"Is There No One Else?!" 
March 21st, 2008
Live on from the Joe Louis Arena - Detroit, Michigan  

The PWA logo flashes across the screen for a few quick seconds- then, the music opens slowly “Judas Be My Guide” By Iron Maiden, starts, as PWA’s current champions begin to flash across the screen slowly, then the chorus picks up with PWA’s up and coming talent flashing across the screen in different situations, some are pinning others, some are performing their finishers. It all builds up to a short Fire Works Display on the stage that looks like the Rampage Entrance just with Blue lighting and the chaos logo and PWA logo fading in and out.

The scene changes to a shot of Rayne and Bud Adams, both men at the announcement table with headsets on.

Rayne: “Hello and welcome to the… technically first edition of PWA’s all new, Chaos!”

Bud Adams: “But don’t be fooled, This is just PWA Insider with a new name… But hey atl east we actually get to sit in the arena and watch the matches first hand, its exciting!”

Rayne: “You obviously don’t get out much do you?”

Bud Adams: “I-No I don’t… On Tonight’s docket, We got Methodcobra vs Circa, The Hate Machine- Rage vs Pohatu-“

Rayne: “Man, I like Pohatu, what’s he doing on Chaos?”

Bud Adams: “Brand “The Beat” Jones vs Scotty “The Panther” Snow- and to top of a pretty good Chaos tonight, we got Oddysey vs Helix for the Television championship, and a huge Three Way match with Karasu, Phoenix and Vicious – Rayne, I think this may be on par with an episode of Rampage.”

Rayne snorts in his microphone and begins to laugh, Methodcobra was first to enter the ring, with Circa entering right after him, both of them lock up in the center of the ring with Cobra first making a move, he lifts Circa over his head in a Suplex and drops her hard on her back. Circa brushes herself of however and gets up a few seconds after wards, she just nearly ducks a reverse clothesline from Cobra, and before he could fully turn around, Circa uses his knee as a spring board, as she delivers a hard Enzigurie straight to his jaw. Cobra goes down and Circa goes for the pin, but only gets a two count! Circa gets up rather quickly and backs off of Cobra, she gives him a few seconds to get up, before she goes for a quick takedown, but Cobra reverses it, and flips her on her own back, dropping a knee right down on her chest, he drops another knee before the ref pushes him off, Circa gets up, she holds her chest coughing a bit before she gets up to her feet, she grabs the rope, with her back to cobra. Cobra sees this and quickly moves in, he applies a rough half nelson, but before he could lock it in, Circa Slips out and then slides under his legs quickly! She pushes cobra into the ropes and he comes back rather quickly, Circa applies her own sleeper hold on Cobra and hops up on his back, she wraps her legs around his waist so she can apply the lock in tighter. Method goes down to one knee as Circa almost smothers Methodcobra’s brain. Method slowly falls to the floor, the ref grabs his hand and lifts it up, one! Circa yells loud as she pulls hard, her leg wrap tightening as she did, The ref raised his hand again, TWO! But as soon as the ref grabs Methodcobra’s hand once again, it stays in place! Cobra begins to pick himself up! Circa applies the hold even tighter! Cobra struggles to get to his feet, and finally manages to get to his feet, he takes a step and falls right back onto his own back! He crushes Circa under his own weight! Circa lets go of the sleeper hold and Cobra gets right back up, he stumbles towards the rope and uses them for leverage to push himself up… he turns to Circa and the ref begins to count her out- Cobra walks over to her and grabs her by her hair, he pulls her to her full height and picks her up on his shoulder… going for a Tombstone pile driver! But Circa wiggles a bit, then reaches up slightly to wrap her arm around Cobra’s neck! She pulls back hard and slams Methodcobra down with a hard Side Russian leg Sweep! Circa hops up to her feet and begins to get the crowd pumped up! She signals for the end as waltz over to Cobra and picks up his legs! She laughs as she sets him up for her own Sharpshooter! She grips his legs and twists them, as she uses her body to turn Cobra over on his stomach, the struggle lasts for a few seconds before Circa finally locks in her Sharpshooter! Cobra screams in agony as he begins to pull for the ropes, but Circa gets him to far to the middle and pulls him away even farther from any ring ropes! Circa yells “Tap!!” and Cobra still reaches for the ropes closest to him, finally realizing its over, he taps out and Circa drops her sharpshooter, she raises her hand in the air as her music “Sleepless” by Hell train plays over the speaker.

Rayne: “Holy! I didn’t think Circa had it in her!”

Bud Adams: “Well, you’d be right to change your mind about her, she has taken on guys bigger than her before!”

Rayne: “Yeah, but Methodcobra has done so much in the PWA already- like beat Mark McNasty, Circa couldn’t even do that- yet she managed to just make Cobra tap out here!”

Bud Adams: “When you’ve been in the biz as long as I have, I’ve seen a lot, so I’m not surprised…”

Rayne: “Fair enough, you win this round, lets move onto our next Match, The Hate Machine Rage, Taking out Pohatu- I still can’t believe he’s on Chaos tonight, Really!”

Rage enters down the ramp and into the ring. Pohatu enters right after him and the match begins, Rage immediately goes on the attack, he picks Pohatu up only to drop him for a hard back body drop, Pohatu jumps up quickly, feeling unscathed by the quick attack, but Rage comes back with a quick standing enzigurie! Rage kicks Pohatu in the back of the head and drops him hard on his face, Rage goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Rage gets up and shakes his head, he stands up and walks forward a bit, then turns around and goes for a quick standing leg drop, Pohatu, though, rolls out of the ring quickly and Rages bounces on his bottom for a moment, he holds his back side as Pohatu grabs his leg and slams it into the ring post side ways! The Crowd boos and Pohatu does it one more time! Rage holds his leg in agonizing pain, he sort of pulls away from the ring post and crawls over to the other side of the ring, he uses the corner turnbuckle to pull him self up, but Pohatu crawls into the ring and runs towards Rage! He hits a hard European uppercut, and Rage falls over, Pohatu stands triumphantly over Rage, but Rage trips him over flat on his face! He tries to lock Pohatu in an ankle lock, but Pohatu scurries out and gets up to his feet, Rage also gets to his feet, limping a bit on his ankle, Pohatu moves in quickly and applies a hammer lock on Rage, Rage reverses it into a wrist lock, Pohatu flips over quickly and reverses Rage wrist lock with a quick side toss, Pohatu moves quick and bounces off the rope, going for a quick running moonsault, but rage rolls under Pohatu and trips him by grabbing his foot, with his own quickness, Rage applies the figure four leg lock! Pohatu screams and taps out quickly, the bell rings and rage continues to apply the hold! He grabs the ropes and pulls, finally he unravels his legs, the ref raises his hand and Rage walks out, the ref checks on pohatu as he begins to pull himself up, limping on his leg a bit.

Bud Adams: “Well I think Pohatu got what he deserved, using a dirty tactic early in the match…”

Rayne: “I am a strong believer in an Eye for an eye, but honestly… how could Pohatu lose this one!”

Bud Adams: “There There, lets move on… Next up Brandon “The Beat Jones” vs Scotty “The Panther” Snow!”

Ryane: “Hey I remember Brandon Jones, he used to wrestle for BWF!... Oh- I guess I should really mention that should I”

Bud Adams: “Unless you hate you job, and life, I would suggest you don’t.”

The crowd was hot for the return of Scotty Snow. As Snow streched in the ring, the warmness for Snow disappeared when Brandon "The Beat" Jones came from the back. One the match started, Snow tried to rush Jones. However, Jones side steps Snow and spins before doing a moonwalk. Snow turns and tries for a shoulder block into Jones' knee, but Jones does a backwards somersault over Snow. After this, the match was pretty slow paced, with Jones feeding off the crowds booing. Jones would occasionally go for a big move, then smile as the crowd booed him. The end came when Snow went for a powerbomb. Snow tries to lift Jones up, but Jones wouldn't budge, until he lifted Scotty up onto his back. Jones would nail "The Beat Down" and get the 3 count.

Rayne: “Wooo, quick match, but a great start for Brandon Jones I say.”

Bud Adams:
“I say the same, lets get on quickly with the next match- Our MAAAAAAIN EVENT!”

Rayne: “Don’t… Don’t say that again… not like that please…”

Helix came out and posed to the crowd, Helix was in his second match in PWA and already against a champion, Warren Engel comes out second, he flashes his TV title and grins to just about everyone in the arena, but as Engel poses with his title, Helix jumps him from behind and hits him in lower back with a hard elbow! Warren slumps down and falls over the turnbuckle, the ref calls for the match to start and Helix begins to stop warren into the canvas! The Ref pushes him off and tells him to cut it out, and Helix does as he is told and backed off, Warren got up holding his lower back, both the champ and challenger locked up in the middle of the ring, Warren was quick, he kneed Helix in the gut and hit a hard DDT on Helix! He got up quickly and began to stop Helix himself, the ref this time roughly pushed Engel off Helix and told him to cut the crap. Helix got up to his feet, and cracked his neck, he pushed the ref out of the way and grabbed Warren, lifting him up into a Gorilla press, but Warren rolled out of his grip, and dropped down behind Helix, kicking him out of the ring with a quick standing missile drop kick! Warren grabs the middle rope, then digs his knee into Helix’s back, he pushes down, choking Helix with the rope! The ref counts to three, and Warren lets go! Helix gets up holding his neck, He turns to face Warren but just nearly dodges a quick super kick! Warren misses only by a few inches and gets hung up on the ropes, Helix sees the opportunity and grabs Warren in a hard reverse DDT! Helix goes for the pin! He hooks both of Warren’s legs, wrenching back and holding on hard!! HELIX GETS THE THREE COUNT!

Bud Adams: “Oh My god!”

Rayne: “Wait, did you see what I saw?”

Bud Adams: “Who Cares! Did you see that move? Helix just dropped Warren and won the Television title!”

Rayne: “But he had his foot on the ropes!”

Helix walks out of the ring with the television title on his shoulder, a huge grin on his face. Warren looks shocked, and he curses out at Helix, but of course, Helix just laughs.
Chaos fades to black with Helix showing off his Television title to the whole arena, and the world, with Warren shaking the ropes of the ring, ready to bite someone’s head off, Chaos goes off air with the PWA logo fading in and out.

(C) PWA 2008