As the show begins, pyros blaze off around the arena, and the fans are wild about tonight's event!  Down at ringside, our announcers are in place and seem just as excited with what is about to go down!

McDaniel: Welcome everyone to Retribution!!!  

Rentfro: This is going to be an amazing night!  So many stories, so much drama, and it all comes to a head here!  

McDaniel: The title of this PPV couldn’t be more apt, considering what we have going down!  

Rentfro: Consider this!  Frost, demanding a match against Project X, for all that happened on PWA Radio!  

McDaniel: Or, what about the O’Connors and Robinson’s team? They’ve got at it week after week!!  

Rentfro: Reaper? Chamelion!? A Rubber match with a Stockade, each one wants their own brand of Retribution!  

McDaniel: Don’t forget Sandra and Fire… Sandra’s out for her own brand of justice after what her punk husband did to her, and Fire? She has the TV title… and she wants to keep it AND Chamelion with her at all costs!  

Rentfro: Last week, Brandon Nova appeared and now the Kumquat Kid is looking for his own bit of vengeance, although with him I’m not sure he’d call it THAT!  

McDaniel: And a month ago, The Virus; Matthew Engel won the right to chase after the Intercontinental Championship, and Nightmare stands in his way!  

Rentfro: And in a historic rematch from Genesis, Mark McNasty enters now as a challenger against the defending PWA World Champion, Corey Lazarus.  The question on everyone’s mind… did McNasty come out with a fluke win months ago, or was it the beginning… a prelude.. to his eventual rise to the PWA World Title?  

McDaniel: You know Corey is out to gain retribution in his own way, for what went down months ago… and tonight he’ll get his chance… everyone, it’s time to settle the score.. it’s time for some RETRIBUTION!!!!

Tag Team Elimination Match
The Phoenix, Might & Magic vs. The O'Connor Boys & The Grim Reaper


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is a TAG TEAM ELIMINATION MATCH! Introducing first...

"Amerika" by Rammstein kicks up on the PA system as the fans rise to their fight. Their esteemed legendary tag team champions come out from backstage. Moke Doshky towers over the Dragon, but they both are advantageous in their own ways. The Phoenix steps out in front of them, taking whatever spotlight he can get.

Eric Emerson: They have a combined weight of eight hundred and ninety pounds...

Moke, Dragon, and the Phoenix start to make their way down to the ring as the fans cheer loud for them. Moke and Dragon are focused, and the Phoenix looks a little relaxed. They reach the ring and Phoenix and Dragon slide in, while Moke takes his time and climbs up the stairs.

Eric Emerson: They are the team of Might & Magic and the PHOENIX!!!

McDaniel: That's quite a team there, Brian!

Rentfro: Damn right it is! I don't see how the O'Connor Boys and that Reaper dude stand a chance!

McDaniel: Well if you recall last week, the O'Connor Boys were able to best M&M in a street fight match. They're looking for a little payback this week, Brian.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents...

"Never Alone" by Dropkick Murphys kicks up on the sound system as the O'Connor Boys come out, hailing the Irish flag as usual. The Grim Reaper appears behind them, towering over the young Irish. All three men begin to make their way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: They have a combined weight of five hundred and forty pounds...

McDaniel: That doesn't sound like much.

Rentfro: Well, what do you expect when someone on the other team weighs half a ton?

McDaniel: That's true.

They make their way down to the ramp as the O'Connor Boys slide in. Grim takes his time, examining his opponents in the ring. Phoenix, Moke, and Dragon are sitting in their corner, minding their business. Grim gets into the ring finally.

Eric Emerson: They are the team of the O'Connor Boys and the GRIM REAPER!!!

McDaniel: It looks like we have our starters already!

Rentfro: It looks like Sean and the Dragon will be starting out for their teams. Sean gets a pep talk from Seamus in the corner, and the match is just about underway!


Dragon and Sean go at it, both dishing out punches. Dragon gets the upperhand, though, and sends Sean into ropes. Sean comes back and tries for a cross-body, but Dragon ducks just in time. Sean crashes to the mat, and Dragon attempts a moonsault off the middle rope and connects! He holds it for the pin.



Broken up by Seamus!

McDaniel: The Irish brothers instituting some good teamwork there as Seamus breaks the count.

Rentfro: If by teamwork you mean, "please don't let the big bad Dragon eat me", then yes I agree with you.

McDaniel: You're an idiot.

Dragon gets Sean up to his feet and hits a chop across his chest.

Crowd: WOOO!!!

Dragon puts Sean into a fireman's carry and tries to drop him down, but Sean begins to struggle atop Dragon's shoulders. Sean gets out of the hold and lands behind Dragon. He wraps his arm around Dragon's throat, wrenching him back, and drops him with a huge reverse DDT! Sean covers.



Kick out!

McDaniel: And the corners are emptied!

Rentfro: Seamus tries to take on the monster that is Moke Doshky and the Grim Reaper and Phoenix go at it! This is chaos!

McDaniel: The referee is trying to do something about it, but he's failing miserably. Moke gets Seamus up into the air and brings him down with a massive chokeslam!


McDaniel: But the Grim Reaper has the advantage on Phoenix, taking him down with some hard punches and a german suplex.

Dragon and Sean, still the legal men, are going at it. Sean gets the advantage and takes Dragon down with a jawbreaker. Dragon staggers back into a corner, and Sean comes in with a flying elbow and connects. Dragon stumbles forward and Sean hops onto the top turnbuckle. He leaps off and hits a huge missile dropkick to Dragon's back. Dragon shoots forward and slides across the mat. Moke knocks Seamus out of the ring, and Grim does the same to Phoenix. Grim Reaper and Moke Doshky stand toe to toe, and it's quite the showdown.

McDaniel: Here we go!

Rentfro: But the referee intervenes finally and separates Moke and Grim. They both go back to their corners, but not without sharing their love for another.

McDaniel: Thank God this is pay-per-view.

Dragon gets to his feet, but Sean is relentless as he grabs Dragon by the hair. He slams his face into a turnbuckle. He does it again, and again. Sean throws Dragon into the corner and unchambers lefts and rights. Sean backs up and tries for a corner spear, but Dragon moves at the last second!

McDaniel: And Sean O'Connor goes straight into the ring post! That'll ruin your weekend!

Rentfro: His shoulder's gotta be jelly after that one, Jon.

McDaniel: And Dragon pulls Sean out from the wreckage and hits him with the Dragonwing Suplex!

Rentfro: That's it for Sean! Seamus and Grim come in to break it up but they're held off by Moke and Phoenix!





Eric Emerson: Sean O'Connor has been eliminated from the match!

McDaniel: A rough start for the O'Connors and Grim, as right now it's two on three.

Rentfro: Last week was a fluke, Jon. They can't match the raw power and skill that is Moke, Dragon, and the Phoenix.

McDaniel: You got a little something on your nose.

Seamus steps into the ring, convincing Grim to let him go after Dragon so he can try to avenge his brother. Grim nods and Seamus meets Dragon head on. Seamus gets the upperhand and slams his knee into Dragon's stomach, doubling him over. Seamus connects with a sit-down piledriver, and Dragon bounces off the mat. Seamus hops up on the top turnbuckle and comes off with a long-distance elbow drop and connects!



Broken up by Moke!

McDaniel: And Moke comes in with the save. I don't know how they're going to eliminate anyone on that team with Moke in the picture!

Rentfro: They can't, Jon!

Seamus slams the mat in frustration. He picks Dragon up, but Dragon counters with an eye rake. The referee didn't see it, as Seamus covers his face. Dragon hits him with shots to the side and nails a perfect roundhouse to Seamus. Seamus goes down and Dragon lays down a few boots on him. He goes into the ropes and Dragon tries for a somersault splash, but Seamus moves out of the way!

McDaniel: Good awareness there from Seamus, even after that cheap shot from Dragon!

Rentfro: Cheap shot?! He's gettin' the job done, Jon!

Seamus gets to his feet and leans against the ropes for a moment. Dragon is up and goes after him, Seamus counters with a quick kick to Dragon's stomach. Seamus then hits a huge swinging neckbreaker on Dragon. He climbs the turnbuckle again.


Seamus connects vividly, and Grim Reaper rushes on the scene.

Rentfro: And Grim hits a double clothesline on Moke and Phoenix! It doesn't take Moke down, but it certainly slowed him down!

Seamus covers.





Eric Emerson: The Dragon has been eliminated from this match!

McDaniel: As just like that, it's even! Seamus gets a must-needed pinfall and now it looks like they have a chance!

Rentfro: Don't get your hopes up, Jon. Moke is still here. And he's in the ring!

Seamus gets up to his feet, satisfied with his revenge on Dragon for eliminating his brother. He turns around, only to be toe to toe with Moke, who towers over him like an adult would over a toddler. Seamus tries to fight and gets a few good shots in, but he's no match for Moke's extreme power. Moke shoves Seamus into the ropes and connects with a big boot!

McDaniel: He almost took his head off with that!

Rentfro: Aha! He can't handle Moke Doshky!

McDaniel: Who can?!

Rentfro: Exactly!

Seamus gets to his feet and Moke tracks him down. He slams his forearm against Seamus' back, sending him back down to the mat. Moke picks Seamus up and hits a huge running powerslam on him. Moke covers.



Broken up by Grim Reaper!

McDaniel: The Phoenix rushes the ring and takes Grim out with a huge flying elbow!

Rentfro: Grim just pissed the wrong man off! Moke is going after Grim too.

McDaniel: DOUBLE POWERBOMB! Grim almost went through the ring!!

Seamus comes to, and manages to get to one knee. The Phoenix continues his onslaught on Grim Reaper, as Moke stands back and watches. Suddenly, Moke is wrapped up in a schoolboy pin.





Eric Emerson: Moke Doshky has been eliminated from this match!

McDaniel: WOW! What a turn-around! Seamus used his ring smarts to sneak up on the big man and take him out of the match!

Rentfro: Talk about cheap, Jon!

McDaniel: He was only gettin' the job done!

Rentfro: Moke is in a frenzy as he tries to go after Seamus, but The Phoenix gets in his way and tells him he'll handle it.

McDaniel: He's awfully cocky.

Rentfro: He's the President!

McDaniel: NO HE'S NOT!

Seamus gets to his feet and Moke leaves the ring. Grim is recovering in the corner, and Phoenix turns his attention to Seamus. Seamus is exhausted, but tries to put up a fight. Phoenix locks in and DDTs Seamus to the mat. Phoenix picks Seamus back up and tosses him into the ropes. Phoenix locks Seamus into a sleeperhold!

McDaniel: He's gonna choke him out!

Rentfro: No he's not! The Phoenix suplexes Seamus in that sleeperhold position!

McDaniel: What a move!

Phoenix covers.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Seamus is still alive folks!

Rentfro: Not for long.

Phoenix hits the mat in frustration and lays down a few more boots to Seamus' head. He looks over at Grim, who's staring eagerly. He walks towards him and they're a few feet from each other. Grim takes a swing, but Phoenix ducks and hits Grim in the stomach through the ropes, and then uppercuts Grim off the apron!

McDaniel: What was the point of that?!

Rentfro: This!

Phoenix turns toward Seamus who is on his feet, but dazed. Seamus gets kicked low, and Phoenix hits a huge cradle piledriver on him.

Rentfro: THE FLAME!!!

McDaniel: And Grim isn't anywhere close to help Seamus out!

Phoenix covers.





Eric Emerson: Seamus O'Connor has been eliminated from this match!

McDaniel: He fought valiantly, Brian, elminating both members of Might & Magic.

Rentfro: That's garbage, he got lucky with Moke.

McDaniel: Sure, sure. Anyway, it's just down to Phoenix and Grim Reaper. Let's get this started!

Grim slides into the ring and meets Phoenix head on. Grim lets loose a fury of punches, but Phoenix manages to block and dodge them. However, Grim slides in a quick right hook and catches Phoenix on the jaw, and then finishes it off with some quick knee strikes to Phoenix's stomach and chest. He lifts Phoenix up in suplex fashion and drops him to the mat.



Kick out!

McDaniel: Straight up singles match right now, Brian! These men have to rely on themselves, not a tag partner!

Rentfro: The only thing I've agreed with you all night.
Grim gets to his feet and picks up Phoenix, but Phoenix reverses with a few elbows to Grim's stomach. Grim staggers back a bit and Phoenix hits a huge dropkick on him. He quickly climbs the top rope and signals to the crowd.

McDaniel: THE ASHES!!!


Phoenix comes crashing down and remains on top of Grim for the cover.





Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match...the team of Might & Magic and the PHOENIX!!!!

Moke and Dragon join Phoenix in the ring and they celebrate. The referee raises their hands, as the O'Connor Boys and Grim leave ringside and head to the back.

McDaniel: And the legends prove just why they are forces to be reckoned with!

Rentfro: You can't mess with that triple threat, Jon. You just can't!

McDaniel: It seems you would be right.

We see a stage hand standing backstage. Suddenly, Mark McNasty runs up to him. McNasty has an arm behind his back.

McNasty: Hey man, I need your help.

The stage hand looks caught off guard.


McNasty: I'm trying to come up with some material to counter Corey Lazarus's last promo, and I was thinking I should use this!

McNasty pulls his arm out from behind his back to show he has a brown paper bag on his hand with little fake eyes glued on.

McNasty: I call him SPAZ, and have him sing show tunes.

The bag starts moving.

Bag-Make um laugh, make um laugh, MAKE UM LAUGHHHHH!

McNasty has the bags "mouth" stay open as he turns it from side to side, as if its looking for applause. He gets none though, as the stage hand actually looks angry.

SH-That's just pitiful! What kind of low down skum bag just goes and blatantly copies the concept of his opponent's last promo.

McNasty: What kind of skum bag indeed.

As McNasty says this, his head drifts sideways until he is staring straight into the camera. McNasty's face is dead serious and he is giving the camera the evil eye. But, after a second, he snaps out of it and quickly turns back.

McNasty: Oh thank you for showing me the error of my way. You're right, I should get a writer since I can't come up with my own original material.

McNasty chucks the bag behind him in one swift motion that involves his arm going up and behind him.

McNasty: But if I may, can I ask you another question.

The stage hand looks at his watch.

SH-Yeah, I have some time.

McNasty flashes a wicked smirk.

McNasty: Awesome! Thanks. Ok, so if one guy steps on some ants, for hypothetical purposes lets call these ants Lex and Rob; but then someone else steps on some ants who we will call Matt, Karasu, Circa, and...oh, lets go with Rob.

SH-But you already used that name.

McNasty: Blah blah blah, I'm asking the question. So, this second guy comes along, and tries to tell the first guy he's the better guy for stepping on more ants...does that make him sound more impressive?

The stage hand stares for a second.

SH-So what you're asking is, if you step on two ants, then say, I go and step on four ants, does that mean I'm better than you?

McNasty smirks.

McNasty: That's what I'm getting at.

The stage hand looks baffled.

SH-Why the hell would that make me any better for stepping on more ants? Anyone can step on ants; and the fact someone would gloat about that just means they are a very sad person.

Suddenly, we hear a voice.

Voice-How could you just throw me away like trash? I thought what we had was SPECIAL!

...McNasty's lips were moving. He lets out an overdone sigh.

McNasty: Sorry dude, I got to take care of that. Thanks for the help!

McNasty smiles as the stage hand just walks off. McNasty turns and walks a few feet, picks up the bag, and throws it in a trash bin. He finally turns and begins to address the camera.

McNasty: Corey, it seems every time I listen to a new promo from you, you just dig yourself a deeper hole. The worst part though, is you try to drag me down with you. You say to admit when people are better than me. What truly makes you believe you are better than me Corey? You have a .33 average against me when it comes to us in the ring on opposing sides. Oh, but what's that I hear you saying? Some crap trying to make you sound like the good guy, proclaiming you never said you were better than me?

McNasty's face looks frustrated. He knows what he is saying, and believes every word.

McNasty: Don't even try that game with me Corey. You can twist your words anyway you want; but I refuse to lay down and die. I already told you I am giving my all to this match, and I see no reason to back out now. We're playing a game of chicken Corey; and I got nothing left for me except to win. So you have two choices before you; either swerve, or prepare to be hit head on.

McNasty spits to the side before he continues.

McNasty: You think you're all that special because your claims of being the World Champ when you walked out of High Stakes came true Corey? Well, as Robinson says, even a broken clock is right twice a day. And if you keep saying you're going to win EVERY MATCH YOU GO INTO, well, logic just says eventually you have to be right. And, I guess High Stakes was just one of those times. Because I know when you said you'd walk out IC champ at Genesis, your clock was off.

McNasty looks to the side for a moment. He seems to be collecting his thoughts.

McNasty: Corey, the nickname of "Virus" gets thrown around a bit here in the PWA. But, the name couldn't fit anymore more perfectly than you. You came into the PWA, and infected it. You think we care about this acting career of yours? You think the fans will love you even if you talk down about wrestling? These fans know what we give to entertain them. They know the hardships we go through. And to you Corey, you act as if it means nothing. Turn your back on the fans, and see if they don't turn their backs on you. Therefore, I'm here to take that belt away from you; so it can be around the waist of something who appreciates this "shit of a sport."

McNasty has a scowl on his face.

McNasty: Speaking of shit Corey, you MUST be shitting me. Either that, or you just pretend to listen to my promos. Did you not hear me last night when I told you how stupid you were? Because dude, seriously, we've had THREE matches on opposing sides! I swear you're going to give me an aneurysm from trying to figure out how you've made it this far on looks alone; because I'm pretty sure that even though the lights are on, no one is driving the car.

McNasty: Want further proof? Well, it comes in abundances thanks to your mouth and your damn sock. Corey, I never said,

McNasty lifts his leg up and slides a piece of paper out.

McNasty: "that the glass ceiling was holding you down for most of your career, but you've admitted a few times that you were holding yourself back." What I said, was that you obviously don't understand the concept of the glass ceiling. Because you blamed your being held back on it, BUT, you are given so many damn opportunities. What it sounds like to me is you are trying to pass off your short comings as someone else's fault.

McNasty's eyes get wide, and he begins talking in a sarcastic tone.

McNasty: Gee-golly-gosh, imagine that. Corey Lazarus won't man up to his own losses. He's blaming them on someone else. I NEVER thought that could happen. Never never NEVER.

McNasty makes a gagging noise.

McNasty: Oh excuse me, I caught a wiff of that sock. Dude, its called laundry detergent.

McNasty takes a second to collect himself.

McNasty: Anyway Corey, we need to discuss something. You want to know the real reason stock rises when you come around? Because everyone says, "Hey, here comes the Undisputed Punching Bag Champ. Let's go watch him earn his title!"

McNasty smirks.

McNasty: Its the same reason people love watching punk'd. People simply like seeing celeb's in compromising positions. And, seeing you get your teeth knocked in is no exception. In-fact, why do you think Elimination Chamber was so popular? People couldn't wait to see Raizzor hit you with yet another shoulder breaker. Its more the blood-lust for a celeb than the fact these people like you Corey. You've blatantly admitted these fans aren't your people. You say that wrestling is your hobby more than your life. That's even more reason for me to take that title from you. Besides, stop kidding yourself Corey. You know the truth.

He looks focused as he looks at the camera.

McNasty: That belt would look AWESOME around my waist.

The serious look disappears as McNasty half smiles, half laughs.

McNasty: I know the Nastynites are just dying to hear my catch phrase. But, alas, I can't say it. Even if there is a smile on my face, the second part hasn't happened yet. As to if it will be true after our match...well, I'd bet it will.

McNasty begins talking again. As he does, he starts walking.

McNasty: Corey, what it boils down to is this. Its so easy to say what you want to say, before telling the person you're having an argument, conversation, or whatever with; to be quiet because "you're right and they are wrong." I have never said to not back yourself up. I've actually asked you to. But just keep spewing more faulty logic, and self hyped "facts." Whatever you want to say to help you sleep at night, before covering your ears and going, BLAH BLAH BLAH

McNasty does this as he's saying it. He removes his hands before he talks again.

McNasty: Well, it doesn't mean crap Corey. When you speak, it's only words. Not everything to come out of your mouth is a fact. You say I didn't ask for a world title shot...Dude...serious? I was demanding one for the last six months. Once that IC title came off my waist, management did what they thought I wanted done; they put Grade A Nastyness up for the Tag Titles. So, why look a gift horse in the mouth? I went with it, and got fucked over by Robinson and his cronies. And, while I could've bitch and complained and demanded a rematch, I took the opportunity for the best it could be; I got myself a World title contendership match...which I won.

McNasty flashes his trademark smile. His pearly whites shine.

McNasty: And now, I make the most of that shot.

McNasty comes to a door. He looks back at the camera as he steps into the doorway.

McNasty: So Corey, take pics with your baby while you got it. Build some fond memories, or whatever you want. But, make sure you shine that belt up nice for me; I'd hate for it to look smudged in my first picture with it tomorrow night.

McNasty smirks and winks as he walks into the room, and closes the door. Out last sight is the name plate "McNasty" on the door.

Last Man Standing Match
Project X vs. Deacon Frost

McDaniel: Well Brian, its been quite a night.

Rentfro: If you mean, living up to what a PWA pay per view should, then damn right it has.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen... standing at 7 foot even and weighing in at 350 pounds...Deacon Frost."

The fans quiet down in the arena as the lights go purple. Smoke slowly rises from the entrance. A rain like mist floats through the arena as the opening
guitar riff of Saliva’s “I Walk Alone” blares through the speakers.

“I walk alone
I walk for miles inside this of pit of danger
A place where no one follows me
I walk alone”

I'm sick of all these people talkin' out their heads
I've never understood a damn thing that they said
From words to actions
Never knowing what they're about
I guess I'll have to chew them up and spit them out
And I'll say yeah”

Pyros explodes and out walks Deacon Frost. He is wearing a black leather duster. He has on black baggy jeans and black boots. Frost’s fist and forearms
are covered in white tape. Frost stands in the middle of the pyros going off around him. He slowly makes his way down to the ring. Frost steps up onto
the ring apron and over the top rope.

“I walked for miles inside this pit of danger
I've swallowed down a thousand years of anger
The weight of the world has fallen on me
I walk alone”

The fans go wild as the big man paces around the ring. Frost settles into the corner and waits for the match to get started as the music dies down.

Rentfro: Shame, Frost is a monster. If he’d just kept his yap shut on PWA Radio, he’d be alive past the next five minutes.

"Hysteria" by Muse begins to play. The fans all stand, staring up at the entrance way as PX walks out.

McDaniel:…Is he wearing a hockey mask?

Rentfro: That’s appropriate considering that date.

Eric Emerson: And, making his way to the ring, weighting in at 352, Project X!

PX makes his way to the ring. He walks up the stairs, and enters the ring.


The match starts quick. Deacon and PX charge each other. Deacon goes for a big boot, but PX actually catches his foot. PX throws it back down, and causes Frost to lose his balance. PX quickly takes advantage with a hard clothesline. PX bends over, and puts his hands around Frost’s throat. PX actually drags the big man back to his feet; but Frost hits a solid headbut on PX. PX stumbles a little, but regains him composure. There is a crack in his hockey mask though.

McDaniel: Wow, that must’ve been a hard headbut.

Frost, now with the slight advantage, runs forward. He crouches and puts his arms behind PX’s legs, triping the big man up. Frost lands on PX, and begins swinging right and left.

Rentfro: Closed fists. Cool.

McDaniel: Closed fists normally illegal folks. But, not under Last Man Standing rules.

Frost pulls back, and goes for a final vicious punch. But, PX rolls his head to the side. You can hear the crunch as Frost’s fist connects with the canvas. The big man has just enough time to let out a groan, before PX’s hands are on his face, and rolling him onto his back. PX gets Frost down, before lifting his legs so they are straight; then bringing both knees down on the temple of Frost .

Rentfro: DAMNNNN.

Frost grinds his teeth. His eyes are closed for a second, and when they open, we only see white. His eyes unroll after a second, but he looks like that hurt him. SO, it doesn’t make it any better when PX brings the 3.5 hundred pounds of force back down on Frost’s head AGAIN.

McDaniel: That could knock Frost out right there.

Frost’s eyes don’t open back up this time, and PX doesn’t waste any time as he rolls out of the ring. He grabs a chair, and throws it up over the top rope. Unfortunetly for Frost, it lands on his head. Then goes over to the ring apron, and lifts up the side flap. He pulls out a table, a trash can full of stuff, and then comes out, and scratches his head.

McDaniel: I wonder what he’s looking for.

PX bends down, and looks under the ring one more time. He comes back out all the way, except for his right hand. He looks back at the announcers, and holds up a thumb.

Rentfro: I guess he found what he was looking for.

PX pulls his arm out to reveal a machete.

Rentfro: Aw, how cute. His costume comes with accessories.

The ref dives out of the ring, and is as close to in PX’s face as a man under 6 foot can be. He tells PX “Absolutely fuckin not.” PX replies by never taking his eyes off the ref, yet chucking the machete behind him. It lands on the top of the announcers desk, planted in the desk between McDaniel and Rentfro.

McDaniel:…holy crap.

Rentfro: Wow, that was close. And I already had a hair cut this month.

PX turns around, walks over to the announcers table, and puts his hands on one of the mini Tvs.

PX: I’m going to borrow this now.

PX pulls the TV with a large amount of force, and yanks it off the table. PX then walks back to the ring, and rolls in. PX walks over to Frost, and stares down at him.

McDaniel: This image is uncomforting, watching the emotionless mask stare down at Deacon Frost.

Rentfro: Damnit. Now he’s going to break our tv on Frost’s face.

PX doesn’t get the chance as Frost springs up, and slams the chair that had been sitting on his face into the side of PX’s leg. PX bends over, the tv right in front of his head. Frost pulls back one more time, and slams the chair into the tv; which in turn slams into PX’s head.

Rentfro: That was AWESOME.

PX falls to the mat. Blood is staining the black hood he has on over his hair, attached to the back of the hockey mask.




As we see Deacon Frost standing over PX, he doesn’t look much better. He has a huge knot on his forehead from where PX slammed his knees into him.



PX is rolling.


Frost breaks it up. He picks up PX and throws him to the ropes.

McDaniel: Frost possibly setting up for the Frost Bite.

As PX comes back, Frost goes to swing him. However, PX elbows Frost in the side of the face. Frost releases his grip, letting PX get his. PX slams his hand into Frost’s throat, and connects with the Probe!

Rentfro: And Deacon Frost just got probed!





Frost sits up. PX puts his boot to the side of Frost’s face, not letting him have time to recover. Frost finally grabs the boot though, and twists. PX falls to his knees. Both men, almost face to face; what with frost sitting and PX on his knees, grab at the others throats.

McDaniel: Some struggle we have going on Brian.

Rentfro: Its Goliath Vs Goliath in there.

Both men never take their eyes, or hands, off the other as they stand.

McDaniel: A true test of might.

Frost is turning red, but we can’t see PX under his mask. Finally, PX performs a knee lift into Frost’s gut. PX lifts for the probe!

McDaniel + Rentfro: This is it!

BUT, Frost takes two fingers, and jams them through the eye holes. PX screams before releasing Frost. Frost capitalizes by nailing The Cold Shoulder!




Frost walks over to the broken tv and chair. He puts the tv, ontop of the chair.


Rentfro: Frost better hurry. Doesn’t he know in these horror movies, the bad guy never stays dead the first time.


McDaniel: Brain, this isn’t a damn movie.

PX sits up.

Rentfro is seen sticking his tongue out at McDaniel.

PX lumbers to his feet as Frost turns to see him. PX rushes him, and Frost just barely manages to duck a huge big boot. Frost grabs PX, spins him, and nails The Cold Shoulder AGAIN! This time, onto the tv on top of the chair.




Frost walks over to a corner.


He climbs to the top turnbuckle and sits.


McDaniel: This could be it.



PX finally moves.


PX pushes up with his arms


His arms give out and he crashes back to the mat.



Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, DEACON FROST!

Frost simply looks out to the crowd with a smile as he holds him arm up. Back over at PV, we can see an entire chunk of the mask has chipped off; and a puddle of blood is forming. The ref holds his arm up for the X.

McDaniel: Oh no.

Rentfro: PX may be a monster, but he’s also a man.

EMT’s come running down to the ring and roll PX over. They remove his mask and begin looking at him. Hes unresponsive, and they act quickly to get him on a gurney. As he is wheeled out, the fans cheer.

Rentfro: That was a sick match McDaniel. These guys both gave a hell of an effort.

McDaniel: Indeed they did. Which is even more reason for Deacon Frost to be proud of himself tonight.

Rentfro: But he looks worn out, and he still has to try to capture the PWA Tag-Titles later on!!!  But that's then, next, is a match to decide the #1 contender for the Grizzly Beer title, and it has its own bit of retribution!!

#1 Contendership to the Grizzly Beer Title
The Kumquat Kid vs. Brandon Nova

Eric Emerson: The following match is to a single pinfall or submission. Introducing first...

Sound of a rushing waterfalls and birds singing fill the arena, along with the opening movements to classical music. The crowd is silent for a moment, before the record scratches and everything stops. It is then replaced by the sounds of "Instant Karma" by John Lennon. Brandon Nova walks out into the arena, smiling around and making his way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Coming down the aisle...from New York City ...weighing in at 211 pounds....BRANDON NOVA!

Brandon slides in under the top rope and heads off to the corner, not really paying attention to anyone, still smiling, as he waits for the match to begin.

Eric Emerson: And now his opponent... hailing from Dade City , Florida ... weighing in at 200 pounds... he is Ryan Lewis... THE KUMQUAT KID!

On the video screen, a floating kumquat is seen on a lime green backdrop. Suddenly the eyes and the mouth of one Ryan Lewis emerges as he yells in a shrill voice, mouth wide open.


Orange pyros explode as "Look At Me, I'm A Winner" by The Aquabats blares, Ryan emerging from the back, looking side to side with wide eyes and a cheesy smile. Dunk is behind him and as Ryan slaps hands with fans, he tosses kumquats into the crowd. Ryan leaps over the ropes into the ring and scales a turnbuckle, yelling "VIVA LA KUMQUAT" before doing a moonsault and landing on his feet, ripping off his green windpants, revealing his shimmering lime green trunks. He bounces in his corner as his music dies down.

Rentfro: Nova debuts here tonight after his recent attack upon Lewis.

McDaniel:  And spiking KK's kumquat juice before that match as well.

Referee Cole Tate calls for the bell to begin the match, and the two men lock up in the center of the ring. Brandon Nova whips KK towards the ropes and Ryan leaps onto the top rope, springboarding off with a hurricarana onto his opponent. Nova counters with a sit-down powerbomb. The Kumquat Kid rolls back to his feet and fires a dropkick straight into his foe's mouth, sending him tumbling across the mat. Ryan Lewis kips up and dashes in for a spinning heel kick to his adversary. Brandon catches his opponent's leg and takes Lewis to the mat with a rolling half-Boston crab.

Rentfro: Nova really has that move locked in tight.

McDaniel: It's a smart move. Ryan Lewis prides himself on his fast-paced aerial arsenal. Taking out his legs will eliminate most of his moves.

The Kumquat Kid pushes himself up onto his hands and manages to roll through to grab the ropes. Referee Tate forces Brandon Nova to release the hold. Nova backs away, measuring his opponent. As Ryan Lewis gets to his feet Nova whips his foe across the ring, only to reverse the whip into a Nova Slicer! Brandon springs onto the top rope and flies off with an Asai moonsault down across KK, holding on for the pin.



The two men get to their feet, trading open-hand chops. Ryan leaps up with an enzuigiri, connecting with the back of his foe's head. Brandon Nova stumbles, then is taken down with a flying headscissors by the Kumquat Kid. Ryan Lewis runs into the ropes and runs back with a reverse elbow towards the rising Nova. Brandon drops to the canvas, performing a drop toe-hold. Brandon Nova drives a flipping elbow drop across his opponent's back. Nova climbs the turnbuckles, coming off with a double stomp towards his adversary's spine. Lewis rolls out of the way in time, however, and sends his foe into the ropes. Brandon nearly falls out through the ropes then slingshots back with a vicious lariat that takes the Kumquat Kid completely off his feet.

Rentfro: Damn, Lewis is going to be lucky to not have a broken jaw after that shot!

McDaniel: Nova is calling for the Karma Shift as he pulls the Kumquat Kid back to his feet....

Before Brandon can fully apply the straight jacket, KK slips free to send him towards the ropes with an Irish whip. Brandon Nova reverses the whip, however. Ryan Lewis springs off the top rope to execute a flipping neckbreaker on his adversary. Lewis quickly drags Brandon to the corner and traps him in a tree of woe. The Kumquat Kid backs up.

Kumquat Kid: VIVA LA KUMQUAT!!!

Ryan charges forward to connect with a dropkick to his foe's crotch. Nova drops out of the corner, doubled over in pain. KK quickly climbs the turnbuckles and launches himself through space to crash down onto his opponent with the Five Alive Frogsplash. Lewis covers for the pin while Referee Cole Tate counts.





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match... THE KUMQUAT KID!!!

McDaniel: Ryan Lewis getting a measure of revenge for Nova's shenanigans.

Rentfro: ...shenanigans? ...anyway, I doubt the Kumquat Kid has heard the last from Brandon Nova.

The cameras cut backstage, where Mark McNasty is warming up doing a few Hindu squats. He stops, stretching out his back, and then bends back down to continue. A pair of black wrestling boots with silver shinpads come into frame, and McNasty looks up at them. A shit-eating grin creeps across his face, and he slowly rises up straight, the camera following him. As Mark stands up straight, the man who walked up to him is revealed to be the PWA World champion Corey Lazarus. The fans cheer as Corey, already decked out in his ring attire save for a sleeveless white shirt over his torso, pushes his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's up over his head. Lazarus glances at the World title over his shoulder, and then looks back to McNasty, his trademark devilish grin suddenly appearing.

Lazarus: Warming up, eh?

McNasty: Yeah. What's it to you?

Lazarus: Oh, nothing. I'm actually on my way to have a quick spar with Hiro back in my locker room.

McNasty: Oh?

McNasty tilts his head to the side, finding his verbal target.

McNasty: Doing a quick release before the match? Get the baby-batter out of your head?

Corey laughs a little bit, appreciative laughter, and then looks straight into Mark's eyes, his face within inches of the challenger's.

Lazarus: You keep your little mouth moving, Mark. I want you to keep making horrible jokes and talk about how you plan on walking in, hitting me with the Sault Slam or the Lights Out, and then walking out with MY...

Corey pats the World title over his shoulder, his eyes never leaving McNasty's.

Lazarus: ...World title. You have your fans, I have mine, and they're all waiting to see the rematch from Genesis tonight, where the stakes are so much higher than they were three months ago. But if you really think for just a moment that I'm not going to fight you with everything I have to keep the World title in my possession...then you're just a complete fucking idiot. Rock n' roll, man. Rock n' roll.

Lazarus walks off towards his dressing room, lowering his Ray Ban's back over his eyes. McNasty follows him with his gaze, and then, in a mocking tone...

McNasty: "Rock n' roll, man. Rock n' roll."

Mark shrugs Corey off, and goes back to stretching out.

Grizzly Beer Title Match
Riona Langly (C) vs. Scar

Eric Emerson: The following match is for the Grizzly Beer Championship and will be contested under No Surrender Rules!

McDaniel: Which means submissions will not win you the match, fans.

Rentfro: So Scar will have to pin Riona if he hopes to win the title.

McDaniel: Easier said than done, Brian.

Rentfro: Pfft she loves getting pinned every night. Just ask Robinson or McNasty.

McDaniel: I just have one thing to say about that. If Riona supposedly will sleep with anyone, what does it say that she refuses to sleep with those two?

Rentfro: That they're cheapskates.

McDaniel: That explains why you're still a virgin then. Now let Eric finish introducing the match.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first...

Gonna pulp you to a mess of bruises
'Cos that's what you're looking for
There's a hole where your nose used to be
Gonna kick you out of my door

The lights go out. All we can see are flashes of light coming from cameras.

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Gotta get into a fight

A picture of a man flashes on the screen falling down through three scaffolds.

Gonna blow you to a million pieces
Blow you sky high, I don't care
Splatter matter on the bloody ceiling
Blow the building right into the air

More pictures of this man wrestling in matches.

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Gotta get into a fight
Gonna put the boot right in
Gotta get into a fight
Yeah watch me now

Eric Emerson: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 175 pounds...

What I want is power, more power
What I need is an innocent life
Wanna do it in the broad daylight
I'm the truck, I'm the suicide

Eric Emerson: He reigns from the city that never sleeps!!

Gotta get into a fight
Can't get out of it
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it
Gotta get into a fight
Watch me, watch me now

Eric Emerson: He is the one known as Scar!!!!

Yeah gotta get into a fight
Wanna caught the bullet
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it

A spotlight hits the entrance as a man with dark shoulder length hair, a black tank top, black shorts and shoes comes walking out of the entrance. He pauses at the top of the ramp.

It's all for the greater glory
It's all for a Saturday night
There's a hole where your face used to be
I got you in my telescope sight

He looks at the crowd and takes in his surroundings then proceeds down to the ring.

Gotta get into a fight
Gonna shoot the bullet
Can't get out of it
Wanna get into a fight
Gonna get away with it

He climbs in the ring and as he does the lights come back on.

Rentfro: Good God, I'm going to go to sleep from these damn long entrances.

McDaniel: Hush, Brian!

A soft pinging noise fills the speakers, moving across the arena as the lights flicker along with it. As the pinging comes to a stop, the lights in the arena shut off completely, and orchestral intro to "Planet Hell" by Nightwish begins. The crowd doesn't really know what to think as images of angels and death flash across the screen, superimposed with flashes of ring action. The lights begin to flicker along with the beat of the drums. And without a warning, the music stops and a massive explosion of red pyro goes off on both sides of the entrance ramp as the the guitars kick in most mightily, the lights coming back on with a fury. Blue lasers fly about the arena as Marco Hietala begins singing.

### Denying the lying ###
### A million children fighting ###
### For lives in strife ###
### For hope beyond the horizon ###

The lasers switch to a reddish hue as Tajra begins to sing....

### A dead world ###
### A dark path ###
### Not even crossroads to choose from ###
### All the blood red carpets before me ###
### Behold this fair creation of God ###

As Tajra's pace and the music calm down considerably, a spotlight bursts out from in front of the curtain as a figure slowly makes its way out in front of it, head tilted down. The figure stops just in front of the light, head tilted down. Her long, black hair flows over her shoulders, bangs at the front hiding her face as she silohettes herself on the light.

Eric Emerson: Introducing his opponent, she stands 5 feet, 9 inches and weighed in this morning at 142 pounds...

### My only wish to leave behind ###
### All the days of the earth ###
### An everyday hell of my kingdom come ###

The woman slowly lifts her head up, hair hanging down over her face and obscuring most of it. Finally, as the second of the song begins, she throws her arms out to the side in a crucifix pose and flicks her head back, her hair flying back over her shoulders and revealing her face. A huge pop occurs as a stream of silver sparks fall from the screen above her, the light behind her blacking out. She ignores any sort of minor pain that the sparks would be causing her as three silver fireworks shoot off from the top of the tron to fly off and hit sets above the ring, causing minor explosions and the lasers to switch back to blue.

### The first rock thrown again ###
### Welcome to hell, little Saint ###
### Mother Gaia in slaughter ###
### Welcome to paradise soldier ###

Riona drops her pose and paces each side of the entrance ramp, mentally preparing herself for the match as she loosens her muscles up a bit with a little bounce.

Eric Emerson: She comes to us from Philadelphia, Pennslyvania and is your PWA Grizzly Beer Champion, the Celestial Trigger...

### My first cry neverending ###
### All life is to fear for life ###
### You fool, you wanderer ###
### You challenged the gods and lost ###

Riona returns to the middle of the entranceway and begins to make her way down the ramp as silver sparks suddenly fly up from either side of the entrance ramp to shower down over her, creating a tunnel of sorts due to the arching shape. Riona's typical neutral gaze not showing much of her thoughts towards the crowd. The arching shape keeps her from specifically reaching out for high fives, but she doesn't bother to stop the few pats on the back she gets through the tunnel of sparks. Riona stops at the bottom of the ramp as the sparks finally dissipate, looking up into the ring for a few moments before walking over to and up the stairs. She quickly climbs up to the top turnbuckle and snaps off a crucifix pose as silver pyro shoots up from the other three turnbuckles with a loud pop as soon as the chorus begins.


### Save yourself a penny for the ferryman ###
### Save yourself and let them suffer ###
### In hope ###
### In love ###
### This world ain't ready for The Ark ###

She holds the pose there while the chorus goes on, the lasers finally ending. Finally, Riona lowers her arms and hops down into to her corner, doing some last minute stretches and getting ready for the match as the lights return to normal.

Referee Cole Tate signals for the bell to ring, and the match begins. The two wrestlers step out of their corners and circle one another in the center of the ring. Scar lands a knife-edge chop across the chest of the Celestial Trigger, causing Riona Langly to smirk before firing one of her own across Scar's sternum. Riona shoots several more into her opponent before Scar sends her tumbling with a standing missile dropkick. As Langly rolls back to her feet, Scar sends a roundhouse kick towards the side of her head. The Champion ducks under the kick, causing Scar to overshoot and spin around away from his adversary. Riona Langly instantly surges forward with a knee clip to the back of Scar's supporting leg, taking him down to the canvas.

Riona kips up to her feet and charges Scar, driving a knee into his temple as he tries to get to his feet. She doesn't stop there, however, as she punts his head like a soccer ball, sending him rolling out of the ring. The Celestial Trigger watches her foe closely as Referee Tate begins the ten count. Scar pushes himself back to his feet, and Langly performs a springboard senton splash off the top rope to the outside. Riona manages to take her opponent down but hits her head on the ring barricade as she does. Scar executes a release German suplex, sending Riona Langly crashing down onto the entrance ramp. Scar hops onto the ring apron, runs along its length, then dives off with an elbow into the fallen champion. Scar then tosses his adversary back into the ring, sliding in after her.

McDaniel: Definitely some good offense in this match, with Scar currently controlling the match.

Rentfro: A slight miscalculation in trajactory for Riona's high-risk dive led to that, as she was firmly in control of the match up until that point.

McDaniel: The match is still young, however. Anything could happen at this point.

Scar applies a figure-four to the Celestial Trigger, wrenching it in tight to increase the punishment done to Riona's legs. The champion shouts in pain and reaches for the ropes. The ropes, as they so often are, are just outside reach, however. Langly sits up and cracks a knife-edge chop into Scar's face, but that just causes him to lay back out of reach while maintaining the hold. Riona Langly tries to push herself over to reverse the hold, but Scar adjusts and rolls them back over. The Champion grits her teeth and tries for the reversal a second time as beads of sweat stand out on her forehead. The submission is reversed, and Scar releases the hold, satisfied with the damage done.

Rentfro: Too bad he couldn't have made her submit. Scar could be our new champion now.

McDaniel: True, but submissions don't apply in this match. The damage inflicted could impact the rest of this match, though.

Scar kips up to his feet, sweeping Langly's legs out from under her as she pulls herself up by use of the ropes. Scar grabs Riona's leg and drives her knee into the mat while stomping down across the back of her knee. Referee Cole Tate forces Scar away while Riona is in the ropes. Scar complies, then, once his foe is back to her feet, whips her across the ring into the ropes. Scar charges after her with a huge spear, but the champion's leg gives out on her, sending her to the mat. Scar dives through the ropes, crashing into the guard rail.

The Celestial Trigger steps out onto the ring apron, measures her opponent, and delivers a spinning leg drop. Riona Langly pulls Scar up to his feet, only to drop him with a back-to-back neckbreaker. Langly then rolls her foe back inside the ring, following close behind. Both wrestlers get to their feet and begin eschanging knife-edge chops. Langly fires a low kick to Scar's leg that causes him to stumble. She follows up with a stiff European uppercut, sending her adversary into the corner. Langly drives several wicked knees into Scar's mid-section before lifting him up into a vertical suplex position. The champion holds the challenger up into the air for several seconds before dropping him with a brainbuster... down onto the top turnbuckle!

Rentfro: Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!! What a brutal move! And there's the referee with the count!




McDaniel: Scar JUST managed to get his foot into the ropes for the break!

Riona Langly glares daggers at Referee Cole Tate then shifts her attention back to the challenger. The Celestial Trigger runs into the ropes then dashes at the rising Scar, going for an enzuigiri. Scar dives to the mat to avoid the kick, and Riona drops to the canvas. Scar pops to his feet and attempts a scissor kick to the champion as she rises. Before he can deliver, however, she executes a single-leg takedown. The two hop to their feet and fire simultaneous superkicks, taking each other off their feet. Referee Tate assesses the situation then begins the count.



Riona stirs and sits up.


Scar follows suit.


The two wrestlers stand and look across the ring at one another. There is a look of mutual respect... then they lock up. Riona whips her opponent towards the ropes, but Scar reverses into a spinning back elbow to the Celestial Trigger's jaw. Langly staggers backwards, momentarily dazed. Scar seizes the opening to connect with an atomic drop, causing his foe to stumble in pain. Scar runs into the ropes and flies off with a whisper in the wind that sends the champion crashing to the mat. He covers for the pin.



Rentfro: Riona Langly pops her shoulder off the mat with authority!

McDaniel: It's going to take more than that to put away that warrior woman.

Scar stradles his foe and begins raining fists down into her face. Riona rears back then drives a nasty headbutt into her opponent's face, forcing him off her. Langly applies a grounded clinch to the challenger and starts driving knees into his head. Scar pushes to his feet and bullrushes his foe into the corner, driving the champion's spine into the turnbuckles. Scar drives repeated shoulders into Riona Langly's abdomen then steps onto the second rope, dropping fists into her face once more. The Celestial Trigger hoists up Scar, steps forward, then drops backwards onto the mat to send her adversary crashing face-first into the top turnbuckle. Riona applies a reverse facelock to her groggy opponent then executes a backbreaker before adjusting for a reverse DDT. Langly goes for the pin.




Riona Langly gives the referee the evil eye. Riona quickly turns back to her adversary, rushing in with a shining wizard to Scar as he begins pushing himself back to his feet. The Celestial Trigger signals for the Whiplash and hits the mark! The Champion climbs to the top turnbuckle.

Rentfro: I think we're about to see the Angelic Euphoria... and Riona flies into space!

McDaniel: Only to crash and burn on the mat! Scar had her scouted out and knew to get the Hell out of there!

Scar walks over to pull his opponent to her feet, applying a standing headscissors to the champion before planting her with a spinning pedigree. Scar then takes his turn on the top rope, leaping off with a stardust press. He connects and covers for the pin.



Referee Tate breaks the pin attempt as Riona gets her foot onto the bottom rope. Scar yanks Langly to her feet and goes for a short-arm clothesline. The champion ducks and slides behind the challenger to apply a cross-face chickenwing. The Celestial Trigger hops up to lock on a bodyscissors as well. Scar falls backwards onto the mat, frantically reaching for the rope with his free arm. Riona Langly rolls him away, however, just as his fingers touch the bottom rope but before he can grab hold. Scar desperately tries to fight against the pain, but it is too much. Scar tries to tap out, but it is to no avail, for this is a no surrender match. Scar's tapping slows as his arm hangs limp, his eyes closing. Referee Cole Tate reminds the champion that she can only win through a pinfall, and Riona Langly releases the hold.

Rentfro: Looks like this match is over, Jon. It's all academic at this point.

McDaniel: You might be right, Brian. Riona's setting up Scar for the Detonator... and delivers!





Eric Emerson: The winner of this match... and STILL PWA Grizzly Beer Champion... RIONA LANGLY!!!

Rentfro: A hell of a match here tonight. Scar really put up a fight for being so new to the PWA, but Riona was the one to pull out the victory at the end.

McDaniel: I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Scar in the future, but right now you just have to wonder who, if anyone, can halt the title reign of Riona Langly.

The cameras cut backstage to a private locker room. The room is a disaster area, hinting at a huge fight having gone down recently. Out of a side room steps a tall, powerful man in a black suit and a black mask. It is Orochi, one of the Masters of Armageddon.

Orochi: "There has been much discussion over the past few months about who is or isn't the 'heir to the future', what the members of this incarnation of the Masters has or has not done, and whether we are the elite or mere thugs and posers."

"You can all continue to argue these points back and forth all you want. As for me I no longer care. I am hereby breaking off any and all affiliations I have with the Masters and Darren Ridel."

Although his features cannot be discerned for the mask, the cold fury is evident in his eyes.

Orochi: "Ridel asked me to join him in what seemed to be an honorable endeavor, to form a group of the very best to dominate this federation and others."

"However, to say that I am disappointed with the execution of his plans would be a vast understatement."

"Matthew Engel, you joined us wishing to protect and avenge your family. I did so. I would have done so permanently if not for Phoenix 's interference."

"And now? Now Darren has left control of this erstwhile stable in your hands, a man far from qualified for the task."

Orochi snarls in disgust.

Orochi: "Since your joining the MoA you have used this group to further your own personal vendetta against Corey Lazarus rather than proving our dominance by taking championship gold."

"You have attacked people you never should have, people that Darren promised me would never be harmed again by the Masters."

"And now? Now you dare to attack the one Master who has proved himself to be loyal and to truly be elite."

He reaches up and removes the dragon-stylized black mask, revealing.... the PWA Intercontinental Champion, "Nightmare" Jonathon Wehali!

Nightmare: "That's right. I am Orochi. I am the PWA Intercontinental Champion, Nightmare. I am Jonathon Wehali, and I am the man who will put an end to these so-called Masters of Armageddon."

A wicked sneer spreads across his face.

Orochi: "You dare attack Riona Langly after all she has suffered at the hands of the Masters? You dare turn your back on a woman who was your friend and is like a sister to me?"

"You dare threaten my family? You dare try to take MY championship? The title of the only member of this motley crue to take and retain championship gold? The man who you could have aided in dominating this federation much?"

"You fool, you poor pathetic fool. All you have done now is seal your own doom. For now I shall ally myself with your enemy, Corey Lazarus. I will fight alongside friends who are closer than family can ever be. Together we shall make you bleed. We will make you suffer. We will break you and destroy you."

He shakes his head disparagingly.

Nightmare: "No, we will not attack your family. That is your way, not ours, for we are not cowards. We are the TRUE elite of this company and any other in which we step. We always achieve our goals."

"And now? Eliminating you and your lackies is our goal."

"Just remember one thing when you are laying broken in the gutter where you belong."

"You brought this all upon yourself."

A vicious smile flashes.

Nightmare: "Sweet dreams, motherfucker. Sweet fucking dreams."

Before the scene returns to the ring, the ADC-tron lights up and a voice echoes; "As the night grows long, tortured souls scream out for vengeance.  Some will fall, while others will gain Retribution!"

The graphic then fades as the bell rings to signal the start of the next match!


#1 Contendership to the TV Title
Circa vs. Alex Wilkie

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall; and is for the #1 contendership to the Television TITLE!!

"Sleepless" by HellTrain hits and the strobe lights hit in quick fashion, they spin and twirl in a circle around the ring, before focusing in on the entrance way. Circa comes out of the entrance way and begins to head bang a few times to the music before stretching and jumping a bit. She dances to the ring and high fives fans on either side before jumping on the apron. She steps through the middle rope and goes to the closest turnbuckle, raising both of her arms up in the air. She jumps off the turnbuckle and waits in the ring for her opponent.

Eric Emerson: “And her opponent....”

The crowd goes silent for a moment... around the arena everyone is buzzing... then over the speakers comes the voice of Zack De La Rocha from Rage against the Machine (lead singer)...

Zack: Mic check!...1... 1...2...Come wit it now!!!

Bulls on parade explodes onto the speaker, with Tom Morrello wailling on his guitar!

Zack: COME WIT IT NOW!! Bulls on parade!

The Song jumps to Tom Morrello's Scatch solo where he plays his Guitar like a DJ Scratch board... for a moment, the song stops... then Zack comes back on!


The microphone explodes, shattering the molds
Either drop tha hits like de la O or get tha fuck off tha commode
Wit tha sure shot, sure ta make tha bodies drop
Drop an don't copy yo, don't call this a co-op

The song bursts into full Chorus, Zack laying down some mad anti-political/War rhymes

Terror rains drenchin', quenchin' tha thirst of tha power dons
That five sided fist-a-gon
Tha rotten sore on tha face of mother earth gets bigger
Tha triggers cold empty ya purse

Then from behind the Curtain comes Alex wilkie, decked out in a red leather vest. With A+ plus written across the back, he pulls off his Shades and tosses them out into the crowd as he walks down the ramp. For a moment, he stops in the middle,

Eric Emerson: Ladies And gentlemen, hailing from Seattle Washington ... Weighing in at 250lbs... He is...GRADE A..ALEX! WIIIIIIILKIEEEEEEE!!!!

he turns his back around and lets the vest fall down to the ground, he brings his Arms up and flexes them, White pyro explodes from the stage, Alex turns back around, then immediately runs under the bottom rope and begins to beat down on Circa- his fist clenched- as soon as Circa fell to her knees in attempt to protect herself Alex boots her twice in the back and the ref pushes him back!! He then calls for the match to start!

Ding! Ding! Ding!!

Rentfro: Jesus Alex must either really hate Women, or just Circa!

McDaniel: Lets not bring god into this, who knows who might get offended.

Circa got up to her feet and rubs the back of her head a bit, but Alex swoops in quickly and picks her up into a scoop slam! He hooks her leg quickly!



Kick out!

McDaniel: Alex trying to get the quick pin. But I guess that ain't happening tonight.

Rentfro: No doubt about it, Circa is a tough chick I tell ya.

Circa rolls out from under Alex and gets up to her feet quickly, before Alex can react and get up to his feet fully, Circa grabs him into a rough Hurrican-rana! Before her legs let go of Alex's neck however, she flips slightly and pulls Alex into a pin! It was almost like a modified cradle.



Alex kicks out!!

Alex rolls out and stretches out his ankel quickly, Circa gets up to his feet and Alex grins, he moves forward and locks up with her in the middle of the ring, Alex grabs her into a front face lock, but she tries to reverse it with a quick back body drop, however Alex is alittle bit heavier, and he moves him self slight to throw her off balance and right into a DDT!!

McDaniel: Alex with a rough DDT! Circa should know that lifting a 250 lbs man in that position is not very smart!

Rentfro: Spur of the moment? Impulse maybe?

Alex gets up quickly and moves into position for a figure four leg lock, in admiration of someone great- he WOO's to the crowd then applies the hold!!


McDaniel: Circa better get out of that quick! Or she may be out for longer than her original break!!
Alex pulls on the applied hold and Circa struggles to look for the ring ropes somewhere! She tries to pull towards the set closest to her right, but Alex pulls her back! She then pulls to another set, but Alex pulls her away again!

Rentfro: Alex isn't going to give up this fight!

McDaniel: Your sure right, but Circa isn't ready to give up either!!

Circa finds there are no ropes in reach so she began to try her luck and turn Alex over so she could applie the same move on Alex just reversed! She twists her body a bit but Alex pulls back, again she tries, she almost gets him over but Alex grabs the ropes to stop her! The ref makes him break the hold however!

Rentfro: Nice save by Alex, but he also Saved Circa!

McDaniel: Well, they can't all be winners.

Circa gets up and moves around behind Alex before he get get her, she grabs Alex's arm and whips him into the turnbuckle! She then runs at him and drives her knee high into his jaw!! Alex sort of stands there-dazed- Circa grabs him by his hair then brings him down to his face with a hard bulldog!! she flips him over on his back she runs for the top rope, then leaps off with a rough moonsault! She lands perfectly enough to hook Alex's leg for the pin!




Rentfro: After all that and Alex still kicks out!!

McDaniel: Well, he is as tough as Circa is, if not more!

Rentfro: You're being alittle know?

Circa rolls off and sort of elbows Alex in the gut in the process. She gets up and stumbles over to the turnbuckle... she crouches down and stalks Alex for a moment...

McDaniel: Looks like she may be setting Alex up for something?

Rentfro: I've seen this before... but I can't put my finger on it... its not like this is scripted so I couldn't tell you...

McDaniel: Riiight...

Alex begins to pick himself up, he looks around and sees only the ref- he slowly pulls himself to his feet and turns around... Circa charges like a bull out of a cage, but just as she is about to connect with Alex, he side steps and directs her right in the direction of the steel ring post! Her shoulder connects instead with metal and the crowd oooo's loudly she steps back slowly and Alex pulls her into a swift bell to back suplex!!

Rentfro: Damn! Circa might have a broken shoulder after that!!

McDaniel: And it looks like Alex is already capitalizing!!

Alex goes for a pin, he hooks both legs!




Circa rolls out from under Alex and Alex gets up to his feet, Circa gets up, Alex goes to lock up with her! But pushes him away and into the ref!! the ref falls out of the middle rope and into the ground- Alex looks around and sees the ref down. He turns and his meet with the blunt end of a foot in his groin!


McDaniel: No Way ! Circa cheated just to pull wool over on Alex's eyes!

Circa pulls him into a front face lock then drops him wither FLATLINER! (Twist of Fate!!) she quickly hooks his leg! Just as the ref gets back into the ring to count the pin!





Eric Emmerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner...CIIIIRCAAA!!!

Rentfro: Ha! The Vaseline Queen returns to form, and gets a shot for the TV title next week!

McDaniel: I'd wish you stop with those nicknames, but yes, Circa returns and catches Wilkie off guard!  

Rentfro: Wilkie seems pissed alright, but he'll get back on the horse soon enough! Next up, it's a first ever match here in the PWA!!! A Stockade match! Let's go to Emerson for the announcements!

Stockade Match
Chamelion vs. The Grim Reaper

Eric Emerson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a PWA first, it is a Stockade Match. The rules of the match are as follows, there is no pinfalls, no submissions, no disqualifications, the only way to win the match is to lock your opponent into the wooden stockade up on the stage, rendering them helpless."

Rentfro: "I got it, lets see some damn action."

The lights dim… and the music of Puff Daddy’s “Come with Me” hits the ADCTron. Strobe lights begin flickering through out the arena… and from the backstage
steps Chamelion. He stands in profile to us, head low and his hair covering his face…. As the music picks up… the lyrics begin…

Hear my cries - Hear my calls
Lend me your ears - See my falls
See my error - Know my faults
Time halts - See my loss

Chamelion turns to face us and walks purposely down the ramp as the song continues.  

Eric Emerson: He weighs in at 245lbs, and is a former PWA World Champion.  He is the former owner, former boss and former over all controller of the PWA.  He hails from Las
, Nevada
and the Most Devious SOB in the business today…. I give you… CHAMELION!!!!

Know I'm lacking - Back tracking
Where I met you - Pistol packing
Itchy finger - Trigger-happy
Try to trap me - Bad rap

He stops at the bottom and looks up into the ring at his brother, Raizzor.  Chamelion turns and walks to the steel steps and climbs them.

Wire tap me - Back stab me
Break the faith - Fall from grace
Tell me lies - Time flies
Close your eyes - Come with me.

He then stands there, outside the ring and raises his fists to the sky. Pyros explode in the rafters as Chamelion walks the apron to the middle and steps
through the ropes. He heads straight to the other side and climbs the turnbuckles and again raises his fists and the crowd responds loudly, jeering and
booing him, which makes him smile.. Jumping down, Chamelion shoots straight kitty corner and repeats his playing to the crowd. Back on the canvas, Chamelion
turns, faces the entrance ramp and smiles wickedly… his music fading and the roar of the crowd taking over.  

Rentfro: "Chamelion doesn't look happy with all of the formers in the introduction. I bet its Raizor's doing, he is really dirty and hateful."

McDaniel: "You'd better watch it."

Rentfro: "Don't worry, I'm gonna watch the match."

McDaniel: "I mean watch what you are saying."

Rentfro: "Why?"

McDaniel: "Nevermind."

Deep, booming thunder rumbles through the speakers in the arena, seeming to vibrate every inch of the building. Fog begins to flow from under the ring, lightening cracckles flashing through the building. The soft sounds of chanting are now heard along with the rumbling thunder and occasional flashes of lightning. Each ring post holds an ancient lit torch, the flames doing little to disperse the thickening fog.the fog rolls off into the arena, enveloping the crowd. The dense fog lightens slowly to reveal the silhouette of a man standing in the middle of the ring. The thunder still rumbles and lightning occasionally flashes, suddenly a streak of lightning races down to the ring, barely missing the standing figure. The fog is dispersed and Grim Reaper is standing in the middle of the ring wearing his hooded black robe and carrying his signature sickle.

Eric Emerson: "From the Depths of Hell, standing at 6 feet 5 inches, weighing in at 245 pounds... Grim Reaper."

Grim Reaper removes his robe and places his sickle in the hands of a ringside technician, the fog has nearly lifted completely.

McDaniel: "Look at Reaper, he seems to be extremely focused in this match."

Rentfro: "Who can see with all this damn fog smoke shit floating around."

McDaniel: "Grim Reaper had better hope for a quick match here, he is booked in a 6 man tag later tonight."

ding ding ding

Chamelion and GR lock up in the middle of the ring and Chamelion quickly goes down under the force of Reaper. Chamelion is looking shocked at the force at which he was thrown down and scrambles to get away from Reaper, who stalks his opponent slowly. Chamelion has backed himself into a corner and shaking his head, asking for another chance, Reaper does not oblige. Reaper walks into the corner, but is quickly kicked in the knee, Reaper buckles but does not fall. Chamelion is up as quick as a cat and attacking the leg of Reaper.

Rentfro: "Cham trying to take away Reaper's vertical attack here."

McDaniel: "Smart move by Chamelion here."

Chamelionshoulder blocks the knee of Reaper, who goes down. Reaper grabs his knee in pain and Chamelion goes for the Final Touch. He bounces off the ropes and springboards with a lionsault, but misses Reaper. Reaper is using the ropes to pull himself back to his feet, but Chamelion is there quickly to stop his progress. He begins to stomp away at the injured leg of Reaper, who grabs him by the head and pushes him away. Chamelion smelling weakness, goes back in for the attack, again Reaper stops the advancing Chamelion by throwing Chamelion back. Reaper is now back to his feet, stumbling for Chamelion. Chamelion sensing his time for offense now over, slides out of the ring.

Rentfro: "Outside the ring, Chamelion can brawl with anybody."

McDaniel: "Anything is legal as long as the match ends with one wrestler locked in the stockade up there."

Reaper, having been in more than one match against Chamelion, does not take the bait and forces Chamelion back in the ring. He slides back in the ring and Reaper is on the attack stomping away at the lower portion of Chamelion's back. Chamelion places his hand back there, but it gets stomped by Reaper's big boot. Reaper backs into the ropes and falls on them using the momentum to drive a knee into the lower back. Chamelion slides backwards out of the ring to gain his breath.

Rentfro: "Smart move by Chamelionthere to take a break and regroup."

McDaniel: "He had to do something or else it was going to be over early."

Chamelion has his back turned to Reaper, who has climbed to the top rope and as he dives from his perch Chamelion turns and is caught with a flying clothesline. Both wrestlers go down on the outside mat hard, Reaper rolls off Chamelion and tries to get back to his feet.

McDaniel: "I think Reaper hit his knee when he dove."

Rentfro: "Serves him right, attacking a man from behind like that."

Chamelion gets to his feet while Reaper is holding his leg in pain, he smiles evily. Reaper gets to his feet and Chamelion grabs him hitting the Rupture on the outside mat. Chamelion backs to the ring apron, runs and springboards off the guardrail, connectiong with a lionsault. Chamelion grabs the right foot of Reaper and begins the long drag up the ramp to the stockade.

McDaniel: "Chamelion attempting to end this one early here."

Rentfro: "He could win at any time, he is the man."

Upon reaching the top of the ramp, Chamelion drags Reaper over to the stockade and orders the ref to unlock the device. The ref does as Chamelion orders, he picks up Reaper, placing his head in the device, he is elbowed in the throat by Reaper, who begins to fight out of the device. Chamelion grabs at his own throat, trying desperately to breathe. Reaper puts a boot to Chamelion's gut and plants him with an impaler DDt. Both men lay there on the stage, winded, after a few seconds, they begin stirring slightly. The fans are cheering.

McDaniel: "Both superstars are near that stockade, could be over at anytime now."

Rentfro: "Yeah, Chamelion will be victorious any minute now."

Reaper reaches his feet seconds before Chamelion does and he begins throwing right hands into the temple of Chamelion , driving him backwards towards the big screen. Reaper grabs Chamelion by the throat, lifts him up, and plants him with a chokeslam.

McDaniel: "Soul Squeezer!"

Rentfro: "Damn, Cham's in trouble now."

Reaper begins dragging Chamelion back towards the stockade. The referee has left the device unlocked and all Reaper has to do is place Chamelion in the device and lock it. Reaper picks Chamelion up, placing his head on the edge of the device. Reaper backs up, runs, jumps in the air and catches the top of the stockade bringing it down on Chamelion's head; the blood flies from the blow. Chamelion falls out of the device to the stage, Reaper picks him up and has his left arm planted in the device and head in there as well when he is kicked in his injured knee by Chamelion. Reaper goes down in a heap quickly, reaching for his knee. Chamelion takes his time and is trying to catch his breath fast, the wheezing is loud and breathing is obviously painful for him. He sees the chair that the ref was sitting on and using it to climb on top of the stockade, he dives with a elbow to Reaper's chest. The whoosh of air comes out of Reaper in a flood, now both men are gasping for air. Chamelion gets to his feet quickly, dragging Reaper to his feet and dragging him towards the stockade. Chamelion begins slamming Reaper's head and face into the device over and over again, each time he looks at the face to check on something. He doesn't stop until blood spurts from Reaper's forehead.

Rentfro: "Blood for blood."

McDaniel: "Neither man has had an advantage for long here, surprisingly, neither has used a weapon other than the stockade."

Rentfro: "Chamelion doesn't need weapons to win a match."

As Rentfro says this, he picks up the chair and upon folding it drives it into the injured leg of Reaper, making the man hit his knees in pain. The face of Reaper is drenched in blood and sweat, but one can see the pain his leg is causing him. Chamelion grabs the leg of Reaper and rolls him over applying extreme torque on the leg, Chamelion is leaning so far back his head is touching the shoulder blades of Reaper.

Rentfro: "Go ahead and tap Reaper."

McDaniel: "You can't win by submission, only by locking your opponent in that stockade. Chamelion is just looking to injure Reaper and maybe put him on the shelf for a little while."

Rentfro: "Go ahead Chamelion, break his leg."

Reaper takes hisleft arm and bends it back towards Chamelion's head, he pokes the eyes of Chamelion, causing him to let the hold go immediately. Chamelion grabs his eyes and water is pouring out of them in rivers.

Rentfro: "Damn Cheating Reaper!"

McDaniel: "There is no way to cheat in this match."

Reaper makes it back to his knees as Chamelion is wiping his eyes. Reaper tries to stand on his injured leg, just to fall again. Chamelion is still wiping his eyes as Reaper valiantly struggles to his feet, using the stockade for support. Chamelion shoulder blocks the leg again and Reaper goes down striking his head on the stage. Chamelion begins stomping on the knee time and time again. Opening the chair, he places Reaper's leg through it and climbs on top of the stockade for extra force. He dives but is caught by a steel plated boot to the mouth, Chamelion crumples to the stage.

McDaniel: "Both competitors are bloody and Reaper still has a match tonight."

Rentfro: "If Chamelion leaves enough for there to wrestle."

Reaper is back to his feet and is standing over Chamelion he bends down, grimacing from the pain in his knee, but has Chamelion back to a vertical base as well. The two begin trading blows back down the ramp and back into the ring. Once in the ring, Chamelion takes advantage when Reaper rolls him in the ring first. Chamelion hits the ropes and connects with a baseball slide to Reaper's face, knocking the man back and on his ass. Chamelion grabs a steel chair from under the ring, placing the weapon on Reaper's face. Chamelion climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives, driving a double foot stomp into the face of Reaper, who's body jerks with the impact of the blow.

Rentfro: "That had to break something there."

McDaniel: "I think it did."

Chamelion rolls Reaper into the ring, leaving just his injured right leg exposed over the ring apron. With a saddistic grin on his face, Chamelion goes over to the ring post and with a running start leaps up high into the air and comes down on the exposed knee of Reaper. In the ring Reaper sits up with a look of rage and pain on his face, he reaches for Chamelion, who doesn't see the man sit up. Reaper grabs the shirt of Chamelion and drags him into the ring. Chamelion's face has terror and surprise written all over it as he is dragged into the ring, she struggles to free himself, but is unsuccessful in his attempts. Reaper picks him up over the top rope and begins punching away at the throat of Chamelion. He backs Chamelion into the corner and alternates punches with chops to his throat. Chamelion is getting red from the blows, and begins to struggle to breathe again. Reaper grabs the man by the throat and squeezes until Chamelion's eyes begin to bulge out. As he releases the hold, Chamelion falls to the mat gasping for breath and spitting up blood.

Rentfro: "That is uncalled for, no need for that."

McDaniel: "Anything is legal here."

Reaper attempts to get Chamelion up for a chokeslam, but his right leg buckles under him and he is unable to complete the move. They both lay on the mat winded, bloody, and utterly exhausted from the match.

McDaniel: "These two are bloody, sweaty, and just damn tired."

Rentfro: "Chamelion is beating the hell out of Reaper, who still has another match tonight."

McDaniel: "Both men are giving the fans here a damn good match, not to mention those fans who couldn't join us live."

Rentfro: "Cause they're cheap skates and wouldn't come down here, cheap skates."

Chamelion and Reaper roll out of the ring and stand to face each other, almost immediately they begin to throw punches, once again heading up the ramp towards the stockade and the awaiting referee.

As the two are throwing punches, Chamelion sneaks in a kick to the injured right leg of Reaper, effectively droping him to the steel rampway. He stomps away on the injured body part, repeatedly. He takes the foot in his hands and yanks every which way with the knee wrenching it right then left, forward and back. He twists the knee applying even more pressure when he takes his own knee and drives it into the side of Reaper's knee.

Rentfro: "Chamelion smells bloosd."

McDaniel: "If Reaper can't stand, he can't lock Chamelion n the stockade."

Rentfro: "I think that is what he is going for here."

Chamelion finishes the climb up the rampway and stops beside the stockade. Reaper is pulled to his feet by Chamelion, but falls instantly on his bad leg. Chamelion pulls up Reaper again and hits him with the Rupture.

Rentfro: "The Rutpure, its over!"

McDaniel: "Don't count the Reaper out just yet."

Reaper is pulled to his feet once again, but it is obvious he has no more fight in his body. He is drug to the stockade. Chamelion easily places his head, right arm in before a little squirmish from the Reaper, but Chamelion punches him in the head and places his left arm in the device. He lowers the top of the stockade and grabbing the lock from the ref, locks the top of the stockade down in place.

ding ding ding

Eric Emerson: "Winner of the match... Chamelion!"

Rentfro: "Told you Chamelion was going to do it."

McDaniel: "Both men fought hard and valiantly, but yes, Chamelion did gain the upper hand in the end."

Reaper's blood is dripping from his forehead onto the stage, his body slumps in the stockade, it being the only thing holding him up. Chamelion pleased with his work, walks in front of the stockade, delivers a Sweet Sound of Success and walks to the back.

McDaniel: "Now, that was uncalled for, totally uncalled for."

Rentfro(with McDaniel's voice imitation): "But anything is legal in this match."

At this point, Raizzor steps out onto the stage with security, and he orders Reaper to be released.  They do so, and take him into the back.  Raizzor doesn't address the fans in any way, and just heads to the back.

McDaniel: I wonder why Raizzor did that!?

Rentfro: Maybe to take a way a little of Chamelion's pride, since now no one will get a chance to whip on Reaper for free.  But man, quite, this is the part of the night I've been waiting for!!!

Tag Team Title Match 
The Deadpool vs. Mystery Team

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall… and it is for the vacant PWA Tag-Team Championship!!

The crowd jumps up, loudly, as they have been waiting to see who the mystery team may be!!

Eric Emerson: Introducing team number one, at a total combined weight of 595lbs, Deacon Frost, Bronx Williams…THE DEADPOOL!!

The lights go dark in the arena as mist starts to float through the rampway area. All of a sudden you hear the soft sounds of a piano as the spotlight focuses on the entrance ramp. As soon as the thunderous guitar riff of Nine Inch Nails' "Just Like You Imagined" Pyros explodes throughout the arena and out walks The Deadpool: Deacon Frost & Bronx Williams. Both men pauses at the top of the entrance ramp, as per Japanese tradition, the steamers come flying over the two men. The two make their way down to the ring area. Frost makes his way up the ring steps and steps over the top rope. Frost goes and sits in the corner. Bronx slides under the bottom rope and hops on the nearest turnbuckle and spreads his arms in the crucifix sign. Bronx hops off the turnbuckle and steps up to Deacon, telling him he’ll start the match since Frost had a contest earlier.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents….

The crowd dies down, not wanting to miss a beat of any indication of who it may be….silence echoes through out the arena….suddenly….

‘More Human Then Human’ by Rob Zombie explodes over the speakers and the arena roars loudly as Sirus and Randall Moran step onto the stage, doused in flashes from cameras all over the arena.

McDaniel: They’re back!!! The Morans are back!!!

Rentfro: WOW!!!

Eric Emerson: at a total combined weight of 469lbs, they hail from Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada … Sirus and Randall Moran….LUNATIC FRINGE!!!!!

Frost and Williams blink in surprise, looking a bit upset with this news.  Sirus has ‘Al’ and ‘Alice’ in his arms and he carries them down like a proud father as Randall follows, high fiving the fans!  They reach the ring and Sirus sits the bears down gently and then joins Randall in the ring.  They waves at the Deadpool, who glare back angrily.

Rentfro: I don’t think Deadpool was expecting this!  O’Connors, the returning Razordolls, hell… I’d have picked the Kymson Dragons before thinking the Morans would be back!

McDaniel: Never underestimate what the PWA can do here, Brian!!!

Sirus and Randall speak for a moment, and Randall asks to start.  Sirus nods, and goes to his corner and begins a conversation (???) with the teddy bears.  The ref calls for the bell to begin the match.


Randall and Bronx tie up, and Randall locks on a standing arm bar. Bronx slaps his shoulder a couple of times, and then reverses the standing arm bar into a full-arm dragon twist. Randall holds his shoulder as Bronx changes the dragon twist into a modified hammerlock. Randall looks over both shoulders, and then elbows Bronx in the head twice. Randall goes for a third elbow, but Bronx ducks it, and locks on a bear hug waistlock. Randall delivers a double ear slap, and Bronx stumbles backwards into the ropes, holding the sides of his head. Randall looks at Bronx , then at Sirus. Sirus is chatting with 'Al,' pointing to both Randall and Bronx . Sirus begins yelling at 'Al,' and Randall shakes his head. Randall charges Bronx , but Bronx back drops him over the top rope. Bronx takes a few steps forward, pointing to his head, but he doesn't realize is that Randall landed on his feet. Randall hops back onto the apron, and then steps back in. Randall walks up to Bronx , standing barely a foot behind him, and out-stretches his arms. Bronx turns around, and Randall grabs him by the sides of his neck. Randall lifts up Bronx , and then tosses him into the corner. Randall runs in with a back elbow, and then grabs the back of Bronx 's head with one hand.

Rentfro:  I don’t see much ring rust on the Grimms here, it’s like they’ve been wrestling all the time!

McDaniel:  It’s in their blood, and this is an amazing opportunity! Raizzor needs to be commended for pulling this match off!

Randall slams Bronx 's head into the top turnbuckle, and then begins continuing to do so. The fans join in with the count.

Fans: 5! 6! 7! 8! 9!

Randall pulls Bronx 's head back so that he is standing upright, and then flips him off. Randall slams Bronx 's head right into the top turnbuckle extremely hard.

Fans: 10!

The fans clap as Randall takes a bow. Bronx crawls on the mat, and reaches his corner. He gets to his feet, his back against the corner, and places his hand on his forehead. He pulls his hand away, looking at it. No blood.

Rentfro: Randall did promise violence!

McDaniel: Bronx may realize he’s in over his head!

Bronx tags in Deacon, who steps gingerly between the ropes. Randall looks ready to tie up, but Deacon shakes his head. He then wags his finger at Randall.

Deacon: No.

Deacon points to Sirus, and Randall looks at Sirus, then back at Deacon.

Deacon: I want him!

Rentfro: It seems Frost wants to dominate all the veterans here tonight!!

Randall nods, and then walks calmly over to his corner. Sirus extends his hand, and Randall slaps it, tagging him in. Sirus hands 'Al' to Randall, who looks at it. Randall places it on the corner post, and then steps onto the apron. Sirus and Deacon circle one another, and then tie up. Deacon locks on a standing arm scissors, and Sirus punches him in the gut. Deacon bends over slightly, and then stands back up straight. Sirus delivers a knife-edge chop.

Fans: WHOO!!!!

With each chop, the fans yell out "WHOO". Sirus goes for his seventh chop, but Deacon grabs his arm by the wrist, and then locks on a hammerlock. Deacon delivers a few Crossface punches with his free arm, the one not holding Sirus in a hammerlock, and then releases the hammerlock as Sirus stumbles forward. Deacon kicks Sirus in the small of the back, and Moran bends over backwards. Deacon locks on a reverse front face lock, and then delivers a diving reverse DDT.

McDaniel: Looks like Frost hasn’t been slowed down by his previous bout with Project X!

Rentfro: I’m surprised as well, considering what he went through, that he’s able to go toe to toe with Sirus here!

Randall runs into the ring and clotheslines Deacon down. The referee begins yelling at Randall, but then Bronx hops into the ring, and runs towards Randall. Bronx uses the now-standing Deacon as a springboard, Deacon pushing Bronx up in the air towards Randall, and leaps over the referee, delivering a spinning wheel kick to Randall, knocking him down. Sirus gets up to his feet, and he and Deacon begin trading punches. Randall and Bronx get up, and begin trading punches as well. The two battle close to the ropes, and then each fall out over the top, landing on their sides. Randall and Bronx get to their feet on the outside, and begin trading punches as well.

Rentfro: All hell’s broken loose!

McDaniel: Knew it was going to happen sooner or later!

Back in the ring, Deacon delivers a stiff DDT to Sirus. Deacon gets back up to his feet, and sees Bronx and Randall outside the ring.  He starts to move over to the ropes when Sirus catches him with a cradle roll-up. The ref drops down for the count,




Sirus and Deacon get to their feet, and then trade punches back and forth. Sirus gets the upper hand, and then locks on a side headlock. Deacon whips Sirus into the ropes, and gets knocked down with a Sirus shoulder block. Sirus looks at Deacon, smiles, and then bounces off of the ropes again. Sirus jumps up for an elbow drop, but Deacon rolls out of the way. Sirus lands, and lays down flat. Deacon goes for a leg drop, but Sirus sits up, narrowly missing the leg drop. Deacon, thinking quickly, kicks Sirus in the back of the head. Sirus falls backwards, rolling over onto his stomach, holding the back of his head. Deacon gets up to his knees, rolls Sirus onto his back, and then covers with a lateral press.



kick out!

Rentfro: Both men with pinfall attempts!  They know what’s at stake here tonight!

Deacon brings Sirus to his feet, and whips him into the Deadpool’s corner. Deacon follows in with an Avalanche Splash, and then begins leveling Sirus with punches and elbows. Randall and Bronx both get back to their respective corners, and Randall starts stomping on the apron to get the crowd behind Sirus. The fans start chanting to help fire up Sirus.


Sirus blocks a punch from Deacon, and delivers a forearm to his jaw. Sirus then turns and delivers an elbow to Bronx 's head, sending Bronx flying off of the apron and into the guardrail. Sirus begins clobbering Deacon, and then whips him into the ropes. Deacon reverses, and then nails Sirus with a knee to the midsection, causing Moran to bend over. Deacon bounces off of the ropes to go for a knee to Sirus' head, but Sirus stands up and catches Deacon in a Bossman Slam.

Rentfro: Good counter by Sirus!

McDaniel: Frost was sure to have Sirus incapacitated with that move had he hit it!!   

Sirus stumbles to his feet, and then stumbles towards his corner. Randall is practically jumping over the top rope for the tag, but Bronx rolls into the ring. Bronx runs and leaps at Sirus, delivering a bulldog. Bronx gets to his feet, and Randall enters the ring. The two begin trading punches again, back and forth, and Randall gets the upper hand. Randall delivers a monster right hook, sending Bronx reeling back into the ropes. Randall whips Bronx off of the ropes, and then goes for a lariat. Bronx ducks the lariat attempt, and jumps up, hooking Randall's head and landing in a neckbreaker. Bronx gets to his feet, and begins stomping away from Randall. Sirus gets back up to his feet, and spears Bronx from his side. Bronx is down, slumping in the corner, holding his ribs. Deacon gets up to his feet, shaking his head, and then locks on a rear waistlock to Sirus. Sirus reverses the rear waistlock into one of his own, holding Deacon tightly. Deacon elbows behind him, hitting Sirus in the head. Deacon turns around, kicks Sirus in the midsection, and then locks him in for a Fisherman's Suplex. Deacon lifts Sirus up for one, but Moran flips over Deacon's shoulder, landing on his feet. Sirus turns around, and punches Deacon a few times in the back of the head. Sirus locks on another rear waistlock, and lifts Deacon up for a German suplex. Deacon goes wide-eyed, and then somersaults forward, bringing Sirus down to the mat face-first. Deacon jumps over Moran's lower half and sits on the small of his spine. Sirus pushes his head upwards and back out of reaction, and reaches for the ropes. Deacon locks on a Cobra Clutch, and really sinks it in.

Rentfro: Submission move here!

McDaniel: Imagine how Deadpool would feel if they could win this match by making the Chosen One tap out!!

Randall gets to his feet, backs up, and then delivers a crescent to the back of Deacon's head.

McDaniel: Randall makes the save, and just in time too!

Deacon falls down on his ventral side, backside-up, and knocked out cold by the looks of it. Bronx gets to his feet, and Randall begins wailing away on him. Sirus gets up to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs, and then clobbers away on Bronx as well.

Rentfro: No rest for the weary here!!

Randall taps Sirus on the shoulder, and the two both nod at each other. Randall lifts Bronx up for a spinebuster, and Sirus backs up against the ropes. Deacon stumbles to his feet. Sirus bounces off of the ropes, and goes for the leg lariat to Bronx ,  Deacon tackles Sirus in mid-air and Randall, sensing Sirus got held up, turns around and delivers a monstrous spinebuster to Bronx . Bronx holds his lower back, and wriggles around on the mat holding it still. Deacon begins pummeling Sirus, and blood begins to flow. Randall grabs Deacon by the back of his head, and brings him to his feet. Randall locks on a sleeperhold, and Bronx stumbles to his feet behind Randall. Randall wrenches in the sleeper, trying to choke out Deacon, and Bronx walks up to Randall. Bronx elbows Randall between his shoulder blades, causing Randall to release the sleeperhold and bend his arms behind him. Bronx ducks low, locking on a Tomikaze DDT position {Impaler position}. Bronx lifts Randall up, now standing, and then drops him down face-first after taking a step forward.



Sirus makes the save.

Rentfro: CLOSE!!!

Suddenly, their a disturbance over by the announcers table as a wounded Project X appears from under the ring!  As Deacon lays against the ropes and the ref is trying to get Sirus into his own corner, Project X wails a steal chair across Deacon’s for head!  He then pulls Frost out of the ring before sliding back under it to hide.

McDaniel: Did you see that? Project X just took out Deacon Frost!!!

In the ring, Bronx goes to tag out, but Deacon is on the floor. Bronx spends a second assessing the situation, giving Randall time to roll to his corner and tag in Sirus. Bronx throws his hands up in disgust, turns and before he can react to the situation, Sirus connects with the Wrong Hand of Doom, and covers Bronx , hooking the leg!





McDaniel: They did it!!!

Rentfro: Sirus and Randall Moran have retaken the PWA Tag Team Titles!!!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match, and NEW PWA TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD…Randall and Sirus Moran!!!

McDaniel: Frost’s ego came back and bit him on the ass!

Rentfro: He should not have pissed of Project X the way he did… no way was the former world champion going to let his loss earlier go without some sort of…retribution!!

McDaniel: Heh, nice Brian!  As the Morans celebrate in the ring, we need to get ready for our next match!

Television Title Match
Fire (C) vs. Psycho Sandra

As the ring clears and all is made ready for the next contest, the stadium lights go out for a moment, allowing the crowd to talk amongst themselves. After a while, a few sparks erupt near the top of the ramp. The continue to grow in size until it looks like an accidental electrical fire has gone off, and finally...


An explosion sounds off throughout the entire stadium! A heavy guitar intro plays through the speakers, and the televisions begin to display motorcycles, beer, cigars, and finally...

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the PWA Television Championship!

The crowd reacts to this with an outburst of cheers!

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenger! Hailing from Washington DC , and weighing in at 120lbs... she is a former two time PWA World Champion...PSYCHO SANDRA!

Buried deep inside; and fighting to survive!
My own dying breath is anticipating death!!

Sandra runs down the ramp. She's wearing a pair of black leather shorts, a leather halter top, knee-high boots covered in thick buckles, and fishnet pantyhose. Her hair is done up into two curly pigtails, and there is a heavy looking crowbar in her hands.

Decompose! A corpse; to feed the crows!
Out of sight and mind! They buried me.. they buried me alive!!

Sandra is stopped by the referee, who makes her put the crowbar on the announcer's table. She finally agrees and runs back into the ring, rotating her shoulders and neck in between waving to the crowd as her song dies down.  

Rentfro (Looking at the crowbar): Anyone tell her this is a standard match?  

McDaniel: Something tells me, she doesn’t care!  

Eric Emerson: And now, her opponent….  

The crowd buzzes, and Sandra stares hungrily up the ramp.  

Eric Emerson: Accompanied to the ring by Chamelion, she hails from Hollywood California … and is the current PWA Television Champion…..FIRE!!!  

The arena goes black and as red skull and crossbones appears all over the arena. Then the sound of This Fire by Franz Ferdinand hits the PA. With Chamelion next to her, Fire comes outwearing a black tank top with a red skull and cross bones on the middle, tight fitting black spandex pants, pigtails pulled back with red and black ribbon, and a devilish smile to boot. Wasting no time with the fans she runs quickly down to the ring, leaving Chamelion behind,  and slides in under the ropes.  Before she can even get all the way to her feet, Sandra barrels in and delivers a swift kick to Fire’s kidneys!   


McDaniel: Damn! Sandra isn’t wasting any time!  

Rentfro: Fire should have known better then to act as if this was just any match!  

Fire yelps and rolls away, sliding out of the ring and backs into Chamelion.  Sandra yells at them, but Chamelion ignores her and turns Fire towards him to ask if she’s okay.  As he checks on Fire, Sandra runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes and races towards them, sailing up and over and hitting a suicide plancha on both Fire and Chamelion, and the three crash to the floor!  

Rentfro: HOLY CRAP!  

McDaniel: Sandra just took a suicide dive, taking all three out right away!!  

Sandra pulls Fire up and hits her across the chest. Fire backs up and Sandra takes a moment to turn and spit on Chamelion, and then ruffles his hair playfully, as if she can’t decide how to treat him.  She turns and runs at Fire, but Fire sidesteps her and trips Sandra who just barely misses the steal steps.  Grabbing Sandra, Fire tosses her into the ring, scrambles to the corner and climbs.  As Sandra stands, Fire jumps and hits a missle drop kick on Sandra, sending her back to the canvas.  

McDaniel: Fire with control early, even after being devastated by Sandra’s nearly uncontrolled attacks!  

Rentfro: The animosity between these two are so thick you can almost feel it!  

Sandra jumps up, spitting on the canvas and roars at Fire to come on!  Fire charges in, but Sandra steps to the side and throws Fire into the corner.  Fire turns, and Sandra hits a chop across her chest.  Sandra mouths off at Fire and hits another chop to the crowd’s delight!  

McDaniel: Now Sandra has control again! And she means business!  

Rentfro: This isn’t about titles, Jon, it’s about getting retribution for what Fire did to take Chamelion away from her!  

Sandra then kicks Fire before another hard hit, and the ref orders her to get Fire out of the corner of the ring.  She backs up at the ref’s instructions and then blows him a kiss before she comes back in, grabs Fire and throws her down to the canvas. Mounting Fire, Sandra begins delivering some massive punches to the chest and kidneys of the TV Champion.  The ref pulls Sandra off, ordering her to break it up and Fire scrambles out of the ring, back into Chamelion’s arms, as he pulls her together, clearing her head.   

Rentfro: And there’s Chamelion, with soothing words for the TV Champion.  

McDaniel: He looks concerned for both women, actually, and is trying to slow down the match so no one gets hurt!  

Sandra growls and jumps out of the ring, and as she stomps over, Chamelion steps aside and Fire nails a kick to Sandra’s stomach.  Fire then grabs her by the hair and rams Sandra’s face into the announcers table.  

Rentfro: Look out!  

McDaniel: Sandra’s face just bounced off our announcers table! Fire’s vicious here!  

Fire smirks and comes in, but Sandra wraps her hands around Fire’s waist and pulls her down face first into a steel chair!  

Rentfro: OH NO!!  

McDaniel: Sandra, with a presence of mind, just turned the tables back to her favor!  

Sandra turns and grabs her crowbar and raises it up to strike, but the ref is there and rips it from her hands.  Sandra doesn’t even turn, and instead grabs the steel chair and goes to slam it into Fire, when Chamelion races over and rips it from her hands.  This time, Sandra does turn, sees what Chamelion did and comes after him.  Chamelion turns tail and runs around the ring…with Sandra in pursuit.  Sliding into the ring, Chamelion runs across and out the other side with Sandra following.  Before she reaches the other side, however, Fire jumps into the ring and tackles her from the side!  The blow knocks both women nearly cold from the impact.  

McDaniel:  Fire just saved Chamelion from a fate worse then death!  

Rentfro: I don’t know. He also prevented Sandra from being disqualified there!  Had he let her make the hit, then Fire would have remained champion.  

Chamelion slams his fist against the apron, trying to rouse both women from their prone positions.  Sandra gets to her knees, shaking her head and Fire rolls towards a corner… suddenly there’s a sound of static and fans point to the ADCtron!  

McDaniel: Rentfro, look!  

On the screen, a scene takes shape showing Chamelion!  He’s half conceeled by a figure  cloaked in a hood, with it’s back to us, and the image jitters as if being filmed by a hand held camera.  The figure speaks in a distorted voice.  

Figure Now that you know what I am capable of, you're going to do exactly what I tell you to do. If not, next time Sandra will get a much stronger dose of this drug... and instead of just breaking down and being held in a mental ward, it will drive her insane before she kills herself, do you get my drift?  

Chamelion reacts with a step towards the figure, who holds up a vial before him.  

Figure You really don’t want to tempt fate here, Mark.  

Chamelion stops, gritting his teeth.  

Chamelion: WHAT, do you want!?  

The figure laughs softly then, knowing he has Chamelion where he wants him.  

Figure You’re going to do me a bit of a favor, you see.  Since poor little Sandra is locked away, and you already have issues with her anyway, you’re going to leave her, and take on Fire as your mistress.  

Chamelion blinks.  

Chamelion: Why the hell would I do that? And what’s in it for you by making me do this!?  

Figure You’ll do it because I said so.  Why I want this, is MY business.  I won’t ask a second time, Mark.  Do as I demand, or your wife is won’t make it out of that hospital!  

Shaking with a pent up rage he has not felt in years, Chamelion grabs the figure my his front, but the hood remains intact, and no one can make out the person or voice.  The camera shakes almost as if afraid to be seen and he leans in darkly to the figure.  

Chamelion: I’ll do it, but only because I’d die before I ever let anything happen to the woman I love!  But so help me, you touch her ever again, and it’s your life that will be cut short!  

The Figure breaks away, humor ever more present in its mangled voice as it mocks Chamelion.  

Figure You’re in no position to threaten, kiddo. I know Alex Wilkie is petitioning for Fire to join Grade ‘A’ Nastyness.  Get in there, convince her to come to you, offer her..incentives…whatever it takes.. MAKE HER YOURS!!!  

The figure then laughs as Chamelion stands there breathing heavy and ready to break down…and the scene cuts off abruptly.  In the ring, Sandra is at the ropes, staring up at the ADCtron with unblinking eyes.  Fire, on the other side, is shaking her head, unable to accent what she just heard and Chamelion has a hand on his head, in shock that someone revealed the footage, now deathly afraid that Sandra’s life could be at stake.  

McDaniel: What……..what did we just witness??  

Rentfro: I think…I think Chamelion was set up….it seems… I’m at a loss here, Jon… but I think all that has happened is because Chamelion was forced into it.  

Back in the ring, Sandra looks down at Chamelion who has turned, and is looking back up to Sandra.  He mouths “I’m so sorry!” before Sandra is whipped back away from the ropes by Fire, who now takes her spot and glares down at Chamelion.  


Before she can finish, Sandra grabs Fire from behind, and rolls her into a small package…the ref, though confused by the events, drops and makes the count.  







Sandra then swiftly rolls from the ring right in front of Chamelion.  They stare at each other, before Sandra grabs Chamelion by the back of his head and pulls him into a deep kiss!  The crowd erupts, approving of the action and as they break from the kiss, Chamelion embraces Sandra, looking as if a great weight had been taken from his shoulders.  They don’t even hear that Eric Emerson has declared Psycho Sandra the new PWA Television Champion.  

Rentfro: Simply….wow.  

McDaniel: It appears Chamelion and Sandra are back together!!  Wait, in the ring!  

Fire, back to her feet, looks like she’s broken and starts moving towards the couple with a murderous rage.  From the ringside area, Lestat appears, jumping the guard rail and sliding into the ring. He grabs Fire, who turns with a look of death on her face, but as she sees Lestat, she breaks down into his arms.  

McDaniel: Brian, I really don’t know what to say about all of this…  

Rentfro: Right there with you.  I do know however, something has happened that has yet to be explained.  Someone blackmailed Chamelion, threatened Sandra and turned Fire’s life upside down.  We see a lot of drama here in the PWA, but whomever is behind this, is going to have a lot to answer for.  

McDaniel: Lestat’s pulling Fire out through the fans, consoling her… Chamelion and Sandra are making their way up the ramp, and I have to say, that’s the sight we’re supposed to see.  

Rentfro: Perhaps, but Fire’s been hurt bad by this, and while Chamelion may earn forgiveness from the world for his actions against Sandra, he’s still going to have a lot to do to make it up to Fire.  

McDaniel: This isn’t over yet, but we do have to move on!

The scene cuts to the backstage area, where Sandra and Chamelion have come through the curtain.  They're speaking in hushed voices, but they appear to be reconciled.  Suddenly from off screen, a foot rushes out and connects with Chamelion's jaw, and he's knocked to the floor out cold.  Before Sandra can react, another kick catches her and she's left laying on the cold concrete floor as well.  Into the scene comes Alex Wilkie and the arena fills with sharp and coarse boos! Wilkie glares at the two and bends down.

Wilkie: I don't care what forced you to do what you did, Mark.  What you did do to Fire is unforgivable!  I could deal with the way you kicked me a couple of months ago, but now?  Trust may have your precious wife back.... but the celebration won't last for very long.  Trust me on that one!

Wilkie then grabs the PWA TV Title and looks at it, with a touch of longing for having failed to earn his shot, but shrugs.. since he now has bigger fish to fry, or in this case... a bigger lizard.  He drops the title on the fallen Sandra and gives Chamelion one last glare before walking off.

Rentfro: It seems to me, Jon, that SOME forms of Retribution...are just getting started!!

Intercontinental Title Match
Nightmare (C) vs. Matthew Engel


The house lights dim as smoke begins to boil up from the entranceway.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now... standing at six feet nine inches and weighting in at two hundred and eighty pounds...

A pulsing beat hits the air as "The Great American Nightmare" by Rob Zombie begins to play as a group of ravishingly beautiful women in hot pants and cropped halter tops rise from the smoke, moving in a sensuous provocative manner to the music. The arena lights begin to strobe in synchronicity to the music as the opening guitar riff hits its crescendo, the huge monitors flashing in counterpoint.

~Dig deep down from Planet X, yeah~
~Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head~
~Step right up and feel the fire~
~Hardcore love of the never dead~

Eric Emerson: He hails from Los Angeles, California...the PWA Intercontinental Champion.. he is Jonathon Wehali... he is...

Spotlights pan through the stadium, scanning through the air. Suddenly the entrance explodes with a spike of red pyros as the monitors begin showing highlights from Nightmare's previous matches. Icons and champions go down to his kicks and strikes. Superstars and legends tap out to his submission holds. One after another faces famous, infamous, and unknown are shown, each being driven into the canvas headfirst. The footage then burns away to a single word suspended in darkness: NIGHTMARE. It then shatters, the monitor going black.

~Call me the American nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Eric Emerson: NIGHTMARE!!!

As a shower of red pyros rains down upon the stage, Nightmare steps through the entrance. Red war paint marks his face. His Intercontinental Title draped over his right shoulder.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare scans the crowd like a general surveying his troops. His gaze then settles upon the ring. Making his way forward he slaps hands with the fans. Trailing behind Nightmare are his manager Akira and his bodyguard Dhamballa.

~Black boots stomp and penetrate, yeah~
~Lust and death gone in your head~
~Rat pack mind degenerated~
~Thirteen ghosts sing the body red~

Arriving at ringside, Nightmare selects a lovely young woman out of the crowd, placing his signature Gargoyle sunglasses upon her head then posing with the fans before turning to once again view the ring.

~Call me the dark intruder~
~Call me the haunted sea~
~Call me your Monster Zero~
~Call me anything you need~

Once at ringside Nightmare springs onto the ring apron, grabs the top rope, and flips over the top.

~Call me the American Nightmare~
~Call me the American dream~
~Call me your soul corrupted~
~Call me everything you need~

Nightmare walks to the center of the ring and pumps his fist into the air. The four corner posts of the ring erupt into an explosion of red pyros as the song fades out, the stage once again in darkness as the dancing girls return to the back.

~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Yeah, who do you love~
~Yeah, motherfucker~
~Who do you love, yeah~

Nightmare gives his title to the referee and then takes his place in his corner to await the beginning of the match as Akira and Dhamballa take their stations outside the ring.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

A rain of cheers and boos comes down as everyone knows who's about to come out. The lights go out, and dark green pyros shoot off into the air. We can hear over the PA system a different crowd at a different time. There is cheering and chanting, like a cult. Suddenly, a voice comes over.

A light... in the black...

or just a fear... of the dark.

A live version of "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden plays over the PA system as more dark green and now teal pyros shoot off. There is chanting from the real crowd and the crowd playing over the sound system, because despite who comes out, there is a huge fanbase of Iron Maiden in the crowd. 

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet even...

I am the man who walks alone

When I'm walking down a dark road

At night or strolling through the park

Matthew "Virus" Engel appears from backstage. Graham Cain and Dead End are behind him, dressed in their usual black tailored suits. They have the matching sunglasses, and the evil intentions to go with. Matthew is dressed in a darker colored tuxedo, however. It's almost black, with a hint of turqoise. It's hard to explain, but you get the picture. They make their way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...and weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds...

Have you ever run your fingers down the wall

And have you felt your neck skin crawl

When you're searching for the light?

Matthew, Cain, and Dead End make it to the ring. Nightmare and Corey are in their respective corners, looking on. Cain and Dead End remain outside the ring as Matthew steps in. He proceeds to take off his jacket and dress shirt.

Eric Emerson: He is the leader of the Masters of Armageddon... he is "THE VIRUS" MATTHEW ENGEL!!!

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

I have a constant fear that something's always near

Fear of the dark -- FEAR OF THE DARK!

I have a phobia that someone's always there

A louder pop from the crowd, but mixed with boos and cheers. Matt removes his restricting apparrel and is left with a wife-beater shirt, dress pants, and wrestling boots. It's always been that way, he's just representing a darker color, and a darker side. An unforgivable side. The music dies down and Matthew waits in his corner.


McDaniel: These men have been doing a lot of talking this week, and I can't wait to see them back it up!

Rentfro: Both men have promised victory, but only one of them can deliver. I'm pulling for Virus, Jon.

McDaniel: Of course you are.

Matthew takes a moment to say a quick prayer in his corner. Nightmare doesn't make the mistake of rushing in this time, he simply waits in the middle of the ring. Matthew finishes up, and turns toward Nightmare.

Rentfro: Don't rush him, Nightmare!

McDaniel: Calm down, Brian. He isn't doing anything.

Matthew and Nightmare lock horns, and Nightmare overpowers Matt, making him drop to a knee. Matt sweeps Nightmare off his feet and goes into the ropes. He comes down with an elbow drop, and then wraps Nightmare up in an armbar. Nightmare doesn't look close to giving in, but Matt wrenches his right arm hard and puts the pain in his eyes.

McDaniel: Matt's got that locked in pretty good, Brian.

Rentfro: Yes he certainly does, but Nightmare is showing some life as he gets up to his knees.

McDaniel: Nightmare is on his feet now and slams his elbow into Matt's stomach, and then clotheslines him!

Nightmare bounces into the ropes and comes back as Matt gets to his feet. Nightmare is quick to dodge an attempted clothesline and gets behind Matt quickly, taking him down with a reverse DDT.

McDaniel: Nightmare is using his speed like he said he would, Brian!

Rentfro: We all know who the quicker man is, Jon.

Nightmare gets Matt to his feet and tosses him into the corner. Nightmare delivers quick and painful punches, and Matt staggers out into the middle of the ring. Nightmare springboards off the top rope and comes down with a flying elbow, but Matt rolls out of the way just in time. Nightmare makes a quick turn and dodges a sharp kick from Matt at the last second. Nightmare tries for a clothesline, but Matt ducks and gets a kick in low, which makes Nightmare double over. Matt slams him to the ring with a double-arm DDT.



Kick out!

Close fall there! Nightmare might have been dazed with that double-arm DDT!

Rentfro: He was, Jon. Nightmare is showing his incredible speed and he's able to keep up with Matt. That's amazing!

McDaniel: I don't think he was lying when he said he could, Brian.

Nightmare is on his feet as Matt tries some quick punches. Nightmare blocks a few, but Matt lands a couple across Nightmare's jaw. Nightmare returns the favor and connects across Matt's jaw. It turns into a street fight, and Nightmare gets the advantage. Right hook, left, uppercut. Matt gets backed up into a corner, and dodges a haymaker from Nightmare. Matt slams his fists into Nightmare's sides, but Nightmare blocks a punch and uses it to hip toss Matt to the center of the ring.


Rentfro: Matt must've been ten feet in the air, Jon!

Matt grabs his back, but gets up quickly. Nightmare comes at him with great speed and Matt is barely able to dodge a boot to the face. Nightmare tries with a side kick, but Matt catches it.


Rentfro: Matt is on the ground!

Nightmare makes a cover.



Kick out!

Matt shows his resiliency and keeps the match alive, but wow that was a hell of a kick from Nightmare.

Rentfro: Matt is to his feet now as Nightmare comes at him with more punches. He grabs him by the head and slams it on his knee!

Nightmare tries to take Matt down, but Matt doesn't let it happen. Instead, he takes Nightmare to the ground. He lays some punches to Nightmare's head, and wraps him in a crossface armbar. Nightmare tries to fight out of it and overpower Matt, but Matt isn't letting it happen. He's got it locked in.

McDaniel: Nightmare's upper body looks like it's being broken in half, Brian. Virus is showing Nightmare that he has brought his ground game.

Rentfro: Nightmare can match Matt's speed, no doubt, but Matt can match Nightmare's grounding ability. It's going to be a test of will!

McDaniel: Right...

Nightmare fights out of it and manages to grab the bottom rope. Matt lets go of the hold and delivers a few kicks to Nightmare's side. He gets Nightmare to his feet, but Nightmare reverses with a jawbreaker, sending Matt back a few steps. Nightmare gets up quickly and Nightmare doubles Matt over, placing Matt's head between his thighs and wrapping his arms around Matt's waist in a reverse rear waistlock. Wehali then lifts Matt up and onto his shoulder, the bottom of Matt's ribcage directly over Wehali's shoulder via Matt's back.

McDaniel: Oh man! He's going for the Requiem for the Fallen early! He might have this in the bag, Brian!

Rentfro: Matt is struggling on top, he knows what's going on! Get out of it Matt!

McDaniel: Matt gets out of the hold and drops behind Nightmare and delivers a HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Rentfro: OH MY GOD! Nightmare's body almost broke in HALF!

Nightmare is struggling to get up, holding his back. Matt is to his feet and nails a right hook across Nightmare's face. He does it again, and again. He gets Nightmare up to his feet and executes a perfect northern lights suplex with a bridge.



Kick out!

WOW! Nightmare showing just why he's been the Intercontinental Champ for so long.

Rentfro: How did he kick out of that Jon? Matt had that bridged perfectly.

McDaniel: I don't know Brian!

Matt puts Nightmare in a boston crab submission hold. The referee is checking with Nightmare to see if he wants to give up, Nightmare calmly shakes his head.

Rentfro: He ain't getting out of this one, Jon!

McDaniel: I wouldn't say that! Nightmare has reversed the move on Matt!

Rentfro: Ah, but Matt is quick to break the hold. He starts to lay down some boots to Nightmare's chest. There ya go, Matt! An old fashioned beat-down.

Matt gets Nightmare to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Matt goes into the opposite side and springboards off the middle rope. He catches Nightmare in the middle of the ring with a dropkick. Nightmare goes down and Matt is quick on the attack. He tries a leglock on Nightmare. The referee once again gets down and checks to see if Nightmare wants to give up. Nightmare is quick to say no.

Rentfro: Matt is simply wearing him down, Jon. That's his gameplan and it's working out beautifully!

McDaniel: Nightmare tries to overpower Matt and manages to get to the bottom rope, but not after suffering from that horrific leg lock.

Nightmare tries to get to his feet, his knee a little weak. Matt lays down a few elbows to his back, but Nightmare comes back with a huge punch to Matt's stomach. Matt staggers back and they both try for right hooks.

McDaniel: They dodged each other!

Rentfro: And Matt comes back with a bicycle kick!

McDaniel: And Nightmare hits a roundhouse! THEY KNOCKED EACH OTHER OUT!

Nightmare and Matt fall to the ground, both seemingly unconscious. The referee starts the count.


No movement so far.


Still, no movement. Blood comes out of Matt's nose, and Nightmare's mouth.


It can't end this way! One of them needs to get up!



Finally, we have movement. Nightmare and Virus both have moved their head and managed to move their arms a bit.


Nightmare climbs to a knee, but he's very dazed.


Matt follows suit, they're about five feet away from each other.


The crowd is silent, trying to see if their warriors can make it through this to continue the match.

Get up, Matt! GET UP!



Rentfro: Amazing endurance by both men on display right here.

Nightmare and Engel stare at each other from across the ring, their heads resting on the top ropes, and then Wehali bares his teeth, his eyes clearing as they focus on Engel.

McDaniel: And Nightmare has had enough!

Nightmare charges into the corner where Engel is resting, unloading an epic assault of roundhouse kicks, short knees, and overhand punches. Virus crumples into a pile, leaning against the bottom turnbuckle, and Nightmare continues wailing away on him. The ref runs over, pulling him away from the challenger, and Virus grabs the middle rope, pulling himself to his feet.

Rentfro: Nightmare shoves the ref away...Virus surprises him with a Superkick!

Nightmare drops to a knee, leaning back from the impact, and Virus hooks in a front facelock, draping his arm over his shoulder. He grabs the waist of his pants, and then lifts him up vertically before dropping straight down, driving Nightmare to the mat on the back of his head.

McDaniel: Snap brainbuster by Virus!

Engel drops down over Nightmare, hooking a leg.




McDaniel: And it's not over yet!

Rentfro: Engel needs to wear Nightmare down a little bit more if he's really looking for the Intercontinental title.

Engel gets back to his feet and drops a knee into Nightmare's face, hooking his leg again and bridging his back.




Rentfro: Nightmare's not going to back down!

Virus gets back up and then cartwheels over Nightmare. He stops, spits on Wehali's downed body, and then hits the ropes perpendicular to Nightmare. He leaps over Nightmare, legs to head, and then rebounds again. Engel leaps up with a somersault, but Nightmare brings his knees up, and Virus comes crashing back-first against them.

McDaniel: And the Intercontinental champion still has the wherewithall to block Blood and Vengeance '77!!

Virus holds his lower back, frantically crawling away, and Nightmare rises to his feet, his eyes fixed entirely on Engel.

Rentfro: And Nightmare looks possessed!!

Virus pulls himself to his feet, and Nightmare points at him from the center of the ring, teeth clenched and the force of his breath blowing the hair out of his face.

McDaniel: And Virus isn't backing down!

Engel rushes out of the corner, throwing rights and lefts, and Nightmare absorbs every blow, staggering back only slightly. Engel hits the ropes, and Nightmare goes for a quick dashing Yakuza Kick. Engel ducks it, sliding underneath Wehali's legs, and then rises up, locking on another rear waistlock. Nightmare breaks it up with a pair of back elbows, turns around, and nails a huge lariat that sends Engel down.

McDaniel: And Nightmare points up top!

Nightmare steps out onto the apron, and then climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He pauses for a moment, holding his head, and then gets ready for flight.


Virus pops up, rushes over to the corner, and then slaps the top rope, causing Nightmare to lose his balance and fall groin-first across the top turnbuckle.

McDaniel: And Virus crotches the Intercontinental champion!

Engel hits a European uppercut across Nightmare's jaw, and then locks him in a front facelock. He drags him away from the corner so that only his feet are draped across the top ropes, and then drops him down on his forehead with a hanging DDT.

Rentfro: Rope-assisted DDT...and now Virus is going up top!

Engel spins his hands in a circle around one another, and then grabs the top ropes. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle, his back to the ring, and stands up straight.

McDaniel: Virus up top...!!!

Engel says a quick prayer, crossing his chest, and then backflips, twisting his body around and somersaulting forward. He lands with his chest across Nightmare's torso, and the impact pops him back up to his knees.


Virus drops down across Wehali, hooking both legs and bridging his back.





Virus rolls off of Nightmare, forcing himself to his feet. He looks over at the ref as Emerson hands him the Intercontinental title, and immediately raises his arms up in victory.

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match, and NEW...


Eric Emerson: ...PWA Intercontinental champion...MATTHEW "VIRUS" ENGEL!!!

Disturbed's "Avarice" cues up, and the ref runs over, handing the IC belt to Engel before raising his arm up.

McDaniel: That was one hell of a match!

The music dies, and the lights in the arena blacken. All eyes go back up to the ADCTron, where Lex Demise appears in front of the production trucks.

Rentfro: Now what's this all about?!

Demise adjusts his Skellington cap, and clears his throat.

Demise: Congratulations, Intercontinental champion. Seeing as how this message was pre-recorded about, oh, four hours ago, I'm not sure if that's Nightmare or Matthew Engel, but either way, I hope you had a good match. But seeing as how this message is for Matt, then I guess Nightmare? Well, you can just leave, win or lose.

The glow from the ADCTron shows Nightmare looking up the ramp. He shrugs as Engel rests against the corner pads, sliding out of the ring and heading back up the ramp.

Demise: Now Matt, not only have I noticed how you've become a little more incensed with certain people, be they named Jonathan Wehali or even Corey Lazarus, but I've also noticed how much more focused you've been on just one goal. lack the knowledge to truly be great. I know you want that knowledge, Matt. Everybody does. And I can give it to you. Not Ridel, not your brother Joe...just me. You have a week to consider my offer, which is as follows: you can join me, learn from the best, under your own free will, or you can be forced into it. One week, Matt. I'll see you next Friday. Or maybe earlier...

The houselights return as we see Cain and Dead End jumping over the railing and sliding into the ring, keeping Matt company. Engel looks on, filled with rage, and begins to exit the ring as the lights flicker for a moment before cutting out.

McDaniel: Oh, not this crap again!

The lights suddenly cut out.

For a moment there's silence - save for the indistinct chattering in the audience as they guess amongst themselves what might be coming.

Strobe lights then illuminate the darkness, and the colors shift between numerous colors - purple, blue, green, red, orange... And then to white...

A pulsating sound keeps the pace with the flashing colors.




The darkness takes over again. No visual. No sound. Until an image on the monitor fades in and takes shape.







Pyros explode at the entrance ramp - in unison with the music of A Perfect Circle, as the song "Pet" kicks up over the speakers. Those in the know - including those at ringside - immediately become aware of who is coming. The fans hit their feet and explode themselves as Jamie Flynn appears at the rampway.

Rentfro: No way in hell!

Sporting a new, more eccentric look - wearing beat up jeans and a rocker T. Unshaven for more than week with hair that's been let grown and concealing his eyes behind large, black sunglasses, he takes over the audience with his presence and raising his arm in the air... Commands their reception.

At ringside its nothing short of dropped jaws and disbelief. The attention of everyone - most particularly Matthew Engel - focuses solely on the figure up front.

McDaniel: Speculation ran rampant months ago as the highly-praised up and comer Jamie Flynn was taken out in the MoA's debut. Maybe now we'll finally get some answers!

Rentfro: Answers? All I've got are more questions!

He smiles proudly and finally motions with his hands for the fans to take it down a decibel. They oblige, and as they quiet down and his music fades, he finally raises the mic to his lips.

Grinning widely...

Jamie Flynn: Thank you all for the warm welcome. As you can see - the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Another eruption - There's clamor at ringside.

Jamie Flynn: There's certainly a lot to be said about the manner in which I forced to leave you all. Truth to be told; it may have been a blessing in disguise. I know, I know... The act of brutality left me beaten and helpless. But as I lay there motionless the only thought I could concentrate on was not one of anger or resentment. It was total apathy.

Murmurs of confusion abound, but he continues.

Jamie Flynn: For months I had been touted as the next big name to watch. People expected greatness - but what they got was a lazy fourth-rate title run and general disregard. I came back to this sport without any real rhyme or reason. That seemingly careless trend continued until I was put down by this supposed group of the future. And as I look at them now, I haven't a single word of hatred to direct at them. They woke me up. And to that end I owe them a debt of gratitude.

He pauses...

Jamie Flynn: And since all of them are standing up there in perfect health - I consider that debt paid in full.

The MoA'ers at ring side move closer up the ramp. Clearly they know what's been implied - but Engel motions for them to move no further.

Jamie Flynn: Tonight was a freebie. I had half a mind to emerge from the crowd with a two-by-four in hand and wreak havoc in every direction possible. But I'm no hero. I have no intention of waging a war of attrition against the 'future'. I'm simply here to issue a challenge. Matthew Engel... Been a while hasn't it?

Engel's face stays quite serious. Flynn lowers his sunglasses and their eyes become deadlocked.

Jamie Flynn: Out of everything I could say right now, just know this: I don't blame you. For whatever it's worth, I don't blame you at all.

He closes his eyes and smiles.

Jamie Flynn: And I sincerely hope you remember that when I beat you into the fucking ground.

The crowd erupts. Again the MoA inches closer, and again Engel stays their progress. He just continues his piercing gaze in the direction of Flynn.

Jamie Flynn: I'm sure you've all heard the murmurs. Next month. A Farewell to Arms. Fitting, don't you think? Take a week and decide what you're fighting for - and then get back to me. Don't worry... I'll be around.

"Pet" kicks up one more time as Flynn backs up the ramp to the entrance area. His eyes never leave their deadlock with Engel's. Finally he places his shades back on; and playing to the crowd one last time, turns to make his exit.

Rentfro: I am again, at a loss for words!!

McDaniel: As am I, but I know we're going to hear more about all of this in the coming week.

Rentfro: It should be good.  Virus is in the middle of a warzone now.  Demise, Flynn, and his still burning hatred for Lazarus... here's a man with a mouthful!!

McDaniel just shrugs and as the lights begin to dim, he clears his throat.

World Title Match
Corey Lazarus (C) vs. Mark McNasty

And fans, as Eric Emerson makes his way into the ring, we welcome you to our main event.                                                                                                                                         

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!!

The fans pop as the lights in the arena die, replaced by blacklights and blue spotlights circling the entrance stage. Cold's "Whatever You Become" cues up over the PA system, and the fans cheer as a pair of blue pyro streams shoot up from the sides of the stage, mist pouring out from behind the curtain. After a few moments, Mark McNasty walks out from behind the curtain, doing a few seconds of a Frankenstein-esque march, before laughing and stopping at the top of the ramp. He looks out all over the crowd, smiling, and then rubs his chin, cocking an eyebrow.

Rentfro: And here comes the man who, in all likelihood, will be walking out of Seattle with the World title around his waist.

McDaniel: I never knew you were a huge McNasty fan.

Rentfro: I like McNasty, I respect his abilities, but most importantly I hate Corey Lazarus.

Mark begins walking down the ramp, slapping a few high-five's with the crowd in the front rows. He stops halfway down the ramp, pointing with both hands at a fan holding up a poster that reads "BIG F'N NASTY", and then claps, bowing briefly to the fan before sliding into the ring. He quickly runs over to a corner, jumping up onto the middle turnbuckle and pointing out to the crowd, popping the fans.

McDaniel: And it appears that these Seattle fans are diehard in their support of the challenger here tonight.

Mark hops down from the corner and then walks over to the opposite one, doing the same schtick to another loud pop. Mark hops back down and then walks into the center of the ring as the blue spotlights focus on him. He looks to his left, and then to his right, before facing up to the rafters as raising both arms up into the air, letting blue pyro rain down behind him. The houselights return to normal as the raining pyro stops, and McNasty backs up into his corner, sliding off his vest and handing it to a ringside attendant. The referee comes over to pat him down for foreign objects, and before he can finish, the lights die again. The glow of the still-powered ADCTron is all that lights the arena, aside from the corridors nearly hidden by fans, and the acoustic introduction of Metallica's cover of "The Ecstasy Of Gold" filters through the PA system. The melodic electric harmony comes in over it as an old fashioned, black and white film countdown shows up on the ADCTron, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit. The acoustics die down...



...and are replaced by a quick succession of eleven snare hits before electric guitars come crashing in, the pace picking up. A single spotlight shines on the entrance curtain just before Corey Lazarus steps out from behind it with his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's over his eyes, a bottle of Aquafina in his hand, and the PWA World title around his waist. Corey stops at the top of the ramp, jogging in place as he shakes out his arms, and then points up to the sky as various images of his success throughout his career are shown: smacking Sean Moro and Vern Michaels in their faces with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat to win the DRWF Sovereign titles with Brandon Nova; wrenching the Yamada Stretch in on Nightmare and breaking his leg in the process; and, of course, dropping Lex Demise into the casket with the Mercury Driver at High Stakes.

McDaniel: And here he is. Our World champion.

Rentfro: Not for long, I hope.

The pace of the song continues as Hetfield's vocals come in, and Corey marches down the ramp, his eyes never leaving the ring. Corey still reaches out to either side of the ramp, slapping high-five's and shaking quick hands, but never takes his eyes off of McNasty, the spotlight focusing on him all the while. Lazarus hops up onto the apron and steps in, raising both fists up into the air as flashbulbs go off all around the arena. The music dies down again as Corey drops to a knee, his fist placed on the mat and his head bowed. The drums come in again at a steadier, faster pace, and the music follows suit, prompting Lazarus to jump to his feet, his arms out to his sides and his hands spread wide, a huge smile on his face as he spins around, facing every nook and cranny of the arena. The houselights return just as the spotlight goes out, and Corey takes a sip from his Aquafina before tossing the open, half-empty bottle behind him into the crowd. Lazarus then slides his Ray Ban's off, handing them to a ringside attendant, and backs into his corner. The referee comes over to pat him down quick, and Corey's eyes never once leave McNasty's.

McDaniel: Look at Corey's eyes, folks. This is the most focused that the Hollywood Kid has ever been in the entire 8 years of him being an in-ring competitor.

Rentfro: And none of that really matters tonight, because McNasty has Corey's number.

Emerson steps back into the middle of the ring, tapping the mic to make sure it still works.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with no time limit, and is for the Pioneer Wrestling Association WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The fans applaud, and Corey adjusts the tape on his hands and wrists. McNasty jogs in place a little bit before stretching out with the aid of the top rope.

Eric Emerson: Introducing first, he is the challenger! Weighing in tonight at 255 pounds and standing at 6 feet, 3 inches tall...he hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and is a former PWA Intercontinental champion, a former 2-time BWF World champion, and one half of Grade A Nastyness...he is "Big Nasty"...

Mark steps out from his corner, raising a fist in the air as he smiles, his eyes squinted and aimed directly for Lazarus across from him.

Eric Emerson: ...MARK McNASTY!!!

Fans: MARK IS AWE-SOME!! (clap, clap, clapclapclap) MARK IS AWE-SOME!! (clap, clap, clapclapclap)

McNasty raises his eyebrows, holding his hands up as he smirks, as if to say "see?" regarding the fans cheering for him. Corey laughs, shaking his head a little, and then looks around at some fans in the front row before turning back to his opponent, nodding as he holds up a finger, saying "wait a sec."

Eric Emerson: And introducing next, hailing from Hollywood, California, he weighs in tonight at 230 pounds, and stands at 6-foot-1...he is a former 2-time PWA Grizzly Beer champion, a former 2-time PWA Hardcore champion, a former 2-time HiC Tempest champion, and is the current, reigning, and defending PWA World Heavyweight champion...he is "The Premiere Attraction"...

Corey turns around quick to jump up onto the top rope before backflipping off and corkscrewing, landing in the same crouched position as he was during his entrance, only staring at McNasty the whole time before jumping back to his feet, his arms widespread.

Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!

Emerson leaves the ring as McNasty and Lazarus meet in the center, the referee separating them.

McDaniel: Our referee tonight explaining to both Lazarus and McNasty that due to the importance of the match he will be a little more lenient on the rules than usual, but that doesn't mean he can be pushed around. Both men agreeing, they touch fists...



Rentfro: ...And McNasty comes right out of the gate with a clothesline!

Corey ducks the clothesline attempt, locking Mark in a rear waistlock, and then takes him down to the mat, spinning over him and applying a front facelock on the canvas.

McDaniel: And Corey works the leverage with that front facelock...escape by McNasty into a reverse armbar, Corey rolls through and gets him in a headscissors. McNasty leaps out, basement dropkick attempt is swatted away by the World champion, and Lazarus goes back to the front facelock.

Corey wrenches the facelock in, tilting his body back, and Mark squirms, trying to fight out of it. He stops squirming, realizing that trying to fight out of it only makes it worse, and then reaches up to Corey's face and slapping him in the temple. Corey closes his eye and then tweaks McNasty's neck more, but then Mark gets his foot out and onto the bottom rope. The referee catches it, and begins the count.

Ref: Alright, c'mon, break the hold! 1! 2!

Corey releases the front facelock and then gets to his feet, backing away. He never takes his eyes off of McNasty as he adjusts his kneepads, and Mark pulls himself to his feet. The two stare at each other from across the ring, and then circle the ring, their hands up in a ready position. They lock up, and Mark fires off a pair of knees into Corey's midsection before breaking the collar-and-elbow tie-up. He nails a pair of forearms, and then whips Corey into the ropes.

Rentfro: Good for McNasty. Keep bringing the fight to Lazarus. Corey has very rarely faced somebody who just constantly brings the fight to him, so it may throw him off his game.

Corey hits the ropes, and immediately McNasty nails him with a lunging shoulderblock, sending Corey out over the top rope. Lazarus holds on and lands with a knee on the apron, getting up with his eyes locked on Mark. McNasty hits the opposite set of ropes, and Corey springboards himself off the top. Mark rebounds as Corey leaps off with a springboard spinning heel kick, but McNasty dives underneath Corey. Lazarus catches on quick and tumbles to a ready position as McNasty does the same across the ring from him, and the two stare at each other, fists raised. The fans clap, appreciating the solid back-and-forth thus far, and both Corey and McNasty get to their feet. Lazarus shakes out his arms a little as McNasty rubs his wrists, and the two circle one another again.

McDaniel: And these fans cheering on solid wrestling, which is something we have not seen in a World title match in quite some time.

Rentfro: It's a nice change of pace, to be honest. I'm especially glad that it seems Mark McNasty has the foresight to see anything and everything Corey is going to throw at him early on. You can tell that the last week of training on his behalf is paying off.

Corey puts his hands on his hips, nodding his head. He points to McNasty...

Lazarus: Good job, motherfucker.

...who takes a quick bow. Corey then lunges forward and nails him with a downward thrusting elbow, knocking McNasty temporarily senseless. Lazarus locks him in a side headlock, wrenching it in, but Mark whips Corey off and into the corner. Corey leaps directly up top and then backflips over Mark as he charges in, landing in a crouching position. Lazarus jumps up for a high-flipping dropkick right as McNasty turns around to face him, but Mark swats Corey away. Lazarus lands on his side on the mat and McNasty drops an elbow, but Corey rolls out of the way, causing Mark's elbow to nail the mat. McNasty grabs his arm quick as Corey looks to drop a leg across it, and rolls away onto the apron. McNasty and Lazarus get to their feet at the same time, and Corey fires off a pair of forearms, dazing Mark.

McDaniel: Corey looking to suplex McNasty back into the ring, McNasty reverses, rear waistlock and a standing switch by Lazarus.

Corey goes to lift McNasty for a German suplex, but Mark elbows him in the side of the head and breaks free. He nails a right hand, and then whips Corey into the corner, charging in immediately after. Lazarus runs up the turnbuckle pads and backflips over McNasty, landing on his feet. Mark turns around in the corner and goes for a right, but Lazarus blocks it. McNasty goes for a left, but Corey blocks that too. Corey fires off a high roundhouse kick, but Mark ducks it.

McDaniel: Lariat attempt to the back of Corey's head, but Lazarus ducks it. Superkick by Corey, Mark catches the foot...Dragon Screw legwhip!

Lazarus backs away on the mat from Mark, who readies himself, and Corey pushes himself back to his feet. The two lock-up in the center of the ring again, and then jockey for position, shoving each other to and fro.

Rentfro: And McNasty backs Laz into the corner.

The two keep the collar-and-elbow tie up, and the ref comes in to break it.

Ref: C'mon, break it up! 1! 2! 3!

McNasty backs away, arms wide, and Corey looks at him, his face solemn.

Rentfro: And it appears that Corey has vastly underestimated McNasty tonight.

McDaniel: The two men circle the ring once more...

Both men go for a lock-up, but Lazarus ducks under Mark's arms and locks him in a rear waistlock, quickly dragging him down to the mat with a rear slam. Lazarus reaches forward and grabs Mark's jaw, pulling it back with a Camel Clutch. McNasty grunts in pain, gritting his teeth, and Corey grabs a handful of his hair, swinging across with a huge right crossface punch.

McDaniel: And just BRUTAL crossface punches by Corey Lazarus! Right, left, right, left...

Corey stops the assault, hits the ropes, and drops a big Muta elbow across the back McNasty's head. Lazarus pops back up, hits the ropes again, and follows it up with another. He grabs McNasty in a front facelock and drags him up to his feet, draping his arm over his shoulder.

McDaniel: Vertical suplex by! McNasty with a rear waistlock!

Mark drops down behind Corey, locking on a rear waistlock, and then whips him back and over, dropping him practically on the top of his head.

Rentfro: BIG release German suplex by Mark McNasty!

Lazarus rolls back and holds onto the back of his head as Mark charges in with a pair of boots to his ribs. Mark hits a short knee to Corey's head, and then brings him up to his feet. He doubles him over with a shot to the gut, and then locks him in a front facelock.

Rentfro: McNasty brings Corey up...

McDaniel: Jackhammer!!

McNasty hooks Corey's leg and drives his forearm into his face, adding a little bit on insult to it.
Corey gets a shoulder up, and Mark looks around the arena before looking up at the referee. The ref holds up one finger, and McNasty brushes his hair out of his face before getting to a knee.

Rentfro: McNasty should have continued trying to pin Corey right there. If he had hooked both of his legs and distributed his weight just a little more onto Corey's shoulders, we'd have a new World champion.

Mark gets to his feet, a hand on the back of Corey's head, and then brings him up too. McNasty drives a pair of forearms in Corey's jaw, and then whips him into the ropes. McNasty leapfrogs over the rebounding Lazarus, and then hits the opposite set of ropes. He dives in with a forearm attempt...

McDaniel: Lights!

...but Corey ducks under it and stops dead in his tracks. McNasty quickly scrambles back to his feet, but gets caught with a high roundhouse kick to the head that sends him back to the mat.

McDaniel: And don't count Corey out just yet!

McNasty gets back to a knee, only to eat another pair of roundhouse kicks that send him back down. He sits up, eats another roundhouse kick, and then rolls out of the ring. Corey steadies himself as McNasty, holding his jaw, paces around ringside at the bottom of the ramp, trying to catch a breather while the ref begins the count.

Ref: C'mon, Mark, get back in the ring! 1! 2!

McNasty drops to a knee as Corey psyches himself up and then hits the ropes opposite the ramp.

Ref: 3!

McDaniel: Air Hollywood is scheduled for departure...!!

Corey jumps right up onto the top rope, stalling for a second to let McNasty try to evade, and then turn around, confused as to where Lazarus is. Using this moment, Lazarus leaps off with a swan-dive somersault plancha, crashing into McNasty and sending him into the corner of the guardrail.

Rentfro: And McNasty may have a broken back from that one!

McDaniel: And listen to these fans!


Lazarus, lying flat on his back, holds his hand up, giving the crowd the thumbs-up, and then kips up to his feet. He holds his arms out to his sides, basking in the adulation of the fans, as the ref jumps out of the ring, checking on McNasty.


Ref: Are you alright to continue?

McNasty - pained, wincing - nods his head yes, and the referee claps his hands together.

Ref: Alright, let's go! Get back in the ring guys, c'mon!

The ref slides back into the ring, and starts the count again.

Ref: 1! 2!

McDaniel: Corey brings McNasty back to his feet, and he slides him back into the ring.

Corey steps up onto the apron, pointing to a few fans in the front row as they start their own chant.

Fans: L-A-Z! L-A-Z! L-A-Z! L-A-Z!

Rentfro: Oh, somebody shut those idiots up!

Corey turns around just as McNasty rushes back to his feet, and gets nailed with a big right hand that sends him flat out back to the floor. Mark drops back to a knee, holding his lower back, and then stands up. He grabs hold of the top rope as Corey gets back to his feet, rubbing his jaw, and then slingshots himself over.

McDaniel: Slingshot hurricanrana on the floor by Mark McNasty!!

Rentfro: Now THAT I'd like to see a replay of!

McNasty gets to his knees, still holding his lower back, and then forces himself up to his feet, using the apron for leverage. Lazarus crawls over to the ringsteps, forcing himself to a knee, and a box pops up in the bottom-right corner of the screen with the word "REPLAY" in bold white letters across the bottom of it.


The first replay cues up with Corey leaping off of the top rope with a swan-dive somersault plancha onto McNasty, causing McNasty's back to crash right into the corner of the guardrail. McNasty screams as the scene then cuts to a still of Mark holding the top rope. The still comes to life as McNasty slingshots himself over, legs spread, and wraps them around Corey's head, backflipping quick and sending Corey tumbling over to the floor.

McDaniel: And this match, which has only been going on for about seven and a half minutes by my count, is already taking a toll on both champion and challenger.

Rentfro: Luckily, moreso on the champion.

Ref: 6! 7!

McNasty slides back into the ring as Corey pulls himself onto the apron, shaking his head out to regain focus. Mark gets to his feet and stalks over towards Corey. Lazarus goes for a high roundhouse over the top rope, but McNasty catches his ankle, and wraps an arm around Corey's shin.

Rentfro: McNasty...BIG-TIME elbows to Corey's knee!

The ref gets close to McNasty and Lazarus, yelling at Mark for having Corey on the ropes.

Ref: Get him off the ropes! 1! 2! 3!

McNasty stops elbowing Corey's knee, and then whips him over the top rope into the ring with a high-angle Dragon Screw. Corey rolls on the mat and into the center of the ring, holding his knee. Mark brushes his hair out of his face, tucking it behind his ears, and then walks in, stomping away on Corey's knee.

McDaniel: And McNasty has Corey in a position that the World champion does not want to be in.

Rentfro: No shit, Sherlock!

McNasty grabs Corey's ankle, and then spins his body down, twisting Corey's knee and then slamming it into the mat. Corey sits up, clutching at his knee, and then McNasty hits the ropes, dropping down with a basement dropkick to Corey's forehead. Lazarus snaps his head off of the canvas, and McNasty hooks the worked-over leg for the cover.



McDaniel: And Corey kicks out at 2!

Rentfro: AGAIN with McNasty not placing his weight properly on Corey's shoulders.

McNasty gets up to his feet, and brings Corey up to his. He boots Corey in the midsection, locking him in a front facelock, and then drops down with a stiff DDT. Corey stands up straight from the impact before falling over onto his side, and McNasty grabs Corey by the hair, bringing him back to his feet.

McDaniel: Mark McNasty with a pair of forearms, a whip to the ropes...INCREDIBLE SPINEBUSTER!!!

Rentfro: O!

McDaniel: That shook the ring!

McNasty pops right back up to his feet, and then hits the ropes parallel to the downed Lazarus.

Rentfro: U!

McNasty tumbles forward, and then leaps up into the air, somersaulting forward.

Rentfro: C!

At the last second, Corey gets both of his knees up, driving them into the falling McNasty's lower back. Mark bounces backwards, flipping over entirely, and lands on his chest, holding his lower back as he kicks his feet into the mat.

Rentfro: H?!

McDaniel: OUCH!!! Corey had it scouted, but reversing cost him!

Corey grabs his worked-over knee again as he sits up, holding it tight to his chest. He grits his teeth, eyes clenched shut, and then tries stretching it out and bending it back in. Corey forces himself to his feet, limps a little bit, and then slides his thumb across his throat.

McDaniel: And Corey's looking to finish it right now!!

Rentfro: What a showboat!

Corey leans down and grabs McNasty by the hair, bringing him to his feet. He locks him into a front facelock and cradles his inner leg, lifting him vertically.

McDaniel: Box Office Bomb...!!

Rentfro: McNasty reverses it!

Mark forces himself out of it, twisting his body around behind Corey so that they are back-to-back, and then hits a backslide out of it, leaning forward to hold Corey's shoulders down.




Corey kicks out at the last second, rolling away from McNasty and looking right at him, holding his knee. Mark looks wide-eyed at the referee, amazed, and holds up three fingers.

Rentfro: Slow-count by the referee!!! I'm a witness to it too, Mark! Corey has him on the payroll!!

McDaniel: Oh would you shut UP?!

Corey gets up as McNasty does the same, and the two charge, hitting rights and lefts to each other. McNasty gains the upper-hand with a quick succession of knife-edge chops, leading the fans to predictably chant...

Fans: WHOOO!!!!

...until Corey blocks a chop and nails a short headbutt before locking McNasty in in a head-and-arm hold, sending him over onto his head with a vicious Uranage.


Lazarus sits up, holding his knee with one hand and propping himself up with the other, as McNasty lies flat on his back, his eyes glazed over. Corey turns around, sees McNasty out, and then crawls over, dropping an arm over his chest.


Corey reaches down, grabbing the kneepad of Mark, and hooks it up loosely.



Corey, surprised, swallows his saliva, nodding his head. He gets up to his feet, and then brings Mark up to a knee. He nails him with a stiff middle roundhouse kick to the chest, followed by an even stiffer one to his upper back.

McDaniel: Lazarus off the ropes...

Corey kicks off of McNasty's knee, swinging his body around to the back of him and driving his hurt knee into the back of McNasty's skull. Mark drops down on his face, his hands under his body, and Corey grabs at his knee, cursing through clenched teeth.

Lazarus: FFFFFFUCK!!

Lazarus pounds his fist against the mat in frustration as McNasty slowly rolls over onto his side, one eye closed the other practically lifeless.

Rentfro: And now would be the perfect time for Mark to get up and go back after Corey's knee. He's already worked it over a little bit, and it's obviously starting to hurt him more and more, and if you take out the knee, you take out the bulk of his offense.

McDaniel: Lazarus up to his feet now. He picks McNasty up...INSIDE SMALL PACKAGE!!

In practically a replay of a week prior, McNasty hooks Corey's legs inside and brings him down into a small package pin. The ref drops down for the count, but Mark breaks the pinfall immediately, getting to a knee. Corey sits up, his back to Mark, and McNasty then leaps up, hitting the ropes and nailing a diving forearm to the back of Corey's head.

Rentfro: Another Lights Out for Corey! Make the cover, Mark!

Mark drags Corey just far enough away from the ropes, and then covers him, neglecting to hook either leg.



McDaniel: And Corey kicks out!

McNasty sits up, pulling his hair in frustration, and then gets to his feet. He drops to a knee quick, holding his lower back and head, and then forces himself back up. Lazarus begins getting up to a knee, and McNasty brings him up to his feet, whipping him into the corner chest-first.

McDaniel: A pair of forearm shots to the back of the head by McNasty, and he lifts the champion up onto the top turnbuckle.

Mark pauses for a few moments, getting his wind back. He climbs up behind Corey, and then reaches over his shoulder, looking for an inverted front facelock.

Rentfro: And it looks like McNasty is going for the M&M...

McDaniel: But Corey fights back!

Lazarus fires off back elbow after back elbow, hitting seven of them before McNasty drops back to his feet on the mat, dazed. Corey turns around and slaps McNasty across the face.

McDaniel: Lazarus with the front facelock, Tornado DDT attempt...and he...NO!

Rentfro: McNasty plants him with a Northern Lights Suplex into the corner!

Lazarus lies in the corner on his neck and shoulders, his lower back across the middle turnbuckle and legs up against the top ropes. McNasty gets to his feet using the ropes, and then turns around. He laughs a little bit, nodding, and then points to the crowd.


Rentfro: And the fans wise up as to who the more worthy champion is!

McDaniel: McNasty pulls Corey out of the corner, and he goes up top!

McNasty turns around, facing the ring now, and then stands up straight. He shrugs his shoulders, smirking, and then flies off, dropping the point of his elbow across Corey's sternum. Lazarus's body shakes from the impact, as does the ring, and McNasty rolls away before getting to his knees and rushing over, hooking a leg.




McDaniel: And Corey gets the shoulder up!

Lazarus rolls over onto his stomach, bringing his knees up so that his forehead is against the mat. McNasty grabs Lazarus by the waist and brings him to his feet in a rear waistlock. Mark hits Corey with a German suplex, bridging his back for the pin.



Rentfro: No! Corey kicks out again!

McNasty sits up, holding three fingers. The ref shows him two, and McNasty claps his hands three times.

McNasty: One, two, three!! C'mon!

Ref: He kicked out at 2!!

The ref keeps holding up two fingers, and McNasty then just raises one: the middle. Lazarus stirs, crawling over to the corner, and Mark rises to his feet, backing into the opposite corner. Lazarus pulls himself to his feet, using the ropes, and McNasty charges. Mark leaps up with a Corner Avalanche attempt, but Corey drops down to his back, sliding onto the apron. McNasty eats the ringpost, and then bounces back into the ring, holding his face. Blood can be seen trickling down from under his hands as Mark falls to the mat, kicking his feet in pain, and Corey pulls himself to his feet on the apron, climbing up to the top.

McDaniel: McNasty overshot that one just too much, and Lazarus saw it coming.

Rentfro: And now Mark's gushing!

The ref drops down to check on McNasty, who shoves him away, leaving a bloody handprint on the ref's white-and-black striped shirt. The ref looks at it, disgusted, and nearly throws up, getting a few dry heaves. Lazarus steadies himself on the top turnbuckle, holding his knee with one hand and the top rope with the other for balance. Mark gets up to a knee, letting the blood drip off the tip of his nose to the mat, originating from inside his nose itself.

McDaniel: And Mark McNasty could have himself a broken nose! Corey sees it, gets ready...Mark up to his feet...

Lazarus flies off the top with a corkscrew back elbow, connecting right on point with McNasty's nose. Both men collapse to the mat, and Corey rolls to his feet, rubbing his knee to try to get the feeling back into it. Mark lies on his side, a hand on his nose, as the blood begins pooling beneath him.

Rentfro: Somebody should get the EMTs down here.

Corey limps over to McNasty and drops down with a lateral press, hooking the leg.



Rentfro: And McNasty kicks out at 2!

Corey nods as he rises, understanding that Mark isn't done yet, and then rolls the challenger over onto his stomach. Lazarus places both knees into McNasty's lower back, grabbing his knee with one hand and his chin with the other, and then rolls back, wrenching Mark over his knees.

McDaniel: Bow and Arrow Stretch by Corey Lazarus, and I think that may be the first time he's ever used that one!

Rentfro: McNasty's back is still probably hurting him from the guardrail just a few minutes ago, so I'll give credit where credit's due: Corey knows just how to exploit an injured man's weaknesses.

McDaniel: Back-handed compliments aside, the ref checks on McNasty, and he's refusing to tap!

Rentfro: Hang in there, kid!

Corey continues pulling back on Mark's jaw and knee, stretching him more, but McNasty refuses to tap. Corey falls all the way onto his back, loosening his grip on Mark's jaw, and McNasty pops himself out, falling down across Corey's chest and hooking his outside leg.



McDaniel: Corey gets a shoulder up...!!

Rentfro: But McNasty rolls through!

Mark gets to his feet, holding Lazarus up for a fallaway slam, and then flips backwards as soon as he gets up, slamming Lazarus down to the mat and then bringing himself down on top of him immediately afterwards.





Corey gets a shoulder up just in time, and the referee has to slap his own hand away to prevent it from hitting the mat. McNasty pounds his fist against the mat as Corey rolls away, and the ref holds up two fingers.

Rentfro: Another slowcount by the ref!

McDaniel: That was a regulation count, and you damn well know it!

McNasty gets up to his feet, and then stumbles back, shaking his head. The blood has stopped pouring from his broken nose, and the bruising has begun to appear beneath his eyes. He grabs Corey by the head and sits him up.

McDaniel: McNasty off the ropes...

Rentfro: And that coward Corey Lazarus bails out of the ring!

Corey drops to all-four's at ringside, and McNasty halts himself by grabbing hold of the top rope. He looks down at Lazarus, who gets up to a knee, and then hits the ropes again.

McDaniel: McNasty off the ropes again...

Mark dives between the top and middle ropes, nailing a forearm to the back of Corey's head as he rises to his feet. Lazarus flies forward from the impact into the front row, and McNasty jumps back to his feet, falling back against the apron.


Rentfro: And Corey's Light just got put Out!

Ringside security swarms over to the front row, shoving fans aside. McNasty raises a fist up in the air, his eyes clenched shut as he regains his bearings, and the fans react with a huge pop.

McNasty: This entire match has been nothing but tremendous back-and-forth action. It's a wonder either man can still move.

Rentfro: Well, McNasty still can, but I don't know about Laz.

Security helps Corey to his feet, his eyes rolling around in his head. He falls down into a fan's empty chair, taking a quick breather. The ref, waiting to see if either man was able to move, begins the 10-count.

Ref: 1! 2!

McNasty pulls himself up onto the apron by the middle rope, and then rolls under the bottom rope into the ring. He gets to his knees, leaning backwards against the middle rope to keep himself up. Lazarus stumbles up from the chair, and then collapses over the guardrail, lying on his back and staring up at the rafters.

Ref: 3!



Corey sits up, and then forces himself to his feet with the aid of the guardrail. In the ring, McNasty rises up to his feet, leaning against the corner.

Ref: 6!

McDaniel: Well I'll be damned...

Rentfro: I know! I'm amazed that Corey can even still move, too!

McDaniel: Besides that! Look up the ramp!

Matthew Engel, Orochi, and Cain emerge from behind the curtain, standing at the top of the ramp. They peer down to the ring, with Engel looking on the most interested. Corey turns to see the three at the top, and then looks back to the ring.

Ref: 7!



Corey pulls himself under the bottom rope just in time, and the ref shakes his arms, making sure that the timekeeper knows to let the match continue. McNasty looks up at Corey as he rises to his feet, and then pushes himself out of the corner. He rushes over to Laz and nails him with a barrage of rights and lefts before bringing him to his feet and doubling him over with a kick to the gut.

McDaniel: A huge powerbomb by McNasty!

Rentfro: Haha! Corey got folded up like an accordion with that one!

McNasty drops to a knee, holding himself up with a hand on the mat, and Corey stares up at the rafters, breathing heavily.

McDaniel: If Mark McNasty can capitalize on this situation, he may just walk out of Seattle with the PWA World championship.

McNasty reaches over, grabbing Corey's head, and then sits him up, still holding onto Corey's head as McNasty himself gets up. Mark nails Corey in the back of the head with a stiff soccer kick, and then brings him up to his feet. A pair of forearms later, and Lazarus gets whipped into the corner.

Rentfro: McNasty with a running corner clothesline...

Corey starts falling, but McNasty nails a European uppercut, sending him back into the corner. He locks Laz in a front facelock, and then switches positions as he sits on the top rope. McNasty drags Corey up to the middle rope, and then steps up to the top rope himself. He keeps the front facelock on, and then grabs the waist of Corey's tights. McNasty lifts Corey up a little bit and then leaps forward. He falls to a seated position, more leaning back, and drives Lazarus forehead-first into the canvas.


McDaniel: And these fans are on their feet!!

Literally. Every visible person in the crowd are on their feet, cheering on either McNasty or the match itself. McNasty sits up, drawing another loud pop, and then crawls over to Lazarus, dropping down with an arm across his chest.








The fans cheer in awe as McNasty just rolls over, his face visibly stressed. He covers his eyes, his chest rising and falling, and Corey rolls over onto his stomach, a blank expression still on his face. The referee checks on both men quick, and then backs away, beginning the standing 10-count.







McNasty sits up and then rolls to a knee, pushing himself right to his feet. Lazarus remains still, save for reaching for the bottom rope...all the way across the ring.


Corey brings a knee in under his stomach, forcing himself up a little. McNasty holds onto the top rope, regaining his bearings again.


McDaniel: No! It can't end like this!

Rentfro: Oh yes it can! McNasty winning the World title by Knockout!


Corey forces himself to both knees, and just as the referee begins bringing his arms down for 10, he stumbles up to his feet. The ref waves his arms again to signify the match continuing, and McNasty eyes Corey. Lazarus stumbles into the corner, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs, and Engel, Orochi, and Cain start making their way down the ramp.

McDaniel: And it's obvious that the MoA do not like what they're seeing!

The MoA make it halfway down, but from behind the curtain charge Nightmare, Akira, Dhamballa, and Hiro Takawa. The four attack the three MoA members from behind, and an all-out brawl occurs on the ramp, with Nightmare wailing away on Engel, who fires back gutshot after gutshot, as Dhamballa brawls with Cain and Akira and Hiro double-team Orochi. Back in the ring, McNasty has stumbled over to Lazarus in the corner, nailing him with right hand after right hand, albeit spaced out.

Rentfro: There may be chaos on the ramp, but McNasty has total control in the ring!

McNasty winds up for another right, but Lazarus fires back with a huge open-palm strike to Mark's face. McNasty stumbles back, and then winds up again for another big right. Corey nails him with another open-palm strike, this time to Mark's broken nose, and then follows it up with another, and another, and then another.

McDaniel: And Corey is still in this!!

Corey's eyes clear, becoming more and more focused with each strike to McNasty. Lazarus continues firing with open-palm strikes, forearms, and knife-edge chops, all to McNasty's head and chest. Corey forces Mark into the middle of the ring, and then kicks him in the knee, followed by a middle roundhouse kick to McNasty's exposed ribs. Lazarus sandwiches Mark's head with a rising Muay Thai knee to his jaw and a downward elbow thrust to the top of his head, and McNasty stumbles back, dazed.

McDaniel: Combo Number 5...!!!

Lazarus leaps up, connecting with an incredibly stiff Enziguri that sends McNasty right down face-first to the mat.


Corey dives onto McNasty, hooking his leg as the ref drops for the count.





Corey gets to his knees, holding his hands on his head, completely surprised. The ref shows him two fingers, moving his shoulder to illustrate to Laz that McNasty got his shoulder up before 3. McNasty gets to a knee, and Corey grabs him by the hair, bringing both men to their feet. Lazarus then whips Mark into the ropes, and catches him on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker attempt.

Rentfro: McNasty reverses the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, lands on his feet...WESTERN LARIAT!!!

Corey topples down from the stiff lariat by McNasty, but then rolls right to his feet. McNasty looks in complete shock as Corey grabs his elbow, staring back at McNasty with fire in his eyes. He screams...


...and then spins, nailing McNasty in the jaw with a Roaring Elbow. The impact and momentum turns McNasty around, and Lazarus grabs him for a backdrop suplex, but cradles the inner leg and locks his hands together. He whips him back over, driving him right to the mat on his forehead.


Corey gets to his feet, looking out to the crowd, and then drops to his hands and knees, breathing heavy.

Rentfro: Phew...for a moment I thought that the lariat took nothing out of Corey! McNasty's taking a breather now, thanks to Laz over-exerting himself.

McNasty pushes himself to his hands and knees as Lazarus gets to his feet. Lazarus drops to a knee again, breathing heavy, and then forces himself back up. He holds his arms out to his sides, hands wide open, and the fans cheer.

Fans: L-A-Z! L-A-Z! L-A-Z! L-A-Z!

McDaniel: Corey readies himself, measuring out McNasty...

Mark forces himself to his feet, his back to Lazarus, and then turns around. Corey boots him in the midsection and locks on a front facelock, draping his arm over his shoulder and hooking his inside leg. Lazarus goes to lift McNasty up, but Mark nails a pair of shots to Corey's ribs, causing Lazarus to drop McNasty back to his feet. McNasty then hooks Corey's inside leg, lifts him up, and drops him on his shoulders and head with a kneeling cradle powerbomb.


Mark falls backwards, both men out and exhausted. The ref looks at both men, astonished that either are still moving.

McDaniel: And these fans are letting everybody know just what they think about this match!!


McNasty crawls over to the ropes as Lazarus rolls onto his stomach. Mark climbs up the ropes to his feet, leaning against them for support. Corey forces himself to his knees, looking out into the crowd, completely dazed. He gets to a foot, turning around as McNasty charges.

Rentfro: LIGHTS OUT!!

McDaniel: NO!!!

Corey leaps over the diving McNasty, who tumbles forward to his feet. Lazarus turns around, and McNasty charges at him, firing off rights and lefts. Lazarus fires back with shot after shot, throwing in low roundhouse kicks for good measure.

McDaniel: And neither man is willing to give this up!

Lazarus hits a jumping Muay Thai knee to Mark's head, dazing him, and then leaps up with another End Credits.

Rentfro: Mark ducks the End Credits again!!

Lazarus lands on his side and then scrambles to his feet, giving McNasty the time to kick him in the gut and lift him up for a Fallaway Slam. He backflips, sandwich Corey's body between himself and the mat, hooking a leg a moment after landing.

McDaniel: SAULT SLAM!!





McNasty sits up, practically yanking his hair out in shock and awe. Lazarus rolls to his side as the referee holds up two fingers, and the fans cheer for the action itself.

Rentfro: WWWHHHAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!

McDaniel: Corey kicked out!! Corey kicked out of another Sault Slam!! This match must continue!!

Mark grabs Corey by the head, bringing him to his feet, and then hits a pair of soccer kicks to his skull before standing him up fully. He then picks Corey up for another one, but Lazarus uses the lifting momentum to slide over Mark's shoulder.

McDaniel: Corey reverses!! He's on his feet!!

Corey twists his torso, and then scoops McNasty up into an inverted fireman's carry.



McNasty shakes himself out of the hold, landing on his feet behind Corey. Before Laz can even turn around, McNasty jumps up and nails a dropkick to the back of Corey's head. Lazarus stumbles forward and then drops to a knee, allowing McNasty to hit the opposite set of the ropes.

McDaniel: McNasty off the ropes...!!!

Rentfro: LIGHTS OUT!!!

The forearm connects, and Lazarus lunges forward from the impact, hitting the ropes chest-first. He bounces backwards, and McNasty's ready for him, scooping him with his chest to Corey's back for an inverted Fallaway Slam. He backflips, driving Laz face and chest-first to the mat as he lands on Corey's back.


McNasty quickly turns Corey over and covers, hooking both legs and bridging his back for extra leverage. The fans count along...

Fans: 1!






Rentfro: YESSS!!!!!

McNasty gets to his knees, raising his arms up in the air with his eyes tightly shut. The referee calls for the belt from the timekeeper, and is obliged. Emerson stands up from his chair, taps the receiver on the mic, and then brings it up to his face.

Eric Emerson: Your winner of the match...and NEWWWW...

The fans cheer louder than ever at all during the match, clapping and stomping like mad. Cold's "Whatever You Became" plays back over the PA system as the ref hands the World title to McNasty, who remains on his knees, holding the belt high in the air.

Eric Emerson: ...Pioneer Wrestling Association WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...

Corey begins stirring, rolling over to the ropes and grabbing ahold of the bottom rope. He pulls himself to his hands and knees, holding his head in his hands. McNasty rises to his feet as the ref holds his arm up high, the other arm holding the World title.

Eric Emerson: ...MARK McNASTYYYYYY!!!!!!

McDaniel: And we have a NEW PWA World champion in what has got to be on the ballot for Match of the Year!!!

Rentfro: Corey's a bust!! McNasty is THE MAN!!!

Corey pulls himself up to his feet, tears welling in his eyes as he realizes what just happened. He turns around, sees McNasty holding the World title, and then storms over to him, grabbing the World title away from him. "Whatever You Became" dies down as the fans stop cheering, and Corey stares at the World title.

McDaniel: No, Corey! Don't do it! You've become a man of honor!

Rentfro: He was never honorable! He's a snake in the grass, and he's going to do exactly what he said and walk out of Seattle with the World title!!

Corey stares at the World title for what seems like forever but, in reality, is only a few seconds. He runs a finger over the engraved nameplate, and then kisses the center of the belt. He turns to McNasty, nods, and then hands him the World title as the fans cheer again. "Whatever You Became" returns, and Corey extends his hand to McNasty. Mark looks at it hesitantly, keeping an eye on Corey as he reaches out to take it. Lazarus shakes McNasty's hand, and then raises it up in victory before sliding out of the ring and limping towards the ramp.

McDaniel: And for anybody who says sportsmanship is dead in the land of professional wrestling, I say look here!!

Rentfro: Which makes it BORING!

McDaniel: Ah jeeze, Brian, and you were doing pretty good tonight!  Everyone, Retribution comes to an end!  We've seen the culmination of many months of effort by these incredible superstars... but where does it all go from here!? Tune into Rampage in one week to find out!!! Good night all!

(C) PWA 2008