February 29th, 2008

“Demon to Demon”
Live on from the First Union Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We all already know what the standard opening for Rampage is.  First, pyro, then a pan of the arena before going down to an angle to show Rentfro and McDaniel at the announcers booth.  Do you really care? Are you not here for the ACTION!  I thought so, so here it is:  

Sirus Moran vs. Odyssey


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the following match is scheduled for one pin fall or submission and has a thirty minute time limit!

The lights dim as "Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" by Rise Against kicks up on the PA system. The guitar rocks throughout the arena and about twenty seconds in we finally have a voice to match the guitars and drums.

Warren Engel appears from backstage, receiving somewhat of an applause based on last name alone. He's family to a couple of superstars; some people know who he is. But, he's out to make his own name.

When I die will they remember not
What I did, but what I haven't done?
It's not the end I fear with each breath
It's life that scares me to death

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

Warren starts to make his way down the ring as red and silver pyros shoot off behind him. He's dressed in faded blue jeans, a black dress shirt, and a pair of Oakley's. His hair used to be spiked up in the front, but he's grown it out and wears it regular. His bangs cover the tops of his eyes as he reaches the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...he weighs two hundred and three pounds and stands just an inch under six feet...

Your words won't save me now
I'm at the edge feeling the sweat drip from my brow
"Get a grip on yourself" is what they say
Every hour, every day
Hands over my ears
I've been screaming all these years

He slides into the ring and hops to his feet. He yells out to the crowd to get'em pumped. Some react, some don't. He takes off his sunglasses and shirt to reveal a long-sleeve black athletic shirt.

Eric Emerson: ...making his professional debut...he is WARREN "ODDYSEY" ENGEL!!

And now a hand's extending outward
Quiet comfort they invite
Do we dare take what they offer?
Do we step into the light?

Some of the crowd pops again as Warren relaxes in his turnbuckle, waiting.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba...

"More Human Than Human" by White Zombie revs up on the PA system as the crowd explodes with cheers. Sirus Moran and 'Al' are shown on the screen, waving to the people. Sirus comes out on stage, smiling and really feeling good about himself and why he's here.

Eric Emerson: He stands exactly six feet tall and weighs two hundred and thirty four pounds...

Sirus, bringing 'Al' along with him, runs down the aisle, very excited to be here. He's waving 'Al' in the air and greeting as many fans as he can. He finally reaches the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...he is one half of the PWA World Tag-Team Champions...SIRUS MORAN!!

The crowd goes crazy for Sirus and 'Al'. Sirus sets him up in the corner, out of harm's way, and tells him to behave. Sirus and Warren meet in the middle of the ring, the ref explaining the rules. They both nod, and we're just about to get started.

McDaniel: Not much on the airwaves between Warren and Sirus, but the Engels are going through a tough time with what happened last week.

Rentfro: I still can't get over it...but Warren did make an attempt to show himself.

McDaniel: But...he's Sirus Moran. He doesn't have to. He's a living legend.

Rentfro: This is true.


McDaniel: Here we go!

The two men begin to stalk each other. Sirus tries to wrap up Warren, but Warren dodges it and catches Sirus in the head with an elbow. He hits Sirus low in the stomach with a knee and then slams his forearm into the back of Sirus. He does it again and sends Sirus down to the mat. Warren goes off the ropes and comes back with a highly elevated leg drop to the back of Sirus' head.

McDaniel: Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

Rentfro: But Sirus is up almost immediately as he catches Warren by surprise with a devastating clothesline!

McDaniel: Sirus is showing his experience here.

Warren gets back up to his feet as Sirus comes at him, landing lefts and rights, and then Sirus whips Warren into the turnbuckle. Sirus comes crashing in with another clothesline. This almost puts Warren upside down. Warren comes stumbling out of the corner and Sirus delivers a low kick and plants Warren into the mat with a vicious DDT. He goes for the cover.



- Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Close fall there...Warren definitely got dazed with that DDT of Sirus'.

Rentfro: The kid's resilient...he's not going to give up just yet. Warren manages to get to his feet as Sirus wraps him up in suplex fashion. Sirus hits a reverse suplex crashing Warren face first into the mat!

McDaniel: Ouch! The ring shook violently with that! The crowd's going wild for Sirus!

Warren grabs his face and upper body in pain as Sirus gets to his feet. Sirus drops a few knees into Warren's ribs and then gets Warren to his feet. Warren gets sent into the ropes and Sirus hits a twisting spine buster, crushing Warren into the mat. Sirus climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off, executing a deadly elbow drop to the heart of Warren. Sirus hooks a leg.



3 -- No! Warren got his shoulder up, barely.

McDaniel: You can't get any closer than that! The crowd is in Sirus' back pocket tonight!

Rentfro: When is the crowd not? Sirus is smiling, obviously appreciating Warren's perseverance.

Sirus lands a few stomps on Warren and gets Warren to his feet. Sirus whips Warren into the ropes again and tries for a decapitating clothesline, but Warren ducks. Warren goes into the opposite set of ropes, comes back, and nails Sirus directly with a diving forearm to the head. Sirus goes down, but comes back up. Warren lands a haymaker, staggering Sirus. Warren comes back with lefts and rights and then throws Sirus into the turnbuckle. He climbs the middle rope and starts to deliver lefts and rights again to Sirus' head. The crowd wants to count the punches, but...it's Sirus. Warren doesn't get any love as he reaches ten punches and then tosses Sirus down to the mat.

McDaniel: You can't expect the crowd to go with you when you're beating up a legend like Sirus.

Rentfro: He's new...he'll learn.

Sirus manages to get to his feet as Warren picks him up from behind. He hits a back body drop, crashing Sirus to the mat. Warren gets Sirus up, but Sirus tries to come back with a punch. Warren dodges and catches Sirus in the mouth with a punch of his own. Sirus fires back, but Warren blocks it and knees Sirus in the stomach. Warren tries for a snap suplex, but before Warren can wrap Sirus up Sirus head butts Warren in the stomach. Sirus tries an elbow to the head, but Warren ducks and grabs Sirus by the arm, flipping him over and sending him to the mat. Sirus gets up and goes after Warren, but Warren stands his ground and kicks Sirus low. Warren gets Sirus in a face lock, lifting Sirus up only a little bit off the ground, and then dropping him down for a modified face plant. Warren hooks a leg.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Warren is finally gaining some momentum here...some of the crowd likes it...

Rentfro: Most of'em don't...

Sirus gets to his feet in the middle of the ring, and Warren is on the assault. Warren tries to kick Sirus low, but Sirus blocks and sweeps Warren off his feet. Warren gets up immediately, only to be taken down with a dropkick. Warren gets back up, but Sirus is too quick as he lands a forearm shot to the back of Warren. Warren makes a last ditch effort and rams his shoulder into Sirus' stomach, driving him into the ropes. But Sirus picks Warren up in power bomb fashion and drops Warren on his back. Sirus hooks a leg.



3 -- No! Warren's got his foot on the bottom rope.

McDaniel: Those damn ropes! Sirus would've had him.

Rentfro: Well Warren isn't THAT green after all...

Sirus applauds Warren and then gets him to his feet. He sends Warren into the ropes, but Warren comes back on full momentum. He leaps high into the air and delivers an astounding punch the side of Sirus' head. Sirus falls to the mat, Warren covers.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: I think he calls that move The Cloque...

Rentfro: Sirus has the hardest head of anyone here...that's not gonna put him away.

Sirus starts to get to his feet, a bit dazed. Sirus is leaning against the ropes as a frustrated Warren runs at him. Sirus reverses and flips Warren over him, over the ropes, and Warren lands viciously on the outside, crashing into the barricade. The ref sees the vicious crash and climbs out of the ring to make sure Warren is okay. Sirus falls to one knee in the ring, still very dazed from that punch.

McDaniel: What the hell?! What are THEY doing here?

Rentfro: Might & Magic are storming the ring! The ref is clueless as he's attending to Warren!

The Dragon and Moke Doshky slide into the ring and surround Sirus. Sirus looks up, confused. Moke takes Sirus down with a big boot, almost ripping his head off. The Dragon climbs the turnbuckle near them as Moke puts Sirus on top of his shoulders. Sirus and the ref are oblivious to what's going on. The Dragon comes off the turnbuckle and hits a huge missile dropkick on Sirus who's about nine feet up in the air. Sirus gets knocked off Moke and crashes to the mat.

McDaniel: Oh my God! Sirus hit the mat horribly! The crowd is raining down boos on Might & Magic! That's just wrong!

Might & Magic exchange high fives and then high-tail it out of there to avoid being caught.

Rentfro: The ref finally gets back in the ring to see Sirus laid out. He's not sure what happened as Warren slides into the ring, bleeding from his forehead!

McDaniel: Warren must've hit the barricade wrong. That could've been a lot worse than it is.

Rentfro: Yeah...you could be his brother.

McDaniel: Hey, Matt's not in that coma anymore...and I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Warren, just as confused as the ref, gets Sirus to his feet. Warren places Sirus up on the top rope in a seated position, facing inside the ring, and then backs to the other corner. Warren then sprints towards him, springboards off of the middle rope, and then stands on the top rope in front of Sirus. He pauses for a moment, laughs, and then delivers a massive top rope hurricanrana.

McDaniel: Good God! The ODDYSEY! Sirus is out! That just isn't f'n fair!

Rentfro: The kid didn't know! He was too busy bleeding by the barricade.

Warren hooks Sirus' leg.





Eric Emerson:
And your winner of this match... WARREN "ODDYSEY" ENGEL!!

Warren gets to his feet and slides out of the ring, heading up the ramp way and still bleeding from hitting the barricade earlier. The crowd is still booing as Sirus is still laid out in the middle of the ring. Warren has a confused look on his face. He doesn't know what he did wrong, or what happened while he was on the outside.

McDaniel: Warren needs to go thank Moke and The Dragon for giving him the match!

Rentfro: Well...you can't for sure know that Warren wasn't going to win regardless, but then again...

McDaniel: Yes, it's Sirus.

Finally the Morans come down to the ring to help Sirus. The roll right past Warren, not giving him any trouble. They pick Sirus up and disappear backstage. We fade to commercial.

Because a little self promotion never hurt anybody!

The scene opens back up from commercial, Toshi Yang is standing by beside the changing room of Alex Wilkie, the door had a sort of make-shift sign with A+ written in pen, obviously, it was a last minute deal. Toshi looked into the camera, she looks as if she thought she had the wrong door, she knocks once again and the door swings open and Alex is there in his signature shirt and tights.

Alex:  Yo.

Toshi:  Hey Alex, can we have a word with you?  

Alex:  Yeah, what’s up?  

He gives them a grin, he had a cigar in one hand and a beer in the other, he takes a swig from his drink and a drag from his cigar, he then nods into his change room and made way for Toshi and the camera crew to make their way in.

Toshi:  Well Alex, How are you feeling about tonight?

Alex:  How am I feeling? I’m feeling great… I’ve never felt so pumped. It was nice of Chamelion to give me a nice relaxing match to kick back after all the hard work I’ve done…

Toshi:  Well, Larcen said some pretty mean fighting words, I’d have a hard time thinking this will be a laid back match, Alex…

Alex laughs a hardy laugh and lays back in his chair, he puts his cigar out in an ashtray beside him.

Alex:  Please, this guy needs to be hit on the head a few more times before he realize that
he's failed, he needs to run back to the little hole he crawled out of and then die. He has yet to find out that his Impact happened when he lost, a negative impact if you will.

Toshi nods, not really understanding what he just said.

Toshi:  So, wait, what you are saying is that, Chamelion only put you in this match just so you could have a little fun?

Alex:  Well sure, Chamelion isn’t all that heartless, he knows when we need a bit of a break, but hey, I gotta keep that record strong. I mean one loss is bad blemish on my part, but I ain’t gonna let that get me down, nope, Infact, I’m going to bounce back by showing that Larcen shouldn’t mess with the best, etc etc…

Toshi gives him a blank stare.

Toshi:  I don’t get it, why would Chamelion book a match, just for your amusement?

Alex laughs again.

Alex:  Hell yeah, Look Toshi, as much as I enjoy your presence, I got to get ready for my match…

He got up and begins to push both Toshi and the camera crew out the door they came in.

Toshi:  Okay, Okay, but one more question… its actually about you and Mark McNasty… when are you guys going for the gold?

Alex stops in his tracks for a moment then stands up straight, he thinks for a bit about it, then laughed a bit under his breath.

Alex:  The Way I see it, were already golden, why go for something to prove what we already are… I’ll talk to Ya after I send Larcen to the cleaners and back…

He closes the door and Toshi looks into the camera, then to the door, not sure what happened.

Methodcobra vs. Mark McNasty

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first, hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and weighing in at 310lbs! METHODCOBRA!

The entrance begin when the camera is on the ADCtron and the debut of down by static X begin to play on the P.A system with some smoke that cover the stage. When the music begin to rumble we saw MC arriving like Gangrel in a fog of smoke when MC is on the move to walk he did some kata at the same time then the firework ( kurt angle style with the color of quebec) release from the stage. On the ramp he run fast to the ring and when he enter the ring he taunt at the four corner with this own taunt style who look like CM Punk but with this inial the M ( Matt hardy taunt) and the C ( the devil sign) and after he did some shadow boxing until this opponent arrive.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent! He hails from Atlanta, Georgia and weighs in at 255lbs…and is the current PWA Intercontinental Champion, MARK McNASTY!!!!

The lights in the arena cut to black and blue as "Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play. Two blue pyros erupt from the stage as smoke begins to flow from the back. After a moment, out walks Mark McNasty, receiving a huge pop from the audience. He stops at the top of the ramp and cocks an eyebrow, as he rubs his chin. He then points to the crowd before he walks down the ramp. Mark makes his way to the ring, not slapping high fives this week. Mark then walks to a corner and jumps onto the turnbuckle before pointing out to the crowd, receiving another huge pop. He goes to the opposite corner and does the same, getting another huge pop. He then walks to the center of the ring, looks to his left, then his right, and then straight up. As he does, he raises his arms straight up, and pyros begin reigning down behind him. As the pyros stop, Mark wipes his brow, shaking his head before he makes his way to his corner as the music fades.

McDaniel: Hmmm, is it just me, or does Mark look a little pale tonight!?

Rentfro: I heard he’d been under the weather the last couple of days, but that won’t stop him from showing us a great contest!


As soon as the bell rings they lock up. McNasty knees Methodcobra in the stomach, lifts him up and head butts him. The ref immediately gets in his face and starts yelling at him, but McNasty pushes him back. MC, meanwhile, staggers back bleeding above his eyebrow.

McDaniel: McNasty makes a vicious start!

Rentfro: He knows he has to keep the momentum in his favor, as this new Methodcobra is an odd one to deal with!

McNasty tries to grab him but MC rams a right hand into his stomach. MC starts tenderizing his stomach with punches. MC grabs him and whips him into the ropes. McNasty comes back and tries to shoulder block him, but MC drops and drop-toe holds him. MC sits on McNasty's back and grabs him a camel clutch.

McDaniel: Effective submission move applied!

Rentfro: I see this guy as quite a wrestling arsenal!

McNasty is waving his arms trying to the ropes. He seems to pass out after almost a minute. The ref checks his arm. One. MC looses the hold a bit. He checks again. Two. MC raises his hands in assumed victory but McNasty jumps up and falls backs, crushing MC.

McDaniel: A rookie error by Methodcobra! Never give up the hold until it’s over!

Rentfro: A lucky break for McNasty, as he was fading fast!

McNasty stays on him and goes for the pin.



MC a gets shoulder up.

McDaniel: He saw the chance and took it, but it didn’t pay off there.

Rentfro: McNasty is a smart in ring competitor, but against MC it could be too little.

McNasty lifts him up and blasts him with a right hand to the jaw, staggering him back. McNasty hits him with another one, dropping him to the mat. McNasty goes to pick MC up but MC hooks the back of his knee, dropping him to the mat. MC runs into the ropes and baseball slides into his groin. MC stands up and starts stomping on McNasty, who is writhing in pain.

McDaniel: OW! Method’s taking risks with those low blows to knock Mark down.

Rentfro: The ref is being lenient tonight, giving the wrestlers ample room to settle these scores!

MC climbs up top and hits an elbow drop on McNasty. MC picks him up and sets him up for a powerbomb. He can only pull McNasty half-way up, and then tosses him forward. MC makes the cover and hooks the leg.




McDaniel: Not enough yet.

Rentfro: Even though MC’s a bit tougher, he couldn’t get McNasty up and countered with a hard throw to the canvas!

MC picks McNasty up but McNasty jumps up and throws his arms back. McNasty starts throwing right hands into his face. After 2 or 3 punches MC blocks one and throws a punch back at him. McNasty punches him back and MC counters with the same again. After a few more rounds, MC goes for a punch and McNasty blocks, and punches him low in his abs. MC buckles and McNasty wraps him up, and hits the Sault Slam!



Thr/Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Close!! How the heck did he get out of that move!?

Rentfro: Maybe along with his language barrier, he doesn’t know how to lose properly!?

McDaniel glares at Rentfro, while in the ring McNasty jumps up and picks MC up to go for another Sault Slam!  However, Methodcobra flings his leg back between McNasty’s legs, effectively crushing him in the groin! Turning, MC secures a pained McNasty and connects with the Last Judgment!!




Rentfro: WHOAH!

McDaniel: Methodcobra…. Has just bested the Intercontinental Champion!!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, METHODCOBRA!!        

Rentfro: Now that came out of left field!

McDaniel: As I stated at the beginning of the match, McNasty didn’t seem to be all there… and it looks like it took the toll on him tonight.

McNasty again wipes his forehead, looking feint as Methodcobra exits the ring, excited by his victory.  The ref hands McNasty his IC title, and Mark holds it up for the crowd's approval before stumbling to the back.  As the camera follows him up the ramp, it cuts to the backstage area where we find Enika Engel in a not so good mood.

Wide-eyed and panicked would be the best way to describe Enika as the camera pans in close on her face.  Never once blinking, never once wavering away from whatever it is that she's staring at...

Enika Engel: "Please God, no..."

She mutters, her mouth barely moving at all...

Enika Engel: "Come on, there's gotta be some way out of this..."

The camera pans back just a little ways revealing her location to be one of the few scattered locker rooms backstage at the First Union Center.  Her arm seems to be flinching just a bit, as revealed by the movement of her shoulder blade... her gaze intensified ten fold since just the time we came into the room...

Enika Engel: "Damn it!  No!"

The scene pans back a little ways, revealing her to be holding... a plastic Gibson Guitar, that's she's currently strumming and pressing buttons on, one that would be USB'd up to an Xbox 360 for the moment.  Surprise.

Enika Engel: "Ha!  I got'cha now Lou..."

She lifts up off of her seat, now to a standing position...

Enika Engel: "Double note, lefty... you're totally fucked now, devil!"

The screen pans around the room, revealing the person she's talking to is none other than not so much a person, but a television screen holding the image of Guitar Hero III - an intense battle going down between Casey Lynch, Enika's personal favorite character, and Lou the Devil.  No, your ears weren't failing you before - that's a cover of "Devil Went Down To Georgia" by Steve Ouimette.  You just weren't paying close enough attention...

Enika Engel: "The devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat!"

Her eyes never leave the screen...

Enika Engel: "He laid that golden fiddle on the ground at little 'ole Enika's feet."

She overdubs.

Enika Engel: "Johnny said: "Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again. I told you once, you son of a bitch, I'm the best there's ever been!"

She says with a shout... a smile gleaming from her face... the song continues on; and the camera man manages to catch both her and the screen in front of her, showing that it's all legitimate.  She plays on and through the end of the song... finally having beaten the game on Expert mode.  She slams the guitar to the ground and raises a hand in victory.  Her eyes bloodshot from an hour's worth of staring.

Enika Engel: "Finally!  About fucking time!"

Sweat has amounted on her forehead, and one single bead trickles down out from under her soft white skull cap... and down the side of her face... about this time, someone invades the room... Enika cracks a grin, seeing a familiar face.

Enika Engel: "Well for irony's fucking sake, if it isn't the REAL Johnny... how's it going' man?"

Before the camera can swing over to catch who it is, Enika swings out a hand for a quick shakehand-five. A deep chuckle accompanies the tall bronze-skinned man that just entered the room as he quickly slaps hands with the guitar heroine.

Nightmare: "So far so good. Getting the lay of the land, so to speak. How've you been since Hong Kong, Enika?"

Enika Engel: "Been doing good - sorry about the touch of laryngitis during our whole Sonshi shindig.  Couldn't be more "vocal" than I'd have liked to have been, but I thought it went down nicely."

Jonathon nods. It sucked that Enika couldn't have loaned her inimitable mic skills to the show, but that's life. He smiles when he responds.

Nightmare: "I see that you had another special event take place in the meantime. Boy or girl?"

She smiles...

Enika Engel: "A blue-eyed beauty, Fiona.  Gonna break hearts when she gets older.  So where've you been hiding out at?  Haven't been able to reach you in, Christ, ages."

Nightmare: "Rock on. Be careful though. There's a lot of kooks in this business who'll try to get to you through her. Me? Been in OPW teaching the hardcore crowed what real wrestling's all about. Year-long undefeated streak and a hall of fame spot there for my efforts, so must've been doing something right. "

Jonathon shrugs and grins.  Sure he was proud of his accomplishments but he wasn't really one to boast.  He let his actions speak for themselves.

Enika Engel: "Wow, congratulations... definitely sounds like you were.  Hey, check this though - me?  Undefeated in my entire career.."

She says with a toothy grin, pointing a thumb back at herself, about ready to burst out in laughter from the underlying sarcasm.  She was one to boast; but she was all about the actions thing too.  You hang out with a Kelser for long enough, and it happens.

Enika Engel: "Beat that!"

He holds up his hands and shakes his hands.

Nightmare: "No can do, Enika. I lost my first professional match in the US. Heh."

Enika smiles...

Nightmare: "And now you get to face the PWA champ from what I heard. Some guy wearing a mask pretending to be Michael Meyers from the looks of things. Sure hope he's a better wrestler than Big Fat Stupid head. I'm sure Riona may've mentioned that Leather face-wannabe."

Frowning, Enika lowers her head and her eyes a bit.

Enika Engel: "I remember him from back when I was managing in the Continental Wrestling Association... unfortunately Riona and I no longer associate.  She's been forcibly removed from my life."

Nightmare: "I see. None of my business so I won't ask. It's the nature of the beast I suppose. So what do you think of the good ol' PWA? It's grown a lot since I was here last time."

Enika Engel: "Grown in size, yes, I'll agree to that.  But in terms of talent?  Place has went way downhill since the original incarnation.  No Charms, no Masters, no Tommy Riley... nothing.  Seems like all the top notch people that were in the business when I first really started to take notice are all but gone.  Kind of sucks, to be honest." 

Nightmare: "Guess it's up to those like us to be the next generation of legends then. Although, to be honest, I'm not sure how much is left to be done at this point in my career. You though? You're just starting. I can't wait to see how many asses you kick."

Jonathon winks with a soft chuckle.

Enika Engel: "As many as I possibly can, that much is for sure.  So hey listen, before I take off and go on another monkey hunt - you haven't seen Jojo around have you?  You know, foot or so tall, dark brown, usually sippin' on some Jagermeister?"

Nightmare: "...so -that's- what the concession stand guy was shouting about!"

Jonathon laughs.

Nightmare: "I wondered why he was shouting 'bad monkey'."

Enika shakes her head, laughing to herself.  Face beet red.

Enika Engel: "Can't keep that monkey sober for the life of me... but hey man, listen, it was good chattin'.  Holla at me sometime.  We'll spar or some shit."

She says, giving him a pat on the shoulder and a smile before walking past him.

Nightmare: "Sure, sounds good, Enika. Best of luck kicking Jason Voorhees' ass."

We pan to a close-up of Nightmare, as Enika goes in pursuit of her lost Silverback-less monkey, and then return to the ring for more action.

Larcen Tyler vs. Alex Wilkie

"Main Offender" by the Hives start blaring on the PA system as the Eric Emerson start his rounds.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following PWA contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to ring...

As Emerson is speaking, Larcen Tyler comes out and poses with his arms out, acknowledging the crowd, who of course, boos him. he comes down the aisle nonchalantly and with a swagger heading to the ring.

...from Chicago, Illinois. Weighing in at 215lbs. He is "The Anti-Star" Larcen Tyler

Rentfro: This man, Larcen Tyler, is someone I could learn to like.

McDaniel: Now why would you say that?

Rentfro: Haven't you been paying attention, the guy focuses on himself and no one else. He considers himself the PWA's next legacy and with his look, his charisma and his ring ability, It would be hard for me not to agree.

Tyler gets to and goes up the steps and walks on the apron and leans back with his arm out as the chorus of the song and pyro sprays upward on the ring posts between him. Afterward, he enters the ring and looks around as he approaches the nearest corner and does the same arms out pose to the crowd.

McDaniel: But if he wants to really make an impact in the Pioneer Wrestling Association then he has a lot on his hands tonight in Alex Wilkie. The Grizzly Beer Champ. Beating him would definitely send a message.

As he says this, “N.I.B” by Ozzy Osbourne and Primus starts to play. Feet shake and walls roll for a good 30 seconds… then the bass fades, followed by the well known opening to “N.I.B” All the lights flash Green and White as Spot lights shine around and around the arena, then focus onto the middle of the stage, there Stands Alex Wilkie with his back to the crowd.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, From Calgary, Alberta, Canada...

Wilkie spins around and, with the PWA Grizzly Beer championship belt slung to his shoulder, pulls off his sun glasses, he takes a few steps forward and drops down to one knee, he lifts his title belt for all to see, and behind, White fireworks go off, he gets back up to his feet.

...He weighs in at 250lbs. He is PWA Grizzly Beer Champion, "Grade A" Alex Wilkie

McDaniel: I asked Wilkie earlier today about his strategy to beat Tyler, he just looked at me funny and walked off.

Rentfro: That's because you asked the wrong question, dude. What you should have been asking was how badly is he going to bust up Tyler just like he did everyone else he faced. You can see he's pumped and ready for action.

While they were speaking, Wilkie makes it down to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope going to the nearest turn buckle. He grins and pulls one of his trade marked T-shirts off and throws it into the crowd. He then hops down shaking out his limbs as the music fades.

McDaniel: Alex Wilkie is the hottest superstar in the PWA and he's facing the self-proclaimed "Anti-Star of the PWA in this non-title match up. As we get to the bell.

ding, ding, ding...

The two competitors stand in the middle of the ring face to face. Tyler, of course, is shouting words at Wilkie and can clearly be seen pointing to himself, as to say "I am going to win." In addition, he proceeds to muff Wilkie pushing him a few steps back. While Tyler stands in front of him doing his pose, Wilkie quickly composes himself and answers Tyler with a right that knocks him flat on his back as the crowd roars their approval. Wilkie tries to get a few kicks in, but Tyler rolls out of ring to rethink his strategy. The Referee start counting.


McDaniel: Looks like Wilkie's not intimidated by Tyler at all. He's here to fight.


Rentfro: C'mon, The Anti-Star of the PWA was just trying to show him who's boss and he get dissed like that gimme a break!


Tyler starts yapping with fans as he looks to Wilkie, who is urging him to get in the ring.



Tyler gets to the apron in front of Wilkie who is about to attack him once more, but Tyler ducks a wild right and grabs Wilkie head and jumps off the apron putting him throat first on the ropes. Wilkie doesn't go down but is clearly stunned as Tyler rolls into the bottom ropes and takes the offensive. Tyler goes off the far ropes and hits Wilkie with a shoulder block, knocking him down, then runs to his left to go off the ropes as Wilkie turns to his stomach to avoid Tyler as he jumps over him and goes off the ropes. Wilkie gets up and hip tosses Tyler. Tyler gets up only to get an arm drag from Wilkie sending him to the mat again. Tyler gets up only to get tripped by Wilkie. Wilkie gets up really quickly and drops an elbow which misses, and then Tyler gets up and gives Wilkie an arm drag. Wilkie gets up only to get surprised with a hurricanrana by Tyler, but he rolls to his feet. Wilkie tries to attack Tyler, Tyler tries to back drop Wilkie, who counters it with a sunset flip and a pin.

McDaniel: Wilkie with the Pin!



kick out!

Tyler rolls out, grabs Wilkie's legs and flips over into a bridge for the pin.



kick out!

McDaniel: Comes pretty close...

Wilkie kicks out his legs grabs Tyler's torso and they both get up at the same time. They both turn around, but Wilkie locks arms with Tyler and attempt a backslide for the pin.

McDaniel: He's goes for a backslide.



kick out!

Tyler kicks out. They both get up but Tyler quickly attempts a schoolboy for the pin.



kick out!

Wilkie kicks out. They both try to go at each other but they both get cautious and the both roll away and stop in the middle of the ring as the the crowd in the First Union Center applaud their approval for that display of good chain wrestling.

McDaniel: Looks like their evenly matched on this one. But Wilkie on the basis of size and experience.

Rentfro: That's all well and good. But anything Alex can dish out, Tyler has an answer to. That's how good Tyler is.

They both acknowledge the applause and then come at each other with a collar-elbow tie up. Tyler push Wilkie to the corner while still tied up as the referee attempt to break then up. They slowly separate, but Tyler takes advantage with a thumb to the eye stunning Wilkie. The crowd boos that, and Tyler goes to the corner and hits Wilkie with a couple knees to the stomach. Tyler then says a few words to him before grabbing Wilkie's face and slapping it. He then throws Wilkie into the far turnbuckle. Tyler runs a shoulder into Wilkie's stomach doubling him over. Tyler grabs him and snap mares so that Wilkie is sitting and proceeds to dropkick him in the back of his head. Tyler poses to the crowd as the crowd boos him. Tyler walks over a starts slapping him around telling him to get up. Wilkie gets to one knee and the gives Tyler three shots to the gut then kicks him the gut before he goes for an Irish whip which get countered by Tyler who then hits a Half-Nelson face buster sending Wilkie crashing to the canvas.

McDaniel: And Wilkie goes down from a face buster from Tyler.

Tyler rolls Wilkie over and covers him for the pin.



kick out!

Wilkie gets a shoulder up and Tyler locks Wilkie in a chin lock to slow it down and attempt to put him out. The referee asks Wilkie if he gives up. Wilkie, of course, says no. He struggles to get out of it until he slowly fades. the referee lift his arm and it drops. 1... He tries again it drops once more. 2... He raises his arm one more time and just as it drops Wilkie comes to life and starts to slowly power out of the chin lock. He has Tyler standing and then proceeds to dig into Tyler's stomach with three elbows and the pushes him to the far ropes and then clocks him a hard clothesline as the crowd cheers in approval.

McDaniel: And the GB Champ is taking control of this match. And Watch out.

Rentfro: NO!

For good measure, Wilkie springboards off the second rope and connects with his A+ssault for the pin.

McDaniel: He hits the A+ssault, that might be it.



kick out!

Tyler kicks out. Wilkie picks Tyler up and sets him up in a front face lock, and executes a quick jackhammer suplex. Wilkie gets up, goes off the ropes and hits a leg drop on Tyler. He picks Tyler up, gives him few punches in the face. But Tyler tries to counter with a punch of his own, but he missed wildly and Wilkie counters with a neck breaker. Wilkie raise his arm in a rocker's salute and heads for the top turnbuckle. He flies off attempting a moon Sault but Tyler gets the knees up as Wilkie lands. Tyler gets up, goes to the nearest corner and then starts urging Wilkie to get up.

McDaniel: Tyler at the corner, he waiting and...

Rentfro: SPEAR!

Wilkie slowly gets up and turns around and Tyler level him with a spear. Tyler gets up and starts posing to the crowd. He approaches Wilkie and picks him up, he then puts him in a front face lock and give the sign that he's about to hit his finisher. But when he turns, he's stopped by Wilkie and pushed off. Tyler tries to compose himself but Wilkie hits him with a Step-up Enzigiri that knocks Tyler out of the ring. Tyler gets up and is visibly furious, not before Wilkie attempts a suicide plancha, but Tyler sidesteps and Wilkie crashes to the floor.

McDaniel: Alex Wilkie went for it all and got nothing.

Rentfro: Tyler's too smart for all that.




Tyler looks at the damage and goes the announcer table, he pushes Eric Emerson off and takes the steel chair he was sitting on.

McDaniel: Oh no, he's got a chair this can't be good.



The referee comes out of the ring, and confronts Tyler in an attempt to keep him from using the chair. But Tyler pushes him away, focused on Wilkie. He waits for him to get up, But Just as he was about to smash Wilkie with the chair, Wilkie counters with a drop toe hold that causes Tyler to fall face first of the very chair he was going to use.

McDaniel: Oh and Wilkie, in a last ditch effort countered Tyler and makes him eat his own chair.

Rentfro: His teeth got jarred on that one, I'm sure.

Tyler slowly gets up only to turn around and be met with a super kick right in the face by Wilkie that has him falling on his back.

McDaniel: Well, those teeth are probably gone now. Perfectly placed super kick right in jaw.

Wilkie gets to the ring and Starts posing to the crowd as the referee starts the count.






Tyler struggles to get in the ring while the referee continue to count.




Tyler is at the apron and roll through the bottom rope by the count of 9. Tyler is really groggy as he tries to go after Wilkie, but Wilkie catches Tyler in a fireman's carry and then proceeds to twist it into a hard Stunner. The Grade A Stunner. Tyler goes down in a heap, and Wilkie gets the cover.

McDaniel: He hits the Grade A Stunner on Tyler, That's it.




Wilkie gets up and raise his arms in victory as the referee give him his GB Championship belt.

Eric Em erson: Ladies and Gentlemen... Your winner of the match..."Grade A" Alex Wilkie.

Afterward he stoops over a fallen Larcen Tyler and Starts doing some smack talk on him and then proceeds to smack him a few time. Adding to the humiliation.

Moving backstage we see the, now former, PWA superstar David Blazenwing walking through the back hallways. Dave carries a duffle bag over his shoulder and stops to answer a phone call. Before he does, Dave looks up and a big smile comes across his face. The camera pans around to reveal Gabe Shelley standing in his street clothes.

David: I figured you wouldn't be here tonight, with the night off and all.

Gabe: I almost wasn't until Jen called me and said that you're out of here after tonight.

David: Came in to sign my release papers and whatnot. Was just about to head out the door.

Gabe: So where to now? What is next for the great David Blazenwing?

David: Sitting at hone with Jen and the daughter. A life full of excitement. *Dave winks and the two laugh*

Gabe: There is a real reason I wanted to stop you though. I wanted to say thank you. I know you've always gotten a lot of flack and have been given a tough time in places, you've always believed in me. I've always looked up to you Dave. Thanks.

David: Thanks Gabe. Just cause I'm not around doesn't mean I won't be watching. I've seen how much you've grown over time from Mad Dogg to Gabe Shelley. The Future to the Marvel. Stay strong and keep fighting.

The two shake hands and exchange a pat on the back before heading their separate ways.

YES, we DO still show music videos!  It's just a bit more like "Where's Waldo" these days!

Before the next match, the cameras cut backstage to Chamelion's make shift office.

Chamelion: A quick announcement.  Due to un-forseen circumstances, Chris Cambell was unable to make it to tonight's show.  I was going to award Collins a forfeit victory, but the young man has requested that a rematch be made instead, to air at a later date.  So, as it stands now, Chris Cambell vs. Jacob Collins is stricken from tonight's event. Thank you.

The camera then cuts back to ringside for the next match


 Who's The Man!? Semi-Finals Match

Phoenix vs. Kyle Stevenson

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and will decide which competitor moves to the finals of the Who’s The Man!? Tournament!  Introducing first, weighing in at 240lbs and hailing from Orlando, FL by way of St. Louis, MO, here is The PHOENIX!!!!

The Final Countdown by Europe  begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADC tron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts. The Phoenix comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring!

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in at 225lbs, he comes from Huntington Beach, California, here is KYLE STEVENSON!!

The familiar bass riff to Schism by Tool begins to play over the speakers. Smoke starts to billow from underneath the curtain down the ramp. As the drums pick up, the strobes begin to pulsate to the song. As the song hits the first verse, Kyle steps out from behind the curtain. He looks around for a moment before sprinting down the ramp. He slides underneath the bottom rope into the ring. Phoenix seeing an opportunity with Stevenson on his stomach immediately goes for an elbow drop, but Stevenson rolls to his side, pounces up and executes his own stiff elbow onto Phoenix!

McDaniel: Stevenson had Phoenix well scouted!

Phoenix then shakes off the pain as he gets to his feet to be hit with a plancha from Kyle Stevenson, sending Phoenix falling to the outside of the ring. Stevenson is quick to follow.

Rentfro: They’re on deadly ground now!!

Stevenson then stomps Phoenix on the outside before picking him up and nailing him with a Russian leg sweep on the concrete. Phoenix then holds his back in pain but gets up by himself this time as Stevenson charges towards Phoenix but Phoenix falls backwards and catches Stevenson in a drop toe hold and Stevenson face smacks off the cold concrete with a sickening thud that gets an  Ohhhhh  from the fans

McDaniel: Stevenson is busted wide open!

Rentfro: Awesome move, and yeah, his nose may be broken!

Phoenix then takes a breather but is amazed when he sees Stevenson slowly rise to his feet with a lot of blood dripping off of his face.

Rentfro: That would have been lights out for any normal man! 

Stevenson then grabs Phoenix by the head but Phoenix counters with a shot to the lower stomach. Phoenix then goes for a hurricanrana on the outside but Stevenson blocks it half way down and Phoenix is left dangling upside down. Stevenson then starts spinning Phoenix around in circles and smacks his head of the top of the steel steps to another  Ohhhhh  from the crowd.

McDaniel: The Ref is being very lenient in this match!

Rentfro: Good for him! We must have a decisive winner for the finals!

Stevenson then rolls back into the ring and Phoenix does the same once he gathers his senses. Phoenix then stands up in the ring and is met with a flurry of punches and kicks the send Phoenix to his knees. Stevenson then nails Phoenix with one last vicious kick to the head that echoes throughout the arena and covers Phoenix.



2 ¾

Shoulder up!

Rentfro: That was shockingly close!!

Stevenson  picks Phoenix up and lofts him up over his shoulders and connects with the Lights Out, intent on finishing this contest as fast as possible!!

McDaniel: That's it, it has to be over now!

Stevenson covers Phoenix.  



2 3/4

Foot on the rope

McDaniel: Phoenix lucked out, being that close to the ropes, or it would easily have been over!

Stevenson looks amazed at how Phoenix keeps kicking out and argues with the ref while Phoenix recovers and makes to his feet. Stevenson then turns around and is whipped to the ropes by Phoenix. Phoenix then catches Stevenson in a DDT and spins him around into a cobra clutch. The ref asks Stevenson if he wants to tap but Stevenson refuses to give in as the blood trickles down his face and onto Phoenix’s hands.

Rentfro: Not one of Phoenix’s stronger moves, using submission tactics!

Stevenson tries to shift towards the ropes but Phoenix puts his full body weight on his back.

McDaniel: Stevenson is going nowhere fast!

For almost two minutes Phoenix maintains the hold, and Stevenson starts to fade!  The ref raises his arm…


He does it again…


Rentfro: If it falls again, this match is history!

The ref raises Stevenson’s arm a third time, and

It Drops!!


McDaniel: He’s still in it!

Stevenson shakes his fist, trying to get the crowd behind him, and with amazing effort, gets his knees under him and kicks back, sending Phoenix crashing onto his back!  Stevenson rolls away quickly to put some distance between the two.

Rentfro: I gotta admit that was one impressive effort by Stevenson!

Phoenix stands and stalks after Stevenson, who ducks around Phoenix and locks him up in a bear hug from behind.  Phoenix quickly cracks Stevenson with an elbow to the cheek and as Stevenson staggers back, Phoenix turns and tries for a clothesline, but Stevenson ducks and grabs Phoenix for a reverse neck breaker, and then covers.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Maybe Stevenson has his second wind.

Pulling Phoenix to his feet, Stevenson shoots two stiff elbows to his masked face and then runs to the ropes, bounces off and goes for his patented spear!  Phoenix however, twists and avoids it and Stevenson hits the corner very hard!  As he bounces back, Phoenix catches him and hooks him up for The Flame! 




Rentfro: YES! Phoenix does it again!!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and advancing to the finals of Who’s The Man!... THE PHOENIX!!!1

McDaniel: A hell of a contest between these two!  Say what you will about Stevenson, he’s making a come back!

Rentfro: Oh come on! This is about Phoenix!! Phoenix is going to go to the pay per view and become the Franchise!!  How very fitting for the man who started this company originally!

McDaniel: He has a chance, but he will have to get past one of the three who will be up next to decide the other finalist, and all of them are on a roll here!

Rentfro: Phoenix, this is ALL ABOUT PHOENIX, get with the program!

McDaniel: Whatever.

In the ring, Phoenix celebrates, making the ref raise his arm over and over, while Stevenson slides out of the ring and looks on dejectedly. 

McDaniel: I still say Stevenson is going to find his break in this company very soon, and will indeed head to the top of the ladder!

Rentfro: Sure, Jon, but it’s not going to be tonight!

Phoenix continues to bask in the resounding boos and hisses from the fans as he again and again makes the ref raise his arm and Stevenson has had enough. Sliding in behind Phoenix, he grabs him, spins him around and hits the Lights Out to the resounding cheer of the crowd!

Rentfro: SORE LOSER!

McDaniel: I agree, but Phoenix was a sore winner!

Stevenson glares at the unconscious Phoenix and then looks up and around the arena, a small smile now on his face as we cut away to commercial.

Convergence is thy name!

 Who's The Man!? Semi-Finals Match

Lazarus vs. Circa vs. Karasu

The cameras cut to the ring, where Eric Emerson stands in the center. He shuffles through his index cards, and then looks up towards the camera, bringing the microphone to his mouth.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is set for one fall to a finish, and is a Triple Threat match in the Semi-Final Round of the PWA Who's The Man tournament!

HellTrain's "Sleepless" comes over the PA system, strobe lights flickering on and off at the entrance curtain, and the fans roar with mighty cheers. From behind the curtain marches Circa, focused, and she head bangs a few times to the music, raising her fist in the air as she reaches the top of the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

Circa walks down the ramp, and then slides into the ring, rolling to the center where she kips up to her feet.

Eric Emerson: From Multan, Pakistan, she weighs in tonight at 172 pounds, and stands at 5 feet, 8 inches tall...

Circa charges to the corner, leaping up to the middle rope, and then raises her arms up, basking in the adulation from the crowd.

Eric Emerson: ...CIRCA!!

"Sleepless" dies out, and is replaced by Joushou Gaidou's "Miyavi" as the lights are abruptly cut out.

Rentfro: Eep!

McDaniel: Oh come on, you big baby...

Purple and yellow strobes flicker around the arena as a silhouette of a crow seems to fly down from the rafters to the entrance curtain, and Karasu stands there, his eyes fixed on Circa in the ring. He walks slowly down the ramp, adjusting his hat halfway, and making sure to stay away from the arms of the fans.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, he weighs in at 230 pounds...

Karasu walks up the steps, quickly gliding between the middle and top ropes, and then adjusts his hat as he stands up.

Eric Emerson: And stands at 6 feet, 2 inches...hailing from Stratton, England by way of Osaka, Japan...

The lights come back on as Karasu looks up at the ADCTron, adjusting his attire as the referee tries to pat him down.

Eric Emerson: ...KARASU!

"Miyavi" dies down as Karasu takes off his hat, placing it in the corner beneath the bottom turnbuckle. The lights in the arena then go out again as an old fashioned, black and white film countdown appears on the ADCTron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.


A trio of drum rolls crash as a spotlight focuses on the entrance curtain, the fans letting out a loud mixture of cheers and jeers, and images of various Hollywood landmarks - Hollywood Hills, the Chinese Theater, Paramount Studios, and Pink's Hot Dogs - scroll across the Tron to the opening basslines of Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida." Circa glares across the ring at Karasu, who returns the look, and chugging guitars come in as the Tron switches to images of Corey Lazarus in action over the years.

Rentfro: And here comes the man that has to be the odds-on favorite tonight!

McDaniel: I wouldn't necessarily agree with that, Brian. He's the most experienced person in this match, but don't discount Circa's abilities, or Karasu's for that matter.

On the Tron, Corey breaks the neck of Silvio Fioré with a Mercury Driver onto a TV set. Lazarus is then shown wearing his old 2001 singlet, flying off of the top rope with the Hollywood Bomb to Silverback through a table on the outside. The song reaches its 27-second mark, prompting Corey and Gregory Price to walk out from behind the curtain.


Corey's right hand is noticeably taped up more than his left, and a butterfly bandage holds a healing wound together on the bridge of his nose. Price chomps away at his gum as the duo make their way down the ramp, and Corey takes a sip of water, chewing the gum in his mouth as he takes the towel off of his shoulder, holding it as his side.



Eric Emerson: Introducing next, weighing in tonight at 230 pounds, and standing at 6-foot-1...

Lazarus and Price jaw with some fans at ringside, pointing out a middle-aged woman wearing an old IV t-shirt, and then reach the bottom of the ramp.


Eric Emerson: ...hailing from Hollywood, California...

The bridge of the song plays as Corey hops up onto the ring apron, stepping between the top and middle ropes as Price walks up the ring steps.



Corey walks to the center of the ring, twisting the cap back onto his Aquafina bottle as he switches his gaze between Karasu and Circa. He drops to a knee, facing both of his opponents.

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...



Corey places a fist on the mat, lowering his head as the guitars dive-bomb. He then nods his head to the beat of drums...


Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

...before leaping to his feet, his arms outstretched with a smirk on his face. The lights in the arena come back on as soon as he leaps to his feet, and Corey then backs up to his corner as Price cheers him on.

McDaniel: And Corey still has signs from last Friday night.

Rentfro: Well, Jon, when somebody pops you in the face with a pair of brass knuckles? You don't heal up in just one week.

Emerson turns his wireless mic off, and then exits the ring, walking down the steps and sitting down by the timekeeper. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" dies down as Corey hands Price his bottle of Aquafina and his towel, and then carefully slides his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's off so as to not agitate his nose. The referee comes over to pat Lazarus down, but gets only the gum that was in Corey's mouth spat into his face instead. A few fans at ringside laugh at this, prompting Corey to turn to them and take a stage bow, and the referee then pats him down quickly before getting into his face, examining Corey's nose and right hand.

Ref: Now you have been given medical clearance, right?

Lazarus: Of course!

Price: If he hadn't, then we wouldn't be out here. His hand's fine, his nose is fine, just do your f{beep}ing job and officiate the match, man!

The referee shakes his head, giving Corey the thumbs up, and then walks to the center of the ring. Lazarus stretches himself out as Circa does the same, and Karasu scratches his head, laughing a little to himself. The ref calls for the bell...


...and Karasu drops to the mat, rolling out of the ring as Lazarus and Circa look on perplexed.

McDaniel: What...?! Hey, there's a match that just started that you should be involved in!

Karasu walks over to the commentators' table, taking a seat next to Rentfro before throwing a headset on.

Rentfro: Sound strategy if you ask me, Jon. Karasu knows it's best to let the other two weaken themselves a little bit, and then it's easy pickings.

Karasu: Absolutely right, you old sh{beep}t.

Corey and Circa both walk over to the same ropes, the ones nearest the table, and look bewildered. Karasu checks his nails, and then waves his opponents away.

Karasu: Oh, don't mind me. I'm just taking a little rest and giving you both a head start. Go ahead, get on with the match.

Corey shakes his head as Circa sighs. Lazarus then goes to step out onto the apron, but only gets one foot out before the referee stops him. Corey looks at the ref, pissed, as he tries to explain himself.

Ref: Listen, I have to stop you from going out of the ring. If we don't at least try to stop the talent from doing so, we could lose our licenses!

Lazarus: So? What does that have to do with me?

Corey pushes the referee away, and then steps out onto the apron. He hops down, walking directly over to Karasu, who stands up.

Karasu: What? I told you I was giving you a head start! Go ahead and beat that little Pakistani whore, I'll come in later to knock you out, so we're all square!

Rentfro: Uh, Mr. Karasu?

Karasu: What?

Rentfro: Lazarus really isn't the kind of person that...

Karasu: I don't care what kind of f{beep}ing person Jewpants is...!

Corey smacks the headset clean off of Karasu, grabs him by the back of the head, and then flips him over the table. Karasu rushes to his feet, and is met with a baseball slide dropkick to the back of the head by Circa, sending him into Corey, who catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the outside. Lazarus then drops a knee into Karasu's face, knocking his hat off, before sliding back into the ring.

McDaniel: And Karasu stumbles to his feet on the outside, and Circa and Laz circle each other in the ring. They tie up, and Circa goes behind with a rear wristlock.

Corey drops down to a knee, grabbing Circa's wrist, and then twists her arm.

McDaniel: Full-arm dragon twist by Lazarus...

Circa rolls forward to her feet, untwisting her arm, Corey reaches forward, grabbing a handful of her hair and slamming backwards to the mat before falling down, grapevining his legs around her arm and pulling.

Rentfro: A handful of hair by Corey before the cross-arm breaker, and Karasu's back in the ring!

Karasu adjusts his shirt and his hair, and then hits the ropes. He leaps, turning his body to the side, and drops a leg across Circa's face as he drives an elbow into Corey's midsection, breaking the hold.

McDaniel: Nice way to break up the move there.

Rentfro: Not to mention knock some sense out of Circa while saving her!

Karasu gets to his feet, and then puts the boots to Corey's ribs before dropping a knee into them. He then covers, but Corey kicks out before the ref can even start counting. Circa rolls onto the apron, and Karasu walks over to her, strutting as if he were a woman, and then slaps her across the face.

Rentfro: Haha! Slapping that bitch across the mouth!

McDaniel: Oh boy. I'm sure Standards and Practices are going to LOVE that...

Rentfro: C'mon, Jon! We're on M-TV now! Half of the songs they endorse are more misogynistic than that!

Karasu hits a soccer kick to Corey's ribs as he gets to his feet, hunching him over, and then steps out onto the apron, slapping Circa off the back of her head. Karasu wraps his arm around the back of her neck, grabbing her closer arm, and then flies backwards, landing on the ringside mats with Circa in tow.

McDaniel: And a Russian Leg sweep off of the ring apron!

Rentfro: That's one for his highlight reels for sure!

Corey gets to his feet, twisting his back to crack it, and then notices Karasu on the floor, bending over so he's face-to-face with Circa. Lazarus smirks, looking out to the crowd before shrugging, and then hits the ropes opposite Karasu and Circa.

McDaniel: Karasu turns around, Lazarus flies...

Corey leaps directly from the mat to the top rope, flying off with a somersault and a pair of corkscrews, landing back-first across Karasu's shoulder as both men crash to the floor.

Rentfro: SUNSET STRIP! How long has it been since we've seen that one?

McDaniel: Too long, Brian.

Corey rolls to his feet upon landing on the floor, and then jumps on top of the commentators table, raising his arms out to his side. An appreciative applause is his reception, followed by a small chant.

Fans: L-A-Z! L-A-Z! L-A-Z! L-A-Z!

Corey takes a bow, and then steps off of the table, driving a quick boot into Karasu's groin as he lands on the floor. Circa gets to her feet, shaking off the cobwebs, and then slides into the ring. Corey follows her in, and both get to their feet at the same time.

McDaniel: And they tie up again. Circa with another go-behind, Corey reverses into a rear wristlock. Half nelson by Lazarus reversed into a hammerlock by Circa, and Corey cartwheels out of it into a standing arm bar. Circa hooks her leg around Corey's and trips him up, applying a standing ankle lock, but Lazarus rolls to the ropes.

Ref: 1! 2!

Circa breaks the hold and backs up as the referee slaps his hands, telling her to break the hold whenever somebody makes it to the ropes. Corey uses the top rope to get back to his feet, and shakes his right hand out. They lock up again, and Corey goes behind her, taking her down with a fireman's carry before locking a rear chin lock.

Rentfro: Karasu...are you alright?

Karasu takes a seat back next to Rentfro, breathing a little heavy and rubbing his crotch as he puts the headset on.

Karasu: Yeah. Jew pants over there fights dirty, just like I figured he would.

Lazarus wrenches the chin lock in, but Circa turns around and slides out of it, connecting with a diving forearm to Corey's forehead. Lazarus goes down, and Circa hits the ropes, coming back with an elbow drop to Corey's sternum. Lazarus sits up, the wind temporarily knocked out of him, and Circa takes this moment to lock on a cross-arm breaker of her own. She tightens the hold on Corey's right arm, but Lazarus gets to a knee and rolls to his side, turning the move into a pinning predicament.



McDaniel: And Circa faced the option of either letting go of the hold or losing the match right then and there.

Karasu: If that was me in there, Jew pants wouldn't have had the option of turning it into a pin. I'd have made him tap out right away.

Rentfro: So you're saying that you'd go after Corey's injured right hand?

The camera leaves Circa and Corey as they lock up again, and focuses on Karasu's face.

Karasu: Exactly...

Karasu throws his headset off as Circa whips Lazarus into the ropes, and then slides into the ring.

McDaniel: You know, you should start charging for your managerial services.

Circa goes for a back body drop, but Lazarus leapfrogs over her, only to be met with a high dropkick to the face by Karasu. Lazarus lands hard on the mat, and Karasu jumps over him, landing with a knee drop onto his exposed right hand. Corey screams in pain, and then rolls onto his side, clutching at his wrist as he tries to shake the pain out of his hand. Circa looks on, confused, and takes the moment to have a quick breather. Karasu rolls Laz back over, stretches his right arm out and holds it in place on the mat with a foot on the wrist. Karasu runs a hand through his hair, and then stomps on Laz's hand, causing Corey to scream again and then roll out of the ring.

Rentfro: You know, maybe I should start charging for my managerial services!

Karasu turns around and slaps a charging Circa across the face, sending her to crumpling to a knee, her back turned to him. Karasu then hits the ropes in front of Circa, rebounding and kicking off of her bent knee. He wraps one leg over Circa's shoulder and the other under her arm, grabbing her wrist, and then swings to his back, locking on a Triangle Hold.


Rentfro: Dammit...folks, we have to take a commercial break, but we'll be right back! Don't go anywhere!

McDaniel: The tapes are rolling...!



Once every year, one man can make a difference...



One man can rise above all others...


Brymstone grabs Project X by the throat, lifting him up and then flipping him over, dropping him on his head.



One man can prove...



That he...



The Pioneer Wrestling Association presents...
LIVE! From the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio
March 14th, 2008


We come back from commercial with Lazarus leveling Karasu with kick after kick to his head, just driving his boots into the front and side of Karasu's skull. Circa climbs up to the top rope, and Corey backs off from Karasu as Circa flies off, connecting with a moon Sault across Karasu's back.

McDaniel: Fans, during the break, you missed one of the most phenomenal saves I have ever seen.

A box pops up in the lower right-hand corner, featuring a still-frame of Circa locked in Karasu's Shining Triangle as Corey walks around the outside, clutching his right wrist. The still-frame then comes into motion, and we see Lazarus leap up onto the apron, then to the top rope, and fly off with a somersault leg drop from the top rope across Karasu's face as Circa's hand was inches above the mat, ready to tap out. Cut back to live action, and Circa hits Corey across the chest with a knife-edge chop.

Fans: WHOOOO!!

Lazarus reels back, and then hits a low thrust kick to Circa's knee, followed by a middle roundhouse kick with his other leg to her ribcage. He then leaps towards her, bringing his knee into her face immediately followed by an elbow to the top of her head, causing her to back up, incredibly dazed.


McDaniel: I thought Laz said earlier this week that he wasn't going to strike a woman?

Rentfro: Not unless he had to. And considering the winner of this match advances to the finals of the Who's The Man tournament, I'd say he needs to!

Circa drops to a knee, and then forces herself to her feet, her eyes practically glazed over. Corey then spins around, shooting an elbow into forehead that drops her like a sack of bricks to the mat.

Rentfro: And a Roaring Elbow!

Corey falls on top of Circa, barely hooking her leg.



McDaniel: And Karasu breaks it up!

Karasu grabs Corey by his hair, bringing him to a knee, and then rakes his eyes. Lazarus grabs for his face, and Karasu takes advantage while the ref admonishes him for the eye rake, grabbing Laz's right hand and then kicking it. Corey pulls his arm away, holding his hand, and then runs on his knees to the corner. Circa pushes herself up on all-four's, and Karasu then rushes in, driving his knee into the side of Corey's head.

Rentfro: And when all else fails, Karasu goes right back to Corey's hand.

McDaniel: Earlier in the week, Corey said he got a prescription for Xanax to take the pain away, but it doesn't look like it's working now.

Rentfro: Not with the way Karasu's working on it!

Karasu wraps Corey's right arm around the middle rope, stepping out onto the apron and then hitting a pair of soccer kicks to Corey's hand. Lazarus roars out in pain as Circa uses the top rope to get to her feet, and Karasu locks on a knuckle lock. Corey slaps at his arm, trying to get some blood flow going, but Karasu wrenches the knuckle lock in as the ref counts.

Ref: 1! 2! C'mon, break the hold! 3! 4!

Karasu releases Corey's hand, allowing Corey to crawl into the center of the ring, holding his right hand tight to his chest as he lies face-down on the mat. Karasu raises both of his middle fingers right into the ref's face, and then steps between the ropes.

McDaniel: Corey up to a knee, and Karasu's going to go for it...!

Karasu nods in anticipation as Lazarus turns to face him, still on one knee with clenched teeth due to his hand. Karasu bounces off of the ropes behind him and charges...

McDaniel: Shining Triangle...

Rentfro: NO!!!

...but Circa dashes in, leaps up and catches Karasu with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Karasu rolls to his feet, holding his neck as Circa charges in, slapping Karasu hard across his face several times with both hands, forcing him into the corner.

Rentfro: Since when have slaps become popular in the ring?!

Circa backs up, raising a fist, and then charges, jumping towards Karasu. Karasu ducks down and pushes Circa up, causing her to land on her feet on the top turnbuckle. Karasu starts walking forward, tapping his temple as Lazarus crawls into the opposite corner, grabbing the top rope with his left hand and pulls himself to his feet.

McDaniel: And he doesn't see Circa...!

Circa jumps backwards, clearing Karasu's head by an inch, and then wraps her legs around his head, back flipping and causing Karasu to flip forwards, landing on his upper back.





Lazarus rushes in and hits a knee to the back of Circa's head, breaking the pinfall. He grabs her by the hair, pulling her to her feet, and then locks on a front face lock, draping her arm over his shoulder. Lazarus cradles her closer leg...

Rentfro: And Circa blocks the Box Office Bomb!

...but Circa hits a pair of forearms to Laz's ribs to break it up. Karasu gets to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs in his head, and Circa forces herself out of the face lock. She charges Lazarus, but Corey back body drops her over the top rope.

McDaniel: And Circa lands on her feet on the apron. Corey with a forearm...CIRCA BLOCKS IT!

Circa locks her own front face lock onto Corey, draping his arm over her shoulder, and grabs the waist of his tights. She goes to lift him over the top rope with a suplex, but Corey drops to his feet on the apron. The two trade off a pair of forearms each, and then Karasu hits the ropes behind him, charging forward towards his opponents.

Rentfro: Yes! Karasu with the winning move right here...NO!!!

Both Circa and Lazarus reach over the top rope, quickly hooking Karasu under his arms, and then hip toss him over the top rope.


Karasu hunches down and then stands up straight, fixing his hair as he turns around. Circa and Corey then sandwich his head with a pair of low kicks, and then go back to trading forearms.

Rentfro: And Karasu looks knocked silly...BUT HE TRIPS BOTH OF THEM!

Lazarus and Circa fall to the floor, smacking their faces against the ring apron, and then Karasu begins wailing away with clubbing forearms to Circa's back, bending her over to do so. Karasu then grabs Circa by her hair, and whips her right into the ring steps, causing her to slam her head onto the top, the momentum sending her legs up and onto the steps themselves.

McDaniel: Circa hit her head hard on those steps...

Karasu grabs Corey by his hair, and then rolls him back into the ring. Corey gets up to a knee, and Karasu hits the ropes. He kicks off of Corey's knee, wrapping one leg around the back of his head and the other under Corey's right arm. Karasu hits the mat, but before he can grab Corey's right hand, Lazarus rolls forward, bridging his back as his feet touch the mat, pinning Karasu.




Rentfro: Schwoo...I thought it might have been over there.

McDaniel: Lazarus to his feet, Karasu up...

Karasu hits a knife-edge chop across Corey's chest...

Fans: WHOOO!!!

...And Corey returns the favor en triplicate.

Fans: WHOOO!!! WHOOO!!! WHOOO!!!


Rentfro: Cheap trick wasn't just a great band, Jon, it's also a great strategy.

The ref admonishes Karasu again, but he just laughs before booting Lazarus in the midsection and whipping him into the corner. Karasu charges in after him, leaping forward and bringing both of his knees up, driving them right into Corey's chest.

McDaniel: Did you hear the air come out of Corey on that one?!

Rentfro: That impact was so deep that Elijah Wood's feeling it!

McDaniel: Uuuugggh...

Rentfro: A few years too late, huh?

Karasu slaps Corey across his face, and then lifts him up, sitting him on the top turnbuckle. Karasu positions Corey's legs outside the ropes, and then climbs up top, locking Corey in a front face lock. He drapes Laz's arm over his shoulder, and then points to the sky.

Karasu: YEAH!


Karasu flips the entire audience off, moving his hand in a big circle, and then grabs Corey by the waist of his tights, both men now standing on the top rope.

McDaniel: Superplex...CIRCA'S UP! SHE'S IN THE RING...!!!!!

Circa runs across the ring, leaping up to the middle rope, and locks Karasu in a rear wristlock. She then leaps backwards, throwing Karasu behind her, which causes Karasu to toss Corey behind him. All three land across the ring: Circa on her lower back, immediately sitting up to catch her breath; Karasu on his upper back, slumping over onto his side; and Lazarus on his entire back, rolling forward and leaning his head and arm over the middle rope while on his knees.

Fans: HOLY SH{bleep}!! HOLY SH{bleep}!!!

Rentfro: Oh man...it's just a heap of human rubble right now!

Circa crawls over to the corner, pulling herself to her feet using the ropes, and then leans against the turnbuckle pads, breathing heavy. Karasu rolls to his stomach, tucking his knees up as his chest rises and lowers, his eyes clenched shut. Lazarus holds his right hand, teeth gritted, and forces himself to a knee. Circa stumbles out of the corner as Karasu gets to his knees, his face visibly dazed. Circa brings Karasu to his feet, and locks on a front face lock, holding her free arm out.

Circa: WHOAAA~!!~!

Circa swings her body around, locking on a loose cravate...

McDaniel: FLATLINER...NO!!

...and Karasu spins her around to face him again, wrapping his arm around the back of her head and then kicking her legs out from underneath her, diving forward and slamming her to the mat on the back of her head, neck, and upper shoulders. Karasu gets back to his knees, wiping sweat from his forehead.


Karasu hooks Circa's leg, using his elbow to shove her face to the side.




McDaniel: And Lazarus once again makes the save! He's still in this match!

Corey drops to a knee, clutching his right hand, and then his eyes go wide, his breathing heavier. Karasu hits the ropes, raising his arm for a clothesline, but Corey leaps up, twisting around and nailing Karasu with a brutally stiff Enziguri.





Circa dives and nails an elbow to the back of Corey's head, breaking the pinfall. She drags Corey to his feet, and then nails him with a boot to the midsection. She locks on a front face lock, and then swings her own body around, locking on a loose cravate before falling to the mat with a cutter.


Circa gets back to her feet, celebrating as she steps across the ring, and then drops to a knee in exhaustion. Karasu quickly gets to his feet, charges, and kicks off of her knee, locking on the Shining Triangle.

McDaniel: And Karasu locks the Shining Triangle on again!

Karasu wrenches the hold in as Circa tries to fight out of it, searching for the ropes, but she's in the center of the ring. Circa pushes her weight forward, pinning Karasu's shoulders to the mat.




Karasu releases the Shining Triangle, scrambling to his feet, but Corey nails him in the midsection with a pair of Muay Thai knees, and then nails another one into his face, standing him up, dazed. He leaps up...


Corey leaps onto Karasu, hooking both of his legs and leaning all of his weight across Karasu's shoulders.




Circa dives in to break it up, but just misses.


Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and advancing to the finals of the Who's The Man tournament...COREY LAZARUS!!!

"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" cues up as Corey immediately bails out of the ring, having his left hand raised by Price. The two begin walking up the ramp as Circa rolls out of the ring, frustrated, and Karasu is helped to his feet.
Switching to the backstage area, we see Gabe Shelley talking to 'The Lightning' Pohatu. As the camera gets closer we kinda pick up:

Gabe: Ill be in touch.

Pohatu and Gabe shake hands and spilt ways as Gabe winks at the camera. He turns but is blindsided and tossed into the wall!

The camera backs up to see JC Shelley kicking at Gabe. Gabe tries to stand but only to kick a nasty kick to the rib cage. JC grabs the back of Gabe's hair and is set to smash it into the floor but Gabe holds himself up. Gabe grabs for JC's legs and is able to pull him down. Gabe and JC start to roll around and start swinging at each other. JC reaches up and grabs Gabe by the throat and is able to get him on his back. JC doesn't let go and Gabe seems to start slipping.

Gabe is able to get his feet up and kick JC off. The two exchange blows as the head down the hallway. Gabe grabs JC and slides him down a table full of objects and food then sends him flying off the other end. Someone yells at Gabe a few feet away.

David Blazenwing: Hey Gabe! Heads up!

David Blazenwing tosses Gabe a Singapore cane. Gabe grabs it and taps it on the ground a few times. As JC stands and turns, he gets nailed and the cane shatters over his head. JC stands for a second before falling on the floor. Gabe reaches down and starts to drag his brother. The fans start to cheer as Gabe brings JC to the stage.

Gabe picks his brother up sets him up. He throws his arms out calling for the Foreshadowing. The fans start to go crazy as Gabe keeps walking JC closer to the edge of the stage. Gabe lifts him, sets his legs, and takes a dive off the stage hitting the Foreshadowing and sending JC through a set of tables!

Trainers come running out as Gabe rolls over and puts up his thumb to the fans as we cut to commercial.


Red Circle Of Death...

A Gamers Worst Nightmare.

What we lack in games, we make up for in reliability and blu-ray compatibility.  So suck on it.

PWA TV Title Match

Payton Strader vs. Jamie Flynn


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...this match is schedule for one pinfall or submission and is for the PWA Television Title!

Visual white noise fills your eyes and the speakers you listen to...silence ensues, after a brief three seconds of squinting your eyes and reaching for your volume knobs or remote controls...the screen goes to a prismatic fog...

a dark, undetermined voice : "You've heard it said that living well...is the best revenge..."

the prismatic fog begins to take life and begins to swirl, beginning to form three skulls, as an audio prismatic swirling static sound seems to animate the fog.

A dark, undetermined voice : "...living forever...is the best revenge..."

Within the three prismatic and foggy skulls, now forming a crystal clear, solid state, the initials of TDR can be read within each one, as DLT's Official remix of Limp Bizkit's Crack Addict kicks in...the fog sucks you in through the right eye socket of the middle skull...

Fred Durst (screaming) : "IT'S TIME TO PANIC!"

You are visually taken on the inner tunnel of the crystal like socket of the skull, the prismatic fog behind the crystal socket tunnel is dancing and forming, as the visual continues twisting and turning, passing through patches of animated prismatic fog, escaping
front what appears like cracks forming in the socket...

Durst : "I'm addicted to crackin' skulls who punk start static!"

As if on cue, the journey through the eye socket tunnel explodes, crystal shards are flying through the prismatic fog and you are racing through a timeless, speeding void of crystal shards and prismatic fog. If it weren't for the fog, you could almost see the glimmers of distant stars in space behind it.

Background of Durst (singing) : "It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime..."

Prismatic static follows and begins to form the crystal tunnel of the eye socket again, however, the speed rushing forwards seems to instantly cease and begans to retract where it's energy came from, in reverse.

Fred Durst (screaming) : "IT'S TIME TO PANIC!"

Background of Durst (singing) : "It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime..."

You are thrust out of the eye socket, all of the roaming pieces of crystals reform and solidify as three crystal skulls, the initials of TDR appearing with each, but this time, the initials burn prismatig fog flames...they explode once again, the prismatic static appears and begins to take shape, as the hydraulic lift begins to lift Payton Strader into view.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, hailing from Rock Springs, Wyoming...

Durst : "I'm addicted to crackin' skulls who punk start static!"

His arms are outstretched...his face hidden in the hood of his black
trench coat...his leather gloved hands are spread fingered. He raises his head slightly, only to give the spiraling spotlights hints of the dark gray face paint of a furious skull underneath. The pyros send down a waterfall of fiery sparks to overflow the falling prismatic fog. The hydraulic lift raises TDR to the level of the entrance ramp.

Eric Emerson: He stands six foot four inches...and weighs two hundred and seventy five pounds...

TDR sneers and walks down the entrance ramp. Ramp pyros go off with each step he takes, brilliantly sending an upward V pattern of sparks into the air. He breaks stride and shedding his
trench coat, belly slides into the ring.

Eric Emerson: He is the three most feared initials in sports entertainment history...ladies and gentlemen, The Dream Reaper...PAYTON STRADER!!!

As he climbs each turnbuckle, he pounds his fist into his chest and points upwards to the sky a moment, before outstretching his hands, for the thousands of photo flashes going off throughout the arena.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Seattle, Washington...

"Breathe" by Taproot kicks up as some of the fans rise to their feet, cheering for the man who just emerged from the back. Jamie Flynn makes his way down the ramp way, eyes fixated on his opponent; his shiny Television Title wrapped around his waist.

Eric Emerson: He weighs two hundred and five pounds and stands a quarter inch above six feet...

Flynn reaches the ring, sliding in, and never takes his eyes off Payton.

Eric Emerson: He is the current PWA Television Champion... JAMIE FLYNN!!!!

The ref signals for the bell as both wrestlers nod to being ready.

McDaniel: Lotta words between these two...they just don't like each other. Maybe there's an underlying thing of respect, but you'd have to dig pretty deep.


Flynn and TDR encircle each other. TDR lunges forward with a right hook, but Flynn dodges and smashes his knee into TDR's stomach, then immediately crashes his forearm down on the back of TDR's neck. TDR goes forward a bit, and Flynn connects with a dropkick. This sends TDR face first into the ropes. Flynn runs at him, slipping through the ropes, turning at a ninety degree angle toward TDR and connects both legs into TDR's midsection. Flynn catches some ground on the apron and springboards off, landing on top of TDR, and executing a hurricanrana. He wraps up Payton's leg for the rollup pin.



Kick out!

McDaniel: TDR violently kicked out of that one...a little bit surprised.

Rentfro: With Flynn, you gotta expect everything.

Flynn gets to his feet, so does TDR who's angered. Flynn runs back and springboards off the ropes and tries for a high body press, but TDR manages to hold him and hits a running power slam on Flynn. TDR drops his knees onto Flynn's midsection. TDR goes into the ropes and snaps down with an elbow drop to Flynn's heart. TDR does it again, and again.

He grabs Flynn by the legs and catapults him into the turnbuckle. Flynn crashes his head on the top turnbuckle, and TDR quickly runs in, leaps, and connects with a huge body splash on Flynn.

McDaniel: That's two hundred and seventy five pounds crashing down on you! That's GOTTA hurt! I don't care who ya are!

Rentfro: Damn right it hurts, but Flynn's had worse.

Flynn staggers back from the turnbuckle and TDR grabs him by the throat. He lifts Flynn high up into the air, and slams him back down to the mat with a huge choke slam. The crowd goes wild, giving TDR his due for a high impact move. TDR covers Flynn.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Near fall there...Flynn's gotta be hurting from that choke slam.

Rentfro: Pain is a word not in Flynn's vocabulary!

McDaniel: You gotta be kidding me...

Flynn manages to get to his feet, but TDR takes him back down to the mat with a forearm smash. Flynn gets back up with the ropes and TDR uppercuts him with his forearm, taking Flynn off his feet and down to the mat. Flynn is in a lot of pain as he tries to get back up with the use of the ropes. TDR grabs Flynn by the head and smashes his fist into Flynn's face. Flynn does a 180 and TDR executes a release German suplex on Flynn.

McDaniel: I think the name of the game for TDR is to keep Flynn on the ground.

Rentfro: That's good strategy because when Flynn can't fly, he's not that dangerous.

TDR gets Flynn to his feet and picks him up in suplex fashion, but Flynn is fighting it. Flynn drops back down to his feet and plants TDR in the middle of the ring with a DDT!

Rentfro: Or maybe he is...

Flynn gets to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle. Shooting star press! He connects perfectly and covers TDR.



3 -- No! Kick out at the last second.

McDaniel: TDR tosses Flynn off of him at the last second...close call there.

Rentfro: He can't let that happen again...the ref will reach three.

Flynn gets up in frustration and gets TDR to his feet. He sends TDR into the ropes and TDR comes back only to get drilled by a running dropkick from Flynn. TDR gets knocked into the ropes and Flynn springboards off the turnbuckle and connects with a knee to TDR's face! TDR gets knocked down to the mat.

Flynn goes into the ropes and comes off the middle rope with a moon Sault. He doesn't cover TDR, though. He starts to stomp TDR and then finishes it off with running leg drop. Now he hooks the leg.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: No massive kick out from TDR there...Flynn must be wearing him down.

Rentfro: Damn right he is! He's the master at that.

Flynn starts to argue with the ref, stating that he had him down for the three count. TDR gets up and grabs Flynn from behind. He tries another release German suplex, but with all the momentum Flynn flips in mid air and lands on his feet. TDR looks back, amazed, and then gets caught in the jaw with a huge sidekick from Flynn. TDR falls to the mat. Flynn climbs the top turnbuckle and leaps off, trying for a frog splash with attitude, but TDR rolls out of the way just in time. TDR gets Flynn to his feet and nails lefts and rights. TDR tosses Flynn into the turnbuckle and crashes his elbow into Flynn's head a few times. He follows up with knee smashes and then puts Flynn on the top turnbuckle. TDR gets on the middle rope, bends Flynn forward, and wraps his arms around Flynn's waist.

Rentfro: What in the hell is TDR doing?

His question is answer when TDR picks Flynn up in power bomb fashion, leaps off while rotating 180 degrees and slams Flynn down to the mat with a top-rope power bomb. The ring shakes. The crowd goes insane, a "HOLY SHIT!" chant beginning.

McDaniel: Oh my GOD! He almost sent Flynn through the ring!

Rentfro: I think Flynn would break in half before that happens! The crowd is going crazy!

TDR rolls over to Flynn and covers.



3 -- NO! Flynn got his shoulder up at the last second.

McDaniel: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Flynn's still got life!

Rentfro: Even I didn't think he was gonna kick out of that!

TDR cannot believe it. He checks with the ref to make sure he kicked out and the ref reassures him. TDR shrugs his shoulders and gets Flynn to his feet. He whips Flynn into the ropes and Flynn comes back. TDR tries for a big boot, but Flynn slides underneath, getting behind TDR, and kicks out the back of TDR's knee. TDR goes to one knee as Flynn drives his elbow into the back of TDR. TDR falls forward a bit, and Flynn comes off the ropes. Flynn leaps and connects with a diving kick to the back of TDR's head. TDR falls to the mat, as does Jamie. Both men are exhausted, TDR is a little dazed.

TDR took a vicious shot to the back of the head there! I'm surprised Flynn has anything left!

Rentfro: Jamie manages to make it to his feet as TDR is still down. Jamie kicks him a few more times for good measure.

Flynn wraps up TDR's legs, stepping around his body and putting TDR on his belly. Flynn leans back, his knees slightly bent, as he puts TDR in an arched Boston crab. TDR is struggling, screaming out in pain. Flynn bends it back even more, wanting to break TDR in half.

Rentfro: Mercy Killing! He's gonna make TDR tap!

McDaniel: TDR isn't looking good! He's not giving up!

Flynn bends it back even more. The look on TDR's face describes an unimaginable pain. TDR is no where near any ropes, and cannot manage to move a muscle. Flynn has it locked in so well.

Rentfro: TDR's beginning to get closer and closer to the ropes. Flynn seems to have it locked in, but TDR's still moving. He's gotta reach those ropes before Flynn makes him pass out!

McDaniel: I can't imagine being in that hold...your back's gonna feel like jello. TDR gets closer and closer to the ropes...

Rentfro: Flynn tries to prevent it...but TDR with his long arms manages to grab the bottom rope!

Flynn lets go of the hold, pissed off. He stomps TDR a few times in the back, the exact area of pain just a few seconds ago. Flynn gets TDR up to his feet, but TDR counters with a punch to Flynn's ribs. Flynn smashes his elbow down on TDR, but TDR comes back with a knee to Flynn's side. TDR delivers a low kick, and finishes by wrapping up Flynn's arms in a face lock and executing a perfect double-arm DDT.

McDaniel: The DREAM STING!

Rentfro: Flynn is out cold as TDR rolls on top of him for the pin...

TDR hooks the leg...





McDaniel: TDR DID IT! He put an end to Flynn's streak!

Rentfro: I can't believe it...

Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match...and new PWA Television Champion... Payton Strader...THE DREAM...REAPER!!!

TDR begins to celebrate in the ring as he is handed the TV title. Flynn recovers and gets to his feet. They look at each other.

Rentfro: Uh oh...

TDR extends his hand. Flynn looks at it, breathing heavy and exhausted...Flynn takes his hand and shakes it. TDR isn't done as he lifts Flynn's hand in the air. The crowd goes wild. Flynn breaks off and slides out of the ring, heading up the ramp way. We cut back to TDR celebrating in the ring still with his new title. We fade to commercial.


Night of Armageddon Six: Extreme Sacrifice - available in HD and Blu-Ray exclusively at FYE and www.aowfmedia.org


The Virus vs. Protean
(King of Extreme Title)

Lisa Seldon & Jeffery Drake vs. Nightstryker and November

Tommy Riley vs. Silverback

Vicious vs. Aarya Ranvir
(LWF vs IWL)

Thunderwolf being forced into retirement, via no-showing Nicholas Cole's MoA Gauntlet due to injury.


Enika Engel vs. Pohatu

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, "Mr. Money in the Bank" Pohatu!!!

The deep guitar riff of 'I Will Fight Alone' by Firewind filled the arena of the air, the pounding of the drums that followed synching up with the sudden strobing of lights at the very top of the arena. The strobing only lasted for a few seconds, being shortly followed by a brief burst of yellow pyro around the entrance door itself. None other than 'The Electric Enigma' himself walked out following the brief explosion, hopping from foot to foot as he stared down the ramp, his eyes locked onto the ring itself.

Battles rage throughout hamlets and empires
Heroes die, legends are born
The righteous pray all through the eons
Still the evil unsheathes the sword

Obviously having enough of staying at the top of the entrance ramp, the light heavyweight pounded his chest three times with one hand before throwing his arms out either side of him, doing the standard crucifix. After doing this simple taunt, the well known high flier promptly started walking down the ramp, a determined look clearly evident in his eyes as he neared the ring.

I will fight alone
Stand and face and army of one
I will fight alone
Until I'm overrun

As the song fell into the standard riffs expected between lyrics, the 'Electric Phenomenon' whipped off his ring jacket and, not even glancing back to see where it went, tossed it over his shoulder into the crowd. Leaping up onto the apron after the piece of clothing disappeared, Pohatu ducked under the top rope and stepped into the ring. Sprinting over to the opposing corner, he practically run up the turnbuckles themselves and posed in the crucifix position again for the crowd, his blue eyes searching the people.

Hear the seer's foretell my - lonely demise
Reap the sorceress angered - am still alive

Hopping down after the angry proclamation in the song, Pohatu turned and put his back to the corner, simply awaiting the match's beginning.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, the #1 contender for the World championship at "Who's the Man!?", Enika Engel!!!

The opening guitar riff to "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin cuts in, which cues a few swirling pink lights from the stage - no pyro's, no bullshit.

At the eleven-second break mark, Enika Engel steps out from behind the curtain to something of a mixed reaction.  Sure, a few people recognized her - but this was her first solo match, and they didn't know what to expect.  Her attire consists of a pink zip-up hoodie - left unzipped, with the hood up over her head - overtop of a white ribbed belly shirt with a black "Exit Music" insignia in the middle, rotated 35 degrees; along with a pair of white booty shorts with the name "Firefly across the back of them, black fingerless mesh gloves, and lastly a pair of pink, w/ white fur, ankle boots.  She looks out to the crowd, quite excited on this eve - a smile drawn from ear to ear - as she takes a few seconds to let it all sink in.

### You my friend, you're a lot like them...###
### But I caught your lie, and you know I did... ###

As soon as the opening verse kicks in, she makes her way down the entrance ramp...

### Now I'm lost in you... ###
### Like I always do... ###

She keeps going until she reaches the bottom, her eyes now taken away from the fans, and aimed down towards the ring, she pauses for a moment....

### And I'll die to win... ###
Because I'm born to lose!

As soon as the chorus gets ready to kick in, small pink blasts of pyro begin firing behind her, unfortunately her budget wasn't that big her first match in...

### Firefly! ###

She throws her head back (thus removing the hood from her head and in turn revealing a white skull cap underneath) and sways her shoulders before throwing a balled fist into the air, cueing a few more blasts of pink from behind her.  The ring announcer drowns out the lyrics...

Eric Emerson: "Hailing from Charleston, West Virginia - she is The FIREFLY.... ENIKAAA... ENGGGELLLL!!!!"

She was a little disappointed that she didn't at least get her height and weight called in, but it was no matter...

Could you shine your light?
### Now I learn your ways, 'cause they're just like mine. ###

She quickly makes her way from the bottom of the ramp, to the ring apron itself...

### Now I'm justified,  ###
As I Fall In Line ###

Which leads to her non-chalantly lifting herself up and rolling under the bottom rope, before springing back to her feet via kip-up.

### And it's hard to try  ###
When they're open wide!

She goes to the bottom set of ropes, and leans over, pointing to a few of her friends in the front row - giving them and the camera man a bright, white, gorgeous smile.  She soon retreats to her corner and awaits the ringing of the bell.

The bell rings and immediately Enika charges in and takes Pohatu down with a spear that catches him by surprise. Enika begins pummeling him with lefts and rights. Pohatu turns and rolls on top of her, coming back with some of his own to which Enika responds with a very unlady like head butt to the bridge of his nose that sends him recoiling away from her.

McDaniel: Enika has picked up some savage habits lately, just looks at what she did to the World champion last week! Pohatu could be in for a rough time here.

Rentfro: I wish Enika would give me a hard time... wait, I am getting ha...

McDaniel: Don't.

Enika charges at Pohatu but he gets his boot up and she runs right into it. Enika staggers back and Pohatu follows up with a vicious clothesline. He makes a quick cover.



McDaniel: It won't be that easy to put away a number one contender, even if you are "Mr. Money in the Back".
Pohatu picks Enika up but before he can do anything Enika sprays a jet of pink mist into his eyes. Pohatu swings blindly as Enika ducks under his aim. Pohatu then clears the shit out of his eyes just in time to be nailed with a roaring elbow from Enika, AKA "The Fake Sound of Progress". Pohatu falls and Enika makes the cover.





McDaniel: Enika hits one of her signature moves, but perhaps it is still too early in the match.

Rentfro: If she keeps going like this it'll be over sooner rather than later.

Enika whips Pohatu into the ropes but he ducks under her clothesline and rebounds off the opposite ropes. Enika throws herself down at his feet but he leaps over and continues to build his momentum onto the ropes again. Enika hops back up as Pohatu launches himself off the ropes and leaps into the air in a cross body attempt. Enika spots the move and super kicks Pohatu in mid air, making the eyes roll into the back of his head but the weight of his limp body comes down onto her leg and she yelps in pain as her knee is torqued at an awkward angle and both her and Pohatu hit the mat, Enika struggling to get back up with her busted knee.

McDaniel: Enika looks in a bit of distress here!

Rentfro: What about Pohatu? That super kick put him out cold!

The ref begins a 10 count. 1... 2... 3... 4... Enika tries to get up but her knee gives out again... 5... 6... 7... She grits her teeth and forces herself to take the pain as she gets to her feet. Pohatu still out cold from a perfectly nailed super kick.

Enika struggles back to her feet before the count of 10.

McDaniel: Enika is up! The match is hers to lose now!

Rentfro: Wait! What the Hell is that!?!?

Enika fires herself up and gets ready to move in for the kill, but from the rafters the familiar sight of Project X comes rapidly descending towards the ring, supported by cables on a harness.

McDaniel: Oh my... it's... it's Project X!!

Enika moves in but Project X cuts off her path by landing directly in front of her, and lurking over her with a hidden smile. A look of horror comes across Enika's face as she instinctively launches a right hand at Project X, but he simply swats it aside and grabs her by the throat.

Rentfro: Project X wants payback for last week, he's going to hit the Probe!

Enika kicks, scratches and fights against the chokehold, but Project X signals upwards and before she knows it, both she and Project X are rising high into the air, Project X's grip firmly around her throat.

McDaniel: He better not be doing what I think he's doing!

Rentfro: I think he is!

Higher and higher they climb as Enika struggles to free herself from the choke and get a grip on the cables, but her face is now turning purple and her resistance is fading. Higher and higher they continue to climb.

10 FEET...

20 FEET...

30 FEET...

Once at the 30 feet, Project X seems satisfied and begins to disconnect his own harness.

McDaniel: No, don't do it!

Rentfro: Yes! Yes! Yes!

With a quick press of the clip he is free, and both him and Enika begin to plummet, Project X driving her downwards with the chokehold.

30 FEET...

20 FEET...

10 FEET...


Project X and Enika both go right through the canvas in a spectacular crash that echoes all around the arena.

McDaniel: OH MY GOD!!!

Crowd: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Rentfro: That's it, she's dead!

Pohatu has now recovered and is back on his feet. He bares witness to the carnage. The ref and him look on, neither quite knowing what to do as a group of paramedics rush down to the ring. Finally, after giving it a bit of thought, the ref calls for the bell.

McDaniel: This match is officially over but neither Enika Engel or Project X have come out of the hole in the canvas yet.

All the fans sit on the edge of their seats trying to get a glimpse into the hole before the paramedics surround it.

McDaniel: I just pray that no one was seriously injured. How could our World champion do such a thing?

Rentfro: We've got a replay here if you want to see how!

McDaniel: That's not necce...


The replay goes in extra slow motion as we slowly see Enika being driven into the mat before Project X's weight comes crashing on top of her. The combined weight from such a height causes that spot in the canvas to literally explode and shower splinters of wood and canvas into the air. The ref in the background has a dropped jaw and both hands on his head as both Enika and PX disappear under the ring.

Rentfro: That is the biggest Probe I have ever seen! Hell, that's the biggest choke slam I have ever seen period!

One of the paramedics sticks his head into the hole to assess the situation and promptly gets flung back effortlessly for his trouble.

McDaniel: It looks as if there is some movement.

Project X's hand shoots up out of the hole and he uses it to claw his way back out of it. The paramedics try to help him back onto his feet but he tosses them aside while uttering unheard expletives. He is for the most part okay except for a few bumps and bruises... Enika took the brunt of the fall.

Project X takes a moment and reaches inside his boot to produce the Polaroid of Enika that Thunderwolf gave him at Genesis with the word "Don't" written on it. Project X simply tears this photo in half and dumps it into the hole with Enika... Afterwards Project X has a brief stare down with the "Mr. Money in the Bank" Pohatu who is ready and alert for any trouble. PX leaves things be and staggers his way towards the back to let the paramedics do their thing.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match as a result of a disqualification, Enika Engel!!!

Pohatu almost does a double take at the announcement not believing he just lost the match because of this. He argues with the ref but the ref holds firm and stands by his decision.

McDaniel: I'm sorry fans, but we have to take our last commercial break of the evening. We'll be right back to find out what condition Enika Engel is in right after this.

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We get pictures of Enika Engel being wheeled away on a stretcher and an oxygen mask strapped over her face. The fans give respectful applause as she is wheeled away.

McDaniel: As you can see, Enika Engel was taken away moments ago. From what I've been told she seems to be breathing okay and has been lucky to come out with no career threatening injuries at first glance. She is unconscious and in bad shape however, so we send our best wishes out to her and hope everything is okay.

Rentfro: That's one tough piece of ass!

McDaniel: Not now Brian, not now.

Rentfro: Well one thing's for sure, we won't be seeing her back here next week.

McDaniel: I wouldn't be so sure, from what we have seen of her so far in the PWA, Enika Engel is one tough competitor and come Hell or high water I'd expect to see her back in action next week, looking to exact revenge.

Rentfro: You are ever the optimist aren't you? I'd hate to see what revenge entails the way this feud has been shaping up. Every week that passes they seem to think of a more innovative way to destroy each other.

McDaniel: Wait a minute... I'm being told that a situation is developing in the backstage area, let's take you there now!

Project X is in his changing room and is furiously stuffing everything he brought with him into his gear bag. He hoists the gear bag onto his shoulder and marches as fast as he can towards the nearest exit. He doesn't make it very far however as Matthew Engel cuts him off at a corner and shoves him into a wall.

Matthew Engel: Where do you think you're going!?

As if anticipating such a situation, security shows up just in the nick of time and separates the two men.

Project X: Get the !@%* out of my face!

Then Pohatu shows up on the scene to complicate things further, still annoyed that his match ended in such a way. He attempts to push through the sea of security but they do their job well and keep all three men apart.

Pohatu: What the Hell was that out there!?

Project X: You wait your turn boy! I'm getting out of this shit hole city, screw the main event. I've got better things to do than to put my ass on the line against Raizzor when there is nothing for me to gain. You saw me out there, I do what I want to do when I want to do it and no Sommers is ever going to change that!

Project X moves to leave again but is once again cut off, this time as if on cue by Chamelion.

Chamelion: Going somewhere?

Project X: Yeah, home. Outta my way!

Chamelion: You don’t honestly think I’m going to let you leave without completing your duties here? The fans paid to see Project X vs. Raizzor, and they’re going to see it.

Project X: You think I actually give two shits about them!?

Chamelion: And do you think I actually give two shits what you care about? There’s a main event scheduled.

Project X: And how do you plan to pull that one off without me and a big hole in the middle of the ring?

Chamelion: The ring crew’s been hectically patching up your little vandalism out there.  It’ll hold up for one match.  As for you, kiddo… if you wish to remain the PWA World Champion, you will fulfill your obligation to show up for that match. 

Project X pauses to clench his teeth as he digests the corner he's put himself into. He points to the World title which is hoisted over his shoulder.

Project X: You hold this over me for now, but one day Sommers... One day.

Chamelion flashes the familiar Cheshire grin and Project X barely has a second to register what it's about before BAM! Raizzor comes charging up behind him and nails him with the point of his elbow to the back of the head, dropping Project X like a sack of potatoes.

Project X: You mother fu...

That sentiment is interrupted by a swift kick to the head from Raizzor.

Project X vs. Raizzor

McDaniel: Looks like our main event has started in the back!

Rentfro: They're warriors McDaniel, they don't need a ring!

Security clears the area and Chamelion mysteriously disappears as Project X tries to struggle back to his feet but Raizzor maintains control.

Raizzor charges with Project X in hand and launches him into a near by catering table. Chicken, lasagna and salad all go flying into the air as Project X goes sliding along the surface before coming to a dead stop.

Rentfro: Think of the starving Africans that could of fed!

Raizzor climbs up onto the table with Project X and drops an elbow that drives him through the table with a satisfying snap of wood.

McDaniel: Project X needs to get his act together here, because Raizzor is dishing out an ass kicking of the highest order.

Raizzor picks Project X up and slams him face first into the nearest wall. PX bounces backwards and onto his side. He starts to quickly crawl away towards his World title that was dropped in the initial assault. Raizzor follows in hot pursuit. Project X manages to reach his title belt, but as he does so Raizzor yanks him hard by the hair. Project X responds by launching his heel right into Raizzors testicles, the pain doubles him over. He then follows up with a Ryu like rising uppercut, delivered with the 50lbs weight of the World title colliding hard onto Raizzors jaw. Raizzor is knocked flat on his back.

McDaniel: Project X is resorting to dirty tactics now!

Rentfro: It's a damn street fight McDaniel, anything goes!

Project X now takes his turn to kick Raizzor straight in the head as he tries to get up. PX goes for another kick but this time Raizzor catches it and tosses it back, giving him time to get back onto his feet. Project X comes charging back at Raizzor and they get into an exchange of fists. Boom! PX lands an over hand right. Boom! Raizzor counters with a left hook! Boom! A jab from PX sends Raizzor staggering backwards.

McDaniel: It looks like the action is heading back towards ringside.

True enough, Project X seems to get the upper hand in the brief exchange and sends Raizzor rocking and reeling towards the entrance way. Boom! Project X slips in an uppercut that lifts Raizzor off his feet and Raizzor falls through the curtain, onto the ramp in the arena as the fans cheer wildly at the action spilling into their eye line. Project X steps out after him and wastes no time in forcing him back up onto his feet. Project X then runs him over to the edge of the ramp and with a mighty roar hurls him off the edge. Raizzor falls a good 10 feet before hitting the concrete back first with a sickening...


McDaniel: What the Hell is wrong with Project X!?!?

Rentfro: I think he is on a mission to single handedly put half the roster on the injured list tonight!

Project X stands tall on the ramp, hovering over the fallen Raizzor, basking in the moment. Raizzor seems to still be conscious but writhing in pain and grasping at his back.

McDaniel: Raizzor looks in a pretty bad way, we might not see our main event officially start tonight.

Project X climbs over the ramps edge and launches down beside Raizzor who is rolling around on the floor. Project X raises one hand in victory and seems to toy with Raizzor by shoving his head about with his boot. Project X then goes to slap Raizzor in the face when suddenly Raizzor springs to life and nails Project X with "The Guillotine Version 1" (Clothesline from Hell). The move is hit with such force that despite his large size, Project X seems to do an involuntary 360 spin in mid air.

McDaniel: Raizzor was playing possum!

Rentfro: He's nowhere near as badly hurt as we first thought.

Raizzor unleashes a primal roar and unloads on Project X as he staggers back to his feet. Lefts, rights, elbows, head butts, they all come so fast that Project X can't even get enough of a bearing to block them. Raizzor uses his momentum and beats Project X down the aisle towards the ring.

McDaniel: Finally the action is working it's way ringside. Maybe we'll even get to hear an opening bell.

Rentfro: The way these two are going at each other, I'm not so sure I want it here.

The ring crew are still in the ring making repairs to the canvas, the repairs basically consist of nailing wooden planks across the hole. They clear the ring like they have the shits when they see Raizzor and Project X ring bound. Raizzor attempts to roll Project X into the ring but Project X cuts him off with a sharp elbow into the gut and slams Raizzor's head down into the apron. Raizzor staggers away from Project X towards the commentators position and tries to shrug off the pain while Project X pursues.

McDaniel: Oh no...

Rentfro: I knew this wasn't going to be good for us!

Project X grabs Raizzor and slams him face down again, this time into the announce table. Raizzor sags to his knees as PX grabs the wired back up microphone from Eric Emerson at ringside. Project X then comes up behind Raizzor and wraps the microphone cord around his neck, wrenching hard on it to choke the air out of him. Raizzor springs to his feet and kicks about for a way to escape as he gasps for breath, his gasps amplified by the microphone that dangles underneath his mouth.

McDaniel: Good God, he'll kill him!

Raizzor's options begin to run out as his body begins to react to the lack of air and his face starts to turn different shades. As a last ditch effort, Raizzor reaches out and his hand makes contact with a monitor on the announce table. With the last bit of strength his oxygen deprived muscles can afford, he hoists the monitor out of it's slot and launches it backwards at Project X's head. THUD! It hits it's target dead on and Project X falls back, releasing his crushing grip on the microphone cable. Raizzor rips the cable away from his neck and falls down onto his hands as he tries desperately to get the air circulating again, but he is aware that he can't give Project X too much time to recover. Forcing himself back up on sheer will power, Raizzor lifts the monitor once again and charges a rising Project X with it, once again nailing him right between the eyes. Project X jerks back on impact and hits the floor hard.

McDaniel: That may have knocked Project X clean out.

Rentfro: Project X is no ordinary man, you've seen the punishment these two men can take. It would take something extraordinary to put the other out on a prolonged basis!

Raizzor suddenly turns his attention to the announce table and begins clearing any protruding objects off of it.

Rentfro: Wait... what's he doing?

McDaniel: Really, this isn't necessary!

Once he has an even surface Raizzor picks Project X up and places him on the table. After this he takes a moment to point to the top rope which draws a huge pop from the sold out crowd.

Rentfro: To Hell with this, I'm getting out of the way!

Brian Rentfro tosses aside his headset and retreats to a safe distance. McDaniel, ever the professional, stays at his post although his face is not one of a comfortable man. Raizzor climbs into the ring and begins to climb up onto the top rope, the crowds anticipation building with every turnbuckle ascended. Finally he reaches the top and points down at his would be victim. Then with an almighty leap, he soars through the air in a "Guillotine Version 2" leg drop attempt but at the last minute Project X rolls off the table and out of the way. Raizzor meets nothing but the hard wood of the table that is obliterated under his momentum and weight. McDaniel is knocked on his ass on impact and Raizzor is buried beneath the wreckage as the fans rise to their feet in appreciation of the wild brawl that they are seeing.

McDaniel: Raizzor... Raizzor just went crashing through the table on his own!! That has to be it surely!... Can you hear me!? Is this on!?... Get back here Rentfro!

Rentfro is more than happy to keep a safe distance away as both Raizzor and Project X lay motionless on the outside. The fight taking it's toll on their bodies.

McDaniel: I've never quite seen anything like this on Rampage! These two have never met in singles competition in all their combined years in the PWA and they damn sure are making up for lost time!

Project X begins to stir and uses the apron to pull himself up and into the ring where he continues to lie still. After a moment of catching his breath he forces himself to sit up and look down at what used to be the announce table. To his amazement, Raizzor begins to stir underneath the wreckage. If you had X-Ray vision, you would see a very visible groan on Project X's face.

McDaniel: I don't believe it!... There can't possibly be anything left!

Raizzor begins to slowly drag himself out of the wreckage as Project X uses the ropes to get to his feet where he is on shaky legs. Raizzor somehow manages to somehow get in the ring and to his feet unmolested, where he too is now on very shaky legs. Project X goes into boxing stance and beckons Raizzor to give him all he's got. Even in his battered state he is more than happy to oblige with the fan support building behind him. YAY! Raizzor nails a straight jab that almost knocks Project X on his ass. BOO! Project X retaliates with a right hook that makes Raizzor sway uneasily. YAY! Raizzor rocks PX with a thunderous uppercut. BOO! PX counters with an overhand left that forces Raizzor to throw his arms wide to maintain balance. Project X tries to take advantage of the momentary lack of defense with a low blow but Raizzor recovers just in time and catches his boot, spins him around and comes back with a low blow of his own that puts Project X onto his knees.

McDaniel: I've been abandoned to call the rest of this match on my own, but I don't think I can take much more of this! These two are as bad as each other, "Demon to Demon" is the perfect subtitle to tonights action!

While Project X is distracted with pain, Raizzor's attention is drawn to the wooden boards now covering the hole that Project X and Enika made earlier. He staggers over to the spot and taps it with his foot to check it's integrity. You can almost see the light bulb above Raizzor's head. He goes back to Project X and boots him in the gut to weaken his resistance. He then moves him over towards the boards, sticks him between his legs, lifts him up, jumps in the air and comes crashing down on the wooden boards in a vicious piled river. Project X bounces up, holding his neck which is now in severe pain, but the boards hold firm. Raizzor is determined though and picks Project X up again, places him between his legs and nails another vicious piled river in the exact same spot. The boards splinter a little but still hold their ground, Project X on the other hand doesn't even show pain this time around, he just limpy falls out of Raizzor's lap on impact, a sign that real damage is being done. Raizzor isn't having any of it however and third time is the charm as he once again picks Project X up and pile drives him onto the boards, this time they give way and break and the piled river continues underneath the ring until Project X's head meets with solid concrete.

McDaniel: NO!! How can two men take so much!?!?... I... I'm losing my voice!

The fans are left once again staring into a large hole in the middle of the ring for a few moments, but this time, Raizzor is the first one to emerge as he claws his way out. Reaching back into the hole he grips Project X by his limp arm and with a huge struggle pulls him out of the hole. He makes the cover but there is not a single referee in sight. The crowd counts it for him.

Crowd: One!... Two!... Three!

All of a sudden a ref sprints his way from the back and baseball slides into the ring to make the official count.





McDaniel: What!?!?... How the... Where in the.... I'm speechless... I guess this match is finally officially under way now folks but I can't see it going on much longer, not if my heart wants to survive!

Raizzor can't believe it and holds up 3 fingers to the ref but the ref holds 2 back at him. Shaking his head, Raizzor struggles through the fatigue to get to his feet. He signals for the end but Project X seems to root in his ring attire for something whilst recovering on the mat. Raizzor picks Project X up and hoists him onto his shoulder. With great effort he attempts the "Tombstone Shoulder breaker" but Project X rakes him in the eyes and slides down behind him and it is all he can do to stay on his feet after those pile drivers. We know see what Project X was rooting for on his fist, a shiny set of brass knuckles. Raizzor turns to meet him and...


Project X knocks him out cold with the brass knucks. Raizzor falls to the mat in a heap as the ref calls for the bell. Project X falls and sits on top of Raizzor and nails him again with the brass knucks, opening a large gash on his forehead. The ref calls for the bell again to remind him the match is over but Project X nails Raizzor again and again, the gash getting wider and wider as blood sprays back up and and sticks to his mask. He just seems to be doing it on reflex now, not hearing any bell or shouts in his ear, the fight has consumed him.

McDaniel: The match is over and this will go down as a DQ win for Raizzor, but he won't be feeling like a winner right now, his skull is taking a pounding from Project X and those brass knuckles!

Numerous security rush the ring and pull Project X off of Raizzor but it only would of needed one, Project X is in that bad a shape. All the fight has now gone out of him and he submits to the will of the security.

Eric Emerson: ...Um... The winner of this match by disqualification... Raizzor!!!

Project X is escorted out of the ring by security and even needs a helping hand as he almost collapses a couple of times on his way up the ramp.

McDaniel: Folks, I'm sorry if you have children who have stayed up to watch this but it's a live show and we can never predict what is going to happen. I can only assure you that it is not always this bad, only on Pay-Per-View maybe.

Project X reaches the top of the ramp and raises his arms high into the air, claiming the street fight victory if not the official victory. The crowd just look on in silence, not sure whether to applaud the spectacle of the brawl or boo Project X for his actions tonight... but something does make them cheer,

McDaniel: Wait a minute!... Raizzor is getting to his feet!

Raizzor needs the ropes for assistance but impressively makes it back up onto his feet and glares up the ramp at Project X, blood oozing down his face. Project X's jaw literally drops. Raizzor points at Project X and then gestures that he wants Project X's belt around his waist. Project X freaks and tries to go back to the ring but security have now set up a wall.

McDaniel: Project X likes to bully and intimidate, but on this day, this night, he has found one man who will not be bullied!... We're out of time folks, this has been one Hell of a Rampage! For myself and the coward that is Brian Rentfro, goodnight and see you next week!... Now someone get me a damn strepsil!

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