A cheesy 80's style generic guitar riff hits the airwaves as the PWA logo zooms towards the screen in blocktacular form. An explosion sound effect is heard and the logo crumbles to be replaced by the zooming word of Insider.

PWA Insider

We star wipe away from the intro to see Bud Adams standing in a production truck, numerous monitors behind him showing random action from various PWA events.

Adams: Hello folks, and welcome to the PWA Insider: Money in the Bank special! I am your host Bud Adams and I am with you for the next hour to bring you up to date on all the latest gossip and exclusive must see footage from the Pioneer Wrestling Association!... The following extended highlights you are about to see were taped ahead of Rampage this past Friday. Most of these were "Money in the bank" qualifying matches but there was one match that failed to make air that also had an air of interest to it. It was Kirlia Gardevoir vs. Bam. Both of these were major players in the old BWF but have thus far struggled to make an impact in the PWA. With the higher ups less than impressed by the efforts put forward by these two, they decided to add a little stipulation to spice things up and light a fire under their respective asses. That stipulation states that the loser will be fired, let's take you to the action!


Gardevoir uses her speed to it's full advantage and does her best to keep Bam off balance to some success. Bam tries to take the fight to the mat with his "ground and pound" style but Gardevoir shows a sixth sense on more than one occasion to avoid the take downs. Bam begins to show signs of frustration and this leads to openings for Gardevoir to nail some high risk offense. Bam is sent rocking and reeling as Kirlia bounces off the ropes numerous times, hitting drop kicks and shoulder blocks, trying to take him down. Eventually she topples Bam with the "Amazon Snap" after charging off the ropes to hit it. She makes the cover... 1... 2... Kickout! The fans begin to rally behind her as her momentum builds. She feeds off their energy and goes up top to nail the "Aerotica" (Swanton) she again makes the cover... 1... 2... Kickout! Bam shows resilience, trying to keep on to his job but Kirlia is determined to put her man away and keep hers. She lines Bam up for the spear but Bam catches her, spins her around and attempts a German but Kirlia cuts that idea short with a backward heel into the balls. Kirlia locks Bam in a cravate, facing the corner. She then charges towards the turnbuckles, using her feet to climb the pads. She flips over Bam's shoulders, the cravate turning into a variation of an inverted front facelock, slamming the back of her opponent's head into the mat. She makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!

WINNER: Kirlia Gardevoir

Adams: Gardevoir wins a surprisingly one sided match and keeps hold of her job. Bam's contract on the other hand is likely to be found in the recycle bin with all of the other shredded paper. Kirlia was to have a slot in the Rumble match at Genesis where she would meet the losers of the "Money in the Bank" matches. However, President Sommers announced almost immediately that Kirlia would be bumped up to the Money in the Bank match itself, along with the newest addition of Pohontu!


Sandra dominates from the get go, bouncing BomberBen around the ring like a pin ball. Ben tries to rally back but Sandra seems to know what he is going to do before he even knows it. Chants of "F#!k him up Sanda, f#!k him up!" echo around the arena as Ben's fate looks inevitable. Sandra whips BomberBen towards the ropes but for the first time he manages to catch Sandra by surprise, he jumps and springboards off the middle rope, turning mid air to nail a cross body on Sandra. They both hit the mat with BomberBen in the cover position, he grabs a whole hand full of her tights for good measure... 1... 2... 3!

BomberBen jolts out of the ring with his hands raised as Sandra brings her hands to her head in disbelief that she just lost to a rookie.

WINNER: BomberBen

Adams: BomberBen pulls off a MASSIVE upset over a former PWA World champion to advance into the "Money in the Bank" match at Genesis. BomberBen has been making steady progress since his arrival in the PWA and could perhaps be on the road to a World title of his own should he win the ladder match at Genesis. Psycho Sandra on the other hand has suffered another heavy set back and rumours have been flying that she has been contemplating her future. She will have a chance to set everything right however, as she has a chance to get a shot at the Grizzly Beer title in the #1 contendership rumble at Genesis. Keep your eye on this situation as it develops.


They start off with text book stuff, exchanging headlocks and various other holds. The crowd is torn about which one to cheer for as they both frequently play the underdog role, they eventually seem to settle on Circa with her being the smaller of the 2 competitors but Collins still keeps a vocal support. Circa takes Collins down with a leg sweep but he kips back up and uses the momentum to clothesline Circa down to the mat. Collins starts to take control and wails away on Circa, keeping her grounded. Out of nowhere, Circa turns and nails a spear on Collins and they both roll over exhausted on the mat as the ref begins the mandatory 10 count... 1... 2... 3... They both start to stir... 4... 5... Circa makes it to a knee... 6... 7... Collins tries to beat Circa to her feet but Circa gets a surge of energy and pounces, taking Collins down multiple times with clotheslines, dropkicks and slams to wild cheers from the crowd which swing more in her favour as she hits her stride. Circa attempts another clothesline to keep her momentum going but this time Collins anticipates it and ducks underneath hit, hooking her around the waist as he does so. Collins wrenches back and nails a vicious German suplex that knocks the wind out of Circa and holds the bridge for the cover, but neglects to lift his shoulders off the mat. The ref counts them both... 1... 2... Circa gets her shoulder up... 3!

Collins jumps up and raises his hands in victory but the smile on his face is quickly erased when Eric Emerson announces Circa as the winner of the match. The people at ringside can hear Collins groan as he watches the replay of what happened on the jumbotron.


Adams: Circa continues to show why she was voted "Superstar of the Month" for January with an impressive win that moves her one step closer to a world title shot. Jacob Collins made a good go of it but has once again met with defeat in spite of his decent effort, but has a spot in the rumble at Genesis as a consolation prize where it is anybodies for the taking.


The bell rings and both men slug it out in the centre. Malone over swings on one of his punches and Grifter swats his arm aside and rides him down to the ground in an arm bar. On the mat Malone is little match for Grifter's technical abilty and focuses most of his effort on trying to get back to his feet rather than trying to match Grifter move for move. He manages to force his way back up to a vertical position and charges Grifter but Grifter side steps and super kicks Malone in the back of the head (Mafia Kick). Malone collapses to the mat in a heap and Grifter rolls him over for a cover... 1... 2... 3!

WINNER: Grifter

Adams: Grifter advances and Malone takes another of the rumble places. Grifter has held a heap of tag titles in the past but has never had his hands on world gold. Imagine a world champion who didn't talk? What a media nightmare that would be for the PWA, but it could happen if Grifter win the "Money in the Bank" match at Genesis!


Jericho charges right at Cade from the get go only to eat the sole of Cade's boot. Jericho tries to bounce right back up but Cade is straight on top of him, lifting hard knee's into his face. Cade then hooks Jericho's arms high behind his back and sends him crashing down to the mat head first with a double arm DDT, his finisher. Cade rolls Jericho over and makes the cover... 1... 2... 3!

WINNER: Brian Cade

Adams: What an impressive debut for Brian Cade! The former BWF world champion is now on his way to adding the PWA equivelent to his collection.

There were 2 other "Money in the Bank" matches that took place on Friday, but unfortunately both of these finished in no contests and it has been ruled that all 4 competitors that took place in those 2 matches will now be entered into the rumble at Genesis. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at the updated list of confirmed entrants into the "Money in the Bank" and rumble matches.

A graphic pops up on screen detailing the list of entrants into the respective matches.


Circa Vs Grifter Vs Brian Cade Vs BomberBen vs. Ponontu vs. Kirlia Gardevoir

RUMBLE (Confirmed entrants)

1 - Psycho Sandra
2 - Jacob Collins
3 - Kyle Malone
4 - Icetank
5 - Odyssey Baldwin
6 - Jericho
7 - Nick Matthews
8 - Mr. Marcus

Adams: And that's all we have for now folks! If you're as excited as I am then you'll get on to your PPV provider and order Genesis on the 15th! This is Bud Adams for the PWA Insider saying good night!

Cue cheesey guitar riff and...