes are glazed over from the move.  With realization, she knows she has to do it again, and picks his wobbly ass up and sets him up for another Lobotomy.  As she rears him up, he fights it and lands on his feet, forcing his upper body up and bringing Sandra with him.  As she slides down his body, he grabs her legs and with effort, hits an Alabama Slammer!   

McDaniel: WHOAH!! What a hard hit to the mat by Sandra, she’s gotta be out!  

Rentfro: I’ve never see Chamelion use that move before!! He did bring new tricks!!!  

Sandra bounces as she hits in more ways then one, and Chamelion rolls on top and hooks the leg,  





3/Shoulder up!  

McDaniel: CLOSE!!!  

Rentfro: How did she manage to kick out after that hit!?  

On his knees, Chamelion shakes his head in disbelief.  He jumps up, grabs Sandra’s legs and goes for a Figure Four, and as he bends to grab her other leg, she catches him and rolls him into another small package.  





Chamelion reverses it and puts Sandra on her back in the small package.






She reverses.






He reverses again!






Both kick out, roll away, and launch from the canvas into flying clotheslines and both Sandra and Chamelion find themselves laying on their backs, nearly out cold!  

McDaniel: I’m dizzy!!  

Rentfro: Heh, they know each other so well and think so much the same, and now they’re both down and out, and the ref has to do the ten count!  

The ref begins the count:  













Sandra stirs first.




Followed by Chamelion






Just before the count of ten, both are back on their feet and exchanging solid hits against each other.  The entire arena watches, stunned, as it seems as if all pretense of sportsmanship has gone out the window.  Sandra decks Chamelion who rears back and comes back and decks Sandra, but lower, more against her shoulder.  She spins a 180 and clobbers Chamelion who is sent spinning himself.  She runs and goes for a clothesline and Chamelion instinctively ducks and as Sandra spins around, Chamelion lashes out with the Sweet Sound of Success!  However, at the very last possible millimeter from her chin, he pulls back and stumbles and she takes advantage by following through with a Clothesline from Hell!   





3/Shoulder barely up!  

McDaniel: Chamelion hesitated and nearly paid for it!!!  

Rentfro: So much for going ALL OUT!! He had it just right, and he failed to deliver!!!  

Sandra pulls Chamelion up, shouting for him to fight her, and she whips him to the ropes. He reverses the whip and Sandra hits the ropes chest first, but grabs hold to stop herself.  Chamelion comes up behind her and grabs her around the waist. Sandra spins so she’s facing the middle of the ring and Flips herself forward to roll Chamelion over into a pin, but halfway through, Chamelion clamps down his legs on either side of Sandra’s head, plants his palms into the canvas so that her legs are now pinned under his arm pits and lets his body go dead weight as the ref drops.  








McDaniel: What an ending!!! Chamelion wins it!!!  

Rentfro: He just flat out dropped Sandra under him and held her tight, by reversing her attempted move!!!  

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and NEW PWA Television Champion; CHAMELION!!  

McDaniel: What do you know, Chamelion breaks the curse, wins the TV title did it in classic fashion!!  

Rentfro: Yes, but the question now is; what happens to the couple!?  

As the ref tries to hand Chamelion the title, he brushes past him and helps Sandra to her feet.  She pushes away from him harshly and steps to the ropes, looking at the cheering, screaming crowd, who are all on their feet chanting both Sandra and Chamelion’s names.  She turns, looking darkly at Chamelion who stands there silently.  She then breaks into a smirk, shakes her head once and walks up to Chamelion and kisses him hard on the mouth! This gets a huge reaction from the fans, and she takes the TV title and places it on her husband’s shoulders and the couple celebrates together.  

McDaniel: I guess that answers that question!!  

Rentfro: Love is stronger then gold?? Maybe that’s why I’m still single!  

Just then, Fire appears on the ramp, and the couple turns to see what she’s going to do.  Suddenly, from the crowd, Alex Wilkie jumps the railing and slides into the ring and with both Chamelion and Sandra distracted, he shoots out with another super kick into the back of Chamelion’s skull.  As he drops, Sandra turns angrily and Wilkie backs up smirking.  Sandra goes for Wilkie, but by then Fire has hit the ring and sends Sandra face first into the canvas with her Scorching Sole!   

McDaniel: Oh come on!!!! Not again!  

Rentfro: Well, Chamelion answered Wilkie’s challenge and gave him an exclamation point earlier tonight, and Wilkie apparently just wanted to return the favor!!  

McDaniel: And apparently he’s now hooked up with Fire!!  

Sauntering up to Wilkie, Fire drapes herself on his arm, and the two look down at the carnage they’ve created, while on stage, Lestat watches with a very displeased look on his face.   

McDaniel: Fire feels scorned for being used, even though we know it’s not all Chamelion or Sandra’s fault!  

Rentfro: She can’t let it go without getting her own measure of revenge, and now she has Wilkie to do her dirty work!  

Wilkie and Fire exit the ring, shoulder to shoulder and saunter up the stage pleased with their work as the referee helps Chamelion and Sandra to their feet.  

McDaniel: Things are going to heat up even more between these four!  

Rentfro: And from what I gather, the match between Wilkie and Chamelion will now be for the PWA Television Championship!  That’s going to be awesome!!  But oh well, let’s move on, shall we!?  

We go backstage. Not to the typical locker room or hallway where we often encounter the PWA stars between matches. No, we are in the parking garage for the Energy Solutions Arena. A door opens and closes shut. We turn our attention to that direction, and we see "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali entering the area, checking his watch.

Rentfro: What's going on? Is Nightmare meeting someone?

McDaniel: I heard tonight is the night when he reveals who his tag partner is. As you recall, he challenged for the PWA Tag Team Titles recently.

As if on cue there is the bright glare of head lights as a white limousine pulls into the garage. The car stops and the chauffeur steps out to open the rear passenger door. Jonathon smiles as a long feminine leg is revealed stepping out of the limo.

Welcome back to the PWA. It's been a while.

Rentfro: Is that....??

McDaniel: Yes! It is! And I thought she had been banned from the PWA!

Wild Chylde:
Thanks Jonathon. It's good to be back home.

Ai Mei Montrose stands there and stretches as she scans around herself. Then she spots our camera and she slowly grins and winks.

Rentfro: How can she be back?? Didn't Chamelion fire her?

McDaniel: If you haven't noticed, Brian, Raizzor's in charge now, not Chamelion.

Jon chuckles in amusement.

Nightmare: Can you sense all the confusion and turmoil over your return?

Wild Chylde:
Yes, yes I can. And it smells ... so sweet.

Jonathon smirks.

Whether it's the Lunatic Fringe or the Deadpool who's holding the tag belts next month, they'll have no choice but to relinquish those titles to us. No choice at all.  

Give us new commercials to work with, or I'll put annoying YOUR MOM jokes here from now on!!!!!!

Non-Title Match
Mark McNasty vs. Corey Lazarus III

McDaniel: Ladies and Gentlemen, what you’re about to see is the culmination of almost the entire run of the PWA. 

Rentfro: What he means, folks, is that back in February, the two men who are about to fight met for the very first time ever, and the end result saw Mark McNasty successfully defend his PWA IC title against Corey Lazarus!

McDaniel: Due to that, Lazarus would change his tactics and go for the PWA World Title at Revolutions Per Minute, but would not succeed.  Most believed that would be the end for Lazarus.

Rentfro: But no, that was not to be the case; Lazarus would get another shot and went on to claim the World title… but that’s when McNasty stepped back into the picture, winning a Gauntlet Match and earning HIS bid at the World title belt.

McDaniel: And in their second match, McNasty proved it was no fluke, by dethroning Corey Lazarus and becoming the new PWA World Champion!

Rentfro: Which brings us to here and now.  Lazarus needs to prove himself, and McNasty is out to seal the deal once and for all.  The question now is; who wants this more!? No titles on the line tonight; just answers to some very important questions for both of these men… let’s go to the ring for the announcements!


Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest, scheduled foe one fall, is a match of epic proportions! 

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown rolls on the ADCtron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit. Clean guitars and bass softly creep from the PA system, beginning Metallica's cover of Ennio Morricone's classic "The Ecstasy of Gold." The song plays softly for 49 seconds, Kirk Hammett's melodic lead blaring over the soft parts, and then stops, bringing forth a deafening silence.

A single shot white pyro shoots from all over the entrance stage, bring to life a single spotlight on the entrance curtain, cuing the eleven hits of the snare, and bringing the heavy part of the song to life.

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time...

Corey Lazarus emerges from the entrance curtain, his eyes hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, his fingers pointing up to the ADC-Tron above him. Clips of his various achievements throughout his career scroll, including his Super kicking of Jimmy Ultros off of the ring apron into a C2 charge-filled dumpster from Rumble in the Bronx '01, nailing a somersault dropkick to a chair placed in front of Silverback's head from a Rampage in the summer of '01, and dropping Tommy Riley on his head with the Mercury Driver from Genesis 6 to claim the Tempest title for the second time.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage, shaking out his limbs, and then begins walking solemnly down the ramp. He points out to the crowd, nodding at the various signs for him scattered about, and then turns around, focusing his attention to more images of his glory on ADCtron: dropping Phoenix on his head with the Mercury Driver to win the 2008 Who's The Man tournament; kicking out after being drilled with Raizzor's Tombstone Shoulder breaker at Revolutions Per Minute; rolling out of the way of Sean Moro's Near Death Experience and kipping up to his feet, lifting Moro up and dropping him head-first to the mat with the Mercury Driver to capture the DRWF Eternal title.

Eric Emerson: And standing at 6-foot-1...

Corey turns around to face the ring as he reaches the bottom of the ramp, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood , California ...

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. The guitars ring out as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...

The snare drum comes back in, keeping a faster pace, and then the guitars and bass return as well, playing a more high tempo variation of the main theme at 1:52 mark. Corey leaps to his feet, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!

The last image on the ADCtron before "The Ecstasy of Gold" fades into silence, the house lights returning, is that of Corey Lazarus being held up on the shoulders of Jesse White and Malcolm West, the PWA World title held up high above his bloodied head while Cliff Young, Tina Young, Hiro Takawa, Andrew Crow, and Emma O'Reilly look on behind him, applauding.

McDaniel: I know I’ve said this before, but Corey really looks ready for this match!

Rentfro: Don’t jinx the man already, Jon!

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Atlanta , Gerogia. Weighting in at 255, and standing at 6 foot 3 inches,

Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back.

Eric Emerson: He's "Big Nasty."

After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience.

Eric Emerson: MARK MCNASTY!

He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.


Rentfro: And here we go folks...the match has officially begun, both men are eyeing each other...

Lazarus and McNasty lock up and McNasty whips Lazarus to the ropes.  Catching onto them, Lazarus stops and turns and  McNasty tries to clothesline him over the top rope but Lazarus ducks!

McDaniel: Lazarus catches McNasty and locks on a reverse arm bar!!!!!

Brian Rentfro: McNasty can kick out of that so easily, look he already has his hand on the ropes. The ref just made Lazarus break the hold! Lazarus is in the refs face, not saying a word...just looking into his cold hard eyes. McNasty rolls Lazarus up in a school boy...



Kick out!

Lazarus quickly hops to his feet, he and McNasty lock-up, McNasty manages to overpower Lazarus to the ground and begins punching him in the face, he lands one shot to the nose rather hard and Lazarus holds his nose. He begins to stand up and McNasty kicks him in the ribs knocking him back down...Lazarus rolls to the corner and pulls himself up and McNasty begins mud hole stomping but finally Lazarus grabs his leg and sweeps his other leg to the floor. Lazarus grabs McNasty’s arm quickly and pulls it between his legs, he begins tugging on McNasty’s right leg and the arm at the same time!

Rentfro: Another variation of an arm bar from Lazarus, and McNasty is in immense pain right now, but you watch he'll kick out.

McDaniel: And he does just that! McNasty has somehow wiggled free. He pulls himself to his feet and locks up with Lazarus from behind. He has Lazarus by the waist and...German suplex!!! And Another!!! And Another!!! And...a Fourth...A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX. Lazarus is down! No!!! Cover by McNasty...



Shoulder up!

Lazarus forces himself to his feet, he runs into the ropes...pivots...and hits a standing sidekick to the forehead of McNasty. Lazarus climbs the top rope and comes off with a elbow drop the chest of McNasty. Lazarus begins stomping McNasty and then jumps onto the turnbuckle pointing to his chest. He attempts a moon Sault and...

Rentfro: McNasty moved!!!

McDaniel: Lazarus just hit his chest awfully hard on the mat, he seems to have knocked the air out of himself. McNasty is laughing at him, what in the hell is that? It's a wrestling match. McNasty is going to lift him and...Lazarus was playing Possum!!!

Rentfro: Lazarus is up now and he upper cuts McNasty. He locks up with McNasty in a Dragon suplex position from behind...he begins to hoist him up...BUT NO!!! Owwww Lazarus’s gotta be feeling the effects of that.

McDaniel: McNasty with a very vicious low blow there...Lazarus is in tremendous pain... McNasty kicks Lazarus in the chest and lifts him to his feet....Ax Kick!!!

Rentfro: Lazarus is getting choked to the mat now, but The ref pulls McNasty off!!! WHY DID HE DO THAT?!

McDaniel: Maybe because it was an illegal hold. Sometimes you make no sense Brian...

Rentfro: This match is too important to worry about the little things!

McNasty looks at The ref with fire in his eyes and locks on a sleeper to Lazarus. Lazarus manages to stand up somehow, but McNasty drops him down for a sleeping neck breaker. He goes for the cover.




Lazarus stands and kicks McNasty in the side of the head and grabs his legs, setting him in for a Boston Crab...McNasty gets a hold of the ropes...but Lazarus pulls him off and to the center. McNasty flips him over and locks on a variation of a dragon sleeper. Lazarus begins to fade quickly...

The ref: *lifts hand* 1.....

McDaniel: Here we go!

The ref: 2......

Rentfro: Yes Yes Yes!!!!

The ref: thrrr...

McDaniel: Lazarus's hand is up!!!

Lazarus jerks really harshly and manages to break the hold. He backs up and hunches down to the ground catching his breath as McNasty stands up hitting the ground..

McDaniel: SPPPPPEEEAARRR!!!!!!!!

Rentfro: McNasty is down!!!

Lazarus picks up McNasty and lifts him onto his shoulders...Lazarus almost stumbles but manages to hold McNasty’s weight onto his shoulders and power bomb him. Lazarus slings him to the outside and does a flip over the top rope to the apron. He jumps down and picks up McNasty. He locks him under his legs again and lifts him up for another power bomb but McNasty brings him down in a face buster to the cold, hard concrete. Lazarus lands hard on his nose again. McNasty drags him over to the announce table and lays him on top of it. Brian Rentfro and Jon McDaniel stand up with there headsets still on. McNasty does a crotch chop to Lazarus and lifts him up...he points to the sky and grabs Lazarus and lifts him into the air and...


Rentfro: Look at Lazarus nose! We need some EMT's out hear, I believe it could be broken. Blood is flowing from his nose pretty freely. I don't know if he can go on....

McNasty staggers to his feet and does a dominating pose over Lazarus’s fallen body. He picks him up and slides him back into the ring. McNasty goes for the pin.)

The ref:









KICK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rentfro: What in the hell was that?!

McDaniel: Are my eyes deceiving me? Lazarus just kicked out.......

Rentfro: He should have just given up!! Saved himself more punishment!

McDaniel: But it's just a matter of time before Lazarus loses too much blood. The bleeding has decreased a little but it's still going on.

McNasty looks down at Lazarus shocked and locks an ankle lock onto Lazarus right ankle. Lazarus some how pulls it all together and hits an enziguri. Both of them fall to the ground and The ref just stands there...not doing the mandatory ten count.)

McDaniel: A Fair winner will come out of this tonight....The ref will not start the count.

Lazarus gets a rush of adrenaline and makes it to his feet. He grabs McNasty and quickly hits the End Credits!





3/Shoulder up!

Lazarus slams his fist to the mat and stands up...The blood from his nose continues to drip out, Lazarus looks at it and glares before grabbing McNasty and he whips him to the turnbuckle and sets him on the top rope...)

Rentfro: Lazarus is going up top, McNasty tries to punch him but Lazarus knees him in the face...he's lifting McNasty up on his arms, holding him steady, all the blood rushing to McNasty’s head....

McDaniel: Lazarus is standing up...He has a hold of McNasty...kick to the midsection...front face lock....Here we go.... The Sands of Ishtar!!











McDaniel: Lazarus did it!! He pinned the World Champion!

Rentfro: Sadly, the one time no title is on the line, but it’s a mental victory for Corey Lazarus here tonight!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, COREY LAZARUS!!!

McDaniel: This has got to propel Lazarus back into the main title hunt, cause that was a solid in the center of the ring pinfall!

Rentfro: Maybe, who knows how things work around here sometimes.  Still, Lazarus with the win, but who cares… McNasty will still go on to A Farewell To Arms and defend against Phoenix , and THAT will be the match of all time, I can tell you!

McDaniel: Perhaps, but the way Lazarus is celebrating in the ring, you’d think he had won the world title!   

The scene comes back from commercial was the camera goes back stage, Standing backstage with a cappuccino in one hand and a tube cigar in the other is none other than Alex Wilkie, clad in one of his signature t-shirts and wrestling gear.

Alex: "Where is she?"

He looked behind him, anxiously waiting for someone. Fire wearing a pair of tight leather pants and a blank tank with red skull and crossbones on it walks up behind Alex while he is looking the other way.

Fire: “Looking at something? “

Fire leans next to him and stares.

Alex jumps a bit, and then makes it look as if nothing had happened. He takes a sip from his drink.

Alex: "Well, after what happened last week with Chamelion, I'm thinking watching my back might be a good idea, no?"

Fire: “Yes, you never know if that woman will show up, or who else he may have up his sleeve now."

He sighed a bit then took a long drag from his cigar, exhaling out the other side of his mouth.

Alex: "I have a proposition for you, which will help both you and me get back at Chamelion... You know about our street fight...right?"

Fire looks to him now slightly intrigued.

Fire: "Of course I have heard about it. What do you have in mind?"

Alex: "Well, My Sudo office/dressing room is over here, I wouldn't mind a little bit of privacy if you don't mind"

Smirks and shakes her head.

Fire: "Just watch those hands of yours."

Alex: "No Promises."

He tosses his cigar in an ashtray, and then opens the door for her to enter first. Fire walks in with a sexy walk making sure Alex takes notice of how tight her pants are. The door closes behind Alex and you can hear what sounds like Alex saying “Welcome to the jungle!” but we cannot be too sure.  

 PWA Grizzly Beer Championship
 Riona Langly vs. The Kumquat Kid

Eric Emerson: The following match is to a single pinfall or submission. It is a Grizzly Beer Championship match and is your main event of the evening!

Rentfro: Riona Langly is tied for longest title reign of this incarnation of the PWA. Word is, however, that she wants to beat Chamelion's record as he took the title into W4F.

McDaniel: A daunting task, but one she may accomplish. First, however, she needs to defeat her challenger here tonight.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenger... from Dade City , Florida , he is Ryan Lewis... THE KUMQUAT KID!!

"Look At Me, I'm A Winner" by the Aquabats blares as the camera cuts to the ramp, where orange strobe lights pulse. Dunk emerges to a decent pop from the crowd and begins tossing kumquats into the audience.

Rentfro: "Hey, where's that tangy turd The Kumquat Kid?

McDaniel: "Who knows? Ryan was a bit nervous and doubtful coming into this match, but-hey, look up there!

Dunk points to the heavens as high above in the rafters stands The Kumquat Kid. He has a harness on and jumps from the rafters, the crowd in a frenzy as he tosses out KoA t-shirts as he goes. He lands right in the middle of his Kumquatians and gives them all a huge smile, some of them patting him on the back.

McDaniel: "What an entrance by The Kumquat Kid! The Kumquatian faithful are here in full force tonight!

Rentfro: "Yeah, to watch him mess up."

Ryan hops over the guardrail and hugs his friend Dunk, who takes his place outside in Ryan's corner. The Kumquat Kid scales a turnbuckle and looks out into the crowd, taking a deep breath. He does a moon Sault landing on his feet as the crowd begins chanting "Kumquat Kid, Kumquat Kid", Ryan bouncing around, all giddy in his corner, his music dying down.

A soft pinging noise fills the speakers, moving across the arena as the lights flicker along with it. As the pinging comes to a stop, the lights in the arena shut off completely, and orchestral intro to "Planet Hell" by Nightwish begins. The crowd doesn't really know what to think as images of angels and death flash across the screen, superimposed with flashes of ring action. The lights begin to flicker along with the beat of the drums. And without a warning, the music stops and a massive explosion of red pyro goes off on both sides of the entrance ramp as the guitars kick in most mightily, the lights coming back on with a fury. Blue lasers fly about the arena as Marco Hietala begins singing.

### Denying the lying ###
### A million children fighting ###
### For lives in strife ###
### For hope beyond the horizon ###

The lasers switch to a reddish hue as Tajra begins to sing....

### A dead world ###
### A dark path ###
### Not even crossroads to choose from ###
### All the blood red carpets before me ###
### Behold this fair creation of God ###

As Tajra's pace and the music calm down considerably, a spotlight bursts out from in front of the curtain as a figure slowly makes its way out in front of it, head tilted down. The figure stops just in front of the light, head tilted down. Her long, black hair flows over her shoulders, bangs at the front hiding her face as she silhouettes herself on the light.

Eric Emerson: "And now, his opponent, she stands 5 feet, 9 inches and weighed in this morning at 142 pounds...

### My only wish to leave behind ###
### All the days of the earth ###
### An everyday hell of my kingdom come ###

The woman slowly lifts her head up, hair hanging down over her face and obscuring most of it. Finally, as the second of the song begins, she throws her arms out to the side in a crucifix pose and flicks her head back, her hair flying back over her shoulders and revealing her face. A huge pop occurs as a stream of silver sparks fall from the screen above her, the light behind her blacking out. She ignores any sort of minor pain that the sparks would be causing her as three silver fireworks shoot off from the top of the ADCtron to fly off and hit sets above the ring, causing minor explosions and the lasers to switch back to blue.

### The first rock thrown again ###
### Welcome to hell, little Saint ###
### Mother Gaia in slaughter ###
### Welcome to paradise soldier ###

Riona drops her pose and paces each side of the entrance ramp, mentally preparing herself for the match as she loosens her muscles up a bit with a little bounce.

Eric Emerson: She comes to us from Philadelphia , Pennsylvania and is the Celestial Trigger... YOUR Grizzly Beer Champion...

### My first cry neverending ###
### All life is to fear for life ###
### You fool, you wanderer ###
### You challenged the gods and lost ###

Riona returns to the middle of the entranceway and begins to make her way down the ramp as silver sparks suddenly fly up from either side of the entrance ramp to shower down over her, creating a tunnel of sorts due to the arching shape. Riona's typical neutral gaze not showing much of her thoughts towards the crowd. The arching shape keeps her from specifically reaching out for high fives, but she doesn't bother to stop the few pats on the back she gets through the tunnel of sparks. Riona stops at the bottom of the ramp as the sparks finally dissipate, looking up into the ring for a few moments before walking over to and up the stairs. She quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle and snaps off a crucifix pose as silver pyro shoots up from the other three turnbuckles with a loud pop as soon as the chorus begins.


### Save yourself a penny for the ferryman ###
### Save yourself and let them suffer ###
### In hope ###
### In love ###
### This world ain't ready for The Ark ###

She holds the pose there while the chorus goes on, the lasers finally ending. Finally, Riona lowers her arms and hops down into to her corner, doing some last minute stretches and getting ready for the match as the lights return to normal.

Rentfro: The Kumquat Kid has quite a challenge here tonight. Not only is he trying to topple the undefeated Riona Langly, he must do so without the use of any aerial maneuvers whatsoever.

McDaniel: That's right, Brian. Ryan Lewis earned his fame as a high-flyer so it should be interesting to see how well he does when he can't take to the air.

Rentfro: Word is, however, that he's been training his mat skills this past week by the former Intercontinental Champion Nightmare. The champion may be in for a bit of a surprise here tonight. And there's the bell to begin this match!


Riona Langly immediately assaults KK with a series of knife-edge chops, slowly driving him back. Langly fires a wicked European uppercut into her opponent's chin, sending him stumbling into the ropes. As the Celestial Trigger advances on her adversary, Ryan Lewis hops up with a hurricarana, taking the champion over. The Kumquat Kid lays into Riona with a barrage of fists to the head and face, rolling off and back to his feet as Referee Cole Tate reprimands him for use of a closed fist. When his foe steps away from the ropes, Ryan runs in with a back elbow smash to her temple that leaves her dazed. KK whips the GB Champion towards the ropes, but she reverses and sends him into the corner.

The Celestial Trigger shoots several low leg kicks into her opponent before sending a couple stiff knees to his mid-section. Riona leaps up with a roundhouse kick aimed at Ryan Lewis' head, but he catches her leg and takes her down into a standing ankle lock. Riona tries to power out of the hold, but the Kumquat Kid is having none of that, increasing the torque placed upon her ankle. In desperation, the champion dives for the ropes, but Lewis yanks her away from them. Finally Langly manages to roll through the hold to free herself.

Rentfro: Riona finally manages to extricate herself from KK's hold, but you can see that it's done some damage as she hobbles around the ring.

McDaniel: It will take a lot more than that to put away the Celestial Trigger. She's one tough competitor.

Rentfro: Celestial Trigger? Don't you mean Virus?

McDaniel: ...don't you start too.

The Kumquat Kid moves in behind his adversary and sends a crescent kick into the back of her knee, dropping her to one knee. Ryan pivots and brings his other leg around with a spinning heel kick at his foe's head. Riona drops to the mat, avoiding the kick and causing KK to go off balance. The GB Champion dives forward, clipping her opponent's knees out from under him, dropping him to the mat. Langly locks in a front chancery and drives knee after knee into the head of the Kumquat Kid. The Celestial Trigger brings her opponent up to his feet, going for a spike DDT. Before she can deliver, however, he reverses it into a snap suplex. Ryan Lewis cinches in a grounded abdominal stretch onto his foe.

Rentfro: KK's really making it hard for Riona to breathe here. It's almost unheard of for anyone to submit to this move, but it's effective in wearing down your opponent by cutting down their air supply.

McDaniel: Astute observation, Brian. I'm surprised... almost as surprised as Ryan Lewis is as the Grizzly Beer Champion powers out of the hold, effectively hip-tossing him to the canvas!

Before the Kumquat Kid can fully get to his feet the Celestial Trigger dashes in with a shining wizard to send him tumbling across the mat. Langly runs after him and drives a violent soccer kick to his head! Riona Langly hoists her foe into the air into a vertical suplex position. She holds him there for a few moments, slowly walking around the ring. Face buster! Ryan's head bounces off the canvas and Riona covers for the pin.



Kick out!

The champion glowers at Referee Tate but says nothing, instead focusing on her opponent. The Celestial Trigger measures her adversary then charges in with a knee to the side of Lewis' head. Riona Langly forces KK to his feet and applies a standing headlock, motioning to the crowd.

Rentfro: She's calling for a flip power bomb! A wicked move if she can pull it off!

McDaniel: Lewis comes to his senses in time to prevent her, however, and takes her down with a double-leg takedown into a rolling Boston crab! His training with Nightmare is really paying off tonight!

Maintaining her ring presence, Riona quickly grabs the ropes as they roll past. Referee Cole Tate forces Ryan Lewis to release the hold. The champion flips to her head and connects with an enzuigiri to the back of her opponent's head. The Kumquat Kid staggers, then is whipped into the corner face-first. Langly follows in with a vicious elbow shot to her foe's back and continues with repeat elbow shots to his spine. KK spins around with a roaring elbow to the champion's abdomen then spears her to the canvas. Ryan Lewis kips up to his feet and grabs hold of his adversary's legs, catapulting her into the corner. Lewis pops to his feet and plants the Celestial Trigger with a running bulldog. The Kumquat Kid executes a standing moon Sault, but the GB Champion manages to bring her knees up in time, causing him to crash and burn.

Rentfro: Both wrestlers in pain on the canvas... Riona pulls herself up to her feet by use of the ropes...

McDaniel: BOMB DROPPER REMIX!! She goes for the pin!




Ryan Lewis manages to get his foot into the ropes just as Referee Tate's hand is coming down for three. Tate tells the time keeper to not ring the bell. The match must continue.

Riona Langly's surprise shifts to an expression of respect and determination. The Celestial Trigger performs a textbook perfect tiger suplex on her opponent then locks a full Nelson onto her opponent. Langly hops up to wrap her legs around Ryan Lewis with a body scissors then drops backwards to the mat. Riona wrenches back, focused on driving her adversary unconscious. The Kumquat Kid fights, trying to remain in the fight, but slowly his eyes close as his body goes limp. Referee Cole Tate checks on Lewis, letting his arm drop. A second time. A third....

Ryan Lewis' eyes snap open as he stops his arm from falling! He clenches his hand into a fist and rallies all his resolve, managing to roll into the ropes for the break.

Rentfro: You simply couldn't call it any closer, and I'm certain the Celestial Trigger must feel frustrated right now.

McDaniel: If there was any doubt if the Kumquat Kid still had it in him to be a top competitor, he's proving them all false here tonight.

Riona Langly sends Ryan Lewis into the ropes, moving in for the 5th Round Sleeper. Ryan slips free, however, and slides behind his foe to execute a release German suplex. Langly kips up to her feet and nails the Reality Check. KK falls back into the ropes, the Celestial Trigger right on his trail. Riona strikes with knife-edge chops that resound like gunfire. Lewis grabs her arm, dropping into the crippler cross face. Realizing the danger of this move, the champion gets her foot into the ropes for the break.

The two wrestlers nod to each other in a demonstration of respect... then promptly begin beating the Hell out of one another with chops and kicks. Langly whips KK into a short-arm clothesline then pulls him up for a back-to-back neck breaker. Ryan Lewis slips free, however, and spins the Celestial Trigger around to plant her with a northern lights suplex. The Kumquat Kid follows up with the Rolling Kumquats (rolling thunder). Lewis drags the champion into the corner and places her in the tree of woe. Ryan backs up, measuring his opponent.


Rentfro: KK races for the corner for the Viva La Kumquat... and connects!

McDaniel: The end of the match could be nigh!

Rentfro: Nigh? What the Hell? Talk English, man.

The Kumquat Kid forces the GB Champion to her feet and executes the Pez Dispenser! Ryan covers for the pinfall as Referee Tate drops to make the count.





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match... and NEW Grizzly Beer Champion! THE KUMQUAT KID!!!

Ryan's wife Jenny walks down to the ring, accompanied by Nightmare and a large following of faithful Kumquatians. Jenny hugs KK, then KK is raised into the air on Nightmare's shoulders as the celebrations begin. Ryan Lewis beams happily, holding the GB Title high overhead.

Rentfro: It truly was David versus Goliath tonight. Not so much in physical stature as in reputation. But KK pulled out the victory, dispelling any doubts as to his ability.

McDaniel: Riona should not be ashamed by this loss tonight. She's been one Hell of a champion, and I'm sure there's even greater things in store for her ahead.  

Rentfro: Yeah, there’s the entire Detroit Lions Football team to bed.  At least THEN they’d have a better reason to suck then they do now!  

McDaniel: Dude, you are so foul!  Ok, folks, we’re out of here for now.  Next week’s a very special July 4th edition of Rampage, we’ll see you then!!  

The scene cuts out with the Kumquat Kid and friends celebrating in the center of the ring!

(c) PWA 2008