Live on PPV from the American Airlines Arena - Dallas, Texas
May 16th, 2008


A spectacular show of fireworks and pyros light up both the night sky outside and in the arena to open up High Stakes.  The jam packed American Airlines Arena is deafening with the cheers and roar of the fans.  As we pan down, we discover something rather unexpected; there are TWO RINGS, set up side by side, with the entrance ramp coming down to just in between them.  Above one of the rings hangs a steel cage, prepped for the possibility of it's use later in the evening.  A small area to one side has been cordoned off and holds an array of devices, in case a particular match type is selected.  The over all set up ensures that after a match is finished, it can be cleaned up as the other match begins.  We pan to ringside to find Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro already at their announce table.  Three other tables are set up, one for the Spanish, one for the French and a final one that is at this time, Empty. 

McDaniel: Welcome everyone to High Stakes!

Rentfro: And the stakes are certainly high here tonight!  Every match was voted on by you, the fans, to determine what matches you will see.  Steel Cage? Barbed Wire? Blind fold? Who can tell!  We may see someone become a slave... thats HAWT, or we could even see someone shaved!

McDaniel: That was not one of the selections, Brian.

Rentfro: Should have been! 

McDaniel: And one of the major stakes at risk tonight is the ownership of the entire company!  President Chamelion has been forced by the Board of Directors to step into the ring against his own brother, Raizzor, with the winner getting SOLE ownership of the entire PWA!

Rentfro: My money's on the Most Devious SOB in the Business today!

McDaniel: It would be! Let's take a moment to consider how this match went down, shall we?

Rentfro: Well, as everyone knows, Raizzor became the PWA World Champion at Who's the Man?! thanks to management continually restarting the match. Given enough do-overs and he was bound to get it right eventually.

McDaniel: Brian, you ignoramus, There were two restarts, one for Raizzor and one for Project X.  Considering the balance, the end result was the better man stayed on his feet.  As it stands, Raizzor proved himself when he managed to retain his title at Revolutions Per Minute. Lex Demise would also win the Rumble in the Bronx to become the number one competitor for Raizzor's championship.

Rentfro: A claim Corey Lazarus disputed.

McDaniel: Of course he did, but it was Lex Demise who got the next shot on Rampage and became the NEW World Champion... thanks to Chamelion's interference.

Rentfro: This didn't settle well with the board of directors and so Raizzor was granted Mack Moran's portion of PWA stock, making him one-half owner of the company. Tonight Chamelion and Raizzor will do battle to determine complete ownership of the Pioneer Wrestling Association.

McDaniel: Related to this match declaration is the PWA World Championship match in which "The PWA Franchise" Corey Lazarus gets his individual title shot against the new world champion Lex Demise.

Rentfro: That is not the only title match tonight, however. No, every single belt in the company is on the line, as was promised to the last six competitors in the Rumble in the Bronx .

McDaniel: Friend fights friend in the Intercontinental title scene as Nightmare must defend his championship against Enika Engel, a true test of talent, skill, and determination.

Rentfro: While, on the other hand, there is no love lost at all in the Grizzly Beer Championship match as Riona Langly defends her title one more time against Scott Nash Strader. Whatever the stipulation is for this match you just know that the blood will fly.

McDaniel: It must be noted that SNS did get a shot at the GB title on Rampage in a submission match. However, he never submitted, despite the referee ending the match. Thus, Strader gets a second chance. Will it be enough, given the condition of his legs? We'll find out.

Rentfro: Blood and bodies will fly in the PWA TV Title match as well, when "The Punjabi Princess" takes on Kindred. Kindred has made it quite clear that he is willing to do anything and sacrifice everything to win tonight. Will Circa be as willing? Especially with her daughter present this evening?

McDaniel: I just hope Kindred doesn't go after her daughter like he went after Scott Nash Strader's girlfriend Tana. This could very easily turn into a tragedy.

Rentfro: This takes us to the Tag Team Title match. The Razordolls did what many thought unthinkable and defeated the far larger, and some say superior, tag team of Might and Magic to secure the tag belts. Tonight they will wage war against quite possibly the most dominant tag team in the PWA, Grade A Nastyness.

McDaniel: The Razordolls seem less than impressed by GAN, but will they still be standing as the champions when the dust clears at the end of the night?

Rentfro: That's not the end of the action tonight by a far sight, though. There are also three number-one contendership matches taking place.

McDaniel: In a reprise of last week's Rampage match, Duff Côte d'Ivoire will fight The Grim Reaper.

Rentfro: The difference being there will be no Hank Serbia and the winner will get a shot at the Grizzly Beer Championship.

McDaniel: The Deadpool will battle the two men who received assured a tag title shot from Rumble in the Bronx , Project-X and the Phoenix .

Rentfro: Well, that's not quite true. The men who had been awarded the shot were P-X and Chamelion. Chamelion stepped down, passing his place to Rob Robinson. The team of Phoenix and Project-X is still a damn impressive one, though, given all that these men have done and are capable of doing.

McDaniel: The same can be said for their opponents in the Deadpool, Deacon Frost and Bronx Williams. I can't wait to see Frost and P-X go at it. I have to wonder if the ring will be strong enough to sustain such a collision. An irresistable force clashes with an unmovable object. Who will win? All of us who have a chance to see the match, that's who.

Rentfro: Our last match of the night sees the team who fought Project-X and the Phoenix on Rampage and lost: Matthew "The Virus" Engel and Kyle "The Iceman" Stevenson.

McDaniel: That's right. After some tag team miscommunication Stevenson was pinned by Robinson. Now, instead of competing with one another for contendership to the tag titles, they find themselves battling each other for contendership to the intercontinental championship. Tonight we will see which half of this tag team is superior and which is simply riding the coattails of the other.

Rentfro: I'm going to wager on Kyle Stevenson. You can't go wrong with a name like "The Iceman".

McDaniel: I'll tell you who you can't go wrong with, and that's with Toshi Yang. Let's go to her and Bud Adams to go over how your, the fans', votes fell for the first match of tonight's adrenaline-laden program.

The camera then pans up to the ADCTron and stage, and to the left, the two stand with a monitor over their heads. 

Toshi: It's finally that time, everyone!  You, the fans at home, spent this last month voting on what you wanted to see. 

Adams: The power was all yours, taken from the President and Commissioner, YOU got to decide!  So, whats our first match of the night, Toshi?

Toshi: We're starting off with a major title defense!  As Scott Nash Strader is going to try yet again to secure the Grizzly Beer Championship away from Riona Langly!

Adams: As the GB title is defended by the champion choosing the stipulation every time, the votes came down to deciding would the champ retain that right, or would it be passed to the challenger, OR to the President himself!

Toshi: Let's see what you, the voters are home, decided!

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