"Into The Fire" 
June 6th, 2008
Live on The Oracle Arena - Bay Area, California

Filmed earlier today:

Cut to a child's nursey. Scorch marks line the pink and silver walls that are otherwise pristinely decorated. A small bed covered with lace and frills sits off in the corner, engulfed by a venerable army of stuffed animals and other things a four year old girl would have. In fact, aside from the scorch marks, the room has been carefully preserved. A standing icon to a time before the fire. Before the dark. Before it all went to hell.

Lex Demise sits on the child's bed, his head hanging low. It's obvious that his hair has grown out slightly, covering his face. The half-drunken look etched on his face should be indication of his current condition. Yet deep within his good eye is a small glimmer of sobriety, just enough to put the camera on edge. He smirks at it, and leans his head down again. We gaze upon the small doll that is in his hands, as he absently rubs it with his hands.

"Nine years ago today. It's been nine years since my little princess was taken from me...since I watched her breath her last breaths on earth. Since that day I have walked firmly engulfed within the abyss. Oh sure I've made a few, half-hearted attempts to wrench myself away from the dark, but I was irreparably consigned to dwell within its blackened hull for eternity the day that she died.

I cannot be thankful for many things in my life, but the one thing I can be thankful for is that...I have not always had to walk this path alone. Throughout the course of my career, there have been those whom I have led down the dark path. Often they find themselves forever trapped there. For whatever reason, they find themselves without my guidance, and when that happens, they find themselves eternally lost within the void. Heed their sorrowful tales, for their suffering may yet be spared to you...Matthew.

In a week we come to an event entitled Retribution...it is a fitting title. My whole life has been about Retribution in some sense of the word. To that end, you shall see me next week, not in the ring, but ready to help you in your transition to that life.

You see Matthew, I'm going to make you an offer. It relates to what I was saying before about your true savior, and the true salvation for your loving family. There is only one way to avoid my fate, and I will give you the secret at Retribution. I'm not going to divulge it too much now, you'll just have to wait and find out. All I ask is that you do not reject me outright ahead of time. Entertain me...give me the benefit of the doubt just this once.

I promise I'll make it worth your while...

Demise smiles and laughs at the doll, while in the background, a little girl's laugh can be heard.

Fade to black before opening on a live shot of the Oracle Arena in Bay Area, California!

The cameras cut to the back, where Corey Lazarus and Nightmare pass each other by. They stop after a few feet in the opposite direction of one another, and turn back around. Nightmare adjusts the Intercontinental title over his shoulder as Corey taps his fingers gently on the plaque of the World title. The two men walk to within inches of one another, looking each other in the eyes - focused. Corey smirks, Nightmare returning the facial gesture, and then Lazarus crosses his arms over his chest, clearing his throat.

Lazarus: So...this is for real tonight, right? You and me? On the same page and everything?

Nightmare: So long as you don't try to pull a fast one on me, Laz, I've got your back. I said that earlier this week.

Lazarus: Yeah, I know. I just wanted to make sure you didn't change your mind between Monday and tonight. You know, watch some re-runs of Two And A Half Men and then decide to not watch my back with the MoA around.

Nightmare laughs a little bit, shaking his head, and then places a hand on Corey's shoulder.

Nightmare: No. You don't need to worry about that in the least. I hate that show, and so long as Engel, Dead End, Cain, Orochi, and Ridel are waving that dead banner? It's me and you. Don't screw it up.

Corey wipes Wehali's hand off of his shoulder, and then gets close to the Intercontinental champion, looking right up into his eyes.

Lazarus: Oh, don't you worry, Jonahughe.

Corey uncrosses his arms, resting them at his side.

Lazarus: I don't screw things up. Not when they actually count. I'll catch you later, man.

Corey turns back around and walks down the corridor towards the makeshift cafeteria as Nightmare just looks after him. He shrugs his shoulders, and then goes back in the direction he was initially headed.

Nightmare: Let's hope so.

Deacon Frost vs Lex Demise

McDaniel: Welcome everyone to another Friday Night Rampage!!  We got alot in store for you here tonight, and many of the matches will have ramifications heading into next week's exciting PPV; Retribution!  But we're told we can't waste any time, so let's bring you the first match of the evening!

Rentfro: "We are in for a treat here with this match. The big man, Deacon Frost taking on former PWA champion Lex Demise."

McDaniel: "Lex has been bounced from one show to another show here lately in the PWA, Main Event at High Stakes, to Main Event on Chaos, to Main Event on Rampage, to a mid-level match here on Rampage. This guy doesn't know from one week to the next where or when he is going to wrestle."

Rentfro: "well.. shouldn't piss off the boss, should he?"

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen... standing at 7 foot even and weighing in at 350 pounds.. I give you...Deacon Frost."

(The fans quiet down in the arena as the lights go purple. Smoke slowly rises from the entrance. A rain like mist floats through the arena as the opening
guitar riff of Saliva’s “I Walk Alone” blares through the speakers.)

“I walk alone
I walk for miles inside this of pit of danger
A place where no one follows me
I walk alone”

I'm sick of all these people talkin' out their heads
I've never understood a damn thing that they said
From words to actions
Never knowing what they're about
I guess I'll have to chew them up and spit them out
And I'll say yeah”

(Pyros explodes and out walks Deacon Frost. He is wearing a black leather duster. He has on black baggy jeans and black boots. Frost’s fist and forearms
are covered in white tape. Frost stands in the middle of the pyros going off around him. He slowly makes his way down to the ring. Frost steps up onto
the ring apron and over the top rope.)

“I walked for miles inside this pit of danger
I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger
The weight of the world has fallen on me
I walk alone”

(The fans go wild as the big man paces around the ring. Frost settles into the corner and waits for the match to get started as the music dies down.)

Rentfro: "Frost looks to be determined to win this match and show Project X what is coming for him at Retribution, not to mention the Razordolls."

McDaniel: "Frost doing something not many wrestlers ever do, let alone anymore, he is pulling double duty at a Pay per view."

Lights go black and a single spotlight lights up the arena entryway.

Eric Emerson: Making his way to the ring....

"Exile" by Soilwork plays over the PA. Upon the opening words of the song, a man clad in a black trenchcoat and jeans enters the arena, surveying the ring.
His long sandy hair is no longer dyed. A Jack Skellington skicap covers his brow. Eyes hidden behind black-rimmed Oakleys, he sniffs once and strokes his
chin before idly making his way down the ring, seemingly disinterested by the whole affair.

Eric Emerson: From Eastern Kentucky....weighing in at 266 pounds...Lex Demise!

The man stops halfway as he seems to be looking for someone or something at his side. A long forgotten figure. She's not there, never is. Slowly he moves
into the ring, removing his glasses and skicap. The light catches a reflection off his glass eye, firmly entrenched in his left eyesocket. He removes his
trenchcoat and leans back in the corner, uninterested in the rest of the world around him.

ding ding ding

Lex and Deacon meet in the middle of the ring and Lex looks up into the face of Deacon Frost and spits a wad of spit right into the big man's face. Frost is shocked and is quickly attacked by Lex. Lex begins by trying to take the vertical base away from Frost. He chops away at the legs of Frost, but to no avail, the big man just will not go down. Lex hits the ropes and bounces back into the backs of Frost's knees, who falls down on one knee. Lex turns and hits a roundhouse kick to the back of Frost's skull, the big man leans forward, but no more. Lex scratches his chin before continuing with the vicious attack on Frost.

Rentfro: "Demise taking the big man down here, take away the legs of Frost and he is equal size, no matter the height advantage when he is standing."

McDaniel: "But Frost has nearly a 100 pound advantage over Demise, that has to become a factor in the outcome sooner or later."

Lex reaches around and slaps Frost's face, he seems to know his work is cut out for him against the much bigger man. Lex is now punching away at the face of Frost, who begins to laugh at the effort of Demise. Frost stands up and Demise is halted in his pursuit, he looks into the rage filled face of Frost. His attack on the legs of Frost continue before Frost bends down, grabs the neck of Demise and hurls him across the ring. Frost is on the move, stalking Demise over into the corner. Frost places his hand on the chest of Demise and begins to punch away at the face of Demise. The assault continues, for no rule is being broken, Demise is busted open, nearly immediately.

McDaniel: "That one scar over Demise's eyes really hasn't had much of a chance to heal after the match with the current PWA Champion Cory LAZARUSazarus."

Rentfro: "You'd think, they'd give him a night off or something, to heal."

Frost brings Demise out of the corner and throws him into the ropes, Demise bounces back right in the waiting clutches of a chokeslam by Deacon Frost. The impact of the chokeslam shakes the ring. Frost goes for the cover.

one... two... Lex kicks out before the count of three. Frost can't believe it and he grabs Demise, standing up with him in his arms. He whips Demise back into the ropes, intending for a big boot, but Lex ducks under the leg placing a backwards kick into Deacon Frost's left leg. Frost falls to one knee, but does not go down fully. Lex climbs to the top rope jumps and hits Frost with a bulldog to the mat. Lex isn't through as he bounces off the ropes, jumps into the air and comes down with a double boot into the back of Frost's head.

McDaniel: "Lex has the big man down, but for how long?"

Rentfro: "Not sure, but he had better take advantage of the situation while it is available"

Lex begins kicking away at the back of Deacon Frost, double stomping when the mood hits him. Frost raises to his elbow, but is quickly subdued by a boot to the head, the big man falls back down to the mat face first. The blood is flowing from the cut above Lex's eye, the flow, the taste of it giving him renewed determination. He climbs to the middle turnbuckle driving both a knee and elbow into the lower back of Frost. The big man seems to have had enough and begins rising to his feet. Demise runs into the ropes, bounces back and hits a spear into the lower back of Frost. He hits his elbows, but starts pushing back up nearly immediately. Lex can't belive it, he stand in astonishment for a moment before jumping quickly to the top rope with a missile dropkick to the back of Frost. The big man goes down fully again, but is rising again, slower than before, but still rising. Demise slides out of the ring and brings in a chair, The ref sees the foreign object, but Demise throws it in anyways, since it is not being used, there is no disqualification. The ref bends down picks up the chair and tosses it out, but Demise has grabbed a pair of brass knuckles, and hits Deacon with them, busting him open as well. Frost stands fully to his feet now and stares through the blood flow at Demise.

Rentfro: "Uh oh, big bad monster mad now."

McDaniel: "I agree, totally."

Deacon grabs Demise around the throat and connects with his chokeslam. He lifts the man up and gorilla presses him into a somoan drop. Deacon isn't through with the punishment as the man picks up Demise in another gorilla press and drops Demise onto the lifted knee of Frost. The wind is driven out of Demise and Frost goes for the cover.

one... two... thr Lex kicks out before the hand of the ref slaps the mat, only half of an inch away.

McDaniel: "Not good for Demise, kicking out has just infuriated Frost worse."

Rentfro: "I think I would ahve just lain there and took the loss."

McDaniel: "But Demise isn't giving up.. least not yet."

Rentfro: "He never will, he is a fighting champion."

McDaniel: "He isn't champion anymore."

Rentfro: "Well... he should be."

Frost whips Demise into a corner and follows him afterwards, catching him with a charging clothesline, the force of the impact nearly tosses Demise out of the ring. Deacon hauls Demise back in and in the middle of the ring, Deacon Frost hits his Frost Bite. He stands on the chest of Demise.

Rentfro: "The Frost Bite!"

one... two... three

ding ding ding

Eric Emerson: "Winner of the match.... Deacon Frost."

McDaniel: "Hard faught match, Lex gave it all he had, but in the end, the bigger man was just that bigger and stronger, both the height and weight advantage was just too much for Lex to overcome!"

Rentfro: "Frost now has a distinct advantage going into his double duty efforts at Retribution!"

Sean and Seamus are walking towards a door down the hall and come upon the door that reads "Grim Reaper." They knock on the door and a voices answers their knock.

"Come in Seamus and Sean, I've been expecting you."

The brothers walk into the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

GR: "I see that you boys are ready for the hell that your bodies are fixing to be put through."

Seamus: "Yes sir, we are prepared, thanks for helping us train this past week."

GR: "It has been my pleasure, getting the hell beaten out of you has a tendency to toughen the body to pain and torture."

Sean: "Damn, we sure won't feel much pain in this match then."

GR: "Make no mistake boys, the task ahead will be difficult, but you will manage in the end."

Seamus: "We just came to see..."

GR: "The Phoenix will be taken care of, rest your thoughts on that front, he will be dealt with severely should he interfere in the match."

Sean: "Those two retards and Chicken Boy said they requested this match after the beating we gave them last time, and now they seem to have wanted an "Ace in the Hole" in the Phoenix in case they start getting the hell beaten out of them again."

GR: "You boys will surely beat the hell out of Might and Magic, like I've said, leave the Bird to me."

GR laughs devishly.

Seamus: "We want to make them wish they had never asked for this rematch."

GR: "They are fools indeed, make them pay Seamus and Sean, make them feel the pain your bodies felt this week, share the pain and torture with them."

Sean: "Well, it is time for the match in a few minutes, lets go and ready ourselves."

GR hands the two spiked brass knuckles.

GR: "For the match, should you need them."

The O'Connor Boys walk out of the room and notice the camera there, they just smile and put the brass knuckles in their pockets before walking off towards the curtains that lead to the entrance ramp.

The O'C
onnor Boys vs. Might & Magic

Eric Emerson brings the microphone to his face as he walks up the steps, clearing his throat to check it as he walks into the ring.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for no fall with NO time limit, and is a TAG TEAM STREET FIGHT!

Rammstein's "Amerika" cues up, and "Fantastic" Andy Stricklin walks out from behind the entrance curtain, the fans showering his presence with boos. Stricklin cheers himself on, and then turns around, waving out the giant Moke Doshky - who is carrying Stricklin's famous potted plant - and Dragon. Both members of M&M are decked out in jeans, boots, and beaters, with Doshky's mohawk not gelled up as it usually is. Dragon adjusts his headband as Stricklin snatches the plant away from his client, and the trio walk down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, being accompanied by "Fantastic" Andy Stricklin, weighing in at a combined weight of 650 pounds, they are the team of Moke Doshky and the Dragon...MIGHT AND MAGIC!!!

All three reach the ring, and Moke pulls himself up over the top rope as Dragon slides underneath the bottom one, Stricklin rushing around ringside to keep the ring between himself and the entrance ramp. "Amerika" dies down, replaced by the DropKick Murphys' "Never Alone."


##You say it's because we're boisterous##
##You hate us 'cause we got dignity##

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, at a combined weight of 195 pounds, both hailing from Boston, Massachusetts by way of Dublin, Ireland, the team of Seamus and Sean...THE O'CONNOR BOYS!!

Doshky, Dragon, and Stricklin all look up the ramp, waiting for their opponents as "Never Alone" continues playing, the Irish national flag waving on the ADCTron. Emerson exits the ring, taking his seat next to the timekeeper, and suddenly a pair of identical twins with matching bright blonde dreadlocks jump over the guardrail, baseball bats in hand. The referee in the ring turns around to see the O'Connor Boys shove Andy Stricklin down, nail him with a pair of batshots (in stereo), and then calls for the bell.



McDaniel: And it looks like we're off! Moke and Dragon turn around as the O'Connor Boys slide in...AND THEY GO DOWN FROM THE BATS!

Seamus wails away on Doshky's ribcage with his baseball bat, the bat breaking in half from the impact, and then begins stomping Moke's face in. Sean chokes Dragon in the corner with his before backing away and then throwing the bat like a spear directly into Dragon's crotch.

Rentfro: OUCH~!

McDaniel: And the brothers O'Connor have started this match off with the definite advantage, blindsiding the more experienced team here in the PWA.

Seamus and Sean go over to Dragon, bringing him up to his feet, and then sandwich his head with a pair of forearms. They whip him into the opposite corner, where he connects hard, slumping back down onto the middle buckle. Seamus whips Sean in after him, and Sean drills a running knee to Dragon's face, sending him tumbling onto the floor. Sean looks back over at his brother, and then drops down to all fours. Seamus nods, hits the ropes, and then runs towards Sean, acting as a human springboard.

Rentfro: And Doshky says no!

Doshky reaches out and grabs Seamus's dreadlock, yanking the Irishman back into a backdrop suplex that drops him nearly entirely on his head. Seamus rolls out of the ring, clutching his neck as he drops to a knee on the outside, and then Sean gets up. Doshky shakes the cobwebs out of his head, allowing Sean to charge.

McDaniel: Sean O'Connor now charging in with a series of rights and lefts to Doshky, but they don't seem to phase the big man!

Doshky grabs Sean by the throat and by the waist, lifting him high up above his head. Dragon rolls into the ring as Stricklin cheers his team on, and Seamus rises up to his feet with the aid of the guardrail on the outside. Moke runs at the ropes, and then tosses Sean over the top so he lands on his brother, both men falling down into the guardrail.


Rentfro: I may not be allowed to repeat what these fans are saying, but I'm in entire agreement with them.

McDaniel: And Dragon's out of the ring to check on Andy Stricklin.

Dragon helps Stricklin get to his feet, the eccentric manager dazed and using the apron for support, and then turns his attention to the now-rising Seamus. Sean gets up to a knee, holding his ribs, and Seamus backs up against the apron. Doshky reaches over the top rope, grabbing two handfuls of Seamus's hair, and then lifts him up onto the apron. Dragon walks over to Sean, reaches over the guardrail, and then shoves a fan aside, lifting the chair he was sitting on up.

McDaniel: And Dragon drills the chair into Sean's head!

Rentfo: We've seen enough of Might and Magic to know that neither Dragon nor Moke take too kindly to anybody putting their hands on "Fantastic" Andy Stricklin.

McDaniel: Dragon whips Sean into the guardrail, AND SEAN'S IN THE CROWD!

Dragon pushes a ringside attendant to the floor before backing up, keeping his eyes focused on Sean as the O'Connor Boy rises to his feet in the front row. In the ring, Moke levels Seamus with a huge spinebuster, and then drops an elbow into his midsection. Doshky rises to his feet, and Dragon charges on the outside, using the chair from the ringside attendant as a springboard to nail a diving forearm into Sean, sending both men into the second and third rows of fans.

Rentfro: I sure hope those fans read the fine print on the back of each of their tickets.

McDaniel: And why's that?

Rentfro: Because some of these fans got knocked down by Dragon right there...

Moke brings Seamus to his feet and then knocks him back down to his knees with a pair of axehandles. Doshky then whips Seamus into the corner before raising his fists in the air.

Rentfro: ...and if they try to sue, the case will be thrown out of court. The fine print reads "any and all assault by a PWA performer, intentional or accidental, is allowed by the purchase of this ticket."

McDaniel: And how do you know that?

Rentfro: I have sources in the PWA legal department, Jon.

McDaniel: Moke Doshky charges in...CORNER AVALANCHE!

Moke backs up, laughing as Seamus stumbles out of the corner. Doshky nails a big right hand, sending Seamus back into the corner, and then whips him into the opposite corner. In the crowd, Dragon and Sean trade rights and lefts, brawling their way over to a popcorn cart. Dragon knees Sean in the midsection and then goes to whip him into the glass case the popper resides in, but Sean puts on the brakes at the last second. Dragon charges, but Sean turns around with a ketchup bottle, squirting the red condiment into Dragon's face. Dragon drops to a knee, trying to whipe the tomato-based product away from his eyes, and Sean grabs a handful of popcorn, munching on it before hitting Dragon with a bulldog onto the concrete floor.

McDaniel: And Doshky tries another corner avalanche...!!

Seamus hops over the top rope, allowing Doshky to hit the top turnbuckle pad chest-first. Moke backs out, holding his chest and gasping for air as Seamus climbs up to the top rope. Seamus dives off at the standing Doshky, driving both of his knees into Moke's chest and then riding him down to the mat, rolling off after the impact. The fans pop big for this somewhat innovative move, and Seamus pulls himself to his feet with the ropes, nodding. Out in the crowd, Sean and Dragon battle back through the crowd, where Sean tosses Dragon over the guardrail and onto the entrance ramp at about the halfway mark. Sean steps up onto the guardrail, using a fan's shoulder for balance, and then dives off with a legdrop across Dragon's throat on the guardrail.

Rentfro: If I didn't know any better, I'd say that the O'Connors here might be giving Might and Magic a run for their money.

McDaniel: That is exactly what's going on!

Sean brings Dragon to his feet, and then drags him up to the top of the ramp. Sean drives Dragon down with a DDT, and then gets to his feet, facing the crowd. In the ring, Seamus climbs up top as Doshky remains laid out in the center of the ring.


Phoenix turns Sean around before kicking him low, and then locks Sean's head between his legs. Phoenix gets him up vertically, cradles his leg, and then drives him head-first onto the steel floor of the ramp with the Flame.

Rentfro: Birds of a feather fight together.

McDaniel: He has no business out here!

Rentfro: Of course he does! He's managed by Andy Stricklin as well, and both Sean and Seamus attacked Stricklin before the match even began, so he's out here to get some payback of his own.

Phoenix checks on Dragon quick before rushing down the ramp. Seamus takes flight from the top rope, coming down with a massive Frog Splash across Moke's chest.

McDaniel: Seamus with the Bush Mills Splash, and the cover!

The referee drops down for the count as Phoenix pulls a table out from underneath the ring.

McDaniel: And Phoenix pulls the ref out!

Rentfro: The President can do whatever he wants!


The referee looks at Phoenix, confused, who just gives him a sinister smile before sliding the table into the ring. Seamus gets up to his feet as Phoenix rolls in behind him, and then turns to be met with a big right hand that drops him to a knee. Moke gets up, slowly, as Dragon comes to on the ramp, and Phoenix begins wailing on Seamus with rights and lefts. Moke joins in, stomping on Seamus as he falls to the mat.

McDaniel: And this is just a back alley beatdown right here!

Rentfro: Hey, it is a street fight after all! Most street fights end with friends of one guy coming in to help them out.

Dragon brings Sean to his feet, and then nails him with a few rights, dragging him down the ramp towards the ring. Phoenix sets up the table in the ring as Dragon rolls Sean into the ring. Stricklin grabs his potted plant, placing it on the mat from between the ropes, and then slides in himself.

Rentfro: And the O'Connor Boys are just completely outnumbered here, haha! Let this be a lesson, boys, to not talk smack about Might and Magic.

Stricklin and Dragon stomp away on Sean as Phoenix and Moke bring Seamus to his feet, slugging him all the way up. Moke locks hold of both of Seamus's arms as Phoenix picks up Stricklin's potted plant, handing it to his manager. Stricklin nods, bowing to Phoenix as a show of respect, and then kisses the plaster pot, nodding as he walks over to Seamus.

Rentfro: Stricklin winds up...here's the pitch...NO!!

Seamus ducks at the last second, causing Stricklin to break the pot over Doshky's head. Doshky's eyes glaze over as he falls backwards, sitting in the corner. Andy looks on, horrified, and Phoenix grabs Seamus by the hair, dragging him up onto the table with him. Phoenix knees Seamus low as Dragon brings Sean to his feet in the corner, unleashing chop after chop to his chest and head.

McDaniel: Phoenix going for the Flame now on the table...AND SEAMUS REVERSES IT!!! OH MY...!!!

Seamus sits up as Phoenix tries to lift him vertical, and then nails a hurricanrana through the table to Phoenix.


McDaniel: WOW...just, just WOW...

Rentfro: Somebody get the medics out here, stat! Phoenix and Doshky are down!

Sean blocks a chop from Dragon, and then nails a trio of headbutts. Dragon backs away from the corner, dazed a little, and Sean locks on a waistlock, nailing Dragon with an overhead belly-to-belly into the corner.

McDaniel: And the tide has turned AGAIN!

Stricklin turns around as Sean helps his brother out of the rubble that was once a table, and his jaw drops. The O'Connors look over at "Fantastic" Andy, and Stricklin tries to leave the ring, but Sean rushes over to him, grabbing him by the hair. Sean drags him back into the middle of the ring, and Seamus nails him with a kneeling uppercut below the belt.

Rentfro: No! He'll sue!

With Stricklin bent over, Sean and Seamus both lock on side gutwrenches before whipping him up onto their shoulders, with Stricklin's left leg on Sean's left shoulder and his right on Seamus's right. The O'Connor Boys then charge the ropes, and powerbomb Stricklin over the top rope to the floor below. The fans erupt with cheers, and Moke pulls himself up to his feet using the top rope. Sean turns to him, and then nails him with a Superkick that sends him down to the mat.

McDaniel: Irish Kiss to Moke! SEAN COVERS!!

Phoenix gets to his knees in the rubble of the broken table, and Seamus charges over, tackling him. Both men spill out of the ring as the referee drops for the count.

Rentfro: Yes! Dragon makes the save!

Dragon drops to a knee, still hurt from the suplex in the corner, and Sean gets up to his feet as Doshky rolls out of the ring, dropping in a heap on the floor. Sean grabs a handful of Dragon's hair, but Dragon slaps his arm away as he gets up to his feet.

Rentfro: Ha! It's not over yet!

Dragon goes behind Sean, locking him in a hammerlock and a half rear waistlock, and then tosses him over, dropping Sean practically on his head. Dragon releases the hammerlock and then quickly rolls Sean over, covering him and hooking both legs.

McDaniel: And Seamus in for the save...!!


Phoenix grabs ahold of Seamus's leg, holding it tight and preventing him from breaking up the pinfall.



Eric Emerson: The winners of the match...MIGHT AND MAGIC!!

Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil" cues up as Dragon rolls out of the ring to check on Moke and Stricklin as Phoenix releases Seamus's leg, running around the ring to see his manager and allies. Suddenly, Phoenix shouts out in shock as a hand shoots out from under the ring and begins dragging him under!  Moke and Dragon scurry out of the ring and try to grab onto Phoenix's hand, but he's sucked under before they can reach him!  As he disappears, grey smoke billows out from under the ring and the crowd is shocked into near silence with what just occurred!  Moke and Dragon rip back the apron and search underneath, but the Phoenix is no where to be found!!

McDaniel: What in the hell just happened???

Rentfro: I don't know!! Who grabbed Phoenix, and why!?

A sharp crack of thunder and lightning then illuminates the stage, and the people shout and scream as The Grim Reaper stands there in all his glory, and we see that The Phoenix is lying in a heap right at his feet!

McDaniel: Holy hell, it's the Grim Reaper!!!

Rentfro: How did he do that!! He attacked Phoenix down here and yet dragged him up to the ramp and we never saw it!!?  

McDaniel: Might & Magic are racing up the ramp, but Grim Reaper has already disappeared backstage! I don't know how he pulled it off, but he's sending a message to the Phoenix alright!!

Rentfro: I wonder if the Reaper is biting off more then he can chew! I mean, ok, so he has a beef with Phoenix for some reason, but he's got to face Chamelion here shortly, and now he may have just cost himself a chance, especially once Phoenix recovers!

McDaniel: I don't think Reaper's afraid of anyone, or anything!

Rentfro: That could either be a very brave, or very stupid attitude!  Let's move on!!

We cut from ringside to the backstage area. Toshi Yang is scouring the hallways to find PWA superstars to interview. As we travel along with her, we spot the Intercontinental Champion, "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali exiting his locker room. Dead End and Graham Cain emerge from an intersecting hallway to confront him.

A few words are exchanged, then a staredown begins between Nightmare and Dead End. Dead End backs up a step, but Cain begins moving around Jonathon's side.

The locker room door opens and Akira and Dhamballa join their friend, stopping Graham in his tracks. Another staredown. Toshi hurries over, trying to overhear what's being said.

Dead End: Very well then, Jon-boy, we'll be seeing you... and your friends... ringside.

Dead End and Graham Cain walk off as Toshi finally arrives on the scene.

Toshi: What was all that about, Nightmare?

Jon snorts disparagingly.

Nightmare: Cheap intimidation tactics. They're fools if they think that's going to work against me. I'm fully prepared for anything they can possibly bring, and if this is what it takes for Virus to win... then he's already lost.

Toshi: So you're confident about your match tonight then?

Jonathon gives her an appraising glance as if to determine if she's playing at being a fool or really is stupid.

Nightmare: I'm confident each and every time I step into the ring. You have to be or you've already lost. That's not to say I can't be beaten, but those times are few and far between and it takes a Hell of a lot to achieve. More than nearly anyone is capable of giving, let alone willing to give.

Toshi: Do you have anything you wish to say regarding your opponents tonight? Or maybe your partner?

Jon considers the question for a moment then nods.

Nightmare: Mark, watch your back. Not against me, but against your tag partner. Matthew's sided with a group who play by terrorist rules, and they love nothing more than to take down innocent bystanders. They make excellent shields, and Virus may just sacrifice you to save his own skin.

As for you, Corey, tonight will decide whether I accept your request or not.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Toshi. I have some final preparations to make for tonight's match.

He smiles to her, but the tone in his voice is business-like.

Toshi: There you have it, fans. Matthew Engel may not have pissed off the Intercontinental Champion, but he has taken serious note of the challenger. That could spell disaster, but for which man? We may have an answer by the end of tonight's show.

The scene then changes to another area backstage to find  Matt Engel as he walks up to the MOA locker room, and finds a note tapped to the door. He looks around, before yanking the note off the door. He unfolds it, and looks.


Screw up tonight, and I don't care who the fuck you hang out with, I will make you regret it.


Engel stares at the note for a moment. He then folds it back, tucks it in his pocket and walks into the locker room.

Cage vs. Scar

McDaniel: "Jonothan Cage is new to PWA and is taking on another sort of newbie in Scar in our next bout here on Rampage."

Rentfro: "Yeah, Scar... Cage... whoopy dee freaking doo..."

McDaniel: "I bet you'd be interested in the match if money was on the line here."

Rentfro: "Yeah.. maybe, how much?"

McDaniel: "How about $50, you in?"

Rentfro: "Yeah, I'm in, what's the bet?"

McDaniel: "I bet you that one of these men here, will win the match."

Rentfro: "Damn! That ain't right, of course one of them will win."

McDaniel: "Well, I won, give me my money."

The sound of rustling bills is heard along with Rentfro's counting.

Eric Emerson: "The following match is set for one fall with a 15 minute time limitaand is for the #1 contendership to the PWA Grizzley Beer title. Introducing first... standing at 6'6" and weighing in at 250lbs Jonothan Cage!"

The opening riff to "Fear" by Disturbed hits the speakers as the lights dim. Then David Draiman's voice comes over the PA system as it does the lights begin
to pulsate in time to the song.

##Fear is on the again##
##Huh, huh, huh, huh huh, huh##
##Fear is on the again##
##Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh##
##Fear is on the again##
##Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh##
##Fear is on the again##
##Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh##

Then as the first verse starts the man himself walks out from behind the curtain.

##Are you no one##
##Feel you nothing##
##You know I'll bet you think##
##You have a good reason to be living##
##In the limelight of the fortunate ones##
##you're too weakened by the poison##
##That they feed you in the living lie##
##They don't believe you##
##Call to no one##
##Trust in nothing##
##Little impotent one##

He stares out into the crowd before sprinting down to the ring. He slides in underneath the bottom rope as the chorus starts up. He goes to his corner and
removes his trenchcoat as "Fear" fades away.

Eric Emerson: "And his opponent."

Gonna pulp you to a mess of bruises
'Cos that's what you're looking for
There's a hole where your nose used to be
Gonna kick you out of my door

(The lights go out. All we can see are flashes of light coming from cameras)

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Gotta get into a fight

(A picture of a man flashes on the screen falling down through three scaffolds)

Gonna blow you to a million pieces
Blow you sky high, I don't care
Splatter matter on the bloody ceiling
Blow the building right into the air

(More pictures of this man wrestling in matches)

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Gotta get into a fight
Gonna put the boot right in
Gotta get into a fight
Yeah watch me now

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 175!

What I want is power, more power
What I need is an innocent life
Wanna do it in the broad daylight
I'm the truck, I'm the suicide

Eric Emerson: He reigns from the city that never sleeps!!

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it
Gotta get into a fight
Watch me, watch me now

Eric Emerson: He is the one known as Scar!!!!

Yeah gotta get into a fight
Wanna caught the bullet
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it

(A spotlight hits the entrance as a man with dark shoulder length hair, a black tank top, black shorts and shoes comes walking out of the entrance. He
pauses at the top of the ramp.)

It's all for the greater glory
It's all for a Saturday night
There's a hole where your face used to be
I got you in my telescope sight

(He looks at the crowd and takes in his surroundings then proceeds down to the ring.)

Gotta get into a fight
Gonna shoot the bullet
Can't get out of it
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it

(He climbs in the ring and as he does the lights come back on)

ding ding ding

Cage wastes no time in tackling Scar to the mat. The two brawl on the mat for an instant, rolling from one side to the other.

McDaniel: "Scar, being the much smaller man here, is fighting right back with Cage."

Rentfro: "But it isn't smart, Cage is much bigger and can hurt you much more easily. Then again, there is something to say for being wirey."

Scar has grabbed Cage into a headlock and is grinding Cage's face into the mat. Scar quickly releases the hold and is back to a vertical base kicking away at the head and face of Cage. Cage covers his face with his hands, protecting as much as he can. Scar jumps to the middle turnbuckle and back down with a knee to the shoulders of Cage. Cage lowers his hands from his face and sees a boot coming right for his face. Cage rolls out of the way and Scar falls to the mat, the force was so great the when Scar missed, he slipped and hit the mat. Cage is up in an instant and is on top of Scar. Cage throws rights into the face of Scar, alternating every few rights with a massive left.

Rentfro: "This match is physical right from the get go."

McDaniel: "I think Cage was taken off guard by Scar's quickness."

Cage lifts Scar to his feet, grasping Scar around the waist, Cage hits Scar with a belly to belly suplex. Cage gets up, bring Scar with him and hits another 3 belly to bell suplexes. Cage lifts Scar onto the top turnbuckle, he climbs up up after him. Hooking Scar's head under his arm, he throws Scar's arm around his neck. Cage heaves Scar up and connects with a top rope suplex. Both wrestlers hit the mat, the sound echoing in the arena. Cage landed wrong and is slow to get up, however, Scar is even slower to get up. Cage reaches his feet first and is back on the attack. He throws rights to the side of Scar's face, backing the man into the corner.

McDaniel: "The look in Cage's eyes, is not a friendly one."

Rentfro: "No it isn't, he looks... demented."

Cage begins to slap Scar in the corner, Scar's face is turning red from the blows to his face from the force of the slaps and punches. Cage reaches and thumbs Scar in the eyes. Scar reaches up and grabs his watering eyes, Cage just smiles at the little triumph. Cage begins to set Scar up for another top rope suplex, Scar punches Cage in the throat. Cage grabs his throat, losing his balance and falls onto the mat. Scar finishes climbing to the top rope, he looks down at Cage.

Rentfro: "Dirty move there, just plain dirty, why didn't the ref call it?"

McDaniel: "What about that thumb to the eye of Scar, for mere spite?"

Rentfro: "What are you talking about, money stealer?"

McDaniel: "That blatent thumb.. oh hell, nevermind."

Rentfro: "Exactly, it never happened."

Scar dives with a cannon ball double foot stomp right into the groin of Cage. Cage grabs his nether regions in sheer agony, tears roll down his cheeks and he is crying out in pain. The ref warns Scar about his stomp, Scar shrugs and climbs to the top again. He dives hitting a swantan onto Cage, he covers.

one... two... thre.. Cage's foot was on the ropes and Scar realizes it.

Rentfro: "That is what you get cheater, cheater's never win."

McDaniel: "Thanks for finally saying that, is that why Cage is losing now?"

Rentfro: "Cage is not a cheater, Scar is a cheater."

Scar begins to rapid kick Cage in the legs. Scar runs, hitting the middle turnbuckle and performs a revers moonsault onto Cage for another pin attempt.

one... two... Cage's foot is again on the bottom rope. Scar yells in frustration, he snatches the offending foot from the bottom rope and drags Cage into the middle of the ring. Scar heads over to the corner again, climbing to the top turnbuckle, he looks down at Cage. He dives, aiming for a frog splash, he comes down, but the only thing waiting for him is canvas. Cage rolled out of the way at the last minute to the outside of the ring, he is breathing heavily and sweat is pouring from his body. He wipes his hands across his face, trying to wipe the sweat from his face. Scar is clutching his right knee in the middle of the ring.

McDaniel: "Scar may be hurt here, after missing that frog splash."

Rentfro: "He didn't miss, he just hit canvas."

McDaniel: "Look at the grin on Cage's face, saddistic bastard."

Rentfro: "Yeah.. isn't that awesome?"

Cage nonchalantly rolls into the ring, grinning the entire time. He crouches infront of Scar in a combat style. He is allowing Scar to gain his feet again. Scar reaches his feet and Cage dives, connecting with Scar's right knee, the force flips Scar over Cage's back. The scream of pain is loud and clear, the grin on Cage's face is even wider. Cage walks to Scar and drags him towards a corner, Cage slides out of the ring and grabsinjured leg of Scar.Cage then grabs the other leg pulling Scar's groin into the ring post.

Cage: "How's that feel? Hurts like hell don't it?"

Rentfro: "Taunting his opponent, confident of a win."

McDaniel: "Cocky and it might backfire in his face, if he isn't careful."

Cage repeats the process two more times, before he is finally satisfied, rolling back into the ring, he breaks the ref's count. Cage then rolls back out of the ring grabbing the injured leg of Scar, he slams the kneecap into the post repeatedly until the ref's count reaches 9. Cage dives back into the ring just in time to not be counted out. The grin on his face is unbelievably saddistic.

McDaniel: "How can you be pulling for this guy?"

Rentfro: "Because, look at him, he simply doesn't care."

Cage slides out of the ring again and grabs both legs of Scar, preparing for another groin slide into the post.Scar pulls his legs back, consequently Cage's head connects with the ring post and he falls to the floor outside. Scar hobbles to his feet and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He doesn't even look before he dives, trusting in his instinct to guide him. He connects with a cannon ball to Cage's injured head. As the ref's count reaches 6, Scar drags both himself and Cage into the ring. He whips Cage into the ropes and catches the man with a high knee to the face, Cage goes down. Scar smelling victory, climbs to the top turnbuckle again.

Rentfro: "This guy goes to the top more often than I change my underwear."

McDaniel: "He is a high flyer, that is what they... um... do."

Scar dives and hits with the frog splash from earlier, he covers.

one... two... three

ding ding ding

Eric Emerson: "Winner of the match... and #1 contender for the Grizzley Beer Championship...Scar."

McDaniel: "I knew he could do it, what a man, what a match."

Rentfro: "I give you that, it was a hell of a match."

Moments before Chamelion's fight against the Grim Reaper, there is a shot of Sandra in her dressing room from an above camera. She's tightening one of her pigtails, while checking the clock in her room.

"Alright baby," she says to herself, going towards the door.

It's locked.

"..the -BLEEP!-?"

Sandra continues to tug on the door, each time getting more and more angry. Eventually, she starts kicking at it, and beating her fists against it.

"Let me out! let me the -BLEEP!- out you sons of -BLEEP!- -BLEEP!- -BLEEP!- bastard -BLEEP!-!!"

Chamelion vs. The Grim Reaper

Rentfro: "We are in store for one hell of a match John, these two have faced each other last week, in a triple threat elimination match for the Grizzly Beer Championship."

McDaniel: "In that match, Chamelion, was eliminated by Grim Reaper."

Rentfro: "Who did a cheap and sneaky tag to surprise Chamelion and get the pin."

McDaniel: "I've heard you say before that a win is a win no matter how you get it."

Rentfro: "Shut up."

Deep, booming thunder rumbles through the speakers in the arena, seeming to vibrate every inch of the building. Fog begins to flow from under the ring, lightening cracckles flashing through the building. The soft sounds of chanting are now heard along with the rumbling thunder and occasional flashes of lightning. Each ring post holds an ancient lit torch, the flames doing little to disperse the thickening fog.the fog rolls off into the arena, enveloping the crowd. The dense fog lightens slowly to reveal the silhouette of a man standing in the middle of the ring. The thunder still rumbles and lightning occasionally flashes, suddenly a streak of lightning races down to the ring, barely missing the standing figure. The fog is dispersed and Grim Reaper is standing in the middle of the ring wearing his hooded black robe and carrying his signature sickle.

Eric Emerson: "From the Depths of Hell, standing at 6 feet 5 inches, weighing in at 245 pounds... Grim Reaper."

Grim Reaper removes his robe and places his sickle in the hands of a ringside technician, the fog has nearly lifted completely.

Rentfro: "This guy just creeps me out, why is Raizor putting his poor innocent brother through such agony?"

McDaniel: "Gee, I don't think I have time to list the reasons on the air here tonight, that is a complete show in itself."

The lights dim… and the music of Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me” hits the ADCTron. Strobe lights begin flickering through out the arena… and from the backstage
steps Chamelion. He stands in profile to us, head low and his hair covering his face…. As the music picks up… the lyrics begin…

Hear my cries - Hear my calls
Lend me your ears - See my falls
See my error - Know my faults
Time halts - See my loss

Chamelion turns to face us and walks purposely down the ramp as the song continues.  

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at 245lbs, and is a former PWA World Champion.  He is the owner, boss and over all controller of the PWA.  He hails from Las
, Nevada
and the Most Devious SOB in the business today…. I give you… CHAMELION!!!!

Know I'm lacking - Back tracking
Where I met you - Pistol packing
Itchy finger - Trigger-happy
Try to trap me - Bad rap

He stops at the bottom and looks up into the ring at his brother, Raizzor.  Chamelion turns and walks to the steel steps and climbs them.

Wire tap me - Back stab me
Break the faith - Fall from grace
Tell me lies - Time flies
Close your eyes - Come with me.

He then stands there, outside the ring and raises his fists to the sky. Pyros explode in the rafters as Chamelion walks the apron to the middle and steps
through the ropes. He heads straight to the other side and climbs the turnbuckles and again raises his fists and the crowd responds loudly, jeering and
booing him, which makes him smile.. Jumping down, Chamelion shoots straight kitty corner and repeats his playing to the crowd. Back on the canvas, Chamelion
turns, faces the entrance ramp and smiles wickedly… his music fading and the roar of the crowd taking over.  

Rentfro: "Finally a civilized wrestler, these two should have a really good match."

McDaniel: "Chamelion is a seasoned veteran and Grim Reaper is still new to the game, lets see how he fares against Chamelion."

The two stare each other down in the middle of the ring, Chamelion has his trademark grin on his face and Reaper's face is unreadable.

ding ding ding

Rentfro: "The bell sounds and... nothing... absolutely nothing."

McDaniel: "These two are still staring at each other in the ring, but why?"

Reaper and Chamelion go to lock up in the middle of the ring, each man is nearly equal in height and weigh exactly the same amount. Chamelion ducks under Reaper and just stands back away from Reaper. GR turns to face Chamelion, who is much faster and quicker than himself. The two go to lock up again, with Chamelion again ducking under the reach of Reaper. Chamelion places a kick to the lower back of Reaper who stumbles to the ropes.

Rentfro: "Chamelion is playing cat and mouse with the freak now."

McDaniel: "I don't know if that is a smart idea. He might just succeed in pissing Reaper off."

Reaper catches himself on the ropes, turning quickly he catches Chamelion by the throat and goes for his chokeslam, Chamelion blocks it with a kick to the rib cage of Reaper and a thumb to the eyes. Chamelion falls to the mat, landing on his feet, and grabs his throat shaking his head. Chamelion goes to work on the chest of Reaper with power slaps to the chest of Reaper. Chamelion has Reaper in the ropes and quickly whips him to the other side. Chamelion runs a little distance hitting Reaper with a roundhouse kick to Reaper. Chamelion goes for the cover.

one... tw GR kicks out easily and Chamelion looks discouraged.

McDaniel: "Chamelion going for an early pin there, but to no avail."

Rentfro: "And you left your job as a nuclear scientist to call the obvious there, what a smart move... dumbass."

Chamelion goes to work on the left arm of Reaper, stomping away at the elbow and forearm area. Chamelion places his boot in the crook of Reaper's elbow, brings the arm up, and drives the elbow right back into the mat. Reaper's face distorts in pain and rage. Chamelion, with a goal now, works feverishly at the elbow.

McDaniel: "Chamelion is like a rabid dog who smells a scent of blood."

Rentfro: ""Are you saying he is a rabid dog? Isn't that a good thing in this type of match with someone who isn't afraid of pain? The Grim Reaper is obviously into bondage and discipline and is out for attention."

McDaniel: "And how would you know he is into B and D?"

Rentfro: "Um.. call the match."

Reaper has gotten to one knee and Chamelion takes the chance to try and kick Reaper's elbow the opposite way from which it should bend. Reaper's right hand streaks out, grabbing Chamelion by the throat. He goes for the chokeslam again, but Chamelion again blocks it with a shot to the ribs.

Rentfro: "You'd think that Reaper would block and protect his ribs."

McDaniel: "I think Chamelion is just too agile for Reaper. Reaper hasn't faced many opponents like Chamelion yet."

Chamelion lets Reaper's left arm go and bounces into the ropes to kick Reaper right in the side of the head with a spinning heel kick. Reaper staggers back, nearly falling, but regains his balance at the last instant. Chamelion hits the ropes again this time, Reaper catches the man with a big boot to the face of Chamelion. Reaper goes for the cover.

one... two... Chamelion kicks out and Reaper looks upset with the result.

Rentfro: "Gonna take more than a boot to keep down the most devious SOB today."

McDaniel: "It was a mighty big boot to the face of Chamelion there."

Reaper stands on the throat of Chamelion until the ref's count reaches four. He steps off, to reapply the choke again. Chamelion is turning red and the ref's count reaches four again and this time he warns Reaper of the consequences of his actions if he chooses to do that again. Reaper just turns his head and acknowledges the ref's warning. Chamelion has taken this time to sort of regroup and is on all fours breathing heavily.

Rentfro: "Chamelion is taking a quick breather while Reaper is distracted with the ref."

McDaniel: "But the ref is no longer distracting the Grim Reaper and Chamelion must now concentrate on the match."

Reaper whips Chamelion into a corner and he stalks his prey into the corner. Reaper begins lifting huge knees into Chamelion's midsection. Reaper then chokes Chamelion with his hand, the ref's count reaches four and Reaper releases the hold. The ref grabs Reaper's arm admonishing him to not do moves like that again. Reaper begins punching away on Chamelion with his right hand, his left arm is hanging loosely at his side.

McDaniel: "I think Chamelion has broken Reaper's elbow here."

Rentfro: "If so, oh well, wrestling is wrestling here in the PWA."

McDaniel: "Reaper begins firing rights and lefts, now, into Chamelion's body."

Chamelion falls down to the mat, he aims and hits a low blow on Reaper, bringing the man down to the mat. Reaper is grasping his goin area and Chamelion slides out of the ring to catch his breath. Chamelion looks in the ring at his opponent, shocked that he is having a touch match. Chamelion walks around the ring catching his breath and thinking of ways to overcome the man in the ring. He stops and looks into the ring, scratching his head, then shakes his head.

Rentfro: "Chamelion is taking his time getting back into the ring, every time the ref's count reaches 8 he rolls in and then rolls back out."

McDaniel: "You idiot, the ref has only counted to 8 one time."

A light seems to come on in Chamelion's head and he slides back into the ring, Reaper stalks towards him and the two lock up in the middle of the ring. Chamelion quickly looses the battle and is being bent over backwards, falling down, he plants his two feet into Reaper's midsection flipping the man over. Chamelion gets up not realizing Reaper landed on his feet. Chamelion plays to the crowd before turning and facing the man, nose to nose. Reaper whips Chamelion into the ropes hitting a big boot in the gut, bouncing off the ropes, he lands a leg across the back of Chamelion's neck. Chamelion hits the ground and grabs the back of his neck. Reaper rolls off of Chamelion's body, getting to his feet, Reaper is preparing himself for the submission move, the Rack of Souls. He looks in the crowd and grins wickedly.

Rentfro: "What is Reaper thinking here."

McDaniel: "He is motioning for the Rack of Souls, no one can get out of this move, no one."

Reaper bends down, grasping Chamelion by the back of the neck. Chamelion was playing oppossum and elbows Reaper in the gut, driving his fist into Reaper's face. Reaper is reeling backwards, having been caught off guard. Chamelion again punches Reaper in the gut, doubling the man over. Chamelion hits the ropes and connects with a running bulldog to Reaper, who goes down quickly. Chamelion backs off and waits for his time to shine.

McDaniel: "Could be time for the Sweet Sound of Success."

Chamelion turns to the crowd again and Reaper gets up, he looks at Chamelion's back. He walks towards the man, he begins placing him in the Rack of Souls, but Chamelion adjusts his weight quickly and flips off of Reaper's shoulders. GR turns quickly to catch Chamelion, but is hit in the mouth (blood sprays), with the Sweet Sound of Success.

McDaniel: "Where did that come from."

Rentfro: "Nowhere, it came from out of nowhere. Chamelion goes for the cover."

one... two... three

ding ding ding

Eric Emerson: "Winner of the match.... Chamelion."

Chamelion quickly rolls out of the ring and walks backwards up the ramp. In the ring, Reaper sits up, then stands and faces the ramp. He looks at Chamelion who is grinning broadly and slapping his hand as if saying, one two three. Reaper points to himself then Chamelion before pointing to the Retribution banner. Before Chamelion walks through the curtains, Reaper does the sign for the Rack of Souls.

Rentfro: "As if Chamelion is scared."

McDaniel: "He had better be, Reaper is upset, look at the way he is staring at the retreating back of Chamelion."

Rentfro: "I think he is saying Retribution, Reaper vs Chamelion.. part three."

McDaniel: "Is he? Would that be wise after the stunt he pulled with Phoenix earlier?"

Rentfro: "As I said before, Reaper may be biting off more then he can chew!! Chamelion just showed him up, and he wants another shot!"

McDaniel: "Phoenix may have something to say about that!!!  But we won't find that out right away, so let's move on!"

Once again we find ourselves backstage with Toshi Yang.

Toshi: Ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to share this interview time with one of your favorite PWA Superstars!

The camera widens to reveal Circa, and the arena roars it's approval. Circa smiles warmly.

Circa: Thank you, Toshi!!  It's good to be back! I needed a few weeks off, even though I was on a roll, for my own personal reasons, but now I'm back and ready to kick butt!

Toshi: Any plans with your return?

Circa: Hell yeah! Retribution is in one week, and I've been to President Sommers office, and I've asked to be put into a match, any match, for any reason, to show that I'm serious about regaining my PWA TV title or even moving up to something more prestigious.  Say, the IC title perhaps!?

Toshi: Bold words, Circa, but I am sure the PWA fans are all behind you!

Circa: Great! And I bet the boys backstage are just as delighted! 

Circa waves to the camera and the fans roar before we cut back to ringside.

Project X vs. The Kumquat Kid

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

The house lights drop and are taken over by the illumination of red strobe lights that dance about the PWA ramp. "Hysteria" by Muse hits the PA system as a bright white light blasts out from the back, against this light the outline of Project X can be made as he jogs on the spot, preparing himself for the task ahead.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 352lbs., he is PROJECT X!!!!!

When the music reaches it's peak, he bursts forth in a rush of energy and launches his chokeslamming arm up into the air as a jet of pyro launches up behind him. He then makes his way to the ring with a purposeful walk.

McDaniel: I always get shivers up my spine whenever this man is around.

Rentfro: You'd be stupid not to, and speaking of stupid...

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

On the video screen, a floating kumquat is seen on a lime green backdrop. Suddenly the eyes and the mouth of one Ryan Lewis emerges as he yells in a shrill voice, mouth wide open.


Orange pyros explode as "Look At Me, I'm A Winner" by The Aquabats blares, as Ryan emerges from the back. Instead of bouncing around, hyper as ever, Ryan stumbles out, shielding his eyes from the light, hiccuping a bit.

Eric Emerson: From Dade City, FL, weighing in at 200lbs., he is THE KUMQUAT KID, RYAN LEWIS!!!

Ryan goes to high five a fan, but misses totally and falls flat on his face. He laughs while on the ground, then crawls to the ring.

Rentfro: I know this is an understatement, but what the hell is wrong with KK?

McDaniel: I hate to say this, but our Kumquatian friends seems a little, well, intoxicated?

Ryan rolls into the ring and leans up against the corner, poking the turnbuckles, then laughing.

Rentfro: How could he be drunk? He's never had alcohol a day in his life!

McDaniel: I have no idea, but its obvious he's in no shape to compete here tonight.

The ref goes to check on Ryan, who simply nods, and even hugs the ref, the crowd laughing. As this is happening Deacon Frost slides into the ring, nailing Project X from behind.

Rentfro: And the big men are going at it!

McDaniel: Ryan needs to get out of there.

Deacon and X are exchanging big rights and lefts, as Ryan just stares, jaw dropped. He then scratches his head and turns to leave, running right into a clothesline.

McDaniel: BRANDON NOVA!! Nova is attacking Ryan, but why?

Rentfro: Easy prey I'd say.

Nova stomps away at Ryan, kneeling down to choke him.


McDaniel: You don't think?

Rentfro: HA HA! YES! Back in the HiC Kumquat teased Nova about his drinking problems. So what does Nova do? He spikes kumquat juice and being an idiot, Lewis downs it all, getting drunk off his ass! This is beautiful!

McDaniel: Aw, come on, there's no need to go to that extreme.

As X and Deacon battle into the crowd, the ref and officials come down to pull Nova off to Ryan, who is coughing and trying to catch his breath. Nova takes in the boos from the crowd, as Ryan is helped to his feet. The cameras cut to the back, where Corey Lazarus stands before a section of guardrail leaned up against a wall. He's looking down at the floor, one hand on his chin and the other resting atop the PWA World title around is waist. Corey clears his throat, and then looks up at the camera, pushing his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's up over his head.

Lazarus: A lot of people have been saying all week, ever since Mark McNasty won the five-man gauntlet last week, that my reign as the PWA World champion would be brief. That the man who pinned me back in March, at Genesis 8, in what was meant to be my big return to this sport, was going to have my number again. And then, upon learning that he would be teaming up with the one man who has pinned me - CLEAN - in the middle of the ring, Matthew Engel, against the team of myself and the PWA Intercontinental champion, a man I've been at odds with since the day I met him, Nightmare, every single detractor I've ever, EVER had came back out of the woodwork.

He rubs the back of his neck, shrugging as he rolls his eyes.

Lazarus: And you know what?

Corey slides his hand to rest on the World title with his other, shrugging his shoulders.

Lazarus: F{bleep}k 'em. Mark, I saw what you said late last night. About how it's finally your time to shine in the PWA, about how you've pinned me once and can do it again. After rambling on and on, trying to act as serious as you possibly could, about Nightmare and how you came thisclose to pinning him...

Corey brings his hand back up, pinching his index finger and his thumb within a centimeter of one another, squinting his eyes for emphasis.

Lazarus: ...and walked away a winner even in defeat, you spoke to me. You inferred that I would do little more in the verbal promotion that we'll be doing over the course of the next seven days than bring up how I've been the perennial underdog my entire career, about how I'd talk on and on about being your physical and mental superior. And you're probably right: it's not what you say that really matters, but how you say it. And even more important than that, Mark, it's how you back those words up. I've been involved in some of the most hardcore battles the wrestling world has ever seen, walking away with the all-important W in the bulk of them. I've squared off against men whose in-ring dominance is legendary...and I've walked away the victor.

Corey lifts his arms up to his sides, his hands open. He gives himself a quick look over, and then looks back at the camera, his devilish grin appearing in an instant.

Lazarus: I've been beaten, bruised, bloodied, and broken countless times, and every time I've come within inches of the World title, be it in the PWA, the LWF, or HiC, I've had that opportunity - that DESTINY - ripped away from me by those overcome with pure jealousy. You seem to be like one of those people, Mark. Not to the degree that Matt is, but hey, I digress.

Corey crosses his arms over his chest, and then nods.

Lazarus: So tonight, Mark, I see what you're made of. You once held the winningest record in this era of the PWA, until Riona stormed through all competition, and now you've been granted a chance. Tonight, Mark, you get the chance to find a chink in the armor of the Hollywood Kid. You get to study the more-focused version of the L-A-Z, the one who would rather get the roll-up win than just rub your face in the dirt, all first-hand. I hope you take notes, or at least have Alex do it for you, because you'll need every little bit of knowledge you can possibly gain about me to even come close to winning at Retribution. But hey, that's life. Deal with it. Rock n' roll, Mark.

Corey steps up close to the camera, his eyes filling the screen. He whispers...

Lazarus: Rock n' f{bleep}king roll.

...and then steps away. Within a few moments, Corey pops back onto screen, a smile on his face.

Lazarus: Oh, and by the way? It's not the Main Attraction that people call me. It's the "PREMIERE Attraction." That's strike one. See you in a few minutes, kiddo.

Corey leaves the screen again, and the camera follows a line around the corner to find Alex Wilkie walking towards the ring. A water bottle in hand... he stops for a second and takes a sip, swallows, then looks over to his left.

Alex: “Well...Hello there Fire...”

Fire, a sly grin across her face, is shown as the camera pans over.

Fire: “Hey...”

There is silence for a moment... then Alex just smirks.

Alex: “So... is it kind of Ironic... that I'm saving your ass tonight? After your kicked mine? I mean... You could have been thrown to the dogs that is Psycho Sandra, if it were not for me.”

Fire just chuckles.

Fire: “You haven't beaten her yet...”

Alex: Oh, but its only a matter of time... I've made a promise to myself... I realize that Psycho Sandra has been gunning for you these past few weeks... and I also realize that you might act on the urge to get revenge on her...”

He grins and shakes his head.

Alex: “Well, if you decide to stick your nose into our match... then you'll regret it...I'm taking out Psycho Sandra just like I did before... and I'll be doing it without your help... or Chamelion's help...”

Fire just smiles even more so, and Alex shakes his head.

Alex: I wouldn't even bother thinking about it...

He turns and walks away... Fire watches him leave, the smirk still there, and the camera pans wider to see Chamelion step into view.

Chamelion: He don't know us very well, do he!?

Fire and Chamelion laugh as we pan back to ringside.

Non-Title Match
Fire © vs. .Dahlia

McDaniel: Well, our next match was scheduled to be a non title contest between the current Television Champion, and .Dahlia of the Razordolls.  However, earlier this week for reasons still unknown, Raizzor suspended and subsequently stripped the Razordolls of the Tag Team titles.  

Rentfro: I really do want to know what Raizzor had in mind when he did that!   

McDaniel: I do too, but the bottom line is now Fire gets a free week off, heading into the PPV and she will just have to wait and see who she is going to contend against.  

Rentfro: I like it, for Fire’s sake, but no chick fight?  That really sucks!  

McDaniel: We could always put you into the ring against Fire, then you could get bitch slapped around and we’d have our chick fight!  

Rentfro: Dude! Can I???  

McDaniel: *sighs*  Let’s just move on! It’s time to see who will face Fire at Retribution!!  

Rentfro: ooooh, Wilkie vs. Sandra…. Yeah, that’s a chick fight right there!!  

McDaniel: You’ll never grow up, will you!?  

Rentfro: Not if I can help it!

Alex Wilkie vs. Psycho Sandra

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen... this match is Scheduled for one fall and will determine the number one contender for the PWA Television Championship!!! Making her way to the ring first... from Washington DC , weighing in at 125lbs... PSYCHO SANDRA!

Sandra walks down the ring, usually wearing black leather shorts, boots, and a halter top with torn fishnet leggings and a black vinyl coat. If it's a hardcore match, she'll carry whatever foreign object is available; weather it be the oar of a boat, a guitar, or a steel chair.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent...

The crowd goes silent for a moment... around the arena everyone is buzzing... then over the speakers comes the voice of Zack De La Rocha from Rage against the Machine (lead singer)...

Zack: Mic check!...1... 1...2...Come wit it now!!!

Bulls on parade explodes onto the speaker, with Tom Morrello wailing on his guitar!

Zack: COME WIT IT NOW!! Bulls on parade!

The Song jumps to Tom Morrello's Scatch solo where he plays his Guitar like a DJ Scratch board... for a moment, the song stops... then Zack comes back on!


The microphone explodes, shattering the molds
Either drop tha hits like de la O or get tha fuck off tha commode
Wit tha sure shot, sure ta make tha bodies drop
Drop an don't copy yo, don't call this a co-op

The song bursts into full Chorus, Zack laying down some mad anti-political/War rhymes

Terror rains drenchin', quenchin' tha thirst of tha power dons
That five sided fist-a-gon
Tha rotten sore on tha face of mother earth gets bigger
Tha triggers cold empty ya purse

Then from behind the Curtain comes Alex Wilkie, decked out in a red leather vest. With A+ plus written across the back, he pulls off his Shades and tosses them out into the crowd as he walks down the ramp. For a moment, he stops in the middle,

Eric Emerson: Ladies And gentlemen, hailing from Seattle Washington ... Weighing in at 250lbs... He is...GRADE A..ALEX! WIIIIIIILKIEEEEEEE!!!!

he turns his back around and lets the vest fall down to the ground, he brings his Arms up and flexes them, White pyro explodes from the stage, Alex turns back around, then rolls under the bottom rope, he hops up, and just grins to his opponent he turns around and hops up to the nearest turnbuckle, he brings his hands up in the Devil horn salute, then hops down, doing a quick neck stretch as his music fades away.


Alex starts of quick, he grabs Sandra into a side headlock, Sandra pushes him off though, and he runs back quickly and trips her up with a quick Russian leg sweep!

Rentfro: Alex gets on the offensive rather quickly here!

McDaniel: You'd have to imagine he'd be pretty pissed about what has happened to him this week.

Alex quickly locks in an Arm bar, but Sandra wiggles out of it, Alex gets up to his feet before she does and begins to stomp on here, the ref pushes him back and tells him “No!” but Alex just shrugs and continues to boot stomp Sandra into the corner.

Rentfro: Alex is just not going to give up tonight!

McDaniel: He may only be wrestling for a shot at the TV title, but he sure is giving it to Sandra... platonically of course.

Rentfro: Yuck.

Alex picks Sandra up and props her up into the corner. Sandra grabs him though and flips Alex into the corner. She holds him there and then goes for a hard SLAP across his chest!! The crowd Ooo's as Alex holds his chest in a stinging pain. Sandra goes for another smack, but Alex grabs her arm and kicks her once in the gut, he then climbs up to the top rope, then tight rope walks across it to the middle and jumps off bringing his arm down in a hard “Old school” maneuver!

McDaniel: Alex Wilkie takes Sandra down again with the Old School!!

Rentfro: That’s like Alex, always on the offensive, no matter what position!

Alex grabs Sandra's arm and wrenches it around his leg and begins to twist it and turn it in sort of a modified arm bar! Sandra grunts as Alex pulls hard on her shoulder and arm, almost about to pull it from her socket! Sandra twists around and tries to reverse it, but Alex keeps the hold strong!

Rentfro: Sandra is going to either have a dislocated shoulder, or she is going to have to tap!

McDaniel: She may have gotten faster, but it certainly doesn't help when your opponent has got you on the ropes.

Sandra then twists around again this time her arm moves just swiftly enough to grab Alex by his No-No bits!! Alex's eyes go wide and Sandra grips and twists!! Alex yelps out in pain and let’s go of the submission rather quickly!

Rentfro: Well, you can always do that!

McDaniel: How did the ref not see that!!

Sandra lets go before the ref sees and Alex falls over writhing in pain! Sandra leaps up to her feet and drops her knew right down to Alex's throat, she holds it there for a few moments while the ref makes the five count, she pulls away at four and picks Alex up, she pulls him into a hard DDT and keeps the head lock tight. Alex pulls away enough though to get his foot on the ropes.

McDaniel: Well now she’ll have to break the hold and give Alex some breather room.

Rentfro: I'm sure Alex is going to need a lot more than breathing room after that and grab.

Sandra backs up as the ref tells her to break the hold. Alex gets up to his feet, he shakes his head a bit as he cradles his man bits, Sandra just laughs at him, with her Distracted however, Alex tries to blind side her with a hard Super Kick! But just in time- she pulls the ref in the way and Alex kicks him right in the jaw!!

Rentfro: Ooo! And the ref is out like a light!

McDaniel: We gotta get another ref down here.

Alex looks down at what he has down and looks over to Sandra, she was already on her with a hard clothesline, but Alex dodges quickly out of the way and pulls Sandra into a hard bulldog!! He gets up quickly and kicks her over onto her back, he runs for the ropes and leaps of the middle rope- he tries for an A+ssault, but Sandra brings her knees up and stops Alex dead in his tracks!! a huge thud is heard as Alex's chest bounces off the hard knees of Psycho Sandra!

McDaniel: Sounds like Alex might have a broken rib after that!

Rentfro: No Doubt he is gonna be hurtin!

Alex rolls over on his back as he holds his chest, his lungs try to fill back up with Air as he almost turns blue. Psycho Sandra gets up, she rubs her knees a bit and just laughs, he runs for the ropes as the well, and tries to mock Alex's A+ssault! But Alex rolls out of the way quickly and, like a cat, Sandra lands on her feet and brings her self back up.

Rentfro: Whoa! MEOW!!

McDaniel: Quit with the cat calls- No! Down Boy!!

Alex brings himself up he coughs a bit and just as he brings himself back up to his feet, Sandra comes at him and takes him right back down with a hard Scissor kick!! She goes for the pin and the ref only just crawls over slowly... for a slow pin.




Alex kicks out just barely and Sandra pulls him up to his full height, she slaps him around playfully, then backs up a bit, she looks down and the ref is just on the ground still, not even in the match anymore... She then shrugs to the crowd, winds up and kicks Alex right in the groin!!

The crowd OOO's as Alex keels over, the leather boot driven straight to the fruit of his loom. Sandra pulls Alex up into what looked like her lobotomy piledriver, but before she could lift Alex up, Alex quickly shifts his weight, with a heavy grunt, and pulls Sandra into a hard back body drop! He quickly goes for a pin!



Kick out! Sandra kicks out and Alex holds his head in frustration and holds his manhood in pain. he gets up to his feet, only to turn around into what could've been a clothesline to send him over the ropes, But Alex just side steps and flips Sandra over the rope herself! She lands on the apron, but manages to keep the upper hand as she grabs Alex by the back of the head and pulls him into a hard guillotine!

Rentfro: Sandra almost took his head off!

Alex holds his throat as he felt like his wind pipe has collapsed. Sandra rolls under the bottom rope and goes for a quick pin, but Alex grabs her before the ref can even start his count and rolls her up into a small package!!



Kick out!!

Alex rolls away and slams his fist down on the mat in anger, he looks at Sandra and shakes his head, he stands up to his full height and grabs her by her hair!

McDaniel: Come on Alex! Not like this! Play fair!

He slaps Sandra across the face and then lifts her up into the hair in a Suplex form, he keeps her there for a moment and then brings her right down in a hard Jackhammer!! He goes for the pin!




Sandra just barely gets her shoulder up and Alex obviously even more filled with frustration, turns to the ref and tells him to count a little quicker next time!! he hooks her leg again!



This time Sandra gets her arm up with a little more force and Alex shakes his head to the ref again, basically taking him back to kindergarten, telling him how to count to three. Sandra- with Alex's back turned, grabs his tights and pulls him down into a schoolboy!! Alex however, rolls up again into a small package! Sandra kicks out and rolls out of the ring, Alex gets up quickly to his feet! He charges at Sandra on the apron, but she grabs him by the head and delivers a hard headbutt!

Rentfro: Haha! That’s using your HEAD Sandra!

McDaniel: Shut up...

Sandra stands on the apron of the ring, as she sets Alex up for a sun set flip! But as soon as she hops up to the top rope, from behind the curtain comes Fire!! She races down as fast as possible, but Sandra hops down to the mat.

McDaniel: I think maybe fire wanted to catch her off guard.

Rentfro: Naahhh Ya think?!

Fire begins to exchange some harsh words with Sandra, but Sandra steps out of the ring and Fire backs up a little, as she has her back against Alex, he moves up quickly and wraps her up into a tight Sleeper hold!!

Rentfro: Alex is up again!

McDaniel: And Ready to take Sandra down again!!

Fire just laughs as Alex applies the lock even tighter, Chamelion runs down to the ring and Fire turns only to chuckle, knowing he was there to help take out Sandra. Alex lets go of the lock, and almost tosses Sandra into Chamelion, he then moves forward behind Sandra to take him down. Chamelion, However, with a bit of grace, twists out of Sandra's path and connects to Wilkie's chin with a hard sweet sound of success! The ref then turns around from telling Fire to leave, just to see Chamelion slip out of the ring and Alex on the ground... Sandra crawls over and hooks his leg...





Rentfro: And with the help of Chamelion...Sandra takes the match!!

McDaniel: No Way ! Was Chamelion really going to help Sandra? Or was he just off on his aim a little?

Fire then rolls under the bottom rope and begins to Stomp on Sandra. Fire, filled with rage, picks Sandra up and sets her up for her “Scorching Soles” (Superkick), Chamelion just rolls under the ropes as he moves towards Fire. Almost in slow motion, out of no where,  Alex Wilkie takes Chamelion out with a hard stunner!!

Rentfro: Whoa! Alex just snaps up from comatose and just takes out his ex-boss!!

McDaniel: Well now he can do that, without worrying about getting fired!

Fire was just about to connect with Sandra until she sees Chamelion on the mat, with Alex lurking over him... He looks over at Fire, his normal smug grin gone... He looks over at Sandra who was just against the rope posts.

Rentfro: I don't think Alex is very happy right now.

McDaniel: I want to leave the arena, he might have a deadly weapon- and I'm sure at this point- he's not afraid to use it.

He shakes his head at fire and kicks Chamelion's body over to her, he leaves out of the ring in the opposite direction of the stage and walks up through the fans to the exit. Fire picks Chamelion up who was just shaking out of the stunner.

Rentfro: Where is Wilkie going?

McDaniel: Better yet, how will this affect his career, when he can't even get a shot in a TV title match!

Fire walks up the ramp with Chamelion leaning off her shoulder, she looks to Sandra who just makes the “Belt around her waist” motion. She Laughs Maniacally, Sandra runs down towards the commentators and grabs the microphone! There's a strange look on her face as she grins and whips the mic around her hand once, before bringing it to her mouth..

"Fire, .. I got three words for you."

There's a pause, as Sandra turns towards the audience.

"Everyone join in with me, now?"

Another pause, before Sandra leans over and shouts into the microphone.


The crowd starts to chant with her, and Sandra raises both hands towards the sky before running back up the runway, shouting "wreck yo' shit' towards the crowd.

Rentfro: Creepy.

McDaniel: Another good question, what's in store for Fire at Retribution?!


Corey Lazarus & Nightmare vs. Mark McNasty & Matthew 'Virus' Engel


The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now... standing at six feet nine inches and weighting in at two hundred and eighty pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

~Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah~
~Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head~
~Step right up and feel the fire~
~Hardcore love of the never dead~

Eric Emerson: He hails from Los Angeles, California... he is Jonathon Wehali... he is...

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights from Nightmare's previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.

~Call me the American nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Eric Emerson: NIGHTMARE!!!

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face. His Intercontinental Title draped over his right shoulder.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans. Trailing behind Nightmare are his manager Akira and his bodyguard Dhamballa.

~Black boots stomp and penetrate, yeah~
~Lust and death gone in your head~
~Rat pack mind degenerated~
~Thirteen ghosts sing the body red~

Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with the fans before turning to once again view the ring.

~Call me the dark intruder~
~Call me the haunted sea~
~Call me your Monster Zero~
~Call me anything you need~

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.

~Call me the American Nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red pyros as the song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare gives his title to the referee and then takes his place in his corner to await the beginning of the match as Akira and Dhamballa take their stations outside the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his partner...

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown rolls on the ADCtron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit. Clean guitars and bass softly creep from the PA system, beginning Metallica's cover of Ennio Morricone's classic "The Ecstasy of Gold." The song plays softly for 49 seconds, Kirk Hammett's melodic lead blaring over the soft parts, and then stops, bringing forth a deafening silence.

A single shot white pyro shoots from all over the entrance stage, bring to life a single spotlight on the entrance curtain, cuing the eleven hits of the snare, and bringing the heavy part of the song to life.

Eric Emerson: ...the PWA World Heavyweight Champion....

Corey Lazarus emerges from the entrance curtain, his eyes hidden behind his trademark pair of silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, his fingers pointing up to the ADC-Tron above him. Clips of his various achievements throughout his career scroll, including his Superkicking of Jimmy Ultros off of the ring apron into a C2 charge-filled dumpster from Rumble in the Bronx '01, nailing a somersault dropkick to a chair placed in front of Silverback's head from a Rampage in the summer of '01, and dropping Tommy Riley on his head with the Mercury Driver from Genesis 6 to claim the Tempest title for the second time.

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds...

Lazarus jogs in place at the end of the stage, shaking out his limbs, and then begins walking solemnly down the ramp. He points out to the crowd, nodding at the various signs for him scattered about, and then turns around, focusing his attention to more images of his glory on ADCtron: dropping Phoenix on his head with the Mercury Driver to win the 2008 Who's The Man tournament; kicking out after being drilled with Raizzor's Tombstone Shoulder breaker at Revolutions Per Minute; rolling out of the way of Sean Moro's Near Death Experience and kipping up to his feet, lifting Moro up and dropping him head-first to the mat with the Mercury Driver to capture the DRWF Eternal title.

Eric Emerson: And stands at six feet one inch...

Corey turns around to face the ring as he reaches the bottom of the ramp, and then pulls himself up onto the apron, placing one foot in the ring between the top and middle ropes, using one hand to hold the top rope for balance and the other to cover his eyes as he scans the crowd again.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood , California ...

Lazarus steps into the ring and then walks to the middle of the ring, his hands on his hips and his trademark devilish smirk on his face. The guitars ring out as Corey drops to a knee, his head bowed and a single fist placed on the mat, his other hand resting on his knee.

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...

The snare drum comes back in, keeping a faster pace, and then the guitars and bass return as well, playing a more high tempo variation of the main theme at 1:52 mark. Corey leaps to his feet, his arms spread out to his side after he rips his Ray Ban's off, turning his body around to all sides of the arena as flashbulbs go off everywhere.

Eric Emerson:

The last image on the ADCtron before "The Ecstasy of Gold" fades into silence, the house lights returning, is that of Corey Lazarus being held up on the shoulders of Jesse White and Malcolm West, the PWA World title held up high above his bloodied head while Cliff Young, Tina Young, Hiro Takawa, Andrew Crow, and Emma O'Reilly look on behind him, applauding.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents! Introducing first, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

A rain of cheers and boos comes down as everyone knows who's about to come out. The lights go out, and dark green pyros shoot off into the air. We can hear over the PA system a different crowd at a different time. There is cheering and chanting, like a cult. Suddenly, a voice comes over.

A light... in the black...

or just a fear... of the dark.

A live version of "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden plays over the PA system as more dark green and now teal pyros shoot off. There is chanting from the real crowd and the crowd playing over the sound system, because despite who comes out, there is a huge fanbase of Iron Maiden in the crowd. 

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet even...

I am the man who walks alone

When I'm walking down a dark road

At night or strolling through the park

Matthew "Virus" Engel appears from backstage. Graham Cain and Dead End are behind him, dressed in their usual black tailored suits. They have the matching sunglasses, and the evil intentions to go with. Matthew is dressed in a darker colored tuxedo, however. It's almost black, with a hint of turqoise. It's hard to explain, but you get the picture. They make their way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...and weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds...

Have you ever run your fingers down the wall

And have you felt your neck skin crawl

When you're searching for the light?

Matthew, Cain, and Dead End make it to the ring. Nightmare and Corey are in their respective corners, looking on. Cain and Dead End remain outside the ring as Matthew steps in. He proceeds to take off his jacket and dress shirt.

Eric Emerson: He is the leader of the Masters of Armageddon... he is "THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

I have a constant fear that something's always near

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

I have a phobia that someone's always there

A louder pop from the crowd, but mixed with boos and cheers. Matt removes his restricting apparrel and is left with a wife-beater shirt, dress pants, and wrestling boots. It's always been that way, he's just representing a darker color, and a darker side. An unforgivable side. The music dies down and Matthew waits in his corner for his partner.

Eric Emerson: And his partner, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia...

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Weighting in at two hundred and fifty-five pounds, and standing at six feet three inches...

Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back.

Eric Emerson: ... he is "The Main Event" and number one contender to the World Title...

After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience.

Eric Emerson: MARK MCNASTY!

He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then smiles and points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. He slaps hands all the way to the ring where he rolls in. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark makes his way to his corner as the music fades.


McDaniel: These men have been doing a lot of talking this week, and I can't wait to see them back it up!

Rentfro: Nightmare decides to start for his team, who's going to start for Virus and McNasty?

Mark and Matthew do the classic rock, paper, scissors in the corner. They start the first round, but Virus makes his hand into a gun and we can hear him faintly say "Gun beats everything." Mark gets a laugh out of it, and slips in through the ropes onto the apron. Virus bows his head for a moment, maybe saying a prayer.

McDaniel: I wonder what god he prays to.

Rentfro: Darren Ridel, I would imagine.

McDaniel: Well he better hurry up because Nightmare's on his way!

Nightmare comes in madly and tries to hit Matt with a double axe handle, but Matt dodges at the last minute. Matt moves to Nightmare's side and hits him with a sharp kick, following it up with a roundhouse. It doesn't take Nightmare down, but Matt hops up to the top turnbuckle and comes down with a missile dropkick, taking the big man off his feet.

Rentfro: Some good early offense from Virus here. If he hadn't dodged that attack from Nightmare, he would've been worm food!

McDaniel: Right you are, Brian. Virus gets the Intercontinental Champion up to his feet and delivers a few hard punches and sends him into the ropes.


McDaniel: He lifted Virus off the ground with that one!

Nightmare gets Matt to his feet and unchambers lefts and rights. He knocks Matt into one of the empty corners and goes to work on him. He slams his shoulder into Matt's body continually, and follows that up with a few chops to the chest.

Crowd: WOOOO!

Nightmare hits Matt with another chop, but immediately follows up with a devastating right hook. The crowd has little time to react.

Crowd: WOOOO!

Nightmare gets Virus into a front facelock and implants him into the mat with a big time DDT. He covers.



Broken up by McNasty.

Rentfro: McNasty with the save there!

McDaniel: I don't think Virus would have needed it.

Rentfro: So now you're cheering for Matt?

McDaniel: I'm not cheering for him, I just know what he's capable of. A big-time piledriver from the Intercontinental Champion!

Rentfro: He's not letting Virus have any breathing room!

Nightmare goes for another pin.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Both McNasty and Corey are in the ring!

Rentfro: They exchange lefts and rights, but Mark gets the advantage and clotheslines Corey to the mat!

McDaniel: The referee finally does his job and separates the two. They go back to their respective corners.

Nightmare is a little flustered, and gets Virus up to his feet. He uses one arm to shove Matt back into the corner. Nightmare comes in with a corner splash, but Virus does a little tuck and roll to get out of the corner and avoid almost three hundred pounds crashing down on him. He rolls just far enough to tag McNasty's outreached hand.

Rentfro: And now the real Main Event starts!

McDaniel: Oh God...

Rentfro: Mark gets a few shots in on Nightmare and then takes him down with a reverse DDT!

McDaniel: It looks like he's sending a message to Lazarus over there.

Rentfro: And the World Champion doesn't like it!

Nightmare is up to his feet as Mark hits him with a right hook, and then a quick left jab. Nightmare staggers back and Mark hits a huge spear on him! He tries for a cover.



Kick out!

Rentfro: Corey got in there to try to break it up, but Nightmare kicked out.

McDaniel: And here comes Virus!

Matt flies across the ring and connects with a flying heel kick to Corey's jaw. Corey falls back into his corner. The referee immediately gets in front of Virus, telling him to go back to his corner. Matt has a sinister smile.

McDaniel: He's just sickening.

Rentfro: He's telling Corey just how lucky he's getting!

McDaniel: The former Intercontinental Champion gets ahold of the current champion and sends him into the turnbuckle where Lazarus is!

Rentfro: He's calling Corey out!

McDaniel: Corey wastes no time and slaps Nightmare on the back. The ref calls for the clean tag and now Corey and Mark are face to face!

Rentfro: They're inches from each other, and they're both talking trash!

McDaniel: Corey delivers the first punch, but Mark comes back with a hook of his own! They're going back and forth! This is a street fight!

Rentfro: Believe you me, these men want violence more than wrestling!

Mark comes back with another punch, but Corey blocks it and counters with a quick knee to Mark's side. He follows it up with more strikes to Mark's body and face and then lifts Mark up in suplex fashion and brings him down with a brainbuster! He covers...



Broken up by Matthew Engel.

Rentfro: And Matt returns the save!

McDaniel: Hmm...

Rentfro: And my colleague is speechless.

McDaniel: I didn't expect Matt to help Mark out.

Rentfro: Well, he does want to win. Corey gets Mark to his feet and sends him into the ropes. He takes Mark down with a quick twisting elbow to his face. Corey goes into the ropes and springboards off the middle one, coming down with a moonsault! He covers again.



Kick out!

Nightmare and Virus both get into the ring right as Mark kicks out. Nightmare tries to clothesline Virus, but Virus ducks and slams his fist into Nightmare's lower back. He does it again, and again, and then hits a running bulldog on Nightmare! Virus climbs the ropes and tries to hit a move on Nightmare, but the referee stands in the way, yelling at Virus to go to his corner.

Rentfro: That referee is being too strict in my opinion.

McDaniel: He doesn't want chaos the whole match, Brian!

Rentfro: Virus hops off the turnbuckle and heads back to the corner. Boy, for a Master, he sure abides by the rules.

McDaniel: I think this version with Matthew leading the way is more about winning matches and titles than disobeying the rules and torturing people.

Rentfro: See you are a fan! You're a closet Engel fan.

McDaniel: Oh shut up.

Matt returns to his corner and Mark and Corey go at it again. They both hit lefts and rights, but Corey blocks another punch from McNasty and quickly pops him in the throat. Mark staggers back a bit, and Corey dives to his side. Corey swings around and shoots his left leg at the back of McNasty's head with The End Credits! McNasty falls straight to the mat, but Corey looks confused as he lands on his feet. Corey begins to drop for a cover, when McNasty reaches up and rolls him into a small package!



3 -- NO! KICK OUT!

Rentfro: How the!!?

McDaniel: McNasty throws Corey off of him and gets to his feet! It's almost like the End Credits never affected him!

Matt is applauding in the corner, while Mark is simply pointing to his head. We can hear Mark say "You never hit me."

Rentfro: Cheeky bastard! Mark never got hit!

McDaniel: He's playing with Corey's mind, not a smart move.

Corey charges Mark, but it's all in vain as Mark side-steps and takes Corey down with a huge forearm smash to his back. Mark gets Corey back to his feet and tosses him into the corner. Mark lifts Corey onto the top turnbuckle. Corey tries to fight back, but Mark slams his fist into Corey's face. Mark wraps Corey up in a front facelock. And then, in one quick instant, he executes a perfect tornado DDT and plants Corey into the mat.


Rentfro: JESUS CHRIST! That's gotta be it for Corey!

Mark goes for the cover as Matt gets out of the ring immediately to deal with Nightmare.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Virus and Nightmare go at it in the ring, but Mark can't believe it! He can't believe he kicked out of that!

Rentfro: Mark forgets that he's dealing with the World Champion, Jon!

Mark gets Corey to his feet as Virus and Nightmare are duking it out. Nightmare gets the upperhand and drives a knee into Virus' stomach. Nightmare doubles Virus over, placing his head between his thighs and wrapping his arms around Virus' waist in a reverse rear waistlock. Wehali then lifts Virus up and onto his shoulder, the bottom of Virus' ribcage directly over Wehali's shoulder via Virus' back, and then drops to a seated position, driving Matt forward and onto the back of their head and neck.

McDaniel: REQUIEM FOR THE FALLEN! HOLY CRAP! Matt looks knocked out!

Rentfro: Too bad he's not the legal man, Jon! The referee is forcing Nightmare to go back to his corner.

McDaniel: Nightmare returns to his corner as McNasty sends Corey into the ropes. Corey ducks an attempted clothesline, and hits a full-nelson slam on McNasty from behind! Huge move!

Rentfro: Corey goes for the cover and Matt is still down!



Kick out!

Rentfro: Matt's lucky Mark was able to kick out of that!

McDaniel: Corey lays down some boots to Mark's chest and head. Ouch! He gets Mark to his feet and slams him into their turnbuckle. He does it again, and again!

Rentfro: The crowd is cheering their champion on!

Corey tags in Nightmare and they push Mark into the turnbuckle. Nightmare gets down on his hands and knees in the middle of the ring. He nods at Corey, who is anything but hesitant to figure out what he needs to do. Corey goes to the opposite corner and yells to the crowd. He starts running towards Nightmare. He reaches him, and steps onto his back, leaping off high into the air towards McNasty.

Rentfro: And Corey is DOWN!!! HOLY CRAP! Virus came out of no where and speared Corey from the side!!

McDaniel: That was a vicious spear Brian! And Matt's now alive!

Nightmare grabs Virus by his hair and slams his fist into Virus' face. He picks Virus up in a fireman's carry, and drops Virus down with a rib-breaker. Nightmare tosses Virus off to the side, and looks at McNasty. Nightmare tries for a charge, but McNasty comes out to meet him with dropkick to the knee. Nightmare falls to one knee and McNasty slams Nightmare's face into his knee. Nightmare falls to the mat.

Rentfro: Matt finally returns to his corner, and Corey finally returns to his. We seem to have order here.

McDaniel: How long it lasts is a different story.

Rentfro: Yes, Jon.

Nightmare gets up to his feet and is met by a few punches from McNasty. McNasty moves in closer for a move, but Nightmare reverses it with a jawbreaker on Mark. Mark staggers back, holding his face. Nightmare rolls back to his corner and tags the World Champion in. Corey goes through the ropes. He nails lefts and rights on Mark, and hits a perfect northern lights suplex on him. He bridges it.



Broken up by Matthew Engel.

Rentfro: And Corey slams the mat in frustration. Him and Virus share a look.

McDaniel: The hatred between those two men is almost unbearable, Brian. It's only a matter of time when they get to settle it once and for all in the main event on Pay-Per-View!

Rentfro: I don't think they care where it is, Jon, they just want it to happen.

Corey gets Mark to his feet, but Mark nails Corey with an elbow to his stomach. Mark comes at him again, and again, and then hip-tosses Corey down to the mat. Corey gets up, but he's immediately clotheslined back down to the mat. Corey gets up again and Mark tries for another clothesline, but Corey ducks and connects with a sleeperhold suplex on McNasty!

Rentfro: He tries for another cover!



Kick out!

Nightmare enters the ring to try and help put Mark away. Matt smiles, and simply hops off the apron.

McDaniel: What the hell is Matt doing?

Rentfro: You'll see!

Matt circles the ring, Cain and Dead End behind him. Akira and Dhamballa confront Matt, but Matt snaps his fingers and Dead End and Cain immediately go after Akira and Dhamballa. A big fight breaks out ringside that slightly distracts Nightmare, but Nightmare is taken off his feet and dragged out of the ring by Matthew Engel!

McDaniel: And Virus goes crazy on Nightmare with those punches! He isn't letting up!

Rentfro: He's showing Nightmare why he should be Intercontinental Champion, Jon!

McDaniel: And those men on the outside are tearing each other apart!

Rentfro: Inside the ring, however, Corey seems to have the upperhand on McNasty as throws him into the ropes.

McDaniel: McNasty comes back with a cross-body and takes Corey down!

Mark gets Corey up to his feet. Mark scoops Corey up so that his body is perpendicular to Mark's, with one of his arms holding Corey's head and the other holding Corey's legs, Corey's frontside to McNasty's frontside. He then backflips, holding tight onto Corey, and slams Corey back-first onto the mat, Mark's own bodyweight crushing down on top of him.

McDaniel: SAULT SLAM! SAULT SLAM! McNasty might have the World Champion beat!

Rentfro: And with all the action going on the outside, there's no one to help Corey out!

Mark covers.



3 -- NO! Corey put his foot on the rope!

McDaniel: WOW! What mat awareness! Corey barely got his foot on the rope in time, but he did it!

Rentfro: That was such a slow count!

McDaniel: Whatever, Brian. The referee has done a fantastic job so far.

Rentfro: You would think that, brown-nose.

Mark gets to his feet, and backs away from Corey a little bit. He's waiting for Corey to get up.

Rentfro: Yes! Get it done Mark!

McDaniel: Virus and Nightmare are still battling on the outside, neither one having an advantage! They're both destroying each other out there!

Rentfro: And Virus dropkicks Nightmare over the barricade! He follows suit, and now they're fighting in the crowd!

McDaniel: Nightmare suplexes Virus onto a few fans! Jesus CHRIST!

Mark is still waiting, the sweat dripping down his face. He's patient, and it might pay off. Corey sits up, and gets to a knee. That's the sign. Go.

McDaniel: And Mark takes off toward Corey for the LIGHTS OUT!



Corey falls over on top of Mark, and the referee counts.





Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match... COREY LAZARUS AND NIGHTMARE!!!

McDaniel: Finally Virus and Nightmare return to ringside, and they both hear the news.

Rentfro: Virus and Nightmare start going at it again! They're both bleeding all over, Jon! Somebody's got to stop this!

McDaniel: Nightmare's boys and the MoA guards are still going at it right in front of us, and it seems to be a stalemate here Brian.

Rentfro: Mark is back to reality now, and up to his feet. He sees Corey celebrating in the ring, and goes after him!

McDaniel: Corey is met by a fury of fists from McNasty, and now there's someone coming down to the ring.

Hiro Takawa, Corey's friend, comes down to the ring. Following him, Riona Langly has emerged from backstage to help out Corey and Nightmare. The MoA and McNasty seem to be out-numbered. Hiro hits the ring and hits a sharp kick on McNasty, peeling him off Corey. They both go to work on McNasty, who's just trying to defend himself. Riona swings a different way ringside and finds Cain and Dead End, ignoring Virus and Nightmare. She helps out Akira and Dhamballa on the outside, to give them the upperhand on the MoA.

McDaniel: This is madness! Who's going to stop this?!

Chamelion appears on the top of the stage, the crowd pops.

Rentfro: Maybe former President Chamelion will put an end to this, seeing as how Raizzor won't!

Chamelion runs down to the ring and slides in. He takes out Corey from the side and hits a DDT on Hiro Takawa. McNasty gets to his feet, and starts going to work on Corey again, as Chamelion battles it out with Hiro. Virus and Nightmare are still going at it. Virus grabs Nightmare by his head and slams him into the ringpost. He does it again, and again. He staggers Nightmare back with a couple of knee strikes and clotheslines Nightmare over the barricade!

McDaniel: Jesus Christ! Chamelion is in on the action! He has no intention of stopping this!

Rentfro: We're running out of time, Jon!

McDaniel: Fans, join us next week for PWA's Retribution! It's going to be gr--

Dhamballa powerbombs Dead End through the announcers table and we lose the sound to the commentators. Everyone is still fighting as we cut to static.

(C) PWA 2008