A cheesy 80's style generic guitar riff hits the airwaves as the PWA logo zooms towards the screen in blocktacular form. An explosion sound effect is heard and the logo crumbles to be replaced by the zooming word of Insider.

PWA Insider - March 7th, 2008

The TV star swipes to show Rayne, Announcer of Rampage, standing there with a big goofy looking grin on his face, dozens of TV’s and monitors are in the back showing past events of PWA.

Rayne: Hey Guys, and Gals! Rayne here! Bud is away on Vacation, so I thought I’d step in for him while he is away! Hope ya don’t mind. For the next hour your on my time, kiddies. So lets get this ball rolling! This week’s matches were all leading up to the one of the PWA Big ones, “Who’s the man!” I don’t know who these cat’s think they are, but they obviously haven’t been in the ring with me yet! We’ve got three neat matches set up for you tonight, First, we have Fhenix and Jacob Colins- Fhenix is debuting in his first match on PWA! He must have the butterflies, I know I would. then we got an exciting three, count it, threeway match between, Karasu! Methodcobra! And Nightmare! All going at it for the chance to take on “Grade A” Alex Wilkie for his Grizzly Beer Title at Who’s the Man! Then as our “Main Event” here on Insider, we got Riley Howlett versus Brian Cade, also going at it for the Chance to compete for the TV title! lets get too it!”

-Fhenix v. Jacob Collins-

As soon as the match started, Fhenix immediately dominated Jacob Collins with a quick super quick, and a couple of submissions, but after Fhenix locked in a Side Head lock, Collins was just close enough to the ropes to get one his feet up, Fhenix continued to apply the hold, but the Ref pushed him off, this gave Collins enough time to get back up and get his barring straight, unfortunately, Fhenix quickly went for a Snap German Suplex, but before he could follow through, Collins grabbed the rope, stopping Fhenix or himself from going anywhere, he hit him with a few elbows, and managed to hit a quick German suplex of his own, Jacob went on the offensive, starting to throw blow after blow even after Fhenix got up to his feet, Jacob tossed him into the ropes, Although, as Jacob went for a quick clothesline, Fhenix ducked under him and then hit Collins with a hard Reverse DDT, Fhenix scooped Jacob up, but suddenly out of the blue Jacob rolled a small package and the crowd exploded as he got the 1-2-3!

Winner - Jacob Collins

The TV shifted back to Rayne, he still had a goofy grin on his face.

Rayne: Wasn’t That awesome? Collins with an unexpected victory, and could be potential in the upcomming weeks! Speaking of upcoming, coming up next we have the Three way for the Grizzly Beer title! Karasu, Method Cobra and Nightmare!

-Nightmare v. Karasu v. Methodcobra-

All three men make it out to the ring, and all await the sound of the bell before they begin their fight. Methodcobra and Nightmare and Karasu all walk to the middle of the ring, and Cobra raises his hands, signaling a strength test for all them, sort of like a “Ring around the rosie” deal. Nightmare puts his hand up against Methodcobra and Karasu does the same, All of them lock hands, Nightmare, with ease twists both Methodcobra and Karasus hands! Nightmare just chuckles and kicks Methodcobra in the gut, then hits Karasu with a quick Suplex! He gets up and runs a hard clothesline on Methodcobra as he begins to recover from the kick to the gut, Nightmare seems to have control over the two men, Karasu hops up as Nightmare has his back turned, and quickly hits him with a German Suplex! The crowd pops as Methodcobra heads over to Nightmare and picks him up by his hair, picking him up into a sidewalk small, then Methodcobra poses to the crowd, Nightmare slowly gets up, holding his gut, Karasu turns and goes to hit Nightmare, but Nightmare blocks and kicks Karasu in the gut and hits him with a hard DDT! Methodcobra is quick to react though, he heads over and before Nightmare can roll out of the way, Methocobra hits a hard running leg drop! Methodcobra gets up and then throw’s Nightmare into the ropes, Cobra runs at him and drops him with a hard lariat! Nightmare flys over the top rope and Cobra, looking very pleased with himself, raises his arms as if he had won!

McDaniel: Oh my! Method Cobra just knocked Nightmare right out of the ring with that lariat.

Rentfro: And...well, now it's just Karasu and Method Cobra.

McDaniel: They're face to face, neither of them seems to know what to do.

Karasu starts pointing to the mat, implying that Method Cobra lies down for him. Method Cobra looks shocked and starts asking that Karasu do the same for him. The two argue and bicker until Karasu pushes Method Cobra's shoulder and asks what's wrong with him. Method Cobra pushes Karasu back, hard enough to knock him onto his ass. Karasu gets up in a flash and bowls up to Method Cobra. The two look like they are about to explode...

Rentfro: What is this music?!

An air raid siren can be heard resonating around the arena then there is a whistling sound, much like that of a falling bomb, suddenly a sound similar to shell fire booms from the speakers and a flurry of pyrotechnics explodes in the entryway. Then a familiar drum roll starts and the Dad’s Army Theme begins to play. A few British fans rise to their feet and salute from overwhelming patriotism. Then as Lance Corporal Jones steps out onto the stage the whole crowd rise to their feet and explode in a frenzied standing ovation for the veteran war hero. He stands on the ramp way and salutes to the crowd, then slowly walks down the ramp, he climbs up the steel steps and wipes his feet off on the apron before entering the ring.

McDaniel: Good God almighty! It's Lance Corporal Jones!

Jones steps in between Karasu and Method Cobra, then starts yelling "Don’t panic! Don’t panic!". Half the arena is stunned, and the other is marking out like mad. Karasu and Method Cobra seem to understand the significance of the arrival, and as he steps out of the ring and starts pumping up the crowd, the pair leave the ring and grab Nightmare...

Nightmare quickly begins to punch both Method cobra and Karasu! But Cobra stops him and grabs him by the throat, he picks up by his throat and tosses him under the bottom rope back into the ring, the ref was almost at 8 before they had gotten back in! Nightmare was holding his throat before Cobra ran in and hit kicked him in the stomach hard, Cobra went for the pin! 1… 2… Kick out! Nightmare pushes Cobra off and rolls under the bottom rope out of the ring, but as He does, Karasu comes out of no where and hits Nightmare with a rough Russian Leg sweep! Karasu picks Nightmare up and throws him back into the ring! Methodcobra picks him up and delivers a hard punch to his head, Karasu does the same. Both of them begin to sort of gang beat him, not saving anything. Karasu finally winds up for a hard one , but Nightmare ducks under and Karasu nearly misses Methodcobra by an inch! Nightmare, with a bit of momentum, pushes Karasu out of the ring! He turns to face Methodcobra, pointing at him, and then giving him the thumbs down… He picks Methodcobra up into a high vertical suplex! He holds him there, turns, then drops him into a cutter! Methodcobra is almost launched out of the ring as he rolls under the bottom rope and onto the ground, Nightmare yells in victory, but before he turns around, Karasu is behind him! Karasu hits him with a hard Reverse DDT then without hesitating locks in a Shining triangle hold! Nightmare is only holding out on a whim, he reaches for the rope, he is so close, but Methodcobra comes up, and holds the rope back so nightmare can’t get it! He clenches his eyes tight and then finally gives in, tapping out.

Winner and #1 Contender for the Grizzly Beer Title - Karasu

Toshi Yang is shown backstage with a microphone in hand.

Toshi Yang: My name is Toshi Yang and coming up next we’ll see the debut of Riley Howlett when she takes on Brian Cade. So joining me right now, is Riley Howlett!

Riley Howlett steps into the frame and she isn’t really showing any emotion at all, her eyes hidden by a large pair of sunglasses.

Riley Howlett: I’ll keep this brief. Brian Cade, I have a plan, I have a weapon and I have a goal. Tonight, I bury you. Be ready.

Riley walks off, leaving Toshi Yang alone and speechless.

-Main Event-
TV Title Contendership Match
Riley Howlett v. Brian Cade

The opening drum beat of ‘Phenomena' by Yeah Yeah Yeahs cues up and Riley Howlett makes her way to the stage. She stands, looking around into the audience on the stage. She then pats her left boot, which, for those who were watching earlier, know that there is a weapon in there. She walks down the ring taking no note of the fans. They don’t know a lot about her, but judging by the interview earlier, the all seem very interested. Howlett walks up the ring steps and enters the ring, not allowing the fans any view of her behind. She enters the ring and tries to stretch but the ref tells her he has to pat her down. He starts with her knee pad and moves down to her boot, where he looks for the weapon that she described earlier, but he doesn’t find anything. The ref looks over to the time keeper, looking puzzled. Riley looks out into the crowd and pats her elbow pad while winking. The ref doesn’t see this, and finding no weapons, he leaves her be.

As soon as the match got underway, Riley went on the offensive, trying to apply a couple arm locks and quick slams, for a moment she managed to get Cade off his feet with a chop block to his feet. But as Riley went down to grab him away from the ropes so she could pull a quick pin, Cade grabbed her head and gave her a hard headbutt, knocking her right back onto her bottom, Cade sat up and got to his feet, he picked up Riley by her hair and paraded her around the ring, but Riley elbowed him In the gut a few times, but Cade grabbed her, shaking off the elbows and picked her up high over his head, going for a free press, unfortunately for him, Riley countered by wiggling off and then jumping onto his back trying to lock in a sleeper, Cade grabbed her legs, as if he was going to give her a piggy back, then dropped down onto his own back, crushing her under him. Cade got up and posed around the ring, showing off his muscles, Riley got up slowly while his back was turned, and quickly got up as fast as she could to the top rope, jumping off and hitting him with a hard high flying bull-dog! The crowd goes nuts as Riley runs towards the ropes, jumps off and hits a variant of the Lionsault! She hooks his legs! 1… 2… Cade kicks out! Riley hops up and shakes her head. She stretches a bit, grinning to herself, she turns to cade, waiting for him to get up, he finally gets up, and shakes his head… he looks to her and smiles, holding out his head, a sign of respect? In the middle of a match? Riley reached forward to shake his head, but Cade slapped her hard across the face! The crowd boo’d but Riley turned her head back, looked up at him, and then she smiled, quickly spitting something black and misty into his face! The Stevie Wonder Syndrome! She grinned a toothy grin, her teeth were black as the night, he then frowned, grabbed his arm and whipped him into the ropes, She ran back into the ropes opposite coming right back to Cade with her “Funeral Music!” (Running sick kick) Cade goes down! Riley hooks his leg! 1…2…3!

Winner and new #1 contender for the TV title - Riley Howlett

After the Match -‘Phenomena’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs cues up and Riley Howlett stands with her arm raised. The crowd is mixed about the rookie’s victory but they clap none the less. After regaining her composure, Riley shoots off the ropes and the referee turns to see what she is doing, only to be hit with the Funeral Music sick kick! The ref is down and Riley turns her attention to the outside. She slides out of the ring and picks up a steel chair.

McDaniel: What is Howlett doing here?

Rayne: I think that she is going to attempt that impact that she talked about earlier...

Riley enters the ring with a steel chair and Brian Cade is starting to stand. Riley tosses the chair to Cade, then shoots off the ropes and nails him with the Funeral Music, sending the chair into his head with a thunderous crack. Cade goes down and Riley pounces on top of him, mounting the big man.

Rayne: She’s not going to...

McDaniel: What!?!

Rayne: She’s going to rape him!

McDaniel: ...

Rayne: No?

McDaniel: When is your contract up? Idiot.

Riley pulls something out of her elbow pad and the crowd pops when they see it. Riley holds up a switch blade and it shines in the lights of the arena. The crowd believes that this is just for show but is horrified when Riley slices the blade slowly across Cades head, cutting him open, deeply. Blood pours backwards down Cade’s head and onto the mat. Riley stands, staring down at Cade and she delivers a boot to his head for good measure. She stands and says ‘I told you.’ as she exits the ring, as EMT’s enter to tend to Cade. PWA Insider fades to black, with the PWA logo fading in and out.

Rayne: And that's all we have for now folks! If you're as excited as I am then you'll get on to your Pay-Per-View provider and order Who's The Man!? next Friday on the 14th!! This is Rayne for the PWA Insider saying good night!

Cue cheesey guitar riff and...