“Who will be the Man? Or Woman?”

Live from the HSBC Arena - Buffalo, New York

February 22nd, 2008 

Pyros explode on screen, before clearing to reveal the jam packed HSBC arena in Buffalo New York!  The camera pans quickly down to the ramp, as Come With Me hits the arena and the fans are on their feet as Chamelion steps out onto the stage.

Chamelion: Just one week ago, we had GENESIS!!!!!

Crowd responds loudly.

Chamelion: I’m told it was ratings gold!! The final numbers are due this week, but I’m confident we hit it big!  So, without even a breath, we’re heading immediately into our next Pay-Per-View, called Who’s The Man!? This is another PWA tradition, and I’m sure this year will rock just as much as every other year this event has taken place!  Now, there have been rumors, questions and confusion about exactly what this tournament means!  Well, simply put, the winner will be crowned ‘The Franchise’ of the PWA for the year 2008!  AND, will become the rightful number one contender for the PWA World Championship!!!

Crowd erupts louder at this news!

Chamelion: It’s a prestigious tournament, with some amazing past winners!  My brother Raizzor, The Spider, Brymstone and Alex Wilkie to name a few! Who will join that narrow list of winners this year? Let’s get to it and FIND OUT!!!!!

WHO'S THE MAN!? Qualifying Match

Chris Cambell vs. Kyle Stevenson

Eric Emerson stands in the center of the ring, the microphone to his face.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, our opening contest of the evening is a part of the first round of the PWA Who's The Man tournament! Introducing first, CHRIS CAMBELL!

'Sugar Rush' from The Desert Sessions hits and Chris Cambell heads out onto the stage.  He stops to acknowledge the crowd briefly and then heads down the aisle.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent...

The familiar bass riff to "Schism" by Tool begins to play over the speakers. Smoke starts to billow from underneath the curtain down the ramp. As the drums pick up, the strobes begin to pulsate to the song. As the song hits the first verse, Kyle steps out from behind the curtain.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 225 pounds, and standing at 6 feet, 5 inches tall...

Kyle looks around for a moment before sprinting down the ramp. He slides underneath the bottom rope into the ring.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Huntington Beach, California...

Stevenson gets up and goes to his corner, the ref patting him down.

Eric Emerson: ...KYLE STEVENSON!

"Schism" fades away, and Emerson leaves the ring and the ref signals for the bell.


McDaniel: And fans, the opening match of the night is off. Quick collar-and-elbow tie up, and Cambell takes Stevenson down with a fireman's carry.

Cambell locks on a quick chin lock, and Stevenson rolls out of it, locking Chris into a hammerlock. Both men are on their knees on the mat, and Cambell gets to his feet, hunched back while in the hammerlock. He then flips over Stevenson's shoulder, breaking the hammerlock, and locks Kyle back into a chin lock.

Rentfro: You know, while I was home watching this show, waiting for when I'd come back, I was watching this Chris Cambell kid, and I gotta say that the move he just did? That has been the single flashiest thing he's done besides his patented Cabbaged.

McDaniel: Truer words were never said out of you, Brian.

Cambell drags Kyle to his feet, the chin lock still applied, and then Kyle turns around, locking Cambell into a waist lock before throwing him over his head.

McDaniel: Release overhead belly-to-belly by Stevenson!

Kyle kips up to his feet, and Cambell rolls to his, his eyes locked on Kyle's. Stevenson smirks and raises an arm, the fans offering their appreciation with a minor applause, and Cambell then quickly shoots in, taking Kyle down with a double leg-trip before locking on a Leg bar.

Rentfro: This Cali-boy really should know the basics a little better than he does.

McDaniel: I can't say I disagree with you, but let's not forget that if the match goes to the air, Kyle has it won over Cambell.

Kyle rolls to the ropes, grabbing the bottom rope, and Cambell breaks it immediately.

Rentfro: What is he doing? He has a five-count! Take advantage of it!

Cambell goes to lock the Leg bar back in, but Kyle boots him in the face. Cambell reels back, hitting the ropes, and then Kyle rushes to his feet. Off the ropes, and Stevenson goes for a diving cross body.

McDaniel: And Cambell catches him!

Cambell walks out to the center of the ring, and then places Kyle back on his feet. The two stare at each other, Cambell nodding as Stevenson looks confused, and then Cambell levels Kyle with a stiff forearm to the head.

Rentfro: Yes! Killer instinct!

Kyle gets back to his feet and nails a knife-edge chop to Cambell's chest...

Fans: WHOOOO!!!

...followed by a boot to the midsection. Stevenson gets Cambell up into a fireman's carry, and then walks to the center of the ring.

McDaniel: Stevenson's going for the Lights Out!

Cambell throws a pair of elbows into Kyle's temple, breaking the carry and allowing Cambell to drop down behind him. Chris locks Kyle into a Cobra clutch, anticipating take the man out, when Les Maroon appears on the ramp with a mic.

Les Maroon: What the heck is this, Chris! You told me you had this week off!!!  You know you can’t perform without me by your side!!

Chris turns and this let’s Kyle kick out Cambell's knee, breaking the hold.

McDaniel: Stevenson turns around...!

Kyle doubles Cambell over, locks on a butterfly hold, and then lifts him vertically. Stevenson drops to his knees, driving Cambell head-first into the mat, and then runs over to ropes, jumping over them and onto the apron.

Rentfro: Icepick by Stevenson...and he's going for it...!

Cambell begins regaining his senses, and gets up to a knee. Stevenson pulls back on the top rope, and as Cambell reaches his feet and hunches over, holding the back of his neck, Stevenson springboards onto the top rope. He flies off with a Shooting Star Press, dropping his leg across the back of Cambell's neck, and then drives Chris face-first into the mat.


Stevenson hooks both legs of Cambell and the referee drops down.





Kyle stands and leans against the ropes, blinking that he actually got a win after all this time! Cambell sits up, shaking his head, glaring up at Les Maroon who throws up his hands in disgust and disappears behind the entrance.

Eric Emerson: Your winner of the match...KYLE STEVENSON!!

McDaniel: Les, for all his supposed help for Chris, just may have cost him that match!

Rentfro: That’s what you get for trying to break a contract!

McDaniel: You’re impossible!

Rentfro: Heh, I know.  But come on, it’s time for the Television Title match! Gold’s on the line, baby!!!

PWA Television Title Match

Jamie Flynn vs. Nick Mathews


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen! This following match is for the PWA Television Title! It's scheduled for one pin fall or submission and has a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, from parts unknown...

"Death Letter" by The White Stripes kicks up on the PA system. Not much of a reaction from the fans as the lights go out and a white spiral on a black background shows up on the ADCtron. A medium placed guitar line plays two bars, and when the drums kick in, a spotlight hits the stage and Nick Mathews is standing in it.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet tall and weighs two hundred and thirty five pounds...

As the song continues, he quickly walks down the ramp, singing along to the song.

Eric Emerson: He is the "Cacophony of Violence"...NICK MATHEWS!!!

He hesitates when he gets to the stairs, eventually climbing them slowly. He turns and faces the crowd, and then he climbs into the ring. The lights come back on and Nick sits on the turnbuckle.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Seattle, Washington...

"Breathe" by Taproot kicks up as some of the fans rise to their feet, cheering for the man who just emerged from the back. Jamie Flynn makes his way down the ramp way, eyes fixated on his opponent; his shiny Television Title wrapped around his waist.

Eric Emerson: He weighs two hundred and five pounds and stands a quarter inch above six feet...

Flynn reaches the ring, sliding in, and never takes his eyes off Nick.

Eric Emerson: He is the current PWA Television Champion... JAMIE FLYNN!!!!

The ref signals for the bell as both wrestlers nod to being ready.

McDaniel: Here we go!


Flynn and Nick circle each other for a moment, but Nick wastes no time by rushing in and locking Flynn up in a face lock. Flynn gets out of it by nailing hard elbows into the side of Nick, and then connects with a huge right hand to the side of Nick's head and sends him down to the mat. Jamie goes off the ropes and connects with a flipping leg drop, landing over the throat and chest of Nick.

McDaniel: What elevation! He must work on that vertical leap of his every day.

Rentfro: Damn right he does! How else do you explain it?

Jamie gets Nick to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Nick comes back and Flynn attempts a dropkick, but Nick sidesteps as Flynn crashes to the mat. Nick gets on the advantage and pummels Flynn with lefts and rights, and adds in a few stomps for good measure. Nick gets Flynn to his feet and executes a powerbomb, slamming Flynn into the turnbuckles instead of the mat.

Rentfro: Oh my GOD! That had to hurt! Flynn is in a lot of pain.

McDaniel: Who knew Mathews had it in him...

Nick grabs Flynn and tosses him back into the corner. He connects with rights and lefts and then rams his knee into Flynn's stomach. Flynn drops to a knee. Nick goes to the opposite corner and bulrushes right at Flynn, attempting to smash him into the corner again. Flynn drops to the mat and slides out just as Nick gets there and Nick hits the turnbuckles himself.

McDaniel: That was a necessary dodge by Jamie. He was gonna get pancaked!

Rentfro: With blueberries?

McDaniel doesn't bother to respond as Flynn gets on the apron, climbing to the turnbuckle. A groggy Mathews tries to regain his composure, but loses it as Flynn comes crashing down with a missile dropkick. He connects feet to chest on Mathews and sends Mathews across the ring. Flynn gets to his feet and springboards off the ropes, connecting with a moonsault. He covers.



3 -- No! Shoulder up.

McDaniel: Close call there. Jamie didn't like it, he was sure he had him.

Rentfro: Jamie's gotta do more than that to put Mathews away.

Jamie gets Nick to his feet and throws him into the ropes. Nick comes back and Jamie hits a perfect tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Nick.

McDaniel: Not usually his style right there...

Rentfro: Pain is pain in the mind of Jamie Flynn!

Nick is grabbing his lower back as Flynn drags him to his feet. Flynn hits him with a right and a left and staggers Nick back a bit. Flynn springboards off the ropes, landing on Nick's shoulders, and then executes a perfect hurricanrana. He holds Nick for the pin.



3 -- Wait. The ref calls the ropes as clearly Mathews' hand is grabbing the bottom rope.

McDaniel: The ref almost didn't see that. Good job by Nick. Flynn kept him too close.

Rentfro: I'm sure Flynn means to not let that happen again. I think he had'em!

Flynn argues with the ref telling him to do a better job. Nick manages to get to his feet and swings at Flynn, but Flynn dodges and gets behind Nick. Flynn hits a back-breaking Russian leg sweep.

McDaniel: The ring shook tremendously after that one. What impact!

Rentfro: The fans love it!

Flynn gets Nick up to his feet and sends him into the turnbuckle. Flynn hops onto the middle rope and begins to pound lefts and rights on the face of Nick Mathews. He jumps up and connects with a head butt on his way down. Nick falls to the mat as Flynn climbs the turnbuckle.

McDaniel: Flynn's calling for it! This is about the end for Nick Mathews.

Rentfro: Mathews is stirring a bit, trying to get back to his feet. He's starting to bleed from his nose and uses the ropes to get to his feet. He turns around, only to be met by the Suicide Devil's Plancha!

Flynn crashes down on top of Nick and rolls on top of him, hooking the leg.





McDaniel: Flynn's done it again! He keeps proving week after week why taking that TV Title will be the toughest thing anybody can do.

Rentfro: Yet he's sick of all the weak competitors. He wants a real challenge...and he may just get one.

McDaniel: Do you know something I don't?

Rentfro: Let's just say I know enough. Bam!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of this match and STILL your PWA Television Champion... JAMIE FLYNN!

Flynn gets handed his title and slides out of the ring. A bloody Nick Mathews gets to his feet as Flynn, throwing the title over his right shoulder, walks up the ramp. We fade to commercial.

A Moment from Who's The Man!? 1999

Raizzor vs. Dr. Steven Remo (World Title Match)

Moke Doshky - Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the main event. On the line, the PWA World Title. The winner of this match will also be officially known as the Franchise of the PWA. The final prize, whichever man wins the match, will gain a 50% interest in the PWA. Introducing first, Raizzor!

(Raizzor enters the ring)

Moke Doshky - And his opponent, Dr. Steven Remo!

(Remo walks to the ring)

Jon McDaniel - They start off quickly. Remo and Raizzor aren't wrestling now, they're fighting. They want the other's blood. Just punching and kicking and biting, here folks. Raizzor gets his hand around the neck of Remo, choking him. He picks him up and slams him down to the mat. One, two, kickout. Remo is on wobbly legs, but he uses all his strength to push Raizzor away. He grabs Raizzor and pulls him up for a brain buster! He pulls Raizzor up again and whips him into the ropes. Spine buster on Raizzor. One, two, kickout.

Brian Rentfro - Hey, the lights have gone out!

(The Aegian Tron comes to life with what appears to be security camera footage. Remo and Raizzor have stopped fighting in the ring and are watching the tape. It becomes clear that the video is of the PWA Dome parking complex. The camera is trained on a spot clearly marked for wrestlers only. Several cars are parked there. One in particular has a license plate that says "Rage". After a moment, Remo enters the frame  and ducks underneath Rage's car. About 30 second later, he gets up and leaves.)

President Robinson (over the PA) - Remo, you've done a great job for me, just like you have ever since I've hired you. I must admit, I didn't think I could convince you to cut the brake lines on Rage's car, but you sure surprised me. I would dare say you surprised Banshee, too.

(The camera zooms to Raizzor's face. It is screwed into a mask of hate, but he stands still, waiting to hear the rest)

President Robinson (over the PA) - Remember back when I handed you the IC tiitle? Well, you've earned another reward with your hard work. Here it is.

(The lights come back on, and Dark Phoenix is standing in the ring behind Raizzor.)

Jon McDaniel - Raizzor turns around and is greeted by the Up from the Ashes from the Dark Phoenix! DP is leaving the ring. Rage has left the announce position and has chased DP into the back!

President Robinson (over the PA) - Referee, if you want to keep your job, nothing just happened.

Jon McDaniel - Remo makes the pin. One, two, three! Remo is handed the World Title! What is going on?

Brian Rentfro - VP Sommers is coming out! What is going on here?

VP Sommers - Robinson, I just knew you would pull something like this. Well, guess what? I'm ordering this match to be restarted. Raizzor just got screwed, but I'm giving him a second chance.

Jon McDaniel - This has been confusing to say the least. Raizzor is slowly getting to his feet. Remo sets him up and hits the Analysis! One, two, thr..no! Kickout! Remo sets him up again, but Raizzor punches him away! Raizzor sets him up and delivers the Tombstone Shoulder Breaker! One, two, three! Raizzor is the Franchise and the PWA World champion! We're all out of time here. Make sure you tune in on Tuesday Night Chaos for more great PWA action. Hopefully we'll get some more answers then.

Alex Wilkie vs. Pohatu

Eric Emerson: The following contest is for one fall and is a non title match. Introducing first, the winner of the "Money in the Bank" match, Pohatu!!!

As the quick guitar string flicks were heard of 'Crawling in the Dark' by Hoobastank, a quiet hush fell over the arena audience, all eyes moving to the audience as spot lights around the arena spun around and finally focused on the entrance curtain. As the guitar briefly went into a full strum away from the usually plucking, a brief double spark of pyros went off on either side of the curtain, as if calling something out. As the guitar returned to the plucking the lyrics started up, a rustling could be seen behind the curtain.

I will dedicate
And sacrifice my everything for just a seconds worth
Of how my story's ending
And I wish I could know if the directions that I take
And all the choices that I make won't end up all for nothing!

As these lyrics were heard and the guitar went into a full strum again, the curtain was brushed aside as none other than the 'Electric Phenomenon' himself stepped out from behind the backstage area, a broad grin on his face as he let out an enthusiastic yell in tune with one of the lead singers cries, the audience instantly returning to the cry to him. Pumping one fist into the air briefly, the light heavyweight then sprinted down the ramp, slowing down as the song itself slowed down again, glancing from side to side.

Assure me it's ok to use my heart and not my eyes
To navigate the darkness
Will the ending be ever coming suddenly?
Will I ever get to see the ending to my story?

With a sudden burst of energy that caused a couple of fans to take a step back from the barrier, Pohatu leaped from the bottom of the ramp and onto the edge of the ring, his hands finding purchase on the top rope. The wrestler's sky blue eyes searched the audience, his face having a solemn look on them briefly, and only briefly, for directly after his eyes back to rest on the ring, he launched himself over the top rope and did a 180 degree turn in mid-air to land facing back towards the ramp. Glaring up the ramp, as if daring someone to charge down it towards him, the Electric Enigma backed into the center of the ring, hopping from foot to foot and swinging his arms around in obvious preparation as his theme song slowly faded out.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, with an undefeated record of 6-0, he is the reigning Grizzly Beer champion, "Grade A" Alex Wilkie!!!

The Opening Bass Rifts rumbles throughout the Arena. Feet shake and walls roll for a good 30 seconds… then the bass fades, followed by the well known opening to “N.I.B” All the lights flash Green and White as Spot lights shine around and around the arena, then focus onto the middle of the stage, there Stands Alex Wilkie with his back to the crowd, he spins around and pulls off his sun glasses, he takes a few steps forward and drops down to one knee, he lifts one hand up in the rockers salute, and behind, White fireworks go off, he gets back up to his feet. Marching down to the ring, slapping some fans hands. He makes it down to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope going to the nearest turn buckle. He grins and pulls one of his trademarked T-shirts off and throws it into the crowd. He then hops down shaking out his limbs as the music fades.

McDaniel: What a contest we have here!! We have the "Money in the Bank" winner against the Grizzly Beer champion who happens to hold the best win-loss record on the roster, this could have easily been our main event tonight!

The bell rings and Alex Wilkie wastes no time in nailing a running dropkick on Pohatu. Pohatu staggers backwards and falls through the middle rope to the outside. Wilkie doesn't let up and follows up by spring boarding onto the top rope, diving to the outside and taking Pohatu down with a hurricanrana on the outside to a high spot pop from the crowd. Not even taking time to bask in his high risk payoff, Wilkie picks Pohatu up and whips him hard into the steel guard rail as the ref buzzes in his ear to take it back in the ring.

McDaniel: This match has gotten off to a fast and furious start!

Rayne: Wilkie knows the dangers that someone like Pohatu poses and is looking to get him out of the way as quick as he can with some high risk.

Wilkie ignores the ref and charges at Pohatu, but Pohatu starts to get some sense back and ducks to lift Wilkie over the barricade with a back body drop into the crowd. Wilkie crashes into some fat chick in the front row and her trampoline belly breaks his fall but she unfortunately spills her bucket sized Sprite all over him. Pohatu hops onto the barricade and launches off to nail a hurricanrana of his own but Wilkie catches him and power bombs him back across the barricade.

McDaniel: Ouch! I felt that one from here.

Rentfro: Serves him right for trying to copy Wilkie's move.

The ref slide out of the ring and demands Wilkie take it inside or he ends the contest right now. Wilkie obliges and makes the cover when he gets Pohatu in.



McDaniel: Too much time to recover after the move was hit.

Wilkie picks Pohatu up and whips him into the corner, charging in after him with a jumping splash, "The Grade A Sting". Pohatu staggers out and Wilkie whips him into the opposite corner and nails the splash once again. Pohatu staggers forward and Wilkie grabs him in a headlock and jumps forward in a bulldog attempt but Pohatu uses his strength to stop his momentum in mid air and reverses it to drop Wilkie backwards hard onto the mat. He makes a cover.




McDaniel: Neither man giving an inch in this fiercely competitive match.

Rentfro: Of course not, but in the end, some bodies 0 has got to go!

Pohatu gets up, takes a couple of steps back and nails a standing shooting star press on Wilkie.

McDaniel: Now that's impressive!

Pohatu makes the cover again.




Rentfro: I think both guys are in a hurry to catch a cab or something.

Pohatu picks Wilkie up and whips him into the ropes, attempting a clothesline which Wilkie ducks under and pops up behind Pohatu to apply a sleeper hold. Pohatu desperately struggles to break free but he is in the dead centre of the ring. He attempts a couple of backwards elbows but Wilkie anticipates them and reacts accordingly by dodging and wrenching more pressure on the sleeper. Pohatu slowly starts to fade.

McDaniel: Uh-oh! Pohatu may be in trouble here.

Rentfro: Goodnight nurse!

Pohatu falls to both knees and makes another attempt to break free by reaching for Wilkie's hair but Wilkie once again dodges and wrenches on the hold until Pohatu is finally laid out on his side. The crowd start to build a slow clap for Pohatu but his eyes get heavy and he eventually stops responding to the ref. The ref reaches and drops Pohatu's hand...





Pohatu starts to shake his fist as a surge of adrenaline works its way through his body. He muscles his way onto his knees and eventually back onto his feet where he is now shaking both fists, bringing the crowd behind him.

Rentfro: They don't call him the "Eletric Enigma" for nothing! He must have volts of electricity running through his body to resist the sleeper!

Wilkie tries to wrench the sleeper once again but is cut off mid wrench when Pohatu shoots an elbow hard into his rib cage, the hold loosens. Another elbow and the grip loosens once again, another elbow and Pohatu is finally free as the fans cheer in anticipation of the comeback. Pohatu breaks for the ropes and comes back to nail a roaring elbow on Wilkie that knocks him flat on his back. He panders to the crowd with a "Come on!!" and sends Wilkie back down again with a clothesline, followed by another.

Wilkie pops right back up from the succession of knockdowns but is very groggy. With Wilkie standing in the ring, Pohatu leaps to the top turnbuckle, his back to the ring, and then back flips off. While in the air, Pohatu corkscrews his body around 180 degrees, and grabs Wilkie's head as he holds the back of his head against his shoulder. Pohatu then continues flipping over his opponent, dragging them down to the mat and driving the back of their neck into his shoulder, executing  "The Circuit Breaker". Pohatu makes the cover.


3/Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Did he get it?? Man that’s close!

Rentfro: The ref’s calling for the bell!!! Pohatu wins the match!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, POHATU!!

McDaniel: Wilkie’s up! He’s arguing with the ref, saying he got his shoulder up!

Rentfro: Pohatu’s already making his way up the ramp!  Whoah, here comes another referee!

The two refs get into a heated discussion while Wilkie interjects his opinion, but the ref who called the match shakes his head and re-affirms that Pohatu won the match!

McDaniel: I dunno about this one!  We could review the replay, but the referee’s decision is final!

Rentfro: Wilkie’s going to have a lot to argue about, in this case!! None the less, we need to move on to our next qualifying match for Who’s The Man!?

WHO'S THE MAN!? Qualifying Match

Karasu vs. Circa

Eric Emerson: The following contest is part of the Who's the Man tournament, and is set for one fall..

The lights cut abruptly, then rise again in a strobing purple and yellow fashion, bathing the arena in dappled shades of both aforementioned colours. A silhouette of a crow seems to fly from the rafters to the entranceway, which the cameras now fixes on as a lone figure emerges from the curtain, walking slowly. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the crowd, but rather spends his time preening his hair and pouting as if the cameras were there for a model shoot and not a wrestling match.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing, hailing from Stratton England, the New Visualist, Kara-suuuuuuuuu!

Karasu makes his way slowly up the ring steps, slipping between the second and third ropes, and checking his cap is intact on his head, then starts to make sure he looks right in the ADCtron as his music fades, totally ignoring the referee who wants to check him before the contest begins.

McDaniel: It's this chap's debut tonight, it will be interesting to see how he fares.

Rentfro: He's ignoring the referee, how classy.

McDaniel: Ssh, Emerson's about to announce the next competitor.

Rentfro: Bah.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, from Multan Pakistan, Circa!

"Sleepless" by HellTrain hits and the strobe lights hit in quick fashion, they spin and twirl in a circle around the ring, before focusing in on the entrance way. Circa comes out of the entrance way and begins to head bang a few times to the music before stretching and jumping a bit. She dances to the ring and high fives fans on either side before jumping on the apron. She steps through the middle rope and goes to the closest turnbuckle, raising both of her arms up in the air.

Rentfro: Where did he say she was from? Bangkok was it?

McDaniel: Oh show some class for goodness sake. That joke wasn't funny circa Karasu saying it, never mind now.

Rentfro: Again, sir, to you I say bah.

Both competitors circle for a few moments, then Karasu holds up a hand tentatively. Circa complies and holds up her hand. Just as their hands meet, Karasu pokes Circa in the eye and gets her in a headlock.

Rentfro: He's playing dirty, I like it!

McDaniel: You would. He's got her cinched in with that headlo-wait! Circa just turned it into a backdrop. What an excellent reversal.

Rentfro: I'm amazed a woman as beautiful as that can lift a grown man.

McDaniel: Keep your thoughts on the match.

Rentfro: My eyes are on my perfect match.

McDaniel: .............

Karasu tries to get to his feet, but Circa surprises him with a swift buzz saw kick. He falls back-first between the bottom and middle ropes, and Circa picks him up, performing a headlock takedown. Karasu reverses out of it and gets to his feet, but Circa is up faster and takes him down with an arm drag. Karasu gets up again and Circa arm drags him once more. Karasu bails out of the ring and catches a breather leaning against the announcers table opposite Rentfro and McDaniel.

Rentfro: I envy you, sir. I wish I could be manhandled by Circa.

McDaniel: Will you stop?! OH MY!

McDaniel and Rentfro leap to their feet just in time to avoid the collision as Circa planchas over the top rope and into Karasu, sending him sprawling over the announce table. The air is momentarily filled with awe, before Circa gets to her feet and starts to pump the crowd up. She takes the time to hand McDaniel his headset back before rolling Karasu into the ring.

McDaniel: My word. Circa has such a varied array of moves, I tell you, I just don’t know what to expect each week.

Rentfro Hello, hello? Is this thing working? Am I on?

McDaniel: No, no you're not.

Back in the ring, Circa has Karasu cinched in a reverse arm bar. Karasu is yelling out and flailing his spare arm wildly. He tries to commando crawl his way to the ropes but the only effect this has is to make Circa tighten the hold. The referee is right up close to Karasu and asking him if he wants to quit. Finally Circa relinquishes the hold and starts to work Karasu's arm with a series of knees. She works him backwards into the turnbuckle and somehow hoists him onto the top rope. Circa grabs him around the waist and hits a stunning German suplex from the top rope, sending Karasu straight into the referee, knocking him out of the ring. Circa doesn’t notice, and covers Karasu. With no referee, the crowd count instead.





McDaniel: If only the crowd were the referee.

Rentfro: Hey, I brought a referee's shirt, mayb..

McDaniel: Sit down...

Circa looks around, and realizes where the referee is. She goes outside to try and help him up but he's limp, knocked out cold. Action replays show Karasu's foot striking him in the temple midair. Circa gets back into the ring, and locks in an STF. Karasu is tapping like mad, but there is no referee to call it.

McDaniel: This is ridiculous, she clearly has the match won.

The referee starts to stir, so Circa relinquishes the hold and tries to help him into the ring, dragging him under the bottom rope. As she does, Karasu catches her and hits a belly to back suplex, holding her with his hands around her waist and the ref counts!




Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, and progressing into the next round of the Who's the Man tournament, Karasu!

The referee grabs Emerson, saying something!

Eric Emerson: Wait, I’ve just been informed… Both shoulders of Circa AND Karasu were still on the canvas when the referee reached three!!  His official decision, this match is a DRAW!!!!

Rentfro: WHAT? A freaking draw!?

McDaniel: That means neither won!! Neither advances!!!!

Circa and Karasu stare at each other, before turning their collective attention to the referee, who backs away frightened.  Just then, Come W/ Me attracts their collective attention as Chamelion appears on stage.

Chamelion: A draw? In a tournament to crown our Franchise for 2008?  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Well, we have some pretty blind refs tonight, considering what just happened with Wilkie and Pohatu… so I guess I’m not so shocked!  Karasu, Circa, you both put on a hell of a performance, and I applaud the both of you!  As a reward for your efforts.. next week, you both will go on to the semi-finals of this tournament, to face the winner of the Lazarus/Virus match later tonight!  Congratulations!

The crowd explodes at this news, and Circa and Pohatu stare deeply at each other, before nodding and accepting the circumstances!

Rentfro: You know what that means, Jon!?

McDaniel: For the first time in the Who’s the Man!? Series, we’re going to have a triple threat match to decide who advances!  Pretty cool!

Rentfro: More like totally awesome!

McDaniel: Agreed, let’s move on!

Sirus Moran vs. BomberBen

BomberBen came to the ring first, still looking pained from his match at Genesis.  Sirus got a huge pop from the crowd during his intro, and hoisted ‘Al’ who was wearing a miniature PWA Tag title belt for all to see.  Once in the ring, Sirus offered a hand shake to Ben who slapped him away, his focus only on making up for his recent failures!  Sirus shrugged and the match was underway.  BomberBen barely was able to get any standing offensive in, however, as Sirus utilized basic mat skills to keep Ben down on the canvas.  The crowd was obviously one sided as anytime Ben tried to mount a comeback, the arena booed him horribly. This through him off, and Sirus regained control, connected with the Nameless Knockout and scored an easy 1-2-3!  After the match, BomberBen stomped up the ramp, clearly disgusted with his recent work and Sirus and ‘Al’ continued to celebrate in the ring!  However, from the back Might & Magic suddenly appeared and rushed the ring!  Each slid in on opposite sides, cornering Sirus.  Before anything could occur, Randall came dashing out, evening the odds and the four men had a stare down!  Might & Magic made motions with their hands that they would win tonight’s tag match and take the PWA Tag titles from the Grimms!

A Moment from Who's The Man!? 2000

Jon McDaniel: Don't forget, that the winner of this match gets a World title match at Summer Sizzler.

(Both men stand in the middle of the ring, staring the other down. Brymstone breaks first, throwing a punch at PX. They trade punches and brawl around the ring. Project X manages to trap Brymstone in a corner and works him over with knees to the midsection. The Man calls for a break. PX steps back and then dropkicks Brymstone. PX rolls Brymstone over and starts choking him against the bottom rope. The Man steps in and enforces a clean break. Brymstone gets to his knees and takes PX down with a powerful uppercut. Brymstone crawls to Project X and slams his head repeatedly into the mat.)

Brian Rentfro: I love it when technicians put on a wrestling clinic like this!

(Brymstone is on his feet, steps back and nails PX with a hard soccer kick to the ribs. Project X doubles over in pain. The Man stands back and watches the action. Brymstone steps back and nails another kick. Brymstone pulls PX up and whips him into the corner. He follows up with a charge, but Project X jumps out of the way, causing Brymstone to hit the post hard with his shoulder. Project X pulls Brymstone back and lands an inverted suplex. Project X whips Brymstone into the ropes and catches him in a choke.)

Jon McDaniel: Here comes the Probe!

(The Man steps in and forces Project X to break the chokehold! They argue while Brymstone comes up behind Project X and spins him around.  Brymstone lifts Project X up in a choke, flips him around and hits the Pits of Hell! Brymstone covers and the Man drops down. One.two.three!)

Brian Rentfro: That was a fast count!

Jon McDaniel: It sure was, but that doesn't matter anymore! Brymstone is the new Man, and he'll go on to face the PWA World Champion at Summer Sizzler! And the next match will determine who his opponent will be!

WHO'S THE MAN!? Qualifying Match

Phoenix vs. Gabe Shelley

The Final Countdown by "Europe" begins to play just as the arena lights go out and the ADCtron lights up with a picture of a flaming bird. The bird explodes in a ball of fire and white and red pyros flare from the ring posts.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Orlando Florida, weighting in at 240 pounds, he is The Phoenix!

The Phoenix comes down from the rafters on a harness and enters the ring.

Rentfro: I still can't get this through my head. Phoenix, is Rob Robinson?

McDaniel: Yep.

Rentfro: The guy we used to work for?

McDaniel: Yes.

Rentfro: Huh...Nah. Had to be a fluke. HE WAS PLANTED I SAY!

McDaniel: Sigh.

Rentfro: Come on, it would explain how Raizzor managed to beat Phoenix.

McDaniel: Did your brain go for a walk while you were away?

Rentfro: It said it was going the grocery store....about a month ago. I think it just got lost on the way back.

Rentfro laughs as McDaniel shakes his head. While this is going on, "In Fate's Hands" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus begins to play.

Eric Emerson: Now, introducing his opponent, he hails from Columbus, Ohio, and weighs in at 245 pounds; he is Gabe Shelley!

Gabe Shelley makes his way to the ramp with his hood up. He points to the crowd before making his way down. He slaps hands with fans on the ramp before walking up the stairs. He lifts his hood a bit to look out. Shelley then climbs in the ring and picks a turnbuckle. He climbs and in one swift motion, he tosses his hood back and throws his arms out. He smiles and jumps down.

Rentfro: Things sure have changed with this guy since I left. I mean, he’s going strong, then chokes like a two buck hooker when he has a PWA title shot handed to him.

McDaniel: Oh come on! That's so uncalled for Brian.

Rentfro: But

McDaniel: STOP!

Rentfro...HE CHOKED!

In the ring, the two men are getting into their zones as they wait for the match to start.

McDaniel: On a note that actually contributes to this match, this should be a good night for one of these men. Gabes been on a downward slop since the end of January, and Rob

Rentfro: PHOENIX!

McDaniel: Ugh. PHOENIX...won his first match and has been in the ditch since.

The bell finally rings, and phoenix and Gabe run for each other. Gabe goes for a grapple, but Phoenix stops feet before Gabe can grab him, and nails a dropkick to Gabe's knees. Gabe falls face first to the mat, but weakens the impact by getting his hands out. Phoenix rolls Gabe onto his back, and quickly stands, before dropping a leg drop across Gabe's throat. Gabe's legs spring up from the impact, and Phoenix hooks one; still sitting on Gabe's face and upper body. The ref drops.




McDaniel: Wow, I figured Phoenix would be a mess after his match with Raizzor.

Rentfro: See, it’s what I told you. Rob was a fake, and the real Phoenix got two weeks off to rest. Otherwise, how could he be dominating so strongly?

Phoenix is knocked off of Gabe, but he quickly recovers and grabs Gabe's head. Phoenix rolls onto Gabe, and starts punching away. Gabe tries to block, but Phoenix just throws Gabe's arms away and continues to punch. The ref finally comes over and yells at Phoenix to get off. Phoenix does, and stands. He looks to the crowd and raises an arm, receiving a chorus of boos. On the mat, Gabe rolls onto his side, and spits. A blood loogie flies to the mat, and Gabe looks angered by it. Phoenix sees Gabe moving, and bends over to grab him. Gabe thinks fast, and does a 180 rotation on the mat, while staying on his side. Now facing Phoenix's direction, Gabe uses his left leg to sweep Phoenix's legs out. Phoenix falls towards Gabe, and Gabe brings his right knee up. He slams his right knee straight into Phoenix's face, and we see spit fly as Phoenix is knocked backwards.

McDaniel: Great move by Shelley. He isn't going down that easy.

Rentfro: Well, he's still going down about as easily as your mom.

McDaniel shoots Rentfro a wicked eye.

Rentfro- ill be good...

Shelley takes a second to collect himself, before he starts to get up. Phoenix sits up where he landed, and checks his nose and mouth for blood. He stays focused as he doesn't see any. Phoenix uses the mat to push himself up. He puts his hands on his head as he stands, as he is a little dazed from the force of the knee; and shakes his head a few times. He walks over to Gabe, who has managed to get back to his feet. Phoenix goes to throw a punch, but Gabe uses his forearm to divert the punch. Gabe goes for a punch of his own, but Phoenix tilts his head, and manages to miss the punch. As Gabe's momentum pulls him forward, Phoenix grabs Gabe by the shoulders, and nails a high knee. This causes Gabe to bend over, and Phoenix hits a DDT that flips Gabe over himself; causing Gabe to end up on his back. Phoenix stands and looks at the crowd, smiling out at someone, before he drops an elbow across Gabe's chest. Gabe spits out a bit of blood on impact, and the crowd seems concerned.

Rentfro: Things not looking so good for Shelley.

Phoenix bends over and grabs Shelley by the hair. He pulls him straight to his feet, and while still holding Gabe's hair, he nails another stiff knee lift. Gabe bends over, and Phoenix does a double knee lift to Gabe's face. Gabe flies backwards to the mat, a trail of thick blood following him down to the mat. Phoenix walks around Gabe, to his side, and does a somersault onto him. The ref comes over.




McDaniel: Thinks aren't looking good for Gabe if he can't mount a comeback.

Rob sits on his knees next to Gabe, and argues with the ref that it was a three count. Phoenix puts his hands on his side, and looks down at Gabe. He's caught off guard though, as Gabe lunges at him, and rolls him into a small package. The crowd goes nuts as the ref counts.



As the ref is bring his arm down again, Phoenix kicks out.

Rentfro: Wow that was actually close.

Phoenix looks shocked as he sits up next to Gabe. He lets it get the best of him, as Gabe is up on his feet as soon as Phoenix kicks out. While Phoenix looks shocked, he doesn't see Gabe standing behind him. In an instant, Gabe dropkicks Phoenix in the back. The force is so strong, Phoenix's face slams into the mat while he is still in a sitting position. A chorus of "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH"s echoes in the arena.

McDaniel: Holy Crackers.

Rentfro: DAMNNNNN! That had to freakin hurt.

Gabe runs around to Phoenix's legs, and holds them apart, before dropping for a knee to Phoenix's thigh. Phoenix screams as he holds his leg. Gabe doesn't give him much time though, as Gabe picks up Phoenix's legs for a Texas clover leaf. Phoenix manages to kick Gabe so he spins, facing away from Phoenix. Phoenix then uses both his legs to shove Gabe away to the ropes. Phoenix quickly gets to his knees; and when Gabe bounces back, still facing away, Phoenix grabs Gabe around the waist, and nails a German suplex. Phoenix holds on, and turns it into a bridging pin. The fans are booing as the ref counts.




The fans erupt with cheers as Phoenix sits up. He puts his face in his hands, obviously frustrated.

Rentfro: What the hell does Phoenix have to do to beat Shelley?

Phoenix stands, and walks over to Gabe's head. He bends over to pick him up, but Gabe grabs Phoenix's head with both his hands. He then drags his knees up, and nails Phoenix, square in the face with them! Phoenix stumbles backwards as Gabe gets to his feet. Gabe then walks over to Phoenix, and grabs his head. Gabe, while dazed, lifts an arm in the air, getting a ridiculously huge pop. Gabe then bends Phoenix over, and sets him up for the Foreshadowing!


Gabe goes to lift Phoenix...but stops. He looks out to the fans, and moves away from Phoenix. Phoenix falls to a knee, as Gabe turns towards the ropes. The crowd goes quiet for a second, but as Gabe starts to walk towards the ropes, a few boos actually start.

McDaniel: What? NO! You had this won Gabe!

Rentfro: Like crap he did. He knows he can't do it.

As Gabe slumps on the ropes, he looks over his shoulder at the dazed Phoenix one more time. But then, he turns. Before he can get a foot up though, we see someone comes walking out of the back. He starts walking down the ramp, towards Gabe.

Rentfro: Who the hell?

McDaniel: If I'm correct, that would be JC Shelley. Gabe's brother!

Rentfro: Hardly the time for a family reunion...

JC storms down to the ring, and jumps onto the apron. He begins to exchange a few words with Gabe, and Gabe yells back.

Rentfro: JC appears to be verbally whipping Gabe.

JC finishes his speech with an explanation points, a finger right in Gabes face. Gabe turns bright red as he uses one hand to push JC. But, JC holds on, and pushes back. This causes Gabe to stumble backwards. As JC hops down, Phoenix looks up at the stumbling Gabe that is coming right for him. Phoenix jumps up, and spins Gabe around. Gabe throws a wild punch, but Phoenix dodges. Phoenix goes to set up his finisher with a high knee lift, but Gabe catches the knee. Gabe then tries to flip Phoenix backwards by throwing his leg upwards. BUT, Phoenix surprises everyone by doing a flip, and landing on his feet!

Rentfro: wow...

Ever Shelley is stunner, as Phoenix quickly nails that knee lift this time. With Shelley bent over, Phoenix grabs him, and nails the flame! The crowd is booing like crazy, as Phoenix almost collapses on Gabe.





Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, THE PHOENIX!

The ref walks over to Phoenix and helps him stand. With Phoenix leaning on the ref, the ref raises his arm. Even though he is almost completely out of it, Phoenix has a huge smile on his face; almost basking in the boos of the crowd.

McDaniel: Well folks, that was straight out a war.

Rentfro: And as usual, even though it looked bleak, the Phoenix rose from the ashes.

PWA Tag Team Title Shot

Might & Magic vs. Brian Cade & Jacob Collins

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit!

"Forever Down" by Black Label Society plays, the calm opening coinciding with the dimming of the arena lights. The lights finally go out, and then pyros shoots off from the entrance stage as the heavy riffs come in, bringing Brian Cade out from behind the curtain.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, weighing in 242 pounds, and standing at 6 feet, 5 inches tall...

Cade walks down the ramp, staring straight at the ring, and then rolls underneath the ropes.

Eric Emerson: ...BRIAN CADE!

Cade gets to his feet, pacing around the ring, and "Forever Down" is cut off. "Cells" by The Servant replaces it, and the fans cheer in appreciation. Jacob Collins walks out from behind the curtain, adjusting the tape on his hands. He then brushes his hair out of his face, and begins jogging down the ramp.

Eric Emerson: And his partner, weighing tonight at 215 pounds, and standing at 6 feet tall...

Collins slaps hands with a few fans, and then sprints up the steel steps, and then steps into the ring. He rushes to the center, spins around with his arms raised, and then "Cells" dies out.

Eric Emerson: ...JACOB COLLINS!

"Hard Rock Hallelujah" by Lordi starts to play as the crowd murmurs, not sure who is coming out. With the double hit of the drums, pyros go off, lighting up the arena as Might & Magic come out to the ramp.

Eric Emerson: Introducing next, their opponents! Weighing in at a combined weight of 650 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by "Fantastic" Andy Stricklin...

"Fantastic" Andy Stricklin walks out behind them, and then steps in front of them, a huge smile on his face. He puts out his arms, mouthing "here we are," and then waves both men down the ramp. Doshky sneers at a few fans in the crowd and Dragon stares forward at the ring, eyeing both Cade and Collins.

Eric Emerson: They are the team of Moke Doshky and The Dragon...

Doshky hops up onto the apron as Dragon slides in. Stricklin walks around ringside, jawing with a few fans, and Doshky steps over the top rope as Dragon stretches himself out.

Eric Emerson: MIGHT AND MAGIC!!

"Hard Rock Halleleujah" dies out, and Emerson exits the ring. Stricklin calls Doshky over to the apron, and Cade steps out onto the apron himself.


Dragon and Collins circle each other, and then lock up. Collins goes behind Dragon, locking on a rear waist lock. Collins tries to lift Dragon up, but Dragon breaks the waist lock and locks on one of his own.

McDaniel: And Dragon with the go-behind...OH MY GOD!

Dragon quickly locks a hammerlock on Collins, lifting him up and then drops him on his head.


Collins rolls over, holding the back of his head, and tags in Cade. Dragon shrugs, and then tags in Doshky. Cade steps through the ropes and walks to the center of the ring. Doshky steps over the ropes, and then walks to Cade, looking down at him.

McDaniel: And the two biggest men in the match are in the middle of the ring...and they start trading rights!

Cade gets the advantage, rocking Doshky back to the ropes, and then whips him in. Doshky reverses, and then lariats Cade down to the mat on the rebound.


McDaniel: Ritalin.

Stricklin laughs on the outside, clapping, and then Doshky laughs as he picks Cade up to his feet. Cade hits Doshky low, causing him to fall to a knee, and then tags in Collins. Jacob, still holding his head, looks confused, and Cade bails onto the ring apron.

McDaniel: And the youngster does not look enthusiastic about getting into that ring!

Doshky shakes off the low-blow, and Collins begrudgingly gets into the ring. Doshky charges, but Collins ducks under a big boot attempt, and then hits a diving forearm onto Dragon, knocking him off of the apron. Dragon lands on his feet, rubbing his jaw, and then hops back up onto the apron.

McDaniel: Collins begging for Dragon to get into the ring...


Collins turns around, and Doshky lifts him up above his head. Moke walks out towards the center of the ring, and then drops Collins forward, lifting a knee up directly into Collins' face, knocking him out cold.

Rentfro: If he's never had a concussion before, he sure does now!

McDaniel: Doshky rolls Collins over, and here comes Cade to break it up!

As soon as Cade sets a foot into the ring, Dragon jumps over the top rope and charges. Cade gets in, and Dragon doubles him over with a boot to the midsection. He then gets him for a pile driver, and flips over, driving Cade's head directly into the mat.


Rentfro: And Doshky covers!

The referee drops down for the cover...





Doshky and Dragon both walk over to Stricklin, who hops up onto the ring apron.

Eric Emerson: The winners of the match, MIGHT AND MAGIC!

Stricklin applauds his clients as the referee raises their arms in victory, and then Stricklin directs them out of the ring as "Hard Rock Halleleujah" plays up again.

McDaniel: Well...that was quick, to say the least.

Rentfro: The only thing quicker that I've seen has been Rayne's PWA career!

McDaniel: Oh, c'mon, Brian, there's no need to be rude.

Stricklin jaws with some fans in the front rows as the trio head back up the ramp, and then Collins falls out of the ring, crawling on all four's back up the ramp. Cade doesn't move as the referee calls for the EMTs.

Rentfro: Alright, we're being told that something's going in the back, so as they help Brian Cade out of the ring, let's see what's going on!

Backstage, Alex Wilkie barges into Chamelion's make shift office, and the Devious One raises an eyebrow.

Chamelion: Yeeesss?

Wilkie (Very blunt): MY SHOULDER WAS UP!!

Chamelion: Indeed it was.

Wilkie starts to argue, but stops and blinks.

Wilkie: What?

Chamelion: Your shoulder came up about at the same split second the ref's hand hit the canvas.  I reviewed the tape and it's as close to a photo finish as it can get.

Wilkie blinks again, as it sinks in.

Wilkie: So.... erm, what then?

Chamelion: Sadly, there's not a thing I can do.  The ref's decision is final.  Pohatu did win in the record books, but give yourself credit, you did great out there.  As it stands, Pohatu has a chance to cash his Money in the Bank contract anywhere he sees fit, so I suspect he'll be moving on to other pastures.  You'll just have to buckle down and prove next week this was just a fluke for ya.

Wilkie grows, but nods.

Wilkie: And who is it I will have to take my frustrations out on?

Chamelion: How about Larcen Tyler!?

Wilkie smirks: Good enough for me!

Wilkie turns and leaves, and Chamelion grins as we go to commercial break.


A Moment from Who's The Man!? 2001

Lazarus makes his way over to Spider and the two men lock up. Lazarus wins the battle and whips Spider to the ropes, and hits him with a flying shoulder block. Laz gets back to his feet as quick as he can and goes for a cover.


McDaniel: So close!

Rentfro: Lazarus has this match, ring the bell!

Lazarus picks Spider up, lifts him onto his shoulders and hits the Mercury Driver! Spider's body falls limp and Lazarus goes for the cover..

Rentfro: This is it. Lazarus is THE MAN!

McDaniel: It looks like you're......What? The ADCtron...look! That's....that's THE RAGE!

On the ADCtron, The Rage's image comes up. He is sitting in his dressing room watching the match on TV.

The Rage: Oh....not so fast Lazzie!

Lazarus turns his attention away from Spider to see The Rage staring down at him from the screen.

The Rage: Yeah, that's it boy-o! You didn't think that I'd forgotten, did you? The only reason you're there in that match instead of me is because of you're cheap win. Admit it, I had you in the cage. The only reason you won was because of that ass sniff, Raizzor! Well, he already got his tonight, and now you're getting yours! I told your punk ass that I'd make sure you didn't win the tournament. Now, it's time for you to pay.

The Rage's intro blasts through the arena as Lazarus stands tall in the ring, beconing him out. From behind him, Spider stands up. Lazarus' attention is focused on the ramp, so he doesn't see as Spider walks toward him. He grabs Laz from behind, turns him around and whips him into the ropes. Next comes the ddt, and then the cobra clutch....The Spider's Grasp!

Lazarus fights the hold as long as he can, but to no avail. He's forced to tap!

McDaniel: Spider! Spider has taken the match! Nobody would have believed it!

Rentfro: What the hell is The Rage thinking. He just helped a Renegade win a match!

WHO'S THE MAN!? Qualifying Match

Corey Lazarus vs. The Virus Matthew Engel w/ Enika Engel 


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen! This match is scheduled for one pin fall or submission and is the final match in the first round of the WHO'S THE MAN!? tournament!

The crowd erupts.

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown rolls on the ADCTron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.

BLAM! A shot of pyro shoots up from the stage as a trio of drum rolls are heard. The lights die with the pyro, replaced by the glow of the ADCTron. Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" plays as images of Hollywood landmarks - Hollywood Hills, various studios, the Chinese Theatre, Pink's Hot Dogs - scroll across the ADCTron as the familiar bass lines are heard. Those fade to images of Corey Lazarus in action over the years as a spotlight shines on the entrance curtain from the rafters: Laz winning the DRWF Eternal title from Sean Moro, the infamous Ultraviolent Cage match from Genesis 3, holding the Tempest title high at Genesis 6, and others.

Eric Emerson: Introducing at this time...

The well-known guitar lick - downtuned - comes in as more images of Corey are shown: debuting in HiC, smashing Vern Michaels in the face with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat in the Three Faces of Death match from the DRWF, laying Matt Attict out with the Box Office Bomb...

Eric Emerson: He weighs in tonight at 230 pounds...

The song reaches its 27-second mark, and Corey Lazarus, Hiro Takawa, and Gregory Price burst out from behind the curtain. Corey adjusts his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's after taking a sip of an Aquafina in his hand, and then wipes his mouth with a white towel over his shoulder. Price chomps away on his gum, and both men waste no time walking down the ramp.


Eric Emerson: And standing at 6-foot-1...

Lazarus jaws with a few fans at ringside, flipping one off, and Price just runs a hand over his heavily-gelled hair.


Lazarus and Price stop at the bottom of the ramp, and Corey takes off his Ray Ban's, handing them to Price, who slides them into his inner coat pocket.


The bridge of the song plays, and Corey hops up onto the ring apron, looking around the arena as Price walks up the ringsteps.


Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California...


Lazarus steps between the top and middle rope, walking into the center of the ring as Price stays on the apron.

Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...


Lazarus drops to a knee, his fist placed on the mat and his head bowed as the end of the chorus comes.


Lazarus bobs his head to the beat of the drums, and then jumps to his feet, his arms out to his sides with a smirk on his face as he turns around, looking out at each corner of the arena.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!

The main lick of the song comes back, and Corey walks over to his corner as the lights in the arena come back on, the spotlight being killed. Corey hands Price his towel and his bottle of water, and then turns his back to the corner, leaning against it. The referee walks over to pat Corey down, and after doing so, Lazarus spits gum that he's been chewing all the while into his face. "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" dies down, and Corey takes a seat on the middle turnbuckle as Price and Hiro shoot the breeze with him, Price rubbing his shoulders and prepping him for his match.

Suddenly, we hear a voice over the PA system...

There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern.
Do you know what it is?

A virus.

Guitar madness ensues for roughly the first thirteen seconds of "Acid Rain" by Liquid Tension Experiment. The music cuts to a different song, a slower paced guitar and drum sequence. Then suddenly, an obscure yet meaningful voice comes over the PA. We recognize the song as "Alone" by James LaBrie.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...


I never meant to hurt you
What did I turn into?
And now...I just have this feeling
Sorry's lost its meaning

And I feel alone...

It cuts to a different song. It's heavier, faster in guitar and tone as Matthew "Virus" Engel steps out from backstage. He is accompanied by Enika Engel and ODDYSEY, PWA's newest addition. Matt's dressed in his usual ring attire. He's sporting the dark green tuxedo with a black silk dress shirt and black tie. His hair is slicked back a little bit and is sporting the goatee more than before, letting it grow out a bit.

Eric Emerson: ...weighing two hundred and twenty pounds and standing at an even six feet...

"Pretender" by James LaBrie echoes over the arena, fans cheering and getting to their feet. The Engels make their way down the ramp, green and gold pyros shooting off behind them.


They will not answer
For wars which they inspired
And those who surrender
Their voices growing tired

He goes off to the side and gives some of the fans high fives. He climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Standing in the middle of the ring, he raises his right arm high in the air. Warren and Enika join Matt in the ring, offering him words of encouragement.

Eric Emerson: ..."THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!

Who dares judge or question
These words scripted by liars
They will NOT answer
For wars which they inspired

Matt takes his jacket, tie, and dress shirt off to reveal a white muscle shirt underneath. With his wrestling boots tucked under his pants, he's ready to go. In the opposite corner of Corey, he stares him down, Corey returning the favor. Warren and Enika depart from the ring, but still close at ringside. Price and Hiro do the same as the referee gets the two together. Corey and Matt are now toe-to-toe.

McDaniel: This is what we've been waiting for all week! Corey and Matt look like they want to kill each other!

Rentfro: They've been talking about doing that all week, Mac!

The ref explains the rules to both of them and Matt nods, but Corey just shakes his head. He doesn't care. The ref backs up and calls for the bell.


McDaniel: Here we go!

The two men circle each other in the ring. Both are calm, collected, and ready to die just for a chance to destroy the other. Matt lunges in first and connects with a jab to Corey's face, and follows it up with an under hook punch that almost takes Corey off his feet. Matt closes in but Corey bulrushes and takes Matt down. He mounts him and delivers lefts and rights to Matt's face and ribs. Matt knocks Corey off of him and mounts on top of Corey, delivering the same message. Matt is relentless, he won't let go. The ref pulls him off.

Rentfro: It's just all-out brutality for these two! Throw the textbook out the window!

McDaniel: All they need is their fists. They've done enough talking!

Corey regains himself and they lock horns. Corey hits a knee to Matt's midsection and lifts Matt high up into the air in suplex fashion, but brings him down with a brain buster. The ring shakes violently. Corey goes off the ropes and comes back connecting with a somersault senton bomb. He crashes on top of Matt. He stomps Matt a few times and picks him up, sending him into the ropes. Matt comes back and gets slammed across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Matt is grabbing his back, but manages to get to his feet. Corey runs at Matt for an attempted lariat, but Matt dodges and connects with a superkick! Corey is on the mat grabbing his jaw as Matt hops onto the top turnbuckle. Matt comes off with a split-legged moonsault, executed perfectly.

Rentfro: The elevation! It's unreal! These two are pulling out all the stops!

McDaniel: And neither look like they're quitting any time soon.

Matt gets to his feet and connects a running knee into the face of Corey. Matt gets Corey to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. Matt tries for a corner body splash, but Corey dodges just in time and Matt crashes on the turnbuckles. Corey shoulder blocks Matt into the turnbuckle and lets out a fury of fists. Corey connects all over the place; face, ribs, arms. He puts Matt in a great deal of pain, and then sets Matt on the top turnbuckle. Corey springboards off and connects with a severe dropkick sending Matt over the ropes and crashing to the outside.

Rentfro: Matt hit the outside violently that time! Enika wants to get involved and help him out, but Warren is holding her back.

McDaniel: I know Enika wants to help, but she gets involved and that's the end of the match and doesn't end well for Matt.

Corey slides out of the ring, giving a look of compassion to Enika. But that immediately turns to rage and hatred as Matt gets back to his feet. The referee starts the count.


They exchange lefts and rights on the outside, but Corey gets the upper hand as he slams his knee into the midsection of Matt.


He grabs Matt by the head and slams him face first into the steel steps. He grabs Matt again and slams him face first into the ring post.


Matt staggers back, and then Corey connects with a big roundhouse, sending Matt to the floor. Corey picks Matt up and slides him into the ring. Corey hops up on the apron and leaps up to the top rope, springboards off, and hits a huge leg drop. He crashes over the throat and chest of Matt. Corey gets Matt to his feet and connects with a spinning back fist. This sends Matt back a little bit and Corey runs at him trying for something, but Matt reverses with a powerslam and smashes Corey into the mat. Matt gets up and stomps on Corey a few times. He gets Corey to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle. Matt gets in Corey's face and smashes his elbow into it a few times. He picks Corey up and puts him in the tree of woe.

McDaniel: I think I know what's coming next!

Matt runs to the opposite corner and hops onto the turnbuckle. He yells out to the crowd and flips off the turnbuckle, landing leant forward, and dashes toward Corey connecting with a violent spear. Corey is almost broken in half.

Rentfro: THE T.K.T! He hasn't done that move in a long time! Corey collapses to the mat and Matt hooks the leg...



Shoulder up.

McDaniel: Close call there. But Corey is known to be a tough son of a bitch so I think it's going to take a lot more than that. But that was a great move!

Rentfro: Can...can you say that?

McDaniel: Yeah. We're on M-TV, remember? Not NBC.

Rentfro: Oh yeah. Matt gets Corey up to his feet and hits a hellacious powerbomb on Corey! He damn near broke him in half!

McDaniel: There ya go.

Corey is grabbing his back in pain as he's forced to his feet again. Matt lands some right hooks and left jabs on Corey and tries to finish him off with a devastating clothesline, but Corey ducks and gets behind Matt, executing a huge tiger suplex. Matt cringes in pain as Corey goes back on the offensive, stomping Matt into oblivion. Corey backs up a few steps, and then comes in with a nasty soccer kick that hits Matt in the ribs. Matt coughs up a little blood.

McDaniel: Oh man Matt's got some bleeding going on there. It doesn't look serious though.

Rentfro: Blood? Come on, both these men promised blood and blood they shall have!

Corey gets Matt up to his feet and sends him into the turnbuckle. Matt bounces off the turnbuckle and staggers into the ring, but gets brought down by a vicious spinning heel kick from Corey. Corey climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off. He comes down with a diving knee drop on Matt's head, looking to deal out as much punishment as possible. Matt shakes in the ring, holding his face. Corey gets Matt to his feet and picks him up in suplex fashion again. This time, though, he's got him in a fisherman's style and connects with a nasty DDT. He hooks Matt's leg for the cover.



3 -- No! Shoulder up just in the nick of time.

Rentfro: What! That looked like three to me.

McDaniel: Arguing with the ref doesn't get you anywhere!

Corey is frustrated, but shakes it off as he gets Matt to his feet. He clubs him with forearm shots, and doesn't seem to want to stop. Matt is back to one knee and Corey is crushing his back with punches and forearm shots. Matt takes the pain for a moment, but lunges up and hits the top of his head underneath Corey's jaw. This causes Corey to bit his lip pretty hard and you can see blood pour of out Corey's mouth.

McDaniel: Oh my God! I can't even look. That is horrible!

Rentfro: Corey needs a mouth guard! The fans are going crazy! They're loving this!

Corey staggers back a bit. Matt hits a knife-edge chop on Corey, then connects with a right hook. This turns Corey around and into the ropes. Matt wraps his arms around Corey, pulling him away from the ropes, and hits a German suplex. But, Matt doesn't release. He hits another German suplex. Again, he doesn't release. He hits another German suplex, slamming Corey harder and harder into the mat. But, he won't let go. Matt hits a fourth German suplex with a huge release and Corey plunges into the mat. Matt gets to his feet, but takes a second to cough up some more blood. He wipes his mouth, enraged, and hits a jumping elbow drop across Corey's sternum. He does it again, and then finishes it with a springboard moonsault. He stays on top of Corey for the pin.



3 -- No! Corey's foot is on the ropes.

McDaniel: Matt forgot about those ropes there!

Rentfro: Corey's lucky that he didn't forget about them!

Matt slams his fist into the mat in frustration, and then does the same to Corey's face. He gets Corey to his feet and connects with an implant DDT. Corey is laid out, still blood coming out his mouth. Matt stumbles to the corner, coughing up more blood like the Penguin, and then gets on the top turnbuckle. Matt's back is to Corey and Matt yells out to the crowd. He leaps off with a double-corkscrew somersault into a splash, but doesn't connect. The Euthanasia failed as Corey rolled out of the way at the last possible second.

McDaniel: Oh man! Virus hit the mat really hard that time! He seems out of it!

Rentfro: Both men are practically out of it! Corey isn't moving too much either.

Both men are down, bloodied, and exhausted. The ref starts the count for knock-out.


Corey starts to move a little. Crawling to the ropes for aid. Matt does the same.


Matt gets one hand on the bottom rope, and then the other. Corey is up to a knee already, more blood coming out of his mouth. He's dizzy.


Matt gets to a knee, and Corey is almost to his feet, but stumbles and falls back to the mat.


Matt finally gets to his feet, and Corey is back to a knee. Matt is leaning against the ropes, exhausted, coughing more blood up. Corey manages to get to his feet as the ref stops the count at six.

McDaniel: These two guys have been through a lot here and I have a feeling it's not quite over! The fans are going crazy!

Rentfro: I think they're both trying to conserve energy right now for the end.

Matt and Corey look at each other, the crowd going wild. They're insane, they're crazy, and the fans love it. Matt taunts Corey to come at him, but Corey just laughs. He has a sinister smile. Matt and Corey start going at each other again, exchanging lefts and rights. Corey gets the upper hand with a low roundhouse and then takes Matt down with a dropkick. Corey struggles to get back up as Matt is up to one knee. Corey rushes at Matt and connects with a roaring elbow, knocking Matt into the ropes. Matt comes back and gets decked with a clothesline, causing Matt to flip in midair and crash to the mat.

McDaniel: That was almost a beheading!

Rentfro: Even though this is M-TV, I don't think they'd appreciate dude's heads coming off.

Matt tries to get to his feet, but Corey won't let him. Corey smashes his elbow into Matt's back and then lands a few kicks there for good measure. Matt is sent down again. Corey slams his knees into Matt's sides, trying to punish his ribs more than he has been. Matt is coughing up more blood. Corey goes off the ropes and tries for a knee drop on Matt's ribs, but Matt rolls out of the way. Corey bounces back up to his feet and goes after Matt, but Matt reverses with a twisting spine buster on Corey.

McDaniel: Bam! The ring shook with authority on that one! When will these guys quit? When one of them is in a body bag?

Rentfro: It sure seems like it!

Matt gets to his feet and mounts Corey again. He nails Corey with rights and lefts, causing more blood to spew out of Corey's mouth. Matt brings Corey's head up close to him and then slams it down with a head butt. Corey is bleeding from the forehead now, but so is Matt. Matt rolls off Corey, getting to his feet, and goes off the ropes. He springboards and connects with a somersault leg drop. Matt gets Corey up to his feet, but Corey pulls out as he decks Matt in the face, and then knees him in the ribs. Matt coughs up more blood as Corey kicks him to the inside of Matt's thigh, and then follows that up with a mid-roundhouse kick to his ribs. Another roundhouse kick follows Matt's chest and then Corey grabs Matt by the back of their neck, delivers a downward elbow thrust to the top of his head, and follows it up with a leaping knee to his face

McDaniel: Combo #5! That's gotta be it for Matt! He looks unconscious! We're getting "HOLY SHITS" from the whole arena!

Rentfro: Corey hooks the leg...



3 -- No! Matt got his shoulder up just in time.

McDaniel: You can't get any closer than that! Corey's arguing with the referee...

Rentfro: Matt is to his knees now, Corey still chewing out the ref.

Matt gets up to his feet and turns around. He notices Corey still chewing out the ref. Matt sneaks up on Corey and rolls him up for a pin.



Corey kicks out at the last second.

McDaniel: Surprise!

Rentfro: I guess Matt is interested in winning this match after all...

Matt gets to his feet, as does Corey, and Corey comes at him with a spinning heel kick. Matt sidesteps and Corey rolls off his side and onto one knee. Matt rushes in, but gets tripped by Corey. Matt lands on the mat, but rolls out of the way right before Corey can slam his knee into Matt's back. Matt sweeps Corey off his feet, but Corey gets to one knee as Matt rushes in. Matt tries for a knee to Corey's face, but Corey blocks it and nails a punch into Matt's chest. Matt steps back and ducks a right hook by Corey, and levels Corey with a hook of his own. They both go at it again, exchanging lefts and rights. Matt gets the upper hand and sends Corey into the ropes. Corey comes back and tries a high body press, but Matt holds his ground and catches Corey. He drops Corey down on his knee with a vicious rib breaker.

McDaniel: Ouch! Matt is looking to make Corey bleed internally...

Rentfro: Much like what Corey did to him!

Matt lifts Corey over his shoulder, holding onto his legs with one arm as he wraps his other arm around Corey's head. In a split second, Engel throws Corey's legs off of his shoulder and spins them around, he himself spinning to the side and falling to the mat, driving Corey face-first to the mat.

McDaniel: Engelosity! What a move!

Rentfro: Corey's bleeding even more now! Both men are about out of gas here as Matt crawls on top of Corey for the cover...



3 -- No! Corey kicked out at the last possible second.

Matt is more frustrated now, but doesn't bother to argue with the ref. He's focused on Corey and gets Corey to his feet. He whips Corey into the ropes and Corey comes back, only to get kicked in the mid-section. Matt follows it up lifting Corey in powerbomb fashion, but Corey knocks Matt with an elbow to the head. Corey reverses with a hurricanrana!

McDaniel: And just like that the momentum has changed hands for the one hundredth time!

Rentfro: These men are showing just why they're the best in the business...

Matt grabs his back in pain as he coughs up some more blood. Corey stumbles to his feet. Matt gets to his feet, but Corey comes behind him. Lazarus kicks Matt in the back of his leg, causing him to fall to one knee. Corey then delivers a stiff kick to Matt's chest, and then another stiff kick to Matt's upper back. Corey then hits the ropes, and charges at Matt, kicking off of his thigh, turning around in mid-air, and delivering a stiff knee of his own to the back of Matt's head. Matt falls to the mat, practically unconscious. Corey collapses, completely exhausted.

McDaniel: COMING ATTRACTIONS! Corey doesn't have the energy to roll over and cover Matt, though!

Rentfro: Both men are in horrible shape and the spectators on the outside are speechless!

Hiro and Price on the outside have their eyes glued and cannot believe what they've been seeing. Enika and Warren are the same way, but Warren comes up to the ring and starts talking to Matt. Matt crawls over to the edge of the ring some, while Corey at the opposite end is trying to get to his feet with the encouragement from Price and Hiro. Warren hands Matt something, we don't know what it is. The ref is between the two, speechless as well.

McDaniel: What did Warren hand Matt? What have they got planned?!

Rentfro: I don't know! I couldn't see it.

Corey, oblivious to what's going on, gets to his feet and looks at Matt. Matt's on one knee, and Corey runs at him. Warren shouts at Matt and Matt suddenly comes out of nowhere and catches Corey directly between the eyes with a devastating punch. It makes Corey flip in midair and crash into the ropes behind Matt. The ref calls for the bell, noticing the brass knuckles around Matt's right hand.


McDaniel: Oh my GOD! Corey is bleeding profusely! His face is covered in blood!

Rentfro: This is madness!

Matt drops the knucks and gets in Corey's face, threatening him. Enika and Warren swing to the other side of the ring to prevent Price or Hiro from interfering. They don't do anything to each other, but they're in each other's faces. In the ring, Matt is telling Corey that if he comes near Enika he will kill him. Fans and people ringside can hear Matt clearly, but if you're rows back, you won't. Matt spits in Corey's face and turns around toward the four people on the outside.

Eric Emerson: And your winner by disqualification...COREY LAZARUS!!!

Corey stirs in the ring a bit and Price grabs a hold of Enika. Hiro kicks Warren over the barricade and hops over, keeping Warren occupied. Matt still coughing up blood, tries to get out of the ring and help his family. But, he's stopped. Somebody slams those same brass knuckles into the spine of Matt. Corey, enraged and covered in blood, throws Matt down and gets on top of him. Corey begins to hit Matt continuously in the ribs and face with the very brass knucks that Matt used earlier. The brass knucks are no longer bronze-looking, but red. Dark red.

McDaniel: He's gonna KILL him! Where the HELL is security?!

Just as McDaniel asks, security shows up and separates the two. But, the damage is done. Matthew Engel is lying in a puddle of his own blood as a crazy, insane Corey Lazarus gets peeled off of him and escorted up the ramp way. Price and Hiro follow suit, leaving Enika to attend to her brother and Warren recovering on the outside. We cut back to the ring and see paramedics rushing in. They're attending to Matt and making Enika get out of the ring. Warren pulls Enika out of the ring and hugs her, not being able to look at Matt.

Rentfro: I can't believe what just happened...Corey...he went too far.

Matt gets put on one of those portable stretchers and gets carried up the ramp way. Enika and Warren follow behind him. Enika is mortified. We cut backstage and see Warren getting into the ambulance with Matt. The ambulance takes off to the nearest hospital. We fade to commercial.

A Moment from Who's The Man!? 2002

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion is besides himself and the crowd is ecstatic! Chamelion pulls Sirus up, but Sirus counters with a jawbreaker. Sirus grabs Chamelion's feet and holds them while jumping over in a bridge for a pin! 1...2..Chamelion holds Sirus by the waist and bridges up! Chamelion has Sirus in position for a piledriver, but Sirus sits up and nails Chamelion with a facebuster! Sirus covers...1...2..kickout!

Brian Rentfro: And at this point you've got to wonder what's keeping either of these men going.

Jon McDaniel: Sirus pulls Chamelion up and hooks the arms....here are the 5 headbutts! Chamelion gets whipped into the ropes! Its time for the Nameless Knockout! No! Chamelion comes back with a flying forearm! The headbutts must have busted Chamelion open, because he's bleeding heavily from the forehead. Chamelion kicks Moran mercilessly then slides out of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring and comes back into the ring with it. He sets up the table puts Sirus on the top turnbuckle. He's going to superplex Sirus through the table! Is he going for the DQ win?

Brian Rentfro: I don't think so, Jon. The ref knows better than to give us a cheap finish at for this match! This is the final chapter for the PWA, we're not going out on a DQ!

Jon McDaniel: Chamelion climbs up and slaps Sirus. Here comes the superplex, but Sirus hooks his foot! Chamelion tries again, but Sirus hooks the foot again! Sirus punches Chamelion in the midsection, then scoops up Chamelion. Moran steals a page from Nightstryker and hits a sitdown piledriver through the table! Both men are collapsed on the mat and neither is moving!

Brian Rentfro: That was an impressive move, but you've got to question how smart Sirus was to try it. I mean, it obviously took as much out of him as it did Chamelion, so what was the benefit?

Jon McDaniel: You've finally made a good point, Brian. Sirus manages to roll over and drape an arm over Chamelion and the roar in the PWA Dome is deafening! 1...2..kickout! But both men are still just laying on the mat.

Brian Rentfro: I'm telling you, Jon, whoever gets up first has got this match won!

Jon McDaniel: We'll see about that, because Chamelion has pulled himself up! Sirus is still struggling to get up, so Chamelion helps up by the hair. Chamelion whips Sirus into the ropes, but Sirus reverses it...Nameless Knockout! The crowd is so loud I can barely hear myself!

Brian Rentfro: That's not going to matter if Sirus can't make the cover. Look Jon, both men are out again!

Jon McDaniel: Sirus is stirring....he rolls over to cover...1...2...3! Sirus Moran is the Franchise of the PWA! What a match! The referee raises Sirus' hand, though he can't even stand yet. Chamelion rolls out of the ring and limps up the ramp. Here comes Grifter out of the entrance!

Brian Rentfro: And right behind him is Mack Moran. And... President Robinson? With the Moran Clan?

Jon McDaniel: I guess he wants to congratulate Sirus on his win.

Main Event

Non-Title Match

Project X vs. David Blazenwing

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening!

Huge eruption from the crowd.

Eric Emerson: This match is scheduled for one fall, and is a non title match!  Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 245lbs and hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin …here is DAVID BLAZENWING!!!!!!

"Unstoppable" by Mercy Fall plays and Blazenwing makes his way down to the ringside area.  He steps inside, turns and waits.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, weighing in at 352lbs and hailing from parts unknown,  he is the PWA World Heavyweight Champion, PROJECT X!!!!

The house lights drop and are taken over by the illumination of green strobe lights that dance about the PWA ramp. "Spaceman" by Babylon Zoo hits the PA system as a bright white light blasts out from the back, against this light the outline of Project X can be made as he jogs on the spot, trying to psych himself up. When the music reaches its peak he bursts forth in a rush of energy and launches his choke slamming arm up into the air as a jet of green pyro launches up behind him. He then makes his way to the ring with a purposeful walk.

McDaniel: I heard Blazenwing demanded this match!

Rentfro: Why should have to do that, he is a superstar after all!!

The ref orders both men to the center of the ring to explain the rules!  As he does, the crowd comes alive as the President of the PWA, Chamelion, slides out from under the ring apron, slips inside behind Blazenwing and blasts him with the Sweet Sound of Success *Superkick* that sends him right into Project X who follows up with The Probe!

McDaniel: WHAT IN THE???

Rentfro: I agree, what kind of nonsense is this!!?

Chamelion snatches the mic from Emerson, while the referee looks on in shock. Chamelion leans down towards Blazenwing.

Chamelion: When you come too, have them play this back for ya, okay kiddo!?  No one, and I mean NO ONE, makes demands of me in my own federation!  I spent this week debating whether to let you have this match, or pull a Devious SOB move and in the end, since you decided to renege on your media appearance duties, I went the SOB way! 

The crowd is torn between booing and cheering Chamelion’s actions. Project X just looks on, content to listen. Chamelion sits down in cross legged Indian fashion next to Blazenwing’s head.

Chamelion: See, while I didn’t appreciate your actions, I was still going to sit back and see if you could live up to yourself imposed hype.  Didn’t quite come through for me on that one, now did ya?  So, I’ve done you a favor.  I kicked ya and PX here sent you down with the Probe… you got blindsided, so you can limp out of here with your pride and self ego filled beliefs in tact!  You decide to come back, you can brush this off as being a situation you couldn’t control.  I’m nice that way.

Chamelion then spins his legs out and lays on his stomach, his face inches from Daves.

Chamelion: But so help me, you come back and pull this shit again… and I will play God with you….GOT IT!?

Standing up, Chamelion nods once to Project X, who reaches down and picks David Blazenwing up and with unusual kindness, pushes him under the ring ropes and lets him fall to the outside.  The referee hands Project X his world title to celebrate his standings in the PWA while Chamelion watches, and a Cheshire grin appears on his face.

Chamelion: Oh, and Project X, since you got this week off, so to speak… I think you need to work a little extra harder at next week’s show.  That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of already informing your opponent of the match, and I expect you to put on your best….since, next week.. one on one… non title sadly, you’ll be going up against the Soul-Taker; RAIZZOR!!

Project X spins, glaring at Chamelion.

Chamelion: But that’s not all… damn, I feel like a game show host here!!  At Who’s The Man!? You’ll be defending that title against someone you really shouldn’t have pissed off in the first place….someone who’s obviously earned their spot, unlike certain ‘others’.  So, uh, heh…good luck, kiddo!!

Chamelion exits the ring and immediately the ring is showered with glass - poured down from high above, in the rafters.

Rentfro: "What the..."

McDaniel: "Glass?!"

Bags upon bags keep getting poured, catching Project-X's clothing and ripping it to shreds - producing blood upon contact with flesh and skin.

Rentfro: "This is awesome!"

He's driven down to one leg as the weight and force pin him there - and it's around this time that "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin kicks up over the PA-system, and the lights are sent into a dark pink hue. 


Sprinting to the ring, Enika reaches it in about ten seconds...

McDaniel: "Must be wanting some revenge for all of the antics that went down right before Genesis, when Project X probed her into that chair!"

Rentfro: "Haha, you said probed.  Into the chair no less."

Whoever was up in the rafters stops shaking the bag as Project-X screams out in agitated pain.

McDaniel: "Enika looks pissed!"

She lets out a growl and goes bolting for the ropes...

Rentfro: "NOOOO!!!"

She runs right past Project-X and springboards off that middle rope as he begins to stand - only to be knocked down with a ferocious snap-kick to the side of the head; splattering him face first on the glass.

McDaniel: "Ante Up!  She landed it!"

But just like when Project-X wouldn't stop his assault, neither too does Enika as she immediately gets to one knee, scrapping off the glass shards that's penetrated her arm.  A bloodthirsty glare proceeds her as she steps up over top of Project-X...

McDaniel: "She's kicking a pile of glass up in front of his face!  What's she thinking?!"

Enika smirks and then locks Project-X's legs into an Indian Deathlock, holding his legs like that with one of her own. She then grabs both of Project X's arms by his wrists, wrenching them back with a Mexican Surfboard. With X's head a foot or so off of the mat, she then uses her free foot to stomp on the back of his head, forcing it down to the mat and through the glass with a vicious curb stomp...

Rentfro: "That's... oh my god that's sick!  Look at his face!"

His head rolls to the side upon impact, showing the glass shards penetrated through the mask, blood trickling out in the process.  Enika stares out to the crowd, amongst a mixed reaction for her actions.

McDaniel: "It didn't have to come down to this!"

Rentfro: "She may have just injured our World Champion... but it did have to come to this!  He just kept pushing, and kept pushing... and every man, OR WOMAN, has their breaking point - she just proved that here tonight!"

McDaniel: "All I know is that we're out of time... we'll see you next week on rampage!"

Enika rubs some of the blood off of her own arm, laughing - as we fade to the PWA logo.

© PWA 2008