A cheesy 80's style generic guitar riff hits the airwaves as the PWA logo zooms towards the screen in blocktacular form. An explosion sound effect is heard and the logo crumbles to be replaced by the zooming word of Insider.

PWA Insider

We star wipe away from the intro to see Bud Adams standing in a production truck, numerous monitors behind him showing random action from various PWA events.

Adams: Hello folks, and welcome to the PWA Insider! I am your host Bud Adams and I am with you for the next hour to bring you up to date on all the latest gossip and exclusive must see footage from the Pioneer Wrestling Association... Now, over the course of a week in the PWA, we pick up a lot of footage that is normally left on the cutting room floor due to time constraints imposed by the network. However, we here at the PWA Insider endevour to save this footage and deliver it to you right here!... The match we are about to show you preceded the live broadcast of Rampage this week. It was Circa Vs Jericho, and here are the extended highlights!

Circa Vs Jericho

Jericho enters the ring and Circa is right on him from the get go, nailing hims with chops, strikes and anything she can throw. Jericho is sent reeling and is whipped into the ropes, he bounces back and takes Circa down with a clothesline. Jericho picks Circa up, kicks her in the gut and powerbombs her down to the mat. Jericho goes up top and attempts to finish it with his "Hell to Silence" elbow drop finisher but Circa moves and he eats canvas at high impact. Circa then waits for him to groggily get to his feet before nailing the Flatliner (Twist of Fate) and covering for the pin.


Adams: Circa gets back to winning ways once again following a slight blip against Project X last week. This will do her confidence a world of good and she is definitely one to watch in the future. This win earns her a chance at one of the "Keys to Glory" next week on Rampage. To get that key she must go through Gabe Shelly.

This match has many interesting angles as Gabe Shelly just this week defeated the man who gave Circa her first loss in Project X and both are former BWF US champions, Circa being the last of that lineage and Shelly being one of the most high profile. This one has potential to be a show stealer folks.

Psycho Sandra Vs Odyssey Baldwin

Baldwin is only slightly larger than Sandra and regrets not coming from a larger proportioned gene pool as Sandra goes to town on him, showing why she is a former PWA world champion. She snaps his head back with vicious forearms and Baldwin starts to wonder what the hell is going on. He tries to rally back and nails Sandra with a right hand to the jaw, Sandra simply shouts "That all you got!?" before nailing Baldwin with a boot to the gut followed by "The Lobotomy" for the win.

WINNER: Psycho Sandra

Adams: Sandra came on strong there didn't she folks? Sandra will have an match for one of the keys next week when she squares up against Alex Wilkie in a main event that has mouths watering. Sandra was the one responsible for taking Wilkie's world title away from him back in 2006, can she do the same with his key and add yet another title to here steadily growing collection? Tune in next Friday to find out... As for Odyssey Baldwin, PWA management has been less than happy with his performances of late and as such, his very career here in the PWA will be on the line next week along with Jericho's as they team up to take on the infamous Brothers Grimm who have an opportunity to put themselves in place for a tag title shot should they win. Baldwin will need to hit the gym hard and show that he wants it if he wants to get through that one.

Bam Vs Icetank

Bam takes Icetank to the mat early on with his ground and pound style. Wanting to open up and brawl, Icetank does not like this one bit. Bam seems to have the advantage when he locks his legs around Icetank's waist and applies a sleeper hold but Icetank manages to reach behind and force his fingers into Bam's mouth to apply a mandible claw. Bam fades faster than Icetank and releases the sleeper. Icetank gets up and drags Bam up with him with the claw still applied, Icetank then chokeslams him with the claw applied to nail the "Shatterslam". The ref makes the count...1...2...Kickout! but Bam starts to fade and the ref checks the hand. It drops once.... twice... three times!

WINNER: Icetank

Adams: Icetank bounces back from his loss last week and earns himself a shot at Kirlia Gardevoir's key, we'll have that match for you right here next week!

Jacob Collins Vs Kyle Stevenson

2 young and agile wrestlers put on an exciting display for the fans, flipping and flopping all about the place with lots of high impact. Collins eventually takes control of the hectic pace and constantly keeps Stevenson off balance with lots of rana's and drop kicks. Stevenson then makes the mistake of coming up off the mat with his back turned to Collins who takes advantage to hit his finisher "The Sure Thing" (Fisherman's Suplex) for the win.

WINNER: Jacob Collins

Adams: Well how about that folks, that win for Collins sets up a youth vs experience contest next week when the young 18 year old rookie takes on the hardened 45 year old veteran Project X with Project X's key at stake. Will he be up to the task? We'll find out next week, right here on this very program!... I'm afraid that's all the time we have folks, it's been an eventful start to the PWA comeback and if this week is anything to go by, things are only going to get even more interesting. For the PWA and On-Demand, I'm Bud Adams saying good night!

Cue cheesey guitar riff and...