The first thing we see is Chamelion standing in the back in front of the Genesis logo.  

Chamelion: I have to thank everyone.  The wrestlers, the staff, the fans for making this new PWA a great success.  It's been hard work, sometimes thankless and other times stressful, but when I can stand here and look out to the world and say ....IT'S TIME FOR GENESIS!!!!!!!!!!!

...he pauses....

Chamelion: It makes it all worth while!  While this is a huge pay-per-view event, we're going to just get right to the action... so sit back, enjoy and get ready for eight amazing contests, begining with the Grizzly Beer Championship!!!  


PWA Grizzly Beer Title Match

Alex Wilkie vs. Kyle Stevenson

Eric Emerson: The following match is for one fall, and is for the Grizzly Beer title. Hailing first, from Huntington Beach, California, Kyle Stevenson.

Rayne: We know what title it’s for. BUT WHATS THE STIP?

The familiar bass riff to "Schism" by Tool begins to play over the speakers. Smoke starts to billow from behind the small walkway. As the drums pick up, the strobes begin to pulsate to the song. As the song hits the first verse, Kyle steps out from behind the curtain. He looks around for a moment before sprinting to the ring. He slides underneath the bottom rope into the ring. He gets up and goes to his corner. "Schism" fading away.

Eric Emerson: Now, hailing from Calgary, Alberta Canada, he is the Grizzly Beer champion, “Grade A” Alex Wilkie!

McDaniel: Maybe the champ can finally enlighten us to the stipulation he has chosen.

Out from the back walks Alex Wilkie. He looks cocky as ever, complete with mic in hand. He waits for his pop to die down before lifting the mic to his lips.

Wilkie: Well Stevie, I bet you’re wondering just what type of match you’re in for tonight. Was I serious when I said it’d be a “Alex Wilkie wins match?”

Wilkie smiles as he looks to the crowd.

Wilkie: Nah, I have fans to take care of. And, I wouldn’t want them to have wasted their hard earned money paying for a ticket, just to see me win due to my name. No, I’ve chosen something, a bit more… intense. Something that will show people, I’m here to put the Grizzly Beer title on the same level as any other title here. I’ve chosen a…well, how about I show you instead.

The lights go down, and from the entranceway, red lights begin flashing. Out from the back drives an ambulance!


Rayne: AWESOME! I love bloodshed. Got any popcorn Jonny?

As the lights come back on; where Wilkie was, he isn’t anymore. We flash to the ring, and see Kyle Stevenson looking confused. But, only for a second as he is slammed from behind by Wilkie. The ref rings the bell, as Wilkie begins stomping on the downed Stevenson. Wilkie uses his feet to shove Kyle until he is under the bottom rope, on the apron. Wilkie then braces himself with the top rope, before jumping up, and coming down with a sliding kick into Stevenson; sending him to the outside. Still holding the top rope, Wilkie pulls himself back up to his feet. Wilkie then looks out at Stevenson, and smirks. We flash to a camera outside the ring. As we see Stevenson standing, we see Wilkie bounce off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Stevenson is holding his head, as he turns and sees Wilkie come at him with a baseball side. But, Stevenson moves, and Wilkie slides all the way to the outside. Thinking fast, Stevenson grabs Wilkie, and spins him, before hitting a hard clothesline. Stevenson uses so much force, he follows Wilkie down to the ground. He then swings a leg over Wilkie, and starts punching away. He hits; hard left, followed by hard right. This goes on for a minute, before Wilkie surprises Stevenson by catching his fist. Kyle tries to react quickly, by throwing a punch with his other hand. But, Wilkie catches this one two. Kyle leans back and pulls, trying to get his hands loose. But, Wilkie pulls forward on both of Stevenson’s arms, and when Kyle’s upper body and head come forward, Alex throws his head forward, nailing a vicious head butt! As Kyle goes backwards, Wilkie lets his hands go, and Kyle is thrown off Alex by the momentum. Wilkie gets onto his knees, and grabs Kyle by the hair. Alex then stands, and drags Kyle to his feet. As Kyle screams, Wilkie drags him up the entrance towards the ambulance. As they get to the front of it, Alex slams Kyle’s face into the hood. As Kyle bounces off, Wilkie grabs him by the back of the head, and the back of his shirt. Alex then spins Kyle around once, and slams the top of Kyle’s head into the front grill!

McDaniel: Ouch.

Rayne: Ke-ripes. That has to suck.

Kyle falls to the ground, landing in a sitting position. He has his hand on his head, as he looks dazed. Wilkie doesn’t let up though as he goes to boot Stevenson in the face. Stevenson has enough sense left though to catch Wilkie’s foot. He pulls Wilkie’s leg forward that causes Wilkie to fly up, and come down horizontally. Wilkie lands with a stiff thud.

Rayne: Five minutes in, and both of these guys are already hurting. I love this.

Stevenson stumbles to his feet, wobbly as he gets up. He walks over to Wilkie, and bends over to pick him up. But, Wilkie rolls his feet up to his chest, and shoves Kyle back. Kyle stumbles backwards into the wall of the fan stands. Alex rolls to a crouching position, and as Kyle comes stumbling back, Wilkie grabs Kyle around the gut, and runs backwards. Kyle is again slammed into the wall. The fans are leaning over the rail, looking down at the two. Alex backs off, and as Kyle stumbles out about two feet, Wilkie goes for a clothesline. However, Kyle ducks. Alex stops in front of the wall, but Stevenson comes from behind and grabs Wilkie’s head. Kyle then slams Wilkie into the wall, face first.

McDaniel: My god.

Rayne: DAMN! That had to STING.

As Wilkie sags down to his knees, Kyle takes a second to hold out his arms, getting a couple of boos from the nearby fans. Kyle just looks angered by it, and picks Wilkie up. The two then walk towards the back of the ambulance. Kyle bounces Wilkie off one of the doors for good measures. Kyle goes to open the doors, and as he gets one open, Alex pokes him in the eyes; stunning him. Kyle leans back, in the doorway. Wilkie quickly jumps over by the door, and winds up, before slamming it as hard as he can. Kyles right arm, and legs stick out, and he is smashed by the door. As the door comes back open, Wilkie picks up Stevenson’s legs, and lifts him up into the ambulance. The fans are on their feet, as Wilkie holds up an arm. He goes to close the door, but Kyle uses his legs to kick the door back hard! The door bangs Wilkie in the face, and he starts stumbling back behind the entrance way; holding his face. As Alex disappears into the back, Kyle rolls out of the ambulance, and goes stumbling after him.

McDaniel: Well folks, you had to expect that this match would spread out. We have a crew trying to get these two back on screen as quick as possible.

After a few seconds, we see a camera running towards an open area. We hear a scream, and the camera turns just in time to see Alex Wilkie has thrown coffee from the catering table at Kyle Stevenson.


Stevenson is holding his eyes. He moves his hands, and his face is bright red. Wilkie throws the coffee container down, and it thuds as it hits the ground. Alex grabs Kyle, and goes to slam his face into the table, but, Kyle puts his hands down, and elbows Alex in the gut. Alex is stunned, just enough for Kyle to grab a tray, and slam Wilkie is the head as he turns away. Alex stumbles as Kyle hits him; almost losing his footing.

Rayne: Aw…I knew I should’ve eaten that earlier when I was back there.

Kyle turns right back to the table, and grabs a pitcher of liquid. Kyle then bangs Wilkie in the head with it. The liquid goes flying as Alex finally falls to the ground. Kyle looks down at Wilkie, but doesn’t waste a lot of time. He walks over to a maintenance cart, full of metal pipes, and tools. Kyle starts wheeling it towards Wilkie, and gives it one last shove. It slams into the side of Wilkie’s leg, and tips over. Wilkie tries to roll, but still gets a couple knocks to his body as a metal pipe slams across his chest, and a wrench lands on his left foot. Wilkie rolls onto his stomach, and starts crawling away from Stevenson. Stevenson has a smirk on his face that shows how much he is enjoying this. Wilkie’s eyes are off camera, and he is reaching out, trying to keep away from Stevenson. His face is almost at the camera, when Stevenson finally grabs his leg. But, we find out, Wilkie wasn’t crawling away; he walk crawling for one of those took. Wilkie quickly rolls onto his back, and nails Kyle in the head with a pair of pliers. Stevenson stumbles backwards, screaming as he holds his forehead. Alex gets back up as quick as he can. Stevenson is heading back towards the entrance way. As he goes out, We flash back to out in the arena. Wilkie comes from behind him, and gives Kyle a hard kidney punch. Stevenson groans as he walks forward. The two are by the entrance to the crowd now, right next to the ambulance. Stevenson holds his back, as he starts going into the fans seats. He starts climbing the stairs, but doesn’t get far, as Wilkie comes from behind with another shot to the kidneys. This causes Stevenson to fall to his knees on the stairs. Wilkie picks him up, and gives him a stiff forearm shot to the face. As Wilkie picks Stevenson up, he looks up at the balcony area, right over the entrance way; above the ambulance. Alex smiles as he points to the guard rail at the top, the only thing keeping people from going over. Alex starts dragging Stevenson up the stairs.

Wilkie gets Stevenson up to the rail. He hold an arm up, and goes for a clothesline against the rail. However, Stevenson blocks, and throws a few punches. Wilkie finally blocks one though, and out of nowhere, slaps Stevenson.

Rayne: Are you serious?

As Stevenson looks stunned, Wilkie steps back, and nails Stevenson with a HUGE big boot! Stevenson is sent up and over the rail; doing a 360 in the air before landing on the ambulance.

McDaniel: NO WAY!

Stevenson hit’s the ambulance so had, he bounces on the roof, and rolls down to the hood. There is a dent where he landed. Wilkie holds his arms up, as the fans come from behind, and start patting him on the shoulder. Wilkie finally walks down the stairs, and to the front of the ambulance. He pulls Stevenson down, and punches him hard once. Wilkie then walks Stevenson to the back, and opens the door; he then throws Stevenson in, and slams the doors.


Wilkie sprints down to the ring, and rolls in. The ref hands him the GB title, and Wilkie holds it up high.

Rayne: Wilkie's streak continues!!  The man is either very good, or very lucky!

McDaniel: Perhaps both!  As he exits to the back, we're getting ready for our next match, in this one......  

Suddenly, "Never Enough" by Dream Theater blasts over the PA system. The crowd erupts and gets on their feet as Matthew "Virus" Engel makes his way down the ring  

McDaniel: I wonder what he's doing here.

Matt climbs up the steel steps and into the ring. He almost has his all of his attire on. He's missing the dark green tux jacket.

He's got something on his mind, hence the microphone in his hand.

McDaniel: This should be interesting...

The music dies down as Matt checks to make sure the mic is on. The crowd begins to finally die down to listen to what Matt has to say.

VIRUS: Ladies and gentlemen... I know it's not too characteristic of me to come out and give speeches. I usually save my energy for wrestling. But, I felt compelled to come out here and address a few issues. Let's start with the Premiere Attraction. The L-A-Z. Whatever the *bleep* he calls himself. Corey Lazarus.

The crowd erupts in cheers and boos at the mention of the PWA superstar. Some people love him, some people hate him.

VIRUS: Yes, yes. I know you all love him so much, but unfortunately Corey has begun to cross the line. With cowardly ambush tactics and retarded name-calling over the PWA airwaves, he's slowly digging his own grave. How would you all feel if someone as untalented and repulsive as Corey Lazarus was trying to infiltrate your family and get with your sister?

Rayne: I wouldn't mind.

McDaniel: Oh come on now. Corey and your sister? They'd make one ugly baby.

Rayne: Hey listen here you --

He's cut off by Matt continuing his speech.

VIRUS: Listen, Corey. I've told you once, I've told you twice; you stay away from my sister. I hear any more things about you spending the weekend with her and polishing off bottles of Jack and Jager, then I'm going to have to end you. I don't give a flying *bleep* about what you want and what you think you deserve. I've got no right sticking my nose in your business?

You're making it my business when you involve my sister. And it ends now.

Get out here, right now. Unless you're too...

Matt is cut off by a familiar voice.

Corey Lazarus: Scared? Is that what you were going to say? *Bleep* no, Matthew. Scared of you is one feeling that I've never had.

Corey appears from backstage, walking down the ramp dressed in his ring attire for tonight. No music, no intro. He means business. He didn't need to solidify who he was. Corey slides into the ring, leaning against one of the turnbuckles. Relaxing. The crowd dies down and Corey speaks.

Corey Lazarus: Matthew, I'm telling you right now. What I do on my own time is none of your business. I don't give a *bleep* about what you or anybody thinks. If I want to go out with your sister, I'll do it. You're not the babysitter.

VIRUS: See, that's where you're wrong. I came here to protect and support my sister and she should not be messing around with the likes of you. You're nothing but trouble, Corey. Do you remember when you broke her nose? I mean, what the hell? What makes you think you even deserve her? You're the enemy, as far as I'm concerned.

Corey Lazarus: Protect her? Where were you last week when she was almost ended by Project X? You were picking a fight with me. You should be concerned about what X wants to do her, not me.

VIRUS: Go *bleep* yourself.

McDaniel: I guess you can't expect it to stay too clean with Matt and Corey.

Rayne: Matt is just being the stupid older brother. He needs to grow up. They're only half siblings anyhow.

Corey Lazarus: And the nose thing was a long time ago. I'm not the enemy according to her. We enjoy each other's company and --

VIRUS: Just stop right there. I'm getting to the point now where I just want to beat the hell out of you. You know what, I got an idea. How about you and I have ourselves a match and if I win, you never see Enika again. If I lose...which let's face it, that won't be happening...then you can see Enika.

Corey laughs at the idea.

Corey Lazarus: Get over yourself, Matt. You know, you've always been too cocky for your own good. You're a damn fine wrestler, but your ego gets the best of you. And as for your deal, no. No *bleep* way. I don't need permission to see Enika. I don't need to wrestle you for it. You wanna tango in the ring with me to find out who's the better wrestler? Fine with me.

But, I'll see your sister whenever I want to. End of story.

Corey drops his mic and starts to exit the ring, but Matt, fueled with anger, runs over and tries to attack Corey. Right before, the President of the PWA himself comes out onto the ramp to intervene.

Chamelion: Guys, guys! Knock it off. I've been monitoring what's been going on between you two and quite frankly I'm sick of the petty attacks that have been going on. I don't care about Corey and Enika, or what you think about it Matt, but I care about this company. You guys want to fight each other and beat the crap out of each other? Fine by me.

McDaniel: He isn't thinking what I'm thinking, is he?

Rayne: Oh, he is!

Chamelion: Next week on Rampage it will be The Premiere Attraction against The Virus. Corey and Matthew. Lazarus and Engel. You guys want to brawl? Here's your opportunity. Consider it booked!

Oh...and Corey...if you do happen to win that Intercontinental title tonight, you will put it on the line. Oh yes, you will. You guys will have every chance you'd want to rampage!

Chamelion disappears into the back, very satisfied with what he'd done. Matt and Corey refrain from going at it, as Corey exits the ring and heads up the ramp, looking back into the eyes of Matt. Next week, they say to each other. Next week.

PWA Television Championship Match

Chris Cambell vs. Jamie Flynn


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen! This match is scheduled for one pin fall or submission and is for the PWA Television Title! Introducing fi--

Eric is cut off early by "Sugar Rush" from The Desert Sessions and Chris Cambell heads out onto the stage with the TV title wrapped around his waist, closely followed by Les Maroon dressed in a black suit with a polo neck sweater. He stops to acknowledge the crowd briefly and then heads down the aisle with Maroon giving him pep talk all the way.

Just before Cambell gets to the ring, Maroon signals for him to stop and they exchange words briefly. Les quickly enters the ring and takes the microphone from the ring announcer. The music fade's out.

McDaniel: You know, Eric does a fine job introducing our competitors...

Rayne: But he's got no personality, Mac! This Maroon guy is killer!

Les Maroon: Ladies and gents! Kids! Teens! Grannies! Fogies! Shelf stackers! Road sweepers! Bramble pickers, trash collecors, shop assistants, burger flippers! Cleaners, junkies, and every day monkeys!

Chris Cambell slowly climbs the stairs and enters the ring. He tests the ropes briefly and then begins loosening his self up in preperation for the match.

Les Maroon: Feast your eyes on this man right here! No longer will you have to tolerate the trashy "wrestling" that this company has to offer! And I use the term "wrestling" very loosely, people! This guy right here is the real deal!! He's not a ten foot side show freak! He's not circus acrobat! He doesn't waste your time with stupid masks or Hollywood pyrotechnics! This right here is wrestling encapsulated into one complete package! Wrestling person…..!

.. "Breathe" – Taproot interrupts Maroon, who spins and glares over at the entrance way as the lights dim and Jamie Flynn comes out.  He is smiling, amused at having flustered Les Maroon and comes to base of the ring, looking in.  Maroon argues with Emerson, who doesn’t seem too upset at Maroon getting cut off.  Maroon, angrily, tosses the mic down and exits the ring.  Emerson picks the mic back up and takes over.

Eric Emerson:  In the ring at this time, weighing in at 235lbs! From the district of Bramley Town, England! He is the PWA Television Champion, CHRIS CAMBELL!!

Chris receives a rather sizable pop and he seems rather surprised.  Flynn slips into the ring and cracks his neck as he waits patiently.

Eric Emerson: And in the other corner, weighing in at 205lbs from Seattle Washington, this is JAMIE FLYNN!

McDaniel: Lot of heat between these two least between Maroon and Flynn. Let's see if they can back it up! 


Flynn and Cambell circle each other for a moment, but Cambell tries to draw "first blood" and goes in, but Flynn is quick with a hip toss. Cambell up to his feet and goes back down with another hip toss from Flynn. Cambell up to his feet once more and gets driven back down with a running clothesline. Flynn tries to go for a few stomps but Cambell rolls out of the ring to readjust and talk it out with Maroon.

Jamie's got a look of disappointment on his face. He warned him.

Rayne: He's just regrouping! Nothing wrong with that. Cambell's got this well under control.

Cambell hops up on the apron as the ref tells Jamie to stay back a bit. Flynn abides and Cambell gets into the ring. Flynn goes in to lock up but Cambell side steps and gets behind Flynn, going for a chinlock. He locks it in on Flynn.

Rayne: See? Told you! He knew exactly what he was doing.

McDaniel: Right. Flynn muscles out of the chinlock and throws a heavy elbow into Cambell's midsection. He drives in another, and another!

Flynn goes against the ropes and springboards off, trying to connect with a moonsault but Cambell dodges. Flynn bounces off the mat, but gets to one knee quickly. Cambell wraps Flynn up in a sleeperhold, trying to wear him down.

McDaniel: All Chris seems to be doing is putting holds on Flynn. Flynn is not going to go down that easy.

Rayne: Not right now but Chris is wearing him down like a brake pad!

McDaniel: What in the world does that mean?

Flynn can't seem to get out of the hold as Cambell locks in the sleeper tighter. Flynn would rather pass out than give up, but he keeps trying to fight it. Flynn manages to get to his feet and knock Cambell out of the hold. Flynn lands a hard right and then a stunning left. He throws Cambell into the far turnbuckle. Flynn connects with a running splash and Cambell falls to the mat.

McDaniel: Huge move there! Flynn crushed him like a bug.

Rayne: Now what in the world does THAT mean?

McDaniel: Whatever you want it to mean.

Cambell gets to his feet as Flynn goes in for the attack. Flynn drives Cambell to the mat with a snap suplex. Cambell climbs to his feet again and Flynn goes against the ropes. He tries for another knockdown move, but Cambell counters by tripping Flynn down to the mat and applying a stepover toehold facelock, or STF.

Rayne: Cambell with a nice reversal! He's locking in that hold real tight.

McDaniel: The fans don't seem to like it. We're hearing some boos for Cambell.

Rayne: They don't know real wrestling!

Flynn manages to break the hold via bottom rope, but is a bit groggy. Cambell goes on the assault. He locks in an armbar on Flynn, wrenching it as hard as he can. Flynn is in immediate pain and struggling, trying to break the hold.

McDaniel: The boos are getting louder. The fans want to see action, not amateur wrestling.

Rayne: I love what Cambell is doing. He's using real strategy to take down his opponent. It's classic!

Flynn comes alive and manages to get to his feet. He FLIPS out of the armbar and puts Cambell in an armlock of his own! He takes Cambell down to one knee, but doesn't keep him there long as he nails a devastating kick to the side of Cambell and then finishes him off with a roundhouse. Cambell hits the mat hard.

McDaniel: Flynn looks pissed! As he should be. He wants to put on a display and show these people why he's the best.

Rayne: Flynn couldn't hold a chinlock to save his life.

Flynn mounts Cambell in a desperation to get this show going but right before he can land any punches, Cambell sits up and wraps his arm around the throat of Flynn, taking him down to his side. Cambell locks in another sleeperhold on Flynn in the middle of the ring.

McDaniel: It could be lights out for Flynn...the crowd isn't liking it, but Cambell does seem to be wearing him down.

Rayne: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

The sleeperhold is locked in good as Flynn seems to get groggier and groggier. The ref keeps a close eye on Flynn, but Flynn is disappearing with every second. The ref picks up Flynn's left arm, and it drops.


The boos are getting very loud. The fans are angry, wanting to see big moves from both men. But, Cambell is trying to reward them with real wrestling. The referee picks up Flynn's arm once more. It drops.


Rayne: One more, Mac! One more!

The ref picks up Jamie's arm but this time it's bad for Cambell. Because the ref picked it up high into the air Jamie used the leverage to nail a hard punch to the face of Cambell. Cambell doesn't let go and Jamie hits him repeatedly. Cambell finally backs off and Jamie reaches for air, filling his lungs back up. Cambell goes in again for another sleeper but Flynn sweeps Cambell off his feet. Flynn drops down for calculated elbow drops to the sternum. He leaps up onto the top rope and hits a springbroad frog splash! He covers.



Shoulder up!

McDaniel: Almost a near fall there! Flynn gets the crowd going again with those big moves. No wonder they love him!

Rayne: Gimme a break...

Flynn gets Cambell to his feet and connects with a few rights. He walks Cambell over to the turnbuckle and smashes his face into it. Cambell bounces back, only to be met with a sharp dropkick, taking him down. Cambell tries to get to his feet. Flynn gets risky by jumping onto the shoulders of Cambell, trying a hurricanrana. It fails. Cambell slams Flynn down to the mat with a sit-out powerbomb. It echoes throughout the arena.

McDaniel: Good God! Flynn was almost broken on that powerbomb! Some incredible strength there by Cambell!

Rayne: Tell me about it. That hurt me just looking at it!

The crowd is going wild now, finally seeing some action. Both men get to their feet, Jamie a bit more groggy than Cambell. Cambell wraps up Flynn in a hammerlock and turns it into an abdominable strength, bending Jamie vividly.

McDaniel: Another hold! It looks painful!

Rayne: Oh man, I'm not feeling too good. Jamie looks like he's getting bent in half.

But Jamie grabs the rope. The ref checks it, but Cambell won't let go. The ref begins to count and then finally Cambell lets go. Cambell throws Flynn down to the mat, Flynn grabs his side. Cambell starts yelling at the crowd. But, little does he know Jamie is getting to his feet. Jamie climbs to his feet, using the ropes, and taps Cambell on the shoulder.

Jamie connects with a high kick to the chin of Cambell, laying him out. Jamie crawls up to the top turnbuckle, raising an arm for the crowd.

McDaniel: It can't be.

Rayne: I've heard this move is almost impossible to do!

Jamie leaps high into the air off the turnbuckle, flipping several times, and connecting with a huge Senton bomb. Jamie grabs his back as Cambell is almost out. Jamie crawls to him and covers him.



3 -- No! The ref is calling the shoulder up. Jamie starts to argue with the ref.

McDaniel: That was three! Come on!

Rayne: I'm still in shock. Did you see how many times he flipped? Ridiculous!

Flynn turns around after arguing with the ref and is almost decked by a risen Cambell, but manages to dodge it. Flynn gets behind Cambell and executes a german suplex. He holds onto the grip and stands up Cambell, hitting another suplex. He does it one more time, for good measure, and plants Cambell into the mat. He doesn't hold it for a pin. He climbs the top rope, once again.

McDaniel: Flynn is definitely going for the finish here!

Rayne: Chris! Watch out!

Chris, groggy as can be, gets to one knee. He finally manages to climb to his feet and turn around, only to be met by Flynn crashing down on him with the Suicide Devil's Plancha.

Flynn covers.




McDaniel: That's it! We have a new champion!


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this match and new PWA Television Champion....JAMIE FLYNN!!

Rayne: I guess Chris didn't wear him down enough.

McDaniel: No, he certainly didn't. But I'm sure Chris will know better for his next match.

Flynn celebrates in the ring as Cambell rolls to the outside, talking it over with Les. Les and Cambell head up the ramp, disappointed but trying to be optimistic. We cut back to Flynn raising his title in the air with the fans screaming and cheering before we're taken backstage yet again.

Right outside of the VIP locker-room stands Enika Engel, obviously upset, possibly even angered about something as her face is beet-red, and her mascara is smeared down her face.  The door to the VIP room is open, but we can't see who it is that she's talking to... 

Enika Engel: "So that's it then?  You won't even talk to me?  Why are you acting like this?!"

Something slams inside the room ...

Enika Engel: "I'm sorry, now's just not the time or place..."

The person inside the room says something, inaudible to those of us on the outside...

Rayne: "Sounds like Enika and The L-A-Z are having a little bit of problems backstage..."

Enika tugs at her hair...

Enika Engel: "It's none of your goddamned business!  None of that is, he isn't, she isn't, none of it!  I tried to be nice and civil tonight, I did.  I came in here with the best of intentions... and you more or less spit in my face.  I'm done!"

Enika Engel slams the door in whomever lies behind it's faces.  We get a muffled voice out of the equation...


She doesn't.  She goes away, crying to herself...

McDaniel: "I... don't think that was Corey Lazarus she was talking to."  

Mini-Royal Rumble Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is the Mini-Rumble match!!

A huge pop answers Emerson’s announcement, and he continues.

Eric Emerson: There will be nine entrants in this contest, with #1 and #2 starting the match.  Every sixty seconds later, another competitor will enter the ring until every wrestler has entered.  The only way to be eliminated is to be tossed over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor!

McDaniel: This is a prelude to the Rumble in the Bronx match that will happen later this year!!

Rayne: That match is a tough match to call; this one should help get us ready!

Eric Emerson: And now, introducing the contestant that drew #1!

Visual white noise fills your eyes and the speakers you listen to...silence ensues, after a brief three seconds of squinting your eyes and reaching for your volume knobs or remote controls...the screen goes to a prismatic fog...

McDaniel: No way!!

A dark, undetermined voice: You've heard it said that living the best revenge...

Rayne: What a way to come back!

The prismatic fog begins to take life and begins to swirl, beginning to form three skulls, as an audio prismatic swirling static sound seems to animate the fog

a dark, undetermined voice: the best revenge...

Eric Emerson: From Houston, Texas USA, now residing in Rock Springs, Wyoming………

within the three prismatic and foggy skulls, now forming a crystal clear, solid state, the initials of TDR can be read within each one, as DLT's Official remix of Limp Bizkit's Crack Addict kicks in...The fog sucks you in through the right eye socket of the middle skull...

Fred Durst (screaming): IT'S TIME TO PANIC!

Eric Emerson: Weighing in at 275lbs……….

you are visually taken on the inner tunnel of the crystal like socket of the skull, the prismatic fog behind the crystal socket tunnel is dancing and forming, as the visual continues twisting and turning, passing through patches of animated prismatic fog, escaping from what appears like cracks forming in the socket...

Durst: I'm addicted to crackin' skulls who punk start static!

As if on cue, the journey through the eye socket tunnel explodes, crystal shards are flying through the prismatic fog and you are racing through a timeless, speeding void of crystal shards and prismatic fog. If it weren't for the fog, you could almost see the glimmers of distant stars in space behind it

background of Durst (singing): It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime...

prismatic static follows and begins to form the crystal tunnel of the eye socket again, however, the speed rushing forwards seems to instantly cease and begins to retract where it's energy came from, in reverse

Fred Durst (screaming): IT'S TIME TO PANIC!
Background of Durst (singing): It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime...

Eric Emerson: He is The Dream Reaper………….

you are thrust out of the eye socket, all of the roaming pieces of crystals reform and solidify as three crystal skulls, the initials of TDR appearing with each, but this time, the initials burn prismatig fog flames...they explode once again, the prismatic static appears and begins to take shape, as the hydraulic lift begins to lift Payton Strader into view

Durst : I'm addicted to crackin' skulls who punk start static!

Eric Emerson: PAYTON STRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!

 His arms are outstretched...his face hidden in the hood of his black trench coat...his leather gloved hands are spread fingered. He raises his head slightly, only to give the spiraling spotlights hints of the dark grey face paint of a furious skull underneath. The pyros send down a waterfall of fiery sparks to overflow the falling prismatic fog. The hydraulic lift raises TDR to the level of the entrance ramp. TDR sneers and walks down the entrance ramp. Ramp pyros go off with each step he takes, brilliantly sending an upward V pattern of sparks into the air. He breaks stride and shedding his trench coat, belly slides into the ring and as he climbs each turnbuckle, he pounds his fist into his chest and points upwards to the sky a moment, before outstretching his hands, for the thousands of photo flashes going off throughout the arena

McDaniel: His first match back in two years….

Rayne: And he has to battle eight other formidable wrestlers JUST to get a Television Title shot?  LAME!

McDaniel: Perhaps he doesn’t care? Maybe he just wants to fight!

Rayne: For a TV title?

Payton stands in the center of the ring, feeling the force of the crowd’s approval and ready to take on whomever is set to stand in his way!

Eric Emerson: And now, entrant #2! Coming from local tavern near you, weighing in at 287lbs.. ICETANK!

McDaniel: Payton’s first competition is against a man heavier and bulkier then himself!

Rayne: He’ll be fine!

Icetank enters the ring, glaring at Payton Strader who smirks back! 


The two lock up dead center of the ring, and each tries to overpower the other!  Icetank pushes hard and sends Payton backwards to the ropes! Icetank flexes his muscles and Payton brushes himself off.

McDaniel: Icetank just showed he’s no push over!

Rayne: Payton has to watch himself! Two years of ring rust can be detrimental!

Again, the two big men lock up and this time Payton succeeds in sending Icetank back to his side of the ring with a strong shove.  Icetank grits his teeth as Payton flexes in mirror image, showing off!

McDaniel: The last thing you want to do is piss a man like Icetank off.

Rayne: Payton’s not the kind to sweat such things!

Another lock up and Icetank gets Payton into a headlock, he squeezes hard, applying as much pressure as he can. Payton pushes on Ice’s back and breaks out from behind.  Icetank turns and clotheslines Payton hard to the canvas!  Taking advantage, Icetank stomps away on Payton as the crowd suddenly calls out:

Fans: 5 …….. 4 ……….. 3 ……….. 2…………1!!!


McDaniel: And Jericho joins the fray!

Jericho scurries down and slips in and crashes into Icetank, sending him right to the ropes! Jericho tries desperately to heave Icetank over, but the bulk of the larger man prevents it!  Icetank shoves Jericho backwards and turns as Jericho comes racing back in, only for Icetank to send Jericho careening over the top rope and crashing devastatingly to the floor!

Rayne: And Icetank gets the first elimination!!

McDaniel: Jericho landed wrong!! It looks like he’s favoring his right leg!!

Rayne: If he broke it, he could be out for a long time!

Back in the ring, Icetank moves in on Payton who has crawled to the corner to help pull himself up! Icetank slams a fist into Payton, rocking the man, but Payton swings back, sending Icetank in reverse and allowing Strader to get out of the corner.  Payton then charges, but Icetank bends and sends him over with a back body drop!  Icetank swoops Payton up and drags him to the ropes and begins to lift him up!

McDaniel: That ring rust you spoke of is playing a big part here! Payton is in trouble of being eliminated!

Rayne: That would be a devastating mark on what was to be a huge come back!

Icetank has Payton up on the ropes, trying to get him over when the fans erupt with another countdown!

Fans: 5 …….. 4 ……….. 3 ……….. 2…………1!!!


Rayne: Here comes Odyssey Baldwin!

Baldwin jumps into the ring and immediately begins to help Icetank!  The fans are on their feet, screaming and shouting encouragement to Payton!  Payton rakes Odyssey’s eyes, driving him back and is able to kick Icetank away enough to get his footing back! Payton then launches forward and clotheslines Icetank to the canvas and spins, seeing Baldwin against the ropes trying to rub his eyes, Payton soars with a perfect drop kick and sends Odyssey Baldwin out of the ring!

Rayne: Heh, another one bites the dust!

McDaniel: Always figured you for a Queen!

Rayne: WHAT??

In the ring, Payton smirks at Baldwin before turning and finds himself flung over the top rope by a drop kick from Icetank! The crowd cries out, but Payton catches the top rope and hits the apron, rolling in as quick as he can!

McDaniel: He took his eyes off the match for one second too long and almost paid for it!

Rayne: The former BWF US Champion could have gotten rid of the biggest threat in this match!

Icetank is enraged and begins stomping on Payton again!  He is vicious in his attack, not letting up for a second and Payton has to curl his body to try to lessen the impact!

McDaniel: Icetank’s on a rage!

Rayne: Well sure, he had Payton out!!

Icetank pulls Payton to his feet and wraps him up in an abominable  stretch!

McDaniel: Not the time or place for a wear down move, at least not when there’s more competitors to come out!

Rayne: Speaking of…..

Fans: 5 …….. 4 ……….. 3 ……….. 2…………1!!!


McDaniel: It’s Mr. Marcus!!

Icetank let’s go of Payton and Strader has to drop to his knees to recoup! Mr. Marcus enters the fray and collides with Icetank and the two men exchange heavy lefts and rights!  Marcus gets the advantage and rocks Icetank to the corner and then climbs up to the second rope and drives his fist down five times into Icetank’s skull!  Jumping down to the canvas, Marcus pulls Icetank out and suplexes him to the center of the ring!

Rayne: Marcus is showing us some true talent!

Marcus sees Payton struggling back to his feet and rushes over, grabs him by the hair and tries to toss him over the ropes!  Payton, however, grabs hold and keeps himself from going over.  Marcus heaves but Payton refuses to budge and it forces Marcus to deliver a swift kick to the inside of Payton’s shin!  Payton falls to his knees and Marcus runs back to Icetank and clotheslines him down.

McDaniel: Marcus is on a roll!

Fans: 5 …….. 4 ……….. 3 ……….. 2…………1!!!


Rayne: Heh, it’s the scrawny kid, Jacob Collins!

Collins slips in, stands and pumps his fist in the air!  As Mr. Marcus turns his attention on Collins, Collins hits a super kick!  Marcus tumbles back to the ropes and wavers against them!  Collins then bounces off the ropes and goes for a cross body, but Marcus catches him and flips backwards, sending Collins careening to the floor outside the ring!

McDaniel: And Jacob now holds the record for quickest elimination tonight!

Rayne: Which is considerable talent since we’ve had many quick eliminations!

Marcus grins and turns and goes for Payton again!  Payton however, ducks Marcus and spins and brings him down with a reverse neck breaker! Payton then attacks Icetank and heaves him up for a jackknife powerbomb!  Payton, in control chooses carefully and sweeps Marcus up and tries to get him over the ropes! Marcus grabs hold, trying to keep himself from being eliminated.

McDaniel:  Payton’s back in control!

Rayne: Marcus better hope for a miracle!

Just then the fans come alive again!

Fans: 5 …….. 4 ……….. 3 ……….. 2…………1!!!


McDaniel: It’s gonna get good now, here comes Psycho Sandra!!

Sandra receives the second biggest pop of the match and slides in. She looks at Icetank who is down and shaking his head, and then to Payton who has Marcus half way out of the ring! She comes over and grabs hold and helps Payton finish the job and Marcus gets sent to the floor!

Rayne: I didn’t expect that!

McDaniel: Sandra knows strategy, if there’s an easy elimination, take it!

Payton and Sandra stare at each other.  Payton knows she’s Chamelion’s wife, and Sandra knows Payton is a touch cookie to face…so both turn and look at Icetank who has finally found purchase under his feet.  Icetank glares back as the two wrestlers grin his way.

Rayne: I sense…collaboration!

Sandra walks casually around the perimeter of the ring as Payton moves the other way, putting Icetank between them!  Tank tries to keep them both in his line of sight! Sandra steps in, and as he turns, Payton attacks!  He hits Icetank to the back of the head and Icetank stumbles into Sandra’s grasp! Sandra takes him down with a belly to belly twist suplex!  She jumps up and does a back flip splash! Icetank grunts in pain!

McDaniel: She hasn’t lost a step!

Payton comes in and lifts Icetank up and places him across his outstretched leg, horizontal and Sandra mounts the second turnbuckle and comes down with an elbow drop, crashing Icetank to the canvas!

Rayne: They’re really taking it to Icetank here!

McDaniel: But the time’s short, someone else is coming in!

Fans: 5 …….. 4 ……….. 3 ……….. 2…………1!!!


McDaniel: Here comes …who is this?

Rayne: He’s called Brandon ‘The Beat’ Jones!

The new guy swoops into the ring and spears Sandra, with the two tumbling to the corner! Payton goes to assist, but Icetank’s stamina has him back up and he heads off Payton!  The four then battle viciously with standard maneuvers..punches, kicks, all trying to get their opponent in a position to be eliminated!  However, no one gets any sort of distinct advantage when the fans call out.

Fans: 5 …….. 4 ……….. 3 ……….. 2…………1!!!


Rayne: And Kyle Malone puts his bid in to win the match!

Malone walks casually to the ring, watching the action.  Walking up the steps, he enters between the top and second rope and considers his options.  Brandon and Sandra are locked up in one corner, while Payton and Icetank continue to try to outdo each other in the other.  Payton hits a slap that gets a WOOOOO from the crowd and moves Icetank to the center of the ropes between two corners.  Icetank wobbles and Payton slaps him again and Icetank goes half way over… Payton backs up to go for a boot to the face when Kyle Malone launches with a drop kick and sends Icetank barreling over the top, crashing to the floor!

Rayne: HA! Malone just picked the carcass of Icetank out of Payton’s hands!

Payton glares at the gloating Malone and the two men lock up!  Malone, fresh takes the advantage and hits a knee lift, knocking Payton back and then he follows up with a clothesline!  With Payton down, Malone scrambles up to the top and hits ‘For the Future!

McDaniel: Malone is out to send a message!!

In the other corner, Brandon gets a kick to the groin from Sandra, and as he bends over, she hits a powerful DDT!  Sandra scoops him up and tries to get him over the ropes, but he holds on.  Kyle meanwhile, has Payton against the ropes now, and nearly all the way out!  Brandon manages to knock Sandra away and immediately heads over to try to help Malone evict Payton.

Rayne: I don’t know if that was such a good idea!

McDaniel: The ring is about to get even more crowded!!

Fans: 5 …….. 4 ……….. 3 ……….. 2…………1!!!


McDaniel: Here comes our last entrant, Nick Mathews!!

Nick joins the fray, taking stock of the situation…Malone and Brandon have Payton literally on the ropes!  He sees Sandra alone, shaking the cobwebs away but chooses to go help get rid of Payton!  The three men work together and Payton is sent over the ropes!  The turn away, celebrating, but don’t realize that Payton has a hold of the top rope and only one foot on the floor! 

Rayne: He’s not out! He’s not out!!

McDaniel: Payton slides in, barely!

The three then go after Sandra, eager to send a message to President Chamelion!  Sandra ducks the first attack, but Malone catches her by the hair!  She screams and he grins, as the other two look on, Malone turns Sandra over for a pile driver, when the crowd explodes as Payton crashes into Malone, sending both down to the mat.  Payton then deals both with Mathews and Brandon!  He sends them reeling with hard rights and lefts.  Malone jumps up and angrily rejoins the fray, intent on finishing the job against Payton! He takes control over Payton, knocking him down.  Brandon and Mathews turn their attention to Sandra!

Rayne: Uh oh!

McDaniel: They better keep it to business here!

Both men move in on Sandra, but the former PWA champion takes charge. She high knee lifts Mathews back and locks up Brandon! She tries for a vertical suplex, gets him up half way, but he comes back down and reverses the move.. as he does, he twists his body and finishes the move which sends Sandra over the top rope to the floor!

Rayne: DAMN!

McDaniel: Impressive reversal and ring sense by the new Brandon Jones!

Brandon and Mathews again return to helping Malone against Payton Strader!  Malone heaves the weary Payton to the ropes and starts to send him over once again! Brandon and Mathews however, shock everyone as they instead heave Malone up and over sending the shocked man crashing to the floor!

Rayne: HA! So much for team work!

McDaniel: They saw an opportunity and took it!

Brandon and Nick high five each other, before Brandon low fives Nick in the balls with a swift kick! Nick cries out, falls backwards and Brandon sends him packing over the top rope!

Rayne: It’s down to just two!  Both brand new men making their PWA debuts!!

Brandon turns, as Payton rights himself, getting his senses back. Brandon rushes in with a spear, but Payton holds on as they fall backwards and uses his weight to crash Brandon face first to the canvas! Payton brings Brandon up and hooks him up in a razor’s edge! Payton goes for the ropes to send Brandon over, but Brandon wiggles free, lands and spins, hitting a super kick on Payton!  Payton crashes into the ropes and goes over, but catches his arm around the top rope and crashes onto the apron!

McDaniel: Brandon almost had it!!!

Brandon runs across the ring, comes back with a baseball slide, but Payton shifts his weight and Brandon misses and falls to the outside!

Rayne: Not an elimination!

Payton is back in the ring, and Brandon angrily curses!  As Payton rolls to catch his breath, Brandon grabs a steel chair and slides in!  As Payton rises, Brandon crashes the metal chair over his head, breaking Payton’s head open as the big man falls hard!

McDaniel: That chair is legal, but that was really underhanded!

Rayne: Looked more like an over hand shot to me!!

Bleeding, Payton is weary and shaky as Brandon brings him to his feet! Brandon throws Payton against the ropes and picks the chair up.  Brandon then takes aim….

McDaniel: This is it!

…and rushes in, swinging with all his might….

Rayne: So much for Payton’s return!!

…but Payton drops one knee and Brandon’s wild swing misses and as Brandon is turned around from the miss, Payton grabs him and heaves him up and over… Brandon meets the mat outside the ring as Payton drops to the canvas, blood and sweat covering his brow!


McDaniel: He did it!

Rayne: The Dream Reaper is BACK!!!!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the Rumble, and NEW #1 contender for the PWA Television championship… The Dream Reaper; PAYTON STRADER!!!!!!!!!

McDaniel: Unbelievable! TDR has returned and won the Mini Rumble! Love it! Hate it! Fear it!

Rayne: If living forever is the best revenge, he just took one HUGE step towards immortality, right here in the PWA!

TDR climbs the turnbuckle, pounds his right fist into his chest and points out towards the PWA fans. The sold out arena begins the singing chant of 'REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAPER!'

McDaniel: Now, when's the last time you heard that!?

Rayne: That is kinda scary...WAIT A MINUTE!

Someone rolls into the ring with a chair and as they stand to their feet, the crowd pops in shock at who it is



Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson looks out at the crowd and has an evil smile on his face and clocks TDR's back with the chair. TDR crumbles on the turnbuckle and rolls backwards, slumping to the mat. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson stands over TDR with the chair, he surveys the crowd and swings the chair again, clocking TDR in the head

McDaniel: He’s adding more injury to Payton’s already busted skull!

Rayne: So much for a triumphant return!

The Rock drops the chair and rolls out of the ring. He wipes his mouth and does the eyebrow glare at the bloody mess of TDR in the ring. The view shows TDR trying to roll over, his leather gloves covered in blood, his sweaty hair mangled with fresh crimson and through his smeared gray skull face paint, his eyes glare out at the entrance ramp, where he sees The Rock. Ringside staff gives The Rock a mic, where he works the negativity of the crowd

Rock: How ya feelin, Payton? Ya look a

Payton is belly crawling towards the ropes and begins to try to pull himself to his knees

Rock: You remember me, don't you? We did that movie three years ago? You know the one...demons from hell, big fucking guns...and Reaper beating Sarge to save the planet? Any of that ring a bell, Payton?

Payton is barely to his knees. He drops to the mat and rolls out, holding on to the edge of the ring

Rock: Well, let's just say...I never got over that...

TDR staggers away from the ring and motions for The Rock to 'Bring It'. The crowd pops but it's evident TDR is not in any shape for this encounter. The Rock is about to oblige TDR's mockery of his own calling card. Chamelion appears at the top of the ramp with a mic

Chamelion: Whoa, whoa whoa...hold it, right there you two...I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here… as that’s saying something considering I’m the President.  But, I just couldn't help but overhearing...and seeing this little incident take place. I really ought to throw you out of here, Johnson, as you are nowhere near a part of the PWA, but I gotta admit....The Rock...TDR...that's just too damn good to pass up. And, considering how I've established myself as one HELL of a devious as that might sound...I’ll allow you ‘safe passage’ for the next 30 days… that is, until “Who’s The Man!?”  and if Johnson wants some of TDR? He'll get another HELL IN A CELL!



McDaniel: The Rock wants some of TDR? He's going to get it!

The Rock turns back to TDR and through his smeared face paint and bloodied face, TDR just sneers. The Rock spits to the ground and just glares at TDR and nods. TDR staggers up the entrance ramp and gets nose to nose with The Rock. The arena lights up with the strobing effect of hundreds upon hundreds of camera flashes...and as the view pans up to the top of the ramp, Chamelion' devious smirk can clearly be seen

McDaniel: I can't believe what I am seeing!

That is going to be history in the making! Chamelion is truly the most devious son of a ...

McDaniel: Careful, Rayne...he's still on the entrance ramp, watching the dollar signs at the end of the ramp!

TDR walks past The Rock and looks up at Chamelion, he furiously motions to Chamelion, as if to ask what was going on

Chamelion: You tell me, Payton. You come back to the PWA and bring trouble with you, like always.  You expect me to comment about how great you are, that you sell out arenas? Instead of expecting a pat on the back, just go and do it already! You get your favorite match, Johnson gets a chance to make history, and I get the ratings!  Prove your worth, kiddo, just like everyone else!

TDR stops at mid ramp, glares at Chamelion, turns back to glare at The Rock, then back at Chamelion

Rayne: Talk about being in between The ROCK and a hard place!

McDaniel: Oh, that was just terrible! I can't believe you just said that!

Chamelion: By the way, welcome back...Payton Strader...

Chamelion laughs and exits the top of the ramp. Scene fades on the zooming view of the bloody glare of TDR's furious eyes.

Rayne: Payton returns, picks up an awesome win, only to have his triumphant return destroyed by ‘The Rock’?

McDaniel: This ‘actor’ acts like he knows wrestling from somewhere!! He’s in for the beating of his life!

Rayne: And deserves it.. so we have our first booked match for Who’s The Man!?

McDaniel: Payton’s heading into the back. Johnson is out of here.. And it’s time to move on to our next match!

PWA Intercontinental Title Match

Mark McNasty vs. Corey Lazarus

The cameras cut back to the ring, where Eric Emerson stands with note cards in hand.

Eric Emerson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30-minute time limit, and it is for the PWA Intercontinental championship!

An old fashioned, black and white film countdown begins rolling, the film flickering and a beep heard after every digit.

BLAM! A single shot of pyro kills the lights as a trio of drumrolls blasts over the PA system, inducing Hollywood landmarks - Hollywood Hills, the Chinese Theater, Pink's Hot Dogs, and various studios - to appear on the ADCTron as the opening basslines to Slayer's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" play.

Rayne: You know, for a man like Corey Lazarus, you would figure he'd have some incredibly elaborate entrance for an event as big as Genesis, don't you?

McDaniel: I have known Corey Lazarus for close to seven years now, and I can honestly say that he truly believes everything he does on his way to the ring is worth every penny the fans have paid for.

The muted guitar chugs come in as slow-motion highlights of Corey's career play on the ADCTron. Corey nails the Mercury Driver on Sean "IcE" Moro to capture the DRWF Eternal title; Lazarus superkicks Ultros off of the ring apron and into a ringside dumpster, setting off the dozens of explosive C2 charges within; Nightmare taps out as Corey tightens the Yamada Stretch; and Corey leaps off of the top rope with a moonsault to former PWA World champion Silverback, who's duct-taped to a table on the outside. The all-too-familiar guitar lick plays as more clips roll, and a spotlight shines on the entrance curtain, mist pouring out from underneath it. The song reaches its 27-second mark, and Corey Lazarus leaps out from behind the curtain, spinning around with his arms stretched out to the sides, spilling water from his Aquafina bottle while doing so. Gregory Price emerges immediately after him, chomping away on his gum as he runs a hand over his heavily-gelled hair.


Eric Emerson: Introducing first, the challenger...


Corey and Price don't hesitate this time, and begin walking right to the ring. Price yells at a few ringside fans as Corey ignores all of them, even the few with pro-Lazarus signs that reach for a handshake.

McDaniel: Corey looks incredibly focused tonight.


Eric Emerson: Being accompanied by Gregory Price...

Lazarus stops at the bottom of the ramp and takes off his silver-rimmed Ray Ban's, handing them to Price.


The lick of the bridge plays, at which time Lazarus jumps up onto the ring apron, stepping one foot into the ring before looking all around the arena.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Hollywood, California, he weighs in tonight at 230 pounds, and stands at 6-foot-1...


Corey steps into the ring as Price walks up the steps onto the apron, clapping for his client. Lazarus hits the ropes, warming up a little and stretching out as he runs them.


Eric Emerson: He is "The Premiere Attraction"...

The guitars divebomb as the drums pound away, and Corey leaps right onto the top rope, backflipping off and landing in a crouched position with one fist on the mat, his head bobbing to the beat of the drums as the vocals sing...


Eric Emerson: ...COREY LAZARUS!!!!

Lazarus leaps to his feet, spinning around with his arms outstretched, and "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" dies down as the spotlight is killed and the lights return, but only momentarily. The lights cut to blue, with blacklights around the stage, and Cold's "Whatever You Became" begins playing over the PA system. Smoke pours out from behind the curtain as two huge blasts of blue pyro shoot from the stage, and Mark McNasty steps out right afterwards, the PWA Intercontinental title wrapped around his waist. He runs across the ramp, pointing to the crowd as they reply with massive fanfare.

McDaniel: And it's no secret tonight who these fans would prefer seeing walk away with the belt!

Eric Emerson: Introducing next...

McNasty walks back to the top of the ramp, scratching his chin as he raises an eyebrow before laughing a little, and then points to the crowd again as he starts walking down the ramp.

Rayne: McNasty has been one of the more impressive former BWF superstars to come into the PWA, having held the BWF World title several times during his stay there, and being the first PWA Intercontinental champion of the President Sommers era.

Eric Emerson: Weighing in tonight at 255 pounds...

McNasty slaps a few high-fives with fans as he never takes his eyes off of Lazarus in the ring, who returns the favor.

Eric Emerson: And stands at 6 feet, 3 inches tall...

Mark rolls into the ring, and then kips up to his feet before running over to a corner, jumping up on the second rope and raising his arms up for the crowd.

McDaniel: McNasty certainly is the crowd favorite here tonight, but in all of the years that I've been watching Corey Lazarus, and I can honestly tell you that I don't believe Mark knows what he's in for.

Rayne: So are you saying Laz has a chance?

McDaniel: Corey ALWAYS has a chance. I don't agree with most of what the man says or does, but when it comes to what he can accomplish in the ring, I have nothing but respect for the man.

Eric Emerson: He is the current, reigning, and defending PWA Intercontinental champion, from Atlanta, Georgia...

McNasty sprints over to the opposite corner, Corey's glare never taken from him, and jumps up to the second rope again, raising up his arms. He then jumps down and walks to the center of the ring, facing Corey, and then looks right, then left, and then raises his arms up with fists clenched as he looks towards the rafters, causing blue pyro to fall behind him as the lights return to normal.

Eric Emerson: ...MARK McNASTY!!!

McNasty lowers his arms and backs into his corner, unbuttoning the Intercontinental title as the referee comes over to pat him down. McNasty stares straight ahead at Corey, who nods as Price talks into his ear. The referee walks over to Lazarus and pats him down, prompting Price to spit the gum in his mouth at the referee. The referee admonishes Price, who hops off of the ring apron smirking, and Corey points to McNasty.

McDaniel: Fans, this is the eighth edition of the Genesis Pay-Per-View spectacular, and Corey's second time at Genesis while it is McNasty's first. Lazarus's record at Genesis is one and one, his first time at the event resulting in a loss during the infamous Ultraviolent Cage Match against Metalhead at Genesis Three, and the second time saw him walking away with the High Impact Competition Tempest championship at Genesis Six in a four-corners match against Tommy Riley, Duncan Aries, and Jason Ambrose.

The referee takes the Intercontinental title from McNasty, and then shows it to Corey, who nods at it. He then holds it up high as the "PWA INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP" graphic is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The referee hands the belt to Emerson as he leaves the ring, and signals for the bell.


Rayne: And the match is underway as both men stay in their corners.

Corey cracks his knuckles, and then his neck before stretching out using the top ropes. McNasty stretches out his legs, and then both men walk to the center of the ring, meeting face to face.

Fans: FUCK 'EM UP, NASTY, FUCK 'EM UP! **clap, clap** FUCK 'EM UP, NASTY, FUCK 'EM UP! **clap, clap**

McDaniel: And a meeting of the minds now as the match starts off with some trash talking...

Mark starts laughing as he mouths off to Corey, who just has his hands on his hips and shakes his head at everything. Lazarus then smacks Mark across the face, and locks him into a side headlock. McNasty hits Corey in the kidneys with a pair of forearms, and Lazarus then takes him down to the mat, keeping the headlock intact. McNasty tries to fight out of it, but Corey punches him in the forehead before wrenching the hold in even tighter.

Rayne: I was lead to believe that Corey didn't work the mat much, Jon. What's he doing here?

McDaniel: He usually hasn't. This is...odd, to say the least, for Laz.

McNasty brings his legs up, and breaks the headlock by putting Corey into a headscissors. McNasty wrenches the hold in, tightening his legs, and Corey rolls over to his stomach, pushing himself up into a headstand before shoving himself to his feet. Corey throws a soccer kick at McNasty, but Mark grabs his ankle, gets to his feet, and then hits Laz with a knife-edge across the chest.

Fans: WHOOOO!!!

McDaniel: Chop by McNasty...and another...

Fans: WHOOOO!!!

Rayne: And Corey with one of his own!

Fans: WHOOOO!!!

McNasty blocks another attempt at a knife-edge from Corey, dropping Laz's leg, and then hits him with a pair of forearms to the face. Mark hits the ropes, ducks a lariat attempt from Laz, and rebounds off the opposite ropes, taking Corey down with a lariat of his own. Mark covers...



<font color=orang>Rayne: A little too soon there, Mark.

McDaniel: The Intercontinental champion brings Corey back to his feet for another pair of forearms, and he whips him into the corner.

McNasty charges, but Corey gets a boot up, catching Mark right in the jaw. McNasty backs up, dazed, and Corey charges, hitting a dropkick to McNasty's right knee. Mark flips forward, and then clutches his knee.

McDaniel: McNasty might have just torn an ACL right there thanks to Laz...WHO MOVES IN WITH STOMPS!

Corey grabs McNasty's ankle to steady the leg, and then begins kicking the inside of the right knee over and over again. Mark grabs the bottom rope, and the referee calls for a break, but Corey just locks on a standing leglock instead, staring right at the referee with his trademark devilish smirk.





Corey releases the hold as the referee gets in his face, and Corey just shakes his head, holding up an open hand after kicking McNasty in the knee quickly.

Lazarus: Hey, I've got until FIVE, babe!

McDaniel: But why would you wait to use it up until four?

Rayne: Hey, Jon, you did say that you disagreed with most of what Corey does.

Lazarus picks the leg back up, kicking McNasty in the knee a few more times, and then drags him out to the center of the ring.

Rayne: Corey now locking on what looks to be a Figure 4...

Corey bends McNasty's right leg around his own, pulling up on Mark's left leg as he places it underneath his own right knee, and then falls down with Mark's right ankle and left leg locked under Corey's one leg.

McDaniel: And a NagataLock by Corey traps McNasty in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go!

McNasty sits up, trying to fight through the pain, and then rolls over, not reversing the hold due to its nature, but alleviating most of the pressure. Corey just gets to a knee, shrugs his shoulders, and then pulls his leg out from the NagataLock, wrapping it around McNasty's right leg and falling backwards with an inverted STF.

Rayne: Inverted STF, and Lazarus is wrenching it in even tighter!

Corey yawns, taking one hand off of Mark's chin to cover his mouth, and then McNasty reaches behind him, fish hooking Laz's cheek. McNasty pulls on it, causing Corey to break the hold, and then McNasty locks Corey into a side headlock as he gets to a knee.

McDaniel: And the tables have turned again in this match, as McNasty releases the side headlock and locks on a Dragon Sleeper.

Corey fights to his feet as McNasty does the same, and Lazarus then twists his body out of the hold and locks on a hammerlock. McNasty breaks it up, locking Corey in a cravate, and then kicks Laz in the back of the knee, dropping him down to one.

Rayne: McNasty hits the ropes, and BAM!

McNasty dives and hits a stiff forearm into the back of Corey's head, knocking him down to the mat.

Rayne: Lights Out! It's over!

The referee drops for the count as McNasty hooks Corey's leg.




McNasty gets to his feet, not even frustrated, and then hits a legdrop across Corey's throat.

McDaniel: Way too early in the match for that. Another cover, but Corey kicks out even before the 1-count.

Lazarus rolls to his side, shaking his head, and McNasty locks on a rear chinlock, causing Corey to wince a little and pull on Mark's hand to loosen it.

McDaniel: Corey trying to break free from the chinlock, and Mark hits him with a crossface before cinching it in even tighter.

Corey manages to get his mouth open, letting Mark's thumb get in it, and then chomps down on it quick, causing Mark to break the hold. Lazarus gets to his feet, holding his jaw as the referee gets in his face, and Corey just pushes the ref to the side as he steps towards Mark, hitting him with a pair of forearms to the cheek.

Rayne: Nobody ever told me that Corey was a biter!

McDaniel: I can honestly say that I've never seen him bite somebody's thumb to get out of a hold before.

Lazarus drops to his knees and takes McNasty over with a fireman's carry, locking on a cross armbreaker immediately afterwards. McNasty scoots his body to the ropes within a few seconds before Corey can tighten it, and gets his foot on the bottom rope. Lazarus, undeterred, falls back, tightening the hold and even bending back Mark's fingers to add some insult to it.





Rayne: And he quickly lets go, backing up to let Mark to his feet. What a prick.

Corey looks out into the crowd, flashing a smile, and McNasty gets to his feet, shaking out his arm. Corey walks over to him, and McNasty surprises him with a knife-edge chop.

Fans: WHOOOO!!!

Lazarus reels back, holding his chest, and then chops McNasty.

Fans: WHOOOO!!!

McNasty chops right back, causing Corey to back up again, wincing as he rubs his chest quick, and then he fires back another knife-edge to Mark.

Fans: WHOOOO!!!

Who replies by firing back another one to Corey.

Fans: WHOOOO!!!

Lazarus quickly jabs his thumb into Mark's eye, causing McNasty to walk away, holding it. Lazarus lifts his arms up, nodding as the referee yaps at him, and then hits the ropes. Mark turns around, and Corey goes for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but McNasty plants him with an inverted powerbomb.

McDaniel: And it looks like Laz didn't get his hands up in time and landed flat on his face.

A replay is shown in the corner of Corey landing flat on his face, and McNasty delivers some boots to Corey's back. After the fourth one, Mark brings Corey to his feet, nails him with a forearm to the forehead, and then whips him to the ropes.

Rayne: O!

McNasty lifts the rebounding Lazarus up, nailing him down with a massive spinebuster. He then hits the ropes...

Rayne: U!

...tumbles towards Corey...

Rayne: C!

And, upon getting back to his feet, nails a somersault senton across Corey's midsection. Lazarus coughs, holding his ribs, and McNasty immediately hooks a leg.

Rayne: H! OUCH!




Corey gets his shoulder up right after 2, and McNasty gets to his feet, dropping an elbow across Corey's chest. He then grabs Corey by the hair, causing Laz to kick his legs, and brings him to his feet.

McDaniel: McNasty with a right, he hits the ropes...

McNasty LEVELS Corey with a high knee, and then points up to the sky.

<font color=blue>McNasty: Huh?!


Rayne: Mark's going up top!

McNasty steps onto the apron and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Corey sees this, and then rolls out of the ring, shaking the cobwebs out. McNasty shrugs, and then dives off of the top rope as Corey turns around, connecting with a crossbody block to the outside.

McDaniel: And McNasty goes airborn!

Mark jumps back up to his feet, a fist raises to the sky, and the fans clap for him. He slaps a couple of high-fives with the front row fans, and Corey gets to a knee, looking dazed. McNasty walks over, picks him up to his feet, and then rolls him back into the ring.

Rayne: Mark with the cover...



3...NO! KICKOUT!!!

Mark stays on his knees, looking around at the crowd before him, and Corey starts to get to his feet. Mark gets up, knees Corey in the midsection, doubling him over. He then jumps up to the top rope and leaps forward at Corey, locking on a quick front facelock before falling backwards, driving Corey head-first to the mat.

Rayne: Totally Nasty!

Mark covers, but Corey immediately gets his foot on the bottom rope. The ref tells Mark, who gets away from Corey, and then backs up into the opposite corner.

Rayne: He's getting ready for something...

McDaniel: Corey back to his feet in the corner now, and McNASTY CHARGES!

Corey ducks a lariat attempt, causing McNasty to hit the turnbuckles and back up, dazed. Lazarus leaps up for a boomerang kick, but Mark ducks it, grabbing Corey's ankle on his way down.

Rayne: End Credits missed, and an AnkleLock applied!

Corey gets up on his hands to alleviate the pressure, but McNasty leans back, tightening the hold. The referee gets in Corey's face, asking him if he'd like to quit. Corey shakes his head violently from side to side, "no," and then reaches for the ropes. He makes them, but McNasty doesn't break the hold.




Corey quickly pulls on the bottom rope, sending himself out of the ring, and dragging McNasty with him. Both men land outside, and Corey gets up, shaking out his ankle as McNasty stumbles to his feet.

McDaniel: Corey charges, McNasty with a drop toehold!

Lazarus lands face-first into the ringsteps, causing a bit of dust to fly up from it. Corey holds his forehead, and then begins rubbing his eyes as McNasty jaws with some fans some more.



Mark takes a three-point stance as Corey gets to his feet.



McNasty charges...


Corey leapfrogs Mark's spear attempt, sending McNasty head-first into the ringsteps, knocking them over in the process.


Corey rolls back into the ring, rubbing his eyes as he gets to his feet.

Rayne: It looks like Corey might have something in his eyes there.

McDaniel: We did see that cloud of dust shoot up when his head hit the steps on the outside, so it's possible that it got into his eyes.

Corey closes one eye tightly, looking around with the other one, and spies McNasty getting to his feet on the outside.


Corey hits the ropes, rebounding, and then leaps over the top rope with a swan dive, connecting with his back across Mark.

McDaniel: Topé Con Hilo by Corey Lazarus!

The referee, perplexed, scratches his head. He then takes a step between the ropes and onto the apron, looking at both Corey and Mark as Laz struggles to his feet, using the ring apron itself as leverage, and Mark crawls towards the guardrail.

McDaniel: Laz up first...Mark's up...and the ref starts the count again!


Corey charges towards McNasty, who backdrops Corey up above the guardrail.


Corey quickly alters his position, landing with his feet flat on the guardrail itself, and then moonsaults back onto McNasty, both men crashing to the floor.


Rayne: We can't see a draw tonight! This is a title match! It's Mark's time to shine!


Corey gets to his feet and then rolls into the ring, Mark doing the same shortly after, and Corey is up first. McNasty lifts himself up into the corner, and Corey walks towards him.

McDaniel: McNasty blocks a right, and hits one of his own! And again!

Mark fires off a series of rights and forearms, backing Corey into the center of the ring, and then boots him in the midsection. McNasty lifts Corey up for a fallaway slam, and then leaps up, backflipping.

Rayne: SAULT SLAM...NO!!

Corey fights out of it and lands on his feet as Mark lands right on his gut, popping up to his knees immediately after due to momentum. Lazarus then delivers a stiff kick to Mark's chest, followed by an equally stiff one to his upper back, and then hits the ropes. Lazarus rebounds, and leaps around McNasty, delivering a stiff knee to the back of his head. Mark drops dead to the mat, and Corey falls against the ropes, breathing heavily.

McDaniel: I think now would be a good time to note that Corey shouldn't be breathing this hard, the match has only been going for about 10 minutes.

Rayne: Actually, it's almost at the 14-minute mark, but the point remains.

McDaniel: I'm not one to rant and rave about public health issues, but Corey really should stop smoking.

Corey takes a step forward, rolls Mark over, and then places a foot on his chest. The ref does nothing, so Corey points at McNasty and nods.



3...NO! KICKOUT!!!

Corey bites his bottom lip, and then brings McNasty to his feet. He whips him - HARD - into the corner, and then follows him in with a big body splash. Mark begins falling out of the corner, but Corey catches him, locks him into a front facelock, and then turns around, backing up to the top turnbuckle. He lifts his arm, spins it around, and McNasty forces himself out of the front facelock, uppercutting Corey and causing him to fall backwards onto the ringpost, nearly out of the ring.


McDaniel: Huh?

Rayne: It's what Ryu and Ken say in the Street Fighter games when they do their Dragon Uppercut.

McDaniel: Sorry. The only video games I've ever played were Pac-Man and HiC Genesis.

Rayne: How fitting.

McNasty drags Corey back up, and then lifts him so that he is on the very top rope, climbing up after him. Mark locks on a front facelock, draping Corey's arm over his shoulder, and then grabs Corey by the waist.

McDaniel: Superplex...NO!

Corey grabs the top rope, blocking the hold twice, and then fires off a trio of punches to Mark's ribs, breaking the hold. Corey throws in a pair of headbutts to Mark's face, knocking him backwards, but McNasty's leg gets caught around the top turnbuckle, causing him to fall backwards into a Tree of Woe.

Rayne: Oh no...this CAN'T be good for Mark!

Corey stands up on the top rope, facing the ring, and then jumps straight up into the air, twisting his body around 180 degrees so he's facing the post, and then falls down, sticking his knee out.

Fans: OOOHH!

Lazarus drives his knee into Mark's groin as his boot scrapes across Mark's face, and then lands on the mat, rolling backwards to a knee. He raises his arms up to his sides, showing exhaustion on his face, and makes the "come here" motion with his hands. Instead of applause, he is met with a chorus of boos, some minor cheers mixed in, but barely audible.

McDaniel: And that was...that was...different...!

A replay is shown of Corey flying off the top rope, turning around, and then driving a knee into Mark's groin as his boot scrapes across McNasty's face. Cut back to real time, and McNasty falls out of the Tree of Woe, one hand on his cheek and the other holding his nether regions.

Rayne: When Mark walks out with the belt, he's going to need A LOT of ice...

Corey gets to his feet, and then makes the "hang loose" sign with his right hand by sticking out his thumb and his pinky, his other three fingers tightened. He then drags his thumb slowly across his throat, from ear-to-ear, and hunches over, measuring McNasty as he starts to get back to his feet.

McDaniel: Corey measures McNasty...Mark up...!

Corey leaps with a boomerang kick attempt, but Mark brings his forearms up, blocking it. Corey lands on his knees, and then eats a boot to the head, dazing him. McNasty picks him up for a fallaway slam again, and bends his knees, readying himself for the backflip.


Corey fires off a quick series of elbows, causing Mark to drop him to the mat. Lazarus quickly gets to his feet, and nails a low roundhouse kick to Mark's femural artery, followed by a middle roundhouse kick to Mark's ribs, and then a high roundhouse kick to McNasty's collarbone. Lazarus then grabs the back of McNasty's neck, nailing a downward thrusting elbow to the top of his head, and follows it up with a stiff knee to the face.


Mark stumbles backwards, and Corey leaps forward, twisting his body around for another boomerang kick, but McNasty ducks this one.

McDaniel: The third End Credits attempt missed again...!

McNasty kicks Corey low, and then picks him up for a fallaway slam, wasting no time and backflipping almost immediately, landing right on top of Corey in the center of the ring. He immediately hooks a leg, and puts all of his weight over Laz.





McNasty jumps to his feet, and then runs over the corner, jumping up to the middle rope and raising his hands up in the air. After a moment, he remembers his ribs hurt, and he lowers his arms, wrapping one around his ribs as he jumps back down to he mat. The timekeeper runs the belt over to the referee, who then hands it to McNasty.

Eric Emerson: Your winner of the match, and STILL PWA Intercontinental champion...

McNasty holds the belt high above his head, wincing from the pain again, and then drapes it over his shoulder before rolling out of the ring.

Eric Emerson: ...MARK McNASTY!!

Lazarus crawls to the corner, and then rolls out of the ring, rubbing his eyes. Price runs over and pats him on the back.

Price: Good job, Core, good job. Good effort, anyway.

Lazarus: Fuck off, man.

McNasty backs up the ramp, slapping a few high-fives along the way, and then hoists the Intercontinental title above his head as he backs up through the curtain. Corey and Price walk back up the ramp, Price shaking his head and Corey still rubbing the dust out of his eyes, and Corey flips a few anti-Laz fans off in the front row. 

Our scene opens up with a rush of emotions from backstage, as a staggering Corey Lazarus comes stumbling into the picture...

Corey Lazarus: "I can't see anything!  That son of a bitch!"

He waivers around, looking for a bottle of water, as a rather buff looking African American man, in his early twenties, bounces into the scene - dressed to the nines in a business suit...

"Here you go, Mr. Lazarus."

He lifts a bottle of water up and into the hands of Corey Lazarus, who uses it to flush his eyes.  It's notable that Corey's face is covered in a dark turquoise kind of paint, or mist...

Corey Lazarus: "Thanks... wait... who the hell are you?"

The man takes a business card out of his pocket, handing it to the still eye-flushing Lazarus.  His hand stays out, as Corey is too preoccupied to take it.

"My name's not important... let's just say, I'm a friend of an old friend.  If you catch my drift."

Corey goes to grab the card out of his hand, which gets him a raised eyebrow from the young-man.

"We'll be seeing you soon, I'm sure."

Corey reads over the card, as the man exits the scene...  

PWA & AOWF Tag-Team Titles Match

Three Falls Match!!

 (First fall AOWF titles, Second fall PWA titles, Third Fall respect)

Enika Engel & Matthew Engel vs. Sirus & Randall Moran


Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen! This tag-team match is scheduled for one pin fall or submission and has a thirty minute time limit. Both teams will be competing for the PWA and AOWF Tag-Team titles!

McDaniel: I can't believe Matt actually got President Sommers to let him put the AOWF community tag titles on the line. But, they got the okay from the AOWF.

Rayne: Well I can't see why Sommers would think twice about it. It really ups the value of the match seeing as how the now-defunct AOWF was one of the most respected and competitive organizations in recent history.

McDaniel: Well you do make a good point there.

A beeping, almost in the evacuation sense, kicks up over the airwaves - cueing in a guitar riff overtop of itself; dimming the lights just well enough to where we simply see the ADC-Tron alternating a count-down from twelve, in pink and green.  At the twelve second mark - when the vocals kick in - we first get the old school "Exit Music" logo from days long since past, as well as  rotating, alternating, digital pink and green spotlights - two of them to be exact, on the stage, along with standard fire-colored embers from the scaffolding just below the screen...

### uh-O-oh-oh###

This of course being the opening sequence to "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus, which brings out Matthew "Virus" Engel and his sister "The Firefly" Enika Engel, to a nice little reception from the fans. Matt has his PWA and AOWF tag titles on both shoulders, while Enika wears her AOWF around her waist and has the other one plopped on her right shoulder.  Enika's attire consists of a pink zip-up hoodie - left unzipped, with the hood up over her head - overtop of a white ribbed belly shirt with a black "Exit Music" ensigna in the middle, rotated 35 degrees; along with a pair of white jogging pants with "Firefly" across the back of them, black fingerless mesh gloves, and lastly a pair of pink, w/ white fur, ankle boots.  She walks out first, and looks out to the crowd, a smirk drawn from ear to ear - as she takes a few seconds to let it all sink in.  She takes a few hops from foot to foot, loosening the 'ole legs up a bit before her upcoming match.  

### uh-O-oh-oh###

Her brother on the other side of things has on a basic tuxedo that was given to him by Psychoduck and TED. Both the jacket and the pants are a dark green. He wears a silk black shirt underneath tucked into his pants, which extend down to the bottom of his wrestling boots that look like shoes since they're covered from the pants. He also wears a black tie, just for the hell of it.  He points to the heavens as he passes through the fountain of flames from the scaffold.  Enika looks back to her brother and smiles, as the flames die, dimming the arena back out a good ways... the spotlight following the Engels as always as they proceed down the ramp.

### No sleep...###
###No sleep until I am done with finding the answer.###

Emerson stands center stage, ironically in the shadows - as Virus slaps some fans five on the way down the ramp...

Eric Emerson: Introducing first,  hailing from Charleston, West Virginina and Bailey's Bay, Bermurda...a combined weight of three hundred and sixty pounds...

Enika elects to not go all the way over to the side of the ramp, but instead points to the few adoring fans she has. 

###Won't stop.... ###
###Won't stop before I find a cure for this cancer.###

Eric Emerson: They are the PWA and AOWF Tag-Team Champions...going under the banner of "Exit Music"...THE FIREFLY ENIKA ENGEL and...

Again, a more elevated mixed reaction as she basks in her spotlight...


###I feel like going down, I'm so disconnected... ###

They eventually reach the ring, where Enika decides to take the steps, given the beating she took last week, while Matthew just slides under the bottom rope, he springs to his feet immediately...


A more warm reaction to the latter, which Enika eyeballs him for.  He shrugs.

###Somehow... ###
###I know that I am haunted to be wanted...  ###

Enika drops her back-pack off in the corner, and meets up with The Virus in the middle of the ring, where they pound fists, up, down, and straight forward...

I've been watching... ###
### I've been waiting...###

The two spotlights intertwine and disperse, bringing forth the normal house lights.  Enika hops from foot to foot again, as the Virus takes off his top, tie, and black silk shirt to reveal a wife-beater underneath - all the former of which he gives to the ring girl.  Enika opts to leave all of her clothes on, since this is a hardcore match after all.  She looks sadly reminiscent of Lil Mac during one of his running sequences back in the old "Mike Tyson: Punch Out!" days, only a hell of a lot cuter, and much more feminine.  She pops the hood down off of her head, and backs into the corner - deciding to let Matthew work the kinks out first off in the match.  She almost forgets about the title around her waist, and leans it over the ropes to the aforementioned ring girl...

###In the shadows, for my time. ###

McDaniel: Unfortunately last week they both didn't share the spotlight and glory together. Matt was bested against Sirus in that hellacious and excellent tag match and Enika, even though she was technically a winner, got beat down with a few light-tube chair shots. Those were brutal.

Eric Emerson: And their opponents...hailing from Winnipeg and Minnedosa, a combined weight of four hundred and sixty-nine pounds...

"More Human Than Human" by White Zombie hits the PA system as Sirus and Randall Moran walk out. On the screen above them is a clip of Sirus and Randall together, with Sirus holding 'Al'. Sirus waves to the people as Randall looks on with a look of determination. End clip. Sirus and Randall make their way down to the ring.


The arena erupts at the sound as Sirus and Randall make it to the ring. Sirus slides in and Randall takes the steps, keeping his eyes focued on the Engels. Suddenly, our own President Sommers appears from backstage, mic in hand. The music dies down as he waves to the fans. 

Chamelion: Now before we get this huge match-up underway, we have some...last minute modifications.

McDaniel: What has he got on his mind this time?

Rayne: I don't know, but I bet it's good!

Chamelion: I've been doing some thinking over the past few days and I came to a conclusion. Why should one pinfall or tap out determine the fate of TWO sets of tag titles? I mean, come on. Shouldn't there be...

He pauses for a moment. He feels the crowd, and the competitors, catching on to what he's saying.

Chamelion: A best of THREE? That would settle it. So, fine gentlemen and lady in the ring, this will be a best of three series. The first pin fall will determine the AOWF Tag-Team Champions! 

The crowd goes wild. Enika gives Matt a look of confusion. Matt looks frustrated.

Chamelion: The SECOND fall will determine the PWA Tag-Team Champions!

Sirus and Randall look at each other. They just shrug their shoulders. Matt and Enika start talking to each other, prepping for the match.

Chamelion: And the final fall will just be about pure, old fashioned respect!  Have fun, kids!

The ref explains the rules to both teams about the change in match up and calls for the bell.

McDaniel: Here we go!


Matt and Sirus start off first, Enika and Randall going to their respective corners. Matt and Sirus are practically equal in size and height, fairing a good match up. Both lock up and Matt gets an advantage by putting Sirus into a hammerlock. Sirus hits Matt with an elbow to the head and nails Matt with a jawbreaker. Sirus gets Matt to his feet and hits a nortern lights suplex. He doesn't hold it for the pin. Sirus gets on the mat and locks in an armbar.

McDaniel: Sirus is twisting that arm as much as he can. Wait, Enika hops in the ring and breaks the hold. Good teamwork there.

Rayne: The ref is yelling at Enika to get back to her corner.

Enika goes back to her corner as Matt shakes it off. Him and Sirus go at it and Matt connects with a left, but Sirus comes back with a right. It's back and forth for a few moments, but Matt gets the upperhand and connects with back to back bruising punches. He staggers Sirus into the ropes and Matt dropkicks Sirus, sending him to the outside.


McDaniel: Enika hops to the outside, as does Randall. Matt slides out and the ref begins the count. Matt grabs Sirus and whips him into the barricade. That's gotta hurt!


Rayne: Matt's going to work on Sirus and Enika and Randall meet on the outside.


Enika and Randall go at it. Randall tries a right but Enika dodges and puts Randall in a half hammerlock, then gives him repeated kicks to the mid section. Randall is doubled-over and gets implanted with a DDT from Enika.


Matt gets Sirus to his feet after dealing a back-breaker to Sirus. Matt follows as he hops on the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. The ref stops the count and Matt flies through the air trying to connect with a guillotine leg drop, but Sirus moves out of the way at the last second. Matt crashes hard. Randall recovers from that DDT and manages to block one of Enika's kicks, taking her down to the mat. Randall picks up Enika and drops her across the barricade. Randall wipes his hands off and goes back to his corner, getting a rise out of the crowd.

McDaniel: Enika isn't going to be feeling well after that. Randall dropped her on the exact spot that P-X hit her with those cruel chair shots last week.

Rayne: Randall is doing what he does best, exploiting his opponent's weaknesses.

Enika finds her way to the corner as Sirus is beating up on Matt. Sirus hits a running powerslam on Matt, then follows up with a belly-to-back suplex. Matt grabs his back in pain as Sirus tags Randall in. The ref checks the tag and Randall and Sirus go to work on Matt. Enika is a little dazed from that barricade shot earlier and tries to intervene, but is too late when Matt goes double suplexed by Randall and Sirus.

Rayne: Some HIGH impact right there! Randall and Sirus are getting things done. Wait, Enika comes in with a cheap shot to the back on Sirus! Sirus falls out of the ring.

Randall turns to Enika and goes after her, but Matt comes up behind Randall and hits a full-nelson slam, the ring shaking with the impact. Matt tells her to go to her corner and Enika obeys. Matt tags in Enika and they set Randall on the top turnbuckle. Matt uses this to put Randall on his shoulders. He tells Enika to climb the turnbuckle. Enika does it, but in protest.

McDaniel: What's she gonna do?

Rayne: Whatever it is, it won't end well for Randall. Sirus is coming to senses on the outside.

Sirus slides in, but it's too late. After a vote of confidence from Matt, Enika executes a big-time hurricanrana on Randall, slamming him down to the mat. 

McDaniel: I think that's the first time she's ever done that!

Rayne: She did it well and Randall is paying for it.

The ref gets in front of Sirus and doesn't let him get near the Engels. Sirus goes to his corner as Matt goes to his. Enika gets Randall to his feet and nails some forearm shots on him, staggering him back a little. Randall gets taken down by a dropkick, but gets back to his feet. Enika and Randall lock up, Randall overpowering her and sending her into the turnbuckle. Randall runs in and clotheslines her, almost flipping her over to the outside. Enika staggers forward and Randall hits a running bulldog.

McDaniel: That'll leave a mark.

Rayne: Especially on that pretty face of hers...

McDaniel: I'm sure she isn't too worried about her face if she's out here.

Randall gets Enika to her feet and puts her head between his legs. He picks her up in powerbomb fashion, but struggles to take her down. Enika is fighting with lefts and rights on Randall, trying to avoid the inevitable. Randall plants her down with a running powerbomb and goes for the pin. Matt slips in and breaks the pin, but pays for it as Sirus lays him out with a devastating clothesline. The ref backs Sirus off, as Matt manages to crawl back to his corner. Randall claps for Matt, but gets a mean look from him in return.

McDaniel: Randall showing his sportsmanship there and Matt showing what little he has...

Rayne: Give the guy some credit. He doesn't want to come off as weak and he's fighting for a lot of gold here. Plus, I don't know if Randall was being that sincere...

Randall gets Enika up to her feet, but takes her back down with a twirling back-breaker. Randall rams his knee into the arm of Enika a few times, then finishes off the assault with a few kicks. He gets her to her feet, taking her over to Sirus, but she scrambles out of it and nails Randall with a right. Randall fights back and double axe handles her to one knee. She gets whipped into the ropes and hops to the second, coming off and connecting with a toe-kick to the back of Randall's head.

McDaniel: Ante-Up! She nailed it! She's going for the pin...

Matt slips in the ring as fast as he can and nails Sirus with a dropkick to the side right before he can break the pin...





Rayne: She did it! Matt and Enika are still the AOWF Tag-Team Champions!

McDaniel: Well it certainly isn't the PWA Tag titles, which Enika and Virus will need to fight harder to retain. We've still got plenty to go here.

Randall manages to get to his feet, dazed and confused. He has no idea what just happened. The ref separates Enika and Randall as both teams regroup in their corners. The ref then calls for the bell.


Randall and Enika meet in the middle. They begin to circle each other, Randall goes in for the lock up but Enika sweeps through and hits a neckbreaker on Randall. She's still "high" from the big pin she just had. She springboards off the ropes with a moonsault-turned-legdrop and connects. She gets to her feet and nails some calculated elbow drops and drops a knee down on Randall's arm. She gets Randall to his feet and whips him into the ropes, Randall comes back and dodges a clothesline, getting behind Enika. He hits a release german suplex as Enika's shoulders plunge into the mat.

McDaniel: That's gotta hurt!

Rayne: Randall regains his senses and slowly makes a tag to Sirus. The crowd goes wild as Sirus closes in on Enika. But wait, Matt leaps off the turnbuckle and hits Sirus with a missile dropkick!

McDaniel: That's not legal!

Rayne: The ref is chewing Matt out as he tells him to go back to his corner. He was just trying to protect his sister.

Enika slowly gets to her feet, as does Sirus. They both nail each other with rights, but Enika staggers back a little more. Sirus hits a running knee, taking Enika down. Sirus goes into the ropes and connects with a huge leg drop, crashing down across Enika's throat and chest. Randall can be heard yelling at Sirus. Sirus gets Enika to her feet and then tags in Randall. Double DDT! They implant her!

McDaniel: Good God! Her neck almost snapped on that one. They just rocked her!

Rayne: Luckily she's got a strong neck.

Matt hops off the apron and circles around the ring. Sirus gets back in his corner, but gets pulled down by Matt. Randall yells at Matt, distracting him a second, and Sirus is able to pick Matt up and drop him down for an atomic drop. Matt is in pain as Sirus finishes him off with a clothesline. Randall laughs in the ring, but is soon on one knee as Enika lands a devastating punch to the lower spine. She kicks Randall down to the mat and mounts him, hitting him with rights and lefts.

McDaniel: She's going to town on Randall. 

Enika finishes it off with a shattering headbutt, knocking her back a bit. She gets to her feet, a little dazed, as Randall gets to his. He's furious. He runs at her but Enika dodges and trips Randall down to the mat. Randall lands face first. Meanwhile on the outside, Sirus and Virus are going at it. Matt recovers from the clothesline and hits a scoop slam on Sirus. He slams him down on the outside. Matt stomps on Sirus a few times, then goes back to his corner. 

Rayne: Matt teaching Sirus a lesson or two.

McDaniel: Maybe he should do it in the ring when he's a legal competitor! 

Sirus gets back to his corner, finally realizing what's going on. Randall blocks a punch from Enika and hits one of his one. Another. Another. He then slams Enika into the turnbuckle, crushing her. Randall follows it up with a facecrusher. Enika is out for a moment and Randall tags Sirus back in. Matt is cheering on Enika, warning her. Enika manages to get to her feet, but is brought down with russian legsweep from Sirus. 

McDaniel: Sirus going to work on that back of hers. It's been in a lot of pain tonight.

Rayne: Everyone's in a lot of pain!

Sirus locks arms with Enika and begins headbutting. Over, and over, and over! Enika is almost unconscious now as Matt tries to intervene. Matt goes in, but gets violently speared by Randall. 

McDaniel: Oh my God! Matt was just about broken in half! What a move!

Rayne: Randall made Matt's ancestors feel that one!

Sirus throws Enika into the ropes, Enika comes back and gets lifted up, 180'ed, and then Sirus finishes it off with a sit down powerbomb. But...Sirus messed it up. He slammed Enika on her head and not on her back.

McDaniel: The Nameless Knockout! That's gotta be it for Enika!

Rayne: She took a HUGE hit to the head there! That's gotta hurt! She might be seriously injured.

Sirus throws Enika into the ropes, Enika comes back and gets lifted up, 180'ed, and then Sirus finishes it off with a sit down powerbomb. But...Sirus messed it up. He slammed Enika on her head and not on her back.

McDaniel: The Nameless Knockout! That's gotta be it for Enika!

Rayne: She took a HUGE hit to the head there! That's gotta hurt! She might be seriously injured.





McDaniel: Sirus gets the second fall for the Morans! We have new PWA Tag-Team Champions!

The ref separates Matt and Randall as the crowd goes beserk, getting them to go back to their corners. Sirus backs off and regroups with Randall, waiting for this third match to begin. Enika crawls over to Matt as the ref rings the bell. 


McDaniel: Sirus begins to stalk Enika, but Enika quickly tags in her brother. Matt is in and they stand off. The crowd is going wild!

Rayne: They're putting on a hell of a show here and they've been wanting more of Virus and Sirus!

Matt and Sirus nod at each other, a sign of respect. Matt lunges at Sirus, but Sirus sidesteps and wraps Matt up in a hammerlock. Sirus slams Matt down and puts a few boots to Matt's back. Sirus gets Matt to his feet and hits a cradled piledriver, driving Matt's head into the mat.

McDaniel: Matt and Enika are getting their head smashed in this one.

Rayne: The Morans have had their fair share of the same pain too.

Sirus goes off the ropes and drops down hard with an elbow. He does it again, and again, but without going back to the ropes. Sirus gets Matt to his feet, but Matt tries to fight off being beaten anymore. He lays into Sirus with punches to the ribs, but Sirus won't back off. Siris slams his arm onto the back of Matt and then drives him down with a snap suplex. Sirus tags Randall in and Randall climbs into the ring. Sirus and Randall get Matt to his feet, while Enika is still recovering in the corner. They put Matt on the turnbuckle.

McDaniel: Teamwork all around! Points for everyone on that. 

Rayne: They lift Matt into the air and drop him down for a HUGE superplex! The crowd goes nuts! 

Holy Shits! can be heard throughout the fans. Matt seems to be out as Sirus goes back to his corner. Randall goes to work as he lands kicks and punches on Matt. He laughs it up, seeing as how Matt's partner is unable to help him at the moment. Matt gets to his feet with the help of the ropes, but Randall is stalking him. Randall lands a hard forearm shot to Matt's ribs and then slams Matt's head into the turnbuckle. He does it again, and again. Randall throws Matt into the corner and puts him in a Tree of Woe. Matt is upside down, helpless, as Randall rams his knee multiple times into Matt's ribs.

McDaniel: Matt's helpless there! Sirus is cheering on Randall as Enika seems to be out of it still.

Rayne: Enika took the nastiest drop on the head I've seen in awhile, it's not really her fault!

Matt finally drops to the mat as Randall forces him to let go of the Tree. Matt is grabbing his ribs as Randall gets him to his feet. Randall puts Matt down with a twisting spinebuster. Randall climbs the ropes, not exactly his forte, but he leaps off and connects with a huge elbow drop, landing on Matt's sternum. Matt is in a lot of pain as he kicks his feet on the mat. Randall tags in Sirus, but we see a raged Enika come out of no where and superkick Sirus out of the ring.

McDaniel: What the hell!? Where did she come from!?

Rayne: She almost ripped Sirus' head off! That was a hell of a kick!

Sirus falls to the outside, the ref starting the count since Sirus is the legal man, as Randall turns and picks Enika up, slamming her back down to the mat. He picks Enika up to her feet and tosses her out of the ring, opposite of Sirus. Randall turns around and sees Matt, on one knee trying to get to his feet. Randall rushes at Matt, but Matt back body drops him and Randall crashes down to the mat. Matt falls back down to one knee, still in a lot of pain, grabbing his ribs.

McDaniel: He's taken a LOT of damage to the ribs. The ref is yelling at Randall to get back to his corner and still managing the count.


Rayne: One thinks he might not be able to last...or one thinks that Matt is just getting started.



Matt springboards off the ropes, twisting in mid air, and drops down with a splash over Randall. He forgot for a second that it probably hurt Matt just as much. They both get to their feet and start exchanging rights. Both men are exhausted.


Sirus finally comes to and gets into the ring. Matt hits Randall with a right to stagger him back but Sirus counters for Randall and clotheslines Matt down. Randall regains his composure and goes to his corner. Sirus and Virus, once again. Matt manages to get to his feet and bullrushes Sirus, but Sirus was ready. Sirus takes the shoulder to the stomach but uses Matt's own momentum toDDT him. Matt is almost laid out as Sirus covers.



3-- No! Shoulder up. Close call.

McDaniel: A close one there! Matt's head has gotta be in a huge amount of pain right now.

Rayne: Not as much as Enika's, who's finally back in her corner.

Virus gets Matt to his feet. Sirus whips Matt into the home turnbuckle. Matt crashes as Sirus tags back in Randall. Randall wanting a piece of the action takes ahold of Matt and hits a brainbuster suplex, working on Matt's head. Randall goes for the cover.



Enika breaks the pin before Sirus could get to her.

Randall is frustrated as he gets Matt to his feet, he tags in Sirus and they double suplex him to mat. Sirus actually whips Matt into the Engel turnbuckle. Sirus asks Enika to tag herself in, and she does! The ref checks it.

McDaniel: Sirus is challenging Enika and she accepted with no hesitation!

Rayne: Sirus and Enika are duking it out! Back and forth. Sirus gets the upperhand and slams Enika down to the mat.

But Enika doesn't let it get the best of her. She springs up and tries to kick Sirus in the stomach. Sirus catches, but Enika follows up with an enziguri. Enika gets to her feet and stumbles over to the Moran corner, knocking  an unsuspecting Randall down to the outside.

McDaniel: Randall hit his head on the steel steps! I guess that's a little payback from earlier. Enika runs to her corner and dives for a tag from Matt.

Rayne: Matt is on top of the turnbuckle, his back to the ring. He leaps off twisting and somersaulting in mid-air and connects with a huge splash!

McDaniel: Euthanasia! Randall is no where near as Matt goes for the cover!





Eric Emerson: And your winner of this match and still AOWF Tag-Team Champions...EXIT MUSIC!

"In The Shadows" his the PA system as Enika and Matt embrace in the ring, struggling to hug each other from all they've been through. Matt raises Enika's arm as they both drop to their knees. They're rewarded the AOWF Tag-Team titles, but the PWA Tag-Team titles go to the Morans. The crowd goes wild.

McDaniel: I'm shocked! What a match! Both teams get some gold, but Exit Music comes out with the win. Believe it or not, this is a good night for both teams.

Rayne: I agree with that. The Morans won't be so pleased they lost the match, but they got their PWA tag titles back! I'm sure they'll love that.

Randall and Sirus are on the outside and handed their PWA tag titles. They turn to the crowd and raises their titles high with pride. The Morans recaptured their former glory. We fade to commercial break.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Circa Vs Grifter Vs Brian Cade Vs BomberBen vs. Pohatu vs. David Blazenwing

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the "Money in the Bank" ladder match!!!

The crowd erupts into cheers in anticipation of the spotfest.

Eric Emerson: The winner of this match will have the opportunity to place themselves into a match for a championship of their choosing at a later date. Introducing first, entrant #1, Circa!!!

Sleepless" by HellTrain hits and the strobe lights hit in quick fashion, they spin and twirl in a circle around the ring, before focusing in on the entrance way. Circa comes out of the entrance way and begins to head bang a few times to the music before stretching and jumping a bit. She dances to the ring and high fives fans on either side before jumping on the apron. She steps through the middle rope and goes to the closest turnbuckle, raising both of her arms up in the air. She jumps off the turnbuckle and waits in the ring for her opponent.

Eric Emerson: Entrant #2, Grifter!!!

Grifter walks to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Entrant #3, Brian Cade!!!

The peaceful opening to 'Forever down' by Black Label Society opens up over the loud speakers. The lights begin to fade more and more as the songs continues to play. Brian Cade walks out following a large eruption of pirotechnics as well as heavy guitar rifts that belong to his theme. A sadistic grin spreads across the face of Cade as he slowly makes his way down the ramp. The impatient Cade rolls into the ring and begins pacing around.

Eric Emerson: Entrant #4, BomberBen!!!

BomberBen enters the arena to follow the sound of music with his style gangster, enters the ring as a gangster rises to the corner in which opens and closes the arms making a gesture with the fingers as a gangster

Eric Emerson: Entrant #5, Pohatu!!!

As the quick guitar string flicks were heard of 'Crawling in the Dark' by Hoobastank, a quiet hush fell over the arena audience, all eyes moving to the audience as spot lights around the arena spun around and finally focused on the entrance curtain. As the guitar briefly went into a full strum away from the usually plucking, a brief double spark of pyros went off on either side of the curtain, as if calling something out. As the guitar returned to the plucking the the lyrics started up, a rustling could be seen behind the curtain.

I will dedicate
And sacrifice my everything for just a seconds worth
Of how my story's ending
And I wish I could know if the directions that I take
And all the choices that I make won't end up all for nothing!

As these lyrics were heard and the guitar went into a full strum again, the curtain was brushed aside as none other than the 'Electric Phenomenon' himself stepped out from behind the backstage area, a broad grin on his face as he let out an enthusiastic yell in tune with one of the lead singers cries, the audience instantly returning to the cry to him. Pumping one fist into the air briefly, the light heavyweight then sprinted down the ramp, slowing down as the song itself slowed down again, glancing from side to side.

Assure me it's ok to use my heart and not my eyes
To navigate the darkness
Will the ending be ever coming suddenly?
Will I ever get to see the ending to my story?

With a sudden burst of energy that caused a couple of fans to take a step back from the barrier, Pohatu leaped from the bottom of the ramp and onto the edge of the ring, his hands finding purchase on the top rope. The wrestler's sky blue eyes searched the audience, his face having a solemn look on them briefly, and only briefly, for directly after his eyes back to rest on the ring, he launched himself over the top rope and did a 180 degree turn in mid-air to land facing back towards the ramp. Glaring up the ramp, as if daring someone to charge down it towards him, the Electric Enigma backed into the center of the ring, hopping from foot to foot and swinging his arms around in obvious preparation as his theme song slowly faded out.

Eric Emerson: And the 6th and final entrant, David Blazenwing!!!

David Blazenwing sprints to the ring as "Unstoppable" by Mercy Fall hits the PA. He slides straight into the ring and knocks BomberBen on his ass with a solid right hand, officially getting the match under way.

Rayne: The action has already started!! Man, I love it!!

McDaniel: We'll try our best to keep track of this one folks but it may be difficult.

Blazenwing follows up with a stiff kick to the head of BomberBen that almost knocks him clean out as the others make their various moves. Grifter and Pohatu make a run for one of the ladders on the outside while Circa and Brian Cade square up in one of the corners. Grifter beats Pohatu to the ladder but stops and sticks out his foot instead of grabbing it. Pohatu who hasn't got time to slow down, trips over Grifters foot and smacks his face right into the ladder. Grifter grabs the ladder before it topples and attempts to bring it to the ring but Pohatu grabs him by the ankle and yanks him to the floor. Pohatu then climbs on top of Grifter and begins to forcefully bang his head into the concrete, drawing a slight trickle of blood from the side of Grifter's head.

McDaniel: Only a little bit into this match and someone is already bleeding!

Rayne: It's the risk you take when you sign up for matches like this.

Back in the ring Cade is going to town on Circa. He has her pinned in the corner and literally lifts her off her feet with every left and right that he lands. He winds up and throws one big right but Circa ducks, causing Cade's fist to rebound off the turnbuckle. Circa rises back up and plants a firm head butt into the bridge of Cade's nose.

Rayne: That was very un-lady like.

McDaniel: She's not there to have a picnic, she's there to win!

Blazenwing has been making short work out of BomberBen, thoroughly dominating him with some solid mat ground and pound tactics. Ben begins to rally back however and forces himself up onto his feet where he jolts Blazenwing with some solid right hands before taking him down with a leg sweep. Ben then quickly nails a standing moonsault and jumps back up to pose for the crowd to irritated boo's.

On the outside Grifter and Pohatu continue to inch the ladder closer to the ring whilst trading blows with each other. They finally get it to the apron and begin a tug of war over who'll get to take it in. BomberBen spots this and see's an opportunity to make an impact. Signaling to the crowd that he is going to hit the first high spot in the match, BomberBen sprints and dives over the top rope towards them in a swanton attempt. Grifter and Pohatu both see this coming a mile away and in a moment of spontaneous team work, simply reposition and raise the ladder high above their heads.


BomberBen hits nothing but the steel ladder and bounces about 5 feet in the air on impact before he comes crashing down right on his head for a second impact on the concrete to audible "Ohhhhs!!" from the crowd. Grifter and Pohatu simply shrug at each other and agree to slide the ladder into the ring together.

Rayne: The Human Bomb just exploded live on Pay-Per-View!

McDaniel: I don't think we'll be seeing too much more of BomberBen after that high risk move failed to pay off for him.

Grifter and Pohatu hop up onto the apron simultaneously but as they do so David Blazenwing baseball slides into the ladder, forcing it back under the ropes, sweeping the legs away from both men. Both mens necks are forced into the top rope before being rebounded out to the floor. Blazenwing climbs up top to big cheers from the crowd and launches himself outside onto Pohatu, nailing a cross body. Back in the ring, Circa nails Cade with a double arm DDT before turning her attention outside. Following Blazenwing's example, she runs and nails a springboard hurricurrana on Grifter on the outside. The crowd erupts into duelling chants of "Circa!... Blazenwing!... Circa!... Blazenwing!"

McDaniel: Nearly everyone in this match is a fan favourite, the crowd just don't know who to cheer for.

Rayne: When in doubt, cheer for breasts!

Blazenwing doesn't give Circa anytime to regain her bearings and nails her with a vicious elbow to the corner of her eye. He then quickly follows this up with a hard superkick right into her jaw. Her eyes roll back and her body snaps violently back onto the floor.

McDaniel: The Full Effect! Circa just got nailed with The Full Effect! Blazenwing is in a great position to win this match right now, everybody is down!

Rayne: You think Sleeping Beauty needs a kiss from a handsome colour commentator?

McDaniel: Now is not the time!

Blazenwing tosses the ladder back into the ring but is caught by surprise when Brian Cade suddenly springs to life and launches a big boot into his face before he can make it to his feet. Cade then quickly picks him back up and drives him down hard into the steel ladder with a spine buster. Blazenwing writhes in pain as steel meets flesh but Cade has no time for his agony and simply rolls him aside to free up the ladder again.

McDaniel: Looks like Cade is going to take the opportunists root to the title.

Rayne: Why not? Let everyone else do the work and you take the spoils.

Cade sets the ladder up underneath the hanging briefcase and begins to climb. He gets halfway up before he notices that all 3 competitors on the outside have recovered and are all now circling the ladder, focussing their attention on Cade and not attacking each other. Standing in a precarious position, Cade carefully climbs down and looks around at all 3, none of whom budge. Figuring he is about to get his ass handed to him anyway, he decides to go down swinging and nails Grifter with a right to the jaw. Pohatu grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around, forcefully lifting Cade onto his shoulders. Pohatu tilts and nails a Death Valley Driver on Cade, "The Radio Tower". Grifter also wants a piece and lifts Cade back up, sidesteps and superkicks him in the back of the head, the "Mafia Kick". Circa's turn as she once again picks him up and nails a twist of fate, "Flatliner". David Blazenwing has now recovered and adds to the festivities with his second "Full Effect" of the match.

McDaniel: How bizzare, everyone in the match saw Cade go for the briefcase and instead of fighting each other, all conspired to take Cade out of this match!

Rayne: Yeah, after taking 4 consecutive signature moves, I don't see Cade coming back into this one.

Blazenwing picks Cade up and ejects him out of the ring Takamichinoku style. The temporary truce disolves pretty quickly as all 4 remaining competitors make a dash for the ladder and end up pairing into Grifter/Circa and Blazenwing/Pohatu brawls. Pohatu tackles Blazenwing to the mat and they continue to roll around, brawling underneath the ropes and tumbling to the outside. Pohatu manages to get the upper hand on Blazenwing and snap suplexes him onto the concrete, knocking the wind right out of him. Pohatu then begins to root underneath the ring apron and pulls out a table to big cheers from the crowd.

Rayne: TABLES!!!

Pohatu sets up the table and places Blazenwing on it but Blazenwing hooks him around the neck and brings a hard knee right into his face, followed by a second and a third, drawing a spurt of blood from Pohatu's nose. Blazenwing releases and Pohatu falls to the floor in pain. Blazenwing takes a moment to catch a breather.

McDaniel: This match is beginning to take it's toll on the stamina. Right now is where they'll all start hitting walls.

Rayne: Literally.

Back in the ring Grifter gains the upper hand on Circa and takes her down with a fishermans suplex. Grifter gets to the top rope, facing the ring, and waits for Circa to get up, turn and face him. He then leaps off, shooting his arm out and hooking it around his Circa's neck, swinging his body around behind them and putting his other arm around his opponent's head, much like a sleeperhold. He then falls back and on his front, slamming the back of his opponent's head to the mat.

McDaniel: The Buzz Bomb! Grifter could wrap this match up right here and now!

Grifter looks up at the swinging briefcase, hanging from the rafters but out of the corner of his eye he spots Blazenwing taking a breather on the table outside but not hurt. Knowing that he is likely to run in if he spots Grifter, Grifter repositions the ladder nearer the ropes and climbs up top. Grifter then removes the shirt he's wearing to reveal a shirt underneath that says "High Spot!". This brings a big cheer from the crowd as Grifter launches himself off the ladder in a GIANT guillotine leg drop attempt. Unfortunately for Grifter, the crowd's cheering alerts Blazenwing to the situation and he rolls off the table just in time.


The table explodes and rains splintered wood as the crowd chants "Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

Rayne: Grifter just took a big gamble and bit the big one!

Pohatu in the midst of all the mayhem has partially recovered and makes a break for the briefcase but is cut off by a flying forearm, courtesy of Circa. Blazenwing roll sin and joins the action and a 3 way brawl erupts.

McDaniel: We started with 6 healthy superstars but we have now wittled it down to just 3 viable winners!

Circa and Pohatu then turn and begin to double team Blazenwing, backing him up into the ropes. They continue their improvised double team and nail a double clothesline that sends Blazenwing crashing over the top rope and out to the floor.

Circa and Pohatu then both break for the ladder and get there at the same time. They begin to climb as quickly as they can and reach the top at the same time. Pohatu nails Circa with a right and she retaliates with a left that nearly knocks him loose.

McDaniel: Circa and Pohatu are both within touching distance of the briefcase but David Blazenwing is beginning to recover on the outside!

Rayne: I can sense the end is near McDaniel, but I can't tell you who is going home with that briefcase, the suspense is killing me!

While Circa and Pohatu continue trying to knock the other from the ladder, Blazenwing pulls himself up and moves in and grabs hold of the side of the ladder. He begins to push, hard and the structure begins to tumble!

McDaniel: Look out!

Rayne: Oh, this is going to hurt!!

The two at the top look at each other and both twist their bodies, and Circa comes flying off the top with a suicide splash that knocks Blazenwing flat to the canvas as the fans erupt at Circa's dare devil move!  However, Pohatu stops himself from joining in the attack and as the ladder settles back into place, he reaches up and unhooks the briefcase from the clip!

McDaniel: Pohatu tricked Circa!!  Made her think they'd both attack Blazenwing!

Rayne: I like how this guy thinks!!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the Money in the Bank match, POHATU!!!!!!!

Circa looks up, a cross expression on her face, and shakes her head at being duped!  Pohatu holds the briefcase high, knowing he's just secured himself a guaranteed shot at any title he chooses at any time!  The others stare on in shared disappointment, as the camera pans back and then we're taken backstage yet again, this time to the vending area backstage at Madison Square Garden; where we find Enika Engel and Matthew Engel, the AOWF Tag-Team Champions, already drawn in conversation...

Enika Engel: "He's such a bastard..."

Matthew Engel: "At least he'll talk to you."

Enika Engel: "Yeah, but what he was saying didn't make any sense.  He's just not... himself anymore."

Matthew Engel: "Again, at least he'll talk to you."

Enika Engel: "What do you mean?"

Virus puts a dollar in the machine in front of him, pushing the button for a Pike Juice Powerade.

Matthew Engel: "I mean... all he did was just stand there and look at me, then he shrugged past me.  Was one of the coldest looks I've ever been given by him.  Do you think he's back on the the powder?"

Enika Engel: "He's on something!  I've known him for twenty-nine years, and I've never seen him like this.  Never.  I understand he's been through a lot, but that's just not the person I remember."

She says, shaking his head.

Matthew Engel: "You just steer clear of him, alright?"

Enika Engel: "I don't even know why he's here."

Matthew Engel: "Just listen to me.  Don't go around him again."

Virus takes his PowerAde from the bottom of the machine, and begins to walk away; but turns to Enika one last time - who doesn't look so sure.

Matthew Engel: "Don't."

Back to the ringside area, the two commentators look at each other.

McDaniel: What was that all about?

Rayne: Who knows, but the poor girl should come crying on my shoulder. I could comfort her oh so nicely!

McDaniel: Ya know... I have been trying my best for the last month to deal with the fact that you are just as terrible as Brian Rentfro used to be... except at least with him I knew what to deal with!

Rayne: So? I'm the one sitting here, and it's my comments that matter! 

McDaniel: I kind of expected that from you... which is why, since we're close to two very serious PWA Main Events, I went and talked to President Sommers about putting Genesis back the way it is supposed to be!

Rayne: What the hell are you talking about!?

McDaniel: Not what...Rayne, but WHOM!!

Suddenly the crowd erupts as Brian Renfro comes walking out from the backstage area!  Rayne jumps up, yelling at Rentfro to get out of here, as it's his show!  McDaniel smirks as Rentfro comes to the announcers table.

Rayne: You're not welcome here! 

McDaniel: I beg to differ!

Rayne turns on McDaniel, Raising a fist, but Rentfro catches it and spins Rayne around!

Rentfro: THIS, my good man, is the PWA!!!!  YOU are the one not welcomed here!!!

Rentfro rips the headset off of Rayne and McDaniel stands up. Rayne glares at them both before throwing up his hands and stomps his way around the table and into the back!  Rentfro slips the headset on and grins at McDaniel!

Rentfro: Miss me?

McDaniel: NOT really, but you really ought to be out here calling these matches!

Rentfro: I'm not going to change who I am.

McDaniel: And chances are I may throw you out again!

The two look at each other and then the crowd roars its approval as they firmly shake hands!  Rentfro takes his seat next to McDaniel and rubs his hands together.

Rentfro: So tell me! What the hell are we waiting for!?



The Phoenix vs. Raizzor


(When AOWF is back up, can click to these entrances.....)


McDaniel: Raizzor looks buff!  Possibly in the best shape of his entire career!

Rentfro: I have to admit to that!  He means business, but the Phoenix will rise from the ashes here tonight!  It’s HIS Genesis!

The referee signals for the bell and the time has come that both Phoenix and Raizzor have been waiting for!  The Phoenix steps in, fists balled at his sides and Raizzor takes two strides and meets him in the center of the ring.  They stare each other down, with Raizzor standing eight inches taller, forcing Phoenix to look up!  No words are exchanged, as all that needs to be said has already been said.  The arena gets louder and louder, anxious for the two to get it on!

McDaniel: Who’s going to make the first move!

Rentfro: Come on! You both wanted this, get it on!!

The Phoenix takes one step back and then goes for a huge left, but Raizzor blocks it and answers with a right that staggers Phoenix backwards!  Phoenix growls and hits the ropes and shoulder blocks Raizzor, but the Soul-Taker does not move!

McDaniel: The Phoenix may be quick and agile, but he doesn't have the bulk and power of Raizzor!

Rentfro: Oh, he's a right smart fella, he'll find a way!

Phoenix tries again, but Raizzor brings up his boot and it connects with Phoenix’s face!  Phoenix lands on his back and rolls fast to avoid a stomp from Raizzor!  Raizzor follows but Phoenix rolls out of the ring to catch his breath!

McDaniel: This isn't starting out the way Phoenix wanted it too.

Rentfro: It hasn't started like any of us expected! I want blood!! lots of blood, and these two are......wrestling!

Raizzor slides out and chases Phoenix around the ring! Phoenix gets back in, jumps up and drives an elbow down onto Raizzor’s back as the big man tries to slide in after him!  The Phoenix then takes pure advantage on Raizzor for nearly four whole minutes, utilizing classic wrestling techniques to show off his superiority on the Soul-Taker!

McDaniel: I can't believe how Phoenix is dominating this match!  He truly means to put the Soul-Taker away!

Rentfro: Power moves, high flying, he's done it all and Raizzor hasn't been able to mount an offense!

The Phoenix picks up Raizzor after a bodyslam and tries a vertical suplex, but Raizzor reverses it and sends Phoenix down hard to the canvas!  With the advantage turned, Raizzor begins to dominate for the next four or so minutes as well, pretty much evening the match up and showing Phoenix he’s able to answer anything that the smaller, more agile ‘bird’ can muster!

McDaniel: That reverse vertical changed the tide, and Phoenix has yet to find a way out of Raizzor's grip!

Rentfro: You can't blink in a match of this magnitude!  Ten minutes in, and we've barely seen either man go for anything more deadly!

Escaping a dulldog from Raizzor by pushing out, Phoenix rolls out of the ring and looks under the apron and brings up a trash can and lid! He throws it in and returns to the ring himself!  Both men lock up, still a lot left in them and each tries to muster the advantage!

McDaniel: He must have heard you, now the ring is starting to fill with weapons!  But who will get the first shot in!?

Rentfro: My money is on Phoenix, through and through!

Phoenix hits a knee lift, backs Raizzor up and clotheslines him down!  Phoenix then goes for the far corner, but Raizzor rolls, grabs the trash can lid and throws it like a Frisbee, catching Phoenix in the leg and knocking him down!

McDaniel: Tactile use of his resources!!

Rentfro: Raizzor performed that move back when he defeated Mr. T in a steel cage match to win the PWA Hardcore Championship!

Raizzor stalks over as Phoenix stumbles up to his feet and Raizzor sends him tumbling over the top rope to the floor below.  Raizzor then follows and stomps Phoenix twice!  Raizzor picks up Phoenix and throws him against the steel cage, throwing gut punches left and right, winding Phoenix badly!

McDaniel: Now it's getting brutal! Raizzor's throwing caution to the wing and really digging in!

Rentfro: Come on Phoenix!! Fight Back!!

Raizzor goes to whip Phoenix into the steel post, but Phoenix reverses it and Raizzor ends up colliding!  Raizzor stumbles back and Phoenix answers with a high knee lift, forcing Raizzor’s face to slam into the steel cage!  Phoenix grabs Raizzor by the hair and begins rubbing his face into the mesh hard, and in the process, cuts his forehead open!  He turns Raizzor and back steps and hits a super kick, forcing Raizzor’s head against the steel and the Soul-Taker drops to the floor, busted open!

McDaniel: Raizzor's busted wide open! Phoenix scores the first blood!

Rentfro: Now that is what I'm talking about!!

With Raizzor laying prone against the cage, Phoenix fishes out not one, but two tables and slides them into the ring!  He gets in, and quickly sets the first table up near the center of the ring!  Immediately, Phoenix hoists the second table on top of the first, so they are stacked one on each other!  Grinning, Phoenix goes after Raizzor, who is barely moving on the outside.

McDaniel: What the heck does he have planned!

Rentfro: With a set up like that, you know it's cruel, whatever his intentions are!

With four hard stomps, Phoenix makes sure Raizzor is out and drags him up and pushes his prone body into the ring!  Phoenix enters and sits Raizzor against the corner turnbuckle.  Turning, he grabs one of the dented trashcans and positions it between the bottom and middle rope, resting it against Raizzor’s bloodied face.

McDaniel: He isn't seriously considering.....

Rentfro: If it is, this is going to rock!!

Raising a fist to the crowd, the Phoenix moves to the opposite side and slips through the ropes, climbing to the top!

McDaniel: He can't possibly perform this move!

Rentfro: That man can do ANYTHING!! WATCH!!

The Phoenix soars, and the flashbulbs of hundreds of cameras follow him as he goes coast to coast and delivers a full fledged drop kick to the trash can, crashing it into Raizzor’s face!

McDaniel: Oh My God! He's got to have a crushed nose with that!!

Rentfro: The Phoenix flew!! I love it!!!

The Phoenix tears the trash can away and drags Raizzor by the arm out into the ring, drops and covers.










Shoulder up!!!

McDaniel: Unbelievable!!

Rentfro: How the hell did he get out of that!!?

The Phoenix is pissed and jumps up and stomps a few more times!  He’s desperate, and can’t believe Raizzor isn’t done for yet!  He turns and shouts towards the entrance!

McDaniel: Now what does Phoenix think he's doing!!?

Rentfro: HAHAH, Reinforcements!! It's all over for Raizzor now!!

From the back, Moke Doshky and the Dragon come racing down!  Moke pushes the referee on the outside flat on his ass and the Dragon has bolt cutters, which he uses to snap the lock on the cage door!  Both men come in and slide quickly into the ring!

McDaniel: This isn't right!!! This is not how it's supposed to be!

Rentfro: Oh come on Jon, it's anything goes, and Phoenix is doing the smart thing!

Phoenix drags Raizzor up and the three men go to town, literally taking turns demolishing the Soul-Taker!  Moke hits The Blitzkrieg, and before Raizzor even settles into the canvas, the Dragon swoops him up and adds his Dragonwing Suplex!!  The Phoenix slaps both men on the back and stares darkly at the prone figure of Raizzor, covered in blood and un-moving!  The Phoenix goes to the corner once again, climbs and perches up top, ready for hit The Ashes!

McDaniel: It’s all over!

Rentfro: Told you!! Phoenix is gonna soar!!!!!!

The crowd erupts and Phoenix turns his head hard as the PWA Tag-Team Champions, Sirus and Randall Moran, along with Grifter, come running down from the back and hit the ring hard! 

McDaniel: It's the Grimms! They're not gonna sit back and let Phoenix do this!

Rentfro: AWW man!  They just have to get their noses into everything!

The Morans collide with Moke and Dragon, taking advantage of their shock to get the upper hand!  Grifter, meanwhile, has a bat with him and stands between Phoenix and Raizzor, daring Phoenix to fly!!  Sirus and Randall chase both Moke and the Dragon out of the ring, and battle with them up the ramp much to the delight of the crowd!  Grifter takes one last look at Phoenix, turns his eyes towards Raizzor and shakes his head sadly, before dropping the bat and leaving the cage!

McDaniel: Grifter could have done some damage for Raizzor, but the Grimms just wanted to even the odds.

Rentfro: They shouldn't have interferred, this wasn't their match!

The Phoenix screams at the Grimms for getting involved, but realizes he’s been left alone to finish the job!  Giving Raizzor the finger, the Phoenix launches from the corner and comes down with his trademark flying elbow drop!  However, Raizzor rolls and the Phoenix crashes into the canvas!

McDaniel: I can't believe it! After all that, Raizzor has the strength to move!

Rentfro: The Grimms held him up!! That isn't fair!

McDaniel: I'm glad you're back and all, but stop pushing your luck!

Less damaged then Raizzor, Phoenix is up first and  in total shock!  Raizzor, bleeding badly, stumbles up and glares at Phoenix through blood stained long hair.  Phoenix rushes in and tries for a clothesline, but the Soul-Taker catches him by the throat!

McDaniel: Oh boy!

Rentfro: I can't watch!

Raizzor roars and sends Phoenix down with a choke slam, that shakes the ring, the tables that are still standing in the ring and the fans react by jumping in their seats!  Raizzor holds his left fist high in the air, signaling it’s time to finish things and picks up the dazed Phoenix!

McDaniel: This is it!

Rentfro: Fight it, Phoenix!! FIGHT IT!!

Raizzor twists Phoenix up and over, going for his Final Exam, but Phoenix breaks free, falls to the canvas and rolls out of the ring!  The Phoenix seeing the door open, launches himself through it!  Raizzor sees this and follows!

McDaniel: Is the Phoenix running for his life!?

Rentfro: No, he just needs a breather!!  He won't run away!

Outside the hell in the cell, Phoenix looks desperately for a weapon! Throwing the time keeper off his chair, the Phoenix folds the forminable steel device up and turns as Raizzor exits the cage and comes stalking for him!  Phoenix turns tail and moves around the ring, looking for an opening to strike.  Raizzor stalks Phoenix, as if out of some nightmare! 

McDaniel: I think you're right! Even though he's running, the Phoenix has an expression of glee on his face! He has something planned!

Rentfro: Something awesome, no doubt!

Phoenix growls and throws the steel chair as hard as he can, UP and to the top of the cell structure! He then grabs hold and begins to climb!

McDaniel: Phoenix is going up the cage!!

Rentfro: This isn't something I expected!

Raizzor stands below, hands on his hips and breathing hard, watching Phoenix who makes it quickly up the wall of the cage!  The Phoenix, now on top, looks down at Raizzor and gives him the hand gesture to come and get me!  Raizzor rolls his eyes, grabs the steep mesh and begins to ascend!



As Raizzor nears the top, Phoenix grabs the chair and swings, trying to knock Raizzor off.  Raizzor shifts his weight to the left, barely missing getting smashed! Phoenix tries again, and Raizzor shifts the other way, again barely avoiding being clobbered!  Phoenix tries dead center, but Raizzor gets a grip on the rim of the chair and shoves, sending Phoenix stumbling backwards and Raizzor finishes his climb, coming over the horizon of the cage and putting his feet under him!

McDaniel: That was close!!! Had he hit Raizzor, the big man would have crashed to the concrete floor!

Rentfro: Phoenix means to kill the Soul-Taker! This isn't a match, or a's murder!! Man, we put on a show!

The crowd roars as Phoenix and Raizzor duke it out on top of the cage!  Raizzor pummels Phoenix back and back until Phoenix wobbles against the edge!  Phoenix then gets the upper hand and back peddles Raizzor all the way to the other side, threatening to send the Soul-Taker to his doom! 

McDaniel: LOOK OUT!!!!

Rentfro: This is going to hurt!

Raizzor retailiates, and sends Phoenix back about to the center of the ring.  Raizzor then kicks Phoenix in the gut, bends him over and goes for a powerbomb!  However, Phoenix brings his muscled arm up between Raizzor’s legs, smashing into his groin and then back body drops Raizzor over him!  Raizzor slams into the roof, and it gives way!!

McDaniel: NO!!!!

Rentfro: Oh My God!! Look at how close his is to going through!! That would have been it!!

However, it didn’t break all the way, the mesh just ripped and Raizzor’s lower body is inside the cell while his legs arms and head keeps him from going the rest of the way!  The Phoenix turns, and tries stomping Raizzor through, but the Soul-Taker manages to grab hold, and twists Phoenix’s foot, pushing him far enough away so the Soul-Taker can pull himself out of danger!

McDaniel: Whew, that was awfully close!

Rentfro: I gotta say, Raizzor was on the brink!!  Lucky man to get Phoenix away long enough to get out of that hole in the mesh!!!

Raizzor, back to his feet, meets Phoenix head on and the two fight back and forth, teetering on the edge of the rip in the cage!  Phoenix goes for another cheap kick, but Raizzor blocks it, drives his bloodied skull up into Phoenix’s chin and as the man is knocked silly, Raizzor grabs and rips the mask off of Phoenix!!!

McDaniel: WHOAH!!!!!

Rentfro: HEY, THAT'S ROBINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robinson literally goes ape shit and blindly swings at Raizzor, but Raizzor, utilizing his focus, blocks Robinson and kicks him in the gut!  Raizzor then heaves Robinson up into a Last Ride Powerbomb, pivots his body and with all his might, sends Robinson crashing through the tear in the top of the cage and Robinson goes crashing down into the ring, through the two tables, demolishing into several pieces the wooden tables as his body splatters onto the canvas!

Fans: HOLY SHIT!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!

McDaniel: I………lord……….I have to agree!

Rentfro: He killed him! He killed Phoe.. .err, Robinson!!!!!

Raizzor has trouble breathing, excruciating pain envelopes him, but he turns and carefully, slowly, climbs down the side of the cage.  Raizzor reaches ground level and stumbles into the ring.  Staring at the carnage, Raizzor starts shoving broken pieces of table and scrap away, clearing his way towards Robinson, who is not moving what so ever.

McDaniel: He's not moving!!

Rentfro: This isn't good! We need medical help out there!!

Raizzor drops to his knees, wipes the blood from his fair and covers Robinson.






McDaniel: It’s finally over!

Eric Emerson: The winner of the match…..RAIZZOR!!!!!!!!

Rentfro: I can’t believe it!  Raizzor survives! But someone needs to attend to Robinson! STAT!

McDaniel: I think they both need medical attention!!

Raizzor is against the turnbuckle now, barely conscious and bile rests at the corners of his mouth. Medical personal reach the ring as the cage has been lifted and three men go to each of the two combatants.  A stretcher is brought out for Robinson, while Raizzor sits propped against the turnbuckle, allowing the medics to wipe the blood off him using rather large white towels.

McDaniel: This is going to take some time to clean up, so now’s a good time to promote our next huge PPV event!!

Eight competitors!

Seven matches!

ONE Winner..........who will become the 2008 PWA Franchise?

Who will earn the right to challenge for the PWA World Title!? MAN!?


PWA Presents Who's The Man!? live on Pay Per View on March 14th!!!

PWA World Title Match

Project X vs. Gabe Shelley




Project X and Shelley circle each other in the ring. X towers over Shelley. Almost an Ivan Drago versus Rocky comparison, but worse. Much, much worse. Shelley and X lock up, but X ovepowers and sends Shelley into the ropes. Shelley comes back only to get a boot to the face. X picks him up and slams him back down to the mat, stomping away at the chest of Shelley.

Rentfro: He certainly means business.

McDaniel: Yes he does. X picks up Shelley and throws him into the turnbuckle. X tries for a big-man splash but Shelley dodges at the last second!

Shelley hits the big man with some forearm shots and drives his shoulder into his midsection. He does it again, and again. Shelley backs up and then hits a clothesline on X, who takes it well and asks Shelley for another. He delivers and it lifts X off the ground this time. X staggers forward and Shelley tries for a running bulldog, but X holds it up and slams Shelley to the mat.

McDaniel: X just overpowered him there. Shelley's going to have to use speed and heart to win this match.

Rentfro: Speed he's got a lot of, but heart? We're just going to have to wait and see.

X gets Shelley to his feet and uppercuts him. Shelley falls into the ropes, but manages to springboard off and connect with an elbow to X's face. X staggers back and Shelley comes at him with a dropkick, sending X to the mat. Shelley climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off with an Asai Moonsault, connecting perfectly. He covers X. Thunderwolf hits the mat and starts the count.



X throws Shelley off of him.

McDaniel: Quite a kick out there as X just uses solid muscle to throw Shelley off of him.

Rentfro: X has always been one powerful man, if not the most powerful in the business.

Thunderwolf, still in his shades, records the two count to the proper people ringside as Shelley gets X to his feet. Shelley whips X into the ropes and tries to hit a spinebuster, but X holds his ground and reverses it. Shelley gets slammed to the mat. X hits a highly-elevated legdrop and then covers Shelley. Wolf looks at X, but hits the mat for the count.



Shoulder up.

McDaniel: Dustin is trying to call this right down the middle, but he seems to get emotional when X has the upperhand.

Rentfro: Well what do you think? X pretty much beat the crap out of his ex-girlfriend last week...that calls for some emotion.

Wolf records another near-fall, doing his job, as X gets Shelley to his feet. He tucks Shelley between his legs and hits a massive powerbomb. The whole ring moves, even Thunderwolf stumbles a bit. It was a hellacious impact. X tosses Shelley into the turnbuckle and tries a little splash, but Shelley moves out of the way just in time. X crashes into the turnbuckle and then gets taken down with a neckbreaker. Shelley climbs the top rope and connects with a guillotine legdrop. He covers X. Wolf does his job...



3 -- No! Shoulder up. Shelley tries arguing with Wolf, but Wolf shoots a cold look and Shelley backs down. He concentrates on X and gets him to his feet. He lands a few rights and implants X with a DDT.

McDaniel: X's neck almost snapped there!

Rentfro: That's quite a statement. X has the biggest neck in wrestling history and I doubt it can be snapped by Gabe Shelley. At least Thunderwolf has managed to keep his cool and call this thing down the middle.

Shelley goes to the top of the turnbuckle once more. He leaps off, trying to connect with a frog splash, but X puts up his knees and Shelley crashes right into them. Shelley is in a lot of pain as X uses the ropes to get to his feet. Shelley gets up, but gets immediately clotheslined by X. Shelley gets up right away but gets taken down by a devastating lariat. Shelley gets to his feet but X is already off the turnbuckle with a double arm handle across the face of Shelley. Shelley crashes to the mat as X goes for the pin. Wolf does his job, as per usual.



3 -- No! Gabe got his shoulder up just in time, says Dustin Kelser. X and Dustin stare off for a moment, but its costly as Shelley delivers a kick to the face of X. X backs off, but Shelley springboards off the ropes and hits a missile dropkick taking the big man down.

McDaniel: What a move by Gabe! He got some serious elevation on that.

Rentfro: He nailed Project X right where it counts! No, not that. The...other place.

McDaniel: The chest? Where you breathe?

Rentfro: Yes...thank you. The chest. That kick might've knocked the air out of X for a moment.

Only a moment, though, as X climbs to his feet. He nails Shelley with a right, but Shelley retorts with a right of his own. They battle back and forth, brutally hitting each other with thunderous rights. Gabe gets the advantage and knocks X into the ropes. He whips X into the opposite side and hits a dropkick where it counts.

McDaniel: The big man is down again! He's gone down a few times in this match, moreso than he usually does.

Rentfro: Is that some sexual inneundo that isn't appropiate for the PWA?

McDaniel: Of course not. I was just stating that Project X doesn't like to go down.

Rentfro: I'm sure you were...

Gabe gets X to his feet and nails him with a forearm shot. He sends X into the ropes .

McDaniel: X comes back and dodges an attempted shot from Gabe Shelley.

Rentfro: Wait! He gets behind Gabe, who turns around and is met immediately with a grab to the throat. You don't think?!

McDaniel: Oh I think so! X lifts Gabe up into the air and chokeslams him down to the mat! That's gotta be it for Gabe!

Wolf, a little surprised at what he saw but you'd never know due to the shades, hits the mat and starts the count.





X did it! He retained the PWA World Title! What an amazing match!

Rentfro: I can't believe it. I had the money on Gabe, too.

Gabe rolls out of the ring as "Spaceman" by Babylon Zoo hits the PA system.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen...the winner of this match and still the PWA's World Champion...PROJECT X!!!!

Gabe heads up the ramp and disappears backstage as Spaceman gets louder and louder on the PA system, the crowd erupting. Their eyes are fixated on Project X and Thunderwolf. The only two men left in the ring.



(Ending is only on AOWF, and it's down at the moment......sorry)