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Tamika owns 25.5% of the PWA and is the GM. Fair boss. Married to Simon Kalis leader of the Order of Chaos. Was one half of the Cowgirls From Hell. She will always be honest to her employees and fans.


Meghan owns 25.5% of the PWA (which gives her and Tamika a controlling interest in th company) is the Chief Brand Officer, and President of Operations. Honest but vindictive. She's the one you don't want to cross.


Hard hitting jounalist, doesn't get phased by anything and gets to the heart of the matter, asking the deep questions!


Tries to do the job right but can be intimidated by the wrestlers. Has a stronger back bone now years and years after the Project X incident but can still be awed by some of the things that take place.


New to the business and asks the basic questions, is intimidated easily but only by the heels and women with moustaches. Can get flustered at times with the behaviour of flirty wrestlers.


Senior referee - usually officiates main events or other huge matches. Fair but strict.


Not always fair and leans towards the heels, yet never enough to get fired. She is a former wrestler and is most likely bitter her career as a wrestler ended.


A lot like Weston - fair and down the middle - non controversial.


Has been known from time to time to somewhat favour the faces in a match but a hypocrit if the heel returns the favour.


A veteran of the ring and always a welcome and respected face, Eric Emerson is your all purpose ring master. With a voice so commanding a forceful, he goes that extra kilometre to make each event that little bit more special.


Play by Play announcer. She is the youngest commentator in PWA  history at age 20. Started working the independent scene as a backstage interviewer she was brought on to replace to the fallen Jon McDaniel. Not really a fan of heels or faces, she likes great talent in any form it comes but isn't one for promoting cheaters


Colour commentator - Can be a little mean when it comes to peoples appearence (when he saw the movie 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' he simply said "his mother is"). Been in the business well over 30 years working as a producer and coach for many years. Loves it when the bad guy gets his way. Not at all a sexual deviant like the one he replaced in Brian Rentfro. Can be eccentric and usually gets weirder as the night progresses forward.

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