/ Basic Information /

Real Name: Joseph Hayes Engel

Ring Name:
Joe BoXeR

March 20th, 1975; Oxford, Ohio.

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
/ In The Ring /

Alignment: Face
Introduction Music: "The Empire Strikes First" by Bad Religion

Fighting Style: 
Joe BoXeR in his years of experience has picked up many technical manuevers and submission holds. He has a love for brawling as well. He knows some high-fly moves such as the Rebellion '77(Top Rope Elbow Drop) and The BoX Office (Twisting Blockbuster). He is up for any hardcore match as well.

In the ring Joe BoXeR wears wrestling tights that extend to four or five inches above his knee. They're split down the middle on both the front and back into two colors; red and black. On the red side, the word "Joe" is printed down the leg in black and on the red side the words "BoXeR" are printed down the leg in red. He wears a loose, comfortable shirt to the ring; usually a Joe BoXeR t-shirt or an AoWF t-shirt from his private collection, and takes it off before the match. He has black wrestling boots with red on the bottom.

Entrance: TBD

/ Appearance /

Stands: 6'5"
Weighs: 251 lbs.
Handed: Right

Head: Joe has always known to have dark, flowing brown hair. As of late, it has started to gray. He has a fair-skinned face, no visible marks or scars. Clean shaven. His eyes are dark brown, sometimes almost black

Body: WZ symbol, standing for White Zombie, tattoo in white and black outline between his shoulder blades, and very muscular.

Arms: Joe's arms are toned, well-built, and he has a Superman tattoo covering his left bicep.

Legs: His legs are incredibly strong and toned with a 7.4 inch scar shown on the outer thigh of his right leg from an early childhood incident.

/ Book of Moves /

Submission Moves:

-Figure Four
-Boston Crab
-Abdominal Stretch
-Tequila Sunrise
-Cross-face Chicken Wing
-Million Dollar Dream Choke

High-Flying Moves: 

-450 Splash
-Split-legged Moonsault
-Springboard Flip Splash
-Cannonball 450 Splash
-Flipping Missile Dropkick
-Senton Bomb
-Imploding Senton Bomb
-Corkscrew Shooting Star Legdrop
-Moonsault Double Foot Stomp
-Flying Spinning Heel Kick
-Corkscrew Elbow Drop

Favorite Moves:

-Tornado DDT
-Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
-Arm drag
-Superkick (Or any side kick variation) -Brainbuster
-Half Nelson Slam
-Half Nelson Legsweep
-DDT Variations (Implant, Reverse, Rolloveer, Springboard, etc.)
-Northern Lights Suplex
-Fisherman's Suplex
-Snap Suplex
-Belly-to-Belly Suplex
-German Suplex
-Pumphandle Slam

Trademark Moves:

1) The Great Bazaar (setup for The BoX Office)

2) Rebellion

Description of Moves:

1) Joe wraps his arms around his opponent from the back and tucks his head under his opponent's left arm. He then lifts his opponent as high as he can in the air, as going for a back body drop, but he leans toward his left and leaps into the air, leaning toward his left even more and turning at a 45 degree angle. He eventually drops his opponent on their neck as they come crashing down.

2) A high impact top rope elbow drop, landing onto the heart of his fallen opponent. The set up move is usually a jackknife powerbomb or brainbuster suplex.

Finishing Moves:

1) TaraBomb (SECONDARY)

2) The BoX Office (MAIN FINISHER)

Description of Moves:

1) Double underhook pump-handle slam, named after his departed wife.

2) After Joe has executed the Great Bazaar to help weaken his opponent's neck, he will hit them with a twisting Blockbuster. However, instead of just an old-fashioned neckbreaker on the way down, Joe puts his arm over his opponent's throat, while using the other one to grab hold of his opponents neck and head.

/ I Like Them /


Father: Raymond Engel
Mother: Cindy Engel
Significant Other: Tara Engel (deceased)
Daughter: formerly Alexia Engel
Sisters: Enika Engel (Half)
Brothers: Matthew Engel, Warren Engel (Half)
Close Friends/Allies: Exit Music, Jeff Augustee
Tag-Team Partners: Jeff Augustee (retired)
/ I Don't Like Them /


-Lex Demise
-Nitro (deceased)
-Richard Miller (deceased)
-Extreme Warrior (deceased)
-Kevin Cool

/ Random F'n Facts /

Debut: SWA's Monday Night Asylum 2000

Current Employer: Victory Wrestling

Previous Employers:

AOWF's Most Improved Wrestler of the Year 2002

Title History:
SWA Intercontinental Title (2x), SWA Tag Team Titles (With Jeff Augustee), SWA Television Title, SWA Hardcore Title (4x), FCW World Title, FCW Hardcore Title, WeWF Internet Title, WeWF Hardcore Title, AOWL Hardcore Title, WCF Hardcore Title, JWA Trans-Atlantic Title.

Current Stable:

Previous Stables:
The Real Deal

Greatest Match:
Jamie Havoc vs. Showtime vs. Joe BoXeR (AOWF 4: Finale; January 6th, 2003)

Easiest Match:
Joe BoXeR vs. The Bounty Hunter (JWA's Vengeance; December 5th, 2002)

Indy Events:
Night of Armageddon IV, AOWF 4: Finale, Revolutions Per Minute 2008 (Host/Founder); Revolutions Per Minute 2: Overdrive (Host/Founder)

Match History:
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