"Champions vs. Challengers" 
May 9nd, 2008
Live on from Lloyd Noble Center - Norman, Oklahoma

Pyres explode loudly to open another edition of Friday Night Rampage!  The crowd is riled up, as tonight's main event will set the stage for one hell of a PIP!  The camera pans down to ringside where Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro are seated to call the upcoming matches!

McDaniel: Welcome everyone to Friday Night Rampage!!!  We have four exciting matches tonight, culminating in a huge twelve person main event!

Rentfro: It's Champions vs. Challengers, and in such an environment, don't even try to guess who will come out on top!!! Let's get to our first match this evening!



Hank Serbia vs. The Grim Reaper vs. Duff Côte D'ivoire

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall… the person who is pinned in this match will not be moving onto high stakes to be in the contendership match for the grizzly beer title!”

"B.O.B." by Outkast hits the PA system as Hank Serbia walks down the ramp with a kendo stick in hand as he points the kendo around at the fans he then lifts it up shouting as ramp fireworks shoot up loudly blasting the arena silent.

Eric Emerson: On his way down to the ring area: from Rochester , New York he is 6'7 and 243 pounds , the Definition of Hardcore, Hank Serrrbia!

Serbia slaps hands of the fans and then points his kendo at the ring and rolls in to play the crowd as he awaits his opponent. 

Eric Emerson: And his opponent…

An old nylon-string guitar begins playing lonely notes over the loudspeakers and the sound echoes as if it's residing deep inside of a sewer. When the first drum beat hits, building the anticipation, a series of black lights illuminate the stage and vapor dances in its glow. After about forty five seconds, the classical guitar is interrupted by Randal Blythe's growling vocals.]

--Our father, thy will be done!--

[The classical guitar is replaced with distorted electric guitars tuned to drop D, playing the slow and droning "Vigil" by Lamb of God. The lights surrounding the curtain flicker in a constant strobe and Duff Côte d'Ivoire emerges from the back wearing long, black leather jacket. Beneath this, he wears a black tee shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots.]

--I have denied--
--This life its worth--
--I will not be the victim--

[He glances around to the crowd and the smirk turns into an arrogant, toothy grin.]

--Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out--
--This vigil burns--
--Until the date our fires overtake you--

Eric Emerson: On the way to the ring: from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs ., he is a member of the Masters of Armageddon, Duff Côte d'Ivoiiire!

[He walks to the ring in long strides. He surveys his surroundings again before rolling into the ring. A lone spotlight shines on him as he plays the crowd from the middle rope in the far corner for a few moments. They throw nothing a barrage of jeers at him as he laughs at their discontent.]


[Duff jumps down from his perch and waits impatiently for his opponent's entrance.]

Eric Emerson: And his opponent… Weighing in at 210 pounds , standing at six feet and 5 inches , from anywhere and everywhere, controlled by his manager Necro Mancer, The Grim Reaper."

The music begins playing, barely heard at first, then the chanting becomes louder and louder. The smokey fog flows in from everywhere, the backstage, under the ring, the ceiling, and with the lights barely lit, the smokey fog is impenetrable. The figure of a man stands at the top of the entrance ramp as bolts of lightning strike around the arena. The figure slowly walks down the ramp, behind the boney form of his manager, who is carrying a human skull. The Grim Reaper is hooded in the darkest black robe, his face is hidden by the hood and he is carrying a long handled sickle. The walk is slow and purposeful and seems to take forever; however upon reaching the ring, he climbs into the ring and stands in the center of the ring. Necro Mancer raises his hands and brings them down slowly; simultaneously, the lights brighten and the music stops. With deliberate slowness, Necro Mancer removes Reaper's robe and places it on the ring apron afterwards, he places the sickle on top of the clothing. Grim Reaper then turns to face the entrance ramp, thus, his opponent. Necro Mancer slides out of the ring and turns to face the Grim Reaper, ready to control him through the match.


The match starts off slowly, while Duff and Grim each go nose to nose with each other, Grim and Duff each begin to talk tough to each other and then they back off… then both of them lock hands then charge at Hank and brings him down with a hard double clothesline.

McDaniel: Looks like Grim and duff have decided to take down a common enemy…

Rentfro: Psht! They just want to get rid of the weakest link in this match up!

Duff picks Hank up by what hair he has, he then whips him into the ropes, as he comes back Grim knocks him down with a hard a huge big boot! Grim then drops down to the ground and hooks Hanks leg.



Kick out!

Hank pushes grim off and gets up to his feet rather quickly, Duff immediately rushes at him and lifts him up into a hard brain buster!

Rentfro: Hah! Duff is the man, did you see the power in that Brain Buster?

McDaniel: That I did, he’d make it hard for the Grim or Hank to get their hands on that contendership for the Grizzly beer title…

Outside the ring Necromancer shouts at Grim to break Hank of his will, and Reaper nods, he picks Serbia up into a tight headlock, then drops him down into a DDT!

Rentfro: Grim takes control back of Hank because the Necromancer told him so.

McDaniel: This necromancer guy could play a huge roll in the high stakes match if Grim goes onto challenge for the contendership.

Grim picks Hank up and pushes him over to Duff he catches him and picks him up into a hard spine buster! But as soon as Duff comes up from the ground, he turns around into a hard right hand from Grim!!

Rentfro: Ooh and the semi partnership of Duff and Grim has been broken!

McDaniel: Well maybe that’ll take some heat off of Hank for awhile…

Duff throws a shot back but the grim blocks it and quickly knees Duff in the gut! Duff hunches over and Grim goes to toss him out of the ring, but Duff grabs the ropes and only flips out onto the apron, he then spins around quickly and shoulder blocks Grim in the gut!

Rentfro: Ooh and Duff takes down Grim with a shoulder block of his own!

McDaniel: Although how long will that effect last?

Duff steps through the rope again and grabs Grim by his hood and shoves his head right into the top turnbuckle, he then whips him into the other side of the ring, Grim hits the rope with a hard thunk and Duff comes right after with a hard clotheslines- which causes Reaper to almost flip over the top rope!

Rentfro: Damn, Duff is just giving it to Grim!

McDaniel: D’Ivoire almost took off his head right there!

Grim comes out of the corner and catches Duff of guard! He picks him up into a hard choke slam and drops him down! He looks at him like it was nothing and turns to Serbia who was just about to get right to his feet.

Rentfro: Grim just sucker punches- or should I Say, sucker choke slams Duff!

McDaniel: Well, Necromancer probably put him up to that…

He picks up Hank and drops him down another Soul Squeezer, he drops down to his knees and hooks up Hank leg.





Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is your winner… Grim Reaper!!

Duff gets up to his feet and shakes his head a bit, he walks over to Grim… and turns him around, he eyes him down a bit then offers him his hand… The Necromancer shouts out “NO!” and Grim slaps his hand away… Duff then knocks him out with a hard right to the face!! Duff walks out of the ring as the Necromancer runs in to check on Grim as we cut to a commercial break.


We come back from commercial and go backstage. Toshi Yang is spotted trying to get a word with various PWA superstars, most of whom won't stop to even give her the time of day.

Toshi: I just can't understand these wrestlers sometimes. In their promos you're lucky to get them to shut up, but when you want to have a word with them they can't be bothered?

A familiar voice speaks from behind Toshi, and she jumps in alarm.

Nightmare: Is that so? That's a shame. The press should be given more respect. After all, you all provide a very necessary service in keeping us all informed.

Toshi glances to Nightmare skeptically, more than a little jaded and burned out tonight. Jonathon removes his shades and flashes a sincere smile to her. Tonight he is dressed professionally in a charcoal black pinstriped suit. Obviously he had an engagements previous to tonight's show. After all, no one dresses up for 'wrasslin'.

Toshi: Well, I was hoping to get a few words from the champions and challengers going into tonight's main event and the High Stakes pay-per-view. Mind giving us some insights, champ?

Jon chuckles and shakes his head.

Nightmare: Not at all. As you know, I beat one Hell of a wrestler in the form of one Mark McNasty to earn this belt. He's really set the standard as far as champions go here in PWA, and, so far, no one has beaten him for length of title reign.

Toshi: Word is Mark hates you for disrespecting him. What do you have to say to that?

Nightmare: Unless they're my friend I talk smack to all my opponents, regardless of who they are. It's part of the mindgames of this sport as well as hype for the matches. McNasty made it quite clear we weren't going to be friends when he mocked my family, especially the death of our son. I repaid him the best way I could, and that's by becoming the new PWA Intercontinental Champion. As long as he's not my opponent I have no problems with him, but if he wants to make some... well, I'm not a hard man to find.

And should he ever want a rematch, it's his to claim whenever and wherever. I'll be waiting.

Toshi: Tonight you'll be facing Mark McNasty, the former IC Champion, as well as the number one contender to your title, Enika Engel. What are your views on her?

Nightmare: Enika is a good friend and a damn fine athlete. Our match will be far from an easy one, for either of us. We'll both be wanting to walk out the champion, but only one of us will. I wish her the best, but I hope it's me that's wearing this belt by the end of the night.

He pats the championship belt on his left shoulder with a grin.

Nightmare: Besides, I think Enika has more important things on her mind now from what I heard.

Toshi's interest perks at this undisclosed news.

Toshi: Oh? What did you hear?

Jonathon shakes his head.

Nightmare: Sorry, Toshi, even if I were at liberty to say, I wouldn't. It's a private matter. She can address it if and when she deems it appropriate.

Toshi: Hmmm all right... I'll have to find her and ask myself. In the meantime, do you have anything you would like to say to your teammates or opponents for tonight?

Just then Lean Bean Miller walks up to them, whispering something to Jon. Jonathon raises an eyebrow in surprise then shakes his head to Toshi.

Nightmare: No, I've said all that needs to be said for now. Now if you'll excuse me, something just came up.

He hurries off down the hallway. Intrigued, Toshi follows. When Jonathon reaches his locker room, he swings wide his door and shouts.

Nightmare: What the Hell are you doing in here??

A familiar but unidentified voice comes from inside the locker room.

Voice: Ah, Jonathon, do come in. We have much to discuss, you and I.

Jon enters the room, the door closing before we can see who the mystery man is. The cameras then snap back to ringside.  


The Deadpool vs. The O'Connor Boys

Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

A loud guitar riff hits the PWA P.A system and begins to pick up speed, until the voice of Dropkick Murphys begin singing
"You say its because we're boisterous
You hate us 'cause we got our dignity "

Eric Emerson: At a total combined weight of 295 pounds , originally from Dublin, Ireland... now making their home in Boston, Massachusetts, and supposed former members of the IRA, they claim to be the only true Irish tag-team in the PWA.... The O'Connor Boys.

The identical twin brothers walk down to the ring. Behind them the Irish National Flag waves in a breeze on the PWA Big Screen. They stare at the ring and seem to be prepared for any kind of fight.

"We stand together so proud and strong
This is a place where we belong "
"We got loyal friends
We keep our heads held high,
We'll stick together you and I "

They arrive at the ring and roll under the bottom rope and calmly walk to their corner and await the match.

"But the blood that runs right down your wrist
Don't come from a knife, but the cuts on your fist "

Waiting on the entrance music of their opponents to hit the P.A system, the final words of the first verse finish and then the chorus plays:
Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam.
Never alone...
This is Boston it's our home.

Don't need no gang to watch my ass
Just loyal friendship and a pint of Bass
In the midst of the chaos and insanity
I'm a member of the working class society
We'll sweat in the ring and bleed in the streets
But our will and spirit can never be beat

You can shoot and you can kick but together we'll stick
Through thick and thin not stick or stone
Can break the bond that has here grown
Arm and Arm We Fight As One.

Never alone...
The city streets are where we roam."

Eric Emerson: And now their opponents...

The lights go dark in the arena as mist starts to float through the rampway area.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at a combined weight of 595 pounds , they are the combination of Deacon Frost and Bronx Williams...

All of a sudden you hear the soft sounds of a piano as the spotlight focuses on the entrance ramp. As soon as the thunderous guitar riff of Nine Inch Nails' "Just Like You Imagined" Pyres explodes throughout the arena and out walks The Deadpool: Deacon Frost & Bronx Williams.

Eric Emerson: THE DEADPOOL!!!

Both men pauses at the top of the entrance ramp, as per Japanese tradition, the steamers come flying over the two men. The two make their way down to the ring area. Frost makes his way up the ring steps and steps over the top rope. Frost goes and sits in the corner. Bronx slides under the bottom rope and hops on the nearest turnbuckle and spreads his arms in the crucifix sign. Bronx hops off the turnbuckle and steps outside the ropes and lets Deacon start the match.

Rentfro: Good lord, the Deadpool weighs twice what the O'Connor Boys do!

McDaniel: Intimidating, yes, but it could work against Bronx and Deacon. Remember, the Razordolls were able to use the size of Might and Magic against them to take the Tag Team Championship.

Referee Terri Spivey signals for the bell to begin the match, and Sean starts for his team. Sean O'Connor comes into the center of the ring fists flying. He drives a series of punches to Frost's midsection then ducks under a grasp by the monster to nail a rabbit punch to the big man. Sean O'Connor drives a knee to Deacon Frost's abdomen then spins around to hit a clothesline. Deacon doesn't even budge, shaking his head and glaring at O'Connor. Frost grabs Sean O'Connor by the throat and plants him into the canvas with a huge chokeslam.

Deacon Frost whips Sean O'Connor into the ropes, catching him and raising him into the air with a gorilla press. Before he can capitalize, however, Seamus hits the ring to clip Deacon's left knee out from under him. Sean drops to his feet, and bot O'Connor boys fire stereo missile dropkicks into the rising monster, sending him tumbling into the corner. Sean drives a running splash onto Frost as Referee Spivey forces Seamus to exit the ring.

Rentfro: Sean looked to be in serious trouble there until the O'Connor boys began using double-team tactics on the Monster.

McDaniel: That's the advantage of being a twin. No one can beat that kind of ring chemistry.

Sean O'Connor executes an inverted atomic drop on Deacon Frost then takes him off his feet with a springboard clothesline. Sean climbs the turnbuckles, looking for a high risk move on his fallen adversary. However, Bronx Williams shakes the ropes and causes O'Connor to tumble to the mat. As Sean hops to his feet he is met by a Yakuza kick from Deacon Frost. Frost pulls Sean O'Connor back to his feet, nailing a finger thrust to his throat before leveling him with a short-arm clothesline. Deacon maintains grip of Sean's arm and tosses him into the ropes, catching him across his back for a tilt-a-whirl.

Seamus comes off the top turnbuckle with a cross-body block at Deacon Frost, but Bronx Williams is ready this time as he fires a flipping dropkick into Seamus O'Connor's abdomen. Frost drops Sean O'Connor with a backbreaker then drags O'Connor to the corner where Deacon tags out to Bronx . Bronx Williams circles Sean O'Connor, measuring his opponent. As Sean pushes himself to his feet Williams shoots a buzzsaw kick at O'Connor's temple, taking him down hard. Bronx cover for the pin.



Rentfro: And Sean O'Connor kicks out just in time!

McDaniel: He's desperately in need of a tag right now.

Bronx Williams delivers a snap suplex to Sean O'Connor then rolls through for a snap brainbuster. He goes for the pin once more.



Seamus yanks Bronx off his brother and pulls him to the floor where he drives Williams' head into the ring steps. Deacon Frost drops off the apron and goes to chase off Seamus. Sean, meanwhile, has a chance to recover and tags in his brother. When Bronx Williams slides back into the ring, Seamus is there to greet him with several kicks to the back and head before dropping an elbow into him. Seamus O'Connor applies a side headlock to his foe then floats over to lock in a single-leg Boston crab.

Seamus wrenches hard on Bronx 's leg, seeking to injure his opponent's leg and lower back as he torques Williams' spine. Bronx Williams bites down against the pain, refusing to submit when Referee Terri Spivey asks. Williams pushes himself up by his hands, seeking to power out of the hold. This merely causes Seamus to adjust the angle of application as he refuses to be dislodged. Beads of sweat standing against his forehead, Bronx makes the long and laborious trek to the ropes. Seamus isn't having any of that, though, as he pulls his opponent back into the center of the ring. Bronx Williams' eyes slowly droop and close as his body goes limp.

Rentfro: That tag by the O'Connor boys has really turned things around for them. They just might be able to win this match right here and now.

McDaniel: The referee raises Bronx 's arm and lets it drop.... a second time... a third...

Rentfro: NO! Deacon Frost makes the save as he sends a big boot into Seamus' face! And there's a swinging neckbreaker for good measure!

McDaniel: Sean comes off the ropes to take down the Monster with a flying lariat! DDT! The O'Connor boys still control the ring!

Rentfro: Or do they? Williams is back to his feet behind Sean, and Sean doesn't see him!

Bronx Williams fires his patented roaring elbow, the Bronx Kutter, into the back of Sean O'Connor's skull, dazing him. Williams tosses Sean over the ropes to the floor then turns his attention to Seamus O'Connor. Seamus runs in to take Bronx down with a flying spinning headscissors. Both men roll back to their feet and come in swinging, fists connecting into one another's face and stomach. Seamus plants a wicked headbutt into the bridge of Bronx Williams ' nose, busting him open. Williams sends O'Connor into the ropes, taking him down with a hooking clothesline.

Bronx forces Seamus O'Connor to his feet and traps him in a bearhug, squeezing the life out of him as he shakes his opponent like a rag doll. Bronx Williams drives his foe into the canvas with a spinebuster bomb that makes the entire ring shake. Williams executes an exploder suplex on O'Connor that propels him through the air to land in his corner. Bronx Williams pursues his foe, determined to put him away and unaware of the slick tag just made. Sean springs over the ropes to meet the charging Savior with a dropkick. The twins nod to one another then fire stereo superkicks into Bronx Williams as he springs to his feet. Deacon Frost hits the ring to aid his partner but is taken down by a double back body drop. The brothers perform a double slingshot catapult on the Monster, sending him flying into the turnbuckles headfirst.

The O'Connor Boys make another tag, and Seamus springs onto the top turnbuckle, flying off to deliver an elbow drop across Bronx Williams' back. Seamus O'Connor covers for the pin attempt.




Referee Spivey's hand stops just before hitting the mat as she informs O'Connor that Bronx has his foot in the ropes. Seamus O'Connor gets in her face, complaining about a slow count. Bronx Williams scoops up Seamus in a schoolboy rollup, and the referee drops to make the count.



A kick boot to the back of Bronx 's head from Sean breaks up the pin.

Rentfro: Both of these teams are really putting on an impressive display here tonight.

McDaniel: And why shouldn't they? It was the Razordolls' victory over the O'Connor Boys that put them in tag team title contention. The winner of this match could very well find themselves with a title shot here in the near future.

Bronx Williams grabs the back of Seamus O'Connor's head and pulls him into a may thai clinch, shooting a jumping double knee strike to his face that takes O'Connor off his feet. Williams executes a wheelbarrow suplex then tags out to Deacon Frost. The Monster picks up his foe to deliver a spinning powerbomb he calls the Heli-Bomb. Frost motions to Bronx , and Williams pulls Seamus onto the apron, draping his head off the end. Deacon steps through the ropes then dashes at his adversary to deliver a guillotine leg drop across Seamus O'Connor's neck.

Deacon Frost sets Seamus O'Connor onto the top turnbuckle and climbs up after him. Sean O'Connor hits the ring, running in to save his brother. Bronx Williams spears him to the canvas, however. As Deacon Frost hops onto the mat, The Savior slingshots Sean towards him and the Monster takes him down and out with a jawbreaker clothesline. Seamus comes off the ropes with a cross-body block, but Deacon Frost catches him. Frost executes a powerbomb as Bronx Williams delivers a neckbreaker. Deacon goes for the pin.





Eric Emerson: The winners of this match... THE DEADPOOL!!!

Rentfro: The Deadpool are the victors after a very hard-fought match.

McDaniel: Which only goes to prove that although blood may be thicker than water, nothing beats experience.


We return to ringside when ‘Come With Me’ erupts and the fans all rise to their feet, loudly cheering and booing in a mixed fashion.  Chamelion steps out, mic in hand and looks around with his Cheshire Grin in place.  Walking casually down to the ring, he swiftly takes the steps and slips into the ring, walking to the center.  As his music fades, he grins wickedly, eyeing the crowd.  

Chamelion: Over the past few weeks, people have been curious about why I do those things I do.  Why am I with Fire? What’s up with Sandra?  Well, those are rather personal queries to which I am not going to reward you with any answers.  I will say this; Phoenix , McNasty, your comments on PWA Radio will not go unpunished in the future.  But you two have given me a way to both punish you and give you what you want……I so love Irony!  

He pauses, the crowd buzzes as to what he’s about to announce.  

Chamelion: No matter the outcome of High Stakes, at the first Rampage after the Pay-Per-View, the two of you will settle your differences in a singles match… stipulations to be named later… and I can enjoy watching the both of you beat the wholly hell out of each other!!  

He grins  

Chamelion:  However, The big question is about what occurred last week!  For those with short term memories, let me direct you to the ADCtron, for a reminder!  

The camera pans up to the giant screen, which begins replaying last week’s main event.  

Demise stares at Chamelion with anger in his eyes, but Chamelion simply winks at him. Demise shakes his head and lifts Raizzor up. He puts Raizzor in the Electric Chair Position, thinking of something, but Raizzor wraps his legs around Demise’s throat and grabs his left arm. Demise falls backwards, but Raizzor holds on to the Triangle Choke Hold.

Rentfro: Great counter!

Demise’s face turns red quickly, and he gasps for air. Chamelion looks at the hold, and motions with a five count, which Raizzor ignores. Demise, choking with blood begins tapping!!  Chamelion quickly goes for the bell, calling it for it to ring. Raizzor releases the hold upon hearing the bell, and Demise rolls away, coughing to catch his breath and wipes blood from his lip!. Raizzor stands up and holds his hands up in victory.

Rentfro: Demise submitted! It’s over!

McDaniel: Not so fast…what’s Chamelion talking with Emerson about.

Emerson nods his head as Chamelion talks to him, and then hands him the world title belt.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen…the winner of this match…

McDaniel: Is Raizzor?

Eric Emerson: As a result of a disqualification….

Rentfro: WHAT!?

Raizzor drops his hands and stares at his brother in disbelief, who merely walks past him towards the still gagging Demise.


McDaniel: What the hell!

The scene fades to be replaced with Chamelion standing in the ring, looking up at the screen with his grin still in place and now the whole arena is filled with boos, hisses and chants of You Suck! Chamelion chuckles as he brings the mic up.  

Chamelion: Let me make myself perfectly clear.  As of late, it seems that many of the PWA superstars have started to feel they can do whatever they wish, from using 18 wheelers to run over people to blatantly ignoring the rules!  It was time I put my foot down and make an example of someone!  I’m sorry it had to be my own brother, but I also needed to remind people that blood has nothing to do with how anyone achieves status here in the PWA!  

The boos continue, he ignores them.  

Chamelion: So, when Raizzor ignored the five count I was forced to disqualify him!  It’s sad, sure, but even with the threat of losing the title he chose to ignore my calls, and try to injure Lex Demise to a state where he could no longer compete!  I am running a company here, people, in case you forgot!  

Boo Volume Increases.  

Chamelion: My power here is absolute!  What I say goes!  If you do not like it, you know where the door is!  You get your fair shot, you get the chance to shine, but you won’t break my rules…. Raizzor paid the price, I made an example out of him… don’t get in my way and I won’t have too……  

Suddenly the lights go out, and a single gong echoes through out the arena!  A single spotlight focuses on the stage, and Raizzor steps out as smoke swirls around him.  His eyes glare a burning hole through his younger brother as he begins to make his way down to the ring.  Chamelion licks his lips but holds his ground.  Raizzor slowly ascends the steps and bends at the waist to enter the ring.  Rising to his full height, he walks right up to his brother and stares darkly down at him.  Chamelion swallows once, and speaks.  

Chamelion: Don’t think, Brother, that our relationship is going to give you any leeway out here.  I am your boss here in the PWA, and you will do well to not lay a hand on me.  

A voice rings out from the stage, and Chamelion blinks at Joe Boxer.  

Boxer: Mark.  You are the main boss here, no doubt.  But do you recall the meeting a few weeks ago with the board of directors?  It seems your actions last week have forced them to make a serious decision concerning your status here.  

Chamelion glares, and Raizzor remains unmoving.  

Boxer: They feel that while you performed a legal change of the belt last week, it was an obvious set up with evil intentions in mind, and was an abuse of your power.  

Chamelion: ABUSE? This is my damned company Boxer!!  I own the majority stock!   

Boxer: Correction! You own 50% of the stock!  Your brother owns 25%, which indeed gives the Sommers Brothers majority ownership.  It’s why you’re the boss, and Raizzor has never taken an interest in running the company.  

Chamelion: Whichever, you said it yourself, I have the majority stock, the business is mine!  

Boxer: HOWEVER!  It seems the other stockholder, who has 25% has seen fit to give it to your brother, effectively making you and him 50/50 owners of the PWA!  

The crowd erupts and Chamelion stammers, looking back at his brother, who has not moved or changed expression since entering the ring.  

Chamelion: Wait, that other stock belonged too…..  

Boxer (nodding): Mack Moran!  

Ooooohs throughout the arena.  

Boxer: And Raizzor has come to me, asking for a match…at High Stakes, to which I was happy to oblige!  

Chamelion: Oh? And just what does that have to do with m……..  

Chamelion stops, realization hitting home.  

Boxer: That’s correct!!  At High Stakes, it’s going to be Raizzor vs. YOU, Chamelion… and the BOD has decided that complete OWNERSHIP of the PWA will be ON THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!  

Chamelion’s jaw drops, and he shakes his head emphatically!  

Boxer: Those are truly High Stakes, Mark, but since this is a PIP that the fans get to choose the stipulation, you two will indeed be thrust into one of three potential matches!  Those will be revealed later on PWA.COM, but hey, you get to compete, just as you wanted… but I wouldn’t hold my breath, KIDDO!  

Boxer smirks and turns and walks behind the curtain. Chamelion turns, his expression of utter shock, and looks at his brother.  Raizzor lifts his head slightly, and draws his thumb across his throat, before turning and exiting the ring.  Chamelion just stands there, dumbfounded.  

McDaniel: Oh my!!  Chamelion vs. Raizzor at High Stakes!!  

Rentfro: And the rights to the entire PWA are in the balance!!!  

McDaniel: It seems that the BOD didn’t decide to out right fire Chamelion, but instead has set it up that he has to fight for the right to be the President!!!  

Rentfro: But against his OWN Brother???  

McDaniel: He lit the bridge on fire, Brian, the thing is, will it burn before he can cross it!!  We’ll be back right after these commercial breaks!!



Project X & The Phoenix vs. Kyle Stevenson & Matthew 'The Virus' Engel

McDaniel: "Ok folks here we go with a round one match in the tag-team tournament to decide the new number one contenders for the titles following High Stakes!

Rentfro: "What my broadcast partner is trying to say in over 500 words is that the next match will feature Project X teaming with The Phoenix and they will be taking on the tag-team of Matthew "Virus" Engel and Kyle Stevenson."

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is set for one fall and the winner will advance in the tag-team tournament. Introducing first from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 352 pounds and standing at 7 feet tall, Project X.

The house lights drop and are taken over by the illumination of red strobe lights that dance about the PWA ramp. "Hysteria" by Muse
hits the PA system as a bright white light blasts out from the back, against this light the outline of Project X can be made as he jogs on the spot, preparing
himself for the task ahead. When the music reaches its peak, he bursts forth in a rush of energy and launches his choke slamming arm up into the air as
a jet of pyro launches up behind him. He then makes his way to the ring with a purposeful walk.

Eric Emerson: "Introducing his tag-team partner hailing from Orlando , Fl by way of St. Louis , Mo , weighing in at 240 pounds and standing at 6 feet tall, and The Phoenix.

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of
a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix then comes down from the rafters on a
harness and enters the ring.

McDaniel: "It is obvious to me that there is no love lost between these two superstars."

Rentfro: "Never let it be said that you are slow on the uptake, but these two can definitely get the job done in singles action it stands to reason that the job will definitely be done in tag action."

Eric Emerson: "Introducing their opponents, first from Huntington Beach , Ca. He weighs 225 pounds and stands at 6 feet 5 inches tall, he is Kyle Stevenson."

The familiar bass riff to “Schism” by Tool begins to play over the PA system. Then all of a sudden it stops and we hear a needle
scratch as if taken abruptly off the record.

The lights dim as the opening riff to “The End” by Roadrunner United begins to play. The arena turns a blood red as the first verse starts.

##Just when you thought it was over##
##The sky turned black and we all fell to Earth##
##Dead in our tracks, we were frozen in fact##
##Choking to Breathe then came the seas##
##Wash away impurities, wash away everything that couldn’t be##

As the song hits the chorus the man steps out in front of a white light projecting his silhouette out into the crowd. The lights come up to reveal Kyle
Stevenson standing at the entrance ramp. He’s wearing face paint and a black trench coat over his usual ring gear. He carries a Singapore cane down to
the ring with him. He stands there for a moment. He then walks calmly to the ring. He enters and goes to his corner. He sets the cane in the corner and
takes off the jacket. “The End” fading away.

Suddenly, we hear a voice over the PA system...

Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural...equilibrium.. with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not.
You move to an area and you multiply, and multiple until every natural resource is consumed.

As we listen to voice clips from "The Matrix", the beginning of "Stream of Consciousness" by Dream Theater starts up, soft guitar and bass.

And the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern.
Do you know what it is?

A virus.

The guitar picks up heavy now, and the drums play a part. The opening sequence of "Stream of Consciousness" comes to an end as a brief part of "Space-Dye
Vest" by Dream Theater plays...a newscasting voice coming over the PA.

Some people gave advice before

About facing the facts, about facing reality.

And this is without a doubt is his biggest challenge ever.

He's going to have to face it.

You're gonna have to try, he's gonna to have to try and, uh, and, and, and get some help here.

I mean no one can say they know how he feels.

Then, it cuts to the heavy riff and chorus of "The Dark Eternal Night" by Dream Theater. We're getting the theme here. We're getting the message.

Drifting beyond all time

Out of a churning sky

Drawn to the beckoning light

Of the dark eternal night

The music cuts once more, and we get the climaxing moments of "In The Presence of Enemies, Part 2" by Dream Theater.

Dark master within, I will fight for you

Dark master of sin, now my soul is yours

Dark master my guide, I will die for you

Dark master inside...

Matthew "Virus" Engel steps out from backstage. He's dressed in his usual ring attire. He's sporting the dark green tuxedo with a black silk dress shirt
and black tie. His hair is slicked back a little bit and is sporting the goatee more than before, letting it grow out a bit.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda ...

Matt makes his way down the ramp, green and gold pyros shooting off behind him. There's something different in his stride. He seems more tense, more edgy...paranoia
consumes him while most of the crowd begins to boo him. They didn't appreciate his antics in his three team tag match.

Eric Emerson: ...weighing two hundred and twenty pounds and standing at an even six feet...

We enter part four of this epic twenty five minute song, entitled "Slaughter of the Damned". It's much faster, much darker than the previous part of the
song "Heretic".


Bother trying to find them

They will be coming to you


Fight and destroy until you can't take anymore

Matt doesn't go off to the side and give out his high fives to the fans. They don't want them. He's focused on the ring. He climbs up the steel steps and
enters the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring, he doesn't raise his arm. He doesn't acknowledge the crowd at all. Hate and rage fill his mind and
soul, while he gets himself ready for his match.

Eric Emerson: ..."THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!


Caught in a moment of weakness

Committed the greatest of all


Half of my soul

And now it's too late for you

Matt takes his jacket, tie, and dress shirt off to reveal a white muscle shirt underneath. With his wrestling boots tucked under his pants, he's ready
to go. "In the Presence of Enemies, Pt 2" shuts down, right before it was about to get to the part where the man fights the evil in his heart and comes
out victorious. The future isn't written for Matt, and we don't know if he can come back to us. But, now, he's consumed by hatred and rage, willing to
die or kill to get what he wants.

Rentfro: "Now can we please get to some wrestling action, the introductions when these people come out individually..."

ding ding ding

McDaniel: "Virus wastes no time in beginning the match as he begins an attack on Project X."

Rentfro: "Virus is going after retribution for what Project X did to Matt's sister Enika."

McDaniel: "Virus takes on Project X here while Kyle is working over Phoenix ."

Kyle whips Phoenix into the corner turnbuckle, but Phoenix walks up the corner and performs a twisting moonsault onto Kyle who is astonished that someone could walk up the corner. Phoenix lands on top of Kyle and the referee slides down for a count.

1... 2...

Kyle raises a shoulder quickly and is quickly pulled to his feet by Phoenix who begins to chop Kyle into the corner.

McDaniel: "It was way too early for a pin attempt here, but with the way Virus is attacking Project X, perhaps Phoenix is smart to try and end this match as early as possible.

Rentfro: "It is really never too early to try and get out of a match in this business, you can get hurt just with one move."

(Outside the ring)

Virus takes his balled right fist and slams it into the nose of Project X and a crunching noise can be heard. Virus does not slow down his assault though and proceeds to pick up the ring steps and hit Project over the head with them. Project X is laid out on the floor and he turns his attention to the ring where Kyle is nearly pinned.

McDaniel: "Here comes bad luck for Phoenix , Virus is on a roll and is looking to defeat the entire team of Project X and Phoenix by himself."

Rentfro: With Kyle as his partner, he just may have to do that."

McDaniel: "Kyle has had some terrible luck, but he is one of the better wrestlers in the PWA."

Rentfro: "McDaniel, you know you aren't supposed to be drinking on the job."

Virus slides into the ring behind Phoenix , who has no idea that Virus is behind him and continues to chop away at Kyle's chest. Kyle's chest is becoming blood red with the Phoenix 's repeated slaps. The Phoenix backs up preparing for a huge slap when Virus grabs Phoenix from behind and performs a belly to back suplex.

McDaniel: " Phoenix never saw that one coming."

Rentfro: "What a cheater, attacking someone from behind like that."

McDaniel: "With their combined egos in that ring, they may as well be called the new Ego Trip!!"

Virus looks at Project beginning to rise out side and runs over to the corner facing Project X.

McDaniel: "Looks like Virus is going to fly."

Virus climbs to the top and jumps spinning 360 degrees and lands on the bent body of Project X, who falls back to the floor.

Back in the ring...

Phoenix is lying on the mat and Kyle climbs up to the top turnbuckle and connects with his shooting star elbow drop. Kyle stays on Phoenix 's body and the ref counts...

1... 2... Phoenix places his foot on the ropes and the ref has to stop the count. Kyle is getting frustrated and slams down his fist onto the mat.

(Outside the ring)

The ref comes back outside and tries to break up the fight but is rewarded with an elbow from Project X.

McDaniel: "That is the first offense from Project X in this fight and it was against the referee."

Rentfro: "Doesn't matter, he has landed a punch though."

Project X has knocked down Virus and he walks and picks up the steps that had been discarded by Virus earlier. He places the steps on Viruses' head and turns to look at the turnbuckle.

Rentfro: "Oh no, this could be truly devastating to Viruses' career."

McDaniel: "Project X is not known for high flying, but he is climbing up to the top now and.."

The crowd gasps as Project X lands on the ringside steps that were on Viruses' head. Project is not done however and he picks up the limp form of Virus and prepares him for a choke slam onto the ring steps.

McDaniel: "C'mon, enough is enough that could kill him."

Rentfro: "That could definitely be Project X's intentions here."

Back in the ring...

The referee has decided to just let the two superstars outside the ring battle. He turns to give his full attention on the battle raging inside the ring.

Phoenix has taken control back from Kyle and has him in the middle of the ring in a headlock. Phoenix is raised to his feet by Kyle and thrown into the ropes. Phoenix bounces back and avoids the clothesline attempt by Kyle and hits Kyle with a spear.

McDaniel: "It looks as if the end is coming for poor Kyle here."

Rentfro: "Yeah, because Virus is in no shape to help him out this time."

Phoenix bends down and picks up Kyle and whips him to the ropes, Kyle reverses though, getting a second wind, but Phoenix again reverses it. As Kyle goes to the ropes, Virus, who had escaped Project X, has climbed to the apron, but he's in the way, and they connect!  Kyle sends Virus into the barrier at ringside and it causes Kyle to stumble into the center of the ring, where Phoenix hits The Flame!!!.

McDaniel: "Its over, that was The Flame there is nothing left."

Rentfro: "Oh yes there is!!!"

Phoenix :(shouts this to the crowd) "It's time for the flame to burn and for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes."

 Phoenix climbs until he is standing on the turnbuckle and he leaps onto Kyle's prone body.

McDaniel: "Well it was over before but with the hitting of The Ashes."

Rentfro: "Yeah, Kyle has definitely been burned again."

The ref slides down beside Phoenix and begins the count.




Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match... Project X and The Phoenix ."

McDaniel: "Kyle looked to be mounting a comeback, but hitting Virus on the apron did him in!!!"

Virus slips up onto the ring apron behind the form of Project X, who is about to get into the ring to celebrate.. Virus grabs Project X and hits a back suplex sending both tumbling to the floor!

McDaniel: Oh My God! They could both be broken in half."

Somehow they both get up and begin fighting up the ramp to the top of the stage. Project X runs at Virus who performs a back body drop and Project falls to the floor having landed on some electrical equipment. Virus looks at the ADCTron and begins to grin maliciously before climbing to the top of the ADC Tron. He gathers himself and dives all the way to the floor where he lands on Project X.

Rentfro: "What a sadistic SOB, he could have killed himself or broken every last bone in his body."

McDaniel: "I know I know, we need some paramedics out here now, get the damn paramedics out here now!! Wrestlers down wrestlers down!"

Rentfro: "Well, I know that Virus said that he was going to get retribution for what Project X did to Enika, but that was just plain sadistic."

McDaniel: "Folks at home, these two are hurt and for those of you who are fans of either Virus or Project X, we will get you more information, as it becomes available to us, on their condition."

The camera cuts to the two bodies lying on the floor. Both have landed in a crumpled heap on the floor and both bodies, not to mention parts of the floor, are covered in blood. The camera cuts to the middle of the ring to get away from the carnage.  

We slide into place in the background. On one side of your screen, Lisa Seldon, lacing up a shoe with meticulous care. Dahlia, on the other side, arm arms strapped across her chest.

She looks less than pleased.

: You're plotting something, aren't you?

Lisa never lifts her ears, but she struggles to hold down a smile.

Lisa Seldon: I don't know what you mean.

Dahlia's eyes narrow, she hovers uneasily from one foot to the other.

: You are though, I can see it. You've let me talk us up all week like we're going to go out there and prove something but instead you're going to go out there and do something stupid.

Lisa Seldon: Oh I wouldn't say stupid.

She never looks up; Dahlia echoes a deep throated growl.

: You know you wont get away with it, you saw what happened to Raizzor last week. They're not going to let you go out there and blatantly ruin a match just for the fun of it. There will be repercussions.

Lisa Seldon: I'm certainly aware of that.

Still smiling, she laces her shoe and then bounds to her feet.

Dahlia: Yes, you are. Aren't you.

It's not a question, just a sound of defeat.

Lisa Seldon: Don't worry about it. Everything will be fine.

She lays a hand on her shoulder then and shoots her a smile as she passes. It's all Dahlia can do to roll her eyes, and follows her out toward the ring.




Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is our main event of the evening!  Introducing first, Team Challengers!  Kindred, Grade ‘A’ Nastyness, Scott Nash Strader, Enika Engel and their captain, Corey Lazarus!!  

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown rolls on the ADCTron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.

BLAM! A shot of pyro shoots up from the stage as a trio of drumrolls are heard. The lights die with the pyro, replaced by the glow of of the Tron. Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" plays as images of Hollywood landmarks - Hollywood Hills, various studios, the Chinese Theatre, Pink's Hot Dogs - scroll across the Tron as the familiar basslines are heard. Those fade to images of Corey Lazarus in action over the years as a spotlight shines on the entrance curtain from the rafters: Laz winning the DRWF Eternal title from Sean Moro, the infamous Ultraviolent Cage match from Genesis 3, holding the Tempest title high at Genesis 6, and others.

The well-known guitar lick - downtuned - comes in as more images of Corey are shown: debuting in HiC, smashing Vern Michaels in the face with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat in the Three Faces of Death match from the DRWF, laying Matt Attict out with the Box Office Bomb...

The song reaches its 27-second mark, and Corey Lazarus and his team burst out from backstage, all of them eager to begin, except we see Strader is limping badly. Corey adjusts his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's after taking a sip of an Aquafina in his hand, and then wipes his mouth with a white towel over his shoulder.


Lazarus stops at the ring apron, as his team enters in their individual styles.



The bridge of the song plays, and Corey hops up onto the ring apron, looking around the arena!



Lazarus steps between the top and middle rope, walking into the center of the ring


Lazarus drops to a knee, his fist placed on the mat and his head bowed as the end of the chorus comes.


Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, and then jumps to his feet, his arms out to his sides with a smirk on his face as he turns around, looking out at each corner of the arena. As his music fades, he goes to his corner to confer with his team.  

Eric Emerson: And their opponents, Team Champions!  Circa, Riona Langly, The Razordolls, Nightmare and their team Captain, Lex Demise!!

Exile" by Soilwork plays over the PA. Upon the opening words of the song, Lex Demise,  clad in a black trenchcoat and jeans enters the arena, surveying the ring. Behind him, his allies for this contest come out to join him.  Lex’s  long sandy hair is no longer dyed. A Jack Skellington skicap covers his brow. Eyes hidden behind black-rimmed Oakleys, he sniffs once and strokes his chin before idly making his way down the ring, seemingly disinterested by the whole affair.

Lex and his team  stops halfway as he seems to be looking for someone or something at his side. A long forgotten figure. She's not there, never is. Slowly he moves into the ring, removing his glasses and skicap. The light catches a reflection off his glass eye, firmly entrenched in his left eyesocket. He removes his trenchcoat and turns to discuss tactics with his team.  

Rentfro: Okay, we’re all set to begin!! This is going to be wild!  

McDaniel: The question now is, which two members will begin?  

The two teams debate on who shall begin, but Strader says something to Corey, who nods and motions for him to enter the ring.  As Scott Nash Strader hobbles into the ring, Riona smirks and steps out for her team. SNS has a couple words with referee Cole Tate, and the official nods and speaks to Emerson.  

Eric Emerson: I have just been notified that Scott Nash Strader will be unable to compete this evening due to injuries he received last week.  

The crowd buzzes and Riona looks confused, glaring at Strader.  

Eric Emerson: However, Strader assures his team they will not be down a competitor, as he has found a replacement.   

Suddenly, “You’re Gonna Pay” blasts over the arena speakers and the fans jump to their feet, and the champions all look at each other in shock, as Raizzor makes his way out from the back.  As he makes his way to the ring. Strader waves to Riona Langly with a smirk and exits the ring, heading to the back and passing Raizzor, Langly watches, as confused as everyone else.

McDaniel: Riona’s efforts to take out Strader may just have back fired for Team Champion!!  

Raizzor steps up the stairs and into the ring. He turns first to his team mates, namely Corey Lazarus and they stare at each other for a moment.  McNasty looks shocked, Wilkie looks unsure and Kindred looks worried.  Enika just shrugs as if it’s another day at the office.  

Rentfro: The chances for Team Challengers just shot up near double!  This is going to be a hell of a match!  


Riona Langly glares at her new opponent, having missed her chance at SNS this week. Lex Demise and Raizzor exchange glares, then Raizzor turns his attention to Riona. It turns out to be fortunate for him that he did, as the Celestial Trigger rushes in with a stiff knee strike towards Raizzor's abdomen. Sommers catches his opponent's leg as he takes the strike, grunting from the impact. Riona Langly pivots and swings a gamengiri at the back of her adversary's skull. Raizzor counters with a dragon screw legwhip, sending Langly tumbling across the canvas.

Raizzor charges the Celestial Trigger with a huge spear, but Riona ducks out of the way, grabbing the middle rope as she does. Sommers goes flying out of the ring but immediately rolls back to his feet. Langly leaps onto the top rope and flies out after her foe with a senton splash. Raizzor catches her, however, and slams her back against the steel ring post before driving her onto the floor with a powerslam. Sommers presses Riona high overhead and tosses her back inside the ring. Raizzor slides into the ring after his opponent as Riona tags out to Lex Demise.

Rentfro: Riona's putting up a decent fight against the former champion, but he manages to keep regaining control of the match.

McDaniel: You know she has to be thrown off her game by this last minute substitution. She prides herself on studying her opponents, but the problem comes when she relies too strongly on such preparations, as we just saw.

Lex enters the ring, and he is turned inside-out as Raizzor nails him with the Guillotine v1.0! Raizzor tosses Demise into a corner and connects with another monstrous clothesline before beginning to drive fists into Demise's head and midsection. Referee Tate reprimands Sommers, ordering him to let his opponent out of the corner. Raizzor complies as he plants his adversary into the canvas with a choke slam before turning to glare at the champions' corner. Raizzor charges the corner to send the Razordolls flying with a double Guillotine v1.0. Circa tries to avoid the monster's assault, but he grabs her by the throat to choke slam her inside the ring.

Rentfro: Raizzor is devastating the champions! He's laid out nearly the entire team!

McDaniel: He's swinging blind now, however, as Nightmare delivers The Kiss of the Tiger! A Reality Check from Riona Langly! Raizzor is sent stumbling back to his corner and Corey Lazarus tags himself into the match.

Lex Demise gets to his feet while Corey Lazarus charges him with a lariat. Lex ducks the outstretched arm, going for a back bodydrop. Lazarus rolls across his opponent's back to land on his feet behind Demise. As his foe turns around, Laz shoots him down with a spinning wheel kick. Both men flip back to their feet, only to have Lex Demise take the Premiere Attraction back off his feet with a superkick. Demise grabs hold of Corey's right leg, driving his knee into the canvas before stomping down on the back of Lazarus' knee and dropping a leg down across it. Lex applies a kneebar to his foe's right leg, wrenching back hard. Corey shouts in pain and desperately scrambles for the ropes. Lex Demise isn't having this, however, and begins rolling with the kneebar to increase the punishment done on Laz's right knee.

Referee Tate asks The Premiere Attraction if he wishes to submit, but Corey Lazarus adamantly refuses. Corey grits his teeth, clamping his jaws against the pain as beads of sweat stand out on his forehead. Finally Lazarus reaches the ropes for the break. Lex Demise kips up to his feet, stalking his foe as Corey Lazarus pulls himself up to his feet by use of the ropes. Lex runs in to hit a chopblock on his adversary's right knee, buckling it. Corey remains on his feet thanks to the ropes. Lex Demise comes in for a second chopblock, but Lazarus executes a backflip into a pinwheel toe kick across his opponent's spine. Laz hobbles around, trying to shake the feeling back into his leg as he goes for his corner. Demise grabs The Premiere Attraction's right leg to prevent him from making the tag, however.

Rentfro: The PWA World Champion is relentless in his assault upon the challenger's right leg, especially his knee.

McDaniel: I wonder if he plans on taking him out with The Fade.

Rentfro: I don't know, but here comes Enika Engel to help out her teammate! Standing on the Rooftops from the top rope! Down onto Lex's forehead!!

Lex's eyes glaze over from the impact of the flying double-stomp. The official reprimands Enika, forcing her back onto the apron. Corey considers tagging out then notes his opponent's weakened state and goes for the pin instead.




Lex Demise pops his shoulder up at the last moment. Lazarus gets to his feet and forces the champion to his feet and into a side headlock. BOX OFFICE BOMB II!! Once again Corey goes for the pin.




Nightmare yanks The Premiere Attraction off Lex Demise, breaking the pinfall. Referee Tate orders Wehali back to his corner. While the official's back is turned the Razordolls slip inside the ring, stalking Corey Lazarus. Seeing this going on inside the ring Nightmare stops to argue with the referee, diverting his attention. The champions and contenders begin brawling as Dahlia flies off the top with the Black Dahlia Murder. Lisa drops Corey with the Shadows Fall, however, and Dahlia flies past them to crash into Lex Demise instead. The Razordolls then roll out of the ring as referee Cole Tate restores order, all champions and contenders back in their respective corners.

Rentfro: What the Hell?? The Razordolls just wiped out their own teammate!

McDaniel: Just a mistake caused by simple mistiming, Brian.

Rentfro: Suuurrre it is....

Lisa smirks to her teammates and shrugs as they glare at her. Meanwhile, Lazarus goes for another pin attempt on the champion.



Lex Demise gets his foot into the bottom rope. Frustrated, Corey throws his hands up in disgust and makes a blind tag out to his team. Mark McNasty takes the tag. Mark hops onto the top turnbuckle and walks the ropes until he is standing by the rising Demise. Lex dives for the ropes in an attempt to knock his opponent off his perch, but McNasty takes to the air too soon, catching the world champion and driving his head into the mat with the Totally Nasty. Lex Demise rolls to the floor to regain his bearings, but Mark McNasty rolls out of the ring after him. The two men begin exchanging blows, trading fists and chops. Lex sends a stiff finger thrust into his foe's throat, forcing him to back away gagging.

Rentfro: Here comes Alex Wilkie to help his tag partner.

McDaniel: And there goes Wilkie as Riona Langly dives off the apron with the Angelic Euphoria!

Lex Demise nails Mark McNasty with a low blow before planting him into the floor with an impaler DDT. Demise rolls back inside the ring to break the official's count and tags in Nightmare. Riona grabs McNasty and tosses him back inside the ring. Jonathon Wehali measures his foe then rushes in with a rising knee strike at Mark. Mark McNasty catches Wehali, however, and executes a spinebuster with enough force to shake the ring. McNasty runs into the ropes, springboarding off to perform a rolling thunder down across his adversary. Nightmare brings his knees up, however, causing Mark McNasty to crash and burn.

Jonathon Wehali pulls his opponent back to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Nightmare catches Mark McNasty in a tilt-a-whirl position, swinging him through the air before positioning him for the CCD. Alex Wilkie runs in to make the save, however, as he clips Wehali's legs out from under him. Lex Demise enters the ring and spears Wilkie out of the ring. Jonathon Wehali kips back up to his feet, forcing McNasty back up. Mark pivots and swings, nailing a wicked haymaker into Nightmare's mouth that busts him open, blood gushing from his mouth. Jonathon blinks in shock then touches his lip, looking at his blood on his hands while Mark Laughs. Nightmare's eyes snap wide then narrow as he grabs Mark into a muay thai clinch, driving rapid-fire knees into McNasty's face over and over. As Mark McNasty drops to the canvas, Wehali begins nailing the back of McNasty's head with elbow strikes.

Rentfro: My god! Nightmare's gone psycho!

McDaniel: The sight of their own blood does that to some people... especially when people laugh at them.

Referee Cole Tate pulls Nightmare off Mark McNasty, shouting warnings at him. Wehali tosses the referee to the side as he goes for McNasty again. Mark nails Jonathon with a low blow as his tag partner runs in to defend his friend, firing a superkick in under Nightmare's chin. The big man goes down, and Alex returns to his corner. Mark McNasty drags Nightmare to the corner, setting him onto the top turnbuckle and signaling for the M&M. Before he can execute the move, however, Wehali delivers The Kiss of the Dragon. Mark McNasty stumbles back, clawing at his eyes. Jonathon Wehali moves in behind his adversary, picking him up in a crucifix position before executing the Cliffhanger DDT. Nightmare picks McNasty up and sends him flying with a package powerbomb into the turnbuckles... of the challengers' corner. McNasty tries to tag out to Raizzor. However, as they reach to make the tag Chamelion pulls Raizzor off the apron, having made his way through the crowd. Missing his intended tag, Mark instead tags in Kindred.

Rentfro: Why the Hell didn't Nightmare go for the pin there? He had the man!

McDaniel: I'd say it's because he wants to inflict more pain... but he's just staring at Kindred.

Rentfro: And what's with Chamelion suddenly interfering in this match??

McDaniel: I don't know, but it seems we won't be seeing much more of either man as they're now brawling their way out through the stands. There's no telling where that fight will end.

Kindred circles the ring, shying away from Nightmare but never taking his eyes off him. Wehali watches him, the insane rage leaving his eyes, then tags out to Circa. Kindred's expression brightens as if he were a child on Christmas morning. Circa stands back in her corner then charges after Kindred, tackling him to the canvas with a spear. As the two wrestlers get to their feet Circa nails a dropkick to Kindred's sternum that propels him backwards into the corner. Circa runs in, looking for the dangerous knees, but Kindred drops to the mat and slides outside to avoid the collision. Instead Circa collides with the turnbuckles, her leg getting caught in the ropes.

Kindred laughs as he rolls back inside the ring. He applies an arm wringer to the Punjabi Princess before nailing her with a side kick. Kindred executes a springboard spinning dropkick to his adversary, following up with a spinning hook kick to the side of her head. Referee Tate forces Kindred out of the corner, assisting Circa in extricating herself from the ropes. Kindred claps excitedly as his foe is released and grabs her by the arm, whipping her towards the opposite corner only to reverse momentum into a short-arm clothesline.

Rentfro: I've... never seen someone so eager to wrestle before in my life....

McDaniel: Well, you've heard what he's said about 'the Shadow Man'. If he can beat, or at least hurt, Circa he may get rewarded rather than punished.

Rentfro: No, I don't get it... not at all.

McDaniel: Not many people do, Brian... but Circa might. Kindred's setting her up for a brainbuster!

Indeed, Kindred has Circa suspended high overhead. However, the Punjabi Princess manages to fight her way back to her feet, reversing the move into a vertical suplex of her own! The two wrestlers roll back to their feet, only to have Circa take Kindred back down to the canvas with an enzuigiri. Circa measures her foe and runs into the ropes, coming off with a cross-body block as Kindred hops to his feet. Kindred rolls with the momentum, coming back to his feet to catch his adversary in a t-bone suplex, sending her flying across the ring.

Kindred flips back to his feet and runs into the ropes, springboarding off with a crescent kick towards his rising foe. The Punjabi Princess goes rolling. Kindred sets her in the corner then climbs to the top, bouncing a couple times as he prepares for the Shadow Diver. Riona Langly runs down to sweep his legs out from under him, however, causing him to crotch himself on the turnbuckles. Kindred tumbles over backwards in pain. Circa quickly locks in the crippler crossface, wrenching back on her foe's head. Mark McNasty waves to Circa and winks to her as she faces her opponents' corner.

McDaniel: It's hard to believe that Mark McNasty is flirting at a time like this. Can't he see that his teammate is in danger.

Rentfro: It's hard to see much else when you have a crush, Jon, but that's probably something you've forgotten about at your age.

Kindred struggles against the hold, trying to find some way to free himself. When Referee Tate asks him if he wishes to submit, Kindred merely laughs. Circa intensifies the torque placed upon her opponent's arm and neck, fighting to make him tap out. Kindred merely smiles as his eyes begin to droop and close. The official raises Kindred's arm and lets it drop. A second time. A third. Before Kindred's arms can fall a third time, though, his eyes snap wide open as he shouts at the Punjabi Princess, defying her to hurt him. Renewing his efforts to free himself, Kindred finally reaches the ropes.

Circa rises to her feet as the referee forces her to release the hold. Kindred lunges forward to nail a headbutt under Circa's jaw. With a roar Kindred winds up and drives a vicious punch into Circa's stomach, doubling her over. Kindred grabs Circa and throws her throw the ropes to smash her head into the steel ring post. Kindred then springs onto the top turnbuckle to deliver a modified Shadow Diver to Circa's back before turning her over to execute a second normal one. Nightmare runs into the ring to save his teammate, and Kindred quickly retreats, tagging out to Mark McNasty.

Mark walks over to the downed Circa, and smiles as he walks around her once. McNasty then bends over, and picks her up. Mark McNasty doesn't attack though. He waits for her to turn. When she does, they stare at each other for a second. Finally, McNasty leans forward, and points to his cheek, implying he wants a kiss. Circa looks to the crowd, and they cheer. So, she kisses his cheek. Mark gets a sloppy grin on his face and acts like his knees are getting weak. Then, Circa gently takes his arm and pulls him close... before connecting with a short-arm clothesline. Circa then bends over McNasty, blows him a kiss, and tags out to Lisa.

Rentfro: Awww wasn't that sweet? Who says romance is dead?

McDaniel: Brian... she just played him for a sucker.

Rentfro: I'll be a sucker for her anytime, an all-day sucker. I'd just love to get licked by her.

McDaniel: Ugh, you're hopeless.

Circa watches Mark McNasty tag out with a pout, and Enika Engel enters the ring. Circa tags in Lisa Seldon. Lisa turns around and paintbrushes Riona with a slap so hard that she knocks the Celestial Trigger clear off the apron. Seldon then tells the referee she had just tagged out, and the legal wrestler is Riona Langly. Langly gets to her feet and pulls Lisa Seldon to the floor where the two begin mixing it up with punches and chops. Referee Cole Tate exits the ring, trying to break up the impromptu brawl. Enika simply watches from inside the ring, amused. The referee finally pulls the two women apart, and Riona slides back inside the ring, only to turn around and tag in Dahlia.

Rentfro: Damn, what an explosion that was for just a simple tag.

McDaniel: It goes without saying that some of these team members simply hate one another.

Rentfro: If it goes without saying, why did you just say it?

McDaniel: ....

The two women approach one another in the center of the ring. Enika Engel tries to lock up with Dahlia, but Dahlia ducks under the grapple attempt with a smirk. Dahlia shoots a back elbow smash towards Enika's lower back, but the Firefly spins out of the way, deliver The Fake Sound of Progress straight to her foe's temple. Dahlia crumples into the corner from the blow, only to have Engel follow her in with a flying side kick to her chest. Enika Engel begins firing chops into her opponent's body, Dahlia's body quickly bruising from the strikes. Dahlia catches the Firefly's arm and takes her down with a Japanese armdrag, locking in a wakigatame armlock.

Enika Engel pushes herself back to her feet, using Dahlia's own submission to press her foe's shoulders to the mat. As Referee Cole Tate drops to make the count, Dahlia releases the hold, sweeping Engel's legs out from under her. Dahlia kips up to her feet, executing the armblower on the Firefly as Enika Engel rolls back to her feet. Enika shakes her arm to get the feeling back into it as she scowls at Dahlia. Engel runs at Dahlia, ducking a back brain kick, as she springboards off the ropes behind Dahlia to perform the Ante Up! Dahlia hits the mat to avoid the kick, hopping up behind the Firefly and running for the turnbuckles.

Rentfro: Dahlia is going for her version of the shiranui that she calls the Poison Falls !

McDaniel: But she is denied! As Enika throws her off the top turnbuckle to crash into the ring barricade!

Lisa goes to help her protégé, keeping an eye on Enika Engel. Enika simply waits, not pressing the attack. She even sits on the second rope, inviting Dahlia back into the ring. Dahlia rolls back inside the ring, scowling at Engel as she gets to her feet. The Firefly dashes in to nail a series of shin kicks to Dahlia's legs before jumping up to fire a snap front kick into Dahlia's sternum that sends her flying back into the corner. Lisa Seldon slips in unseen behind the Firefly and whips Enika Engel into the ropes, taking her down with a drop toehold. As Enika falls to the mat, Dahlia fires a running Yakuza kick in under her chin for Car Crash Humour. Lisa then steps through the ropes back into her corner, only to have Dahlia officially tag her back into the ring.

Lisa Seldon runs to the ropes, springboarding off to nail a reverse spinning 'rana to the rising Enika Engel, sending her back down to the canvas. Lisa steps back, measuring her opponent, then fires a roundhouse kick at the Firefly as Enika pulls herself back to her feet. Spotting the incoming kick, Engel drops to the mat, grabbing the top rope as she does. Seldon overshoots her mark and gets caught on the ropes. Enika Engel grabs her foe's leg and delivers Shawty Got Low, sending Lisa rolling across the canvas. Engel shoots a running Fake Sound of Progress into Seldon's face, taking her off her feet as she tags out to Alex Wilkie.

Rentfro: Finally we get to see one half of the tag team champions face off against one half of the number one contenders to the title.

McDaniel: The Picture of Perfection and the Goon.

As Wilkie enters the ring he is met by a superkick from Lisa Seldon followed by a jumping double knee strike to Alex's face. Seldon monkeyflips her opponent into the center of the ring and rolls to her feet, spinning around to face him. Lisa runs in from behind her foe, grabbing him by the back of the head to drive his head into the mat with a diving two-handed faceplant. Lisa goes for the roll-up and the pin.


Alex Wilkie kicks out of the pin attempt with authority. As Wilkie begins rising to his feet, Lisa Seldon positions him for a guillotine facebuster. Before she can execute the move, however, he sends her crashing into the canvas with a side-salto suplex. Alex pulls Seldon up into a vertical suplex position then takes her down hard with a spine-numbing jackhammer! Wilkie grapevines the leg for the pin.


T-Dahlia runs in to break up the pin with a kick to the back of Alex's head. Mark McNasty enters the ring to go after her, but she is already back to her corner, causing the referee to admonish McNasty. Alex Wilkie places Lisa Seldon into the Wall, sitting back in the sharpshooter to increase the punishment. Lisa cries out in pain, causing Riona to laugh from the apron and earn a glare from Dahlia. Lisa Seldon tries to crawl to the ropes for the break as Alex Wilkie maintains the pressure on her legs. After a long desperate crawl she manages to grab the bottom rope, and the hold is broken. Wilkie hits the atomic leg drop down across his adversary.

Rentfro: Lisa's greatest advantage in wrestling is her speed and maneuverability, attacking her legs like this is really going to make her vulnerable.

McDaniel: That seems to be the general plan, Brian.

Alex Wilkie forces Lisa Seldon to her feet and whips her across the ring into the corner. Wilkie charges in after her to perform the Grade A Sting, but Lisa grabs onto the top rope to plant both of her feet into his face. Lisa strains to pick her opponent up then takes him down with a Michinoku driver. Seldon then sets her foe into a tree of woe as she runs to the opposite corner, climbing to the top turnbuckle. Lisa Seldon leaps off the top to deliver a picture perfect corner-to-corner dropkick straight to her adversary's face. Lisa rolls back to her feet to charge in for a modified Shadows Fall, stepping on her opponent's face rather than his knee to deliver a stiff low blow kick that causes all male spectators to cringe and look away.

Rentfro: Oh god... that hurt just WATCHING it!

McDaniel: Imagine how Wilkie feels right now.

Rentfro: ...I'd rather not.

McDaniel: Seldon tosses Alex out of the corner and goes for the pin...




The pinfall is broken as Mark McNasty sends a stiff punch into Lisa Seldon's face from the floor, busting her open. The referee severely reprimands McNasty, but Mark argues right back about the kick Lisa used on his partner. Alex Wilkie rolls over to trap Seldon in a sleeper hold, applying a leg scissors to further cut off her air supply. Lisa Seldon tries to rally back, reaching for the ropes, but Mark McNasty holds the ropes out of her grasp. Dahlia runs down the apron to spring off with an axe kick at Mark McNasty, forcing him to release the rope. Lisa Seldon quickly clutches the rope as her eyes droop and close. Referee Tate forces Wilkie to release the hold. Alex complies then quickly delivers the A+ssault.

Alex Wilkie hooks his adversary's leg, going for the pinfall.



Rentfro: Lisa manages to get her foot into the ropes before the three count, and this match continues. Alex Wilkie tags out to Enika Engel.

McDaniel: And Lisa dives for her corner. Enika grabs her by the ankle to prevent the tag... back brain kick! Seldon takes down Engel!

Rentfro: Team members from both sides begin pouring into the ring as Lisa makes the tag! But who made the tag?? I can't tell in all the confusion!

Pandemonium reigns over the ring as Referee Cole Tate tries to restore order. Corey Lazarus and Lex Demise begin brawling inside the ring. Mark McNasty goes after Nightmare while Alex Wilkie resumes his battle with Lisa Seldon. Kindred slides out of the ring then goes underneath it while Enika just watches the chaos around her. Riona and Dahlia begin trading chops and kicks. McNasty nails Nightmare from behind with his boot, leveling him, then takes him to the corner where the two battle their way to the top turnbuckle. Lisa Seldon comes in from behind Riona Langly to nail her with the Zero Divide. The Razordolls then turn their attention to Corey Lazarus as Alex Wilkie aids his tag partner in battling Nightmare

Suddenly SNS emerges from the crowd, dragging Riona out of the ring to nail The Finishing Touch on the ring steps. Strader then circles the ring, looking for Kindred. Dahlia runs in for the Black Dahlia Murders to Corey, but Lisa takes Laz down with The Picture of Perfection. Missing her intended target, Dahlia strikes Demise square in the face instead. As Dahlia gets to her feet, Circa sends her crashing to the canvas with the Flatliner. Mark McNasty executes the sault-slam on Nightmare, the two men crashing down across Lex Demise, Corey Lazarus, Circa, and the Razordolls. Akira and Dhamballa then pull McNasty to his feet to deliver a vicious conchairto. Alex Wilkie performs the Grade A Stunner to Lisa Seldon before noticing his partner's predicament. Wilkie comes to McNasty's aid, swinging a chair, but the numbers game soon catches up with him as he, too, is leveled. Circa rolls out of the ring only to be pulled underneath by Kindred.

Nightmare ducks a fist from the rising Corey Lazarus, sending him crashing to the canvas with the Navajo Driver. Circa collapses by Mark McNasty, finally losing consciousness. Circa rolls limply out from under the ring barely conscious, her face a crimson mask of blood. Kindred slides out after her, looking down at his handiwork like an artist admiring a masterpiece. Enika continues to watch the mayhem, sitting in the corner with an I don't care look on her face. Strader catches up with Kindred, sending him flipping in the air with a western lariat before executing The Memory Remains through the announcers' table. His work finished, Scott Nash Strader dusts off his hands and limps back out through the crowd, leaving Enika Engel and Nightmare as the only two people left standing, albeit Nightmare is not standing very well on his own.

Rentfro: Wow... just... wow... That was one giant cluster**** of a fight if I ever did see one.

McDaniel: And as the smoke clears, as they say, it's Enika and Nightmare left in the ring!  

Enika now has her game face on, as she turns to focus on Nightmare, the man who currently holds the very title she seeks to claim.  Before anything can happen, however, Lex Demise slips into the ring and executes a running bulldog on Engel, and she takes the blunt of the impact to her forward, and she rolls over in pain.  Nightmare bounces off the ropes, but before he clears them, Lazarus trips him up and he falls hard onto the canvas face first.  Lazarus slides in, ducks a clothesline attempt from Demise and spins and hits a hard crescent kick that sends Demise barreling out of the ring!  Lazarus eases Enika into the corner, out of harms way, and he spins around.  As Nightmare wobbles to his feet, Lazarus hits the End Credits with unbellied quickness, but before he can score the fall, Circa comes in and spins Lazarus and hits her trademark Flatliner!  Wiping the blood from her face, she turns and barely ducks an attack from the returning Kindred, and she manages to clothesline the bigger man over the ropes, the momentum taking her with him!

Rentfro: Circa kept her wits about her there!

McDaniel: The way Kindred went at her earlier, its amazing she has any balance left!!

The chaos continues, as both Grade A and the Razordolls fall into the ring simultaneously, each with the desire to cover the fallen opponents!  They meet in the center, with Wilkie getting tossed over the ropes by Dahlia, who follows to finish the job, and McNasty gets Lisa up into the Lights Out position, scoring a hard impact move.  He spins, and falls to hook Nightmare's leg for the pin!



Nightmare Kicks out!

Rentfro: So very close!!

McDaniel: I can hardly keep up here!!

Both men rise and begin battling it out, and the ref seems to have decided to just let the first pin count, as he's lost track entirely of who is legal!  The competitors who can still move are all battling in and out of the ring, and the arena is filled with huge cheers as the melee becomes almost too much to follow.  In the midst of the war, Enika Engel grabs Wilkie and attempts her Thoughts of a Dying Athiest, but in mid motion, Riona spears her and she goes crashing on her back! Riona rolls out of the ring, holding her shoulder and Wilkie falls away.  In the confusion, Circa slips in, picks up Enika and hits the Flatliner, rolling on top and hooking the leg.




Rentfro: Circa wins it!! Holy Hell!

McDaniel: In all that mess, the PWA TV Champ scores the pinfall over Enika Engel!! No one would ever have guessed!!!

Circa is up, her hand raised and a look of disbelief on her face!! 

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, Team Champions!!!

She doesn't have time to celebrate, as Kindred resumes his earlier attack, and they both fall out of the ring!  Grade A and the Razordolls go toe to toe at ringside, and Demise and Lazarus give up on caring as they fight up the ramp!  Riona grudgingly exits the arena, her mind likely on finding Scott Strader for earlier.  And in the ring, Nightmare saunters up to Enika, who is sitting up, shaking her head.  She looks up at him, and he smiles tauntingly down at her. 

Rentfro: Oh hell, now what!?

McDaniel: The match is over, what more could Nightmare do now!?

All Nightmare does is mouth "See you in a week!" before he slips out of the ring, and Enika is left there to ponder. 

Rentfro: Enika didn't have her usual focus, and it got her in the end!

McDaniel: Of course not, not with what happened to Thunderwolf!  The fact is, Enika's mind was not on this match at all.  I bet she's just glad it's over!

Enika slips from the ring, heading up the ramp ignoring the continued battles at ringside.

Rentfro: We're gonna need security for all of this!!

McDaniel: Fans! In just one week, we'll see you at High Stakes!!! This is Jon McDaniel. for Brian Rentfro; Good night!

(C) PWA 2008