"Breaking New Ground"
Live on from the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay, Florida on 
July 25th, 2008

The scene slowly opens to a bar somewhere in America . Patrons gather in as the bartender picks up the remote control and points it towards the huge flat screen TV hanging on the wall. As the TV comes to life you see the image of an old wrestler standing in front of an old wrestling logo. The wrestler looks up and stares into the screen.  

Wrestler: “This isn’t the beginning of the end…yet the end of the beginning…”  

Suddenly you can hear the dragging drums and samples of Smashing Pumpkins’ “The Beginning IS The End Is The Beginning”.  

' Send a heartbeat to…'  

Project X is shown in the back pacing back and forth somewhere in a dark corner of the arena.  

' The void that cries through you…'  

The M.O.A is shown rushing the ring as the fans react to them.  

‘ Relive the pictures that have come to pass…'  

The LUNATIC FRINGE are shown warming up in the dressing room as a picture of them wearing the PWA Tag Team straps is hanging in the mirror.  

' For now we stand alone…'  

The song picks up, the camera returns to normal, and a steady drumbeat plays. Letters slowly begin to display themselves on the black screen.  

C. H. A. O. S.  

' The world is lost and blown…'  

The letters crumble away to the image of Deacon Frost leaving the ring, his hands bloody.  

' And we are flesh and blood disintegrate…'  

Nightmare and Ledge are shown grinning from behind the entrance curtains.  

' With no more to hate…'  

The picture of each PWA Champion flashes before the screen and rest on the picture of Mark McNasty holding the PWA World Title as the last line of the first verse echoes and the PWA Logo appears. The screen switches to the announce table and shoots all over the arena as the crowd goes nuts. Pyros shoot all over the arena as the cameras focus on the middle of the ring. In the middle of the ring is a man dressed in a Black Armani suit and shoes. He adjusts the Black tie that is resting on his white button up shirt.  

The Man: “Welcome to the beginning of a new era here in PWA. You see for too long, Chaos has been seen as the crap show. The B Show as many have come to say. But that is no longer. But before I get to that, let me introduce myself. For true wrestling fans, I am known as “The Incredible One”. For those who are hype to the business world, I’m Eli Storm from Incredible Inc. I am the man that is gonna turn Chaos from a B Show into the place that all the son of a bitches in the back are gonna kill to be on. Now with that said and out the way…I only have one question…”  

Eli smiles as the spotlight focuses on him.  

Eli Storm: “Are you ready?”  

The crowd begins to cheer.  

Eli storm: “I don’t think you heard me…I said are you READY!?!”  

The crowd starts to go nuts again.  

Eli Storm: “Then ladies and gentlemen…LET IT BEGIN!!!!!”  

Storm thrust his hands in the air as the crowd explodes. Storm drops down and roles out of the ring and begins to head to the back as the cameras switch to the announce table.  

Duff vs. Jethro Hayes  

Eric Emerson: "The following match is set for one fall. Introducing first all the way from Lean Ox, Ga. .. He stands at 6 foot 7 inches and weighs in at 315 pounds... he is the Country Boy... Jethro Hayes!"

The cranking of a tractor is heard throughout the arena and the video entrance of Jethro Hayes begins playing over the big screen. Cows moo, on the screen cows are shown in a green pasture. Pigs are oinking, on the screen pigs run around in mud within a fence. The scene on the screen goes to rolling hills, showing combines in the field harvesting crops, tractors harrowing the ground preparing for the new crop; semi trucks are hauling off the harvested crop. A man walks up the 3 steps and opens the door on the cab of his John Deere tractor, he is wearing a John Deere trucker hat, and is missing a few teeth, evident by the grinning face he turns to the camera, he waves at the camera; it is part of a family video. He climbs on into the cab of the tractor; along with the cranking of the tractor on the screen, the beginning of Thank God I'm a Country Boy by John Denver begins to play over the speaker system.

~Well life on the farm is kinda laid back
~Aint much an old country boy like me cant hack
~Its early to rise, early in the sack
~Thank God Im a country boy

The curtains are pulled back by two people and the front of a John Deere 4720 tractor is seen in the backstage area, smoke boiling up from the muffler.

~Well a simple kinda life never did me no harm
~A raisin me a family and workin on a farm
~My days are all filled with an easy country charm
~Thank God Im a country boy

When the words "kinda laid back" are heard, the tractor begins moving forward slowly down the ramp the tractor is moving at about 3 miles an hour.

Eric Emerson: "From Lean Ox, Ga; weighing 315 pounds and standing at 6' 7"... Jethro Hayes!"

With the mentioning of his name, Jethro toots the tractor's horn inside the cab and waves to the crowd; he revs the tractor's engine slightly in response to the crowd.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

The tractor arrives at the bottom of the ramp and Jethro stops the tractor, toots the horn while revving the tractor to full power; then he shuts the tractor off. Jethro climbs out of the tractor to a huge pop, he waves and climbs down. Jethro is wearing overalls with a yellow John Deere shirt underneath, brown Wolverine boots, and a John Deere hat.

~When the works all done and the suns settlin low
~I pull out my fiddle and I rosin up the bow
~The kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low
~Thank God Im a country boy
~Id play sally goodin all day if I could
~But the lord and my wife wouldnt take it very good
~So I fiddle when I could, work when I should
~Thank God Im a country boy

He touches a few fans hands on his way to the ring steps. He climbs up the steps and gets into the ring He walks to one corner and waves to those fans.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to another corner and waves to those fans, nodding along with the music.

~Well I wouldnt trade my life for diamonds and jewels
~I never was one of them money hungry fools
~Iid rather have my fiddle and my farmin tools
~Thank God Im a country boy

He walks to the third corner and waves to those fans with thumbs up in the air, still nodding along with the music; he mimics playing a fiddle.

~Yeah, city folk drivin in a black limousine
~A lotta sad people thinkin thats mighty keen
~Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
~Thank God Im a country boy

Reaching the fourth corner, he takes off his hat and throws it into the crowd; shaking his head he prepares for the match.

~Well I got me a fine wife I got me a fiddle
~When the suns comin up I got cakes on the griddle
~Life aint nothin but a funy funny riddle
~Thank God Im a country boy
The song fades away slowly with the chorus repeating while it dwindles into silence.

Rayne: "Who is this? A Beverly Hillbilly reject?"

McDaniel: "He is a new comer to the PWA."

Rayne: "Well... Gohllllee."

An old nylon-string guitar begins playing lonely notes over the loudspeakers and the sound echoes as if it's residing deep inside
of a sewer. When the first drum beat hits, building the anticipation, a series of black lights illuminate the stage and vapor dances in its glow. After
about forty five seconds, the classical guitar is interrupted by Randal Blythe's growling vocals.

--Our father, thy will be done!--

The classical guitar is replaced with distorted electric guitars tuned to drop D, playing the slow and droning "Vigil" by Lamb of God. The lights surrounding
the curtain flicker in a constant strobe and Duff Côte
d'Ivoire emerges from the back wearing long, black leather jacket. Beneath this, he wears a black
tee shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots.

--I have denied--
--This life its worth--
--I will not be the victim--

He glances around to the crowd and the smirk turns into an arrogant, toothy grin.

--Show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out--
--This vigil burns--
--Until the date our fires overtake you--

Eric Emerson: On the way to the ring: from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he stands at 6'7" and weighs in at 275 lbs., he is a member of the Masters of Armageddon, and accompanied by Scott Nash Strader,  Duff Côte d'Ivoiiire!

He walks to the ring in long strides. He surveys his surroundings again before rolling into the ring. A lone spotlight shines on him as he plays the crowd
from the middle rope in the far corner for a few moments. They throw nothing a barrage of jeers at him as he laughs at their discontent.


Duff jumps down from his perch and stares fixedly at his opponent. Scott, on the outside, paces the corner, watching intently.


Jethro and Duff circle each other in the middle of the ring, both weary of the other. Jethro puts out his right hand looking for a shake before the match; Duff grabs the hand and whips Jethro into the rope, catching him with a high knee when he rebounds.

McDaniel: "A sign of good sportsmanship, out the window."

Rayne: "The Country Bumpkin should know better."

Duff bounces off the ropes with another high knee, this time to Jethro's face, the force of the blow stands Jethro up, Duff hits the ropes nailing Jethro with a flying clothesline; the big man doesn't go down.

McDaniel: "Jethro showing some resistance here."

Rayne: "Stupidity you mean."

Discouraged, Duff climbs to the top rope and jumps bringing the man down with a top rope bulldog. Duff stands and delivers a kneedrop to the Jethro's neck. Pulling Jethro back to his feet, Duff applies a side headlock to Jethro wrenching in the hold firmly, grinding his neck in a vice.

McDaniel: "Duff is trying to wear the larger opponent down here with a simple, yet affective move."

Rayne: "Duff in control over the larger man."

Twisting around, Duff hits an even flow DDT on Jethro, bringing him down to the mat again. Going to Jethro feet, he flips him over and puts him in a sharpshooter, leaning far back to maximize the torque on Jethro's back.

Rayne: "Duff a master at wearing down opponents."

McDaniel: "Jethro in the middle of the ring is beginning to power his way to the ropes to break the hold."

Jethro is inching his way to the far side ropes, instead of having to turn Duff around for the closer ropes. Duff is doing his best to prevent him from reaching the ropes. After an agonizing hold, Jethro reaches the ropes and the hold is broken after Duff uses the ref's 5 count to his advantage. Upon releasing the hold, Duff stands back and watches as Jethro grabs his lower back in obvious pain; a grin spreads its way across the face of Duff. Jethro is up to his knees, using the ropes for support, Duff places a kick into the belly of Jethro, making the man flip over grasping his belly. The ref is admonishing Duff for his dirty tactics, so Duff begins to argue back; Jethro takes his chance to catch his breath. Walking past the referee, Duff whips Jethro into the ropes for a takedown, but Jethro quickly counters, driving Duff to the mat with a boot to the face. Jethro hits the ropes and nails Duff with a leg drop across the face. Jethro makes a cover.

one... two Duff kicks out with authority.

McDaniel: "Jethro doing a smart thing there going for the cover."

Rayne: "But way too early in the match with a seasoned veteran, ring rust or not."

Jethro scoops Duff up and nails him with a power bodyslam onto the mat, he backs away. Duff begins to get up after the quick volley of moves and stands dazed, he looks around and Jethro hits his Plow.

McDaniel: "The Plow, what a powerful uncontrolled move."

Rayne: "Are you crushing on him or something? It is nothing but a magnified spear... stupid."

Jethro goes for another cover.

one... two... three Duff thrusts his shoulder into the air immediately after the two count. Both men seem to be getting frustrated here at the slow counts. They meet in the middle of the ring in the standard collar and elbow tie up, Duff gaining the advantage here when he slips his right leg through Jethro’s causing the man to fall to his knees. Duff whips around with a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of Jethro's face, the newcomer goes down. Cover...

one... two... Jethro tosses Duff off of him breaking the ref's count. Jethro is up and charging the now standing Duff, the two meet with right and left fists, neither gaining the advantage in the exchange.

Rayne: "Duff much different than a goat, huh?"

McDaniel: "What in the heck does a goat have to do with this match?"

Rayne: "Nothing, except Pumpkin Boy there hasn't ever been in a fight with anything other than a defenseless farm animal."

Duff spins Jethro around and delivers a barrage of forearm shots to Jethro's chest, backing him into the corner. Delivering a high knee to Jethro's midsection, he lifts the man to the top turnbuckle, he sets Jethro up for a top rope suplex, but Jethro goes along with the move; Jethro executes an inverted atomic drop to Duff's crotch area. As Duff grabs himself, Jethro hits the ropes with a clothesline, driving the veteran to the mat, still holding his balls.

McDaniel: "Jethro nearly took his head off with that clothesline."

Rayne: "Duff mainly concentrating on the family jewels there, not really worried about the match; his girl has to have something to p..."

McDaniel: "Don't even finish that thought."

Jethro picks up Duff and executes a perfect Alabama Slam that he calls the
Georgia slam, he goes for the pin.

one... two... three Duff manages to get his shoulder up barely before the ref's hand slaps the third and final slap. Duff is up quickly and on his feet charging at the unsuspecting Jethro, Duff takes him down with a quick leg takedown, pummeling the country boy with rights, lefts, and forearms to his face; Jethro is overwhelmed by the man, but manages to make the rope grab, breaking the momentum.

McDaniel: "Jethro showing a veteran type maneuver in knowing his ring presence."

Rayne: "Yeah, but Duff just welcomed him into wrestling with right and left."

Jethro is up and shaking his head from side to side, trying to clear the cobwebs and gain his breath. Duff is having none and charges the man again, backing him into the corner with another fist and forearm combination; this time he punctuates the combo with slaps to the chest of Jethro. Duff climbs to the top turnbuckle, hovering over Jethro's face and begins raining down right hands. He gets two punches in when Jethro charges out of the corner with a powerslam, both men are down.

Rayne: "Damn! C'mon Duff, beat his hick ass!"

McDaniel: "The un-bias commentator as usual. Listen to the crowd get behind Jethro here."

Crowd: "Coun...try Boy... Coun...try Boy... Coun...try Boy..."

Jethro has made it to his knees, but so too has Duff. Jethro uses the ropes to gain as his feet as does Duff on the other side of the ring. Duff gains his feet a slight second before Jethro, but grabs his back as he stands up, wincing at the pain in his lower back, he hits his knees again. Jethro walks over to Duff, grinning the entire way; he is nearly on top of Duff when out of nowhere Duff whips him into the turnbuckle. Jethro stumbles out of the corner to be hit with a Katihajime, then applying so much force that Jethro's feet leave the ground, he finishes his finisher called the Master of Puppets.

Rayne: "Master of Puppets, it’s over now! Way to go Duff!"

McDaniel: "It is probably just a matter of the cover now. Which Duff is doing as I speak."

one... two... three.


Eric Emerson: "Winner of the match in his return.... Duff
Côte d'Ivoire

Rayne: "Told you, that country hick ain't got what it takes, he's too damn soft."

McDaniel: "You just wait, he'll be back."

Skybox Phoenix Style  

We cut to a shot of Lean Bean Miller in one of the private boxes. He is surrounded by scantily clad women and there are empty beer and Yoohoo bottles all around.

Lean Bean Miller: “This is Lean Bean Miller reporting live from a luxury box here in the St. Pete Times Forum. With me is PWA legend, Rob Robinson. Rob, I've got to say, I figured I'd eventually see you on PWA television again, but not so soon. What brings you to Chaos tonight?”

Rob Robinson: “
Tampa is just down the road from me, so it really isn't that big a deal. Normally I wouldn't be caught dead on Chaos, not even if I was main eventing it, but when my wife heard that Project X was making his return on Rampage tonight, she insisted that we come to the show.”

Lean Bean Miller: “Oh, your wife is here tonight?”  

Lean Bean looks around at the nearly naked women in the box.  

Lean Bean Miller: “Umm...which one is she?”

Rob Robinson: “What? She's not here, you idiot. To be honest, I haven't seen her since we got to the arena. She made sure we got here early, "to get a good seat", she said. But if we had a private box, what did it matter? Anyway, once we got here, we went backstage to say hi to some of the guys and next thing I know, she's gone! But, whatever. I decided I'd just have to make do with the company of these lovely ladies this evening.”

Lean Bean Miller: “So that's your only motive for showing up tonight?”

Rob Robinson: “You know me too well, Lean Bean. No, that's not the only motive I've got. I could have done this from home, but being here live helps me get the full impression.”

Lean Bean Miller: “What are you talking about?”

Rob Robinson: “To put it simply, since I've been gone, I've noticed a distinct lack of...well, something in the PWA. A certain style is missing, a sense that anything can happen. With me gone, the PWA is lacking a signature superstar and I feel a little guilty about that. So I've decided that I'll have to take one of these guys under my wing and mold him into a true superstar in the style of the
Phoenix .”

Lean Bean Miller: “Who are you considering for the job?”

Rob Robinson: “That's the million dollar question, isn't it? My choices are limitless, anyone on the roster would give his right arm for the opportunity I'm offering, but who would really make the most of it? So that's what I'm looking for tonight, the person that exhibits the qualities I'm looking for, someone that really deserves this chance to shine. I'll have my decision made by Summer Sizzler. Now, Lean Bean, if you'll excuse us, the ladies and I were trying to be in the middle of something when you showed up.”

Lean Bean Miller: “Well there you have it, folks. Expect a big announcement from Rob Robinson before Summer Sizzler concerning his new protégé!”

Rob Robinson: “Seriously Miller, get the hell out of here.”  

Rayne: Damn it…how can I get up there?  

McDaniel: Dream, you can always dream.  

McNasty Talks The Talk  

As the cameras pan back to the ring you see a well dressed man with a mic standing in the middle. The man smiles and raises the mic to his mouth.  

Man: “Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jack Napier. I'm a new interviewer here, hired by Mr. Storm. And if that wasn't great enough, I have the honor of interview a very big name here on my first night at work.”  

"Whatever you Became" by Cold begins to play. A mixed reaction from the fans greets PWA World Champion Mark McNasty as he makes his way out onto the stage. McNasty is wearing Jeans, a blue shirt, a brown leather jacket, and blue tinted metal sunglasses. The "Nasty" pendant around his neck shines in the light. McNasty makes his way down to the ring, and walks up the steel stairs. He goes through the middle rope, and walks to the center of the ring  

Jack Napier: “Welcome to Chaos, Champ.”  

McNasty takes off the sunglasses and puts them on his shirt. He casually replies  

 Mark McNasty: “It’s your pleasure I'm sure.”  

Jack Napier: “Uhm...quite right. Now the whole sport has been buzzing over what happened in your match with Deacon Frost. Would you care to expand on that match?”  

McNasty laughs.  

 Mark McNasty: “What is there to explain that hasn't already been said. The Deacon and I both understood management was trying to”  

He uses the fingers as he speaks eccentrically 

Mark McNasty: “Put us in our places. But, we showed them that in reality, we were the ones in control.”  

Jack Napier: “Aren't you worried of what the Front Office may do because of what you did?”  

Mark McNasty: “Pfff. Razzior is pushing his luck enough entering himself into a tournament where he could end up holding another title belt in the federation he runs. On top of "Randomly" fighting me after never letting go of the win I got over him.”  

Jack Napier: “So what you are saying is you feel that Razzior is targeting you?”  

Mark McNasty: “What I'm saying is Razzior does not handle loss well, and he’s even worse at letting old grudges die.”  

Jack Napier: “With that being said later on tonight you face Razzior as well as T Wolf in the UFT tourney.”  

McNasty again laughs. 

Mark McNasty: “Yes, but luckily, not on this show. I'll let my opponent for Summer Sizzler have the lime light on the B show.”  

Jack Napier: “B Show...I almost forgot of this show's old rep. Anyway, let’s talk about your upcoming match again T-Wolf and Razzior.”  

Mark McNasty: “Ohh, you mean Team Geriatric. What you wanna know.”  

Jack Napier: “It seems as if Razzior has thrown you in a lot of big time matches in hopes of wearing you down. And even though you got an easy "win" against Frost there isn't any way that you are near 100% right now.”  

Mark McNasty: “Well, on the contrary my good man. Two of the last three weeks, I've essentially done nothing. And, two weeks ago, I did less than nothing, as that what all it took to retire the waste of flesh and bones that was called Phoenix . In all sincerity, I'm in pretty good shape going into my match. As for Razzior and T-wolf, that is to be seen. 8 years of ring rust can be quite a hurdle to leap.”  

Jack Napier: “And what about your partner?”  

Mark McNasty: “Jamie Flynn and I are devoted to being the first duel champions in recent, if not all, PWA history. We have been training together, and working strategy together for the better part of the week. We intend to show that we can function together as a unit, to take out the trash that wants to still litter the PWA ring. Namely, Razzior and Thunderwolf.”  

Jack Napier: “Now, your quest in becoming duel champions may lead you on a path that would once again put you in the ring with Deacon Frost.”  

Mark McNasty: “Well, I may respect Frost...key word may, but unless myself, Frost has an unreliable partner, at best. Jamie Flynn has been unstoppable since returning to the ring, while Bronx Williams is yet another body in the back that hasn't shown he can hold his own.”  

Jack Napier: “Now making your way through this tourney means that you may be pulling double duty at the big PPV event.”  

Mark McNasty: “See, you and the typical fan might call it double duty. But for me, I know Gabe Shelley. And I know I can whoop his sorry ass any night of the week. Quite frankly, I'm insulted the head office would allow someone of his pitiful ability the chance to fight for the most illustrious title in the business today. And, it’s because of this that it's really just going to be me and Flynn fighting for those tag titles, before I splat a bug with my boot.”  

Jack Napier: “With that being said, are they any guys on the roster that you feel should get a shot at your title?”  

McNasty doesn't miss a beat.  

 Mark McNasty: “Scotty "The Panther" Snow of course.”  

Jack Napier: “And what about the returning "Monster" PX?”  

Mark McNasty: “Quite honestly, I've wanted a one on one with PX since I got here. But, the big guns haven't let me at him then, and I doubt they will now.”  

Jack Napier: “Well, that’s all I got for tonight. Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans or the guys in the back, Champ?”  

McNasty pulls the sunglasses off his shirt, and puts them back on. He flashes his trademark smile. 

Mark McNasty: “The reign of Mark McNasty has begun, and only divine intervention will end it. I set a record for one title, and here’s to making it two for two.”  

How Much Is That Bronx In The Window  

McDaniel: “Hold on people, I hear there is something going on backstage in the parking lot area.”  

Rayne: “Well Hell, what are you waiting for? Someone get a camera back there!!!”  

As the view switches to the parking lot area, the cameras pan in on Bronx Williams. Bronx is laying on the hood of a car, with his head hanging through a shattered front windshield. EMTs rush into the scene and start to check on Bronx as the view now switches back to the announce table.  

McDaniel: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t know what happened?”  

Rayne: “Looks like “The Savior” could have used some saving!”  

McDaniel: “Hey!!! Excuse my partner; we’ll get word to you on Bronx ’s health as soon as we get word. Eric take us away.”  

Sirus Moran vs. Nightmare  

Eric Emerson: ...and first hailing from Winnipeg , Manitboba...

"More Human Than Human" by White Zombie kicks up on the PA system as the fans jump to their feet. Sirus Moran appears from backstage, holding 'Al'. He waves to the fans as White Zombie roars in the arena. He makes his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...he stands six feet even and weights two hundred and thirty four pounds...

Sirus can't help stopping ringside to shake hands with some fans. He even signs a few autographs. Corey smiles in the ring, trying to find the humor in the situation, but that smile dissipates when Sirus enters the ring.  

McDaniel: Hold on to your seats, this is gonna be a good one.  

Eric Emerson: Next, hailing from Los Angeles , California ...  

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.  

~Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah~
~Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head~
~Step right up and feel the fire~
~Hardcore love of the never dead~

Nightmare steps out from behind the entrance curtain, his eyes hidden behind his trademark Gargoyle sunglasses, and his face covered in red warpaint. A blast from the rafters unleashes a rain of red pyro onto the stage as Nightmare holds his arms to the side, turning his face to the sky.  

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 280 pounds...  

~Call me the American nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Nightmare marches his way down the ramp, spotlights cutting through the audience before the brightest one settling on him. He slides under the bottom rope, rising to a knee as he slides off his Gargoyles, his eyes scanning the ring around him.  

Eric Emerson: And stands at 6 feet, 8 inches tall...  

Nightmare jumps up to his feet in the center of the ring, pumping his fist into the air as red pyro shoots from all four corner posts.  

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Eric Emerson: NIGHTMARE!!  

The lights return as the music dies, and Wehali hands his Gargoyles off to a ringside attendant as the ref calls for the bell.  


Wehali quickly charges at Moran, but Mr. M.I.L.F. quickly ducks under a big right hand and hit a few shots of his own, one after another.

Rayne: “We got two “legends” in that ring. Sirus is gonna have to keep Nightmare off his feet and stay away from Jon’s power.”

McDaniel: “Not only does he have to watch out for that power, but Sirus has to also watch out for those MMA style strikes of Nightmares.”

Moran rocks Wehali with a couple more hard rights and a left forearm, but Wehali swings with a wild over handed punch clocking Sirus right in the face. Moran can’t seem to get his feet under him after the crushing blow as Wehali throws Moran to the ropes now and drops him to the mat with a big jumping spine buster which puts off a sound like a bomb went off.

Rayne: WHOA!!!! Hell of a spine buster by the big man!

McDaniel: What impact!

Rayne: Sirus Moran got a free gut adjustment, and if I were Wehali I would try to end this one quickly.

Wehali peels Moran of the mat and throws him to the ropes quickly now as Moran ducks a clothesline attempt on his way back. Sirus hits the ropes again and runs up attempting a bulldog on the big man, but Wehali catches him and drops him with a Backdrop Driver!

McDaniel: That looks very painful.

Rayne: Wow, you have such a way with words…and this is why I have to be on this announcing team.

McDaniel: I thought that was because they need a reason to send you a check...

Moran lies on the ground, still feeling the effects of that nasty Backdrop Driver, as Wehali hits the ropes now and rocks Moran with a leg drop right across the throat and the referee gets into position…

Rayne: Cover attempt by Nightmare!




McDaniel: Moran gets the shoulder up there, and for a brief second I thought Wehali may have put Sirus Moran away really early.

Wehali kneels besides Sirus, smashing those monstrous hands into the face of his foe, as Moran does his best to cover up. Moran’s eyes glaze over as one after another the crushing blows meet him on his forehead. The referee warns Wehali about the closed firsts, as Moran uses the opportunity that is before him punches Wehali right in his throat!

Wehali: UGH!!!

Rayne: That a boy! Right for the throat just like an animal out for blood! I love it!

McDaniel: Moran using the opening given to get himself some space.

Rayne: This is one of those rare situations that speed can overcome strength, even when trapped! Look for the opening spot and fire. And Moran shows that he knows that.

McDaniel: You maybe think so…I call it lucky shot.

Jon reels back holding his throat now as the referee looks over at Moran who shrugs. Sirus rushes in now but gets caught with a big boot in his mug!


McDaniel: And the big man gets the advantage back!

Wehali puts the boots to Sirus as Moran writhes under Wehali’s boot trying to get back into this. Moran is on all fours, as Wehali winds up and unleashes a soccer kick to the ribs of his opponent…NO! Moran catches the leg and shoves the big man back into the corner. Moran rushes in…shoulder to the gut!

Rayne: Son of a bitch, Moran bounces back now. How about that?!

McDaniel: When you are getting pounded, you gotta go for whatever opening you can get.

Rayne: Speaking of openings, I hear that Storm guy has put strippers up in all the skyboxes.

McDaniel: He gets strippers, I get stuck with you…what a deal.

Moran steps back and nails a Jumping Body Splash as Jon gets rocked in the corner! The fans are on their feet as he is reeling in the corner. Moran steps back and leaps again…ANOTHER Jumping Body Splash! The fans are rolling with it and screaming out loud trying to show their support as Wehali teeters and nearly falls. Moran runs back again now as the fans cheer as he soars through the air…JUMPING BOD---WEHALI CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT!

McDaniel: He went to the well one too many times. Now Wehali has Moran by his damn neck!

Rayne: Say goodnight to the Moran.

McDaniel: Before Wehali can do anything, Sirus stomps on Jon’s feet.

Moran spins out of the grip and hits the ropes now running and hit Wehali with a big hooking clothesline, but Jon remains on his feet, only staggering back a little bit. Sirus bounces off the ropes and nails a more impactful clothesline now…Wehali is still up! Moran goes for one more and ducks Jon’s big boot and nails his own right into Wehali’s back. Wehali goes flying into the ropes.

Rayne: Sirus repaying Jon for the boot from before. Now hopefully he won’t stand there like an idiot and stays on Wehali.

McDaniel: Sirus hits the ropes and leaps right over Wehali.

Moran quickly snaps Wehali’ neck on the top rope as he lands on the outside of the ring.

McDaniel: Well that will clear your throat!

Wehali holds his throat as he goes snapping off the ropes onto the mat.

Rayne: I haven’t seen anyone take it in the throat like that since…

McDaniel: Don’t say it.

Rayne: You’re right. That would be too easy. Like…

Sirus slides back into the ring and sizes up Wehali. Sirus slaps the mat and is waiting for Wehali to roll over on all fours. Wehali rolls over and is choking for air as Sirus takes to the air. Before Wehali can regain his breathe, Sirus drops a vicious elbow to the back of Wehali.

Rayne: Moran lowers the boom on Jon!

McDaniel: And it doesn’t look like he is finished!!!

Rayne: Reload and fire!!!

Sirus rapidly drops elbow after elbow working over the back of Wehali. Sirus rolls Wehali over and goes for the pin while rubbing his elbow in Wehali’ face.

Rayne: He got him!




McDaniel: Wehali gets his shoulder up just in the nick of time. Sirus looks very, very pissed!

The camera pans over the red hot crowd quickly, and then cuts back to the ring and Sirus picking up Wehali.

Rayne: Wehali has to do something quick or things are not going to be good for him. Sirus has been keeping him off his feet.

McDaniel: Looks like Wehali heard you, because he just raked Sirus’ eyes!

Rayne: Wow, I said something and it actually happened! Hmmm. Money and babes!!!  

Rayne closes his eyes as McDaniel just shakes his head.

McDaniel: You’re not that lucky?

Rayne: DAMN!!!!

Meanwhile we check back over with Wehali who has backed up into the corner in order to give himself some breathing room. Sirus gets his vision back only for Jon to look up with him. Nightmare backs him up into the corner and starts to fire some vicious knee shots to the ribs and legs. The ref goes to break things up but, Jon quickly let’s go and then rushes in nailing a brutal knee in the corner. Moran stumbles out of the corner gets caught and Wehali hits Fall Away Slams him over the top rope! BUT MR. M.I.L.F. LANDS ON THE APRON! Jon turns around and Sirus reaches over the top rope and grabs him by the hair. Wehali shrieks out in anger, as Moran, despite the referee’s warning, holds on to the hair as he climbs to the top rope and holds Wehali in position for a bulldog! The fans are on their feet cheering for the former PWA Tag Team Champion. Sirus jumps off but Jon catches him in his arms and walks out to the middle of the ring.

Rayne: Sirus has nowhere to go but down and hard like a White House Intern!  

BOOM!!! The ring shakes from the impact of Sirus’ back hitting the mat by a big time back drop. Nightmare floats over for the pin.




McDaniel: And Sirus manages to kick out again!

Moran rests on the ground, holding his back in agony, while Nightmare looks at the ref and then down at Sirus. Nightmare crouches in the corner, waiting for the former Tag Champ to get to his feet, as the fans are already on there’s.

Rayne: Looks like Jon is gonna try to put this one away!

McDaniel: He is giving us the signal!

Moran comes out of the corner right into the arms of a waiting Nightmare. Nightmare crosses legs and looks for that STO of his. Sirus, out of instinct or last grasp of will, nails a quick low blow and leaps in the air. Sirus Moran grabs Jon by the head and shifts his weight, spinning the big man around and down to the mat.

McDaniel: BIG TIME TORNADO DDT! Nightmare just got drilled into the mat by Sirus Moran!

Rayne: Mr. M.I.L.F.’s just pulled off a big time momentum stopper! Moran rolls over for the cover.





McDaniel: You heard ‘em!

Rayne: Sirus is gonna need more than that.

McDaniel: Nightmare is known for his pain threshold. That combined with his skill is what has made him one of the few greats to still lace them up and keep a decent record. Sirus is tough by his own right, but he has to pull off something big time to keep the big man down.

Sirus struggles but picks Nightmare up and flings him to the corner!

Rayne: Hold on, Nightmare reverse the Irish whip and sends Sirus into the corner!

Moran quickly at the last moment hops up on the turnbuckle and hops off!


Rayne: This does not look good for Sirus!

Nightmare, while still holding Sirus on his shoulders, steps up on the second turnbuckle and spins around and nails a nasty looking one-shoulder ganso bomb!  

Rayne and McDaniel: REQUIEM FOR THE FALLEN!!! Nightmare for the cover.




McDaniel: Wow, what a great finish to a brutal match! Nightmare and Moran left it in the ring.   

Nightmare rolls off of Moran and leans up against the turnbuckle. Nightmare looks at Sirus and starts to walk over to him.

Rayne: I think Nightmare isn’t done yet!

McDaniel: Wehali has gotten the win and the match is over!

Rayne: Go tell him that!

Wehali stands tall in the middle of the ring and extends his hand towards Sirus. Sirus looks up and the hand for a moment before reach up and grabbing the hand. Nightmare helps Moran up and the two shake hands. Jon raises Sirus’ arm and pumps the crowd up to cheer for the former Tag Team Champion.  

McDaniel: Sportsmanship…a prime example on why PWA is the best on the planet...

Rayne: Geez…someone please get the homo fest out of the ring and let’s start up the next match.

McDaniel: Sirus and Jon are leaving the ring now as Eric gets us ready for the next match...


Gabe & Nick Matthews vs. J. Collins & Scottie Snow


Eric Emerson: "The following is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall."

Cells by The Servant hits the PWA Friday Night Chaos sound system

Eric Emerson: "Introducing first, standing at 6 feet even and weighing in at 215 pounds... all the way from
El Paso Texas ... Jacob Collins."

Jacob Collins comes out dressed in solid black wrestling shorts; boots and both of his hands are taped. He strides to the ring, slapping
hands with fans on both sides before quick stepping up the metal stairs and into the ring. He spins once in the middle, basking in the roar of the crowd
before going to his corner to await the start of the match.

Eric Emerson: "Introducing his tag team partner... Scottie Snow."

Scottie walks out from the back, he has no music, he just slaps hands with fans and makes his way into the ring to stand beside his tag team partner.

Eric Emerson: "Introducing their opponents in this contest. From
Columbus Ohio , standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 245 pounds... The MarVel... Gabe Shelley!"

As "In Fate's Hands" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus begins to play, Gabe Shelley makes his way to the ramp with his hood up. He points to the crowd
before making his way down. He slaps hands with fans on the ramp before walking up the stairs. He lifts his hood a bit to look out. Shelley then climbs
in the ring and picks a turnbuckle. He climbs and in one swift motion, he tosses his hood back and throws his arms out. He smiles and jumps down.

Eric Emerson: "Standing 6 feet even and weighing in at 235 pounds... his tag team partner.... The Cacophony of Violence... Nick Matthews."

The lights go out, and a white spiral on a black background shows up on the tron. A medium paced guitar line plays two bars, and when the drums kick in,
a spotlight hits the stage and Nick Matthews is standing in it. As the song continues, he walks quickly down the ramp, singing along with the words. He
hesitates once he gets to the stairs, and climbs then slowly. He turns and faces the crowd while standing on the apron, very Jericho-esque. When he climbs
in, the lights go back on and he sits on the turnbuckle.

McDaniel: "Fans, this match pits 4 returning superstars in a tag match against each other on the new Chaos."

Rayne: "Um... 4 returning superstars?"

McDaniel: "Yeah, 4."

Rayne: "But what about Snow? I mean at least Collins is related to the president of PWA and Chamelion."

McDaniel: "I still say 4 superstars."

Rayne: "Retard..."


The teams have decided that Snow and Matthews will begin this match. The two meet in the middle of the ring and go for a collar and elbow tie up, but Matthews quickly has the advantage over Scottie Snow; taking him down with a quick shove. Nick laughs at Snow's attempt to lock with himself. Scottie is back to his feet and charging Nick, taking him down with a power tackle takedown. Nick is surprised at the bold move and the two begin to roll around punching each other.

Rayne: "And the two are a fist of fire in the early going."

McDaniel: "Nick is going for the IC title at Summer Sizzler; while Gabe is taking on the Nasty One for his World Title."

Rayne: "Yeah, two new champions... awesome."

Scottie gets the advantage and is on top of Matthews, but the advantage is short lived as Matthews reaches up poking Scottie in the eyes. Nick is up and quickly tags his partner, dragging Scottie over to their corner.

Rayne: "Quick tag to get in the fresh man."

McDaniel: "Scottie is in definite trouble being in this particular corner."

Rayne: "Scottie was in trouble the day he was born."

Matthews and Shelley quickly double team, taking the ref's count to the limit. Matthews gets out of the ring, letting Shelley do his job. Shelley glances across the ring at Collins, who is begging to get into the ring and save his partner. Shelley throws a forearm shot into the throat of Snow, cutting off his air supply momentarily. Lifting Snow up and sitting him on the top turnbuckle, Gabe follows his opponent up and hits a picture perfect top rope suplex. Scottie lands sliding on his back towards his tag team partner. Shelley gets up, nonchalantly and is unconcerned about the proximity of Scottie to his partner Collins. Gabe walks over and picks up Scottie, who does a quick roll up, the ref hits the mat.

one... two... Save by Matthews, preventing the pinfall.

McDaniel: "Close call for the overconfident Shelley there. Scottie can win matches."

Rayne: "What... 2? I think I heard the other guy was in a wheelchair and his other win came against a drunken opponent."

Gabe Shelly drags Snow back to his corner and tags in Matthews; the two begin to double team the weary Snow. Scottie tries to fight back, but the quarrel is quickly subdued by the team of Matthews and Shelley. The ref forces Gabe out of the ring and Nick sets to work on the neck of Scottie. Matthews wrenches Snow's head into a headlock and parades him around the ring, taunting his partner Jacob Collins. Whipping Snow into the ropes, Matthews takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker in the middle of the ring; he goes for the pin.

one... two... Collins in to make the save. Gabe and Jacob go at each other, both sweat and fists flying.

Rayne: "Another close call there."

McDaniel: "Win loss record or no, Scottie has spunk."

The ref finally breaks up the duo of Gabe Shelley and Jacob Collins, and forces them back into their respective corners. Nick places Snow's head under his arms and lifting him into the air for an over the head body suplex. Nick holds Scottie there, letting the blow flow to his head, but Scottie twists and flips, nailing Nick with a belly to back suplex; but Scottie quickly falls to the mat, winded.

McDaniel: "Belly to back suplex by Snow, both men are down."

Rayne: "Scottie is too winded; he'll never make it to his partner, the fresh Jacob Collins."

As if Scottie hears the announcer's voice, he begins to inch his way to his corner on his hands and knees. Nick is trying to reach his feet to prevent the tag or to tag his partner; he doesn't seem to know where he is in the ring. Scottie is about a foot away from his corner when across the ring, Matthews has tagged in Gabe Shelley, who rushes in to prevent a tag. Scottie sensing danger gives one last lunge and his hand slaps Jacob's outstretched hand; the ref sees the tag and acknowledges it. Jacob comes in and is a fit of rage, throwing rights after lefts; causing Shelley to reel back in surprise and wonder. Collins whips Shelley into the ropes, catching the man with a back body drop. Matthews rushes in and is hit with a standing dropkick, effectively leveling the Cacophony of Violence.

McDaniel: "Collins taking on the entire team here."

Rayne: "It's been that way from the beginning, Snow... um... sucks."

Jacob pulls Shelley to his feet, backing him into a corner with forearm shots to the chest. Standing in the corner, Jacob hits Gabe with well placed chops to the chest. The crowd is going wild for the young wrestling cousin of the Sommers family taking control of a match. Jacob climbs up and begins to punch Gabe with closed fists to the temple.

Crowd: "one... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten."

Matthews rushes in to be met by a raging Scottie Snow, Matthews quickly takes down the overachiever with another swinging neckbreaker. Jacob sees this action out of the corner of his eye and turns around to be hit with a left hand to the face. Shelley wraps up Jacob in a full nelson and Matthews wails away at the younger man.

Matthews: "You want to get in the ring with the big boys? Welcome... to... my... party!"

Matthews punctuates each word with a right hand to the
temple of Collins . The ref finally restores order getting both Snow and Matthews out of the ring into their corners. Collins places Collin's head between and wrapping his arms up hits him with the Junkyard Jam; but is not going for the pin.

McDaniel: "Why isn't he going for the pin after the Junkyard Jam?"

Rayne: "Pain, they both are intending to send a personal message to their Summer Sizzler opponents."

Gabe tags in Nick Matthews, who climbs to the top turnbuckle and waits for Collins to reach his feet. Gabe has gotten off the ring apron and making his way across the ring to where Scottie Snow is concentrating on his partner, Jacob Collins, he doesn't notice Gabe Shelley behind him.

Shelley: "Snow, get ready."

Snow whips around and is pulled from the ring apron, the two brawl beside the ring steps, with Shelley getting the upper hand over Snow with a low blow. In the ring, Collins has gotten to his feet, dazedly.

Matthews: "Flynn.... hope you're watching."

Collins stumbles into the ropes, causing Matthews to do a nut buster on the metal part of the turnbuckle. Matthews grabs himself, while Collins climbs up and hooks him in a fisherman suplex, connecting with the move perfectly. The ref hits the mat.

McDaniel: "The Sure Thing! The Sure Thing!"

Rayne: "Don't piss yourself, Nick will kick out."

one... two... three!

Ding Ding Ding

Eric Emerson: "Winners of the match... Scottie Snow... and Jacob Collins!"

McDaniel: "He'll kick out of it he says, just wait and see... know what I saw?"

Rayne: "Shut up; don't need any comments from the no nuts gallery."

McDaniel: "Yeah... hope Flynn was watching..."

Gabe and Nick are shocked, but resigned that everyone must lose every once in a while. Jacob and Scottie quickly get out of the area and up the ramp before the other two change their minds about the loss. Nick walks to the back after Gabe says that he has something to say to McNasty; Nick reluctantly leaves. Crawling back into the ring, Gabe leans over and gets the ringside technician to hand him a live microphone. The ringside tech calmly hands up a mic and Gabe promptly turns his back on the man. A grin spreads over the man's face as he reaches under the ring and grasps a shovel; he climbs into the ring behind the back of Gabe Shelley.

Gabe: "Mark... I've got something to say..."


The man had swung his wielded shovel right at the back of Gabe's head, who goes down in a heap. The tech removes his hat, revealing Mark McNasty.

Mark: "Got anything to say now, Gabe? Well I do... you and me Summer Sizzler... you wanted a shot? Well this shovel here symbolizes the fact that with that request... you've just dug your own damn grave. Now... it is time to learn your lesson of why The Nasty One, is the Main Event and current PWA World Heavyweight Champion."

McDaniel: "The champ with something to prove here."

Rayne: "An unprovoked attack... cowardly chicken."

McNasty begins to use the shovel as a golf club and Gabe's head as the ball. The two get outside the ring and McNasty whips Gabe into the ringsteps. McNasty picks them up, dropping them immediately back on the face of Shelley. He leaves the steps laying on Shelley's face and climbs onto the top rope. He leaps landing with both feet in a stomp onto the top step, driving the steps into Shelley's head. He bends down pulling the prone figure out from the steps, bringing him back just far enough to catapult him back into the corner of the ring steps.

Rayne: "Get security out here, Shelly is hurt, we need EMTs too!"

McDaniel: "Mark showing why he just doesn't care, showing why he is the champ."

Shelley is busted open from multiple wounds on his face, his nose is pouring blood and it seems as though a tooth is poking from his bottom lip. McNasty picks Gabe up for a piledriver and Shelley's head connects with a resounding thunk on the top step, Mark isn't done though, he grabs Shelley and pulls him back into the ring. McNasty crawls back out of the ring leaving the bloody mess of Shelley in the middle; he places the ring steps back from the corner, judging the distance from the top turnbuckle, he grins wickedly before climbing back into the ring. Shelley has gotten to his hands and knees, but Mark quickly hits him with the shovel in the head, then ribs with repeated shots at the ribcage of Gabe Shelley. Mark gets Shelley to his feet and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Mark climbs up behind him, hooking in a powerbomb from the top rope. Mark dives throwing Gabe down onto the metal steps with a powerbomb.

McDaniel: "Finally, security has come out to stop this madness."

Rayne: "They are slower than Christmas in July."

Mark looks up and sees the security squad coming down; he climbs over the guardrail and is off into the crowd, with Gabe Shelley's blood covering his body. The security squad motions for the paramedics to come down to the ring. Shelley is unconscious on the ring steps and is pouring blood from multiple wounds; he is unresponsive to the attempts of the EMTs to revive him at ringside.

McDaniel: "The carnage, we'll update you fans on the condition of Gabe Shelley as soon as we have something."

Rayne: "Check THE-tPWA.COM for information on this heinous crime."

The EMTs have Gabe up on a stretcher, which is quickly soaked with his blood and are pushing him up the ramp into the back as the screen fades to black.

(C) PWA 2008