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Rules to adhere by in the PWA

1. Be Respectful
- Racism: Listen, Iím the first guy to admit I like to raz people and expect the same back in turn (expect what you give) but there is a limit. I will not tolerate racism or any other hateful act towards another handler. Will you get in trouble for a generalization? No, but you might hear from me. This is not the place for that behavior.

- Sexualization\Homophobia\Anti-Semite\Religious Bashing: Like racism, this will not be tolerated in any form.

- Bullying: Now itís unrealistic to believe everyone can be friends and be the best of pals outside the show we are all putting on, but if I notice you are insulting other handlers In Character, on the OOC boards or through PMís you will be disciplined immediately.

- Life is Number One: Real life always comes first and as fed head I promise to respect that and find a way to write off your character on a temporary basis without burying them so please do try to give me and the other handlers a heads up as soon as you can so I can write you out.

2. CAWís Only
- Singles: PWA has only ever accepted original characters and that isnít going to change. Now, I donít care if you use a WWE or AEW or any other promotions theme song but if you come to me with a guy named John Blaze who is from Boston, dresses like John Cena, looks physically like John Cena, talks like John Cena, enter the ring like John Cena with his music, wrestle like John Cena, and his catchphrase is ďYou Canít See MeĒ well than I canít 'see you' being apart of our family.

- Tag Teams: A single handler may handle a tag team but I encourage that tag team wrestling is a focus but if you want to have a singles career as well it can only be one of the two in that tag team unless another handler is your partner.

3. Segments/Roleplays/Social Media/Word Counts
- Segments: these are required from everyone. As your faithful fed head I want to see how you push and sell the storyline I put you into (or you, I love hearing ideas for future angles and stories, please please please always bounce ideas my way for your characters) and segments is the best way to do that. Itís also the best way to get noticed by not just me but other handlers.

- Roleplaying*: since we have moved on from our competitive roots here in the PWA that doesnít mean we donít need roleplaying. Itís always going to be a sort of life blood for any e-fed and the PWA is no different. While there will be topics made for each match for any individual card but by no means does it mean you have to roleplay although I do highly encourage it for character building. You can only tell so much through a few segments of the character is and roleplaying helps show us (and me moving forward with stories and angles) the other side of the performer. Shoots arenít necessary, save it for a backstage segment.

- Social Media*: I have found this to be a great tool in this game we play. Itís great for small back and forth to promote upcoming matches, continuing storylines, etc and I encourage you to take part in it. As your fed head I will follow you on Twitter and watch along. I will also have a forum you can use if you donít actually want to use the app and create a account but I highly encourage just getting the app. Itís fun adding GIFS to one liners.

- Regarding the asteriks above: Much like competitive roleplaying, angle feds still require a way for you to sell what is happening in the angle you are inolved in. I want more than just segments, and I also don't want to have chase people. You are required to either get on Twitter and interact or you will need to roleplay. Either or, or both, but not picking will result in a job for a first offence. Second offence and you will be taken off the roster.

- Word Counts: I am not one for the idea of putting a cap on the creativity of someone so I am not going to do that here in the PWA. Now if you send me a 3000 word segment I am probably going to ask you to trim it down and break it up to placed throughout the show and in turn if you send me a 300 word segment that doesnít progress anything at all I am going to ask you to add to it or at least make it have some guts.

In a angle federation people win and lose but itís all in the sake of the story. Trust in me. If you can show me who your character is through what I have requested above through segments you'll do just fine.

So thatís all she wrote. Have fun!





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