"Bring Your Popcorn" 

April 4th, 2008

Live on from the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana

We find ourselves backstage in Matthew Engel's locker room. He has his iPod on, his legs up, and his eyes closed. He seems to be in somewhat of a tranquil state, but we can hear the intensity of the music that is playing on the iPod. His earphones are screaming with rock and roll. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door.

He doesn't move.

Another knock.

No movement still.

The third knock is more of a slam, and it startles him. He takes off his iPod and walks up to the door. He opens it, but we can't see who it is.

Matthew Engel: "Yeah?"

The response is a voice that's feminine, but firm. She's speaking in a calculating tone.

Woman: "We need to talk."

Matthew Engel: "That's all people seem to want to do these days. Talk."

Woman: "Aren't you going to let me in?"

He steps aside. We now know it's Riona Langly, but her presence is nothing short of professorial. She seems to have a look of concern, but that's immediately erased once the door is shut and she's seated. Matthew stands, leaning against the wall. His attention is on his iPod.

Riona Langly: "Matt, I'm concerned. You see, I'm in a bind right now. There's alot of people out to get me right now, including your sister, and I've got the feeling things are going to get worse. I need support, Matt. I'm here scouting the field, to see what kind of terms we're on."

Matthew scratches his head as he waits to respond. Riona grows impatient.

Riona Langly: "If I'm wasting my time, I'll just leave."

She stands up, but finally Matthew gives her the time of day. He retorts.

Matthew Engel: "It's certainly a pickle. Here I am preparing for my match with a man I have so much hatred for because of what he's done, and I couldn't give a flying fuck about you and Dustin."

Riona Langly: "It doesn't make you a hypocrite."

Matthew Engel: "I never said I was."

He shoots her a disdaining look.

Matthew Engel: "Riona, I'm not the man you've come across the few times in your career. I'm not the man that Dustin or Enika has told you about. I've changed. For better, for worse; it doesn't make a difference. Why are you here asking for my help? Surely I've told you what you already know."

He pulls his eyes away from her, and looks down. She looks at him... with pity and frustration.

Riona Langly: "I just need your support, Matt. I made one mistake, and I'm being crucified for it. I can't go at this alone. You know I would never, ever try to disrupt things between Eni' and Dustin. It was a mistake."

Matthew Engel: "Sadly, you haven't changed a thing."

A look of confusion comes over her.

Matthew Engel: "Those two will either be together or not. They'll find a way, or they won't. Dustin can't keep it in his pants, and Enika is too unforgiving. It doesn't add up well for either of them. What you did hasn't changed a thing, and why you feel the need to get caught up in their problems is beyond me."

Riona Langly: "Where the fuck have you been? Did you not see what happened two weeks ago? Enika and Lisa beat the shit out of me. I needed some support, and I had no one. Just in case that happens again, I'd like to know if somebody has my back. Since you and I have been on good terms, or I thought so, I came here asking for help. But, you're feeding me bullshit."

His eyes meet hers, and he can sense the desperation in her, much like she can sense the desperation in him. The desperation for violence.

Riona Langly: "And if Corey were to get involved, I would expect your help. I hate him for many reasons, and one of them is for what he's done to you."

She's trying to push the right buttons.

Matthew Engel: "Lisa..."

He pauses. We can sense that he's thinking about last week. About the guilt-trip. About Jamie Flynn. A sense of disappointment and regret comes over him. In that moment, he seems human. But, it quickly vanishes.

Matthew Engel: "If get Corey gets involved, rest assured I'll be there to uninvolve him in a very violent way."

Riona Langly: "And?"

Matthew Engel: "As far as anything else goes, you're on your own. You made the mess, you clean it up."

Riona Langly: "I guess I expected more out of you, Matt. I thought you would really help me, possibly get Lisa off my back and anybody else so if it came down to it, I could deal with Enika alone. I'm not asking you to go against your family, I'm asking you to support a friend, and someone who would never betray you.."

Matthew Engel: "I'm not the man you once knew."

Riona Langly: "I can see that. What about this..."

Matthew Engel: "What about what, Riona?"

Riona Langly: "The Masters are after you and Warren. That's as clear as day. I've got my own problems with them, especially that douche Duffy. Enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?"

Matthew Engel: "They won the battle last week, but they won't win the war."

Riona Langly: "You're still outnumbered.  I can help you even the odds and fight that war. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.  Right?"

Matthew Engel: "Is that how it works?"

He lets out a chuckle.

Riona Langly: "You know what I mean."

Matthew Engel: "I think I do."
He puts his iPod back on, clearly telling her to kindly get out. She closes her eyes, overcome with frustration and animosity. She stands up, adjusts her shirt, and walks out. She slams the door behind her, and Matthew has his eyes closed once more, and his music blasting in his ears.  We then cut to ringside with our announcers.

McDaneil: Welcome to Rampage, everyone!  We have a hell of a line up for you tonight!

Rentfro: Such a show!  We could talk about it, or show it, so let's get right to the action with a title match!!

PWA Television Championship


Fire © vs. Jacob Collins

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the PWA Television Championship!

Cells by Servant begins and Jacob comes out dressed in solid black wrestling shorts, boots and both of his hands are taped. He strides to the ring, slapping hands with fans on both sides!

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas and weighing in at 215lbs, here is Jacob Collins!!

He reaches the ring and quickly steps up the metal stairs and into the ring. He spins once in the middle, basking in the roar of the crowd before going to his corner to await the start of the match.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, from Hollywood California, she is the PWA Television Champion, Fire!!

“This Fire” by Franz Ferdinand takes over and the PWA TV Champion, Fire, sultry walks onto the stage, the title belt around her waist and she rotates her hips to the music and rubs her golden belt in a provocative way! She smiles at the crowd, but doesn’t wave as she marches straight to the ring, her attention all on a nervous young Jacob Collins.  She slides into the ring by jumping on the apron and rolling in so that she’s laying on her back in the ring. She slides her hands along her body, reaching behind to unclasp her belt.  She slides it off, smiling at the ref and Jacob.  The ref swallows as he takes the belt, and Jacob shakes just a bit, from the attention.

McDaniel: Fire seems to have changed a bit, she seems .. Well, more fired up, and much more alive than the last couple of weeks!

Rentfro: The girl looks… satisfied! Man, I wish it had been me to satisfy her!

McDaniel: I’m going to let that one go, because I can’t help but agree!

Rentfro: Dude, you’re loosening up, way to go!

McDaniel: Shut it!

Rentfro: Well, that didn’t last!


Fire saunters to the center of the ring, using her finger to call Jacob towards her.  She smiles warmly and says something only he can hear and he sweats a bit.  She calls for a lock up and they do, and she quickly brings him into a headlock, pressing her breasts into his face. Jacob bolts back out of the lock and falls on his ass to the corner.

McDaniel: She’s teasing him!

Rentfro: My god, the kid’s a virgin, he has to be!

Fire turns around and wiggles her ass at Jacob.  She winks over her shoulder and then tells him to fight like a man, and not hide like a pussy!  Jacob jumps up and runs at Fire, feeling angry at the taunt.  Fire backsteps and as Jacob comes in she uses his momentum and lifts him up and over her.  Jacob flies headfirst into the corner post on the opposite corner, hitting his head on the metal.

McDaniel: OH HELL, she just lured the kid in to his doom!

Rentfro: She’s like a siren, and he answered her call!

Jacob hits his head, lands on his feet and stumbles backwards against Fire, who has her back to him so now they stand back to back with him dazed.  Fire calls in the referee, and as he reaches her, she grabs him, pulls him into her and whispers something erotic in his ear.  With the ref distracted, Fire brings her leg back and mule kicks Jacob between the legs!  Jacob bends at the waist in severe pain!

McDaniel: Why that devious little Bit…

Rentfro: Now you watch your language young man!

Fire then pushes the ref back out of the way, admonishing him for being too close, and turns and pulls Jacob up by his hair.  She pushes him backwards towards the center of the ring and connects with the Scorching Soles (Superkick) and then sits on his chest, her crotch near his face and the ref counts.





Rentfro: PU-LEASE pin me that way!

McDaniel: You’re crazy!  Fire just showed how vicious and deceptive she can be!! 

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and STILL PWA TELEVISION CHAMPION….FIRE!!!

Fire grabs her belt from the ref, giving him a now dirty look which of course confuses him, and she quickly leaves the ring, brushing her fiery red hair out of her face and ignoring the excited fans as she makes her way up the stage and into the back.

Rentfro: Oh, she’s gonna be a woman to watch out for here in the PWA!

McDaniel: With that attitude, she certainly isn’t out to make friends.  I wonder if she’s sending a message to Wilkie and McNasty about later tonight!?

Rentfro: Grade A needs her, and needs her bad!  She’s gonna rock their house!!!

McDaniel: That’ll be later, but right now we're getting something backstage.

A quick cut and fade to the back, our shot framing full our PWA Grizzly Bear Champion, Trevor Knight, and the ever radiant Lisa Seldon. The two rivals standing, inches between them. Vicious, a dark look across his face, his eyes hidden in shades, and Lisa, always with a smile. It's her who starts, kicking off a the wall as she approaches him.

Lisa Seldon: You know Trevor, I don't think we got off on the right foot before, and that's such a shame, because I have a lot of respect for you.

She turns on her toe away from him, never so much as giving him a chance to speak.

Lisa Seldon: You're a great wrestler Trevor, you really are, and that's why it pains me so to think what I'm going to have to do, because when your buddies did over one of mine, you started something that's going to get messy real soon, and I don't think it's going to go your way. Not this time.

Internally he sighs, never rising to her threats. Still though, she carries on through a grating smile.

Lisa Seldon: But that's for another time Trevor, so I wouldn't worry about that tonight, not when you've got much more pressing business to attend to.

She takes her moment to consider something, laying her head on one side. Then she smiles.

Lisa Seldon: Break her arm. For me.

A wink from her then before she skips away, and our camera falls back on Vicious. In turn he does as little as raises a brow. It's enough to show, and the feed cuts out.

Rentfro: Lisa Seldon going to greater lengths to get at Riona there...

McDaniel: Riona's resilient, though. Let's get our next match underway.

Lunatic Fringe vs. The Razordolls

Eric Emerson: Introducing...

He steps back as the room falls dark before a distant sound circles the arena.

Get out there and make it/make it look good

And with a crash the grind of Dead Girl Superstar breaks the speakers as the arena bursts in purple light.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at two hundred, forty-six pounds combined...

A flicker cracks the entrance way screen, spinning across a corded SiD logo before we cut skipping and jumping across a shot of Lisa in the ring who then turns towards us in a freeze frame of a wide tooth grin soaked in blood, her name burn on the screen at her side.

well she threw downtown on a gambling green
and fenced a chicken dog in a movie
a long haired baby got a record machine
like a hacksaw falling on me

A cut again then as the music continues to pound, this time to a close shot of Dahlia with an opponent stooped over her and then we freeze frame again just as she forces them down to their back in an Armbar. Her name burns again before we cut one last time to a jittering Razordolls logo.

go go go go
dying to go
she's moving in like a demon

On the first beat a burst rips across the stage, showering it in fluorescent light.

go go go go
dying to go
she's moving in like a demon

The second time through a spotlight floods the entrance ramp as a wall of white sparks that shower the stage around them. It's then that our duo emerges, Lisa and Dahlia, The Razordolls, the mere sight of them ripping a wave of cheers across the arena.

dead girl dead girl

The cheers roll on as Lisa takes a knee, extending her hands towards her partner who loops her own into the air and then bobs on her knees, dressed all in black from her dress to the black mesh sleeves that wrap her arms, all save of course from the contradicting tights - one in black and white stripe and one in red and black, falling down into a a pair of red and black checkered sneakers.

dead girl dead girl superstar

Lisa then jumps back to her feet as we take a look at her, dressed to the standard in black baggy jeans, red trainers and a white T-Shirt with a simple SiD logo plastered on the front. Hard to miss though, your eyes fall upon the white tape that wraps her left arm as she holds her palms to the sky. Oh, and small black bag held in her right.

Eric Emerson: Lisa Seldon. Dahlia Starr. I give you... THE RAZORDOLLS!

The ovation only rises on the calling of their name as the two sweep down the ramp, touching base with a few fans as they pass.

well she blew uptown on a cemetery sound
and wore her leather pants for week yeah
a canteen butcher got tiger teeth
and a handmade circus freak yeah

Hitting the ring it's Dahlia who enters first, sliding in under the bottom rope and quickly bouncing back to her feet while Lisa remains outside on the apron, dropping her bag by the stairs and hopping up on one knee before leaning back to get a good shot of the fans. She then hops up to her feet and grasps the ropes.

go go go go
dying to go
she's moving in like a demon

Bounding the ropes then, Lisa leap frogs in to her feet and then drops to a knee, holding her arms out as the crowd cheers her on again.

dead girl dead girl

Turning to her corner then, Lisa joins Dahlia, sharing a few words before jumping up the ropes and lifting her palms to the fans, who roar their approval once again.

dead girl dead girl superstar

Soaking it in with a smile, she then drops down, turns and leans back into the corner with her partner as the sound begins to fall.

McDaniel: Quite the entrance for these two.

Rentfro: And the name fits about as well as Lisa's shirt.


Rentfro: What I mean Jon is that they are beautiful like dolls, but deadly like razors.

McDaniel: I didn't say anything.

Rentfro: I don't usually pay attention when you do anyway.

Lisa is jumping side to side, as Dahlia stands on the bottom rope, leaning over the top.

"More Human than Human" by Rob Zombie begins to play. Out from the back walks Sirus and Randall Moran; with al' and baby respectively. They head straight down the ramp towards the ring. While Sirus has a serious look on his face that is foreign to the PWA fans, Randall instead is grinning from ear to ear.

Rentfro: That must be his eager face.

McDaniel: That's creepy is what it is.

The two reach ringside, and Randall places baby by the ring post. Sirus puts 'Al' on the ring apron, but never takes his glare off the ladies. Meanwhile, Lisa smiles and waves at Sirus as Dahlia blows him a kiss. Randall hops onto the apron, as Sirus takes his time walking up the stairs. Randall hops in, but Sirus reaches out, and grabs the back of Randall's shirt. Instead of arguing, Randall seems content with the intensity Sirus is showing. Sirus gets in the ring, and Lisa's smile gets bigger.


Lisa runs straight at Sirus and jumps at him with a flying forearm. Sirus ducks, but Lisa lands on her feet behind him. Sirus turns and throws a punch, but Lisa throws herself backwards onto her hands. She bounces back up as Sirus goes for another punch. This time, Lisa ducks the punch. As Sirus leans forward from his momentum, Lisa manages to get a hand on his chest, and she shoves him backwards. Sirus now looks like he’s getting irritated. Sirus comes back for Lisa, but as he winds back, Lisa just slaps him across the face. Sirus has to take a step back to keep his balance. Lisa kicks Sirus in the gut, before jumping up, and grabbing Sirus around the neck. Lisa then spins, and connects with a tornado DDT. Lisa pops back to her feet, and holds her hands in the air, getting a pop. Lisa bends over and picks Sirus up by the head, but Sirus delivers a stiff elbow to Lisa's gut. Lisa won't let go, and grabs Sirus in a tight headlock. Sirus tries another elbow, but Lisa just cranks the headlock. Sirus finally just grabs Lisa by the hips, before he lifts her up, and drops her for a side suplex. Sirus gets to a knee, and looks at Randall. Randall is nodding, and Sirus just gives him a nod. Sirus picks Lisa up by the hair, and she quickly swings for Sirus's face. Sirus backs his head away, and then quickly throws Lisa to the ropes. When she bounces back, Lisa slides between Sirus's legs, and pulls them out. As Sirus falls face first to the mat, list jumps up, walks to Sirus's head, and drops an elbow on the back of his head. An "Ohh" comes from the audience as Lisa gets back to her feet, and walks to her corner. She tags in Dahlia, and Dahlia smirks, before leaping straight to the top turnbuckle. Sirus is not aware of the tag, and is now on all fours; as Dahlia leaps across the ring.

McDaniel: Holy cow.

Rentfro: Wow, she’s gonna jump the entire ring.

Sirus looks towards the Razordolls corner just in time to see Dahlia coming. Sirus drops to the mat and rolls under the ropes. At the last second, Dahlia brings her legs under her, and she lands on her feet. With Sirus on the outside, Dahlia doesn't waste any time as she uses the momentum to jump onto the top rope, and perform a shooting star press type move. Dahlia blindsides Sirus from behind, and the two go crashing to the ground.

McDaniel: Incredible!




Sirus, having taken the blunt of the hit, is face down on the outside. Dahlia rolls off Sirus, and gets back to her feet quickly. Dalia strolls over to Sirus and drops a knee on the back of his head.



Rentfro: Man, these two are hitting Sirus in the head so much, they might knock some sense into him!



Dahlia wraps her hand in Sirus’s hair. She then drags him to his feet, and over to the ring. She uses her grasp on his hair to roll him in, before getting in herself. Dahlia gets to her feet as Sirus stumbles up. Dahlia kicks Sirus in the calf once, and as he slumps forward, Dahlia nails her Back-Brain Kick!

Rentfro: Ouch.

With Sirus Dazed, Dahlia goes to her corner and tags in Lisa. Sirus is shaking off the effects of the Shooting star press as he gets to his knees. He cracks his neck both ways, before standing. Sirus turns, and sees Lisa standing in the center of the ring looking at him. She crosses her arms and starts stomping her foot. Sirus rolls in, at the ring post adjacent to Randall; and Randall calls for a tag. Sirus looks at Randall, but doesn't get to make the tag since Lisa blitz Sirus with a running spinning heel kick.

McDaniel: Sirus is really taking a beating.

Sirus bounces back into the ropes, and Lisa jumps for a stiff kick to the face. But Sirus ducks enough that Lisa only clips Sirus in the shoulder. Sirus is knocked into the corner, and Randall takes the opportunity to tag himself in.

McDaniel: Salvation!

Lisa sees the fresh Randall as a road block, and tries to quickly solve her problem. Lisa runs to the rope next to the Morans. She jumps onto the middle rope, and launches herself up for a dropkick at Randall. But, Randall gets his hand up and knocks Lisa's legs away. Lisa hits the mat, and it gives Randall just enough time to get into the ring. Lisa, still on the mat, gets her arm behind Randall's left knee, and chops him in the back of it. Randall's going down, but he puts out a fist, and aims for Lisa's face. Lisa must go on the defense to avoid a black eye. She rolls backwards over herself, letting Randall deliver a stiff blow to the canvas. Lisa manages to jump to her feet from the sitting position, and goes for a quick drop kick to Randall's face. However, Randall sticks his leg out, and the longer leg wins. So, Lisa falls back, and lands on her back. Randall stands rather quickly, and without wasting time, nails a Suicide Scherzo! He pins!




Rentfro: Jon, look at Lisa. I think Randall's boot nailed her pretty good, her left eye is swelling shut.

Randall smiles as he goes for Lisa; but out of instinct, she gets Randall with a drop toe hold. With Randall on the mat, Lisa uses the rope to pull herself up, and she just manages to tag Dahlia, before falling onto the apron. Dahlia sees an opening. With Randall getting up with the ropes in his corner, she runs at the ropes. As Randall is on his knees, she goes for the Black Dahlia Murder.

McDaniel: This is the end!

But Randall sees it coming, and throws himself to the mat. Dahlia lands, startled and Sirus who's on the apron gives her a hard push and she stumbles backwards, tripping over Randall and falling!  She lands on her back with a hard thud, the wind knocked out of her and Randall rolls and tags Sirus!  Sirus comes in and as Dahlia tries to stand, Sirus flips over and rolls her into a small package pin. 





Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners, Lunatic Fringe!

Sirus stands, but only stares over at Lisa Seldon, who is pulling herself to her feet. As the ref raises both Moran's arms, we see Sirus starring at Lisa.

Rentfro: He’s acting like she has a plague!.

We see why he is starring, as Lisa has her black bag in hand. Lisa rolls her eyes and then tosses him the bag. In both hands he catches it, and recoils, almost as if he expects it to explode. Instead it just hangs in his hands, and very cautiously he pulls something out.

Lisa Seldon: It's a present, for your kid.

Discarding the bag then, Sirus holds the gift in his hand, and reveals it to the world to be a small brown bear, 'Al' like in every way, save for a small red bow stitched to the right ear and a shirt with the word Alice written across the front. Turning it in his hands then he turns back to Lisa, and she gives him a smile. She wanted to name it after herself, but this seemed more appropriate... she's very vain.

Sirus: No razors in it?

His voice, tinged with expectancy as he continues to watch her suspiciously. In turn though she just raises her right hand and crosses a finger over her heart, an answer that seems to satisfy him.

McDaniel: Am I seeing things right? Does that say "Alice"?

Rentfro: Me thinks 'Al' might be the lucky one tonight.

Her conscious clear, Lisa rolls from the ring again, joining her partner as the two climb the ramp to the back.

The cameras shift backstage to one of the private suites. Expansive furniture, elegant furnishings, it is a world you will only ever know from the wrong side of the camera.

Seated upon one of the sofas is "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali. The dress code for this evening is fashionably casual, Affliction jeans and D. Squared polo shirt, both in basic black. He is currently typing upon a laptop computer, a glass of Richard Hennessy cognac by his left hand.

Jon's partner in crime, Akira, walks over with a grin.

Akira: Hey, man. Digging up dirt on your opponent?

Jonathon shakes his head.

Nightmare: Naw, dude, I'm booking rooms for us for our trip to Dublin. Knowing Chameleon he's going to try shoving us in some flophouse. I tried to book the penthouse at the Gresham Hotel, but the M.o.A. beat me, so I just got us a penthouse suite at the Morrisson Hotel.

Akira nods.

Akira: Say what you want about the Masters, but they seem to have class and know how to take care of their people. You should check out the PWA website while you're at it.

Jonathon taps at the keyboard then sits back with a cocky smirk.

Nightmare: Well I'll be damned.

Akira: So how does it feel to be PWA Wrestler of the Month your first month into this joint?

Nightmare: Pretty good, pretty damn good. It's an honor to receive acknowledgement like this. This will give me even more momentum going into my matches at RPM. There's only one thing I have to say about it.

He looks directly into the camera, a confident smile on his lips and a determined fire in his eyes.

Nightmare: If you're impressed now, then you better buckle in tight because you're in for a Hell of a ride. The best is yet to come.

He raises his glass in salute and you are returned back to ringside.

McDaniel: Our next match I think will be stealing the show, Brian.

Rentfro: We'll just have to see about that, Jon.

PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match (Chairs Only)
Vicious (C) vs. Riona Langly


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and is a CHAIRS ONLY match!

A soft pinging noise fills the speakers, moving across the arena as the lights flicker along with it. As the pinging comes to a stop, the lights in the arena shut off completely, and orchestral intro to "Planet Hell" by Nightwish begins. The crowd doesn't really know what to think as images of angels and death flash across the screen, superimposed with flashes of ring action. The lights begin to flicker along with the beat of the drums. And without a warning, the music stops and a massive explosion of red pyro goes off on both sides of the entrance ramp as the the guitars kick in most mightily, the lights coming back on with a fury. Blue lasers fly about the arena as Marco Hietala begins singing.

### Denying the lying ###
### A million children fighting ###
### For lives in strife ###
### For hope beyond the horizon ###

The lasers switch to a reddish hue as Tajra begins to sing....

### A dead world ###
### A dark path ###
### Not even crossroads to choose from ###
### All the blood red carpets before me ###
Behold this fair creation of God ###

As Tajra's pace and the music calm down considerably, a spotlight bursts out from in front of the curtain as a figure slowly makes its way out in front of it, head tilted down. The figure stops just in front of the light, head tilted down. Her long, black hair flows over her shoulders, bangs at the front hiding her face as she silohettes herself on the light.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, she stands 5 feet, 9 inches and weighed in this morning at 142 pounds...

### My only wish to leave behind ###
### All the days of the earth ###
An everyday hell of my kingdom come ###

The woman slowly lifts her head up, hair hanging down over her face and obscuring most of it. Finally, as the second of the song begins, she throws her arms out to the side in a crucifix pose and flicks her head back, her hair flying back over her shoulders and revealing her face.  A huge pop occurs as a stream of silver sparks fall from the screen above her, the light behind her blacking out.  She ignores any sort of minor pain that the sparks would be causing her as three silver fireworks shoot off from the top of the tron to fly off and hit sets above the ring, causing minor explosions and the lasers to switch back to blue.

### The first rock thrown again ###
### Welcome to hell, little Saint ###
### Mother Gaia in slaughter ###
Welcome to paradise soldier ###

Riona drops her pose and paces each side of the entrance ramp, mentally preparing herself for the match as she loosens her muscles up a bit with a little bounce.

Eric Emerson: She comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennslyvania and is the Celestial Trigger...

### My first cry neverending ###
### All life is to fear for life ###
### You fool, you wanderer ###
### You challenged the gods and lost ###

Riona returns to the middle of the entranceway and begins to make her way down the ramp as silver sparks suddenly fly up from either side of the entrance ramp to shower down over her, creating a tunnel of sorts due to the arching shape. Riona's typical neutral gaze not showing much of her thoughts towards the crowd.  The arching shape keeps her from specifically reaching out for high fives, but she doesn't bother to stop the few pats on the back she gets through the tunnel of sparks. Riona stops at the bottom of the ramp as the sparks finally dissipate, looking up into the ring for a few moments before walking over to and up the stairs. She quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle and snaps off a crucifix pose as silver pyro shoots up from the other three turnbuckles with a loud pop as soon as the chorus begins.

### Save yourself a penny for the ferryman ###
### Save yourself and let them suffer ###
### In hope ###
### In love ###
### This world ain't ready for The Ark ###

She holds the pose there while the chorus goes on, the lasers finally ending. Finally, Riona lowers her arms and hops down into to her corner, doing some last minute stretches and getting ready for the match as the lights return to normal.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent...

The house lights dim as "Passve" from APC kicks up over the arena. The fans enter their strongest mix of admiration and hate as Vicious steps out from backstage, dressed to wrestle and wearing black sunglasses. A new addition to his attire is a shiny, delicious looking Grizzly Beer title thrown over his right shoulder.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Chicago, Illinois...

He makes his way down to the ring, takes off the shades and tosses them into the crowd.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet one inch and weighs two hundred and thirty pounds... he is the Grizzly Beer Champion... VICIOUS!!!

Silently, he moves to his corner and waits...

McDaniel: Now, by chairs only, does he mean they can't do anything except hit each other with chairs?

Rentfro: No... were you even paying attention? It's a standard match, but chairs are acceptable to use. Nothing else.

McDaniel: Ah, I see.


Vic and Riona stalk each other now, with Riona delivering the first punch. She catches Vic in the mouth, and then takes him down with a nasty lariat. Vic gets up and Riona tries to take him down again, but he ducks and hits her with a half-nelson slam. A cover.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Near fall there as Trevor rolls to the outside. He's reaching for something...

Rentfro: Gee... could it be a chair?

McDaniel: Yes it is! He throws it into the ring. Riona is to her feet, but Trevor has already got the chair in his hand.


Riona collapses in the ring as Trevor connects with a...vicious chair shot. He covers again.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Wow! I thought she was knocked out cold!

Rentfro: Apparently not Jon!

Trevor gets Riona up to her feet, her face red and still stinging from that rude awakening, and throws her into the corner. He unchambers lefts and rights and then grabs the dented chair. He goes in for another swing, but Riona dodges and roundhouses the chair in Vic's hand, which incidentally smacks back into his face. He falls backwards, and Riona covers.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Good God! Trevor's nose is bleeding from that one.

Rentfro: Riona had to make a move there or she was definitely going to get knocked out.

McDaniel: That chair's about had it!

Riona slides out of the ring and grabs a fresh new chair. She brings it into the ring and lays it on top of Trevor. She slams her fist into Trevor's face a few times, then climbs the ropes.

McDaniel: This is gonna hurt!

Rentfro: The question is who the most?

McDaniel: The answer is both! Riona flies off the top rope with a four-fifty splash, but misses! Trevor moves out of the way but cleverly kept the steel chair in place as Riona crashes down on it.

Riona grabs her stomach a bit as Trevor gets to his feet, still dazed from that kick-chair shot. Trevor stomps on Riona a few times, and gets her to her feet. He throws her into the ropes, and moves the chair with his foot to a position of his liking. Trevor lifts Riona up and drops her down hard with a spinebuster on the chair. A quick cover.



Kick out!

Trevor is a little frustrated and goes into the ropes. He comes back and nails a senton splash on Riona, who's still lying on that chair. He covers again.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Where most people would've given up right now, Riona is still in it. Gotta give her props for that.

Rentfro: Mad props?

McDaniel: Yes, mad props.

Trevor rolls Riona off the chair and gets her to her feet. He unchambers lefts and rights and executes a perfect suplex on Riona. He gets to his feet and grabs the chair. Riona is slowly getting to her feet, as Trevor is still bleeding out of his nose. Riona backs into the ropes, using them to keep her up. Trevor lifts the chair high into the air, sensing the kill.

McDaniel: Trevor swings and...

Rentfro: MISS!

McDaniel: Oh no! The chair bounces off the ropes and hits Trevor square in the face!

Rentfro: OUCH! Trevor is bleeding more out of his nose now... and Riona falls down to cover.





Rentfro: No way! I thought Trevor was gonna get up from that. That chair shot might've knocked him out cold!

McDaniel: Trevor's certainly not moving, as Riona gets handed her Grizzly Beer title and celebrates.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen... the winner of this match and NEW Grizzly Beer champion... RIONA LANGLY!!!!

As Riona celebrates,“Five Minutes Alone” hits the the sound system, and the crowd erupts half in cheers and half in jeers, as Scott Nash Strader walks out onto the stage. He twirls the microphone in his left hand, and runs his fingers through his hair with his right. He raises the microphone to his lips, and begins to speak.

SNS:  Riona, I have to say you looked fantastic out there tonight. No really, I mean it. Scouts honor.

Scott holds his fingers to his forehead in a mock salute. He walks back and forth infront of the entrance way.

SNS:  There's a lot of nay-sayers out there. A lot of people seem to think I should retire.

Again, a mixed reaction. Riona stands tall in the ring, tapping her foot, arms crossed.

SNS:  Well, I have this to say them.

Strader takes his right hand, kisses it, and slaps his ass.

SNS:  They can kiss my ass Riona. And so can you. So this brings me to why I'm out here. It seems to me, that for some damn odd reason I have to prove myself. Which I've done countless times over, but here I go again. After we get back from Ireland Riona.... You and I, in that very ring you stand in. In a match I know thats close to your heart....

Scott pauses, and tries to hold a straight face.

SNS: Winner gets to sleep with Thunderwolf.

Some in the crowd get a rise out of this tasteless joke, not as much as Strader though.

SNS:  Naw, seriously, he's really not my type. Now, what I ask is a match on the post-RPM Rampage. You and I, one on one...in a tap out only match. You got until Revolutions to decide Riona. Think you can handle that sister?

“Five Minutes Alone” starts up again as Scott waves to a furious Riona, salutes the fans, and heads to the back.

You'll never take us alive.

We find ourselves in a plush office. Much nicer than anything PWA but then Mark Sommers is a cheapskate. In the dim light a monster of a man stands in front of a large oak desk.

We interrupt this segment to bring you a short statement from the President of the PWA, Chamelion.

Chamelion: Bullshit!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled segment, already in progress/

Deacon Frost: Yeah? What do YOU want?

Voice:  We have a question about the end of your promo. 

 The camera pans around the Deacon to reveal Ai Mei Montrose sitting behind the desk.

Deacon Frost:  Shit!! What's wrong now? 

Wild Chylde:  The bit at the end with the cameraman where the camera gets crushed? That was a one time thing right?  

Deacon, looking a bit pissed, sighs 

Deacon Frost: What? You guys aren't going all religious conservative are you? Is the MoA afraid that the Church will object or something? 

Wild Chylde: No, of course not. It's just that professional video equipment costs a mint. It could end up costing us more than it's worth. 

Deacon barks a laugh and shakes his head. 

Deacon Frost: Christ!! Is that all you people are worried about? And I thought Chamelion was a cheap ass. 

He turns and starts to leave the room. 

Wild Chylde: Not to mention having to fork out hazard pay just to get any more camera technicians. 

Fade to black.

McDaniel: Frost definitely needs to be more careful with the PWA's equipment.

Rentfro: Definitely, Jon. Our next match should prove to be an exciting one --

McDaniel: Hold on, they're telling me Raizzor's backstage...

We cut backstage with Toshi Yang standing next to the PWA World Champion, Raizzor.

Toshi: Greetings PWA fans, with me at this time, our PWA Champion, Raizzor!

Crowd pops, and Toshi turns and looks up, awed to be in Raizzor’s presence.

Toshi: Raizzor, in a few moments you will be teaming with Phoenix to take on the team of Grade A Nastyness. Can you two work together to overcome these astronomical odds?

Raizzor looks down over Toshi, his features cross.

Raizzor: The odds are in our favor, for while Phoenix and I hold no care for each other, McNasty has loudly placed himself in both our paths with his words recently. He claims his superiority, but tonight that claim will be ripped apart and exposed for the lie that it is.  I do not trust Phoenix, but at this time, I despise McNasty and it appears Phoenix is not very happy with him as well.

Toshi: But can you really put your differences aside?

Raizzor: My goal is to prove to Grade A Nastyness that they are in over their heads, and Phoenix and I will have to work together to achieve that goal.  I know Robinson enough to know his desire to win will out weigh personal grudges.

Toshi: Well, Raizzor, best of luck out there tonight, when..

Raizzor takes the mic from Toshi’s hands, and looks into the camera.

Raizzor: McNasty, Wilkie, take heed little men.  You have walked into the tomb that will mark your burial.  DO not believe me my power, and you will find your mockery will be your downfall.  No man claims to fear me, but so few have walked from that ring safely in one piece.  In a few minutes the both of you will share the fates of so many before you… and be sent to the depths of hell, where you belong! This, I promise!

Raizzor drops the mic and storms off, leaving Toshi flustered and upset.

Rentfro: Them's fightin' words, Jon!

McDaniel: Yes indeed! Let's move on to our next match.

Once again we're backstage with Matthew Engel, who has just received a package. It's a long and rectangular box, with nothing but a note on it.

Matthew Engel:
"Dear Matthew. I know you can put this to good use tonight. Have fun. Darren."

His eyes light up as he opens the box, but we cut right back to the ring before we can find out what it is.

No Disqualification Match
Corey Lazarus vs. Matthew Engel

The camera cuts to the ring, where Eric Emerson stands, notecards in hand.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one pinfall or submission and has a no disqualification stipulation! 

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown begins rolling, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.



A single blast of pyro goes off, killing the lights and turning the blank ADC-Tron into images of Hollywood landmarks as the basslines of Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" creep over the PA system. The guitars chug as the ADC-Tron focuses on the front gate of the Lazarus Estate, and the familiar guitar lick is played as a spotlight focuses on the entrance curtain. The ADC-Tron then shows clips of Corey Lazarus in action - some clips at half speed, others at twice the actual speed - over the years of his career, focusing on Corey holding the DRWF Eternal title high above his head as the reaches its the 27-second mark.



Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

Corey Lazarus steps into the spotlight and then walks down the entrance ramp, Gregory Price at his side, focusing on his steps as he adjusts the black athletic tape around his left hand. Corey wipes a little bead of sweat from his brow with the white towel over his shoulder, adjusting his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's before taking a sip of his Aquafina. Price rubs his shoulders as they walk, hyping him up.



Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds pounds, and standing at six feet one inch...

Corey stops at the bottom of the ramp, sliding his Ray Ban's off, and then adjusts his sole elbow pad on his right arm. Price chomps away on his gum, looking around all over the arena.

Price: Don't worry, Core, you can do this.

Lazarus: Oh, I know, man.



The bridge of the song plays as Corey hops up onto the ring apron, tossing his Ray Ban's over to Price. He looks down at the black cast on his right hand, taking a few deep breaths.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...



Corey steps between the ropes and into the center of the ring, the spotlight following him as Price walks up the steps, stopping on the apron in Corey's corner. Lazarus runs the ropes a little bit...

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...



Corey rolls forward to a knee, his head bowed, and a fist on the mat. The guitars divebomb...



...and Corey bobs his head to the beat of the drums.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

Lazarus leaps to his feet as the spotlight dies, the arena lights returning, and slowly spins around, his arms outstretched with his hands wide open. The familiar guitar lick returns, and "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" dies down as Corey backs up to his corner.

Suddenly, we hear a voice over the PA system...

Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural...equilibrium.. with their surrounding environment, but you humans do not.
You move to an area and you multiply, and multiple until every natural resource is consumed.

As we listen to voice clips from "The Matrix", the beginning of "Stream of Consciousness" by Dream Theater starts up, soft guitar and bass.

And the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern.
Do you know what it is?

A virus.

The guitar picks up heavy now, and the drums play a part. The opening sequence of "Stream of Consciousness" comes to an end as a brief part of "Space-Dye Vest" by Dream Theater plays...a newscasting voice coming over the PA.

Some people gave advice before

About facing the facts, about facing reality.

And this is without a doubt is his biggest challenge ever.

He's going to have to face it.

You're gonna have to try, he's gonna to have to try and, uh, and, and, and get some help here.

I mean no one can say they know how he feels.

Then, it cuts to the heavy riff and chorus of "The Dark Eternal Night" by Dream Theater. We're getting the theme here. We're getting the message.

Drifting beyond all time

Out of a churning sky

Drawn to the beckoning light

Of the dark eternal night

The music cuts once more, and we get the climaxing moments of "In The Presence of Enemies, Part 2" by Dream Theater.

Dark master within, I will fight for you

Dark master of sin, now my soul is yours

Dark master my guide, I will die for you

Dark master inside...

Matthew "Virus" Engel steps out from backstage. He's dressed in his usual ring attire. He's sporting the dark green tuxedo with a black silk dress shirt and black tie. His hair is slicked back a little bit and is sporting the goatee more than before, letting it grow out a bit.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

Matt makes his way down the ramp, green and gold pyros shooting off behind him. There's something different in his stride. He seems more tense, more edgy...paranoia consumes him while most of the crowd begins to boo him. They didn't appreciate his antics in his three team tag match.

Eric Emerson: ...weighing two hundred and twenty pounds and standing at an even six feet...

We enter part four of this epic twenty five minute song, entitled "Slaughter of the Damned". It's much faster, much darker than the previous part of the song "Heretic".


Bother trying to find them

They will be coming to you


Fight and destroy until you can't take anymore

Matt doesn't go off to the side and give out his high fives to the fans. They don't want them. He's focused on the ring. He climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring, he doesn't raise his arm. He doesn't acknowledge the crowd at all. Hate and rage fill his mind and soul, while he gets himself ready for his match.

Eric Emerson: ..."THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!


Caught in a moment of weakness

Committed the greatest of all


Half of my soul

And now it's too late for you

Matt takes his jacket, tie, and dress shirt off to reveal a white muscle shirt underneath. With his wrestling boots tucked under his pants, he's ready to go. "In the Presence of Enemies, Pt 2" shuts down, right before it was about to get to the part where the man fights the evil in his heart and comes out victorious.

This is something I've personally been waiting for all week. I mean... Matt needs to be taught a lesson here, Brian,

Is the lesson for him to be a bad brother and not defend his sister?

McDaniel: Enika's a gro--

"Exile" by Soilwork kicks up on the PA system and Lex Demise comes out from backstage. The crowd showers him with boos, but there are cheers here and there. Lex doesn't pay attention to the crowd, but he comes down the rampway dressed in jeans and a referee shirt.

Rentfro: What the hell?

McDaniel: The look on Matt's face is priceless.

Matt and Corey both look at Demise, dumbfounded and suspicious. Lex slides into the ring and stands in the middle, giving off a tiny smirk.

Rentfro: This is bad news for Matt!

McDaniel: Hey there's no love lost between Lex and Corey either. I'm sure Lex will call it fair.

Rentfro: Lest we forget, the HUGE stack of chairs right in front of us! I mean, what the hell?

McDaniel: Corey had that set up before the match.

Rentfro: Oh did he now?

Matt and Corey surround Lex... and Lex makes a lazy motion to ring the bell.


Matt and Corey go at it, with Corey getting the upperhand. He nails Matt with a left and a right and throws him into the ropes. Matt comes back and Corey nails a huge spinebuster on Matt. Corey kneels down by Matt's face and unchambers lefts and rights. He gets Matt up to his feet and tosses him into the ropes. Corey comes in with a huge corner splash, and then sets Matt on the top turnbuckle. Lex is watching, not really amused.

Rentfro: Lex doesn't even seem to care.

McDaniel: Why should he? This doesn't affect him at all.

Rentfro: Maybe in some sick way it does.

McDaniel: I wanna know who told Lex to ref this match...

Matt is on the top turnbuckle, as Corey climbs up. He wraps Matt in a facelock, and takes him off the turnbuckle and to the mat with a huge superplex. Lex's eyes light up, as Corey covers.



Kick out!

Corey looks up at Lex, who didn't exactly have the most perfect count there. Oh well.

McDaniel: I felt that was a little slow, Brian.

Rentfro: Well, like you said, he doesn't care.

Corey gets Matt to his feet and sends him into the ropes again. Corey tries for a dropkick, but Matt sidesteps. Corey crashes to the mat and Matt hits a big knee drop on Corey's face. He does it again, and again. He gets Corey to his feet and lifts him up in suplex fashion... and drops him down with a huge brainbuster. A quick cover.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Too close!

Rentfro: Not close enough! How come you're not complaining about a slow count now?

McDaniel: I... uh...

Corey is grabbing his neck in pain as he's forced to his feet again. Matt lands some right hooks and left jabs on Corey and tries to finish him off with a devasating clothesline, but Corey ducks and gets behind Matt, executing a huge tiger suplex. Matt cringes in pain as Corey goes back on the offensive, stomping Matt into oblivion. Corey backs up a few steps, and then comes in with a nasty soccer kick that hits Matt in the ribs. Matt coughs up a little blood.

McDaniel: Oh man Matt's got some bleeding going on there. It doesn't look serious though.

Rentfro: Blood? Come on, both these men promised blood and blood they shall have!

Corey gets Matt up to his feet and sends him into the turnbuckle. Matt bounces off the turnbuckle and staggers into the ring, but gets brought down by a vicious spinning heel kick from Corey. Corey climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off. He comes down with a diving knee drop on Matt's head, looking to deal out as much punishment as possible. Matt shakes in the ring, holding his face. Corey gets Matt to his feet and picks him up in suplex fashion again. This time, though, he's got him in a fisherman's style and connects with a nasty DDT. He hooks Matt's leg for the cover.



3 -- No! Shoulder up just in the nick of time.

McDaniel: What! That looked like three to me.

Rentfro: Arguing with Lex doesn't get you anyhere!

Corey gets in Lex's face and tries to tell him he's wrong, but Lex sits there and smiles. He's a brick wall. Corey shakes it off as he gets Matt to his feet. He clubs him with forearm shots, and doesn't seem to want to stop. Matt is back to one knee and Corey is crushing his back with punches and forearm shots. Matt takes the pain for a moment, but lunges up and hits the top of his head underneath Corey's jaw. This causes Corey to bit his lip pretty hard and you can see blood pour of out Corey's mouth.

McDaniel: Oh my God! I can't even look. That is horrible!

Rentfro: Corey needs a mouthguard! The fans are going crazy! They're loving this!

Corey staggers back a bit. Matt hits a knife-edge chop on Corey, then connects with a right hook. This turns Corey around and into the ropes. Matt wraps his arms around Corey, pulling him away from the ropes, and hits a german suplex. But, Matt doesn't release. He hits another german suplex. Again, he doesn't release. He hits another german suplex, slamming Corey harder and harder into the mat. But, he won't let go. Matt hits a fourth german suplex with a huge release and Corey plunges into the mat. Matt gets to his feet, but takes a second to cough up some more blood. He wipes his mouth, enraged, and hits a jumping elbow drop across Corey's sternum. He does it again, and then finishes it with a springboard moonsault. He stays on top of Corey for the pin.



3 -- No! Corey's foot is on the ropes.

McDaniel: Matt forgot about those ropes there! 

Rentfro: Corey's lucky that he didn't forget about them!

Matt slams his fist into the mat in frustration, and then does the same to Corey's face. He gets Corey to his feet and connects with an implant DDT. Corey is laid out, still blood coming out his mouth. Matt stumbles to the corner, coughing up more blood like the Penguin, and then gets on the top turnbuckle. Matt's back is to Corey and Matt yells out to the crowd. He leaps off with a double-corkscrew somersault into a splash, but doesn't connect. The Euthanasia failed as Corey rolled out of the way at the last possible second.

McDaniel: Corey using his extensive knowledge of Matt to dodge that bullet.

Rentfro: (Mocking) Corey using his extensive knowledge blah blah blah.

Corey gets up, and notices Matt is coughing up more blood. He laughs. He points to the pyramid of chairs on the outside. Lex's face lights up, awaiting what's to come. Corey gets Matt to his feet, and throws him into the corner. He puts Matt on top of the corner, using the height to try and put Matt on top of his shoulders. He gets that far, and starts walking toward the ropes with Matt on his shoulders, looking to drop him through the chairs.

McDaniel: Do it Corey! End this once and for all!

Rentfro: You gotta be kidding me...

Corey tries to lean forward and drop Matt through the chairs, but Matt fights back with a few punches to Corey's head. Corey accidentally drops Matt in the ring, in front of him. Matt turns around and is met with a huge clothesline sending Matt over the ropes.

McDaniel: Matt's taking Corey with him!

Rentfro: They both go over the ropes and...


Corey and Matt both go through the pyramid of chairs. They lay there in the destruction in front of the commentators, not moving. Lex can't believe what he just saw... and doesn't really know what to do. He can't count them out, but there's no DQ, and well he doesn't want the match to end in a double KO. Lex slides out of the ring and tries to awaken Matt.

McDaniel: Whoa! Matt just shot up and grabbed Lex by the shirt!

Rentfro: Oh man! We could see some historical battling right here!

Once Matt realizes it's not Corey, he lets go. Lex fixes his shirt, and Corey stirs around. Matt gets to his feet and grabs Corey by his hair. Matt hooks Corey up into a facelock and drives him to the ground of chairs around them with an implant DDT. Corey's head smacks hard against the chairs.

McDaniel: Good God!

Rentfro: You gotta be shitting me!

Matt gets Corey back up and slams his face into the apron. He tries for the Sons of Plunder onto the chairs around them, but Corey escapes Matt's clutches. Corey applies a front facelock with Matt's arm draped over his shoulder and the closest leg hooked, much like a Fisherman's Suplex. Laz lifts Matt up vertically, and then releases Matt's head as he drops to his knees. The result is Matt landing on the back of his head, neck, and upper shoulders as Corey pushes down on his legs, adding velocity to the drop.

McDaniel: Box Office BOMB on the chairs!!! That's IT!

Corey covers.



Kick out!

Rentfro: YES!

McDaniel: Corey not pleased with what he feels was a slow count!

Rentfro: That was a perfect count! Lex is doing his job just fine.

Corey stops arguing with Lex and Lex tells him to bring it back in the ring. Corey laughs and picks up one of the chairs. He smashes it on Matt's ribs, and then connects with his back due to Matt rolling over to protect his ribs. Corey hits him again, and again. He drops the dented chair and gets Matt to his feet. He rolls him into the ring. Corey grabs a table from underneath the ring and slides it into the ring. He also tosses more of those chairs, the ones that didn't get messed up, into the ring. One of them inadvertently hits Matt in the head, who's bleeding all over now.

McDaniel: Matt is in very rough shape... I think this is the end for him.

Rentfro: You can never count him out... I don't care what ya say.

Corey slides into the ring and sets up one of the tables. He gets Matt up to his feet and applies a front facelock. Corey tries to hook Matt's right leg with his left hand, but Matt doesn't allow it. Corey tries it again, but Matt doesn't let it happen and counters with a snap suplex. Corey lands on one of the chairs he threw in the ring.

McDaniel: Corey's bleeding as well... just not nearly as bad as Matt is.

Rentfro: Wow. Matt is to his feet... and he looks...

McDaniel: Insane? The man needs help! And this ultraviolence isn't helping!

Matt gets Corey to his feet. Matt lifts Corey over his shoulder, holding onto his legs with one arm as he wraps his other arm around Corey's head. In a split second, Engel throws Corey's legs off of his shoulder and spins them around, he himself spinning to the side and falling through the table, driving his opponent face-first into the wood.



McDaniel: Okay, now Corey is just about bleeding as much as Matt is...

Matt covers.



3!!! No! Lex is pointing to Corey's foot on the ropes.

Rentfro: Damn!

That's why he's the best in the business Brian!

Matt looks over to Lex with hateful eyes. Lex remains collected, but he could care less about Matt's rage. Matt gets Corey up to his feet, but with all the arguing between Matt and Lex, a bloodied Corey Lazarus wields a steel chair and smashes it into Matt's chest. Matt staggers backwards, and Corey connects with a vicious baseball shot to Matt's head.


Matt collapses, and Corey covers.


Rentfro: Did you hear that?! That sounded horrible!



Kick out!

McDaniel: Wow... that was so close. I can't believe Matt has life in him still.

Corey gets Matt to his feet. The camera cuts to the rampway, where Duff, Vicious, and Dead End have made their appearance known. How long they were standing there is unknown, but finally the crowd and Corey realize they're there. Matt, still dazed from that chair shot, takes a look down the ramp and realizes they are too. Insanity...confusion... fill his eyes even more. Corey quickly DDTs Matt to the ground. A quick cover.



Shoulder up!

Dead End shows a kind gesture of applause as Matt breaks the pin. Lex tries to ignore the people standing on the rampway. Corey tosses Matt out of the ring.

McDaniel: What the hell are they doing here?

Rentfro: Spectating, I suppose.

McDaniel: Couldn't they do that backstage?

Rentfro: They're the MoA. They don't like to sit backstage.

Corey slides out of the ring on the opposite side, getting yet another table. He slides it into the ring. But Matthew is stirring on the outside. He also reaches for something underneath the near. He grabs ahold of it, but we can't quite see what it is. Corey gets into the ring and sets up the table in the middle. He walks over to the side of the ring where Matthew is

McDaniel: Corey tries to grab Matt by the hair and pull him up into the ring.

Rentfro: And Matt nails Corey directly in the face with the... the...

McDaniel: The Hurt Styk?! How the HELL did he get ahold of one of those?

Rentfro: That's what was in the box he got earlier!

Corey staggers back and falls across the table he just set up. Matt slowly gets onto the apron, and eventually onto the top rope. Vicious and Dead End watch on eagerly, smiling with the current situation. With Corey on the mat, Matt rises to the top rope, his back to the ring. He then jumps off, corkscrewing his body around while somersaulting, and lands with a body splash across Corey's mid-section and through the table.

Rentfro: EUTHANASIA! THAT IS IT, SIR! Lex better count!

McDaniel: Lex is hesitant for a moment... but eventually drops down and counts.





Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match... MATTHEW "VIRUS" ENGEL!!!

Corey is laid out in the middle of the ring as Matt rolls out, falling to the outside. He wipes the blood from his face, trying to get his eyesight back. He smiles an evil... tenacious grin. Vicious, Dead End, and Duff turn around and head backstage. Lex rolls out of the ring and walks toward Matt. He makes it look like he's going to attack, but doesn't. Matt puts up his defense, but Lex turns his back and walks up the ramp, disappearing.

McDaniel: I don't like the end result, but that was a hell of a match. I still say Matthew needs help.

Rentfro: He didn't need any help beating Corey Lazarus!

McDaniel: I meant with his mind!

Paramedics rush down to the ring as Matt drops to the ground with fatigue from phyiscal exhaustion and loss of blood. Both Corey and Matt go out on stretchers... Corey raising his arm to the fans to let him know he's conscious. The crowd erupts as we fade to commercial.

I met this girl at a bar one time. We were drinking and having fun. I took her home and you know what happened then. Well, ten years later, I'm married to her and hate my life.

Don't leave home without it!

We're back. Shouting can be heard. The camera walks around a corner, and we see Mark McNasty speaking in a low tone towards Alex Wilkie.

McNasty: What was that crap about you AND me talking about Fire joining us? Since when is this team called "Grade A Nasty GETS SCREWED"

Alex chuckles a bit.

Alex: "Hey man, you need to relax, This isn't about Grade A Nasty getting screwed, alright? This is about one friendly team lending out a hand to someone... If you'd rather be known as the two guys who chill out all the time together as well as Grade A Nasty, then be my guest, I'd rather have someone who can not only represent us a champion, but also as one of the better-albeit, mid-carder, ladys in the PWA..."

McNasty: So what you're saying is, fuck the tag team, and our skill, and our ability to win; that all means nothing without eye candy

Alex: "Way to take my words way out of context- this more about representation than eye candy- think of it this way- if I take the world title at RPM, and you keep the Intercontinental title- which you will- and fire keeps her title- man, thats like 2/3rds of the PWA titles man... We'll not only be known as the Uncrowned tag champs... but the Crowned World Heavy Weight Champion, The Intercontinental Champion, and television champion... tell me that does not sound epic..."

McNasty: Dude, how the hell is that epic. Think about what you just said like your test average in high school. If you get two A's in a class, and an F on the last grade, that drags you way the hell down! World Champ, plus IC Champ, plus TV CHAMP??? That doesnt sound epic. It sounds dragged down. We might as well buy some watered down gas while we're at it!

Alex: "Heh, Well, why not go and talk to Vicious and we get him in- then we'll have the Grizzly Beer title too huh? Its about the titles, its about the representation, if Fire continues to keep a good show and be a part of Grade A Nastyness- that means good heat for us as well as her. You just can't think outside the box like I do.

McNasty: No Wilkie. Im thinking about the picture as a whole. See, I know I can handle myself, and I know you can. We start bringing in any ol' guy with a title, and soon we have a stable of thirty; due to the fact only you and me can hold titles on a stedy basis. If its only about the gold, then lets focus on OURS! And, Speaking of focusing, make sure you focus on winning tonight. I don't want to be embarrassed again this week due to a below par performance.

McNasty gets closer to Wilkie.

McNasty: If you are going to mess up our group, then at least show me I can still trust you not to fuck up in the ring at least.

McNasty turns and storms off

Alex: "I don't know what his problem is... but hes honestly got some issues if he can't help to add one more member..."

He looked to the camera, shrugged and headed off.

Grade A Nastyness vs. Raizzor & Phoenix

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is our main event of the evening! It is scheduled for one fall  with no time limit!  Introducing first…

‘N.I.B. by Ozzy and Primus begins to sound throughout the arena. It plays and thumps over the speakers, and finally as the intro finishes, and the stage bursts with red fireworks, from behind comes Mark McNasty wearing his IC title and Alex Wilkie, sporting a shiny red leather vest, with the letters “A+” engraved in the back, his eyes are covered by a pair of black sunglasses, and his face covered by his golden grin. They stand in the middle of the stage, and then points out to a few fans with signs, starting their long walk down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: at a total combined weight of 505lbs, the Intercontinental Champion Mark McNasty…Alex Wilkie… GRADE A NASTYNESS!!

The two reach the ring, slip inside and prepare for their challenge!

Eric Emerson: And their opponents, first, weighing in at 240lbs and hailing from Orlando, FL by way of St. Louis, MO, he is THE PHOENIX!!

"Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADCtron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix the comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Eric Emerson: and his tag team partner, weighing in at 285lbs, he comes from Las Vegas, Nevada and he is the current PWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Soul-Taker; RAIZZOR!!

A Single gong echoes throughout the arena, and the light dim to just above darkness.  Flames shoot up from the four turnbuckles and You’re Gonna Pay strikes up, as Raizzor appears amidst the smoke rising from the stage.  He looks out over the arena, his black leather duster half covers the PWA World Title he wears around his waist.  He then makes his way to the ring, and due to the level of fog and smoke, it almost appears as if he’s gliding.  He reaches the ring, steps inside and shrugs off his duster.  As the ref hands the coat to a technician outside, Raizzor unclasps his world title belt and holds it up to a roar of ovation from the crowd.  He then allows the ref to take it, who hands it to a technician outside of the ring.  Raizzor turns towards Phoenix, and they each stare at each other.

McDaniel: I don’t think these two can co-exist in any way!

Rentfro: With their history, I’d be surprised if we get a match in here at all!


As the bell rings, the four men are still discussing who will begin.  Wilkie and McNasty seem to be working out a strategy, and it appears  Wilkie will begin. However, on the other side, Raizzor and Phoenix are arguing.  Raizzor wants to begin, but Phoenix is trying to stay in the ring.  Finally, Raizzor shrugs and exits to take his spot in the corner.

McDaniel: Raizzor gives up the start to Phoenix, but I don’t think he wanted too!

Rentfro: He just wants to hog the spotlight!

Phoenix and Wilkie lock up and Wilkie takes control with go behind lock up and then takes Phoenix down to the mat.  Wilkie floats over to a headlock, and then twists Phoenix over and tries for a quick cover!


Kick out!

McDaniel: Way too early for that!

Rentfro: Maybe, but Wilkie gets the first cover, and that can be a psychological advantage!

Both men get up and Phoenix glares at Wilkie who hops a bit on the mat, smirking that he got the great Phoenix down and counted on so early.  Phoenix drops his shoulders and loosens up and then actually applauds Wilkie and then asks for a test of strength.  Wilkie comes in and Phoenix hits a quick high knee lift and follows with two solid punches to the head.  Phoenix pushes Wilkie against the ropes, flings him across the ring and back elbows Wilkie down to the canvas!  Wilkie’s eyes glaze over and Phoenix goes for the cover.



Kick out!

McDaniel: The Phoenix has greater strength and used power moves to score that cover.

Rentfro: 1-1 now between them, and Phoenix can really take control here!

Phoenix picks up Wilkie and pulls him to his corner and makes the tag to Raizzor.  The crowd roars now that the PWA Champion is in and Raizzor directs Phoenix and then both bring Wilkie to the ropes, swings him across the ring and a double shoulder block sends Wilkie back to the canvas yet again.  The ref orders Phoenix out of the ring as Raizzor picks Wilkie up by the head.   Raizzor then hits a perfect swinging neck breaker and goes for the cover.



Kick out!



Raizzor picks Wilkie up again but Wilkie slaps Raizzor’s arm away, kicks him in the shin and dives for the corner, tagging in McNasty!  This gets the crowd pumping as well as McNasty races in and hits a solid drop kick on Raizzor.  McNasty tries for the cover but Raizzor’s out before the ref is in position.  McNasty picks Raizzor up, goes for an arm bar, but Raizzor drives his knuckles into Mark’s face.  Raizzor sends McNasty into the ropes and as he returns another elbow puts McNasty down. 

McDaniel: Team work from these two? Wow!

Rentfro: This is not something I expected!!

Quickly, with anger, Raizzor brings McNasty to his feet and whips him hard into the corner, and McNasty hits hard, his back cracking as he falls to his knees.  Raizzor glares as he stalks in, and as McNasty tries to stand, Raizzor punches him in the kidneys, before pushing him towards Phoenix in the corner.  Raizzor makes the tag and then flips McNasty over by the head so he hands on his ass.  Raizzor holds McNasty still and Phoenix drives his elbow into McNasty’s back!  Raizzor steps out as Phoenix tries another cover.



Wilkie comes in and stomps on Phoenix’s back to break the count!

McDaniel: Nice save by Wilkie!

Rentfro: These two need to get on their game!  Raizzor and Phoenix are showing better tandem work and that has got to be a surprise to Grade A!

Phoenix glares at Wilkie as the ref orders him out and points to him as he pushes McNasty to the corner, whips him across the ring and a second smash into the corner and McNasty is down on his stomach!  Phoenix smiles and goes in to retrieve McNasty.  He throws McNasty yet again across the ring, and McNasty hits the corner a third time and stays upright. Phoenix comes in with a big splash, but McNasty moves out of the way and Phoenix hits the turnbuckle hard with his left arm!  As Phoenix stumbles out, holding onto the injured arm, McNasty grabs him pushes him against the ropes and brings his arm up under and around the rope, and bends it back hard, causing Phoenix to yelp out in pain!

McDaniel: Smart strategy to ground Phoenix!

Rentfro: They gotta keep that up though and not slough off!

The ref comes in to demand he break the hold and McNasty does!  As McNasty backs off, and the ref admonishes him, Wilkie comes over, grabs Phoenix’s arm and pulls as he falls to the floor, wrenching the arm nearly out of its socket.

McDaniel: They’re not going to let go of that arm anytime soon!

Rentfro: It seems Wilkie and McNasty do have a game plan, now that they’re focused!

McNasty comes back in and while Phoenix is on the canvas, McNasty puts his bad arm behind his back in a hammerlock and begins driving his knee down into the injured shoulder.  McNasty then reaches for a tag, and Wilkie grabs the ropes and flings himself over to land feet first onto Phoenix’s shoulder!

McDaniel: OUCH!

Rentfro: McNasty and Wilkie are making fast tags, keeping themselves fresh and holding Phoenix in their corner! Excellent strategy!

McNasty steps from the ring and Wilkie takes up point on holding the hammerlock in place, wrenching back harder and harder.  Wilkie follows with a knee to the shoulder, tags in McNasty who flies over the top as well to add momentum to his own stomp, racking up points on the throbbing shoulder of Phoenix.  Phoenix growls as the constant pain keeps him unfocused, and Grade A continues to isolate him in their corner.  McNasty gets Phoenix into an arm bar, pulling Phoenix to his knees.  As he holds the arm bar, another tag back to Wilkie who comes over the top rope with a leg drop to the outstretched arm of Phoenix!

McDaniel: Another devastating tag team maneuver there!

Rentfro: If Phoenix doesn’t get out of there soon, he won’t have an arm left! 

Phoenix is back on the canvas, his eyes clenched shut, as Wilkie stands over him, watching Phoenix begin to crawl towards his corner and Raizzor.  Wilkie laughs and hits a sit-down drop onto Phoenix’s back, and then slides over to apply a fujiwara arm bar, again applying more pressure as he leans back over Phoenix’s back!  Wilkie then twists and rolls Phoenix over onto his back for a cover.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Another pin attempt, and it’s gotta be eating away at Phoenix that he can’t get out of there!

Rentfro: Coupled with the injury to his arm, the frustration has to be building for Phoenix!

Unsuccessful, Wilkie just rolls his back over and re-applies the arm bar!  Phoenix scrunches his knees under him and finally is able to push himself to his feet.  He takes his free arm and punches Wilkie in the stomach, not once but twice.  Wilkie responds by outstretching Phoenix’s arm he has locked in place and drops backwards, delivering a flying arm bar take down, and Phoenix crashes face first to the canvas.  Wilkie rolls over to put himself back in position with the arm bar.  He wraps the arm back behind Phoenix, rolls him over for another cover.



Raizzor kicks Wilkie in the head, breaking the count.

McDaniel: Raizzor makes a timely save!

Rentfro: And a necessary one, from the looks of it!

The ref order Raizzor back out as Wilkie drags Phoenix back to his corner and he puts Phoenix into a leg lock as McNasty comes in and begins stomping away on Phoenix’s chest!  The ref comes over to order McNasty out, so McNasty scurries out, reaches in and makes the tag to Wilkie.  McNasty comes in and Wilkie holds Phoenix down with the ref making the five count until McNasty can be in position to begin driving his knee down into Phoenix’s injured arm.  Wilkie breaks free and rolls out!  McNasty starts stomping away on Phoenix who tries to crawl away, trying to find purchase to get back to his feet.  McNasty locks in yet another arm bar, and wrenches more.  Phoenix bites his lip, holding on as best he can.  Phoenix finds a way and gets up to his feet and drives a fist into McNasty’s stomach, but McNasty hits a knee lift, turns Phoenix over and body slams him to the canvas.

McDaniel: Every moment that Phoenix tries to get out, Grade A answers him!

Rentfro: Phoenix may not have an arm left here!  Pretty soon it’s gonna be academic!

McNasty talks some smack at Phoenix, runs back into the ropes and comes in, but Phoenix is up suddenly, catches McNasty and brings him down with a devastating spine buster!  Both men are laid out, and Phoenix is crawling painfully towards Raizzor while McNasty coughs and rolls towards his own corner.  McNasty reaches out and tags Wilkie but the crowd’s reaction is loud for the hot tag from Phoenix to Raizzor!  Raizzor steps through the ropes and barrels in on Wilkie, and shoulder blocks Wilkie down, who jumps up only for Raizzor to back him to the ropes and fling him across to the other side. Wilkie comes back and Raizzor answers with the big boot, and the crowd is on its feet!  Wilkie, however is not, and McNasty comes in to make the save but Raizzor meets him and hits a big back body drop!

McDaniel: Raizzor is on fire!

Rentfro: Grade A needs an extinguisher, and quick!!!

Raizzor waits for Wilkie to be up and then hits a rolling body slam on him, but Raizzor quickly stands, turns and as McNasty runs at him, Raizzor hits another big boot and McNasty is sent barreling to the outside.  Raizzor wastes no time, the momentum on his side and he power bombs Alex Wilkie into the canvas!  Raizzor goes for the cover, hooking the leg!



McNasty hits a leg drop onto the back of Raizzor’s head, rolling him off and saving Wilkie!

McDaniel: Where did he come from, I thought he got tossed to the outside!

Rentfro: McNasty is not gonna give this up that easy!

McNasty kicks Raizzor in the head, before Phoenix is in and hits two hard fists to McNasty, backing him to the ropes!  McNasty stumbles through the ropes to the outside and Phoenix follows.  It’s down to Raizzor and Wilkie in the ring, but on the outside, Phoenix goes to whip McNasty into the corner post, but McNasty reverses it and its Phoenix that meets steel, knocking him down and out.

McDaniel: He hit his same shoulder, he’s gotta be done!

Rentfro: With Phoenix out, Raizzor’s a sitting duck!

In the ring, Raizzor is back up, holding the back of his head as Wilkie pulls himself up at the corner, his eyes glazed over.  Raizzor rushes in, but Wilkie slams his elbow into Raizzor’s jaw, knocking him backwards.  Wilkie then scrambles to the top, and as he tries to right himself, Raizzor comes back in and pummels Wilkie hard, causing him to sit on the top turnbuckle.  Raizzor then does something out of his style and climbs the corner, hooks Wilkie up and the crowd roars as Raizzor delivers a stop rope superplex, and Wilkie crashes to the canvas hard.  Raizzor gets up, but McNasty y has entered the ring and collides with Raizzor, slamming two hard fists into Raizzor’s skull!  McNasty whips Raizzor to the corner.  Raizzor hits and McNasty comes in but Raizzor moves fast, following the ropes and McNasty hits the corner with no one there.  McNasty bounces out and Raizzor comes off the other side and hits the Guillotine Version One (Clothesline from Hell!)  Before Raizzor can capitalize, however, Wilkie comes back and hits a super kick, knocking Raizzor flat on his back.  Wilkie goes for the cover



Thre/Kick out!

McDaniel: He got him!! No, wait!?

Rentfro: SO CLOSE!! Wilkie almost had the world champ!!!!

Wilkie is on his knees, shocked, and looking up at the ceiling asking why!  Wilkie picks Raizzor up, knowing if he can finish things here, he will put himself at the top when it comes to the main event at RPM!  Wilkie flips Raizzor off and goes for the Grade A Stunner, but as he has Raizzor in the headlock, Raizzor pushes Wilkie off and Phoenix, back now in the ring, catches Wilkie and connects with The Flame!  Phoenix, really angry with Grade A for trying to wreck his arm, points to Wilkie telling Raizzor to finish it!  Raizzor picks Wilkie up and turns him over for the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker at the same time that McNasty catches Phoenix off guard, hitting the Lights Out and knocking Phoenix out cold!  Raizzor does not see this and McNasty connects with another Lights Out on Raizzor, sending him crashing forward onto his stomach!  McNasty plays the crowd for a moment at having knocked both opponents out, but that’s when he hears:





He turns in shock, because while he did knock Raizzor out cold, Wilkie had landed on his back under Raizzor and the ref counted Wilkie’s shoulders down!

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, Phoenix and PWA World Champion, RAIZZOR!

McDaniel: WHOAH! What the!?

Rentfro: McNasty knocked out Raizzor, but he had Wilkie in position for a Tombstone and the Lights Out put Raizzor down on top of Wilkie in a reverse pin situation! 

McDaniel: And McNasty gloated a moment too soon for scoring such a knock out on Raizzor, he didn’t realize the ref was in position to make the count!

McNasty holds his head in shock, and begins kicking at Raizzor in frustration!  Wilkie crawls out from under Raizzor, holding his head from Phoenix’s move, wondering what happened!  Phoenix, awake now, makes a move to stop McNasty, but he weighs his feelings… Grade A for a wrestling hold to put him down, or Raizzor cause he just hates him.  Phoenix shrugs and leaves the ring as McNasty continues to wail away on Raizzor!  Wilkie joins McNasty as they double team Raizzor, bringing him to his feet and hitting a double vertical suplex! 

McDaniel: Now Grade A is just being sore losers!

Rentfro: Hey, this is not the way to lose a match… I mean, here every man but McNasty is out… he’s the sole survivor but a mistake cost them the match!! 

The ref gets in their faces, warning them if they don’t back off, they’ll be fined!  McNasty and Wilkie spit on Raizzor, and leave the ring with McNasty grabbing his IC title and both men looked very pissed off.  The replay then shows on the ADCtron and Wilkie stops.  He turns and looks at McNasty who tries to explain the situation, but both men begin to argue as they walk up the ramp.

McDaniel: Ah hell, now that Wilkie saw what actually happened, he’s not happy!

Rentfro: They gotta pull their act together, they really showed themselves to be a viable team here, and it was just an honest mistake, a fluke in a way!

They argue to the back, and in the ring, Raizzor stumbles to his feet, one of his scars re-opened from the ravaging he took from Grade A Nastyness.  Raizzor glares up the ramp, and rips his World Title away from the ref’s hands.

McDaniel: Raizzor is pissed! He may have won the match, but Phoenix left him, Grade A whipped his ass at the end, and he’s left bleeding.

Rentfro: He’s a target and he’s gotta live with it! 

McDaniel: It was a strong main event that much is certain!  But the night’s not over yet… when we come back from commercial, Alex Wilkie will be back out here to find out Fire’s answer, on whether or not she’s going to actually join Grade A Nastyness!! We’ll be right back!



Rampage comes back from commercial and the crowds roars can be heard all around the arena as "Bulls on Parade" Hits the ADCtron ! Alex appears on the stage wearing his brand new signature "Grade A Nastyness- Uncrowned Champs” shirt , his hair is messed up and he has a towel around his shoulders, as he has yet to get a shower. He walks down the ramp towards the ring, looking a bit pissed. He makes his way over to the announcers table and grabs a microphone!

McDaniel: Wilkie's been waiting all week for this moment.

Rentfro: For his sake I hope he gets the answer he wants.  He's already been screwed once tonight!

McDaniel: Just bad timing was all it was!  Now, let's hear what he has to say!

Alex raises his hand up, and the crowd quiets down just a bit.  He then speaks!

Alex: "First, I have got to say... what just happened was a travesty!  McNasty, you need to focus more...you're moment of glory caused me to get pinned and we are going to have words a bout that in a while!

He frowns, but shakes his head and refocuses. 

Alex: "Now, unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you all know why I am out here.  Still, in case you are not ware, let me fill you in! Last week after Fire's match against the... ex-television champion Helix... I asked her to join Grade A Nastyness... of course, as you can see I'm the only member out here... and well Mark doesn't like the whole Idea of getting a new member in what used to be a two man show... But he'll come around...not like I care anyway, right at the moment!"

He steps into the ring.

Alex: "So without further adieu... I would now like to welcome to the ring... PWA's Television Champion and perhaps- PERHAPS- the newest addition to Grade A Nastyness."

"This Fire" hits the ADCtron and the crowd begins to roar once more. Fire makes her way down to the ring already holding a microphone in her hand. She slides in the ring and shakes Alex’s hand, but remains silent so he can make his official proposal.

Alex: "Fire, you are an amazing woman.  In the BWF we had some classic battles, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more challenged in my career. To have you in Grade A will propel all three of us to the top of the mountain!  So, come on, what do you say!? Will you be a part of Grade A Nastyness!?"

Fire smiles warmly at the praise, but she is curious.

Fire: "Well Alex, there is one question I have before I give you and the fans an answer. Why should I joining Grade A Nastyness if Mark doesn't like the idea? Why put myself in a place of obvious friction?"

Alex chuckles a bit at that.  

Alex: "Well truth be told, There's no real friction... let’s just say that Mark is a little shy of change..."

Fire smirks.

Fire: "Shy of change or shy around women?"

Alex laughs along with the crowd.

Alex: "Well, considering he has a girlfriend, I would just say shy of change... However what Mark does on his own time is none of my business."

Fire: "I’m glad there’s no friction, Alex.  I would hate to be the reason two people break up!  So, I guess the answer to your question, that you’ve all been waiting to hear is..”

Suddenly ‘Come with Me’ interrupts Fire and she and Alex both turn towards the entrance as the crowd rises to its feet, screaming and cheering, as Chamelion strides out onto the stage, a mic in hand.  He looks out over the arena, smiling before his attention turns to the two in the ring and the smile fades.  Chamelion makes his way down to the ring and walks up the steps.  He stands there a moment, as his music dies down and then steps between the ropes.  He strolls confidently right up to Fire, looking her square in the face, ignoring Wilkie’s presence.

Chamelion: “I cannot believe you would stoop to this level, Fire!”

Fire’s eyes crease, and she lifts her own mic.

Fire: “What the hell are you talking about!?”

Chamelion rolls his eyes.

Chamelion: “I brought you to MY gym, to help you in your match against Tower over in SWS, I put forth my effort to train you, and now you’re out here agreeing to join up with Grade A Nastyness??  Are you telling me you need back up? Help? A group to lead you into Revolutions Per Minute against me?”

Fire understands and smiles back at Chamelion, ticking him off.

Fire: “I need no back up to beat you like I did in BWF, Mark.  Grade A is offering me a place in their organization, and it’s a great opportunity!  McNasty IS the Iron Man of the PWA, and Wilkie here is going to beat your brother in that Elimination Chamber match to be the new World Champion!  I’m merely walking with the winning crowd if I choose to join with them! You’d be looking at the World, the IC, the TV and soon to be tag champs all in one tight group!”

Growling, Chamelion leans in on Fire, getting too close for her comfort.

Chamelion: “Its back up and you know it! You heard McNasty on PWA Radio, he rags my brother, he rags me, and yet he forgets about how I demolished him in BWF, how my brother took him for his last ride, and that he is and for always will be stuck mid carding.  And Willkie here? What a joke!  They need you, more then you need them and they know they can screw me by getting you lined up with them!”

Wilkie looks pissed, making fists with his hands and taking a single step forward, but Fire is back in Chamelion’s face.

Fire: “I said I don’t need any back up!  But what I do need is someone who understands me, what I’ve been through and what I need to climb to the top in this business!  I know I’m still learning, and I know Grade A can show me the ropes!  I think you’re just scared, just a little boy finding himself drowning in a pond bigger than he is.  You’re afraid they’ll show me what it takes to beat you at RPM, not that I don’t need such help, but it scares you, because it’s just insurance that your BWF title is coming home to me!”

Chamelion actually laughs, but it’s a dark laugh.

Chamelion: “What I see is merely a slap in my face for my efforts and I can swear to you, little girl, it’s not going to pay off!”

Fire: "A slap in your face for your efforts Hardly. I came to you for help, but I also had two objectives that day. I wanted to beat Tower, and get to know more about your ring moves so I can better take your BWF title and put it around MY waist where it belongs

Chamelion: “AH, a user, eh! I see who you are now, Jessica, nothing more than a dirt dragging ho!  I made a severe mistake in trusting I could train you.  You really think you have a high hell chance of beating me? You are so sadly mistaken!”

Fire: “I'm mistaken HA! You are the fool here! You thought for one second I wouldn't study you while training with you. I don't care who you are anyone would've done the same!!”

Chamelion: “And like I would show you everything I know!? You’re more the rookie then I thought you were!  I can not believe for one second you found a way to get on top of me for three seconds in BWF!  I should feel humiliated for letting that shit happen!  You are not worth wasting my air time on!”

Fire: “I know you wouldn't show me everything! I'm not a dumb blond! And you know you liked having me on top!"

Chamelion: “No, you’re a dumb red head!”

Chamelion and Fire get right into each other’s face, so so close.  Wilkie starts to come in, trying to break it up when Chamelion, quick as a cobra, strikes with the Sweet Sound of Success, and Wilkie is left lying out on the canvas! Fire steps back into Chamelion’s face.

Fire: “You are such an asshole, Mark!  You think you’re the best? The greatest in this ring?? You really are the Most Devious Son of the Bitch in this business…..!!!”

Fire pauses in her vicious verbal assault, and her body language suddenly changes as she steps one leg around Chamelion and rubs against him with a sultry expression.

Fire: “And it so turns me on!!”

She drops her mic and grabs Chamelion by the back of the hair and brings him into the most erotic rated R kiss to grace cable television in ages!  The crowd explodes with shock!


Rentfro: Chamelion and Fire? Together!??  

McDaniel: Why?? Why?? What is Chamelion thinking, he’s a married man!!!  

Rentfro: I can’t believe I’m seeing this! This is awesome!  

McDaniel: Awesome, are you crazy!! Chamelion has a wife!!   

Rentfro: Fire’s so much hotter though!! Way to go Cham!  

McDaniel: You make me sick!  

In the ring, the two break the kiss and both look down at Wilkie, laid out in the ring and they laugh. ‘This Fire’ lights up the arena as Chamelion holds Fire’s arm up as if she’d just won the PWA World title, and the crowd is so stunned, they’re not sure how to react!  Boos do ring out, cause face it, Chamelion just took a fall from grace with the fans for this.  He shares his Cheshire Grin with the crowd, before opening the ropes for Fire.  He follows her out and they walk up the ramp hand in hand, stopping twice along the way to share a steaming kiss.  

McDaniel: This can’t be happening, Chamelion has a lot of explaining to do!  

Rentfro: Bah, the only explanation is that Fire’s the hottest thing here in PWA! and Chamelion gets the goods!!  

McDaniel: When Wilkie wakes up, he’s gonna be in for his own shock!  I still want answers!  

Rentfro: You all want answers to business that isn’t yours!  But we have a week before Rampage, so who knows what news will POP UP! Hehe.  

McDaniel: You really are pushing it!  Folks, that’s it for Rampage!!  Will Chamelion have an answer to this travesty of his?? See you next week!!

(C) PWA 2008